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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Thanks for the kind feedback gentlemen. I figured this show would get some impressive marks as I was writing it, because it seemed better than most of the shows that I have written, not to toot my own horn or anything, but yeah. The Austin/Vince thing was more of a tease at hatred for Vince, but I guess the way it came out made it seem confusing. I'll look to capitalize on that once I get started on SmackDown. I've been busy the last few days, surprisingly enough with school, even though now it is winding down. I have SATs in two weeks and finals in three, so I don't know how much output there is going to be with this thread for the near future. But expect things to come out better towards the beginning of summer for me which is mid-June.

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

RAW is WAR Feedback:

I agree with Wolfy in believing that having Heyman on commentary with J.R. is the best possible decision for him. I see him acting like King used to with J.R. a few years back, going against pretty much everything Ross said, annoying him to no end. And Heyman can do that even better, plus he has an enormous fan following. Plenty of him throughout this thread, plz.

It makes sense that Vince starts the show, as Austin is obviously going to be saved for the end, considering the huge turn that went down last night. Vince starts by talking about WCW and this got him heat for two reasons, one: for being such an arrogant prick, and two: for holding off on talking about Austin. Glad to hear that the feud between Shane and Vince is far from over, as itís obvious that they have only just begun. Now Vince begins to talk about Austin and says that it was just business? Thatís obviously not good enough for the crowd, but Vince continues to build up the man he just aligned himself with. Kinda shocked to see Triple H come out and confront Vince, as I didnít think heíd be involved in this. Love that the face turn is slowly starting to begin, with Triple H getting the fans behind him with what he is saying to Vince. Pretty good back and forth between these two, as Vince is the obvious coward and wants to keep Hunter under control, but that isnít going to happen. Pedigree to Vince was huge! There will obviously be repercussions for that little stunt, and itís obvious that they are going to be big. Tremendous way to start the show Ö and we havenít even seen Austin yet!

Glad that Hunter is acting the way that he is with regard to Vince. Obviously he feels betrayed because of the new alliance between Vince and Austin. Hopefully Triple H gets a monster face push out of this, because he deserves it.

Pretty shocked that ĎTaker/Hunter is given away on free TV like this, considering they just had a match last night. Guess that they are both moving away from their feud, as this should end it for good tonight.

I really hope that this was just a one-time thing for Jeff in order to get Rhyno over. The Hardyz still need to do what they do best, and thatís wrestling in tag team contests. To see them get dominated like this makes me think their immediate future is a little bleak, imo. Hopefully they can bounce back from being taken to school. On the other hand, Rhyno looks like he is going to be the MAN in this thread, and Iím interested to see where he goes from here.

Love how excited Eddie is after winning the Euro. Title, and he is ready to get going with his career. Another Regal appearance so soon? Looks like the feud between Eddie and Test isnít quite over, and the rematch on Smackdown! should be a very good one. The tag match is gonna be a good indication of what to expect, and itís a good way to get some of the lesser guys on the show.

Loved the way that the six-man tag team match went down, as Eddie played the heel Champion perfectly for the majority of the match, constantly rolling out of the ring and whatnot, frustrating Test and his teammates. Aside from Test, Malenko was really the star of this match, as he showed off all the real talent that he has in the ring, dominating Saturn with his technical expertise. Still, Test ends up having the final say, dropping Eddie with his finisher and pinning the Champion! With Test getting this big win, I see Eddie retaining on Thursday, using some shady tactics of course.

Seeing where Angle was at this point in his young career, I can see you sending him quickly through the ranks, as he has all the potential to be a top heel for a very long time. He talks about never officially tapping out to Benoit and how he dominated last night, and thatís what makes a heel great, taking all the time to talk about himself. But Benoit has got something to say and itís a great call to make them go at it in a Submission Match! This should prove who really is the best wrestler between them, and Iím looking forward to the rest of the build for this match. Very nice way to get these two guys on the show with this segment.

Nice little promo by Jericho before his Title defense against X-Pac. He is obviously going over in this one, as heís got a ton of momentum after last night. Pac will just be another stepping stone in Jerichoís rise to the Main Event, imo. Pretty much what we come to expect from these two, as they are both talented and they proved that in this match. Jericho showed that heís not all about fun and games, unleashing some anger on X-Pac, who is able to withstand it for the most part, hitting Jericho with his finisher, only for Y2J to kick out! Good way for the match to end, as the Champion is able to retain with the Lionsault, keeping his Title for the second straight night. Not really sure where he goes from here, as thereís a few guys who could be next in line for a shot. I would really like to see a feud between him and Rhyno, tbh.

It was rather obvious that E&C were going to destroy Too Cool, so thereís really no point in talking about the domination they demonstrated just 24 hours after becoming Champions. The promo after the match was very good, as they talk about being serious about wrestling despite joking around so much. Guess this means that they are going to be more serious now that they have the Belts? Perfect way for the Dudleyz to get some revenge, as Spike acts as the bait and then D-Von and Bubba Ray come down and take them out! Guess this feud is continuing, and we should get the rematch at Backlash.

STONE COLD is in the building! Guess this means that he is closing the show after Hunter/íTaker?

Trish vs. Stephanie on Smackdown! should be sexy to say the least. Glad that Vince and his daughter seem like they will always be on the same page Ö at least for now.

Big Show going over that much against Raven doesnít equal much RATINGS, imo. Raven is a very good wrestler to use on your roster and having him squashed that quickly isnít doing you any favors. Hopefully this isnít going to be his ultimate fate in this thread.

Almost had quite the confrontation between these two, but Triple H simply brushes by! He knows that he will have time for Austin later, while he has a match with ĎTaker to worry about right now.

Obviously Triple H is not in the best of moods tonight, and that was displayed perfectly in the opening minutes with the vicious onslaught against ĎTaker. Glad to see that Triple H is getting so many mixed reactions, as the full-on face turn is going to take some time. ĎTaker is eventually able to battle back before Triple H counters the Chokeslam and drops ĎTaker through the announce table! That and the sledgehammer shot were really the turning points of the match, as Triple H came into control. But again ĎTaker battles back and goes through everything en route to his finisher but Triple H slips out and hits the Pedigree out of nowhere! Huge win for him, as he is obviously getting a huge push in this thread, and that was the perfect way to kick it off. Very well done match, really capturing so many things perfectly.

Austin doesnít waste much time holding back the insults on the fans, as he immediately tells them that he doesnít care about any of them. Great points made when talking about how he risked his life for them and he wants to do whatever it takes to become WWF Champion. Kinda weird to see Austin go from talking down to Vince to saying that they are working together. Throw in some more insults about The Rock before finishing everything off with the catchphrase Ö but The Rock is here! Knew that heíd EVENTUALLY show his face. Rocky was his classic self, as heís out on the bridge, just like two years ago! Great touch, tbh. He pretty much rips Austin a new one by talking about how he canít beat him on his own. Just when Rocky is really getting going Ö the feed cuts!? After a lengthy delay, we finally get some answers Ö WCW~!! HOLY SHIT! Didnít expect to see that, tbh. Itís obvious that Shane was behind the video, as The Rock uses it to distract Austin and Vince, and then drop the Champ with the Rock Bottom! What a huge ending to the show, as the next one canít come soon enough. Whatís WCW going to do!?

Very good show to start off this new thread. The opening and closing promos obviously stole the show, but you showed through all the matches that you have some incredible midcard talent to work with. Is SD! also going to be done in full? Hopefully we can get that show, whoever it is done, sooner rather than later.


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