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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW Feedback

The opening video package was clever, hyping up both Finlay and Mr. Kennedy, who I think are two pretty good draft picks.

Starting the show with Mr. Kennedy? Sounds good, I canít really think of a better way to start the show than that. I didnít like him using the whole KENNNAAADAAYYY skit straight away, as usually itís the go home line of a promo, not the opening. I donít know why, but it just didnít feel right. The promo was alright from here, with me really loving the way Kennedy was playing the crowd, and I was marking out for the old ECW chants, great stuff. However, I didnít like the mentioning of the dirt sheets, that just didnít seem like something a wrestler would mention, especially somebody in the WWE. I do like the idea of Kennedy becoming a double champion though. I wasnít a huge fan of Lashleyís bit, I mean he stuck up for himself and all that, but he just wasnít aggressive enough for my liking. The only way people are going to get behind Lashley in this thread is if he is a complete badass, even on the microphone. Foley as GM is awesome to, I donít know if Iíve said that in this thread before. The tag team match should be pretty epic to, and I must say, despite some issues, this promo was pretty entertaining.

Iím not sure I like the gimmick you are giving Helms. This all shaking hands crap, and heels becoming fair, it seems itís happening a lot ion BTB lately, so Iím going to have to wait and see just what you do with this.

CM Punk/Noble? What an awesome opening contest. Honestly, with Helms and Noble both coming over to ECW, things are looking very exciting on this brand. A lot of people job Noble these days, so I was glad you got him to go seven minutes with Punk, but in the end, I guess the result was kind of inevitable. The attack on the referee afterwards has me up and about to, as it means youíve actually got something planned for Noble. Good booking here, imo.

Please donít push Mike Knox, heís horrible in the ring and on the mic. By the way, three wins isnít exactly an amazing record. Hopefully you just allow Lashley to squash the shit out of him next week.

Holly getting a bit of a push in this thread is a good decision, as I think it could have been alright, as he could have been big in ECW, imo. The six pack match sounds pretty epic for next week, anyway.

The main event was a pretty nice contest, and it was good to see Mr. Kennedy, who is quickly becoming the man in this thread, pick up the victory. By the way, since they used the exposed turnbuckle, I donít think it was a clean victory. Anyway, a good momentum builder for Kennedy.

To be honest, I usually donít like ECW in BTB, but this thread has a refreshed roster, and I must say, this was a pretty entertaining read. So, really great work on in this thread, you deserve the compliments, and Iím intrigued to see what comes next.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW Feedback

Hey, my first comments in here in way too long, so first and foremost, I apologise for not commenting sooner. Now, with that said, donít be surprised if I make a few general comments throughout that maybe give my thoughts on general happenings and the drafts as a cheap kind of copout for my lack of feedback. Yeah, Iím lazy. Iíll try to get on the wagon with you from now on.

Nice little way to start off, with the draft obviously being the big thing coming out of last night. The obvious thing to hype.

Now, Kennedy to open the show is no surprise, because last night he was the big arrival, and thereís no doubt that he is THE star of the show. However, my initial thoughts when I saw the draft show, and what I think now is still the same thing: Is he too big of a star to be moved to ECW? To me at this stage? Yes he is. The guy is an absolute star at this stage, on a meteoric rise with the Money in the Bank briefcase, and you just know that when he cashes that briefcase in, it isnít going to be on ECW. ECW simply isnít big enough for that, and Kennedy feels too big for the show for me. I would rather you utilise a guy who feels like a midcarder there in the main event, such as the other guy who you drafted in Finlay. Still, as I said, if heís on the show he needs to be in the spotlight, so him starting this show with a promo was simply a must. Kennedy introducing himself? I donít mean that, however, I would rather see him list his accomplishments, such as the guy who is now changing Tuesday nights (instead of his old Friday nights line), the fastest rising star, the future world champion, former US champion etc instead of the weight thing. That seems more like a match introduction, whereas him listing his accomplishments would make him seem like the big star arrival that he is. The cheap heat here was good. Kennedy, however, pointing out ECW is the minor leagues? Not so good. We both know ECW is well below RAW and SmackDown!, however, pointing it out is not a good thing, because you donít want to demean the show people are watching (or in the world of BTB, reading) because theyíll then think ďHey yeah, why am IU watching this? Itís not that good.Ē A big no for me. Unfortunately that seems to be the basis for this promo, so the chances of me liking it are slim to nil. The building up of himself from Kennedy was all well and good, but the following bagging of ECW, as Iím sure you would know, isnít good. I know I said heís too big of a star for the show, but pointing it out isnít good. I know youíre probably going for a more smarky crowd from ECW, but the crowdís reaction and the gay stuff from KK simply didnít seem right for a WWECW show. WWE had transformed ECW beyond that by then. Still, the double champion stuff could be interesting, and it instantly sends Kennedy into the spotlight on the show, where he belongs. Lashley interrupting? Well, he is champion, but heís also weak on the mic, so itíll be interesting to see how you go. Keeping this part of the promo short was probably for the best, and I thought it did its job just fine. The feud is started up with the simple fact that Kennedy has never beaten Lashley, and that now heís going to want to. Easy, and it makes sense. Foley coming out and announcing the tag match makes sense, as you get to showcase your new stars. Not to sure about the way the promo ended, as it just kind of stopped without and conclusive statement to end it, but it was still an okay way to open the show, even if I didnít agree with some of the booking behind it.

Helms to ECW is someone I can get behind as a solid addition, as I think he would be a good guy to move up to the main event scene on ECW since he has both the wrestling skills and the mic skills, and heís in that place in the midcard. With that being said, Iím not so sure about this specific promo from Helms, and how heís become, well, a wuss. While I wouldnít mind this character as much with a guy who has lesser mic skills and potential, a guy like Helms who just has that charisma to be a badass, arrogant type of guy being put into this character isnít ideal. Unless this turns into some kind of a pacifist heel character where he doesnít want to fight (which would actually utilise Helmsí mic skills and charisma well, imo), I canít see this character being good for him at all.

Noble vs. Punk? Have to say, thatís a pretty great match for an opener. The match itself seemed to be written fine, with the mat wrestling early being good to see, and a pretty good buildup to the finish, with something different. The storyline itself, with the post-match attack of Noble going after the referee is a good one, as I love an intense and crazy Noble who attacks fuckers everywhere (Para had it going amazingly in his thread), although I thought it could have been done with a couple of weeks build of Noble thinking he was getting screwed by the referee, maybe in a series of matches with Punk to provide some good wrestling, before then exploding and going mental. Still, as I said, I like a crazy Noble, and Punk winning is never a bad thing.

Nice to see the replay of the Noble stuff to really make it seem like a big deal.

Knox getting a chance to make an impact? Hell yeah. The guy is amazingly talented. Having him go after Punk and Lashley after last weekís main event, even if neither Lashley nor Punk have acknowledged it tonight (which is a little disappointing for me) is a positive. The squash win tonight, while nothing spectacular, obviously, does its job in showing just how dominant Knox can be. The attack afterwards to further illustrate his dominance was good too, and while the promo was nothing great, it obviously did its job, and lays down a pretty good main event next week, if the match is indeed accepted. Hopefully it is.

Bob Holly a real kissass? I just canít see it. It would have been much better if rather than just saying sorry, Holly went on to talk about his experience and how he likes to kick ass. This just seemed to mellow and almost not intense enough for Holly to be at all interesting as a character for me. The match for next week thatís been announced should be a goodíun though. Granted, seeing Holly representing ECW on Pay-Per-View would suck, but the other guys would all do fine.

I know you mentioned it in your description of Lashley coming out to the ring, but I would have liked to have seen Styles and Tazz mention the Backlash match as a talking part between partners for the night in RVD and Lashley, because it adds that extra dynamic to the match, and I feel it should be pointed out. Just a small thing about the early part of the match, but I really feel like a DDT shouldnít be used as such a weak move thatís just done like that. To me, itís a move that should be used near the finish for an exciting nearfall, since itís a big type of move, and shouldnít just be thrown into the middle part of the match. A small and picky thing, I know, but itís something that irritates me. The rest of the match was fine, and while Kennedyís win wasnít actually clean with the turnbuckle pad removed, it works. In my mind, I was thinking that Lashley would go over, as having Kennedy not ever beating Lashley as a storyline can drag the feud out longer, and give Kennedy some real anger by having him not better than the champ, not getting to be challenger, and thus not looking too good for the show, but since heís Mr. Money in the Bank and one of your stars, I understand you giving him the win.

Overall this was a solid enough show to make me want to read more in this thread, which Iíve always wanted to do, but for some reason never really have. The show was pretty well booked, even if I didnít think all of the things were necessarily booked as well as possible, and the writing was consistently good throughout. Sorry I havenít been reviewing up until this point, but I promise Iím going to try to get more feedback to you, starting with your next show.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

I know this isn't my best work, but I'm hopin' I'll be able to turn it around once I get back into a groove

Friday Night Smackdown
May 4, 2008

Rise Up 2006

The theme song of Smackdown plays to kick off it's first show post-draft and once it's finished we are taken to a screen shot of the crowd, who seem very amped up for the show tonight. Many fans are on their feet as the opening pyro goes off, to which we are greeted, as always, by Smackdown announcers Michael Cole and John 'Bradshaw' Layfield.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone, I'm Michael Cole and along with my partner John 'Bradshaw' Layfield, we are happy to present to you tonight's edition of Friday Night Smackdown, with us now on the road to Smackdown's next Pay-Per-View extravaganza, Judgment Day, which is just sixteen days away!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: But before we get started there we have to remind our fans about what happened five nights ago at Backlash, Michael.

Michael Cole: Ah yes, for those of you who didn't order Backlash this past Sunday on pay-per-view, in a Smackdown-only match, the Undertaker defeated Batista and Kane in a Triple Threat Match to retain his World Heavyweight Championship that he won at Wrestlemania 23 by pinning Batista.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Batista wasn't a happy guy after the match because it was him who got Kane out of the picture for a few moments, only for the Undertaker to steal a victory off him.

Michael Cole: However, with all of the wrestlers that have been moved to Smackdown thanks to the draft, Batista might not get many more chances to try and win back his World Heavyweight Championship.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I was at the draft show on Monday, Michael, and let me tell you, Smackdown hit the jackpot in the draft. Chris Masters, Marcus Cor Von, Umaga, and the big one... future Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels have all been brought over here to change Friday Nights. There isn't going to be a thing called an easy victory anymore on Smackdown, let me tell you that. Every single man on this roster is ready to go every single show, and if you have a bad day you may be out on the losing end.

Michael Cole: Smackdown certainly did flex it's muscles on Monday, but it's not to say that we didn't take some hits too. Gone are former United States Champion Chris Benoit and Kane. Mr. Money In The Bank Mr. Kennedy has been moved to ECW and has already made his debut there...

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Which was a ridiculous move if I've ever seen one, Michael.

Michael Cole: What are you talking about JBL?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Both Jonathan Coachman and Mick Foley were scared that Smackdown was going to become too strong of a brand that they couldn't compete with even if they combined their rosters, so they rigged it so we lost some of our big name main eventers. I'm surprised the Undertaker and Batista aren't on RAW or ECW as well.

Michael Cole: John, while I'm disappointed with the leaving of some of our superstars just like yourself, that opens the gates for many fresh faces, which is what the draft is all about.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Michael the draft isn't supposed to be rigged so that the strongest brand gets some of it's top superstars taken away. And that's what happened Monday night. It's a sham, I tell you.

Michael Cole: Well, whatever it may be, what's done is done, and Smackdown is now on the road to Judgment Day, which is not very far away.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: And Teddy Long continues to prove that he's the best general manager in the company today, as the main event for tonight has already been announced.

Michael Cole: And what a main event it will be, JBL. We all know how much Batista wants another one-on-one shot with the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship, and he will have a chance to get that fight tonight, as he's one of the four participants in a fatal fourway for the number one contendership to the Undertaker's World Heavyweight Championship, with the winner facing the Deadman in the main event at Judgment Day.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Batista's not gonna have a cakewalk though, as he's gonna have to beat Shawn Michaels, William Regal, and King Booker to meet the Champion.

Michael Cole: Yes, it looks to be quite a main event scheduled for later tonight, but also later tonight 'The Rabid Wolverine' Chris Benoit will make his farewell from the Smackdown Brand, and the much-hyped Johnny Jeter will make his debut as well, taking on Funaki. All of this and much more to be shown here tonight on Friday Night Smackdown.

***Gonna Punch Someone Tonight***

The theme of Smackdown's resident redneck, Jimmy Wang Yang, plays as he makes his way out from the curtain, ready to wrestle in the first match of the night. He seems to be in a cheerful mood tonight, slapping the fans hands as he trots down the aisle. Jimmy then tosses his cowboy hat into the crowd just before he enters the ring, giving a lucky fan a souvenir.

Michael Cole: But before we get to all of that action, let's welcome down Smackdown's resident redneck, Jimmy Wang Yang, who's getting ready to wrestle in our first match of the night. Jimmy's had a low profile for the past month, but it looks like he's gonna try and get on track tonight.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Our cruiserweight division has been picked apart over the last week, so Jimmy's gonna have to step it up if he wants to get a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship.

***Chavito Ardiente

Hits and the current Cruiserweight Champion, Chavo Guerrero comes down the ring, ready for some ring action. Chavo has his signature poncho on, with a bandanna over his head and his championship wrapped around his shoulder. Chavo gets some boos from the crowd as he comes down the ring, but he does his best in trying to shake them off. Once he enters the ring he takes off his poncho and bandanna and hands his title to the referee before getting in his corner ready to start the match.

Michael Cole: It looks like Jimmy's not gonna have an easy time getting a win tonight, because he'll have to put away the current Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero to do so.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Michael this man is certainly one of the most underrated superstars in the WWE today. He's a third generation superstar, coming from the world-famous Guerrero family. He's got the talent of his father, the charisma of his grandfather Gory, and the heart of his uncle Eddie.

Michael Cole: No doubt Chavo has stepped out of his family's shadow and has made a name himself here in the WWE, with this being his 6th reign as Cruiserweight Champion, and he's also a former Tag-Team Champion with his Uncle Eddie.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: He's the top dog on the Cruiserweight Division, and there isn't one man on this roster that is as smart and talented as Chavo is.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match of the night will feature Jimmy Wang Yang versus Chavo Guerrero, but we have to take you to our first commercial break of the night, so don't go anywhere!


Match One - Singles Match (Non-Title) - Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Chavo Guerrero (c)

We return from the commercial break with the match about two minutes in and Chavo sending Jimmy to the ground with a snap suplex, before covering him for a nearfall. Knowing that kicking out will cause Jimmy to burn some of his energy, Chavo covers again, with him again only getting a two count. Chavo, though, doesn't show his frustrations but instead laughs, knowing that he's in the drivers seat right now. Chavo lifts Jimmy up by his shirt and whips him shoulder first into one of the turnbuckle poles, which gets a resounding 'Oww' from both JBL and Cole, with JBL then laughing at Jimmy's pain not even three seconds after. Jimmy is sitting on the canvas, leaning against the bottom turnbuckle and in pain, while Chavo is a few feet away, planning his next move.

After Chavo figures out what he is going to do he walks over to Jimmy and lifts him up to a vertical position. Chavo measures his attack and whacks the chest of Jimmy with a knife-edge chop! A few of the Ric Flair fan's let out some woo's after the shot, and do so with the proceeding three chops that Chavo let's out, before he pokes the eye of Jimmy, to the disapproval of the referee. The referee pulls Chavo away from the corner after that move, telling him that poking the eye is illegal, although Chavo seems to be having it go in one ear and out the other. Once the referee is done scolding Chavo he charges at Jimmy and connects with a running hip attack to the hurt shoulder of Jimmy, sending the redneck back on his ass.

Chavo drags Jimmy a few feet away from the corner and covers him for another pinfall attempt, leaning on the hurt shoulder of Jimmy to increase the pain. Jimmy does somehow manage to roll the other shoulder up at two to draw a nearfall, but Chavo realizes that Jimmy is in serious pain with that shoulder. Chavo gets back up to his feet and stomps on the shoulder of Jimmy, which gets the redneck to scream in pain, before he lines Jimmy up about five feet away from the top rope and climbs the turnbuckle. Chavo takes his time getting up to the top, knowing that Jimmy isn't anything but a sitting duck, and once he gets to the top, he gloats a little by smacking his shoulders like his Uncle Eddie would, to some heat from the crowd for him immitating his more talented uncle.

After a few seconds of taunting Chavo gets both feet on the top turnbuckle and launches himself, attempting to finish off Jimmy with a frog splash... BUT JIMMY GETS HIS KNEES UP AND CHAVO CRASHES INTO THEM! Chavo took too long and it appears that Jimmy may have finally gotten some positive news for the first time in the match. Chavo, however, does get up to his feet first, but Jimmy gets up a few seconds later, knowing that he can't let Chavo take the momentum back. Jimmy charges at Chavo and sends him back to the ground with a delayed dropkick, followed by crossbody a few seconds later. Jimmy then waits for Chavo to get up to his feet, and then charges at him, attempting a spinning wheel kick... ONLY FOR CHAVO TO DUCK AND CAUSE JIMMY TO GET TANGLED IN THE ROPES!

Jimmy is a sitting duck now, with his legs caught in-between the top and middle rope and him hanging like a monkey on a tree branch. Chavo quickly gets up and begins to stomp on the hurt shoulder of Jimmy again, which gets the redneck to scream in pain. However, the referee then helps Jimmy out by untangling the ropes, which causes Jimmy's head to crash into the canvas. Chavo doesn't give Jimmy any recovery time, however, and grabs his head into a DDT position and runs up the ropes before crashing down into the mat, connecting with a Tornado DDT on Yang!

Chavo covers Jimmy to burn some more of his energy, only getting a two count, before he lifts Jimmy back up and grabs him in a front facelock. Chavo tosses Jimmy's hand over his back and lifts him up into the air, before sending him down and connecting with a suplex! Chavo doesn't let go of the hold after the move, however, as it looks like he's going to attempt the three amigos. Chavo again connects with the suplex a second time, and finally locks Jimmy in the front facelock and tosses his arm over Chavo's head, but this time instead of connecting with the move... JIMMY PULLS CHAVO DOWN TO THE GROUND AND PINS HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!!!

Jimmy Wang Yang via Pinfall (7:30)

The bell rings and Jimmy gets up to his feet, hands over his mouth, surprised himself that he pulled that one out of his ass. Chavo's eyes bug out as he can't believe that he just lost a match that he was fully in control of. Chavo smacks the canvas in anger, slides out to grab his Cruiserweight Championship, then storms on out to the back. Jimmy continues to pander to the crowd for a few minutes.

Michael Cole: I... I think it's fair to say that we have just witnessed an upset here in the opening contest, don't you JBL?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: You're damn right it is. How the hell could that redneck Jimmy Wang Yang beat such a skilled and talented wrestler like Chavo Guerrero? How Michael?

Michael Cole: It's simple really, Jimmy got Chavo's shoulders pinned to the mat for a three count.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I know that, you jackass. What I mean is there's no way in HELL that Jimmy Wang Yang could surprise Chavo like that again.

Michael Cole: We will have to wait and see, but now let's go backstage to Todd Grisham, who's with one of the men featured in tonight's fatal fourway, William Regal.


Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Todd Grisham, and with me at this time is none other then William Regal.

Boos from the crowd for the British superstar. Regal simply sneers at the crowd.

Todd Grisham: William, tonight you get your first opportunity in quite some time to face the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker at Judgment Day, are you nervous at all?

Regal gives Grisham a dirty look, insulted at that question.

William Regal: Why in the BLOODY HELL should I be nervous?

Grisham is now the one who steps back, a little nervous himself at the seemingly infuriated Regal.

Todd Grisham: It's just that... the other three guys, Shawn Michaels, King Booker, and Batista have... all been World Heavyweight Champions at one time in their career...

Regal now looks pissed off that Grisham brought that up.

Todd Grisham: ...While you've been wrestling longer then any of them.

And boom goes the dynamite.

William Regal: List'n here you filthy American scum!... Tonight is MY night to make my homeland proud. Theodore Long has finally decided to give us TALENTED wrestlers the main event shot, and I will not screw it up!

Grisham nods his head as Regal is talking before firing another question.

Todd Grisham: You just said you won't screw it up tonight, but the final decision of the match doesn't need to include you, y'know.

Regal takes a deep breath, and I don't think he's in the mood for stupid questions.

William Regal: I know it doesn't have to, you imbecile, but it will include me. I have been waiting for a shot since I was a little boy living in Blackpool, and tonight is my night to shine. Are we finished here now?

Grisham nods his head and gestures Regal to move on, which he does, as Smackdown goes to it's second commercial break of the evening.


Smackdown comes back on air with Funaki already inside of the ring, seemingly happy that he's actually being featured on a show for the first time in god know's how long. He gets introduced by Justin Roberts as he awaits for his opponent to make his way down.

Michael Cole: Some strong words we've just heard by William Regal before the break, JBL.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Ha ha Michael, this is the William Regal that I love to see. He doesn't take shit from no-one, and I'm scared that he might shorten the career spans of Batista, King Booker, and Shawn Michaels tonight.

Michael Cole: We will find out if that is true later tonight in the main event, but now it's time for the debut of... Johnny Jeter.

***All Eyes On Me***

The crappy production theme of the WWE plays as the much hyped debut of Johnny Jeter begins, along with his beautiful valet, Maryse Oullet. Jeter gets some pyro as he steps out from the curtain, with his girlfriends hand in his. The two don't try to hide that they're heels, either, with Maryse putting her hand in front of a fan who's yelling and Johnny taking a small child's HBK poster and picking his nose with it, before ripping it in half and tossing it back at the poor child. Heartless, yeah. Dickhead move, yeah. Unneccessary, yeah... Johnny then leads his woman up the steps, following right behind and lowering the bottom rope for her so she can get on in, before stepping in himself. The two walk into the middle of the ring and Maryse gives Johnny a nice kiss on the lips, with Johnny giving a cocky smile, as if to say 'Yeah, I'm tappin that.' before going to his corner and getting ready for his match in a few seconds.

Michael Cole: That was quite the uh, entrance there by our newest rookie Johnny Jeter.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh I'll say, he he. THAT'S an entrance Michael. If I had a woman like the lovely Maryse by my side when I was wrestling I would've brought her down to the ring and shown her off as well. I know you may not enjoy looking at a beautiful woman, Cole, but you won't hear any of the male viewers complaining about Maryse coming down to the ring every week.

Michael Cole: I have no problem with Johnny bringing his girlfriend down, but was it really neccessary for him to rip that small child's Shawn Michael's poster?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It serves the kid right.

Michael Cole: What did the child ever do to Johnny?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: If he was smart he would've brought down a Johnny Jeter poster. Now he'll know for next time.

Michael Cole: Why should... how can you... let's get to the match.

Match Two - Singles Match - Johnny Jeter vs. Funaki

The heavily hyped debut of Johnny does not go bad for the rookie, completely in control of the rarely used Funaki for the entire match. Jeter shows flashes of brilliance early by connecting with a Superplex, and a fallaway slam, to which JBL absolutely marks for, a few seconds later. Jeter then toys with Funaki by walking over and smacking him on the head, with Funaki having no answer for it at all. Jeter then lifts Funaki up and whips him off the ropes, completely decapitating him with a double axe handle to the face! Funaki does a 180 and faceplants onto the canvas, and Jeter decides to cover him and put him out of his misery... but instead lifts up Funaki's shoulder on purpose, wanting to deliver even more punishment!

However, Jeter's cockiness bites him in the ass as Funaki finally gets some offense in by reversing a front facelock hold into an inside cradle, getting a two count on the surprised rookie. Jeter isn't pleased that Funaki was able to even attempt the pinfall attempt, and charges at him, only to get taken down with a surprise Enziguri by Funaki, to the cheers of the crowd. Funaki then waits for Jeter to get to a vertcal base, and once he does Funaki runs off the ropes and sends Jeter down again, this time with a one handed bulldog! Funaki then quickly hops on top of Jeter's body for a pinfall attempt, only to get a two count!

Funaki gets up to his feet and picks up his opponent, then runs off the ropes and comes diving at Jeter with a crossbody attempt, only for Jeter to stick his leg up and drill his leg into Funaki's gut, sending him back down to the ground. Jeter then lifts Funaki up and wraps his arms around Funaki's body, and whips him across the ring, connecting with a belly to belly suplex! With Funaki down for an extended period of time, Jeter kills some time by going over to Maryse and the two share another kiss, with Jeter again having that cocky grin of his. He then gets back up and patiently waits for Funaki to get up, and once he does Johnny finishes him off with a spinning 540 kick, with Johnny covering Funaki for the pinfall victory.

Johnny Jeter via Pinfall (5:59)

Johnny gets up to his feet without any bumps or bruises at all, brushing pretend sweat off his shoulder, trying to show everyone how easy his first match was, even though it wasn't a quick 1-2-3 squash. Maryse enters the ring and pushes the referee out of the way, raising Johnny's hand herself, letting everyone in the crowd that he's won decisively.

Michael Cole: What an impressive debut here by Johnny Jeter! I know you cannot assume anything off of one match, but the way Johnny looked today, I would think that he may have a bright future here on the blue brand.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: And if he keeps Maryse by his side, he might have a bright love life as well.

Michael Cole: Oh John will you knock it off?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I'm sorry that I'm distracted by a beautiful woman's look. Most straight males are. But I guess you wouldn't know about that, would you? Ha ha!

The camera pans back to the couple in the crowd, still celebrating, as we get taken backstage to Montel Vontavious Porter, or MVP, who's getting ready for his match against Chris Benoit.


MVP is seen zipping up his 'power ranger' outfit, before taking a deep breath and looking at himself in his mirror that's in his locker.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Aight, Montel. T'night's YOUR night to finish off Chris Benoit. You're Smackdown's highest paid superstar for a reason. Chris ain't got NOTIN on you. Let's go.

MVP shuts his locker and places his chains around his neck, shades on his eyes, and seems ready to make his way out to the entrance, but....

???: Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo!! Yo!

Cryme Tyme enters before he can leave, with a big pop coming from the crowd for the ridiculously over tandem.

Montel Vontavious Porter: What are you guys doing here?

JTG and Shad both smile at each other before JTG answers MVP's question.

JTG: Ya didn't hear, homie? We've been drafted to Smackdown, boyyeee!

MVP takes a deep breath and looks up in the air, not wanting to see these two at the moment.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Why don't you guys bounce? You ain't wanted here.

JTG and Shad share a laugh with each other before Shad replies.

Shad: Man why you want us out so bad?

MVP takes off his glasses and looks at both of their eyes, trying to come off more serious.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Guys, I gotta match to get ready fo'. So get the hell outta my locker room.

The crowd boos at MVP's hostile attitude, but JTG and Shad both keep their cool.

JTG: Aight, man, we'll leave. But fi...

Montel Vontavious Porter: Then get out.

Shad: Woah, woah, big boy, you didn't think we'd leave just like that, did 'chu?

MVP let's out another big sigh, not in the mood for Cryme Tyme's bullshit. Not tonight, at least.

Montel Vontavious Porter: What d' ya guys want?

JTG and Shad look at each other, smile, and rub their fingers together, of course you know what they're talking about.

JTG: Man y'know what we're all 'bout...

Shad: We're 'bout 'dat money money...

The crowd responds with a resounding 'Yeah Yeah' chant.

JTG: We're 'bout that money money...

Another 'Yeah Yeah' comes out from the crowd.

Shad: Yeah 'dat money money...

One more 'Yeah Yeah' from the crowd.

JTG: 'Dat money money...

MVP, like anyone else that is reading this show, has becomed annoyed and interrupts them.

Montel Vontavious Porter: AIGHT! I get it. You guys want some money. Here...

MVP hands them a $50 bill from his bag, which pleases and shuts the duo up.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Take tha' fiddy. Now can I get some peace?

JTG and Shad nod their heads in approval, happy that they got some money.

JTG: We always knew you were a cool guy, man. We'll c'ya 'round.

MVP nods his head as the duo walk away and he continues to get ready for his match as Smackdown cuts to another commercial break.


Smackdown comes back on-air with the WWE Tag-Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick walking backstage. The two stop and create some small chatter with a production worker before they are JUMPED BY DEUCE AND DOMINO! The greasers club both champions across the back of their heads with a clothesline, with Deuce whipping London into one of the garage doors and Domino throwing Kendrick through a table after. The production worker runs to go get help for the champions, with the duo of Deuce and Domino talking smack and popping the collar of their leather coats up before walking away, leaving the champions in a heap of pain. Smackdown then gets taken out to the arena with Michael Cole and JBL.

Michael Cole: Oh my god! The Tag-Team Champions have just been laid out by Deuce and Domino! Why would those two do something like that?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Michael it's all about making your name known here on the best wrestling show in the world. Deuce and Domino haven't been seen on Smackdown for a while now, but they're shootin' straight for the top and are goin' after the champions. He he, I like it. That's how you get noticed around here, Cole. You don't mess with the losers, you go right for the top dogs on the brand, and that's what Deuce and Domino did.

Michael Cole: But why do they have to be straight up... bullies and jump the champions from behind?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It's London and Kendrick's fault for not expecting any sort of surprise attack on themselves. They've been the WWE Tag-Team Champions for almost a year now and other teams are gonna do whatever it takes to get to the top.

Michael Cole: JBL it just seems all unneccesary to me. Why can't they prove it inside of the ring and beat the champions? That'll gain them more respect then jumping the champions when they aren't even ready.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Cole having respect ain't gonna get you nowhere, you idiot. You gotta make it known that you are a force to be reckoned with, and that's what these two were doing.


Hits and the now ex-United States Champion and ex-Smackdown superstar Chris Benoit comes down the ring, ready to make his farewell match on the Smackdown brand. Benoit, despite usually being a focused man coming down the aisle, slaps the hands of the fans who offer them. Once he enters the ring he climbs to the top rope and blows some kisses to the crowd, as a small sign of appreciation for their cheering on for him over his past few years on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: See, JBL, here's a perfect example of someone who can bring it inside of the ring and get a ton of respect from all of his peers. Chris Benoit is one of the most respected men in this industry, and that is who Deuce and Domino should take notes of.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Cole, I appreciate what Benoit can do as much as the next guy, but he's also been in the business for over twenty years. Deuce and Domino haven't even been here for five, so of course they're gonna have to do something shocking to make some noise.

Michael Cole: Tonight, however, will be the last that we see Chris Benoit on Smackdown for a long while, as he was drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft just a few days ago.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: That also means that the United States Championship is vacant and up for grabs to anybody, Cole.

***I'm Comin'***

Plays next and Smackdown's Highest Paid Superstar, Montel Vontavious Porter, comes down to the ring out of his tunnel. MVP has a very serious look on his face, really wanting to get one over on his rival on Benoit's last night here. MVP enters the ring and does his usual taunts, ending it with a 'Ballin' taunt, before going over to his corner and getting prepared for his upcoming match.

Michael Cole: JBL these two have had a lot of battles between each other over the past couple of months, and their series will conclude tonight, it appears. There normally aren't many must-wins in a superstar's career, but wouldn't you consider this one for MVP?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Absolutely not, Cole. The only must wins are matches for championships, and if I'm not mistaken, this match isn't for any championship.

Michael Cole: But don't you think MVP really wants to win this match tonight over a guy who he hasn't had the greatest of luck against in his short time here on Smackdown?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Of course he wants to win this match, you idiot. Every time you get inside of that ring you want to win, but this match won't make or break MVP's career. Once today is done with he won't have to see Benoit's face on Smackdown again, and I'm sure he'll be quite happy about that.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit versus MVP in Benoit's farewell match on Smackdown... RIGHT NOW!

Match Three - Singles Match - Chris Benoit vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

The crowd is hot for the beginning of this match, with the two men locking up in a collar-and-elbow tie up, before Benoit locks in a side headlock on MVP. MVP quickly counters and whips Benoit off the ropes, only for Benoit to duck a clothesline attempt and take MVP down with a low dropkick to the knees.

The two continue to go back and forth throughout the match, with neither man getting in control of the match. Benoit appeared to have momentum after hitting five chops to the chest and taking MVP down with a superplex, only for MVP to kick out of the pin and throw Benoit head-first into the turnbuckle. MVP then seemed to have control of his heated rival, connecting with a Playa's Boot to Benoit's head, only for Benoit to slide out of the Playmaker attempt and quickly try for a sharpshooter on MVP. Benoit tries to turn MVP over, but due to all of the matches that they've had and studying that MVP has done, MVP crawls backwards and puts his hand on the bottom rope, forcing Benoit to break up the hold before he can even lock it in, to some jeers from the crowd as Smackdown goes to a commercial.


As Smackdown comes back Benoit again tries to gain some huge momentum by attempting a German Suplex, only for MVP to deliver elbows to the head of Benoit, causing him to relinquish his grip. MVP shows some athleticism by pulling Benoit over his shoulder with a snapmere and delivering a hard kick to the back of Benoit, which gives a large cracking sound throughout the arena. MVP doesn't waste any time after that and climbs overtop of Benoit, repeatedly punching him in the face while in the position, until the referee pulls him off for using closed fists. MVP doesn't get flustered by the referee interjecting, but instead grabs the arm of the now standing Benoit and whips him into the ropes, sending Benoit's face into his knee with a facebreaker knee smash! MVP then covers Benoit for the pinfall, only for Benoit to roll the shoulder up at two.

MVP then lifts Benoit's body up and whips him off the ropes, sticking his foot in the air for a Big Boot attempt, only for Benoit to duck under it and counter with a roll up, to MVP's surprise, and gets a nearfall. MVP rolls over to the ropes and gets to a knee, surprised by the counter that he hasn't witnessed with Benoit before. He then gets up to his feet and makes a beeline towards a charging Benoit, only for Benoit to deliver a kick to the sternum, doubling Smackdown's highest paid superstar over. Benoit quickly wraps his arms around MVP's head and flips him over with a snap suplex, to some cheers of approval from the crowd. Benoit then turns MVP onto his belly and tries to lock in a surprise Crippler Crossface, but MVP feels it coming and drags himself over to the ropes, before getting his right foot across the bottom rope, causing another rope break.

Benoit immediately gets up and smacks his hands together, knowing that he missed an opportunity, but patiently waits for MVP to get back up to his feet. MVP eventually does and swings a wild right hand at Benoit which completely misses, and Benoit quickly wraps his hands around MVP's body and whips him down to the ground with a German Suplex! Benoit clamps onto the hold and picks MVP back up before ripping him down again with ANOTHER German! Benoit still holds onto MVP and gets him up, connecting with a German for the THIRD time, after which he releases the hold!

The crowd is now on its feet chanting for the Canadian Crippler, who has finally gotten the momentum into his favor. Benoit gets up to his feet and slices his finger across his throat, letting everyone know that he's gonna try and finish the match up. Benoit lines up his best shot and climbs up the turnbuckle, taking his time knowing that MVP won't be moving around for a while. Benoit eventually gets up to the top and sets his feet on the top turnbuckle before going airbourne, attempting a diving headbutt... BUT MVP ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Benoit's head crashes into the canvas, and suddenly MVP has gotten control of the match!

MVP gets up to his feet first and waits for his rival to get up, and once he does MVP connects with a right hand to the head, then proceeds to whip Benoit into the ropes and deliver a kick to the gut on the rebound, doubling Benoit over. MVP quickly tries to finish off the bent Benoit by getting in the Playmaker position, but once he turns Benoit slides out of his position and grabs ahold of MVP's arm, trying to tuck it in and lock in the Crippler Crossface, but MVP GETS TO THE ROPE AGAIN! Benoit is unable to lock in the hold and shows his frustrations, turning his back to MVP and smacking the ropes in anger.

Benoit turns around and, to his surprise, MVP is already up and delivers a kick to his sternum, before quickly gathering himself and getting Benoit in the Playmaker position again, with this time... HE CONNECTS! MVP drags Benoit a few feet away from the ropes and immediately hooks the far leg, finally getting the pinfall that he has waited to get for for months!

Montel Vontavious Porter via Pinfall (12:47)

MVP gets up to his feet and holds his hands up in celebration, overly filled with joy that he has finally beaten Benoit, a man who has had the upper hand over him over the past few weeks. Benoit, knowing that he has been beaten fair and square, gets up and nods his head to MVP, for MVP to come over and give him a hug, which gets some cheers from the crowd. MVP then raises the hand of Benoit, to which the crowd cheers for, before letting go and beginning to make his way to the back... BUT THEN JUMPS BENOIT AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE SKULL! MVP lets out a sly grin and lifts Benoit back up, before taking him down with a SECOND PLAYMAKER! MVP then kicks Benoit out of the ring and celebrates inside of the ring by himself, with the crowd now turned back against him.

Michael Cole: Damnit John, I knew it was too good to be true! I just knew it!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Ha ha ha, Cole, what's up your ass? MVP is a genius!

Michael Cole: What do you mean he's a genius!? More like he's a jerk to one of the most respected men in this company!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: This is why you wouldn't last a day inside of that ring, Cole. You're too soft. Who gives a damn if Chris Benoit is one of the most respected wrestlers in the WWE? MVP just HANDED it to Benoit today, and he has every RIGHT to do whatever he wants inside of that ring.

Michael Cole: But why couldn't he have just gave Benoit his hug and then leave the ring? Did he really have to put the spotlight on himself on Benoit's last day here on Smackdown?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Michael, he won the match today, so as far as I'm concerned, he can do just about whatever the hell he wants.

Michael Cole: It's just... despicable! That action has no place in the WWE.

We end Michael Cole's bitching by taking you to a view of King Booker inside of his lockerroom with his queen, Sharmell, getting ready for his match in the main event later tonight. We don't hear what these two are saying, but Booker is seen stretching for a little bit, with his queen rubbing his shoulders, helping him relax before his match. Booker gets a happy grin on his face, before continuing to stretch as Smackdown goes to another commercial break.


***Virtual VooDoo***

Plays and the newly drafted 'Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga comes down the ring, with his mouthpiece/manager Armando Alejandro Estrada right by his side. Umaga has his big 'towel' of sorts wrapped around his large body and smacks his shoulders as he makes his way down the ring. Umaga's opponent, the helpless Dave Taylor, is already in the ring awaiting his Samoan opponent.

Michael Cole: Oh my... John, just look at Smackdown's first draft pick from this past Monday. He's... he's huge!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Cole, although I like Dave Taylor, he better be sayin' his final prayers and eatin' his vitamins, ha ha, b'cause he ain't gonna stop the Samoan Bulldozer tonight!

Michael Cole: I wish I could disagree with you, partner, but Taylor looks like a sitting duck right now, and I don't think he will fare very well in a few minutes.

Match Four - Singles Match - Umaga vs. Dave Taylor

Yeah, JBL called this match from the get-go. It's all Umaga here, for the 2 minutes that they are fighting for. Umaga immediately takes Taylor down with a decapitating Lariat, then lifts him up and takes him down again, this time with a Samoan Drop. Umaga then drags Taylor over to the turnbuckles and charged at him from a few feet away, connecting with the Samoan Wrecking Ball, before finishing off the Englishman with a Samoan Spike and covering him for the easy 1-2-3 victory.

Umaga via Asskicking Pinfall (1:38)

Estrada enters the ring and raises the hand of his talented client, but instead of them celebrating inside of the ring, Estrada demands a microphone from one of the production workers, wanting to speak to the crowd. He is handed one, and has a smug grin on his face as he begins to speak.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ha ha ha, I... am Armando Alejandro Estrada... ha ha... and 'dis is my client, 'de 'Samoooooan Bullldozer'.... UUUUMAAAGGGAAA!

Estrada stops and bellows out a huge laugh, as Umaga gives a freakish grin as well.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju see 'dis... ju see 'dis 'ight here?

Estrada, still looking at the camera, motions towards the still downed Taylor.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: 'Dis is what ju all will be witnessin' from now on 'ere on Friday Nights, ha ha!

Estrada smacks the back of Umaga, letting him know of the job well done.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ju see, everybody, Umaga is de most impreesive specimen 'dat has ever stepped inside of a double-joo double-joo eee ring... EVER! HA HA!

Estrada holds his head back, laughing heartily, with the crowd giving him and Umaga some pretty huge heat. Eventually, a 'You Suck' chant breaks out, which causes Estrada to stop laughing and give the crowd a dirty look.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: What? Ju peoples don't believe in de power of da SAMOOOAN BULLDOOZER?

The crowd continues it's 'You Suck' chant, which causes Estrada to disappointingly shake his head in disagreement.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Since ju all still don't believe in my client's greatness, I guess he will have to... ha ha... show ju all... right NOW!

Estrada barks orders to Umaga, who walks over to Taylor, who is now almost up to his feet, with the ropes assistance, and grabs him by the head. Umaga pulls Taylor away from the ropes and lifts him off his feet, with Taylor's body perpendicular to Umaga's. Umaga swings his hips a few times before he slides Taylor into his shoulder and WHIPS HIM INTO THE GROUND! Umaga takes Taylor down with a Swinging Side Slam! The crowd continues to jeer the beast, who isn't finished yet. Oh no, he's not even close. Umaga smacks his chest and drags the helpless Taylor to the nearest turnbuckle, propping him up so he's leaning against the bottom turnbuckle. Umaga takes a few steps back and charges forward at the Brit, smashing his ass RIGHT INTO TAYLOR'S FACE! Taylor's head crashes into the bottom turnbuckle, with at the very least suffering severe whiplash. Umaga lets out another huge scream before picking Taylor up and lifting him into a military press, before taking a step forward and dropping Taylor flat on his face behind him. Once Umaga lets Taylor go, Estrada walks over to his client and restrains him.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ha ha ha ha ha! Did I not tell ju all? Do ju all understand what I'm sayin' NOW? HA HA! Me and Umaga did not accomplish what we wanted to do on RAW, which was to claim the double-joo double-joo eee championship...

The crowd lets out a large cheer, knowing that it will get on the nerves of the pair standing inside of the ring.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: BUTT, 'ere on Smackdown... I will assure ju all... Umaga WILL hold 'de World Heavyweight Champiooonship by 'de time Wrassle-Manee-uh Twenty Four rolls around... ha ha!

Estrada pulls a large Cuban cigar out of his front pocket and begins to light it up, taking a large puff before continuing.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: I mean everrryone, jus' look at 'dis man! Everythin' 'dat a World Heavyweight Championn needs... speed... strength... intelligence... Umaga has... multiplied by millions... ha ha!

Estrada takes another puff of his cigar, letting out a huge exhale.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ha ha.... Ladies and gentlemen... my client Umaga, ju see... makes guys like... 'de 'Animal' Batista... look like... Little Bo Peep, ha ha!

The crowd boos Estrada, with a few chants when Batista's name is heard.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: People... people... please! When ju boo my client, all ju are doin' is makin' him angry! 'nd trust me, if ju all think what he did to Senor Taylor 'ere was bad, jus' wait until ju REALLY make him angry... HA HA!

The crowd fails to listen to Umaga's handler, and the 'Samoan Bulldozer' begins to ferociously move around the ring in anger, wanting to beat the shit outta someone. Estrada is forced to calm him down.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: (To Umaga) Na' na' Umaga... not tonight. Calm... calm ju'rself.

After a few seconds of deep breaths between the two, Umaga calms down and Estrada continues.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Everyone... soon... soon ju all will experience what is like... when the beast is unleashed! Ha ha!

Estrada puts out his cigar, signaling the end of this introduction of his.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: However... tonight... tonight ju all shall count your blessings! If we wanted to... we could take out every single person backstage... from champions to openers to interviewers to production workers... but not tonight, as we want ju all to appreciate your last days with fully functioning body parts...

Estrada calls Umaga over, as the two begin to make their way towards the steps.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: But soon... the wrath of the Samooan Bulldozer will be known throughout the ENTIRE double-joo double-joo eee!! HA HA!

Estrada bellows out a huge laugh as the two then walk out of the ring and leave the arena, happy with Umaga's debut. Smackdown then cuts to a commercial break, with Cole hyping up the main event, which is close to occuring.


When we come back, we get taken to the office of General Manager, Theodore Long, who has Chris Masters, Matt Hardy, Marcus Cor Von, and MVP standing behind his desk, wondering why they were asked into his room. Long hangs up the phone that he was talking in. He then breaks the ice by adressing all 4 men.

Theodore Long: Ah, playas, glad you all could show up here on such short notice...

Long can't get 15 words in and he's already being interrupted.

Montel Vontavious Porter: Man Teddy what's this all about? I got things to do ta'night.

Theodore Long: Calm down, playa, 'dis will only take a second.

Long takes a deep breath and clears his throat before making his announcement.

Theodore Long: As you all know, this past Monday Chris Benoit was stripped of his United States Championship due to being drafted to RAW... Well, we cannot move on without having a United States Champion. So, next week, there will be two one on one matches between you four guys, and the winners of both of those matches will meet at Judgment Day for the United States Championship on the line. Holla holla holla!

All four men shake Long's hand before walking out, as we are taken out to the arena again...


***I Walk Alone***

Hits first, with the 'Animal' Batista making his way out of the curtain. Batista flexes his large muscles on the top of the entrance ramp, with the crowd on their feet for him. He then walks down a few feet before setting off his pyro, followed by giving his fans high fives as he makes his way down the ring. Batista then does a quick sprint up the steps and enters the ring, flexing his muscles on the top turnbuckle as he waits for his three opponents.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the 'Animal' Batista, and with him out, it is now time for our main event fatal fourway match! John, can't you feel the excitement and electricity in this building?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeah, it kinda reminds me of when I was wrestling in the main events just a few months ago, Cole. This is what wrestlers dream for. When you're a small child, you hope to be wrestling in the main event, and tonight four men will get that chance.

Michael Cole: Not only will all four men get to fight here in the main event, but the winner of tonight's match gets to face our current reigning World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker in just two weeks time at Smackdown's next pay-per-view event, Judgment Day. What do you think the deadman is doing at the moment, JBL? You think he's watching tonight's match?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Cole, I seriously doubt that the Undertaker is worried about who he's going to have to face at Judgment Day. He's the World Heavyweight Champion. He's the top guy in the company. He knows what responsibilities he has as the champion. He doesn't care who it is, he just goes and does his thing.

***Born Naughty***

Is the second entrance theme to play, that of William Regal. Regal comes out in his large trench coat, knowing that he has a big opportunity here tonight to try and get a chance at the Undertaker's World Heavyweight Championship. Once Regal enters the ring he disposes of his trench coat and does some stretches near one of the turnbuckles, as he doesn't want to cramp up or pull something during the match.

Michael Cole: Here next is William Regal. Regal is one of the most experienced and hard nosed wrestlers here in the WWE, but the one thing that has escaped him is that elusive World Championship.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: He may not have it right now, but he certainly has the ability to win this match tonight and get his shot against the Undertaker.

Michael Cole: Regal may have the ability, JBL, but let's not forget that this isn't your traditional singles match. Regal doesn't even have to be involved in the outcome of this match for it to be finished.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Regal's one of the smartest players in the game, Cole. He knows that he doesn't have to be involved in the outcome, but he'll use his willpower to make sure that he is involved in some way.

***Dead White Guys***

And the third theme plays, with King Booker, accompanied by his wife, Queen Sharmell, making his way down the ring. He has his crown over his head, and red 'cape' of sorts tied around his neck, while Sharmell comes out in a sparkling dress and tiarra. Once Booker makes his way down to the ring he walks up to the steps and unties his cape and crown, hands it to his wife, and enters the ring, ready to get a chance to main event Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: Booker T ha..

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: That's KING Booker, moron.

Michael Cole: Erm... right. King Booker hasn't had a main event chance in what seems an eternity, but he is a former WCW Champion and World Heavyweight Champion, so he does know what it takes to become a World Champion.

John 'Bradshaw Layfield: Don't forget that he was the most recent King of the Ring winner, and that he knows how to win big matches.

Michael Cole: Booker will have to be big here tonight as he goes against three other talented superstars.

***Sexy Boy***

And the final theme plays, with Smackdown's biggest draft pick Shawn Michaels coming out from the back curtain, to a great reaction from the fans. Shawn pumps his arms up and down repeatedly, flexing his biceps on the top rope. He slowly comes down, giving both sides of fans high fives as he does so, before sliding into the ring and again flexing his muscles, to some more cheers from the fans. Michaels then removes his t-shirt and gets to the unoccupied corner, quickly getting focused on the task at hand.

Michael Cole: JBL here comes the big gun that Smackdown received this past Monday on the draft, Shawn Michaels. A future Hall-of-Famer, what's Shawn gonna have to do to win tonight's match?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: He's gonna have to pick his spots here tonight. Shawn's not getting any younger, and with the wear and tear that he's had on his body in the past twenty or so years, he's gonna have to try and get a sneak pin on someone, because I really don't see Shawn being the dominant man here tonight.

Michael Cole: Finally, our main event of the evening, Batista, Regal, Booker, Michaels, with a shot to become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, is seconds from being underway. However, before we take you to the match, I am told we will go to our final commercial break of the evening, but stick around here on Friday Night Smackdown!


Match Five
Fatal Fourway for the Number One Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs. William Regal vs. King Booker vs. Shawn Michaels

Smackdown returns from it's final commercial with Regal going against Michaels and Batista and Booker ducking it out on opposite sides of the ring. Batista lands some shoulder thrusts on Booker near the turnbuckle, while Regal connects with a European Uppercut on Michaels, sending him to the ground. Once Batista is done attacking with his shoulder thrusts he lifts Booker up onto the top of the turnbuckle, preparing to attempt a superplex. Batista gets up to the middle rope and wraps his arms around Booker's head, but before he can connect with the move Regal, who has left Michaels for a few seconds now that he's down on the ground, comes over and smacks Batista on his back before pulling him down and throwing him back-first into the canvas, which gets some jeers from the crowd.

Regal makes his way towards Batista, but before he inflicts any damage he walks back over to Booker and slams on the top rope, causing Booker's crotch to land directly on the top turnbuckle! Booker then slowly curdles himself up and crashes to the mat himself, with Regal now being the only man standing inside of the ring. Regal looks at all three men, trying to decide who he should go after, before deciding on the biggest man in the match, Batista. Regal lays some stomps on the chest of Batista before getting down to the ground and turning him over, driving his knee into the spine of the Animal. Regal then grabs ahold of the right leg of Batista and pulls it back while driving his knee into the head of Batista, locking in a half legged Boston Crab!

Regal is able to have it locked in for a few good seconds before Michaels jumps in and leaps at Regal, taking him down to the mat and hitting him with right hands repeatedly, and then he jumps back up and pumps his arms, getting the crowd back into the match. Regal gets up seconds later and charges at HBK, only for HBK to connect with an inverted atomic drop, followed by a punch to the head of Regal, which sends the Brit down.

Michaels is really feeling the momentum down and walks over to one of the corners, then starts to tune up the band once he gets to his spot. Michaels only reaches three before Booker comes by and drives a foot into Shawn's chest, doubling him over. Booker grabs Shawn by the head and tosses him into the nearest turnbuckle, before lifting Shawn's head a little and smacking the unprotected chest with a backhanded chop. A few woos are heard in tribute to Ric Flair after the first chop, but each proceeding chop after results in boos for Booker, who, after the fifth connected chop, sticks his pinkie up in the air and connects with a sixth and final chop.

Booker then grabs Shawn by the hair and pulls him near the middle space between the two turnbuckles, with Shawn still leaning against the turnbuckle. Booker grabs Shawn's arm as if he's about to whip him across the ring, but just before he can Batista interferes and clubs Booker across the head, and quickly disposes of him by throwing in-between the middle and top rope. Batista then is the one who grabs the hand of Shawn and whips him across the ring, and connects with a thunderous SPINEBUSTER in the middle of the ring! The crowd gives a mixed reaction to the connection while Batista gets up and does his ring shake taunt a la Warrior, only to not notice William Regal sneakily try and pin Shawn while he isn't looking! Regal gets a two count, but Batista quickly realizes his error and breaks the pinfall up with a double axe handle!

Batista lifts Regal up to a vertical position and tries to whip him out of the ring like he did with Booker, who is still down, but Regal holds himself in thanks to the ropes assistance and lifts the back of his leg up, HITTING BATISTA RIGHT IN THE FAMILY JEWELS! Regal turns around and holds his hands up as if he has done nothing wrong, before quickly going over to Batista and throwing him down to the ground with a half nelson suplex, which is beautifully executed. Regal doesn't waste any time, though, and locks Batista's right leg in an STF while trapping in his right arm, CONNECTING WITH THE REGAL STRETCH!

Batista has never been locked in the maneuver before, so he is having some trouble getting out of the move, and with Booker and Shawn still on the ground, he is a sitting duck. Regal continues to hold in the submission for an extended period of time, and Batista begins to raise his hand in the air, almost ready to tap... AND.... BOOKER BREAKS UP THE HOLD! A few cheers actually come Booker's way now, as he keeps this exciting main event alive. Booker quickly lifts Regal up and tries for the kill, wraps his arm around Regals far shoulder and... THROWS HIM DOWN WITH THE BOOK END!

Regal crashes to the mat, but before Booker can cover Regal, Michaels grabs Booker by the arm and whips him into the ropes decapitating him with A SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON THE REBOUND! The Smackdown crowd is going absolutely CRAZY for HBK! Michaels falls on top of Booker and lifts his leg for the cover... BUT BATISTA NOW BREAKS UP THE PINFALL! Batista grabs Shawn by the head and whips him into his legs, getting ready to hit the Batista Bomb! Batista does his thumbs up, thumbs down routine, then proceeds to lift Shawn up onto his shoulders and... CONNECTS WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! Regal and Booker are down on opposite turnbuckle corners, and Batista covers Shawn's far leg for the pinfall victory! Batista is the new number one contender!!!

Batista via Pinfall (13:55)

Batista gets up to his feet and raises his hands in the air, jumping up and down a few times in celebration. After jumping he walks over to the top turnbuckle and raises his hands in the air again, followed by rubbing his hands against his waist, indicating that he wants his title back. Batista then jumped off the turnbuckle and got his hand raised, and spent the rest of the show celebrating inside of the ring while the three losers sit outside of the ring, disappointed that they missedout on an opportunity.

Michael Cole: And there we have it, JBL! Batista is getting the one on one rematch with the Undertaker that he has been begging for since Wrestlemania 23, and now he's gonna get it at Judgment Day!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Impressive performance by Batista. He did what you're supposed to do in these kind of matches. Let the opponents beat the crap out of each other and pick your spots. He's deserving to get a chance to face the Deadman and try and regain the title that he lost a month ago.

Michael Cole: For JBL, I'm Michael Cole, and we hope you have enjoyed this Smackdown broadcast here tonight. Tune in next week to see what happens between the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker and his number one contender Batista. Good night, everybody.

Cole signs off and Smackdown fades to black.

Quick Results:
Jimmy Wang Yang def. Chavo Guerrero (7:30)
Johnny Jeter def. Funaki (5:59)
Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chris Benoit (12:47)
Umaga def. Dave Taylor (1:38)
Batista def. King Booker, Shawn Michaels, and William Regal (13:55)


Judgment Day
May 20, 2007
Where: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Song: I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Confirmed Matches:

Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista

Singles Match for the United States Championship:
Two of the following: Chris Masters, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Hardy, and Montel Vontavious Porter

Triple Threat Match for the Contract of an Unannounced Superstar:
TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

SmackDown! Feedback

This is the first time Iíve read over SmackDown! properly, rather than skim, so if I make any errors or anything, my bad. Hopefully with the draft out of the way it wonít make too big of a difference anyway.

The opening commentary, while good in that it hyped up the show and the arrivals on SmackDown!, didnít seem quite right on Bradshawís part. I know heís patriotic about SmackDown!, but he never liked Teddy Long or Batista, and the way he talked it really made it seem like he did.

Ugh, have to say, I hate when matches start during the commercial breaks. A pretty nice opener here, with Jimmy Wang Yang emerging as a challenger for Chavo working by beating him, albeit with a roll up type win. Good to see you give the cruiserweight some decent time to start the show off as well, making for an exciting beginning to the show. I have to say, JBL was much better in the post-match commentary than at the start of the show too.

Regal definitely seems like the weak link in this match. Not quite sure he fits. Still, a pretty good promo from him, showing his intensity and want to win. Not so sure that he will win, but it would be pretty great if he did.

I was always quite a fan of Jeter, so I like the idea of bringing him in here. His obnoxiousness was shown well not just with his entrance, but also with him lifting the shoulder of Funaki off the mat, which I thought was a nice touch. Not to sure about him using power moves such as a fallaway slam since heís a pretty damn small guy by WWE standards, and I canít see him being able to do it to a lot of guys, but still, a nice debut for Jeter. I look forward to seeing where he slots into the card once his squash wins are done.

MVP psyching himself up for his match with Benoit was pretty cool, before being interrupted by Cryme Tyme. The Cryme Tyme shtick, even if I always hated it, works for them, and I guess introduces them on SmackDown!. While their promos are often annoying as hell, as a team they werenít too bad, so hopefully you get them going in the ring soon, if not just to help out the tag division.

Random attack from Deuce and Domino was unexpected, but a mini-feud with London and Kendrick for the tag gold wouldnít be too bad, and is probably some of the best stuff you can make out of the tag division atm.

Glad to see you really give some time to Benoit and MVP, and allow their history to give them some counters to one another, playing on their past matches well. MVP picking up the win seems like the right choice for mine, as Benoit has nothing to gain from it on the way out from SmackDown!, because no one will remember it come his arrival on RAW. MVP, however, has something he can brag about for a long time, and something that will also go a long way to getting him a shot at the US Title in the inevitable tournament that will follow for the vacant gold. The aftermath of the match with the two showing respect, only for MVP to then jump Benoit was gold too, really putting his attitude over and showing that despite his history with Benoit, he doesnít respect anyone. Really happy with how this went, because I think it has done a lot for MVP.

Ooo, some more hype for the main event. Should be a good match for sure.

Umaga getting a squash win on his new brand seems a wise booking decision, illustrating his dominance immediately and showing what heís all about.

Good to see Armando on the stick too afterwards to give Umaga a bit of hype. Small thing, but the beginning was a little off, as his usual shtick is ďMy name is Armando Alejandro EstradaĒ in his drawn out manner, instead of just ďI amĒ. Other than that, I thought the characterization of Estrada was pretty great all throughout the promo, and Umaga once again beating down Taylor after the match to show how freakishly powerful he is is good, even if it may be a little similar to what we just saw, with MVP beating Benoit down post-match (perhaps these matches should have been separated a little further). The continuation of the promo afterwards, with Estrada signaling his intentions was good, giving Mags some real direction on SmackDown! right away. I also liked how he put over Umagaís abilities, and the little mention of Batista. A hint at a feud? Maybe Iím reading a little too much into it, but I would love to see it go down if possible. Good little promo here from Estrada, setting the scene for Umaga on SmackDown!.

Some very nice selections for your mini-tournament, even if it appears youíve got three heels and one face (unless Iíve missed something). The obvious final looks to be MVP vs. Hardy, although I wouldnít mind seeing any of the four men involved in it. A nice addition to the Judgment Day card with the final, with a few good matches for SmackDown! next week too.

@ the interaction between JBL and Cole during Bookerís entrance. Thatís what I love to see from JBL. Like I said earlier, I dislike it when matches start during the commercial break. Would have preferred for you to have separated the entrances with a break here instead. Pretty good main event here, with a fair bit of excitement, and some actual periods of dominance for Regal, which was a good sign. Batista vs. ĎTaker should be a good match for Judgment Day too, following up on their recent history. Good way to finish the show, even if a small appearance from The Undertaker maybe should have topped it off, considering heís champion.

A pretty good show here, Perfect Poster, although it seemed a little short and may have lacked a few promos. There was a bit of a lack of starpower too, as a promo from Michaels and an appearance from ĎTaker, since he is your champion, would have gone a long way. Still, all of the booking was solid, and the writing was fine too. Looking forward to seeing you keep on going with SmackDown!, because as this show showed, you seem to be fine with the guys youíre working with. Good stuff.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW
May 7, 2007

Monday Night RAW kicks off with a video package, recaping what happened in last weeks main event Battle Royal which was for two draft picks...


Yet again Orton gets a surprising mixed reaction, partially due to the fact that he has eliminated 6 out of the 14 other participants. However, Umaga is also inside of the ring, and he seems determined to win this match himself. Orton circles around the ropes, trying to avoid contact with Umaga, who is constantly the agressor, until Orton sees a hole and LANDS HIS SIGNATURE BACKBREAKER! The crowd is behind Orton in this encounter between the two supposed heels as he gets to the ground and he starts pounding the canvas, looking to hit the RKO.

Orton pounds the mat multiple times, with Umaga slowly moving about. Orton gives out his slithering grin before he gets up to his feet and CLIMBS OVER THE TOP ROPE HIMSELF, THUS ELIMINATING HIMSELF, THUS GIVING SMACKDOWN THE VICTORY AND TWO DRAFT PICKS!!!!

Randy Orton eliminates himself (16:29)

Winner: Umaga via Event @ 16:29 (16:29)

Oooh that left a sour taste in all of the fans mouths', for sure. The bastard Orton gives out a devilish grin as he makes his way to the back, pissing the crowd off for giving this match up. As Orton makes his way back we hear a thunderous 'You suck! You suck!' from the crowd, who takes it in like it's water. He eventually leaves the ring as Umaga celebrates his cheaply won match on the inside of the ring, with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada.



Once the video is done playing we are taken out to the arena, which sees Orton already inside of the ring, perhaps ready to explain himself after his actions last week.

Randy Orton: Ever since last Monday night, p-

The boos are too loud for Orton to handle at the moment. He pauses, waits for them to get all of their anger out, before continuing on.

Randy Orton: Ever since last Monday night, people have been asking me, 'Why Randy? Why did you leave the ring when a victory was in your hands?'

Some more boos from the crowd for him reminding them about what happened last week in the main event.

Randy Orton: You wanna know why? (crowd cheers as the get ready for Randy's explanation) You all know how much I desire to have the WWE Championship. It's a Championship that I have not had my hands around yet, and I will do anything to get a chance at it.

A rather insulting round of cheers from the fans, who are happy that Randy hasn't held the title yet.

Randy Orton: Why did I eliminated myself in the battle royal last week? It's because if... no... when I would have won, I would have been hurting my chances at getting a shot at the WWE Championship in the future. When I would have won there would have been two more new contenders coming over here to RAW. Why should I help Jonathan Coachman bring over more superstars when we all know DAMN well that he won't return the favor to me?

Some boos are given to Orton, even though everyone's not the biggest fan of Coachman, either.

Randy Orton: Let's face it, Jonathan is nothing more then... a two faced jackass! He'll tell you one thing, then switch plans and screw you over. And don't think that I am the only one that this has happened to, either. Ask Edge, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, or Johnny Nitro. They'll tell you the same story. Jonathan Coachman promises them a title match behind closed doors, then an hour later decides to give it to some unworthy bum like Jeff Hardy!

And bingo, there's your heat. Mention one bad thing about Jeff Hardy and everyone hates you. It's the sad truth, really. The fans quickly start a 'Hardy, Hardy' chant, wanting to see their beloved crackhead come out and do some spots. Too bad he's probably getting high right now as we speak.

Randy Orton: Oh don't tell me you idiots all think that Jeff Hardy deserves a title match too! You people are ridiculous! Jeff Hardy is the last person that deserves a World Title shot, right behind Jim Duggan and the Highlanders!

Some more heat for Orton, who's getting more and more irritated by the minute that people are chanting for Hardy's name.

Randy Orton: Since when does being able to climb a ladder faster then someone else mean that you should be the number one contender to the WWE Championship? In fact, when was the last time Jeff Hardy pinned someone important? Jeff Hardy is a disgrace of a wrestler, and doesn't even deserve to be in the WWE at all!


Plays and, no surprise, the 'Pothead' 'Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy makes his way down the aisle, to a great ovation from the crowd. He gives the fans high fives as he makes his way down before getting handed a microphone as he steps into the ring.

Jeff Hardy: Randy... will you please SHUT UP!!!

Some cheap pops for Hardy.

Jeff Hardy: Everybody is sick and TIRED of you runnin' your mouth complaining about how you THINK you deserve a title shot.

Hardy tries to continue but Randy interrupts him.

Randy Orton: I DO deserve one, damnit!

Hardy now interrupts Orton.

Jeff Hardy: For what? All you've done over the past month is whine and complain to Jonathan Coachman, and then LOSE in the only match you've been in last week.

Some more loud pops as Jeff gets one over on Randy.

Randy Orton: I CHOSE to lose the match! I could've won if I wanted to, but it would've just hurt me in the long run.

Jeff Hardy: I don't care that you chose to lose the match. In the record books it says that you were beaten last week, and that's all that matters.

Again the crowd cheers as Jeff sorta actually has a point.

Randy Orton: How about I PUNT you in the skull right now and then we'll see what I have done over the past month?

Jeff Hardy: BRING IT ON!

And with that... A BRAWL KICKS OFF TO BEGIN RAW! ORTON CHARGES AT JEFF AND STRIKES HIM WITH HIS MICROPHONE, SENDING HARDY TO THE GROUND. HARDY QUICKLY GETS UP, BUT ORTON AGAIN TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Orton then picks the now groggy Hardy back up and BREAKS HIS BACK WITH HIS INVERTED BACKBREAKER! Hardy is on the ground rolling around in immense pain, but there is nobody out to help him! Orton looks at the downed Hardy and has a nasty scowl on his face, not even close to being finished with Hardy yet. With Hardy on his knees gasping for air in one corner, Orton slowly walks over to the other corner and tees up at his spot that he's gonna hit Hardy. After a few seconds of deep breaths, Orton charges at Hardy AND PUNTS HIM SQUARE IN THE SKULL! HARDY IMMEDIATELY DROPS DOWN TO THE GROUND AND IS KNOCKED OUT! Orton now gives out a devilish smile as the paramedics finally make their way out to tend to Hardy, who hasn't moved since being kicked in the head. Orton slides out of the ring, still with his devilish smile, and walks back up the aisle. However, he doesn't take his eye off of Hardy, who is still being taken care of, as RAW cuts to it's first commercial break of the night.


RAW comes back on air with the viewers now seeing Jeff Hardy slowly getting placed into an ambulance, with him laying on a stretcher in a neck-brace. The crew slowly lift him in and roll him into the ambulance before shutting the doors and slowly driving off, sirens going off and all, as we get taken back out to the arena.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the entire RAW brand I apologize for the actions of one Randy Orton just a few minutes ago. If you missed what happened, take a look...


Randy Orton: How about I PUNT you in the skull right now and then we'll see what I have done over the past month?

Jeff Hardy: BRING IT ON!

And with that... A BRAWL KICKS OFF TO BEGIN RAW! ORTON CHARGES AT JEFF AND STRIKES HIM WITH HIS MICROPHONE, SENDING HARDY TO THE GROUND. HARDY QUICKLY GETS UP, BUT ORTON AGAIN TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Orton then picks the now groggy Hardy back up and BREAKS HIS BACK WITH HIS INVERTED BACKBREAKER! Hardy is on the ground rolling around in immense pain, but there is nobody out to help him! Orton looks at the downed Hardy and has a nasty scowl on his face, not even close to being finished with Hardy yet. With Hardy on his knees gasping for air in one corner, Orton slowly walks over to the other corner and tees up at his spot that he's gonna hit Hardy. After a few seconds of deep breaths, Orton charges at Hardy AND PUNTS HIM SQUARE IN THE SKULL! HARDY IMMEDIATELY DROPS DOWN TO THE GROUND AND IS KNOCKED OUT! Orton now gives out a devilish smile as the paramedics finally make their way out to tend to Hardy, who hasn't moved since being kicked in the head. Orton slides out of the ring, still with his devilish smile, and walks back up the aisle. However, he doesn't take his eye off of Hardy, who is still being taken care of, as RAW cuts to it's first commercial break of the night.


Jim Ross: As you just saw, Jeff was placed in an ambulance and is going to be taken to the nearby hospital. When we receive further news on Jeff, we will be sure to update you on it. But for now, the show must go on...

***Don't Waste My Time***

Goes off and one of RAW's newest draft picks, Elijah Burke comes out from the curtain, to a sort of mixed reaction from the crowd. The 'Silver Tongued Pugilist' has his fists taped, much like a kickboxer would, and has red knee pads on. He ignores the crowd as he walks down, practicing some jabs. He then slides under the bottom rope and again does a few jabs, before wating for his opponent.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you that haven't been able to watch ECW on Sci-Fi weekly, this man here is one of the young and upcoming talents in this company.

Jerry Lawler: You said it, JR. I'm really glad that he's been drafted here to RAW, because it's always nice to see new and fresh talent come over to the number one brand.


Hits next and one half of the Highlanders, Robbie, is dressed to compete tonight. He has on his usual kilt on and his brother, Rory has the exact same outfit on. They don't come out to a great reaction but Robbie really doesn't mind. He slides into the ring and gets ready for the bell to ring.

Jim Ross: Now here comes two men who are, uh, strange to say the least.

Jerry Lawler: He he, strange is putting it nicely, JR. These two men still think we live in the stone ages! I don't think they've caught up with today's world of technology and showers yet!

Match One - Singles Match - Elijah Burke vs. Robbie McAllister (w/ Rory McAllister)

Complete squash here to kick off tonight's RAW action, with Burke controlling the entire match with relative ease. He begins the match by lifting Robbie up and driving him back-first into the ground, followed by a barrage of punches to the face. Robbie puts his hands in front of his face, trying to protect himself, but Burke still connects with handful of them. He then rolls off of Robbie and waits for him to get back up. Once he does, Burke charges at him and connects with a huge kick to the side of the head, knocking the Highlander out cold! Burke looks to finish Robbie off, but the referee restrains him and rings the bell, declaring Burke by knockout.

Elijah Burke via Knockout (2:12)

Elijah lets out a huge grin as he raises his arms in the air. He smacks his pecs a few times before letting out a loud yell, which gets the crowd going in his favor, surprisingly. Burke then gets his hand raised by the referee and exits the ring, giving fans high fives as he walks back up the aisle.

Jim Ross: Oh my, King! What an impressive debut here by the Silver Tongued Pugilist, knocking out poor Robbie in under two and a half minutes!

Jerry Lawler: Well JR, Elijah does have some mixed martial arts experience in his background, so a quick dominating performance like he had today shouldn't be a great surprise to anyone.

Jim Ross: A solid debut for one of RAW's newest draftees, and now lets take it backstage with Kelly Kelly, who's with another one of RAW's newest superstars thanks to the draft. Kelly...


Like JR said, we get taken backstage with Kelly, who's with The Miz, a man that was sent over to RAW via the Supplemental Draft just a few days ago. Miz has a 'Chick Magnet' cutoff shirt on, even though he doesn't have any chicks around him. He is busy fixing up his hair as Kelly begins her interview with him.

Kelly Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is The Miz.

Boos for the so-called 'Chick Magnet', although he seems more focused on getting his hair in perfect shape then reacting to the fans' boos.

Kelly Kelly: Miz I would just like to welcome you to the RAW brand and we...

The Miz quickly stops working on his hair once he sees who's interviewing him and tries to throw the moves on her.

The Miz: Why hello, gorgeous. You know later tonight you could welcome me to RAW in a different way, if you'd like. They don't call me the chick magnet for nothing.

Miz raises his eyebrows up and down, somewhat signalling to her that he wants to get his 'freak on later tonight...

Kelly Kelly: Sorry, Mike, but I'm not interested.

The fans pop big time seeing the Miz getting shut down, but the Miz tries to shake it off quickly and makes up a lame excuse.

The Miz: Oh... yeah, I forgot I had plans for later anyways... So what do you want?

The Miz goes back to working on his hair, still annoyed that Kelly turned him down.

Kelly Kelly: I was just... um... wondering... how are you feeling on your first day on Monday Night RAW?

The Miz rolls his eyes and stops working on his hair for a second, now wanting to just get this interview over after being royally embarrassed not even 30 seconds ago.

The Miz: Well what do you think it's like? The locker-rooms are all dirty, women, like yourself, are even dirtier, and I am getting disrespected by being put on at the beginning of the show. What am I, a loser?

Kelly opens her mouth, about to answer, but the Miz puts his hand up to her face and answers the question himself.

The Miz: No. I'm not a loser, Kelly. I am the Chick Magnet. I am the guy that all women want to be with and all guys wanna be. I'm the guy who dates the prom queen and is voted the 'most successful' in high school. I wine and dine with famous stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Garner. I am high class. I'm first class. And I deserve better then being made as the 'opener' on RAW.

The crowd is heard booing the Miz, although he shakes it off like dust. Kelly, however, interjects as the Miz is busy 'dusting' himself off.

Kelly Kelly: But... what have you done that makes you better then anyone else?

The Miz turns his head back to Kelly, annoyed that she is even daring to question him.

The Miz: Did you not just hear me you Barbie doll? I hang out with the people that you only see in magazines. I'm the man who gets all of the chicks in the magazines that you read, Kelly.

Kelly again interrupts the Miz.

Kelly Kelly: But... what does that have to do with being a WWE superstar? In fact... when was the last time that you even won a match?

Oooh, that really gets the crowd going. They start hooting and hollering, knowing that Kelly has pulled another one over the Miz, in the same interview.

The Miz: You wanna question my abilities as a WWE superstar, Kelly? You think I'm not good enough to be a WWE superstar? I guess you'll see next week, here on RAW, when I make my RAW debut. Until then, see ya around...

The Miz begins to walk off with Kelly signing off to commercial...

The Miz: Skank.

Oh yes, the Miz had to get that last part in right before RAW cuts to another commercial break. That prick...


RAW comes back on air and we see Randy Orton walking backstage, with his devilish smile still on his face. Orton begins to open the door of his lockerroom, but before he can enter it, the door is pushed back shut.

Randy Orton: What the...

Orton turns and sees the man that he probably wanted to see the least of all, RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman. Coach has his hand on the door, not allowing the 'Legend Killer' to get in. He also looks pissed too, and for good reason.

Jonathan Coachman: Randy... what the HELL were you thinking attacking Jeff Hardy earlier?

Randy Orton: Jeff de...

Coachman is fuming with anger and cuts Randy off, irking Orton.

Jonathan Coachman: You know what I could do to you? I could suspend you INDEFINITELY right now and you wouldn't even get a sniff of that WWE Championship that you covet so badly.

The crowd pops for Coachman's announcement there, while Orton's face of irk now changes to fear.

Randy Orton: No... you can't...

Jonathan Coachman: What you did to Jeff was entirely UNACCEPTABLE, Randy! Why should I spare you the time when you decided to jump my number one contender? Y'know what? As of now, you are hearby Susp...

Orton knows what's coming next out of Coachman's mouth, so he cuts him off.

Randy Orton: NO! Please, sir!

Coachman backs up a step, surprised that Orton is begging for him to not suspend him.

Jonathan Coachman: What? You think I SHOULDN'T suspend you? Randy, after what you did to Jeff Hardy, you're lucky that I'm not sending you to JAIL!

Randy puts his hands on the back of his head, trying to think on his feet and avoid being suspended.

Randy Orton: How about you put me in a match tonight? Any kind of match. Just please... please don't fire me, sir. Jeff just got on my last nerve.

Coach rubs his chin, thinking of all of the possibilities of things that he can do to Randy tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: So, what, you're gonna attack every superstar that gets on your last nerve, Randy? You know I can't afford to lose three or four guys a month. It'll kill us.

Randy quickly tries to think of a way to reason with Coach.

Randy Orton: Sir... I assure you that it will not happen again.

Jonathan ponders Randy's answer before coming to a conclusion.

Jonathan Coachman: Alright, just because I'm short on guys tonight... you are NOT suspended...

A round of boos come from the crowd who really wished that Orton would've been kicked to the curb. Orton shows his jubilation by letting out one of his big smiles again.

Jonathan Coachman: BUT that doesn't mean you'll get off easy, Randy. I don't have a main event for tonight, and since you are so anxious to put guys out on stretchers... tonight you will be facing the 'Big Red Machine' Kane in a stretcher match.

The crowd pops for the main event now being announced.

Jonathan Coachman: AND... next week, in that same very ring that you attacked Jeff Hardy in tonight... you will issue Jeff Hardy, myself, and the entire RAW brand an apology for your actions here earlier. If you fail to do either of these tasks, I will kick your ass so far out of here you'll be gone before you had even known what had hit you! Agreed?

Randy scowl's at the word 'apology' but nods his head, accepting Coachman's tasks. Coachman then walks off and Orton opens the lockerroom door, then immediately slams it shut. We then get taken out back into the arena.

***The Future***

Plays and another one of RAW's 'young studs' Kenny Dykstra comes out from the back, with his tights on and looks ready to wrestle here tonight. He has his usual small trunks on and quickly makes his way into the ring, with his opponent, 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan already in there. Dykstra smirks as he knows the challenge here tonight might not be that great at all.

Jim Ross: Coming out now is yet another future superstar for RAW, Kenny Dykstra. King, this kid has all of the talent in the world to become something really special, but don't you think his attitude might just hold him back a little bit?

Jerry Lawler: I don't know if it'll hold him back, but it certainly won't gain him any friends with the way he acts towards the company. He might have to get his priorities straight if he really wants to go far.

Jim Ross: Well tonight he has a chance to because he will take on the respected veteran Jim Duggan right about now!

Match Two - Singles Match - Kenny Dykstra vs. 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan

This match, much like our first match of the night, doesn't go on for a particularly long time. In fact, it actually goes shorter then the first match, which tells you something. Dykstra begins the match by taking the 'legend' down with a decapitating clothesline and shakes his head at the downed Duggan, knowing that Jim has no business being inside of the ring with him. Dykstra toys with him for a bit by sending his foot into the chest of Jim, then decides to finish him off by climbing to the top rope and connecting with a diving guillotine leg drop, which he calls, the 'Sky High Leg Drop', easily getting the three count and victory.

Kenny Dykstra via Pinfall (1:58)

Dykstra gets his hand raised by the referee and climbs to the top rope, raising his hands in the air. Dykstra then climbs down the turnbuckles and turns his attention back to Duggan, for some reason annoyed that Duggan is trying to get up to his feet. So, to keep him down, Dykstra walks over and CLIPS THE LEG OF DUGGAN! The heat on Dykstra now gains since he is attacking a 53 year old semi-retired wrestler. Dykstra, however, ignores the crowds anger towards him and grabs Hacksaw's 2x4 piece of wood that he has lying near one of the turnbuckles. Dykstra examines the piece of wood, hocks a giant lugie near the top of it, and then SMACKS DUGGAN ACROSS THE BACK WITH IT! The heat gains on Dykstra and he prepares to do it again until...


Hits throught the PA system and another one of RAW's newest draft picks, the 'Rabid Wolverine' Chris Benoit, comes sprinting down the ring! Benoit slides into the ring wanting to get revenge on Dykstra for what he did to Duggan, but Dykstra hurries out of the ring before Benoit can get to him. The crowd boos Dykstra some more while Benoit checks up on Duggan inside of the ring. Once Benoit knows that Duggan will be fine he looks up and locks eyes with Dykstra, telling him to come inside and face him like a man. Dykstra waves away at Benoit, not in the mood to wrestle another match after having that 'excruciating' match with Duggan. Dykstra decides to hightail it and begins to make his way to the back, only for RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman to appear on the TitanTron.

Jonathan Coachman: Woah, woah, there, Kenny. Don't think you'll be able to get off that easy. After what you did to Hacksaw, I think it is only fair that we give these fans what they want!

The crowd pops as they know what Coachman's announcement is gonna be, while Dykstra scowls at Coachman, not wanting to fight Benoit here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: So get your ass in there! Because you gotta match against Chris Benoit... RIGHT NOW!

The crowd's pops get slightly louder as Dykstra yells 'Oh c'mon!' to the titantron, only for Benoit to come out to the ring and jump Dykstra! Dykstra falls to a knee, only for Benoit to grab him by the head and whips him inside of the ring. Benoit then slides in as well and the bell rings, and the match begins![/I]

Match Three - Singles Match - Kenny Dykstra vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit starts off the match with the advantage due to him jumping Dykstra seconds before. Benoit lays stiff backhanded chops into the chest of Dykstra, who squeams in pain from the big chops. Benoit then tosses the youngster into one of the turnbuckles and climbs to the middle rope before delivering stiff shots to the head, each one connecting in the precise spot that Benoit was aiming at. He connects with four shots before he climbs back off the turnbuckle and lifts Dykstra onto the top turnbuckle. Benoit then climbs back up onto the middle rope and wraps Dysktra's head in a superplex position, which gets the crowd going. Benoit lifts Dykstra to a standing position on the top turnbuckle, before getting up there himself and SENDING DYKSTRA TO THE GROUND WITH A SUPERPLEX! The crowd pops for the maneuver and Benoit hooks the near leg of Dykstra for the first pinfall of the match, only for Kenny to roll the shoulder up at two! Benoit continues to stay in control as RAW goes to a commercial break.


When RAW returns it is now Dykstra who is in control, which he gained after he laid a knee to the gut of Benoit and threw him through the ropes on the outside near the announcers table. Dykstra continues to do work on Benoit on the outside of the ring, throwing him face first into the steel steps! Benoit's face smacks right into the steps and Dykstra smiles, since the cocky superstar knows he's the dominant one for the time being. He slams Benoit's face into the steps for a second time and then lays him up against the same steps, planning to attack all parts of Benoit's body. Dykstra slides inside of the ring for a split second to restart the ring-out count, before going back out and getting ready to inflict more damage on Benoit. Dykstra takes a few steps back and lines up his target before he charges at Benoit and DRIVES HIS FOOT INTO BENOIT'S SHOULDER! Benoit's shoulder smacks against the corner of the steps and it may have been separated, at least that's what JR's diagnosis is.

Dykstra is once again grinning when he notices that Benoit is grimacing in pain while holding his shoulder. Kenny decides that his work on the outside is done for now and lifts him up and pushes him back into the ring, quickly rolling back in as well so he doesn't lose the advantage that he contains at the moment. Dykstra drags Benoit into the middle of the ring and hooks the far leg, only to get a nearfall. He doesn't lose his patience, though, and instead drags Chris over to one of the turnbuckles and props him up against the bottom one. Dykstra takes a few steps back himself and again lines up his target. Kenny then removes the padding on his right knee and proceeds to charge at Benoit full force... DRILLS HIM IN THE HURT SHOULDER WITH HIS BARE KNEE! Benoit lays on the ground, screaming at the amount of pain that his shoulder has received. Dykstra, however, plays it off cool and drags Chris a few feet away from the nearby turnbuckle, lining him up for his finishing move.

Just to assure himself that Chris isn't going anywhere, Kenny stomps on his shoulder three more times, the same shoulder that has received all of the punishment so far in this match. Kenny then climbs overtop of Benoit and makes his way to the top turnbuckle, taunting him by shouting 'Who's the real man now?', referring to what Benoit told him seconds before their match was signed. Dykstra now lines up his attack and jumps off the top rope, preparing a diving guillotine leg drop... BUT BENOIT SOMEHOW ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! A split second was the difference from Benoit getting out of the way and Dykstra connecting with the move! Dykstra crashes and burns and holds his rear in pain, while simultaneously giving Benoit a cold, hard, stare, wondering what he will have to do to put the 'Rabid Wolverine' away.

Dykstra, despite being the one to crash and burn, is the first man to get back up to a vertical position, but Benoit gets up a few seconds later. Dykstra knows that he is the more healthy man and tries to take advantage of that by running at Benoit and attempting a clothesline, only for Benoit to duck and wrap his arms around the body of Kenny, quickly throwing him backwards onto the mat... CONNECTING WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd cheers at the move, while Benoit holds onto his grip and lifts Dykstra back up... BEFORE CONNECTING WITH ANOTHER GERMAN! The crowd again gives him the same positive reaction, but Benoit retains his hold and lifts Dykstra up for a third time and... THROWS HIM FOR HIS THIRD GERMAN, RELEASING HIM AS HE THROWS KENNY ACROSS THE RING!

Benoit slowly gets up, still rubbing the shoulder that Kenny attacked earlier in the match. However, Benoit knows that the three Germans took a lot out of Kenny and now he has to finish the deal, so he quickly makes his way towards the turnbuckle and proceeds to climb it. Benoit gets up to the top rope and slices his thumbs across his throat before he jumps towards Kenny and CONNECTS WITH A FLYING HEADBUTT! Kenny rolls around in pain, but Benoit also is holding his head in pain after the move. Chris tries to shake off the pain and places his right hand across Kenny's torso, but Kenny somehow manages to roll his shoulder up at two and a half, showing Benoit that he won't roll over once the going gets tough.

Benoit grabs Dykstra by the head and lifts him back up to his feet while still nursing his shoulder, delivering a kick to the gut once Dykstra gets to a full vertical position. Benoit quickly wraps his arms around the now doubled over Dykstra and throws him overtop his head, connecting with a snap suplex! Benoit doesn't decide to cover Dykstra after the move, however, remembering what happened after he connecting with the flying headbutt, and instead lifts Kenny back up into a vertical position and begins to get him in the Crippler Crossface hold! Chris wraps his right arm across Kenny's face and begins to take him down to the ground... BUT KENNY THEN DELIBERATELY KICKS BENOIT BETWEEN THE LEGS! IT'S A LOW BLOW AND THE REFEREE HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO DISQUALIFY KENNY!

Chris Benoit via Disqualification (11:38)

Benoit immediately falls to his knees after being nailed in the crotch, while Dykstra hightails it out of the ring, wanting to avoid being locked in the deadly Crippler Crossface (insert inappropriate joke here). The crowd boos Kenny as he quickly makes his way to the back, but he just wants to get out of the vision of Benoit, at least for the time being. Meanwhile, the referee tries to help Benoit up and raises his hand in victory, while Benoit continues to nurse his shoulder that was attacked earlier in the match.

Jim Ross: A very solid re-debut on the RAW brand by Chris Benoit just had to turn sour thanks to the punk Dykstra.

Jerry Lawler: I don't like what happened in this match either, JR, but I can't blame Kenny for disqualifying himself to avoid getting locked in that Crippler Crossface. Guys that have been locked in it before have told me that once you get locked in it it's lights out for you and you do get severe neck pains for the next few days. Kenny was just looking out for himself.

Jim Ross: If Kenny was a real man he would've found a way out of it that was legal.

Jerry Lawler: Hey, sometimes you have to do the unpopular thing to keep your health. Chris still won the match so I doubt he will be too depressed at how he won it.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen we have to run to a commercial break, but when we return, another one of RAW's newest superstars, Rey Mysterio, will give us an update via satellite from his home in San Diego, and later, Johnny Nitro will be going up against Matt Striker. Stay tuned.


RAW comes back on air and we are still out in the main arena, with the camera's scanning the jam-packed crowd before we get taken back to the commentary booth of Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jim Ross: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to Monday Night RAW. We've had some exciting action already in the show, and we're bound to have even more because tonight in our main event, the 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton, who seriously injured our good pal Jeff Hardy earlier in the evening, will take on the 'Big Red Machine' Kane, who's hoping to make a grand re-debut here on RAW, in a Stretcher Match!

Jerry Lawler: Oh boy, JR, that sounds like an exciting matchup! Not only will we have that, though, but we're gonna be treated to a special 'Champions' edition of Carlito's Cabana with our Intercontinental Champion Carlito as the host.

Jim Ross: This definately will be a RAW to remember, folks, so don't leave your seat for anything.

Jerry Lawler: It most certainly is, JR, with all of our newest draftees getting their feet wet on the number one brand in sports entertainment. It's so exciting to see a bunch of fresh faces come here to RAW.

Jim Ross: Yes, King, and one of those draft picks - the 'Master of the 619' Rey Mysterio - is with us now via satellite.

Some pops from the crowd as they see Mysterio on the Titantron sitting on his couch with a headpiece on his head to hear JR and King.

Jim Ross:Rey, first and foremost, we'd like to be the first men to welcome you over here onto RAW. We hope you enjoy your time here.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks guys. I think RAW is the exact change of scenery that me and my family need now.

Jerry Lawler: Rey, we both know what caused you to have your unfortunate injury, so we gotta ask, how's your recovery coming?

Rey Mysterio: Well, um, y'know, King, it's goin' pretty good. I could be better, but the doctors said I could return in the ring within' the next five or six weeks, an' now I'm gettin' anxious to get back inside of the WWE arenas.

Jim Ross: We are certainly glad to hear that, Rey. What are you planning to do on RAW once you make your return from injury?

Rey Mysterio: I'm gonna want to get a few matches under my belt just to get me re-adjusted to this, but then I'm gonna set my eyes on the WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler: He he, Rey, no offense, but there are gonna be a few guys who might wanna take you on for that.

Rey Mysterio: Jerry, I know that there are a lot of guys on this roster that are deserving of a WWE Championship match, but I'm willin' to take on anyone that wants to fight me for that Championship. It's not the size of the dog that matters, but the amount of fight in that dog. An' trust me, I have the biggest amount of fight out of anyone.

Pops for Rey's confidence in himself.

Jim Ross: Now that you're on RAW there's a whole batch of superstars that you haven't been able to step inside of the ring with. Is there any one guy that you wanna wrestle the most?

Rey Mysterio: Right now, JR, it'd have to be John Cena.

Jim Ross: And why is that?

Rey Mysterio: He's the current holder of the WWE Championship, JR. An' that's what I want - the top title. If Edge goes an' wins it next week, then it'll be Edge. But for right now, it's John Cena.

Jim Ross: Thank you for your time, Rey, and we hope you make a speedy recovery and make your debut here on RAW sooner rather than later.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks guys.

Mysterio's face disappears from the Titantron and JR and King stir up some pointless chatter before...


Hits, with Johnny Nitro, along with his lovely valet Melina making their way down to the ring. The two hold hands as the paparazzi take pictures of them walking down the red carpet. Once they make it to the ring Johnny slides under the bottom rope and then helps his girlfriend set herself up to do the splits on the bottom rope.

Jim Ross: Now here comes a former Intercontinental and WWE Tag-Team Champion, Johnny Nitro. Johnny, along with his girlfriend Melina, are very familiar with the hassle of being chased by the papparazzi, but the one thing that Nitro hasn't been accustomed to over the past few weeks is, well, winning, so he hopes to get back on track tonight.

Jerry Lawler: He hasn't been on the winning track as of late, but I would trade places with him if I could get gorgeous Melina to be my girlfriend, ha ha.

Jim Ross: I have to admit she looks rather nice today.

Jerry Lawler: Ohh, and did you see the splits that she just did? Makes me wish I was the bottom of the ring right now, ha ha.

***Your Teacher***

Is the other intro to play, with another one of RAW's new superstars acquired via the supplemental draft, 'Your Teacher' Matt Striker. Striker comes down with a yellow speedo on, eager to make an impactful debut here on RAW. Once he gets inside of the ring he raises his hands in the air and gets ready for his match to begin.

Jim Ross: Man oh man, King, it seems like every other minute a new RAW superstar is appearing up on us!

Jerry Lawler: Ha ha, that's a good thing to hear, JR. First Burke, then the Miz, Benoit, Mysterio, and now Matt Striker. And we've still got many more new superstars to appear, like the Big Red Machine, Kane! No offense to our Smackdown and ECW counterparts, but it's clear that RAW got the cream of the crop from the draft.

Jim Ross: I can't disagree with you there, King. And speaking of debuts, Matt Striker's going to wanna get on the positive note here tonight, because it's a dog eat dog world here on RAW, and one loss could drop you down on the totem pole for a while.

Match Four - Singles Match - Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) vs. Matt Striker

These two don't get a whole lot of time to showcase their stuff, but it's enough to produce a second solid match in a row. Striker, due to his superior intelligence inside of the ring, gains the advantage to start off the match, by taking Nitro down with a snapmere. Striker uses a mat based offense, keeping Nitro grounded so he can't get up and do what he does best, which is fly around the ring. Striker has Nitro grounded for the first three minutes, capping it off with a double knee backbreaker, which earns Striker a near-fall. Once Nitro gets up to his feet Striker attempts a double axe handle from the middle rope, but Nitro ducks and Striker crashes and burns, killing the momentum that he had to begin the match.

Nitro finally is able to hit some offensive attacks after Striker misses the axe-handle, including a Russian Legsweep and a running knee smash, until we get taken to the finish of the match. Nitro tries to end the match by connecting with the Moonlight Drive, but Striker pushes Nitro away and hits him with a decapitating LARIAT! Striker quickly hops on top of Nitro for the cover, but only earns a two count. Striker, still hopeful of winning his RAW debut, quickly gets up to his feet and lifts Nitro up as well. Striker moves over to Nitro's backside and wraps his right arm around Nitro's neck, locking in a sleeper hold! Nitro's arms flail around in the air, with Melina on the outside slamming the mat trying to give her man the strength to get out of the hold, but to no avail. Striker has the hold locked in for almost 20 seconds before Nitro falls down to his knees, still flailing his arms around to keep consciousness. Striker then wraps his legs around Nitro's body in a body scissors, and the pressure becomes too much and Nitro TAPS OUT!!!

Matt Striker via Submission (7:19)

The bell rings and many of the fans are stunned that Nitro gave up on the match, but, to be fair, it's remarkable that he lasted as long as he did in the sleeper hold, a hold that can knock people out in quick fashion. Striker keeps the hold locked in for a few seconds longer, somewhat rubbing it in on the 'Hollywood' man. The referee then pulls Striker away as he releases the hold and gets his arm raised, celebrating that his fresh start on RAW has begun with an impressive victory. While Nitro is tending to his wounds on the inside of the ring, his girlfriend Melina bails, walking up the ring with a disgusted look on her face.

Jim Ross: King, we haven't been able to see much of Matt Striker, but he has certainly made a memorable debut here on RAW, forcing Nitro to submit to the ever so dangerous rear naked chokehold.

Jerry Lawler: It doesn't seem to get any better for Nitro either. Not only is his losing streak continuing, but did you see what Melina did? She hightailed it and is letting Johnny take care of himself inside of the ring.

Jim Ross: Let's hope that this isn't the end of Hollywood's cutest couple, King.

Jerry Lawler: Are you nuts, JR? Melina on the free market? That'd be the greatest thing to happen since Torrie Wilson posed for Playboy! Ha ha!

Jim Ross: Oh King you stop it now. Ladies and gentlemen, we have to go to another commercial break, but when we return, we will have a special edition of 'Champion's Edition' of 'Carlito's Cabana' with our Intercontinental Champion, Carlito. Stay tuned.



RAW returns with the current Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, and his mentor, the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, inside of the ring, with it set up for Carlito's talk show, Carlito's Cabana. There are a few fake palm trees set up, along with a few lawn chairs for his guests. He's also dressed in the style with a Hawaiian shirt on, as does Flair, who's sipping through a coconut styled drink.

Carlito: Ladies an' gents, I am Carlito, and dis' is Carlito's Cabana.

Small cheers from the crowd.

Carlito: An' tonight, my mentor Ric Flair and I present to you's a very special 'Champions' edition of my Cabana. I have three guests tonight, so let's get 'dis show on 'de road and bring out our first guest.

***The Time Is Now***

Hits and the current WWE Champion, John Cena, comes out from the back of the curtain to a loud ovation from the crowd. John trots out with a huge smile on his face, happy to be on RAW. Cena gives the crowd high fives as he walks down and once he walks up the steps and into the ring he shows off his title before being handed a microphone and taking a seat in one of the set up chairs.

Carlito: Great to see you 'ere John.

John Cena: Thanks for havin' me here Carlito.

Carlito: To start 'dis interview off I'd like to know what 'ju think about what Randy Orton did to the number one contender to your WWE Championship, Jeff Hardy, earlier in the night?

Cena takes a sip of his drink before answering.

John Cena: Well you never like to see guys go down, especially by how Randy decided to injure him. If he ever wants to be a WWE Champion he's gonna have to learn that you can't pout every damn time you don't get what you want.

The crowd pops for Cena's anti-Orton comments.

John Cena: Ya think I got to where I am today by injuring the guys above me? No, I beat them where it counts - inside of this ring. Frankly, Randy Orton is a disgrace of a human being and doesn't deserve to get a second chance.

Carlito butts in for a second, just as Cena is about to get going.

Carlito: I apologize for interruptin' you, John, but Jonathan Coachman has ordered Orton to 'pologize to Jeff next week.

Cena shakes his head back and forth, not happy with what Carlito's saying.

John Cena: That doesn't matter, man. What Randy did was unexcusable and he should consider himself LUCKY to get a damn second chance. He put Jeff on a STRETCHER. He's takin' years off Jeff's career. All because he didn't get his way? That's why Randy is nothin' more then a PUNK!

Cena gets up off his chair and takes his hat off, rubbing his hand through his short hair.

John Cena: I'm sorry for goin' off here, Carlito, but the way I've been taught to do it is the right way. If your goal is to be the WWE Champion you gotta train, work hard, and beat the guys above you. Randy is the complete opposite. He's showing disrespect to this entire business.

Cena stops and readjusts his hat before continuing.

John Cena: Randy thinks that since his daddy was a wrestler that he'll just get everything handed to him. He thinks that the entire world revolves around him and that he doesn't have to put in any effort to get rewarded. But I'm proof that Randy's theory of living is nothin' but a bunch of bullcrap!

The crowd again cheers for Cena.

John Cena: I didn't get anything handed to me. When I was first in training I had to live in my damn CAR. I could've called it quits right then and there, but I was determined to make it here and prove everyone that was doubting me wrong. Sure there were times when it got tough on me, but that's what builds someones character. If you decide that you aren't strong enough to make it through then you're admitting to yourself that you're a failure. And I am sure as hell NOT a failure.

Carlito gets up and tries to interrupt John, but John puts his hand up in Carlito's face, as if to tell him to wait a second.

John Cena: Carlito, man, give me one more second. I'm almost done.

Carlito sits down as John takes a deep breath.

John Cena: So, what I'm saying is Randy, you better hope that you don't ever cross paths with me. Because if you do, I'm gonna make you repay for everything you've done to everyone else. You're nothing more then an ignorant and self centered jerk who needs to be put in his place, and I'd be more then HAPPY to be the one to do that.

The crowd goes wild as Cena walks back over to his seat and sits down, taking a huge sip out of his coconut drink, while Carlito gets back up and adresses the crowd again.

Carlito: Thank you, John... Now it's time for me to bring out my other guests of 'de night.. 'dey are the current World Tag-Team Champions... 'de World's Greatest Tag-Team... Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas!

***World's Greatest***

The crowd gives out a resounding amount of boos for the champions, who come out with their wrestling gear on and championships around their shoulders. Both men shout something to random fans in the crowd before they make their way up the steps and into the ring. Both men get handed microphones and refuse drinks by Carlito.

Carlito: Guys I appreciate 'dat you both came here...

Charlie is the man who decides to interrupt Carlito.

Charlie Haas: Save it, boy. We aren't gonna be out here too long.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah, because unlike you two jokes, we have people that wanna meet with us. After all, we are the WORLD's Greatest Tag-Team. Am I right?

Cahrlie nods his head in agreement while the crowd answers Benjamin's question with a whole bunch of boos.

Charlie Haas: You idiots don't know what's right anyways. We are the current World Tag-Team Champions. We are the TOP of the division. That explains everything.

Haas nods his head to agree with himself while Benjamin smacks him on the back, showing his agreement as well.

Carlito: No offense, boys, but 'dese fans are right. You guys should be called the World's Weakest Tag-Team with the way you won the World Tag-Team Championships. You guys were jus' lucky 'dat John Cena and Shawn Michaels had another match at Backlash and didn't even care 'bout you twos.

Carlito lets out a grin while Haas and Benjamin are insulted that Carlito has diminished their title win.

Shelton Benjamin: Carlito, you're just... you're just jealous that you've never had a partner that's been as connected with you as Charlie and I are.

Carlito's eyes bug out, alarmed at Benjamin's last line.

Carlito: What did ju just say? Did ju say what I think you said?

Benjamin nods his head, thinking he knows exactly what Carlito's talking about.

Carlito: Ju mean to tell me that ju and Charlie are secret lovers and 'dat ju are plannin' on havin' a child together?

Benjamin and Hass's eyes both pop out and shake their heads back and forth, not agreeing with that at all.

Shelton Benjamin: WHAT? I didn't say that!

Carlito shrugs his shoulders and answers.

Carlito: Sorry, guys, I'm just sayin' what I heard. Ju two would make a great couple, don't 'cha 'gree, John?

John laughs as he nods his head up and down, which pisses the WGTT off even more.

Charlie Haas: Listen here, you smelly Puerto Rican, you gotta lot of nerve invitin' us out here an' insultin us like that. We oughtta whip your sorry ass and send you back where you came from.

Both men crack their knuckles and necks while Carlito keeps his ground.

Carlito: Ju two think 'dat ju could prove somethin' by beatin' me up?

Benjamin interveens.

Shelton Benjamin: It'd prove that you don't wanna mess with the World's Greatest Tag-Team, and if you say somethin' bad about us, then we're gonna get payback.

Charlie stands behind Shelton and nods his head in agreement, while Carlito appears to have thought of an idea.

Carlito: Hol' on. Ju two like to prance about how ju are 'de 'WORLD'S GREATEST TAG-TEAM', right?

Both men nod in agreement.

Carlito: Well, 'ow bout ju two put your money where your mouth is and take me 'nd John Cena in a tag-team match right now?

The crowd begins to get rowdy as the two step aside to think of their decision.

Shelton Benjamin: Well, just because it will shut all of the doubters up... YOUR ON!

The crowd gets even louder with the WGTT accepting the challenge. Both teams then remove their titles and get prepared for the impromptu match.

Jim Ross: Oh boy, King, we got ourselves quite a tag-team match about to get underway. The World's Greatest Tag-Team versus the WWE and Intercontinental Champion... when we come back!


Match Five - Tag-Team Match - World Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas vs. WWE Champion John Cena and Intercontinental Champion Carlito (w/ Ric Flair)

RAW returns with the tag-team match already underway, and it's Haas and Carlito who are starting the match off. The faces have the advantage here early with the match, with them keeping Haas away from Benjamin by making quick, frequent tags, along with hitting a few double team moves, such as a double back body drop. Carlito earns a few nearfalls on Haas and attempts a backstabber attempt four minutes in the match, only for Haas to grab ahold of the nearby ropes, which causes Carlito to land flat on his back. This move is one that begins to shift the momentum towards the World Tag-Team Champions, as Haas quickly lands an elbow drop on Carlito's ribcage, before dragging him over to Shelton and tagging his partner in.

Benjamin keeps his teams control by isolating Carlito from Cena, even getting a nearfall after connecting with a Samoan Drop, but Carlito is able to roll up the shoulder. Benjamin doesn't lose his focus, though, and whips Carlito into the turnbuckle, connecting with a Stinger Splash before tagging Charlie back in. Charlie keeps his team in control for another minute or so before he lands a superplex and tags Shelton in. Shelton, with a little bit of extra breath, attempts a T-Bone Suplex, but Carlito connects with some elbows to Shelton's head and takes him down to the canvas with a flowing DDT, which gets some big pops from the crowd. Both men are down now, with the crowd trying to cheer Carlito on to get the hot tag to the WWE Champion. Both men are slowly making their way to their respective teams corners, with Shelton a tad closer to his corner then Carlito is to his. After a few more inches of crawling Shelton stretches his hand out and GETS THE HOT TAG TO HAAS!

Haas quickly gets into the ring and grabs ahold of Carlito's leg, with the 'Bad Apple' only inches away from tagging in Cena. Haas pulls Carlito back into the middle of the ring, but before he can take Carlito down to the ground, Carlito surprises him with an ENZIGURI TO THE HEAD OF HAAS! The Tag-Team Champion falls to the ground and Carlito jumps over to Cena, tagging him in, which causes the roof to come down in the arena! The crowd goes bananas as Cena quickly takes Haas to the ground with a clothesline, and then seconds later runs over by Shelton and sends him down to below the ring with a shot to the head. Cena then turns his attention back to Haas, lifting him up to his feet and taking him right back down almost immediately with a belly to back suplex, which gets modified into side slam!

The crowd is now on their feet as Cena sticks his hand out in the air, preparing to hit the 5-Knuckle Shuffle. Cena walks around the ring before he looks down at Haas, waves his hand in front of his face, and shouts 'You Can't See Me' to Haas. Cena then runs off the ropes, does a few theatrics, and comes down with an elbow to the head of Haas, hitting the 5-Knuckle Shuffle! Cena then gets back up to his feet and does his 'Word Life' hand gesture as he waits for Haas to get back up to his feet. Once Haas does get to a vertical position, Cena lifts him onto his shoulders and prepares to hit the F-U, and... BENJAMIN INTERFERES AND PULLS HAAS OFF CENA'S SHOULDERS! Benjamin helps his teammate out by pulling him over to the ropes, while Cena looks on in anger. He decides to keep his anger in, however, and tags Carlito back in, while Haas gets back up to his feet and makes a beeline towards Carlito.

The two trade a few blows, with Carlito connecting with his lefts and Haas with rights, with Carlito eventually getting the advantage with a low drop kick. Carlito then patiently waits for Haas to get up to his feet as he sets up for his finisher, the Backstabber. Haas slowly gets up to a vertical position, with him not knowing where Carlito is. Carlito then grabs his hands on Haas's shoulders and is seconds away from connecting with his finisher, only for Benjamin, who was down below the ring, to trip him up! Carlito falls flat on his face while Cena, who's become sick and tired of Shelton interrupting their finisher attempts, gets off the apron and runs after Shelton, who tries to avoid the WWE Champion as much as he can. With Cena chasing Benjamin outside of the ring, inside of the ring Haas realizes he has an opening and wraps his arms around the dazed Carlito in a german suplex position and connects with the move, bridging it for the surprising 3 count and upset victory!

The World's Greatest Tag-Team via Pinfall (12:35)

The WGTT get together inside of the ring and hug each other after they earn a hard fought victory, while Cena looks on from the outside, disappointed that he was busy trying to get Shelton out of the picture when he should've been their for his teammate. Haas and Benjamin are handed their World Tag-Team Championships with each posing with their titles once they are handed them. Cena and Carlito collect their titles on the outside of the ring, still angry that they were defeated when they know that they should've won.

Jim Ross: This is a clear-cut example of the referee failing to do his job, King. Benjamin should've been kicked out of the match multiple times but the referee let his dirty tactics slide, and as a result the World's Greatest Tag-Team are the ones celebrating their victory tonight instead of Cena and Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: This is also a case of where an established tag team will beat a thrown together tag-team almost every day of the week, JR. Haas and Benjamin have that chemistry that Cena and Carlito aren't going to get in 5 minutes. That takes months and years of teaming together like these two have, and the result shouldn't really surprise anyone.

Jim Ross: Are you trying to say that Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are better wrestlers then our WWE and Intercontinental Champions, King?

Jerry Lawler: In this type of match, a tag-team match, yes they most certainly are, JR.

Jim Ross: Well, King, when we come back, it's gonna be our huge main event of the night, featuring the 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton taking on the 'Big Red Machine' Kane in a stretcher match. So stay tuned.


Smackdown Recap:
-Batista winning the Fatal Fourway #1 Contender's Match to face the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day.
-MVP finally conquering Chris Benoit in Benoit's farewell match on Smackdown.
-The impactful Smackdown debut of 'the Samoan Bulldozer' Umaga.
-The debut for the heavily hyped Johnny Jeter, along with his girlfriend Maryse.


***Burn In My Light***

Hits and now it's time for the main event of the night, with the 'Legend Killer' Randy Orton making his way out from the curtain, to large amount of boos from the crowd. Randy has the same grin on that he had when he took out Jeff Hardy at the beginning of the show. He slowly walks down the ring and once he enters it he does his signature 'destiny' pose.

Jim Ross: Here comes the most hated man in the WWE today, King.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, JR, I don't you're gonna have many fans when you take out the number one contender to the WWE Championship. Especially when that man's name is Jeff Hardy.

Jim Ross: Not only what he did to Jeff was despicable, but he seemed to be ENJOYING it while it was happening. That's just SICK!

Jerry Lawler: Randy has a reputation of enjoying seeing other people in pain as a result of his actions. I mean, I don't think he is upset that he's attacked all of those legends in his career.

Jim Ross: Well, hopefully he gets a taste of his own medicine here tonight and he leaves on a stretcher.

***Slow Chemical***

Plays next and the 'Big Red Machine' Kane, one of RAW's newest draft picks from last weeks draft show, makes his way down the aisle. The Big Red Machine has a terrifying smile on his face, which even causes Randy to lose his smile and get a straight face. Kane slowly walks down and climbs over the top rope to enter the ring. The two then get to their respective corners as the match is about to begin.

Jim Ross: If there's any man that can give Randy the type of punishment that he deserves, it's that monster Kane.

Jerry Lawler: He's a sick freak, JR. We've seen him light people on FIRE for the fun of it. I don't think he's gonna mind putting Orton on a stretcher.

Jim Ross: We can only hope, King. We can only hope that's true.

Match Six - Stretcher Match - Randy Orton vs. Kane

The match begins with Kane starting out in front, hitting a few punches to the jaw of Randy, with the legend killer constantly looking to avoid harmful shots from Kane. Kane follows Randy around until Orton slides out of the ring, which causes the fans to give him some boos. Randy stays on the outside of the ring while the referee pleads with Randy to get his ass back inside. He tells the ref to shut up and that he will when he's ready, but Kane doesn't let Randy stay outside and relax. Instead, he climbs through the rope and blindsides Orton with a clothesline to the back of his head, causing Randy to fall down onto his knees.

Kane is in control for a while, whipping Orton against the steel steps on the outside of the ring and then slams his back with a sidewalk slam against the padding. He then drags Orton and tries to put him on the stretcher, but Randy delivers an elbow to Kane's gut to prevent it. The elbow gave Randy the advantage and he finally was able to inflict some damage on Kane, first by throwing him against the barricade. Kane grimaces in pain immediately after hitting the barricade, and Randy gives a devilish grin before he resumes his attack on Kane.

Randy walks over to Kane, who's using the barricade as a standing support, and delivers a knee to the gut, before he grabs him by the arm and whips him back into the ring, following in after him. Once Randy gets in he delivers multiple stomps on all of Kane's body parts, with the Big Red Machine not knowing which body parts to protect. Randy takes a short breather before he lifts Kane back up and whips him off the ropes, connecting with a picture-perfect dropkick on the rebound. Orton continues to grin as he awaits for Kane to get up, and once he does, Orton tries FOR AN RKO... BUT KANE PUSHES HIM INTO THE ROPES! Orton bounces back and Kane wraps his hand around Orton's neck, now looking for his finisher, the Chokeslam from Hell. Orton squeems and shakes his arms around, trying to get out of Kane's grip, but to no avail, as Kane CONNECTS WITH THE CHOKESLAM!!!

The crowd gives Kane some cheers after he connects with his finisher, and now the Big Red Machine is looking to end the match, as he drags Randy by his arms to the outside of the ring. Randy, at the moment, is simply dead weight, so Kane knows all he has to do is get him on the stretcher and push him across the marker, since Orton doesn't seem to be going anywhere. He quickly decides that dragging Orton over to the stretcher won't be the quickest option, so he lifts him onto his shoulders and carries him over and lays him down on the stretcher.

Kane takes a deep breath and begins to slowly push Orton across the stretcher, with it now almost being elementary. Kane pushes Orton almost the entire way, with the first part of the stretcher crossing the tape, only for Orton to POKE KANE IN THE EYE! Kane lets go of the stretcher and Orton quickly slides off, JUST avoiding defeat. He hurries over to Kane, who's still trying to gain his eyesight after the poke, and takes him out with a surprising RKO! RKO! RKO! The crowd gives Randy a bunch of boos as he slowly lifts Kane onto the stretcher and pushes him the last foot across the marker for the win!

Randy Orton (9:18)

Randy's theme plays as he celebrates his victory, with the referee raising his hand to offically signal him the victor. Some of the fans in the front row start a 'You Suck' chant, while Orton does his 'destiny' pose and sucks it all in like oxygen.

Jim Ross: Oh dammit, King. Kane was literally a foot away from beatin' that punk Orton only for him to cheat himself into a victory.

Jerry Lawler: Kane was in control for basically the entire match but Orton got the job done - he pushed Kane across the marker. He's the deserving winner.

Jim Ross: Deserving my ass. He just continues to find loopholes and get lucky. He's gonna get his soon enough.

Jerry Lawler: JR, when are you gonna admit that Randy is a future star here on RAW? He's certainly got the brains and wrestling ability to become the next WWE Champon.

Jim Ross: I'll admit it when he learns how to win a match with dignity and not by cheating. Until then, he doesn't get any of my respect... Despite this disappointing outcome to end RAW, we here on RAW are glad that you stay tuned here to another edition of the premier brand in the WWE. Until next week, I'm Jim Ross, and for Jerry Lawler, we say goodnight.

JR signs off and RAW fades to black.

Quick Results:
Elijah Burke def. Robbie (2:12)
Kenny Dykstra def. Jim Duggan (1:58)
Chris Benoit def. Kenny Dykstra (11:38)
Matt Striker def. Johnny Nitro (7:19)
World's Greatest Tag-Team def. John Cena & Carlito (12:35)
Randy Orton def. Kane (9:18)

Smackdown! Presents: Judgment Day
May 20, 2007
Where: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Song: I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Confirmed Matches:

Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista

Singles Match for the United States Championship:
Two of the following: Chris Masters, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Hardy, and Montel Vontavious Porter

Triple Threat Match for the Contract of an Unannounced Superstar:
TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Booker Note: I am trying a new format out for all 3 shows. I will be writing out only the main promos, taking out some of the needless commentary during the show. I know my show won't be 'full' then, but I feel it's the best way to keep this thread going.

ECW on Sci-Fi
May 8, 2007

***Don't Question My Heart***

ECW kicks off with a wide pan of the crowd, before we get taken to the announcing duo of Joey Styles and Tazz...

Joey Styles: Hellooo everybody, this is Tuesday Night ECW on Sci-Fi! I am Joey Styles, and along with my partner, former ECW World Heavyweight, Television, and Tag-Team Champion, Tazz, we are glad to present you another wonderful edition of ECW.

Tazz: You said it Joey. This is always my favorite time of the week - watching some of the best wrestling in the world... for free! Ha ha, this is great.

Joey Styles: And what a show we have prepared here tonight, including seeing Val Venis making his ECW debut against Snitsky.

Tazz: And, Joey, don't forget our huge main event that was signed last week by General Manager Mick Foley.

Joey Styles: Ah, yes, Tazz, a six pack challenge where the winner will fight at Judgment Day to try and help ECW receive the unknown free agent.

***Turn Up The Trouble***

Plays and ECW's big fish in the draft, 'Mr. Money In The Bank' Mr. Kennedy makes his way out from the back. He has his own WWE-made T-Shirt on, with his wrestling trunks on as his bottoms. Kennedy carries his MITB briefcase down the aisle as he struts down. He has a smug grin on his face as he enters the ring.

Joey Styles: But, before we can get to there, we're gonna hear from the cocky Ken Kennedy. Let's listen and see what he has to say...

Kennedy places his MITB briefcase on one of the turnbuckles before he begins to speak.

Mr. Kennedy: Ladies and gentlemen, last week... last week I... just roll the camera.

Originally Posted by Last Week's Main Event
Lashley patiently waits for Kennedy to get to his feet, and once he does, Lashley charges at him full speed, only for Kennedy to out-smart the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and side-step the move, throwing him into the unprotected turnbuckle! Lashley crashes down to the mat and Kennedy quickly climbs the top rope, connecting with the Kenton Bomb and covering Lashley for the CLEAN Pinfall Victory!

Winners: Mr. Kennedy & Finlay via Pinfall (12:38)
Kennedy claps many times after the clip is done rolling, even wiping a fake tear away from his eye.

Mr. Kennedy: Bravo! Bravo! What a fantastic win by ME!


Mr. Kennedy: What are you people booing me for? I played fair. I beat Bobby Lashley with my bare hands dammit. Show me some respect!

Some more, louder, heat for Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: Did you people not see that clip? I hit Lashley with the best move in the WWE - the Kenton Bomb - and I pinned him 1-2-3 right in the middle of the ring. You people have no reason to complain, because what I did last week is the same thing that I have done to guys like Rey Mysterio... and King Booker... Kane... Chris Benoit... and many other former World Champions. I got the best of them and pinned them 1, 2, 3 inside of this ring.

More heat for Mr. Money in the Bank.

Mr. Kennedy: Bobby Lashley knows that he would lose to me every single time if we fought one hundred times in a row because I am more talented then he ever will be. Hell, Bobby, why don't you just come out here right now and forfeit the title over to me and let everyone move on with their lives.

The crowd restarts their 'You Suck' chant.

Mr. Kennedy: So come out here, Bobby. We're all eagerly awaiting for you to hand ME the title...

Kennedy laughs at his own joke while he waits for...

***Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name***

The current reigning ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley, then makes his way out, with his ECW Championship wrapped snugly around his shoulder. He has his wrestling trunks on with a black WWE custom made t-shirt on his torso. He slowly makes his way inside of the ring and once he walks up the steps he is handed a microphone.

Mr. Kennedy: Alright, Lashley, I'll give you time to say your final goodbye to the ECW World Heavyweight Championship before you hand it over to me. But make it quick, I got places to go.

Lashley takes his title off his shoulder and looks at it, before he slowly hands it over to Ken...

Bobby Lashley: Are you serious, Ken?

...Before pulling it back and wrapping it around his shoulder, which gets some good cheers from the crowd.

Bobby Lashley: You really thought that I was gonna hand you a title that I RIGHTFULLY earned just because you cheated to pin me in a tag-team match last week? I knew you weren't the brightest, but not even you could believe that.

The crowd pops again for Lashley, while Kennedy looks at the crowd, pissed that they're agreeing with Bobby.

Mr. Kennedy: Cheated? What are you talking about, Bobby? I pinned you right in the middle of the ring with no controversey. I beat you fair and square.

Boos come again while Lashley disagrees, shaking his head from side to side.

Bobby Lashley: I guess you should look at your matches a little more closely, Ken. Take a look...

Originally Posted by Last Week's Main Event
...Lashley crouches down on his feet, but since he is so focused on Kennedy, he doesn't notice that Finlay has removed the protective turnbuckle covering near his teams corner, which now just leaves a metal turnbuckle on the top rope.

Lashley patiently waits for Kennedy to get to his feet, and once he does, Lashley charges at him full speed, only for Kennedy to out-smart the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and side-step the move, throwing him into the unprotected turnbuckle!...
Bobby Lashley: If you weren't so obsessed watching yourself you would've realized that if it wasn't for your partner Finlay removing that padding then you wouldn't be bragging about how you pinned me last week.

The crowd again gets loud as Kennedy rubs his face, not even realizing that that happened.

Mr. Kennedy: That... that doesn't change anything, dammit. I pinned you, with or without Finlay's help, and I deserve a damn title match. If you're so confident that you can beat me why don't you face me later tonight and you can put your title on the line?

The crowd actually cheers for Kennedy's challenge, and Bobby doesn't waste much time making a decision.

Bobby Lashley: Alright, you want a title match tonight? Fine, how about we d---


Plays and the man who 'Loves to Fight' Finlay comes out from the back. He is dressed in his normal green and black tights, with his favorite accessory, the shillelagh, in his hand. He gets some small heat as he enters the ring and is handed a microphone.

Finlay: 'Old on 'ere, little laddy's. Kennedy, I deserve jus' to fight fo' the title jus' as much as you do. Don'cha rem'mber who took off that paddin' fo' ya? It was me. I was the one that helped you win the match. I deserve a shot at the title jus' as much as you do.

Kennedy shakes his head back and forth in disagreement with Finlay, with the crowd giving a mixed reaction.

Mr. Kennedy: Listen here, Finlay, I can give Lashley a little bit of credit for having a small ounce of talent, but guys like you who sit at the 'pub' everyday and drink until they pass out deserve no shot at the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Go drink a Guinness and let me face Lashley for the title.

Ken gets some more heat on him, taking a stab at the Irish stereotype, while Finlay crosses his arms and frowns at Kennedy.

Finlay: Ken, I know that you're tryin' to play cute with the crowd by pickin' at my heritage, but I hope you know that I could whip your butt every day of the week.

The crowd actually gets behind Finlay now, mainly due to the fact that they hate Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: I'm above you, Finlay. Who exactly have you beaten during your time here in the WWE? That's right, you haven't beaten anybody important. You've done nothing to deserve a shot at my future title, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship.

Heat on Kennedy, as both Finlay and Lashley give Kennedy some questionable looks.

Mr. Kennedy: I, however, have beaten multiple former World Champions. I've done something that very few have, and that's win the Money In The Bank briefcase. John Cena hasn't done it. The Undertaker hasn't done it. Hulk Hogan hasn't done it. And you haven't done it either. I'm primed for greatness, and I shall start by taking Lashley's ECW World Heavyweight Championship next week.


Hits, with ECW General Manager Mick Foley coming out to a good amount of cheers. Foley walks out with a microphone in his hand and stays on the top of the aisle before he adresses the three men in the ring.

Mick Foley: Gentlemen, gentlemen, how are we doing today in this great city of Kansas City?

A signature cheap pop for Foley.

Mick Foley: Now guys, I don't have a problem with you guys coming out here and calling out your rivals, but I run this show and I am the man that will sign the matches. You guys wanna know what that means?

All three men nod as they await Foley's announcement.

Mick Foley: That means, Finlay, that you will not be getting a shot for Bobby Lashley's ECW World Heavyweight Championship next week.

Finlay looks at Foley in disappointment while Kennedy points and laughs at Finlay in a 'Na na na boo boo' kind of way.

Mick Foley: Ah, Mr. Kennedy, I'm so glad that you find it hysterical that Finlay is not getting a shot at Lashley's title next week.

Kennedy nods his head while people continue to boo him.

Mr. Kennedy: General Manager Foley, you know what is best for the business, and I stand behind your decision on Finlay 100 percent.

Kennedy claps as his way of continuing to suck up to Foley.

Mick Foley: Why, I'm pleased that you are behind my decision Ken, because I got some news for you as well...

Mr. Kennedy: Whatever it is, sir, I am sure that it is a smart decision.

Mick Foley: I'm glad you think that way, Mr. Kennedy, because... you aren't getting a title shot against Lashley next week either!

Kennedy puts his hands on his head and throws his microphone at the ground in anger, while the crowd pops for Foley shutting Kennedy down.

Mick Foley: Here in ECW, if you wanna fight for the World Heavyweight Championship, you gotta earn it. And since you, Ken, and Finlay are deserving of a shot at the title, next week, here on the main event of ECW, it will be Mr. Kennedy versus Finlay where the winner will face ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley at ECW's next pay-per-view event, One Night Stand!

Mixed reaction for the match, with both men being heels.

Mick Foley: Have a nice ... wait a second, I'm forgetting something...

Foley scratches his head, trying to remember what else he was gonna say.

Mick Foley: Oh yeah ... and current ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley will be the Special Guest Referee! Ha ha, BANG BANG! Have a nice day everyone!

Foley does his gun hand signals as all three men look at each other with ECW going to it's first commercial break of the evening.


ECW returns with Brooke backstage with 'Mr. Tuesday Night' Rob Van Dam, who is dressed to compete later tonight. She lets everyone know that RVD has been a replacement for Finlay in the main event due to General Manager Foley wanting to keep Finlay injury free for next weeks main event versus Mr. Kennedy. Brooke then asks Rob what his strategy is going to be for tonight's match, since he has had little time to get ready for it. Rob says that he's gonna go out there with no worries and prove to GM Foley that he was right for throwing him in the match at the last second. He says it would be an honor to wrestle in ECW's name at Judgment Day and he's gonna make sure that it is him that is declared the winner of the match. He was one of the few that has been in both the Original ECW and the new incarnation and he plans on helping ECW grow as a brand by winning both tonight and at Judgment Day. He then leaves and we are taken to the arena for our first match of the night.


Match One - Singles Match - Val Venis vs. Snitsky

Venis has a tough debut here against the ugly looking Snitsky. The match is a brawl of a match, with both men trying to use their power to gain the victory. Venis starts out with the advantage by connecting with a Russian legsweep and a knee drop, only for Snitsky to soon gain the advantage by reversing a double underhook suplex attempt into a back body drop. Snitsky then uses his strength to throw Venis around the ring, sending him down with a big boot to the face after an Irish Whip. Snitsky continues to pound down on Venis as we are taken to the climax of the match, where Snitksy is seen trying to finish Venis with his finisher, the pumphandle slam. Snitsky lifts Venis onto his shoulders and walks around the ring, looking for a spot to slam him down, but just as he's about to finish off Venis, Val slides off his shoulders and clubs him from behind, sending him down to a knee. Val then runs off the ropes and sends Snitsky down to the ground with a boot to the face, which gets a small amount of the crowd behind him. Venis then takes a small breather and walks around the ring, trying to wave his arms up and down to get the crowd into it, before he bounces off the ropes, looking to hit his finisher - The Money Shot. Val runs at Snitsky and leaves his feet, attempting the diving splash, only for Snitsky to raise his knees up at the last second, which causes Venis's body to crumble! Snitsky quickly gets the hurt Venis up and doesn't waste any time, and finishes him off with a pumphandle slam!

Snitsky via Pinfall (6:01)



Match Two - Singles Match - Mike Knox vs. Bobby Lashley

Knox comes out and waits patiently for Lashley to come out, reminding everyone last week that he challenged Lashley to a match for here tonight. Lashley doesn't come out right away which gets Knox anxious and angry that Lashley is blowing him off like a bum. Knox continues to wait for Lashley to come out, and after another minute of waiting he demands the referee to ring the bell. Lashley still doesn't come out and Knox is declared the winner by countout, which makes him happy, as he can now brag that he has a victory over Lashley.

Mike Knox via Countout (0:10)


Hardcore Holly is seen walking into Kevin Thorn's lockerroom, with Kevin getting ready for their upcoming match in the main event. Holly says that he doesn't like Kevin, but he's a smart man and knows that in order for either one of them to win tonight that they're gonna have to team up and try and take out the other 4 men. Kevin says that he sees into the future, and in the future he doesn't need help to win the match. Holly, however, insists that the to help each other, and eventually Thorn says he will help Holly because he is weak, but he doesn't need any help himself. Holly smiles and then leaves Thorn's lockerroom as ECW goes to another commercial.


Brooke is backstage, again, this time interviewing the 'Straightedge Superstar' CM Punk. She asks Punk if he's distracted now that Rob Van Dam, a man that he's been pinned by multiple times, is in the match. Punk says that he's glad that RVD's in there, because he's a great challenge and if he wins tonight it will be an even better feeling. She asks him if he has any idea who the free agent is, and Punk replies saying that it's a former World Champion, and that he would be a great addition to ECW. As for who exactly it is, he doesn't know. He then walks away as the camera's go to ECW General Manager Mick Foley's office.

Foley is seeing pulling out some dirty socks from his drawers, trying to clean his place up a little, when Jamie Noble enters. Jamie asks Mick why he wanted him to come into his office now. Foley tells Jamie that the behavior that he showed last week to his referee was unexcusable, and that there will be no place for that here on his brand. Jamie apologizes, saying he lost control of his emotions and that it'll never happen again, and that he wishes to have a second chance. Foley says that he's not sure if Jamie's strong enough to avoid an outburst like he had last week. Jamie promises Foley that he will never do it again, but Foley says he will think about a decision and let him know about it sometime later.


RAW Rebound:
-Orton takes out Jeff Hardy to begin the show.
-Chris Benoit makes his RAW debut by beating Kenny Dykstra by DQ.
-World's Greatest Tag-Team defeat John Cena and Carlito by pinfall.
-Orton defeats Kane in a stretcher match in the main event.

Match Three - Six Pack Challenge - CM Punk vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Gregory Helms vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Kevin Thorn vs. Sabu

The main event for this editon of ECW was quite the barnburner. The action between all 6 men was nonstop, with each one giving their all with the chance to wrestle at Judgment Day in the ECW name. Early on Punk went after the man who has had his number in his ECW career, RVD. The two traded blows, as did Holly with Sabu and Thorn with Helms, who was a good sport during the match. Sabu splashes Holly over the top rope, with Sabu going out with him, thinning out the players inside of the ring. Punk was close to connecting with the GTS about 4 minutes in on Van Dam, but Thorn saves his chances by clipping the leg of Punk, which buckles and allows RVD to slide off of Punk's shoulders.

A few seconds later we get our first real spot of the match when Hardcore Holly connected with his finisher, the Alabama Slam, on Sabu, which sent the ECW Original through one of his rivals, a wooden table, on the outside of the ring. That finisher effectively ended Sabu's night, while Holly went back inside of the ring and went over to help the man that he made a partnership for one night only, Kevin Thorn, who was busy ramming his shoulder in RVD's gut near the turnbuckle. Holly taps Thorn on the shoulder, letting him know that he's there to team up. Thorn stops shoving his shoulder in Van Dam's gut and the two send RVD to the ground with a suplex. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Helms sends Punk down to the ground with a northern lights suplex, hooking the leg for a pin, but Holly breaks it up at two.

Near the end of the match Holly and Thorn continue their teamwork by hitting a double DDT on Helms and then dump him over the top rope. Thorn then turns his attention over to Punk, but Holly turns on him and quickly hits his finisher on Thorn, the ALABAMA SLAM! Holly smirks at Thorn, telling him, 'don't trust anyone', before pushing him out of the ring with his foot. We're now down to three men inside of the ring, RVD, Punk, and Holly, with RVD and Punk exchanging blows in the corner while Holly simply watches. However, Holly sees his hole once RVD trips Punk up and goes after RVD, clubbing him on the back of his head. RVD falls to a knee, but Holly picks him up... and sends him back down with a side slam onto his knee! Holly then covers RVD for the pin, but Punk breaks it up with an axe handle! Holly sees that Punk breaks it up and goes after him, throwing a wild right hand at him, but Punk ducks it and trips up Holly himself. Holly quickly gets up, but Punk delivers a knee to the midsection and sends him down with a snap suplex. Punk looks for an area to attack Holly, but before he can hit anything RVD comes FLYING OUT OF NOWHERE AND CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROGSPLASH ON HOLLY! THE CROWD GOES NUTS FOR RVD! RVD begins to hook the leg of Holly, but Punk quickly pulls him by the hair and sends him out the ring through the middle ropes, before covering Holly HIMSELF FOR THE PINFALL WIN! PUNK'S GOING TO JUDGMENT DAY!

CM Punk via Pinfall (13:49)

Punk gets up to his feet and celebrates his victory as ECW goes off the air.

Quick Results:
Snitsky def. Val Venis (6:01)
Mike Knox def. Bobby Lashley via No Show (:10)
CM Punk def. Rob Van Dam, Hardcore Holly, Kevin Thorn, Gregory Helms, and Sabu (13:49)

Smackdown Presents: Judgment Day
May 20, 2007
Where: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Song: I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Confirmed Matches:

Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista

Singles Match for the United States Championship:
Two of the following: Chris Masters, Marcus Cor Von, Matt Hardy, and Montel Vontavious Porter

Triple Threat Match for the Contract of an Unannounced Superstar:
CM Punk vs. TBA vs. TBA

ECW Presents: One Night Stand
June 3, 2007
Where: Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida
Theme Song: Famous by Puddle of Mudd

Confirmed Matches:

Single Match for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Mr. Kennedy/Finlay
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Friday Night Smackdown
May 11, 2007

Originally Posted by Last Week's Main Event
Regal crashes to the mat, but before Booker can cover Regal, Michaels grabs Booker by the arm and whips him into the ropes decapitating him with A SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON THE REBOUND! The Smackdown crowd is going absolutely CRAZY for HBK! Michaels falls on top of Booker and lifts his leg for the cover... BUT BATISTA NOW BREAKS UP THE PINFALL! Batista grabs Shawn by the head and whips him into his legs, getting ready to hit the Batista Bomb! Batista does his thumbs up, thumbs down routine, then proceeds to lift Shawn up onto his shoulders and... CONNECTS WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! Regal and Booker are down on opposite turnbuckle corners, and Batista covers Shawn's far leg for the pinfall victory! Batista is the new number one contender!!!

Winner: Batista via Pinfall (13:55)
***Rise Up***

Smackdown kicks off with a huge pyro before we get taken to the announcing team of Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield.

Michael Cole: Hello everyone and welcome to another jam packed edition of Friday Night Smackdown! We are only nine days away from our next Pay-Per-View extravaganza, Judgment Day, and we are happy to present to be here with you again on this Friday night. John, aren't you excited for another great wrestling show?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Michael, I'd be a little more excited if I didn't have to see your ugly face each week.

Michael Cole: What did I do?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: You're trash, Michael. Now shut your mouth.

***I Walk Alone***

As almost as if it was scripted (), the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista makes his way out from the curtain. He comes out with a sports coat and sunglasses on, seeming to be in a happy mood right now.

Batista: Last week, I had to face 3 worthy superstars just to get what I deserved after I lost at Wrestlemania...

Batista takes his sunglasses off his eyes.

Batista: And that's a rematch with the Undertaker.

The crowd pops at the mention of the Undertaker.

Batista: Yeah, I'm excited about it too.

The crowd again pops.

Batista: Because I will FINALLY get my chance to show each and every one of you that the Undertakers win at Wrestlemania was a FLUKE!

Those cheers now turn into boos.

Batista: I'm finally going to be able to get the one on one rematch with the Deadman, that I deserved right after Wrestlemania but didn't get because Kane had to stick his nose into things.

Another mixed reaction.

Batista: Because, the way I see it, the score is only one to nothing. ANYONE can get a fluke win. And on Sunday I will prove that the Undertaker's win at Wrestlemania was just that - a FLUKE. Because there is no way, no way that he can beat a monster like me in a one on one match two times in a row! No way!

The crowd now is full on booing the 'Animal'.

Batista: I don't care what kind of match we have. I don't care if it's a No disqualification match. I don't care if its a ladder match. I don't care if its a tables match. Whatever match we have, I will be coming out on top and winning MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Still more heat on Batista, who now tosses his shades onto the canvas and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

Batista: And since I KNOW I can beat you in any kind of match, why don't you come out here right now and let us all know what kind of match we will be having at Judgment Day?

The crowd cheers at a chance of seeing the Undertaker, and wait...

And wait...

And wait...

***Graveyard Symphony***

Hits to a great reaction, with the current World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker making his slow entrance out from the back. Fog flows up from the floor, with druids hanging out all around. The Undertaker continues his entrance, and once he slowly enters the ring, he takes off his coat and hat and places them both on the nearby turnbuckle.

The Undertaker: (breathing heavily) Batista... you think my match was a fluke?...

Batista nods his head up and down.

The Undertaker: Well have mercy on your soul...

The Undertaker continues to breath heavily.

The Undertaker: Because at Judgment Day... your day of judgment will come...

The crowd gets louder in anticipation.

The Undertaker: Where the winner will be the Last... Man... STANDING!

The crowd goes nuts over the announcement of a LMS match between the two in just nine days. Batista drops his microphone on the ground, as does the Undertaker. The two get in each others faces, but do not trade blows. The two are only inches away from each other, with Batista forming fists with his hands, although the Undertaker seems unfased. They continue to stare at each other until BATISTA SWINGS A RIGHT HAND! The Animal knocks the Champion back with another blow! He Irish Whips Taker and... TAKER TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A JUMPING CLOTHESLINE! The Deadman doesn't waste any time and gets right back up, patiently wating for Batista to get to his feet. Once he finally does Taker delivers a kick to the gut and throws Batista's head between his legs, setting up for the Last Ride! Taker wraps his arms around Batista's large body, but just before he can lift it up Batista... LOW BLOW! THE ANIMAL TAKES HIS RIGHT ARM UP AND LOW BLOWS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Taker falls to his knees and Batista sees an advantage. He quickly gets up and now he whips Taker's head between his legs, before he wraps his arms around the champions body and lifts him up onto his shoulders... PUMMELING HIM WITH A BATISTA BOMB! BATISTA BOMB! THE CHALLENGER HAS JUST TAKEN OUT THE CHAMPION! Batista gets up to his feet and violently shakes the ropes, flexing his large pectoral muscles before he grabs the World Heayweight Chamiponship belt, which had been laying near one of the turnbuckles after the brawl started, and eyes it up and down, throwing it near the Deadman once he's done looking at it. Batista then walks out of the ring, to some huge boos, and makes his way to the back, as the World Heavyweight Champion recovers and Smackdown goes to it's first commercial break.


Match One - Winner Advances To Judgment Day to Fight for the Vacant United States Championship - Chris Masters vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

The opening match here on Smackdown features two guys that, to be honest, aren't the greatest in the ring. However, what they are fighting for - a pay-per-view match - is great, and the two do put together a fun, short little match. Masters works on the neck of MVP throughout the match, while MVP tries to answer it with some backwork of his own.

We get taken to the end of the match, which sees Masters take MVP to the ground with a swinging neckbreaker. He covers MVP for the pinfall, but only gets a two, which gets a few cheers from the crowd. MVP holds his neck in pain while rolling on the ground, while Masters gets up to his feet and puts his hands in the air, giving the Masterlock signal! The crowd boos Masters, who patiently waits for Smackdown's highest paid superstar to get up to his feet. Once MVP eventually does, Masters delivers a kick to the gut, turns MVP over and wraps his right arm quickly around MVP's shoulder, locking in half of the hold rather easily. MVP quickly realizes what is happening and tries with all of his might to avoid getting locked in the deadly hold by pulling himself over to the nearby ropes to try and cause a ropebreak. Masters, however, is persistent and continues to try and lock it in, pulling MVP back into the middle of the ring.

Masters eventually GETS HIS ARM AROUND MVP'S SHOULDER! It looks like Chris Masters might be going to Judgment Day! Masters just has to clamp his hands together to lock the hold in... BUT MVP SOMEHOW GETS CLOSE ENOUGH TO WRAP HIS BODY AROUND THE ROPES, FORCING MASTERS TO BREAK UP THE HOLD! The crowd now is really behind MVP, which pisses off Masters, because he knew that if he clasped his hands together the match would've been over. The referee pulls Masters away before he can cause anymore damage to MVP, who's still recouperating while staying in-between the ropes. MVP then does get out of the ropes and blocks a right hand thrown by Masters, delivering a shot of his own. He then whips him off the ropes and connects with a facebreaker knee smash! Masters hits the canvas, and MVP sees an opportunity to hit one of his signature moves, the 'Ballin Elbow'. MVP runs off the ropes, does a few skip hops, shouts out BALLIN' with the crowd screaming in unison, before laying down an elbow!

The crowd is behind MVP a little bit now, and are really into the opener here on Smackdown. MVP gets up and waits for Masters to get up, and once he does MVP delivers a kick to the gut, trying to set up for the Playmaker, only for Masters to push MVP into the ropes and attempt another Masterlock hold when he comes back to him! Masters again gets an arm around MVP's shoulder, only for MVP to deliver a few elbows to the head, which causes Masters to let go of the hold and MVP again attempt a Playmaker attempt, this time CONNECTING! MVP then hooks the leg of Masters and gets the pinfall, advancing to Judgment Day!

Montel Vontavious Porter via Pinfall (7:03)

After the match MVP gets his hand raised by the referee and then he goes outside of the ring and pets the title that he will be fighting for in 9 days, the United States Championship, which is seated on a pillow right in front of Cole and JBL. We then get taken backstage with Maria who's with the current Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero.


Maria introduces Chavo to the audience, and he isn't a happy loco. She asks him why he's upset, and he says because since he lost last week to Jimmy Wang Yang, by a fluke, that Smackdown general manager Teddy Long has forced him into having a match against Jimmy again tonight, and if Jimmy wins he will face him at Judgment Day for the Cruiserweight Championship. He says it isn't right that Jimmy can just walk right in, get a fluke win, and be in the championship chase. He had to earn his spot. Chavo tries to continue going on a tangent but Maria interrupts him and says that he didn't earn anything and was a surprise appearance when he won the title that he's holding right now. Chavo tells her that he's apart of the best wrestling family in the world and he's already earned his stripes and won Cruiserweight Championships before, so it's different. He continues and says that he's gonna make sure that Jimmy doesn't get another fluke win and punch his ticket to Judgment Day and prove to everyone that the fluke win last week was just that - a fluke. Chavo then walks away as Smackdown goes to another commercial break.




We are again backstage with Maria, and the lovely interviewer with Smackdown's newest rookie, Johnny Jeter along with his girlfriend, Maryse Oullet. Maria asks Johnny how different it is now that he's here on Smackdown, and he says that it's horrible because he has to see eyesores like her try and look like his beautiful girlfriend, only for each of them to fail. Maria is clearly offended by Johnny's comment, while Maryse and Johnny laugh it off right in her face. Maria, like a good interviewer, tries to shake it off and continue the interview by asking him how he's preparing for Super Crazy, his opponent later tonight. Jeter says he doesn't have to prepare for Crazy because his talents, along with his lovely girlfriend, are enough to dominate Crazy here tonight. He then says that they're leaving, the interview area, that is, so they don't have to continue to talk to someone with as many dull and useless questions as Maria herself has. The two then, commit to their promise and walk off as Smackdown gets ready for it's second match of the night.


Match Two - Tag-Team Match - Deuce and Domino vs. Cryme Tyme

This match is billed as a number one contenders match, but it's clearly just a match to build up Deuce and Domino for their upcoming encounter versus the tag-team champions Londrick at Judgment Day. D&D are in control for almost the entire match, which doesn't go past the 6 minute mark, mind you, which ends with us seeing D&D finish them off with a 'Crack 'Em in Da Mouth' and Domino non-chalantly covering them for the pin.

Deuce and Domino via Pinfall (5:38)

The two winners catch their breath as they celebrate their victory here tonight. They climb up to separate turnbuckles and move their hands across their wastes, signalling that the WWE Tag-Team Championships will be theirs. They step back down and slap hands with each other, when...

THE CURRENT WWE TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS, LONDRICK, COME SPRINTING OUT FROM THE CROWD AND RETURN THE FAVOR THAT DEUCE AND DOMINO GAVE THEM LAST WEEK! The champions quickly send both men to the ground, before we see Paul go to the outside of the ring and pull a table out from underneath it, sliding it in to his partner. Brian keeps Deuce down while Paul slides in and sets up the table, to which Brian then throws him onto. Paul is the one that climbs the top rope, and after a few seconds of pandering to the crowd, he jumps off the turnbuckle and SENDS DEUCE THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

The crowd are going nuts for the champions, who don't look to be done taking out their challengers in just 9 days. Oh, no. Instead, they then focus their attention on Domino, who had spent the past few minutes trying to get back to his feet. They double team Domino by both delivering right hands at him at the same time, eventually backing Domino into a corner. Kendrick then steps away while London throws Domino in-between his legs, looking to somehow hit a powerbomb? Yes, London uses all of his strength in his five foot ten frame, and SOMEHOW LIFTS DOMINO ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! Kendrick then quickly grabs ahold of Domino's head and runs off the ropes, attempting a Sliced Bread #2 and... CONNECTING! A SLICED BREAD #2/POWERBOMB COMBINATION BY THE WWE TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Once the champions connect with the London Calling they grab their titles and celebrate on the top turnbuckles with them, while the crowd shows their appreciation by cheering for them all the way to the commercial.


Smackdown comes back on air, with us being backstage in Teddy Long's office. Teddy has his body turned to the camera, talking on the phone, when William Regal barges through the door. Teddy hangs up his phone and asks what he can do for William. Regal says he was cheated out of a victory last week in the main event and he wants a match at Judgment Day. Long says he'd try to give him a match, but he wasn't sure if anyone would want to face Regal. Regal says trying isn't good enough, and then he reminds Teddy of the Triple Threat match between all three brands where the winner gets a Free Agent. Teddy says he had a few guys in mind, but that he knows about Regal's fantastic wrestling ability, so he's got his match. William Regal has been picked as Smackdown's Representative in the Battle of the Brands Match. Regal is pleasantly happy and then walks out, as Long sits back in his desk and works on some papers.


Match Three - Singles Match - Johnny Jeter (w/ Maryse) vs. Super Crazy

Jeter, in his second week on the job, gets another formidable opponent with Crazy, who is a former Cruiserweight Champion. It is an entertaining contest throughout, with Crazy actually having the upper hand on the unprepared Jeter, who, as we know from his earlier interview, didn't even study up on Crazy. We're six minutes through when Crazy looks to hit his finisher, the Trifecta, which is three moonsaults in a row, one on each of the 3 turnbuckle pads. Crazy connects with the first one, which gets the crowd hot. He plays up the crowd to get louder, and then connects with a moonsault on the middle turnbuckle, getting the crowd to give an even louder reaction. He climbs up to the top and waves his hands up and down, trying to get the crowd on their feet, but this would ultimately cost him, as just before he jumps to finish Jeter off with another moonsault, JETER'S GIRLFRIEND MARYSE CLIMBS ONTO THE APRON AND SLAMS ON THE TOP ROPE, CAUSING CRAZY'S LEGS TO FALL INBETWEEN THE TURNBUCKLE!

Maryse immediately jumps off the apron, back onto the level below the ring, with the referee going through the ropes to yell at her. Maryse tries to give the referee an innocent look, but he's not buying it. While the referee has his back turned, Jeter gets up, pulls Crazy off the ropes, and delivers a LOW BLOW! The insane luchador falls to his knees, while Jeter then finishes him off with a 540 Kick to the skull, knocking out the former champion for good!

Johnny Jeter via Pinfall (6:32)

Once the bell rings, Jeter's girlfriend Maryse forgets about the referee's scorning of her and slides into the ring, hugging her man that won again. The two then taunt the crowd for a minute to celebrate their victory, before we get taken backstage, yet again, to Maria.


The lovely Maria comes back on our screen for her third interview of the night, this time with the man that 'Will Not Die' Matt Hardy. She introduces Matt to the crowd, with him receiving quite the reaction from the crowd. She reminds Matt that Montel Vontavious Porter defeated Chris Masters earlier in the night and that he will be going to Judgment Day to fight for the Vacant United States Championship, and that if Matt wins here tonight he will be the one to face MVP. She asks Matt what does he have to do if he wants to go to Judgment Day? Matt says that his opponent - Marcus Cor Von - is gonna be a challenge. He was a force to be reckoned with on ECW and now that he's here on Smackdown he's gonna want to make an Impact here during his first match on Smackdown. Matt says he's gonna have to try and stay on the offense and not be on the defensive, because that's what Marcus wants him to be. Maria then asks him if he has any thoughts on the man that has advanced to Judgment Day, MVP, and how he would match up against him. Matt says he can't look forward to MVP yet because he's got to put Cor Von away first, and if he doesn't he won't even make it to Judgment Day. Maria then thanks Matt for the interview, and then he walks off to his lockerroom as Smackdown goes to another commercial break.


Match Four - Non-Title Singles Match - Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

These two Cruiserweights have their second match in the past two weeks, only this time there is a lot more on the line then their previous contest last week, because if Jimmy wins he'll face Chavo for the title at Judgment Day. Chavo, obviously, wants to prevent that, and he puts up a good performance early, dominating Jimmy, looking like he might be able to put this one away early with the three amigos, but Jimmy manages to roll his shoulder up at two and three quarters, which pisses the Mexican off. For the rest of the middle part of the match we get some back and forth action, until we are taken to the finish.

Jimmy has a side headlock on Chavo, who eventually gets to the middle rope, causing the referee to break up the hold. Jimmy let go almost right away, but the Cruiserweight Champion didn't stay onto the ropes for long, instead charged right at Jimmy, even though the referee was between them, shoving both Jimmy AND the referee into the nearby turnbuckle, sending them both to the ground. Chavo gets some heat from the crowd for taking out the referee, but he yells at them to 'Shut Up' before he goes outside to the ring to find some reinforcements. He walks over to Justin Roberts, who is holding onto his Cruiserweight Title, and snatches it from the ring announcer, tossing it into the ring, planning on using it to his advantage. Chavo makes a slow walk up the steps, and once he enters the ring he grabs Wang Yang by the head and lifts him up to his feet. He puts him in a front facelock position while he gets his title in position and eventually gets it in the spot where he wants it. Chavo looks to be ready to connect with a DDT on the title, but just before he can attempt the move, Jimmy uses some of his unknown strength and flips Chavo over with a SUPLEX ON THE TITLE! CHAVO CRINGES IN PAIN AS THE REFEREE, WHO DOESN'T SEE THE TITLE BECAUSE CHAVO IS SITTING ON IT, MAKES THE 3 COUNT!

Jimmy Wang Yang via Pinfall (7:12)

Jimmy immediately gets up to his feet, celebrating his victory because he knows that he's gonna finally get his chance for the title after two straight non-title victories over the champion. Chavo, meanwhile, stays on the ground, upset at himself for not hitting the move quicker then he tried to, which was ultimately his downfall. Jimmy continues to pander to the crowd as Smackdown heads to another commercial.


Smackdown comes back on air, this time with a video vingette. There's not one man in the picture, but two. Pomp and Circumstance - yes, good ol' 'Macho Man' Randy Savage's old theme that is - is playing in the background, with the two men decked out in some good ol' red, white, and blue clothing. The one man not speaking is slightly bigger, around 280 pounds, while the other man looks only a handful of pounds less. Eventually, the smaller man introduces themselves, with him being Heath Miller and his friend next to him being Ryan Reeves. The two say that they love America and that they're gonna promote the American way when they make their Smackdown debut in two weeks. They're gonna show everyone what a true American is like, and that they hope everyone can be as proud of this wonderful country as they are. The two then are seen eating an apple pie, another stereotypical American custom, as the video ends.


Match Five - Singles Match - Umaga (w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada) vs. Scotty Too Hotty

Smackdown comes back out to the arena with an apparent squash match. The 'Samoan Bulldozer' doesn't waste any time in the match, dominating the much smaller opponent, who he outweighs by over 150 pounds. Umaga toys with Scotty, grabbing him by his torso and whipping him across the ring, with Scotty flying all the way over to the bottom turnbuckle. Umaga quickly notices this and lines up his bait, before charging at him and smacking his ass into Scotty's face, connecting with the Samoan Wrecking Ball! After a few seconds of walking around the ring, waiting for his opponent to get up, even though he never will, Umaga grabs Scotty up by the head, whips him into the ropes and DESTROYS HIM WITH A SAMOAN DROP!

This certainly would be enough for Umaga to finish the match off, but Estrada talks to his talent and tells him to inflict even more damage. Umaga lets out a toothy grin after hearing this, and grabs Scotty by the throat, lifts him up to his feet again, and, almost as quickly as he got him up, SENDS HIM DOWN WITH A SAMOAN SPIKE! UMAGA STRIKES SCOTTY'S THROAT! It's simply elementary, with Umaga not even bothering to hook either of Scotty's legs as he picks up the pinfall victory rather quickly.

Umaga via Pinfall (1:34)

Once the bell rings, Estrada enters the ring and celebrates with his client, who looks absolutely fearsome right now. Armando has a microphone in his hand, but directs Umaga to get rid of Scotty before he begins to talk. Umaga nods his head up and down, before he runs off the ropes and hits a HUGE body splash! Umaga then, after a few more seconds of taunting the crowd, grabs Scotty by his hair and whips him over the top rope. Umaga slaps his chest as Estrada begins to talk on the mic. Estrada, talking to nobody in particular, asks if this is the best competition that Smackdown has to offer. He says that his client is a predator, and that everyone on the Smackdown roster is his prey. Estrada continues, saying that they will keep the promise he made last weeek, which is that he will beat everyone in his path to claim the World Heavyweight Championship. Soon, they will show everyone why Umaga is the best in the company. But not tonight, as they want everyone to feel blessed that they again aren't demolished by the Samoan Bulldozer. The two then walk off, as Smackdown goes to another commercial break.


Match Six - Winner Advances To Judgment Day to Fight for the Vacant United States Championship - Marcus Cor Von vs. Matt Hardy

When we come back from commercial, we get the second of the two semifinal matches in the US title tournament, featuring the 'Alpha Male' Marcus Cor Von versus 'The Man Who Will Not Die' Matt Hardy. The crowd is clearly behind Matt in the main event, and these two have a hot match, with it being total nonstop action.
ha I'm funny

We near the finish of the match as Cor Von is walking around with Hardy draped around his shoulders, taunting him with his super strength until he tosses him into one of the turnbuckle pads! Matt's back buckles as he collides with it, and Marcus proceeds to keep adding onto the pain by driving his shoulder into Matt's sternum numerous times, with Hardy looking defenseless. Once Marcus connects with his fifth shoulder thrust in a row, he backs up a few feet, lines Matt up, charges at him, looking to really take him out with a running clothesline, ONLY FOR MATT TO GET HIS FOOT UP, causing Marcus to run face first into it! This is the move that gives Matt his much needed advantage, as he quickly darts off the rope and takes the 'Alpha Male' down with a crossbody, which he covers for a pin, receiving a two count. Matt slowly gets to his feet, holding his gut from the shots that Marcus gave him a minute ago, and awaits for Cor Von to get to his feet.

He doesn't wait very long, and Cor Von throws a wild right hand, only for Matt to duck and swiftly connect with a Side Effect! The crowd is now really beginning to get loud, which acts like an energy source for Matt, who throws up the V1 hand signal, getting the crowd even louder. Matt grabs Marcus by the head, lifts him up to his feet, and wraps his arms around Marcus's head in a front facelock position, getting ready to hit the Twist of Fate! Matt again gives his V1 gesture, only for Marcus to deliver some sharp elbows into Matt's gut, forcing Hardy to release the hold. Marcus pushes Matt back into the ropes, but he bounces back with a quick kick to the gut. Hardy then takes no time at all and connects with the TWIST OF FATE! TWIST OF FATE! TWIST OF FATE! Hardy's cover is elementary and he picks up the win, advancing to Judgment Day!

Matt Hardy via Pinfall (10:17)

Hardy gets up to his feet and celebrates his big victory over the big man, with the crowd on their feet for his performance. Matt gets his name chanted by the crowd as he gets his hand raised by the referee, only for MVP TO JUMP HIM! Hardy's opponent for the United States title at Judgment Day jumps him, with Matt not knowing what the hell is going on! Smackdown's highest paid superstar, still dressed in his ring gear despite being in the opener, whips Matt into one of the turnbuckle poles, SHOULDER FIRST! MVP is an animal! The crowd boos the Franchise Playa, who then goes outside of the ring and grabs the United States Championship, which is still seated on it's stool, and brings it back into the ring. MVP lifts Matt up, who's still gassed after the long main event he had, and STRIKES HIM IN THE SKULL WITH THE TITLE!

Matt immediately drops to the ground, with the crowd chanting an 'MVP Sucks' chant now. Smackdown's highest paid superstar isn't finished with Matt, though, but tosses the title to the side and waits for Matt to get up. Matt crawls over to the ropes, clearly not in the right state of mind, and slowly gets back up to a vertical position. Once Matt finally gets to his feet, MVP grabs him by the hair, drills him in the sternum with a knee, and proceeds to send Matt to the ground again, connecting with his finisher - The Playmaker! Matt appears to be knocked out, and MVP walks back over and grabs the US Title, flashes it up in the air to the crowd, before wrapping it around his shoulder and exiting the ring. MVP has a big smile on his face, not taking his eyes off Matt, who is rolling around in immense pain inside of the ring, as Smackdown goes to it's final commercial break of the night.


Smackdown comes from it's final commercial break, with Michael Cole and JBL hyping up the already announced matches for the upcoming pay-per-view, Judgment Day, including: Jimmy Wang Yang versus Chavo Guerrero for the Cruiserweight Championship, the Triple Threat Match between all three brands for a Free Agent's contract, Deuce and Domino versus Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the WWE Tag-Team Championships, Matt Hardy versus MVP for the vacant United States Championship, and lastly, but certainly not the least, the Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship, featuring the 'Phenom' The Undertaker versus the 'Animal' Batista. The two continue to hype these matches up, specifically the World Heavyweight Championship match, until 'Sexy Boy' hits and Shawn Michaels, who was drafted over to Smackdown in the WWE Draft, comes out to finally address the crowd for the first time.

Shawn comes out with his cowboy boots and hat on, along with some blue jeans and a custom made HBK shirt. Shawn begins by saying that he enjoyed the past 5 years that he's been on RAW, but he's glad that he was moved over to Smackdown so he could entertain every single one of these fans every Friday night, which gets a cheap pop from the crowd. He said he had nothing left to do on RAW, and now that he's over here on Smackdown, he's excited for the new challenges that are open. He says there's a lot of guys that have some great talents inside of the ring, like Batista, The Undertaker, Umaga, and Matt Hardy, even though Shawn knows that he can go with anyone. Shawn says that he hopes everyone is excited to see the Showstopper come on every week, because he's gonna give 110% to entertain them. He says he hopes that you guys have a great show, and leaves as Smackdown fa...

Not so fast, my friend. 'Dead White Guys' then plays, with King Booker along with his queen, Sharmell making their way out from the back, to some heat from the crowd. Booker is dressed in a nice white sports coat, while Sharmell is in an elegant gold dress. Both are wearing their crowns, and Booker is handed a microphone once he enters the ring. Booker asks Shawn how he has the audacity to come out and name all of the talents that he thinks are great, but not even give a mention to the King of the Smackdown Jungle. Shawn says he didn't mean any disrespect, but Booker doesn't wanna hear any of that crap. Booker knows that he can go with anyone inside of the ring, and he wants to prove that he should get a chance at the title that he held not even a half a year ago, and didn't even get a fair rematch for. Shawn says that if Booker wants a match with him, he can have it right here right now! The crowd begins to get excited, wanting to see a big main event, but Booker chickens out. He says that he didn't bring his ring gear, and he isn't prepared to wrestle tonight. The crowd boos Booker for punking out, and Shawn nods his head and tells Booker that these people are right. Shawn says that if Booker wants a match with him, what is he waiting for? Booker says that they're gonna have a match, but not tonight. No, it's gonna be at a better time, when there's millions of people around the world watching seeing him whoop Shawn's ass. Booker says at Judgment Day, he's gonna prove why he is the King of the Smackdown Jungle, when he beats Shawn inside of this ring. The crowd pops for the match announcement, and then Smackdown's royal family leaves the ring and Smackdown fades to black.


Smackdown Presents: Judgment Day
May 20, 2007
Where: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Song: I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Confirmed Matches:

Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista

Singles Match for the Vacant United States Championship:
Matt Hardy vs. Montel Vontavious Porter

Triple Threat Match for the Contract of an Unannounced Superstar:
CM Punk vs. TBA vs. William Regal

Tag-Team Match for the WWE Tag-Team Championships:
Paul London and Brian Kendrick (c) vs. Deuce and Domino

Singles Match for the Crusierweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

Singles Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. King Booker

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice way to start things off with the video package reminding is of last weekís main event. Not so sure about the commentary, because while JBL is a heel, Iíd like to see him doing some hyping of the card before attacking Cole. Just a small thing, though.

Kicking the show off with Batista after becoming the number one contender last week seems like the right way to go. The little hyping of the Judgment Day match was okay, but I was a little surprised with the way Batista suddenly heeled it up. I hope this is just for the sake of his little feud with The Undertaker, because if this was his actual heel turn, to me at least, it would feel very anticlimactic, and way too sudden of a turn. I just feel you could do much better for a heel turn with a guy who is as big a star as Batista is. The way he went about talking down on Undertakerís win was a little generic too. With Undertaker you have a little more to play with, especially with matches at WrestleMania, and I really feel that you could have had Batista go off on Undertaker getting lucky just like he does every year at WrestleMania, as opposed to just saying that he got lucky. The lines on Kane and how thereís no way Undertaker could normally beat him were okay, and while Batista saying he could beat Undertaker in any kind of stipulation because heís the better man is good, I donít think a gimmick match is necessary here. I mean, those type of matches should usually be reserved for a big conclusion to a feud when the time is right, and it just doesnít feel like this is a feud that has gotten to the stage that it needs that big gimmick match. Batista calling The Undertaker out though and showing that he has no fear was good to see. The Undertaker coming out and announcing the match was alright, but really, I would have liked him to go a bit further in depth with Batista calling his win a fluke, much like I would have liked Batista to go further in depth when calling Undertakerís win a fluke. The way the segue was created into the match announcement was good though, and a Last Man Standing match is a good match to have for two big guys, especially with these two, which weíve seen in the past. The little brawl between the two further cements Batistaís heel disposition, at least here, with him getting the jump and using cheap tactics to leave Undertaker laying being a smart way to really cement that. Overall, this was an okay way to start the show. Admittedly, you had two guys who werenít great on the mic, but I think that while you had the base of the promo right, you could have done more with it.

Chris Masters not the greatest in the ring? Screw you man. Not too sure about a heel vs. heel match here, especially as an opener, because I canít see the crowd being too interested when they donít want either guy to win. I donít think this was actually necessary at all in a tournament either, because you could have easily just substituted a midcard face in for one of these guys. Still, the match here seemed fine for what it was, and MVP advancing to Judgment Day is fine with me since he has been far closer to the United States Title and probably looked better than Masters lately.

Chavo promo here seemed fine, showing him to be the whiny heel champion, complaining about Wang Yang getting a match against him. The way in which Maria shut him down was pretty good too, showing that everyone knows Chavo is full of shit. You have to like the way he talked himself up as being different, further heeling it up, although dismissing Wang Yangís win last week as a fluke isnít something Iím such a fan of seen as how we just had a promo built around pretty much the same premise. Still, a pretty good promo, and Iím glad to see Chavo and the cruiserweights getting some mic time.

Iíll probably order Judgment Day.

Jeter getting some mic time is another positive, building him up as a character on SmackDown!. The little shots at Maria seemed a little lame, although I guess they would get him some heat. I quite liked the way Jeter said he didnít have to prepare for Crazy though, really putting over his arrogance. Hopefully we get a little more depth to the Jeter character in the future, but for now what youíre doing is working.

Deuce and Domino getting up a win over an over team like Cryme Tyme to look good ahead of their tag title match is good to see. London and Kendrick going for a revenge attack on their challengers is good, and Iím glad to see some real aggression from them, although I think this may have been a little too much for them. To me, it would have worked a little better if Deuce and Domino had gotten away, giving London and Kendrick even more incentive to get their hands on their challengers as you close in on Judgment Day.

While I love William Regal, him just being put in the match at Judgment Day for SmackDown! is a little weak. Teddy Long seems more like the type of GM who would want Regal, a heel, to prove himself, and this really goes completely against that. I personally would have thought a qualifying match for the match at Judgment Day would have better served allowing Regal to look good, and making him seem like a threat.

I donít mind Super Crazy being competitive here, as heís still one of your top cruiserweights, and it kind of shows it as a way to bite Jeter in the ass for not preparing for him. The dirty win for Jeter works for me, because it gives you a chance to maybe set up a little feud between Jeter and Crazy, which could serve Jeter well.

Matt talking about how dangerous Cor Von is and showing his focus on him rather than looking forward to MVP is fine. Not exactly exciting from Hardy, but really, thatís just him, so keeping him respectful as the face works for mine.

Jimmy Wang Yang getting the win here was to be expected so you have yourself a Cruiserweight Title match for Judgment Day, which is fine. I like the way Wang Yang won too, because as the heel champion, Chavo can say he only won by cheating, despite Chavo being the one to bring the belt into the match, which should allow Chavo to look just fine.

Not so sure on this overly American heel act that you seem to have coming from Reeves and Miller, but I like that you have some more young talent coming in. Iíve never really liked Reeves, and always thought he was kind of useless, although Miller has proven, especially on NXT, that heís quite good in that annoying heel role (even if he was a face).

Umaga with a squash victory over Scotty works fine for me, continuing to make him look good since his arrival on the blue brand. The post-match assault from Mags to dispose of Scotty further puts him over as a beast, while Estrada getting mic time is a real positive, talking Mags up, and giving him that direction.

Hardy picking up the sudden win over Cor Von works fine, especially after a nice, longish match that allows Cor Von to look really competitive. MVP attacking Hardy after the match to really send a statement before the match at Judgment Day is good to see, adding a personal element to the match, making it about more than just the gold.

The Judgment Day card does look pretty good.

Surprised to see Shawn Michaels closing the show, as Iíd pretty much forgotten he was part of the blue brand. I wasnít exactly sure what I was expecting to be the closer, tbh. Michaels coming out and talking up his move to SmackDown!, showing respect to the other guys on the brand is fine, although a little brand. I would have maybe liked for him to signal a little more intention than just wanting to entertain the fans, but oh well. It gets exciting with the interruption from King Booker anyway. Booker feeling disrespected is a good way to go about starting a problem between the two, and I liked the king shtick. Shawn challenging Booker, only for Booker to turn him down was a nice way to show the cowardice of Booker, while the match being made at Judgment Day works okay. Honestly, I would have liked to have seen a little more build before these two got to have their first match on SmackDown!, especially since theyíre two of your top stars, but I guess you didnít have long to build the Judgment Day card, and this should still work okay. Booking just leaving the ring to end the promo was a little anticlimactic too, as it felt like some action was needed, but I donít mind too much. Youíve still made an exciting match for Judgment Day to finish the show.

All in all, I thought this was a decent show, although a little bit down on what I would have expected from you. Just about all elements of the booking was solid, but the show didnít have that real excitement factor to it, although I generally feel that way for recapped shows, I guess. Still, youíre got yourself a pretty good Judgment Day card, and with next week to finish the build towards the show, thereís something to look forward to on the blue brand, especially when you think about Booker/Michaels and Batista/Undertaker heating up. As I said, solid show, but there is room for improvement, especially for someone like you. Hopefully that comes with the next few shows and you get some of that flair into your shows, because I know youíre capable of it.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Smackdown Feedback

Iíve been a little lazy in regards to this thread lately, so despite being a little busy, Iím going to be getting back into the swing of things.

Just reading that little bit from last weekís main event, and well, Iím happy to see Batista getting a shot at JD. Despite it happening irl, it simply has to happen here to, imo.

Before I get into real detail, the one thing I immediately realized about this opening promo was that it was extremely short. Even though it consisted of two guys that I detest writing in BTB, I would have liked to have seen a little bit more of an effort put into it. Anyway, I felt you had to open the show with Batista since he is the new number one contender and what not, so good decision there. I felt as if perhaps Batista could have spoke a little more about what it felt like to lose the title that he had worked so hard to get back and what not, rather than just run down The Undertakerís victory. Batista also pretty much said the same thing about the fluke twice, which I found a little off putting, and why is The Undertaker picking the stipulation? Was that something announced previously that I missed, or is ĎTaker just choosing for the fun of it? I was glad you kept ĎTakerís bit rather short, although tbh, despite the first line, you had him down pretty good, not that he said a lot, but still, good work. As for the Last Man Standing stipulation I donít like it, simply because it was done, irl. I understand a rematch with a stipulation has to happen, but I thought you could have gone with something different to attempt to mix things up a little bit more. The brawl was a nice, much needed touch too, with Batista looking golden ahead of their match at JD.

Honestly, MVP and Masters would have been a decent enough opening contest, despite the technicality they lack in the ring, I believe both have that certain ďitĒ factor. The match seemed okay, with Masters focusing on the neck for The Masterlock, before Porter was able to pick up the win being a simply yet effective formula. I just wanted to know when Porter turned face in this thread, or if it was just because he was facing Masters? Sorry.

at Chavo not being a happy loco. Honestly, I think Chavo was pretty good here, yeah I know itís in recap, but it seemed pretty in character anyway, with Chavo calling Yangís win a fluke. With that being said, something that irked me with this, is that youíve had two promos now, and in both, the guys speaking have just gone on about their losses being flukes. I wouldnít mind if they were spread further apart, but so close to each other is a little dodgy, tbh.

Judgment Day should be good, as Iíve skimmed down and seen the JD card, and it is looking pretty sexy.

Johnny Jeter is an awesome individual, as is Maryse, although Iím still not sold on the two as a pair. I get what you were trying to do with this interview, insulting Maria and all, but I donít know, it just felt a little forced. I mean, some of the insults, such as telling Maria that she asks dull questions were pretty lame. I donít really understand how Maria attempts to look like Maryse to. So yeah, I like the idea of this couple, but I just thought the execution lacked a little here.

Despite having really strong champions in Londrick, the rest of your tag division is lacking, imo, as Cryme Tyme and The Greasers both suck. The Greasers have been feuding with your champions, so they were always going over here, in a match that would have probably been lackluster at best. Your champions looked awesome with the attack afterward, and whilst it can be seen as a little heelish to attack a team after their match, I felt it was justified after what went down last week.

I mark for William Regal so Iím very happy to see him being used in the brand representative match, it shows that heíll probably be getting a fair push in this thread. As to the actual segment, Regal barging in and wanting a match is all good, but one thing about Teddy Long is that he was never a push over, however he seemed like one here, just giving in to Regal. I really think Regal should have got his spot in the match some other way.

I would probably call Jeter/Crazy as match of the night so far, although once again, as much as it seems like youíre pushing Jeter, you fail to have him impress me in this thread. I mean, having him against Super Crazy was a sure fire way to get him over, because Crazyís a decent talent, but instead, you had Crazy dominate the match, and Jeter only get the win because of Maryse. Considering Super Crazy doesnít really have much of a standing in this thread, or at least yet anyway, I would have expected Jeter to at least get a clean victory. If it is a push that you are giving him, I think you might have to re-evaluate things a little.

Matt Hardy interview seemed okay, although I didnít like how he was being asked all these questions about MVP, and nothing about Cor Von. If you were playing on Mariaís ditsy nature by having her ask questions about MVP, even after Hardy said he needed to focus on Cor Von, then that was a weird way of doing things. If it was just you not knowing what to have Maria say, you should have just had the interview end sooner. Hardy has to win tonight though, because MVP/Hardy needs that final blow off match, imo.

Guerrero/Yang was another decent enough match, with Yang clearly always going to get the win here, as Chavo needs somebody to beat at JD. Honestly, I can see this as a transitional feud simply until Mysterio returns, or until Chavo gets somebody else exciting to feud with.

Who the fuck is Heath Miller? It seems like these guys are going to have some ĎI love Americaí personality, and well, in BTB I donít really like it usually. I wonít judge yet though.

Umaga > Scotty. ĎMags looks beastly here, literally nothing else to say.

AAEís promo was alright, although the bit about people feeling blessed because Umaga didnít attack them just doesnít seem like something Estrada would say. Besides this, promo signals Umaga wants the title, which has me very excited.

Hardy/MCV is probably the match of the night so far. You gave them a good amount of time, and kept both men looking pretty good, Cor Von looking like a monster, Hardy the resilient winner. Good booking too, considering Porter/Hardy has to have a blow off match. Ignore my question from earlier to, this attack after the match made it pretty clear that Porter isnít a face. The attack was done pretty well, adding even more heat to a feud thatís ready to explode.

JD does look like it is going to be fairly sexy. I cannot wait to read it.

Honestly, Shawn Michaels is a lot more charismatic than what you made him seem here. Maybe it was just because of the recap, I donít know, but he sounded extremely dull, not even cracking any jokes, or being a little playful, itís simply to not like Shawn Michaels for my liking. With that out of the way, I was very happy when HBK was interrupted because I didnít want the show to end on this note. Booker in a sports coat? Considering he is King Booker, shouldnít he be in a suit, or his robe? I pretty much expected exactly what Booker said to be said, which is a good thing, making the promo solid after a very shaky beginning. HBK/Booker for JD is a match I like as well, although I must admit, the lack of build worries me a little.

Overall, whilst there was a lot of little things I found to be wrong with the show, I enjoyed reading it a lot more than I do some of the more established threads. Iíve no idea why, but even before you began this format, which I donít really like, Iíve always found your writing to be rather refreshing and relaxing to read, and it was no different here. The JD card is looking pretty nice to, keep at it, write a solid PPV, and this thread will begin to really pick up some momentum.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW Preview
May 14, 2007

Tonights RAW comes to you live from Hampton, Virginia, presenting you with yet another jam packed show.

Last week, Randy Orton did a henious action that no one could approve of. The 'Legend Killer', as he likes to refer to himself as, decided to attack the current #1 contender to the WWE Championship Jeff Hardy by punting him in the skull, as Randy felt he was undeserving of being the next one able to get a shot at the WWE Championship. RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman was one of many who was upset with Randy's actions and as a result, scheduled him in a stretcher match against Kane later in the evening. Randy won the match, but, as per Coachman's orders, will also be forced to deliver an apology to Jeff Hardy inside of the ring, or risk being fired. Will Randy heed to Coachman's orders? Or does he have something else up his sleeve?

Chris Benoit, Matt Striker, and Elijah Burke all came out victorious in their debuts on RAW last week, with Striker and Burke winning decisively. Tonight, all 3 will be in action yet again. Benoit demanded a rematch with Kenny Dykstra after beating him via Disqualification last week, saying that he wants to win fairly. Burke will try and continue to impress by taking on Rory McAllister, while Striker will be taking on Jim Duggan.

Two weeks ago, during the WWE Draft special, it was revealed that at Judgment Day, all 3 brands will choose one superstar each to face off in a triple threat match, with the winner receiving the contract of a free agent who will be revealed at a later date. ECW General Manager Mick Foley has chosen CM Punk as their representative, and Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long has selected William Regal as their representitive. With Judgment Day only 6 days away, RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman will have to make his decision sooner rather then later. Coachman has promised he will make his announcement before the night is over, so make sure you stay until the very end.

Make sure you stay tuned for all of this, and more, on what should be a Monday Night RAW for the ages.

Confirmed Matches:
Singles Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kenny Dykstra
Singles Match: Elijah Burke vs. Rory McAllister
Singles Match: Matt Striker vs. Jim Duggan
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