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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW
April 23, 2007

RAW kicks off with highlights of the tag-team match between the World Tag-Team Champions John Cena and Shawn Michaels taking on Cryme Tyme in a tag-team match. We see the champions defeat the "men from the hood" and then the aftermath between the Champs, which has Cena F-U Michaels after HBK tried to superkick him. HBK is then shown staring at Cena with an unhappy look on his face before the package ends and the normal music and video as the pyro goes off. JR and King then welcome us to the show hyping up some of the announced matches tonight, including the World Tag-Team Champions John Cena and Shawn Michaels against their final challengers before Backlash, the World's Greatest Tag-Team, Carlito's mentor Ric Flair take on Umaga inside of a steel cage, and Edge taking on another close friend of Jeff Hardy.

"Da.ngr" plays as The Great Khali along with Ranjin Singh make their way down the ring. Ranjin leads the way for Khali, who is very disliked by the crowd. Khali slowly walks down the ring and enters before grabbing a microphone from Lillian Garcia. He shouts something Indian into the mic, and Ranjin translates it by saying that Chris Benoit shouldn't even show up here tonight. Benoit knows that he's in over his head and that he should save himself the pain and embarassment by not coming out here and just letting The Great Khali win by count-out. The two then wait and believe that Benoit isn't going to show until "Whatever" hits and the United States Champion Chris Benoit makes his way down the ring. Benoit raises his United States Championship up in the air as he enters the ring before the match begins.

The match, despite Benoit being as good as he is, is heavily one sided for Khali. Khali uses his strength to overpower Benoit, who tries to be like the rabid wolverine that he is and fight back. After minutes of headwork by Khali, he whips Benoit off the ropes and hits him with a big boot! Khali then picks him back up and delivers a headbutt to the skull of Benoit! Khali then puts his hand up in the air and gets ready for the brain chop, but Benoit, despite all the work done to his head, sees Khali's hand and puts his hands up, catching Khali's hand before Khali can hit the brain chop. Khali tries to use his immense strength to overpower Benoit and hit it, but Benoit, being the crafty veteran he is, grabs Khali's hand and puts it under his legs before locking him in the CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! Khali, never have been locked in the hold, doesn't know what to do, but his crafty mouthpiece grabs Khali by his enormous foot and places it on the bottom rope, FORCING A ROPE BREAK!

The referee notices this and pulls Benoit off of Khali, who can't believe that Khali got his foot on the bottom rope. Benoit asks the referee why he pulled him off, and the referee points at the foot on the bottom rope. Benoit then goes over to Ranjin and shouts something at him, which gives Khali some time to recooperate from the crossface. Benoit turns around and starts pounding on Khali's head, not wanting him to get back into a vertical position, and then again tries for the crossface... but Khali gets near the ropes before Benoit can fully lock it in! Benoit, looking almost more pissed off then usual, stomps on the gut and head of Khali before using a great deal of strength to drag his foot to the middle of the ring. Benoit immediately goes over to the top rope and attempts the diving headbutt and... LANDS IT! Benoit's quickly puts an arm over Khali's enormous body for a cover... but RANJIN PULLS THE REFEREE OUT AT TWO AND A HALF! Benoit notices this and goes over and brings the referee back in, but once he turns around... he is met with a BRAIN CHOP! Khali quickly gets down to a knee and covers Benoit for the win at 8:20 for the Punjabi Nightmare!

The crowd gives Khali some big heat for the cheap way in which he defeated the respected veteran of Benoit, who is feeling the after effects of the Brain Chop. Khali looks down at his beaten opponent and laughs as he pushes him out of the ring with his foot. Ranjin re-enters the ring and the two raise their hands in celebration while Benoit tries to recover on the outside. We then cut backstage to Todd Grisham who's with the Rated-R Superstar, Edge.


Grisham welcomes everybody before he jumps right at it and asks Edge why he has to keep taking out close friends of his Backlash opponent Jeff Hardy with a con-chair-to after every match. Edge tells Todd that, since Jeff Hardy is incapable of wrestling until Backlash, he's gonna make sure he takes out his rage on the ones close to Jeff so he feels their pain. Grisham asks Edge what he thinks of his opponent at Backlash, and Edge replies by saying that Jeff is like the best player on the JV Basketball team and I'm the best player on the Varsity Basketball team, he's better then most, but he's not the better then everyone like I am. Jeff is better then most at ladder matches, but I'm better then everyone at ladder matches. My name is associated with ladder matches like Jeff Hardy's name is associated with drugs. So I see this ladder match as one more step I'll climb until I have the WWE Championship around my hands. Jeff has never won in the big match situations, I have. Jeff has never won a World Title, I have. Jeff isn't going to win the ladder match, I am. Edge then leaves as RAW goes to commercial.


We are backstage, in what appears to be a locker-room, where we see Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, the World's Greatest Tag-Team, getting ready for their match tonight. Benjamin tells Charlie that tonight is their night to shine. All of the other teams had their chance to get the World Tag-Team Championships and failed, and now it's their turn. They have to stay focused, go out with no regrets, and let Cena and Michaels beat themselves. Charlie nods his head as the duo walk out of the locker-room as the camera's cut back to the arena.


"Virtual VooDoo" hits as the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga along with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada make their way down the ring. The Intercontinental Champion has the title inside of his mouth as he makes his way down the ring, and once he enters the cage he hands the belt to Estrada. Umaga gets a nice feel for the steel cage, testing the strength of each side by pulling and watching them somewhat shake. "Also Sprach Zarathustra" plays next as the Nature Boy Ric Flair along with Umaga's challenger at Backlash Carlito make their way down the ring. Once Ric makes it to right outside of the cage, he gives Carlito a hug, who wishes him good luck, and enters the ring, trapping himself with the vicious monster inside of the cage. The referee rings the bell and the match begins!

Flair and Umaga look around at the steel cage before they lock eyes at each other, Umaga with a toothy grin on his face while Flair with a "what the hell did I get myself into" look. The match allows for pinfalls and submissions to be made inside of the ring, but Flair seems intent on getting out of the cage alive. Umaga holds the advantage early in the match, using the cage as a weapon by throwing Flair against each wall of the cage before landing a Samoan Drop in the middle of the ring. Umaga may have been able to pick up the win there, but Estrada tells Umaga to give more pain to Flair, so he does by grinding his face against the cage! Estrada then instructs Umaga to place Umaga between the ropes and hit the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Umaga obliges, and LANDS THE SAMOAN WRECKING BALL DRIVING FLAIR'S BACK INTO THE CAGE! Umaga lets out a huge smile as he sees that FLAIR IS BUSTED OPEN!

Flair looks like a helpless person, and with Umaga believeing the damage he wanted to do being done, he starts to make a walk towards the door which is opened. Carlito looks on with agony as he tries to encourage his mentor to get up and win, but Flair looks to be a lost cause. Umaga is just a few steps away from the door, and once he gets one foot out, Estrada comes over with a chair and tells Umaga something before we see Umaga go back inside of the ring to give Flair more damage! The crowd boos Umaga for not just coming out and ending this massacre, but Umaga seems to zone out of the boos, as he throws the chair down in the middle of the ring and pulls Flair by his now bleach red hair right on top of the chair. Umaga puts Flair's head in between the chair before running off the ropes and attempting a body splash... BUT FLAIR GETS OUT OF THE WAY IN TIME! Umaga's body crashes hard onto the mat as Flair looks to get to the advantage.

Umaga slowly gets back to his feet as Flair gets the chair off of his head. Umaga walks over to Flair, who is only up thanks to the ropes, and gets met with a LOW BLOW by Flair! Umaga bends over in pain now and Flair takes advantage by driving Umaga's head straight into the cage! Flair then decides that it's time to make his way up the cage but just as he's about to get to the top of it Umaga pulls him back down. For the next few minutes we get some nice back and forth action between the two until we get to the finish with Flair locking Umaga in the figure-four. Umaga is showing a weakside and is screaming relentlessly in pain with Flair showing no remorse. Umaga is seconds away from tapping but delivers some hard fists to the open wound of Flair just in time for him to release the hold. Flair gets off of Umaga and goes over to the chair that Umaga brought in and looks to be swinging the fences for it, patiently waiting for Umaga to get up. Umaga slowly gets up on the otherside, oblivious to Flair holding the steel chair. Estrada comes over and yells something at Umaga, and once Umaga turns around he delivers a SUPERKICK TO THE CHAIR FLAIR WAS HOLDING, KNOCKING THE NATURE BOY OUT! Umaga grabs Flair by the hair and screams in the air before landing a Samoan Spike on Flair! Umaga then covers Flair for the win at 13:28!

Umaga, having been taking to the limit by the Nature Boy, is very relieved that the match is done with. The cage is quickly raised as Carlito comes in and checks on Flair, who's face is a bloody mess. Armando Estrada comes in and gets Umaga out of the ring, wanting him to get out and rest up for Backlash. Carlito helps Flair up and Flair uses Carlito as a support to keep him up as he slowly makes his way to the back with cheers from the crowd. RAW then goes to a commercial break.


RAW comes back on air with a video package promoting the draft. It says that the draft is going to be here in just 7 days. Anyone can be moved, and you won't want to miss it in seven days time.


"Sexy Boy" plays as RAW comes back to the arena with the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels, who is making his way down the ring for his upcoming tag-team match against the World's Greatest Tag-Team. Shawn gives the crowd some high fives as he enters the ring with the World Tag-Team Championship wrapped around his waist. He hops around in the middle of the ring before he flexes and his pyro goes off. "The Time is Now" blares throughout the arena next as the other half of the World Tag-Team Champions and WWE Champion John Cena makes his way down the ring. JR and King talk about the animosity between the Champions, with Michaels superkicking Cena two weeks ago after a tag-team match and Cena delivering an F-U after a tag-team match last week. Cena seems calm as he enters the ring, only for him to get tenser as he enters and bumps into Shawn. Cena purposely goes to the top rope and shows off both of his titles to the crowd, which, for the most part, gets booed at, with the crowd knowing what John is trying to do. The two then keep their distance as they wait for their tag-team partners.

"World's Greatest" is the last to play as Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, The World's Greatest Tag-Team make their way down the ring, confident in their chance to earn a World Tag-Team Championship title shot here tonight. They give each other a two handed high five before they slide into the ring and wait for the match to begin.

The match is the toughest that the Champions have faced of the four teams that have been placed against them in the past few weeks, with Benjamin and Haas collecting many close nearfalls in the first few minutes, only for Cena and HBK to kick out of every one with a little more difficulty then the last. The match looked to be near an end at the 6 minute mark after Benjamin and Haas hit the Superkick/German Suplex combo on Michaels, only for Cena to show his loyalty to Shawn by entering the ring and breaking out the count at two. The finish of the match comes a couple of minutes later when Cena has Haas on his shoulders for an F-U, but Michaels comes in and looks to set up for the Sweet Chin Music, but everyone is confused as to who Michaels is going to hit it with. Cena quickly drops Haas down to his feet and walks over to Shawn wondering what the hell he is doing, with them almost having the match won. The two butt heads and lose their focus, and suddenly Benjamin enters the ring and takes out HBK as HAAS ROLLS CENA UP FOR THE WIN AT 7:49! Cena and Michaels look at each other in shock, which quickly turns to anger as each blames the other for the loss. Benjamin and Haas, on the otherhand, quickly exit the ring and celebrate what might have been their fluke victory, knowing that a World Tag-Team Championship shot will be theirs soon.

Cena is handed his WWE and World Tag-Team Championship, while Michaels gets handed his title, but the two never take their eyes off of each other. Michaels throws the championship around his shoulder while Cena wraps the World Tag-Team Championship around his waist and holds the WWE Championship in his hand. The two get within inches of each other, with them mouthing words that we can't comprehend. After a few seconds of talking they stop and Cena raises his title in the air, with both of them staring at it, then each other. Michaels then cracks out a grin as he slaps Cena in the face! CENA RETALIATES WITH SOME RIGHT HANDS AND A BRAWL IS BROKEN OUT! The two take it to the ground and start rolling around in the ring, still delivering punches to each other. Security eventually makes their way out and breaks up the brawl before it really gets nasty, but everyone gets the picture, the WWE Championship is what they are dying to capture, and they'll kill each other to get it. The two continue to stay broken up as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air and we see The World's Greatest Tag-Team celebrating their victory from a few minutes ago. They are seen talking about how they hit the moves that they hit when they bump into RAW Interim-General Manager Jonathan Coachman. Coachman congratulates them both on the win and tells them that since they defeated Shawn Michaels and John Cena here tonight, at Backlash, they will take on John Cena and Shawn Michaels for the World Tag-Team Championships. Benjamin and Haas look at each other with huge grins on their faces, knowing how big of an oppertunity they have in six days. They then walk off and Coachman continues to walk before he bumps into the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Coachman tells Randy that he's just the guy Coachman was looking for. Orton tells him to cut the crap and says that he demands that he finds out who his guest is for his first edition of the Killers Korner right now. Coachman laughs and tells Randy that he will find out the same time that everyone else does. Orton doesn't seem to be in the laughing mood and tells Coachman that he better let him know. Coachman says that he won't tell him who his guest will be, but he will give him a hint. The hint is that the man has previously wrestled in both the WWE and WCW and is a former World Champion. Coachman then leaves and Randy looks on as RAW goes back out to the arena.


"Masterpiece" is heard as The Masterpiece, Chris Masters makes his way down the ring. Masters is dressed to compete, with his opponent already inside of the ring. His opponent is Rodrigo who is billed from Puerto Rico. JR and King try to build Rodrigo up by saying that he was a former World Heavyweight Champion in his homeland of Puerto Rico, but nobody is buying that he can beat Masters. Masters rubs his hands as he makes his way down the ring, knowing that this will most likely be a quick match. Turns out, he was right. After a minute or two of brawling by Masters, he locks in the Masterlock and defeats Rodrigo by knockout at 2:48. Masters continues to hold in the lock even after his win before he throws Rodrigo down to the mat and makes his way to the back as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air and we hear JR and King promote the RAW matches for Backlash. They start with the Intercontinental Championship match between the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga and Carlito. They then move onto the ladder match for the number one contendership to the WWE Championship between Edge and Jeff Hardy, before they go to the World Tag-Team Championship Match between Champions John Cena and Shawn Michaels against the Worlds Greatest Tag-Team. They finally end with the big one, the WWE Championship match featuring John Cena and Shawn Michaels. Once they are done, they wait for the main event.

"Metalingus" plays as the Rated-R Superstar, Edge makes his way down the ring for his upcoming match against another close friend of Jeff Hardy. Edge has a smirk on his face, believing in every word that he said in his interview a few minutes ago. He makes his way up the steps and enters the ring as he waits for his opponent to come down the ring. "Live For The Moment" hits next as Jeff's brother, Matt Hardy makes his way down the ring. JR and King remind us of the history between these two over Lita cheating on Matt and siding with Edge, with them then talking about the hate that these two had against each other, with it boiling up tonight. Matt doesn't take his eyes off of Edge, knowing that Edge will try to take him out at no stops. Matt enters and does his normal ring taunts before the bell rings and the match is underway!

The two lock up in the middle of the ring with a collar-and-elbow tie up, looking to wrestle this match straight up, until Edge rakes the eyes of Hardy, taking the early advantage. Edge uses dirty tactics early in the match and tries to end it after an Edge-O-Matic, but Matt kicks out at two. Edge again tries to end the match after a missle dropkick, but Matt once again kicks out at two. Edge starts to get frustrated and stands on Matt's face, using the ropes for leverage! Matt is seen screaming in pain, with his face turning a dark purple, unitil Edge lets go of the ropes at a four count from referee Mike Chioda. Edge whips Hardy and tries to take him out with a spear, but Hardy sidesteps it and Edge slides against the canvas!

Hardy keeps the advantage for the next few minutes, attacking the head of Edge with a DDT and a forearm smash to the temple. Matt eventually goes to the top rope and lands a diving elbow to the head of Edge, with Edge looking dazed and confused. Matt continues to pound on Edge's head, holding nothing back, until we get to the finish where we see Matt attempt a Twist of Fate, only for Edge to push Matt into the referee, taking him out! Matt looks at the referee to see if he's okay, while Edge pulls out some BRASS KNUCKLES from his tights. Matt turns around to see Edge and GETS NAILED WITH A BRASS KNUCKLES SHOT! Edge tries to revive the referee, wanting to steal a victory, and once the referee starts moving, Edge covers Matt for the count with the referee slowly making the count...BUT MATT KICKS OUT AT A TWO! Edge can't believe it and quickly gets ready for a spear...AND LANDS IT! Edge then covers Matt for the win at 15:20!

Edge quickly jumps up and celebrates his victory until he looks around the ring and notices Matt is still down from the spear. Edge quickly leaves the ring and grabs two steel chairs from under the ring. He tosses them into the ring and re-enters, looking to take out Matt. Edge stomps on Hardy a couple of times to assure that he is down, then places one of the chairs under Matt's head and grabs ahold of the other one. Edge grabs the chair and holds it up in the air, showing a insane grin on his face, then... the chair is pulled out of his hands... BY JEFF HARDY! Edge turns around and sees Hardy with the chair in his hands, and quickly makes a run to one of the exits in the ring. The crowd gives Edge some major heat as Jeff helps his brother up and gives him a hug before Jeff looks at Edge and mouths 'this Sunday'. Edge quickly storms to the back as RAW fades to black.

Quick Results:
The Great Khali def. Chris Benoit @ 8:20
Umaga def. Ric Flair @ 13:28
The World's Greatest Tag-Team def. John Cena and Shawn Michaels @ 7:49
Chris Masters def. Rodrigo @ 2:48
Edge def. Matt Hardy @ 15:20

April 29, 2007
Where: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

Singles Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista vs. Kane

Ladder Match for the Number One Contendership of WWE Championship:
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

Tag-Team Match for the World Tag-Team Championships:
John Cena & Shawn Michaels (c) vs. The World's Greatest Tag-Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

Debut of "The Killers Korner"
Featuring host Randy Orton & Johnathan Coachman's hand selected guest

More to be announced.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW on Sci-Fi
April 24, 2007

ECW begins with a video recap of last weeks main event between CM Punk and Rob Van Dam...

Punk covers RVD for the win...1...2...KICKOUT! Punk can't believe it and picks RVD up and drives him back first into the turnbuckle! Punk then places RVD on the top rope in a seated position and puts him in a superplex position...BUT RVD PUSHES HIM OFF THE TURNBUCKLE! RVD QUICKLY GETS TO HIS FEET AND LANDS THE FIVE-STAR FROG SPLASH ON THE LAYING PUNK! RVD covers Punk for the win... 1...2...3!!! RVD wins with the Five-Star Frog Splash at the 15:23 mark.
"One of a Kind" plays as number one contender to the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, Rob Van Dam, makes his way down the ring to some huge cheers from the crowd, having a very pleased look on his face. He has one of his shirts on which reads "The Whole F'n Show!" Van Dam enters the ring and is handed a microphone as he begins. He first says that CM Punk gave him a heck of a challenge last week in the final of the elimination chase, but now he has to focus on the most important thing to him, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and the guy holding the thing that he wants, Bobby Lashley. He says that he knows all about the accomplishments that Lashley has had, from the amateur wrestling championships to everything here in the WWE, but the one thing Lashley hasn't accomplished yet is beating me, Rob Van Dam, on pay-per-view. Lashley may be able to brag how he's defeated everyone that's been thrown at him, but until he beats me at a pay-per-view, he's nothing more then a chump.

"Hell Will Be Callin Your Name" plays as the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley comes out and makes his way down the aisle. Lashley is dressed in his wrestling gear, with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. Lashley, due to his lack of charisma inside of the ring, doesn't say much, only talking about how he's beaten everyone from seven foot giants to former world champions to 350 pound savages, so going through RVD shouldn't be tough for him. Van Dam then replies back by saying if Lashley feels so confident why doesn't Backlash show up five days early and they fight for the title right here, right now? The crowd gets excited for that announcement, but before anything happens between the two, "Crash" is heard and ECW Representative Mick Foley comes down and stands on the entrance ramp. He says that while the great city of Raleigh deserves a title match between the two right here and now, he's already made matches for the both of them tonight. Lashley and Van Dam look at each other, then Foley, wondering who their opponents are. Foley says that Lashley has looked impressive in beating the past two losers of the elimination chase, so we're going to see how he fares against the final eliminationee of the elimination chase, CM Punk, in the main event here tonight.

The crowd likes the anticipated matchup between Punk and Lashley, with Van Dam cracking a big grin, knowing that it will be a tough battle for Lashley to wear him out before Backlash, but Foley says that Van Dam will have a challenge of his own because he's taking on Hardcore Holly. Van Dam's smile quickly fades away as the two opponents at Backlash stare at each other as ECW on Sci-Fi goes to commercial.


ECW comes back on air, with Van Dam still inside of the ring, presumably waiting for his match against Hardcore Holly. After a few seconds of hype from Tazz and Joey Styles, "How Do Ya Like Me Now" plays as the Alabama Slamma Hardcore Holly makes his way down the ring. Holly, pissed off like usual, sneers at the crowd before he enters the ring. He goes to the top rope and does his usual taunts before he gets ready for his match against Van Dam. The referee rings the bell and the match begins.

It is a tight matchup throughout, with Holly teasing many Alabama Slams during the time they are given, only for Van Dam to slide out of every attempt. A big spot comes mid match when Holly, having Van Dam in the Superplex position, tries to land the move, only for Van Dam to deliver some punches to the face and push him off the turnbuckle and connect with a missle dropkick to get a nearfall. After a few more minutes of battling between the two, Van Dam finishes Holly off by dodging a top rope crossbody and quickly going to the top rope and landing a Five Star Frog Splash to finish off the Alabama Slamma at 8:07.

After the match RVD goes to the top rope and does his "R-V-D" thumbs taunt, only to get JUMPED BY HARDCORE HOLLY! Holly is really pissed off that he didn't win the match, and now he's taking out his frustrations out on Van Dam! Holly starts pounding on Van Dam's back before he hoists RVD on his shoulders and WHIPS HIM HARD INTO THE GROUND, CONNECTING WITH THE ALABAMA SLAM! Van Dam holds his shoulder in pain, with Holly finally feeling like he's done enough to get himself noticed, with ECW going backstage as a referee checks up on Van Dam.


We see the lovely Brooke backstage, who's with the New Breed. Elijah Burke and Matt Striker are dressed to compete, getting ready for their elimination tag-team match against two members of the ECW Originals in just a few minutes. Brooke asks Burke what's on their minds going into the match, knowing that once this match is over, we may never hear of the New Breed ever again. Burke, being laid back, laughs, telling Brooke that they are two of the most in shape athletes that you will ever see in the WWE, while the Originals could be mistaken for garbage handlers. They've been fighting with the Originals for long enough, and now they want to end this charade and move onto bigger things, such as the WWE Tag-Team Championships. Brooke asks Striker what their strategy is going into the match, and Striker, being a smartass that he is, goes into detail that the mix of intelligence by Striker and athletic ability by Burke will be more then enough for them to eliminate both members that the Originals throw at them. The two then leave as ECW goes to commercial again.


"Don't Waste My Time" plays as the New Breed, Elijah Burke and Matt Striker, make their way down the ring for their elimination tag-team tables match. The two look pumped, ready to eliminate the Originals for once and for all. They both quickly enter the ring and do their usual pre-game rituals as they wait for their opponents. "Boxed Man" plays next as the ECW Originals, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman, make their way down as the opponents for Striker and Burke. Burke and Striker share smiles before the Originals enter the ring and the elimination tag-team tables match begins.

The match plays under tornado tag rules, so all four men are inside of the ring at the same time. The first elimination comes when Burke and Striker hit a suplex on Sandman, sending him through two tables at 3:23. For the next few minutes its Striker and Burke dominating Dreamer, close to sending him through a table with a DDT attempt by Striker, but Dreamer delivers some punches to the gut of Striker and delivers a DDT of his own to Striker, sending him through the table at 5:59! Burke quickly tried to surprise Dreamer and deliver a bulldog through a table, but Dreamer held his ground and pushed Burke into the ropes. For the next few minutes its a tight one until we get to the finish which has Burke laying on a table and Dreamer on the top rope. He yells to the crowd that the New Breed is "gone forever", but merely seconds before he jumps and lands a splash on Burke, MARCUS COR VON ENTERS THROUGH THE CROWD! The crowd gives the Alpha Male some huge heat, but he doesn't care. He enters the ring and starts punching the face of Dreamer, trying to stall until Burke gets off the table. The referee tries to take Cor Von off of Dreamer, but once he finally gets off, the damage is already done. Burke quickly goes over to Dreamer, who is still seated on the turnbuckle, and picks him up and delivers a POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE TO END THE MATCH, AND THE ECW ORIGINALS, at 9:01.

After the match, Cor Von, Striker, and Kevin Thorn all come inside of the ring and celebrate with their leader, Burke, who has finally ended the Originals for good. Dreamer, however, hangs his head low, depressed at the result of the match, with him and his friends being split up for good now. He slowly makes his way to the back, with nobody there to console the heart of ECW. As Joey Styles and Tazz talk about all the dedication Dreamer has to ECW, we are taken backstage with Brooke, who's with CM Punk.


Brooke welcomes everyone before she gets right to it and asks Punk what he thinks about his challenge tonight against ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley. Punk says he knows he won't be going to Backlash fighting for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, so this match is to prove a point - that he can hang with the best in ECW, and that he should be the next one in shot for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. For him, this is his chance to shut up all the haters that think he just got signed because of what he believes in and show why in a few months you'll be hearing the words "CM Punk... ECW World Heavyweight Champion." Punk then walks away as ECW cuts to another commercial break.


ECW comes back on air with a video package, which is promoting next weeks Draft. It says it will be a three our special, and that you'll want to see where your favorite superstar ends up. It'll be in full, btw.


We then hear "Hell Will Be Callin Your Name" along with the ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley seen making his way down the ring. He points out to the crowd, with a positive response, as he slowly makes his way down. He quickly enters the ring and hands his belt to the referee as he awaits his opponent. "This Fire Burns" plays next, as the Straightedge Superstar CM Punk makes his way out of the curtain. He has his ribs shirt on and seems very pumped up about this match. He quickly makes his way down and throws his shirt into the crowd. The referee then rings the bell and the main event begins.

The match, while not as good as the spectacular affair last week between Punk and RVD, is a very solid 11 minute bout. Lashley, using his strength, holds the advantage early on in the match, at least until Punk sidesteps a spear attempt from the huge beast. It is then Punk who uses his technical abilities to take control of the match, hitting a step up enziguri and hurricanrana before attempting to lock in the Anaconda Vise, only for MIKE KNOX TO COME DOWN THE RING! Nobody has an idea why the monster is coming down, but he quickly turns this match sour as he takes out both Punk and Lashley at 11:39, wanting to get his name known. The crowd gives Knox heat, who just takes a deep breath and takes it all in, with Joey Styles and Tazz degrading Knox for his actions. Knox walks around the ring and continues to take in their boos, until Punk and Lashley get revenge on Knox and start taking him out! The crowd gives the two some wild cheers for taking out Knox, and they eventually dump him out of the ring. Punk, holding his neck, gives Lashley a handshake, not wanting the two to have bad blood amongst themselves. Lashley shakes Punk's hand as ECW fades to black.

Quick Results:
Rob Van Dam def. Hardcore Holly @ 8:07
Elijah Burke and Matt Striker def. Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman @ 9:01
Bobby Lashley nc. CM Punk @ 11:39

April 29, 2007
Where: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Official Theme: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

Singles Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:
The Undertaker (c) vs. Batista vs. Kane

Ladder Match for the Number One Contendership of WWE Championship:
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

Tag-Team Match for the World Tag-Team Championships:
John Cena & Shawn Michaels (c) vs. The World's Greatest Tag-Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

Debut of "The Killers Korner"
Featuring host Randy Orton & Johnathan Coachman's hand selected guest

More to be announced.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Backlash Recap
April 29, 2007
Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

1. The World's Greatest Tag-Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) def. John Cena & Shawn Michaels (c) to win the World Tag-Team Championship (10:51)
-Late in the match, John Cena hit Benjamin with the F-U, only to be blindsided seconds later by his partner Michaels, who delivered a Sweet Chin Music to his face, then proceeded to drag Benjamin on top of Cena to allow the World's Greatest Tag-Team to become champions.

2. Carlito def. Umaga to win the Intercontinental Championship (8:21)
-After the match initally ended via a double count out, RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman demanded the match to be restarted. A few minutes later, Carlito pulled off the upset by dodging a Samoan Wrecking Ball and rolling the Samoan Bulldozer up for the pinfall victory.

3. Bobby Lashley def. Rob Van Dam to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship (13:20)
-After over 13 minutes of battle between two of ECW's biggest stars, Lashley put an end to The Whole Damn Show. RVD attempted a Five-Star Frogsplash, which Lashley was able to roll out of, and then quickly landed the Dominator seconds later to pick up the victory and keep his reign, which has been going on since December, going.

4. Jeff Hardy def. Edge in a Ladder Match to become the next Number One Contender to the WWE Championship (17:38)
-In what was certainly a match for the ages, Jeff Hardy has finally become the number one contender to the WWE Championship after he unhooked the contract at the top. Near the end of the match Hardy hit a Swanton on Edge, who was laying on a table, near one of the turnbuckles. Hardy proceeded to climb the ladder and win the match.

5. The Undertaker def. Batista & Kane in a Triple Threat Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (14:11)
-For almost 15 minutes three of the largest superstars on the Smackdown brand beat the ever-livin' snot out of each other, which happened to have the Deadman come out on top. Batista speared Kane through the middle ropes, which sent the Big Red Machine to the outside of the ring. The Undertaker then capitalized on this opportunity and hit Batista with the move that he beat him with at Wrestlemania, the Tombstone Piledriver.

6. John Cena def. Shawn Michaels to retain the WWE Championship (24:38)
-In what was the only 'true' rematch of Wrestlemania 23, John Cena again got the best of the Heart Break Kid in what was an epic match for the ages. It took Cena two F-U's and an STFU to finally put Michaels' hopes of winning another World Title to rest. After the match, the two men finally exchanged a clean and fair handshake, which has ultimately ended this feud

Last thread ended a little over a month ago 4/6/10. Aight, boys and girls. I'm back to another of my old threads. I know, I can't stick to one thread for more then what seems like a show, but trust me, even with three brands to deal with, I will be able to get this thread moving along, so please stay with me. Pretty please Next show up will be the WWE Draft, which will be in full, then after that, I'll sadly have to go back to recap. I will provide a roster update after the draft show, as well.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Backlash Comments

The WGTT as tag champions is always a good thing, as theyíll be able to carry the division for awhile, although they havenít really done that much, so Iím not too sure theyíre all that credible, at the moment. Having Michaels turn on Cena is also a pretty cool idea, as it gives the main event a bit of hype and what not. I was glad to see you gave the match a fair length to, as it allows the WGTT to get over a little. A good start anyway, bud.

Carlito has barely been built up, and hasnít done anything in awhile, therefore I must admit, having him defeat a monster like Umaga disappointed me a little. Iíll be interested to see what you do with ĎLito as champ, yet I donít know how youíre going to be able to deal with making Umaga a monster again. So yeah, not sure you made the best decision here, man.

Iím just going to come out and say that Iím not the hugest fan of Bobby Lashley, so to see him beat RVD kind of disappointed me a little bit. Iíll have to see what happens on ECW from here, but I canít see RVD doing anything else but be champion on the brand, so I definitely expect him to be drafted.

Ughh at Jeff Hardy now being the number one contender for the WWE Championship. The guy canít wrestle, and he canít talk on the microphone for shit, therefore I donít see any appeal in reading him in a BTB. Edge on the other hand, is a terrific read. Anyway, Iíll have to see how you go.

I donít like The Undertaker as a champion, I donít know why, but I just feel as if he is much better suited to roam around and get over mid card talent, before eventually beating them. As for Kane, heís shit house these days, so I donít know how he will go from here. I wonder what will happen with Batista from here, maybe a heel turn?

Iím happy Cena retained the title, as not a lot of people like him, so having him as champion these days is a little refreshing. As for whatís next for HBK, I donít really have a clue, but he could do just about anything.

Not really much feedback, more my opinion on things due to the short length of the PPV. I followed this thread a little when it was first started, and Iíll try and continue with that now. Good luck.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW
April 30, 2007


RAW kicks off with a video package recapping last nights Pay-Per-View Extravaganza known as Backlash. It focuses on the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, a rematch of the Wrestlemania 23 main event. Both Cena and Michaels are seen going toe-to-toe for over 20 minutes, until it is Cena who pulls out the victory via the STFU. Cena and Michaels' handshake is shown from the end of the PPV, then it switches to the Draft focus.

A deep overvoice is heard, proclaiming this day as the day the WWE will be flipped upside down. Tag-teams will be broken up. Champions will be switched. Big names will move. Expect the unexpected. And it is all because of the three hour special known as the WWE Draft! The video then ends and we get taken out to the crowd.


The crowd is absolutely electric for tonight's Draft Special, and we get a large pyro for one of the WWE's biggest nights of the year. After a few more minutes of scanning the crowd, we get taken to the three man announcing team of Jim Ross, JBL, and Tazz, one from each of the brands.

Jim Ross: Hhhheelllloooo ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a jam-packed edition of Monday Night RAW! To-

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: FEATURING the Smackdown Brand...

Tazz: An' don't forget about us guys at E-C-dub.

Jim Ross: Ah, yes, as you folks at home can see, tonight all three brands present to you one of the biggest shows of the year, the three hour WWE Draft Special. Throughout the night we will see matches between superstars from all three brands with them fighting for a chance to earn a draft pick for his respective brand.

Tazz: Ah' yes, and the night will end with a huge 15 man Battle Royal, with 5 men from each brand fighting for not one, but TWO draft picks!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Will you please pipe down? We all know that the blue brand will win all of it's matches tonight, and (pointing towards JR) we'll take YOUR WWE Champion, and (pointing towards Tazz) we'll take YOUR ECW World Heavyweight Champion. It's going to be a glorious day for Smackdown. Raw just has a bunch of prima-donnas, and ECW has a bunch of no-names. Smackdown has the talent to win every single match tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, I don't wanna be a 'negative Nancy' for you, JBL, but us guys at RAW have some extremely talented superstars who should be able to win tonight.

Tazz: Now, now, you guys have gotta stop sellin' my brand short. We have some extremely gifted superstars over here and we're gonna prove it tonight.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh please, you guys will be lucky if you even have a roster after tonight, let alone win a match.

All of the bickering is stopped as the bell is rung and our first match for a draft pick is under way.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our first WWE Draft match of the night, which is a triple threat match for one pick.

***The Masterpiece***

Hits and Raw's own Chris Masters comes out, to some mild boos. JBL gives out a few chuckles under his breath as Masters makes his way down the ramp, flexing his enormous pecs. Masters eventually makes it into the ring and connects his hands overtop his head, indicating his 'Masterlock' finisher.

Jim Ross: Well here comes one of the strongest men in the WWE at the moment, Chris Masters. I don't think anyone has broken out of his deadly 'Masterlock' finisher yet, and that has been going on for well over two years. This kid has a lot of talent, and could possibly be a future WWE Champion.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I don't care if this guy may be a WWE Champion tomorrow, next week, or at Wrestlemania 24, tonight, this kid ain't pickin' up a 'W', especially if he's going up against a Smackdown Superstar.

***Bad Dream***

Coming out second is ECW's own Tommy Dreamer, to a small amount of cheers. The Heart and Soul of ECW has a shirt on with ECW as the label. He gives the crowd high fives as he makes his way down the ring, and slides into the ring, doing his usual pre-match antics.

Tazz: Hey, it's the Heart and Soul of ECW, mah man Tommy Dreamer! A former ECW World Heavyweight Champion himself, I like our first representative from General Manager Foley. Dreamer is a smart, grizzled veteran, who can go in the ring.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I do not see why you guys are getting you hopes up at all. I don't even know who Smackdown's representative will be, but I'm extrememly confident that he will pick up a win in this match.

***Born Naughty***

Hits and out comes the third competitor of the match, Smackdown's William Regal. The Englishman has his usual trench coat on as he scurries down the ring. He has a nasty sneer on his face, disgusted that the crowd would have the audacity to boo him. Regal slides into the ring and dumps his trench coat over the top rope as these three men get ready to begin the match.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oooh boy, hard nosed Bill Regal at your service. This man is a hell of a brawler and doesn't take shit from anybody. I feel bad that Dreamer and Masters have to go up against one of the best technical wrestlers in history.

Jim Ross: I do respect Regal for his technical ability, but will he certainly isn't as strong as Chris Masters...

Tazz: And he doesn't have half the heart that Tommy Dreamer has.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh will you two shut up and watch Smackdown pick up the first pick of the night? Please?

And with that, the bell is rung and the match begins.

Match One
Triple Threat Match for One Draft Pick
Chris Masters vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. William Regal

Like most triple threats, there really isn't a dull moment in the amount of time that these three men are given. At the beginning of the match the heels, Masters and Regal, double team Dreamer, despite them being on opposite brands. The two beat down Dreamer before Masters press slams him and throws him to the outside. Masters then gets distracted for just a moment, flexing his muscles off to the crowd, which causes Regal to jump him and get the advantage. He uses his technical skill to wear down Masters while Dreamer recovers on the outside, and eventually locks in the Regal Stretch, only for Dreamer to slide in and break it up at the last second to save both ECW's and RAW's chances at winning the first pick.

Dreamer disposes of Masters before he walks over to Regal and the two swap right hands with each other, which Dreamer wins. He eventually gets a two count with an inverted DDT, however Masters is the one who then breaks up the pin. With Regal down, Masters seizes an opportunity and wraps his arms around Dreamer into a full nelson hold, otherwise known as the Masterlock. Dreamers face quickly turns to a purplish color, and appears to be unconscious. Masters, knowing that Dreamer won't tap out, throws him face first onto the canvas and prepares to cover him, however, Regal gets back on his feet and surprises Masters by throwing him through the ropes and covering Dreamer himself to pick up the win for Smackdown!

Winner: William Regal via Pinfall (7:02)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match via pinfall... William Regal! Smackdown will receive one pick.

Regal jumps up in the air happily after he picks up the surprising victory, much to both Dreamers and Masters dismay. Masters is seen on the outside holding his hands on top of his head, not knowing that Regal had gotten up to his feet. Dreamer is laying down on the canvas inside of the ring, still trying to recover from the Masterlock. Regal gets his hand raised by the referee as he, along with everyone else, waits to see who the first pick of the night is.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeaahh, baby. Didn't I tell you chumps that Smackdown was gonna win? One and oh already, and we're about to pick up a huge weapon.

Jim Ross: Dammit, dammit, dammit. That no good William Regal stole a victory right under Masters' nose. Masters had the match won, JBL!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh you stop your whining. You sound like Michael Cole with all of your whining. I told you, Regal is a smart man and he picks his chances, and now Smackdown's gettin' another Superstar.

Attention is quickly turned to the titantron, which has all of the faces of the RAW and ECW wrestlers on there. It flips through some noticable faces, such as John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Carlito, Elijah Burke, and Rob Van Dam before it lands on...


John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh HELL YES barbeque boy!

Umaga, along with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada, come out from the back of the curtain, with Umaga giving a toothy grin to the crowd. He lets out a large scream to the crowd as Estrada nods in approval.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Talk about adding another piece to an already stacked roster, boys. It's gonna be tough to make it to the top here on Smackdown with another big piece added. Umaga is gonna make everyone's life a living hell, believe me.

Jim Ross: While it's always bad to lose a superstar, I don't think many are upset that this imposing figure is off to the blue brand. He simply dominated the Intercontinental Division for months and now he's looking to do it on Smackdown.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Looking? JR, this guy will be smellin' World Title Gold by the end of the year, trust me.

Jim Ross: The draft has now begun, but before we get a match for another pick, let's go backstage with Kelly Kelly, who's with WWE Champion John Cena. Kelly...


Kelly is all dolled up for her interview, with John right next to her with his WWE Championship right around his shoulder.

Kelly Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is none other then the WWE Champion John Cena!

Mixed reaction towards Cena, which is no surprise here. He simply smirks it off and rubs his chin in anticipation for Kelly's first question.

Kelly Kelly: John, last night, in a match for the ages, you defeated Shawn Michaels again, and after the match, he shook your hand, which has all but ended this 'feud' between you two. My question is, what's next for the WWE Champion?

Cena takes his hat off his head and readjusts it before talking into the microphone that Kelly basically has shoved in his face.

John Cena: Well, Kelly, there's a handful of guys on this roster who are capable of challenging me for the title, so I'm just waiting to see who's going to step out of that curtain and face me next.

Kelly Kelly: We all know that tonight is the annual WWE Draft night, so what are your thoughts about getting some new blood on the RAW brand?

John Cena: Kelly, I'm all for it. Anything that can make RAW stronger as a whole is a plus. And hey, I don't have a problem with anyone that comes here. If they wanna come out and try to make a statement, fine. They just better know that I have the biggest prize in all of the WWE right on my shoulder.

Kelly Kelly: It has been announced that tonight it will be you and the man you beat last night, Shawn Michaels, in a tag-team match, facing the World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker and his opponent last night, Batista, in a tag-team match for one draft pick. Any chance that there is a little bit of tension between you and Shawn still?

Cena rubs his chin and scratches his head, thinking of an answer to Kelly's last question.

John Cena: Kelly, I'm not gonna lie, I don't think me and Shawn will ever clearly see eye to eye. There's just been too much between us in the past two months for us to work as a fine tuned machine. However, Shawn, like me, is a team-player, and he knows that what's best for RAW is for us to beat Batista and the Undertaker tonight.

Kelly Kelly: John, thank you for your time.

John nods his head and then walks off the interview set, ending the interview as RAW goes to it's first commercial of the night.


Raw comes back on air with Lillian Garcia inside of the ring, announcing the second match for a draft pick.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the second draft match of the evening, for one pick, which is Smackdown versus RAW!

***Slow Chemical***

Out comes the twisted and demented monster, Kane. His normal pyro goes off as his music hits, and the Big Red Machine makes his way down the ring. Kane has that evil look on his face, like he is ready to kill someone.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oooh boy, looks like Smackdown is gonna pick up another superstar, and we still have two and a half hours to go, haha!

Jim Ross: I wouldn't be counting your chickens before they hatch, JBL. I'm sure whoever RAW brings out here will be able to go with the Big Red Machine.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, have you been sniffing too much of your Barbeque Sauce? There's no chance in HELL that Kane loses tonight. No matter who it is.

***Also sprach Zarathustra***

And out comes the living legend himself, Ric Flair, who has his protege and newly crowned Intercontinental Champion Carlito by his side. Flair gives Carlito a look of uncertainty as he makes his way down the ring, knowing that it will be no walk in the park with Kane. Eventually he slides under the ropes and gets ready for his match, as Carlito grabs a chair and sits by ringside.

Jim Ross: And who said we didn't have some aces up our sleeves, JBL? You and I both know that Flair is one of the greatest to ever lace 'em up, and he's defeated a 'who's who' of names. Kane has his work cut out for him tonight.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield': You also forgot to mention that Flair is twenty years past his prime and that he hasn't done anything memorable in over ten years! Flair was one of the best... in the 1980's! Now, he's nothing more then a washed up 60 year old man. This is a walk in the park for Kane tonight.

Jim Ross: Flair may be in the twilight of his career, but no doubt does he have the ability to shock us every once in a while, which I believe is what he will do here tonight.

Once again, the bell rings and the match between these two begins.

Match Two
Singles Match for One Draft Pick
Kane vs. Ric Flair

The crowd is a little more alive for this match then the previous, as both of these two men are more over then the other three by a clear margin. Flair tries to avoid Kane at first, knowing that he cannot win a strength contest with him. During the beginning of the match Flair uses his brain and slowly works on the body parts of Kane by clipping his knees and raking his eyes, which is signature Nature Boy moves. For a while Flair appears to have the upset pulled on Kane, until Kane no sells a knife-edge chop and takes Flair down with a clohtesline!

For the next few minutes Kane toys with Flair, eventually hitting the Chokeslam, only for Carlito to step in and pull his mentor out of the ring, saving him from a pinfall loss. Kane, not liking Carlito's involvment one bit, goes out the ring as well and the two go at it for a few seconds, which ends with Kane taking Carlito out with a big boot to the face! Kane then walks over to Flair, who is near the barricade regaining his energy. Kane grabs Flair by his bleach-blond hair and whips him into the ring, but just as he's about to get inside of the ring as well, the bell rings, and the match is over.

Winner: Ric Flair via Count Out (8:29)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via count-out... Ric Flair! RAW will receive 1 draft pick!

Count out!? Kane cannot believe it. He absolutely loses his mind! Kane grabs the steel chair that Carlito had been sitting on during the match and starts slamming it onto the ground in anger, before whipping it at the steel steps. Inside of the ring, Flair's protege Carlito helps him up as the referee raises his hand for victory.

Jim Ross: I told ya' to never count out good ol' Naitch, JBL!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: This is flat out bullshit JR! How can you give the victory to someone by a count out? You said that William Regal's victory was cheap, but I think Nature Boy has him beat in that category.

Jim Ross: Oh will you stop with the sour grapes. Let's take a look at who RAW will be getting.

Once again we are focused on the titantron, this time with a variety of Smackdown and ECW superstars appearing on it, such as Batista, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Matt Hardy, and Bobby Lashley, before landing on...


"Slow Chemical" plays again, and Kane doesn't really know what the hell is going on, since he was taking his time beating the shit out of the steel chair. However, once he notices that he has been drafted to RAW, Kane looks at Flair and Carlito in the middle of the ring, gives out a demented laugh, and strikes his pyro to go off, which gives a scare to the tandem inside of the ring.

Jim Ross: How do ya' like that, JBL? One of your own is now a RAW superstar!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, Smackdown's talent pool is so deep we didn't need Kane anyways. In fact, I'm glad you took him off our hands. Just some more dead weight that we got rid of.

Jim Ross: Oh I beg to differ, JBL. We know how twisted and demented Kane really is, and now he's going to be bringing those actions here to RAW.


Now we are shown an extended recap of last night's Backlash PPV, which has it showing some more highlights, other then the main event. These highlights include:
-Jeff Hardy finally retrieving the contract to become the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship
-The World's Greatest Tag-Team beating Shawn Michaels and John Cena to win the World Tag-Team Championship, the third Tag-Title Reign for the team.
-Carlito winning the Intercontinental Championship against Umaga, his 2nd in his career.
-And Bobby Lashley beating Rob Van Dam to retain his ECW World Heavyweight Championship that he has held since December of the past year.

Once the video ends, we get taken to another commercial break.


Once RAW comes back from a commercial break, we get taken to the middle of the ring with Lillian Garcia announcing the third match of the night.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the third draft match of the evening, for one pick, which features Smackdown versus ECW!

***Live For The Moment***

Out comes Matt Hardy to a decent pop from the crowd. He does his normal V-1 hand signal before coming down the aisle and giving the fans high fives. Matt has one of his WWEshop.com shirts on, which he gives to a young fan in the front row, before sliding into the ring, waiting for his opponent to come out.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Smackdown may have been screwed out of getting two picks in a row, but Matt Hardy tops anything that that garbage brand has to offer.

Tazz: JBL, I don't know if you noticed, but you're a huge prick.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Don't get angry with me just because your brand doesn't have a pick yet.

Tazz: We still have a long show to go, JBL. I doubt we'll be held scoreless for long.


Plays and the freak known as Snitsky makes his way out from the curtain. Snitsky, yellow teeth and all, slowly tumbles down the ring, before walking up the steps and entering the ring. Snitsky, having a few feet and pounds on Hardy, strikes a little bit of fear into Hardy, possibly because of his bad teeth. Possibly.

Tazz: Snitsky might not ever win a beauty pagaent, but this guy is one tough mother f'er, and Matt Hardy I think knows that.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: The only thing that Matt knows is that Snitsky's teeth haven't felt the feeling of a toothbrush since the third grade.

Tazz: Do you ever have anything nice to say about anyone?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It's called doing my job, jackass.

Sadly, the bickering between the Smackdown and ECW announcers is cut short, as the bell rings and the match begins.

Match Three
Singles Match for One Draft Pick
Matt Hardy vs. Snitsky

Snitsky begins with the advantage in this short match, just absolutely smacking the taste out of Hardy's mouth at the beginning of the match with a decapitating lariat. Snitsky, with the momentum that he has had over the past few weeks on ECW, toys with Hardy for a few minutes, eventually taking him down with a big boot to the face. Snitsky tries to connect with the Pumphandle Slam about three minutes into the match, but Hardy gets out of it with some punches to the head of Snitsky.

Once Hardy gets out of the Pumphandle Slam he begins to take some of Snitsky's momentum, first with a forearm smash, then with a turnbuckle clothesline, followed by a bulldog. The crowd is now behind Matt, who is really feeling the momentum now. With Snitsky down on the ground, Hardy gives his V-1 hand gesture, getting the crowd even more excited. Hardy waits for Snitsky to get up on his feet, and once he does, Matt delivers a kick to his midsection and wraps his left arm around Snitsky's head, getting ready for the Twist of Fate. Hardy yells out to the crowd, but just before he can connect with the move, Snitsky uses his strength to drive Matt backwards into the turnbuckle, which causes him to release the hold!

Snitsky regains his energy before he lifts his long leg into the throat of Hardy, choking him into submission! Hardy's arms are flailing in the air, but the referee saves Matt by breaking up the hold, due to Matt being around the ropes. Snitsky isn't too happy with the decision by the referee, letting out a huge yell to the referee. The referee scurries away in fear, and Snitsky believes his message has been sent: don't fuck with him. However, all of the time that he spent arguing with the referee allowed Matt to regain his stamina, and once Snitsky turned around to face Matt, Hardy kicked him in the gut and quickly landed the Twist of Fate for the pinfall victory, earning Smackdown another pick.

Winner: Matt Hardy via Pinfall (6:44)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall... Matt Hardy! Smackdown will receive one draft pick!

Matt Hardy gets up to his feet and raises his arms in celebration. He gets his arm raised by the referee, while Snitsky looks on in disappointment. The ugly bastard smacks his hands onto the canvas, angered that he lost to someone that is so much smaller then him.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeeahh baby! Smackdown just keeps on winnin'! I told you that that freak Snitksy didn't have a chance against a Smackdown wrestler! Man, Teddy Long's boys are havin' a field day on those chumps on RAW and ECW!

Tazz: Oh will you shut your yap, JBL?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: 'Ey, don't you get lippy with me just because your associated with a bunch of losers! Smackdown is where it's at, boy.

Jim Ross: Well let's turn our attention to the TitanTron and see who will be Smackdown's newest superstar.

Attention is quickly turned to the titantron, which has all of the faces of the RAW and ECW wrestlers on there. It flips through some noticable faces, such as John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Carlito, Elijah Burke, and Rob Van Dam before it lands on...


And a resounding boo comes out from the crowd as RAW's Masters has been shipped to Smackdown. "The Masterpiece" plays and Masters comes out of the curtain with a Smackdown shirt on. He raises his hands and does the Masterlock signal before making his way back.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Haha, another one of your 'guys' from RAW has been taken away, JR. How do ya like THAT!

Jim Ross: It's no doubt that you guys got quite an asset in Masters. Like I said when he was wrasslin' for the good guys earlier in the show, he's a big kid. He has to learn from his mistakes, but the skies the limit for this guy.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oooh boy, first we get the freak Umaga and now we have Masters!? I'm pretty sure we all know where the class of the WWE is now.

Tazz: John, I wouldn't get too cocky. We still have two hours to go, and a lot of things can change in two hours.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeah, like us taking out both of your guys' talent pools! Haha!

Jim Ross: Oh John you stop. Anyways, last night, the RAW brand presented to you our annual post-Wrestlemania pay-per-view extravaganza, Backlash. Titles were won, tag-teams were broken up, and one man has finally gotten the chance that he has been dreaming for since he was a child. Here's a video...


???: I am the 'Charismatic Enigma' Jeff Hardy.

Quick clip of Hardy wrestling during one of his first big matches, the Ladder Match at No Mercy 1999.

Jeff Hardy: I've been at the bottom of the totem pole...

Hardy is seen being pinned by Razor Ramon in his 'debut' in 1994.

Jeff Hardy: But now I'm on top of the world...

Clip of Hardy retrieving the contract during the Ladder Match last night at Backlash.

Jeff Hardy: I've finally earned something that I've worked for for over TEN years!...

Hardy is seen doing his infamous Swanton Bomb during the second Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match at Wrestlemania X-7.

Jeff Hardy: The chance...

Hardy is seen landing his 20 foot ladder drop in this most recent Money In the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 23.

Jeff Hardy: To become...

Hardy hits a leg drop from the top of the Steel Cage during the Hardy's Tag-Team title match at Unforgiven 2000.


Hardy is celebrating with one of the many Tag-Team championships that he has won throughout his career as the video ends and RAW goes to another commercial break.


RAW comes back on air and we are in an office, RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman's, to be exact, and we see all three General Managers in the room, watching the draft on a television monitor like all of you fans at home. Mick Foley, ECW's General Manager, is the man that breaks the ice.

Mick Foley: Teddy, man, quite a draft you have so far, 'eh?

Teddy Long: Oh yeah, playa'. Umaga an' now tha' Masterpiece? I'm likin' what I'm seein' fo' mah' boys.

Long takes a sip of the champaign that is in his glass, while Foley cracks open a brewski. Coachman, on the otherhand, seems furious at how Smackdown already has two picks under their belt.

Mick Foley: (taking a sip of his beer) Aaah, man this is some nice cold beer. A perfect way to enjoy RAW tonight.

Teddy Long: I agree. Let's 'ave a toast: to the three greatest General Managers in the world, playa'.

Mick Foley: Amen to that, bro.

The two clank their drinks together, but Coachman continues to be a little gittery, pulling out some papers out of his desk.

Mick Foley: Hey Coach, you alright?

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah, yeah... I was just thinking...

Teddy Long: 'Bout what, playa'?

Coachman strokes his goatee before tossing the papers back into the drawer.

Jonathan Coachman: Well... I've received word about a huge free agent wanting to come back to the WWE, and yesterday I was gonna offer him a contract, but...

Mick Foley: But what?

Jonathan Coachman: But I was told by WWE Headquarters that since this man is a former World Champion both you and Teddy have to receive a fair shot at this free agent as well. So I was thinking...

Coachman pauses, thinking over his plan.

Teddy Long: Well go on wit' it, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: I was thinking that all three of us could put a little friendly 'wager' on this free agent, with the winner earning the rights to that said free agent.

Mick Foley: Well, what's the wager?

Jonathan Coachman: At Judgment Day, all three of us, you, me, and Teddy, pick a representative to wrestle in a triple threat match, where the winner earns his brand the right to sign the free agent. What do you guys say?

Foley and Coachman give each other looks, before sharing a smile and nodding their heads in approval.

Teddy Long: Jus' one thing... who is this free agent?

Jonathan Coachman: Well I thought you'd never ask...

And just like that, the doors close, and we are taken back out to the middle of the ring with Lillian Garcia for the next match of the night.


Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our fourth draft match of the evening, for one pick, which features RAW versus ECW!


Plays and Johnny Nitro, along with his valet Melina make their way down the red carpet, with the Papparazzi taking pictures as they come down. Nitro does his usual intro, with Melina doing the splits across the bottom of the rope, before helping her man enter the ring. Nitro takes off his large fur coat and hands it to his woman, and then waits for his opponent to come out.

Jim Ross: Now here comes the cocky, but talented, Johnny Nitro, along with his lovely valet, Melina. He certainly will have a chance to pick up a victory for us tonight.

***This Fire Burns***

Hits next and CM Punk makes his way out of the back for ECW, to a nice amount of cheers from the crowd. Punk has his normal ribs t-shirt on, which can be found exclusively on wweshop.com (e), and tosses it into the crowd as he makes his way up the steps. Punk enters the ring and rubs his hands together, anxious in getting his hands on Nitro.

Tazz: Oh baby! One of EC-dub's brightest superstars is out here. JR, your man Nitro is gonna have a tough out here tonight.

Jim Ross: To be fair, I wouldn't say that Punk has a walk in the park either. Johnny Nitro is a former Intercontinental Champion and know's his way around the ring, Tazz.

Tazz: Yeah, but Punk has that Swagger about him. That confidence that he's going to win the match. I'd watch out if I was Nitro.

The bell is then rung, and another draft match is underway.

Match Four
Single Match for One Draft Pick
Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) vs. CM Punk

The match, featuring two highly athletic superstars, has nonstop action throughout. Both Punk and Nitro show off their wide variety of moves, which include Punk hitting a springboard clothesline, a diving crossbody, and a step-up enziguri. Nitro connected on his fair share of moves as well, including a springboard elbow drop, Russian legsweep, and a running knee smash. Psychology isn't a major focal point during the match, as the two are busy exchanging their maneuvers instead. Nitro eventually becomes the man with the advantage and picks up a two-count, only for Punk to roll up the shoulder just in time.

Nitro keeps his composure, however, and continues his dominance for the next few minutes, until he tries to go big and land the Starship Pain, only for Punk to roll out at the last second, causing Nitro to crash and burn! Punk uses this to his advantage by throwing Nitro into the turnbuckle and connecting with a knee to Nitro's face, followed by a bulldog! Punk then continues holding the upper hand for a few more minutes until he tries to end it with the Go To Sleep, only for Nitro to slide off of his shoulders and take Punk down with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Nitro then covers Punk for the win... BUT PUNK GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE AT 2 1/2! Nitro looks at the referee and can't believe that the match is still going.

Nitro vents his frustrations by slamming his hands onto the mat like a two year old who just didn't get what they wanted. Nitro then walks over and lifts Punk up by his head, only for Punk to sneakily hoist Nitro onto his shoulders and quickly hit the Go 2 Sleep for a victory, resulting in ECW's first draft pick of the night.

Winner: CM Punk via Pinfall (8:19)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, via pinfall... CM Punk! ECW will receive one draft pick.

Punk immediately gets up to his feet in a nice pop for his victory, smirking at the defeated Nitro. Nitro rubs his hands through his hair, shocked that he got pinned after having the advantage near the end. He quickly storms out of the ring and hides his face in shame, with Melina trying to cheer him up as he makes his way to the back.

Tazz: Yess, baby! EC-dub ain't gettin' shut out tonight!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Big deal, Tazz. CM Punk was facing a RAW wrestler, so are you really surprised that he won?

Jim Ross: I've heard about enough out of you, JBL.

Tazz: Man, I don't care. I just wanna see EC-dub's new extremist!

The three announcers take a look at the TitanTron, which shows various superstars, such as John Cena, The Undertaker, Ric Flair, Carlito, King Booker, Randy Orton, and Matt Hardy, before landing on...


"Lambeg" plays and ECW's newest acquisition comes out to a chorus of boos, except from Tazz, who is giddy with excitement at the announcers desk.

Tazz: Hahaha, take THAT JBL. We just got a huge steal with Finlay. He'll certainly be able to fit the 'extreme' mould that us at ECW look for.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Actually, Tazz, I'm happy that you took that filthy Irishman away. That means we don't have to see his little bastard on Smackdown anymore either. This is called an addition by subtraction, and I'm positive nobody in the back is weaping over FINLAY.

Tazz: Say what you want, but he can kick your ass anyday of the week, JBL.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh please. He's nothing more then a worthless Irishman.

Jim Ross: I hate to break it up between you two, but we have to go backstage with Todd Grisham. Todd...


We are now taken backstage with Grisham, who's with 'The World's Greatest Tag-Team' Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. The two are flashing smiles with their newly won World Tag-Team Titles around their waist. Both of them shine up their titles as Grisham begins their interview.

Todd Grisham: Guys, I'd first like to congratulate on your title win last night against John Cena and Shawn Michaels. It was quite a performance that you two put on.

Shelton Benjamin: Of course it was a great performance by us, Todd. They don't call us the World's Greatest Tag-Team for nothing.

Todd Grisham: Um, actually, you guys are the only ones that call yourself the World's Greatest Tag-Team.

Charlie grabs Todd's microphone and interrupts him

Charlie Haas: That's... that's... that's because we... we haven't had a chance to shine yet... Yeah, we've always been... we've always been held down by guys who thought they were better then us. But... but now we're the ones that are holding the belts, not any of them.

Haas pushes the microphone back into Grisham's chest as Grisham preps for another question.

Todd Grisham: Well guys, in just a few minutes it will be put up or shut up for both of you as you guys will be going up against a tag-team from Smackdown for one draft pick. Are you guys nervous as your first match as champions?

This time Shelton takes the microphone and answers the question for himself and his partner.

Shelton Benjamin: Todd, please. Nervous isn't even in our dictionary. As far as we're concerned, Smackdown can throw five guys at us, and we'd still win. So two guys? That's... that's a piece of cake.

Todd Grisham: You guys seem to be awfully confident for only holding the titles for a day as of right now...

The two men are insulted that Todd doesn't believe their sentiments of being great.

Charlie Haas: Listen here, Todd. Me an' Shelton... Me an' Shelton both are gifted in amateur wrestlin', an' now we're gonna show 'em off tonight. It doesn't matter that we've only held the title for a day...

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah, because soon, we'll have the longest ever reign as champions.

Haas let's out an enthusiastic 'yeah', while Grisham forces a laugh out of himself before interrupting the two.

Todd Grisham: Guys, look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but... but Demolition has the longest single reign with your belts, with over 450 days as champs. I'm not sure you guys can last over a year as champions, if I'm honest.

The champions let out a laugh before Benjamin grabs the microphone again.

Shelton Benjamin: Pssh, Todd, please. You think a year is a challenge to us? I'll tell you what, if we can't last a year as champions, the World's Greatest Tag-Team will split up... forever.

Haas and Grisham both give Shelton a surprised look after his last comment.

Todd Grisham: Ar- Are you honest with that notion, Shelton?

Charlie Haas: Yeah, Shelton, are you?

Haas and Grisham both stare intently at Benjamin, wanting to know if he's serious or not.

Shelton Benjamin: Yes, I most certainly am, guys. Now let's go get ready for our match, Charlie.

Shelton walks off the set, as Charlie takes his time, soaking in all of the words that Shelton has just said within the past two minutes, before following along. RAW, however, goes to another...


Lillian Garcia is back inside of the ring to make the ring announcements as RAW comes back on the air.

Lillian Garica: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our fifth draft pick match of the evening, a tag-team match scheduled for one-fall, which features RAW versus Smackdown!

***World's Greatest***

And first out, representing RAW, are the newly crowned World Tag-Team Champions, the (Self-Proclaimed) World's Greatest Tag-Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Benjamin has a big pop in his step, probably because he's finally getting a decent push. Haas, however, is a few steps behind Shelton, still thinking over what Shelton told Todd Grisham right before RAW went to commercial that if the two didn't hold the titles for at least a year the World's Greatest Tag-Team would split up for good.

Jim Ross: JBL, Tazz, no offense to any of the wrestlers on either one of your brands, but these two men that are making their way down the ring now are the two of the best amateur wrestlers in the WWE right now. Benjamin is a former Golden Gopher, where he was a two time All-American, and Haas was a two time Big East Champion when he was at Seton Hall. They certainly have the wrestling ability to hold onto the titles for over a year, as Shelton has promised.

***Hey You***

Sprinting out from the back are Smackdown's representatives and current WWE Tag-Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. The two sprint down the aisle and slide into the ring, remove their masks, and do their traditional backflips off the top turnbuckle, which gets a small pop from some of the fans in the front row. They hand their titles to the referee and get in their corner, ready to start the match.

Jim Ross: JBL, I have to ask, are these two guys always this energized?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeah, JR, these two guys always seem to be hopped up on caffeine or something. I think it's annoying, but if they wanna burn up their energy by sprinting down the ring, so be it. As long as they pick up the win for Smackdown right now, I won't care how they make their way down the ring.

Jim Ross: I know you'd enjoy receiving another superstar, JBL, but they're going up against RAW's best tag-team at the moment. Champion versus Champion, right now!

Match Five
Tag-Team Match for One Draft Pick
World's Greatest Tag-Team (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (c) vs. Londrick (Paul London and Brian Kendrick) (c)

This short tag-team match has a lot of action in the five minutes that it is held in. Haas and Kendrick kick off the match, with Kendrick hitting a hurricarana only 15 seconds into the match. Within the next minute Kendrick also connected on a jumping side kick and a springboard crossbody, which earned him a nearfall. Haas, however, got the match in his teams advantage when he poked the eye of Kendrick and threw him into his teams corner, followed by making the tag to Shelton.

Haas holds Kendrick near their corner until Benjamin comes sprinting and connecting with a Stinger Splash! For the next few minutes the World Tag-Team Champions isolate Kendrick from his partner, with Haas hitting an inverted atomic drop while Shelton superkicked Kendrick simultaneously. Shelton tried to end the match with a T-Bone Suplex, but Kendrick got out of it with some elbows to the head of Shelton, followed by another jumping side kick, before finally getting the hot tag to London!

Despite London weighing 200 pounds when soaking wet, he swings the control over to his team in a hurry, hitting a dropkick on Benjamin, sending him crashing to the mat, before running over to Haas and punching him in the face, sending him down to the ground! London continues his flurry of moves with an inverted atomic drop of his own on Benjamin, with a Frankensteiner immediately after. London then makes his move to the top rope, looking to land his finisher, the London Calling, and finish off the match. However, right as London gets to the top rope, Haas comes up and PUSHES HIM OFF THE TURNBUCKLE! London crashes head first into the canvas, and Benjamin immediately takes advantage of the situation by connecting on the T-Bone Suplex and getting the easy 1-2-3 pinfall for his team.

Winners: World's Greatest Tag-Team via Pinfall (5:48)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners via pinfall... The World's Greatest Tag-Team, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas! RAW will receive one draft pick.

Charlie enters the ring and picks up his partner, hugging him after their first win as champions. The two get their hands raised by the referees and then are handed their World Tag-Team Championship belts. The two pose with them for a second as they, along with everyone else, await to see who they got drafted over to RAW.

Jim Ross: I don't wanna say I told you so, JBL, but...

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Keep that mouth of your's shut, barbecue boy. Your 'champions' cheated to win that match in the first place, so I don't know why you're all giddy with excitement.

Jim Ross: I'm pretty sure it still counts as a win, JBL, and that RAW will get a draft pick in a matter of seconds.

The announcers then turn to the titantron, yet again, to see who RAW's newest superstar will be. The draft screen flashes through various Smackdown superstars, such as Batista, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, and Matt Hardy, before landing on...


HOLY SHIT! The Rabid Wolverine comes back to the brand where he won his first and only World Championship, back in 2004. "Whatever" plays throughout the loudspeakers and Benoit, with his United States Championship, comes out to a great ovation. He raises his title up in the air and points out to all of the fans cheering for him, only for...


To blare out through the PA System, with Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long making his way out. Teddy only gets a small reaction, but doesn't appear to want to waste any time, with a microphone already in his hand.

Teddy Long: 'Ey, Chris, playa, I'm sad to see you leave Smackdown here tonight, but there's something that you 'ave, 'dat I need.

Chris looks at long, then at his United States Championship belt, which is a Smackdown only belt. He looks at Long in despair, not wanting to give up the title that he has held since October of the last year.

Teddy Long: Yea', playa, I need 'dat United States Championship belt.

Chris takes one final hard look at his United States Championship belt, kisses it, then reluctantly hands it over to Teddy Long.

Teddy Long: I'm sorry, Chris, but I'm jus' followin' the WWE's rule 'dat a champion can't bring his belt over to another brand. I hope their isn't any hard feelin's.

Chris nods his head in acceptance, then makes his way past the curtain. Long stays out on the top ramp as RAW goes to another commercial break.


RAW comes back on air with Jonathan Coachman, Teddy Long, and Mick Foley again in Coachman's room, discussing something when there is a knock at the door. Coachman, as it is his room, gets up to open the door. Coachman pulls it open, and the man on the otherside of the door is the 'Legend Killer' himself, Randy Orton. Orton is in his pants and one of his shirts that can be found on WWEshop.com, not dressed to compete at all.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh, Randy, I didn't expect to see you here.

Randy Orton: Well, Coach, you better expect me to stay in here until I get a talk with you... in private.

Foley and Long both hear Randy's words, and Coachman leads them out the door, telling them that it, "will only take a second." Coachman then closes the door and the two sit down in chairs, with Coachman's desk between them.

Jonathan Coachman: So, Randy, what are you here for now?

Randy Orton: Last night, as I was watching Backlash at my hotel room, since I wasn't included on the show, I saw that Jeff Hardy, a man who has been known throughout the lockerroom as a monkey flying drug addict, earn the number one contendership to John Cena's WWE Championship, just by simply climbing a ladder...

Coachman tries to interject Orton...

Jonathan Coachman: Randy, what are you...

But is shut down himself.

Randy Orton: Let me FINISH!... Why is it that a talentless hack like Jeff Hardy can become the number one contender just by climbing a ladder, when there are clearly more talented wrestlers, such as myself, that are not even getting a match on RAW, let alone a number one contendership match? Huh? What do you have to say about that "Coach"?

Coach, annoyed at the tone that Randy is using his name, continues to try and keep his poise. He sits up in his seat before he answers Randy's inquiry.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, Randy, it's because Jeff has shown that he wants to become the WWE Champion, and that he will do anything to get a chance at the title. You, however, have not expressed any interest in wrestling on RAW at all. So why should I reward you for being lazy when there are harder working guys like Jeff here on RAW?

Orton becomes really pissed off that Coach calls him 'lazy'.

Randy Orton: You are calling me... lazy? You really want to see all of the talent that I have?

Jonathan Coachman: Yes, actually, I do.

Randy Orton: Fine then... Tonight, I am entering myself in the 15-man battle royal for two draft picks. I will show you my talent by throwing everyone else over the top rope and winning the match for you.

Jonathan Coachman: Well I certainly look forward to watching you tonight, Randy.

Randy Orton: Save it, Coachman. I'm done here.

And just like that, Orton leaves and we are taken back out into the arena.


With Lillian Garcia inside of the ring, ready to introduce the next match.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our sixth draft match of the night, and is a singles match for one fall, featuring the RAW and ECW brands!


Plays and the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito comes out for the second time tonight, this time by himself, and not with his mentor Ric Flair. Carlito tosses his apple shirt into the crowd and takes a huge bite out of the apple in his hand as he walks down the ring.

Jim Ross: For the second match in a row, RAW will feature a superstar that is currently a champion. This time we get the Intercontinental Champion Carlito, who has been mentored by the legend Ric Flair over the past few months and trying to get tips from the 'Dirtiest Player in the Game'. Tonight, however, Carlito will be alone inside of the ring to face his opponent.

***Balls, Balls, Balls***

Hits next and Balls Mahoney, from ECW, comes out of the curtain to a very, very tiny reaction. Things aren't looking good here for ECW already, and the match hasn't even started up yet. Balls jogs down the ring and gives the fans in the front row high fives, before entering and getting ready for his match.

Tazz: For those of you that don't watch ECW regularly, this man here is Balls Mahoney, and he is one extreme mother f'er, man. He's a former tag-team champion himself, and he won't be an easy out for Carlito.

Jim Ross: Certainly he won't be, and now let's get this match underway for another draft pick.

Match Six
Singles Match for One Draft Pick
Carlito vs. Balls Mahoney

Despite what Tazz said about, oh, 15 seconds ago, Carlito does have a rather easy time with Balls. Carlito uses his speed advantage to avoid the out of shape Balls for a few minutes, before taking him down to the ground with a picture perfect dropkick. Carlito then throws a few left hands to Balls and takes him down with a snap suplex. Carlito continues his domination with a springboard back elbow smash, and finishes him off with a Backstabber a few minutes later for the victory.

Winner: Carlito via Pinfall (3:18)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall... Carlito! RAW will receive one draft pick.

The Intercontinental Champion brings an impressive performance here, cleaning up Balls in just over three minutes. Carlito is handed his Intercontinental Championship and poses with it for a few seconds before he exits the ring and makes his way back up the curtain.

Jim Ross: Oh hell yes! An' just like that, we have more draft wins then your brand, JBL.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: The night ain't over yet, JR.

Jim Ross: Carlito brought out his 'A-Game' here tonight and handily defeated the ECW Original Balls Mahoney. Now let's take a look at who RAW's newest superstar will be...

The camera again pans to the titantron, and yet again we see the faces of popular Smackdown and ECW superstars such as Batista, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, and King Booker, before landing on...


"Don't Waste My Time" plays and Elijah makes his way out of the curtian, to a somewhat mixed reaction, although there are more boos then cheers. He waves out to the crowd, to noone in particular, before pointing to himself and shouting that it's "his time".

Jim Ross: How about these last two draft picks for RAW, boys? First we get the experienced vetran in Chris Benoit, and now we are getting one of the brightest talents in the WWE with Elijah Burke. RAW certianly is about to get hot as we approach the summer.

Tazz: While the kid has a big mouth, there's no doubt you guys have a great talent on your hands. He has the talent to become champion, and he may do great on RAW.

Jim Ross: To update you all on who has been shifted to where, so far there have been 6 draft picks, with 3 going to RAW, 2 to Smackdown, and 1 to ECW. On RAW, Kane, Chris Benoit, and Elijah Burke have all been added. Umaga and Chris Masters have been shifted to the blue brand, and Finlay has gone to the land of extreme. It certainly has been a memorable draft night, and it will only get greater as the night goes on, which will end with a 15 man battle royal for TWO draft picks. All of this, and more, will happen on our special three hour edition of RAW, once we come back from a commercial break.


RAW comes back from commercial with Smackdown wrestler Daivari already inside of the ring, with his theme playing as he gets introduced by Lillian Garica.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW, everybody! We have just gotten underway with our third hour of our special WWE Draft show, and are glad that you are here to join us. During the break Lillian Garcia announced the following match as a singles match for one pick, featuring the Smackdown brand versus ECW.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: And now it's time for the clear-cut best brand in the WWE to win these last three matches of the night, starting with the man inside of the ring, Daivari.

Tazz: Heh, no offense JBL, but Daivari is nothin' more then a joke, man! He'll be shaking in his boots when he sees ECW's representative.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Oh please, Daivari can take any hack that can just swing a chair around.

***Huka Blues***

Blares through the sound system and the 'Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac' Sabu makes his way out of the curtain. He points up to the sky, with a decent reaction from the crowd. As he walks down the aisle he gives the crowd some high fives, before pointing a finger in the air and sliding under the bottom rope. Once Sabu gets inside he removes his turban piece and gets ready in his corner.

Tazz: Yeeahh baby! Another ECW Original out here to kick some ass. I can already tell Daivari is scared just by his reaction when Sabu's theme played.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I think you've taken a few too many shots to the head, Tazz. Daivari is simply getting warmed up for his match. He can't wait to take on an idiot that made his name know just by jumping through tables. It'll be a cakewalk.

Tazz: Heh, in your dreams.

The bell then rings as we are taken to the action in the middle of the ring.

Match Seven
Singles Match for One Draft Pick
Daivari vs. Sabu

The match, like the one just a few minutes ago, is only given a few minutes. However, unlike the last match, the ECW Original is in the drivers seat here. Daivari has the advantage for the first minute, jumping Sabu before the bell rings, but once Sabu dodges a missle dropkick attempt from the top rope, he takes advantage of the match and never lets off the gas pedal. He begins his dominance by hitting a jumping DDT, followed by a slingshot crossbody. He then waits for Daivari to get up to his feet, and when he does, he quickly gets taken down again, this time with a springboard leg lariat. Sabu again waits a few seconds before he finally finishes Daivari off with a triple jump moonsault for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Sabu via Pinfall (4:11)

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall... Sabu! ECW will receive one draft pick.

Sabu almost immediately gets up to his feet and gets his arm raised by the referee, to cheers from the crowd. Sabu points up into the sky and does a few hand slaps as he makes his way to the back of the curtian.

Tazz: Wha... What did I tell you JBL? EC-dub gets another one. Yeahh!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Please, Tazz, Sabu was just lucky that Daivari has been sick the past week with food poisoning, otherwise he'd be the one that was earning the victory tonight.

Tazz: Food poisoning? JBL, man, I thought you'd have a better excuse then that.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It's not an excuse it's the DAMN truth. It's nice to see that you have sympathy for guys who are in pain right now, you jackass.

Tazz: Don't start with me, JBL. I'll make you wish you never came here tonight.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Bring it on, you fat sack of crap!

Jim Ross: Fella's please! Let's take a look at who's going to jump to the 'Land of Extreme'.

The trio calm down as then all turn to the titantron to see a variety of RAW and Smackdown wrestlers appear on it, such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista, The Undertaker, and King Booker, before landing on...


HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! ECW HAS THE BIGGEST STEAL IN THE DRAFT SO FAR! MR. KENNEDY HAS BEEN SENT TO THE EXTREME BRAND! Nobody can believe it! "Turn Up The Trouble" hits as Kennedy makes his way out from the back, with his Money In The Bank Briefcase in his hand. He does his traditional intro then walks back out of the curtain.


Instead of some insulting rebuttal, JBL is... at a loss of words.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: This can't... this is... I don't... how did...


John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I can't... this can't be...

JBL continues to be at a loss of words as RAW goes to another...


Once RAW comes back from a commercial break, we are taken into a lockerroom, which contains that of the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker. Undertaker is simply staring at his World Heavyweight Championship, as the door is opened, which reveals to be Undertaker's opponent last night at Backlash, and partner in tonight's big RAW vs. Smackdown tag-team match, Batista.

Batista: Look, I don't like you, and you don't like me...

The Undertaker nods in agreement.

Batista: But I wanna WIN tonight! The last time it was you an' me versus these two we lost... and I HATE losing.

Again, the Undertaker shows no emotion whatsoever while nodding in agreement.

Batista: So for tonight, I say we bury our differences and put John Cena and Shawn Michaels out of their misery. Agreed?

The Undertaker nods his head for a third time as Batista leaves the lockerroom.


Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, this is our eighth match of the night, and is a tag-team match for one draft pick featuring RAW versus Smackdown!

***The Time Is Now***

Hits and the current reigning WWE Champion John Cena comes out from the curtain, full of energy. He whips his cap into the crowd almost immediately and runs down the ring, giving his fans high fives as he comes down. Once he enters the ring he unstraps his Championship off his waist and raises it up in the air, showing it off to everyone in the crowd.

Jim Ross: It's now that time for one of our two huge main events of the evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are now only seconds away from seeing four of the best superstars go at it in a tag-team match for one draft pick. Boy oh boy, we're having quite a show here, and with two big matches to go, it's only going to get better.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: I agree it'll get better... if your a fan of the Smackdown brand. We're gonna bounce back with three picks here to end the night.

Tazz: Hehehe, you guys better hope you bounce back, because you just lost one of your bright stars in Mr. Kennedy to us at ECW.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Shut your mouth you bum. A guy like Kennedy is way above everyone's league in ECW. ECW is a monsterous step down from Smackdown, and I won't be surprised when he dominates that show.

***Sexy Boy***

Plays next and Cena's partner, the 'Heart-Break Kid' Shawn Michaels, makes his way out from the back, ready to wrestle. Michaels appears to have no hard feelings towards Cena even though he beat him last night, as he's all pumped and full of excitement as he makes his way down the ring.

Jim Ross: And, due to some odd circumstances, here comes Cena's partner and opponent from last night's Pay-Per-View, Shawn Michaels. Despite coming out on the losing side of both of his matches last night, Shawn appears to be in good spirits, which is good for Cena and RAW.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, it's clear as day that Shawn isn't in a happy place right now. Tonight he's teaming with a guy that, just 24 hours ago, he lost to for a chance to become WWE Champion. No matter how much he is trying to hide it, Shawn doesn't want to be in the same ring as Cena now.

Jim Ross: While you bring up a good point, JBL, the truth is, Shawn is a company man, and he will put his differences with Cena for one night to help out RAW.

***I Walk Alone***

Coming out third is the 'Animal' himself, Batista. Batista does his normal pyro as he makes his way down the ring, giving the crowd some high fives as he slowly walks down the ring. He walks up the steps and smacks both of his shoulders as he waits for his teammate to make his entrance.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Ohh boy, look at this man. That is what I call a wrestler. You can tell that Batista is in the zone today, and that ain't good for your boys on RAW, JR.

Jim Ross: I know, from the days that he was on RAW, that Batista always seems mentally focused. Tonight, though, he's going to team with a guy who he hasn't settled his differences with yet. It's clear that both Batista and the Undertaker have more annimosity between them then HBK and Cena.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: What you fail to mention, though, is that Batista and the Undertaker are much more complete and talented wrestlers then the two schmucks you guys have in there. Cena and Michaels only have half the talent combined of Batista, and then you throw in the Undertaker, and they are dead meat.

Jim Ross: I have to disagree that Batista is twice the wrestler of Shawn and John combined, but that's beside the point. This is a tag-team match, and it's well documented that both John and Shawn have been on the same page more then Batista and the Undertaker. I think even you can agree that Cena and Michaels are more complete as a tag-team then Batista and the Undertaker.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: This is professional wrestling. This isn't basketball or football or baseball where the best 'team' wins. In wrestling the best superstars win, and that's exactly what's gonna happen tonight.

***Graveyard Symphony***

Is the last theme to play, which is obviously the tune of the one, the only, The Undertaker. Taker takes his dear ol' time with his entrance, with the crowd going wild for the World Heavyweight Champion. He has his classic large, black trench coat on, with fog coming out from under the ground. Taker makes his slow climb up the steps and disposes of his coat once he gets in. He then stares at his opponents, slowly removes his hat, which reveals his eyes in the back of his head. The crowd again goes wild, and the Undertaker hands the referee his World Heavyweight Championship belt, with the two teams getting in their respective corners, about to start the match.

Jim Ross: There is one of the most amazing entrances that you folks will ever see. I get chills every time I see the Deadman make his way down the ring.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: You're not the only one that's gettin' chills, JR. Did you see Cena's and HBK's reactions when the Undertaker rolled his eyes behind his head? Someone might have to check their pants to see if they're wet!

Jim Ross: Oh please, like you aren't intimidated of the Undertaker?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: No, actually, I'm not. It's probably because I'm not a woman like anyone who is afraid of the Undertaker.

Jim Ross: To our female viewers out there, I apologize for JBL's comments. I know he's an insensitive bastard, but he's only here for about 40 more minutes. We at RAW do not agree with JBL's statements and we hope you stay here for the duration of our show.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Quit suckin' up to the women, JR. You're pathetic.

Match Eight
Tag-Team Match for One Draft Pick
John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs. Batista & The Undertaker

The bell rings and the crowd is simply buzzing for all four superstars. We hear a mix of 'Ce-na, Ce-na', 'H-B-K, H-B-K', 'Ti-sta, Ti-sta', and 'Ta-ker, Ta-ker' chants from the crowd, and there really is no clear cut favorite inside of the ring. Cena starts inside of the ring with Batista, with the two locking shoulders in the middle of the ring in a battle of strength, which Batista wins, by shoving Cena to the mat. Cena doesn't punk out, though, and gets right back up to lock up again, with this time Cena throwing Batista down to the ground. Batista takes his time getting up, giving Cena a dirty sneer, before standing up and throwing a right hand at Cena, to some cheers.

However, Cena, not to be outdone, comes back with a right hand of his own, which is a pretty good shot on the Animal. The two trade right hands three more times before Batista drives a knee into the gut of Cena and takes him down to the ground with a decapitating clothesline. Cena's back crashes into the mat, which Batista smirks at before driving some boots to the sternum of Cena, keeping him grounded. After Batista hits his fourth boot to the gut, he picks Cena up by his head and whips him into his teams turnbuckle. Batista then charges at Cena and drills him with a running clothesline, but before he can do any further damage, the Undertaker blindly tags himself in.

Batista tries to hit a two handed chokebomb on Cena, but the referee pulls the two away before he can connect with the move, which confuses Batista, as he didn't know that Taker tagged himself in. Once he finds out that Taker tagged himself in, he yells at him 'What are you doing? I had him right where I wanted him!' Taker simply glares at him as the referee motions Batista to go to his corner, with the Animal quite pissed off.

Taker waits for Cena to get up to his feet, and when Cena does, Taker aims where he wants to hit Cena, and drills him with one of his big right hands. Cena takes the big shot, but stays on his feet, at least for the time being. Taker, smart enough to realize that one punch won't take Cena down, lines up his shot again, which at least sends Cena down to a knee. However, Taker waits for Cena to again get to his feet, and once he does, Taker tries to line up for a third right hand to the head, but this time, Cena sticks his left arm in the way, blocking the shot and sending a right hand of his own. The shot takes Taker more off guard then anything, sending him a few steps back. Cena then gets up to his feet, feeling energized, and lands another right hand on Taker, which sends him to the ropes. Cena thinks on his feet and whips Taker off the ropes, bouncing off them himself after he throws Taker, taking the Undertaker down with a flying shoulder block!

Cena immediately gets up and raises his right hand in the air, to a decent ovation from the crowd. Cena looks up at the crowd, then down at the Undertaker, waving his arm in the air saying that 'You can't see me!'. Once Cena is done with saying those four words, however, instead of him bouncing off the ropes and connecting with the five knuckle shuffle, the Undertaker, while laying flat on the ground, grabs Cena by the neck, preparing to hit the chokeslam! Taker slowly gets to his feet, and just as he's about to hit the chokeslam on Cena, Cena delivers a kick to the gut and dives to his teams corner, tagging in an anxious Shawn Michaels, who gets in for the first time in the match!

Michaels hops over the rope and lunges at the World Heavyweight Chamipon, taking him down to the mat before throwing a few right hands to the face of the Deadman. Michaels then gets up to his feet and does a few of his trademark fist pumps, which gets the crowd going. The Undertaker doesn't spend much time on the ground, but once he gets up Shawn delivers a knife-edged chop to his chest three times, followed by an Irish Whip. Michaels waits for Taker on the rebound, only to get taken down with a Big Boot!

The Undertaker doesn't waste any time with HBK and picks him up by his hair, twisting his arm as he makes his way near his teams turnbuckle. Taker climbs to the top ropes and walks a few feet on the ropes, using Shawn as his balance, before smashing his arm across Shawn's shoulder, connecting on the Old School! Michaels face crashes into the ground and the Undertaker offers the tag out to Batista, who has been bouncing from side to side the whole time he was tagged out.

Batista quickly enters the ring, licking his chops at a downed HBK. He rubs his hands together as he anxiously waits for Michaels to get up to his feet. Shawn takes his time getting up, having to use the ropes as a support. Michaels eventually gets to his feet, with his backside turned to Batista. Michaels eventually turns around, and is met with a punch by Batista, which sends him falling back to the ropes. The Animal whips HBK off the ropes and throws him down with a thunderous SPINEBUSTER! Michaels lands hard on his spine as Batista gets the crowd going by doing his rope shaking taunt. Batista gives thumbs up as he awaits for Michaels to get to his feet, and when Shawn does, Batista delivers a kick to his sternum and whips Shawn's head in-between his legs, getting ready for the Batista Bomb.

Batista again gives his thumbs up, thumbs down taunt, and proceeds to lift HBK onto his shoulders, but Batista struggles to throw Shawn to the ground, as HBK is using his weight to stay on his shoulders. Batista continues to struggle with Shawn for the next few seconds, with Shawn connecting on a few right hands to the face once he realizes that Batista is having trouble. Due to all of the shots that Shawn has given him, Batista fails to connect with the Batista Bomb and drops Shawn on his feet, and gets taken down almost immediately with a Flying Forearm Smash from Michaels!

The crowd is now going wild for HBK, who kips up to an even louder ovation, before he begins to tune up the band. HBK stomps his foot on the canvas five times as he anticipates Batista getting up to his feet, and eventually Batista does, with his back turned to Shawn. Batista then turns around and sees Shawn nearing towards him, but instead of Shawn connecting with the move, Batista instinctively falls to the ground and crawls backwards to his teams corner, tagging in the Undertaker, which gets some jeers from the crowd.

The two Icons stare down each other for a few seconds, with Shawn making the first move towards the Undertaker, delivering a knife-edge chop to the chest. The Undertaker has taken more punishment then that in his career, though, and pretty much no sells it. C'mon, you think a prissy little chop is going to really damage the Undertaker? Shawn believes so, and tries it again, which pisses off the Deadman more then it hurts him. Shawn tries it again, but once he connects with it the Undertaker simply sneers and kicks Shawn down with a big boot.

Taker quickly gets Shawn back up to his feet and whips him off the ropes, taking him down with a sidewalk slam, putting more work on HBK's already worked back. Taker then covers HBK for a pin, but only gets a two count. The Undertaker keeps momentum in his favor, though, by lifting Shawn up and throwing him into one of the turnbuckles not occupied by Cena or Batista, before charging at him and smashing into him with a turnbuckle clothesline! Michaels crumples to the ground after the shot, but Taker shows no mercy. He again lifts Shawn up by the hair and this time throws him into his teams corner, before he tags in the Animal.

Batista quickly goes at Shawn in the corner, connecting with four right hands to the face before he drives his shoulder into the gut of Shawn three times, taking all of the energy out of the Heart-Break Kid. Once Batista is done attempting shoulder thrusts at Shawn he lifts HBK onto the top turnbuckle and gets ready for the superplex. Batista climbs to the second turnbuckle himself and gets Shawn into a superplex position before... LANDING IT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! A mixed reaction comes from the crowd as Batista hooks the far leg of Shawn a few seconds after connecting with the move...




Batista looks up to the top of the arena, surprised that Shawn was able to roll up his shoulder after all of the damage that he's received in the past few minutes. The Animal manages to keep his cool, though, and keeps the constant tags with his partner going, with the Undertaker getting back into the match. Taker continues to pound at Shawn, whipping him into one of the unoccupied turnbuckles. Taker then walks over to the opposite turnbuckle and runs full force at Shawn, looking to hit a turnbuckle clothesline, only for SHAWN TO GET A FOOT UP IN THE FACE OF THE UNDERTAKER! Shawn might finally have some momentum! The Undertaker, though, attempts to hit the turnbuckle clothesline for a second time, but this time SHAWN ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! The Undertaker stops before he runs into the turnbuckle, but can't get Shawn before he MAKES THE HOT TAG TO CENA!

Cena is on a rampage after being on the sidelines for well over eight minutes, immediately taking the Undertaker down with a flying shoulder block. Taker gets up right away and receives a clothesline from the WWE Champion! Taker gets up quickly again and throws a clothesline attempt at Cena, which he ducks and takes the Undertaker down again, this time with a modified belly to back suplex! Cena is really feeling the emotion of the crowd now and lifts his hand up in the air again, preparing for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle! He looks down at Taker, telling him, 'You can't see me' before running at the ropes, only for Batista to get involved! Batista smacks the head of Cena, which causes the Champ to turn around and ask Batista 'What the hell are you doin?'

Cena then turns around and sees a charging Undertaker coming at him and runs out of the way, which causes the Undertaker to run into his teammate! Batista flies off the apron and the Undertaker looks on, in shock at what he had just done, but then quickly realizes that there is a match still going on and turns around, only to get hoisted onto Cena's shoulders, who doesn't waste any time and connects with an F-U! F-U on the Deadman! F-U by Cena! Cena immediately hooks the leg of the Undertaker for a pinfall...




Winners: John Cena and Shawn Michaels via Pinfall (14:29)

Lillian Garcia: Your winners, via pinfall... John Cena and Shawn Michaels! RAW will receive one draft pick!

The crowd pops huge for the victory after the great match between these two teams. Cena and Shawn celebrate with each other as Batista looks on from the outside, pissed off that the Undertaker took him out right at the end of the match. Batista smacks the canvas before he makes his way to the back, while Cena poses with his Championship and HBK celebrates his teams victory.

Jim Ross: OH MY GAWD WHAT A MATCH! These two teams went at it for almost fifteen minutes straight before John Cena and Shawn Michaels prevailed! What an effort by all four men, but it's RAW that will be getting the draft pick.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It was just a great lapse of communication between Batista and the Undertaker that cost them the match. Batista was just trying to help his team out and the Undertaker screwed both of them over when he knocked Batista off the ring then got F-U'ed right away. They had this match won JR!

Jim Ross: Ah, but they didn't, JBL. Cena and HBK showed that teamwork does matter and that's why they are on the winning end and your Smackdown representatives are looking on in anger. Now let's just see who RAW's newest acquisition will be...

Yet again the announcers and camera turn to the TitanTron to see various Smackdown and ECW superstars flash on the screen, such as CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, The Undertaker, Matt Hardy, and Batista, before finally landing on...


WOW! ANOTHER STEAL FROM SMACKDOWN! Kane, Finlay, Chris Benoit, Mr. Kennedy, and Rey Mysterio have all now been moved off the show! The crowd pops to the sight of Mysterio on the titantron, but with him currently being out with an injury he doesn't come out to wave to the crowd.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: OH COME ON NOW! YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!

Jim Ross: Oh HELL YEAH, JBL! One of the greatest Cruiserweights of all time, Rey Mysterio is now going to be wrestling on Monday Nights! Can you believe it, America? We promised you a ground-shaking show, and dammit it's been brought here tonight.


Jim Ross: I don't think that will do you any good, JBL, because all of these draft picks are final!

Tazz: Yeah, big boy, you're just gonna have to play with the cards you guys have been dealt.

Jim Ross: What a draft we have seen here over the past two and a half hours, ladies and gentlemen, and we are now just minutes away from our final match of the night, a 15 man battle royal for 2 draft picks, and you won't wanna miss that, when we come back.


RAW comes back on air with Lillian Garcia inside of the ring for what will be her final time of the evening.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for our main event of the evening! (pops from the crowd) This will be our ninth match of the evening, which will be a 15 man tri-brand battle royal for TWO draft picks.

***If You Rock Like Me***

The Smackdown theme is the first song to go off, with their five representatives, Umaga, Montel Vontavious Porter, King Booker, Mark Henry, and Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero coming out, all with Smackdown shirts on. Umaga leads the way with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada right by his side, MVP and Booker right behind them, and then Guerrero, with Henry coming up the rear.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: C'mon guys, we need these two picks now. Get us a big win!

Jim Ross: That's quite a cast of representatives that Smackdown has brought out. You have former World Champion Booker T, current Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, a former Olympiad in Henry, the newly drafted Umaga, and the young and upcoming gun MVP.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: It looks like Smackdown's gonna be a tough out for this battle royal, boys. Teddy Long knows he needs these two picks, so it looks like he's throwing everything but the kitchen sink at you guys.

***Don't Question My Heart***

Next to come out is the ECW brand, which is represented by ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, Hardcore Holly, Marcus Cor Von, Finlay, and Kevin Thorn. Like the Smackdown wrestlers, all five men have an ECW shirt on, with the Heavyweight Champion Lashley leading his teammates, with Holly, Cor Von, and Finlay right behind him, with Thorn slowly coming down.

Tazz: No offense, JBL, but Teddy Long isn't the only man who wants those two picks tonight. I mean, he saved our World Heavyweight Champion for this match. Not only that, he used one of our two draft picks here, and three studs with Holly, Cor Von, and Thorn.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Please, none of these guys have the talent of those Smackdown wrestlers. Your World Heavyweight Champion is probably one of the least intimidating sounding men that I have ever heard.

Tazz: What'cha talkin' about?

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Are you serious? He sounds like a woman, Tazz! Not just a woman, but a 12 year old girl! How can that guy be your leader?

Tazz: Oh you just watch and see what this guy can do inside of the ring, JBL.

***Wanna Be Loved***

And finally, the RAW theme plays, with their representatives being Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, Edge, Chris Benoit, and, of course, Randy Orton. Burke and Dykstra are the first two down the aisle, pumped for an opportunity in the main event. Benoit then follows right behind them, with Orton and Edge side by side, talking some sort of strategy, I would assume.

Jim Ross: Good lord almighty, look at RAW's team! 3 former World Champions, and two more that have the talent to become World Champions sometime in the near future. Jonathan Coachman must be feeling greedy tonight!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Yeah? Well too bad that greed is one of the seven deadly sins, and it will finally bite RAW in the ass in a few minutes.

Jim Ross: Oh I'm not so sure about that, JBL, but either way, it's finally time for our main event, 15 man battle royal! Oh baby, here we gooo!

Match Nine
15 Man Over The Top Battle Royal for 2 Draft Picks
Umaga, King Booker, Mark Henry, MVP, and Chavo Guerrero vs. Bobby Lashley, Hardcore Holly, Kevin Thorn, Finlay, and Marcus Cor Von vs. Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, Chris Benoit, Edge, and Randy Orton

I'm not really in the mood for full out detail, so here are the first ten eliminations:
Orton eliminates Holly (2:38)
Umaga eliminates Dykstra (3:14)
Orton eliminates Thorn (4:00)
Lashley, Finlay, and Edge eliminate Henry (5:41)
Edge eliminates Finlay (5:55)
Umaga eliminates Burke (7:19)
Lashley eliminates Guerrero (7:59)
Orton eliminates MVP (9:28)
Booker and Umaga eliminate Edge (11:01)
Orton eliminates Cor Von (11:35)

And now we are taken to the final five of Umaga and King Booker from Smackdown, Chris Benoit and Randy Orton from RAW, and Bobby Lashley from ECW. Lashley has carried his brand into the final 5, eliminating two Smackdown superstars, while Umaga has been the top man for Smackdown, eliminating 3 RAW superstars, with Orton being the stud of this match, eliminating 4 different superstars on his own. Orton and Benoit are resting near one corner, with Umaga and Booker resting on opposite turnbuckles, and Lashley all by himself, down in the middle of the ring. Umaga goes after the man that beat him at Wrestlemania 23, with Orton helping him out, while Booker and Benoit, who had their fair amount of exchanges in WCW, go at it.

Both Booker and Benoit throw many wild right hands at each other, trying to get one really good shot in on the other man, with Booker eventually getting the advantage. About a minute goes by with them both still brawling, until Booker throws Benoit at an uncovered turnbuckle, which cuts open Benoit. Benoit then becomes vulnerable, leaning on the ropes, and quickly gets eliminated by Booker, via a superkick.

King Booker eliminates Chris Benoit (13:05)

The crowd boos Booker, who is busy showboating by holding his pinkie finger up in the air, which does cost him his place in the match, as Randy Orton comes from behind and tosses his ass over the top rope not 20 seconds after Benoit's elimination.

Randy Orton eliminates King Booker (13:18)

The crowd surprisingly gives Orton a nice face pop after he eliminates Booker, as their 'King' is quite a 'douch'. Booker can't belive what just happened, and snaps outside of the ring, kicking an already downed Chris Benoit, who had not left the ring area yet.

Inside of the ring we are down to our final three players, one from each of the three brands. Umaga from Smackdown, Lashley from ECW, and, of course, Orton from RAW. Orton waits on the turnbuckle as Umaga is seen dismantling the crap out of Lashley after just connecting with the Samoan Wrecking Ball. Once Umaga connects with the move he let's out a huge shout to the crowd, who boo him. Umaga then takes his focus off of Lashley for a moment, noticing Orton is resting near the turnbuckle. Not wanting to feel the wrath of Umaga, Orton convinces Umaga that they should work together to throw the ECW World Heavyweight Champion over the top rope. Umaga comprehends and picks Lashley up, before feeding him to Orton, WHO CONNECTS WITH A DEVASTATING RKO!

Orton then brings out his 'Legend Killer' taunt, which gets a surprising mixed reaction from the crowd, before he tells Umaga to pick Lashley up and throw him into the ropes, which Umaga does. Orton, who's been in control of the whole match, then charges at Lashley and takes care of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion with a clothesline over the top rope!

Randy Orton eliminates Bobby Lashley (14:51)

Yet again Orton gets a surprising mixed reaction, partially due to the fact that he has eliminated 6 out of the 14 other participants. However, Umaga is also inside of the ring, and he seems determined to win this match himself. Orton circles around the ropes, trying to avoid contact with Umaga, who is constantly the agressor, until Orton sees a hole and LANDS HIS SIGNATURE BACKBREAKER! The crowd is behind Orton in this encounter between the two supposed heels as he gets to the ground and he starts pounding the canvas, looking to hit the RKO.

Orton pounds the mat multiple times, with Umaga slowly moving about. Orton gives out his slithering grin before he gets up to his feet and CLIMBS OVER THE TOP ROPE HIMSELF, THUS ELIMINATING HIMSELF, THUS GIVING SMACKDOWN THE VICTORY AND TWO DRAFT PICKS!!!!

Randy Orton eliminates himself (16:29)

Winner: Umaga via Event @ 16:29 (16:29)

Oooh that left a sour taste in all of the fans mouths', for sure. The bastard Orton gives out a devilish grin as he makes his way to the back, pissing the crowd off for giving this match up. As Orton makes his way back we hear a thunderous 'You suck! You suck!' from the crowd, who takes it in like it's water. He eventually leaves the ring as Umaga celebrates his cheaply won match on the inside of the ring, with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada.




John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: What are you talking about, JR? What Randy did was a genius move...


John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, you are just jealous that Smackdown won two draft picks. Calm your ass down.

Jim Ross: All I have to say is that Randy Orton can GO TO HELL for all I care! You don't screw your employer like that!

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, I'm sure Randy has his reasons for what he did, but for now, let's see who's all going over to SMACKDOWN, baby!

JBL has a huge ass grin on his face after Smackdown was able to salvage the night by winning the big one for two draft picks. All three take a look at the titantron as we see various RAW and ECW faces, such as John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, Edge, Randy Orton, and Hardcore Holly, before landing on...


"Smooth" hits and one of the bright studs of ECW Marcus Cor Von comes from out of the back. Sweaty from just participating in the battle royal that got him drafted over to the blue brand, Cor Von howl's out to the crowd, to some boos, before making his way to the back.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: Ohh yeah, baby. Another solid addition to Smackdown's United States Championship division. He certainly will be put in the hat for contention right away now that Chris Benoit was forced to vacate his title earlier tonight.

Tazz: Man, first Elijah Burke went to RAW, and now Cor Von is on Smackdown, so much for the New Breed staying in tact.

However, the announcers and cameras keep their eyes glued on the titantron, awaiting for Smackdown's other draft pick to be made. Again, we see the usual RAW and ECW faces of CM Punk, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Mike Knox, Edge, and Triple H, before landing on...


HOLY SHIT! HOLY. SHIT. HO. LY. SHIT. No doubt this is the biggest move of the night! "Sexy Boy" hits to a large ovation and Shawn Michaels comes out for his now final appearance on RAW. He blows some kisses to the crowd and does his flexing pyro taunt for one final time, staying out there as the announcers wrap up the show.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: OH THANK YOU RANDY! The Heart-Break Kid is comin' to Smackdown, boys and girls!

Jim Ross: SON OF A BITCH! First we lose the battle royal, now one of the greatest superstars that I have ever seen is moving over to Smackdown! Thanks alot Randy Orton.

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield: JR, c'mon, you said it yourself that you have to 'expect the unexpected'. Well, who would've expected that Randy would tank the battle royal? And then who would've expected that Shawn Michaels would have moved to Smackdown for the first time ever? What a night it was!

Jim Ross: I agree that it was quite a night, and we are glad to have presented you our annual draft show. Good night, everybody!

***End Show***

Quick Results:
William Regal def. Chris Masters & Tommy Dreamer via Pinfall (7:02)
Ric Flair def. Kane via Count-Out (8:29)
Matt Hardy def. Snitsky via Pinfall (6:44)
CM Punk def. Johnny Nitro via Pinfall (8:19)
The World's Greatest Tag-Team def. Londrick via Pinfall (5:48)
Carlito def. Balls Mahoney via Pinfall (3:18)
Sabu def. Daivari via Pinfall (4:11)
John Cena & Shawn Michaels def. Undertaker & Batista via Pinfall (14:29)
Umaga won 15 Man Battle Royal (16:29)

Draft Results:
Umaga to Smackdown
Kane to RAW
Chris Masters to Smackdown
Finlay to ECW
Chris Benoit to RAW
Elijah Burke to RAW
Mr. Kennedy to ECW
Rey Mysterio to RAW
Marcus Cor Von to Smackdown
Shawn Michaels to Smackdown
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Raw Feedback

This has taken you far too long to get up for my liking. Hereís to hoping from now you become more consistent, but then again, I canít really talk about consistency.

Not many people, except for guys like Wolfy and Legend are able to make the commentary of a show rather interesting, although I must say, you passed with flying colours here. Whilst JR and Tazz were decent enough, JBL was gold.

The opening match up was a pretty good one, with two guys who can go at it and Tommy Dreamer. Nothing else to really say, it was a decent enough match, and a good win for Regal, who Iím hoping has a bright future in this thread.

Umaga going to SD is a pretty big move. I like it though, as Umaga hadnít been doing that well on Raw as of late. I doubt maga would come out smiling though, thatís so out of character that itís not even funny.

To be perfectly honest, I felt as if Cenaís promo was very lacklustre. During the beginning, there was nothing to show that it was Cena, it was almost as if it was just some random guy talking. Then, the interview just ended so suddenly, with no big hard sell, or go home line, it almost seemed as if Cena was talking about what he was having for breakfast. I didnít like it at all.

Another decent enough pairing which is really to be expected, as the good matches always come around when all brands are together. I liked how you gave Flair the win, yet kept Kane strong, even if Kane is so past his prime.

Kane going to Raw is not something I like, as Raw had just gotten rid of a monster in Umaga. Not only that, but Umaga overshadows by a mile.

I donít know what the point of having a Backlash recap in the middle of the show is, when you already had one at the beginning?

A good win for Matt Hardy over Snitsky, though I must say, the matches havenít really been as strong as I expected for a draft show.

Chris Masters to Smackdown? This could be a good move, as the guys got talent and deserves a push on the less crowded SD.

Iím not going to sugar coat this at all. The fact that Jeff Hardy is number one contender is bad enough, if he becomes World Champion Iíll probably never read again.

The segment between the three GMís was a rather interesting one, definitely the best promo of the night so far, since there has only been two. Anyway, a triple threat match for JD should be a good read. This free agent better be Brock Lesnar to.

CM Punk is one of the few guys who can pull a decent match out of Nitro, so this is definitely a match I would have been interested in seeing. Punk had to get the victory here, as ECW needed to finally get the draft pick.

Honestly, Iím a little disappointed in Finlay going to ECW. He can kick ass with the best of them, but he is a mid carder at best, and I think ECW would benefit with a huge name coming over.

The WGTT interview was surprisingly not that bad, despite both guys sucking on the mic, yet both guys seemed to repeat themselves, and stutter a lot which just got annoying as it went on. As for Benjiís little stipulation regarding their title run, I think itís a bit stupid, tbh, unless of course youíre going to have them remain champions for a year. Breaking up just because Benji said this, would really be ridiculous. Be careful with what you do here, man.

The fact that this tag match got less time than Hardy/Snitsky and Flair/Kane is a joke. SHOWCASE your talent on big shows such as this draft show. Nothing much else to say, except itís a good win for the WGTT. Oh, Iíd love to see a fully fledged feud between these two teams to, even if they are on separate brands.

Chris Benoit to Raw? Thatís definitely a big draft pick.

Titles not allowed to switch brands? When did this rule come into play? Sounds like some sort of bull youíve just made up because you didnít know what else to do. Seriously, I donít like it, you should have had him lose the title on this show in a match, not just get it taken like this.

A pretty good segment with The Coach and Orton, although I donít really like Coach as the face GM. Simply doesnít suit him at all. Iíd love to see Orton fuck up Hardy, and get the title shot.

A big win for Carlito. Iím loving the momentum his receiving.

Elijah Burke coming to Raw? Awesome. I want to see the guy get pushed. With that being said, ECW is really losing big time with this draft.

Sabu and Daivari on a draft show? Shows how good the roster depth of this time period is.

Mr. Kennedy to ECW! Thank god for this. Seriously, this was needed badly, as ECW were really losing out, but now theyíve got one of the best guys in this whole thread on their show. A good choice here, PP.

Batista and ĎTaker confrontation was good enough. I was glad you kept ĎTaker silent, because so many people mess up when trying to write him.

A big, big match here, with the two ĎMania main events going against each other. These are more of the type of matches I expected, so yeah, Iím glad we got a good one eventually. A good win for Michaels and Cena, keeping them strong, whilst Taker/Batista tension will probably continue.

The Battle Royal seemed good enough, and what a big win for Umaga. However, what the fuck was Orton doing? I guess this was his way of getting back at The Coach, so I canít wait to see what happens next week.

Marcus Cor Von is a fairly big draft pick but SHAWN MICHAELS was huge. Awesome ending to the show with a big draft pick, thatíll rock the foundations of the entire company.

Iíve gotten into the habit of not summarising everything, and getting into my point with reviews, so I hope it seems efficient. Anyway, honestly, this could probably past as a normal show, but for a two hour draft show, I expected something better. I donít know why, but I expected more quality matches, and we could have had a few more promos, I mean I think we had like three or four for the whole bloody three hour show. Definitely some things to work on, but with the draft now behind you, I expect you to really get into your groove.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Supplemental Draft:
-Jamie Noble to ECW
-JTG to SmackDown
-The Miz to RAW
-Val Venis to ECW
-Super Crazy to SmackDown
-Shannon Moore to ECW
-Shad to SmackDown
-Matt Striker to RAW
-Gregory Helms to ECW
-Viscera to SmackDown

Updated Rosters:

RAW Roster:
Carlito ~ Intercontinental Champion
Charlie Haas ~ 1/2 of the World Tag-Team Champion
Chris Benoit
Elijah Burke
Jeff Hardy
Jim Duggan
John Cena ~ WWE Champion
Johnny Nitro
Jonathan Coachman ~ General Manager
Kenny Dykstra
Lance Cade
Matt Striker
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio ~ Currently Out with an Injured Knee
Ric Flair
Robbie McAllister
Rory McAllister
Shelton Benjamin ~ 1/2 of the World Tag-Team Champion
The Miz
Trevor Murdoch
Triple H ~ Currently Out with a Torn Quadriceps

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Jim Duggan & Eugene
Rated RKO*
World's Greatest Tag-Team
Ric Flair & Carlito*

*- Occasional tag-team

Jim Ross ~ Play By Play
Jerry Lawler ~ Color Commentator
Kelly Kelly ~ Backstage Interviewer
Lillian Garcia ~ Ring Announcer

ECW Roster:
Balls Mahoney
Bobby Lashley ~ ECW Heavyweight Champion
CM Punk
Gregory Helms
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
Kevin Thorn
Little Guido Maritato
Mick Foley ~ General Manager
Mike Knox
Mr. Kennedy
Paul Heyman ~ Currently Suspended
Rob Van Dam
Shannon Moore
Stevie Richards
The Sandman
Tommy Dreamer
Val Venis

Tag Teams/Stables:
ECW Originals (Balls Mahoney, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer)

Joey Styles ~ Play By Play Commentator
Tazz ~ Color Commentator
Brooke ~ Backstage Announcer
Tony Chimel ~ Ring Announcer

Smackdown Roster:
Armando Alejandro Estrada
Brian Kendrick ~ 1/2 WWE Tag-Team Champions
Chavo Guerrero ~ Cruiserweight Champion
Chris Masters
Dave Taylor
Jimmy Wang Yang
Johnny Jeter
King Booker
Marcus Cor Von
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Montel Vontavious Porter
Paul London ~ 1/2 WWE Tag-Team Champions
Queen Sharmell
Scotty 2 Hotty
Shawn Michaels
Super Crazy
The Boogeyman
The Great Khali
The Undertaker ~ World Heavyweight Champion
Theodore Long ~ General Manager
William Regal

Blue Bloods (Dave Taylor & William Regal)*
Deuce & Domino
London & Kendrick
Cryme Tyme

*-Occasional Tag-Team

Michael Cole ~ Play by Play
John 'Bradshaw' Layfield ~ Color Commentator
Maria ~ Backstage Interviewer
Justin Roberts ~ Ring Announcer

Judgment Day; May 20, 2007 Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
One Night Stand; June 3, 2007 Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena, Jacksonville, Florida
Vengeance; June 24, 2007 Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
King of the Ring; July 22, 2007 HP Pavilion, San Jose, California
Summerslam; August 26, 2007 Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New, Jersey
Unforgiven; September 16, 2007 FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee
No Mercy; October 7, 2007 Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
Cyber Sunday; October 28, 2007 Verizon Center, Washington D.C.
Survivor Series; November 18, 2007 American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Guilty As Charged; December 16, 2007 Save Mart Center, Fresno, California
New Year's Revolution; January 3, 2008 Wembley Stadium, London, England
Royal Rumble; January 27, 2008 Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
No Way Out; February 17, 2008 Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada
Wrestlemania 24; March 30, 2008 Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

The rosters look nice and refreshed, so I'm really hoping things kick off from here. I'm really interested in seeing just what you do with Michaels and Benoit on new brands. Don't make me wait to long for the next show.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW On Sci-Fi
May 1, 2007

Tuesday Night ECW begins with a highlight package of last night's annual WWE Draft show, which saw ECW pick up two talented wrestlers. We first get shown CM Punk defeating RAW's Johnny Nitro, which in turn leg the 'Belfast Bruiser' Finlay being brought over to the land of extreme. Then we are presented with ECW's other win of the night, which was ECW Original Sabu over Smackdown's Daivari, which got them the big fish of the night, the current Mr. Money In The Bank Holder, Mr. Kennedy. Once Kennedy's long intro is completed, the package ends and the show begins...

***Don't Question My Heart***

Once the theme song of ECW is finished we get taken out to the crowd, who are rowdy for tonight's show. The crowd is scanned as we are taken to the announcing team of Joey Styles and Tazz, who is working his second straight day of work.

Joey Styles: Hello everybody and welcome to ECW on Sci-Fi, with us just 24 hours removed from last night's WWE Draft special! I'm Joey Styles, and along with my colleague beside me, Tazz, we are glad to present to you ECW here tonight.

Tazz: Ah yes, Joey, it's great to be back here in the 'land of extreme'. It just didn't feel right being on RAW last night, and I'm glad I'm back with you announcing some of the best talent in the WWE.

Joey Styles: Last night ECW received two draft picks to bring over, with them being the 'Belfast Bruiser' Finlay, and the big one, 'Mr. Money In the Bank' Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: It was a rough start for our guys here, but I have to admit, when I saw Mr. Kennedy's face pop up on the titantron, I couldn't stop smiling. This guy has it, Joey, and hopefully we will see it sometime in the near future here on ECW.

***Turn Up The Trouble***

Joey Styles: Well Tazz, I don't think we will have to wait very long, as that is Mr. Kennedy coming out right now!

Yes, Joey Styles is correct, that is the theme of none other then the current Mr. Money In the Bank, Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy walks down the ring with his own custom made shirt on, and his briefcase in his hand. However, he doesn't seem to be in a cheerful mood, at least by the looks made on his face. Once Kennedy gets inside of the ring the spotlight is set on him and only him, with him talking into the microphone above the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: I... I am the current Mr. Money In The Bank. I am exactly 6 feet and 2 inches tall, and weigh a very cut 243 pounds. I am the future of ECW, and my name is... MMMMMMMMIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA......... KENNNNNNEEEEEDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

A mixed reaction for ECW's newest star, who isn't pleased with the said reaction.


That mixed reaction has quickly switched to primarily boos, which Kennedy actually seems to want.


Yet again Kennedy hears nothing but a bunch of boos, which actually causes him to smile.

Mr. Kennedy: Last night... Last night when I found out that I was drafted over to, here, I was not happy.

Some more heat for Kennedy, who seems to be taking a drafting to ECW as a downgrade.

Mr. Kennedy: (To the crowd) Oh will all of you idiots SHUT...UP?

Yeah, I don't think that's gonna make those people an in cheerier of mode Ken. Normally insults piss people off, not intimidate them.

Mr. Kennedy: Anyways, like I was saying... I know that being drafted to ECW is a step down for me. (More heat from the crowd) I mean, look at me. I am the current Mr. Money in the Bank. I have defeated many former World Champions, such as Batista, The Undertaker, Chris Benoit, King Booker, Rey Mysterio, and many, many others. All of those guys are more talented then the hacks that you people call 'extremeists.'

The crowd is still not happy with Kennedy, with him taking weak shots at some of their favorite wrestlers.

Mr. Kennedy: What exactly makes these guys extremeists, anyways? Is it the fact that all they can do is jump through tables and smash each other's skulls in with steel chairs? Is that why you people cheer for these losers? Because they're nothing more then glorifited stuntmen? Because you could do just as good of a job as they can? Because every single guy back there is nothing more then a garbage wreslter, and that none of them are real world champion material, like myself?

Kennedy finally get's the anticipated 'You Suck' chants, which he takes in like it's air, then quickly switch to an 'E-C-Dub' chant, which Kennedy laughs at.

Mr. Kennedy: Honestly, it's like I'm talking to a bunch of braindead monkeys with you guys. No wonder this company went out of business six years ago. None of the guys wanted to hear idiots like every single one of you pretend to be cool and try to be a cult.

Kennedy continues to get booed as some people chant out 'You Suck Dick'.

Mr. Kennedy: No, I'm not into that kind of stuff, sorry to disappoint you guys. And even if I did, you guys would be happy because that would be the only action that any of you hicks would ever GET!

The crowd continues to boo Kennedy, not appreciating that he's calling each and everyone of them ...s, but what are you gonna do?

Mr. Kennedy: Ha ha, all you internet geeks don't have a comeback now that you've been outed? You guys really are pathetic.

Kennedy points his ear out to the crowd, awaiting some type of respone, but all the crowd can give is a 'Fuck You' chant.

Mr. Kennedy: I know that many of you guys like to sit on the internet and try to read the dirtsheets to make yourself feel smart, but what every single one of you dumbasses fail to get right is that I AM going to be a future world champion. I don't care if it's the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship, or the WWE Championship. I WILL become a World Champion by Wrestlemania 24.

A different 'You Have No Skill' chant starts, which continues to get a laugh out of Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: That is the only reason why I am not demanding a release inside of the ring right now. I know that I can defeat Bobby Lashley without my Money in the Bank briefcase, so once I become ECW World Heavyweight Champion I will cash in my briefcase to become a double World Champion, ha ha! It's a genius plan, I know. No need to chant my name now.

***Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name***

Kennedy will have to stop his train of thought for a second as the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley comes out to a very positive cheer from the fans. He has his championship draped around his shoulder as he comes down, giving the fans high fives as well. He casually walks up the steps and is handed a microphone once he enters the ring, ready to confront Kennedy.

Bobby Lashley: Ken, I kinda find it hard that you can defeat me one on one in a singles match, to be honest with you.

Some of the more active fans give rowdy cheers for their World Heavyweight Champion.

Mr. Kennedy: And why is that... Bobby?

Bobby Lashley: Because I was just backstage listening to you listing all of the champions that you have beaten in your career, which is a very impressive list...

Kennedy smiles to the praise given by Lashley.

Bobby Lashley: But there is one man that you have not beaten one on one in your two years here.

Kennedy gives Lashley a quizzical look, not knowing who he is talking about.

Mr. Kennedy: And who is that, Bobby?

Bobby Lashley: ME!

The crowd gives out a roaring cheer, as Lashley's revelation shuts the cocky Kennedy up, at least for the time being.

Mr. Kennedy: That's... that's impossible. You are making that up, Lashley.

Kennedy shakes his head side to side, still not believing Lashley.

Bobby Lashley: Ken you can go into the WWE record books and see for yourself, but you will not find yourself having a win over me at any time in your career... and you never will.

The crowd pops at Lashley's statement to Kennedy, who gets taken aback by those comments, before responding.

Mr. Kennedy: (forcing out a laugh) Ha ha, ha, Bobby, you don't think that I, the current Mr. Money in the Bank, can beat you? Please, I've beaten many more accopmlished and talented champions than you.

Lashley raises the eyebrow to Kennedy, confused at who would all be more talented then him..

Bobby Lashley: Well then, since you are so confident in yourself, why don't we just have a match tonight in the main event to see if you really can beat me?

Kennedy strokes his chin, thinking about a response, and scratches his head before answering.

Mr. Kennedy: That sounds g--


Just before Kennedy can answer Lashley's request, the theme of the current ECW General Manager, Mick Foley plays. Foley, despite being the general manager, is dressed in his usual cutoff flannel shirt and does his 'bang-bang' hand gesture to the fans, giving them high fives as he walks down the aisle. Once he walks into the ring he shakes the hand of both men and begins to speak.

Mick Foley: Gentlemen, you may be wondering why I am down here...

The crowd gives out a rowdy 'Foley, Foley' chant to the general manager, with him pausing and waving to the crowd.

Mick Foley: That is because I have to stop you two before you make this match between yourselves.

The crowd slightly boos Foley for his statement, wanting to see the huge main event here tonight.

Mick Foley: I'm sorry everyone, but I have already made a huge, tag-team main event for later tonight, and I am gonna announce it right now!

Slight mixed reaction, with more cheers as the fans are getting known of the main event already.

Mick Foley: Tonight, we will see ECW's two newest draft picks, the current reigning Mr. Money in the Bank Mr. Kennedy and the 'Belfast Bruiser' Finlay...

The fans give a negative reaction to the announced team, with Kennedy mouthing 'shut the hell up' to them.

Mick Foley: Taking up to take on the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley and 'Mr. Tusesday Night' Rob Van Dam!

The people give out a large ovation to the two aforementioned names, with Kennedy quickly leaving the ring in disgust.

Mick Foley: Ken, man, calm yourself. I know you want to face Lashley to try and add him to your list of World Champions beaten, but that will have to happen on a different day, as I already signed this match before the show even started.

Kennedy just continues to walk back in disgust, not even turning around to face his new boss as ECW goes to it's first...


ECW on Sci-Fi comes back on air in the backstage area, with the lovely Brooke, formerly of the faction Extreme Expose', holding a microphone.

Brooke Adams: Ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time is one of the wrestlers ECW acquired in last night's supplemental draft, Gregory Helms!

Some slight heat for Helms, who had been off of television for the majority of the last month resting some injuries before being drafted over last night. Helms has a ski-cap over his head, even though it is the beginning of May, and seems happy to get a fresh start here on ECW.

Brooke Adams: Gregory, you have been absent from Smackdown for the past month before being drafted here to ECW, so my first question is, where have you been since we've last seen you at Wrestlemania 23?

Gregory Helms: I had been working for a long time without any rest, so after my match at Wrestlemania I decided to take a month off and heal my wounds.

Brooke Adams: Now that you are here on ECW what are your plans going to be?

Helms removes his cap that he was wearing, wiping some sweat off of his forehead, before revealing his plans.

Gregory Helms: Brooke, let me make this perfectly clear - I do not want to get into any confrontation with anyone on this roster. Confrontation hurts people, both physically and mentally. Right now, I'm in a good physical and mental shape because I've avoided confrontation for the past month. I just want to go out to that ring, wrestle my kind of match, and then after the match, win or lose, I'm going to shake my opponents hand.

Brooke gives Gregory a quizzical look, surprised this is coming out of the mouth of the same guy that made sure he proved to everyone that he was the King of Cruiserweights by pinning each Cruiserweight in the division a year ago.

Brooke Adams: Uh, Gregory, why would you shake your opponents hand after the match?

Instead of thinking of an answer, Helms is ready with a response almost right away.

Gregory Helms: Brooke, professional wrestling is one of the toughest sports in the planet, and everyone that goes out to the ring tries to give it their all and pick up the victory. I find that if I gloat in someone's face after a victory, I will be nothing more then a jerk and a poor sportsman.

Helms stops and puts his cap back on, adjusting it to right over his ears.

Gregory Helms: But if I lose a match and pout about it instead of shaking the winners hand, I will just be a crybaby and a sore loser. Anytime someone participates in a game of basketball or baseball, both teams shake hand after the game as a sign of respect. I intend on bringing respect to my opponents as well, win or lose.

Helms stops as he appears to be done with this interview.

Brooke Adams: Why thank you for this enlightening interview, Gregory.

Gregory Helms: Anytime, Brooke. Anytime.

Helms leaves the interview area as we are taken back out to the arena, ready for our first match of the night.

***This Fire Burns***

And out with a big pop is one of the main faces on ECW, the 'Straightedge Superstar' CM Punk. Punk has his normal ribs t-shirt on that can be found on wweshop.com, and has X's taped around his taped wrists. He gives the crowd high fives as he makes his way down the aisle, and once he enters the ring, he tosses his shirt into the crowd and starts bouncing from side to side, shaking his wrists as he waits for his opponent to come out.

Joey Styles: Tazz here is one of ECW's brightest superstars at the moment, the straightedge superstar CM Punk. He says he doesn't do drugs or alcohol after what he saw happen to his parents, and that he is high on wrestling. What do you have to say about Punk, Tazz.

Tazz: Well, he's been in ECW for almost a year now, and has been one of the most dominating superstars since debuting here. You just gave a quick summary of his beliefs, but I've been around the guy and I know that it's much, much more then that.

Joey Styles: What do you mean, Tazz?

Tazz: I've seen this guy at AA meetings all around the place, trying to help people get their lives turned around. He's experienced first hand at how people's lifes have fallen with drugs and alcohol, and he's just trying to make sure that people don't fall into the same trap.

***2 Z Top***

Hits with one of ECW's newest acquisitions, via the supplemental draft, coming out. For those of you who don't know who it is, it's Jamie Noble. Noble comes down to a minimal reaction, at best, but doesn't seem to mind, as he gives the crowd some hand slaps, but never takes his eye off of his opponent inside of the ring, knowing that he has to make an impact here his first night on ECW.

Joey Styles: Now coming out is one of the talented wrestlers that has been brought over to ECW thanks to the supplemental draft, Jamie Noble.

Tazz: This guy is small in stature, but he does have a lot of heart. He also is a very skilled technical wrestler, and has had some titles to his resume, including being a former Cruiserweight Champion. Noble is hoping to make an impact on ECW, and he can with a huge victory over CM Punk here tonight.

Joey Styles: CM Punk versus Jamie Noble, right now, here on EC-dubya!

Match One - Singles Match - CM Punk vs. Jamie Noble

The bell rings and the two men begin the match by circling around each other, each waiting for the other man to make the first move. After a few seconds Noble decides to go at Punk's leg, only for Punk to push Noble at the ground to avoid the maneuver. The two do some groundwork on each other for the first three minutes, before Noble tries to go high risk and climbs the top rope. Noble claps his hands a few times to try and get the crowd into the match and then jumps off the top rope in an attempt to hit a missle dropkick, only for Punk to duck out of the way, causing Noble to crash hard into the canvas!

Punk then began to get control of the match, landing multiple kicks to the head of Noble before taking him down with a snap suplex. Later in the match Punk whips Noble into the turnbuckle and connects with a clothesline, then immediately connecting with a one armed bulldog as well. However, Punk then lost his momentum as he tried to land a springboard clothesline, with Noble taking him down with huge arm drag, sending Punk across the ring! Noble quickly notices his spot is open and climbs overtop of Punk, covering him for the pinfall... ONLY TO GET A TWO COUNT!

Noble holds up two fingers, with the referee confirming Noble's thoughts. Noble doesn't let the nearfall get to him, though. Instead, he grabs a downed Punk by the head and begins to drive his knees into Punk's head, just like a mixed martial artist would do. The referee notices Punk's leg right under the bottom rope and pulls Noble off of an unprotected Punk. While Punk is recouperating from Noble's recent attacks Jamie goes off on the referee, with him not noticing that Punk's leg was indeed under the bottom rope. Noble soon gets heated enough as to where he's in the referee's face, but just before he takes a swing at the referee Punk turns Jamie around and lifts him onto his shoulders and quickly connects with the Go To Sleep, giving the Straightedge Superstar the victory!

Winner: CM Punk via Pinfall (7:24)

The bell rings and Punk's hand is raised in victory, with Noble sitting on the canvas stunned at what happened in his debut here in ECW. Noble talks to the referee again while Punk is celebrating his victory, not bothering with restraint now that the match is over. Noble grabs the referee by the collar and PUNCHES THE REFEREE IN THE FACE! The referee immediately plummets to the ground, where Noble goes absolutely psycho on him, smacking his back and ripping off his shirt, before locking him in a GUILLOTINE CHOKEHOLD! NOBLE IS GOING ABSOLUTELY INSANE! The referee doesn't know what to do but tap out repeatedly, but Noble continues to have the hold locked in!

Noble has the hold locked in for a good half a minute before ECW officials come down and pull Noble off of the referee, with him in serious pain. Three men pull Noble away and drag him to the back, with him smiling maniacally while some more officials tend to the referee inside of the ring.

Tazz: I know this is sort of a new beginnin' fo' Jamie Noble, but I don't think you want to begin your first day on your new brand by choking out a referee with one of the toughest submission holds in all of wrestling.

Joey Styles: Not only does that referee not have any experience of being locked in a submission hold like that, but Jamie seemed to be adding more pressure the longer the move went! And did you see his smile when the officials were taking him to the back? He looked like he was a patient that had just come out of a mental institution!

Tazz: Jamie hasn't really had any anger issues that I know of, but it will be interesting to see how ECW General Manager Mick Foley will react to a demolition of one of his referees by one of his newest talents!

Joey Styles: When we receive more news on our referee's condition we will notify everyone at home, but the show will go on. And, when we come back from commercial break, the monster known as Mike Knox will be inside of the ring, as he has a match tonight. This is Extreme Championship Wrestling on Sci-Fi, and you do NOT want to turn the channel.


ECW comes back on air with the announcing team of Joey Styles and Tazz staring into the camera.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, a few minutes ago, after his match versus the 'Straightedge Superstar' CM Punk, one of ECW's acquisitions from the Supplemental Draft, Jamie Noble, did some horrific actions to one of our most respected referees. Here is a replay of what happened just moments ago...


The bell rings and Punk's hand is raised in victory, with Noble sitting on the canvas stunned at what happened in his debut here in ECW. Noble talks to the referee again while Punk is celebrating his victory, not bothering with restraint now that the match is over. Noble grabs the referee by the collar and PUNCHES THE REFEREE IN THE FACE! The referee immediately plummets to the ground, where Noble goes absolutely psycho on him, smacking his back and ripping off his shirt, before locking him in a GUILLOTINE CHOKEHOLD! NOBLE IS GOING ABSOLUTELY INSANE! The referee doesn't know what to do but tap out repeatedly, but Noble continues to have the hold locked in!

Noble has the hold locked in for a good half a minute before ECW officials come down and pull Noble off of the referee, with him in serious pain. Three men pull Noble away and drag him to the back, with him smiling maniacally while some more officials tend to the referee inside of the ring.


Joey Styles: As you can see, the referee has been seriously injured, and has been currently diagnosed with a concussion and neck spasms after the guillotine chokehold that Noble had locked in. When we receive more word on the story we will inform you all, and all of us sincerly apologize for Noble's actions. Thank you.

***Death Grip***

The theme of the 'Monster' Mike Knox quickly changes the tone of the crowd, from them being worried about the referee's condition, to them giving Knox some deserved boos. His opponent, Zak Garner is already inside of the ring, waiting for Knox to come down. Knox has a nice beard on him, to add to his monster character, and eventually makes his way up the steps.

Joey Styles: When you talk about jerks on the ECW brand, this man is one of the first that comes to mind, doesn't it Tazz?

Tazz: Well, when you interfere in such a big match like CM Punk versus Bobby Lashley you normally aren't going to have many fans on your side, that is for sure.

Joey Styles: For those of you who may be wondering what my colleague is talking about, let's take a look at last weeks main event, which featured our ECW World Heavyweight Champion taking on the Straightedge Superstar CM Punk...


The match, while not as good as the spectacular affair last week between Punk and RVD, is a very solid 11 minute bout. Lashley, using his strength, holds the advantage early on in the match, at least until Punk sidesteps a spear attempt from the huge beast. It is then Punk who uses his technical abilities to take control of the match, hitting a step up enziguri and hurricanrana before attempting to lock in the Anaconda Vise, only for MIKE KNOX TO COME DOWN THE RING! Nobody has an idea why the monster is coming down, but he quickly turns this match sour as he takes out both Punk and Lashley at 11:39, wanting to get his name known. The crowd gives Knox heat, who just takes a deep breath and takes it all in, with Joey Styles and Tazz degrading Knox for his actions. Knox walks around the ring and continues to take in their boos.


Once the video is done being aired we are taken back inside of the ring, with both Knox and Garner ready to go in our second match of the night.

Match Two - Singles Match - Mike Knox vs. Zak Garner

A complete and utter squash for the Monster Knox, who has been on a roll since making his re-debut on ECW a few weks ago. In fact, it is now his 3rd straight win, with him being quite dominant in eah and every performance. Knox simply toys with Garner in the three minutes that they are inside of the ring together, with him whipping Garner at each and every turnbuckle, before eventually taking him down with a Samoan Drop! Knox continues to destroy Garner until he finishes him off with the Desert Destroyer, a Swinging reverse STO, for the elementary pinfall.

Winner: Mike Knox via Pinfall (3:07)

The bell rings and Knox slowly gets up to his feet, getting his hand raised in victory. Knox doesn't bask in his celebration, but instead picks Garner up again and connects with another Desert Destoryer, completely destroying the enhancement talent. Knox then lifts Garner into a press slam position and throws him over the top rope and onto the hard concrete ground below! Knox then orders a microphone to ben handed to him, with Tony Chimel handing it to him.

Mike Knox: (slightly out of breath) I know... many of you are wondering... why I interfered in last weeks main event...

Some more boos for Knox from the crowd after he reminds them of what he did last week.

Mike Knox: (pointing towards a still downed Garner on the outside of the ring) As you can see... this talent that is being thrown at me... is PATHETIC! I am undefeated since my return to ECW a few weeks ago... with an amazing record of three wins and zero losses...

[I]Some more heat from the crowd, as a 3-0 record isn't exactly 'Goldberg-esque'.

Mike Knox: So... next week... I demand the ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley in a singles match to prove my dominance.

Knox then tosses his microphone to the ground and walks out of the ring, done with his statement to the crowd as ECW goes to another commercial break.


ECW on Sci-Fi comes back from it's commercial break inside of General Manager Mick Foley's office. Mick is looking at some papers in his dimly lit room, with 'Barbie', his precious barbed wire, leaning on one of the walls. Mick is working diligently at his papers until he hears a knock on the door, with the man walking in without being welcomed in by Foley. Foley wipes a big part of sweat on his forehead before looking up at the man, who is the motherfucker known as Hardcore Holly.

Mick Foley: Bob, what brings you here into my office here tonight?

Hardcore Holly: I'm here to apologize for being the first man eliminated last night in the 15 man battle royal. I am very embarassed for my weak performance.

Foley seems surprised from the apology that has come out of Holly's mouth, a man who certainly isn't known for being remorseful and apologetic.

Mick Foley: It's a, erm, no big deal, Bob. We had a good night last night so that match didn't break us.

Holly nods his head, happy that Mick accepts his apology. Mick, however, thinks that he is done and is about to leave, and continues to work on his paperwork. Before Mick can get too deep into his work Holly chirps in again.

Hardcore Holly: I was also watchin' the show last night, an' I heard that there was going to be a triple threat match at Judgment Day with each brand getting one representative, an' to make up for my poor performance last night I wanna be that representative at Judgment Day.

Foley then puts his pen down and leans back in his chair, staring into Holly's eye's before answering him.

Mick Foley: Bob, as much as I would like to just hand you the spot at Judgment Day, it is my duty as General Manager to keep it fair to everyone on the roster. So, with that said, next week in the main event of ECW, we will see a six-pack challenge, which will feature yourself, CM Punk, Finlay, Gregory Helms, Kevin Thorn, and Sabu.

The crowd is heard cheering when the faces are announced by Foley, and booing when the heels are.

Hardcore Holly: Thank you for the opportunity, sir.

Holly begins to leave Foley's office, but Foley isn't done talking.

Mick Foley: Woah, woah, hold up there, bud. I haven't even announced the best part... The match will be an 'Extreme Rules' Six Pack Challenge, meaning that all weapons are allowed.

The fans cheer loudly at Foley's final announcement, with Holly giving out a small smile before leaving the arena.

Mick Foley: (leaning back in his chair) Aaaahhh, it's GREAT to have power. He he.

Foley takes a breather and stays leaning in his seat as ECW goes back out to the arena.


Joey Styles: Well, everybody, you just heard it. Next week in our main event it will be an 'Extreme Rules' Six Pack Challenge, featuring CM Punk, Kevin Thorn, Gregory Helms, Hardcore Holly, Sabu, and...


Hits, interrupting the 'Voice of ECW' in his train of thought, and it's none other then one of the men featured in tonight's main event, the 'Belfast Bruiser' Finlay. Finlay walks down, dressed in his normal Irish-styled outfit, with his shillelagh in hand as well. Finlay comes down the ring, not looking like he's in a fucking around type of mood. He slowly makes his way up the ring and does a few sprints around the ring, waiting for his partner to come out.

Joey Styles: ... and that man that is coming down the ring at this very moment, Finlay. Tazz, Finlay is an experienced veteran in this business, but don't you think even he is hoping to have an impressive debut here on a new brand?

Tazz: Honestly, Joey, this man isn't going to do anything different then what he would on a normal day. He loves to fight, and that's what he's gonna do here tonight.

***Turn Up The Trouble***

Plays next, with ECW's crown jewel from last night's draft, Mr. Kennedy making his way out from the curtain. He spits at the ground near the fans, with a cocky smile on his face. He takes some big steps down the aisle and once he slides into the ring he points up to the rafters, awaiting for his microphone to come down so he can make his signature introduction.

Mr. Kennedy: I come in weighing at a dashing two hundred and forty-three pounds and am the current MISTAAAA MONEY IN THE BANK.... Also to be your future ECW World Heavyweight Champion.... MMMMIIIISSSSSTTTTTAAAAAAAAA...... KKKKKEEEEENNNNNNNEEEEEDDDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Kennedy pauses, walks over to the top rope, and puts the microphone by his mouth again.


Kennedy tosses the microphone back up in the air as is 'vanishes' up to the rafters. He then steps down off the turnbuckle and meets with his partner, discussing their strategy for their debut match. Instead of getting some commentary from Styles and Tazz, the next man's music plays...

***One Of A Kind***

And the next man to come out is 'Mr. Tuesday Night' himself, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam comes out to a remarkable reaction, with all of the fans seemingly on their feet. RVD does his 'Rob... Van... Dam!' chant twice, once on the top of the aisle, and once on the edge of the ring apron before entering the ring. RVD keeps his space between his opponents, with him waiting for his partner to make his way out from the back as well.

Joey Styles: Now here comes one of the most recognizable faces from the original ECW, the Whole F'n Show Rob Van Dam. I think the crowd's reaction to Rob says it all about this man - they love him here.

Tazz: Rob has that high-flying aerial style of wrestling, which is very appealing on the eyes, at least compared to a guy like Finlay, who is more of a ground-game type. Also, Rob has always given 110% to these fans, and they always show their appreciation towards him.

Joey Styles: He may have come up short two nights ago to try and get his second reign as ECW World Heavyweight Champion since ECW came back on the air last June, but he still is number one in many fans hearts here tonight.

***Hell Will Be Callin' Your Name***

And the final member of the main event, the current ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley. Lashley slowly walks down the ring, giving the fans high fives as he makes his way down. He then walks up the steps and gives RVD a hand shake, showing no hard feelings despite their hard-fought encounter a few nights ago at Backlash. The two then plan out their strategy as the main event is seconds from beginning.

Joey Styles: Now out is the man who has dominated the entire ECW Brand since he won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship back in December, Bobby Lashley. Tazz, Bobby is quite the physical specimen, isn't he?

Tazz: Oh I'll say so, Joey. This man doesn't look like he has an ounce of fat on his body and has the look of a World Champion. It doesn't hurt that he has an amateur background, either.

Joey Styles: It's now time for our main event to get underway, but before we can, we will have to take our final commercial break of the evening. It's gonna be Finlay and Mr. Kennedy versus Bobby Lashley and Rob Van Dam when we return, so don't go anywhere.


Match Three - Tag-Team Match - Finlay & Mr. Kennedy vs. Bobby Lashley & Rob Van Dam

ECW returns to commercial with Finlay beating down RVD in his teams corner, with Kennedy laughing and talking smack to a beaten down opponent. Finlay sends RVD to the ground by driving his shoulder into the sternum of Van Dam, before tagging in his teammate Kennedy. Kennedy cockily smirks at RVD before he grabs him by his leg and drags him into the center of the ring, stomping all around RVD's body, who is squirming around in pain. After the fifth stomp Kennedy looks up to the crowd and gives a shit-eating grin, gaining a whole ton of heat from the crowd in doing so. He delivers one final stomp to the gut of RVD before lifting him up and immediately taking him down with a snap DDT! Kennedy then doesn't waste any time and covers RVD for the pinfall, only for RVD to roll his shoulder up at 2 and a quarter!

Kennedy vents his frustrations by smacking the canvas with his hand, before going back to work on RVD. Kennedy picks RVD up and whips him off of the ropes, connecting with a running knee to the gut on the comeback! RVD crashes to the mat and kicks the ground in pain, and Kennedy seems to be enjoying seeing RVD hurt. He grabs RVD by the hair and tags in Finlay again, then connects with a beautiful backcracker over his knee. Kennedy holds RVD in his spot while Finlay walks over and takes him down with a leg drop over his throat! Kennedy then is forced to leave the ring and it is Finlay/Van Dam inside of the ring now.

Finlay continues his teams dominance for a few more minutes, until he tries to seal the deal with a Celtic Cross. Finlay has RVD held onto his shoulders, but, after a few seconds of Finlay gaining stamina, RVD slides down Finlay's back and grabs him by his feet, tripping him up and finally getting some momentum! RVD knows that he has to get a tag to Lashley, who has been on the sidelines since the early stages of the match, and begins to make his way towards his partner. Finlay knows this as well and tries to tag in Kennedy before RVD can get Lashley, so he begins to crawl over to his teams corner. It's a race to the finish, with both guys about the same length away, only for Finlay to jump and make the tag to Kennedy, and RVD to get the tag seconds later to a huge pop! Lashley and Kennedy are finally squaring off inside of the ring, with both men fully rested and they throw down right away!

The two begin their encounter by throwing down right hands, with Lashley eventually getting the better of Kennedy. Lashley uses his stored energy to dominate Kennedy for a few minutes, landing a delayed vertical suplex, followed by military press drop a few seconds later. After he connects with an overhead belly to belly suplex near Kennedy's corner, Lashley walks back over near his corner and gets in position to connect with the Spear. Lashley crouches down on his feet, but since he is so focused on Kennedy, he doesn't notice that Finlay has removed the protective turnbuckle covering near his teams corner, which now just leaves a metal turnbuckle on the top rope.

Lashley patiently waits for Kennedy to get to his feet, and once he does, Lashley charges at him full speed, only for Kennedy to out-smart the ECW World Heavyweight Champion and side-step the move, throwing him into the unprotected turnbuckle! Lashley crashes down to the mat and Kennedy quickly climbs the top rope, connecting with the Kenton Bomb and covering Lashley for the CLEAN Pinfall Victory!

Winners: Mr. Kennedy & Finlay via Pinfall (12:38)

Kennedy almost immediately gets up to his feet and jumps up and down in a sort of girlish matter, very, very pleased that he finally earned a clean pinfall victory over Lashley. Kennedy and Finlay grab each others hand and raise them in the air indicating their victory, before Kennedy grabs Lashley's ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt and celebrates with it on the top rope, just rubbing it in the face of the actual champion. Kennedy looks at it and raises it up in the air, to some boos from the disappointed crowd, before he tosses it onto the downed chest of the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Kennedy is smirking as he leaves the ring, just as he was when he was coming down the ring before the match.

Joey Styles: Quite an impressive debut here on the ECW brand for both Mr. Kennedy and Finlay, don't you agree Tazz?

Tazz: Lashley stated earlier in the night that Kennedy had never defeated him via pinfall, but Kennedy now has gotten that monkey off his back with another win over a World Champion.

Joey Styles: Certainly having Lashley running into an unprotected turnbuckle doesn't hurt, though.

Tazz: I don't think Kennedy himself saw it, Joey. Finlay just helped out his teammate by removing the covering and Kennedy still avoided the spear and thought on his feet. Overall an impressive outing from ECW's crowned jewel.

Joey Styles: For my colleague Tazz, I'm Joey Styles and we thank you for watching yet another eventful episode of ECW on Sci-Fi.

Once Joey is done signing off, ECW fades to black.

Quick Results:
CM Punk def. Jamie Noble (7:24)
Mike Knox def. Zak Garner (3:07)
Mr. Kennedy & Finlay def. Bobby Lashley & Rob Van Dam (12:38)

Confirmed For Next Week:
Six Pack Challenge: CM Punk vs. Finlay vs. Gregory Helms vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Kevin Thorn vs. Sabu


Judgment Day
May 20, 2007
Where: Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Theme Song: I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne

Confirmed Matches:

Triple Threat Match for the Contract of an Unannounced Superstar:
TBA vs. TBA vs. TBA

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

VERY detailed results, and good ones, it seems like your giving away too much on the weekly shows, matches that could be big ones on PPV with plenty of hype are kind of given away too easily, that's just my first impression, but it's obvious you are very dedicated to it and willing to work hard on it. Also, Kennedy on ECW seems wasted, although it could prepare him well for a higher spot on another brand.

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