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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW Feedback

Just like Raw, a nice ‘Mania video package to open the show, I am not going to echo the same sentiments I did for Raw, but you know I appreciate the video package.

Seemed like a bit of a boring promo early. I mean, Lashley isn’t exactly a killer on the microphone and he didn’t seem to be saying anything overly exciting. Being interrupted by Mick Foley was something I did not expect. I would have preferred him to get interrupted by one of the wrestlers that Foley announced to be competing for a title shot, that way there would be some tension there, rather then just some generic build up without any tension. All sings at this stage point to RVD, so I can really see CM Punk getting the title shot.

Big match here with the Originals against The New Breed. Really the Originals never fitted in with the WWECW, therefore I am really happy that The New Breed got the win. You need people to win who you can actually do stuff with in the future, the Originals just use the same old Hardcore act over and over again. I really think this was a good decision.

Mike Knox interview. Yuck, I really hope this isn’t a push.

Knox gets the easy win over Little Guido and that is exactly what I expected, a squash match. I don’t care if he gets some wins and that, and he can be a prominent part of ECW, but I don’t want him going near a title.

Snitsky and Holly partnership… Wow, that will definitely equal ratings.

Great main event to be honest, really great. Two of the guys in Snitsky and Holly I hate but it really doesn’t matter as it seems as though they put it down pretty well in this one. Good to see Snitsky gone as out of the four he probably is the worse, at this stage I am begging for a RVD/Punk showdown in a couple of weeks. This is probably the only thing on ECW that is showing promise in my opinion.

Overall, everything was well written, but I found the show to be boring. Really boring. Besides the championship situation, which isn’t even that great yet, nothing at all is happening that interests me. You better hope ECW kill it with the draft, because this was a real boring show to read and that’s why I didn’t write a lot.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Provided by WrestlingObservers own Dave Meltzer

Anyone who is expecting a WWE versus TNA War anytime soon will not be happy with the news that I'm about to report. Normally, the WWE makes their annual "spring cleaning" around this time of the year but this year, they've made one of their biggest surprises since buying out WCW in 2001. I've just been told by CM Punk, who is good friends with these two men, that the WWE has signed two "name talents" from TNA. Punk told me that they signed the deal on the same day, wanting to take a shot at the WWE together. I've been told who they two men are, but if you don't want to be spoiled when they debut, you will want to go back now.

(OOC: I've put these in spoiler tags so if someone wants to be surprised with who the two are, they can be. But, if you do look at the spoiler, please don't write "OMGZ I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU SIGNED ___ & ___!!111" because that'd spoil it for the people who haven't looked at it. However, if you say something like "I like them, hopefully you use them well" that's fine. Just don't try and drop any hints to those who haven't looked at it (such as their accomplishments or name, which is the biggie).

Spoiler for Names of Signing:
Now, for those of you who want to hear the big news, as I said before, it is reported that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has reached a 2 year deal for both "Mr. TNA" himself A.J. Styles and "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Many in TNA had heard about the WWE attempting to make deals with the two over Wrestlemania weekend, but one close source in TNA told me that both Styles and Daniels told him that they "were loyal to TNA and were going to stay in TNA." Obviously, with this report, those words are now false.

Jim Ross had said in his blog last week that he expected to see a few former faces to be back within a few weeks, but we presumed he was referring to Christian, Kurt Angle, or Team 3-D, all of which have been champions in the past in the WWE. But, to get technical, both Daniels and Styles have worked in the WWE before, in tryout matches, but not getting signed. After a few years improving their work in both TNA and Ring of Honor, McMahon pulled the trigger on them and they had to agree to the deal. I've been told that both of them have signed deals that are worth to close the same amount, but they wouldn't give out exact figures.

TNA has now taken their biggest hit that the company has possibly ever taken. These two have been TNA Originals, been there since the beginning, but Vince McMahon has offered them a more lucrative contract and a promise to them that they'll be future players in the WWE and now they're both gone. Some people in TNA that I've spoken to since they have learned of the signing have said that they are "traitors, scum, and will never be welcomed back into TNA again". Obviously they were both thought of as the future for TNA, and with them both gone, one has to wonder, who will TNA have take the reigns once the older veterans such as Angle, Sting, and Nash retire.

While TNA is in some trouble, the question for Daniels and Styles is: Where do they go? I've been told they're going to start in developmental, but don't expect that to last for longer then possibly a month. They could both go anywhere and start well. On RAW, with the midcard scene pretty thin, they could go in there and work a few good feuds before being pushed up. On Smackdown, they could help revitalize the Cruiserweight Division or help improve the depleted upper-midcard scene, which currently only features Batista, the Undertaker, and possibly Kane as the only real Main Event talent. Or, they could go to ECW and help make the brand more then just a "C-Show". Again, with really only Rob Van Dam, Bobby Lashley, and their good friend CM Punk, there isn't much talent that could bring prestige to ECW.

The other question would be: Singles or tag-team? While both of them are ready for the midcard-upper midcard scene, the WWE's tag-team division, which has two titles but only 9 legimate teams. The two have worked in tag-teams together in TNA, but Styles told me that they'd "want to see how we could do in the upper midcard. That's what we came for - to see if we were as good as we were in TNA. If we wanted to work in a tag-team we would've stayed in TNA. We came in this together, but we want to go our separate ways."

In my opinion, while they are close friends, they should start on different brands. If the two requested the ride with each other on tapings, which Daniels said was one of their reasons they signed, then you can put Daniels on Smackdown and Styles on ECW. For Daniels, who is less popular then Styles, place him in the Cruiserweight or United States title divison until he really gets over with the crowd, then a push can come. For Styles, a feud with CM Punk to start off his career in the WWE wouldn't be too bad, but I don't believe he is well known enough to get that kind of push immediatly. Have him in a small feud against Stevie Richards or the like, have him go over, then make him into a major threat. Those who watch TNA know the talent that Styles and Daniels have, but for them to make it to the top, they'll have to get over first.

Either way, these two will most likely be important factors in the WWE for years to come, much to the dismay of those hoping for the wars between WWE and TNA.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Sorry that I'm late, but here's a review for RAW.

Nice basic way to start off with the recap of the events at WrestleMania. It's always good to do, as not only does it serve as a reminder for the readers, but it's also just a nice touch to show how big the PPV was.

Cena starting off was muhc to be expected. Setting up for the next challenger was also to be expected, with a Pay-Per-View in Backlash right around the corner. Kinda disappointed you had Michaels come out since I hate that stigma around Backlash that it's just a bunch of less hyped WrestleMania rematches. Putting them on yourself doesn't do much to really enthuse me for the PPV. I'm not surprised that you had Michaels saying Cena won via fluke and that he wants a rematch was much expected, as it is the norm for the way the Backlash feud goes unfortunately. Coach coming out and being in charge of the show while Vinnie Mac is off is great. He was really good in that role (much better than as an announcer), so at one point down the line I hope you make this a permanent fixture. The Backlash announcement was expected, though I'm glad you're making use of their status as tag champs. It at least adds a small twist to what would otherwise be the same old post-WrestleMania feud.

This was around the time WWE moved Umaga away from Armando. I'm certainly glad you haven't done that, as Armando kinda owns. Adds a lot to the overall Umaga package.

Bleh @ Super Crazy being jobbed out. Move him to SmackDown! to tear it up with the cruiserweights when possible, plz. It's good to see you rebuilding Umaga back up as an absolute monster with the brutal post-match attack, rather than having him move into a jobber to the stars role. If you can get him back up to the main event I'll be very happy.

Nice to see you giving some promo time to Carlito, meaning there should be an impending push. The guy's very good, so you just need to build him up right. I wouldn't mind you keeping Flair involved in getting him there, but if you choose to go completely down the singles road, that's fine too.

Ugh, Masters isn;t too bad so I don't mind you building him back up, but I just found the excuse incredibly lame, rather than funny. Having him go over Duggan in the Masterlock Challenge is the first step. You need to do a bit more from here to have Masters built up properly again.

I like the idea of Hardy vs Edge stemming from MITB, because really, Jeff did cost Edge it all. I'm surprised WWE never went with this, though I think it's great that you are. Jeff is majorly over, so there's always a role for him if you use him right. This feud with Edge is a good role for now.

Yuck @ Venis being included in this. I guess you were running low on stocks. Glad to see Nitro dominating a fair portion of this match, as he was starting to cool down from a push at this time. Hopefully you can reignite it (and maybe change him up to John Morrison ), because I think WWE kinda let themselves down here. I like you having Carlito use the classic Naitch tactis, as it establishes that the two are still very much connected. 'Lito to fall to Umaga in a good match @ Backlash to help both men, plz.

I like the idea of a draft soon. It really givres you a chance to shape exactly how you want your rosters. Hopefully we see some moves that make for not only big main events, but chances ofr midcarders to be elevated.

Ugh, The Highlanders? Well, it was always bound to be a squash. Make this a way to get the belts on TWGTT, plz. I don't think the staredown was necessary either. You've still got four weeks until you hit the PPV, so that should generally be happening not too long before it, especially with the same things bound to be happening week in, week out.

Good seeing you getting Flair actually on the show, as opposed to just being mentioned. Maybe these gauntlet matches are going to be what pisses 'Lito off eventually and causes him to turn on Flair? Iunno, but it should be interesting.

Edge and Hardy have some good chemistry, so it's a lot better giving them the main event slot than Cena and Michaels vs jobbers. The match itself seemed alright, though it got confusing when the chair got involved. It seemed like Mike Chioda took the chair, yet Edge still hit Hardy with one. I just think the writing itself wasn't very clear. While I appreciate that you were trying to make the match interesting, I also didn't like Hardy kicking out of the Spear. Sure, Edge took awhile to make the cover, but Jeff wasn't even meant to be wrestling, so I don't think he'd be strong enough to kick out of the Spear. The beatdown was pretty generic, but it gets the job done. Not a big fan of it, but whatever.

Well, it wasn't the worst show you've written, though I also think this was far from the best. Iunno, the fcat that you recapped doesn't help, and it was also a little short (don't feel the need to be limited to eleven segments just because of EWR). I also hate the fact that the show lacked Orton, while you were able to feature Jim Duggan, Super Crazy, The Highlanders and Val Venis. It only took away from it.

Lots of room for improvement here. I'll be back in probably tomorrow to dropa review for ECW.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Just thought I'd drop by and offer some thoughts about the ECW Show.


The opening promo with Lashley was rather stereotypical. He just seemed really green here and the whole promo seemed a bit bland really. Obviously Lashley wasn't the greatest promo guy but I just felt to open the show that could have had a little more fire to it. Despite that I love the idea of the elimination chase. Hopefully the right guys get the push is all I will really say (No Holly in the fatal four way).

Good to see that Elijah is leading the New Breed. He seems to be the focal point at the minute with picking up the win and Tazz's comments etc which is a good booking move but I also think Cor Von getting a similar kind of push would work well. Maybe a storyline of the two trying to compete to be the main man, just idea's obviously but the way you are booking it is leading to a few potential pathways so good booking there.

Knox promo served it's purpose but really conformed to the big man stereotype. I always kinda liked Knox actually so pleased he is getting a potential push. Hopefully it won't just be squash after squash like the Guido match. I often find it just makes the guy look green and generic so hopefully he can have some good back and forth matches in the near future but hey for the first show it worked fine.

I really liked the Snitsky/Holly confrontation. Added an extra element to the fatal four way but something tells me Holly won't fully go along with it.
The match itself was decent, nothing really special to be honest and I just hope next week's triple threat match has a bit more going for it. I liked how Snitsky attacked the referee but I just felt like if he took out Holly it would have kept that extra storyline going into next week's match.

Overall it was a decent show. Obviously being ECW it isn't the focal point but it was well written even if a little bland in places. Hopefully next week we can get some mic time for RVD and Punk. But generally a solid effort and I will have to check out your other shows once they are up.


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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

ECW News and Notes:
provided by the Wrestling Observer.

-Expect some of the "dead weight" on the brand be cut within the next couple of weeks. As we've said before, the WWE will start making their rounds on their annual "Spring Cleaning" sometime soon, and with some of the ECW Originals being rather useless (Steven Richards, The Sandman, Balls Mahoney), and just taking roster space and money from the WWE, don't expect them to be around much longer after the draft. Also, expect some new names to be brought up, including Eddie Colon (brother of Carlito), Mike Mondo, Nick Nemeth (formerly of the Spirit Squad), Paul Burchill, and Tony Braddock. Some may come with the gimmick they currently have, others may come with others, but I've been told by Vince McMahon, ECW is "going to be built up stronger, but still will be the place for most young rookies to debut."

-Mike Knox made his return after being down in developmental for the past few months, and made his return in a big way. Some had praised Knox down in OVW for his ability to get some heat, but others have said that he is just another big man that "Vince can't get his crush over". Knox, while still low on the card, looks like he may be built up within the upcoming months as a legimate threat to the bigger faces of ECW, namely CM Punk, Bobby Lashley, and Rob Van Dam. Still, people are in doubt and wish that Vince would go for more "athletic" guys from America, such as Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Elix Skipper, Frankie Kazarian, and some foreigners, such as Kaz Hayashi, who some of you may remember from the late WCW years, Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Mistico.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Friday Night Smackdown
April 6, 2007

Smackdown, just like RAW and ECW, start off with a video package recapping Wrestlemania 23, mainly focusing on the Smackdown side of things. They show Chris Benoit defeating Montel Vontavious Porter for the United States Championship after hitting the diving headbutt to pin him. They then shift to the Money in the Bank ladder match which saw Smackdown's own Mr. Kennedy take the briefcase off the rung to win his first ever Money in the Bank match. Finally, we see the epic battle between the Undertaker and Batista. We see the Undertaker diving over the top rope and landing on Batista, Batista hitting a powerslam on the Undertaker through a table, until we finally see the Undertaker hitting a Tombstone Piledriver to become 15-0 at Wrestlemania. Smackdown's opening video and pyro then to start off the show.

Ring Announcer Justin Roberts is shown standing in the middle of the ring and introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker! The gong goes off as the "Graveyard Symphony" plays, with the World Heavyweight Champion slowly makes his way down the ring, with the World Heavyweight Championship buckled snugly around his waist. He has his signature hat and coat on and enters the ring before taking off his coat and rolling his eyes behind his head once he takes his hat off. He grabs a microphone and doesn't say much, but does say that hell has been risen, and that now Smackdown is going to pay. Shortly after a few more words, which is just the usual deadman, "I Walk Alone" plays and the now former World Heavyweight Champion Batista makes his way down the ring.

Batista has a sports coat and pants on, with shades covering his eyes. He says that the Undertaker got him last Sunday at Wresltemania, but he still has his guaranteed rematch in the contract that he signed, and he can't wait any longer, and that tonight he's cashing in his rematch clause. The crowd pops at Batista's announcement as Batista takes his shades off and rips his coat off before waving his hands up and down and shouting for the Undertaker to "bring it". The Undertaker pulls his gloves off as they are about to duel, but "McMillant" hits before they can duel, bringing out General Manager Teddy Long, which receives some boos. He says that these two better save their energy for tonight, because, although the title match is going to happen, it's going to be under No-Disqualification rules, so they should save all the energy they got, cause it's gonna be a hell of a battle. Holla holla. Smackdown then goes backstage to Maria.

Rating: 73%


Maria is backstage with the current reigning United States Champion Chris Benoit. She asks Benoit how he feels about retaining his United States Championship five days ago at Wresltemania. He says that MVP didn't see him as a threat, even though he is a former World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion. MVP has to learn that to get the United States title he's going to have to do more then just beg to get another rematch for the title. He's going to have to prove himself. So tonight, when London & Kenrick team up with me to take on the Bluebloods and MVP, MVP is going to have to show him (Benoit) why he deserves another chance at the title. Benoit then leaves the interview arena as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 73%


Smackdown comes back from commercial and "Hey You" hits, with the current WWE Tag-Team Champions, Paul London and Brian Kendrick making their way down to the ring. They sprint down to the ring with the titles around their waists and matching outfits on. They get on opposite turnbuckles and show off their titles before doing a backflip off the turnbuckles and handing the referee their belts. "Whatever" blares next, with the WWE United States Champion Chris Benoit making his way down the ring. Benoit calmly walks down the ring with the title wrapped around his shoulder and shows it off as he enters the ring. "Gladiators" then hits as the Bluebloods, William Regal and Dave Taylor make their way down to the ring. They walk down with a snobbish attitude and stare down the WWE Tag-Team Champions the whole way down the ramp, eyeing those Tag-Team titles. Finally "I'm Comin'" plays and Montel Vontavious Porter, otherwise known as MVP, makes his way down the ring. He enters out of his football tunnel and does his taunt before walking into the ring with his partners as they get ready for the 6 man tag-team match.

The match starts off with Benoit entering the ring for his team, with him pointing at MVP, wanting him in the ring right now. MVP shakes his head and William Regal instead enters the ring. The two have a good exchange of chain wrestling for the first few minutes until Regal gets the early advantage with the stiff elbow to the jaw. Regal works on the head of Benoit for the next few minutes, stomping and dragging his foot on the downed Benoit before he tags in his parter, Taylor. Taylor keeps Benoit down with a headlock on the ground before driving his knees into the face of Benoit. Benoit eventually gets to his feet and gets out of the headlock with some elbows to the gut, but Taylor sends him back down with an European Uppercut. MVP then begs for a tag and Taylor agrees, tagging the "highest paid superstar on Smackdown" in. MVP continues his teams attack on the head of the body of Benoit, but the tables turn once Benoit dodges a Ballin' Elbow attempt and Benoit then takes the advantage for his team by hitting some chops to the chest of MVP followed by an Irish Whip and Lariat.

For the next couple of minutes we see all 6 men get some decent action in the ring, with Regal and Taylor trying to take out the Hooliganz and MVP trying to demolish Benoit. The finish comes with MVP and Benoit in the ring. Benoit hits a German suplex on MVP right near the turnbuckle and climbs up it before slashing his thumb across his throat. He sets himself up to connect with the diving headbutt, but Taylor walks over and slams on the ring ropes, causing Benoit to land in-between the turnbuckles! London and Kendrick take offense to this and leave their area and go after the Bluebloods and the two brawl outside while the referee, still inside of the ring, tells them to knock it off. MVP, on the otherhand, pulled Benoit down from the top rope and set him on the corner of the turnbuckle before running at him and hitting him with the Playa's Boot! MVP then drags Benoit out to the middle of the ring and covers him for the 3 count and the win at the 8:28 mark.

Overall Rating: (68, 71, 81) ***

MVP celebrates his victory as the referee raises his hand. The Bluebloods and Londrick continue to battle to the back while MVP walks out to the ring announcer and grabs a microphone from Justin Roberts. He says that if his performance a few seconds ago doesn't prove to Benoit that he should be the number one contender to the United States Championship, he'll show Benoit next week why he should be the number one contender when he faces Benoit in a non title match. He ends with Ballin' as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Overall Rating: 64%


Smackdown comes back from commercial as "Turn Up The Trouble" hits and the current Mr. Money in the Bank Mr. Kennedy makes his way down the ring. He comes down with his briefcase in his hand and his wrestling gear on, with his cutoff shirt on overtop. He introduces himself as the current Mr. Money in the Bank and future World Heavyweight Champion. He says what he did just five nights ago was nothing short of remarkable, and now that he's got the thing that will make his destiny, he's going to cash it in when he's ready. It may be tonight, it may be at Wrestlemania 24, but what's for sure is that within the next 12 months you are going to hear the words "YOUR NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ... MISTAAAA ... KENNEDY ... KENNEDY!" Kennedy pushes up the microphone as "Pitbull" hits next and Jamie Noble makes his way down to the ring for a match between the two.

Once Noble gets ready for the match between the two the fight begins and Kennedy starts off in the drivers seat pounding on the body of Noble, who is nothing short of helpless. JBL remarks that Kennedy is a man on a mission and that mission starts tonight with his reward being a World Championship while Kennedy continues to demolish Noble with him hitting a roundhouse kick to the temple of Noble. Kennedy then tries to hit a vertical suplex on Noble, but Noble reverses the advantage towards him by keeping his weight down and hitting a DDT on Kennedy. Noble then works on the back for a couple of minutes with a one-legged Boston Crab and a surfboard, but before Noble can hit the double gutbuster on Kennedy, Kennedy delivers some hard elbows to his face and quickly delivers a newly shown finisher by Kennedy, a leg-reverse STO, otherwise known as the Mic Check. Kennedy then covers Noble to pick up the win at the 6:39 mark. Kennedy goes over to the ring announcer who hands him his Money In The Bank briefcase while Mr. Kennedy announces himself as the winner.

Overall Rating: (57, 53, 76) **1/2


We then go and see a video package and we see a man, who's name isn't revealed, along with a woman who appears to be his girlfriend. They are in a restaurant, talking rather loudly, and a man sitting behind them comes over and asks them if they can be quiet, but the woman tells the man that they'll do whatever they want and her date grabs the man by the collar and pushes him down into the booth a few feet away, with the two laughing at the man's reaction. The man thrown into the booth then walks away as the man who shoved him reveals himself to be Johnny Jeter, and along with his girlfriend, Maryse, are going to show Smackdown in two weeks why they are going to be the best thing that ever comes to Smackdown. Smackdown then goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 67%


Smackdown comes back on and "Royalty" hits, with King Booker, along with his queen, Sharmell, make their way down the ring. Booker is not dressed to compete right now, instead coming down in a suit with his crown and signature King's robe as he enters the ring along with his queen. He says, in his English accent, that last night, Matt Hardy did something that a man should never do, and that's threaten to hit another man's woman. He says Hardy did it for a petty item, the Money in the Bank briefcase, which he didn't even win. He says Matt just threatened his own manhood when he messed with his woman, and now he's going to pay. Booker wants Matt to get his white trash piece of crap body out here right now so he can confront him face to face.

After a few seconds of waiting, "Livin' For The Moment" plays and Matt Hardy makes his way down the ring in street clothes. He does his "V-1" taunt and then gets into the ring, and Booker wastes no time questioning him. Booker asks if Hardy has any balls, or if he was just born a coward. This receives boos, but Hardy just shrugs it off, telling Booker that he was trying to do him a favor by taking out that nasaly-sounding bitch. Booker's eyes bug out and he's furious, his face getting red and him pacing up and down the ring, while Matt is calmly leaning against one of the turnbuckles smiling. Booker says that Hardy has a lot of nerve to come and say that his queen is a bitch, and now he's gonna pay. Matt asks him what he's going to do, tell him that he's a "Five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion" and do the Spinarooni? Matt laughs, along with the crowd, while Booker is about to attack Hardy, being restrained by his wife.

Booker says that Hardy better watch what he says, because it's going to come back and haunt him in the future. Matt says that he's been through hell and back, with people who he thought were his friends cheating on him behind his back, so anything that Booker has to bring, he'll be ready. Booker says he's had enough of the peasant, referring to Hardy, and tells him to get out of his ring. Hardy drops his microphone on the ground and walks to the back, not taking his eyes off a cheap shot from Booker. The camera's focus on Hardy walking backwards while staring at Booker while Smackdown goes to commercial.

Rating: 84%


Smackdown comes back and "Chavo Ardiente" plays, with the WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero shown making his way down the ring. He has on a poncho and do-rag along with the Cruiserweight Championship wrapped around his waist. Instead of going to the ring, Chavo walks over to the commentary booth alongside Michael Cole and JBL. They hype up Chavo as the last Guerrero from the famous Guerrero wrestling family to still be actively wrestling, being successful with four reigns of the Cruiserweight Championship. Chavo says that since he won the title from Gregory Helms at No Way Out, he's been the most dominant Cruiserweight since...he doesn't know when. He just knows that no one can match his knowledge inside of the ring, thanks to him being trained by all of his great uncles and grandfathers.

"Gonna Punch Someone Tonight" hits and Smackdown's resident redneck, Jimmy Wang Yang makes his way down the ring. Yang gives the crowd high fives and throws his cowboy hat into the crowd while he gets the crowd a little excited. "Da.ngr" plays and Daivari makes his way out next. Daivari comes down to the ring with little heat, before raising his arms and shouting something degrading to the crowd in Arabian. He then enters the ring as the match begins.

The match, while rather short, is a good back and forth contest. The aerial Wang Yang has the advantage early, hiting a variety of moves such as a diving crossbody, standing moonsault, and a running spinning wheel kick to Daivari in the corner. Yang tried to end it early by hitting the Yang Time, but Daivari rolls out of the way and Yang lands right on his gut. For the next few minutes it's Daivari who is in control, grounding Yang with a camel clutch before letting go and hitting a Scimitar Slice from the top rope, otherwise known as a diving leg drop. Daivari covered Yang, but Yang got his foot on the ropes to break up the count. Daivari couldn't believe it, and he was busy arguing with the referee, when WANG YANG ROLLS DAIVARI'S TIGHTS FOR THE THREE. Wang Yang wins at 5:02 and goes to the top rope to point at Chavo while stretching his hands across his gut, indicating he wants the Cruiserweight Championship. The two exchange some words before we are taken backstage with some breaking news!...

Overall Rating: (60, 59, 75) **3/4


Booker T is shown beating down Matt Hardy! Booker throws Hardy against a wall while shouting "take this hell, sucka". Booker continues his attack while some of the production crew workers try to break it up, but Booker pushes them all out of the way while shouting "he made it personal". He clears off a nearby table while Hardy tries to heal his injuries. Booker lays a few knees to the stomach, which Hardy sells well, before he puts his arm around Hardy's shoulder and delivers a BOOK END THROUGH THE TABLE! Hardy is knocked out after the Book End and Booker is shown smiling, even delivering a laugh, while EMT's work on the now injured Matt Hardy as Smackdown goes to commercial.

Rating: 83%


General Manager Teddy Long comes back on the screen, which looks to be in his office, as Smackdown comes back from commercial. He says he has a few announcements to make. Along with Chris Benoit taking on MVP in a non-title match next week, there will also be the Bluebloods taking on Londrick for the WWE Tag-Team Championships and Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms will take on Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore. He then ends and says that he hopes that everyone enjoys the rest of the show.

Rating: 63%


We go back to the arena and "I Walk Alone" plays, signifying that the Main Event is about to begin. Batista makes his way down the ring and seems pumped up for the no-Disqualification match for the World Heavyweight Championship, although no-one should be surprised. He jumps up and down inside of the ring before "Graveyard Symphony" blares throughout the arena and the famous gong is heard, with The Undertaker making his way down the ring. Fog fills up as he makes his slow walk down the ring. He gets into the ring and slowly does his normal antics, finally taking off his hat, before handing the World Heavyweight Championship to referee Charles Robinson as Justin Roberts announces the challenger and champion. Roberts makes the announcement as the Main Event for the World Heavyweight Championship begins.

The two stare off at each other before locking up in a collar and elbow tie up, with the challenger getting the advantage to get the early advantage, showing his strength by driving the Undertaker back first into the turnbuckle. Batista lands a couple of hands on Taker in the corner before landing some shoulder thrusts into the gut of Taker. Batista quickly tries to end it after hitting a huge superplex on Taker, but Taker just gets the shoulder up at two. Batista can't believe it, but picks Taker up and lands some right hands before he Irish Whips him off the ropes and tries a huge clothesline, which Taker ducks before reversing it into a leaping clothesline! For the next few minutes, aside from Taker's control segment for roughly two minutes, the battle is back and forth.

Finally, we get to the finish, where Taker hits the Old School on Batista and puts his hand out, signalling the chokeslam. He wraps his hand around Batista's neck, but Batista reverses it with a kick to the gut before putting Taker's head between his legs for a Batista Bomb. Batista lifts the Undertaker and LANDS THE BATISTA BOMB! Batista is seconds away from covering when the lights go out, RED PYRO HITS and KANE IS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING WITH HIS HAND AROUND BATISTA'S NECK! Batista can't get out, and KANE HITS THE CHOKESLAM ON BATISTA! Kane then leaves the ring as Taker does his signature sit-up taunt and waits for Batista to get back to his feet. Batista slowly does and TAKER CONNECTS WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Taker then covers Batista for the three and the win at 14:25 to retain his World Heavyweight Championship! Kane looks at Batista with a maniacal smile as Taker celebrates with his championship as Smackdown fades to black.

Overall Rating: (68, 78, 72) **3/4

Quick Results:
-Montel Vontavious Porter, Dave Taylor, & William Regal def. Chris Benoit, Paul London, & Brian Kendrick in a 6-Man Tag-Team Match (8:28)
-Mr. Kennedy def. Jamie Noble (6:39)
-Jimmy Wang Yang def. Daivari (5:02)
-The Undertaker def. Batista in Hardcore Match to retain the World Heavyweight Championship (14:25)

We got a 5.95 rating for 'Smackdown'!
The attendance level was 9046 people.
We made $361840 from ticket sales.

Current Backlash Card:

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:

John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

Singles Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Rob Van Dam/CM Punk/Hardcore Holly

More to be announced.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Smackdown News and Notes
provided by the Wrestling Observer

-Many seem to be happy with the way the Main Event featuring Batista and the Undertaker in a Hardcore Match for the World Heavyweight Championship ended, with Kane interfering to make the match a dirty finish. Some were against giving this calibre type of match on free television, so having Kane interfere to help his brother was the best option. The thought is that Kane and Batista will face off next week for a number one contenders match and it'll somehow end up as a Triple Threat Match between them at Backlash. Batista and Taker had a wonderful match at Wrestlemania, and some hoped for a rematch, but this is most likely just to fill in time until Judgment Day where we get the rematch between Batista and Taker.

-Chris Benoit has told officials that he is willing to drop the United States Championship to Montel Vontavious Porter, but he has said that he really wants to put MVP over huge and make him look like a million bucks and a future star, so having MVP pin him in the 6-man tag-team match this past week, albeit under somewhat shady circumstances, is just the start of a big push for Smackdown's highest paid superstar. It appears that he'll be going over Benoit next Friday as well, if this news is as true as we believe it is.

-Expect Mr. Kennedy to do little to nothing for the time until the draft, where he is expected to move to either RAW or ECW. Many have said that Smackdown's midcard scene is fine where it is and they feel that if he wants the most effective and lasting impact he should go on RAW, where there's a lot of fresh blood that he hasn't yet feuded with, such as John Cena, Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, and others.

-Johnny Jeter, a former member of the Spirit Squad, had a video hyping up his debut air last night. Jeter, along with his storyline girlfriend Maryse Oullet, are expected to make their debut a week or two after the draft. Jeter has been regarded as one of the top talents in OVW and that his return to the big show was going to come within time, and that time is now. According to the video package that we saw, Jeter will be debuting as an obnoxious heel, a character he worked in OVW.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Monday Night RAW
April 9, 2007

RAW kicks off with a video package of the Main Event featuring Edge versus Jeff Hardy. We see highlights from the match, until the end where Edge is taking out Jeff Hardy with some chairs and lands a con-chair-to on Hardy. It then shows Hardy getting worked on by EMT's as Edge celebrates. It then goes out to the arena with a cold opening, no opening music, with the Rated-R Superstar Edge sitting in a chair and the ring being set up for his interview segment, the Cutting Edge. He is seen clapping at the video clip, wiping away a fake tear from his eye before beginning. He says bravo to the production creww before saying that he is presenting another edition of the Cutting Edge, but before he brings out his guest, he would like to talk about what he did last week.

He and Jeff Hardy have had a lot of history, but when he took him out 8 nights ago at Wrestlemania, little Jeffrey went too far, so he had to get his revenge last week. Now that they have settled their differences, he would like to bring out his guest for the evening... "Loaded" hits and instead of Edge's expected guest it's Jeff Hardy! Edge asks Hardy what he's doing down here, and Jeff says that his guest couldn't make it so he's the last minute replacement. Jeff tells Edge that he wasn't medically cleared to fight last week, with his injuries from the Money In The Bank Ladder match still there, so what Edge did was something that anyone that's as big of a jackass as him would do, and that's beat me down until EMT's needed to make their way out. He says Edge knows he couldn't beat him in a match where both of them were medically billed as healthy, so he took the easy way out and beat him up when he was down.

Jeff asked him why did he need to go as far as taking him out on a stretcher. Is it because he thought he would look threatening? Is it because he knows he can't beat him in a regular match? Or is it because he's just a grade a jackass. Jeff says it's probably all three, but he's gonna guess on the last option. Some in the crowd did some "Oooh's" while Edge gets out of his seat and gets a pissed off look on his face. Edge says that this is his talk show and that he will be the one asking the questions. He says that Jeff is just angry that he will never be in the same league as himself, healthy or not. It could be tonight, tommorow, next week, or even Backlash, yet every single time, Edge would be the one to come out on top. Jeff asks if that is a challenge, and Edge replies by saying yeah, if he would've heard what he said, then he would've realized he did challenge Hardy.

Hardy says that the doctors said he would be at full strength in twenty days, so how about at Backlash, the two of them go at it, man to man, in a match. The crowd cheers as Edge thinks about his decision. Before he can reveal his choice, "Hard Hittin" plays, and RAW General Manager Jonathan Coachman struts out to the entrance ramp. He says before these two make anything final, he's going to say that since Edge thinks he was screwed out at Wrestlemania 23 and since Hardy was also taken out of the Money In The Bank match, the winner will be the number one contender to the WWE Championship. Edge then interrupts and says that he accepts and the two shake hands, but Coach announces that the match is going to have the contract suspended 15 feet in the air, and the only way to win is by climbing up the ladder, a thing that both men are familiar with and until Backlash, neither man can put a hand on the other man, otherwise they'll be suspended for 30 days. Edge and Hardy agree and stare off as RAW goes to commercial.

Rating: 85%


RAW comes back and "Virtual Voodoo" plays, with the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga coming down to the ring with his manager Armando Alejandro Estrada. They enter the ring and Estrada grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia and says that Carlito is going to go into the ring with a monster at Backlash, and that there's going to be no chance in hell that he wins the Intercontinental Championship. Umaga has already sent Super Crazy to the hospital, and he's gonna keep sending people there until Backlash. "Hello Ladies" then hits and Val Venis comes down to the ring. Venis gets a small reaction and enters the ring as the first match of RAW begins.

It's nothing more then another squash match to put the monster Umaga over. In roughly 3 minutes of action, Umaga destroyed Venis with many of his moves, including the Samoan Drop, Samoan Wrecking Ball, and swinging side slam, before finishing off Venis with a Samoan Spike at 3:01. AAE enters the ring with a steel chair in his hand and throws it to the ground before he picks Venis back up and Umaga lays some hard strikes to the forehead of Venis. Venis is getting cut open and is bleeding heavily from his skull. Venis is unable to even stand on his own two feet, but Estrada literally feeds him to Umaga by pushing him and Umaga connecting with a Samoan Drop on the chair! Venis is down and out as Umaga and Estrada retreat.

Overall Rating: (72, 67, 77) *3/4


We go backstage and see Kelly Kelly making small talk with her guest before the cameraman tells her they're on air. Kelly introduces herself before introducing her guest of the evening, Johnny Nitro. She asks Nitro how he felt about being cheated out of his Intercontinental Title Number One Contenders match last week when Carlito low blowed him. Nitro says that Carlito did a terrible thing, attempting to take out his bulge, but luckily for Nitro, Melina was there for him later that night to cure up his problem. Now that he's got that problem fixed, he says he wants Carlito out in the ring here tonight, he can bring Flair out if he wants to, but Nitro is going to show him why he's going to pay for what he cost Nitro last week. He then walks off as RAW goes to commercial.

Rating: 62%


RAW comes back and "Papparazzi" hits, with Johnny Nitro making his way down the ring. Nitro is dressed to compete tonight and slides into the ring before waiting for his opponent. "Cool" plays, and Carlito makes his way down, along with his mentor Ric Flair. Carlito is getting tips from Flair as he makes his way down the ring, with Flair whispering some last minute advice, before Carlito slides into the ring. Carlito takes off his apple shirt and tosses it to the crowd. He takes one last bite of his apple before the match begins.

This is a very contested match, back and forth throughout, with neither man getting the real advantage. Carlito kept trying to lock in some restholds as Flair told him some strategy from ringside, but before Carlito could try and execute it, Nitro would be back in the drivers seat. Carlito thought he picked up the win after a springboard back elbow smash, but Nitro kicked out at two. Nitro then took the advantage by dodging Carlito's running clothesline and drilling him with a springboard roundhouse kick, but he only got a two count. The finish of the match comes when Nitro tried for a split legged corkscrew moonsault, but Carlito got out of the way, causing Nitro to crash and burn. Carlito then took another page out of the Natureboy's playbook, locking in the figure four leglock on Nitro, and after a couple of seconds of Nitro attempting to get to the rope for a rope break, Nitro submitted to Carlito at 7:48.

Flair then entered the ring to celebrate with Carlito, giving him a hug, while Nitro looked on, pissed off that Carlito still got him even without cheating. He angrily leaves the ring as Carlito is handed a microphone by Lillian Garcia. Carlito says that Umaga can brag all he wants about sending people to the hospital the past couple of weeks, but Umaga has to remember that Carlito has the greatest pro wrestler of all time in his corner, and if he thinks he can send Carlito to the hospital as easily as he sent Super Crazy and Val Venis to it, he's going to be tasting some bad apples at Backlash. He then hands the microphone to Flair, who simply lets out WOOO!

Overall Rating: (75, 75, 76) ***


RAW then goes backstage where we see Edge, who is walking down an empty hallway to his lockerroom, turns, and someone runs into him. He asks the person, who is unidentified, what his problem is, thinking he can bump into the Rated-R Superstar without any consequences. The guy tries to explain himself, but Edge asks him if he knows Jeff Hardy. The man says that he and Jeff go way back, and Edge says that if he can't touch Hardy for the next three weeks, he's going to do the next best thing and take on his close friends. He tells the man, who is still unidentified, that Edge is going to meet him in the middle of the ring tonight in the main event. If he doesn't come out and wrestle, he's going to be taken out just like Jeff was last week. The guy agrees, and Edge smirks as he walks off the other way and RAW goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 67%


RAW comes back to it's rightguard slam of the week:

RAW April 2, 2009
RAW comes back on air and 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters is in the middle of the ring, with a chair seated right in front of him. He says that tonight he's going to hold his annual Masterlock challenge. He says he knows that Bobby Lashley broke out of the hold a few weeks ago, but that was only because he had some dirt in his eye and was distracted. He promised tonight that whoever came out would not break out of his hold. After a few seconds of waiting for someone to come out "OOOOOO" hits and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan makes his way out, with his 2 by 4 in his hand. He gets some U.S.A chants from the crowd before taking the microphone from Masters' hand and telling him to simply "Bring it, tough guy!" Duggan then sits on the chair and waits for Masters to lock the Masterlock in. Masters slowly locks in one arm before quickly locking in the other and swinging Duggan around as he has the Masterlock locked in. Duggan tries to fight on for a few seconds but his face quickly turns purple and passes out from the Masterlock.

The bell rings and Masters quickly drops Duggan to the ground. Duggan's head is beet red from the Masterlock, but Masters seems happy with the result. He goes back out of the ring and grabs the microphone and brags about how he didn't even break a sweat. He says he's gonna show Duggan what will really happen when he makes Masters mad next week in a match next week. Masters puts his hands in a Masterlock position as the camera's go backstage to Jeff Hardy
"HOOOOO" then plays and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan makes his way down the ring, ready for his upcoming match against Chris Masters. Duggan comes down to the ring in his usual blue speedo with his 2 by 4 in his hand, chanting "USA, USA, USA" while making his way down. He enters the ring and sets his 2 by 4 down by the turnbuckle, guarding it over him before "The Masterpiece" plays and Chris Masters makes his way down, to some small boos from the crowd. He stops at the middle of the ramp and locks his hands over his head and looks at Duggan, indicating he's going to lock in the Masterlock tonight. He enters the ring and the match goes underway.

For the most part the match focuses on Masters attempting to lock in the Masterlock on Duggan and Duggan making Masters look like a fool. Duggan took Masters down with a scoop slam before attempting a jumping knee drop to Masters' neck, but Masters rolled out of the way and Duggan landed on his knee. Masters then hit an electric chair on Duggan before picking him back up and hitting an inverted DDT. Masters then put his arms up in Masterlock position and stood behind, waiting for Duggan to get up, and when he did, Masters wrapped his arms around Duggan's neck and LOCKED IN THE MASTERLOCK! It didn't take long until Duggan's face started to turn beet red again, and then the referee had to stop the match at 4:32 when Duggan didn't respond to the referee.

Masters kept the hold in for a little longer unitl he decided he was done and threw Duggan down to the mat, face first. Masters then smirks at his downed opponent as the referee checks on him, before he puts his hands back up in a Masterlock position, much to the dismay of the crowd. Masters then leaves the ring while the referee continues to check up on him. We then go backstage to Kelly Kelly who's with one half of the World Tag-Team Champions, Shawn Michaels.

Overall Rating: (64, 67, 59) **


Kelly asks Shawn what the deal was between him and Cena after their tag-team match last week. Shawn says that although they are the current World Tag-Team Champions, in 3 weeks, they're going to be facing off for a bigger prize, and he wanted Cena to remember that he's not just going to forget about him because they're the champs. The World Tag-Team Championship is nice, but it wasn't what he signed up to be wrestling for when he came back. He says that Cena knows that it's nothing personal, just business, so as long as they keep their composure near each other for the next 3 weeks, their match for the WWE Championship will be the only thing on both of their minds. Shawn's about to leave, but then John Cena walks onto the screen and Michaels stops in his tracks.

Cena says that Shawn is right, and that if they keep their composure, the teams that they'll have to face these next three weeks should be no problem. The only problem is, is that Shawn can't keep his compusure when you think he can. Michaels gets offended, but Cena explains himself, reminding him when he threw Marty Jannetty through Brutus Beffcake's barbershop window. And when he superkicked Diesel to cost him the Intercontinental Championship. And when he superkicked Hulk Hogan after a tag-team match with them. Every partner he's had, he's always turned on him, so Cena's not expecting anything different. Michaels gets right up to Cena's face, just like last week, but this time Cena does his "You Can't See Me" taunt and walks off as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 83%


Draft Video Package... 3 weeks... it comes!

"You Think You Know Me" plays and the Rated R Superstar Edge makes his way down the ring for a match. JR reminds everyone about what Edge said earlier, that if he couldn't touch Jeff Hardy, he'd just touch the people that were close to him. He waits and waits until "I'll Do Anything" plays and
Smackdown's own Shannon Moore comes down to the ring, with a little bit of reaction, thanks to him being recognized as a close friend of Jeff. Moore has the Punk look going, with some mascara on his eyes and a huge Mohawk. He enters the ring and takes off his tank top off before Edge jumps him!

Edge carries Moore to a rather good match, taking out every part of his body before attempting a spear, but Moore sidesteps it and Edge runs into the turnbuckle! Moore is shown favoring his right arm, his dominant arm, so he has to use kicks instead to keep Edge down. He Irish Whips Edge off the ropes and lands a spinning heel kick on the Rated R Superstar but only gets a two count for it. He picks Edge back up before hitting a snap suplex and a springboard leg drop from the top rope, but again only gets a two count. He keeps asking the referee for a quicker count, but the referee tells him to go on with it.

Moore tries to take Edge out with a Bottoms Up, otherwise known as a leg drop bulldog, but Edge sidesteps Moore and throws him leg first into the ropes. Edge then grabs the head of Moore and pulls him back into the ring before falling and hitting an Edgecution on Moore! Edge then covers Moore for the win at 7:12. The crowd cheers for Moore and his resilient effort, but Edge quickly has them stop cheering after going out and grabbing two steel chairs and throwing them back into the ring. He slides one of the chairs under Moore's head before slamming it on his face CONNECTING WITH A CON-CHAIR-TO! Moore is bleeding out of the forehead now, and Edge is looking at him, smiling, knowing that someone close to Hardy is hurt, which hurts Hardy. He's shown smiling as RAW goes to a commercial break.

Overall Rating: (63, 49, 78) **3/4


RAW comes back on air as we see Kelly Kelly and she's with Kenny Dykstra. She asks him what he's doing here, and Kenny says that he was going to go to General Manager Jonathan Coachman's office and ask him for a match next week against Carlito, because he doesn't think Carlito is worthy of being the number one contender to the Intercontinental Championship. She was about to ask him what would happen if he won, but instead Randy Orton comes onto the screen to interrupt Dykstra's interview. Dykstra asks Orton what he wants, but Orton says that Orton's issues are much bigger then Dykstra can handle. Dykstra and Orton stare off before Orton tells Dykstra to get the hell out of his sight. Dykstra first hesitates before agreeing and walking away.

Orton then grabs the microphone from Kelly Kelly and tells her to stay out of his spotlight. Orton says that what he's seen over the past two weeks on RAW has been an eyesore on his eyes. Tag-team partners hitting each other with their finishers, officials not being able to stop guys before they send people to the hospital with serious injuries, people unworthy of title shots receiving them just by asking, he's had enough of it. It's despicable. So next week on RAW, he's going to hold a sit-down strike until things get cleaned up here by Jonathan Coachman. Anyone who agrees that RAW is a mess can sit down with him, and my needs will not be fulfilled until I get something of worth for me. When those demands are fulfilled, I will end my strike. Until then, it won't. Orton then walks off as RAW goes back out to the arena.

Rating: 89%


"You Can't See Me" plays as RAW comes back and the WWE Champion John Cena makes his way down the ring to a mixed reaction. He gives the crowd some high fives and sprints down to the ring before removing his World Tag-Team Championship from his waist and WWE Championship from his shoulder. He waits and "Sexy Boy" hits, as his partner Shawn Michaels makes his way out. Michaels doesn't look to be in a very cheery of a mood, obviously not pleased by the words from Cena just before RAW went to commercial. He calmly walks down to the ring, focusing on Cena all the way, before handing his tag-team Championship to the referee as he enters the ring. "Redneck" hits and the Redneck Wrecking Crew, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch make their way out to the ring in the tag-team invitational. They seem excited to be the next ones to have a shot at the World Tag-Team Champions. They enter the ring and the match begins.

Michaels and Cade decide to start it up, Michaels basically interjecting himself to start, with Cena obliging. Michaels starts the match off with the advantage, looking at Cena after every move he hits on Cade. Cade reverses it into his favor when HBK, busy trying to show Cena up with the stiffness of his chops, misses and gets nailed with a right hand to the skull. Cade and Murdoch then control HBK for the next few minutes, including connecting with an inverted atomic drop/big boot combo by the two. Murdoch grabs HBK's foot and is about to throw him back onto the ground, but Michaels reverses it into an enziguri! Both men are down and are trying to tag in their partners, with Murdoch getting to his first but Michaels getting the hot tag before Cade can get to him.

Cena takes Cade out with a huge clothesline, with Cade doing a 360 and landing on his back, before he picks Cade up and hits his side suplex. He then quickly sticks out his hand and does the "You Can't See Me" taunt again, first to Cade then to Michaels, but before he can land the five-knuckle shuffle on Cade, Cade rolls out of the way! Cena holds his hand in pain and Cade takes him down with a standing dropkick! Cade covers Cena but only gets a two! Cade Irish Whips Cena into his teams corner and tags in Murdoch. Murdoch pounds on Cena for the next few minutes until he tags Cade back in and he goes behind Cena as they try and execute their finisher, Sweet and Sour, but before Cade can hit the lariat, Cena dives out of the way and Cade trips over a kneeling Murdoch! This buys Cena some time and he tags in his partner!

HBK immediately goes to the top rope and lands an elbow drop on Cade before tuning up the band. Michaels then HITS THE SWEET CHIN MUSIC on Cade while Cena takes Murdoch over the top rope with a clothesline. Michaels covers Cade at 8:43 to pick up the win for his team. Cena then slides back inside of the ring to collect both of his titles as Michaels gets his championship, and the two cross eyes again. This time, Michaels is smiling and offers out his hand. Cena, hesitant, looks around at the crowd before shaking Shawn's hand. Shawn is still smirking when he lets go and starts to walk off, but then turns back and DELIVERS A SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO THE SKULL OF CENA! Michaels looks at the downed Cena, still smirking, as he grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia and says how's that for keeping my composure? Michaels walks out of the ring as the camera focuses on the shocked face of Cena when RAW fades to black.

Overall Rating: (75, 77, 73) **3/4

We got a 6.92 rating for 'RAW'!
The attendance level was 9027 people.
We made $361080 from ticket sales.

Quick Results:
Umaga def. Val Venis @ 3:01
Carlito (w/ Ric Flair) def. Johnny Nitro @ 7:48
Chris Masters def. 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan @ 4:32
Edge def. Shannon Moore @ 7:12
John Cena & Shawn Michaels def. Redneck Wrecking Crew in a Non Title Match @ 8:43

Current Backlash Card:

Singles Match for the WWE Championship:

John Cena (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Umaga (c) vs. Carlito

Singles Match for the ECW Heavyweight Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Rob Van Dam/CM Punk/Hardcore Holly

Ladder Match for Number One Contendership to the WWE Championship:
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

More to be announced.

Banners credit to Rock.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Perfect Poster's Raw Feedback

First off, nice to see you using my banners

Alright, let's get crackin' with this. I always love the Cutting Edge, at its peak it can be outstanding, eg Mick Foley last year. I haven't seen somebody come out before uninvited instead of the guest, but it's a cool way to introduce Jeff Hardy to this segment. They traded some good insults, making it quite interesting, and a ladder match announced for Backlash is great. They're both masters of that match, and fingers crossed if you write a good pay-per-view, you'll let that fact show to anybody who doesn't know about the history they've had with these kinds of matches.

I'm not too sure about starting with a squash match, if this were reality it might turn people off, it would be better to start with a good, competitive match-up, but nonetheless good to see Umaga go over and look strong, or VERY strong for that matter, and busting Venis open was a good move. Having the interviewer and the guest talking in a backstage segment and somebody telling them they're on air is unusual, but unique in a way. Could you tell me, whether Morr-sorry, NITRO is face or heel? In some parts he seemed like a face, eg making smalltalk with Kelly, and sometimes heelish, as he's sided with Melina. Good interview, a Morrison-Carlito feud sounds good, could get some good matches out of that.

Not a lot to say about the Masters/Duggan match. Not the best match imaginable, but Masters went over which is good. So far, the matches haven't been too good. 7 match minutes coming out of the first two matches combined is not very good, hopefully there's some good matches coming up in the show. Also, two interviews in three segments is something you should try to avoid. Don't want to bunch them up like that. Normally Shannon Moore vs. Edge is something I would call random, but Moore being a friend of Jeff's, the backstage segment earlier on and the feud Edge has going with Hardy, this makes sense. And a bonus is, this was a good match. There could be no better way to establish Shannon that to put in a good performance against one of the WWE's, let alone Raw's, top Superstars. Unlucky for Moore to lose, but tbh it was the only result forseeable. That con-chair-to afterwards was great, more blood is what some might consider OTT seeing as Venis bled earlier, but this adds some serious momentum to the Edge/Jeff feud and a very smart way to do so seeing as Edge can't touch Jeff until Backlash and vice versa.

Another interview? I think you need to cut down on these, man. Aside from that, not much of an interview from Kenny, having Randy Orton come in was good though, it saved the segment, this sit-down strike should be interesting to see, hopefully something big comes out of it. Hopefully it's better than Swagger's on ECW, that wasn't too good, maybe Orton trashing everything around the ring would be cool, like what HHH did back in 2002 on SmackDown one time if I remember correctly. First off, I'm very surprised that Michaels and Cena are still the Tag Team Champions. However, at least it doesn't shit all over the belts, as their reign IRL did exactly that. Good Main Event, not surprised to see HBK and Cena go over Cade and Murdoch, the aftermath would always be what caught the eye though and the Sweet Chin Music definitely did. Good build-up to Backlash.

Overall, a decent show, some bits were bad, eg the three interviews in the show, that was overdone, plain and simple, but other aspects were good, eg the Moore-Edge match which I enjoyed as well as the aftermath to it, and the main event, and of course the aftermath of THAT too. Keep it up, hopefully you go from strength to strength. You did well in your partnership with Rated-Edge, how about we see that form you had in that? Good work.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Year of Redemption

Hey dude. Sorry if this was a little bit later than promised, but its here. Sorry if I missed something or didn't get something, seeing as how this is my first full read of your show. Hope all goes well.

619s Feedback For Perfect Posters Monday Night RAW

Okay I like that you wanted us familiar with what happened last week, but your wording is kinda hard to understand. I got a lot from this opening segment. Hardy seemed a little out of character with the constant ‘jackass’ references. A nifty concept with these two ladder veterans being forced to go at it in another for a #1 Contendership. Whoever gets that must be able to go over huge. I don’t like how relatively quickly the match was made, through. I also don’t really like that a Ladder match will be merely a month after the biggest ladder match of the year. I would think you would hold it off a little while.

Absolute brutality on the part of Umaga and Estrada here. I like that you’re keeping him a disgusting monster.

I see you’ve kept Flair and Carlito together; good move, I think. I don’t think Nitro would take to kindly to getting sacked by a submission. I would’ve figured he’d strike back if he’s that much of a heel. It looks like Umaga/Carlito have some blood brewing. However, none of this really clicked for me. Carlito and Umaga don’t seem to have a whole lot of chemistry for me to see, but I see they both are getting pushes. The insertion of Flair seems to just make the chemistry that much more weird for me, although I can easily see Flair getting hospitalized by Umaga and Estrada somewhere down the line. I just hope you can make these guys fit together in a good feud.

…quick note here on your wording again – the segment from the Slam of the Week was worded “when he makes Masters mad next week in a match next week”. Watch the redundancy there.

And the second squash match of the evening does its job very nicely here, a little more understandable than the first one. Looks like Masters is gonna get built up again, even after Lashley pretty much destroyed his credibility in the Masterlock. Great job here to build him back up, as well as the intensity of the actual finisher.

This segment felt a little familiar. I can remember this idea being done on the road to Wrestlemania 23 that year with the whole Tag Titles/Cena & Michaels thing. Isn’t that what it was based on? I like the idea, I just didn’t like the execution at all ‘cause it felt very over-used, especially between these two. I understand the point you were trying to get across, but it felt awfully lackluster. Both men were in character, though, so props on that, although Cena didn’t quite seem too hot.

I like that you’re pluggin’ the draft here, but I think you need to make it stand out more. It was just one line, but I think something as huge as the draft deserves a wee bit more than that. Can’t wait for it, by the way.

I understand what you were doing here in this match against Moore, but again, not too great execution. I think it went a little long to get the point across, but I guess Moore wasn’t supposed to look totally jobbed out…? Edge doesn’t normally use the Edgecution as a finisher, and he rarely used it at all in 2007 period. Don’t like it being sprung out here. However, it you’re trying to build it back up to a finisher, over time, I might accept it. Right now, I’m not too keen on it. The con-chair-tos were a sick exclamation point on the whole segment, although looking back on the night, I don’t think Venis should’ve been opened up earlier, now that one other person is bleeding on a regular show.

Haha this segment entertained me, seriously. Orton is a natural prick in the ass and right here he appealed to his true nature. A sit-down strike sounds like an awesome angle for Orton; make me love it.

I didn’t like this main event too much. Did I miss something where these two had to be in a tag match with each other week after week…? I guess that might’ve been what they were referring too earlier, but either way, if these two are gonna have fission then I think it needs to be build in title matches. A non-title main event between two headliners on the same team like Cena and HBK and jobbers like the Redneck Wrecking Crew has zero interest if there’s not really a title involved. I understand this was to tell a story, but don’t you think you need to be elevating the bar a little with it? In a non-title match, it makes it look personal when Michaels kicks Cena’s teeth in, which is exactly what he didn’t say earlier…unless that was the intent. But I’m sure you could make it look both buisinesslike and personal in a title match. Just a thought.

. The show felt like a one hour ECW broadcast in terms of length. I also didn’t like the format of promo-match-promo-match-promo. I would think you needed more promos in the show to fill time and make it feel like a full-length show. Plus, was this in recap form? I might have missed a reading, but it certainty seemed that way. The way the promos read out, it was in third-person perspective and it wasn’t in active form, so I would assume it was. The matches weren’t that great, but they got their job done. They, too, seemed to be in recap. Another thing is the usage of commentators – JR and King were not present whatsoever, and they could’ve been a huge asset tonight. They could’ve plugged the Draft, they could’ve plugged Backlash, and they also could have plugged the matches tonight so they didn’t seem completely random. As it was, none of the matches had any build whatsoever, not even the main event. I’m sorry if it seems like I bashed some things, but please take it for love.
OVERALL: 7/10. Few things to work on, but I’ll try to be back for ECW and/or SD!. Give me a heads up if you can, duder. Keep it goin’ though!


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