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Reborn: WCW 2009

WCW Reborn...2009

In the fall of 2008, WWE was faced with it's biggest challenge and that was a hostile takeover by billionaire, Mark Cuban.a life-long wrestling fan, was looking for new programs to go along with his HDFights on his new HDNEt channel. Vince McMahon, in a last effort to save his beloved WWE offered a proposal to stop the takeover instead. Vince gave Cuban the option to take the contract of any tweleve WWE's superstars who have never won a WWE or World Heavyweight championship. This would give Cuban a strong base of well-known stars to start the promotion. Cuban liked the idea but made a counter-offer to the WWE Chairman that would allow him to use the WCW name and licensed names associated with the brand, he would let Vince keep the precious WCW video library. Vince agreed to the deal instead of taking the chance of losing everything.

Mark Cuban quickly established his brain trust, hiring former ROH head booker,Gabe Sabolsky and shockingly wrestling journalist, Dave Metzler to organize the talent roster and run the shows. The two went to work scouting wrestlers from WWE, TNA and all over the world.Cuban added his own flair for making news by signing a famous fighter from outside the pro wrestling world but hired respected veteran Dean Malenko to train him.WCW built what they wanted an exciting roster filled with people who hadn't yet reached the top of the business but who would do anything to get there.

The three also decided they wanted this promotion to be more fan and wrestling friendly. They decided to broadcast the two WCW weekly shows out of Dallas, Texas to save costs and for less traveling for the talent. The two shows will be an hour long each as Nitro will air at 9pm on Tuesday nights and Thunder will be on Thursday nights at 9pm, both on HDNet. They then planned a North American Eight Week Summer Tour to help create a fan base as well as two week tours of Japan and Europe in the winter months. Cuban also decided to host only four pay per views and to show 8 Supercards on cable. The four pay per view shows were announced as Starrcade (January, Dallas), SuperBrawl (April, Chicago), Great American Bash (the finale of the Summer Tour in July, Atlanta) and Halloween Havoc (October, Los Angeles). The "free" supercards will be hailed as various "Clash of the Champions" in non-ppv months to come from various cities (Houston, Charlotte, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, Tokoyo, and London).

The hirings were finalized and it was announced that the WCW would make it's comeback on June 2, 2009. The official WCW roster was posted on it's website today and quickly fans were excited by the young,international flavored roster and the announcement of the promotion's titles.


Titles & Contenders

WCW World Heavweight Title-TBD

WCW United States Title-TBD

WCW Television Title-TBD

WCW World Tag Team Titles-TBD


"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz

Montell Vontavious Porter

Mr. Kennedy

Santino Morella

Johnny Nitro

"Hot Stuff" Shawn Hernandez

"The American Dragon" Bryan Danielson

The Great Muta


"The All American" Jake Hager

Hiroshi Tanahashi

"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

"The Jamaician Senstaion" Kofi Kingston

"Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams

Colt Cabana

"Carribbean Cool" Carlito Colon

"The Natural" Ted Dibiase Jr.

Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin

Tyler Black


Evan "Air" Bourne

Low Ki

"The Miz" Mike Mizanin

Nigel McGuinness

Sir William Regal

"Marvelous" Mark Jindrak

"The Golden Standard" Shelton Benjamin

Kenny Omega

Teddy Hart

Mike Quackenbush

Erick Stevens

Rene Dupree

Daniel Puder



Prine Devitt

Other On-Air Talent

Joey Styles-play by play

"Mr. Wrestling" Steve Corino-color

Ric Flair-General Manager

Disco Inferno-interviewer/ring announcer

"Mean" Gene Okerlund-backstage interviewer

Larry Sweeney-manager

Armando Estrada-manager

Ted Dibiase Sr.-manager

Shelly Martinez-valet

Angelina Love-valet

Lacey Von Erich-valet

Ashley Massaro-valet

Sylvester Terkay-bodyguard

(This is my first BTB, so hopefully I will catch on quickly, my older brother (LaurinaitisOSU) is doing this and thought I would like doing this while I stayed with him this summer.)

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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

yo this all looks good, i like the roster & i always like reading non WWE threads. i'll look forward to reading your 1st show

just one says montavious vontel porter?? i'm guessing that was a mistake??
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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

WCW Reborn...2009

Today on the official website of WCW, it was announced that the WCW World Championship will be settled in a 32 man tournament but due to the "Swine Flu" epidemic, WCW wrestlers, The Great Muta, Tanahashi, CIMA, KENTA and Mistico aren't able to enter the United States, so they will not be able to compete in the tournament. The debuts of these stars will now be delayed into at least after the tournament completes.

The tournament will be broacasted in it's entirity by the combination of the Nitro and Thunder shows and on the WCW website. Three first round matches will be shown on each Nitro and Thunder while two matchups will be shown on the WCW website on days the show's aren't broadcasted. After that every other matchup will be televisied on Nitro and Thunder. Mark Cuban and the rest of the WCW Board thinks this revoultionary idea of providing matches everyday will be a hit with their fans and maybe become the future for all of pro wrestling.
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Schedule

Tuesday, 6/2/09, Tuesday Night Nitro on HDNet 9pm EST

Johnny Nitro VS Rene Dupree
Homcide VS Shelton Benjamin
Tyler Black VS Evan Bourne

Wednesday 6/3/09 on WCW website 7pm EST

Mr. Kennedy Vs Nigel McGuinness
Christopheer Daniels VS Prince Devitt

Thursday 6/4/09, Thursday Thunder on HDNet 9pm EST

Tito Oritz VS Colt Cabana
Kofi Kingston VS The Miz
Ted Dibiase Jr. VS Petey Williams

Friday 6/5/09 on WCW website 7pm EST

Chris Sabin VS Teddy Hart
Jake Hager VS Mark Jindrak

Saturday 6/6/09 on WCW Website 7pm EST

MVP VS Mike Quackenbush
Alex Shelley VS Kenny Omega

Sunday 6/7/09 on WCW Website 7pm EST

Santino VS Erick Stevens
Carlito VS Low Ki

Monday 6/8/09 on WCW Website 7pm EST

Hernandez VS Daniel Puder
Bryan Danielson VS William Regal

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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

I could get into this btb please dont let it die before it really gets started
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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

This thread was my brother's, who was going to stay with me for the summer but the only job he could find was a masonary job where he is out of town for the majority of the week. So instead of me, he is staying with my sister so he can have the run of her apartment on the weekends while she is out her boyfriend's. I'll let him know that someone was interested in it.
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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

Tuesday Night Nitro

The return of Nitro started off with WCW legend and the current WCW General Manager, Ric Flair in the ring. Flair pumped up the crowd with his usual antics and said he is now where he belongs and that WCW is the only place that really fills like home. He tells the crowd about the WCW World Heavyweight Tournament and puts over the roster having no former World Champions at all. He states the WCW will judge wrestlers on talent not "who they are" With that Flair calls for the first tournament match.


Johnny Nitro VS Rene Dupree

Dupree made a strong return but after a brief lapse of concentration, he got caught by a Super Kick from Nitro. It was reported earlier in the week that Nitro was telling anybody that would listen that he is the "Next Shawn Michaels" and would show everybody this Tuesday and after the perfect kick, who is doubting him?

Winner-Johnny Nitro

We come back from commercial as we an upset Rene Dupree in the back, who can't believe he lost in the opening round to start his comeback. A man walks over and hands Dupree a card and tells him, he could help his with his situation. The man walks off as Dupree reads the card out loud.."Larry Sweeney....Manager of the Stars..". Dupree looks down the hall and puts the card in his jacket

We get a reminder of two first round matches being shown on the WCW website tomorrow as Mr. Kenendy will face off against Nigel McGuinness and Christopher Daniels takes on Prince Devitt. Hightlights are shown of all four men.


Shelton Benjamin VS Homicide

The contrast of two styles were in full effects as Homicide's brawling versus Shelton's techinical skills was a delight to watch. Shelton was stunned as Homicide kept up with him during the match and started to get frustrated when he couldn't put him away after a T-Bone Suplex. Homicide's friends Hernandez and Shelly Martinez came down to ringside to root Cide on and saw an opportunity to help as Hernandez grabbed a chair and hit Shelton right when the referee turned around. The ref called for the DQ and Shelton picked up the win.

Winner-Shelton Benjamin

We come back from break and Mean Gene is trying to get the bottom of what we just saw as Homicide and Hernadez are arguing as Shelly tries to calm them down. After an exchange of shoves, Homicide takes off the LAX shirt and throws in the face of Hernandez and storms off leaving him and Shelly behind.

We get a video of Tito Ortiz training with Dean Malenko. We are shown a chain wrestling session as Tito gets the best of Malenko and then deems him ready for Thursday night and Colt Cabana in the first round.

We got to the GM's office where we see Ric Flair partying with WCW's hottest women, Angelina Love, Lacey Von Erich,and Ashley Massaro. He then puts over the main event tonight of Tyler Black VS Evan Bourne. He tells the crowd again how great it is back in WCW and gives the crowd one last WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! for the night as the girls dance and we go to commercial


Tyler Black VS Evan Bourne

The two put on an athletic showcase as the crowd goes wild as they keep on one-upping each other with high-risk moves. Styles and Corino goes off about their age and that WCW has the best young talent anywhere in the world. After missing a springboard forearm, Black catches Bourne and hits a devastating belly to back suplex. The referee counts to three and Black celebrates as the crowd cheers for the great match. But then the ref pulls his hands down and raises the hand of Evan Bourne. He tells Black that his shoulders were down while Evan got one up in time. He points to the Nitro Tron and the replay shows that referee is correct. Black can't believe it, and looks devilishy at Bourne. He walks over to Bourne who offers him a handshake. The crowd cheers for Black as he finally shakes Evan's hand.

Winner-Evan Bourne

As Bourne celebrates, Johnny Nitro and Shelton Benjamin appear on the ramp. The three winners stare each other down as the show ends.

Round One Action from WCW's website.....Tuesday, June 3rd


Mr. Kennedy VS Nigel McGuinness

Kennedy is attacked on his way to ringside by Sylvester Terkay and beaten up badly before the match even starts. Finally Terkay takes him down to the ring as they start the match. Kennedy puts up a valiant effort, nearly getting the win before Nigel stops Kennedy's momentum with a "Jawbreaker Clothesline" for the win.

Winner=Nigel McGuinness

Christopher Daniels VS Prince Devitt

One of the lesser known names on the roster, Prince Devitt proved to be ready for Daniels as he gave him everything he had. Connecting with a DDT, Devitt climbed to the top for a "Swan Dive Headbutt" but found Daniels gone. Daniels then quickly hit "The Angel Wings" for the win. Although Devitt came out as the loser many fans were comparing him to Chris Benoit afterwards.

Winner-Christopher Daniels
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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

Aright, you have a good concept. I think that a 32 man tournament is beyond too much, but it's your idea. I think maybe you should have one show instead of two, your call. It would be easier for people to read. I may be wrong, but that is just my own idea.

You pretty much can't go to one show only unless you scrap this idea and work with a new roster. I do like that there are no WHC or WWE Champs, so that's a good idea.

Maybe what you should do is like be in competition with WWE & TNA, as they have their shows on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday, so you're best bet is to have a 2 hour show, that is on Thursday and Friday.

You could have updates to see how you're show is doing against the productions of WWE and TNA, and it would be cool to have like updates and news, as it talks about what is currently going on in the main WWE and TNA headlines.

Anyways, I'll stop giving you the advice to go with another idea. I wish you tremendous luck, and I didn't really read the shows, I just read the results because to be honest, it didn't really seem all that interesting. I don't mean to be mean, like I loved the idea, but I don't know why, but I'm just not into it.

I do suggest you go around giving people reviews, and then PM-ing them arranging a deal that you'll review their shows if they do the same.

Also, I realized that you have a lot of similar things that your brother has. "Nitro, Starrcade, GAB, etc." I don't know, just try to be original.

Anyways, I'll stop talking and just wish you the best of lucks!

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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

I don't know what to make of this as of yet. I recently got into an old school WCW thread set in 1998 and found it to be quiet entertaining. It's a novel idea to start a modern WCW thread, but it is in essence a created thread with modern talent, you just happen to be using the WCW name. The first show was very short. I'm not into the match writing so much as I'm into the story writing, but in this case they both seemed a little short. The roster is great and you have some big names and popular characters. I hope this works out for you dude.

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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009


It's the first Thursday of June and every wrestling fan is curiously awaiting the return of WCW Thunder where UFC legend, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz will be making his wrestling debut in the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. They are wondering what will happen since Tito has took on the services of a wrestling genius in Dean Malenko as his trainer. Quickly channels get turned to HDNET as 9 pm approaches. People go wild as you the guitar of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" kick on and a WCW Thunder logo appears on the screen. A couple of thousand are packed into the WCW's Dallas Studio but they sound like ten thousand as the WCW General Manager, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair comes down the ramp escorted by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!WOOOOOOOO!", yells the pumped up Ric Flair as he dances with a hot red-haired beauty.

The crowd responds to each WOOOOO! with one of their own, as a group of gentlemen in the first row to the symbolic bowing to the legend in the ring.

"WCW IS BACK, BABY,,,AND BETTER THEN EVER!!! WOOOOOOOO!!", yells Flair at the top of his lungs as his face turns red and some people secretly worry about him having a heart attack in the ring.

"I know why everybody is pumped up here tonight, that is to either Tito Ortiz whip Colt Cabana's ass or see Tito Ortiz kick his ass kicked," Flair states as he tries to calm down as two of the cheerleaders rub him on his back.

"I don't know what will happen here tonight, but I know one thing it's going to be historic, one way or the other. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"yells Flair.

The crowd echoes it back again as music hits and The Miz shows up on the entrance ramp. Miz is joined by the lovely Angelina Love, who looks like they are a couple or at least have a managerial relationship. Miz yells for a mic as a fat man to the side hustles one up the ramp to him as the crowd chants "Run Fat Boy! Run". The man turns around out of breath as The Miz shakes his head in disgust before he begins to speak.

"Now listen right here, Naitch. I know you are getting old and maybe growing a little senile but let's get one thing straight, RIGHT NOW. NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY!! turned in here tonight to see some washed up fighter try his hand in pro wrestling because he is getting his ass handed to him in his sport. These people came to see ME!!! THE MIZ!!! BECAUSE I"M AWESSSSSSSSOME!!" ,brags Mizanin.

He holds his arm up as the crowd boos him loudly. He looks dumbfounded at the crowd's response as Angelina applauds him in the background and comes up and assures him of his greatness with a rub of the shoulders. Flair is laughing in the ring as The Miz mocks him with using his signature strut.

"Laugh it up, Laugh it up, Boy. You better get a grip on really who you are. Because the real truth is NOBODY even knew you were wrestling here tonight." jokes Flair, as the crowd starts a "MIZ SUCKS" chants.

"That's because everybody here wants Tito to succeed. It's been "Tito This" and "Tito That" all week and who is paying for it. ME!. You and the front office want Tito to be "THE MAN" so bad, you are holding "THE MIZ" down. It's just like what WCW did before they went out of business, pushing older, bigger names and ignoring the future even when it was staring them in the face." Miz says, as his face grows more serious.

"Well, Miz when you become a legend like me, you can talk about anyone you want..If I want to sit out here and talk about GOD DAMN, AMERICAN IDOL, I WILL. This is my show and I will do what I want." yells Flair as he starts unloosing his tie and the cheerleaders looks a little freaked out.

"Calm down their old man, nobody wants to see Grandpa getting naked, but maybe those SKANKS you are in the ring with might..I mean, everybody knows what kind of girls the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are.", Miz pauses as he gets great heat from the Dallas crowd, "See Ric, I know you had to pay these ladies to come down with you tonight but look what is COMING down with THE MIZ here tonight."

Angelina Love walks around The Miz caressing his shoulder and does a little grinding motion on him as The Miz soaks up the attention. Half the crowd is booing as the other Half is going wild about the sexy, Ms. Love. Finally they are interrupted.

"I HAVE ONE QUESTION FOR YOU,,(Miz takes his eye off of Love's ass and turns his attention back to "The Natich. " You think your lady is so classy and The Nature Boy is so pathetic, HUH. Why don't you ask her, who she was with after Nitro Tuesday Night? WOOOOOOOOO!" Flair yells.

Flair starts dancing around the ring as Love looks guilty as hell as The Miz turns around. The crowd goes wild with the image of Flair getting it on with Love.


Miz has had enough as he throws his signature hat into the crowd and leaves Angelina Love in the dust as he charges in the ring. The cheerleaders quickly scatter as Miz rolls in but Flair stands his ground. Flair laughs at the youngster as The Miz chomps on his piece of gum as he debates on what to do. All of a sudden pyros hit and "BOOM...BOOM...BOOM" is echoed as Kofi Kingston appears. The crowd goes wild for the "Jamaican Sensation. Miz looks confused as Kofi makes his way to the ring. Kofi gets in and does a series of "Thunderclaps" atop the turnbuckles as the crowd is cheering him on. The Miz looks at Kofi and doesn't notice Flair has slipped out of the ring. Flair goes over and rings the bell as Miz turns around and gets a standing dropkick from Kingston sending him to the floor and right at the feet of the "Nature Boy"

Flair kneels down with the mic in his hand..."By they way, Miz, your match is right now. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"



The Miz VS Kofi Kingston

We come back from commercial and The Miz is still reeling from the effects of the early start by Kingston. We already see that the chest of Miz is reddened from crisp chops from Kingston. Kofi leans him up against the barricade and chops him once more as the crowd "WOOOS" in honor of Flair. Kofi takes Miz by the back of the head and leads him back under the bottom rope into the ring. As Kofi gets on the apron, Angelina Love runs over but Kofi catches her first. They lock eyes as Kofi waves a finger at her, Love backs up pleading her innocence as Kofi gets back in the ring.

Kofi keeps up the momentum, garnering a series of near falls, with his unorthodox array of high-flying maneuvers. He whips Miz in the corner and runs it with a knee to the face, he quickly climbs up in the corner and pounds away with right hands on the Miz's unprotected face. Kofi stops the onslaught for a couple of "Thunderclaps" playing to the crowd but Miz takes advantage and dumps Kingston over the top in peer desperation.

Kingston falls hard out of the ring as an exhausted Miz yells for the ref to start counting. The Miz is alright with surviving in the tournament with a count out. The crowd gets loud as they start stomping the feet and chant for Kingston to get up. Kofi pulls himself together enough to roll under the bottom rope at the 9 count. The Miz, who was celebrating prematurely, turns around as is disgusted that Kingston is still in this.

Miz attacks with a fury as he viciously connects with a series of boots and punches as he has slowed down the pace of the match to one of his liking. He has determined that he is the better brawler of the two and his fortunes in the tournament lays in that fact. He hits a solid DDT but only gets a two and complains to the ref. The ref yells its a two count as Miz is getting upset. He unleashes a flurry of 8 repeated elbows to the defenseless Kingston and covers him again but it's the same result as Kingston survives with the crowd's approval. Miz is beside himself as he goes over and complains in the ref's face. The ref points to the WCW logo on his shirt and warns Miz of a DQ if he touches him. The Miz cools down and decides to leave the ref alone.

He turns around and catches a hurricarana from Kingston. Kingston then calls for the crowd and comes off the ropes...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM.. yells Kofi as he drops the blow on The Miz. He pumps his knees up in the air as he runs around the ring as the crowd cheers him on. The Miz gets to his feet finally and then "TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!"

The Miz is out as Kofi hits the finisher and makes the cover.....1......2........The ref doesn't see Angelina Love run over and pulls Miz's leg under the bottom rope. She yells at the ref who sees the foot before the 3 count. Kingston is mad now as he argues with the ref too. Love jumps on the apron and yells at Kofi. Kofi turns his attention to her and walks over, Angelina slaps Kofi in the face and the ref is ready to call for the bell but Kingston tells him no. He snatches Love up by the hair as the crowd urges him to do something. Kofi is debating on knocking her around or not.

Kofi finally lets her go after she pleads her innocence and begs for mercy. Kingston refocuses on the match and turns around and then "REALITY CHECK". The Miz rolls over and makes the cover...1......2......3!!!


The Miz

The Miz celebrates as he rolls out of the ring and is struggling to make it to the back. Love runs over and gives him hug and a kiss as sudden it looks like Miz is feeling better. He has enough left in him to hold up his arms and yells.


The crowd boos as Miz and Love vanish to the back and we go to commercial with about 40 minutes left in the show.


We come back as millions tune and wonder if they have missed Tito but Styles quickly stops their's worrying but announcing that is tonight's main event. A video recap of the opening Flair/Miz promo and The Miz's victory is shown. We also get a taped response from Flair shaking his head as he watches on a monitor as The Miz pulled out the win[

We go to the locker room area where we Ted DiBiase Jr and his father, Ted DiBiase Sr. discussing tonight's game plan for the tournament match against "Maple Leaf Muscle" Petey Williams.

"Tonight is the first step in finally a DiBiase securing Word Title gold.", snarls Teddy listens closely, "I have experience in these tournaments. I was in the biggest one ever at Wrestlemania 4."

"I know Dad", Teddy responds, visibly annoyed. " I have heard the story a million times but I want to know, what do you have planned to secure that I will win this one and become WCW World Champion."

"Teddy, haven't I always taken care of you," answered Senior, "Right now, you have my total attention, I'm making an investment in you and it won't pay off until that Gold is around your waist."

"So, you're are saying, that we have an insurance plan." Junior, trying to get to the point.

"Yes, we do. He passed his audition and don't worry he is ready to do his part." chuckles Senior.

"Well, let's get to it." replies Junior as he jumps out of his chair and gets ready to go to the ring.

The crowd starts booing as we here the familiar song of "The Million Dollar Man" as father and son appear on the ramp and make their way to the ring. Junior is decked out tonight in a full fancy robe as his father flashes money in the front of the capacity crowd only to jerk it away when they reach for it. He does his famous laugh in a fans face and rolls in to the ring. He walks over and helps his son take off the robe as they wait for Petey Williams.

Petey William's music hits as the physical specimen appears out of the back. The crowd gives him a decent ovation as it's their guess he is supposed to be a fan favorite. He seems worried about the presence of DiBiase Sr. at ringside as he questions the ref about it before he enters the ring.

WHAAAAAAM!!! Williams go down in a heap as we all of sudden see "The Predator" Sylvester Terkay standing over him with a steel chair. The Dibiases celebrate in the ring as Senior pats Junior on the back and yells at the ref to ring the damn bell. The startled ref finally does as Terkay deposits the helpless Williams through the ropes.


Ted DiBiase Jr. VS Petey Williams

DiBiase runs over and makes the cover as the referee counts to three.


Ted DiBiase Jr.

Senior gets back in the ring and the two celebrate as if they have won the title already. Terkay enters the ring and stands behind them without any emotion at all. Senior pulls out a wad of cash and hands to Terkay, who counts it and stuffs in his pocket and calmly leaves the ring to the two celebrating. The celebration is short lived as Terkay walks up the ramp and all of sudden.....

KENNEDY! blares through the p.a. system and Mr. Kennedy calms running out of the back with a chair and waylays Terkay over the head. A couple of more fierce shots render Terkay useless as the DiBiases are frantic in the ring. Kennedy has put two and two together and has figured out that the DiBiases sent Terkay on the attack and cost him his match the day before eliminating him from the tournament. The same fat guy from earlier appears from the back and hands Kennedy a mic as he turns his attention to the DiBiases in the ring.

"In case you have figured it out by now, my name is MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTER KENNEDY!" shouts Kennedy as the crowd goes wild, he waits for them to simmer down before continuing..."KENNEDY!"

The DiBiases are visibly upset as Junior talks to his father, who is trying to calm his son down as they wait to see what Kennedy's next move is.

"Now don't ya worry, I'm not going down there right now and kick your asses." boasts Kennedy." So quit shaking up there like two cowards." The crowd bursts in laughter as Junior isn't happy with those words.

"The way I see it", Kennedy continues."Is that you and your daddy there, cost me my chance at the WCW World Title so you better have one eye out for me from here on out because I GUARANTEE I"M GONNA COST YOU YOURS!!"

Kennedy chomps on his gum and slams down the mic and smiles as the crowd cheers. He looks one more time proudly to the chaos in the ring between the father and son combo, steps over the fallen body of Terkay and heads back to where he came from as we go to commercial.


Everybody is getting anxious as the debut of Ortiz is upcoming as the show is in the final fifteen minutes. Then the crowd erupts as a camera shot is shown of Tito Ortiz walking out of his locker room with his mentor, Dean Malenko by his side. They turn the corner and come face to face with The Miz and Angelina Love. The Miz postures himself in front of Ortiz blocking hall as a show of intimidation but it is short lived as Ortiz pie faces him back into the wall without breaking stride. Miz doesn't figure out what has happened until Ortiz is gone. Love looks impressed by the bravado of Tito Ortiz and Miz notices. He tells her to come on as she glances at Tito walking away one more time and fans herself.

The Colt Cabana fan base gives out a little cheer as "Coca Cabana" plays through the arena. Cabana appears with a pink feather boa, sunglasses and a bandanna on as he dances his way to ringside, ignoring the fans offers of high fives on the way. The crowd boos as Cabana dances in the ring and poses for them as they await for Tito Ortiz.

A remake of "Bad to the Bone" hits the arena as the crowd and people across the world go wild as pyros go off and Tito Ortiz steps through them with a look of intensity that isn't seen often. Malenko appears behind in a tailor made suit as he looks like a proud father at his protégé. As Tito walks down, you can tell he is wearing one of his trademark shirts with a message about his opponent on it. After reading it, you discover it's Colt Cabana's birth date on the front and today's date on the back as the day he dies. Tito takes it off and gives to a fan at ringside as he gets last minute advice from Malenko before Dean walks over and joins for commentary on the match.


Tito Ortiz VS Colt Cabana

Cabana looks a little in awe of the spectacle of Ortiz's entrance and the intense look of Ortiz in the ring. The bell rings and Cabana is quickly backed up into the corner by a charging Tito and catches a series of elbows to the ribs and punches to the face before the referee can get in there and break it up. As the ref, is trying to get in the middle of the two wrestlers, Cabana shows Tito the tricks of the trade with a sneaky poke to the eyes.

Tito is blinded as Cabana tries to finish it quick with a small package roll up and almost gets the win before Tito gets a shoulder up. The confidence grows a bit for Cabana as he connects with a series of kicks and tries a quick backslide pin attempt for another near fall on the rookie. Malenko is telling the people at home not to worry as Cabana performs a sunset flip pin attempt and getting another near pin fall. Tito looks a little winded from the constant pressure of kicking out from the frequent pin attempts by Cabana as Cabana flips him over with a headlock and starts grinding away on the side of the head.

Tito is looking for a way to escape as the crowd starts rallying behind him. He starts pounding his fist on the mat as he garners strength and gets on his knees. He connects with a couple of elbows and after a real stiff one he breaks the hold. Cabana tries to get back on the offense but and tries to connect on a European uppercut but quickly finds himself in a Fujiwara Arm bar from Ortiz. Cabana yells out in pain as Tito cranks on the pressure. The crowd and Malenko on commentary is going wild as Cabana struggles for the ropes. He tries desperately to catch the bottom of the rope with his free arm but can't get there as he screams constantly from the pressure of the hold. Almost with a peer luck, Cabana's foot catches the bottom rope as legs flop wild from the pain. The referee calls for the break and Tito obliges as major damage has been done.

Cabana tries to shake his arm to get some feeling back in as Tito sneaks in and throws him back wards with a belly to back. He holds on connects on not one more, not two more, not three more but four more belly to back suplexes in succession. Cabana can barely stand up as Tito connects on a surprisingly well drop kick to the face and then calls to the crowd as they cheer Tito on with enthusiasm. Tito stalks Cabana as he tries to stand up and as Cabana stands up, Tito runs over and catches him with the "CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING". With the damage already done to the arm earlier Cabana taps out in record time as Malenko plays Ortiz's performance up to the fans at home.


Tito Ortiz

Ortiz walks over proudly to Malenko as Dean enters the ring. The two look at Cabana as he lays on the mat holding his arm in pain. They don't celebrate but exit the ring like it is just another day at work.

"TITO! TITO!TITO!TITO!" echoes throughout the arena from the crowd as Ortiz and Malenko walk up the ramp, Ortiz pumps up one fist as he turns around for the crowd. The camera zooms in on Ortiz as we go off the air.




Already Qualified for Round Two (earlier in the week)

Evan Bourne over Tyler Black

Christopher Daniels over Prince Devitt

Johnny Nitro over Rene Dupree

Nigel McGuinness over Mr. Kennedy

Shelton Benjamin over Homicide

FRIDAY 6/5/09

Chris Sabin defeats Teddy Hart

A highly contest battle of two of the best innovators in the business ended in a surprise fashion as Sabin catches Hart with arguably the oldest move in the biz, the small package, for the win

Jake Hager defeats Mark Jindrak

Jindrak returned to American wrestling and almost pulled off a big upset but a reversal by Hager saw Jindrak get hit by The Hager Bomb and suffer the defeat. As a defeated Jindrak was walking up the ramp, Larry Sweeney appeared and offered him his business card much like when Dupree lost his opening match on Nitro.


MVP defeats Mike Quackenbush

An unknown to many fans, Quackenbush showed off some spectacular moves and made sure fans remember who he is now but it was all for naught as MVP came out with "The Drive by Kick" from out of nowhere to pick up the win.

Alex Shelley defeats Kenny Omega

Omega was said to remind many Dallas fans of the Von Erich's with his hair and bare feet appearance but still came out on the losing end after Shelley connected with a Missile Dropkick from the top rope for the win. Afterward the Dallas crowd goes wild as Lacey Von Erich shows up to ringside and checks on Omega to make sure he is alright. The two leave the ring together as rumors about them being a couple start to spread.

SUNDAY 6/7/09

Santino defeats Erick Stevens

A new, focused Santino appears in WCW and shows a solid arsenal of moves as he negates the powerful Stevens with a ground game before connecting on a "Snake Eyes" move he calls "A Taste of Italy". Santino is making sure people take him a little more serious then his time in the WEE.

Carlito defeats Low Ki

A back and forth match up sees Carlito connect on a Backstabber to get the win after Carlito lands on his feet after a backdrop attempt by Low Ki. Low Ki shows a temper after recovering and beating down Carlito while he was celebrating in the ring.

MONDAY 6/8/09

Daniel Puder defeats Hernandez

The former Tough Enough winner picks up the win by DQ after Homicide purposely causes Hernandez loss with a chair shot to Puder in front of the ref. Hernandez is in shock as Homicide smiles at his former partner as they start to jaw between each other.

William Regal defeats Bryan Danielson

A clinic of wrestling was decided by brass knuckles by Regal after a constant one-upping from Danielson on wrestling exchanges. The fans were happy to see Mike Quackenbush come down on check on Danielson's condition as he gets up woozy from the illegal blow.

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Re: Reborn: WCW 2009

You’re opening promo was a great concept. You could’ve written it better. I’m not a fan of “So you think you’re better than me? How about you and I go one on one tonight!” Miz said as the crowd boos him heavily. It would flow much better if you wrote Miz: So you think you’re better than me? How about you and I go one on one tonight!” Then you should make a space and in italics (not in bold) The crowd boos Miz heavily. You gotta format your show properly. If it’s not formatted properly it’s a major turnoff. I know that when I want to read a show, I wanna read a show that’s formatted properly. The name of whoever is talking should always be bolded and whatever he says shouldn’t. It should be the color though. The italics should be black. Just go around looking at other people’s shows to get an idea of which formatting works for you and the reader. Great concept of the opening promo, which sets us up for an excellent first match. The key is presentation after a great concept which you had.

Second promo into the show, you did the same thing in the first promo. With everything bolded, it’s hard to understand what is said and what isn’t. A bit confusing, who is he and what audition did he pass? Guess we’ll find out. Again great concept for a good conversation between father and son but the formatting :-p

Guess it was Terkay you were talking about, haha. Alright, so I understood from this that you didn’t want to write a match, I don’t blame ya haha, but I do feel that you should’ve written a great match with Petey getting the edge towards the ending but Terkay helping Ted to win, but eh you’re decision haha.

I didn’t the aftermath of the match one bit. Would you honestly think that this would happen at all on TV. First of all, Kennedy wouldn't come out the same episode that Terkay teamed with the Dibiasi’s. He would come out next week. Second of all, once Kennedy would realize that they cost him the match, he would immediately attack them, not give them a heads up. Too much happened in this aftermath, didn’t make sense to me. Don’t get too many things done at once.

I personally don’t see what the big deal of Tito Ortiz is, but he’s an obvious big deal to this show, so I’ll go along and say that he’s a huge legend haha. It doesn’t make sense, why would Miz and Love be together when she slept with Flair? You gotta make sure everything is logical. Tito won which was obvious considering all the hype he got. He’ll for sure go to the semi-finals even the finals.

One final thought until I give you the overview: This is where the 32 man tourney fails. How you gonna make us not forget about everything that’s happened if you don’t include everyone. I for sure don’t want you to include everyone since it’s an hour show, and you do mention the results of last week’s Thunder, which is very good, but I do feel when the tourney gets to like 16 or 8, you won’t be including everyone on every show, but I do like the hour show.

Overall: Okay, you’re going to think that I hate this BTB when I really don’t. I feel this has potential. I love the hour show instead of 2 hours, because a 2 hour show can be a bit forgetful. This show is 100% better than last week but there is a lot of room to improve. I want to tell you that this review isn’t a review to tell you what you want to hear, which are rave reviews. This is a review I like to call constructive criticism, where you can benefit and learn a lot from it. I do hope you take my advice on the things that I said and you keep working at it. The concepts of the promos are great but that’s not good enough, you need to have a better presentation. Just look at other people’s shows. People like Nige, SC2004, Wolf Beat, just to name a few. I really liked this show, and I want you to keep working hard. Work on the organization and presentation. Your matches is your best feature so you don’t have a problem with that, just don’t get lazy (like we all do, lol) and don’t write like you did the second match, haha I joke.

But seriously, I didn’t shit on your show, I tried to help you make it better than it already is. Keep it up man, I look forward to reading your next.

Sorry if I came out looking like an ass, I meant well! I will be reading the next show

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