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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE Locker-Room

Visit the homepage of WWE Locker-Room at http://wwelocker-room.blogspot.com/

Current Champions:
World Heavyweight: Batista
Intercontinental: Vacant
World Tag Team: Hardy Boys
Women's: Maryse

Current Superstars:
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
John Cena
Randy Orton
Evan Bourne
John Morrison
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Jeff Hardy
Cody Rhodes
Ted DiBiase
Santino Marella
Mr. Kennedy
Big Show
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy

Current Divas:
Beth Phoenix
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James


8th- Raw (Washington DC- Verizon Center)
22nd- Raw (East Rutherford, New Jersey- Izod Center)
28th- Great American Bash (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- Wachovia Center)


6th- Raw (Memphis, Tennessee- The Pyramid)
20th- Raw (New Orleans, Louisiana- New Orleans Arena)
26th- Night of Champions (San Antonio, Texas- AT&T Center)

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

The Time is Now
After the purchase of their father’s company, Stephanie and Shane plan to shake up the WWE in many ways. For starters, to extinguish themselves away from their father, they have stripped all titles away from current champions and have decided to start their own history in the company. Records for past events will still be held, but they will only focus on the future and not the past. Also instead of three brands there will only be one, which will be Raw. Shane and Stephanie plan to lead the show and the company as co-partners. Shane and Stephanie to cut funding and to cut down the number of staff for one show have fired numerous staff including refs, wrestlers, and many behind the scenes workers.

Now the time has come. With the buzz starting to hit the entertainment world it is almost time for the first show. You can check out the superstars and discuss the move by Shane and Stephanie.
Stay tuned for any latest developments.

Show: Raw
Date: May 11th 2009
City: Cleveland, Ohio
Arena: Quicken Loans Arena
Attendance: 20,152

Shane and Stephanie McMahon stood in the ring as Raw went live from Chicago. The crowd gave a mix of boos and cheers as each raised the mics to address the crowd.

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the new Monday Night Raw!” Shane announced as the crowds mixed applause and boos amused the man. “I know some of you are not pleased about the business deal we have been able to pull off, but get used to what we have done.”

“That right Shane, all of you may not like that we took the dying company from the old man but you will end up thanking us,” Stephanie informed the audience as she paced the ring. “Tonight is the start of the brand new WWE Locker-Room. All the champions from before have been dropped which gives everyone a fresh start in the company.

“Which means we will need to solve the championship problem and I think we will start that tonight,” the crowd cheered as they were happy they were going to be a part of the special night with whatever Shane and his sister had in mind. “Tonight we will have two main event matches for starters for the Women’s Championship there will be a 6 diva over the top Battle Royal. This will feature Maria, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Mickie James, Melina, and Kelly Kelly.”

The crowd began to cheer hearing the diva’s match that would take place later.

“And in the main event,” Stephanie said clearing her throat. “There will be a Championship Scramble match to pick who the WWE Champion will be. Batista, Kane, Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels will make up the main event.”

The packed arena went crazy for the news of their favorite stars being able to fight for the title later in the evening.

“Anyone else looking for a title opportunity better learn they have to impress me and my brother,” Stephanie said as ‘I hear voices in my head’ filled the arena as Randy Orton headed out and stood on top of the ramp with a mic. “What do you want Randy?”

“I want to know why the top star isn’t in the main event,” Randy clenched his cheek staring down at the siblings. “Me.”

“Randy you might be a top star but you have to earn a chance at a title,” Shane muttered as the crowd who mostly supported Randy booed the executive decision. “Like it or leave it Randy.”

“Oh that’s right I’m not banging one of you so I don’t get a chance,” Randy smirked his classic evil grin came across his face. “Figures Stephanie you would let your husband into the match.”

“Randy leave me and my personal life out of this,” one of the bosses snipped back as Randy paced the stage like a caged animal. “If you want a title match you will have to earn in it a match.”

“What kind of match?” Randy stopped the pacing as he looked down the ramp in curiosity. “I’ll put anyone down if they step in my way.”

“If you think you are so great then…” Shane rubbed his chin leaning in and whispering something to his sister as she nodded. “Then next Raw you will have a match, and if you win that match. You will get a number one contender match at Extreme Rules. If you manage to win that then you get your title opportunity.”

“If you want two of your top stars to fall to my power,” Randy laughed the sick grin coming across his face. “By all means bring them on.”

Randy walked backstage as the screen cut to a commercial with Shane and Stephanie in the ring still.

Big Show and Evan Bourne stood in the ring as the commercial came back from break. The bell rang and Evan started the match kicking Big Show in the shins. Evan used one leg to kick Big Show in the side of stomach bringing him down to a lower level as he brought the other leg and kicked Big Show across the head.

Big Show staggered in the ring as Evan ran and jumped on the top rope dropping kicking Big Show with both feet in the center of Show’s large chest. Show stood tall as the kick had no effect while Evan landed in the ring with a thud. Show grabbed Evan throwing him into corner. Show rammed his shoulder into Evan guts before using both hands to lift the man up and toss him across the ring.

Big Show put one foot over Evan’s chest as the ref went for the count only counting two. Show picked Evan up tossing him over the top rope making him land on the apron. Evan slowly got to his feet on the apron as Show drove his fist into Evan’s head knocking him off the apron and onto the floor on the outside. The ref began to count as Evan laid not moving on the outside. The ref counted to ten and signaled for the bed.

“Here is your winner,” Lillian Garcia announced as the ref raised Big Show’s hand in victory. “By count out the Big Show.”

Big Show pulled his arm roughly away from the ref stepping over the top rope as he hopped down to the floor. Big Show wrapped his hand around Evan’s throat picking him up off the ground as he threw him back first into the metal steel steps. Big Show walked up the ramp leaving Evan knocking out.

“I really hope you win tonight,” John Morrison smiled running his hand down his rock hard abs. “Then I win a title and we could both have gold.”

“Makes us as a couple look even better,” Melina leaned forward kissing John on the lips as she reached for the door of the Diva’s locker room that they were standing out of. “I have to get ready for my match. I’ll see you after the show.”

“By honey,” John smiled watching Melina walk in the locker room as he stood outside the room with a smile on his face.

“It’s about time the Hardy Boys are back together,” Jeff Hardy high fived his brother at a different place backstage. “It’s time for us to dominate the tag team division again.”

“First we have to find a tag team to face against,” Matt reminded his brother. “Then we can be the first tag team champions.”

“You think you will be the first tag team champions?” Cody Rhodes laughed as he and Ted came up behind the brothers. “I think Team Priceless will be the first tag team champions.”

“We could beat you guys in any match,” Ted smirked pushing Jeff in the chest as he and Cody got in the brother’s faces. “Even in your little ladder match.”

“Then how about next Raw we have that match?” Matt said pushing Ted back before all four guys began to fight. Refs and superstars pulled the men off of each other as the show went to commercial break.

Maria, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Mickie James, Melina, and Kelly Kelly all stood in the ring as the Raw crowd cheered for the Women’s title match. All six were in a Battle Royal match and the only way to be eliminated is to have both feet hit the floor.

Beth Phoenix started by attacking Maria who was next to her as all the other diva’s began to fight each other. Beth pulled Maria by the back of the hair to the mat as she climbed on top of her and began to punch her in the face. Beth grabbed Maria and yanked her off the mat by the hair. Beth grabbed her by the back and tossed her through the middle ropes for the first elimination.

Maryse and Melina punched and kicked at each other as Melina gave out her death yelling scream. Melina grabbed Maryse’s blonde hair trying to push her out of the ring as Maryse fought back hitting Melina in the stomach. Beth grabbed Melina and lifted her up to her as she nailed a side walk slam. Beth and Maryse stood on one side of the ring as Mickie and Kelly stood on another.

Mickie and Kelly were ready to fight the two blondes on the other side of the ring. Mickie went to run across the ring and start the fight, but Kelly pulled her back by her tights. Kelly tried to push Mickie over the top but she much smaller than Mickie. Beth and Maryse ran over and helped Kelly throw Mickie over to the ground. All three blondes high fived before looking at their next victim as Melina got to her feet.

All three blondes charged at Melina as Melina fought all three back. Melina spin kicked Beth in the gut and hit Maryse in the head with her fist. Melina dove at Kelly knocking her to the ground. Beth came up behind her and picked her up to throw her over the top rope, but Melina kicked her in the side of the head and managed to get out of her grasp. Melina kicked Beth in the shin before trying to push Beth through the middle ropes.

Kelly Kelly came up behind Melina as she pushed Melina and Beth through the middle rope and to the floor. Kelly Kelly began to celebrate what she caused, but Maryse had other plans. Maryse grabbed Kelly by the hair and tossed her over the top rope and to the floor.

With Maryse being the only Diva standing the bell rang as the ref came in the ring and presented Maryse her women’s title. Maryse celebrated the win before the cameras went to commercial break.

Chris Jericho stood in the ring in his suit as Raw came back live from commercial break.

“I’m here representing Stephanie and Shane McMahon who have allowed me to give an open challenge,” Chris Jericho cleared his throat before speaking again. “At Extreme Rules the Intercontinental Title will be on the line as Chris Jericho faces anyone who wants to step in the ring with me.”

The crowd began to boo the star who shrugged off the fans and refused to care.

“Anyone who thinks they can beat me has till next Raw to announce their wish to face me,” Chris Jericho said as he moved over to the ropes resting his arms against the top rope. “Even though no one would be able.”

John Cena’s music hit as the Boston man stood at the top of the stage and saluted the crowd before moving down to the ring with mic in hand.

“So Chris Jericho thinks he can beat anyone?” John Cena smirked as Chris Jericho turned around and nodded. “I bet you couldn’t even beat a fat girl midget. You are all talk Jericho.”

“I think you’re the one doing the talking,” Chris Jericho noted as the crowd booed him once more. “Do you need something or are you here just wasting my time?”

“I think we all know why I’m here,” John reminded Chris sticking his finger in Chris’s shoulder. “You want a match at Extreme Rules then I will give you any kind of match you want.”

“Cena you can’t beat me so how about you stop wasting all these hypocrites time and my time and go back to the back,” Chris pointed toward the back as John simply stood there not making a move. “Alright fine if you won’t leave I will.”

Chris moved past John to walk away as he clenched the mic in his hand. John turned his back to Chris throwing his hands in the air to pose for the crowd. Chris saw the move on the titan tron as he slowly turned around.

Chris ran forward driving the mic into the back of John’s head making a loud noise come from the mic. Chris used the mic over and over to bang the device against the man’s skull. Chris slid out of the ring putting the chair between middle and top turn buckle. Chris moved and picked John up to his feet running John’s skull into the steel chair denting the chair and knocking John out in the ring.

“When you wake up Cena remember never ever…mess with Chris Jericho again,” Chris walked out of the ring and up the ramp as John Cena laid out in the ring as the cameras cut to commercial.

Shawn Michaels stood in the ring ready for battle as he stares down his first opponent the Undertaker on the other side of the ring. Taker starts the match punching at Shawn into the corner. He swings his elbow into Shawn’s head before grabbing Shawn and tossing him over the top rope to the floor. Taker climbs on onto the apron on the ring as he jumps off hitting a leg drop on Shawn. Taker picked up Shawn rolling back in the ring with him. Taker went for the pin only to get a two count.

Taker gets to his feet as Shawn gets to his. Taker runs at Shawn hitting him with a big boot. Taker wraps his hand around Shawn’s throat picking him up and choke slamming him out on the outside. Taker rolls his eyes into the back of his head as he steps back out onto the apron. Shawn got to his feet as Taker jumped off trying to hit him. Shawn raised his foot in the air kicking Taker in the chin for the Sweet Chin Music.

Shawn remains on his feet as gets on his knees under the ring. He grabs a steel chair and throws it on the ground. Shawn drags Taker over to the steel steps as he moves over and picks up the chair before driving it into Taker’s face, making him hit the back of the steel steps. Shawn raises the chair again and does the same move, this time busting Taker wide open.

Shawn grabs Taker by the back of the hair rolling him into the ring before he moved to the top rope. For Shawn it was a surprise when he heard the large crowd boo him for once, but he didn’t care as he jumped off driving his elbow into Taker’s chest. Shawn covered Taker and the ref counted three making Shawn the first WWE Champion. The ref raised Shawn’s hand in victory as the crowd booed the man.

Shawn gave out a low laugh as he turned his attention to Taker. With Shawn’s surprise Taker sat up in the ring and turned to glare back at the man. Shawn slowly began to move back as Taker got up to his feet. Shawn ran the ropes hitting Taker in his busted open head with his forearms as it knocked the man back. Shawn stepped back and ran at Taker again this time hitting him with a clothesline as it knocked him to the mat.

Shawn stood above taker with a smirk on his face. Hearing the crowd start to countdown, Shawn looked up at the titan tron as the countdown hit zero.

Pryo shot up from the stage as Kane stepped out onto the ramp. Kane walked down the ramp and used one hand to climb onto the apron. Shawn tried knocking Kane off the apron as Kane wrapped his hand around Shawn’s throat. Kane tried tossing Shawn across the ring as the man elbowed him in the chest. Shawn stepped back and nailed a Sweet Chin Music against Kane’s chin as he fell off the apron to the floor.

Shawn turned around seeing Taker using the ropes on the opposite side of the ring to get up. Shawn ran across the ring kicking Taker in the ribs. Shawn tried kicking Taker in the side of the head as Taker grabbed his foot getting to his feet. Taker wrapped his hand around Shawn’s throat hitting a choke slam on the man.

On the other side of the ring Kane was getting to the apron. Taker used both hands to pick up Shawn as he ran Shawn’s body into Kane’s knocking the large man back to the floor. Taker turned Shawn upside down as he dropped to his knees hitting a tombstone. Taker put Shawn’s hands over his chest as he pinned the man. The ref counted three as it made him the new champion.

Taker stood in the ring proud of himself as he stumbled back against the ropes, still had blood flowing from his head. His brother Kane got back onto the apron and this time got in the ring. Taker and Kane began to throw punches before Kane hit Taker with an uppercut taking control.

Kane drove his foot into Taker’s skull knocking Taker to the mat. Kane pulled Taker up into a sitting position. He ran across the ring before drop kicking Taker in the face with both his boots. Kane covered his brother for the pin, but the ref only was able to count to two before Taker kicked out.

Kane got in the refs face as the crowd began to count down. Kane turned to face the ramp as he pulled back his elbow bad as the countdown hit zero. Triple H’s music began to play as he stepped out onto the stage spitting water into the air.

Triple H moved down the ramp and slid in the ring, instantly attacking Kane. Triple H kicked Kane in the gut before driving Kane’s face into his knee. Triple H pulled Kane’s arms back as he put the much bigger man’s head between his legs. Triple H jumped in the air as Kane countered and tossed Triple H over his back.

Triple H lay next to Taker as Kane began to stomp at his body. Kane picked Triple H up and tossed him face first into the top turn buckle. Triple H stumbled back as Kane drove his foot into Triple H’s face. Kane covered Triple H for the pin but the ref got a one count before Triple H kicked out.

Kane got up from the mat and used the ropes to climb to the top rope. Kane knelt down on the top turn buckle with one of his hands in the air ready to hit someone when they got to their feet. Triple H and Undertaker both slowly got to their feet. Kane looked at both before jumping at Triple H and missing the man as Triple H moved out of the way.

Taker charged at his brother kicking Kane in the side of the head knocking the man out of the ring through the middle ropes. Triple H kicked Taker in the abdomen pulling Taker down between his legs as he hit a pedigree. Triple H turned over Taker and covered the man as the ref counted three, making Triple H the current champion.

Shawn Michaels slide back in the ring as he and Triple H stared down one another. Time seemed to sit still as the two men stood on opposite side of the ring. Both charged at each other locking up with their arms. Triple H punched Shawn in the side of the face as Shawn reacted doing the same to Triple H.

Both men swung at each other, hitting each other’s faces again and again. Triple H grabbed Shawn by the arm swinging him back against the ropes as Kane hit Shawn from the outside with a steel chair. Triple H put Shawn’s head between his legs hitting a pedigree before standing back up waiting for Kane.

Kane pulled himself up on the apron with the steel chair in hand. Triple H kicked Kane in the gut grabbing Kane by the hair trying to pulled Kane down so he would hit his head on the chair in Kane’s chair. Kane countered throwing Triple H down on the mat with force as he put one leg over the top rope. Shawn Michaels managed to get to his feet and kicked Kane in the side of the head with a Sweet Chin Music, knocking the large man off the apron.

The crowd counted down as the last opponent in the match stepped out onto the stage. Batista his hand on his chest as he moved down the ramp. Batista saw Kane on his knees as he kicked Kane in the gut with his boot. Batista pulled himself into the ring as he put his hands on his hips looking at his two friends before him. All three started attacking each other trying to take control.

Batista pushed Shawn back into a corner, driving his shoulder into Shawn’s gut. Shawn winced in pain as Batista rammed his shoulder back into Shawn’s gut. Triple H wasn’t going to let Batista take control like that, so Triple H pulled Batista back and hit him in the side of the face with his forearm. Batista stumbled back as Triple H punched him back into the corner on top of Shawn. Triple H stepped back before running forward as he jumped knee first into Batista’s stomach knocking him back against Shawn.

Taker and both got in the ring as Kane wrapped his hand around Triple H’s throat lifting him in the air and hitting a choke slam. Kane looked back to see less than two minutes remaining. Kane covered Triple H only to get a two count as Taker kicked his brother in the back of the head. Kane got to his feet and clotheslined himself and Taker over the top rope.

Batista laid down on the mat and Triple H as well, but Shawn got to his feet. Shawn looked at both men and he laid on top of Batista coming for the pin only to get a two count. Shawn got up as Triple H got to his feet. Shawn kicked Triple H in the jaw with a Sweet Chin Music. Shawn covered Triple H getting a three count with only a minute to go.

Shawn got to his feet grabbing Triple H by the hair as he tried to throw him out of the ring. Triple H kicked Shawn in the gut setting him up for the pedigree as Batista speared both men to the mat. Shawn got to his feet first kicking Batista in the nuts. Triple H got to his feet and kicked Shawn in the gut and hit the pedigree this time. Batista grabbed Triple H and tossed him out of the ring. Batista looked back at the clock as twenty seconds ticked. Batista got to his knees covering Shawn as the ref counted three making him the current champion.

Batista stood and watched the countdown hit zero as Batista’s smile filled his face. The ref handed Batista the title he had won as he celebrated. The show went off the air as all the men lay on the mat and Batista stood in the ring with the title in his hands.


Quick Results:
Big Show def. Evan Bourne by count out.
Maryse won the 6 Diva Battle Royal to become Women's Champion.
Batista won the Championship Scramble to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Check out the home page for WWE Locker-Room which has a forum and allows you to be able to find out lots more news and interact. Visit at http://wwelocker-room.blogspot.com/

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

This is a good write up, I have a few tips, not that I can say anything.
* use the old script for speech
Bob: hi
John: hey
* use more then one colour, although In do like the current idea.

but these are just suggestions, by the way, how did you get that site?

My Fave Five Dawg.
1. CM Punk 2. The Miz 3. Dolph Ziggler 4. Triple H 5. Randy Orton

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

Originally Posted by Mr.English View Post
This is a good write up, I have a few tips, not that I can say anything.
* use the old script for speech
Bob: hi
John: hey
* use more then one colour, although In do like the current idea.

but these are just suggestions, by the way, how did you get that site?

I was thinking about writing it that way, I'll take a shot at it.

I signed up on blogger.com and zetaboards.com
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

With this being the last Raw before Extreme Rules, the WWE Locker-Room fans must wonder what is in store this week on Raw.

Raw Preview:

With Vince McMahon guaranteed to show up at Extreme Rules to address the WWE Locker-Room fans about the backstabbing his children have caused him. Stephanie and Shane must have something up their sleeves to allow him to make an appearance on their programming. Will Raw show a glimpse of what is to come?

Randy Side Tracked?:
The new owners of WWE Locker-Room seem to already be a thorn in Randy Orton’s side, forcing him not only to win one match to earn a title match but two. Randy must win his match on Raw to advance to Extreme Rules for a #1 Contender’s match. Can Randy win both his matches and gain a title shot?

A Little Flirt:
Last Raw we saw John Morrison and Melina flirting with one another backstage and even saw the couple share a kiss. What will go down with these two on Raw?

Scramble Aftermath:
With Batista’s scramble victory last Raw making him the World Champion, one must wonder who will step up to the plate and go after Batista’s first title defense. Could it be someone from the scramble match, another top star, or even someone from Batista’s past? Batista will have to keep an eye out for all competitors on Raw.

The scramble match not only brought gladness in victory, but it also brought sorrow in defeat. The WWE Locker-Room fans will have to stay turned to see how Shawn, Triple H, Kane, or Undertaker shows their sorrow in defeat on Raw.

Confirmed Matches:
Randy Orton vs. ? to be in the #1 Contender Match at Extreme Rules
Ted & Cody vs. The Hardy Boys in a Ladder Match for the Tag Team Titles

Catch Raw this Monday.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

Show: Raw
Date: May 25th 2009
City: Chicago, Illinois
Arena: United Center
Attendance: 19,937

Shane: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Me and my sister are here to address the WWE Locker-Room fans about why we made the decision to allow our father to come to our show.

Stephanie: Our father is about to be sent to the retirement how, and before that takes place we would like to send him off with a bang.

Shane: Dad if you are watching this right now we want you to know a few stipulations we have made up for your appearance.
Stephanie: For starters if you lay one hand on me or Shane you will be arrested on the spot.

*The Chicago fans showed their displeasure with boos*

Shane: Secondly you will one minute of on air time before you must leave the arena.

Stephanie: And daddy if you don’t leave you will be thrown in jail. Can’t wait to see you Sunday dad.

*Stephanie blew a kiss at the camera as the crowd booed them even more*

Shane: Since you don’t like that little business decision maybe you will like the opponent of Randy Orton tonight.

Stephanie: Randy you interrupted us and it’s time for you to face your challenge.

*Randy Orton’s music began to play as the crowd had a mix of boos and cheers. Randy walked down to the ring in his ring attire ready for action*

Randy: Bring out whoever you want Stephanie I know I will beat whoever you challenge me against.

Stephanie: You really think so Randy? I’ve picked someone who will shut you up for once. Allow me to introduce your opponent; he is the King of Kings my husband Triple H.

*Triple H spit water in the air as he headed to the ring. Triple H got in the ring as Shane left and headed to the back*
Stephanie: Let’s see you beat Triple H

*Stephanie smiled as she turned her back to Randy and gave her husband a good luck kiss. Randy ran up behind Stephanie knocking her into Triple H as they fell to the mat*

The bell run starting the match as Randy kicked at Triple H. Stephanie laid in the ring hurt as Randy kept up the attack. Randy stomped at Triple H weakening the man down. Randy jumped in the air as he drove his knee into Triple H’s forehead. Randy went for the pin only to get a two count.

Shane McMahon rushed back to the ring to tend to his sister as Randy kept up the offense. Randy picked Triple H off the man grabbing him by the throat as he turned away from him. Randy drove Triple H’s back into his before going for the pin. The ref counted only to get a two count once again.

Randy picked Triple H up trying to go for the RKO but Triple H pushed Randy away. Randy turned around and Triple H kicked him in the gut as he pulled Randy down between his legs setting him up for a pedigree. Randy countered flipping Triple H over his back right into the referee knocking the ref out.

Triple H got to his feet as Randy ran and wrapped his arm around Triple H’s throat hitting the RKO. Randy saw the ref down as he stalked Triple H waiting for him to get up. Randy was going to attempt another RKO as music began to play. Randy turned around seeing Shawn Michaels run down the ramp.

Shawn slid in the ring tackling Randy as he punched at his head. Randy rolled away from Shawn and out of the ring leaving Shawn and Triple H standing in the ring. Triple H smiled at Shawn as Shawn stepped a few steps in front of him. Shawn looked into Triple H’s eyes as he closed his and turned around. Shawn drove his foot into Triple H’s chin hitting the Sweet Chin Music.

Shawn lowered his head leaving the ring as Randy slid in the ring and the ref still down counted three.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner and new number one contender Randy Orton.

*The crowd booed as Randy got to his feet and posed. He got out of the ring smiling at Stephanie still on the ground as Shane was with her. Randy headed up the ramp as the camera cut to commercial.


John Morrison: You ready for your match?

*John asked his girl friend walking down the hallway backstage to the ring*

Melina: Always am.

John: You’re going to kick butt out there.

*John smirked stopping Melina in the hallway as he pulled her into a kiss, nibbling on her bottom lip before pulling back*

John: I hope that brings you luck.

Melina: Having you out there brings me luck.

*Melina grabbed hold of John’s hand resting her head on his shoulder*

John: I love you Melina.

Melina: I love you too.

*Melina’s music began to play as she straightened up going through the curtain*

John: Good luck.

Lillian Garcia: The following will be an Over the Top Rope Match. The winner of this match will receive a future match for the women’s championship. The only way to win is win the other competitor’s feet hits the floor, introducing the Divas Melina and Beth Phoenix.

Lillian stepped out of the ring as Melina blew a kiss at John. The bell rang and the match was on. Beth used her strength to pick up Melina with ease bringing her to the top rope. Beth tried pushing Melina over as Melina elbowed her in the side of the head. Beth stumbled back and dropped Melina to her feet.

Melina forehanded Beth in the side of the head kicking her in the stomach as she tried to push her through the ropes. Melina screamed at the top of her lungs as she tugged at the blonde’s hair trying to get her to fall out of the ring. Melina released Beth as she used the top ropes to pull her body up and allow her legs to wrap around Beth’s head. Melina tried to pull Beth over the top rope, but Beth was too strong.

Beth grabbed both of Melina’s ankles pulling them apart as she tossed the Diva over the top rope. Melina looked like she would fall and hit the floor, and in the end lose the match. To everyone’s surprise even her’s, John was there to catch her and roll her back into the ring.

The move angered Beth as she pulled Melina up off the mat and tossed her face first into the turn buckle. Beth dropped kicked Melina’s back from behind sending Melina into the turn buckles. Beth picked up Melina and placed her on the top turn buckle. Beth climbed to the second rope wrapping her arms around Melina going to hit a move.

Melina countered using her arm for leverage as she elbowed Beth trying to knock Beth off the top rope. Beth clobbered Melina with her fist into the side of the head. Beth picked up Melina dropping Melina back as she fell too for a back drop.

Beth turned Melina over on her stomach placing one foot into Melina’s spine as she grabbed her arms and pulled her back into her foot applying the backbreaker. Melina screamed in pain as Beth didn’t let go of the move. The refs stood around the ring unable to do anything, and for John he felt helpless not being about to help Melina.

Several minutes went by as Melina still groaned in pain. John had enough of the move and climbed up on the apron. Beth threw Melina down on the mat, going and swinging at John who jumped down. Melina got to her feet as Beth instantly hit her in the back. Beth ran backwards wanting momentum to hit a move. John reached in the ring grabbing Beth’s boot as he tripped her making her fall.

Beth got to her feet angered by the move as she began to yell at John pointing her finger at him. Melina slowly got to her feet seeing the advantage as she ran up behind Beth pushing her through the middle rope and to the floor.
Lillian: Here is your winner and new number one contender. Melina!
The crowd went wild as John got in the ring and kissed Melina. He held her hand up high as the camera’s cut to commercial.

The bell sounds as Big Show and CM Punk’s match begins. Punk starts the match using some offense using his quick kicks as he kicked Big Show in the shin. Punk kicked Show’s thigh lowering Big Show to almost his level. Punk held his knee in the air driving it into Show’s chin. Show staggered backwards as Punk ran forward clotheslining Show into the ropes.

Punk headed to the top ropes as Show’s shoulders lay on the top ropes. Punk walked the ropes jumping in the air as he kicked both his feet into Show’s chest before jumping to the ground on the outside. Punk slid in the ring seeing Show hold his chest.

Punk tried to pull Big Show up for the GTS, but Show’s size made it impossible. Big Show wrapped both his hands around Punk’s throat tossing him across the ring as the crowd booed. Big Show walked over Punk’s stomach making the man groan in pain.
Big Show picked Punk up tossing him over the top rope on the apron. Big Show reached over the top rope wrapping on hand around Punk’s throat. Show drove his fist into the side of Punk’s skull sending Punk back hitting the steel steps with the back of his head. Punk lay on the floor not moving. The ref moved outside to check on CM Punk seeing him knocked out the ref signaled to the back with an X. The bell sounded as more refs came down to the ring with a stretcher to load him on.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner by forfeit, the Big Show!

Big Show looked out to the floor seeing the wreckage he caused as the refs slowly lifted Punk up on the stretcher. Big Show stepped over the top rope as e Frog Splashed himself on top of refs and CM Punk. The refs laid hurt on the floor, CM Punk and the stretcher lay turned over, and Big Show simply got and went to the back.

JR: This man needs to be stopped! He has hurt two wrestlers the last two weeks and the referees.

Cole: Are you going to be the one to stand up to him? I don’t think you can JR.

JR: No I sure wouldn’t, but someone needs to take matters into their own hands before someone else gets injured.

John Cena: It sure feels great to be back here in Chicago!

*Cena’s words filled the arena as the fans went crazy in excitement*

Cena: But tonight I’m not here just to have a great time. Last week a slime ball attacked me from behind and it’s time for him to be a man. So Chris Jericho get your ass out here!

*The cameras focused on the top of the stage waiting for Jericho to come out as the crowd began to boo when he didn’t come out*

Cena: I see how it is Jericho you don’t know how to be a man. Jericho come out here right now.

*Jericho’s music began to play as pryo shot from above the stage. Once again the cameras focused on the stage but Jericho again didn’t show his face.

Cena: Damn it Jericho you attack me from behind, but you don’t know how to face me like a man? I think you’re the hypercritic not these fans like you called them last week.

*The crowd cheered for Cena as Cena chats filled the arena*

Cena: If you won’t come down here, then maybe I will just come
back there.

*Cena dropped the mic as he got out of the ring and headed up the ramp before the cameras cut to commercial*

*Stephanie McMahon is show on the screen in her office*

Stephanie McMahon: I am here to address two matters. Of the matter of Randy Orton beating Triple H earlier tonight and earning himself a number one contender’s match. Randy you will have to wait till Sunday to find out your fate, but if I was you I would watch my back.

*The crowd could be heard booing one of the bosses as she kept talking*

Stephanie: And of the matter of Shawn Michaels interfering in the match earlier tonight I have decided to make a match for Extreme Rules. Shawn since you don’t like my husband for making you lose last week, then it will be Shawn Michaels taking on Triple H in a Stretcher Match.

*The packed crowd cheered for the match as Stephanie’s locker room door burst open and a man walked inside.

Chris Jericho: Stephanie we need to talk.

Stephanie: Since I’m addressing matters what would you like to talk about?

Chris: John Cena trying to attack me. He’s going to end up injuring me if he’s not stopped.

Stephanie: Chris you did attack him from behind last week.

Chris: So that makes it okay for him to be able to attack me? Please help me.

*Chris got on his knees grabbing Stephanie’s hand begging for her help*

Chris: Please Stephanie; he will hurt me if you don’t help me.

Stephanie: Get up Jericho. If you are so scared then John must stay thirty feet away from you. Happy?

*Chris smiled getting off the ground shaking Stephanie’s hand*
Stephanie: But in one condition, this Sunday the ban will be lifted for your match.

Chris: My match?

Stephanie: Yes, you will be taking on John Cena.

*The crowd’s cheers could be heard as Cena chants started again*

Chris: How do you expect me to be able to beat a mad man?

Stephanie: Simple, you get to pick the match type.

Chris: Any match type I want?

Stephanie: Any match you want. Now if you will excuse me I have matters to tend to.

*Stephanie left her office as Chris stood smiling before the cameras cut to commercial*

*Backstage John Cena is shown looking for Jericho*

John Cena: Have any of you seen Jericho?

Mr. Kennedy: No I haven’t John.

*Cena kept on walking passing superstars and staff looking for Jericho*

Cena: Where’s Jericho?

*Cena yelled at the top of his lungs making everyone stop as he came past them*

Todd Grisham: John, John, John…

Cena: Todd if you don’t know where Jericho is then get out of my face.

Todd: I need to get a word with you for a second.

Cena: What?

*John put his hands on his hips angered that Todd stopped him on his quest*

Todd: What are your thoughts on Jericho talking to Stephanie about keeping you thirty feet away from him?

Cena: He did what?

Todd: By Stephanie McMahon orders you are not allowed thirty feet near him.

Cena: This is typical Jericho always going and hiding behind the boss. Jericho if you are watching this come and face me like a man.

Todd: John!

*Todd screamed John’s name as Jericho ran up behind hitting Cena in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Jericho raised the bat up bringing it into the back of John’s back as John screamed in pain. Jericho hit John relentless as he swung the bat at anyone who tried to stop him*

Chris Jericho: Cena, this Sunday we will have a match for the Intercontinental Championship. Stephanie McMahon is allowing me to choose the stipulation for this match, and it’s going to be a first blood match!

*Cena grabbed Jericho’s knee trying to get up to his feet. Jericho swung the bat nailing John right in the side of the head making the man lay lifeless. Jericho raised the bat again hitting John in the back before dropping the bat and leaving John lifeless*


The Hardy Boys stood in the ring as the ref held the World Tag Team Titles waiting for Cody and Ted to come out. Their music began to play, but the tag team didn’t show. The Hardy Boys stood waiting as the crowd began to boo from behind them. The Hardy Boys turned seeing Ted and Cody hop over the guard railing, surprised that the brothers had spotted them.

Ted walked around the ring as Cody walked around the other. Both wanted to sneak attack the brothers but it was clear that wasn’t going to happen. The ref hung the belts on the rings as the bell rang and the match started. Ted and Cody slid in the ring trying to take advantage of the Hardy’s.

Ted clobbered Matt with a clothesline before dropping down with a big elbow. Cody Rhodes grabbed Jeff by the legs giving him an Alabama Slam. Cody and Ted slid out of the ring each grabbing a ladder and sliding it back into the ring. Matt and Jeff were up by this point each fighting with one of the boys grabbing at the ladder.

Matt hit Ted in the face knocking Ted back which gave Matt enough time to run and clothesline Ted over the top rope. Jeff had Cody back against the ropes before moving and grabbing a ladder picking it up, his brother helped picking it up as the brothers held one side each. The duo ran at Cody running the ladder into the man and sending him over the top rope to the floor. The brothers saw Ted on the apron as the rammed the ladder into his gut sending him to the floor.

Jeff put up a ladder in the ring as Matt stood guard. Ted and Cody found each other on the outside as they strategized about a plan. Jeff began to climb the ladder as Ted and Cody got on the apron. Matt ran doing a baseball slide as he knocked the other ladder into their ankles sending them off balance and throat first into the top rope. Both fell to the ground scooting back away from the ring and up the ramp as Jeff Hardy got the title down making the bell sound.

Lillian Garcia: here is your winner and new World Tag Team Champions. The Hardy Boys!
*The crowd went crazy as Jeff descended from the ladder handing his brother the title from their easy win. Ted and Cody were shown at the top of the ramp a mic in their hands now*

Ted: You think you really won that match? Well you cheated, we should be the champions.

*The crowd booed as one of the crew members handed each other the brothers a mic*

Jeff: It’s not our fault our opponents’ are two sissy girls who don’t know how to fight.

*The crowd cheered as both Cody and Ted laid in anger*

Cody: The Hardy Boys are nothing but two washed up brothers.

Ted: We could beat them at any match of our choosing, any match we wanted.

Matt: Then how about you put your boots wear your mouth is. Since this Sunday is Extreme Rules how about we take on you two in any match you want?

Ted: You would sure like that wouldn’t you Matt?

*Ted and Cody got to their feet hearing the crowd boo them again*

Ted: Then you’re on, but those titles you just stole from me and Cody they are on the line. Deal?

Jeff: Deal

*Ted and Cody walked to the back as the cameras focused on the brothers holding their gold before going to commercial break*

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw ladies and gentlemen. Myself and Michael Cole want to share you updates on both John Cena and CM Punk.

Michael Cole: The terrible attacks by Chris Jericho on John Cena and Big Show on CM Punk have sent both men to the hospital.

Jim Ross: At this time we know CM Punk has suffered a concussion and might have broken some ribs.

Michael Cole: And all we know at this moment is John is on route to one of the local hospitals here in Chicago. Please stay tuned to WWE Locker-Room for any latest developments.

*There was a moment of silence between the announcers before one spoke up*

Jim: On a brighter note this Sunday is Extreme Rules.

Michael: That’s right JR and what a lineup we have so far. Starting with Shawn Michaels taking on Triple H in a stretcher match.

Jim: Stephanie made the match after Shawn cheated Triple H out of his match earlier tonight.

Michael: One must wonder why Shawn would do something like that.

Jim: We’ll see the risk was worth it in the Stretcher Match.
Michael: We go from friend turning on friend to a man being a coward.

Jim: Chris Jericho has attacked John Cena from behind the last two Raws, and tonight he even sent the man to the hospital. I wonder what John has stored as he takes on Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship in a Blood Match.

Michael: I wonder what weapon John plans to use on Jericho as Jericho used a mic and a baseball bat the last two Raws.

Jim: I have a feeling that thirty feet rule will only anger John before Sunday.
Michael: Also this Sunday the World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line.

Jim: And we will find out who Batista will be taking on right now.

Batista’s music began to play as the Animal stepped out to the roaring arena. Batista’s headed to the ring with the belt around his waist. Batista grabbed a mic raising it to his lips.

Batista: I must say Chicago you guys are amazing.
*The fans cheered for Batista as a smile pressed against his face*

Batista: It’s been a great week now that I’m World Heavyweight Champion, but I think we all know why I’m here. This Sunday is Extreme Rules and I’m here to find out who my opponent will be.

*The crowd cheered as Batista took off his title and raised it in the air*

Batista: I have been informed that I will be defending this in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. Which is fine by me, I can beat whoever in any kind of match.

*The fans began to chant Batista’s name over and over*

Batista: Settle down everyone we don’t even know who my opponent is yet. I think we have all have waited too long. So whoever my mystery opponent is come on down here and show yourself.

*The arena grew silent as Batista watched the top of the stage. The silence was short lived as pyro shot up from the stage. Kane stepped out pulling his elbow pad back as he walked down the ramp*

Batista: Kane if you get in this ring you will regret it.

*Kane kept coming climbing in the ring as Batista began to punch at the man. It would look like Batista would have the upper hand on one of the men he beat to win the World Title last week, but Kane nailed Batista with an uppercut sending him back. Kane drove his foot into the side of Batista’s head knocking him to the ground.

Batista quickly got to his feet as Kane tried another Big Boot but missed. Batista ran at Kane giving him a big spear. Batista picked up Kane and tossed him over the top rope and to the floor as he picked up the title and held it high in the air. Batista posed for the crowd as Raw went off the air*

Quick Results:
Randy Orton def. Triple H to become the new #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.
Melina def. Beth Phoenix in an Over the Top Rope Match to become the #1 Contender to the Women’s Championship.
Big Show def. CM Punk by forfeit
The Hardy Boys def. Ted & Cody in a Ladder Match to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

Extreme Rules Card:
Batista(c) vs. Kane for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Chris Jericho vs. John Cena for the Intercontinental Championship in a First Blood Match
The Hardy Boys(c) vs. Ted & Cody for the World Tag Team Championship in a Ladder Match
Randy Orton vs. ? for to become the #1 Contender
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H in a Stretcher Match
Vince McMahon address’s the WWE Locker-Room Fans

Check out the weekly wrestling action on WWE Unlimited

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Re: WWE Locker-Room

CM Punk, John Cena, and Triple H were all attacked this week on Raw. Here is a update on each of their conditions.

Triple H: He might have lost the the chance to become the #1 Contender because of Shawn Michaels, but Triple H is ready and set to take on HBK this Sunday.

CM Punk: A concussion and broken ribs are a result of Big Show's brutal rampage. As a result CM Punk is not medically cleared to compete till June 28th's Great American Bash.

John Cena: Cena suffered a concussion as well along with bruises up and down his back from the attack by Chris Jericho. The doctors have stated John will not be clear to wrestle for another two weeks. Which will be well after Extreme Rules. Will John listen to the doctors? Find out this Sunday at Extreme Rules.

Check out the weekly wrestling action on WWE Unlimited
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Re: WWE Locker-Room

In a backstage interview Todd Grisham talks with Shawn Michaels about his attack on Triple H.

*A camera shot is shown of Shawn Michaels in his locker room as Todd Grisham walks in*

Todd Grisham: Shawn I was wondering if I could catch a word with you about your actions this week.

Shawn Michaels: Todd, I simply had to do what I had to do.

Todd: But why would you attack one of your best friends for so many years?

Shawn: Triple H as far as I’m concerned was never my best friend. Triple H my entire career has cost me time and time again. It’s time for pay back.

Todd: How did he cost you Shawn? He’s done nothing to you.

Shawn: You don’t remember? During the Championship Scramble Match he cost me my dream of holding that World Championship.

Todd: But how did he cost you Shawn?

*Silence grew between the men as Shawn began to get madder and madder*

Shawn: I had that match won. But what does he do? He thinks about himself and screws us both out of the title.

Todd: Wasn’t the point of the match every man for their self?

Shawn: It doesn’t matter Todd. If he cared at all about me he would have let me had my time in the spot light. I deserved it.

Todd: Over him?

*Shawn briefly stared at Todd for asking the question. Without saying a word he got up and walked out of his locker room*

Check out the weekly wrestling action on WWE Unlimited

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