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Rockoff 05-02-2009 05:30 AM

World Wrestling Order 2010 - A Young Businessman's Big Dream
My last BTB was 02-03-2009.

Taken from the video on the front page WWO.com [[Not a real website]]:

Greeting, ladies and gentleman and thank you for visiting the newly opened WWO.com. My name is Owen Nitro and I am here to present my brand new wrestling federation the World Wrestling Order! We are here to give you an action packed wrestling product with the superstars you love and rising stars from the industry. And now, introducing to you my business partner, Eric Bischoff!

*Camera turns, showing Eric Bischoff*

Hello, wrestling fans, since the fall of my WCW you have been shafted into watching the monopolizing WWE led by the money-hungry Vincent Kennedy McMahon-

*Camera swings back round, showing Owen Nitro*

Now now, Mr Bischoff, we're here to inform viewers of our promotion, not badmouth our competitors.

*Camera turns once again*

Fine, Owen. But we will drive our competitors into the ground. With my experience and contacts in the industry combined with Nitro's business smarts and funding we will bring to our viewers the best 'sports entertainment' product in the world.

*Camera is focused on Nitro*

That's right, be sure to be watching our special 3 hour long debut of our show Arson this Thursday! In the mean time why not check out the rest of the website, you can view our roster and detailed information about our superstars among other interesting things.

*Camera takes its final turn to focus on Bischoff*

We better see everyone watching this on Thursday. And to all our competitors, this means war!

*End of video*


WWO World Heavyweight Championship - Vacant
WWO World Tag Team Championship - Vacant
WWO Television Championship - Vacant

Roster (already established superstars):

Main Eventers:

Booker T
Scott Steiner
CM Punk
Chris Jericho
Kevin Nash

Mid Carders:

The Miz
Big Show
Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Shelton Bejamin
Charlie Haas

Dave Finlay
Brian Kendrick
Paul London
John Morrison
Rey Mysterio
Chavo Guerrero
Brother Ray
Brother Devon

My Superstars:

The Don:

Details to be added

Johnny Wild:

Details to be added

Tom "The Franchise" Hughes

Details to be added

The Alligator

Details to be added

Jack Adams Colbert (JAC)

Details to be added

Michael Nitro

Details to be added

Okay, I'll edit more information in in the morning and will begin writing my first Arson.

AntiSaint 05-29-2009 06:44 PM

Re: World Wrestling Order 2010 - A Young Businessman's Big Dream
This looks as though it could be interesting. Now these last few names you listed, are those fictional workers you created? I was considering doing a btb with a mix of real workers and peppering in some fictional workers I created to cap off the roster and keep things from getting stale with the same characters always doing the same things. I'd be interested in seeing how it works out for you.

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