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WWE Smackdown: Motivation is the BEST Equation!

So I'm trying this BTB thing again after a long time. I have no idea how long ago my last btb was but it has been MUCH more than 30 days. My first couple months will be shaky because of time restraints but I should be fine when summer starts. Enjoy...


Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
DJ Gabriel
Dolph Ziggler
The Great Khali
Jeff Hardy
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Kung Fu Naki
Mike Knox
Ricky Ortiz
Shad Gaspard
Shawn Michaels

Alicia Fox
Candice Michelle
Eve Torres
Gail Kim
Michelle McCool
Torrie Wilson

Other On-Air Talent:
Beverly Hancock
Jenny Cash (Backstage Interviewer)
Jim “JR” Ross (Play-by-Play Announcer)
John “Bradshaw” Layfield (Color Commentator)
Justin Roberts (Ring Announcer)
Ranjin Singh (Khali’s Translator)
Scotty Goldman (Host of “What’s Happenin’ with Scotty Goldman?”)
Todd Grisham (Backstage Interviewer)

World Heavyweight Championship: Vacant
United States Championship: MVP
Unified Tag Team Championships: The Colons
Women’s Championship: Melina

Stables: Cryme Tyme (JTG & Shad Gaspard)
Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle
DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox

Backlash Results

World Heavyweight Championship, Edge def. John Cena:
After a heated Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania 25 these two men squared off in a LAST MAN STANDING match to decide the World Heavyweight Champion. Everyone was hoping that Edge would come out the victor of this match for the simple fact that there wasn’t an upper tier singles title on Smackdown at the time. Edge ended up spearing Cena from the ring onto the exposed arena floor with Cena’s head bouncing off the concrete. Cena was left unconscious and couldn’t beat the 10 count!

After the match, however, the lights went out and Undertaker appeared in the ring. Edge escaped before the deadman could lay a hand on him. Taker signaled for the World Championship and the arena went black again. When the lights came back on he was gone.

Women’s Championship, Torrie Wilson def. Melina:
After Torrie Wilson felt she missed the WWE too much, she decided she wanted to return to Smackdown and challenge for the title. With the Divas Title in her sights her vision was deterred when the champ, Maryse, was drafted to Raw. Torrie challenged Melina in what was meant to be a battle for respect and a championship among to great competitors. That was short-lived as Michelle McCool ran down to the ring while the ref was checking on Torrie and delivered a Faith Breaker to Melina. After the ref helped Torrie up she seen Melina down and capitalized hitting the Torrienado DDT and winning the title!

US Championship, MVP def. CM Punk:
MVP came to the conclusion that he wanted to be bigger than the US Title. With that mindset he challenged CM Punk for his MITB Briefcase. Punk answered the challenge with a no much to MVP and the fan’s dismay. He said that he would give MVP a shot at the Briefcase if MVP could retain his US Title against him. MVP did it with a boot in the corner followed by a Jackknife Powerbomb. Now we will see if Punk will live up to his end of the bargain.

Shelton Benjamin def. Shawn Michaels:
Just rebounding off his epic match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25, HBK wanted to have another match with the Phenom. Answering his challenge, however, was Shelton Benjamin who is thinks that beating Mr. Wrestlemania will put him over the moon and sooner than later he’ll be basking in success. HBK accepted the challenge and decided to put his feud with Undertaker on the back burner. During the match, a unknown female came down to the ring while HBK was tuning up the band. She grabbed his leg and the distraction got HBK long enough for Benjamin to capitalize with the Paydirt!

Smackdown Preview:

What will be the lockerroom’s reaction to Edge bringing the World Title to Smackdown?

What will be Edge’s reaction to Undertaker?

How will Melina deal with Michelle McCool?

What’s next for Women’s Champion Torrie Wilson?

Will CM Punk stay true to his word?

What will GM Teddy Long come up with for the post-Backlash edition of Friday Night Smackdown?

Add me on MSN just to clash or agree. You'll enjoy it.tuckerb16@hotmail.com

Currently Marking For...

Undertaker, Torrie Wilson, Edge, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jillian, Michelle McCool, Booker T, Shelton Benjamin & Mickie James.

Favorite Wrestlers of All-Time...
Rock, Taker, Edge
Torrie, Lita
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Re: WWE Smackdown: Motivation is the BEST Equation!

ECW Backstory:
The road to Backlash had been a shaky one for the Purple Brand, ECW. Tiffany had become en charge of ECW with Theodore's Long send away to Smackdown. This was more then a trial test for Tiffany, Vince had gave her a three month time as General Manager, and one month had gone. Backlash was a decent success for ECW. They had two matches, Tyson Kidd against Paul Burchill and for the ECW championship Christian against Jack Swagger. To most surprise the match of Tyson Kidd and Paul Burchill drew more ratings but not because of the match quality but because of the aftermath.


ECW Champion:

Jack Swagger
Since: ECW Before Royal Rumble 2009
Against: Matt Hardy

ECW Championship Contenders:
Mark Henry
Vladimir Kozlov

Rest of Rosters
DH Smith
DJ Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Hurricane Helms
Katie Lea Burchill
Paul Burchill
Tommy Dreamer
Tyson Kidd
Zack Ryder

Play By Play Announcer: Josh Mathews
Color Commentator: Matt Striker
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Manager of Mark Henry: Tony Atlas
Valet of Tyson Kidd: Natalya
Valet of Paul Burchill: Katie Lea Burchill
Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham
General Manager: Tiffany

Superstars Set To Be Called Up From Development/Free Agents Interested In
Brett DiBiase
Jimmy Jacobs
Amazing Red
Tyler Black
Jacob Duncan
The Messiah
Chris Hero
Trent Acid
Teddy Hart
Mike DiBiase
Ashley Massaro

The Hart Foundation 2.0: Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, Natalya Neidhart.
Burchill: Paul Burchill & Katie Lea Burchill

Backlash Results:

Tyson Kidd Defeats Paul Burchill Via Count Out
How this match came to come place happened two weeks before Backlash. The Burchill were claiming that they were the best family in the whole wrestling world, that they were better then the DiBiase's, the Orton's, The Steamboats, and most of all the Harts. At that moment Tiffany decided that they would be put on the test and it would be a Mixed Tag Team Match between Tyson Kidd and Natalya against Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill, to test which family was stronger. After some dirty tactics the Burchills had won, but it wasn't over yet. The following week we would have a couple of single matches. Nattie Neidhart against Katie Lea Burchill and Tyson Kidd against Paul Burchill. Nattie was the loser of the match and Tyson was the winner of his respective one. Paul pleaded Tiffany for a chance at Backlash in a rematch and Tiffany agreed, it would be a match to decide who was the top Family on ECW or even WWE. The match was decent but didn't last long, it ended in a Count Out, Tyson was winning and was ready to do a Diving Somersault Leg Drop but Katie pulled Paul out of the ring as both of them began walking down with smirks on their faces and Tyson not looking too happy in the ring. But once they had reached the front ramp a smile came across Tyson's face and the Burchills were confused, as soon as they turned around they were hit by Nattie Neidhart and DH Smith. Both did their Separate Finishers. And then continued towards the ring. Once they reached it Tyson had mike in hand and they were all three in the ring. A quote he said that would be remembered was "Tonight history is made, the Hart Foundation is back Version 2.0 But we're missing another superstar, a leader that will be joining us soon enough at Judgment Day."

Jack Swagger Defeats Christian Via Disqualification
After a contract signing Jack Swagger slammed Christian on top of the table. This grew things even thicker, Christian really grew anger, and the weeks following Christian got into two brawls with Jack Swagger. One in the backstage and after that Tiffany had told Christian if he had another brawl with Swagger withing the arena he would be suspended and would lose his title match. Christian obeyed it and got into a brawl with him in a bar near the arena after Swagger was set not to compete on that night. Tiffany let it go and decided he would be punished later on. Christian was taking it pretty hard and at Backlash it showed. Swagger and Christian were putting up a decent fight till Christian performed a DDT inn the ring. He headed outside and pulled out a Chair. The ref attempted to stop him but was just thrown away and forced to Disqualify him. He was almost hit with the chair but slid out of the ring for safety. Swagger was still down and Christian proceeded with numerous chair shots to his back. He then followed with a Unprettier on to the chair. Finlay and more superstars like Evan Bourne, DJ Gabriel and Hurricane Helms quickly came down to the ring to stop it but was threatened with the chair. Luckily Tommy Dreamer came from behind and showed no fear even though he was hit with the chair in the gut it gave time for the others to come and stop him from continuing. As he was pinned on the ground. Swagger was bleeding but a Stretcher wasn't needed. He was actually getting booed through it all.

ECW on Sci Fi Preview)
- Indianapolis; Indiana – Conseco Fieldhouse (19,500)

-Coming back from a rough pay--per-view, Christian will open up the show and attempt to explain his actions at Backlash.

-The Hart Foundation will also be in action as they take on the team of Burchills and Ezekiel Jackson who was unwillingly made as the other male in the match.

-Tiffany will also make an announcement towards the younger men in the brand and is going to give them an opportunity to showcase their talent.

-Battle Royal set to occur to decide who will be the next contender for Jack Swaggers title. Every one on the roster that isn't scheduled will be in this match-up

-Excluse Interview with Josh Matthews & Tiffany.

-Joey Mercury set to return under the Joey Anthony. His face has recovered from the injury he suffered a year or two ago.

-Possibly set to be a One And A Half Hour Show for the Backlash Rebound. All other shows will go on as a normal one hour show.

Confirmed Matches

-The Hart Foundation 2.0 (Natalya Neidhart, DH Smith & Tyson Kidd) Vs. The Burchills (Paul Burchill & Katie Lea Burchill) & Ezekiel Jackson

-Battle Royal For Number One Contender Ship Including Every One not Scheduled already. Winner get's an automatic shot at Judgment Day.

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Re: WWE Smackdown: Motivation is the BEST Equation!


You can't book two threads at once, and if you are packing up your old one, you have to wait 30 days before joining this thread or any other for that matter.
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Re: WWE Smackdown: Motivation is the BEST Equation!

Guess that failed...lol wow

Nobody reads the rules these days

Add me on MSN just to clash or agree. You'll enjoy it.tuckerb16@hotmail.com

Currently Marking For...

Undertaker, Torrie Wilson, Edge, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jillian, Michelle McCool, Booker T, Shelton Benjamin & Mickie James.

Favorite Wrestlers of All-Time...
Rock, Taker, Edge
Torrie, Lita

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