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Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

This is my second BTB on this site, the last one was around December I think so I should be ok with the rules. In this BTB I will be booking ECW only starting with Backlash. The roster will mostly be the same but I might make a few changes seeing as the draft just happened.

Jack Swagger - ECW champion
Tommy Dreamer
Mark Henry
Hurricane Helms
Dj Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne
"The" Brian Kendrick
Katie Lea Burchill
Alicia Fox
Tyson Kid
Tony Atlas

General Manager: Tiffany

Commentators: Matt Striker and Josh Matthews.

ECW championship: Jack Swagger

Backlash results:
Jack Swagger (C) defeated Christian to retain the ECW championship.

PPV schedule:
WWE Backlash- April 26 from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, RI
WWE Judgment Day- May 17 from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL
WWE One Night Stand- June 7 from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, LA
WWE Night of Champions- June 28 from the ARCO Arena in San Francisco, CA
WWE Great American Bash- July 26 from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA
WWE SummerSlam- August 23 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA
WWE Unforgiven- September 13 from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
WWE No Mercy- October 4 from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA
WWE Cyber Sunday- October 25 from the Izod Center in East Rutherford, NJ
WWE Survivor Series- November 22 from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

First show should be up in about 2 days depending on how fast I go. Advice is appreciated.

Beer! Money!

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

ECW 28th of April 2009 - Swagger is still the champion

Backlash has come and gone and not much has changed in the land of extreme as the All American American Jack Swagger retained his WWE title against Christian. With the draft bringing new superstars to ECW it will be interesting to see what new rivalries will be made, who will form friendships and what new contenders for the ECW championship will rise. One things for sure and that's the fact that ECW will be on at the same time as alway's with the same great action that you've come to expect.

Confirmed matches:
Tyson Kid (W/Natayla) vs Evan Bourne

Predictions or thoughts are welcome, when I start making the show bigger and establish more feuds there will be rewards for predicting things and such.

Beer! Money!

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

Overall, this looks alright so far. Presentation is fine, and the roster you've got is pretty nice (I love TBK being around), though I'm not too big on Christian not being your face of ECW. Hopefully you've got some plans for him.

I know there's not much to put on the preview, though I think you could have maybe incorporated something about the announced match in there (which btw, should be epic).

It's not a bad start by any means, and things look quite promising. Good luck.

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

Writers note: Most promo's will be done word for word and some short ones won't. I will only write the ending to the matches.

ECW - 28th of April 2009

Before the show officially starts we see "The" Brian Kendrick walk into Tiffany's office.

Kendrick: Tiffany, As the newest member of ECW I can assure you that I will serve you well but if you want this show to succeed you must keep your top stars happy, like me. Therefore I demand you name me number one contender for Jack Swaggers title.

Tiffany: I'll see what I can do Brian.

*Don't question my heart play's as the pyro goes off and the ever so familiar voices of Matt Striker and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show reminding us that Jack Swagger is still the ECW champion.*

*Tommy Dreamers music plays as he comes to the ring and grabs a microphone*

Dreamer: Most of you would remember the statement I made a couple of months back about retiring if I don't win the ECW championship by ECW One Night Stand. Well tonight, i'm going to take one step forward in achieving my goal of becoming the ECW champion as I challenge Jack Swagger to a championship match tonight.

*Jack Swaggers music plays and he comes out in casual clothes with a microphone, he stands on the rampway*

Swagger: Wait just a second there, last night I, Jack Swagger, just defended this championship in a grueling match against Christian. I'm not ready to compete yet.

Dreamer: You see Swagger, that's not the spirit of a true champion.

Swagger: And what is Tommy? Losing it in under three hours of winning it?

Dreamer: See Jack, it looks like you'll never learn. That championship means a lot more to me then it does to you and that's why at Judgement Day I will become the next ECW champion.

Swagger: Hold on a minute Tommy, there isn't a match set up for Judgement Day.

*Tiffany appears on the titantron*

Tiffany: Now wait just a minute Jack, I think I have a solution that will make everyone happy. Tonight Tommy you will be taking on the newest member of ECW "The" Brian Kendrick, the winner will face Jack at Judgement Day for the ECW championship.

The commentators summarize what has happened before hyping up the Main event.

*A split screen pops up that shows Evan Bourne and Tyson Kid heading to the ring*


Match 1: Evan Bourne vs Tyson Kid (w/Natayla)

During the stars entrance the commentators branded this match as a battle of the rookies.


Tyson Kid continues to work over the leg of Bourne with multiple strikes. Kid uses the ropes to jump up and knee drop Bournes leg. Kid tries to repeat the move but Bourne uses his good leg to kick him out of the ring. Bourne slowly gets to his feet as Kid gets back into the ring. Bourne bounces off the rope while favouring the leg before hitting a hurricarana on Kid which earns him a 2 count. Both men then get up and Bourne hit's an atomic drop on Kid before irish whipping him to the corner turnbuckle. Bourne runs at Kid with a limp but Kid sticks his foot up and connects with Bournes face. Kid then tries to Clothesline Bourne but Bourne counters with a backslide for two. Kid gets up first and chop blocks the knee of Evan causing Evan to roll around in pain. Kid now tries for his finisher the springboard elbow but Evan rolls out of the way and opportunistically hits his shooting star press for the win.

Winner: Evan Bourne
Time: 6:43


When we return from the commercial break we see Mark Henry standing in the ring with his manager Tony Atlas.

Henry: You know, ever since coming to ECW at last years draft I have dominated this show. I've won the ECW championship, dominated everyone who got in my way and have brought in some of ECW's highest ratings for 2008. So what i'm out here to is give anyone in the back on this pathetic roster a chance to challenge me to a one on one match.

*Christian's music play's and he comes to the ring with a microphone in hand, strangely enough he is dressed in street clothes and not ring clothes.*

Christian: Mark, we all know how well you've done in ECW but all of that doesn't matter to anyone anymore. Ever since I arrived in ECW a couple of months ago the attention has been turned off you and everyones been focusing on me. I know you can't see that Mark seeing as you probably can't see your own feet...

*Christian pauses while Tony Atlas restrains Mark Henry*

Henry: Are you out for a match or not?

Christian: The answer is....

*Christian strikes Mark Henry with the microphone, he clotheslines Atlas out of the ring before delivering more right hands to Henry. Henry pushes Christian off to the ropes but Christian bounces back dropkicks Henry into the ropes causing Henry to be tied up in the ropes. Christian continues to keep Henry down until Tony Atlas comes in from behind and attacks Christian. The two on one beatdown ensues as both men assault Christian. Henry finishes him off with a Worlds Strongest Slam before grabbing the microphone*

Henry: Next week here on ECW it will be Christian "All talk no action" vs Mark "Mr ECW" Henry.


*R-Truth walks into a room and is greeted by DJ Gabriel and Alicia Fox. DJ asks Truth to give him a beat before DJ and Alicia dance.*

*Split screen of Tommy Dreamer and The Brian Kendrick walking to the ring*


*Raw Rebound*

*Smackdown Preview*

*The Brian Kendrick's music hit's as he comes to the ring*

*Tommy Dreamer's music hit's as he comes to the ring*

Main Event: Tommy Dreamer vs The Brian Kendrick - The winner faces Jack Swagger at Judgement Day for the ECW championship

Dreamer had the earler advantage but just before the commercial break Kendrick connected with a wicked enzuigiri to the back of Dreamer's neck and has been working on it ever since. Kendrick delivers a leg drop to the back of Dreamers neck which earns him a 2 count. Kendrick then targets the neck some more with a few strikes before applying a rear chinlock to Dreamer. After a while Dreamer fights back by getting to his feet and delivering a few punches to Kendrick. He pushes Kendrick off to the corner. Dreamer charges at Kendrick but Kendrick sticks his foot up in Dreamers face before climbing to the second rope. Dreamer quickly reacts by pulling Kendrick off forcing him to land back first on the mat which earns Dreamer a 2 count. Dreamer then picks up Kendrick and shoots him off to the ropes before hitting picking him up and tying him in the tree of woe. Dreamer runs around the ring before hitting a low dropkick on Kendrick. Dreamer then picks up Kendrick and goes for a DDT but Kendrick counters it with a kick to the back of the head which earns him a nearfall. Kendrick then picks up Dreamer and tries for Sliced Bread #2 but Dreamer blocks it. Dreamer kicks Kendrick in the mid section and hit's a DDT before doing his signature "E C F'N W" taunt. Dreamer then picks up Kendrick and hit's him with the Death Valley Driver for the 3 count.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer
Time: 10:14 (excluding commercials)

After the match ECW champion Jack Swagger comes down the entrance ramp and sneaks into the ring. Swagger has his championship belt in his hands ready to nail Dreamer with it. Swagger goes to hit Dreamer with the belt but Dreamer ducks and clotheslines Swagger out of the ring. He picks up the ECW title and looks at it as we end the show.

*End Show*

Hope you liked it, if you decide to feedback this iíll make sure itís returned ASAP

Beer! Money!

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

Intresting but a little too short. Felt more like an half an hour long show rather than an hour long. Could have done with another match. Also I think you need to bring in a few new guys, you have 4 heels and 7 faces (active males) on your roster. But it certainly is promising and I'll be checking out your next show.
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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

ECW 5th of May 2009 - Mr ECW will be decided.

What an ECW we have for you this week. After last weeks brawl between Mark Henry and Christian over who is "Mr ECW" Mark Henry challenged Christian to a match for this week. Christian accepted the challenge in a WWE.Com exclusive and it will be held tonight on ECW. That's not the only event to be held on ECW as The Brian Kendrick has requested some time to voice his fustrations and that will be kicking off the show.

Confirmed events:
The Brian Kendrick speaks out
Mark Henry vs Christian

The show should be up tomorrow, hope you enjoyed my last show and this preview. All feedback will be returned if you have a BTB going

Beer! Money!

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

ECW 5th of May 2009 - Mr ECW will be decided.

*Don't question my heart play's as the pyro goes off. Matt Striker and Josh Matthews welcome us to the show and remind us about Mark Henry taking on Christian later tonight.*

*The Brian Kendrick's music play's as he comes to the ring and he looks like he has something on his mind.*

Kendrick: Last week I asked general manager Tiffany for a favour, that favour was to be put in a title match at Judgement Day against champion Jack Swagger. Did Tiffany treat the newest member of ECW well and do what I so nicely asked her to do? No. Instead she puts me in a match with a has been who thinks he deserves to be fighting for a championship. If Tiffany knew what was good for ECW she would come out here now and reverse what happened last week.

*Tiffany appears on the titantron*

Tiffany: Brian...

Kendrick: That's THE Brian Kendrick to you.

Tiffany: As I was saying.... Brian, why should I reverse the decision when last week Tommy Dreamer, a supposed has been, pinned you for the one two three.

Kendrick: Because I am the future of ECW and if you and I are going to have a good working relationship you need to set things straight.

Tiffany: You know what Brian, since you seem to think that you can beat Tommy Dreamer I'm going to give you another chance. Tonight's main event will be The Brian Kendrick and Jack Swagger teaming up to face the team of Tommy Dreamer and another superstar that ECW picked up in the draft, R-Truth.

*A split screen shows Mark Henry with Tony Atlas walking to the ring while the other screen show Christians walking to the ring.*


*Christian's music play's as he comes to the ring, during his entrance a video is shown of what happened last week.*

*Mark Henry's music play's as he comes to the ring with manager Tony Atlas.*

Match 1: Christian vs Mark Henry (w/Tony Atlas)


Early on in the match Christian came out with all guns blazing but Mark Henry managed to weather the storm. Since then Henry has been dominating Christian with a variety of power moves and submissions targetting Christianís back. Since then Christian has made a small comeback and is on the offence as he mounts Henry in the corner and delivers a lot right hands to him. Christian hops down and bounces off the ropes before hitting a flying clothesline which manages to bring Henry down but only earns Christian a 1 count. Christian gets up quickly and heads to the second rope. He jumps at Henry but Henry ducks, Henry misses a clothesline and Christian nails an inverted DDT on him for a close 2 count. Christian off the ropes but runs straight into Henry who looks like he's about to hit the Worlds strongest slam but Christian fights out of it. He then sets Henry up for the unprettier but Henry pushes Christian off and to the outside. Henry follows him outside and the two superstars brawl as the referee counts to 10 and rings the bell.


Christian and Henry keep brawling around ringside when Christian waffles Henry with a TV monitor. Atlas then runs at Christian but Christian nails him with a monitor too. Christian then continues to stay on top of Henry using anything he can grab hold of to hit him around the ringside area. Christian then grabs the steel steps and lay's Henry out. He then grabs a microphone.

Christian: Looks like ECW can't contain us Mark and seeing as I've got something to prove it looks like where gonna need a rematch. Mark, at Judgement Day we will have the rematch and after only being here on ECW for a few months will establish myself as Mr ECW because that's how I roll.

Match Winner: Double countout
Match Time: 10:24 excluding commercials.

*We head backstage were ECW champion Jack Swagger is with Tiffany*

Swagger: Listen here Tiffany, I know you are new to this job as general manager and you are still learning but you've got to be kidding me. Tommy Dreamer getting a title match in this day and age!

Tiffany: Well Jack, he did beat your tag team partner for tonight to earn that spot.

Swagger: Well the thing is Tiffany, Tommy shouldn't have been put in that match in the first place. Do people really want to see me demolish Dreamer again or would they rather a new, fresh, exciting match for the ECW championship.

Tiffany: Well Jack, he did earn his title match and the decision is final. The next person to whine about Tommy Dreamer being put in a title match will be fired. Now go get ready for your match.


We return from the commercial where we see The Hurricane and Evan Bourne chatting when Natayla comes up and talks with Evan Bourne. She said she's been sick of Tyson losing and that she's interested in giving Bourne her services. Bourne politely declines the offer but Natayla persists. Natayla then leads Bourne around a corner where Tyson Kid pops out and hit's and huge lariat on Bourne taking him out. Natayla and Kid leave laughing.


*Raw highlights video*

*Smackdown preview*

*R-Truth's music play's as he makes his entrance rapping through the crowd*

*Tommy dreamer's music play's as he makes his entrance*

*The Brian Kendrick's music play's as he makes his entrance*

*Jack Swagger's music play's as he makes his entrance*

Main Event: R-Truth and Tommy Dreamer vs The Brian Kendrick and Jack Swagger


R-Truth and Dreamer dominated early as they used quick tags to gain the advantage over both Swagger and Kendrick. The tide turns when Kendrick distracts Dreamer allowing Swagger to push Dreamer shoulder first into the ring post. Since that point in the match Dreamer has been disected by Kendrick and Swagger as they have cut the ring in half and targetted Dreamer's injured arm. Dreamer just tagged R-Truth in for the much needed tag. Truth comes in and knocks down both men repeatedly before shooting Kendrick off and nailing him with a jumping kick which earns him a two count. Swagger tries for a cheap shot but Truth ducks by doing the splits, he then bounces off the ropes and hit's a spinning elbow for a 2 count on Swagger. R-Truth then moves back on to Kendrick and shoots him off to the ropes, Kendrick comes back with a kick to Truth's face. Kendrick off the ropes and straight into a powerslam which earns Truth a 2 count as the pin was broken up by Swagger. Swagger is about to powerbomb Kendrick when Dreamer interupts it and takes Swagger to the outside where the two men brawl. While the referee is distracted by Swagger and Dreamer brawling Kendrick low blows Truth before hitting The Kendrick for the 3 count.


Dreamer and Swagger continue to brawl on the outside before Dreamer rolls Swagger back into the ring. Dreamer goes for a DDT but Kendrick with a jumping kick to the back of Dreamers head allowing Swagger to hit a spinning powerbomb on Dreamer. Swagger stands over Dreamer holding the ECW title as the show ends.

*End show*

There's the second edition of EC DUB up, All feedback will be returned and repped. Thanks for reading.

Judgement Day Card

ECW championship - Tommy Dreamer vs Jack Swagger (c)
Mark Henry vs Christian

Beer! Money!

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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

Your feud between Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer looks to be an exceptional one, but I don’t expect Dreamer to capture the ECW Championship at Judgment Day. He may very well do so at One Night Stand, but that too is questionable. His altercations with Brian Kendrick were great, and I look forward to seeing what you do with Swagger moving forward.

Mark Henry and Christian should be an entertaining feud. It was a good way to get Christian rolling, and I expect Captain Charisma to be close to the ECW Championship in little time. Mark Henry is being used well here alongside Atlas, and I hope you keep this up as you continue your writing.

Obviously, the ECW roster suffers from a lack of depth, but Evan Bourne is certainly a guy you will be able to push to cement your shows. I like the idea of him defeating a few guys, and I also see Brian Kendrick as a guy that Bourne could possibly feud with. Jack Swagger, Christian, Tommy Dreamer, and Mark Henry are all alright, but you really could use another big name in the mix – even if you have to defer from realism.

Overall, you’re doing well with what you have. I’ll go out on a limb and say you don’t have a lot of time to write (like myself) so you’re tackling a small project as opposed to biting off more than you can chew. I comment your effort, and I like where your stories are headed. Keep it up.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. - John 15:13
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Re: Bookin' ECW: The draft and beyond.

TNA Fan 123ís ECW Review

Tiffany/Kendrick: Nice cocky promo from The Brian Kendrick and itís nice that he thinks he should be the champion because well, thatís how he should act. A great main event scheduled for later too.

Christian vs. Mark Henry: A sure-fire match to get the crowd pumped up for the rest of the eveningís action. It seemed like a great, physical brawl and I managed to get that from the match because of your writing so well done. Nice to see itís going to Judgment Day.

Tiffany/Swagger: I like the fact Tiffany is very authoritative in her approach, really establishes her as a no-nonsense General Manager and the pot as it where continues to be stirred with this Swagger/Dreamer feud, everyone has their doubts with Dreamer but can he do it?

Main Event: Iíve said it quite a few times, in many reviews, the Main Event should be the best match of the evening and it was here tonight too. Very fast-paced and four hungry superstars, a rejuvenated Tommy Dreamer who is actually taken seriously in a BTB is nice, great match, glad you gave Kendrick and Swagger the win.

Overall, keep it up and Iíll be reading the next show.
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