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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

Hardcore TV Feedback

Pretty good promo to start us off here. Havenít seen much of Bill Alfonso, apart from on RVDís DVD and on a few youtube vids, so Iím not going to say too much on him, apart from that I think you captured his over the top enthusiasm well. Van Dam was also very good, which is quite difficult. He has a laid back character, so itís often hard to capture. Well done on a good promo, with good characterization (the usual dude, man thrown in in the right places), the laid back attitude, and there was a nice bit of small comedy in there. Even while talking about how heíd beat Lynn, he stayed laid back which is very impressive. Good start to the show.

Styles builds the card up as big with a championship match, as well as Cyberslamís. Basic, but good.

Nice cheap heat tactic from Swinger to start off. Would have worked especially well with the ECW crowd, as opposed to just a normal crowd too. Diamondís good on the mic, and while this promo was short because of the interruption, it was sweet. Youíre good with the Diamond character too, so I suggest itís one you use effectively in this BTB.

This match was set up well last week when you had Diamond cut his promo in the Pulp Fiction promos. Liking Doring nailing Diamond, as he gets that disrespect that he hates from it. Not sure about the start of the match. You said neither man wanted to make the first move, yet as soon as they locked up, Doring hit a short-arm clothesline. Doesnít seem to fit together too well, obviously. The gritty offence of the heel tandem is nice to see, as itís what heels should be in most cases, not over the top high flying. @ Simon didnít give you permission to kneel. Seriously, youíre great with Diamond. I like that you made the DDT seem huge, as it is a big move which I think it quite often overlooked. Basic go home from here, with the faces going over clean. Only complaint is one I think I made with the tag on the last show, and that is that there werenít enough tags. One for each team? That really isnít enough. I know itís hard when youíre not writing massive matches, but I think it needs to be addressed.

Dreamer played the friendly face that he is pretty well, getting a cheap pop for ECW and challenging Anderson respectfully. Like the stip to the match, and you made sure you had Dreamer explain it to make perfect sense, which was very good. The Anderson bit was very good and very intense. Youíve made this match seem like a lot to him, and hopefully he wins because I think he could really do with it. Good move keeping this relatively short, as Dreamer isnít a magician on the mic, and you had already got the point across very clearly. Good promo.

Good hype for Cyberslam, and again, good use of Styles.

Nice to see you showing why the match was taking place with the replay from last week. Start of the match was good, as you showed the arrogance of Hamrick with the slap, while you also showed Nova has balls by having him slap right back. Good quick start as a result, with a series of strikes. Again, glad to see the knitty, gritty offence from the heel in this match. The match continued on nicely, with the action spilling to the outside leading up to the big spot for the match with the huge neckbreaker. Good finished as Nova is again beaten down and this week robbed of a victory by Chetti. Good match (albeit with the screwy ending), and a good way to continue the feud between Nova and Chetti on.

Basic promo, again signalling the intention of The Impact Players. You heeled it up more this week and it was more serious, however, you still had that comedy element going well with Victory and his catchphrase at the end.

Styles led into this match well, summing up the events of the past few events in an easy to understand fashion before the last promo, which helped things out. Nice cheap tactic from The Impact Players right away with the roll-up attempt. Youíve played Rhinoís strength up very well in this match right from the beginning, making him look like an absolute star. Rhinoís over-enthusiasm proving to be his downfall is a good way to turn events, as he is a guy who just wants to destroy. Heel tactics needing to be used to stop the power of Rhino after he made a quick comeback again, just make him look better. Excellent ending with The Sandman coming back to take out the heels, only to lead into the show-closing brawl. You made sure to show us there was still a lot of heat between Rhino and Sandman, which means a feud is possible. Good match that put Rhino over, brought Sandman back and still kept us wondering with the World Title situation.

The FBI... okay? Yeeah. Small promo from Cyrus, though it gives a small bit of build for their match. Pretty generic stuff from Roadkill and Doring, but it gets the job done. Nice intense promo from Dreamer. Thatís a future of this feud; the intensity. Keep it going. Again, advancement on Chetti/Nova with dirty tactics from Chetti. Good use of this promo to build RVD/Lynn as well. Good feud building here, with small comments. MARK THE FUCK OUT FOR SPANKY~! Perfect way to close with intensity from Balls. Good, personal, intense promo to cap things off.

Much like last week, a very enjoyable show. The matches were good, the promos were good and youíve made some storyline enhancement. Youíre doing something different, so itís a joy to read. Keep it going.

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

Even if I don't review it, I will most likely follow this thread and read every show. Just read through the first show, and I'm glad that there's a second one ready for reading! Doing a really nice job man, from what I've seen so far.

Matches are written out well, but to be completely honest, I've lost my interest in wrestling, I'm mostly reading this for the angles and promos. Your writing isn't redundant, it's the complete opposite actually; very capturing. Good.

The characters were captured pretty nicely, but I did feel that Steve Corino wasn't quite right during his promo. And the Pulp Fiction thing; I had never heard of that until I read the show. I read the Out of Character description of it. It seemed quite weird to me though cause I can't picture it properly; it seemed rushed and kinda like a cheap way to get all the wrestlers on the show. Didn't really like how all the promos were short and really similar.

Great to see the link between ECW and another company. Slowly bringing new talent is always good; Paul London's a good choice, and the small response he got from the crowd was very realistic.
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

It's a common excuse- I haven't got time to review the shows in detail (sheesh, sounds like I've been forced against my will to review or something, lol) but I'm just commenting to let you know that I am definitely reading this and I am loving what you have done so far.

I LOVE your match writing abilities. Seriously, man, you said you'd never written a full show in your first show post but that didn't show at all. Your matches perfectly flow and are so very well booked. I'm also liking the simple presentation you've opted for, even small things like that make this BTB seem very retro and ECW-like. Which is perfect as far as I'm concerned.

Pulp Fiction Promos, I weren't too keen on them in the first show because it was very randomly placed and I would have preferred them to be integrated into the actual shows, like between matches and stuff. But thumbs up for sticking to them, because it's a pretty brave decision as it's unconventional in BTB terms, and to be honest they're beginning to grow on me. Especially the FBI singing 'That's Amore', I mean, what could be any better?

But anyway, your first two shows were great, and I've loved reading them. You're doing an amazing job so far, so keep it up, and best of luck with the thread!

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

That second show was a nice one too. I like the flow between the shows, how you link them through Joey Styles and replays. Storylines are developing well and you're capturing the ECW style well too. Stuff like the constant interferences is very ECW; realistic. The Dreamer/Anderson segment was great, you got everything right there. RVD was on character, Simon Diamond was alright, Impact Players promo was generic but not unrealistic. The ending of the main event was excellent! Loved everything that happened, it was so ECW. Pulp Fiction promo was better than the first show's; it flowed much better I reckon, either that or it's just already growing on me. Spanky as an Italian?! Interesting choice, will have to see how it goes. I'm going to keep coming back to check for updates man!
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Re: Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001- To Survive and Prosper

So yeah, I'm bringing this BTB back. Uh, anyways, I've decided to skip straight to Cyberslam, and just recap two weeks worth of Hardcore TV's. I hate doing recaps, so please excuse some of the parts that come off as lazy.

Hardcore TV 1/23/01

-We get our standard opening video, and are then greeted by "The Voice of ECW" Joey Styles. Joey does his usual intro job, hyping up the upcoming ECW fan convention, Cyberslam, only two weeks away! He talks a bit about the situation surrounding the ECW World Heavyweight Title, before introducing the first match of the night!

-Mikey Whipreck w/ Tajiri and Sinister Minister vs. Danny Doring w/ Roadkill:
With both men each representing one-half of the two teams that will fight for the tag team titles at Cyberslam, this is more of a preview match. Despite all of the people at ringside, there is surprisingly little interference going on throughout the match, which lets the two have a nice, even bout. The finish comes when Whiprecks stablemates finally put themselves into play, causing Doring's partner Roadkill to get involved as well. After a convoluted series of finishers, Whipreck is able to hit his version of the stunner, The Whippersnapper, on Doring for the three count. Mikey Whipreck def. Danny Doring

-After a quick message from its sponsors, the static takes us back to the ring, where Simon Diamond and his new buddy Johnny Swinger are riling up the crowd. To nobodies surprise, Diamond has another problem, this time going into a rant about the injustice being done to him by the upper management. Fortunately for the crowd, Diamond is cut off by the power chords of Metallica, which can mean only one thing: The Sandman is in the house! The Sandman comes into the arena to a heroes welcome, mostly because of his popularity, but also because the fans just want Diamond to be shut up. Needless to say, Diamond and Swinger aren't exactly thrilled by Sandman's appearance and after exchanging a few words, Swinger tries to nail him in the back of the head with a chair! But Sandman ducks under and the chair hits Diamond! Sandman begins unleashing cane shots left and right, until both Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger are knocked out. Sandman celebrates the beating with a cold one, but he won't be celebrating for much longer as The Impact Players jump him from behind! Steve Corino and Justin Credible make the most of the ambush, hitting both their finishers on Sandman, and Corino finishes the segment with a message to the fans:

"Forget Rhino, forget Sandman, forget Balls 'fuckin Mahoney, "The King of Old School" is the true ECW Heavyweight Champion!"

-We cut to Joey Styles who fumes a bit about the tactics of The Impact Players, before going into a pre-taped segment in the F.B.I locker-room!

-Last week, a new member joined the Fully Blooded Italians, none other than Little Guido's younger brother, Spanky Maritato! In this promo, Spanky tells Guido that "the family" is becoming concerned with the progress that the F.B.I are making in ECW and have sent him to make sure things progress smoothly. I don't know what business a mob family would want in a wrestling promotion, but anything can happen in the world of professional wrestling.

-We cut back to the ring where Spanky is getting ready for his first match-up in ECW!

-Kid Kash vs. Spanky
The two have a fun, crazy match-up with tons of interference from the F.B.I and Kash's friend and occasional tag team partner, Super Crazy. The finish comes after Crazy manages to take out the rest of the F.B.I with a huge moonsault to the outside. With all the other factors out of play, Kash tries to end the match with a springboard hurracanrana....but Spanky reverses it and gets the three-count on Kid Kash! Spanky Maritato def. Kid Kash

-We go back once again to Joey Styles who does a hard sell on Cyberslam, before announcing the main event of next weeks Hardcore TV. Next week it will be The Impact Players taking on The Sandman and Rob Van Dam, AND Rhino and Jerry Lynn, in a three-way dance!

-In this weeks Extreme Replay, we see Chris Chetti's actions last week, first causing Nova to lose his match against Chris Hamrick, and then his ambush later in the night. We then cut to the ring once more, and Chris Chetti and the whole of Hot Commodity are laughing it up, daring Nova to come out. Of course, Nova isn't in the venue right now, being at home recovering from a concussion given to him by Chris Hamrick. Still, somebody has to stand up for his honor, and its none other than Nova's friend and former Blue World Order member, "TAFKA Blue Meanie" Blue Boy! Blue Boy says that ever since Rhino beat the shit out of him at Guilty as Charged, he's decided to assert himself more and he's going to start by kicking Chetti's ass! Of course Chetti and Hot Commodity are more amused than intimidated and Chetti decides to accept the challenge. We've got ourselves a impromptu match!

-Chris Chetti vs. Blue Boy
"The Artist Formerly Known as Blue Meanie" puts up a valiant effort, but in terms of wrestling skills, Chetti just outclasses him. Chris Chetti doesn't even need the help of Hot Commodity as he just dominates Blue Boy all throughout. However, Blue Boy manages to turn the tables around near the 5 minute mark, hitting a big Snap DDT. He goes up top, looking for a big Meaniesault...but Julio Dinero jumps up onto the ring apron and throws him off the top rope! Chetti takes advantage of the interference and hits his finisher, The Amityville Horror, and from there, the three count is elementary.
Chris Chetti def. Blue Boy

-After another commercial break, we are back in the ring for tonight's main event!

-Rob Van Dam vs. Spike Dudley

Believe it or not, the two have a pretty even match-up, "The Giant Killer" using his resilience and straight-up brawling to keep up with RVD for most of the match. After about 14 minutes of action, Dudley tries to go for a chair shot, but you NEVER bring chairs into a match with RVD! "The Whole Fucking Show" ducks the chair shot and kicks the chair into Dudley's face, before going up top. Three thumb points later and he leaps off, hitting The Five Star Frog Splash for the three count.
Rob Van Dam def. Spike Dudley

-As RVD celebrates his victory with Bill Alfonso, "Trust" by Megadeth plays, and "The New F'n Show" Jerry Lynn comes out, looking for a fight! It looks like he's not alone either, as flanking Cyrus, are Da' Baldies who aligned themselves with Cyrus at Guilty as Charged. Rob Van Dam gets into a fighting stance, ready to fight a losing battle, but before any fists get thrown, reinforcements arrive in the form of Christian York and Joey Matthews! York and Matthews have had an issue with Da' Baldies since Guilty as Charged and they're here to back RVD. However, with the numbers now even, Cyrus decides to make a "tactical retreat". Da' Baldies follow Cyrus out, and after a bit of hesitation, Lynn eventually decides to follow, leaving RVD, Christian York, and Joey Matthews standing tall.

-Pulp Fiction Promo Time!

-The first promo is with ECW Commisioner, Paul Heyman! Heyman doesn't make to many on-screen appearances, but apparently he has huge news concerning Cyberslam. For the last few weeks, several wrestlers have been vying for a title shot After much deliberation, Heyman has finally made a decision. At Cyberslam, Rhino will defend his World Heavyweight Title against the man who has been out for vengeance, BALLS MAHONEY! But don't think that Heyman forgot all about Sandman and Steve Corino! No, in the MAIN EVENT of Cyberslam, The Sandman and Rhino will go one-on-one to decide who will face Rhino in ECW's next pay-per-view offering, Living Dangerously!

-We go backstage to the interview area with Super Crazy and Kid Kash. Crazy talks first, yelling really quickly in Spanish, before handing it over to Kash. Kid Kash translates for Crazy, saying that they're sick of being outshined by newcomers, when they've been around in ECW for years. Kash says that if the fans vote both of them into the Fan's Choice match at Cyberslam, they'll give them a match they'll never forget.

-Now we go to Paul London, who made his debut two weeks ago in a losing effort to Rob Van Dam. Still, he put up a good fight, and now he's asking the fans to vote him as one of the contestants in the Fan's Choice match. The promo itself was really, really bland but it gets the point across.

-We're with Tommy Dreamer now, and he's got a message for CW Anderson:
"CW, you're a good wrestler. Hell, you're a great wrestler. But that ain't always what gets it done here in ECW Anderson. At Cyberslam I'm gonna' test your resolve, I'm gonna' test your will, and win or lose, your going to be in for a hell of a fight. Come February 3, you better be prepared to kill....because I'm prepared to die."

-The feed cuts to CW Anderson, in front of a ECW banner.
"Be careful what you wish for Dreamer."

-We're backstage with Rob Van Dam, Christian York and Joey Matthews and they are laying down the gauntlet to Jerry Lynn and Da' Baldies! That's right, they're challenging them to a six-man tag team match at Cyberslam.

-We go to another part of the arena, with Lynn, Da' Baldies and Cyrus. Short and simple, they accept the challenge.

-Finally, the show ends with a promo from "The Man Beast" RHINO!
"Sandman is outta' his prime, Steve Corino's a little bitch, and Balls Mahoney? He's a fuckin' joke. Balls, ya' wanted a shot at me, now you've got it. Cyberslam, February 3, you're dead. YOU HEAR THAT MAHONEY!? YOU'RE A DEAD MAN WALKING!"

Hardcore TV 1/30/01

-The show opens with the usual video, but after that we plunge right into the action, with a match-up between The F.B.I and the team of Kid
Kash and Super Crazy

-The Fully Blooded Italians vs. Kid Kash and Super Crazy
We enter about two minutes into the match-up and the two teams are setting a tremendous pace, all four men giving everything they've got. Joey Styles shows us a backstage clip from earlier in the night, which shows Lance Wright announcing to the locker-room, that the two men chosen for the Fan's Choice match at Cyberslam will also be competing for a shot at the ECW Television Title! Needless to say, this raised the stakes, and in an effort to persuade fans to vote for them, both the F.B.I and Kash and Super Crazy agree to a match. Anyways, back to the action. It's a evenly contested bout, but in the end Kid Kash manages to avenge his loss to Spanky from last week, hitting a beautiful Double-Underhook Powerbomb onto a chair to get the win for his team. But even with the match over, the action doesn't stop! Both teams begin brawling after the match, and eventually the brawl grows to include almost half the roster, all vying for the fan's votes. Kid Kash and Super Crazy def. The F.B.I

-We go away from the action back to the Eagle's Nest with Joey Styles, who gives us a quick rundown of the card for Cyberslam, before hyping up tonight's main event, a huge three-way dance between arguably the six biggest stars in ECW.

-Nova is in the ring, and he's angry! Ever since Guilty as Charged, Chris Chetti and The Hot Commodity have been using their numbers against Nova, and he's had enough! He says that he went to the upper management, and that at Cyberslam, Nova and a mystery partner of his choice will go two-on-two against anybody in Chetti's group.

"Now I know you're to much of a coward to put yourself in the line, but I want you to know Chetti! When my partner and I take out whoever you put in front of us, YOU'RE GOING TO BE NEXT!"

-After a commercial break, we are back, and its match-time!

-Quick video hyping up ECW's next pay-per-view offering, Living Dangerously 2001! It will be on March 11, in the ECW Arena. Call your local cable provider for details.

-Roadkill vs. Tajiri
Roadkill is out to avenge his partner's loss to Mikey Whipreck last week, and uses his power to toss Tajiri around in the early parts around. After a while though, the vicious leg kicks of Tajiri begin to take their toll on Roadkill, and it becomes a much more even match. In the end, numbers come into play once again, with the Sinister Minister distracting Roadkill long enough for Tajiri to prepare his patented Poison Mist! With Roadkill stunned and Danny Doring being held back by Mikey Whipreck, Tajiri is able to hit his Brainbuster finisher to score The Unholy Alliances second consecutive victory over the ECW Tag Team Champions. Tajiri def. Roadkill

-Back to Joey Styles who does a big hard-sell on Cyberslam, running down the entire card, before segueing into tonight's main event.

-Rob Van Dam and The Sandman vs. Jerry Lynn and Rhino vs. The Impact Players
-Clusterfuck anyone? This whole match is just a huge brawl from the get-go, with all six men going at it. RVD and Lynn spend all of the first few minutes of the match going at it, while The Impact players pair up with Sandman and Rhino. After about eight minutes, a semblance of order is restored, and the match officially begins. After almost 20 minutes of action, it looks like we're going to get a finish when Rhino manages to isolate Steve Corino. With everyone else either down or far away, he sets Corino up for The Rhino Driver...but BALLS MAHONEY JUMPS OUT OF THE CROWD AND JUMPS RHINO WITH A CHAIR! Mahoney and Balls brawl their way into the crowd, while on the other side of the arena, Rob Van Dam dives over the fan railing onto Jerry Lynn! This leaves The Sandman all alone versus The Impact Players, and even though he fights them off for a bit, eventually the numbers become to much. The match ends with The Impact Players standing over Sandman's fallen body.
No Contest

-Pulp Fiction Promos:

-Simon Diamond is up first and guess what? He's got a problem! Diamond wants to know why Balls Mahoney gets a title shot at Cyberslam, when the greatest professional wrestler, Simon Diamond doesn't even have a match! Well, Diamond doesn't want to leave his fate up to the fans, he's going to set a open challenge for anybody who is "brave" enough to take him on! I think he might regret that.

-Promo from the tag team champions Roadkill and Danny Doring. They've suffered two losses in singles competition to their opponents at Cyberslam, The Unholy Alliance, but they say it doesn't matter. Doring says that at Cyberslam, its not going to be one-on-one, its going to be tag team competition, and that's where him and Roadkill are at their best.

-Next we're with Chris Chetti and his buddies, The Hot Commodity. They're in some random Italian restaurant, for a "celebration party". What are they celebrating? Well Chetti says they're having a advanced celebration party for when they destroy Nova and his mystery partner at Cyberslam.

-Next up is Lance Wright, and that means its time for Hype Central! This week, Lance is shilling some Rhino merchandise, including a shirt with his face on it, and on the back, the words "RHINO'S GONNA' KILL YOU". Only 7.99$!

-We're in the F.B.I locker-room, and why do these guys have a locker-room? This is a comedy piece, with Sal E. showing the rest of them how to cook a proper pasta.

-Time for the final promo before Cyberslam, and we're with the Unholy Alliance. The Sinister Minister heels it up, saying that the time of reckoning for Roadkill and Doring...is coming!

And with that done, here's the card for Cyberslam 2001! Feel free to predict and answer the questions, the winner will probably get a prize, I dunno, I'll think of something.

Extreme Championship Wrestling Presents!

Cyberslam 2001
February 3, 2001
ECW Arena

Fan's Choice Match (Winner Gets TV Title Shot)

???? vs. ????

ECW Tag Team Championships
The Unholy Alliance vs. Danny Doring and Roadkill (c)

Six-Man Tag Team Brawl
(If RVD's team wins, he will choose the stipulation for his match with Jerry Lynn at Living Dangerously, if Lynn wins, vice versa.)

Rob Van Dam, Christian York and Joey Matthews vs. Jerry Lynn and Da' Baldies

Simon Diamond's Open Challenge

Nova and ???? vs. Julio Dinero and Chris Hamrick

Fan's Bring the Weapons Match
CW Anderson vs. Tommy Dreamer

ECW World Heavyweight Championship
Rhino vs. Balls Mahoney

Winner Becomes #1 Contender for the World Title
The Sandman vs. Steve Corino

To vote for the two wrestlers you want to compete in the Fan's Choice match, PM me two names from the list below. The two with the most votes of course, will win.

Paul London
Chilly Willy
EZ Money
ĎLittleí Guido Maritato
Johnny Swinger
ĎNot Just The Coolest, Not Just The Bestí Justin Credible
Kid Kash
ĎLittleí Spike Dudley
Super Crazy
Tony Mamaluke
Spanky Maritato
"TAFKA Blue Meanie" Blue Boy
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