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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Thanks for all the comments, and will return them either tommorow or Saturday.


September 24th 2007
Milwaukee Wisconsin

“To be Loved” by Papa Roach hits as the Raw Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans holding up their signs aloft. The camera pans amongst them before going over to JR and King at ringside.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m good ol’ J.R. Jim Ross, here alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler!

King: I don’t believe it JR, we have got a new General Manager and his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin.

JR: What will Stone Cold’s first day on the job be like tonight? Also a huge three on two-handicap match will take place tonight. As CM Punk teams up with Rob Van Dam, to face the Intercontinental Champion Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn.

King: As Carlito would say JR, that’s cool.

JR: Sure is, but what a way to start the show.

“Break the Walls Down” hits and Chris Jericho comes out to a thunderous pop from the crowd. He spreads his arms out wide at the top of the ramp, before spinning around and making his way down to the ring with a mic in hand. As he goes to speak he is cut off by loud “Y2J” chants. Jericho waits for them to die down before attempting to speak again.


Crowd Pops

Jericho: And I am sorry as last week I didn’t introduce myself properly. So for those who don’t know, just who the hell I am. My name is Chris Jericho, your new Party Host, your new Hero, the King of the World, the Sexy Beast, the Ayatollah of ROCK ‘N’ ROLLA!

Big pops

Jericho: And the reason I am back, well there is actually two Reasons. The first one to make oh daddio himself, my dad Vince McMahon’s life a LIVING HELL!

Crowd Pops

Jericho: And the second reason is to get my hands on something, which I haven’t held in five years. And that Jerichoholics is the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Huge Pops

Jericho: So Roboto Orton as of this moment. I am challenging you, to a match for the WWE Championship!

Huge Pops

Jericho: So Randy bring your monotone…..

Suddenly “My Time is Now” hits and John Cena comes down to the ring to a big reaction, mostly cheers scattered as always with boos. John Cena gets in the ring and takes a mic.


Huge pops

Cena: And by god, look at what we have got here, Chris Jericho. Long time no see Bro. In fact before saving your ass last week, the last time I saw you was when I beat you and got you fired.

Mixed reaction as in Jericho’s face you can see instant tension between the two. But Cena brings some light back to the situation.

Cena: But in all seriousness, that was all in the past and it’s good to see you back. Chris Jericho we don’t see eye to eye, but I respect you. And there is one thing we have in common; WE BOTH WANT TO KICK VINCE MCMAHON’S ASS!

Crowd Pops as Jericho shrugs his shoulders and says Cena you’re partially right there.

Cena: And I know deep down, that the two of us could join forces and take out Vince McMahon and his two bed buddies, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton!

Big Pops

Cena: But Jericho this is where the differences come in. Because Chris Jericho I have just found out that you want a title shot against Randy Orton, well let me tell you this Chris. If anyone is going to get a title shot, IT’S GOING TO BE ME!

Mixed Reaction

Cena: Chris Jericho you can’t just waltz in with your Lindsey Lohan hairstyle, and demand a title shot just like that. If you haven’t noticed I am the number one contender, and I would be WWE Champion right this second, only if it wasn’t for Vince McMahon and Ken Kennedy to cost me my Last Man Standing Match with Randy Orton.

Crowd Boos for mention of those events.

Cena: So Chris Jericho as much as I respect you, and as much as you want a title shot. I have got unfinished business with Randy Orton. And if you have a problem with that Chris Jericho, feel free to get yourself involved in my business. Because if you do, your going to be back in the unemployment line quicker than you can say WORD MUTHER FRIGGIN LIFE!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, with half of the fans pro John Cena, and the other half pro Chris Jericho. Cena goes to speak again when Jericho cuts in.


Mixed Reaction

Jericho: John Cena you talk about you and me are going to join forces? How we are going to team up to fight Vince McMahon, Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton? WELL LET ME TELL YOU THIS, YOU STUPID JACKASS….

We hear loud pops from Jericho’s fans, which cuts Jericho off. A slight smirk appears on John Cena’s face, as Jericho goes to continue.

Jericho: John Cena the only thing we have in common, is our hate for Vince McMahon. But otherwise John, we don’t see eye to eye. We don’t talk, we don’t have a joke, and we don’t watch each other’s backs, because to be quite honest I THINK YOU ARE AN ASS!

Mixed Reaction

Jericho: John Cena you think I am going to simply forgive and forget, over what happened two years ago? You think I am just going to forget it, like it never happened? John Cena because of you, I have been sitting on my ass at home for the last two years. And all I have been thinking about is that day. That special glorious day, when I could get my revenge on you John Cena, and retire YOU!

Mixed Reaction as Cena finally responds.

Cena: Chris Jericho you want your revenge. Well seeing as though we both want title shots, how about Chris Jericho you come get some and we fight to see, who shall be the next number one contender TONIGHT!

The Crowd Pops as Jericho and Cena go head to head, eye to eye in an intense stare down. However “No Chance in Hell” hits and Vince McMahon appears at the top of the ramp with a mic in hand.

Vince: Hang on just a minute. I am not going to let this happen, John Cena, Chris Jericho. NONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO GET A TITLE MATCH!

Crowd Boos

Vince: John Cena you had your chance and you blew it at Unforgiven. Chris Jericho, for the way you talked to me last week YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET A TITLE MATCH, AS LONG AS I HAVE A LIVING BONE IN MY BODY!

Huge heat for McMahon

Vince: But there will be a Championship match at No Mercy. Because at No Mercy Randy Orton will defend his WWE Championship against……..MISTER KENNEDY!

Huge heat with the crowd, not liking McMahon’s announcement. But the crowd suddenly jump to their feet when “Glass Shatters” hits and the new Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin comes down to the ring. Austin salutes the crowd at each turnbuckle. Stone Cold then grabs a mic.

Austin: Let me tell you people right now it feels great to be back in the WWE, and I might be General Manager, but I am going to UNLEASH MORE HELL AND KICK MORE ASSES THAN YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

Crowd Pops as Austin goes to speak again, when Vince cuts him off.

Vince: Hang on a minute Steve, you’re the General Manager of Raw you can’t do that…..

Austin: UH HUH! Stone Cold Steve Austin will do what he wants, when he wants, and Vince there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

Huge Pops

Austin: Vince not only do you interrupt Stone Cold Steve Austin, but you take over MY JOB! Vince as far as I know the General Manager role means that I make the matches, and not you.

Crowd pops as Vince McMahon gulps.

Austin: And if you ever attempt to make a match ever again you stupid sumbitch, Stone Cold Steve Austin is going to STOMP A MUDHOLE IN YOUR ASS AND WALK IT DRY!

Crowd Pops as Vince McMahon’s mouth opens wide in shock at Austin’s comment.

Austin: The fact of the matter is, that Stone Cold Steve Austin makes the matches around here, and tonight that’s what I am going to do. Because by the end of tonight, I will make my choice on who will face Randy Orton at No Mercy for the WWE Championship!

Crowd Pops

Austin: But tonight there will be a main event, and it will include you John Cena. John Cena you will be in action, and it won’t be against Chris Jericho, it won’t be against Ken Kennedy, it sure as hell won’t be against Stone Cold. But your opponent tonight will be…….VINCE MCMAHON!

A massive pop is given, as Vince’s jaw opens wide in shock, and he shakes his head and tells Steve Austin that he can’t do that.

Austin: And to make sure your two Jackasses don’t interfere, there will be a special referee for this match, and his name is CHRIS JERICHO!

Crowd pops even louder as Vince looks like he is about to cry.


Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and just before the break a huge match was announced. As John Cena will take on the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon.

King: This is what you get, when you give someone like Stone Cold the power he has. This in unfair JR, Vince McMahon doesn’t deserve this.

JR: Well like it or not, it’s going to happen tonight.

“Redneck” hits and The Redneck Wrecking Crew makes their way down to the ring, to some slight heat from the crowd.

“Bringing Da Hood back to U” hits and Cryme Time make their way down to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd. Shad Gaspard brings a big black bag with him down to the ring. And when they get in the ring, Shad Gaspard pulls out the stolen Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s Championship belts. Shad then puts the belts back in the back, as the referee calls for the bell.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Cryme Time v The Redneck Wrecking Crew

An entertaining tag team match, to kick off the wrestling side of things tonight. Cryme Time make their wrestling return to Raw, after being out of action for a few weeks. JTG and Shad are able to control the match in the early going, before JTG plays the face in peril as Cade and Murdoch take control of the match in the middle part of the match. Cade and Murdoch are able to inflict a lot of damage on JTG, with Murdoch hitting a Jawbreaker to JTG, which is followed off with a Sitdown Side Slam Spinebuster by Lance Cade. JTG however is able to fight back into the match, coming off the top rope with a big crossbody block onto Lance Cade, before tagging in Bid Shad. Shad comes in like a house on fire, cleaning house on both members of the Redneck Wrecking Crew. Cryme Time look to go the G9 on Cade, when Murdoch makes the save and mayhem ensues. With the referee’s attention on JTG and Murdoch fighting on the outside, Shad grabs one of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s championship belts, and blasts Lance Cade over the head with it. Shad then tosses it to the outside and makes the cover, and gets the three count!

Winners: Cryme Time in 6:58

Straight after the match the Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin sprint to the ring. Haas and Benjamin go straight after Cryme Time with the four men getting into a brawl. Benjamin and Haas get the better of JTG and Shad, tossing them both to the outside. Shelton Benjamin then grabs the big black bag, and goes to regain his and Charlie Haas’s Championship belts back. But he does not pull out any belts and instead pulls out a wallet, telling Haas the belts weren’t in there. They then notice Cryme Time making their way to the back with the Tag Team Belts! We then hear Trevor Murdoch shout at Lance Cade “Shelton Benjamin’s got my wallet”. Benjamin hears this and he drops the wallet and says he never stole it. But Cade and Murdoch believe that Benjamin did steal it, and they start attacking the Worlds Greatest Tag Team! As this happens, Cryme Time walk away with the stolen belts with big smiles on their faces!

We then go backstage to see Chris Jericho walking down the backstage lot, only to walk into Shane and Stephanie McMahon!

Jericho: Look what we have got here, my Step Brother and my Step Sister. It’s nice to meet you both, and don’t worry about it. Don’t see me as the man that’s going to take money off you when our old man dies, just see me as the man that’s going to make our old man’s life a living hell!

Crowd Pops as Stephanie looks at Shane in disgust, not believing what she just heard. Jericho turns his attention to Shane.

Jericho: Shano, how’s it doing brother? You know it’s a real shame that we never got to spend time together as proper brothers when we were younger, because I would have loved to stuff that Silver Spoon of yours, straight up your ass!

Crowd Pops as Shane surprisingly doesn’t look too angry at those comments and instead smiles? Jericho then turns his attention to Stephanie.

Jericho: Steph who would of believed it? After all those years of making your life a living hell, you turn out to be my sister. Well let me tell you this, Stephanie to me. You will always be a filthy, dirty, disgusting, skanky, brutal, bottom feeding, TRASH BAG HOE!

Crowd Laughs as Stephanie’s jaw opens wide in shock.

Jericho: But anyway it’s nice to meet the both of you.

Jericho goes to walk away when he quickly steps back into the scene

Jericho: And oh yeah see you at Thanksgiving Dinner, I will bring the turkey with me…

Jericho then looks at Stephanie

Jericho: Actually it looks like you have got that sorted.

The crowd laughs as Chris Jericho then walks off, as we go to another area backstage.

We then go to Vince McMahon’s office where we see him and Jonathon Coachman watching the Monitor.

Vince: How dare he speak to my daughter like that! Coach why the hell would he pick Stone Cold Steve Austin to be General Manager, is he really trying to make my life a living Hell.

Coach: Uh….no course not boss.

Vince: Coach, there is no way that I am going to face John Cena tonight, I am not a wrestler Coach, if I go out there tonight I am going to have to destroy one of my own employees, and I don’t want to do that.

Crowd Boos Vince for actually thinking he is going to destroy John Cena.

Coach: I can see why your concerned Boss. But just leave it to me, I will go speak to Steve and make him change his mind. I will be back in a bit.

Coach then walks out of Vince’s office, as Vince looks on in worry about his match tonight.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial, we see Armando Alejandro Estrada making his way down to the ring with the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. They get in the ring and Estrada takes a mic.

Estrada: Haha, everyone listen to me…Ju know who my name is, and you know who dis is standing next to me…….My Samoan Bulldozer UUUUMAGGAAA!

Big heat for Umaga

Estrada: And last week dummies, my Samoan Bulldozer destroyed your Game, Triple H!

Crowd Boos

Estrada: Take a look at the big screen..

A video recap plays, showing Umaga’s attack on Triple H after his Steel Cage match with King Booker last week. We see Umaga hitting the Samoan Wrecking Ball to Triple H, before climbing to the top of the cage. And then we see the four hundred pound monster amazingly, diving off the cage with a body splash onto the hapless Triple H.
We then cut back to the arena where the crowd are giving big heat to Umaga, who shouts something out in Samoan.

Estrada: There you see, it is not a lie. This man is a MONSTER! Nobody can stop my Samoan Bulldozer, not even that dummy Triple H!


Estrada: Triple H you are a huge superstar, and my Umaga crushed you like what you call…A bug haha! Triple H you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time and….

“Glass Shatters” hits and Stone Cold comes out once again to a huge pop from the crowd. Steve Austin steps onto the ramp with a mic in hand, and immediately calls for his music to be cut.

Austin: I was just in the back enjoying a beer, when I hear some Jackass blabbing his mouth and I couldn’t even understand a Damn Word of It!

Crowd Pops

Austin: You think you’re a big shot huh, with your stupid little hat.


Austin: Your stupid little Cuban Cigar.


Austin: Your stupid little accent


Austin: That thing standing next to you, which you stole from the Zoo..

What. Crowd Pops as Umaga goes to leave the ring to go after Austin, only for Estrada to back him off.

Austin: Well whoever the hell you are, you’re a pathetic Jackass!

Crowd Pops

Austin: And by god this is the WWE. What that stands for is World Wrestling Entertainment. And you are not showing any wrestling, you are not showing any Entertainment, all you are showing is the need to get your ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Crowd Pops

Austin: And Umaga since you are out here dressed to compete, you are going to have a match right here right now.

Crowd Pops

Austin: The man you’re going to face is the man, who you tried to end their career at Unforgiven.

Crowd Pops as Estrada looks livid knowing who Umaga’s opponent is.

Austin: So Umaga’s opponent, get your ass on out here and let’s get on with the show!

Stone Cold then drops the mic and walks to the back as “2Extreme” hits and Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring, to a huge pop. Jeff Hardy sprints down to the ring, not wanting to waste any time on getting his hands on Umaga.

Match 2
Singles Match
Jeff Hardy v Umaga

The last time these two men fought, Umaga basically squashed Jeff Hardy and put him out of contention until tonight. But on this occasion, Jeff Hardy seeks revenge and he puts on a much better effort against the Samoan Bulldozer. Jeff Hardy shows off a lot of aggression in the early going, with Hardy not taking any high flying risks and just wanting to beat Umaga up. But when Hardy goes for a highflying move, with a crossbody off the top rope. Umaga catches him, and connects with a Spinning Side Slam! Umaga then starts to work over the head of Jeff Hardy, coming close after a lot of offensive manoeuvres. Jeff Hardy however showed a lot of resilience, kicking out on each occasion. Umaga went to finish Jeff Hardy off with the Samoan Wrecking Ball, but Jeff Hardy moved out the way! The match then picked up a gear as Jeff Hardy connected with a Hurricarana, followed by the Whisper in the Wind. The end of the match saw Hardy connect with the Twist of Fate, before climbing up onto the top rope. Hardy was about to go for the Swanton Bomb, when Armando Alejandro Estrada shook the top rope causing Jeff Hardy to fall onto his crown jewels and fall off the top rope. Umaga then connected with the Samoan Spike and hooked the leg to get three count!

Winner: Umaga in 10:35

After the match Armando Alejandro Estrada gets in the ring and he raises Umaga’s hand in the air. Estrada points at Jeff Hardy and goes to order Umaga some instructions when………..”Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H storms down to the ring with A SLEDGEHAMMER IN HAND! Triple H looks at Umaga with daggers in his eyes, with a bandage over his head from last week. Umaga looks ready and willing to fight Triple H, but Estrada orders Umaga to get out of the ring. Umaga gets out of the ring in time but as Estrada goes to escape, Triple H grabs hold of his leg. Triple H then pulls Estrada into the centre of the ring, and Estrada begs for mercy on his knees. But Triple H lifts Estrada to his feet and kicks him in the midsection, and HITS ESTRADA WITH THE PEDIGREE! Umaga goes to save his manager, but Triple H grabs his Sledgehammer and goes to hit Umaga with it, and Umaga quickly slides out. Umaga then backs down the ramp, as Triple H points at Umaga and shouts “Umaga I will see you at No Mercy”. Which must mean that Umaga will take on Triple H at No Mercy. Umaga shouts something back at Triple H in Samoan, as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Cody Rhodes storming down the backstage area, looking furious. We then see him standing outside of a Locker Room, and he barges in, and in the locker room we see Hardcore Holly.

Cody: What the hell was that about last week?

Holly: You hit me with the chair Cody; you got what was coming you little Punk!

Cody: You still actually think I hit you with the chair Hardcore? Hardcore I saved you from Santino Marella hitting you with the chair AGAIN!

Holly: Again huh. Well tonight in our match Cody I am going to hit you with the Alabama Slammer, AGAIN! And I will prove to the world that just like your father, you are a gutless COWARD…

Suddenly and very surprisingly Cody Rhodes throws a hard right hand at Hardcore, who throws one back and the two men go at it in a fist fight. Hardcore throws the most punches in, before referee suddenly appear like a blink of an eye and split the two men up. They pull Cody Rhodes out of Hardcore’s locker room and Hardcore shouts at Cody that he will see him out there later tonight.

JR: King I have never in my life seen Cody Rhodes as aggressive as he just was, if this is what their match is going to be like tonight, these two men are going to tear each other apart.

“Raise Your Hands up” hits and Candice Michelle and Michelle McCool make their way down to the ring. They slap hands with fans at ringside, before entering the ring.

“Glamazon” hits and the WWE Womens Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring, along with her tag team partner Melina. Both Women make their traditional entrances, with Melina doing the splits and Beth doing the back flip off the top rope.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
Beth Phoenix and Melina v Candice Michelle and Michelle McCool

With Mickie James still out of action, after being attacked by Umaga on Raw four weeks ago, we have to settle with Candice Michelle and Michelle McCool to battle with the Monster Beth and Melina. To be fair to Candice and Michelle, they give it a good go in the early going, taking it to both Melina and Beth Phoenix. But that came to a crashing halt when Beth Phoenix caught Michelle McCool off the ropes with a monstrous clothesline. It was then all Beth Phoenix at the end of the match, totally overpowering both Candice and Michelle. Beth Phoenix went to finish the match after connecting with the Down in Flames, when suddenly Melina tagged herself in. Melina then hit Beth with the Kyranium Buster before making the cover on Michelle to get the three count.

Winners: Beth Phoenix and Melina in 5:20

After the match Melina leaves the ring and waits for Beth to recover onto her feet. Melina then gets Beth’s attention and signals to her that she wants a title shot as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see a trashed office, and the camera turns the camera around to show Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking a beer with his feet on the table, and he is speaking to someone on the phone.

Austin: You want Stone Cold to do what…You want Stone Cold to do some paperwork do you even know who the hell I am………..Well I will do your stupid little paperwork, but who in the hell are you?……Phil Matthews, Vince McMahon’s assistant. Well let me tell you Phil. I am going to fly over to Connecticut, and I am going to hunt your ass down. And when I find you, not only am I going to stuff this Paperwork up your ass, but I am going to stomp a mudhole in your ass and walk it dry! So you have got 24 hours to run son, because if I lay my beady little eyes on you, someone is going to get there ass kicked!

Stone Cold then hangs up the phone and throws it to the other side of the room. Stone Cold then looks up at someone who we can’t see in disgust.

Austin: What the hell do you want?

The camera then zooms out to reveal the person being Jonathon Coachman who gets big heat.

Coachman: Mr Austin this might not be the right time, but Mr Austin I want you to reconsider your decision on tonight’s Main Event.

The crowd boos as Steve Austin smiles in sarcasm.

Coach: Mr McMahon is not a wrestler, he is the owner of the WWE, and you can’t put him in a match with John Cena.

More heat for Coach

Austin: Well sorry I haven’t been here for a long time and I have forgot who the hell you are, so what’s your name?

Coach: How could you forget me Steve? I’m the Coach.

Austin: You’re the coach?

Coach: Yes Jonathon Coachman….

Austin: Is that supposed to impress Stone Cold? So you’re telling me that you’re a Coach

Coach: No that’s just my na….

Austin: Your telling me that you’re my Coach?

Coach: N…

Austin: UH HUH…….Let me tell you this son, as long as I am General Manager of Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the Coach, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the boss. And if you want me to change my mind about tonight’s main event, you’re going to have to show your dedication for the Coach.

Coach: Uhhh…what does that mean?

Austin: That means that if you want this match to be called off, I am going to be the Coach. And you are going to get down on your hands and knees, and all you have to do is ten pushups.

Coach smiles

Coach: Is that all?

Austin: That’s all, but don’t waste my time

Jonathon Coachman smiles as he gets onto the floor and gets himself into position to do the sit-ups. Coach goes to do the first one, when Stone Cold Steve Austin grabs a beer and pours it all over Jonathon Coachman. This causes Coach to slip to the ground, as Austin continues to pour the beer on Coach drenching him. Coach then slowly gets to his feet

Austin: Coach your pathetic! Coach because you failed Stone Cold’s challenge, and because you had the nerve to question my match making skills. Well……Actually you won’t be able to hear me because you have got beer in your ear, so I have got some sign language for ya….

Stone Cold then gives Coach the two birds before knocking Coach to the ground with a hard right hand! Austin then starts stomping a mudhole in the Coach, before dragging him up to his feet by his suit, and tossing him out of his office. Stone Cold then slams the door, as the crowd give Austin a huge pop for his actions.

We then go to another area backstage where we can see Todd Grisham standing with Santino Marella and Maria, and they are watching a Monitor on what just happened.

Todd: Uh….Santino you requested this time?

Santino: Todd I am a so mad! How can that man be my General Manager? Not only is that man far too ugly to be my General Manager, but now I am going to be forced to watch the Condemned on DVD over and over again.


Santino: Not only that, but we are going to have to cope with that crooked old man, Jim Stone Cold Ross playing with his monuments in his trouser every time he sees Stone Cold. If it was my beautiful Maria, I wouldn’t mind, but I am sick of that crooked smile and annoying voice as it is already.

Crowd Boos, as we see Jim Ross at ringside not looking too impressed.

Santino: (Puts on a voice) Stone Cold you think you are such a tough strong man because you like to drink some Daveweisers, give everybody the little finger, and scare us with your Shiny Bald Head. (Puts on normal voice) Well Stone Cold if you even a try to make me watch the Condemned on DVD, I am going to open up a can off ass whip, eat some low fat frozen Yoghurt, and dig a mud pie up your ass! And that’s the bottom line, cause Santino Marella say it be so.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Cody Rhodes in the ring getting ready for this following contest.

“How do you like me now” hits and the resident rookie killer Hardcore Holly makes his way down to the ring, with one purpose and one purpose only. To own another rookie.

Match 4
Singles Match
Cody Rhodes v Hardcore Holly

After all of the tension that we have seen between these two men in recent weeks, we get a very solid physical match here with the entertaining bland Cody Rhodes putting on a good effort against the veteran Holly. It was a very close back and forth match with both men getting close near falls, coming close to getting the three count. About four minutes into the match Hardcore Holly went for the Alabama Slammer, but Cody Rhodes countered it into a sunset flip and then flipped over into a bridge, and Hardcore Holly just barely kicked out before the count of 3. The end of the match saw Cody Rhodes step up a gear, hitting Holly with an impressive dropkick followed by a diving crossbody off the top rope. But when he bounced off the ropes, Hardcore Holly caught Rhodes with a big dropkick to the Jaw. Holly then connected with the Alabama Slammer and made the cover, but MATT STRYKER has the referee distracted. Holly goes to attack Stryker when SANTINO MARELLA gets in the ring and connects with an impressive Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker to Hardcore Holly. Santino then for some reason pulls Cody ontop of Holly, and Stryker allows the referee to make the three count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes in 7:27

After the match Santino Marella and Matt Stryker separately make their way to the back, as Cody Rhodes gets to his feet and he looks down at the two in a very confused manner. Cody Rhodes leaves the ring not looking too happy about the way he won, not knowing why Santino and Stryker helped him get the victory. Hardcore Holly then gets to his feet and he blows it in the ring, furious knowing he had the win.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by the Intercontinental Champion Carlito.

Todd: Carlito last week you made your impression, attacking CM Punk. May I ask why you attacked CM Punk last week?

Carlito: Why did I attack CM Punk? Rod I might be the King of Disrespecting People, but you are the King of asking stupid questions. Carlito attacked CM Punk, because Carlito can do what he wants and when he wants. Why? Because Carlito is the Intercontinental Champion!

Crowd Boos

Carlito: Last week CM Punk disrespected the King of Cool, Carlito. That was not Cool, and for that, I am going to spit in that Punk’s face.
Crowd Boos

Carlito: But I am not going to spit Apple in his face, I am going spit beer in his face, and I am going to force him to drink some beer because he has no life. And people who have no life, are not….

???: Cool?

We then see John Morrison walk into the scene, and he is met with some heat from the crowd.

Morrison: Carlito you don’t need to waste your time, spitting out words on CM Punk. Because who you need to worry about is the Shaman of Sexy.

John Morrison takes off his sunglasses

Morrison: The guru of Greatness, The Monday Night Delight, JOHN MORRISON!

Crowd Boos

Morrison: Because that Intercontinental Belt, suits my sexy waist. And one day we will step into my Palace of Wisdom

Carlito mouths Palace of Wisdom, giving a “what the hell” type look.

Morrison: And I am going to take your Intercontinental Championship.

John Morrison then puts his sunglasses on and walks off leaving Carlito with Todd Grisham, and Carlito asks Todd what is a Palace of Wisdom as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see the Monster Kevin Thorn making his way down to the ring, with his manager Ariel to some pretty big heat from the crowd.

“Now Listen” hits and John Morrison comes out to some heat from the crowd. John Morrison does his traditional very cocky but awesome entrance, before making his way down to the ring.

“I spit in the face” hits and Carlito comes out to some heat from the crowd. Carlito comes down showing off his Intercontinental Championship Belt to the crowd.

“This Fire Burns” hits and CM Punk comes out to a good pop from the crowd. CM Punk slaps hands with fans at ringside, before entering the ring and immediately locking eyes with Carlito.

“One of a King” hits and Rob Van Dam comes out to a very good pop from the crowd. RVD comes down not looking too pleased for whatever reason. RVD gets in the ring and he does the “R-V-D” taunt to the crowd, at each corner of the ring.

Match 5
Handicap Match
Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn with Ariel v CM Punk and Rob Van Dam

We get exactly the same match from last week here, only with the Intercontinental Champion Carlito added as an extra addition. This turns out to be a very good entertaining Tag Team Contest, with CM Punk and RVD not letting the numbers game get the better of them. CM Punk and RVD came out of the starting blocks quickest, taking it to all three of their opposition. Throughout the match we saw a very physical side to RVD, who for whatever reason didn’t look too happy. Rob Van Dam’s frustration got the better of him after John Morrison kicked out of a Split Legged Moonsault. RVD went to the outside and brought a Steel Chair into the ring. He went to use it on Morrison, but Carlito distracted the referee and Kevin Thorn booted the chair right into the face of RVD. RVD then played the face in peril, as Carlito, Morrison and Thorn played a very effective game. Triple teaming whenever they could and making quick tags. However it was Carlito’s cockiness that let RVD back into the match, when he took his time going for the Backstabber. He wasted his time taunting the fans, and when he went to connect with the move, RVD blocked it by holding onto the top rope and he tags in Punk. CM Punk goes right after Carlito, going through his move set on the Intercontinental Champion. Punk set him up for the Go To Sleep, but Kevin Thorn and John Morrison made the save. RVD then came in and took Morrison to the outside with a dropkick, but was then taken to the outside by Kevin Thorn with a clothesline. As Thorn and RVD go at it on the outside, Carlito and Punk go at it inside the ring. CM Punk ducked a clothesline, and connected with the Uranage Slam on Carlito. CM Punk then locked on the Anaconda Vice, and Carlito taps out!

Winners: CM Punk and RVD in 10:21

After the match CM Punk gets his arm raised in the air, and he celebrates his huge victory over the Intercontinental Champion. RVD doesn’t join CM Punk in his celebrations and instantly storms off backstage, as a recovering Carlito tells Punk that he will never take the Intercontinental Belt off him.

We then go backstage to see Maria who is back to her interviewing role, interviewing John Cena.

Maria: Ladies and Gentleman, with me at this time the WWE Champion John Cena!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, scattered with laughs as Maria calls John Cena the WWE Champion.

Maria: John Cena how do yo…..

Cena: (Quickly interrupting) Maria looking at your last comment, I know you have a very intelligent question to ask. But just stand back, smile and look pretty while I do the talking.

Maria takes a stand back as Cena goes to speak.

Cena: Maria what you were going to ask me is how I feel about my match with Vince McMahon. Well let me just remind you it was 8 days ago at Unforgiven, when I was literally seconds away from regaining my WWE Champion, when who hits me from behind with a Steel Chair, Vince McMahon.

Crowd Boos

Cena: So not only does Vince McMahon enter my business once, but also then he refuses to give me my rematch, so Vince McMahon screwed with me twice.

Crowd Boos

Cena: And Vince if you haven’t realised in the last five years I have been with this company, the one thing you don’t do is screw with John Cena!

Crowd Pops

Cena: But I am not the person who likes to sit and dwell on the past, complaining about how I got screwed. Because if I have to, I am going to climb all the way back to the top, so that one day I will retake my WWE Championship.

Crowd Pops

Cena: And Vince McMahon, I don’t give a damn if you’re my Boss, because that path will start TONIGHT!

Crowd Pops


Big pops for Cena’s temper

Cena: And if your two boys Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton want some, well boys COME FREAKIN GET SOME!

Crowd gives Cena a big pop as he walks off as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

“Break the walls down” hits and Chris Jericho comes down to the ring, wearing his wrestling tights along with a striped referee shirt. Jericho gets in the ring and he poses for the fans, before waiting for the competitors in the match to come down.

“My time is now” hits and John Cena comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. John Cena comes down to the ring looking very intense and focused, ahead of this upcoming match.

After a few seconds delay “No Chance in Hell” hits, and Vince McMahon surprisingly comes down to the ring with no backup whatsoever. And despite that he comes down with a big sadistic smile on his face. Vince however does not get into the ring. Jericho tells Vince to get in, but Vince refuses to do so.

Match 6
Singles Match
John Cena v Vince McMahon with Special Referee Chris Jericho

Well if you were hoping for Cena to kick Vince’s ass in this match, then you would be slightly disappointed. The match started off with Cena chasing Vince around the ring. Vince then gets in the ring, only to get tripped up by Chris Jericho. Jericho very sincerely (Yeah Right) apologises to Vince, who forgets about John Cena who goes right after the Boss with some hard right hands. John Cena then nearly takes Vince’s head off with a clothesline, which gets a huge pop. Cena then goes to lift Vince to his feet, when Vince low blows Cena! Vince then rolls to the outside and grabs a Steel Chair. Vince brings it into the ring with him and he starts to size up Cena, looking as though he is going to hit Cena with the Chair. But suddenly he turns direction and goes to hit Jericho with the chair, but Jericho blocks it! Jericho then snatches the chair off Vince, and then looks at both the chair and Vince, is he going to hit Vince with the Chair? No, Cena spins Vince around and sets him up for the F-U…….But from the crowd KEN KENNEDY AND RANDY ORTON GET IN THE RING AND ATTACK BOTH JOHN CENA AND CHRIS JERICHO, and the second referee on the outside calls for the bell!

Winner: John Cena via DQ in 2:13

After the match Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton continue to attack John Cena and Chris Jericho, as Vince McMahon smiles at what he is seeing. Ken Kennedy tosses John Cena to the outside of the ring, and he joins Randy Orton in attacking Chris Jericho. Ken Kennedy then holds Chris Jericho up, so Randy Orton can hit him with the RKO, when Vince McMahon stops him? Vince instructs orders to the WWE Champion and Ken Kennedy, who obey them as they go behind Jericho and hold him back by both arms. This allows Vince McMahon to get into Chris Jericho’s face, and Vince starts shouting in Chris Jericho’s face. Vince then starts pounding away at a defenceless Chris Jericho with some hard right hands, as the crowd boos Vince McMahon and his two sidekicks loudly. But then SHANE MCMAHON SPRINTS TO THE RING! Shane tells Vince that he wants a piece of Jericho, and Vince tells Shane to feel free. It looks as though Shane is going to hit Jericho, when he switches direction and hits Ken Kennedy with a hard right hand! John Cena then gets in the ring and starts pounding away at Randy Orton, as Shane and Kennedy go at it leaving Jericho and Vince! Jericho goes to get revenge on Vince, who flees the ring. Chris Jericho then helps out Shane, as he takes Kennedy down with a clothesline and Kennedy rolls to the outside, just as Randy Orton flees out of the ring aswell. Vince, Kennedy and Orton then make their way to the back, looking in the ring in shock as Chris Jericho and Shane McMahon shake hands. Then “Glass Shatters” hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out for the third time this evening to a big pop, with a mic in hand.

Austin: I have come out here to announce who will face Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at No Mercy! Randy in just over two weeks time, you are going to defend your WWE Championship against…Nobody!

The crowd boos Austin in shock, as Randy Orton who is also shocked, but in a good way.

Austin: The fact of the matter is that if you want a title shot, you have got to impress Stone Cold Steve Austin, and nobody has impressed Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Crowd Boos

Austin: But Randy you will be in a match at No Mercy. Because at No Mercy you are going to team up with Ken Kennedy to take on John Cena and Chris Jericho!

Crowd gives a slight pop, still a little disappointed that Orton doesn’t have to defend his title at the PPV.

Austin: And Randy if Ken Kennedy, Chris Jericho or John Cena get the winning decision. They will face you at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship!

Bit of a louder pop, as Randy doesn’t look too pleased at first, but then remembers he has got no title defence this month.

Austin: And if anybody has a problem with that, they can come say it to my face. Because that’s the Bottom Line, and no one can do anything about it.

Stone Cold’s music then hits as Jericho, Kennedy, Cena and Orton all lock eyes and stare down one another. With Jericho and Cena telling each other that they want Randy Orton’s WWE Championship, as Ken Kennedy stares at Randy Orton’s WWE Title Belt as the show comes to a close.


Raw Results
Cryme Time beat The Redneck Wrecking Crew in 6:58
Umaga beats Jeff Hardy in 10:35
Beth Phoenix and Melina beat Candice Michelle and Michelle McCool in 5:20
Cody Rhodes beats Hardcore Holly in 7:27
CM Punk and RVD defeat Carlito, John Morrison and Kevin Thorn in 10:21
John Cena defeats Vince McMahon via DQ in 2:13

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

Batista v The Undertaker
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Great opening promo man. Jericho and Cena were on the button and I think you deserve a pat on the back for having those two as faces and displaying their dislike for each other like that. It will certainly add more to this situation with Vince and his two buddies, fatal fourway at No Mercy maybe? Austin was in good character and it was good to see that he was putting his foot down and telling Vince who makes the matches, and what a main event. There’s no way Orton and Kennedy aren’t getting involved

First match was okay and after the recent events with Cryme Time, they were obviously going to take this one. It was best they did and using the belts too was a nice touch to rub salt in the wounds. What happened after with the wallet was bizarre and it took a few read throughs for me to get it

Jericho winding his new family up was funny and I loved the insults, which reminds me that the Lindsay Lohan line from Cena was great earlier too. It was effective as I can see you getting Shane and Steph involved somewhat now that they were on the show tonight. God can only wonder what Austin is going to do with Coach!

After massacring Triple H last week in the way he did, having him only beat Jeff cos Estrada shook the rope didn’t exactly reinforce the belief that Umaga will be able to cope with Triple H when he is back. The match was good and entertaining and I was waiting for Triple H to come out, which he did. The attack on Estrada was a good move as it keeps Umaga out of harms way for now and we wait in baited breath for next week now. I think you could have had Trips get a mic to announce the match though mate

The Cody/Holly promo was very good and intense. It’s a situation you’re dealing with well and it does work like this. They’re shit as champions IRL, so it’s great you’re going with this angle and having Cody stick up for himself eventually was a nice call too

The Womens match was kept short and you definitely had the right team win as the face team was beyond weak. But a Melina turn? Wow, not sure Melina would be right as a face at all, but I wouldn’t mind seeing you try as I don’t think it’s been done

Austin/Coach was just hilarious and would play out brilliantly on TV, it was so, so funny with the whole Coach gimmick and the fact Austin was playing him so brilliantly. Nice one man

The Santino interview I didn’t like simply because he’s said all this shit before. I don’t know whether it’s a bad idea as Austin is now in a position of power and it would help Santino to get on the wrong side so he gets some decent storylines, but it’s just that we’ve heard 95% of what you wrote

Cody/Holly match seemed okay and then this duo you’ve put together of Santino & Striker attack both of them to make a statement. It made sense, but with Santino doing this and already involved in a storyline, it seemed to make his remarks about Austin before irrelevant. Cody getting the win at Holly’s expense will certainly make it more interesting as Holly will be more likely to snap

Carlito/Morrison promo was okay, I liked both guys characters, but I thought Carlito was in fact quite cool, but I’m starting to get a feel for Morrison and his character now so I can relate to him more but this was good

The handicap match was fun and gave some real good action too. RVD starting off strong with the split leg, built it up at pace and I was waiting for the inevitable Punk/Carlito confrontation. Punk getting a win over the champion works for me as it sets the title match up I’m sure for the future, but after Morrison’s promo before, he was nowhere to be seen in the aftermath

Cena interview was good, short and to the point. It was in good character and played on everything he needed to, to demonstrate how much and why he hates Vince for what will be great to read later. A Jericho swerve would be so amazing if it happens

No major shock in the outcome of the main event, with the exception of Shane coming down and battering Kennedy with the chair. Where the hell did that come from? That was a shock and I’ve seen a great Shane/Kennedy feud in D-K-L’s thread and the two have a strong chemistry for sure. Glass Shatters for the third time tonight! Sure even Austin marks are draining, but interesting choice of match for No Mercy, half expected a 6 man with Shane and Vince added after what just happened

Overall, a very good show with only a few things I didn’t think came off that well. I know people mark for Austin, but he came out too much tonight and staying in his office but appearing on the tron would make things easier. He could have done that for the Umaga match, and I felt that you could have just had Jeff come out without having to announce the match there and then. The Santino promo wasn’t cool at all, but I’m loving the main event situation man!

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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Smackdown Preview

This week, Friday Night Smackdown into Indianapolis, where we will witness two extroadinary matches.

The main event sees Batista and The Undertaker who face each other in a Hell in a Cell Match at No Mercy, team up, to take on Edge and Rey Mysterio who also face each other at No Mercy, but for the World Heavyweight Championship. There is a lot of tension between two teams, so what will go down when rivals have to team up with one another?

Also have months of combating over who is better than who, MVP puts his United States Championship on the line against Matt Hardy. Will the team captain prevail? Or will Matt Hardy become the new United States Champion?

Also after weeks of upsets, Stevie Richards gets one more match with the Masterpiece Chris Masters. But however this time, there will be no disqualications. And finally the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble is in action against Jimmy Wang Yang. Will Noble end his horrible losing streak?

All this and more, so make sure to tune into the next edition of Friday Night Smackdown, 8/7 CT on the CW Network.

Confirmed Matches
Batista and The Undertaker v Edge and Rey Mysterio
Chris Masters v Stevie Richards-No DQ Match
Jamie Noble v Jimmy Wang Yang
Matt Hardy v MVP for United States Championship

Smackdown will be up either Wednesday or Thursday giving some time hopefully for atleast one or two Raw Reviws to come in.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Kane01's Raw Feedback

I loved the opening segment between Chris Jericho and John Cena. Both men were wonderfully in character and it flowed nicely. I really liked the tension between these two big babyfaces of the brand; it almost had a kind of Stone Cold and Rock kind of feel to it. Judging from Y2J's comments about "fring" Cena, I can definately see a feud on the horizon between these two. McMahon and Austin were right on cue as well. I can see Raw being an enormous amount of fun with these two vying for control of the brand. The match tonight between Cena and Vince should be ... interesting to say the least, but I'm more interested in what we will actually get as our WWE Championship match at No Mercy. We could get Orton/Cena, Orton/Jericho, Orton/Kennedy, Orton/Cena/Jericho, or even Orton/Cena/Jericho/Kennedy. The ME picture looks stacked, and that's good.

Wait a minute, I wasn't sure from this match, but are Cryme Tyme heels now, or are they just acting much more tweenerish than usual. If they are just faces, then it's a nice little storyline you have going with the World's Greatest Tag team for the titles, with CT stealing the belts. Cade and Murdoch are a solid team to throw in the picture as well, and it was cool the way CT got the heel teams brawling at the end.

Another quality segment from Jericho tonight. This just reeked of 2001 when Y2J just made a habit of completely owning The McMahons on a regular basis. I can see this situation with him as Vince's bastard son creating some amusing scenes in the next few weeks. As for what Coach has in mind, I can only speculate.

Estrada is awesome, no two ways about it. Umaga is so much better with AAE as his mouthpiece, I can't believe the 'E' ever broke them up. Hopefully in this thread the Hunter/'Mags feud isn't as one sided as it was in relief, where it sucked. Just like Jericho, Austin has been on fire tonight as well. A short but top notch promo from The Rattlesnake - "Your stupid little hat" - and then Jeff comes out to get murdered. Or not. Wasn't a squash at all, so Hardy could be going after the IC title quite soon then it seems. Triple H comes back already? I would have thought he'd be out for quite a while considering what happened to him a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I don't see why Umaga would not have gone back into the ring with The Game. 'Maga fears nothing, right? AAE taking the Pedigree is fine, but I just really hope that Umaga goes over at No Mercy.

Never really been onto the Cody Rhodes/Bob Holly feud much, but this is a nice bit of build for them. The miscomminication leading to a brawl between the two. I can see Rhodes pulling out the win tonight.

Awesome to see Candice and Michelle getting squashed in the next match. They both such to be honest, whereas Beth and Melina are both awesome. This could be an interesting feud between The Glamazon and Melina if that is indeed what you are going for, but who, I wonder, will end up being the face?

Oh man, you are on fire with Austin tonight aren't you, Kane? That was another very, very good segment from The Rattlesnake, this time with Coach. It was damn funny as well. I think it should become a routine thing, Stone Cold kicking Coach's ass Awesome stufff. Santino's little interview was gold as well, but I think he should get something else to do other than the 'Stone Cold obsession'. Intercontinental title plz.

Ha ha, I knew that Cody would be picking up the win tonight, but I honestly have no idea what the hell is going on with Santino and Striker. I guess they are feuding with Holly, or trying to recruit Rhodes or something. Could be interesting.

This interview was going fine with Carlito {who is awesome}, until John Morrison showed up and ruined it. Honestly, this guy is talented, but I wish you would give him a mouthpiece. Melina plz. Ineteresting to note that at the end of the Handicap Match, it was Carlito tapping out to CM Punk's Anaconda Vise. Oh, I think this almost guarantees an IC title shot for Punk soon.

Maria doing her comedy routine = stale, especially with Cena. I liked the intensity of Cena though once he finally got going. I can really see him putting the hurting on Vince tonight, although I hope the WWE Champion Orton isn't just relegated to being a run-in lackey for McMahon

Very exciting Main Event to say the least. Nothing really happened in the match itself, but it was still good fun to see Vince on the run. The aftermath was chaos though. What the hell is up with Shano 'O Mac? Nailing Kennedy? I could understand that if KK was Vince's illegitimate son, but he's not, Jericho is. I wonder why Shane is turning face. Stone Cold's announcement for No Mercy doesn'y exactly fill me with joy, as that kind of tag team contest seems more suited to an edition of Raw or something. The stipulation makes it quite interesting, and I can definately see Cena and Jericho making a double pin on Orton or Kennedy, resulting in a Triple Threat match at Survivor Series. Though I may be wrong ...

Overall, this was the best show of yours that I have read in a while, Kane. You were really on the ball with your promos tonight, with Santino shining briefly, but mainly Stone Cold and Jericho stole the entire show. Now that I'm reading properly, I understand everything that is going on. Good work
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Raw Review

Enjoyable opening segment. The tension between Jericho and Cena was definitely on point, and something one would expect considering the history between the two. Austin was strong as well, but his comments leave several things up in the air. First off, I assume Vince is still the boss, and if that's the case, he still has the power to make any match he wants. Secondly, if Austin is allowed to put Vince in matches, it needs to be explained how. Still, good segment.

Tag team division seems to be pure comedy at the moment, and that, I have no problem with. Always good to see the RWC and WGTT show a bit of personality.

If Jericho is Vince's actual son, he's just Shane and Steph's brother, not stepbrother. Decent segment. Didn't get the turkey joke at the end. Must be an English thing.

Should've had AAE rebut Austin. Estrada/Austin promos can be nothing short of amazing. Anyway, both guys were solid here. Glad to see 'Mags pick up the win, while keeping the methhead strong. Solid aftermath too. Not sure if I like Umaga walking away from Hunter, but he had the hammer. So yeah...

You would think someone else would have already informed Holly of what actually went down, rit?

What happened to Mickie? Return from injury with major push over these jobber divas plz. Thank God Beth and Melina pick up the win. Far better than their opponents in this match. Beth-Melina feud could be decent. Are they both heels?

lmao, Austin is awesome. Good stuff.

Santino is almost as awesome as Austin. a couple of his lines seemed a bit force instead of his usual ditsiness. But still strong nevertheless.

Interesting shenanigans going on in this match with Striker and Santino helping out Rhodes. New stable possibly? Either that, or a Striker/Santino - Rhodes/Holly feud.

Carlito was alright in the segment, but at the moment, Morrison is nothing more than a series of catchphrases and monikers. Up to you to pull something with a little more substance out of his character.

Doesn't say much for Carlito and Morrison, considering they couldn't beat Punk with a three on two advantage. I haven't the slightest clue as to why Van Dam is upset. Looking forward to seeing this as it develops...... <<< I sound just like a news anchor. ~__~

This is the second time I've read a show of yours where a nice swerve was undercut by an announcement. The Shane swerve should've ended the program, and then the announcement could've been made sometime during next week's show. Still, the main event was good enough, and Shane's turn was unexpected. Hopefully, we get a decent explanation next week. Tag match for No Mercy seems like quite the filler match, but SD's strong half of the card makes up for it.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Sorry for the delay for Smackdown, have been ill the last few days so it took longer for me to write. The reason why there is one recapped promo in this show, is because i wrote it and just when formatting the show realised it wasn't there. So i must not of saved it after writing it, and i just want to get the show up now, so that's why there is one promo which is recapped. Anyway enough talking, here's Smackdown.

WWE Smackdown!
28th September 2007

“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits as the Smackdown Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

Michael Cole: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, where tonight we have two enormous matches.

JBL: Your right Batista and The Undertaker who face each other in a Hell in a Cell at No Mercy team up, to take on Edge and Rey Mysterio who are also facing each other at No Mercy, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cole: Huge main event. But also tonight finally Matt Hardy gets his shot at MVP’s United States Champion, as the Tag Team Champions face off for MVP’s gold.

JBL: Tonight Cole, MVP will prove why he is the captain of the team, and he is going to give out wrestle and out class Matt Hardy.

Cole: We will see about that, but lets kick off the show with the Cutting Edge!

We then cut to the ring where Edge is already in the ring with a mic in hand, lying down on his couch. Edge then gets to his feet.

Edge: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the most controversial talk show in history, THE CUTTING EDGE!

Huge heat

Edge: As always hosted by your World Heavyweight Champion, THE RATED R SUPERSTAR, EDGE!

Huge heat

Edge: And tonight is going to be a huge night for all you Edgeheads. Because tonight my No Mercy opponent, Rey Mysterio will team up with me to take on Batista and The Undertaker!

Crowd Pops

Edge: And before I bring my guest out for the Cutting Edge, since this my show, I am going to talk about more important things than my guest has to say, because I am going to talk about issues, which resolve around myself.


Edge: Y’see in just over two weeks time at No Mercy. I am going to face the man who I defeated at Summerslam…….Who I defeated at Unforgiven………And who I am going to DESTROY AT NO MERCY, REY MYSTERIO!

Big heat

Edge: Ever since Rey Mysterio became number one contender, I have heard people talk about how; Rey Mysterio is going to get third time lucky. That he is going to take MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops


Huge heat

Edge: Like it or not I speak the truth. You people might not agree with me, but I COULDN’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK!

Huge heat

Edge: Unlike Rey Mysterio. Ever since he joined the WWE, Rey Mysterio has been sucking on you chump stains like a Banana. For the past 5 years he has tried to get all of you on his side, and has tried to make himself out, to be some kind of superhero. Well let me tell you this Spiderman, when you come diving at me, YOUR GOING TO FALL FLAT ON YOUR FACE!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Because at No Mercy I am going to…..

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a thunderous mixed ovation from the crowd due to his recent actions. As Batista makes his way down to the ring, Edge speaks even over the music.

Edge: Hey, hang on, hold it right there….Go! I haven’t given you your cue yet. Go away and come back when I am ready.

Batista ignores Edge and enters the ring, as his music cuts off.

Edge: Didn’t you listen to me? Who do you think you are? I wasn’t ready for you to com…..

Batista: You might of not been ready, but I was sick and tired of waiting for you to stop running your mouth!

Crowd Pops

Batista: I didn’t accept your offer to be on the Cutting Edge to listen to what you have to say; I came out here to talk about my match at No Mercy with The Undertaker!

Crowd Pops

Batista: And if your not going to ask me any questions, you can either leave this ring, or I will throw you out of this ring!

Crowd Pops

Edge: You know what I have changed my mind. You’re no longer welcome on the Cutting Edge, so you can scoot off because you’re not welcome!

Big heat from the crowd as Batista gives a slight smirk.

Batista: Edge, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Small pop

Batista: I am not moving anywhere Edge. I am going to talk about my Hell in a Cell match at No Mercy, and if you have a problem with that feel free to let your feelings known. Because I will have no problem kicking your ass, RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!

Big pops

Batista: But Edge I would advise you to listen to what I have to say. Because I talked to Teddy Long earlier today, and a stipulation has been added to my match. You see the winner of my match with the Undertaker, will get a World Heavyweight Title Shot at Survivor Series!

Crowd Pops as Edge turns away from Batista, and shakes his head not happy at what he just heard.

Batista: So when I’m through beating The Undertaker…

Mixed reaction from the crowd

Batista: And if you happen to beat Rey Mysterio at No Mercy. At Survivor Series I am going to get my title shot, and I am going to REGAIN MY WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, as they would rather see The Undertaker get a title shot. Edge at first glances at Batista in anger, before a smirk appears on his face for some reason.

Edge: Well that’s great Dave but I forgot to tell you. You’re not the only guest on tonight’s show.

Edge then laughs as Batista looks on in confusion.

“Gong” hits and the arena turns dark. The crowd then gives a huge pop, as the lights come back on to reveal The Undertaker, who is face to face with Batista, with both men staring a hole through one another. The Undertaker takes off his hat and rolls his eyes to Batista, who does not look intimidated at all. Then Batista throws a hard right hand at Undertaker, and BATISTA AND THE UNDERTAKER GO AT IT! Neither man seems to gain an advantage, as both men relentlessly pound away at one another. Referee’s and Road Agents come rushing down to the ring to split the two men up, dragging both men to opposite corners. However Batista gets himself free, and charges up at The Undertaker and the two men go at it again. This time they can’t split the two up, but The Undertaker gets the better of Batista and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside. The Undertaker goes to go after Batista on the outside, but the referee’s hold him back from doing so. Things finally calm down, as in the ring Edge goes over to The Undertaker and starts clapping to him, happy at what he did to Batista. But The Undertaker turns around and looks at Edge manically. Edge realises he is in trouble and goes to back off, but The Undertaker grabs him by the throat! He lifts Edge in the air and goes for the Chokeslam, but BATISTA ENTERS THE RING AND SPEARS UNDERTAKER! Batista then stands over The Undertaker, looking down at him very intensely. Batista then leaves the ring and we go to a commercial, as The Undertaker sits up and looks at Batista.

Commercial Break

Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and just before the break we had a very volatile situation. As Batista and the Undertaker went face to face, and when Undertaker went to Chokeslam Edge, Batista speared the Undertaker.

JBL: Michael how are these two men going to co-exist when they team up tonight in a Tag Team Match?

Cole: Also how are Rey Mysterio and Edge going to co-exist, what a huge main event this is going to be.

Kenny Dykstra’s music hits, and Kenny Dykstra comes out to some decent heat from the crowd. As he makes his way down, we are shown footage of his victory over Ric Flair last week.

“You will remember me” hits and Chuck Palumbo rides down to the ring on his motorcycle to a nice pop. He rides around the ring and parks it on the ramp, before entering the ring.

Match 1
Singles Match
Chuck Palumbo v Kenny Dykstra

We get a rather solid back and forth physical contest, to kick-start the wrestling side of the show. The match started off at a very quick pace, with both men coming close to getting the victory in the early going. However the pace slowed down when Kenny Dykstra took Palumbo off the ring apron face first onto the barricade with an impressive Springboard Dropkick. Kenny Dykstra played a smart strategy, keeping the big man on the ground working over his neck. However Chuck Palumbo fought back into the match, after Dykstra climbed up top and Chuck Palumbo tossed him off the top rope down onto the mat below. Chuck Palumbo then went full throttle on Dykstra, hitting him with numerous power manoeuvres. Chuck Palumbo hit Dykstra with a big Superkick, but somehow Dykstra kicked out at two. Palumbo then went to finish off Dykstra with his Full Throttle finishing manoeuvre, but Dykstra blocked it and then connected with a Rolling Cutter onto Chuck Palumbo. Dykstra then climbed up to the top rope, and came off with the Sky High Leg Drop. Dykstra then made the cover and in a huge shocker Kenny Dykstra picks up the clean victory.

Winner: Kenny Dykstra in 6:04

Cole: What an upset, young Kenny Dykstra has beat Chuck Palumbo. What a huge win for Kenny Dykstra

JBL: This man is on a role Cole, last week he beat the Nature Boy, Ric Flair and this week he beats Chuck Palumbo. This man is the future of Smackdown.

We then go straight backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy, who gets a big pop from the crowd.

Josh: Matt Hardy, finally tonight you get your opportunity at MVP’s United States Championship. How do you feel ahead of this huge match?

Matt: Josh I have waited for this title opportunity, ever since the Great American Bash. MVP beat me that night, and I have waited for too long to get my rematch. MVP used the Tag Team Championships as a way to stop me from facing him for the United States Championship. And do you know why, because MVP is scared of me!

Crowd Pops

Matt: Because he knows that I can beat MVP, and he knows that I can take his United States Championship. And tonight that is exactly what I am going to do!

Crowd Pops

Matt: Because I am going to walk out of Indianapolis with the United States Champion, and after tonight I will have no problem sharing the Tag Team Championships with MVP. The only question Josh is if MVP makes a good loser, because MVP after tonight you can call me Captain.

Matt Hardy then walks off the screen leaving Josh Matthews, when the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble enters the scene to some heat.

Noble: Josh, how could you interview a loser like Matt Hardy over a Champion like Jamie Noble. What has Matt Hardy done, except from having his girlfriend sleep with the entire Smackdown Roster. I think you need to interview a real man like Jamie Noble!

Crowd Boos

Josh: So you want me to interview you?

Jamie: What? A man of my class to be interviewed by a scumbag like you? Get out of my picture.

Jamie Noble softly pushes Josh away, signalling for him to get out of the way.

Jamie Noble: Last week I proved to the world why I am the greatest Cruiserweight in the world. I proved to the world that Kid Kash is no match for the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time, Jamie Noble!

Big heat

Noble: Kid Kash got three lucky victories against me, and last week I brought that redneck back to reality. I gave him the beating of his life, and he is now in a hospital bed telling his children that he got his butt whipped by the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all time!

Big heat

Noble: And tonight I am going to prove to the world that just like Kid Kash, Jimmy Wang Yang has no right to be in the same ring as me.

Jamie Noble then walks off as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Jimmy Wang Yang in the ring awaiting his opponent.

“Slam Smack” hits and Jamie Noble comes down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. Noble comes down to the ring with a big smug look on his face, looking pleased about what went down last week.

Match 2
Singles Match
Jamie Noble v Jimmy Wang Yang

We get another very exciting bout here, with Jimmy Wang Yang proving why he could be a credible challenger for Jamie Noble in the future. At the start Jimmy used some very effective high flying moves, taking Jamie Noble to the outside with a Hurricarana, before hitting a springboard somersault plancha onto Jamie Noble on the outside. However the tide of the match turned when Jamie Noble, whipped Jimmy Wang Yang knees first into the steel steps, causing a lot of damage to Jimmy’s knees, and Jamie started to work over the knees knowing Jimmy Wang Yang is in trouble. Jamie Noble played a very smart game, keeping Jimmy Wang Yang grounded on the mat, weakening him for a possible submission finish. It looked like Noble was going to get the Submission Finish when Noble locked on a Boston Crab to Jimmy Wang Yang, but Yang somehow grabbed the ropes. Wang Yang then showed some heart and despite his injury to his knee, Wang Yang fought back after connecting with a Jumping Spinning Leg Lariat to the jaw of Jamie Noble. Wang Yang stepped up a gear and even looked like he could get the victory, when he connected with a Tornado DDT, but Noble got his feet on the ropes at two. The referee was then taken down after, Wang Yang accidentally took him down with a clothesline. Jamie Noble took advantage low blowing Yang, before grabbing his Cruiserweight Title Belt. Noble went to hit Yang with it BUT KID KASH SPRINTS TO THE RING! Kid Kash and Noble went at it, with Kash getting the better of Noble, and connecting with a Brain buster DDT onto Noble’s title belt! Kash then woke the referee up, as Jimmy Wang Yang connected with a Corkscrew 450 Splash, and hooks the leg to get the win!

Winner: Jimmy Wang Yang in 7:46

After the match Jimmy Wang Yang celebrates his victory on the outside as Kid Kash immediately gets back into the ring. Kid Kash goes to get revenge for last week, as he goes to lock on the Dragon Sleeper, but Jamie Noble feels the move about to be locked onto him, and he quickly scurries out of the ring. Kid Kash challenges Noble to get back into the ring as “MacMillitant” hits and Smackdown General Managed Teddy Long, comes out onto the ramp with a mic in hand.

Teddy Long: Hang on Playas I have got a proposition for both of you. You want to fight so badly, well I am going to give you that fight. In fact, I am going to give you seven fights.

Crowd Pops as Noble and Kash look intrigued.

Long: You see starting at No Mercy, we are going to have ourselves A BEST OF 7 SERIES!

Crowd Pops as Kash smiles, while Noble shakes his head in disagreement.

Long: Now Playas, I am sure you can Holla Holla that.

Teddy Long then makes his way to the back with his music playing, as Noble and Kash lock eyes.

No Mercy Commercial

“Oh Yeah” hits and Matt Hardy’s music is met with a big pop from the crowd. However we wait, and wait, and wait, but there is no sign of Matt Hardy.

We then cut backstage to a locker room full of superstars crowding around a BLOODIED AND KNOCKED OUT MATT HARDY! Paramedics rush in as superstars like Ric Flair, Stevie Richards, the Major Brothers, and a few Cruiserweights look on. Then MVP rushes into the locker room.

MVP: Hey what the Hell happened?

Flair: You attacked Matt Hardy that’s what happened!

MVP: Hey don’t blame this on me Ric. I was just getting ready to enter the arena, when I hear that my Tag Team partner has been knocked out….

Flair: Oh don’t give me that crap Montel. You have never wanted to face Matt Hardy and you know it. So that’s why you came in here and ambushed Matt Hardy..

An angered MVP then shoves Ric Flair, who shoves MVP back, and the two men are about to go at it when the other superstars in the Locker Room break them up. We then see Teddy Long storm into the locker room

Teddy Long: What the hell has happened here?

Paramedic: We don’t, all we know is that he has been attacked.

Long: Is he going to be able to wrestle?

Paramedic: No we need to take him away immediately.

We see a smirk appear on MVP’s face, until Teddy Long turns around and gives MVP a stern look.

MVP: Hey, Hey, hang on a minute now. Don’t you say that you think I did this too right?

Long: No I never said that, because there is no proof at this time that you did it. But MVP I said you were going to have a United States Title Match tonight, and I am not going to let these fans down. So there will be a replacement for your match.

Crowd Pops as MVP doesn’t look too pleased.

Long: Because next, you are going to defend your United States Championship against…….KANE!

Crowd Pops

Long: Now get ready because your match is next.

MVP looks like he is going to blow, but he keeps his anger inside of him, and just storms off knowing he has an ever tougher challenge in store.

Commercial Break

“I’m Comin” hits and the US Champion MVP makes his way down to the ring to some big heat. He still doesn’t look too pleased, that he has to come down and face his long-term rival Kane.

“Slow Chemical” hits and Kane comes out to a big pop from the crowd. Kane comes down, with a maniacal look on his face, knowing that this is his chance to become the US Champion.

Match 3
United States Championship
Kane v MVP ©

Was a huge disappointment for everyone watching that Matt Hardy did not face MVP as expected, and instead we see a match which has been done a thousand and one times in the past. But despite that, we get a very enjoyable match between the two men. MVP took it to the Big Red Machine early on, but should of not exchanged blows with Kane who got the better of MVP pounding away at him into the corner. Kane then went through his everyday move set, and things early on looked very bad for MVP. But we saw a fantastic piece of athleticism by the Champion, as Kane climbed to the top rope to connect with the diving clothesline, MVP hurried up to the top rope and connected with a big arm drag to Kane off the top rope down to the mat below. We then saw a very physical side to MVP; with MVP knowing his title is on the line, and knows he has to do everything he can to get the win over a Monster like Kane. MVP came so close to getting the victory, after literally knocking Kane’s head off with the Playas Boot, but Kane kicked out at two. Kane then started to fight back into the match, and we saw some back and forth action between the two, with both men having chances to win. The end of the match saw MVP set Kane up for the Playmaker, but Kane spins out of it and grabbed MVP by the throat and connected with the Chokeslam! Kane was too hurt and could not make the cover, and when he went to make the cover, MVP smartly rolled to the outside realising the trouble he was in. The referee then told Kane to stay in the ring, and he checked up on MVP on the outside. And with the referee sidetracked, FINLAY COMES FROM NOWHERE AND CRACKS A SHILLELAGH OVER THE INJURED LEG OF KANE! That only knocked Kane to his knees, so Finlay then cracks the Shillelagh over the skull of Kane, before scurrying out of the ring. MVP who saw what just happened, recovers into the ring and hooks the leg, and gets the three count to retain his title!

Winner: Still United States Champion MVP in 9:11

After the match MVP grabs hold of his US Title, and raises it in the air as Finlay walks to the back, looking at the damage he has just done. As MVP is celebrating in the ring, HE IS SUDDENLY CLOTHESLINED OUT OF NOWHERE BY MARCUS COR VON! ELIJAH BURKE THEN RUSHES INTO THE RING AND HE AND COR VON BEAT DOWN MVP! Cor Von then picks MVP up to his feet and drives him into the corner, and hits him with repeated shoulder thrusts to the sternum. Cor Von then grabs hold of MVP, as Elijah Burke rushes to the opposite corner. Elijah then rushes up and connects with the Elijah Express, Marcus Cor Von then rushes off the ropes and connects the Pounce onto a groggy MVP. Elijah Burke then gets onto his knees and gets in MVP’s face, saying that he and Cor Von are coming after MVP and Matt Hardy’s Tag Team Championships. Cor Von and Burke then leave the ring, as Michael Cole speculates that it was them who attacked Matt Hardy.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the random pairing of the night, featuring Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore, who are in the ring warming up for this up coming contest.

“Power of the Punch” hits and the UK Connection consisting of Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill come down to the ring, along with group leader William Regal. William Regal steps up onto the ring apron and waves to the crowd, as Burchill and McIntyre look much more serious, staring at their opponents.

Match 4
Tag Team Match
Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore v UK Connection with William Regal

Just like their match last week, we get a rather short match here, which was mostly dominated by McIntyre and Burchill. Once again we see some nice double team moves by Burchill and McIntyre, who seem to work very well as a team. The only time when Kidman and Moore had any offence in the match, was mid way through thanks to Billy Kidman. But as Kidman climbed to the top rope, William Regal distracted him on the outside, allowing McIntyre to push Kidman off the top rope to the concrete floor on the outside. The ending of the match saw McIntyre connect with the Swinging Side Slam into Sitout Facebuster on Shannon Moore, which was followed by the C-4 by Paul Burchill onto poor Shannon Moore. Burchill hooked the leg and got the easy 1-2-3.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill in 4:03

Cole: Another impressive victory for the UK Connection, and they are looking to be a real force in the WWE.

JBL: These two men remind me of a young William Regal, and that is why William Regal has brought them to the WWE.

Cole: Well folks in just over two weeks time, The Undertaker will take on Batista in a Hell in a Cell Match. The Undertaker has a legendary status is this Steel Structure. He has ended careers and has made people famous. Let’s see what I am talking about.

A video package shows, highlighting The Undertaker’s past in Hell in a Cell Matches. We see clips of the destruction he has caused to the likes of Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Rikishi and Brock Lesnar.
We then cut to the backstage area where we see Batista watching a Monitor, with Batista having just watched that video package of The Undertaker. Batista smirks before opening his bag and he searches through it. Then suddenly the light in Batista’s Locker room turns off. Batista who is in complete darkness then turns his attention to the TV Monitor, where we see a Casket in a Graveyard on the screen. The casket then slowly opens revealing a mannequin of Batista! Batista looks on at the mannequin version of himself in the casket with anger in his eyes. Then suddenly he grabs the TV and throws the TV against the Wall! An absolutely livid Batista then tips a table over, before storming out of his locker room, as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

*See speech at top of show for why this promo is recapped*

When we return from commercial “Sprach Zarathustra” hits and Ric Flair comes down to the ring to a huge pop. Or is it Ric Flair? Or for the second time in a week, it is Chavo Guerrero coming down to the ring dressed as Ric Flair. Chavo..oh I mean Ric Flair gets in the ring and takes a mic. Chavo cuts a promo mocking and insulting Ric Flair. Chavo says that he is fed up of 120 year old men like Ric Flair get the limelight every week, while deserving and talented people like Chavo Guerrero are forced to mock people to get some TV Time and make an impression. After a few more mock “Whoos” and Nature Boy struts, Ric Flair finally comes down to the ring with a purpose. Flair gets into the ring and he and Chavo exchange hard right hands, with Flair getting the better of Chavo, until, Chavo pulls something out of his tights and blasts Flair over the skull with it knocking Flair out. Chavo then reveals that he hit Flair with some Brass Knucks. Chavo doesn’t finish there however, as he gets Flair into the Figure 4 Leg Lock! Flair screams in pain as Chavo refuses to let go of the hold. Chavo then grabs Flair’s hand and taps his hand of the mat.Chavo then lets go of the hold and tells everyone that he made Ric Flair tap out to his own hold.

Don’t try this at home commercial

We return to see Stevie Richards making his way down to the ring to a decent pop from the crowd. We are shown highlights of previous matches between Richards and Masters, with Richards upsetting Masters on three occasions.

“Masterpiece” hits and Chris Masters comes out to some heat from the crowd. He comes down looking very focused on the match ahead, knowing he realistically has to beat Richards if he can get anywhere on Smackdown.

Match 5
No Disqualifications
Chris Masters v Stevie Richards

Chris Masters entered the match will full confidence, believing that this match against Richards would be a walk in the park. But very surprisingly Richards got a lot more offence in than their previous encounters, with Masters being on the defence for the majority of. We saw a very physical side to Stevie Richards, with the highlight being Richards kicking Masters head, sandwiching it between Richard’s boot and the Steel Step on the outside. Stevie Richards came so close to the victory when Chris Masters brought a chair into the ring, only for Richards to connect with the Stevie Kick with the chair smashing off Masters skull. But the tide of the match turned, when Chris Masters got Richards set up in the air for the Powerbomb, but instead of dropping him on the mat, Masters powerbombed Richards spine first off the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring. Masters then started to attack the back of Richards, at one point repeatedly driving the Steel Chair into the spine of Stevie Richards. This all ended up with Chris Master locking on the Masterlock, and Richards passed out ending Master’s jinx against Stevie Richards.

Winner: Chris Masters in 6:28

After the match Chris Masters tosses Richards to the ground, as the referee goes to raise his arm in the air. But Chris Masters suddenly takes the referee down with a big clothesline; damn near taking the refs head off. Chris Masters then raises his own arm in the air as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Rey Mysterio warming up for his upcoming contest, when his tag team partner and the man he faces at No Mercy for the World Heavyweight Championship, Edge steps into the scene to some big heat.

Edge: Hey how’s it doing….PARTNER!

Edge laughs as Mysterio scowls

Edge: Now Rey we have a match coming up next, and I don’t want you to screw this up. Because World Heavyweight Champions don’t lose, and all you have done since returning is lose…

Big heat

Edge: But aslong as you listen to me, and just stay on the apron the whole match. We have nothing to worry about.

Mysterio: Is that right Edge? Well if your so confident Edge, I might aswell not come out tonight and team with you, because you sound so confident you can take Batista and Undertaker on yourself!

Crowd Pops

Edge: Hey I didn’t mean it like that….

Mysterio: Just like I thought Edge. But let me tell you this Edge we might be partners now, but as soon as the bell rings to signal the end of the match. Don’t be surprised to get a phonecall from 619!

Huge pops for Mysterio, who then walks away leaving a very angry Edge, as we go to our final commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial “Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio comes down to a huge pop from the crowd. Mysterio pops out of the ground, and comes down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside.

“Metalingus” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge comes down to the ring, to some huge heat from the crowd. Edge at the top of the ramp raises his title in the air, setting off some pyros. Before making his way down to the ring, immediately locking eyes with his rival, and his tag team partner tonight Rey Mysterio.

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a huge reaction, mostly pops scattered around with a couple of boos. Batista sets off his pyros, before making his way down to the ring, looking very focused on the match ahead.

“Gong” hits and The Undertaker comes out to the biggest pop of the evening. As Undertaker makes his way down to the ring, Batista leaves the ring and faces down the ramp towards The Undertaker. Undertaker sees this and the two men walk face to face, and they start an intense stare down just moments before they are supposed to team up. Meanwhile in the ring Rey Mysterio and Edge are shoving one another, as The Undertaker and Batista finally split and go to enter the ring. But they are suddenly halted, when Rey Mysterio speeds up towards the ropes, connecting with a Crossbody plancha onto Undertaker and Batista on the outside!

Match 6
Tag Team Match
Batista and The Undertaker v Edge and Rey Mysterio

We finish off Smackdown, with an explosive contest, featuring two teams consisting of men who quite frankly hate each other. It was a very entertaining back and forth match, with neither team able to gain an advantage, because of both teams not getting along throughout the match, with both teams arguing and very aggressively tagging each other in. However in the early going it appeared as though there would be no problems between Edge and Rey Mysterio. With both men using their speed to their advantage, and even doing some very effective double-teaming. But when Mysterio shoved Edge out of his way so he could get to the corner of the ring and climb the turnbuckle, Edge didn’t take it very well. So as Mysterio went for a diving Crossbody, Edge caught Mysterio in mid air with a Dropkick. Batista and Undertaker then had the match’s only dominant phase, with Batista and Undertaker despite not getting along, worked over Mysterio and kept him as far away from Edge as possible. Batista hit a Spinebuster onto Mysterio, and set him up for the Batista Bomb, but surprisingly Edge helped Mysterio out, hitting a chop block to the back of Batista’s knees. It then looked as though Mysterio was going to tag Edge in, and he did so but with a dropkick to the jaw taking him off the apron. And as Edge got into the ring, Batista slapped The Undertaker across the face as he tagged Taker in. It looked as though Batista and Taker were going to go at it, but Edge stopped that from happening when he attacked The Undertaker from behind. The ending of the match saw mayhem let loose. The two legal men went at it with Batista taking Mysterio to the outside with a clothesline, and the two illegal men went at it with The Undertaker Choke Slamming Edge. Undertaker then turns around into BATISTA WHO GOES FOR THE SPEAR, BUT UNDERTAKER CATCHES BATISTA AND HITS THE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! The Undertaker then walked out on Batista, as Rey Mysterio connected with the Droppin the Dime on Batista and got the three count!

Winners: Edge and Rey Mysterio in 12:29

Cole: Mysterio picks up the victory what a match! And what an ending to the match. Batista goes for the spear on his own partner, but gets caught with the Tombstone Piledriver.

JBL: Michael I have never seen anything like it, I have seen so much problems between both teams like I have done tonight. Edge and Mysterio got the win, but in just over two weeks time they will battle it out for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Cole: And also The Undertaker will face Batista in a Hell in a Cell Match. But that’s all we have got time for tonight, make sure to tune in next week. On Friday Night Smackdown

The show comes to a close with Batista looking down at the ramp at Undertaker in frustration, as Mysterio signals to Edge that in two weeks time he will take his World Heavyweight Championship.


Smackdown Results
Kenny Dykstra beats Chuck Palumbo in 6:04
Jimmy Wang Yang beats Jamie Noble in 7:46
MVP defeats Kane in 9:11 to retain his United States Championship
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill beat Billy Kidman and Shannon Moore in 4:03
Chris Masters defeats Stevie Richards in 6:28 in a No Disqualification Match
Edge and Rey Mysterio beat Batista and The Undertaker in 12:29

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Edge © v Rey Mysterio

Batista v The Undertaker
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Man, Kane01, I've simply overlooked you thread time and time again. For some reason, I keep passing it by, I guess. Anyway, sure glad I've noticed it again here. Smackdown looks to be a quality effort, despite your KOP'ish/realism'ish angles and storylines. Anyway, I am definitely gonna try to get you some comments up. But I've had a rather hecitc last couple days, and I must get to KOP first, then Mac, and then I'll check you out. Might not be till Tuesday. Later friend.

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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Opening promo with Edge was pretty good. Edge was the best part of this by a long way, Batista as a tweener it seems, not fully fledged heel was decent to read. The match for tonight looks a little explosive to say the least. I didn’t count on Taker coming out like he did, but it was great to see Edge get choke slammed. I can’t make my mind up whether he should have high tailed it or not, but huge start to the show

Palumbo and Dykstra put a better match on to start the show than I expected. Dykstra looked good in the match and it’s good to see you recognising the talent he has, good win for him and I like that he did it clean too. The start of things to come?

The dual interviews with Matt Hardy and Jamie Noble were a good idea as we got a filler into two decent promos instead, putting both matches over for later on. Matt seemed in character, but Jamie’s promo was better, probably cos it was more comical and aggressive. Some good stuff from Noble, and that’s great to see as he is awesome in the ring and it seems you’re doing a good job of mixing them together to give him a real push as a strong champion

Noble’s match with Yang was very good, great to read and very realistic of how it would come off on TV. I didn’t think we would see Kid Kash, but that was an added bonus. I think a DQ would have been better as Yang isn’t going to benefit too much from this, but the loss for Noble is nothing too big. Best of 7, fucking yes please! Bring it on

Matt being attacked by MVP, too obvious I think. I’m not sure who else it could be, but I like that you had MVP back himself up with Flair and Teddy. Long would make MVP suffer and give the fans what he promised, so Kane as an alternative is very cool. I was ready for the change to take place, but a second straight run in, ruined that possibility. Again, I don’t think a pinfall victory was needed over the DQ as MVP retained anyway and he could have escaped, leaving Finlay and Kane to brawl, slipping out of the picture himself. But obviously, you wanted The New Breed attack to happen, so I can understand that now. I don’t see them as faces, Burke in particular, so this attack was a little random and confusing, but I know it’s heading somewhere good

A squash match to put the UK Connection over was good to see and shows that they are imposing and strong champions. Will be interesting to see who challenges them, but a nice finish with the C4. The Batista promo was really good, very freaky and shows that Batista is in deep trouble and that he is hot about the situation going into the match later

I wonder if Chavo’s push in ECW is done to them seeing your work with him on here! Seeing you started this feud a while ago and before his push IRL, it’s great to see him developing in this way, and this was a great promo, booked brilliantly. The brass attack as I will call it, worked brilliantly and then the use of the figure four, just brilliant. Nice job

Masters beating Stevie at last was always going to happen, but in a way, a newly aggressive Masters is good thing all round as he can be taken more seriously now. He looked hot in his match and should be moving up the roster soon

Edge/Rey promo was a nice little filler and teaser for the main event. I so wish Rey had walked out on Edge, but it was great seeing Edge so cocky and then realise his own mistake, showing us he is a coward. The main event itself was good, very strange concept with opponents together, but Batista became the third person tonight to lose thanks to an attack not from his opponent. Taker walking out on Batista I think should have been the other way round, but giving Rey a win was the obvious idea you wanted to get him over as a possible threat to Edge’s title, which he really isn’t

Overall, some really great booking here. Looking at Chavo in particular, some of the match endings could have gone the other way or ended in a DQ, but nothing major here, a really great show man
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

SD Review

Opening seg - Good solid way to build up the main event scene of both tonight and the PPV, filling the air time up with some big match promises. Edge got angry pretty early on and I was suprised not to see Rey in the late moments but besides that, did it's job well.

Match1 - Good opening description for the match, rather than some of the BS generic stuff alot of bookers provide. Match seems to be that of a good pace to start off the show and as suprised as I was to see Kenny get the win, it's a good sign of difference and I hope you take this to something a bit different, as opposed to the same matches repeatedly.

Matt seg - Realistic, hype-building and a good ending from Matt. The right stuff going into a big Title match. Tbh though it could have been left there as Noble's promo was far far too repetitive and never gave him much to work with considering his match was straight after.

Match2 - Again, delivering the goods sensibly with some nice array of moves. Both guys looked strong and Kash's emergence seemed perfect aswell, but my only problem with the situation was the aftermath. The best of 7 series can work really well but with two guys like this who had faced 4 times already, you'd really need to use some variety. Stip matches, tag matches etc. I mean 11 matches between two guys can really drag on. Plus Wang gets a good win and no reward from it? Maybe interject him in there so he can mean something afterwards.

Matt seg - Oooh the tension. Nice one. My only problem though is once again, you need to break a bit further from reality. We've seen Kane/MVP before and even though you had him nearly come to blows with Flair, you still opted for the "already-done" option.

Match3 - Nicely done match with all the right ingredients, so theres no flaws in your match style I can see anyway. Finlay I didn't see coming because he's already had his beef with Kane in the past (back to the "already-done" stuff) but the New Breed coming in and Cole analysing the attack was something really good to see, as it filled in all the gaps.

Match4 - Squash matches aren't the most exciting of matches but they do their job well, as did this contest. Your new stable's certainly got some weight behind it and with Regal staying involved like he did here, one more big PPV win and you can easily throw these into the Title hunt. I like it.

Batista seg - Short but awesome at the same time. Really shows that after this long, Tista isn't intimidated anymore. Great build.

Chavo seg - First off it's a good idea for a fued, having two guys who haven't tango'd before. Secondly, if Chavo did the dress-up thing already then why do it again? You should have more idea's than that for a recapped promo. I hope to see a bit "more" and a bit of variety out of these two as it seems like a good starting idea.

Match5 - Good match with plenty of spots and the right momentum, but why didn't Steve go for the cover after the Stevie kick? I mean if Masters was to kick out there, you could have just thrown in a different big move in it's place. Makes Richards look a little confused which isn't what you want after a big stip match.

Edge seg - Good in-character stuff from both guys, with just the right words said too. Not alot I can say here but great build promo.

Main Event - Great stuff as per usual. Nice mix of moves, dominance, rivalries and hype. No complaints here whatsoever, and I mean that. Great way to cap off the show in style.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Sorry for the delay for Raw, been ill for the last week and a half and was waiting to see if i got better before the weekend. But i haven't so this week's Raw will be in recap.

1st October 2007
Cleveland Ohio

*Opening video and pyro*

After the traditional Raw opening, “No Chance in Hell” hits and Vince McMahon comes down to the ring along with the WWE Champion Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Vince immediately grabs a mic and orders the backstage crew to cut his music. We get an enormously long promo to kick off the show, which starts off with Vince ranting at Jericho for splitting his family apart. Vince says that Jericho has turned his own son Shane against him. Vince says that Jericho can have his fun and try and split their family apart, but at No Mercy Vince’s Corporation consisting of Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy are going to tear Chris Jericho and John Cena apart. Vince then calls Shane to the ring, so Shane can explain his actions from last week. But instead of Shane “Break the Walls down” hits and Chris Jericho comes out with a mic in hand. Jericho tells Vince to Shut the Hell up, and tells him that he is sick and tired of hearing Vince wine and moan. Jericho then starts throwing a tirade of insults at all three men in the ring, calling them “Corporate Jackasses”. Eventually Randy Orton cuts in and says that Jericho can run his mouth all he likes, but when they get in the ring at No Mercy Randy Orton will prove that Chris Jericho doesn’t have what it takes anymore. Jericho then challenges Orton to a match tonight to prove he stills has what it takes, but before Orton can answer Ken Kennedy cuts him off finally and accepts the challenge meaning that tonight Chris Jericho will go one on one with Ken Kennedy. After a short exchange of words between Kennedy and Jericho, Jericho says why wait for later and he makes his way down to the ring. He stops just outside of the ring however as “My Time is Now” hits and John Cena floods to the ring. Vince quickly escapes the ring as Cena and Jericho get in it, and they brawl with Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Cena and Jericho get the better of Orton and Kennedy, as Vince gets back into the ring with a Steel Chair in hand. Vince goes to hit Jericho with the chair, but from behind Shane McMahon snatches the chair off Vince! They have a short stare down, before Shane swings the chair at Vince, who sees it coming and quickly gets out of the ring, as Orton and Kennedy are both tossed out of the ring. Shane then stares down at his father, with intensity in his eyes, as Vince looks on in shock that his own son was about to hit him with a Steel Chair.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we go straight over to JR and Jerry Lawler who announce that Stone Cold has made a four man tournament. With the winner getting an Intercontinental Championship match against Carlito at No Mercy. The semi final matches in this tournament are CM Punk v Kevin Thorn, and the next match between Rob Van Dam and John Morrison.

The Intercontinental Number One Contender Tournament starts off with a great match between Rob Van Dam and John Morrison. We get a very fast paced back and forth contest, with both men using their bodies to hit high flying moves, doing anything they can to advance to the final next week. Just like last week we saw a very physical side to Rob Van Dam. RVD set John Morrison hanging head first over the barricade, and RVD climbed to the top rope, connecting with a diving spinning leg drop over the back of John Morrison’s neck. John Morrison picked up some momentum in the middle of the match, and came so close to victory with a Moonsault off the top rope, but RVD kicked out at two. The ending of the match saw RVD climb up top for the split legged moonsault, but John Morrison rushed up to his feet. He connected with a Powerbomb to RVD off the top rope, and made the cover putting both of his feet on the ropes, and the referee makes the three count not realising Morrison’s feet were on the rope!
Winner: John Morrison in 9:22

After the match John Morrison quickly escapes the ring and celebrates, what could be called an upset victory. Meanwhile in the ring RVD is furious, and he starts arguing with the referee. RVD then suddenly rushes at the ref and goes to attack him, but fortunately the referee just makes it out of the ring at time. RVD then leaves the ring and kicks the steel steps on the outside, before going over to JR and King at ringside and shouting that was “Bullshit”. JR apologises for what RVD just said as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin playing darts, with the dartboard on the door. The door then opens as Steve Austin throws a dart, and in comes Shelton Benjamin who has to duck Austin’s dart and Charlie Haas. Austin asks the Worlds Greatest Tag Team who the hell they think they are for interrupting Stone Cold Steve Austin playing a game of darts. Charlie Haas tells Austin that he is fed up of seeing Cryme Time running around, with their Tag Team Championships. Haas tells Austin that he needs to do something about it. Austin replies by telling them that they lost the belts you silly bastards, so they need to do something about it. Austin says that tonight he will give them a chance to do something about it, because they will face Cryme Time tonight. Benjamin and Haas thank Austin before walking out of the office, only for Armando Alejando Estrada (Who has a neck brace on, because of Triple H hitting him with the Pedigree last week) to walk into the office. Armando tries to tell Austin that Triple H needs to be punished after what happened last week, but after every couple of words he says Stone Cold responds with a What. Armando starts to get fed up and tells Austin to stop shouting what, to which Austin responds Speak English then. Armando then tells Stone Cold that Triple H needs to be punished, in a very slow mocking tone. Austin then says he now realises what Estrada was saying, and that he wants to kick Triple H’s ass. Stone Cold then makes a Tag Team match with Estrada and Umaga facing Jeff Hardy and Triple H. Estrada goes to complain about Austin’s decision, but is cut off by a “Uh Huh” to which Estrada storms off.

Commercial Break

Our second match of the night sees a very important match in the Womens Division, with a win for Melina or Candice, would surely put them in contention for a Womens Title Shot. We get a pretty decent Womens contest between the two Divas, with Beth Phoenix watching on from ringside. Both divas came close to victory throughout the match, with a forward Russian Leg Drop, but Melina kicked out at two. Near the end of the match Melina started to pick up some momentum, after nearly knocking Candice out with a boot to the face. Moments later Melina took the victory, after connecting with the Kyrapractor.
Winner: Melina in 4:47

We go backstage to see Hardcore Holly looking extremely pissed off, probably due to his loss against Cody Rhodes last week. Hardcore thumps the wall with his fist, as we see the Intercontinental Champion Carlito walk into the frame. Carlito proceeds to laugh and mock Hardcore about his loss to Cody Rhodes last week, saying that Cody Rhodes is a loser, and him losing to Cody Rhodes makes him a loser, and losers aren’t cool. Hardcore responds by challenging Carlito to a match for his Intercontinental Championship tonight to prove he is not a loser. Carlito accepts the offer and says that after he beats Hardcore tonight he is going to spit in his face. Hardcore tells Carlito that this is what he is going to after he beats Carlito, and then out of nowhere he nearly slaps Carlito’s face off. A smirk then appears on Hardcore’s face as he walks off, leaving an angry Intercontinental Champion.

Commercial Break

The third match of the evening sees the second match in the Intercontinental Number One Contender Tournament, with CM Punk going one on one with Kevin Thorn accompanied to the ring by Ariel. With the winner of this match facing John Morrison next week, with the winner of that facing Carlito at No Mercy for the Intercontinental Championship. Complicated enough for you? We get a very good big man v little man match here with CM Punk showing no fear to his larger opponent. CM Punk used his speed to his advantage in the early going, but the tide of the match turned when Ariel got involved in the match. Ariel distracted Punk as he climbed to the top rope, which allowed Kevin Thorn to knock Punk off the top rope down onto the floor on the outside. The pace of the match slowed down as Kevin Thorn started to work over the back of CM Punk. Thorn dominated Punk, coming close to victory after a Sitdown Torture Rack Backbreaker Drop, with Punk kicking out literally just before the count of 3. CM Punk picked up some momentum later on in the match, going through his move set on Thorn. Punk came close to victory after locking on the Anaconda Vice onto Thorn, but he locked it on too near the ropes and Thorn grabbed the bottom rope. The ending of the match saw CM Punk go for the GTS on Thorn, but he couldn’t lift Thorn up because of his bad back. Kevin Thorn then hit the Crucifix Powerbomb on Punk and made the cover, but Punk kicked out of Thorn’s finisher! This infuriated the monster, who then got himself disqualified on purpose after smashing a Steel Chair over the back of CM Punk.
Winner: CM Punk via DQ in 7:19

We then go backstage to see Steve Austin playing with his guitar in his office, where we also see a random production member on the floor knocked out by Stone Cold’s feet. Then we hear the door to the office fling open, and we see a furious RVD walk into the office. RVD starts ranting and raving about he is being held down, and that he shouldn’t even be fighting to get a title shot for the Intercontinental Title Shot. RVD says that he should be fighting for the WWE Title, and is sick of undeserving guys like Randy Orton and John Cena getting all the title shots, while he is stuck opening the card against some boy band wannabe. Austin eventually finally shuts up RVD, and says that if he wants to make an impression, he will give him a chance to do so. He announces that next week RVD will go one on one with Umaga. Austin then tells RVD to get the hell out of his office. Moments after RVD walks out, in walks Jonathon Coachman. Coach complains about how Austin treated him last week, saying that a General Manager should not lay his hands, especially on somebody as important as Jonathon Coachman. Coach tells Austin that he has to apologise right now. Austin surprisingly agrees with Coach, saying that he shouldn’t of done what he done last week. Austin then apologises to Coach, who accepts his apology. Coach then goes to walk out, when Steve Austin gets to his feet with his Guitar in hand. AND HE SMASHES THE GUITAR OVER THE BACK OF COACH’S HEAD! Austin looks down at a knocked out Jonathon Coachman, and shouts at Coach Don’t Trust Anybody. Austin then picks up Coach’s lifeless body and throws him out of his office.

Commercial Break

The forth match of the night sees a very enjoyable tag team match with the Tag Team Champions, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and the team who are holding the tag belts Cryme Time. It was your typical formula for a Tag Team Match, with Cryme Time making a bright start to the match. Only for the Worlds Greatest Tag Team to get back into the match, and JTG plays the face in peril. JTG eventually made the face comeback, after he ducked a superkick from Benjamin who accidentally hit his own partner with the move. JTG then tags in Big Shad, who starts to clean house on both Benjamin and Haas. They go to finish off Benjamin with the G9, but as JTG bounces off the ropes, Haas trips him up and pulls JTG to the outside. Big Shad then went to make the save, but Benjamin came from behind with a roll up grabbing a handful of tights to get the victory.
Winners: Worlds Greatest Tag Team in 5:36

After the match the Worlds Greatest Tag Team ask for Cryme Time to give them their belts back since they beat them. It looks like Cryme Time have finally gave in as they grab the Tag Team Championship Belts. They then offer the belts to Benjamin and Haas. But just as they go to take back their titles, JTG and Shad clock the Tag Team Belts over Benjamin and Haas’s skulls. Cryme Time then leave the ring and go into the crowd taking a mic with them. JTG asks the crowd who wants a Tag Team Championship belt. Cryme Time then sell off the Tag Team Championships to two members of the crowd, as the Worlds Greatest Tag Team look on absolutely livid.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham standing by Triple H. Todd shows Triple H the footage of Umaga attacking him two weeks ago on Raw after his Steel Cage Match. Todd Grisham goes to ask Triple H a question, but mid way through a stretcher with Jonathon Coachman is pushed past the Interview Scene. We can hear Jonathon Coachman who does not know where he is asking his mummy where they are going. Triple H looks at Todd and signals one moment before going over to Coach and hitting him with a big hard right hand. Triple H then walks back into the interview scene and tells Todd he couldn’t resist. Todd then finishes his question asking Triple H, if he is 100% going into his match with Umaga in 13 days time. Triple H then cuts an intense little promo, saying that he is not 100% but Umaga tried to end his career, and he is not going to waste any time in a Hospital Bed so he can get his revenge. He says that at No Mercy, he is going to beat Umaga within an inch of his life and teach him that there’s one thing you do, and that’s Play the Game. Triple H then stares into the camera breathing heavily, as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see a graphic, showing that next week will be the debut of Santino Marella’s new talk show “Santino’s Casa”. And that his first guest on the show, will be none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Despite this match being a Tag Match, it was more of a handicap match as Armando Alejandro Estrada refused to get in the ring, leaving Umaga to fight both Jeff Hardy and Triple H. This allowed Triple H and Jeff Hardy to dominate the match in the early going. But the tide of the match turned when Umaga dodged a Whisper in the Wind by Jeff Hardy. Umaga then started to go through his move set on Hardy, but Hardy showed some resiliency kicking out after every big move by Umaga. Umaga set Hardy up for the Samoan Wrecking Ball, but Hardy moved out of the way at just the right time and tagged in Triple H. Triple and Umaga brawled it out with Triple H getting the better of Umaga, hitting a running knee smash followed by a Spinning Spinebuster. Triple H then set Umaga up for the Pedigree, but Estrada on the apron distracted Triple H long enough so that Umaga could counter the Pedigree into a Back Body Drop. Umaga then viciously started beating away at Triple H, and it looked like he could get the win when he connected with the Samoan Wrecking Ball on Triple H. But Armando wanted to be tagged in so that he could make the cover. Umaga tagged Estrada in, who went for the cover, but Triple H kicked out. Estrada went to tag Umaga in immediately, but Jeff Hardy rushed past him and took Umaga off the apron to the outside with a dropkick. Jeff Hardy then looked at Estrada, who backed off not wanting any part of Jeff Hardy. But Estrada backed off into Triple H, who spun Estrada around and connected with the Pedigree. Triple H made the cover and got the pinfall.
Winners: Triple H and Jeff Hardy in 6:08

Commercial Break

The sixth match of the evening sees the Intercontinental Championship on the line, as Carlito defends the title against Hardcore Holly. We got a decent match out of the two, despite the match being kept short due to time constraints. The match was pretty much all Hardcore Holly, with Carlito only able to get in a few moves. Early on Carlito went for the Back Cracker on Hardcore Holly, who blocked it by holding onto the top rope letting Carlito fall to the mat on himself. Hardcore ever so nearly picked up the victory after connecting with the Alabama Slammer, but somehow Carlito got his foot on the bottom rope at two. Late on in the match Matt Stryker made his way down to the ring, attempting to distract Hardcore Holly. But it didn’t work as Hardcore continued to dominate the match, but late on he accidentally took down the referee with a dropkick meant for Carlito. This allowed Matt Stryker to get into the ring, and Stryker started to beat away at Hardcore Holly into the corner. Then Cody Rhodes runs down the ramp to make the save. Rhodes grabs Carlito’s Intercontinental Title Belt, and he goes to hit Matt Stryker with it, but Stryker ducks and Cody hits Hardcore Holly with the title belt! Matt Stryker then escapes the ring as Cody looks on in shock at what just happened. Carlito meanwhile calls for another referee to come down to the ring as he goes to take advantage and make the cover. Cody escapes the ring knowing he has made a mistake, as a new referee comes down and gives Carlito the win.
Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Carlito in 5:48

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham again standing by John Cena. Todd asks John how is he and Chris Jericho going to be able to coexist at No Mercy, when not only don’t they like each other but also the man who gets the pinfall in the match gets a title shot at Survivor Series. John tells Todd that was the most stupid question he has ever heard, because he knows there is no chance in hell that he and Chris Jericho are going to be able to coexist. He says that despite the fact that they want to tear Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy apart, they both also want a title shot at Survivor Series. He says whether Jericho likes it or not, Cena is going to do all he can to make sure that he gets the winning pinfall. And if that means he has to attack his own partner, well Shit Happens. John Cena then walks off as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The main event of the evening sees Chris Jericho make his wrestling return as he goes one on one with Ken Kennedy. Jericho’s first match back is very good, and is one of the better Raw matches in recent times, showing that Jericho has lost nothing of what he used to have. We get a very back and forth contest between the two, with both men having plenty of chances to get the victory. However the excitement of being back for Jericho became too much, as when he went to catapult himself over the top rope to the outside, Kennedy moved out of the way and Chris Jericho hurt his knee after an awkward landing. Ken Kennedy then proceeded to work over the injured knee of Chris Jericho, looking to hurt it enough so he can beat Chris Jericho by submission. Ken Kennedy attempted to beat Chris Jericho in the most embarrassing fashion, locking on Chris Jericho’s own finisher the Walls of Jericho. Chris Jericho however crawled to the ropes, and then moments later got back into the match after hitting the Code Breaker onto Ken Kennedy. Chris Jericho then started to pick up some momentum, going through his move set on Kennedy. Jericho hit the Bulldog on Kennedy and then went for the Liansault, but as he went to jump onto the middle rope, he stopped in mid air as his knee gave way. This allowed Kennedy some time, as he came from behind with a Chop Block onto Jericho. The ending of the match saw Ken Kennedy set Jericho up on his shoulders, when Chris Jericho slid off and tripped Ken Kennedy to the mat, locking on the Walls of Jericho. The match looked over for Kennedy, when suddenly Vince McMahon rushed to the ring. Vince distracted the referee as Kennedy started tapping out. Then through the crowd came Randy Orton who came from behind Jericho, hitting him with the RKO. Orton then looked down at Jericho with a Psychotic look, and he then sized him up for the Punt Kick. But down the ramp came John Cena, and Cena goes straight after Orton taking him to the outside with a Clothesline. Vince McMahon in anger then grabbed a Steel Chair on the outside and brought it into the ring with him. Vince waits for Jericho to get to his feet as the referee tries to stop Vince. Vince goes to swing when Shane McMahon floods down to the ring. Vince immediately flees the ring. Shane watches his father on the outside as Jericho runs to the ropes, and connects with the Liansault and hooks the legs for the three count.
Winner: Chris Jericho in 10:30

After the match Chris Jericho celebrates his victory raising his arms in the air walking backwards, as John Cena does the “You Can’t See Me” taunt to Randy Orton down the ramp as he also walks backwards, and Cena and Jericho bump in the middle of the ring. John Cena and Chris Jericho get into an intense stare down, with both men signalling to one another that they are going to get the title shot. It looks like the two men are going to come to blows, but Shane McMahon splits the two men up telling them to stop it and get along. Raw then comes to an end as the Corporation on the ramp, like what they see in the ring.


Raw Results
John Morrison beats Rob Van Dam in 9:22
Melina beats Candice Michelle in 4:47
CM Punk beats Kevin Thorn via DQ in 7:19
Worlds Greatest Tag Team beat Cryme Time in 5:36
Triple H and Jeff Hardy beat Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada in 6:08
Carlito defeats Hardcore Holly in 5:48 to retain his Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho beats Ken Kennedy in 10:30

Current WWE No Mercy Card

Triple H v Umaga

Chris Jericho and John Cena v Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton

Batista v The Undertaker

Carlito © v CM Punk/John Morrison

Edge © v Rey Mysterio
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