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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Unforgiven Feedback

I don’t blame you for recapping this show, Survivor Series is doing my head in right now!

On to the show, terrific match to start and one that would really get me into the show, and the crowd too I think. There was some real fast pace as the match went on with some nice spots, but I can’t believe that London would kick out of the T Bone suplex. I wasn’t sure who was going to win as Shelton looked dominant and I thought that would change, but it didn’t. Real nice match to start and it gets the show off to a good start

The two promos were interesting. A typical Vince segment early on in a PPV, only tonight we find out who his son is. I hope to god it’s not Kennedy, but I think you know better and will spring a surprise on us. Batista not in the main event is a bit of a shock, but it still should be a good match, but there’s no way he’s not interfering in this one

Umaga and Jeff just got insanely brutal. It started off real good and I thought we were going to see a real back and forth ending. I couldn’t see Jeff losing this one clean and I think you did an okay job of it. If you’re planning on pushing Umaga out of this, then you’ve done him a favour here. I’m just not sure what Jeff does from here, whether he makes a revenge attack and that leads to a pay off match or not. Umaga did look simply unstoppable, I’m not sure whether a DQ would have been a better call and if all the samoan spikes were needed

The Cena/Vince promo was good and I would love to have seen. Cena was in great character, winding up an already tightly wrapped Vince and it led to some funny banter. The ECW interview was good too, they were fired up, well RVD was. The Sabu part makes it a little more interesting, but should be an intriguing match

Wow, what a brutal match up. I never thought it would have gone that far, but I’m so glad it did. Even though there was some insane spots, like the Morrison springboard through all four tables, it all flowed very naturally. Barbed wire involved too and the use of the Van Terminator at the end too was a great way to finish off a very entertaining read

The Orton interview was really good, he was so focused and intense like his character usually is. It was something I would have liked to seen more detail of, but we get the deal, Orton is pumped and gunning for Cena

The WWE Tag titles I always thought would stay with Matt & MVP, I double checked my predictions before writing it. The Matt/MVP tension worked well for the match and you could sense something would happen. Regal & Taylor though never looked likely enough of winning the titles and it came as no shock when Matt & MVP got the win, well Matt did. Matt’s reaction to being pushed off the apron was real good for his character as he needed the momentum more than MVP, and hitting the Twist of Fate on him before winning the match was a nice touch

Nice little teaser promo with Vince & Kennedy, I know it’s not going to be him for sure now, although I don’t think Vince will be happy. Why do I get the feeling Vince will be disappointed?

Booker/Triple H was okay and I really marked out I must admit when Booker spun out of the pedigree and hit a book end, that was brilliant. I could never see him winning the match, so when he went for his a spinerooni, I knew he had it lost. Nice ending, and that should be onto bigger things for Triple H now

Edge interview would have been good to see too. Whining but yet so arrogant and self confident at the same time. There is no way in hell he is losing the title tonight. The Booker promo was pretty good too and I am happy that you had Vince get angry when he didn’t get what he wanted. I love seeing Vince lose it and he sure did here, better get the sing song ready for Booker and his next match “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye”. You’re doing the right thing man

Taker Henry had to be short, because it would suck, but this description was alright and Taker had to win, putting up a brave fight too. But what happened next was just crazy, it came out of nowhere. I can’t for the life of me figure out why Batista would take all his frustration out on The Undertaker in this way. It’s obviously going somewhere, and I can’t wait to find out where, just came out of nowhere. The explanation that followed made sense and did clear it up. I like the heel side to Batista a great deal and will look forward to seeing what you do with him

World title match just got a bit more interesting now that Batista won’t be getting involved. I didn’t see Edge losing his title and that was the case. Man I love these matches with all the chaos that comes with them. The double suplex through the announce table was realistic of a massive heel pair of Edge and Finlay, but then it all went wrong. Edge getting a chair shot and a chokeslam, I thought would take him out of it for good. Lucky for him, it carried on like a back and forth world title match as he managed to sneak it the way Edge should. MOTN by far

The main event was just brilliant to read, it was just brutal and so entertaining. It carried on where the last match left off and I think you played to the rules of Last Man Standing perfectly, doing things that you wouldn’t in a No DQ match. Orton really gave Cena a beating early on before Cena managed to muster a fight back. That’s just how it would go IRL and played out for the better. Vince getting involved, I wasn’t sure about. Having beef with Cena certainly made it believable, but then Kennedy comes down out of nowhere. I’m not sure whether he’s actually the son or he’s trying to make out he is. Great finish as it doesn’t make Cena look weak, and it is a big screw job. The attack after might not have been that necessary, and just when I thought it would be Kennedy, Jericho out of nowhere. Now that is a shock and very interesting. Seeing a son who will battle against Vince will be great to read in the future and certainly makes it very intriguing for the next month or so. Great way to finish the show

Overall it was a very entertaining show, capped with a terrific double main event and the shock that Jericho is Vince’s son. Nice PPV man!
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

PW Insider-Backstage News and Rumours

Originally Posted by "PW Insider.com
Last Night’s Unforgiven Pay Per View was considered a huge success, with many people backstage believing that it was the best PPV of the year bar the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. The biggest news to come out from Unforgiven of course is the return of Chris Jericho. There had been no rumours or possible give away to anybody outside the company that Chris Jericho was going to return, so the company did a good job of not giving Jericho’s return away. It is expected that after what happened last night Chris Jericho will feud with Ken Kennedy along with his now on screen father Vince McMahon, leading to a possible match between Jericho and Kennedy at Wrestlemania.

Also from what we learnt, tonight on Raw King Booker will face Triple H in a Steel Cage, in which if he loses he will leave the company. We reported before Unforgiven that a former World Heavyweight Champion was going to leave the company, and this news basically confirms that King Booker along with Sharmell will be leaving the company. It is expected at this time that they will straight away move onto wrestling for TNA.

It has also been reported the WWE has planned to change the style of its programming. The WWE management have been very disappointed with ratings over the past year, and are planning to make their shows more edgy and include more twists and shocks to bring in higher ratings. Last night’s Unforgiven PPV quite possibly started this change of style of programming, as we saw three very violent matches during the night and also the shock of Chris Jericho being Vince McMahon’s son.

A former WWE Champion has been scheduled to appear on Raw tonight. It is most likely that will be just another one off special appearance.

And finally, just hours after wrestling on a WWE PPV. WWE.COM has announced that they have come to terms with the release of David Taylor. They stated that they wish Taylor the best in his future endeavours. It is expected that the UKConnection will carry on however, as it is expected that William Regal is going to form a Stable along with the debuting Drew McIntyre and the re-debuting Paul Burchill in the near future.
Raw should be up in the next five days or so, and will try and give out as many reviews as I can before then.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

I’m jumping straight into the BTB, so don’t expect a review of beefy goodness. Just want to return the review and try to get into the BTB.

The Tag Titles would’ve made for an excellent opening match, great choice for a curtain jerker. Lots of cool spots in the match, and the ending was pretty darn killer. ‘Rana into a ‘bomb is pretty sweet in and of itself, but when from the top turnbuckle, it gets even better. Solid writing, solid opener.

The Coach and Vinnie Mac segment was pretty much filler, while I like the heel tease with Batista. Batista’s pretty bland as a face, so if he does turn heel, I’d like it.

Umaga/Hardy is a match that no matter what, I will love and hate the ending. I would like to see both men go over, but it just won’t happen. And actually, the ending ended up being worse than what I would’ve wanted, as I felt Hardy ended up looking terribly weak by losing via KO in under 10 minutes. These 2 guys are definitely two men who could be pushed well, so I’m not fond of one being buried like this. However, I’ll take Umaga going over like this still. He’s a beast. Fuck Samoa Joe; Umaga’s the real Samoan machine.

Anyone else see the problem in CM Punk being an ECW original? Yes? Okay, good. As for the other promo… if you have Cena get hurt like IRL, I’ll R&R every show he’s out for. Promise. :P

The ECW match was pretty much bad ass. Lots of killer spots, although the guitar spot irked me; guitar = Jeff Jarrett = TNA… I would’ve loved it if you had Thorn no-sell it. That would’ve been gold. Morrison’s springboard moony through the tables, the Crucifix Bomb, although RVD’s lack of selling was a bit meh… ring psychology was forgotten in this match, sire. Trash can instead of steel chair for the Van Terminator? BOO~! Cool to see the VT busted out for the finish, although I still didn’t like the lack of psychology.

Fun Orton promo, although some typo’s and grammatical errors threw me off; had to re-read the ending portions two or three additional times. T’was obnoxious to do so.

The SD Tag Titles match was el stinko; there was just nothing really interesting about it. I’m not a big SD fan to begin with, and MVP is not someone I like, and Taylor is bleh. Glad to see the oddball duo retain the Belts, and Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on MVP was a nice touch, although makes the challengers look like bitches for not being able to capitalize on it.

I definitely would’ve liked to see a longer match between Booker and Trips, and the ending being out of nowhere. However, I like King Bookah having some shades of Booker T in the match; Booker T > King Booker.

Edge’s promo was nice, but not much to say. I like the fired stipulation for Booker, and I can actually see Booker possibly losing, TBH.

I’m not sure why, but the WHC match just didn’t interest me too whole much. Probably because I’m just jumping into it. I knew from the get-go Kane and Finlay had no chance of winning, so that may have hindered me as well. However, I did like the cheap ending with Edge crawling onto Kane for the pin after Finlay dumped himself & Rey over the top rope. Edge didn’t even have to do anything, but he walks away Champ. I can dig it. And Rey doesn’t take the pin, which I also like because he’s the only legit WHC contender out of the 3 challengers.

The LSM match was pretty darn sweet… I liked the little spot where Cena got up before ten, and then fell back down. I could see some controversy in that, as Cena did fail to meet the count fully by falling back down again. Didn’t like how quickly some of the guys recovered from a few spots, i.e. the FU on the ring steps, but alas. Vinny Mac helping out Orton/screwing Cena was pretty wicked, but I’m not sure if I love or hate the fact Cena didn’t go down right after McMahon screwed him. Kennedy coming to help screw Cena WOULD have been awesome if you didn’t fuck up the typing so bad. Ken Kennedy smashes the chair across the back of Kennedy? Kennedy smashes the chair across the skull of Kennedy? That KILLS that whole entire screw job. However, tying Cena’s feet to the bottom rope was a pretty creative touch, and a great way to make Cena look like a champ while still losing.

I don’t really like Y2J as the bastard son, TBH. So much is known about Jericho, the son of the Rangers hockey player (Ted Irvine?), etc. Would’ve liked to just see Kennedy be the bastard son and be done with it. Jericho could’ve easily made his return to save everyone from Vinny Mac and co. Meh to the ending.

Overall, a good PPV for what it was; me having no prior knowledge of what was going down. Some nice matches like the opener, ECW match, and the LMS match. You botched some shit though, especially in that Last Man Standing match, that really hurt the execution and performance of everything. And, the Jericho thing was a bit of a let down, although, it was something different, so I can accept that. I’ll continue to try and R&R in the future though, as there is definitely some stuff that has my interest. I enjoyed your work with FD, and I look to enjoy your stuff solo.

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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Forgot to do a preview and i have got the show written so no point posting it. Took me a bit longer to do this show than hoped as i have been ill over the last few days, but anyway here it is.

WWE Raw!

Nashville Tennessee
17th September 2007

Before the show starts we get a video recap showing the highlights from last nights Unforgiven PPV. The Worlds Greatest Tag Team retain their titles, Umaga crushes Jeff Hardy, The ECW Originals defeat the New Breed in an Extreme Rules Match, Triple H beats King Booker, Randy Orton retains his WWE Title in a hellacious Last Man Standing Match, and Chris Jericho makes his return and reveals that he is the illegitimate son of Vince McMahon.

“To be Loved” by Papa Roach hits as the Raw Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans holding up their signs aloft. The camera pans amongst them before going over to JR and King at ringside.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m good ol’ J.R. Jim Ross, here alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler and we are here in Nashville Tennessee, just 24 hours after one of the greatest Pay Per Views in recent times, Unforgiven.

King: And JR last night was one of the craziest nights I have seen in my life, and tonight it will be even crazier.

JR: Tonight’s main event will see a rematch from Unforgiven, as King Booker’s career is on the line against Triple H in a Steel Cage Match.

King: It looks bad for King Booker, but there is no way that royalty such as himself will lose to a peasant like Triple H three times in a row.

JR: Also last night saw one of the biggest shocks in WWE History, as Chris Jericho made his return and announced that he is the Bastard Son of Vince McMahon. And tonight on Raw, we will see the return of the Highlight Reel. As Chris Jericho will make his raw return and his guest on the highlight reel, will be none other than Vince McMahon.

“No Chance in Hell” hits and Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring to huge heat accompanied by his executive assistant Jonathon Coachman. As he makes his way down to the ring “Y2J” chants echo around the arena, which seem to annoy Vince, as his face turns red in anger and he begins to snarl. Vince and Coach get into the ring, and Vince grabs a mic. He goes to speak, when he gets cuts off by thousand of Nashville Tennessee fans that continue to chant “Y2J”. Vince waits for them to die down, before going to speak again when they continue to chant “Y2J”. Vince looks like he is about to lose his temper, before Jonathon Coachman grabs a mic.


Coach is cut off by thousands of booing fans. Coach adjusts his suit, trying to brush off the heat.

Coach: This man is the reason why each and every one of you, are here tonight so shut up and give Mister McMahon the respect he deserves!

Huge heat is given to Jonathon Coachman, as Vince thanks Coach before putting a mic to his mouth.

Vince: Just for the record last night was supposed to be the greatest night of my life. Last night I was told that I was going to find out WHO my illegitimate son is. I was expecting to find out that my son was somebody who I could be proud of, somebody like Ken Kennedy!

Crowd Boos Ken Kennedy

Vince: Or our WWE Champion Randy Orton!

Huge heat for Orton

Vince: But instead I found out that my son is none other than…..(Clears throat and says In disgust) CHRIS JERICHO!

Huge pops for Jericho


Crowd Boos

Vince: There is no chance in Hell, that my son is an egotistical SOB like Chris Jericho. Chris Jericho lied to me, and I am going to punish him for doing so!

Big heat

Vince: So Chris Jericho I am not going to wait for your Highlight Reel, I want you to come out right here right now so I can tell you face to face, that YOUR FIRED!

Huge heat for Vince McMahon, as Jonathon Coachman claps in the background.

Vince: Come on Chris…

Vince very impatiently waits for Jericho, before “My Time is Now” hits and John Cena makes his way down to the ring to a tremendous pop. John Cena enters the ring and takes a mic, as Vince’s faces shakes in anger.

Vince: John I didn’t ask for, I asked for Chris Jericho so get the hel……

John Cena puts his hand to Vince’s mouth cutting him off.

Cena: As a certain relative of yours would say at this time. Vince McMahon WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP!

Big pops for Cena

Cena: I haven’t come out here to talk about Chris Jericho being your son, because I could not GIVE A DAMN! The only thing I could give a Damn about is MY WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!

Big pops

Cena: And Vince McMahon last night I was literally this close (Cena shows McMahon how close using his fingers), this close to regaining my WWE Championship. When all of a sudden who comes along and hits me over the back with a Steel Chair, oh yes Vince McMahon!

Big heat for McMahon who looks like he has just remembered what he did last night.

Cena: So Vince I have every right to come out here, and Shove my Chain Down your Throat!

John Cena shows off his chain to Vince, whose face turns even redder.

Cena: But I’m not going to do that..

Big heat


Huge pops from the crowd liking the prospect of the match. Cena takes off his T-Shirt and tells Vince to give him his title shot. Vince and Coach look at each other before Vince puts the mic to his mouth.

Vince: NO!

Huge heat for Vince as Cena looks up to the top of the arena cheesed off.

Vince: John Cena your not the kind of man, I want representing this company! John Cena you are a thug, and John Cena you will never again win the WWE Championship as I have a living bone in my body!

Even bigger heat for Vince, as Coach applauds Vince. John Cena takes off his cap and tosses it into the crowd.

Cena: Well Vince, I gave you a chance. This business is between just Randy Orton and me. But by you saying no, you have entered yourself into my business!

The crowd then pops as John Cena gets into Vince McMahon’s face.

Cena: And what that means Vince is well………….F-U!

JOHN CENA SUDDENLY HOISTS VINCE MCMAHON ONTO HIS SHOULDERS AND CONNECTS WITH THE F-U ON THE CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD! John Cena then escapes the ring and quickly makes his way to the back, knowing he has made himself clear. Meanwhile in the ring Jonathon Coachman (Who was too slow in trying to stop Cena), checks up on Vince McMahon. Cena chants echo around the arena as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Jonathon Coachman helping Vince McMahon backstage. Coach helps place Vince on a chair.

Coach: Sir, are you sure you’re all right?

Vince: How dare he lay his hands on me….

Coach: Sir what do you want me to do about Cena? I can call the cops, get security to escort him out of the building….

Vince: No..(Winces in pain holding onto his back)…Don’t do that.

Coach: Well what do you want me to do then?

Vince: What you can do Coach is put John Cena in a match. A Three on One Handicap Match!

The crowd boos Vince, as Coach smiles at Vince’s idea.

Vince: You can put John Cena in a match with Snitsky and the Redneck Wrecking Crew tonight!
Crowd Boos

Vince: And you go tell them three, that if they can take John Cena out tonight. I will give them (Thinks) a title shot at any title they want!

Coach: OK I will go do that.

Coach then walks out as Vince again winces in pain, still feeling the effects after that F-U

“Bringing Da Hood To U” hits and Cryme Time make their way down to the ring to a decent reception from the crowd. Cryme Time now make their entrance to the ring in a Low Rider. They get out of the car, and they show off their bling to the crowd, before getting into the ring.

“Worlds Greatest” The WWE Tag Team Champions, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team come down to the ring to some pretty decent heat from the crowd. We are shown highlights of their fantastic match at Unforgiven versus the Hooligans. We then cut back to the ring, where the match is ready to start.

Match One
Tag Team Match
Cryme Time v The Worlds Greatest Tag Team

We get a pretty solid opening match here, with Cryme Time giving the Champs a good fight, showing why they could be future contenders for the belts. Cryme Time start off the match with full aggression, with Benjamin and Haas struggling to get any offence in. This however chances when the illegal man Shelton Benjamin, hit a leaping enzuigiri from the ring apron to JTG as he was bouncing off the ropes. JTG then played the face in peril, as Benjamin and Haas played a very effective double team game on JTG, not allowing him to tag in Big Shad. We see a nice sequence in the middle of the match from the Champions, with Benjamin and Haas hitting stiff kicks to the chest and back, of a sitting upright JTG. Haas then bounces off the ropes and grabs JTG’s head, flipping over into a bridge, and then Benjamin bounces off the ropes hitting a stiff kick to the face of JTG. JTG shows some heart, fighting back after connecting with a Tornado DDT on Haas before tagging in big Shad. Shad comes in all guns blazing, cleaning house on both Benjamin and Haas. Cryme Time start to pick up some momentum, setting Haas up for the G9. But Benjamin makes the save for Haas, hitting JTG with a superkick. Benjamin and Haas go to finish the match, by setting up Shad for the Worlds Greatest Double Team. BUT PAUL LONDON AND BRIAN KENDRICK SPRINT TO THE RING! London and Kendrick go straight after Benjamin and Haas, attacking the Tag Team Champions, and the referee calls for the disqualification.

Winners: Worlds Greatest Tag Team via DQ in 6:10

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team and the Hooligans continue their brawl post match, with tons of referees coming down attempting to split the four men up. While all this is happening, on the outside JTG grabs Haas and Benjamin’s Tag Team Belts and walks away with them! He hands one over to Shad and they walk off with the belts backstage! Referee’s are finally able to split the four men up, and Benjamin and Haas go to collect their belts. But they can’t see them. They accuse Lillian Garcia and the other workers ringside, until they realise that Cryme Time have stolen their belts. Benjamin and Haas then sprint backstage, as we also go backstage.

Backstage we see CM Punk warming up for his match later on tonight when he teams up with RVD to face John Morrison and Kevin Thorn. The crowd then gives big heat, as the camera turns to the side to see the Intercontinental Champion Carlito flirting with some girls backstage. Carlito looks at one of them and says something in Spanish that we can’t understand, before saying “That’s Cool”. The woman looks on at Carlito disgusted, before slapping Carlito right across the face before they walk off. Carlito holds his cheek and shouts out “Das Not Cool” before turning around to see CM Punk warming up for his match facing in his direction.

Carlito: Hey were you laughing at Carlito?

CM Punk stops warming up, and looks at Carlito in a “what the hell” type manner.

CM Punk: Wha…..

Carlito: (Interrupts, speaking very quickly) Do you know who I am Punk? I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, Carlito. And nobody disrespects Carlito, and you disrespected Carlito, and Das Not Cool.

CM Punk: Carlito will you shu….

Carlito: (Interrupts, speaking very quickly again) You think your cool, because you’re Straight Edge? Well the only reason your straight edge, is because you are not cool. You don’t even know the meaning of the word Cool, and you come up to Carlito and you disrespect Carlito. But Punk Carlito is the King of disrespecting people, and if you talk to Carlito like that again. I will spit…

CM Punk: Carlito can you Please Shut Up!

Crowd Pops

CM Punk: No I didn’t laugh at you Carlito, no matter how stupid you look. Carlito I couldn’t give a damn about you, I couldn’t give a damn what you think is cool or what isn’t cool. But let me put you of your misery Carlito, by telling you are far from being Cool.

Carlito: What did you just say?

CM Punk: Come on Carlito all you are, is an apple, with a silly little T-Shirt, a boring catchphrase, and a fungus growing from the top of your head!

Crowd pops, as Carlito looks furious.

CM Punk: And Carlito that belt over your shoulder

CM Punk looks at Carlito’s Intercontinental Title Belt.

CM Punk: I reckon that would look very nice around my waist, if you know what I mean.

CM Punk then pats Carlito’s title belt before walking off, leaving a very angry Carlito.

We then go to another area backstage where we see Cryme Time getting into their Low Rider with the Worlds Greatest Tag Team’s World Tag Team Title belts. We see Benjamin and Haas arriving in the Parking Lot, and they chase after the car. But the cars begins to drive away, and Shad shouts at them that if they want their belts come get them…..off ebay. Cryme Time then chant “Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah” as they begin to get away from Benjamin and Haas, who can’t believe their belts have been stolen.

Commercial Break

When we return from the commercial, we cut to ringside where Candice Michelle has entered the ring. She looks very confident and focused about this upcoming Title Match.

“Glamazon” hits and the Womens Champion Beth Phoenix makes her way down to the ring to some heat from the crowd. She raises the title belt above her head, before making her way down the ramp not taking an eye off her opponent Candice Michelle.

Match 2
Womens Championships
Beth Phoenix &#169; v Candice Michelle

After the valiant effort by Candice to get a pinfall victory over Beth just a week ago, it seemed to be a completely different story here as this was just total domination by Beth Phoenix. Candice did make a good start to the match hitting a Headscissors takedown onto Beth before connecting with a spinning neckbreaker. But a minute and a half into the match, the momentum switched when Beth took Candice inside out with a vicious clothesline. Beth Phoenix then proceeded to go through her move set, making the cover after each power manoeuvre, only for Candice to show some heart kicking out at two each time. But in the end Beth was just too strong and too good, and she delivered a Big Powerbomb onto Candice followed by the Down in Flames to get the pinfall victory to retain her title.

Winner: Still Womens Champion Beth Phoenix in 4:27

JR: What a dominant victory for Beth Phoenix tonight, King she is the Real Deal in the Womens Division.

King: JR, Candice Michelle was a great Womens Champion and Beth Phoenix just tore her apart. I don’t see who can take the title away from the Glamazon.

JR: Same here partner, but I believe that backstage Todd Grisham is standing by.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham with a mic.

Todd: May I introduce to you at this time, The Game Triple H!

We see Triple H enter the frame to a huge pop

Todd: Now tonight Triple H tonight you go into a Steel Cage match agains….

Grisham is cut off as Triple H starts snivelling and starts wiping his eyes, looking like he is about to cry. Todd then puts the mic to Triple H’s mouth.

HHH: I’m sorry, carry on I’m just a feeling a little bit…Emotional…

Todd: Uh..may I ask why?

HHH: Well Todd tonight’s an end of an era. Tonight Rod will be the last ever time we see King Booker in the WWE. You know I was just thinking of all the great memories in King Booker’s career, you know memories like at Wrestlemania 19 when I kicked King Booker’s ass to retain my World Heavyweight Championship.

Crowd Pops as we see where this is going.

HHH: Memories like at Summerslam this past year, when I returned from injury and kicked King Booker’s ass and pinned him 1-2-3!

Crowd Pops

HHH: Or here’s another one for you, a bit more recent for your memory loss Rod, how about last night when I beat King Booker once again. You know these are all grea……..Oh what the heck what the hell has King Booker, ever done except get his ass kicked by me!

Crowd Pops

HHH: And tonight King Booker, it’s going to be a difference match stipulation but same ending. And that’s me kicking your ass all over a fifteen foot high Steel Cage, and King Booker don’t think that because it is going to be your last match in the WWE, that I am going to take it easy on you. Because King Booker I will always remember you for being what you truly are, and that is a ROYAL JACKASS!

Crowd Pops

HHH: And tonight I am going to give you THE ROYAL ASS KICKING OF YOUR LIFE!

Crowd Pops

HHH: Tonight Rod, it will be GAME OVER FOR KING BOOKER!

The crowd gives a big pop for Triple H as we go to a commercial Break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see John Morrison joining Kevin Thorn in the ring for this upcoming Tag Team Match. John Morrison looks a little banged up after that brutal Extreme Rules Match, the night before.

“This fire burns” hits and CM Punk comes out to a big pop from the crowd. He makes his way down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside. As he makes his way down, we see some of the highlights from last nights Extreme Rules Match. As CM Punk gets in the ring and stares down his opponents, you can tell he still feels a little banged up from that gruelling match.

“One of a Kind” hits and Rob Van Dam comes out to another big pop from the crowd. He gets into the ring and does his “R-V-D” salute to the crow, before shaking hands with CM Punk.

Match 3
Tag Team Match
CM Punk and Rob Van Dam v John Morrison and Kevin Thorn

We have very solid close contested match here, with all four men carrying over some injuries from the brutal Extreme Rules match at Unforgiven. Despite bright start to the match by CM Punk and RVD, it didn’t last very long as Kevin Thorn looked unstoppable in the early going. Kevin Thorn looked very impressive, coming close to victory after hitting CM Punk with an Argentine Backbreaker Drop, only for RVD to break the cover. However RVD and CM Punk made a smart decision, knowing that they would have to work together to take out Thorn. Instantly it made an impression, as they came close to victory, with CM Punk coming off the top rope with Legdrop and at the exact time RVD hit a Split Legged Moonsault from the opposite corner. Rob Van Dam then got a close two count after a Spinning Crescent Kick off the top rope, but just like the time before John Morrison broke the count. All four men came close to getting the pinfall for their team, with John Morrison coming closest with a Corkscrew Neckbreaker onto RVD. But this time CM Punk broke the count. The end of the match saw CM Punk connect with the Uranage Slam on John Morrison, and lock on the Anaconda Vice. John Morrison started tapping out but Kevin Thorn’s manager Ariel distracted the referee from the outside. But then suddenly CARLITO GETS INTO THE RING AND STRIKES HIS INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE BELT OVER THE HEAD OF CM PUNK! Carlito scurries out of the ring, as Kevin Thorn then gets into the ring and delivers with a Crucifix Powerbomb onto Punk, and pulls Morrison ontop and he gets the three count to win the match.

Winners: John Morrison and Kevin Thorn in 8:09

JR: And John Morrison steals the victory, thanks to the Intercontinental Champion Carlito! What right has he got to come out and interfere in this match?

King: Well I saw it coming JR, no one disrespects the King of Disrespecting people Carlito and gets away with it. That JR was cool.

JR: It was more sickening than cool King.

We then go backstage to see Todd Grisham once again, this time standing up with a bruised and bandaged Randy Orton from his Last Man Standing Match the night before.

Todd: Randy Orton, last night you went through hell and back to retain your WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing Match with John Cena. But Randy your win was very controversial in that…..

Orton: Controversial my Ass! Yes I got my ass kicked last night, but Todd it takes a Great man to come back from an ass kicking like I got last night. And to still walk out the WWE Champion!

Crowd Boos

Orton: Yes Mister McMahon and Ken Kennedy came down to attack John Cena, but let me tell you that is not my problem. I have no allegiance with either man, and it is John Cena’s fault that he tries to pick a fight with too many people at the same time.

Crowd Boos

Orton: Last night I proved why I am the WWE Champion, and WHY I am the greatest superstar this business has ever seen! Todd we are living in a one-man dynasty, and that dynasty is the RANDY ORTON DYNASTY!

Orton is given huge heat, as he gives a cocky smirk looking down at his WWE Title.

Todd: OK thanks Randy, but may I also get your opinions on the return of Chris Jericho.

Orton: Chris Jericho? Wasn’t he fired two years ago? Well it doesn’t matter because when Vince McMahon gets through with him, Chris Jericho will be gone and he will never be a threat to my WWE Championship!

Crowd boos when Jonathon Coachman then enters the scene to talk to Randy.

Coach: Randy, Mister McMahon wants to speak to you.

Randy looks down at the floor before looking back at Coach.

Randy: OK no problem I will go speak to him now.

Randy Orton then walks out of the scene as we cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break.

When we get back from the commercial we can see the trio of Snitsky, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in the ring. With Cade and Murdoch laughing, looking very confident about this 3 on one match while Snitsky looks…..like Snitsky.

“My Time is Now” hits and John Cena comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. Cena comes out wearing a basketball jersey and with a chain around his neck, dressing a lot like he used to a few years back. Despite the tremendous odds against him, he doesn’t look nervous at all as he gets into the ring.

Match 4
3 v 1 Handicap Match
Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Snitsky v John Cena

Well this is your typical underdog John Cena match here, with Cena being on the defence for the majority of the match until he makes a comeback late on in the match. The teaming of Cade, Murdoch and Snitsky wrestled this Handicap match very smart, doing quick tags while working over the back of Cena always keeping the fresh man in the ring. Lance Cade ever so nearly got the pinfall on John Cena after he and Trevor Murdoch hit a Jawbreaker/Neckbreaker combo onto the former WWE Champion, but somehow Cena kicked out at two. Things fell apart for the heels however when Snitsky accidentally nailed Lance Cade with a big boot which was intended for John Cena, who starts to clean house all three men. John Cena hits the spinout Powerbomb on Snitsky followed by the five-knuckle shuffle. Cena then set Snitsky for the F-U when Murdoch interfered. Lance Cade then went to join Murdoch in beating down Cena, but the referee blocked him off. With the referee’s back to Cena, Cena took advantage fighting back against Murdoch before grabbing his Steel Chain. Cena wrapped the chain around his fist before KNOCKING OUT BOTH MURDOCH AND SNITSKY WITH THE STEEL CHAIN! Lance Cade then pushed the referee out of the way and went after Cena, who hoisted Cade onto his shoulders and connected with the F-U. Cena then hooked the legal man Snitsky’s legs making the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: John Cena in 6:35

After the match John Cena does not have any time to celebrate, as KEN KENNEDY AND THE WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON RUSH TO THE RING! However John Cena sees this, and as they get into the ring, John Cena takes it to the both of them with hard right hands. John Cena takes Randy Orton over the top rope with a clothesline. John Cena then picks his Steel Chain back up off the mat, and he clocks Ken Kennedy in the face with his steel chain! Randy Orton then pulls Ken Kennedy out of the ring, as Cena challenges both men to get back into the ring. Randy Orton kicks the ring apron in frustration knowing their plan failed, as Ken Kennedy holds onto his face in agony.

We then go to the backstage area where we can see Vince McMahon in his office with Jonathon Coachman, watching the monitor angry at what he just saw.

Vince: That was a cheap shot Coach, let me tell you one day John Cena is going to get what he deserves. John Cena might of got lucky tonight, but there is No Chance in Hell that Triple H is going to get lucky tonight. And if by any chance he does get lucky tonight, and beats King Booker. He has got another thing coming.

Vince then gives out a smirk as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Santino and Matt Stryker in the ring along with Maria, who is again dressed very smartly thanks to Matt Stryker. Santino takes a mic.

Santino: Ladies and a Gentleman, it feels a great to be back in the beautiful Indianapolis!!

Big heat for Santino, as he got the town name wrong and the day before this the Tennessee Titans lost to the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL. Maria shakes her head, and tells Santino where they actually are. Santino screws his face before putting on a smile.

Santino: Oh sorry, my beautiful Maria just told me that we are in the less attractive Nashville Tennessee

Big heat for Santino

Santino: But don’t worry all you Hicks, Santino a Marella has come to lighten this hole hell up!

Mixture of heat and laughs at Santino, for getting his words mixed up.

Santino: Moving on, last night a Unforgiven Santino Marella was not even on the show.

Ironic Cheers.

Santino: Not in a match, not an interview, not on pre show, not even on commentary with Jim Cold Ross Austin and Jerry the Queen Lawler!

More laughs at Santino.

Santino: But don’t worry, tonight Santino Marella and Matt Stryker are going to stomp a mudpie and open up a can of ass whip on the brother of that Gay Gold Man and the guy off forty year old Virgin

“How do you like me Now” hits and Hardcore Holly makes his way down to the ring to a pretty good pop actually, for interrupting Santino Marella. We see replays from last week with Hardcore Holly walking off in the middle of a Tag Team Match, leaving Cody victim to an attack by Santino Marella and Matt Stryker. We see Hardcore saluting to the crowd, as Santino is frustrated at Hardcore for interrupting his speech.

Cody Rhodes’s music then hits and he makes his way down to the ring to the kind of reaction you would get, for someone as generic as him.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly v Matt Stryker and Santino Marella with Maria

In a rematch from last week, we get a rather solid match with this time Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes being able to coexist despite what happened last week. It was a match in which Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes dominated the majority of, with Santino and Stryker failing to do anything about it. Despite what happened last week, we saw signs of unity between Holly and Rhodes, using some very effective double team manoeuvres. Santino and Stryker did get a short moment in the match when they seemed to take control, but it looked as though Santino Marella had more focus on imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin. Santino Marella went for the Stone Cold Stunner on Cody Rhodes, who pushed Santino away into the path of Hardcore Holly who took Santino’s head off with a dropkick. The ending of the match saw Hardcore Holly go for the Alabama Slammer on Matt Stryker, only for a frustrated Santino Marella to smash a Steel Chair over the back of Hardcore Holly, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly via DQ in 5:31

After the match Cody Rhodes gets into the ring, and Santino Marella goes to hit him with the Steel Chair, but Cody Rhodes blocks it and steals the chair off Santino who flees out of the ring. Hardcore Holly slowly gets to his feet, and turns around to see Cody Rhodes with the Steel Chair in hand. Hardcore Holly looks at Rhodes with a “What the hell?” type expression, as he believes Cody Rhodes hit him with the chair! Hardcore Holly accuses Cody of hitting him with the chair, and Cody rightly tells Hardcore that it was Santino who hit him. Hardcore Holly looks to the side and smirks, before grabbing Cody Rhodes and connecting with the Alabama Slammer! Hardcore Holly then leaves the ring and makes his way to the back, staring at the damage he has just inflicted on Cody Rhodes as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

WWE No Mercy PPV commercial

When we cut back to ringside, we can see that the Steel Cage is being lowered down to the ring(Note that this is the steel cage with the bigger holes, not the current style cages we see). JR and Jerry Lawler hype this upcoming match, as on the Titantron we can see a split screen of Triple H and King Booker with Sharmell making their way down the backstage area, making their way to the entrance to the arena.

“Royalty” hits and King Booker makes his way down to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. King Booker and Queen Sharmell walk down the ramp, both looking very nervous knowing that if King Booker loses, they will be both out of the WWE. King Booker shakes the cage testing it out, before giving a final kiss to Sharmell before getting into the ring.

“Time to Play the Game” hits and Triple H comes down to the ring to the joint biggest pop of the evening. Triple H comes down to the ring, with his trademark maniacal stare at his opponent in the ring. Triple H goes to enter the cage but King Booker slams the door shut, and holds it shut so he can’t get in. Triple H decides to climb into the cage, but King Booker climbs up to the top of the cage waiting for Triple H. Triple H goes up there anyway and the two men exchange hard right hands at the top of the cage. Triple H gets the better of King Booker, and a hard right hand causes King Booker to fall onto his crown jewels on the top rope!

Match 6
Steel Cage/If King Booker’s loses he leaves the WWE
King Booker v Triple H

In this feud blow off match, King Booker and Triple H produce the best match of the feud, with the two men going 13 minutes in a Physical and brutal Steel Cage Match. Triple H dominated the early going, using the Cage as a weapon. Bouncing King Booker’s head off each side off the cage, before dragging him around the ring while scraping King Booker’s head along the Steel Cage. However Triple H meets the Steel mesh aswell, as King Booker trips Triple H up and catapults him head first into the Steel Cage. King Booker took control of the match, and after every move King Booker proceeded to climb up the Cage, doing all he could to get the victory and keep himself in a job. About seven minutes into the match, King Booker set Triple H up for the Scissors Kick. He bounced off the ropes, but Triple H caught him with a Double A Spinebuster. Triple H then set King Booker up and connected with the PEDIGREE! Triple H then asked for the Cage Door to be opened and went to escape the Cage, when QUEEN SHARMELL SLAMMED THE DOOR OFF TRIPLE H’S HEAD! Sharmell then passed a Steel Chair into the ring into the path of King Booker. King Booker got to his feet and grabbed the chair, and waited for Triple H to get up BEFORE SMASHING THE STEEL CHAIR OVER THE HEAD OF TRIPLE H! King Booker then nearly took the victory after climbing up the cage, but as King Booker reached the top, Triple H valiantly got to his feet and pulled King Booker back into the ring. Towards the end of the match, Sharmell passed King Booker some rope from underneath the ring, and King Booker started choking Triple H out with the rope. Towards the end of the match Triple H made a comeback, and set Booker up for the Pedigree on the Steel Chair. But King Booker spins out of it and connects the BOOK END ON THE STEEL CHAIR! King Booker then starts to climb up the cage and it looks as though Triple H is too late. King Booker is over and all he needs to is drop down the Cage. Booker is nearly there, when Triple H pulls King Booker’s legs through the holes in the cage! Triple H then grabs the rope that was used earlier on in the match, and he hogties King Booker’s legs to the ring ropes! King Booker falls backwards so that he is upside down, and he is so close to the ground he can touch it with his hands! Triple H goes to leave the ring through the door when Sharmell goes to slam the door on him again, but he grabs Sharmell by the hand! Triple H then pulls Sharmell into the ring AND CONNECTS WITH THE PEDIGREE ON SHARMELL! Triple H then leaves the Cage to win the match, and KING BOOKER IS OUT OF A JOB!

Winner: Triple H in 13:48

After the match Triple H gets his hands raised in the air by the referee. Triple H then approaches King Booker who is hanging upside down, and does the “Suck it” sign right in King Booker’s face. BUT SUDDENLY UMAGA RUSHES TO THE RING! Umaga goes right after Triple H tossing him head first into the Cage! Umaga then tosses Triple H into the ring and continues the vicious attack, as Armando Alejando Estrada makes his way to the ring. Umaga connects with the Samoan Wrecking Ball, before connecting with numerous Samoan Spikes to the throat like he did to Jeff Hardy at Unforgiven. Umaga then climbs to the top rope and it looks like he is going to go for a diving body splash, but Armando gets his attention. Armando points Umaga to the top of the Cage and snaps his Cuban Cigar. Referee’s and Road Agents flood to the ring as UMAGA CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE! The backstage personnel shout at Umaga to climb down, but Umaga ignores them and uses the Cage Pole to help him stand up on the top. The Referee’s and Road Agents then flee out of the way as UMAGA COMES OFF THE TOP OF THE CAGE WITH A DIVING BODY SPLASH ONTO TRIPLE H! The crowd cannot believe what they just saw, as Triple H starts choking on the mat as Umaga looks around the arena with a maniacal look. Umaga leaves the ring and heads to the back as Estrada knows that his man has done the job they set out to. We then focus on a Bloody Triple H, who is struggling in the ring holding onto his ribs. We then go to a commercial Break as Triple H is helped to the back.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see replays of what just happened, before we see what happened during the commercial with the crowd singing the Goodbye Song to King Booker and Sharmell. We then cut to the ring where the Highlight Reel Stage is set up in the ring.

JR: Welcome Back to Monday Night Raw, and King I cannot believe what I just saw. A 350 plus man diving off the top of the cage onto the ribs of Triple H, what a despicable attack by the Samoan Bulldozer.

King: That is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen JR, and you could clearly see J.R that Umaga hurt the Game badly.

JR: Well King Booker’s WWE career just came to an end, and we might have also seen the end of Triple H’s career. But now it is time folks for the return of the one and only, Chris Jericho.

“Break the Walls Down” hits and Chris Jericho’s music is met with an outstanding pop from the crowd. Pyros shoot of at the top of the ramp, before we a man with his arms spread out wide at the top of the ramp. He then spins around to reveal himself as VINCE MCMAHON! Vince then makes his way down to the ring looking in a better mood than he has all night with a big smile on his face. Vince climbs into the ring and he looks at all of the highlight reel stage, before grabbing a mic. Vince goes to speak when “We Want Jericho” chants cut him off, echoing around the arena. Vince unlike earlier tonight stays calm and gives a slight smirk.

Vince: You want Jericho huh? Well too bad, because you’re not going to get him!

Big heat

Vince: And that’s because Chris Jericho is not here tonight!

More Heat

Vince: Chris Jericho was supposed to come out here and conduct an interview with me, on the return of the Highlight Reel! But Chris Jericho has not showed up tonight, so tonight this is going to be the McMahon Reel!

Crowd Boos

Vince: Chris it is a real shame that you couldn’t be here tonight, because I was looking forward to you being here tonight. Because I was going to look you eye to eye Chris Jericho, and I was going to tell you right to your face……YOUR FIREDDD!

Crowd Boos

Vince: Do you know why? Because you lied to the McMahon family, you are not my son. And when this show finishes, I am going to take the first flight back to Connecticut. And I am going to tell my secretary to fire you Chris Jericho over the phone!

Big heat for McMahon

Vince: And then next week, right here on Monday Night Raw. I am going to come out to the ring with my true Illegitimate Son. The man that is the future of Sports Entertainment, the man that is going to headline Pay Per Views and win Major Championships for years to come. This man, my son is not Chris Jericho. His name is MISTTERR…

“Break the Walls Down” hits again and this time CHRIS JERICHO comes out to an unbelievable pop. Jericho spreads his arms out wide, before spinning around at the top of the ramp and making his way down to the ring. He gets into the ring and takes a mic as Vince McMahon’s face, starts shake and turns a very bright red colour. Jericho goes to speak when “Y2J” chants cut him off. Jericho waits for the chants to die down, which takes a good half minute before he attempts to speak.


Huge Pops

Jericho: And may I do everyone in this arena, a favour by saying VINCE MCMAHON WILL YOU PLEASE, SHUT THE HELL UP!

More huge pops

Jericho: Do you have any idea how boring you are? You stand out here and delay the return of Monday Night Jericho for what, almost ten minutes. You come out here and blab some senseless gibberish about how I am not really your son, about how you are going to get your secretary to fire me? Well Unfortunately Vince, you don’t own my contract and the only person who can fire me, is the man who signed my contract. And what that means DAD is that I can make your life a living miserable HELL!


Jericho: What are you going to say Vince? Were you by any chance going to say that Mister Kennedy was your son? Well let me tell you that as much as you are both suited. As much as you are both two utter complete JACKASSES!

Crowd Pops as Vince’s mouth opens in shock.


Jericho: Don’t interrupt me Junior, I am not finished yet.

Big pops for Jericho showing the guts to interrupt the Boss.

Jericho: As much as your both Jackasses, like it not I am your Bastard Son.

The crowd pops as Vince shakes his head with fury not believing what he is hearing.

Jericho: Oh what’s the matter don’t you like me Vinnie. Well let me tell you this Vince, I don’t care about you. I don’t feel the need to give you a hug; I don’t feel the need to have a father to son chat. I don’t feel the need to show you any love, what I feel Vince is the need to KICK YOUR ASS ALL OVER NASHVILLE TENNESEE!

Huge pops for Jericho’s comments as Vince’s rage continues to build up.

Jericho: I could go into a Million reasons why, your Stupid Haircut, your 25 cent suit, the way you walk, the way you talk, but the main reason which comes to MIND IS THAT YOU’RE A COMPLETE JACKASS!

Huge pops as Vince goes to reply when Jericho quickly cuts him off.

Jericho: You think I should be happy that my Dad is a Multimillionaire. Right I get more money, right I get even more hot chicks, right I get a Dirty, Stinky, Rotten, Grotesque, Two Cent Slut for a Sister!

The crowd laughs at Jericho’s comments and Jericho goes to speak some more, when Vince finally cuts in.

Vince: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT! You come out here and tell me that you’re my son? Well let me tell you this Chris Jericho son or not, YOU DON’T CROSS THE BOSS!

Big heat for McMahon as Jericho smirks

Vince: I might not be able to fire you Chris Jericho, but I have got the Grapefruits and the Power to make your LIFE A LIVING HELL!

Huge heat again for McMahon

Jericho: Well according to Mrs Jericho back in Winnipeg Canada, you were running very low in the Grapefruits Department. So how about you prove her wrong, and you and me go at it right here right now!

The crowd gives a massive pop, as it looks like we might be seeing the father and son going at it. It looks Vince McMahon has accepted Jericho’s challenge as he takes off his jacket, when he suddenly drops to the floor and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. This is reacted with big heat from the crowd, and they give out a big “Asshole” chant.

Vince: You want me Jericho. Well why should I come in, when I have got my…..Corporation!

Chris Jericho gives Vince a very puzzled look, but suddenly we see RANDY ORTON AND KEN KENNEDY COMING THROUGH THE CROWD! They get into the ring behind Jericho and they start attacking Chris Jericho in the ring! The crowd boos as Ken Kennedy and the WWE Champion start stomping away at Chris Jericho in the ring. They lift Chris Jericho to their feet and they start pounding away at him into the corner of the ring. They then hold back a defenceless Chris Jericho back, as Vince McMahon gets into the ring. Vince gets into Chris Jericho’s face making he sure he sees what’s coming, when JOHN CENA SPRINTS TO THE RING! Vince McMahon quickly gets out of the way as John Cena starts to clean house on both Randy Orton and Ken Kennedy. Chris Jericho then joins in with Cena, as Vince McMahon watches on in horror. John Cena hoists Randy Orton up to his shoulders and delivers with an F-U as Chris Jericho trips Ken Kennedy up and locks on the Walls of Jericho! Vince McMahon comes from behind and clubs Chris Jericho’s back, causing Jericho to let go of the hold. Vince McMahon begins to realise that he has made a mistake, with his backup down on the mat and with John Cena and Chris Jericho both staring at him. Chris Jericho then picks up a mic and points to the Titantron.

Jericho: Remember this Vince?

On the Titantron we go back to a clip from Raw three weeks ago during a promo between Jonathon Coachman and Vince McMahon.

Coach: Thank you Sir, and Mr McMahon let me just say. With William Regal taking his ball and moving over to Smackdown, I would have no problem whatsoever, if you wanted me to be his replacement.

Vince: Thanks for the offer but I haven’t decided who the General Manager will be, and quite frankly I am not going to make that decision.

Coach: Who will?

Vince: Well I am going to leave that decision to whoever my Bastard son is, I know he will make the right choice
We then go back to the ring, where we see Vince McMahon with his eyes closed dreading the mistake that he has made. He then opens his eyes to see Chris Jericho pointing down the ramp, with Jericho telling him “I think I have made the right choice”.

“Glass Shatters” then hits AND STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN MAKES HIS WAY DOWN TO THE RING, AND HE IS THE NEW GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW! Vince McMahon can’t believe his eyes as Stone Cold makes his way down to the ring to a huge pop. Stone Cold gets into the ring and salutes the crowd at each turnbuckle. Stone Cold then gets into Vince McMahon’s face and he picks up a mic. It looks like as though Stone Cold is going to say something, when he kicks Vince McMahon in the gut AND CONNECTS WITH THE STONE COLD STUNNER! Stone Cold then asks for beers to be tossed down into the ring, and he tosses beers over to both John Cena and Chris Jericho and the three men have a Beer Bash in the ring as the show finally comes to an end.


The Worlds Greatest Tag Team defeat The Cryme Time via DQ in 6:10
Beth Phoenix defeats Candice Michelle to retain her Womens Championship in 4:27
John Morrison and Kevin Thorn defeat CM Punk and RVD in 8:09
John Cena defeats The Redneck Wrecking Crew and Snitsky in 6:35
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly defeat Santino Marella and Matt Stryker via DQ in 5:31
Triple H beats King Booker in a Steel Cage Match in 13:48

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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

I always enjoy the follow ups to a pay-per-view, but this should be great with Jericho’s return as Vince’s son and the reaction to Orton beating Cena after the interference

No wonder that Vince started the show. I think you’re right to have him feel upset about who his son is and you got the character spot on here. He was angry and upset at the same time and just when I expected Jericho to come down, out came Cena. I was a little surprised by that, but shouldn’t have been really. Great to see Cena fired up and I think he would have been exactly the same as you got him here and Vince being stubborn about not giving him that match seemed like something he would do for his reputation. The F U was fine as we get to see some great heat now between Cena and Vince, which could be explosive. The promo after the break was good, and again very realistic. Cena will somehow come through I think, but I’m loving the booking so far. It’s realistic and yet entertaining

The opening match was pretty good, having the WGTT look like the team they are is great to see. No real shock to see Londrick run down and get involved, as much as I expected to happen after the match, but this way it makes all three teams avoid looking weak. Having Cryme Time take the title belts is a very clever way of getting them involved, simple but effective booking yet again

The Punk/Carlito promo was okay, it definitely got better as it went along. Punk remaining modest and Carlito being over the top arrogant was right on the button too and a feud is obviously on the way. Nice way to start it. The Cryme Time driving away was also funny to see, not sure if it was needed, but it re-enforces the knowledge that they are now involved in the tag title picture

The Phoenix/Candice match played out exactly how it should have done. It wasn’t a total squash, but had Phoenix in control and Candice showing some heart without causing any problems for the champ. Then the Triple H promo was absolutely brilliant. He was so in character it was untrue as he went from being sarcastic to funny to serious. Reliving all the Booker moments was funny too and I loved that promo

The tag match was good and I just knew Carlito was going to get involved and screw Punk over for the comments earlier on. It makes sense and no really gets some heat between them, should be a good feud. The Orton interview was okay and he put him and his dynasty over well, but I wasn’t sure the Jericho question was needed. I wonder what Vince wants him for

The Cena handicap match went down as expected. It would be great to see live for Cena fans, it’s a shame he had to go through Cade & Murdoch, but at least he did it with a mix up and the use of a chain. Then he manages to take care of Orton and Kennedy too, he’s looking a little too much like god tonight for my liking, taking 5 guys out in a matter of moments. Vince’s comments about Triple H are interesting. My only problem is that Vince has beef with Triple H, Jericho and Cena, while Cena has beef with Vince, Orton and Kennedy. It’s just a bit too much, unpredictable sure!

The Santino promo was alright, not one of his best, but still funny at times. The tag match was actually better than I thought, but I didn’t expect the heel team to lose. It works well for Santino’s character, but also worked well to lead into the aftermath with Holly and Cody. Holly would be pissed for sure and I think you did the right thing, no going back from here for these two now I hope

The main event was good, but it’s always hard to write a match after having the same two go at it the pay-per-view the night before. It was different with the use of the cage, and thankfully you made the right call to get rid of Booker. Umaga coming out after was obviously from the instruction of Vince. Man he looked dominating and gave Trips one hell of a beat down. It feels a little disappointing as we’ve just seen a longish feud between them on TV and I don’t see Umaga picking up a big win over Triple H here either

The main event promo was sweet, very sweet. When Jericho did come out, it was brilliant and a great speech from Jericho, showing his hatred for Vince. Man I can’t wait to see how this pans out, and man I should have seen the Orton and Kennedy attack coming despite Orton’s comments earlier that they’re not aligned. Cena to the rescue yet again, he has been pushed insanely on this show. The way you set up for the GM announcement was fantastic, and I would have loved to have seen the look on Vince’s face when he realised and then when Austin came out. I’m not a big Austin fan, but I can buy into him as Raw GM

To sum up, it was a very good show. It had a lot of run ins and there may be a lot of conflicting interests with Cena and Vince. The Umaga/Triple H feud will be difficult to get into after their recent feud, but the promos and characters were spot on, as was the general booking throughout the show. Oh yeah and check the quick results and who Santino's partner was!

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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

^^ Thanks for the comments as always Nige and will try get you a review for Survivor Series in the weekend. I myself wasn't so sure on having a Triple H/Umaga feud, but with everyone else in feuds already the only choice for now was Umaga. But don't the feud won't last that long.

A preview for Smackdown will be up in the weekend, and i will try to get the show up around Tuesday.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Opening promo was solid. Nothing special, but it got the job done. The bastard son to make the GM choice? Hmm. I know you liked having Foley as a GM before, so maybe him??? Keeps me guessing, decent opening to the show. Cena is out now, again a solid promo from him here. FU to the boss? Whoa. Big move there, definately looks like some sort of Cena/Vince feud could be in the works for Mania. Overall, solid start without being huge or anything

Liking the tag team situation currently between Cryme Tyme/WGTT/London & Kendrick. Could produce some good matches down the track. WGTT winning via DQ doesn't make anyone look weak and was a good choice in the end, lol Cryme Tyme stealing the belts

Punk could do better than a feud with Carlito imo. Still, it'll be a good way to hopefully get him over and move him up the picking order on RAW. Again not a stand out promo but got it's message across well, Punk especially seemed layed back

Beth > Candice. Plz give the Chyna wanna be some competition soon?

Triple H promo was very good. Very much a mix of humour and seriousness and it played out very well. Continuing this feud should be interesting but I can still see only one winner tbh

Tag team match always had a Carlito run in written all over it, and it happened. What's RVD doing these days? Feuding with Morrison? Give Van Dam something good plz, push ftw...

Superman comes through another near impossible situation, I just love how he always manages to defy the odds!!! Anyways, makes Cena look as invincible as ever which I really hate but still wise booking choice as he is the face of the brand atm

Santino could've been better as he didn't really seem, like Santino at times. Still, it had his comedy and that's a plus because we all know Santino on the mic = ratings

Triple H ending King Booker's reign? Goodbye King. Hopefully Booker returns sometime as Booker T and you don't actually do away with him totally as he's a great asset to have in a BTB. Umaga doing the damage is a plus as a Triple H/Umaga feud needs a big stage to end on in a gimmick match imo, something nasty. Vince is all over the place tonight

Jericho promo was tops, really picked up proceedings after a dour start. AUSTIN AS GM! MARK OUT!!! Great booking choice, thank god we have some real entertainment from a GM to come for once. Loved it, good ending to the show.

Sorry it was rushed, kinda busy. 8/10.


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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Smackdown Review

Smackdown rolls into Atlanta Georgia, as we come off the back of an extraordinary Unforgiven Pay Per View.

At Unforgiven we saw the return of the Phenom, as The Undertaker reigned supreme in his match with Mark Henry. But after the match we witnessed a huge shock, as Batista Speared and then Power bombed The Undertaker on the Steel Ramp. Since then Batista has layed out a challenge to The Undertaker, will the Phenom make his response to Batista’s challenge tonight?

Also at Unforgiven Edge retained his World Heavyweight Championship, in a fatal four way match against Finlay, Kane and Rey Mysterio. Tonight Teddy Long has stated that he will announce a Number One Contender to Edge, to get a title shot at No Mercy. Who will Teddy Long pick as Edge’s next challenger?

The biggest match that has been made so far, is the Cruiserweight Championship Title Match between the Champion Jamie Noble and the challenger Kid Kash. Kid Kash has earned this title shot, with three straight pinfall victories over Noble in three straight weeks. Can Kash beat Noble when the title is on the line?

Also on Smackdown Kenny Dykstra will take on Ric Flair, and we will witness the debut of Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill who have been brought into the WWE by their fellow Brit William Regal.

So make sure to tune into the next edition of Smackdown, Friday Night at 8/7 CT on the CW Network.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

~ SmackDown looks good, kane01, especially the Batista/Undertaker situation. It will be interesting to see how you handle Big Dave's heel turn. He's far more awesome as a heel, but now you only have Rey, Kane and 'Taker as Main Event faces.

~ I expect Rey will probably be Edge's next challenger in a one-on-one situation, although Kane might pop up as well.

Looking forward to it
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Smackdown!
Atlanta Georgia
21st September 2007

“Rise Up” by Drowning Pool hits as the Smackdown Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to Michael Cole and JBL at ringside.

Michael Cole: Five days removed from an explosive Unforgiven, Friday Night Smackdown rolls into Atlanta Georgia as the Road to No Mercy starts tonight! I’m Michael Cole and alongside me, is my partner JBL.

JBL: How many times do I need to say this, I am not your partner. But what a show we have in store for you tonight.

Michael Cole: Indeed after getting three straight pinfall victories over Jamie Noble in recent weeks, Kid Kash gets his chance to get some Cruiserweight gold around his waist.

JBL: He has proved himself on three occasions, but can he prove himself when the lights are on bright and the gold is on the line?

Michael Cole: And what a way we are going to get this night started, with the Animal Batista!

“I Walk Alone” hits and the crowd erupts into an explosive pop for the Animal Batista. Batista comes out onto the stage, dressed to impress. Batista sets off his pyros at the top of the ramp, before walking down the isle and steps into the ring. Batista then takes a mic off announcer Justin Roberts, as “Batista” chants fill Atlanta Georgia.

Batista: Last Sunday at Unforgiven, I promised to the world that I was going to make an impact.

Batista takes off his sunglasses and puts them in his pocket.

Batista: And that’s exactly what I did.

Batista then points to the Titantron, where we are shown a clip from Unforgiven. We see The Undertaker making his way to the back after a victory over Mark Henry, when Batista Spears The Undertaker on the ramp. We then see Batista connect with the Batista Bomb to Undertaker on the ramp.

We then cut back to ringside where the Atlanta Georgia fans are now giving Batista a mixed reaction for his actions.

Batista: Now I have no problems with the Undertaker personally, but The Undertaker is in my way of regaining MY World Heavyweight Championship.

Mixed reaction for Batista who doesn’t look phased by some of the boos from the crowd.

Batista: In my career I have beaten icons, I have been in Steel Cage Matches, Elimination Chambers, No Hold Barred matches, World Heavyweight Champion on two occasions, but the one thing I haven’t done is beat the Undertaker!

Mixed Reaction

Batista: And I am sick and tired of people telling me that I am afraid of the Undertaker, that I can’t beat The Undertaker. Well those doubters out there for all I care, can go KISS MY ASS!

Mixed reaction, with some fans surprised at Batista’s attitude.

Batista: Because I know I can beat The Undertaker, and Undertaker I have challenged you to a match at No Mercy!

Crowd Pops

Batista: But I haven’t got my answer. And I am not going to leave this ring until I get an answer. Undertaker if you don’t come out here and accept my challenge, I am going to go back there and find you, and I am going to FIND YOUR DEAD ASS AND I AM GOING TO KICK IT, UNTIL YOU ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE!

Mixed reaction

Batista: So Dead man, bring your Dead Ass out here!

Batista tosses the microphone aside and takes off his shirt, and tells to Undertaker to bring it. Batista waits and waits and then

“Metalingus” hits and The World Heavyweight Champion Edge makes his way down to the ring with a big smug smile on his face. We see Batista pick the microphone back up, as Edge gets into the ring and takes a mic. Edge goes to speak when “asshole” chants cut him off, and they echo around the arena. Edge then goes to speak when Batista cuts him off.

Batista: Edge I personally agree with Atlanta Georgia.

Crowd Pops

Batista: Edge if I was you, you Blonde Haired Bitch! I would get the hell out of this ring, before I kick your ass!

Crowd Pops as Edge smirks

Edge: Woah, woah Batista calm down! I know you’re angry, because you haven’t ate yet, but this belt around my waist signifies, that I can come down to the ring whenever I want, and interrupt whoever I want.

Big heat as Edge points to his World Heavyweight Title

Edge: Batista, nobody cares about you or The Undertaker. Your both just as boring as each other. What these fat overweight Atlanta Georgians….

Edge is interrupted by heat from the crowd for that comment.

Edge: The only thing these people care about is the Greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time, the Rated R Superstar, Edge!

Crowd gives more heat to Edge.

Edge: And Batista since you haven’t got anything around your waist, except for an exceeding belly line.

Heat as Batista doesn’t look too pleased at Edge’s comment.

Edge: Since you haven’t got a title, you need to get out of my ring now because this is my time!

Huge heat as Edge signals Batista to go away, but Batista doesn’t move an inch.

Edge: Batista this is my time, and do you know why? Because I am the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time!

Big heat

Edge: And I proved it last Sunday when I defeated two of the toughest superstars of all time and Rey Mysterio to retain my World Heavyweight Championship!

Big heat

Edge: And….

Batista: How about you put that title on the line against me Edge?

The crowd pops as Edge quickly shakes his head, wanting no part of Edge.

Edge: Woah cut it right there. Batista you are not getting a title shot. Batista I beat you at Vengeance, which meant that you never again, get a Title Shot as long as I am champion!

Big heat

Batista: Well if your not going to give me a title shot, the only other reason I see you being out here Edge…Well, since the Undertaker isn’t out here, I suppose you will do…

Then suddenly Batista sprints up at Edge and connects with a Spear! Batista then starts pounding away at the champion on the mat, who grabs the ropes and quickly pulls himself to the outside of the ring to get away from Batista. Batista grabs Edge’s World Title belt, and tosses it down the ramp at Edge and it is clear that Batista is not in the mood for Edge. Then “Macmillitant” hits and General Manager Teddy Long appears at the top of the ramp, with a mic In hand.

Teddy Long: Batista you want a fight so bad? Well tonight your going to get one.

Crowd Pops

Long: Because tonight Batista you and a partner of your choice, will face Edge and a partner of his choice!

The crowd pops as Edge doesn’t look too pleased.

Long: And Edge also tonight we are going to find out, who will be facing you at No Mercy for your World Heavyweight Title. Because tonight the two men who did not get pinned in the fatal four way match. Rey Mysterio and Finlay will go one on one, and the winner will face you at No Mercy!

Crowd Pops

Long: Now can you Holla Holla that Playa!

Commercial Break

When we come back from commercial we can see that Frankie Kazarian and Shannon Moore are in the ring, ready for a Tag Team Match. Then “You can run” hits and Billy Kidman makes his way down to the ring, to a decent pop from the crowd. He waits outside the ring, for his partner to come down.

Then “Gonna Punch Someone Tonight” hits and Jimmy Wang Yang makes his way down to the ring to another decent pop from the crowd.

Match 1
Tag Team Match
Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang v Frankie Kazarian and Shannon Moore

We start off the wrestling side of the show, with a match that has no meaning to it except to show off Smackdowns Cruiserweight division and get the wrestling side of the show off in the best way possible. It was a very fast paced back and forth match, with the crowd very much behind Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang who impress the crowd with some great highflying spots. The most impressive spot of the match came at the five-minute mark, when Jimmy Wang Yang connected with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the ring apron down onto the concrete floor. The ending of the match saw Frankie Kazarian get Billy Kidman into position for the electric chair drop, and Shannon Moore from the top rope went for a diving crossbody onto Billy Kidman. But however Billy Kidman connected with a victory roll onto Frankie Kazarian, as Shannon Moore missed the Diving Crossbody and Kidman took the victory.

Winners: Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang in 6:29

We then go backstage to see MVP speaking to somebody on his mobile phone.

MVP: So you are going to attack him next week?………That’s good he will never see it coming………haha…………Yeah see you next week, and just remember. You do me a favour, and you get a portion of the world’s most expensive pay check haha…….K catch you next week!

MVP hangs up his phone and a big smile appears on his face. Then we hear the sound of a door opening, and in walks the World Heavyweight Champion Edge to big heat.

Edge: Look who it is, MVP. Half man, half amazing, that’s you right?

MVP: Your damn right it is.

Edge: Well I like you kid, you remind me of a young me, bar the fact that you wear a Power Rangers Costume.

Few laughs as MVP looks on at Edge in a “What the hell” type tone.

Edge: But MVP you and me have a lot in common. We’re both Champions, we have both stole Girlfriends off Matt Hardy.

Big heat scattered with a few laughs.

Edge: And I was just thinking, how about, the United States Champion MVP teams up with the World Heavyweight Champion Tonight!

MVP: Do you know what I like the sound of that, I deserve to be in the Main Event. Because I am better than Batista, I am a whole lot better than Rey Mysterio, and I am Better than Edge…

Edge: (Now in a serious tone) What did you just say?

MVP: Uhhh…You know it’s going to be great teaming with you tonight, but I have gotta go, so I will catch you later.

MVP then hurries out of his locker room as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

When we return from commercial we see Stevie Richards in the ring warming up for this upcoming contest.

“Masterpiece” hits and Chris Masters comes down to the ring to some small heat from the crowd. As he makes his way down we are shown replays of Stevie Richards, getting pinfall victories over Chris Masters in a one on one match two weeks ago and a tag team match last week.

Match Two
Singles Match
Chris Masters v Stevie Richards

Once again in this series of matches, this is a match that Chris Masters dominates the majority of, using his size and strength to his advantage. But Stevie Richards once again shows his heart and resiliency, as Chris Masters struggles to put Richards away. Richards also nearly took a third pinfall victory over Masters in three weeks, when he connected with a Double Underhook DDT and made the cover, but Masters kicked out at two. The end of the match saw Chris Masters attempt to get Stevie Richards in the Masterlock, but Stevie Richards elbowed his way out of it and dropkicked Chris Masters to the outside of the ring. Richards followed Masters out of the ring, but Chris Masters grabbed a chair and smashed the chair over the head of Stevie Richards, forcing the referee to call for the bell.

Winner: Stevie Richards in 5:51 via DQ

After the match a furious Chris Masters lifts Stevie Richards to his feet, and locks on the Masterlock! Referee’s flood down to the ring to try and get Masters off Richards, but Masters is too strong. Stevie Richards eventually fades away, and then Chris Masters lets go of the hold, tossing Richards to the floor like a sack of potatoes. Chris Masters then flexes his muscles for the crowd, as we go backstage.

We then go backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by Batista.

Josh: Batista, earlier tonight a Tag Team Match was made where Edge and his partner MVP will take on you and a partner of your choice. Batista how are you feeling….

Batista: How am I feeling? Josh I am feeling pretty pissed off!

Crowd Pops

Batista: You see at this moment I could not give a DAMN about Edge, I could not give a DAMN about this stupid little Tag Match! All I care about at this moment in time is getting my match, with the Undertaker!

Crowd Pops

Batista: And I know Taker is here tonight. So Deadman if your listening, if you even try come out and cost me my match tonight, I am GOING TO GIVE YOU THE BEATING OF YOUR LIFE!

Crowd Boos, as they prefer Taker over Batista

Batista: But back onto this Tag Match Josh, I have picked a partner who not only hates Edge as much as I do. But he also knows The Undertaker just as much as I do, and Josh him and me are going to go out there, and win tonight. And I am going to make sure I get the pinfall on Edge, because when I am through with Taker. I am going to win back my World Heavyweight Championship, and there is nothing anybody can do to STOP ME!

The crowd gives a pretty mixed reaction for Batista as we cut to a commercial break.

Cole: Next up folks, Mysterio v Finlay, winner goes onto face Edge at No Mercy.

Commercial Break

“My name is Finlay” hits and Finlay comes down to the ring, to some big heat. Finlay makes his way down to the ring, shillelagh in hand looking very focused on the task ahead.

“Booyaka 619” hits and Rey Mysterio pops out of the ground, to a huge pop from the crowd. Mysterio slaps hands with fans at ringside, as he makes his way down the ramp. Mysterio gets in the ring and salutes the crowd, from opposite corners of the ring.

Match 3
Number One Contender Match
Finlay v Rey Mysterio

As you would expect, these two men put on one hell of a match, with both men going all out, with both men wanting to win the title shot against Edge at No Mercy. Rey Mysterio uses his speed to his advantage in the early going, with the slow methodical Finlay struggling to keep up with the younger and quicker Mysterio. Eventually though it is Mysterio’s high flying abilities which backfire on him, as Mysterio goes to connect with a somersault plancha onto Finlay on the outside of the ring, when Finlay moves out of the way and Mysterio crashes and burns on the concrete floor. Finlay then drags Mysterio by the steel steps, and connects with a running boot to Mysterio’s face, sandwiching Mysterio’s face between boot and steel. The match pace slows down as Finlay starts to wrestle his style of match, working over the face of Rey Mysterio trying to weaken the high flyer. Finlay came so close to victory when he connected with a second rope DDT, but somehow Mysterio kicked out at two. As the match went on Finlay started to get angry, as he could not put Mysterio away. Finlay finally lost his temper after Mysterio kicked out of a rare Piledriver, and he went for his shillelagh. But when he went to hit Mysterio with the weapon, the referee snatched it off Finlay, who then turned around into a spinning wheel kick by Mysterio. This was where the match turned around, as Mysterio started to go through his move set on Finlay, connecting with a Hurricarana followed by a Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Rey Mysterio connected with the Droppin the Dime and made the cover but Finlay kicked out at two. The end of the match saw Rey Mysterio connect with the 619 before attempting to go for the West Coast Pop, but Finlay moved out of the way and Mysterio took down the referee! Finlay then grabbed his shillelagh and clocked it over the head of Rey Mysterio. Finlay then went to wake the ref up as KANE SPRINTS TO THE RING! Finlay sees this and awaits the Big Red Machine, and the two men go at it with Kane getting the better of Finlay. Finlay however stops Kane’s momentum, when he kicks Kane in his injured leg (Which Finlay caused at Unforgiven). Finlay then went for the Celtic Cross on Kane, but Kane slides off and connects with a CHOKESLAM! Kane then pulls Mysterio ontop of Finlay and leaves the ring, as the referee recovers and makes the three count!

Winner: Rey Mysterio in 11:17

Cole: Rey Mysterio has done it! Rey Mysterio will get another chance at No Mercy, as Rey Mysterio will take on Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship!

JBL: I don’t believe it Finlay had the match won, he got screwed out of a title shot. And because of Kane we are going to have to see an undeserving man, like Rey Mysterio get a title shot against a great champion like Edge.

Cole: Are we three weeks away from seeing Rey Mysterio become the World Heavyweight Champion, for a second time.

JBL: If it does happen, he won’t deserve it. He has had his title shot at Summerslam and he lost fair and square.

Cole: Well like it or not partner, he has earned a title shot at No Mercy. And talking about title shots, after the break Jamie Noble will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against Kid Kash.

Commercial Break

Kid Kash’s music hits, and Kash makes his way down to the ring to a nice pop from the crowd. He comes down, looking very confident that he can pick up his forth win over Noble and win the Cruiserweight Title.

Cole: In the last three weeks, Kid Kash has picked up three pinfall victories over the Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble. And he has rightfully earned a title shot against Noble tonight, and Jamie Noble must not be very confident ahead of this match.

JBL: He has beaten Jamie Noble three times in a row, but can he do it when the lights are shining bright and the gold is on the line.

“Slam Smack” hits and Jamie Noble makes his way down to the ring, to some decent heat from the crowd. Jamie Noble does not look too confident as he makes his way down, realising his title reign could be under threat.

Match 4
Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble © v Kid Kash

We get another very good bout here, with Noble and Kash putting on a better encounter than they did on Smackdown two weeks ago. We saw some very nice back and forth technical wrestling to start the match off. Jamie Noble seemed to get the better of Kash, however Kash came back and quickened the match pace, after a springboard dropkick. Kash then proceeded to go through his move set, coming close to victory on several occasions, only for Jamie Noble to kick out at two at each occasion. Kid Kash made a big mistake when he climbed up to the top rope, as he spent too much time up there, allowing Jamie Noble to rush up to the top rope, and connect with a Belly to Belly Suplex off the top rope! Jamie Noble then started to work over the back of Kash, keeping the match down on the ground playing a smart game. Jamie Noble ever so nearly took the victory, when he connected with a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker onto Kid Kash, but somehow Kash kicked out at two. Jamie Noble went to finish off the match with a Tiger Driver, but Kash countered into a Back Body Drop. Kid Kash then started to get back into the match. The ending saw Kid Kash connect with the Brain buster, before climb up to the top rope. He went for the Frog Splash, but Jamie Noble rolled out of the way. Kid Kash then got to his feet, only to be met with a Low Blow by Jamie Noble! The referee had no other choice but to call for the bell, with the crowd not liking the decision one bit.

Winner: Kid Kash via DQ in 8:06 (Jamie Noble retains his Championship)

After the match Jamie Noble locks on a Dragon Sleeper with Bodyscissors hold onto Kid Kash, squeezing away at a lifeless Kid Kash as the referee tries to pull Noble off Kash. Jamie Noble chokes out Kash with the hold, not allowing Kash to breathe, as for the second time in the night referee’s come down to stop the Submission Hold. Kash starts to fade away, and can clearly see a bit of blood coming from his mouth as he is being choked out, Finally Jamie Noble lets go of Kash, and he raises his belt in the air to big heat. Jamie Noble puts his belt in the face of Kid Kash, and tells him that will be the closest he will ever get to the Cruiserweight Championship. Jamie Noble then leaves the ring and makes his way to the back, as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see William Regal in the ring, with two young men standing either side of him, ready to wrestle, with the Major Brothers on the opposite side of the ring.

Regal: Hello to all of my fans in Atlanta Georgia!

Heat as William Regal waves to the crowd.

Regal: I know it’s great for all you people to see me, but let me say it is not great to see you.

Big heat

Regal: But don’t worry I have brought some light to this miserable town. Because what you’re looking at in this ring, is the future of the WWE. What you are looking at is the three finest wrestlers of all time.

Big Heat

Regal: Because you have got me William Regal.

More heat for Regal

Regal: And I would like to introduce you to these two men, Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill, we are the UK Connection.

Crowd gives heat as Burchill and McIntyre clap on Regal.

Regal: And tonight these two Gentlemen are going to beat those two American Tarts over there.

The crowd boos, but that quickly changes to pops when an infuriated Brian and Brett Major attack Burchill and McIntyre, and the referee calls for the bell.

Match 5
Tag Team Match
Major Brothers v UK Connection

We get a rather short match here, with a lot of matches to fit into a two-hour show. It was basically a squash match to help get the debuting Drew McIntyre and the re-debuting Paul Burchill over the boring Major Brothers. We see some nice double team moves by McIntyre and Burchill who show a lot of potential, as William Regal watches on from ringside. The ending of the match saw McIntyre connect with a Swinging Side Slam into a Sit out face buster on Brian Major. Brett Major is then taken off the ring apron as Paul Burchill connects with the C-4 for the victory.

Winners: Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill in 3: 50

Cole: What a debut for this young Tag Team of Paul Burchill and Drew McIntyre.

JBL: That was impressive Cole, these two men are future tag team champions, and with William Regal by their side they are ones for the future.

We then go backstage to see MVP in his locker room preparing for his match tonight, when Matt Hardy walks into the Locker Room. MVP gets off his feet and greets Matt Hardy..

MVP: Hey Matt how are you doing.

MVP goes to shake his hand, but Hardy doesn’t move a muscle and locks eyes with MVP. MVP looks behind him before realising that Hardy is looking at him. MVP tries to cut the tension by forcing a hug on Matt Hardy before speaking again.

MVP: It’s great to see you man, come on we tore those British Punks apart last Sunday. We are the greatest Tag Team Champions of ALL TIME!

Mixed reaction

MVP: It was great man kicking William Regal in the Head and connecting with the Franchise Move of the WWE, the Playmak..

Hardy: Do you know what also was great, me dropping you with the Twist of Fate!

Crowd pops, as MVP looks shocked at Hardy’s comments. MVP then forces a smile on his face.

MVP: Hey you don’t need to worry about that, it was an accident and I will let you off. You would of never hit the Twist of Fate on purpose to the man who is the captain of this time, The Franchise Player, half man half amazing, and the man who is flat out BALLIN!

MVP jumps up and pretends to shoot the hoop, getting heat from the crowd.

MVP: But next time Matt I might not be so forgiving, because we need to work as a team.

Hardy: We need to work as a team? We are not a team. I was forced to team with you, and MVP there is one thing, which I want. Your United States Championship!

Crowd Pops as MVP shakes his head to Hardy, obviously not wanting a title shot.

MVP: No Wa…

Hardy: And MVP if you don’t accept my challenge for a US Title Shot next week, I am going to forfeit my half of the Tag Team Championships!

Crowd Pops as MVP looks like he is about to lose it.

Hardy: And you can fight alone.

Crowd Pops as MVP realises that he is in a tight position here.

MVP: You want a match Matt? Well you have got it!

Huge pops to the announcement as Matt Hardy smiles, looking a little shocked that the challenge was accepted.

MVP: But when I beat your Punk Ass next week, and prove to the world THAT I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

Big Heat

MVP: You will go back playing second fiddle to the greatest Superstar of all time, M-V-P!

Matt Hardy: Is that so?

MVP: Yeah your damn right it is.

Matt Hardy: Well after next week MVP. They won’t be calling you the Most Valuable Player, but the Most Valuable Loser!

MVP and Matt Hardy then lock eyes with neither man moving a flinch. We then cut to a commercial Break.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we can see Kenny Dykstra in the ring preparing for this upcoming contest.

“WOOO” Ric Flair’s music hits, and the Nature Boy comes out in robe, to a big pop from the crowd. Flair struts down to the ring, before entering the ring.

Match 6
Singles Match
Kenny Dykstra v Ric Flair

We get a rather short solid match here, with Kenny Dykstra putting on a good effort against the legend, Ric Flair. After a back and forth start to the match, Kenny Dykstra took control of the match, and started to work over the neck and head area of the Nature Boy. But the match turns on it’s head, when Ric Flair rolls out of the way as Kenny Dykstra goes for the Guillotine Leg Drop. Ric Flair then got into the swing of things, hitting his normal routine of moves. Ric Flair then went to finish Dykstra off with the Figure 4 Leg Lock when Ric Flair’s own entrance music hits over the speakers. Ric Flair stands up and asks himself what the hell. Then OUTSTEPS CHAVO GUERRERO DRESSED EXACTLY LIKE RIC FLAIR! Chavo mocks Ric Flair, doing Flair’s strut before shouting out “Whooooo”. This distracts Flair and from behind Kenny Dykstra rolls up Flair getting a handful of tights 1…….2……3!

Winner: Kenny Dykstra in 5:05

After the match Kenny Dykstra flees out of the ring, raising his arm up in celebration. Meanwhile in the ring Ric Flair looks on at Chavo, looking very pissed off that Chavo cost him the match, and also came out mocking Flair. Ric Flair challenges Chavo to get in the ring, but Chavo just mocks Flair some more before going to the back.

We then go backstage to see Kristal Marshall standing by the World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Kristal: Edge, you have a match in a few moments time, but earlier tonight Rey Mysterio earned the right to face you at No Mercy for the World Heavyweight Title.

Crowd Pops

Kristal: Edge how do you feel about-facing Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Title?

Edge: Rey Mysterio? Is this some sort of joke? The best opponent you can get for the greatest World Heavyweight Champion of all time is Rey friggin Nacho Munching Mysterio!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Kristal Rey Mysterio is the most pathetic WWE superstar of all time! His whole career has been one total FLUKE! When he won the Royal Rumble, that was a fluke. When he became World Heavyweight Champion, that was a fluke. In fact every win he has ever had, was a TOTAL UTTER FLUKE!

Crowd Boos

Edge: Rey Mysterio is pathetic! And at No Mercy I am going to bring you back to reality Rey, because there will be no fluke. There will be no dream win. All there is going to be is me bringing you back to reality, and giving you your most embarrassing defeat. Because I am going to go to No Mercy and beat you without even breaking a sweat, and I will walk out the World Heavyweight Champion!

Big heat for Edge who smiles, after giving his trademark maniacal, look during that speech.

Edge: And Kristal moving onto, huh no pun intended, BIGGER and better things, the match which is coming just in a few minutes. Batista you big dumb freak, earlier tonight you attacked me from behind, like the gutless coward you are. And because of your actions Dave, you are going to have to face both the United States Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion, all alone because no one likes you, and no one would team up with a big dumb freak like you.

Big Heat

Edge: Batista you want a Title Shot? Well Batista I can count on two hands the amount of times I have beaten you, and because of that you will never, EVER get a shot at my World Heavyweight Championship.

Big heat as Edge stares into the camera once more, in a maniacal tone as we go to a commercial Break.

Commercial Break

“I’m Comin” hits and the United States Champion MVP, comes down to the ring to some big heat from the crowd. As he makes his way down to ringside, Cole and JBL confirm that next week MVP will defend his US Title against Matt Hardy.

“Metalingus” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion Edge, comes down to some huge heat from the crowd. Edge gets in the ring and raises his World Title up in the air, before beginning to talk with his partner MVP.

“I Walk Alone” hits and Batista comes out to a big pop from the crowd, but not as big as the one he got to open the show off. Possibly due to some of his comments tonight, and his actions to Undertaker, at Unforgiven.

After a short wait “Slow Chemical” hits, and Kane comes down to the ring to a big pop from the crowd, revealing himself as Batista’s partner. Edge and MVP can not believe, and they start protesting to the referee about Kane being Batista’s partner.

Match 7
Tag Team Match
Edge and MVP v Kane and Batista

As you would expect from a match of this calibre, these four guys put on a very good main event to make sure the crowd leave happy. The match focuses around the tension between Batista and Edge, with Edge avoiding Batista at all costs, unless Batista is down on the mat. A lot of this match sees MVP in the ring, and even though at times he struggles against the two Monsters, he shows some credibility giving both men a good fight, as Edge would rather watch from the ring apron. Kane and Batista make an explosive start to the contest, with their size and power advantage coming into play. But a bit of hostility is shown between Kane and Batista, after Batista knocks Kane off the ring apron when MVP throws Batista into him. Kane and Batista just seconds later have a confrontation, and the heels do a good job, as Edge distracts the referee as MVP low blows both men. MVP and Edge then do a good job of working on the injured leg of Kane, which was injured by Finlay at Unforgiven thanks to his Shillelagh. On multiple occasions Kane starts to fight back, only for the illegal man of either Edge or MVP to chop block Kane in the back of the knee, as frustration begins to build with Batista, as he cannot get into the match.

It looks like the work on Kane’s injured leg was going to pay off, when Edge locked on the Edgeucator onto Kane. Kane somehow fought on, and grabbed the bottom rope. Kane then got back into the match when he caught Edge with a Big Boot as he went for the Spear and he tags in Batista. Batista finally got his hands on Edge and started tearing him apart cleaning house. Batista connected with the Spinebuster and then goes to follow that with the Batista Bomb but MVP makes the save. A big brawl then ensued between the two teams when FINLAY SPRINTED TO THE RING! Finlay then dragged Kane under the bottom rope to the outside, and the two brawlers went at it leaving Batista on his own. Immediately MVP and Edge start double-teaming Batista. This is until “Booyaka 619” hits and REY MYSTERIO SPRINTS TO THE RING! Edge meets Mysterio at the bottom of the ramp, and the two men who will collide at No Mercy go at it. This leaves MVP alone in the ring with Batista, and he falls victim to the Batista Bomb. Batista then hooks the legs and gets the victory

Winners: Batista and Kane in 11:43

Straight after the match, the mayhem continues. Finlay and Kane brawl backstage, as Rey Mysterio takes Edge down with a clothesline on the outside. Mysterio then climbs to the ring apron, and connects with a Springboard Moonsault onto a Standing Edge on the outside! As Mysterio raises Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship in the air, Batista celebrates his victory in the ring. Rey Mysterio goes to the back as Batista is cut off in the ring as the arena goes dark..


The crowd erupts, as Batista smiles in the ring and tells Undertaker to come down to the ring, when he is cut by a familiar voice over the speakers.

Undertaker: BATISTA!

Crowd Pops

Undertaker: Last Sunday you dared to go face to face with the Reaper.


The crowd erupts again as then a quick flash on the Titantron is shown of The Undertaker knocking Shawn Michaels off the side of the cell through the Announce Table, during their match at Bad Blood 1997. We then hear The Undertaker speaking again.

Undertaker: Batista, over the years there have been many dragons who tried to lay siege to my Kingdom. And those Dragons all suffered the same fate, they were all SENT TO HELL!


We then see some quick flashes of moments from Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell Match with Mankind, including Undertaker throwing him off the cell and Choke slamming him through the ring.

Undertaker: One by one, people have stepped into my Hell, and one by one I have destroyed their Rotting Souls.


We then see quick flashes from Armageddon 2000 where Undertaker Chokeslams Rikishi off the Hell in a Cell, onto the back of a pick up truck.

Undertaker: And Batista now it is your turn!

Huge Pops


We are then shown flashes of all of Undertaker’s moments from those Hell in a Cell Matches, and more.

Undertaker: Batista……You……Me…..No Mercy……..HELL IN A CELL!

The crowd erupts into a huge pop, as Batista looks on slightly angry but slightly confident about his date of destiny with The Undertaker. But Batista is then cut off when a Lightning Bolt hits the ring, which collapses under Batista’s feet! Batista angrily gets to his feet and challenges The Undertaker, to come down to the ring as Smackdown comes to an end.


Smackdown Results
Billy Kidman and Jimmy Wang Yang beat Shannon Moore and Frankie Kazarian in 6:29
Stevie Richards beats Chris Masters in 5:51 via DQ
Rey Mysterio defeats Finlay in 11:17
Kid Kash beats Jamie Noble via DQ in 8:06 (Jamie Noble retains the Cruiserweight Championship)
Drew McIntyre and Paul Burchill beat the Major Brothers in 3: 50
Kenny Dykstra beats Ric Flair in 5:05
Batista and Kane beat Edge and MVP in 11:43
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