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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Smackdown Feedback

Okay, let’s get this started! Edge promo was great and I thought it was the logical choice to start the show with a gloating Edge, and boy I loved how he absolutely ripped into the crowd. It felt like a time filler because there wasn’t really anything important behind what Edge was saying, and it was just a way to get Teddy Long out to announce the tournament starting. Great idea and I hope we see someone fresh cos I can’t see Rey getting another shot after Summerslam. Both guys were spot on and it was an entertaining segment

First match was one I was looking forward to and would love to see in real life. My only problem is that three of these guys aren’t in the WWE and wouldn’t have been at the time, just seems like a complete overhaul of the cruiser division, as much as I love Kaz, Kash & Kidman and it’s not like they were brought in, they were just on the roster. Was well written and a good read, no surprise the champ got pinned. Kash is the man for sure and I think this was the perfect way to get his title shot on the road

Batista interview was short and sweet. It needs to be with Batista and I like the fire he has for tonight. I don’t see him winning the title, but I can see him getting the shot for sure. Nice way to put over the fact Khali has gone too if no one else knew

MVP/Matt promo was real good too, we’ve probably seen everything between them so it is hard to get something original in, but you did with the tournament situation and MVP mocking Matt, unaware Matt had turned Long down. The set up to Matt’s match with the guy with GENERIC music, ouch to Dykstra was good and I feel for Kenny I do. Obvious outcome to the match, but very happy it wasn’t a total squash and you played on Kenny’s arrogance too, why they derafted him to Smackdown I’ll never know. Good win for Matt and Kenny doesn’t come out of it too bad either

I don’t see why Edge is flipping out so much, surely he knew he would have to defend his title at Unforgiven. His charcter is spot on and you write well for him and I think you set it up perfectly for Kane to come in. I’m never sure about what to write for Kane if I use him in promos, but keeping it short and sweet like you did here does the trick and it was realisitic

Kane up next and gets a win thanks to big bro! Very well booked and sells Taker’s upcoming return even more, adding more fire to Henry’s determination to squash Taker at the PPV. Tremendous booking to keep all parties over without any damage, simple but effective

Flair against Chavo was better than I was expecting, like someone said before, it is original. No real shock to see Flair win, but I had a small feeling that you might have been trying to start a gradual push for Chavo, but maybe not. Nice finish and Chavo protesting is always great to see and good to see you add it in to give him some kind of crediblilty

Matt/MVP promo was good, nice little filler and I like this side of Matt that you see every now and again. Would love to have seen MVP’s face after Matt took the piss out of him at the end. Great! Wasn’t sure what to expect with this match, would Matt have gone home? Didn’t matter with Rey winning cleanly which was kind of a disappointment, but it’s Rey’s character, the underdog who gives it everything and pulls it off. Shame for MVP to lose clean but I see why you did it and it doesn’t do him too much damage

The ECW segment on Raw was a little surprising but I like a bit of cross band interaction, so this is fine by me. It’s total carnage and I love it. Good match and I should have seen RVD coming back for revenge. I didn’t want to see The New Breed lose but it works under the circumstances. It all kicks off afterwards, man this is confusing but in a good way, what the hell is going to happen next? Really enjoying this part

The moment I saw Edge come down for commentary, I just thought that there would be a dodgy finish and with two faces already in the frame for next week, Finlay winning was no real shock. Of all the faces I expected to win, Batista was the one as Rey just lost to Edge and Kane, well I guess he’s a good guy to put Edge over at Unforgiven and that’s why I think he’ll take it next week. Very good match actually and I think it flowed very well, very smooth as it went along. Edge’s part didn’t seem too forced either which was good. Chaos at the end of the show too and I think it hypes next weeks huge match up really well. Nice booking to set up next week

Overall. Solid show and I think you’ve done well to establish the feuds you have in just this short space of time. The booking is really good, very simple and effective with some other inventive parts too like the Taker video. The cruiser division is the only thing that bugs me, due to the realism of these guys being in it, but that’s just me. I can get used to them being in the show, not a problem as you know what you’re doing and it’s not as if you’ve brought in AJ, Cage & Angle. Great show and you count on me coming back for more
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

After every week of shows I will post some news/rumours from Wrestling Observers and will do a Power 25 like the WWE does on wwe.com. So here’s the first edition.

Wrestling Observer news and rumours

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer it has been reported that Robert Huffman's (King Booker) contract is coming to an end in the next few weeks. While WWE is still trying to negotiate a new contract with Huffman, there is a very good chance he will leave as he has made many people believe that he wants to work a lighter schedule and wants to focus more time on his PWA promotion and time with his family

This weeks edition of Raw drew a strong 3.5 Ratings which is up from last week. While this weeks edition of Smackdown drew a final 2.7 rating which is the same as last week.
Power 25

1st. Randy Orton- Randy Orton moves to the top of the Power 25after winning both the WWE Championship and ECW Championship in the space of 24 hours

2nd. Edge- Edge stays in second place after beating Rey Mysterio at Summerslam, but who will be his next challenger?

3rd. John Cena- John Cena drops two spaces after losing his WWE Title to Randy Orton after an 11-month reign. Has opportunity to regain his title at Unforgiven in Last Man Standing Match

4th. Batista- Batista stays at forth despite his loss to Finlay on Smackdown after he ended the career of The Great Khali in the WWE

5th. CM Punk- CM Punk has had a mixed week, winning his first World Championship at Summerslam only to lose the ECW Title to Randy Orton merely 24 hours later despite a good effort.

6th. Kane- Kane moves to sixth after big wins over Finlay and Mark Henry

7th. Umaga- Despite losing his Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam, he made a big impact on Raw

8th. Matt Hardy- Beat Kenny Dykstra on Smackdown but the only man he wants to beat is MVP his tag team partner.

9th. John Morrison- Bad week for John Morrison after losing his ECW Championship at Summerslam, and then losing to Triple H on Raw

10th. Mark Henry- Mark Henry just sneaks into the top ten but could drop out of it in two weeks time when he faces The Undertaker

11th. Carlito- Carlito moves right on the edge of the top ten after becoming Intercontinental Champion

12th. MVP- MVP drops in the power 25 after losing to Rey Mysterio on Smackdown.

13th. King Booker- Disappointing loss at Summerslam, but got revenge on Raw after humiliating Triple H by making him kiss his feet.

14th. Beth Phoenix- The glamazon is the new Womens Champion and it will be hard to see who can beat her for that title

15th. Finlay- Has a chance to become number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship this week when he faces Rey Mysterio and Kane in a triple threat match

16th. Rey Mysterio- Failed to win against Edge on his return, but beat MVP on Smackdown and this week has chance to get a rematch against Edge

17th. Candice Michelle- Her impressive run as Womens Champion came crashing to an end after losing to Beth Phoenix at Summerslam

18th. Ken Kennedy- Not great week for Kennedy with losses at Summerslam and a loss by disqualification on Raw

19th. Worlds Greatest Tag Team- The Worlds Greatest Tag Team lived up to their name at Summerslam as they became the new Tag Team Champions.

20th. Cade and Murdoch- Their reign as Tag Team Champions came crashing to an end at Summerslam

21st. Triple H- Has made an impressive comeback with wins against King Booker and John Morrison, but was humiliated on Raw by King Booker and will be gunning for revenge

22nd. New Breed- Marcus Cor Von and Elijah Burke have made an impact this week on both Raw and Smackdown with CM Punk, RVD, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer on their list of victims

23rd. Ric Flair- Ric Flair's comeback match against Chavo Guerrero was successful, but Chavo is apparently not through with Ric Flair just yet

24th. Deuce and Domino- Continue to fall after losing their Tag Team Championships to MVP and Matt Hardy last week, and not even making an appearance this week.

25th. Kevin Thorn- Made an impressive debut on Raw against Jeff Hardy, and helping out the New Breed on Smackdown

I will get a preview up for Raw on Wednesday
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Edge was nicely captured here, sounded good. The promo was a little on the short side as Long's intro looked rushed into this but we get a good title tournament out of it and that is good booking, if not entirely original, tournaments are always a good way to establish contenders, lord knows everyone's used them

Thank God you have some good Cruiserweights in your thread now with Kidman, Kash & Kaz, all K's lol. Good opener, good to see the bigger names per say winning it, I would love to see these two in a feud for the CW title

Batista's promo was very short, but got the point across. Big Dave is nothing on the mic, but a little more time would've been better, still, not bad just short

Hardy/MVP better not draw out as long as it did in the real WWE, I can't see it happening here. Hardy was always going over Dykstra and he'll come for that US title sometime, but for now he and Porter are the Tag champs, and we'll see what you do with them

Kane over Henry makes perfect sense, although Henry is a fair name, he doesn't deserve a title match. Taker is obviously coming back in the very near future as the videos continue to play, no doubt a gimmick match with Henry at NM is on the cards?

Haha good on Flair, still sticking to his guns in cheap tactics. Maybe a small feud with Chavo to follow? But he could be onto bigger things

Hmm Hardy & MVP on screen again, second promo and both have matches tonight. Bit over the top, but meh, it's a good program to run I just hope it doesn't get dragged out as I said before

Rey going through is the best choice, totally agree with it and now MVP has something to be pissed off at Hardy for here. Good match, nice booking

Wow match was alright but the aftermath was crazy. The ECW vs New Breed is still not over it seems here and it seems John Morrison could be the new leader of the NB as he gets involved here. Where is CM Punk to help the ECW Originals? Hmm...

WHOA! Finaly goes over Batista?!? Bold move to make but I guess this help build a future Batista/Edge program even better than it already could be built up. Edge is gonna get his ass kicked someday, and Big Dave will surely be the one to do it. Surprises throughout tonight's show

8/10. Good work as always, nice show


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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Thanks for the reviews and i will return your review Renegade this weekend as my main objective is to get a review done for DDMac's Wrestlemania which i need to start.

Raw Preview

This week Monday Night Raw comes to you from Columbus Ohio on the back of a week which belonged to one man, named Randy Orton.

After winning the WWE Championship against John Cena and unifying that championship with the ECW Title against CM Punk in back to back nights, Orton's next focus will be Unforgiven when he faces John Cena in a WWE Title in a Last Man Standing Match. What will go down this week between the Champion and a very angry challenger named John Cena?

After making Triple H kiss his feet last week on Monday Night Raw, King Booker hosts the Kings Court and his guest? Triple H. Expect hell to let loose.

Some big matches have been announced for Raw including a big six man tag match as Jeff Hardy teams up with the Hooligans to face Umaga and the Redneck Wrecking Crew. Also Kevin Thorn coming off a victory over Jeff Hardy faces the now former ECW Champion CM Punk who will be in a bad state of mind after being robbed of the WWE and ECW Championships last week. And also the Intercontinental Championship is on the line as Carlito defends his title against Cody Rhodes.

Make sure to tune into Monday Night Raw, this Monday live on the USA Network at 9/8 ET!

Matches confirmed
Intercontinental Championship Carlito v Cody Rhodes
CM Punk v Kevin Thorn
Hardcore Holly v Matt Stryker
Jeff Hardy and the Hooligans v Umaga and the Redneck Wrecking Crew

Will attempt to get my raw up on Friday, if not Saturday.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

WWE Raw!
Columbus Ohio
3rd September 2007

“To be Loved” by Papa Roach hits as the Raw Video package plays before we head out to the arena where we see thousands of screaming fans. The camera pans amongst them before finally going over to JR and King at ringside.

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw from Columbus Ohio as the road to Unforgiven continues. I’m good ol’ JR and alongside me is Jerry the King Lawler, and King what a show we have in store tonight.

King: Your right JR and right here tonight on Raw King Booker will be hosting the Kings Court and his guest will be the man who he made kiss his foot last week Triple H!

JR: Also tonight we have a huge 6-man tag team match as Jeff Hardy teams up with the Hooligans to take on Umaga and the Redneck Wrecking Crew of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch!

“Burn inside my light” hits and Randy Orton comes out to a huge chorus of boos. He makes his way down to the ring with THREE title belts with him carrying the ECW Championship and the Spinner version of the WWE Championship over his two shoulders and wearing his new WWE Championship around his waist. As he gets in the ring we see replays of what went down on Raw last week with Randy Orton defeating CM Punk to unify the WWE and ECW Championships after William Regal ordered the match to continue after John Cena hit Randy Orton with a steel chair. We then cut back to ringside with a mic in Orton’s hand and a trashcan placed beside him for some unknown reason.

Randy Orton: Two weeks ago I told you all that I am a one man dynasty, and I proved it last week as I beat John Cena to become the NEW WWE CHAMPION!

Big heat with one or two pops from the Cena haters

Orton: And then merely 24 hours after, last week on Raw I defeated CM Punk to unify the WWE and ECW Championships!

Big heat

Orton: In the last 8 days I have ENDED the legacies of both ECW and John Cena!

Big heat

Orton: I proved that I am the greatest thing to ever happen to this business, I proved that I am the brightest star the WWE has ever seen, and I proved that I am going to be the future of the WWE for years to come.

Big heat again

Orton: But as that all sounds good, last week that was nearly taken away from me. Because last week I nearly lost my WWE Championship to that punk kid CM Punk because of JOHN CENA!

Big pop

Orton: He nearly robbed me of my WWE Championship and I will never forget that Cena. John you are lucky to be even standing right now after what I did to you at Summerslam, at Summerslam John I actually felt sorry for you. When I kicked you in the head I could hit you with such power you would end up just like Shawn Michaels in the hospital, but I let you off. But because of what you did to me last week on Raw, at Unforgiven I won’t be so forgiving.
Big heat as a slight psychotic smirk appears on his face

Orton: I am going to finish off the job I started at Summerslam, and at the end of Unforgiven. I will be the Last Man Standing, and John…

Orton wipes his chin with his hand thinking of something.

Orton: John you will never walk AGAIN!

Huge heat

Orton: John I know your back there and you’re too much of a coward to come out. But you would have probably noticed that next to me in this ring is a trashcan. And I can hear you people asking why you have got a trashcan out in the ring Randy? Well let me give you an answer.

Randy drops his new WWE Title on the ground and lifts up both the WWE Spinner belt and the ECW Championship.

Orton: I am out here to take the trash you can say. Because in my hands are two belts which resemble the legacy of ECW and John Cena. Last week I killed the legacy of ECW.

Randy Orton drops the ECW Championship belt into the trashcan to some MASSIVE heat. Randy Orton then pulls out a box of matches.

Orton: And John just like these Championship belts, just like ECW. You will BURN IN HELL!

Randy Orton then drops the WWE spinner belt which John Cena brought into the WWE and he goes to light the match when “One of a Kind” hits and ROB VAN DAM sprints to the ring! Orton drops the matchbox and awaits Rob Van Dam, and as RVD gets into the ring Orton starts clubbing away at RVD who in one kick to the face takes Randy Orton down. RVD then mounts on Randy Orton and starts pounding away at him. RVD then grabs the trashcan and tosses the two belts out of it before going to hit Randy Orton with it, but Orton smartly scurries out of the ring with the belts. Orton hurries down the ramp as a furious RVD tosses the trash can at him down the ramp before grabbing a mic.

RVD: Randy you think I have forgotten what you did to me earlier this year? You think you are going to come out here and burn the legacy of ECW? Well if you want to burn that title you have to GO THROUGH ME!

Big pops as Orton looks at RVD in anger

RVD: So Randy I challenge you to put that ECW Championship on the line against me TONIGHT!

Huge pops as Orton takes a mic.

Orton: You want this title Rob? I accept your challenge!

Huge pops as RVD smiles as he knows he can become ECW Champion tonight.

RVD: Well tonight Randy, Rob Van Dam 4:20 says I am going to smoke your ass!

Big pops as Orton smirks sarcastically.

RVD: And Rob…Van…Dam is going to become the new ECW Champion!

Rob Van Dam tosses the mic aside and points down the ramp at Randy Orton and signals that he is going to become ECW Champion as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and what a match was made before the break, as Randy Orton defends the title which he unified with the WWE Title last week the ECW Championship against Rob Van Dam.

King: RVD has a chance to ununify those belts and if Orton wins I have heard that he will set the ECW Championship along with John Cena’s old WWE Spinner belt on fire!

JR: It’s pride and revenge on the line tonight for RVD. Pride as he is representing ECW tonight and revenge because of what Randy Orton did to him a couple of months ago.

King: Hang on a second look at this.

We suddenly go backstage to see John Cena arriving at the arena. He storms into the arena with an intense look on his face when Vince McMahon approaches him with a ton of bodyguards behind him.

Vince: Look who it is, Jo….

Cena: Where is Randy Orton?

Vince: I’m not going to tell you that….


Vince: Don’t you raise your voice at me! Randy Orton is in the building tonight and he has a match against Rob Van Dam for the ECW Championship. And John I am not going to let you pull one of those stunts you did last week and try and cost Randy Orton the match. That is why these bodyguards are going to be with you everywhere you go tonight, so you can’t attack Randy Orton your going to have to wait until Unforgiven.

Crowd boos as John Cena looks down at the floor smirking as bodyguards form a semi circle around him.

Cena: I won’t be able to attack him huh?

Vince: Ye..

Suddenly John Cena charges through the security and shoves Vince McMahon to the floor, and the security hold him back before he can do anything else. Vince’s face starts shaking in anger.

Cena: Tell your champ to watch his back!

The crowd pops as John Cena walks away with security following him as Vince gets to his feet and wipes his suit, as he looks at John Cena with daggers in his eyes.

JR: King John Cena is a loose cannon at the moment.

King: He just can’t handle that Randy Orton was the better man at Summerslam and won the WWE Championship.

JR: Well Randy Orton is going to have to try and not think about John Cena when he goes out to war with another loose cannon at the moment Rob Van Dam.

???: Hang on are you not going to introduce the Tag Team Champions?

The camera then goes to the side of JR and King and we see that the Tag Team Champions Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass have joined them for colour commentary.

King: So rude JR this is the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

JR: Whatever King anyway welcome guys what brings you here?

Shelton: We have come here because we want to. This next match features two-tag teams who want our titles, so we are going to do a bit of scouting you can say.

We then cut back to ringside and “Redneck” hits and the Redneck Wrecking Crew consisting of the former World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch make their way down to the ring.

“Samoan Bulldozer” hits and Umaga makes his way down to the ring to some big heat from the Columbus Ohio fans accompanied to the ring by Armando Alejandro Estrada. They get into the ring and Estrada shakes hands with Cade and Murdoch while Umaga shouts something out loud in Samoan and stares down his tag team partners who look a little intimidated by their own tag partner.

“London Calling” hits and the crowd gives a nice ovation as Brian Kendrick and Paul London walk out onto the ramp before sprinting at full speed into the ring. As they get the crowd hyped, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas throw insults at them from the commentary table.

“2extreme” hits and Jeff Hardy comes out to a big pop as he makes his way down to the ring slapping hands with fans at ringside before getting into the ring. As he does so we see a clip of Jeff Hardy saving Mickie James from being further attacked by Umaga last week on Raw and we find out that Mickie James is currently recovering at home.

Match 1
Jeff Hardy and the Hooligans v Umaga and the Redneck Wrecking Crew with Armando Alejando Estrada.

Good fast action packed match to kick off the wrestling side of the show, with the team of Jeff Hardy, Paul London and Brian Kendrick making a great highflying team and their adversaries making a great brawling team making for a good interesting match. Jeff Hardy’s team started off the match very brightly with their high flying tactics coming to use and they smartly kept Lance Cade away from tagging in Trevor Murdoch or especially Umaga. But however it was Umaga’s manager Armando Alejandro Estrada who came into play distracting Brian Kendrick as he was on the top rope allowing Lance Cade to push Brian Kendrick off the turnbuckle face first onto the guard rail on the outside. Brian Kendrick had the honour of playing the face in peril against a team with a Monster and two tough rednecks. Umaga finally got into the match and he literally ate Brian Kendrick for Dinner just demolishing the former Tag Team Champion. Umaga hit the Samoan Wrecking ball and then went for the Samoan Spike only for Jeff Hardy to make the save sacrificing himself for Brian Kendrick who went to tag in London, only for Cade and Murdoch to get in the ring and connect with a double Spinebuster onto Brian Kendrick with the referee’s back turned.

But after a long period of suffering Kendrick finally fought back after hitting Trevor Murdoch with an enzuigiri before tagging in Jeff Hardy! Jeff Hardy came in all guns blazing hitting his normal sequence of moves hitting Murdoch with the Whisper in the wind and he goes for the cover but Cade breaks the count and a brawl ensues between the two teams. Umaga grabs a chair on the outside and brings it into the ring, only for Jeff Hardy to dropkick it into the face of Umaga taking him to the outside. Kendrick and London then took care of Lance Cade as Jeff Hardy hits Murdoch with the Twist of Fate. Hardy then climbs to the top rope and connects with the SWANTON BOMB!! Hardy makes the cover and picks up the three count.

Winners: Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy and Paul London in 10:42
After the match Umaga attempts to get in the ring and destroy Jeff Hardy but Estrada advises Umaga not to, to his frustration. Meanwhile the Worlds Greatest Tag Team at ringside stand up and hold their Tag Team Championships in the air and they get into a round of trash talking with the Hooligans. Then all three faces celebrate their win as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see Vince McMahon pacing back and forth in his office furious at what happened earlier in the evening as Jonathon Coachman walks in with a mobile phone in his hand.

Coach: Sir I just got a cal……

Vince: Did you just see what happened?

Coach: Yes sir but I have got important news…

Vince: How dare John Cena lay his hands on me. Does he know who I am Damnit? Do you know what Coach nobody gives me the respect I deserve, RVD last week John Cena pushes me to the floor this week.

Coach: Well atleast the fans love you.

Vince: (Looks like he is going to snap at Coach) Yeah your right these people do love me because I am Vincent Kennedy McMah….

Coach: Boss there is something important I need to tell you.

Vince: How dare you interrupt Vincent Kennedy McMahon, what’s your problem?

Coach: Well I just got a call from her lawyers and they said that your son will reveal himself next Sunday at Unforgiven!

Crowd gives a small pop as Vince starts to think to himself, as we then switch to another area backstage where we can see Ken Kennedy watching a monitor seeing what just happened. Ken Kennedy smirks before walking out of his locker room as we go to a commercial.

Commercial break

When we get back from commercial we can see young Cody Rhodes making his way to the ring to a nice little pop. Cody looks very focused ahead of his biggest match in his career as he gets his first title shot.

“I spit in the face” hits and the new Intercontinental Champion Carlito makes his way down to the ring to some big heat. Carlito looks at his Intercontinental Championship and starts talking himself up as he comes down to the ring. We see a clip of Carlito cheating to win the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam against Umaga and Ken Kennedy

Match 2
Intercontinental Championship

Carlito © v Cody Rhodes

Solid match here as Cody Rhodes gets an opportunity of a lifetime, picking up his first ever championship match against Carlito who won the title at Summerslam. Cody Rhodes made a bright start to the match nearly picking up the victory with a variety of pinning combinations. He thought he got the three count after Carlito’s diving crossbody off the top rope had too much momentum and Cody rolled him over and Carlito kicked out just a millisecond before three. But however this title shot was too early for Cody as Carlito was just too good for the rookie and it proved as he stepped up a gear in the second half of the match completely dominating Cody Rhodes. Rhodes did show some heart putting his foot on the rope when Carlito connected with the Cool Shot. But Carlito finished off Cody with the backstabber and picked up the three count to retain his title.

Winner: Still Intercontinental Champion Carlito in 6:01
After the match Carlito immediately grabs his Intercontinental Championship and raises it aloft in the air. Carlito then looks down at Cody Rhodes who is holding onto his back in pain and he smiles. Carlito rolls to the outside and takes an apple off Lillian Garcia and brings it into the ring with him. Carlito takes a bite out of it and starts chewing as the crowd gives him heat knowing what he is about to do. Carlito then spits apple all over Cody Rhodes.

JR: That is just flat out sickening. You beat Cody Rhodes now leave him alone!

King: Rookie’s have to learn the hard way JR, I even remember Bobby Heenan spitting on you when you was a Rookie.

JR: Cody gave it his all tonight but Carlito is still Intercontinental Champion. But after the break we are going to have a special edition of the Kings Court with King Booker and his guest Triple H stay tuned, it’s coming next!

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial we see the King’s Court set up in the middle of the ring and we see King Booker making his way down to the ring accompanied by Queen Sharmell. King Booker gets into the ring and Sharmell gets onto her knees to praise the King. Queen Sharmell then takes a mic.

Sharmell: (Excitingly) Ladies and Gentleman all rise and hail your King, King Boookaahhh!

The crowd boos as King Booker puts on his fake Kingly smile. Sharmell passes the mic over to King Booker and gives Booker a bow.

Booker: Thank you all, thank you all my Royal Subjects.

Big heat

Booker: I must say how nice it is to see, that all of my peasants in Columbus Ohio have flocked to come and see their King.

Big heat

Booker: Thank you, Thank you. In nine days time I, King Booker will go one on one with that rapscallion Hunter Hearst Helmsley. And last week I gave Hunter Hearst Helmsley a taste of what I, King Booker will do to him at Unforgiven.
Big heat

Booker: Play the footage.

On the Titantron footage is shown of King Booker attacking Triple H after his win over John Morrison last week on Raw. We see Booker hitting Triple H with the Scissors kick, before taking his boot off and making Triple H kiss his feet. We then cut back to ringside where we see King Booker laughing hysterically while Queen Sharmell applauds King Booker.

Booker: That is a preview of what is to come next Sunday at the Unforgiven spectacular. Hunter Hearst Helmsley your victory at Summerslam was nothing more than a fluke, but at Unforgiven there will be no fluke. Hunter Hearst Helmsley you will be vanquished from the Raw Kingdom by your King, KING BOOOKAHH!

Big heat, which upsets King Booker, and Sharmell has to calm him down.

Booker: And just like I did last week, I will make him kiss my ROYAL FEET!

Crowd boos as King Booker laughs

Booker: And if you have forgotten what that feels like Hunter, let me give you a reminder. Show that footage again

We once again see the footage of King Booker making Triple H kiss his feet. We then cut back to ringside again and King Booker and Sharmell are laughing hysterically once more as the crowd boos.

Booker: Baby that’s some good stuff show it aga….

“Time to play the Game” hits and finally the guest of the King’s Court Triple H comes out to a huge pop. Triple H appears from the back with a sledgehammer in hand and he paces his way down to the ring looking like he has a purpose with that sledgehammer. Just as he is about to get into the ring King Booker and Sharmell quickly scurry out of the ring and it doesn’t like we are going to have a King’s Court like what we were promised. Triple H smashes the King’s Court set with his sledgehammer before challenging King Booker to get in the ring, but King Booker smartly backs off with a microphone in hand. King Booker then raises the mic to his hand

Booker: Hunter Hearst Helmsley am I not going to allow myself to be in the same ring as a street thug like you.

Crowd Boos as Triple H looks at his sledgehammer.

Booker: But let me tell you that at Unforgiven I will reign victorious against you Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

Crowd Boos

Booker: But right now I would like to introduce you to your opponent tonight, SNITSKY!

“Pain is my pleasure” hits and Snitzky comes out to a little if nothing reaction from the crowd. Snitzky slowly makes his way to the ring as Triple H looks annoyed that he has to face Snitsky as he would rather beat up King Booker who stays at ringside smiling to himself as he has set up his rival for a tough match. Jim Ross tells us that this match will happen when we return from commercial.

Commercial Break

Match 3
Gene Snitsky v Triple H

MATCH OF THE YEAR! Oh damn I already used that joke on Smackdown during a Kane v Mark Henry match. But anyway Gene Snitsky started off the match very strongly in the early going, dominating the Game Triple H using his power effectively. Snitsky thought he had picked up the victory after nearly taking Triple H’s head off his neck with a big boot but somehow Triple H kicked out. Triple H got back into the match when King Booker got on the apron trying to distract Triple H but only distracted the referee and Triple H hit Snitzky with a low blow. Triple H then pretty much like Carlito in the last match picked up a gear in the second half and completely dominated Snitzky hitting his normal sequence of moves. He connected with the spinning Spinebuster before setting Snitzky up and connecting with the PEDIGREE! Triple H makes the cover and gets the easy 1-2-3!

Winner: Triple H in 5:47
Triple H is given no time to celebrate as King Booker immediately after the match gets into the ring and takes off Triple H’s head with a jumping side kick to the Jaw of Triple H. King Booker then sizes up Triple H before bouncing off the ropes and connecting with the Scissors Kick to the back of Triple H’s head. The crowd boos as King Booker looks down at Triple H with a big grin on his face. King Booker then orders Sharmell into the ring and tells her some instructions. We then understand his intentions as Sharmell takes off King Booker’s wrestling boot and it looks like King Booker is going to make Triple H kiss his feet for the second week in a row. King Booker then stuffs his feet in the face of Triple H making him kiss Booker’s feet for the second week in a Row. Booker shoves Triple H’s head down onto the mat and the crowd boos as King Booker looks around the arena with his Kingly look. King Booker and Sharmell then slowly leave the ring as a hurt Triple H gets to his feet. Triple H realises what just happened, and he starts breathing very hardly in anger before going over to the corner of the ring and picking up a Sledgehammer, which had been kept on the ring apron the whole match. Triple H leaves the ring and starts pursuiting King Booker and Sharmell with it, and a face of horror comes on their faces and they start running away to the backstage area as we go backstage

We then go backstage to see a very angry young Cody Rhodes sitting in the main locker room holding onto his back in agony when Hardcore Holly walks over to him.

Hardcore: You see Kid this is exactly what I hate about rookies, you let people spit right all over you. Your too scared and pathetic to fight back against people like Carlito. If you want to get anywhere in this business kid, you need to act like a man and not like a two year old baby who needs to have his diaper changing.

Cody who had been staring blankly during the whole of his speech suddenly turns his attention to Hardcore

Hardcore: Carlito spits apple in your face, and you just sit down here and don’t do anything about it. If I were you kid, I would go back there find Carlito and kick his ass!

Crowd Pops

Hardcore: So what you waiting for Kid?

Cody: Thanks for the advice but quite frankly I don’t need any.

???: Looka what we have here.

Cody and Hardcore look to their left and we see Santino Marella walk into the frame (With an arm cast as this was when he was injured) alongside Maria who notably has a clipboard and pen in her hands.

Santino: Look Maria we have the brother of that gay gold man Cody Rodes (Pronounces as Cod-y Rodes)

Santino notices Cody eying up Maria who sees that and laughs quietly.

Santino: Maria I wouldn’t look at him, because one day he is going to turn fat, old and ugly like his father Busty Rodes.

The crowd laughs surprisingly at the heels comments, and Cody Rhodes stands up angry at Santino’s comments. Santino then looks at Hardcore Holly and gives a confused look. Santino then turns to Maria

Santino: Maria who is this man that look like he got run over by a bus.

Crowd laughs as Hardcore Holly goes to hit Santino, but Cody gets in the way trying to split Hardcore up from Santino.

Maria: Santino, his name is Hardcore Holly.

Santino looks at Maria in bewilderment.

Santino: His name is Hardcore Holly? Come on he’s too ugly to be a porn star.

The crowd laughs as Hardcore swings his fist back and goes to hit Santino but once again Cody gets in the way and says it is not worth it.

Santino: Calm down, calm down. I have just come to prove that I am not the only one who thinks that The Condemned starring Cold Stone Stev Austin (Pronounces just like that) is a load of, what you Americans call Garbage.

Crowd Boos

Santino:So me and my girlfriend who is almost as beautiful than me, Maria

Santino looks at Maria and strokes her hair

Santino: Are doing a survey and would like your thoughts on the movie starring the man who likes to stomp a mudpie and open up a can off ass whip Cold Stone Stev Austin, in the Condemned. Maria get ready to write

Maria lifts up the clipboard and gets ready to write

Hardcore: You want my thoughts? My thoughts are that I am going to kick your Italian Pizza Munching ass if you don’t get the hell out of here……..

Maria: Excuse me Hardcore how do you spell Pizza?

The crowd laughs as Maria ditsiness as Santino looks at Maria in disgust and snatches the clipboard off her with his good arm before turning to Hardcore Holly.

Santino: How dare you speak to me like that, do you know who I am? My name es Santino Marella….

Holly: I don’t care what your name is Kid because quite frankly I have a match which is next.

Hardcore Holly then taps Santino Marella very hard on his injured arm and Santino winces in pain.

Holly: But it’s been nice meeting ya.

Holly then walks off to get ready for his match as Cody smirks at Santino and also walks off while Santino holds his arm and says to himself mamamia.

Commercial break

“School bell” hits and Matt Stryker comes out to make his first appearance on Raw since leaving for ECW. Stryker has time to insult some of the fans as he walks past before getting into the ring and awaiting his opponent.

“How do you like me now” hits and Hardcore Holly comes out to a nice pop from the crowd. Hardcore comes down with his no nonsense style attitude before getting into the ring and staring at his opponent.

Match 4
Hardcore Holly v Matt Stryker

Decent match here with Hardcore Holly looking very brutal in the early going, hitting Stryker with some vicious hard right hands. It was a bit of a shame really that the crowd never really got into the match, as it was a pretty good encounter between the two with Stryker playing the role of the cowardly heel well during the match. Despite being a teacher Matt Stryker showed no manners when he low blowed Hardcore Holly to get into the match. Stryker however played a smart game working on the arm of Hardcore Holly which has kept him out injured for the majority of this year, with this being Styker’s best chance to win. Hardcore Holly looked like he was starting to fight back when he started pounding away at Stryker with some hard right hands into the corner before whipping him into the opposite corner. But Holly charged up with a running shoulder thrust and crashed shoulder first into the steel ring post after Matt Stryker moved out of the way. Stryker ever so nearly came close to victory after hitting the Hangmans Neckbreaker only for Holly to somehow kick out. In the end though Hardcore Holly hotshotted Stryker throat first off the top rope before hitting him with the Alabama Slammer and he makes the cover and picks up the victory.

Winner: Hardcore Holly in 5:58
After the match Hardcore Holly gets to his feet and raises his good arm in the air before holding onto his bad arm in agony. Hardcore celebrates on the middle rope before getting off it and turning around into SANTINO MARELLA who hits Hardcore Holly with his cast! Santino then takes off his cast revealing that it is not really hurt as we thought. Santino then drags Hardcore Holly into the corner and starts stomping a mud pie so to say in Hardcore Holly. Santino then starts to imitate Stone Cold, imitating drinking beers before giving Hardcore Holly the little finger instead of the middle finger. An angry Matt Stryker then joins in with Santino when CODY RHODES sprints down to the ring to make the save. Stryker and Santino scurry out of the ring as Cody gets into it. Cody challenges Stryker and Santino to get into the ring as Hardcore Holly starts to recover up to his feet. Hardcore looks at Cody with disgust and quickly leaves the ring not happy that Cody helped him out as we go backstage.

We go backstage to see CM Punk warming up for his upcoming match getting a big pop from the crowd when the New Breed consisting of Elijah Burke, Marcus Cor Von, John Morrison and his opponent tonight Kevin Thorne approach him. CM Punk realises that he is in a precarious situation as he looks at the four of them.

CM Punk: What do you want?

John Morrison: Don’t worry Punk we don’t want any trouble. Now Punk you and me have had our problems in the past, you beat me for the ECW Title at Summerslam and all but I respect you.

CM Punk looks at Morrison in confusion as Elijah Burke then steps up.

Elijah: You see Punk us four and you CM Punk were the guys that carried the ECW brand, not those phoney old ECW has-beens Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer.

Crowd Boos

Cor Von: And even though you rejected our offer the first time earlier this year, we are going to give you a second chance.

CM Punk snigers under his breath.

CM Punk: At what?

Morrison: At becoming the newest member of the New Breed!

The crowd boos as CM Punk nods his head very interested at the offer. Before turning to look at them with a serious face.

CM Punk: Thanks for the offer guys, but the thing Is, I don’t like any of you.

Crowd Pops

CM Punk: And I am not going to sell myself out by joining you four egomaniac jackasses!

The crowd pops as John Morrison, Kevin Thorne and Marcus Cor Von look like they are going to snap only to be given a quick nudge by Elijah Burke.

Elijah: Ok we respect your decision Punk, no hard feelings.

CM Punk then looks at the New Breed and then turns around and goes to walk away. Elijah Burke then looks at his fellow New Breed members and points at CM Punk miming “Now” and they are about to attack CM Punk when we see RVD walk into the frame in front of CM Punk. The New Breed then slowly back off the other way as RVD and CM Punk who turns around look at them.

RVD: Those guys giving you any hassle?

CM Punk: No I handled it myself but anyway good luck on your match tonight. I was robbed out of that ECW Championship last week, and now tonight it is your time to save that ECW Championship and bring it home.

RVD: You don’t need to worry about me, because I promise tonight that I am going to hurt Randy Orton. I am going to destroy Randy Orton for what he did to me a few months ago.

CM Punk: Well just realise that the ECW Championship is on the line, what do you want more the ECW Championship or to destroy Randy Orton? I have got a match so good luck and see you later.

CM Punk then walks off flexing his fingers as RVD thinks to himself about CM Punk’s last comments.

Commercial Break

When we get back from commercial “Vampire” hits and Kevin Thorn makes his way down to the ring accompanied by Ariel to some good heat. As he comes down JR and King talk about the interesting promo just before the break with The New Breed asking CM Punk to join their faction.

“This fire burns” hits and CM Punk comes out to a huge reaction from the crowd. CM Punk makes his way down to the ring looking very focused on this next match as once again we get replays of CM Punk being screwed out of the ECW Title last week.

Match 5
CM Punk v Kevin Thorn with Ariel

We have a very good big man, little man contest here with an in form Kevin Thorn facing a very frustrated CM Punk after just losing his ECW Title last week. The match starts off with CM Punk showing no fear taking it to his larger opponent. CM Punk clotheslines Thorn to the outside before using the top rope to slingshot himself over the top rope onto Thorn on the outside. However Kevin Thorne’s manager Ariel comes to play after she distracts CM Punk allowing Kevin Thorn to take his head off, taking him inside out with a clothesline. Kevin Thorn then takes the match into the ring and starts dominating CM Punk coming close to victory after a Sitdown Torture Rack Backbreaker drop onto CM Punk, who somehow kicked out just before three.
CM Punk sees an opportunity to get back into the match when Kevin Thorne misses a big boot onto CM Punk in the corner and gets his tangled with the top rope. CM Punk starts kicking away at the back of Thorn’s legs before taking him onto the ring apron with a springboard dropkick. CM Punk then got Kevin Thorne up in position for a suplex and he went to suplex him back into the ring but Ariel held onto CM Punk’s legs and Kevin Thorne fell on top 1…..2….Punk somehow kicks out. Kevin Thorne set up Punk for the Crucifix Powerbomb, but Punk slid off and bounced off the ropes coming back with a running enzuigiri. CM Punk then hit his combination of slaps, punches and kicks to Kevin Thorne before hitting a running knee in the corner followed by a bulldog. Punk then set up Thorn for the Go To Sleep when from out of nowhere ELIJAH BURKE, MARCUS COR VON AND JOHN MORRISON FLOOD THE RING AND START ATTACKING PUNK AS THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL

Winner: CM Punk via DQ in 8:20
After the match the New Breed continue their attack with Kevin Thorne hitting CM Punk with the Crucifix Powerbomb! Elijah Burke then lifts CM Punk onto his feet and allows Marcus Cor Von to bounce off the ropes and POUNCE CM Punk! John Morrison rolls to the outside and looks under the ring and for the third show in a row the New Breed pull out the table. John Morrison sets the table and rolls CM Punk onto it while Elijah Burke climbs to the top rope to deliver the same fate that RVD and Sabu have suffered in the last week. Elijah goes to come off the top rope when from out of nowhere SABU pushes Elijah Burke off the top rope down onto the mat and TOMMY DREAMER AND RVD FLOOD THE RING AND START ATTACKING THE NEW BREED! Tommy Dreamer tosses Kevin Thorn out to the outside before helping RVD clear Marcus Cor Von and John Morrison with RVD and Dreamer taking them to the outside with clotheslines. Tommy Dreamer then asks for a microphone and receives it from Lillian Garcia.

Dreamer: You boys want a fight, well how about at Unforgiven we finish this rivalry once and for all.

Crowd Pops

Dreamer: How about we have one final match for ECW. You four punks versus the ECW Originals and our tag team partner CM Punk!

Crowd Pops as we see that CM Punk is helped onto his feet by Sabu.

Dreamer: At Unforgiven in an Extreme Rules Match how about it?

Big pop as The New Breed looks at each other on the ramp and have a quick talk. Elijah Burke then picks up a mic from the side of the ramp.

Elijah: We accept your challenge!

Big pop as the match is official. RVD then takes the mic off Dreamer as Elijah Burke begins to speak.

Elijah Burke: And at Unforgiven we will prove why we were the REAL ECW, and why we are the future of the WWE as we are going to beat you four old washed up has-beens in your own game!

The crowd boos as the New Breed bar Kevin Thorn smiles.

RVD: Well is that so? Well let me tell you just like you contributed to the demise of ECW, at Unforgiven we are going to contribute to the demise of the New Breed and just like an old friend of mine used to say, we are going to take you to the EXTREME!

RVD drops the mic and the New Breed and the ECW originals and CM Punk get into a round of trash talking as we go to another commercial break.

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and what a match was made just before the break as at Unforgiven it will be the New Breed versus the ECW Originals in an eight man tag team match.

King: Just when you think ECW is dead, these eight superstars have been tearing each other apart and next Sunday this feud will come to an end.

JR: We have also found out that at Unforgiven Jeff Hardy will go one on one with Umaga!

King: We have found out that Armando Alejandro Estrada requested a match with Jeff Hardy and they have got it, and Jeff Hardy has the test of his career at Unforgiven.

JR: Also at Unforgiven Triple H goes one on one with King Booker.

King: Triple H beat King Booker on his return at Summerslam, but King Booker has since them embarrassed him two weeks in a row and I think that King Booker will prove exactly why he is King.

JR: Unforgiven will see the return of the Undertaker!

King: Undertaker faces the man that helped put him of action Mark Henry, and hopefully Mark will do us a favour and get rid of him for good.

JR: And finally the WWE Championship is on the line as Randy Orton faces John Cena in a Last Man Standing Match!

King: Randy Orton is the undisputed WWE Champion of Raw at the moment JR, he did something that nobody else could and that is beat John Cena at Summerslam, but at Unforgiven he will have to do it a second time around.

“Raise your hands up” hits and Candice Michelle comes down to the ring with her tag team partner Maria to a nice pop. Candice does her traditional entrance as Maria gets into the ring.

“Glamazon” hits and the Womens Champion Beth Phoenix comes down to the ring alongside her tag team partner Melina to some small heat. Melina does her splits on the ring apron intro as Beth raises her Womens Champion above her head.

Match 6
Beth Phoenix and Melina v Candice Michelle and Maria

Well this is the time of the show where you pull down your fly, pull it out and have a Wan...PISS! Toilet Break time . Beth Phoenix and Melina carry the majority of this very short match as we have a very packed card tonight and we still have the ECW Championship match to come up. After Candice made a bright start to the match, the team of Beth Phoenix and Melina started to dominate the match keeping Maria in the ring and Candice Michelle as far away as they can. Beth and Melina toyed around with poor Maria. But one mistake allowed Candice and Maria back into the match when the momentum of a diving crossbody from Melina sent Maria rolling ontop of her. Melina kicked out and went to clothesline Maria as they got to her feet, but Maria ducked and tagged in Candice. Candice came in like a house on fire cleaning house on both Melina and even Beth Phoenix. Candice whipped Melina off the ropes and she caught her off them with a spinning wheel kick and made the cover not realising Beth had tagged herself in. Beth broke the cover and connected with a vicious clothesline. Just like she did to Maria she started toying around with Candice lifting her up above her head attempting a Gorilla Press Slam, but somehow Candice slid off and landed behind Beth and rolled her up 1….2…3! Candice has pun the champion.

Winners: Candice Michelle and Maria in 4:35
After the match Candice Michelle quickly scurries out of the ring and raises her arm in celebration as Beth Phoenix can not believe what she just saw. Candice and Melina hug on the outside, before Candice signals to Beth that she wants a shot at the Womens Championship.

We then go backstage to see Vince McMahon who we have surprisingly only seen three times in one Raw show (Party time people), and he is standing outside John Cena’s locker room. Vince McMahon sorts out his tie and then knocks the door. We get no answer from anyone, so Vince walks into Cena’s locker room and his face turns into a face of terror. The camera then focus in on the locker room and all of the security that Vince McMahon put on John Cena for the entire night are all on the ground out cold. Vince mouths to himself “Damn it” as he then storms out of the locker room as he knows John Cena is somewhere in the arena looking for Randy Orton whose match is next.

JR: Next up Rob Van Dam faces Randy Orton for the ECW Championship in what could be the final time that the ECW Championship will be on the line.

Commercial Break

“One of a Kind” hits and Rob Van Dam comes down to the ring for the third time this evening to a huge pop. RVD comes down showing his intensity, as he does not waste any time wasting to clap hands with the fans unlike he used to do. RVD gets into the ring and stares down the ramp waiting for his opponent.

“Burn inside my light” hits and the unified WWE Champion makes his way down to the ring to some big heat, once again very cockily bringing down all three championship belts with him despite only one of the belts is a proper functioned championship now.

Match 7
ECW Championship

Randy Orton v Rob Van Dam

With a lot of matches going short tonight, we are given a good amount of time here for a good match between two good wrestlers who have a big grudge for one another especially after what happened earlier this year with Randy Orton putting RVD out of action. We see a far physical side to Rob Van Dam than we have done for a very long time with RVD not only wanting revenge, but to respect the legend of ECW by beating Randy Orton and stopping him from burning the ECW Title on fire. RVD was so physical in the early going, he busted open Randy Orton’s nose with a spinning heel kick. But with revenge being stuck in RVD’s mind, he made a big mistake by going to attack Randy Orton with the chair only for the referee to take it away. As the referee did so Randy Orton undid the turnbuckle padding, and when RVD approached him Randy Orton quickly tripped RVD’s face onto the unprotected steel ring post. Orton then started to control the match, staying ontop for a while. Randy Orton came close to victory on multiple occasions, the closest being after he caught Rob Van Dam with the inverted headlock backbreaker only for RVD to somehow kick out at two. Randy Orton then placed Rob Van Dam in his second favourite move the rear chin lock. Rob Van Dam starts fighting out of the rear chin lock and he bounces off the ropes and comes back with a spinning wheel kick. RVD goes through his repertoire of moves hitting Randy Orton with numerous kicks to the face followed by a monkey flip from the corner sending Orton into the centre of the ring. RVD then bounces off the ropes and connects with the Rolling Thunder picking up a two count. RVD then climbs to the top rope and goes for the splitlegged moonsault only for Orton to raise his knees.

Randy Orton then hit a sick clothesline, which looked to of knocked RVD silly. That sick look in Randy Orton’s eyes appeared as he started aiming at the head of Rob Van Dam looking to knock him out once again. Orton looked like he had done the job when he hit the second rope hanging DDT. Randy Orton then set RVD up for the punt to the head. Orton charges up but RVD trips Orton face first onto the unprotected steel ring post that Orton made earlier in the match. This knocks Randy Orton out as he falls onto the ground and RVD climbs up to the top rope. And he connects with the Five Star Frog Splash! He goes to make the cover when he sees ELIJAH BURKE on the ring apron. RVD knocks him off before seeing John Morrison also on the ring apron and he knocks him off. Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and CM Punk then flood to the ring to help fight off the New Breed and allow Rob Van Dam to finish his match. But RVD is too distracted with what is going on at the outside of the ring and turns around into a SICK RKO TAKING RVD INSIDE OUT! Orton then puts his arm across the chest of RVD and then hooks the leg 1……2…..3! Randy Orton is still champion and the ECW and WWE Championships are still unified!

Winner: Still ECW Champion Randy Orton in 13:49
After the match The Breed v ECW Originals brawl carries on down the ramp with Rob Van Dam making his way down to help the originals after he has finished selling the RKO. Meanwhile Randy Orton escapes the ring and looks underneath the ring, and pulls out a trash can. He tosses the trash can into the ring along with the ECW Championship and the WWE Spinner belt. Randy Orton sets up the trash can in the middle of the ring and he tosses the two belts into it and he pulls out some matches which were already in the trash can. Randy Orton is about to deliver what he has promised when

“My Time is Now” hits and John Cena charges down to the ring. Randy Orton grabs his WWE Championship and goes to hit John Cena with, but Cena ducks and he starts unleashing on Randy Orton with a flurry of hard right hands into the corner. Cena then gets Randy Orton onto his shoulders setting him up for the F-U. Orton slides off however and goes for the RKO, but Cena pushes him away against the ropes. Orton comes back off the ropes looking for a clothesline, but Cena catches Orton and hits him with the F-U. Cena then mounts ontop of Orton and continues to pound away at him when from out of the crowd KEN KENNEDY gets into the ring with a steel chair in hand and he clobbers John Cena over the back of the head with the steel chair! Kennedy then hoists Cena onto his shoulders and gets him up onto the bottom rope and connects with the Green Bay Plunge! Kennedy then starts shouting abuse at John Cena as Randy Orton starts to slowly get to his feet. Ken Kennedy hands Randy Orton the matches which Orton had dropped to the floor and watches on as Randy Orton lights up a match and tosses it into the trash can setting the ECW Championship and the WWE Spinner belt on fire! Massive heat is given as Randy Orton now lifts his one solitary WWE Championship in the air before shaking hands with Ken Kennedy and they leave the ring as..

Suddenly “Hard hittin” hits and Jonathon Coachman appears at the top of the ramp with a mic.

Coach: Randy Orton well done on your victory tonight against Rob Van Dam, and well done for destroying the legacy of the ECW Championship once and for all!

Crowd Boos and the crowd starts chanting ECW.

Coach: But I am out here to inform you of a match that both you, and Ken Kennedy will compete in next week. Because next the two of you will team up in a tag team match against John Cena and a partner of his choice!

The crowd gives a big pop to this and Coach makes his way backstage as his music hits while we see Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton on the ramp staring at John Cena in the ring who has gotten to his feet and he points at Randy Orton and Kennedy and says that he will see them next week as the show fades to black.


Raw Results
Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy and Paul London beat Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch and Umaga in 10:42
Carlito beat Cody Rhodes to retain his Intercontinental Championship in 6:01
Triple H beats Gene Snitzky in 5:47
Hardcore Holly beats Matt Stryker in 5:58
CM Punk defeated Kevin Thorn via DQ in 8:20
Candice Michelle and Maria beats Beth Phoenix and Melina in 4:35
Randy Orton beats Rob Van Dam to retain the ECW Championship in 13:49 (Randy Orton destroys ECW Championship after match to retire the Championship for good)

Sunday Night Heat Results
Cryme Time defeat the Highlanders
Victoria defeats Michelle McCool
John Morrison defeats Val Venis

WWE Unforgiven Card

Jeff Hardy v Umaga

ECW Originals (CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Sabu and Tommy Dreamer) v The New Breed (Elijah Burke, John Morrison, Kevin Thorn and Marcus Cor Von)

King Booker v Triple H

Mark Henry vs The Undertaker

Edge © v Finlay/Kane/Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship

John Cena v Randy Orton © for the WWE Championship
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Raw Review-

Opening Promo- I enjoyed reading this a lot. I love how you chose RVD to come out and protect ECW. I think that RVD will win the ECW Title, but eventually later in the thread it will get knocked off. But Orton was good in promo here, and like I said before, it was a good read.

Cena/McMahon Promo- Wow, Vince is really taking it to the next level by making Cena stay with bodyguards. Cena can't wait to get a piece of Orton at Unforgiven. I think Cena will get involved in the ECW Title match somehow.

Londrick/Hardy vs Rednecks/Umaga- Wow, I was expecting Umaga and the Rednecks to pick up the win here. But Hardy came through for his team and got the pin on Murdoch. It makes Umaga seem kind of weak by listening to AAE to not get into the ring. But that's ok. I like the trash talking between Hooliganz and WGTT.

Coach/Vince Promo- Oh god, I hope this isn't the Hornswoggle McMahon storyline. I hate that storyline.

Carlito vs Rhodes- Good win for Carlito. I knew that Rhodes was never gonna win the match. I love the sportsmanship by Carlito at the end by choosing to spit the apple all over Rhodes lol.

Booker/HHH Promo- God, I really hate the King Booker gimmick. But you pulled it off really good character-wise. I liked how HHH came out and King Booker just ran away.

HHH vs Snitzky- Obvious win for HHH here. King Booker came in and attacked HHH after the match. That really adds to the feud for their match at Unforgiven.

Holly/Rhodes/Santino- Pretty good promo here. I dont see Rhodes and Holly really teanming up, I see Holly feuding with Santino. However, there was a minor mistake in this promo:
Cody and Santino look to their left and we see Santino Marella walk into the frame (With an arm cast as this was when he was injured) alongside Maria who notably has a clipboard and pen in her hands.
It should be Cody and Hardcore Holly. Just letting you know.

Holly vs Stryker- Good win for Hardcore Holly. It was a decent match. I dont understand why Hardcore was so mad that Cody helped him out. He was getting his ass kicked.

New Breed/Punk/RVD Promo- I like how CM Punk continuously turns down the New Breed. This could lead to a New Breed vs Punk/RVD feud if RVD doesnt win the ECW Title. And I really liked Punks last comments to RVD, asking him if he cared more about the ECW Championship or destroying Randy Orton.

Punk vs Thorn- I am not surprised that Punk won by DQ. It was expected for the feud. And I liked the run-in help by RVD, Dreamer and Sabu. Good match set-up for Unforgiven. I cant wait.

Women's Match- Eh, Im not a big fan of womens matches. But good win for Candice and Maria I guess.

Main Event- Wow! What a match. Orton always gets interruppted whenever he is going to destory a belt. But besides that, RVD put on a good match and it sucked that he couldn't win. I liked the run-in by Kennedy to attack Cena after he attacked Orton. I liked the announcement for next week witrh Kennedy/Orton vs Cena and a partner of his choosing. It should be a good match.

Grade- 9/10. Really good show, I was entertained throughout the whole thing.
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Opening Promo: This was a very very good Opening Promo, Characters were done brilliantly well, Especially Randy Orton, Liked the way he was talking about Cena burning in Hell with ECW, Loved RVD coming out and i wasnt expecting this, A very good Opening Promo and a great way to kick of Raw!!!

John Cena, Mcmahon Promo: Another great Promo here, Typical of Mr Mcmahon to get in the face of Cena and glad to see you got Cena to attack Mcmahon a little, Another good promo

Match1: This was a decent match, Glad to see The Faces get the win and i loved the little bit at the end were Umaga tries to get into the ring, Very Realistic, Good Match

McMahon and The Coach Promo: Another very good Promo, I have to say your promos are great and have alot of realism, Like the fact that Mcmahon kept on going on about John Cena and was not listening to The Coach, Will Ken Kennedy be Mcmahon Son, Good way to keep us thinking!!!!!

Match 2: There isnt alot a can say about this match, Decent Finish with Carlito showing No Respect for Rhodes and spitting in his face

Booker T Promo: Another very good promo, Booker T in Character and this builds up the fued for Unforgiven!!!

Match 3
Another alright match, Glad to see Triple H get the win i liked the ending

Harcore, Rhodes, Santino and Maria Promo: Your Promos i feel keep on getting better, Santino in complete character!!! and glad to see Hardcore Slating Rhodes about not doing anything to Carlito

Match 4
Alright match, I am sorry but a cannot really talk about your matches, Good aftermath with Santino revealing his Arm is not actually hurt, I expect a match with these two

New Breed, CM Punk and RVD Promo: I thought this was your worst promo so far, It was decent at the start until RVD came into it, Why would The New Breed back away from RVD?, Its not like he is a Kane or an Undertaker, I also believe Punk went out of character as soon as RVD became in the promo!!!

Match 5:
I enjoyed reading this match, MOTN so far but im sure the Main Event will be better, The New Breed coming out after the match was good and so was RVD and Tommy Dreamer coming out

Aftermatch Promo: This Promo was OK and was only their to get a match over for Unforgiven but i do think the match will be good

Match 6
Dont have anything to say about this match, It was just a Squash match but i do think to keep realism that it is always good to have a Squash type match on Raw, Smackdown and any other weekly show you may do

Mcmahon Promo: This was very good and keeps on interested for the main event

Match 7
Very good match and even though i thought RVD was going to get the win i am really glad you made Orton get the win, Great ending to the match and looking foward to the tag team Match, John Cenas Partner must be an ECW Superstar

OVERALL: very good show and i would have to give a 8/10, I love the realism
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Raw Review

Decent opening promo. I noticed quite a few mistakes in grammar and syntax but nothing that COMPLETELY threw me off of the promo. Orton’s dialogue was a bit choppy as well I thought. As for the actual contents of the promo, I don’t know if Orton would accept Van Dam’s challenge right off the bat without much thought. But I guess he doesn’t really care about the ECW Title, so in that way, I guess it makes sense. Reasonable way to kick off the night.

Liked the segment with Cena and Vince as it expressed Cena’s need for revenge in complete contradiction to Vince’s desire of order. Might’ve been smarter for Vince to just kick him out of the arena though.

Nicely booked tag team match, setting up a new feud (WGTT-LK) while continuing the feud between Mags and Jeff Hardy. Smart having Estrada pull Umaga as way as well. Keeps his monster credibility while saving the brawl with Hardy for another time.

Kennedy, Vince’s son? Sounds obvious. We see where you go with it from here. Took him a bit, but it was definitely the right move to have Carlito go over Rhodes. Cody shouldn’t be getting a title shot anyway. ~_____~

Another decent promo here, this time with King Booker. Once more, a couple of grammar mistakes hurt the flow a bit (more commas plz) but overall it was a well-done segment. How the hell is King Booker booking matches for Triple H? Anyway Hunter wins a squash and then we get a rerun of last week. Solid stuff, rebuilding Booker’s heat after losing to H at SummerSlam.

Meh comedy segment with Santino, Rhodes and Holly. Marella was great while the other two were as bland and generic as can be. Hopefully you can manage to pull some semblance of a personality out of those two. Holly wins a relative squash match. Lmao, Santino is awesome. Little finger, ftw~! Rhodes making the save was to be expected but it doesn’t make any sense. He didn’t become friendly in his segment with Holly so I hope we get a decent explanation as to why he would want to help him.

You may want to spread out your segments and matches better. It seems like every time there’s a segment involving someone, they’re involved in a match moments later. Anywho, decent segment although quite a bit rushed when it came time for Van Dam and Punk to speak. Should’ve been a bit of a pause between “what do you want more the ECW Championship or to destroy Randy Orton?” and “I have got a match so good luck and see you later.” One final ECW match? Could be good, but pretty much gives away tonight's main event.

Candice sucks. Mickie plz.

Solid match to end it. Orton picks up the victory with a little help from The New Breed, which is no real shock. The only problem I had with this was the aftermath. The Cena and Kennedy attacks were fine, and the blowing up of the titles was even better, bringing us full circle from the beginning of the night. That should've been the end of it. But to have Coach come out there brought it several notches down. The match should've been announced during the week or at the beginning of the next Raw, not putting a damper on this angle.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

This one slipped me by. I think everyone knows by now i've been a bit pre-occupied with work and football this weekend, but i'll get a review up in the next couple of days at the latest
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Re: WWE: Turning The Corner

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Opening promo was real good and I can just imagine the sheer arrogance of Randy Orton with three title belts. He was in great character and the smirk was described as well as you can just see it. The mention of HBK was nice as I could for some reason picture Michaels come out, but I don’t know why when I stopped and thought about it. Orton disrespecting the titles is no surprise and yeah, he would try and disregard ECW. RVD would put his life on the line for ECW, so it made sense he came out and stopped Orton. The one thing I don’t see is Orton accepting RVD’s challenge that easy, unless he was really fired up. Without seeing it, I can’t really tell, it’s one of those situations, but I can buy into it quite easily

Vince/Cena promo wasn’t something I was expecting but can see it after what happened last week. Very realistic portrayal of what Vince would do after what Cena did last week with the Punk/Orton match. A minor grammar error here but a good promo, putting an obstacle in front of Cena, which in real life he would break easily I guess, so I’m taking no notice of the security for tonight

Wow, this is a match I’ve not seen before, either in BTB or real life, but I would love to. Really well described match and an enjoyable match to read. I loved that it had some stand out moments in it, and the right call I think to have the faces win and give the fans a buzz in the first match for the rest of the show. Great opener

This was great, really simple but incredibly effective. I think I said this last time about your show, but this was really well done. Vince being all arrogant and talking over Coach when he had something really important to say. This kept us guessing to what Coach had to say and if it was really all that important, and of course it was. Huge news, but the Kennedy tease I would say is something that would rule him out as the son as it would be too obvious. You little tease you!

The Cody/Carlito match interests me greatly as it was a feud I had planned and started before the rumours started about Carlito leaving. It has lots of potential, unlike most of the possibilities on Raw. A very realistic outcome and a good way to start the feud. Carlito as champion had to pick up a dirty win without harming Cody

Booker promo was a typical King Booker style promo. Strong in character, nothing spectacular, but did its job. Bringing up the video from last week brought out his one up on The Game and reminded us it’s not a one way feud. Announcing HHH’s opponent tonight also shows that he is on his level if you get my drift. The match itself was no surprise, Snitsky taking the advantage early on before falling to a resurgent superior opponent in Triple H. Booked well and keeps the feud boiling over nicely with Triple H coming back at Booker & Sharmell afterwards

The next promo was very interesting, but one I’m not real sure about. The Cody/Hardcore interaction is something we’ve seen before, as are the comments from Santino in regards to Austin. I think that some people will not be cool with the Austin bit in particular. The remarks about Busty & calling Cody Cod-y were funny, but I’m not sure how to take the Austin comments to be quite honest

The Holly/Stryker match followed on well from the last promo, but it was all too obvious that we would see a couple of run ins. I’m not a big Holly fan, so I was a bit sick in the stomach, (Sat here with a belly full of alcohol after not eating all afternoon has nothing to do with it!) but I can see the realism behind it. Santino coming out was obvious like I said and the cast gimmick is something that I can see Santino pulling off. The team of Santino & Striker would work for me and also bring some funny promos. Cody/Holly alliance is something I don’t like but can put up with. Could be an interesting play out here, especially with the mic skills that Santino & Striker possess. Good vision to see what these two could deliver as a team

The Punk/RVD/New Breed promo was okay. Punk was never going to join forces with them and he shouldn’t quite honestly. RVD coming in made since after Punk’s match last week, a little generic between them but not too bad

Punk/Thorn played out well and I was disappointed Punk went over Thorn clean as I feel he has potential as a strong player if booked right. The run in was all too obvious after the promo before, second match in a row that has happened now. The situation between them calls for a match at Unforgiven and I think it is a good call, the only problem is, RVD has a huge match tonight and pretty much writes him out of a win later on as he is involved in this feud for now, unless it all comes down to an ECW feud with The New Breed screwing RVD out of the title. I think the ECW title needs to go, but I think it’s original and a decent idea to keep it going for a while. You obviously have something in mind

Womens match was enjoyable to read and extremely realistic. A non title win was always likely, shocked it wasn’t Mickie to be honest, but Candice has proven herself in real life, and here too now so it should make for a decent match at Unforgiven if that’s where it goes

I liked how you built up some real suspense for the main event with all the security guards knocked out in Cena’s locker room, that really spices up the main event. The match was pretty good, and as expected, The New Breed came in and cost RVD the title. Don’t see that as a problem and it was good way to add some more fire to the feud, but Kennedy coming down was a bit random afterwards. It plays into helping Vince with Cena, and I’m not sure which way it will go with Kennedy being the obvious son or if he’s trying to hard to prove himself to Vince, cos I don’t see him being too friendly with Orton as he’s very selfish. The announcement by Coach could have waited for next week as I feel it wasn’t that a big of an announcement and would have been far more effective for next weeks show and the ending with Orton & Kennedy was strong enough to end the show

Overall, another strong show, but I felt last weeks were better. The feuds moved along nicely, along with some new ones
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