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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

All your feuds seem to involve big guys, so I'll be interested to see how you go about this.
No one likes to read jobber feuds, I only highlight the big angles anyways, there's always plenty going on you typical modern day BTB fan

Doesn't emulate mean to try to copy the actions of something that you have previously witnessed?
I honestly I have no idea how that word got in there, so I fixed it. Still, no marks for nit picking tbh.


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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Last edited by Renegade™ : Today at 10:20 PM. Reason: Certain nubs nit-picking...

I think the word you were looking for was 'emitt'. Not sure on the actual spelling, but MS word should know. <3

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

LOL, I think he was looking for the word 'emanate', which means stem or originate. Anyway, the thread is looking good Renny and I was not around when you were here producing quality shows time after time, and hopefully I can get a review up for your show. And I agree, BTW, BKB is a jobber, and a big one .

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Originally Posted by brian kendrick's b View Post
Doesn't emulate mean to try to copy the actions of something that you have previously witnessed?
Make allowances for him!!! He obviously means emanates.

...emulates from navada
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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Big main event already for Lesnar on Raw. That should be a great match up for the first show back.

And Monty Brown to destroy everything in his path. Not even saying please. Make it happen.

... I'll ignore the discussion on the 'e' word controversy ... I wouldnt want to emanate what someone else said

(See what I did there??)
What do you mean, 'no'????
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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

It's okay, Reney, everyone understands that your failure to grasp the English language is because your mind's a little bit fuzzy still after all that Fosters

The show looks top notch too; talk about a debut for Brock Lesnar too. He's obviously (and rightly) going to be a major player on Monday Nights, but I hope he doesn't just squash a guy like Rob Van Dam. Not much space in the main event scene right now: Edge, Rock, Cena, Christian, RVD, HHH, Lesnar, Monty etc. Talk about the world being your oyster.

Like Wolfy said, if Monty doesn't get the push to beat all pushes after he arrived at Survivor Series, I'll be one unhappy camper. We need some of TAM's awesomeness each and every week.

Can't wait.

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Fuck you all over the emulate/emanate thingo to.


Lawlor Events Centre
Reno; Nevada

A video package of last night's PPV highlights airs showcasing all of RAW's major talking points. It starts off with Cryme Tyme retaining their Tag Titles in the Gauntlet match, the Cade/Jindrak argument afterwards, the final appearance of The New Age Outlaws. Then it shows Trish & Mickie standing tall in the Women's elimination tag match with Mickie earning a Women's title shot on tonight's RAW with her being the only other surviving diva. Then there's highlights from Team AJ vs Team Shelton with AJ Styles winning the match for his team, scoring the pin over Shelton. Next is the shots from the Inter Promotional tag match with Monty Brown's early elimination and Christian costing RAW the match as he takes all his frustration on Foley out and hits Austin with an Unprettier before getting nailed himself with an RKO. Then we see Monty Brown's shocking assault on The Undertaker and burying the Deadman alive. Finally highlights of the 6 Pack match for the WWE Title with Shane O Mac costing Triple H his title, John Cena screwing The Rock over and Edge pinning The Brahma Bull to FINALLY win his first ever WWE Championship

*Opening Video*


JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are coming to you live from Reno, Nevada and we are 24 hours removed from what was a memorable and controversial Survivor Series! As always I am alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler here at ringside and King, last night was something else wasn't it?

King: It sure was JR! Monty Brown buried The Undertaker alive, Christian screwed us in the match against SmackDown!, Shane McMahon took Triple H out of his own Championship defense and Edge has finally reached the promised land in becoming the champ for the first time in his career!

JR: Well Edge can give a big thank you to not only Shane McMahon for removing Triple H from the match in crazy fashion, but also John Cena who distracted The Rock who was looking set to become an 8 time WWE Champion.

King: It doesn't matter how you win JR, to Edge, winning is everything.

JR: Tonight will certainately be interesting indeed, two friends will go one on one for the Women's Championship as Trish Stratus defends her title against Mickie James. We'll also no doubt learn more from the fallout of last night as tonight goes on I'm sure...


The music of the newly crowned champion hits and the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Edge walks out on stage, WWE Championship title around his waist and Lita by his side, grinning from ear to ear. Edge heads to the ring boasting about finally being champion, he's not looked this happy for a LONG time. Edge takes a mic from Lilian Garcia and casually walks up the stairs onto the apron, still grinning. Edge hops into the ring and his music dies down

Edge: Last night...finally...justice was done!


Edge: After months of working my ass off, giving my all, I am finally the WWE Champion again!

More heat as Edge raises the title in the air still beaming with himself

Edge: Boo me all you want, I don't give a damn!

Louder boos

Edge: I am on top of the world now. I've accomplished the greatest feat in this company, I am the pinnacle of success and your boos and jeers aren't gonna do a damn thing to ruin this moment for me.

Edge grits his teeth

Edge: I had to come back from a frickin' neck injury, I had to bide my time while others were given the chance to fulfill my dream. I was SCREWED by you so called fans, I was SCREWED by the bastards in the back, the ones that didn't think I deserved a chance to become Champion, but I defied all that opposed me and I stand here as your champion!

The crowd is getting bored with Edge's speech and a *You Suck* chant starts up

Edge: People seem to have forgotten that I was the most watched WWE Champion of ALL TIME! Nobody was giving me a chance to reclaim this title, everyone wrote me off. And this time, I will show everyone why I will become known as the greatest champion this company has ever seen. My last title reign did not go as planned but my hunger to stay as the top dog this time cannot be matched, I will not be denied my place in history. The Rated R Superstar will become a worldwide phenomenon. I have the most beautiful girl in the world and now I have the ultimate prize around my waist too, The Rated R Era fully begins and it begins here and now!


The crowd ERUPTS as Triple H storms out, looking extremely pissed off after being taken out by Shane McMahon last night. The Game has a mic in hand and glares at Edge holding what was The Game's prize for 6 months around his waist

Triple H: You ca-

Edge: NO! NO! NO!

Heat for Edge cutting off The Game

Edge: This is my moment! This is my time, not yours! You had your time in the spotlight, and that's long gone. Get the hell outta here you son of a bitch!

Boos for Edge

Triple H: I'm begging you to shut up.

Loud pop

Triple H: Your moment? Your time? That's all a load of crap!


Triple H: Everybody here tonight knows the only reason you're champion is because of one little silver spoon fed, daddy's boy.

Heat for the mention of Shane O Mac

Triple H: You stand out here and whine and bitch about being screwed out of title matches, well it just happened to me and it's only because of that that you're even standing here as champion. You know, come to think of it, you've become something of a joke champion.

Edge: And hows that Hunter, huh?

Triple H: Look at your first title reign, that is I mean, if you looked quick enough to even see it.

Crowd laughs

Triple H: You had to cash in your Money In The Bank contract after John Cena had competed in an Elimination Chamber match moments before. He was fatigued, he was bloody and he was beaten sore. And then only 3 weeks later, before you can blink, you lost the title anyways!


Triple H: And now you've only become champion again because of what happened to me. You're just a joke champion, you've never properly earned your title reigns and if you thought 3 weeks was quick then your second reign is gonna feel as if it came and went in a flash, because tonight I am taking my title back and cashing in my rematch clause!

HUGE pop for this which clearly angers Edge

Edge: That's a load of crap and you know it. Dammit you can't just make that kind of decision yourself, you have no authority on this show!


The RAW General Manager makes his way out to a nice pop from the fans

Foley: Edge, while Triple H may not have any authority on this show to make those kind of matches, I do and that is why tonight you will defend your WWE Championship against Triple H right here in Reno, Nevada!

Crowd erupts for the cheap pop and the huge main event announced for tonight

JR: My God what a main event we've got tonight folks, Triple H taking on Edge for the WWE Championship! Huge!

King: It is JR but it's not fair how this has happened.

JR: Are you kidding me King? The only unfair thing about it is Triple H is no longer champion thanks to that dastardly Shane McMahon! Maybe tonight Triple H will get the title back.

-Commercial Break-

We return to find Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak in the ring, seeming to forget last night's argument with each other

*BRINGIN' DA HOOD 2 U*The crowd pops as the World Tag Team Champions make their way out. The two dance on stage for a bit before heading to the ring, pumping the crowd up on their way as Cade & Jindrak glare at them in disgust

Match 1
World Tag Team Championships Match
Cryme Tyme(c) vs Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak

Solid opener sees the former champs take it to Cryme Tyme in the early going, with JTG isolated from his partner for a large chunk of the contest with Lance Cade especially being ruthless in beating down the energetic JTG. Eventually JTG is able to mount a comeback, scoring with an Enziguri on Jindrak. Jindrak tags in Cade but JTG scores the hot tag to Shad!
Shad comes in and ploughs right through Cade with a clothesline, and then another. Shad then whips Cade to the ropes and scores with a Powerslam! Mark Jindrak attacks Shad from behind, backing Gaspard into the corner and teeing off with some left hands. MJ attempts to send Shad across the ring but it's reversed and Shad sends Jindrak crashing into the opposite turnbuckle! Jindrak staggers out into a Big Boot from Shad! Cover 1...2..Cade breaks it up. Cade & Jindrak attempt to double team Shad but JTG is back up and the two teams begin trading blows in the middle of the ring. Jindrak gets the better of JTG and goes for a Superkick...BUT JTG DUCKS AND JINDRAK NAILS CADE IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH IT! The crowd pops as Cade goes down and Jindrak is shocked. MJ's loss of concentration allows Shad to clothesline him out to the floor and then as Cade recovers, he's put away with the G9!
Winners @ 9:27 - Cryme Tyme
Retain World Tag Team Championships

The crowd gives a good pop as Cryme Tyme retain their titles while Mark Jindrak sits on the outside, head in his hands, shaking his head knowing he's made another mistake that's cost his team. Cade slowly rolls out to join MJ and Jindrak tries to apologize as Cade holds the back of his head. Cade doesn't seem to want to listen and goes to walk off, but Jindrak grabs him, ONLY FOR CADE TO TURN AROUND AND FLATTEN HIM WITH A SAVAGE CLOTHESLINE! Some heat is heard as Cade leaves a few choice expletives for Jindrak and storms off mouthing out "We're finished you useless fucking prick!"

This caused a distraction in the ring with Cryme Tyme stopping their celebrating to watch this happen, and as this goes on, into the ring slides JOEY MERCURY AND JOHNNY NITRO OF MNM! The duo have picked up Cryme Tyme's tag titles and as the duo turn back to grab them, THEY GET BLASTED IN THE FACE WITH THE TITLE BELTS! MNM have made an instant impact on their RAW debut, levelling the current champions. The crowd boos as they stand above the fallen Cryme Tyme duo and make the notion that they're coming for the belts

JR: MNM have just taken out the tag champs with Cryme Tyme's own title belts! What a spineless act by our newest team here on RAW!

King: They're sending a notice to Cryme Tyme JR, they're here and they want those titles.

JR: And poor Mark Jindrak, he was just turned on by Lance Cade, what a low human being Cade is.

King: He had it coming JR, he's been screwing up too much lately and holding Cade back from fulfilling his potential.

-Commercial Break-

Backstage now and Todd Grisham is with Lance Cade

Grisham: Well moments ago Lance you turned on your tag partner Mark Jindrak, care to explain to everyone why?

Cade: Why? I thought it was pretty damn obvious. For too long Mark has been mistakes, mistakes that he shouldn't be making. His mistake cost us our tag titles last month and since then, every chance we had to get the titles back, he's ended up costing us the match and there is only so much I can put up with.

Grisham: Does this mean the end of your partnership, for good?

Cade: You damn right Todd. Mark, you're just simply not good enough for me to carry any longer.

Heat for Cade

Cade: You've become a shell of your former self, and I won't be held back by you anymore. I'm breaking free, I'm running solo and I'm gonna show everyone what I'm about!

Crowd boos Cade, not really caring for his speech

Cade: Because I a-

MARK JINDRAK COMES FROM NO WHERE AND FLOORS CADE WITH A LEFT HOOK! Pop from the crowd as MJ gets some much deserved revenge on his now former partner and the two begin to brawl, trading blows back and forth. The two struggle with each other and crash through a set of double doors into the cafeteria area where a few lower card stars and officials are sat around. Jindrak has the upper hand on Cade until Cade reaches behind him and grabs a plate of food and smashes it into Jindrak's face! The two brawl away with Cade now in the driver's seat until Dean Malenko and security show up to break them up

Jindrak: Me and you! Me and you Lance!

Cade: You're on! Whenever you want, I'll kick your ass!

Security drag the pair away as we cut back to the table where the meal was picked up from and into view walks RON SIMMONS! Simmons looks at the table and sees (presumably) his food splattered all over the floor and can only shake his head in disgust

Simmons: DAMN!

Cheap pop for Simmons who walks off

JR: The two former partners are gonna go toe to toe next week King! That'll be a big match!

King: Big for Lance Cade JR, I'm predicting big things for this man starting next week when he beats Jindrak.

JR: Don't count Jindrak out King, he can more than match Cade.

Back to ringside and *Shattered Dreams* hits to a light face pop as Goldust makes his way to the ring ready for action. The Gold One goes through is usual pre match routine and crouches down in the corner awaiting his opponent

*ALPHA MALE* fills the sounds to huge heat as "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown makes his way out with his manager Jonathan Coachman by his side. Brown looks a totally different man tonight after his shocking actions last night and the fans don't let down the heat as the Serenghetti Beast taunts on the apron before getting into the ring and eyeing up his prey for tonight

Match 2
Squash Singles Match
Goldust vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Poor Goldust gets absolutely demolished by the rampant Brown, who takes less than 3 minutes with The Gold One, hitting some of his trademark power moves including the Circle Of Life, Alphalution, Alpha Bomb and then finally burying Goldust with a huge POUNCE!~
Winner @ 2:46 - Monty Brown w/The Coach

Brown scores an emphatic victory here tonight and his rebirth under Coach is picking up now. Coach joins his client in the ring with a mic in hand

Coach: Get this washed up waste of space outta here.

Heat as Brown kicks Goldust out of the ring

Coach: Before last night, this man was a beast without a purpose. I knew what this man could do given the right direction, and now he stands here, a brand new force to be reckoned with.


Coach: Monty Brown needed to make his mark in this business, he needed to show everyone that you don't doubt someone as powerful as himself, and most importantly, he proved to the whole world that he is NO JOKE!

*Coach Sucks* chant starts up

Coach: This man right here single handedly took The Undertaker out! He buried him alive. One of this company's most feared and destructive individuals, just like that, sent flying into a grave and buried under a ton of dirt.

Loud heat this time for the mention of Taker's burial

Coach: But last night was only the beginning. The Alpha Male is going to dominate all in his path on his way to becoming world champion! No one who gets in his way will be spared. Undertaker was the first step towards taking over this company and there ain't gonna be anyone who can stop Monty Brown!

*SLOW CHEMICAL* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge ovation as "The Big Red Machine" Kane makes his way to the ring, shaking his head at what he's seen and heard. Kane steps over the top rope into the ring and comes right up to Monty Brown, getting right in The Alpha Male's face. Monty doesn't back down at all however as the tension builds in the crowd and a loud *Kane* chant breaks out. Monty Brown butts into Kane and that's enough as Kane unloads with a huge right hand on Brown! The two duke it out with Kane getting the upper hand eventually and going for the CHOKESLAM, but Brown kicks Kane to the gut and springs to the ropes, going for the POUNCE...KANE AVOIDS IT! Brown misses with his big move and Kane clotheslines him out of the ring! The crowd cheers as Kane gets the upper hand on Brown and while Monty is more than willing to go for round two, The Coach holds his client back to heat from the fans. Brown points to Kane and tell's him he'll get his while Kane stands tall in the ring, staring a hole through the man who buried his brother alive last night at Survivor Series

JR: Monty Brown and The Coach didn't reckon with the force that is Kane tonight King, The Big Red Machine obviously looking to avenge his brother's burial last night!

King: Kane has just made a big mistake JR, there isn't gonna be anything stopping Brown from picking him apart like he did to Kane's brother The Undertaker last night!

JR: Kane is just as dominant as Brown can be King, and perhaps the Serenghetti Beast has bitten off more than he can chew thanks to his loud mouth manager.

-Commercial Break-

We return live and the camera pans around the arena before showing a shot of the arena from the outside and the nearby Reno landscape. It cuts back to ringside and


blasts through the sounds sending the crowd into a frenzy with a booming ovation as Stone Cold Steve Austin heads to the ring. Austin salutes the fans on all four turnbuckles as always before taking a microphone and waiting for his music to die down

Austin: There's one little sumbitch sitting in the back as I speak, who cost his team, MY team, RAW's team the win last night against SmackDown!


Austin: And that little punk is none other than Christian!

Mixed reaction for Christian's mention, leaning towards heat more so

Austin: Christian you stupid little bastard, you don't realize just how badly you've pissed me off!

Loud pop

Austin: Whatever problems you had with Mick Foley, you should've left in the back.


Austin: But you didn't, and not only have you made a mistake by turning on the RAW locker room


Austin: On the few fans who cheered for you


Austin: But the moment you planted good ol' Stone Cold with the Unprettier, you confirmed to me that you're desperate for a can of whoop ass to be opened up on ya!

Huge pop

Austin: But I won't just jump to conclusions right now, naaah-ahhh.


Austin: I'll give you one chance and one chance only to come out to this ring right now and explain yourself to the Texas Rattlesnake!


Austin: So bring your ass out here right now ya little mothercanucker!

Big pop from the crowd which soon turns to heat as *JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES* hits and out comes Captain Charisma himself, looking all nice and smug with his Problem Solver by his side. Christian & Tomko get into the ring and Christian doesn't seem too worried that a seething Stone Cold is standing just a few feet from him

Christian: Sup Nevada?

Mixed reaction

Christian: Where my peeps at?

A few people stand up as Christian points to the crowd, while Austin seems less than impressed with Christian's actions at the moment

Christian: Let's get one thing straight from the start Austin, you don't call out Captain Charisma


Christian: Captain Charisma chooses when he rolls, nobody else!

Few scattered pops, drowned out soon by heat

Christian: And as for what I did last night, I don't have to explain anything to you or any of those muppets out in the stands!


Christian: So you might as well drop the tough guy act because I've got better things to do than stand here and explain myself to you. Captain Charisma is in high demand baby!


Christian: I've got th-

Austin: WHAT?


Christian: I sa-

Austin: WHAT?


Christian: Shut th-

Austin: WHAT?


Christian is losing his cool with Austin

Christian: If you don't shutup, I'll drop you like I did last night!

Austin's eyes widen as if to say "O RLY"

Austin: Is that so ya daft son of a bitch?

Christian gets right up to Austin now with Tomko also moving in

Austin: Give me a reason to not beat ya where ya stand ya creepy little bastard.

Christian: You know what? I enjoyed costing this show the match last night. I enjoyed the look on Mick Foley's face as I dropped YOU with the Unprettier. I refuse to respect this brand while that joke of a General Manager is running things. He's constantly over looking me, constantly depriving the peeps of their dose of Vitamin C. My talent, my draw power and my charisma is being wasted by his awful decisions to time and time again leave me away from the big time and I've had enough. And that's my damn reason Austin, coz that's how I roll!

Austin looks out to the fans who come alive, wanting him to beat the hell outta the loud mouth Christian as a loud *Austin* chant breaks out. Austin smirks and strokes his beard for a moment before turning back to Christian

Austin: ... WRONG REASON!

The crowd explodes as AUSTIN DROPS CHRISTIAN WITH A RIGHT HAND! Austin begins to unload on Christian but is tackled down by Tyson Tomko. Tomko and Austin trade blows and Tomko looks to hit a BIG BOOT ON AUSTIN, BUT STONE COLD DUCKS IT AND SPINS TOMKO AROUND INTO A STUNNER! The crowd erupts as Austin drops Tomko but CHRISTIAN CRACKS A MICROPHONE OVER THE SKULL OF AUSTIN! Massive heat for Captain Charisma as Austin goes down but he isn't done there. Christian takes the mic again and hits a downed Austin with it again! The crowd is really pouring the heat on Christian now as he mounts Stone Cold and pounds away at a now busted open Austin with multiple right hands to the head. Christian eventually stops as the blood continues to pour from the open wound on Austin's forehead. Captain Charisma then mounts the turnbuckle and with his bloodied hands, pounds on his chest, leaving Austin's blood stains remaining

JR: What a despicable act! Stone Cold has been bloodied and beaten here by Christian! My God this man is gonna have hell to pay! He'll have hell to pay!

King: Oh shut up JR, Austin provoked Christian. Stone Cold through the first punch, he was looking for a fight as soon as Christian came out here.

JR: That does not give Christian the right to do what he's done here!

King: Christian wouldn't have done anything had Austin not started it JR, regardless of how nasty that was from Captain Charisma, he was the one provoked!

JR: We need some medics out here dammit, Austin is a bloody mess!

-Commercial Break-

Match 3
Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus(c) vs Mickie James

Solid match between the best two workers on the show and despite both being faces, Mickie plays the heel role for this match. After a spirited showing from both divas, it's Trish who comes away with the victory after countering the LONG KISS GOODNIGHT by blocking it and then scoring with a Northern Lights Suplex and bridging it with a pinfall for the win
Winner @ 6:23 - Trish Stratus
Retains Women's Championship

After the match the two hug, and Mickie leaves Trish to celebrate with the fans, her amazing title run still going on

Backstage now and Maria is standing by

Maria: Hi I'm Maria and I am here with RAW's newest tag team, MNM!

Heat as the trio step into the picture

Maria: Guys I have to ask, how does it feel to have a yummy chocolate named after you?

Nitro: My God...

Maria: Pardon?

Mercury: You really are as dumb as they told us.

Maria: Who?

Melina pushes Maria aside and takes the mic from her

Melina: Take a hike princess.

Maria stands there looking confused


Maria walks off a little upset

Melina: Cryme Tyme, we showed you guys earlier what we're all about. We're here on RAW to stay, and we've come for one thing, and that's the World Tag Team Championships!

Mild heat

Melina: You only have to look at the track record of us to tell we are the real deal, we're the best thing going in tag team wrestling and that is bad news for you two.

Melina eyes up her two boys

Melina: Not only are Mercury & Nitro perfect physical examples of perfection, but they're also blessed with intelligence, something that quite clearly seems to desert certain people on this brand.

Melina looks off in the direction Maria disappeared in, dropping an obvious hint

Melina: So Cryme Tyme, you guys enjoy the short time you have left with those belts, because MNM is laying down a challenge to you at Armageddon with the titles on the line. And we showed you both earlier that we're more than serious about it.

MNM walk off to some heat as we switch focus backstage to the office of Mick Foley who gets another good pop from the fans as he comes into view. Foley is drinking a bottle of water and sighs deeply. Suddenly in barges JOHN CENA to some big heel heat. Foley jumps up, surprised by Cena

Cena: I can't believe you Foley!

Foley puts his water down

Foley: Whoa, ease up John. I had no idea this was yours. Here, take it.

Foley puts the lid on the water and passes it to Cena as the crowd laughs in the background, but Cena is not the least bit impressed

Cena: You're just a comedian aren't you Foley? Is this whole job you have of running the biggest sports entertainment show in the world a total joke to you? How can you not have me in that title match tonight? I am the biggest damn draw on this show, the biggest name in this company and I have single handedly carried it for the past few years, yet you don't have me set up for anything tonight, at all! Yet you're giving that vanilla gorilla Brock Lesnar a debut match, you gave Austin alot of mic time, you gave Triple H a title match and you even managed to squeeze Goldust onto the freaking show just so he could get his ass kicked, but you've got no time for me?

Foley: Look John, I need you to calm down.

Cena: Screw calm man, I'm about to bust a vein at this rate!

Foley: John. Calm down, please. The reason you're not booked tonight is quite simple, you did something last night I wasn't too pleased about, costing The Rock his chance to win the WWE Championship in our main event match.

Heat for that as Cena smiles

Cena: Rock got what he had coming to him. He runs his mouth non-stop and it was about damn time someone got under his skin for a change. And don't give me this crap about doing things you weren't pleased about as an excuse for leaving me off tonight's match card because Christian cost you the damn Inter Promotional tag match yet he still got his air time and he got to kick Stone Cold's ass!

Boos from the crowd

Cena: Now give me something and it better be good!

Foley: Look, I've got enough on my plate without having to deal with this. As you mentioned, I've got a loudmouth who thinks he can play by his own rules, I've got to keep security on their toes so nothing goes wrong with tonight's main event, I've got things to do John. But I do have a plan and yes, it does involve you.

Cena: That's what I like to hear.

Foley: It involves you...

Cena: Yeah...

Foley: Getting out my office and not bothering me again while we're still in Reno, Nevada!

Another cheap pop by Foley tonight, the second one (!~)

Cena: You're kidding right?

Foley: Kind of. I will tell you this John. SHOULD Edge, and I repeat, SHOULD Edge defeat Triple H tonight and retain his newly won WWE Title, then we'll be without a Number One Contender, won't we? And that will mean NEXT WEEK, we will have a Battle Royal to determine the new number one contender for the title, and yes you will be in it.

Cena seems a little more satisfied by that

Foley: But I was not kidding about you getting out of my office and leaving me alone.

Cena: Whatever, I've heard enough Micky boy.

Cena taunts Foley with the "You Can't See Me" taunt and exits his office, BUMPING RIGHT INTO THE ROCK! The crowd goes wild as two of the biggest names in the business stand face to face and a booming *Rocky* chant starts up as the two lock eyes, neither blinking. The face off goes on for a good half minute before The Rock whispers

Rock: The Rock will never forget what you did last night. The Rock...will never...forget

Rock locks eyes with Cena once more before again whispering

Rock: Never.

Rock walks off still in a bullishly pissed off mood, leaving Cena to fume at The Brahma Bull as we fade to a commercial

-Commercial Break-

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, what a moment that was just before we went to our commercials, The Rock and John Cena face to face backstage. Neither was their typical loud self, Cena didn't even say a word and The Rock didn't say much more did he King?

King: He sure didn't JR, those two don't like each other one bit and there's still a score to settle from The Rock's point of view after what Cena did to him last night.

JR: The nerve of John Cena bothers me King, he expects just because he's John Cena, he'll be in the spotlight everyweek, and that's quite simply not how this business works. He's not been winning recently, and he thinks he deserves to be back in title contention?

King: He's John Cena JR, if he wants a title shot, he should get it, and not have to bide his time.

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me No* plays and out comes the team of Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Test & Chris Masters come out to heel heat. They all look upset to be on the losing side last night and won't want a repeat performance here

*I Am* hits and the crowd erupts as AJ Styles leads out Rhyno, Carlito & Maven onto the stage. The faces play to the crowd and get them pumped up for the match before charging to the ring and going at it with the heels

Match 4
8 Man Tag Match
AJ Styles, Rhyno, Carlito & Maven
Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Test & Chris Masters

A change of direction from the seriousness of the night so far as 8 solid workers pull of an enjoyable and entertaining contest, highlighted by some nice double team work and a few high flying spots. Eventually the heels work over AJ Styles, already exhausted from going the distance for his team last night at Survivor Series. Styles finally gets the better of Chris Masters as he attempts the Master Lock, flipping through the attempted hold and scoring with the Pele Kick to Masters! AJ hot tags in Rhyno to a big pop and the Manbeast runs wild, destroying all in his path until the numbers game catches up on him. As the match goes on and the ref loses control Carlito sacrifices himself with a SUICIDE PLANCHA onto Masters & Haas on the outside, Maven eats a BIG BOOT from Test and Test then is nailed with the GORE! Shelton Benjamin sneaks up on Rhyno and sets him up for the T-BONE SUPLEX...BUT RHYNO COUNTERS IT WITH A ROLLING SPINEBUSTER! Rhyno then tags in AJ who mounts the top rope and scores with the SPIRAL TAP and gets his second pinfall victory over Shelton Benjamin in 24 hours, surely moving The Phenomenal One into a title shot for the Intercontinental Championship soon
Winners @ 8:10 - AJ Styles, Rhyno, Carlito & Maven

The crowd cheers as the faces pick up the win and AJ Styles again gets the fall on Shelton Benjamin. Benji takes his IC Title and backs up the ramp with AJ mounting the turnbuckle and motioning he's coming for the strap as Rhyno, Carlito & Maven re-unite by his side in the ring

JR: AJ Styles scores his second pinfall victory over Shelton Benjamin in 24 hours King! The man is on fire at the moment!

King: He had help JR, it's not fair for Shelton!

JR: Shelton had the same amount of help, and pound for pound, more help that AJ if you're trying to make excuses for your boy again.

King: ...

JR: I thought so.

Backstage now and Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, is Brock Lesnar!

Lesnar steps into the picture to heat with a few scattered cheers now that he's on RAW and not SmackDown!

Grisham: Brock in just a few moments you will make your debut here on RAW and take on one of the most popular superstars on the brand in Rob Van Dam. What are your thoughts?

Lesnar: My thoughts Todd? My thoughts are I came this close to winning the World Heavyweight Championship last night, I was so close, and because I didn't win, I now have to start from scratch all over again!

Jeers for Lesnar

Lesnar: I could no longer compete for the World Heavyweight Championship, but you can be damn sure that I will be making sure I am competing for the WWE Championship as soon as possible. I'm on a new show and I'm not at the top of the chain like on SmackDown! Things are different here, the superstars are different but I am not different. I'm still The Next Big Thing, and I can assure you that tonight marks the next chapter in my career, and tonight marks the start of me gunning for the top here on RAW


Lesnar: And Rob Van Dam, you've been picked as the unlucky one. I'm not going to show you any mercy tonight. I wi-

Brock is cut off by a booming *You Tapped Out* chant which infuriates Lesnar

Lesnar: SO WHAT? Last night I tapped out, but tonight, I'm gonna TAKE VAN DAM OUT!


Lesnar: Rob, get ready coz HERE COMES THE PAIN!

Lesnar glares into the camera before storming off

JR: My God, Brock Lesnar is a frightening individual!

King: He seems more than ready JR, he's hungry to get back to the top and I have a bad feeling RVD could be in for a rough night.

JR: Well if Van Dam has proven anything since he came to this company, it's that you can never count him out, although I will agree, Lesnar is gonna be a handful!

-Commercial Break-

We come back live and *ONE OF A KIND* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as the pyro crashes and out comes "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam. RVD as always plays to the fans but looks like he knows he's got a huge fight on his hands tonight

*HERE COMES THE PAIN* hits and Brock Lesnar comes out to big heat from the fans. Lesnar bobs back and forth on the stage before breaking from it and heading to the rign with trademark Lesnar swagger. He hops onto the apron and the pyro shoots up, before getting into the ring

Match 5
Singles Match
Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar

With the show running close to the big title match, the two put on a good match if a little limited in the circumstances. Lesnar's power game soon out guns RVD's unorthodox approach and Brock begins to control Van Dam but despite various near falls, he cannot put RVD away and it eventually gets to Brock, who's keen to make a huge impact on his debut. RVD fights back with the fans behind him and comes close after a Step Over Wheel Kick followed up by the Rolling Thunder, but Lesnar kicks out. Lesnar then continues to dominate and again hits some big moves and again scores some near falls but can't put RVD away still and as he attempts to hit the F5 on Van Dam, RVD has it countered every time, which is clearly annoying Lesnar! Brock scoops up Van Dam and goes for the lethal finisher again, but RVD COUNTERS WITH A TORNADO DDT! The crowd come alive as a battered RVD mounts the top rope and soars off...CONNECTING WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! 1...2...LESNAR USES MOMENTUM AND ROLLS THROUGH, GRABBING ONTO THE ROPES IN THE PROCESS 1...2...3!
Winner @ 11:46 - Brock Lesnar

Lesnar steals the win! He rolls out of the ring happy to win, although he must still be frustrated he couldn't hit his finisher tonight while RVD looks disappointed and tries to explain to the referee what happened

JR: Brock Lesnar was impressive, but Rob Van Dam matched him all the way!

King: What a match JR, you're right RVD was great but in the end even when thing's didn't go his way, Brock Lesnar still found it in him to pull out the victory.

JR: In albeit controversial circumstances, King.

King: I'm sure Lesnar will tell you a win is a win JR, and that's all he wanted to kickstart his RAW career.

Backstage we go now and we see a shot of Triple H taping up and then the screen splits to show Edge getting ready too before our big main event tonight

JR: Folks we're just moments away from our main event, Triple H vs Edge for the WWE Championship! We'll be right back!

-Commercial Break-

We return to ringside with the crowd anticipating our main event and *THE GAME* rocks the arena to a huge ovation. Triple H steps out on stage focused as ever and douses himself in water, before spraying some into the air and marching to the ring with a purpose. The Game gets into the ring and mounts the turnbuckle to another great reaction from the fans, ready to claim his title back

*METALINGUS* plays for the second time tonight to a loud negative reaction from the fans here in Reno as Edge makes his way out with Lita by his side. The Rated R Superstar takes his time getting into the ring with Triple H, who's ready and raring to go

Match 6
Main Event
WWE Championship Match
Triple H vs Edge(c) w/Lita

With the show running close to it's time, the match seems to go a little quicker than expected but we're still given a solid contest between the two. Triple H is in control for large periods of the match, really taking it to the champion before the two brawl on the outside and The Game gets catapulted into the steel ring post, changing momentum in Edge's favour.
As we return from the final commercial break Edge has The Game in a sleeper hold but the fans get behind Trips, chanting and clapping and generally being rowdy as they urge him back to his feet. Trips gets the counter on Edge with a Back Drop Suplex. After the two go back and forth Edge goes for the EDGEACUTION but Triple H blocks it with a AA SPINEBUSTER! The Game then loads Edge up and scores with the PEDIGREE! 1...2...NO!

JOHN CENA PULLS THE REF OUT OF THE RING! The crowd shits on Cena for this while Triple H is livid in the ring. Cena obviously wants Edge to win this match so he becomes the new number one contender, taking Foley's words earlier into account. Cena taunts Triple H to more heat but the crowd soon explodes as DOWN COMES THE ROCK, MAKING A BEE LINE RIGHT FOR CENA! The crowd erupts as Rock goes for Cena and instead of standing to fight, Cena hops into the crowd and flees with Rock hot on his heels, and security officers everywhere following.

With all that's happened and everyone's eyes on that, including the referee, a figure slides into the ring behind Triple H with the WWE Title in hand...IT'S SHANE MCMAHON! Massive heat for Daddy's boy and SHANE CLOBBERS TRIPLE H TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH THE WWE TITLE! The Game is down and out and Shane drops the strap by Lita's feet and scurries away from the scene of the crime before the ref gets back to the ring. Edge meanwhile comes to groggily and sees Triple H layed out. Edge drags Trips to his feet and plants him with the EDGEACUTION! Cover 1...2...3!
Winner @ 10:44 - Edge w/Lita
Retains WWE Championship

The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as for the second time in 24 hours Shane McMahon costs Triple H the WWE Title. Edge meanwhile is jovial, grabbing his title and Lita and getting the hell outta dodge with Triple H still down and out in the ring. We see a shot of Shane O Mac grinning at what he's done from the stage

JR: That no good son of a bitch Shane McMahon just cost Triple H the WWE Title again! He's gonna pay for this I can guarantee it!

King: But the real story JR is Edge, he's still the champion! He's the man JR, The Rated R Era has begun!

JR: And what about John Cena, trying his best to make sure it happened. Thank God The Rock chased him off, but in the end, it was to no avail thanks to Shane McMahon. You can bet Triple H will want his head for this!

Shane McMahon suddenly begins to walk back to the ring with a smug look on his face. Shane grabs a mic and gets into the ring, standing over the downed Triple H

Shane: Hey Hunter. Hey!

Shane clicks his fingers, trying to get The Game to come around to hear what he has to say

Shane: Back at Unforgiven, you took my Dad out. You battered, bloodied and brutalised Vince and left him to rot in a hospital bed for the past few months. You made a big mistake Hunter, because I'm going to make sure you pay for what you did and I'm going to make your life a living hell from now on.


Shane: You've paid the price for crossing the boss, and you will continue to until Armageddon comes around where I will do to you what you did to my Dad, and that is beat you, and send you out of the arena in an Ambulance!

Some more heat

Shane: That's because at Armageddon, it's gonna be you against me, in an Ambulance match!


Shane: And Hunter, I will make sure you'll suffer like Vince has had to these past few months, no I promise you will suffer!

Shane drops his mic and his music hits to heat as we close the show out with Shane standing above The Game who is beginning to stir a bit

Fade To Black


Current Card for WWE Armageddon

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon


Well there we go. As I said earlier, I felt it was alright but obviously I showed some rust throughout mainly with certain promo's, felt they were a little on and off at times. Overall I was reasonably happy with it tho, and I hope you all enjoy it. <3.


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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Woo Renegade, great hype to the first show, here goes my review:

Survivor Series seemed like an incredible night that was full of screwjobs everywhere from the Shane O'Mac screwing H, to Monty buring 'Taker alive to Cena costing Rock the title. Shane and H, ehh, I like it, but the McMahon/Helmsley fued has been done to there and back again. Monty buring 'Taker alive, is something that has been done before, with someone screwing 'Taker that is, but I guess it's a great push for Monty, which is something that I have nor seen yet in BTB, and I'd like to see how far you take it. And as for Cena/Rock, I think that it's pretty obvious that that is leading to a match at Mania, and that will truly be a showstealer as that is a dream fued for most folks. My only argument is that it didn't have enough time to build as that fued as far as the magnitude, should be off the charts and be for almost a full year in my eyes. Either way, liked the Survivor Series results with Edge as the champ, who is gold on the stick. Let's get on with RAW!!

Edge starts the show being his typical heelish persona saying how great he is and how the Rated R Era has begun. I personally love Edge's Rated R Superstar, when he is champion, as he can back up his facts. HHH makes his way out here, and he makes some good points and even throws in his one humorous line with Edge barely holding onto the title. HHH cashing in his shot tonight? Can't see him winning the thing back right away, and what makes him think Shane isn't just gonna screw him again? Out comes Foley to make the match, and that's a huge main event. I still can't help but think about Shane, but we still have the rest of the night before the show to address that issue.

Cryme Tyme also putting the belts on the line tonight is another good match, this time against Cade and Jindrak who seem to be on the brink of snapping as a tag team completely. The typical one face gets isolated from his partner is always a solid method to go with in a tag match like this, before Jindrak accidently lays out Cade! Which leads to their downfall, and Cryme Tyme retains their belts. It also looks as if the break-up is official as Cade levels Jindrak. A lower card fued being showcased, that is something you don't normally see on shows, so I give you kudos for that. Now MNM is in, and it looks like they want the tag belts now too! Cryme Tyme has a whole line of challengers waiting for them, and it should be interesting to see who they wind up fueding with.

Lance Cade being interviewed backstage. I took a moment to mull that over and then I decided to laugh as he is as bland as they come, but this new psycho persona that has seem to come over him, suddenly gives him some interest. Now Jindrak returns the favor on the attack and comes out on tap of Cade. The two get restrained and we have a match next week. It sees to maybe be made too quick, but it's not a high profile fued, so I can understand. Should be nice to see who gets the more rub up the card off this fued, Cade is my guess.

Quick squash for Monty to get over, which was a good idea, as Goldust cannot get buried any more, and Brown just keeps looking beter and better as time progresses. Coach cuts a solid promo for Monty, which helped dawn on me during the promo that we're more than likely gonna see Monty vs. Taker at Mania, and Monty will lose, as he cannot be the one to break the streak. Now, as far as Kane coming out, I liked it, as I think the angle you were getting at was that he is Taker's brother and he's not all that happy with him being buried alive. If not, then it still gets Kane across as a beast that wants to destroy everything in his path, which basically makes him the equivalent of Monty. You have done a really good job of pushing Monty and ending the brawl without a decisive winner leaves space for more action between the two.

Austin comes out to address the situation of being screwed over last night by Christian, as he didn't screw only him, he screwed the brand too. At the same time, you built up two potential fueds, as you had Christian express his disdain for Foley as a GM, and you had Christian rock Austin with the microphone and leave him lying a bloody mess. So for two nights in a row, Christian stands tall over Austin, which can only leave him looking great, which he did.

I'm not quite sure I like Trish defending the belt agaisnt Mickie already, and especially the match ending with a clean finish. It pretty much eliminates some of the future tension between these two for a future rivalry, which I'm sure is bound to come, as they are the two top female wrestlers on the show. The hug after the match is interesting though, wonder if it was truly sincere.

mNm is backstage with Maria, and they do the usual spiel with Maria telling her that she is as dumb as a brick wall. Melina is on the mic a lot, which protects both Nitro and Mercury, even though I think Nitro has great mic work. We could have our first match at Armageddon between Cryme Tyme and mNm, and I would have to go with mNm as they could be a dominate force with the belts, not to mention the added element of Melina. I thought it was good that you found a way for them to lay down the challenge tonight and leave more time for hype as we approach Armageddon.

Love the new heel Cena character. I haven't fully seen it yet, like him in his full swing on heel turn. It's going to take some getting used to, as he has been a face for forever. Foley as a GM is something I really enjoy, as he can play to the crowd and the superstars at the same time. It seems he has made enemies in Christian and Cena already tonight. I can definitely see both Cena and Shane getting involved in this main event tonight, making sure that Edge walks out of here champion. I really enjoyed this segment/promo as it got Cena's bad ass character out there. Not to mention The Rock showing up, and playing some serious mind games with Cena, as The Rock for once, did not have much to say.

Another large tag team match is probably not the best option the night after the Survivor Series where we just saw a ton so I can't say that I'm too keen on this decision. Although the outcome was good, seeing Styles pick up another win against Benjamin, and boy is that rivalry going to be something great to read. It doesn't even need a stipulation to be awesome, as those two would have fabulous ring chemistry together. Hopefully we see it go down at Armageddon.

Brock Lesnar on RAW, that is going to be something that is going to take a little getting used to, as he is just one of those guys you can never envision on a different brand. He does the usual heel, "My thoughts? My thoughts are..." line, and that is classic as it never gets old. Looks like he is going to be a straight out monster, even though feeding RVD to him early might kill some of RVD's popularity. I can see Lesnar moving into the already crowded main event scene sooner, rather than later.

So, I seemed to almost be right when I said that RVD being fed to Lesnar seemed a little harsh. Well, he pretty much kicked Lesnar's ass the whole match, and Lesnar some how found a way to pick up the win. Now, it may seem like I am being picky, but I feel that you had to make Lesnar look strong. I really don't have a recommendation on how to make him look strong, and keep RVD's credibility in tact, but still, it was good to see Lesnar win his debut match nonetheless.

I just realized that we haven't seen any of Shane O Mac tonight, so I can say he is definitely coming down during this main event. The show did seem pretty long, and I commend you for acknowledging that. Cena pulls the ref out! But he can't help Edge capitilize any more, as The Rock is here, and boy is he pissed off. Like I said, the fued between those two is going to be electric. Shane O Mac is here, and he screws the Game...again!! Edge retains, and still, he hasn't proven that he can do it on his own, as he had both Cena and Shane O help him tonight.

HOLY JEEZ!!!! Shane O vs. HHH in an Ambulance Match, that is a huge first match to announce for Armageddon.

Overall, I see where you got this great hype from man. I genuinely mean that, as that was one hell of an awesome show. It was worth my time to read and review it, you have a great blend of storylines right now that all have collasal implications. The only slight problem I have is, the fact that the same guys came out on top that did last night. For example, Christian stood tall over Austin two nights in a row, Styles over Benjamin, and Shane O layed out HHH again. Other then that, that was a superb show. Cannot wait for ECW, or SD!? Either way, should be great.

TNA: Becoming Number One

A real TNA story...
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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Good to have you back … now, on with the show…

It’s always smart to have a video package of the previous nights PPV. Given even just a two minute package, even the worst of PPV events can be made to look good, and with something as epic as Survivor Series, it’ll look even more epic, and have a lot of fools sitting at home thinking … maybe I should’ve bought that after all.

Major points all quickly recapped by J.R and King, and we’re off and running … WITH THE CHAMP!!! Glad to see a new champion after Triple H’s mammoth run with the belt, and with Edge holding the title, it feels extremely fresh. Slightly confused though as to whether this is his first reign, as he mentions a previous run with the belt. Earlier, J.R said this was his first, and the Survivor Series recap makes it seem like it’s his first … clear that up for me plz

Regardless, this was ‘money’ Edge, delivering a tip top promo, having a pop at anyone and everyone, and being the all round jerk we know and love. Pleased to see him still paired with Lita in the thread, as they made a great power couple, and back in the day were the hottest act in the ‘E (in terms of overness, not that kinda hot.) Didn’t get an awful lot to say, but enough, before we get the arrival of the pissed off former champ.

Not sure whether I can envisage Triple H chasing Edge to WrestleMania, or if this angle will be blown off before then. Again, quite short interaction between the two men, but enough to have substance. Hopefully, with Triple H pointing Edge out as a bit of a fluke champ, Edge will prove himself over the next few months with wins that will prove himself as worthy to be champion, and add some credibility to his reign … and a good place to start is tonight, with Triple H getting his rematch with Edge. Foley’s part in this segment came off as very rushed. Would’ve preferred to see him throw in a cheap pop or two, before just running into the announcement.

Excellent main event tonight, and I’d suspect Shane-O will be making an appearance to screw The Game over. There is absolutely no way that Triple H, after six months with the belt, loses it, then wins it back the following night, so Edge will at least get a month out his title run. I’ll be interested to see if you give Edge the type of title reign he’s never got in the WWE - a decent, lengthy one.

Not a keen fan of Cryme Tyme, but you cant argue with overness I guess. They appear to be a popular tandem, so putting the belts on them makes business sense in the full picture. I’d say given the amount of upper card / main event talent you’ve got that the tag titles could well be in danger of being nothing more than an afterthought, but hopefully you’ve got plans for something interesting to go on in the underrated tag team scene.

Major talking point though from this has to be Cade turning on Jindrak…

"We're finished you useless fucking prick!"
Line of the year imo. Could be singles run in the pipeline for Cade, unless Murdoch is brought in, but I don’t expect that to happen. Always liked Cade, so I’ll undoubtedly get a kick out of seeing him getting a singles run, depending on how well it’s booked of course.

… Guess I should’ve read on before commenting on Cryme Tyme . MNM ABSOLUTELY OWN!!!! Delighted to see you utilise them again here, and not opt to allow the vastly overrated Nitro branch out on his own. He’s a terrific tag team guy, and should stick to that. MNM to feud with Cryme Tyme sounds decent, so far looks decent, therefore … should be decent J

Pleased to see a bit of mic time for Cade after the commercial, and it’ll be no shock to me that of the two, he’s the one that’ll be going places. I can dig a short term Cade / Jindrak feud, as Cade could use this to establish himself as a viable singles star, and springboard to better things. I got a kick out of seeing Cade using the plate full of food, would’ve looked funny. That, and Simmons DAMN added a touch of light-entertainment, but ultimately took away from a segment that should’ve concentrated on the serious split of a long term tag team.

POUUUUUUUNCEEEEE ~ PERIOD! Monty Brown rocks my world, and he’s gonna be steaming straight through opponents all the way to his eventual WM showdown with The Deadman. His partnership with Coach seems promising, with Coach being the overly cocky manager. Just don’t let Coach do all the talking, because Brown is more than capable of carrying himself on the mic too, but with the added intensity that Coach lacks.

And, just as I was about to say you’ll need to give Monty more than just squash matches for four months … we get a glimpse of his time biding feud, and it makes perfect sense. Kane will be looking revenge for what happened to his brother, and with these two feuding, no one will be forgetting about Brown taking out The Deadman. Personally, I would’ve liked Brown to dominate Kane here, then even gave Kane his heat back by getting the better of him next week. Just feel that despite what he did to Taker last night, Brown needs to be built up more to look completely credible. What happened here works of course, just personal preference really, I guess.

Cocky heel Christian = Promo gold. And speaking from personal experience, Christian vs. Stone Cold is the most fun I’ve probably had in building a feud, so if this is where we’re heading, I’m all for it, and cant wait to see where you take the feud.

If you’re heading towards a long term angle between the two, a short promo was probably the right decision to take, as there (could be) a long way to go. As with the Edge / Trips promo earlier, it got across the main points, and that’s what matters at the end of the day. Aftermath was extremely surprising, as I had this down as the run of the mill Stunner to wrap things up in a nice little package … so to see Captain Charisma bloody the Rattlesnake took me by surprise. Has all the hallmarks of a classic feud … let’s see if it continues that way in the coming weeks (or months?).

Trish defeating Mickie looked like filler, and came across that way.

The ditzy Maria gimmick has long since ran it’s course imo, or at least the over scripted mistakes she makes are. It was better when she didn’t mean to make the mistakes like “The Edge”. Quick promo for MNM. By the numbers really, nothing incredibly special, but got the point across.

Cena: I can't believe you Foley!

Foley puts his water down

Foley: Whoa, ease up John. I had no idea this was yours. Here, take it.

Foley puts the lid on the water and passes it to Cena as the crowd laughs in the background, but Cena is not the least bit impressed
I lol’ed.

Plenty of intensity from Cena which was good, as I was concerned you might revert back to the heel rapper gimmick, which would be a step back imo. At this point, Cena needs to reinvent himself slightly, and it looks like that’s where you’re going. If you do this heel turn right, I’d dare say Cena will be the best thing going in the thread.

Didn’t like the showdown with The Rock. Not sure what I was hoping for tbh, but this didn’t come off as I’d have liked it to. Might’ve been better to give Rock an interview, and keep it short and sweet, basically just saying what he did here, rather than have them face to face. Could’ve held off on that showdown until next weeks Battle Royal.

Styles vs. Benjamin looks to be the next feud over the I.C Title. AJ has certainly done enough to earn the title shot, (Best out of 5 or 7 series would own btw) and a few great athletic contests between these two oughta blow the roof off many a building.

I-N-T-E-N-S-E. Very intense promo from Lesnar. Surely nothing other than a win on his Raw debut??

Cheap win for Lesnar in the end, and I’m assuming this isn’t the end between these two. Van Dam will surely want a piece of Brock given the loss under shady circumstances tonight.

Well, straight into the main event. Run ins from Cena and The Rock early on?? Cena saving the belt for Edge makes sense, as he wants the battle royal to happen next week. I have a feeling Foley might just take him out though after that stunt.

Rock chasing Cena leaves Trips and Edge again, but SHANE (as predicted) makes his mark, and costs Triple H two nights in a row.

Ambulance Match?? Generally, no one seems to like them. Me, on the other hand, I think they’re pretty sweet. Looking forward to seeing Shane pull out some crazy stunts … but ultimately find himself leaving in the ambulance .

Overall, decent enough show for someone that’s been inactive for so long. I wouldn’t say that rust played too much of a part, as the promos all seemed pretty much in character, it’ll just be a few weeks until you hit the money promos again. Good return, just keep it coming.
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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Your Sexah

-If I’m expected to remember anything that was going on in your BTB, then fuck. Push Rhino?

-Lol, you said it was Edge’s first title win in the run up to Raw, but now in the promo Edge is Champ “again”? Silly Reney. Edge’s character is down pat – a whiny bitch – and I love Trips showing him up. Fucking bury Edge. I dunno if Foley’s appearance was really needed, but the ends and means are essentially satisfied. I would LOVE to see Edge lose the Title to Trips tonight, but I don’t see it happening. You don’t have the balls.

-No shocker that Cryme Tyme retained their Belts, and I can’t decide if I would’ve rather seen a turn in the match itself, or if the accidental shot was genius. It’s you, so we’ll say the latter. More frustration, and then shi-bam, Cade turns on Jindrak. I hope you have legit plans for these two because otherwise, they’re going to become bland as shit quick. Not a fan on MNM’s attack afterwards, if only because it takes focus off the turn/split. Mer.

-Again, better make Cade and/or Jindrak have something soon. However, loved their brawl and almost a mini-food fight. Absolute gold, this was.

-Mer, get it right please. POUNCE~!, not “!~”. I will kill you if you fuck up my thing again. However, Monty Brown having a move called The Circle of Life just makes me laugh far too much, and think of Elton John and Monty Brown singing that song. Make it an angle please. However, good squash… I like Monty, and if you push him right (like you seem to be doing ), then I approve.

-Ouch. The Coach is The Alpha Male’s manager? That really hurts. Monty is a charismatic fellow, he’s better on his own. Aw, how cute; Kane’s coming to defend his big brother. Now is the mask or no mask Kane? Former please! I like a feud between these two; it’s easy to further the Monty/Taker feud without Taker being there, and gives Kane-o something to do.

-ROFL, MotherCanucker. I love it. Austin was on solid here, best characterization of the night, I’d say. No shocker though, tbh… you are him, after all. Christian’s work was damn well too… segment of the night right here. I like the lead up into the brawl, very well executed. Glad to see you let the numbers win, and Christian really needed to work over Austin here. You established him as credible now; solid booking and written quite well, lad.

-Women’s wrestling. Next.

-Ya’ kow, I knew there’d be a dumb joke with Maria, I just could decide if it’d be M&M’s or Eminem. Do the latter down the road plz. I’m not a real big fan of MNM or anything, so this one is a yawnny fest.

-Rofl at the water bit. Cute, babey, very cute. However, this segment just kind of dragged for me; I like a heel Cena because dear God is face Cena boring as shit. However, it just dragged until Foley did his cheap pop and told Cena to get out. Picked back up there, so eh, decent save, I suppose. I sensed some homoerotic tension between Rock and Cena at the end though.

-Mer, any good writing in this match (which I think it was written well, btw) was thrown out the window by three things: One, the continued calling of Rhino, Rhyno. Two, Rhino didn’t score the win. Three, AJ Styles hit a Styles Clash to end it… from the top rope? I think you’re mixing the Clash with his Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap is a corkscrew fucking thingy-mer-bob from the top, the Styles Clash is his fucked up finisher when he has the opponent trapped upside down and hits a cool facebuster.

-Mer, Lesnar is intense. I love RVD, so I want to say go Rob, but this is the WWE version, so you have him watered down… so I want to go with Lesnar. I AM TORN~! I like that you’re able to keep the matches short… I wish I could do that =[. I think Lesnar had to win here, but not a fan of the ending. Lesnar has the strength to reverse the pin into a roll up after taking the 5 Star? Eh, I just can’t buy it. I’d rather see a more conventional clean finish, or the cheap victory. This one, it just didn’t work for me love.

-Thank you for not making this a 15-20 minute main event like you see in practically every WWE BTB. I applaud you for having a sense of realism about how TV works, and that there are things called time constraints. Honestly, this simple thing made your show infinitely better. I’m not even kidding. As for the match itself, glad to see it given more of a write up, first, solid write up. Booking wise, I love Cena’s run in. I honestly didn’t expect it, as I was expecting beef with The Rock. Nicely done, and The Rock’s run-in was clearly needed. I LOVE 99 BOOKING~! I love Shane O Mac playing an integral role in the show, and him costing Trips again makes me happy. I just wish I knew why they are feuding . Edge gets the tainted victory, which I like from a booking stand point. Edge isn’t made to look like a strong champion – at least not yet – so this was needed.

-Oh, Trips took our Vince, and Shane is playing the avenger? I did not know that, yay. This ending isn’t what I wanted. I thought it was over at the match, and wish you would’ve saved it for another show. Oh well, fair enough.

-Overall, sure, there are parts for improvement, but hellllo, you’re writing your first show in like, a year. However, you can still make your matches flow very well, and your booking is almost always excellent. The only real booking stuff I didn’t like was botching the Styles end, and the RVD/Lesnar ending. Other than that, everything was on. A few segments didn’t intrigue me, but the Christian/Austin and main event were so perfectly executed. They really spiked my interest, which was needed, especially for a return show.

-If you can keep with this, you know I’m reading, but more than that, you’re going to show all these fucking pretenders up. This can easily be the best WWE BTB out there because quite frankly, I think your booking capabilities and ideas are better than that of anyone when you’re on. We know your promo’s will hold you back at times (although the Christian/Austin promo was very well written), but your booking clearly makes up for it all. Please keep it up, or I will kill you.

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