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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

OK I had planned to post a double recap of both RAW & SD! today but I've been really busy these holidays, so here is the RAW recap and I'll have the SD! one up by the end of the week...

WWE RAW (Recap)
HP Pavilion
San Jose; California


*Opening Video*

The show opens with Christian hitting the ring with Tomko by his side, both men looking less than enthused after last week's incident with Stone Cold. Christian gets on the mic and scores some cheap heat to lower his fanbase in the area, before getting into the real reason he's out here. Christian says Steve Austin is a bad choice to have as a Team Captain because come Survivor Series all of Team RAW wouldn't be able to stand up straight after the ritual pre-match binge and SmackDown! will walk all over RAW. Christian then goes onto saying this is ENTIRELY Mick Foley's fault which surprises alot of people. Christian again criticises Foley's decisions as a General Manager and questions whether he is fit in the head to continue on as GM, which brings out Foley eventually. Foley says all Christian had to do was be a team player, but since his ego outshone his reputation he dug himself into this mess. Christian tells Foley he still hasn't even announced the fifth man in Team RAW, and Foley says he's "still searching" for someone. Christian can't believe this and tells Foley there isn't long left until Survivor Series and RAW is still a man down, and this isn't acceptable. Christian says he won't stand for the treatment he and Tomko received last week and insists that Mick Foley books a match for tonight with Steve Austin in this very ring...TO FACE TYSON TOMKO! The crowd was rowdy for a possible Austin vs Christian match but quickly boos as Christian pulls a swerve on them. Tomko doesn't look like he even knew about it either, shaking his head at Christian. Foley says it's official, tonight's main event will see Tomko take on Austin, and Christian will be barred from ringside! The crowd erupts as we go to a break and Tomko is visibly angry with Christian yelling at Captain Charisma while Christian calms his "Problem Solver" down


We kick off the action tonight with Rhyno taking on Test in singles action, giving the Team Styles vs Team Striker feud some time here tonight. In a back and forth contest which exceeds the fans expectations as this is a big man vs big man match, Test looks like he'll make it 2-0 already to the heels heading into SS but Rhyno slides out the back of the Pump Handle Slam and rebounds off the ropes scoring with the GORE! Rhyno covers and gets the win and levels the momentum between the two teams ahead of Carlito vs Masters later tonight

Backstage now Trish Stratus talks to Gail Kim & Mickie James. She thanks Gail for helping her last week when Lita walks into the picture. Lita ignores Trish & Mickie and warns Gail Kim to watch her back which causes Trish to step in and Lita SHOVES TRISH DOWN, SPARKING ANOTHER FIGHT BETWEEN THE TWO! The two divas scuffle as Mickie James & Gail Kim wrestle the two apart with Mickie telling Lita to get lost while Gail holds Trish back. Lita yells "I'll get you three bitches!" as she storms off and Trish glares back at her with seething hatred

We now switch and see Christian & Tomko backstage with Tomko telling Christian he doesn't want to have this match tonight. Christian calms his "Problem Solver" down and tells him that there is no way Austin can beat him tonight. Tomko eventually agrees with Christian and seems more enthused saying he isn't gonna let Austin get away with what happened last week. Tomko then walks into the locker room while Christian takes a deep breath and rolls his eyes


We return and are in the presence of Monty Brown and The Coach. Brown tells Coach he doesn't wanna work with Team RAW and Coach says as long as he doesn't do anything stupid, Brown will be able to win the match without the help of his team mates. Brown agrees with Coach who says when the night's over the whole world is gonna know about Monty Brown and his impact at Survivor Series

Second match of the night sees Gail Kim taking on Lita in a singles match. Kim starts off brightly but Lita soon takes control and totally abuses Kim not forgetting about their run ins recently. Lita goes to finish Kim off with a TWIST OF FATE, but Kim counters with a Small Package 1.....2.....3! The crowd pops as Kim gets a shock win over Lita who is distraught. Lita however loses her cool and attacks Kim from behind to heat from the fans. Lita stomps away on Kim but Trish Stratus & Mickie James run down to make the save as Lita scampers away happy with her assault on Kim while Trish glares at Lita and Mickie attends to a hurt Gail

Todd Grisham is now with Cade & Jindrak who cut a short promo basically saying they are taking the tag titles back tonight. They show some real passion that has been lacking in them all year and storm off ready to take the fight to Cryme Tyme it seems


RVD is with Maria now. Van Dam says after last week everyone had better believe that he deserves his place in the Survivor Series main event and that he's gonna prove all the doubters wrong because anyone that gets in RVD's face is gonne get their asses smoked! RVD walks off leaving a strong message

Cryme Tyme take on Cade & Jindrak again this time with the roles of last week reversed with Cryme Tyme being the Champs. After a much improved showing from Cade & Jindrak who actually seem to want the match and really take it to Cryme Tyme, the match degenerates into a wild brawl and just when it seems like Cryme Tyme have the match won after a G9 on Cade, The Johnnies storm the ring and attack Cryme Tyme causing the ref to DQ the match. La Resistance soon join in to big heat and just as Cryme Tyme look like they'll be wasted here they are saved by The New Age Outlaws & Goldust/Eugene who rush to the ring saving the Tag Champs and all of a sudden a wild six team brawl has ensued with total chaos ending with Cryme Tyme standing tall in the ring as they dump The Johnnies out of the ring and the other teams are brawling with each other as we go to a commercial


We are now backstage and find security all over the place seperating the six tag teams who are still getting at each other. Mick Foley arrives on the scene and tells them he hopes they're all ready because at Survivor Series this whole mess with the Tag belts is ending as there will be an Elimination Tables Gauntlet Match with the six teams competing and Cryme Tyme putting their tag titles on the line!

We come back to ringside and The Rock hits the ring to a terrific ovation. Rock gets a mic and gets into the ring. After going through the usual Rock intro he then mentions John Cena and the rap he made last week. Rock makes fun of Cena rapping and asks how Vanilla Ice got into the building un-noticed. Cena then hits the ring and the two go back and forth trading insults with The Rock coming out on top. Rock then tells Cena and the "other guys in the back" to be ready to Bring It because come Survivor Series The Rock is once again going to become the WWE Champion...IF YA SMELLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN'! The segment ends with Rock climbing the turnbuckle and posing while keeping an eye on Cena who glares back at Rock

We are now backstage and see Triple H watching the Rock/Cena segment on a monitor. HHH laughs and goes to walk off but turns right into Edge! Edge smirks at Hunter and makes a motion that the title is his come next weekend. Triple H goes to walk off, but Edge moves in his way. Triple H rolls his eyes, not in the mood for Edge's games and tells him to get the hell outta his way. Edge lets Trips go by eventually and whispers "Thirteen days left Hunter..."


We are back and Kane is in the ring. His opponent is introduced as A-Train. Despite A-Train being a big, rugged and tough to beat man, Kane only takes around 5 minutes to stamp his authority on the match, nailing a CHOKESLAM to him for the win. Kane then stands above A-Train and lets his pyro shoot off. Kane goes to exit the ring but then has second thoughts and pulls A-Train back up before scooping him onto his shoulder and drilling him with the TOMBSTONE! Kane runs his thumb across his throat after he's done, signalling A-Train is done and leaves the mammoth 350 pounder down and out in the ring, as Kane leaves his own statement going into next weekend and clearly showing that last week's loss to RVD wasn't the end of Kane's monsterous run

Todd Grisham is now backstage with STEVE AUSTIN! Austin gets a massive pop from the fans and we get a typically funny promo from Austin who says he's gonna open up a giant can of whoop ass on CLB's own Stone Cold impersonator. Austin ends the promo offering Grisham a beer and Todd reluctantly declines the offer, as Austin's eyes light up and Grisham quickly changes his mind and takes the beer, running away as Austin laughs at Grisham running off before yelling out "If ya wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin whip Tomko's ass, GIMME A HELL YEAH" to which the crowd responds HELL YEAH! Austin walks off

We now switch and see Cade & Jindrak packing their bags, ready to leave the building it seems. Cade asks Jindrak where they're plane tickets are and Jindrak cannot seem to find them. Cade then looks through his duffel bag and yells out "Our watches are gone too!". The camera quickly pans to the locker room of The Johnnies who are searching through their stuff when Parisi says "I can't find my phone, or my iPod!". We now are taken outside the arena to a small merchandise booth which is labelled "Cryme Tyme's Steal Deals" and we see JTG with a megaphone yelling out "Get your mobile phones, iPod's, gucci jewellery here. Buy two items to go into the grand prize to win two plane tickets to Miami!"
The crowd laughs, realising that Cryme Tyme are up to their usual antics, and it's them who have stolen the items backstage, getting some revenge on the assaults from the heel tag teams for the past few weeks


The Rock is now walking down the halls with his sports bag slung over his shoulder when he hears a cough and turns around to see none other than TRIPLE H walk towards him. The crowd erupts as the two faces share a brief stare before Rock's gaze moves to the WWE Title. HHH holds the belt up and dangles it right in front of The Rock's face as we hear *Rocky* and *Triple-H* chants ring out in the background. The Game tries to get into Rock's head with mind games, but Rock just laughs out loud and walks off leaving Triple H there to watch him leave. Once Rock is out of view, Triple H gives him a crotch chop to a pop from the crowd, then turns around and seems to be thinking to himself, and as he does so The Rock creeps back into the picture and begins to mock Trips to a big pop from the fans, as Rock does Triple H's favourite taunt and a few wacky looking crotch chops, immitating The Game. Rock then walks off and Triple H does in the other direction, not knowing that Rock just mocked him in front of all the people watching

We now get Carlito vs Chris Masters. Carlito looks good in the beginning and takes it to the Masterpiece, but soon Masters and his power game comes to the forefront and Chris Mastersn starts to dominate CCC, keeping him grounded and attempting the MASTERLOCK although before he can get it locked on Carlito was able to get to the ropes. Masters sends Carlito to the ropes but Carlito comes back with a Springboard Elbow Attack. From here CCC mounts a comeback and jut when it looks like he'll score the win with the BACKCRACKER, Masters holds onto the ropes and Carlito crashes to the floor, and then Masters quickly takes advantage of this and turns it into a roll up on Carlito 1...HANDS ON THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE..2.....3! Masters steals one and puts the score back in the favour of Team Striker 2-1 leading into next week, still with the Dudleyz vs Shelton & Haas to come next week, Carlito is still upset in the ring however, extending his losing streak as he hasn't won a match since HEAT at Summerslam, almost 3 months to the day

We see the final preperations of Tomko backstage with Christian psyching his "Problem Solver" up for his upcoming match


The main event actually is a decent match with Austin beating ten tons of crap outta Tomko in the early going, but Tomko counters a STUNNER attempt and drills Austin with a BIG BOOT almost getting a surprise win. Tomko tries to stay in control but doesn't stay ontop for long as Austin comes back with the F*ck You elbow, then a Whiplash Spinebuster, an elbow off the middle rope and then stomps a mudhole in Tomko in the corner and finishes it off flipping Tomko the bird. Austin drags Tomko to his feet and goes for another STUNNER, but Tomko catches Austin's leg and flips Austin off! The crowd is shocked by Tomko's attitude and Austin's eyes light up in anger as he is spun around, with Tomko going for a second BIG BOOT, but Austin ducks it and then waits for Tomko to turn around and as he does gives him a huge STUNNER! Austin covers and gets the win

Austin gets up and celebrates the win but is met by CHRISTIAN! The two men stand there face to face with Christian yelling at Austin and Austin yelling back. Soon we see Sting & Monty Brown head to the ring. Sting calms Austin down and Brown seperates Christian, keeping the team together. The four men talk it out and seem to be on the same page when from the crowd comes
RANDY ORTON, JBL, CHRIS JERICHO, BATISTA & BOOKER T! Team SmackDown! has invaded! The five men get the jump on Team RAW and manage to beat down a resiliant showing from the four men of Team RAW! Paul Heyman is at ringside and he slides a pair of steel chairs into the ring, which Orton & JBL take in their hands and smash over Austin, Sting, Christian & Monty Brown! Team SmackDown! stand tall over their downed opponents, with the less numbers on the RAW side affecting them here tonight as they were outnumbered and Heyman again shows his deviously clever side as the show comes to a close with Team RAW down and out in the ring and Team SmackDown! heading out through the crowd congratulating each other


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Recap Review

Solid segment to start us off. An eventual Christian-Foley match up definitely appears to be on the books. Liking the tension between the two top stars(Austin, Christian) on Raw’s team at the moment. Even Steven booking after Styles lost last week with both teams picking up a duke this week. Fatal four way appears to be penciled in for Survivor Series with this thing between Lita, Gail Kim, Trish and MICKIE JAMES!!!~!!!!11!!! picking up. Elimination Gauntlet Tables Match sounds like something that should be decent but somewhat strange considering no table was used this week, could’ve drove the point home. Loving the build up to the six WWE Title match at SS, simple but effect. Further getting over the characters of our tag team champions, Cryme Tyme stealing from the two heel tag teams at SS. Didn’t like the segment between Rock and Hunter. A bit too funny for something that’s supposed to be serious - the WWE Title. Loved the main event segment with the tension between SCSA and Christian building to a fever pitch. The SD invasion was well done and it appears as though SD will be billed as the heels in this feud.

Solid recap.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

The SmackDown! recap will go up on Saturday morning my time, thank you Mac as always for dropping a line.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: RAW -- 11/03/06 -- Review
It was a really good way to kick off Monday Night RAW. Christian, as usual, looked perfect, and his confrontation with Foley was also well done. And yep, that confrontation makes me believe that Christian and Foley will feud with each other after SS. I could be wrong though. But anyway, the way Christian trapped his own Problem Solver against Austin was explained greatly, and I'm specially looking forward to that match because that'd be an entertaining contest.

Simple, but effective booking by having Styles' man winning the contest, and making the feud even. But yeah, let's find out who wins tonight in the match between Masters and Carlito.

Just like 'Mac, I also predict a Fatal Four Way between all these women's for SS. It'll be a good match no doubt, and the way you built up this was also explained nicely.

Looked like a good short 'n sweet promo to me, in which Christian tries to calm down his Problem Solver, and he eventually succeeds. This was just for hyping the main event, right-o? That's cool.

Nice to see The Coach boosting up some confidence in Monty Brown.

Once again, the build up to the women's feud is going perfectly. I absolutely loved the way it ended, with Mickie attending Gail Kim, and Trish and Lita having a staredown.

I don't really like hearing Cade and Jindrak cutting promos, but thank God they just said a line. Yep, thank God. Lol.

Rob Van Dam's message was indeed strong, and it'll be interesting to see where you take him from this position.

The build up to the tag team division was also nice. You placed a messy brawl in that one, so that was definitely something fresh because we usually don't see them happening during the tag team feuds. Elimination Tables Gauntlet Match will be a fresh match as well.

The Rock and John Cena's promo was okay, but it could've been better. I mean that it was very short. I wanted more to read. You needed to add more hype to that one. And the little segment between Triple H and Edge after this one was also okay, but it definitely could've been better.

So Kane lost to Rob Van Dam last night? Well then it was a good decision to add some credibility back to Kane, who squashed A-Train basically. Nice way to give some momentum to Kane.

Austin's interview was also well, but where is seriousness? I just find the themes of your promos 'funny'. The last time I read a serious promo from you was between Shawn, Triple H, and Vince. I think when HBK sold his soul to Vince, is that it?

See, once again I find out a funny promo. Anyway, that was okay, but there are just too much funny promos, and I want something fresh now. It's getting boring, and repititive.

And... See... once again I find out a funny promo. Didn't really like this promo at all. Where is the seriousness, mate? The Rock and Triple H needed to be serious here, to give some 'real' build to the feud.

Masters wins, and leads his team 2-1 against Styles' Team. Good decision to have the heel pick up a victory, but I guess the faces to even the bout come next week. One more thing, Carlito needs some credibility though. He's a talent not to miss in my opinion.

Austin beats Tomko, and that was actually expected. SmackDown's invasion was unepxected though, and the way you explained it was terrific. Good build up to SummerSlam, but some seriousness in promos need to come back, mate.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

First of all, I have been made a mod. It was out of the blue, but I am going to do the best job I can for this section. Some people may not like it, but hey, that's life.

OK, I've been sloppy with this damn SD! recap and haven't done much on it, so therefore I am going to push it back to this Friday it will go up, and then I'll finish up the final RAW and SD! shows on time next week.

After that, my trial HSC exams will begin so I'll be on here during those two weeks to mod and review other shows, I'll put mine on the back burner during this period as it'll give me a well deserved mini-break too from writing.

After that, I will work on Survivor Series and it should go up by the end of September/early October.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WTF??? Renegade a moderator?? WOO!! Always happy to see a friend in the mod position, and kudos to you for grabbing the position. I think you may be the best choice to fill Wolfy's shoes as BTB moderator. You are online very often, and spend a great deal of time in BTB, truly dedicated to the section. You should be perfect for the job, and I am really happy for you. And again, just like with Wolfy, it's nice to have a good friend in the position. Good luck.

Sorry this wasn't actually a show comment, but you know that's coming to you as soon as Mania is up. You- and a few others- are at the top of that list, for always remaining loyal to my BTB.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Nice way to open the show with Christian and Tomoko in the ring addressing Austin. Christian is in complete character mood here which is good, as GM Foley makes his way down and Christian plays his part well by swerving the fans into a match with Austin and... Tomoko. However Foley stays ahead of Christian, by banning Christian from ringside for the match.

In a match that could be seen on Heat, we see Rhyno defeat Test in a rather short match. I know you're a fan of Rhyno so no surprise in seeing him get the win.

Nice little segment with the Divas and with Lita playing her heel role perfectly. A brawl between Lita and Trish breaks out with Mickie and Gail Kim stopping it, as the feud continues between Lita and the other three divas.

The little segment with Christian and Tomoko was done well as once again both men seemed in complete character. I see Tomoko somehow getting the win over Austin here tonight.

I see that Monty Brown and Coach are still a team in this thread, and that's good, as I think that Coach is a good speaker and can get good heel heat for Brown. As for the diva's match Gail gets the upset win over Lita, in which Lita attacks her and Trish and Mickie make the save as the feud continues between the divas. Also, Cade and Murdoch look focused as they look to get back the tag team titles.

RVD looks ready to show that he deserves his spot on Team Raw for the Survivor Series match, while Cade and Murdoch lose via DQ to Cryme Tyme. Good brawl, but I forgot who the Johnnies are.

Huge announcement from Foley concerning the tag team title match at Survivor Series. The Rock and Cena continue their little feud as well as Hunter and Edge, as the WWE Championship Match at the Survivor Series will be insane.

Kane wins in an easy match against A-Train, who I'm surprised is still in this thread, and then like you mentioned Kane shows that despite his loss to RVD last week, that his run is not over yet. Austin once again gives a funny promo, wish it was written in full, as I've said before, you write the best Austin promos, and we see a funny segment with Cryme Tyme and the other tag teams.

Funny segment with Rock and Hunter. Both men were in character and an overall good promo. Masters keeps Carlito's losing streak alive as he is unable to beat Masters in the match.

Well Austin gets the win yet Team Smackdown appears and attacks Team Raw, who only has four members as the tension continues to pick up with the Team Raw members, as the show comes to an end.

Overall a great show as all of the fueds continued to progress. Looking forward to Smackdown. And on a side note, congrats man on becoming a mod here in BTB. You deserve it man.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review

~ Sorry this is so late, 'Gade, I've been very busy Anyway, on with the review; I was pretty excited last week with the escalation of either a Christian/Foley or a Christian/Stone Cold feud, so I was glad to see Christian kicking things off tonight. It seems as though this Raw/SmackDown match at SS is a good way to give Main Event guys like Christian and Monty Brown some good exposure, whilst not having them clutter up the already vast WWE title scene. Christian is the main man in this group though really, and will benefit from it much more I'm sure. Nice announcement tonight of Tomko/Austin, and I love the fact that Christian is throwing a fit with the GM, since he does that perfectly. Odds are the match wont finish tonight, since Christian will undoubtedly get involved.

~ I have certainly been enjoying the Styles/Striker feud over the Intercontinental title, and the Survivor Series match up is a great escalation of this. Good to see it getting a good deal of exposure with Rhyno taking on Test. Odds are this wouldn't be the greatest of matches, even though I am strangely fond of both men. Rhyno's victory gives Team Styles some momentum, and I think they may very well pick up the face victory at SS. With Carlito/Masters later tonight as well, this feud looks to be getting a nice push.

~ A nice bit of chaos with the Divas, which is always nice. A bit of exposure is all they need. A mass brawl means lots of scantily clad women rolling around together ... nice

~ The weekly problems between Christian and Tomko next, as Christian tricks his buddy into agreeing with the match up. I'm not sure whether Christian will interfere or whether he will simply allow his 'Problem Solver' to take the beating.

~ Damn, I really hope The Coach is speaking the truth about Survivor Series, as I would love to see Monty Brown continue on his huge push. Odds are he will run into trouble in the SS match, possibly getting himself disqualified or something, like Umaga or Brock Lesnar would, staying strong. His push has been worked to a tee of late, so I'm not sure if I want it to continue as it has, or whether I think he is actually ready for a title shot. You seem to be a good judge of character though

~ I really wasn't expecting Gail Kim to pick up the win there, but it was certainly a nice touch, and the aftermath not only helped to get over Lita's psychotic edge, but also gave us another excellent Diva brawl

~ I would like it if in fact Cade and Jindrak did actually reclaim the titles, since I have always been a fan of their reign, despite its length. Odds are they won't though, since it seems a multi-team match is seemingly in the making for Survivor Series, and after that Cryme Tyme will likely have a new rival.

~ Nice to see RVD really soldifying himself in the WWE title picture at Survivor Series, even though I can't see him winning. I may have expressed some concerns last week that he went over Kane so easily, but that was only because I think Kane should look stronger, and not that RVD should look weaker, if that makes sense.

~ Yeah, as I thought, Cade and Murdoch are unable to reclaim the tag belts, but the multi-team can surely only be leading to one thing, especially with Survivor Series around the corner. Sure enough, Foley makes the announcement: a Tag Team Tables Gauntlet match! Damn, that will be fun for sure. Cryme Tyme will retain of course, but it should still be a total blast. SS looks stacked.

~ Oh yes, this looks very, very nice for the aftermath of Survivor Series. Since I think Triple H will retain, it looks very hot that a possible Cena/Rock feud could be on the cards. Just a recap was good here, but once you get back to writing these things in full, the promos are going to be amazing. Odds are, Rock eliminates Cena at SS, but Cena costs Rocky. Nice

~ And right on cue, here we get the meeting between the two men who I think will be feuding over the WWE title following SS: Edge and Triple H. With Rock/Cena looking nice, I think that these two could really work well together in a card.

~ Ha ha, I wonder if this show of domination from Kane was a response to my comments last week. Maybe, maybe not, but they certainly helped ease my concerns, since A-Train is no jobber, and crushing him like Kane does would be impressive to see. I'm rooting for Kane come SS, don't ask me why.

~ Your typical Stone Cold promo to slot in somewhere, which would work well mocking Todd Grisham with the beer and all. Stone Cold is either going to annihilate Tomko tonight, or Christian is going to interfere, but I'm not sure which.

~ Nice little segment from the tag teams next to show that Cryme Tyme are still as entertaining as ever even with the tag team belts. It seems like they are getting a good push.

~ Good confrontation between the two major faces on Raw, though I can't really see it leading anywhere past Survivor Series, since Cena/Rock and HHH/Edge seem to be the logical next step. It was still entertaining though, and Rocky owned Hunter, which is how it would always be, even as faces, since Rocky tends to own most people really.

~ I thought that Masters would probably pick up the win, since Rhyno did earlier. Nice way for Masters to win too, reversing the BackCracker into a roll up. I actually like Masters, though I fear he may job come Survivor Series. With it currently 2-1 to Team Striker, odds are the Dudleys will pick up the win next week making it all level for the PPV showdown.

~ Ha ha, I guess I was nearly right. Christian didn't interfere and Tomko ended up getting his ass kicked. Nice to see Tomko not looking too weak though, especially with Austin's age and all. The match seemed unimportant though, with the aftermath providing the real excitement. The Christian/Austin business escalates, and Team Smackdown get the jump on Raw and the beat down. I guess SD playing the heels was a given with the current GMs, Heyman a heel and Foley a face, but it was still quite surprising, especially from someone like Batista.

Overall this was a very entertaining recapped Raw, with no real spelling errors and examples of very, very nice booking. Survivor Series has the depth in the card to be one of the best PPVs in a long time, and I anticipate it greatly
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Firstly, I suppose I should congratulate you on getting the mod spot, and I'm sure you'll do a good job with it

I'll just leave a few comments on the last show you posted, just to try and get myself back up to speed with this thread.

Raw vs. Smackdown war is still going on then, and so is the problems between Christian and Foley, so it will be interesting to see how long they can stay together on the same page, and there appears to be the same problem with Christian and Austin as well. The team will fall apart at some point, so Smackdown have the advantage

6 way match for the title looks to be a hell of a match, and surely this will be the end of HHH’s title run. I would say that Edge is the man most likely to take the belt away from him, but everyone does have a chance to win, which is going to make it a hell of a match

Styles vs. Striker should be a good SS match as well, and they appear to have picked some decent teams each. Loving the Carlito losing streak as well, as it will surely end with him picking up a huge win someone, maybe scoring the fall at SS

The undercard is also getting a decent amount of airtime as well, and Cryme Time appear to be getting a nice push as well.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

ORRY's Raw Recap Review

Nice opening segment setting the tone for what is to come throughout the rest of the show. It is obvious you are slowing building towards an Austin/Christian Match, possibly at Mania, and the added dynamic of the battle for captaincy of team Raw only adds further fuel to the fire. Nice main event, if not perhaps a little lacklustre. Like I said, nice start.

Nice win for Rhyno, which not only establishes himself as a star on the rise, but builds up the Team Striker vs. Team Styles Match nicely. Rhyno levels the score at 1 a piece for both teams, and with Masters and Carlito set to do battle later on tonight, who knows which way the momentum will have swung at the conclusion of the show.

Mehish segment follows involving the Divas. I'm not a big fan of the Women's division, and to be honest this segment didn't really change that. Despite this, the feud between Lita and Trish continues to be built, and who knows, they may even get a match at SS.

Christian/Tomko segment was a nice way to build tonight's main event, but with Christian barred from ringside (presuming he actually doesn't make an appearance), then I think it's pretty safe to say Austin is walking away with the win.

Like I have said in the past, the tandem of Brown and Coach really works well IMO, and the fact Brown doesn't want to cooperate with his teams mates brings to life yet another problem for Team Raw. What impact will Brown make by the end of the night?

Kim gets a surprise victory over Lita, building the Women's feud going on at the moment even more. Lita's attempted post match beat down was thwarted by Mickie and Trish however, as things heat up in the Divas division. Despite my lack of interest, it was a nicely booked sequence of events all round.

Cade and Jindrak cut a promo promising to reclaim their Titles tonight, and you know, I hope they do, because both in real life and in this thread, I've never been able to relate to Cryme Time.

Van Dam gets some build heading into his WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series, although I must say I think it's highly unlikely RVD is walking away the victor at the PPV. You never know though I spose.

The Tag Team Championship match is interrupted by the rest of the Tag Division, as all hell breaks loose around the ring. A Tag Team Turmoil Match at the PPV looks likely, and I most definitely like the sound of that.

Nope I was wrong, after the break Foley interrupts and books a 6 Team Elimination Tables Match at SS!!! Wow, didn’t see that one coming, and it should be an awesome contest no doubt; although the teams involved leave a lot to be desired.

Cena and The Rock exchange words in the middle of the ring, not only adding some hype to the WWE Championship Match at SS, but IMO, adding some hype to an eventual match between the two, possibly at WM?

Much like the previous segment, the HHH/Edge confrontation was also nicely written. The hype being dished out for the big Championship Match has certainly been terrific tonight.

Kane basically squashes A-Train, sending his own message heading into Survivor Series. With so many men involved, it's hard to pick a clear winner in the upcoming match, and tonight's show has not made it any clearer; although a hell of a lot more exciting!

Standard promo from Austin, hyping tonight's main event. Text book stuff, but effective nonetheless. The backstage segments involving the tag teams brought a smile to my face, and the match at the PPV will hopefully deliver. Who will walk away as Champs however, remains to be seen.

Nice little segment between the Game and The Rock, adding even more build to the now eagerly anticipated 6 Man Match. There has been a hell of a lot of segments on tonight's show though, and with two matches still to go, I doubt whether it could all fit into the allotted two hour time slot.

Masters pins Carlito cheaply, giving Team Striker some momentum heading into the Classic SS Match up. Carlito on a massive losing streak has been done before, by none other than Wolfy in fact, so I hope you have a plan or two up your sleeve, to make the storyline original.

Main event time and a surprisingly good match unfolds between Austin and Tomko, however the predicted result remains the same as Stone Cold takes the impressive victory. After the match, the four members of team Raw hit the ring, only for Smackdown! to invade, taking it to their rivals, and dominating them with steel chairs to end the show.

Overall, a great recapped show, although I get the feeling you tried to fit to much into the one show. Nether the less, the builds towards SS was top notch. Keep it up buddy. And on another note, congrats on the Mod spot

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