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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sommet Centre
Nashville; Tennessee

No opening video or pyro tonight, we open with a graphic that reads *Chris Benoit 1967-2007* before we open up live with the ENTIRE WWE locker room, all superstars from both RAW & SD!, officials, divas and staff all stood on the stage. In the center of the ring, Vince McMahon is standing with a microphone

Vince: Tonight, we open up Monday Night RAW, with a tribute to one of the greats. Chris Benoit passed away on Saturday morning, much to the shock and sadness of the entire world.

Vince pauses as the camera pans around the fans in attendance, some are clearly upset, others look like they're fighting to hold the tears back, and some stand there in complete sorrow and silence as Vince continues

Vince: Chris Benoit was a man who's passion for the business was matched by only a few. He was always one of the first one's on the scene, and one of the last to leave. Chris with the apitomy of a true wrestling legend.

A quick pan to some of the wrestler's in attendance, amongst those lined up at the front are Benoit's closest friends in Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Finlay and Chavo Guerrero all with tears in their eyes

Vince: Chris was a beloved man by his fans. He loved his family, he loved the fact that every day he had the chance to entertain all you fans with his amazing array of wrestling manouvers and techniques. From his days in ECW, to WCW and then onto the WWE, Chris Benoit will forever be remembered and never forgotten!

Another pause by Vince, who seems to be holding back a tear or two himself

Vince: I would now ask for total silence as we salute the "Rabid Wolverine", the "Canadian Crippler", Chris Benoit with a ten bell salute!

The bell rings out around the arena as we see the majority of fans now starting to let their emotions out, people embracing each other, some people don't even know who they're crying with, as the emotion of the night takes over

We see shots of more wrestler's now, Stone Cold fighting back the tears, Mr. Kennedy squinting away his, The Rock standing in total silence with a tear trickling down his cheek. Benoit's closest friends at the front of the pack are all visibly upset, this includes Vickie Guerrero who is standing next to Chavo, crying onto his shoulder

The camera continues to show others as the Dudleyz, Maven, Kane, William Regal, Booker T, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, MNM, Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, New Age Outlaws, Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Scotty 2 Hotty, Christian, Edge, Sting, Batista, Carlito, The FBI, Goldberg, Lita, Mickie James, Victoria, Monty Brown, Val Venis, Cryme Tyme, Paul London, Gregory Helms and Triple H among others go by the camera's view, all deeply saddened

The camera then stops on Kane, who even with his mask on, still looks upset by the way he stands, his head hung low, hands on the back of his head

The ten bell salute ends as Vince, Shane, Stephanie & Linda all stand in the ring, taking a moment to take it all in before Vince continues

Vince: I would now like you all to direct your attention to the titantron for a special tribute to Chris Benoit...

Everyone's eyes are fixated on the giant screen

The video begins with a toothy grinned Benoit picture before *WHATEVER* by Our Lady Peace hits, and we are taken through a journey of Benoit's career

It begins showing Benoit as a younger man, training in small gyms and wrestling rings, and also in the Hart Dungeon. It then goes on to his career in Japan, where he wrestled as The Pegasus Kid in NJPW. It show Benoit winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight title in 1990. It shows his tremendous match with Jushin Liger, his change to Wild Pegasus and some other big highlights of his career, facing the likes of Black Tiger and the Great Sasuke to win the Super J Cup in 1994

In then goes into his ECW career, making a statement by Powerbombing Rocco Rock through a table, and then his match with Sabu where Sabu almost broke his neck. Then shows his Tag Title reign with Dean Malenko, and some more of his match highlights while in ECW

Then the video goes into his WCW career. His tenure in the Four Horsemen, his long running feud with Kevin Sullivan and then his big title feud with Booker T. His formation with Saturn & Malenko in the "Revolution" and then his big Owen Hart tribute match with Bret Hart. Finally, it shows the exodus of Benoit, Saturn, Malenko & Eddie Guerrero from WCW

The four would later arrive in the WWE as the Radicalz. Highlights of Benoit's feuds with Jericho & Angle, his title feud with The Rock, the 2001 feud with him and Jericho beating Austin & Triple H for the WWE Tag Team Titles. It show Benoit's fight against injury and his return in 2002, feuding with RVD, and then more feud with Kurt Angle over the years. It shows his tremendous win in the 2004 Royal Rumble, and then the pinnacle of his career, winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 20 in front of a sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden, as he and an emotional WWE Champion, Eddie Guerrero embrace amongst a loud ovation and falling confetti. It then shows Benoit's final WWE match last Friday, as he made JBL submit. The video ends with Benoit in tears, holding the WWE title up high before the graphic from the start of the show closes out the video "RIP Chris Benoit 1967-2007"

As the video ends, the crowd gives a resounding standing ovation, applauding the man and his career and a huge *Thank You Benoit* chant starts up, which rings out for what seems an age. The terrific ovation for Benoit continues for about 10 minutes before the crowd finally quietens down

Vince: Thank you Chris Benoit for all the memories!

We fade to a commercial break with the entire arena still showing their appreciation for Chris Benoit


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks. Before the break, we had a moving tribute to the recently deceased Chris Benoit, but now as Benoit would want us to do, we must carry on with the show.

King: That he would King, it was a truly moving tribute, the fans were terrific in their appreciation of him before we went to a break, a rousing 10 minute standing ovation that was at times defeaning!

JR: And tonight's main event will finalise the tribute to Chris Benoit as a special 8 Man Tag Tribute Match will take place when Kurt Angle, Rhyno, Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero take on Chris Jericho, Finlay, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn! Eight of Chris Benoit's closest friends in the wrestling business uniting to pay tribute in the ring tonight. This will mark the first match for Rey Mysterio since the Great American Bash, as his torn quadricept has healed. This will also be Dean Malenko's first WWE appearance since May 2001, and also Perry Saturn's first appearance since November 2002! Of course Saturn is brave enough to wrestle through his neck problems for Chris Benoit, that is special King!

King: It is JR, it should be a powerful match!

*Metalingus* hits to huge heat as the show is officially underway and Edge makes his way out to the ring, looking unhappy as always. Edge takes a mic and slides into the ring

Edge: Ya know, it happened again. Last Monday in the main event I had Triple H ready to be finished when low and behold, I GOT SCREWED!

Crowd boos Edge

Edge: It's true dammit! I was cost the match and attacked by someone who wasn't even supposed to be in the damn arena anymore! He was "barred from ringside". Well I guess the security last week was about as useful as a slap from a wet fish.

More heat

Edge: And I can tell you now I did not feel a slap from a wet fish, I felt the impact of having a steel chair slammed into my face by Rob Van Dam!

Crowd erupts at the mention of RVD, and they follow that up with an *R-V-D* chant, which gets Edge pissed off

Edge: Sure, go ahead and chant his name. That's not gonna affect me anymore. What did affect me however is that my name was all over the WWE Title come Survivor Series until RVD showed up and placed himself in a position he should NOT have put himself in. The whole world knows that I am the one who proved they should face Triple H for the WWE Championship!

Loud heat

Edge: Each and everyone of you know that I would take Triple H's title, his pride and his dignity if I was given the chance to face him and that's why you don't want me to be the one who get's to face him.

More heat

Edge: But now I'm back to square one. Now I have to do something else to grab Triple H's attention. And I'm gonna do it, no matter what it takes, I AM GOING TO SURVIVOR SERIES AND WALKING OUT WITH THAT DAMN WWE CHAMPIONSHIP AROUND MY WAIST!

*IF YA SMELL* hits and the crowd explodes into a huge ovation as The Rock steps out on stage with a mic in hand. Edge glares at Rock from the ring and runs his hands through his hair, obviously not happy he's been interrupted during his talk


Crowd erupts

Rock: Edge, you stand out here in the middle of the People's ring, and you go on about the same thing you've gone on about for the past two years. (In a high pitched voice) "I got screwed, screw this, screw that" well The Rock says NO ONE GIVES A MONKEY'S NUTSACK!

Crowd erupts again, breaking out into a *Rocky* chant

Rock: Last week, it was The Rock teaming with the WWE Champion Triple H, taking on the Rated R Superstar Edge and John Cena. A match that would sell out arena's worldwide, a match viewed by the millions (crowd joins in) AND MILLIONS of The Rock's fans, went down to the wire and after the smack had been layed down, the dust had settled and the smoke was clear, Edge, you got pinned in the center of the ring by Triple H, which leaves The Rock standing here tonight in front of all his people, that you are not going near the WWE Title!

Crowd pops as Edge shakes his head

Edge: I deserve that title more than you Rock! While you were off making your piddly B-movies, I was out here in this ring pushing the limits to get the ackownledgement I deserved! And just when I was getting noticed on a higher level I got a frickin' neck injury. But instead of giving up I worked my ass off to get better and a year later I come back and continue to bust my balls to get to the top where I should've been, only for more shit to come my way as I was repeatedly screwed out of the chance to be Champion at every turn!

Rock: The Rock didn't ask for a This Is Your Life special, The Rock doesn't give two bags of monkey excretion what you went through, and The Rock damn sure doesn't give a damn what you think of his decision to make a few movies. Sure The Rock went away and made alot of money in the movie business, but The Rock's heart has always been and always will be with the WWE and The Rock will whip your candy ass if you think you've got a chance of getting that WWE title before he does! I-

Edge: This is going no where Rock.

Rock: Did you just interrupt The Rock?

Edge stands there, tapping his head with his index finger and mouthing "I ain't falling for that again"

Rock: So you're just gonna stand there instead?

Edge: I thi-


Crowd erupts as Rock catches Edge out second time around. Edge is irate with Rock and SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE CHEEK! The arena "Ooo's" as Rock holds his cheek and looks down to the ground at his side, before quickly lashing back with a slap if his own! The crowd erupts as Edge staggers back but then CRACKS HIS MICROPHONE ON THE ROCK'S SKULL!

Rock hits the mat and Edge mounts him pummeling away with right hands to The People's Champ. Edge now rolls out of the ring and takes two chairs, before sliding them back into the ring. Edge awaits for The Rock to get to his feet and BLASTS HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! The crowd is booing like crazy as Edge now places Rock's head over a chair and readies himself to deliver the CONCHAIRTO

*THE GAME* hits and the crowd goes wild as Triple H darts to the ring to a resounding ovation, getting into the ring and tackling Edge down! Triple H goes wild on Edge with right hands to a huge pop as he just saved The Rock from being taken out. Triple H gives Edge a Crotch Chop as he gets up getting a big pop from the crowd. However the cheers change to jeers as John Cena runs to the ring and attacks Triple H from behind! FU TO TRIPLE H!

Cena stands over Trips giving him the "You Can't See Me" when RVD jumps through the crowd and hops into the ring, grabbing Edge's chair from earlier. Cena turns around INTO A VAN DAMINATOR! The crowd erupts as RVD lays out Cena with the Van Daminator. RVD goes upstairs now and comes off with a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH, TO TRIPLE H! The crowd isn't sure what to think of RVD's actions there as he lands on The Game. RVD rolls around holding his stomach

*SLOW CHEMICAL* hits and the pyro shoots up and Kane makes his way out with the crowd on their feet, knowing what he's capable of and eager to see what he'll do after last week's destruction of these five men in the ring

Kane steps over the top rope and RVD comes at him with a dropkick to the knee, trying to take the big man off his feet. RVD fires a few kicks to the legs of Kane, but Kane swats him away like he's a fly with a right hand. RVD gets back up and Kane grabs him by the throat, looking for the CHOKESLAM! Kane drills RVD to the mat but doesn't stand tall from long as The Rock KIPS UP! The crowd goes crazy as Rock unloads on Kane, layin' the smack down and finshing it off with a right hand that takes Kane over the top rope and out to the floor

The Rock stands in the ring telling Kane to bring it, who goes nuts on the outside, ripping the padding off the barricades, and inside the ring the others begin to move around and they look to go at it again but

*ERK-CRASH* and the General Manager of RAW Mick Foley comes out with a mic in hand, flanked by dozens of security guards

Foley: Cut it out now! All of you, stop right now!

The six men take notice of Foley up on the stage

Foley: I am not going to have you six running amuck every week trying to prove to Triple H over there (points to Triple H) who deserves a title shot more than the others. I will not have some of my biggest stars hospitalized because of that!

Foley takes a moment and ushers the security down to the ringside area, and they spilt up to contain the volatile group

Foley: So with that being said, at Survivor Series, Triple H will defend his WWE Championship... against Edge!

Crowd boos loudly, the others look furious

Foley: And The Rock! (Huge pop) And John Cena! (Loud boos) And Rob Van Dam (Big Pop) and Kane (Another pop) in a Six Pack Challenge Match!

Huge pop from the crowd, all five challengers have mixed looks on their faces, happy they have their shot but not happy they're sharing it with four others while Triple H stands outside the ring looking at his opponents in two weeks time, and gives them all a Crotch Chop to another pop

Foley: As for later tonight, in a No Disqualification; Falls Count Anywhere match, Rob Van Dam will take on Kane!

Big pop

Foley: And Rock, Hunter, Edge, John. If either of you four should find yourselves involved in that match in any way, you will be immediately suspended until AFTER Survivor Series without pay, meaning you WON'T be involved in the Championship match!

*Erk-Crash* hits again and Foley exits to the back and we go to a break with shots of the six men eyeing each other up and talking trash, making notions that they're gonna win the title


We return from the break and finally we are underway with wrestling action as *Class Time* fills the arena to some heat as Matt Striker heads to the ring, ready to do battle in a "Captain vs Captain" match

*I Am* hits to a huge pop and the Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles flips his hood up and extends his arms out, as the pyro falls behind him. AJ mounts the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd, lifting the IC title up in the air

Match 1
"Captain vs Captain"
Singles Match
Non Title
AJ Styles vs Matt Striker

Solid contest to kickstart tonight's wrestling action. Striker tries to work on AJ's back and keep his high flying offense limited, which works for a few minutes and Striker almost has the match won after a Reverse DDT, but AJ manages to kick out.
Striker attempts the GOLDEN RULE (Overdrive) but AJ slips out of it and scores with the Pele Kick to put Striker down, and buy some recovery time.
AJ fights back at Striker and gets into the match, coming close with a Hurricanrana and then a Small Package, however both times Striker just kicks out.
The ending comes along with Striker readying to Superplex AJ off the top rope, but AJ holds onto the ropes, and Striker crashes face first into the mat! AJ readies himself for the SPIRAL TAP and leaps off, but STRIKER GETS HIS KNEES UP! AJ lands on Striker's knees, and then Striker capitalizes with a roll up and places his feet all over the ropes 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 7:45 - Matt Striker

The crowd gives heat as Striker rolls out of the ring raising his arms in the air, while AJ can only stand in the ring and tell the ref he was pinned unfairly, but that doesn't stop Matt Striker celebrating on his way to the back, getting one over his nemesis

JR: Matt Striker gets a very dubious win over AJ Styles here tonight, but I can't help but think come Survivor Series he won't have that luxury.

King: Striker is smart JR, too smart for both AJ and the referee tonight and has given his team a momentum boost over AJ's team!

JR: Regardless of how it was won folks a win is a win and that's what Matt Striker has picked up tonight...


We return and see Cade & Jindrak backstage, talking with The Johnnies and La Resistance. Todd Grisham walks up to them and quickly The Johnnies and La Resistance scamper off, leaving Cade & Jindrak there with Grisham

Grisham: Guys, just wondering if I could get an interview before your big title defense.

Cade: I guess.

Grisham: What was going on there?

Jindrak: Nothing. Why?

Grisham: Well it looks conspicuous with you guys talking to other tag teams who are going to be at ringside for your upcoming match...

Cade: Listen Todd, either get on to the interview or get lost!

Grisham clears his throat

Grisham: Guys, in a few moments you will be once again defending your Tag Titles against Cryme Tyme, but this week the remaining teams on the RAW roster will act as enforcer's to make sure that you, well, do the right thing.

Cade: Do the right thing? If winning isn't the right thing, then what is?

Grisham: It's just thay many people, including myself believe your tactics and strategy when it comes to winning matches is... questionable...

Jindrak: Is that so? Let me tell you something Todd. If you had a Championship, a WORLD Championship at that, would you do anything to keep it?

Grisham: I guess bu-

Cade: Exactly. The criticism we cop for doing what needs to be done is getting out of hand. We have proven we are the greatest tag team to ever grace professional wrestling. We have it all. The looks, the ability, and most importantly we have the World Tag Team Titles. Last week was a minor hiccup in our plans, we didn't expect to be on the wrong end of a mix up and so we had to re-adjust our strategy. So to all you haters, and all the doubters, watch us go out there and show everyone why we are God's gift to Tag Team Wrestling when we show these good for nothing street punks how to really "bang"

Cade & Jindrak glare at Grisham before walking off to heat from the fans

We switch now and we see Christian & Tomko backstage, talking to a few good looking ladies

Christian: So hows about you beautiful girls go get us some expensive champagne, and get all ready for a night you'll never forget.

Christian leans in, whispering to the girls

Christian: And can you find a girl for my buddy Tomko, he's a little shy and he's been lonely for far too long.

Tomko frowns at Christian as the crowd laughs in the background

Christian: Don't worry ladies, the next time we meet, you'll be partying with the Captain of Team RAW!

The girls walk off as Christian turns to Tomko with a cheesy grin on his face

Christian: There ya go man, Captain Charisma's still got his way with the ladies.

Tomko smirks and nods

Christian: Now all we gotta do is wait until Mick Foley heads to that ring to announce his team, and swoop in to save the day. And that's how I roll!

Christian walks off with Tomko following him, shaking his head and chuckling to himself

JR: Christian seemingly planning a big night, but I think he's getting too far ahead of himself King.

King: The only man Christian can't get ahead of is himself JR, he's not called Captain Charisma for nothing. He's a genious and if Mick Foley was a smart man, Christian would be a shoe in for the team and for the captaincy role!

JR: If is the word King, if.

We see a shot of the ring surrounded by The New Age Outlaws, Eugene/Goldust, The Johnnies, La Resistance

*Brooklyn, Brooklyn* hits to a good reaction as Cryme Tyme make their way out, with JTG dancing down the ramp and into the ring whle Big Shad just grins and looks ready to right the wrong's of last week's match

*Reflection Of Perfection* plays to heat as the current World Tag Team Champions make their way down. Cade & Jindrak don't seem as brash and arrogant as they have recently tonight, with the fact that they are being watched by six other tag teams here

Match 2
World Tag Team Championships
Tag Team Match
Cryme Tyme vs Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak

The match is evenly contested and almost plays out like the beginning of last weeks match as Shad watches JTG get isolated again by Cade & Jindrak after Cryme Tyme made a bright start, taking it to the Tag Champs.
Jindrak has a headlock on JTG when Shad gets the crowd going and they clap and cheer, trying to help JTG fight back to his feet. JTG fires some elbows into the midsection of MJ and then rebounds off the ropes, but is met with a Tilt-A-Whirl Slam! Cover 1.....2...kickout!
Jindrak tags in Cade and the duo double whip JTG into the ropes, but both lower their heads early and JTG scouts it, grabs both men and drives them into the ground with a DOUBLE DDT! The crowd pops as JTG crawls across and makes he hot tag to Shad!

Shad comes in and runs through both men with clotheslines, before sending Cade into the corner and squashing him with a Body Splash. Shad turns around and Jindrak hits him with some left hands then goes for a Suplex, but Shad counters and loads Jindrak up, holding him in the air and finally dropping him with a Stalling Suplex! Cover 1......2..kickout.
Shad sends Jindrak to the ropes and swings a shot at him, but Jindrak evades it and hits a Neckbreaker to Shad! Cover 1.....2..JTG breaks it up. JTG pulls Jindrak up and unloads with a series of rights to MJ before doing a little hip hop dance which gets a pop from the crowd, and nailing a final right hand. Cade however attacks JTG from behind, and Cade & Jindrak go for the PERFECT SLICE but Shad saves it, taking Cade's head off with a Big Boot to a huge pop! Jindrak attempts to whip JTG to the ropes, but JTG reverses it and Jindrak comes back into the G9! However, The Johnnies try to get into the ring to save Cade & Jindrak, but The New Age Outlaws stop them and all of a sudden, the four teams at ringside are brawling! Shad meanwhile has made the cover on Jindrak in the ring 1.....2.....3!
Winners @ 11:37 - Cryme Tyme
NEW World Tag Team Champions

The crowd erupts as finally, Cryme Tyme have ended Cade & Jindrak's 7 month reign as Tag Champs. Cryme Tyme are handed the belts and celebrate to a huge reaction, joined by The New Age Outlaws and Goldust/Eugene who saved them at the end, and the faces stand tall in the ring while Cade & Jindrak are in a state of shock and dejection on the outside, head in hands not believeing they've lost, while The Johnnies & La Resistance side with them, glaring at the new champions in the ring

JR: Cryme Tyme have done it! Finally, Cade & Jindrak have been beaten for their titles! Cryme Tyme!

King: I can't believe it JR, Cade & Jindrak had the backing of both The Johnnies and La Resistance and still they couldn't win!

JR: What a way to win the belts, Cryme Tyme get their much deserved reign as Tag Champions!

We are now in the presence of Team Striker's locker room

Striker: Did you see that earlier chaps? That was a sneak preview of what we're gonna do at Survivor Series! Team Styles has no chance against our mix of intellect, wrestling skill and raw power!

The team nods in agreement and let's out a "YEAH!" in unison

Striker: The fact is, after the past few months of disrespect I've been on the wrong end of, I will soon be named the winning captain of a Survivor Series match!

Masters: I can't wait to put Carlito down and out for good. I'm sick of that smart mouthed punk always insulting me!

Test: I'm gonna break Rhyno in half!

Striker: That's what I like to hear guys. Everyone in.

Striker puts his hand forth and Masters places his above, followed by Test's and then Haas and Shelton add their's before Striker yells out

Striker: On 3, Team Striker! 1...2...3 STRIKER!

None of the other guys join Striker in his personal chant, while Striker looks disappointed

Striker: We'll work on that later.

Striker forces a smile and exits, followed by Test & Masters, leaving the WGTT in the room. They both turn to each other and roll their eyes at the same time as the crowd laughs in the background

Shelton: Man of all the teams, why his?

Haas just shrugs his shoulders as the WGTT walk out too and we go to a commercial


As we come back *One Of A Kind* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Rob Van Dam makes his way out, ready for a big match with Kane, under the No DQ stipulation

*Slow Chemical* hits after the pyro shoots up and Kane makes his way to the ring with a purpose, but he is met by RVD, who leaps over the ropes with a Plancha onto Kane to kickstart this wild match!

Match 3
No DQ; Falls Count Anywhere
Singles Match
Rob Van Dam vs Kane

Extremely competitive match sees both men take full advantage of the No DQ stipulation almost immediately, looking to punish the other after the recent scuffles between the two in their chase for the WWE Championship.
RVD had the match under control early on as he took it to Kane after his Plancha onto him to start the match, but Kane kept coming back for more, and eventually over powered RVD and took over, planting RVD with a Side Slam for a two count.
Kane sends RVD to the outside and follows Mr. Monday Night out, only to get a kendo stick into the midsection! RVD then cracks the stick in half over the head of Kane! Cover 1.....2...kickout!

RVD gets onto the apron and does his signature "R-V-D" thumb pose as the crowd chants along, then RVD leaps off with a Moonsault onto Kane! Another cover 1.....2...kickout again!
RVD brings out the artillery now, with a trash can coming into play. RVD clocks Kane over the head with the trash can, sending the big man down, against the steel steps. RVD now places the trash can on Kane's lap, so it's right in The Big Red Machine's face, and gets back onto the apron. RVD THEN RUNS ACROSS THE APRON AND JUMPS OFF WITH A DROPKICK DRIVING THE TRASH CAN INTO KANE'S FACE, SANDWICHING HIS HEAD BETWEEN THE STEEL STEPS AND THE TRASH CAN! The crowd goes nuts and a loud *Holy Shit* chant rings out as Kane slumps down, not moving, while RVD rolls around on the floor holding his lower back unable to capitalize. After a while RVD finally gets a cover on Kane 1.....2.....NO! Somehow Kane kicks out, to the shock of the crowd and Van Dam.


As the match goes on, Kane comes back and Powerslams RVD onto the trash can! Cover 1.....2.....NO! RVD escsapes the count, just, getting his shoulder up.
Kane now runs his thumb across his throat, signalling for the end of RVD. Kane loads up RVD, going for the CHOKESLAM, RVD kicks Kane in the gut then scores with a Stepover Windmill Kick! Van Dam now rebounds off the ropes and connects with the Rolling Thunder! Cover 1.....2...kickout!
Van Dam struggles back to his feet, wondering what he's gonna have to do to put Kane down. RVD then slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair to a big pop before getting back into the ring. RVD waits for Kane to get back to his feet and KANE SITS UP! This stuns RVD for a moment, but he snaps out of it quickly and THROWS THE CHAIR AT KANE, ATTEMPTING THE VAN DAMINATOR, BUT KANE CATCHES IT AND SENDS IT BACK INTO RVD'S FACE! The crowd pops for Kane's quick counter and the big man stands over a crumbled RVD.

Kane looks like he's going for the cover, but then steps out of the ring and looks under the ring, pulling out a table! Kane slides the table into the ring and follows in, setting the table up. Kane now pulls RVD up and goozles him, going to CHOKESLAM him through the table! NO! RVD slips out the side and grabs the steel chair, blasting Kane over the head with it! The crowd cheers as Kane staggers back and falls onto the set up table! Van Dam now makes his way onto the apron and then climbs up to the top rope, balancing himself but KANE SITS UP AGAIN! The crowd can't believe it as The Big Red Machine comes to RVD and grabs him by the throat, but Van Dam kicks Kane in the face, getting rid of him. Kane comes back for RVD, but VAN DAM LEAPS OFF AND TAKES KANE DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A TORNADO DDT! The crowd goes nuts again for the spot and another *Holy Shit* chant begins as RVD's body is draped across Kane's 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 16:34 - Rob Van Dam

JR: Van Dam wins it! What a match!

King: That was a wild match JR, those two put each other through hell literally, the punishment they took was amazing!

JR: And RVD takes a measure of revenge on Kane after Kane has been attacking RVD for the past two weeks, along with the other men involved in our now official Survivor Series Six Pack Challenge match for the WWE title!

RVD gets to his feet gingerly and celebrates with the fans at ringside, holding his lower back as he heads backstage, while Kane SITS UP AGAIN inside the ring and breathes heavily, grunting in frustration that he lost tonight

King: JR, can you hear that?

JR: I can King.

King: It's the official theme song for Survivor Series, called "Riot" by Three Days Grace.

JR: How appropriately selected, because the way this Survivor Series is building up it could well be a riot before the PPV is over!


As we come back we see Todd Grisham standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, John Cena!

Crowd gives big heat as Cena steps into view

Grisham: John, earlier tonight it was made official that you would be one of the five men taking on WWE Champion Triple H at Survivor Series in a Six Pack Challenge match. What are your thoughts?

Cena: Well Todd, it's about damn time I was back were I belong, and were I deserve to be. I've been in the backseat for months now, watching Shawn Michaels & Vince McMahon play musical chairs with each other to see who would fight Triple H and it was getting so damn stale! But now I've got Triple H in my crosshairs and you better believe I'm homing in on his ass and come Survivor Series, I'll be taking that WWE Title off him just like that

Cena clicks his fingers together

Cena: I haven't done one of these in a while, so it may not be grammy winning material, and get out of my sight Grisham, that five dollar suit and that two dollar haircut need some serious maintanence...

So it's on, 6 men, one title at the big Pay Per View
John Cena and the WWE Title been seperated
So I'ma take the title back, old news made new

Taking on The King of Kings, am I ready to play The Game?
Homie this is wrestling, playing games is lame!
So you can have your Scrabble, Pictionary and your Monopoly
Coz when I'm done your gonna need them taken out of yo ass, that's right, not brain surgery but a real labottomy

The Rock, he made movies and quit the business
Now he's back and he wants the strap?
Man that box office flop should stayed here in the first place
All his movies are useless crap!
Whether he's a warrior, a counsellor, renegade sheriff or a bounty hunter it don't matter at all
The fact is I remember 2003 bitch, The Hurricane said you small!

Rob Van Dam, light's up more bongs than an addict
When he's finished with his stash
He's always got Sabu's attic!
I was I could use my feet to kick people when I'm in trouble
Matter fact no I don't coz I fight like a man
And not a ninja in a bubble!
And learn to talk properly, no more using "Dude" on the stick
Matter fact homie give it up all together and shut yo mouth with a D*ck!

Edge he's never on his game
Too busy scouting wives to sleep with
Man if I got "screwed" as much as he did
I'd leave his wife under the rest of the locker room
And let go coz you made for life!
Man you only got three things from Lita and none of them you need
I really pity whoever else you've been with coz all she gave you were S-T-D's!

And Kane, don't think I forgot about you big man
I just had to leave you out much like I do with my trash can!
You's a big, freaky and not all to bright Red Machine
But recently the machine been getting faulty, pussy and lean
I proved at Unforgiven you ain't got it what it takes in this company
Amazingly you still got put in the title match, but you'll be the guy who never makes a statement
Coz once again I'll embarass you and FU into the pavement!


Cena poses to the camera before walking off, leaving an emphatic statement to the others involved in the match at Survivor Series and the crowd can be heard buzzing about his rap

JR: Well King, John Cena certaintely had some words to say there.

King: That was one personal attack JR, I haven't seen Cena so pumped up, it's scary. But this, right now, is just the opposite! PUPPY TIME!

JR: O dear lord...

*Lovefurypassionenergy* hits and Lita & Victoria make their way out, both looking in a mood not to be messed with tonight

*Time To Rock & Roll* hits to a nice reaction as Women's Champion Trish Stratus and the returning Mickie James head to the ring. Mickie is as vibrant as ever, while Trish doesn't take her eyes off Lita, the two staring a hole of hatred right through each other

Match 4
Divas Tag Team Match
Trish Stratus & Mickie James vs Lita & Victoria

Decent Women's match, doesn't last too long as it's just a cheap way to give the main stars of the Women's division some time tonight. Mickie gets isolated and it looks like Lita has it won with a Reverse Twist Of Fate, but Trish saves the day. Trish is eventually tagged in and she takes both Lita & Victoria on until the numbers game becomes too much for her. As chaos ensues between the four divas, Lita looks ready to steal it with a belt shot to Trish when the ref is busy trying to seperate Mickie & Victoria on the outside, but GAIL KIM sprints down to the ring and takes the belt out of Lita's hands just in the nick of time, and this breaks Lita's focus, and she glares at Kim, yelling at her "I'll get you bitch!" before turning around into the CHICK KICK! Trish covers and Mickie holds Victoria back for the win
Winners @ 3:56 - Trish Stratus & Mickie James

Trish & Mickie are joined by Gail Kim and the faces look pleased while Lita glares at them, and Victoria attends to her friend

JR: Gail Kim gets a measure of revenge on Lita for all the crap her and Edge put her through! And Trish once again has beaten Lita, that must surely be enough to deny Lita any further title chances without earning them!

King: Lita & Victoria don't look happy JR, they look like they could snap and go wild at any moment.

JR: I bet you'd just love that wouldn't you King?

King: You have NO idea JR, no idea...


Back from the break, we are shown an outside shot of the Sommet Centre, before we switch back to inside and see General Manager Mick Foley inside the ring, mic in hand with certain stars from the RAW locker room present, minus a few of the bigger names

Foley: I am out here to do what my announcement on the WWE's website said I would do. And that is, announce my selections for Team RAW ahead of Survivor Series.


Foley: I asked the entire roster out here to be ready for call up, and it's good to see MOST of them got the message and did the right thing...

Foley pauses for a moment

Foley: When I made my selections I thought carefully about each one and what that person could bring to the team. So without further ado, my first addition to Team RAW is none other than the "Alhpa Male" MONTY BROWN!

Crowd boos as Monty Brown & The Coach go up the stairs and get into the ring. Coach shakes hands with Foley and takes the mic, while Brown mounts the turnbuckle and poses to more jeers, then hops off and begins pacing himself back and forth in the ring

Coach: Mick, let me just say that you have made the smartest investment of your life! This man here, The Alpha Male, is gonna single handedly power through the entire SmackDown! team and bring RAW victory this year. I guarantee it. It doesn't matter who the other four men you pick are. Hell it could be a few divas and referee's thrown together, because Monty is that dominant, he'd carry that team to the win.

Foley: OK Coach, settle down and keep your "client" under control, he's looking a little wild...

Coach calms Brown down who hasn'r stopped pacing back and forth yet

Foley: Alright. My next pick was made on the count of he is one of the most decorated superstars in the company, yet he has never held the ANY WWE titles. He is one of the more experienced members of the RAW roster, he is STING!

Crowd erupts as Sting rolls into the ring and raises his black baseball bat up into the air with both arms to a huge pop as the crowd starts a *Sting* chant which rings around the arena for a good half minute. Sting shakes hands with Foley and then backs off and sits on the top turnbuckle, looking over at Monty Brown who's eyes widen at Sting until Coach has to calm Brown down a bit again. Sting cups his hands over his mouth and let's out a loud "Woo" which the fans reply to in kind

Foley: And next, I w-

*Just Close Your Eyes* fills the arena to a LOUD mixed reaction as Christian makes his way down to the ring with Tomko by his side, looking typically over confident and grinning cheesily as only Christian can. Christian takes a mic and gets into the ring with Tomko following him in

Christian: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you all very much!

Crowd boos Christian as he bows to the crowd

Christian: I tell you what, it sure does feel great to be apart of Team RAW!

Foley: Uh Christian, wh-

Christian: Don't worry Mick, it was nothing at all. Of course I was going to be on the team. You don't even have to explain why you picked me, hell it was obvious right from the start that I'd be selected.

Foley: Bu-

Christian: Mick, maybe all those bumps and bruises you've copped over the years aren't helping your hearing but it's alright, I'll spell it out for you slowly, now pay attention closely. T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U F-O-

Foley: Christian, shutup.

Crowd laughs

Foley: Yes, you were on my list. Congratulations on being part of Team RAW. But-

Christian: But that's not all is it Foley?

Foley: No it's not. I h-

Christian: Have to announce that Team RAW's Captain is gonan be none other than ME!

Crowd gives heat but some cheers are heard as Christian pounds on his chest

Christian: I tell you what Mick it's a great honour to be captaining this uhh...

Christian takes a look at Sting, sitting on the turnbuckle staring right at him, and then at Brown who is still looking like a ravaged animal on the other side of the ring by Coachman's side

Christian: This uh, "Team"! I promise you I will not let you or the RAW fans for that matter, down at all. I already planned ahead and organised some celebratory entertainment for later tonight. So it's all good now Tomko, I mean we can get a fat chick for Mick, a goth girl for Sting over there and well, someone or something for the roid rager in the corner!

Crowd laughs as Brown snarls at Christian, causing CC to back away from him, and we see Tomko chuckling aswell

Christian: Captain Charisma is gonna bring home the victory for RAW coz that's how I roll!

Christian agrees with his own little speech while Foley just shakes his head, rubbing his cheek in almost disbelief that Christian is going on and on

Foley: Christian, if you would please let me finish. What I was trying to say was that I haven't finished announcing my selections yet. I still have one definate one left to announce, and I would love to get that out before Christmas...

Christian nods and holds his hands up

Foley: This man I belive is definately the right man I want CAPTAINING Team RAW at Survivor Series.

Christian: Whoa! Let me stop ya there Mick. Who could you possibly want to captain Team RAW over Christian? Huh? Who?

Foley takes a deep breath then walks up to Christian and whispers something into Christian's ear, and immediately Christian's eye's pop wide open and his jaw drops to the floor before he expresses his protest with a loud "No" just before


The crowd goes APESHIT as Stone Cold Steve Austin heads to the ring to a thunderous ovation from the fans in the building while Christian is clearly upset. Austin gets into the ring and smiles at Christian evily before mounting the turnbuckles and saluting the crowd off with the double bird on each to a raucous ovation. Austin comes to the final corner and Monty Brown stands in his way. Austn tries to go around him but Brown doesn't move. Austin FLIPS BROWN OFF! Coach has to restrain Brown somewhat as Austin brushes past The Alpha Male and climbs the final buckle. Austin hops off and nods at Sting who nods back, before he is thrown a mic and he stands there, looking and Christian & Tomko and grinning from ear to ear while Christian still looks dumbfounded

Foley: Christian, Sting, Monty Brown, fans I give you RAW's Team Captain for Survivor Series...

Crowd erupts into a defeaning *Austin* chant

Austin: Er-hem. Son, look at me when I'm addressing ya.

Christian looks up, still dumbfounded

Austin: Christ son are ya stupid? Wipe that silly look off ya face ya Creepy Little Bastard! (WHAT)

Crowd laughs as Austin claps in front of Christian causing him to snap out of his state of shock

Austin: Now that good ol' Stone Cold's the team leader, he's got a few rules he's gonna put in place (WHAT) Rule number one, you ain't bigger than the team (WHAT) Rule number two, there will be no half assed attempts at humour whether it is deemed funny or not (WHAT) Three, what I say goes and that's the bottom line coz Stone Cold said so! (WHAT)

Crowd cheers as Austin brushes his beard

Austin: Now, if Nashville wants to see Stone Cold Steve Austin share a beer with Team RAW gimme a HELL YEAH!


With that being said, the rest of the locker room that wasn't picked heads to the back and Austin calls for the beer. He hands one to Sting, Foley, Coach, Brown, Tomko and then Christian. All of them down their beer's except Christian, who tosses his away, which Austin sees. Austin chucks Christian another, but he gives it to Tomko. Austin walks up to Christian and this time personally hands him one. Christian sighs and then opens the beer, SPRAYING IT INTO AUSTIN'S FACE! The crowd boos Christian as he and Tomko stand there laughing at Austin, who looks at the mat, wiping his face dry. Austin looks back up at Christian & Tomko and he is laughing maniacally too, which scares Christian & Tomko and Christian senses what's coming as he quickly leaps out of the ring but Tomko isn't quick enough and gets a STUNNER! The crowd comes alive as Austin calls for some more beers and celebrates with the rest of the team and the GM, standing over Tomko and pouring beer all over him while grinning at Christian who is retreating up the ramp as we go to a commercial, Austin moun the turnbuckle and downs and a few more cold ones, still grinning evily at Christian who stands on stage looking back at Austin in anger


We are back live and all eight men in the Chris Benoit tribute match are in the ring, ready to go

Main Event
"Chris Benoit Testamonial"
Eight Man Tag Match

Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Finlay

Wonderful tribute match to Chris Benoit as all eight men put in a tremendous performance which neither team plays faces or heels. All eight men have their time to shine, even Saturn who is working through his spine problems for one special occassion and he comes close to beating Kurt Angle after a Death Valley Driver, but Angle got out at 2.
The ref just let's them all go for it towards the end as they pair off, the legal men being Angle & Finlay. Finlay takes Angle down with a CELTIC CROSS, but is then wiped out by a GORE from Rhyno! Rhyno then takes it to Malenko who trips Rhyno down and slaps on the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Rhyno begins to tap in pain but he isn't the legal man and Rey comes from no where, scoring with a 619 to Malenko! This free's Rhyno from the dreaded submission. Chavo arrives, flying off the top with a FROG SPLASH onto Finlay! Chavo gets to his feet and Perry Saturn takes him down with a 3 HANDLED CREDENZA! Saturn then gets up and Rey trips him down into the middle rope before connecting with the 619! Saturn stumbles over and Rey DROPS THE DIME before Rey is wiped out by Jericho with a RUNNING ENZUIGURI! Jericho goes to apply the WALLS OF JERICHO to Rey and gets it on. Jericho arches back, increasing the torque of the move when Rhyno rebounds off the ropes gingerly and runs through Jericho with a devastating GORE! Rhyno pounds on his chest in celebration but Finlay dumps the Man Beast to the outside. Finlay now stalks Kurt Angle, setting him up for another CELTIC CROSS, but Angle blocks it and delivers the ANGLE SLAM! Angle quickly locks on the ANKLE LOCK! Finlay has no where to go and no one to save him and thus TAPS OUT!
Winners @ 15:56 - Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno & Chavo Guerrero

The crowd pops loudly as the riveting match comes to an end. All eight me recover in the ring and embrace with each other to a wonderful ovation from the fans before all eight men line up and raise each other's hands in the air, before taking their "CB" armbands off and laying them in the ring, and Kurt Angle does an amazing gesture of respect by laying HIS World Heavyweight Title alongside the bands as the show fades out with a shot of the bands in front of the World Title which Benoit won at WM20

"RIP Chris Benoit 1967-2007"

There, finally up after all these damn power cuts. SmackDown! will go up Sunday


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review

~ It really is actually quite nice to read something like this after all that has gone down recently. I man yes, of course we understand what Chris Benoit did in his final earthly act was horrible, but I feel it is somewhat foolish to condemn the man's entire career as a result. This is what I like about your opening segment: it was about Chris Benoit the wrestler and nothing else, it concentrated on all he has contributed to the business, which has, let's face it, been a substantial amount. I'm not really sure if all of the references to other guys' emotions were neccessary, except for the likes of Chavo and Vickie Guerrero really, but I guess it helps, since they were all devastated in real life. It was well written, Renegade, very well written in fact, and as a result, actually quite moving. Well done for pulling it off.

~ Okay, the show kicks off in earnest with the situation concerning the WWE Championship still undecided. What felt nice about Edge here was that he reminded me of how he was from late '04 to early '06 when he constantly complained about his lack of title opportunities and was obsessed to say the least. That was when I found Edge most enjoyable, and you seemed to capture that pretty well here with Edge blaming everyone else for his lack of opportunities instead of himself. Very nicely in character. Out comes The Rock next and basically owns Edge in this exchange. I think in the WWE Rocky is always allowed to on everyone, except for Jericho, who always seems to hold his own against him. Anyway, Rock was on the ball in terms of character here, and Edge shows his aggression with a slap before all hell breaks loose. Out comes Triple H, John Cena, Kane and Rob Van Dam in a pretty thrilling way to kick off the show to be honest, with all of these guys' problems with one another coming to ahead. Ah, here comes Foley and ... well, I was expecting an Elimination Chamber to be honest, but a Six Pack Elimination match fits for Survivor Series. I can still see Triple H retaining though, since I only remember him getting the belt at Unforgiven. Correct me if I'm wrong though please Wow, that's one hell of a match set up for tonight between Kane and RVD; not sure which of them will get the momentum.

~ A nice little 'Captain versus Captain' match to kick off with too, in a feud that I am a little unfamiliar with currently. Striker and Styles are both after the IC title right? AJ is the IC Champ? I think that's about right, but make sure I'm not just being a fool Good match up, and a nice result too, with the heel getting the clean win (ropes don't count). Good bit of momentum for Team Striker, although in all liklihood, the face team will win at Survivor Series.

~ Brief backstage segment with Cade and Jindrak. Todd Grisham was actually pretty entertaining here, getting quite inquisitive with the Champs and all ahead of their match up. After all of their recent dodging, it looks as though tonight could finally be the night that Cade and Jindrak fall short.

~ Of course, Christian must get some time to shine each week, so good to see him in on the act here, especially since he isn't in the WWE title picture at the moment. You are pretty much down to a tee with Christian here, with his flitacious side and mockery of Tomko well done. Likely this arrogance of Christian's towards the Team RAW captaincy situation will backfire, as I can't reallt understand why a face GM like Mick Foley would make Christian Captain. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

~ I thought as much; Cryme Time walk away as the new tag team champions after a little miscommunication from the heels. Like you said, Jindrak and Cade have had a very long reign, so I don't expect them to be involved much longer, although they'll probably get another shot via the rematch clause. With Cryme Tyme as the face champions you now have a lot of possibilities, with La Resistance and WGTT all on the scene.

~ Once again, nice to see some of the guys not involved in the major WWE title scene getting some attention on the show, especially a favourite of mine like Matt Striker. Nice little segement backstage with his team hinting at their comedy value as well as the tension that exists, given their massive egos. Like I said before, I can't see Striker's team getting the win at SS, with this current momentum and all. Also, would Striker say "chaps"? He is American after all.

~ A very nasty match up next between Kane and RVD. Some quite brutal moments here, especially the winning tornado DDT from RVD. Something about the result that bothered me a tiny bit was that Kane went down cleanly. I know that it was No DQ match, but I still think that Kane, given his push of late, went down pretty easily, especially for a face. No real problem though.

~ Ah, a very nice promo next from one of my personal favourites in this thread, John Cena. I don't know why, but he is so damn appealing as a heel. I guess it's just his charisma that does it. Anyway, nice little rap to cap it all off, hopefully meaning a return to his great rapper gimmick at last. It was a little rusty in some places as a free flowing rap, but it read pretty darn good to me, so I take my hat off to you for giving it a good shot.

~ Pretty quick and standard divas match up next, really just there to throw them on the card, so that we don't forget about the Women's title. Trish gets the win and some nice momentum.

~ Now, this is what I love about the build up to and Survivor Series itself; this tension that always comes about from the inter-brand matches. This next segment from Foley was a good example why, filling the ring with all of these faces and heels. I love the way you are using Monty Brown and Coach, they are just like Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman when they first arrived in '02, which is great. Throw in Sting too, and we have a big face. Christian is there too, which was a very well written and rather funny little segment with Foley, before Stone Cold is announced as the captain. The chemistry between Christian and Austin is going to be amazing, and we saw a brief indication of that with Christian throwing beer on SC before getting a Stunner. Could Christian possibly turn on Austin at Survivor Series? I could definately see i happening.

~ A very touching Main Event to say the least with such a wealth of talent on display to pay homage to Chris Benoit, with all of his closest friends on display. It certainly seemed likea hectic closing few moments with basically everyone managing to hit their finishing manouevres and submissions, before Angle finally gets the win over Rhyno. I think I might have preferred Malenko to pick up the submission for old time's sake, but I guess all are equally fitting. RIP Chris.

Overall, this was a very nice show, Renegade, and I think it is the first of yours that I have reviewed in a while. Now that I'm back in the swing of things though, I'll b reviewing more often. All of your feuds seem to be ticking along nicely, especially for the WWE title and the Team RAW situation. Your spelling and grammar was on game also. Well done for managing the Benoit situation too, creating a sentimental and rather moving passage to cap it all off.

8 Out Of 10 - Keep It Up
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review

A heartfelt opening to the show with Chris Benoit being remembered. Was brilliants written Renegade so i applaud you for that. RIP Benoit

WWE Title situation is sorted out here with Mick Foley announcing a 6 pack challenge for Survivor Series, honestly though it would of been better if it was an elimination chamber match. Overall was a very good promo and loved the confrontation between Edge and Rock

Captain v Captain match here building some hype for their match at Survivor Series, slightly shocked that Stryker picked up the win but expecting AJ's team to be victorious at SS.

Nice typical Christian promo here mocking Tomko, and showing his arrogance believing he is going to be captain of Raw.

Solid match here and we have new tag team champions which is great as Jindrak and Cade have held the belts for a while now so good that we should have some fresh title matches in the tag division.

Brutal match here between Kane and RVD which would of been good enough to have been a PPV match. Tornado DDT through a table to quite a few people would of been a good ending, but to someone like Kane it makes him look weak.

Great Cena promo, i had always prefered him as a heel rapper back in 2003 than his character now much more entertaining. This promo reminded me alot of Rock's promo i think in 2000 when he was running down his opponents in the 6 man Hell in a cell.

Short typical Womens tag match here, Trish gets the win after interference from Gail Kim distracting Lita.

Monty Brown and Sting are nice additions to Team Raw, loving that Christian believes he is Team Captain only to find out that Steve Austin will be captaining Raw. Have a feeling that Christian might turn against Team Raw and cost Austin the match leading to a feud at Mania.

Great touching main event here with all of Benoits closest freinds putting on a great match even the ones who have not wrestled for years. One of Benoit's biggest enemies and possibly his greatest opponent Kurt Angle picks up the win after the Anklelock.

Overall was a very good show building up to Survivor Series, and the tributes to Chris Benoit were very well done. 8.25/10
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks for the few reviews that have come in so far, hopefully a few more come in soon.

SmackDown! Recap up tomorrow around 1pm my time.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SmackDown! (Recap)
Birmingham/Jefferson Convention Centre
Birmingham; Alabama

*Opening Video*


The show kicks off with Team SmackDown! in the ring and Paul Heyman with a mic in his hand. Heyman starts off talking about Monday night and at how happy he was to see RAW's team already fall to pieces as Austin & Christian got in each other's faces. Heyman says this kind of behaviour isn't tolerated here on SmackDown! and thus his team are all on the same page. Heyman then announces that the Team Captain for SmackDown! will be the winner of tonight's blockbuster main event, a 5 Man Battle Royal! The crowd loves it, and Heyman says the winner of this match will truly prove that they deserve to Captain this team to victory. The five men all begin to eye up each other as we go to a commercial


After the break the first match of the night is underway, the Cruiserweight Championship match between Paul London and the Champion Nunzio. In a good contest to kick things off, London looks to have things won after hitting a Halo DDT to Nunzio. London climbs to the top and sets himself for the London Calling, but JAMIE NOBLE darts down the ramp and distracts London. London tells the ref to get rid of Noble, but Jamie Noble refuses to go to the back, and with the distraction Nunzio is able to go upstairs, looking for the Sicilian Slice, but London counters it as they come off the top rope and rolls up Nunzio 1.....2...NOBLE TURNS THE ROLLUP OVER, SO NOW NUNZIO HAS LONDON ROLLED UP 1.....2.....3! The crowd boos loudly as Noble has cost London his chance to win the Cruiserweight title. Noble grins at London who is irate in the ring

Backstage now and we are in the presence of Team Kennedy, and Finlay & Regal are getting ready for their match with the Hardy Boyz later tonight. Kennedy puts over the fact that they must build momentum from in front, and Kennedy, Helms, Finlay & Regal are quick to show unity while Muhammad Hassan isn't too fussed, but eventually decides to join in with them in preparing Finlay & Regal


Paul Heyman is in his office, casually minding his own business and humming along to his own theme music when all of a sudden the door swings open and in barge Paul London, AMW, Jamie Noble and MNM all yelling and demanding things at the same time giving Heyman a visible headache. Heyman gets everyone to shut up and then says after what he saw last week and earlier tonight, he has made a "Rightful Contender's" Six Man Tag Match for next week pitting AMW & Paul London against MNM & Jamie Noble, with the winning team going onto face The FBI trio for their respected titles at Survivor Series. Everyone shows mixed emotions after the announcement, especially the faces who have been robbed of their title shots, but Heyman has none of it and gets secuurity to escort the men from his office

Now Mark Henry makes his first appearance on SmackDown! for a while and walks all over Funaki in about 2 minutes, hitting all his signature moves and finishing SmackDown!'s number one announcer off with a devastating WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM for an easy win on his return

We now switch backstage and see Kurt Angle with the WHC over his shoulder making his way towards the ring we are informed, after the break


As we return Angle hits the ring to a loud ovation, still showing not only the effects from his huge match with Lesnar at No Mercy two weeks ago with the taping around his ribs, but the bandage around his forehead after being busted wide open by Brock last week. Angle gives an intense speech on how he's gonna snap Lesnar's ankle. Lesnar comes out to loud heat and talks about beating Kurt at WM23, then outsmarting him in August and alligning with Vince McMahon to beat Kurt again. Lesnar comes to the conclusion that he's just smarter, better and more dominant than Angle could ever be. Angle laughs along with the crowd at that comment which causes Lesnar to lose his cool and attempt to assault Angle again, only for Angle to counter it and fight back with a barrage of right hands, then a clothesline to take Brock out of the ring. Angle holds the WHC up at Lesnar who glares back at Angle mouthing "That's mine in two weeks!" as Kurt mounts the turnbuckle and poses to the fans to a huge reaction


We are now back and Steve Romero conducts an interview with Chris Jericho, who revs the fans up for tonight's main event and then basically saying that he'll win the 5 Man Battle Royal and become the Captain of Team SmackDown! Romero then asks Jericho how he feels about JBL being added to the team and Y2J just smiles and shrugs his shoulders before walking off

We switch and Kristal is standing by with JBL. JBL berates Jericho, calling him a total failure in wrestling, music and overall life before claiming he'll be the one to win tonight's main event and have the "other four" led out to Survivor Series by their Wresstling Gawddd! The crowd boos JBL who tries to start his own chant up, but the crowd end up chanting *Sucks* after Bradshaw mentions his name each time. JBL eventually gives up on them and walks off

We get a good mid show matchup between The Hardyz & Finlay/Regal, with both team's partners for Survivor Series at ringside with them. After a stop start beginning due to the contrasting styles the heels isolate Jeff Hardy and work on his left leg, grounding the high flyer's offense, but it doesn't last forever as Jeff counters an Irish whip attempt by springing gingerly onto the turnbuckle and coming back at Finlay with a Whisper In The Wind! Jeff makes the tag to brother Matt who comes in and cleans house with multiple knock downs to both men before scoring with a Side Effect to Regal! Hardy mounts the middle buckle, going for the Leg Drop but Finlay socks him in the midsection, taking the wind out of Hardy. Finlay climbs up with Matt and locks him up, going for the CELTIC CROSS off the middle buckle, but Hardy counters with a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB and bridges it for a cover 1.....2....NO! Regal breaks it up as Kennedy's team watch on nervously. Regal hits a few lefts to Matt and goes for the REGAL CUTTER, but Matt spins out of the move and catches Regal with the TWIST OF FATE! Matt tags Jeff back in and Jeff goes upstairs readying for the SWANTON BOMB but MR. KENNEDY PULLS REGAL OUT OF THE RING! With that being done, Team Kennedy walk out of the match with all five of them backing up the ramp waving the match off and the ref counts them out, awarding The Hardyz a victory although they aren't too pleased as Rey, Lashley & Holly join them in the ring, the two teams stare down going to a commercial


As we return the crowd is stunned as Goldberg makes his way out not bothering with his pyro snorting or long walk from the locker room. Goldberg gets on the mic and immediately calls out The Undertaker, sick of being taunted and haunted with Taker's stupid mind games. Goldberg says he thought he had put Undertaker out for a while after the beating he gave him at No Mercy, but obviously he was wrong. Goldberg shows us the footage of him brutally attacking Undertaker with the steel chair post match, and the huge Spear through the door spot from the match also. Goldberg says no one in WWE history has dominated Undertaker so easily and beaten him so badly. He then says he's sick of seeing Taker around, and that this company only has room for one of them and that man is Goldberg! Goldberg says he wants to finish Taker for good and will stop at nothing now, making it his own personal crusade to get rid of Taker for good. Goldberg says he had a spot on Team SmackDown! summed up until Undertaker cost him the match and by Taker costing Goldberg that match, Taker cost himself his career! Goldberg looks to continue but THE LIGHTS GO OUT! Silence for a moment before a loud *GONG* rings around the arena, and Goldberg looks around, aware of how Taker can just pop up out of no where after last week. Smoke starts to rise from around the ring and all of a sudden a tombstone appears on the titantron reading "SURVIVOR SERIES - BURIED ALIVE. REST IN PEACE - GOLDBERG". The lights come back on and Goldberg continues to gaze at the titantron before he yells out "YOU'RE ON!" before almost immediately LIGHTNING STRIKES THE RING POSTS The crowd erupts and Goldberg looks slightly spooked before snapping out of it and storming to the backstage area


We return and Goldberg has his bags packed and he seems to be on his way out when he notices a tall, dark figure standing looking against the wall. Goldberg immediately drops his bag and picks up a chair that is propped against the wall and CRACKS THE PERSON OVER THE BACK! But it is revealed that it's nothing more than a life size cut-out of The Undertaker. Goldberg slams the chair down and snarls loudly before picking up his bag and entering the parking lot, getting to his car and dumping the bag onto the backseat when we hear tires screeching and a HEARSE COMES INTO VIEW! Goldberg's eyes widen and the hearse stops by Goldberg's side, the window winds down and there is PAUL BEARER! Bearer laughs and cackals at Goldberg before saying "He's coming for you! Pray for your soul! You will Rest...In...Peace!" before driving off with Goldberg seriously looking out of sorts now

Cole, Tazz & Heenan speculate what is going to happen and will the mind games continue to get to Goldberg ahead of Survivor Series when our next match begins

We get a fillerish match next but it turns out to be alot of fun as The Mexicools take on Idol Stevens & KC James. It's kept relatively short and the ending comes with James & Stevens attempting a Double Suplex to Crazy, when Psicosis comes in and grabs Crazy by the feet, swinging the momentum of the move back to SC who drills both men with SPIKE DDT's! Crazy covers James 1.....2.....3 for the win. The Mexicools celebrate their win with the crowd while once again James, Stevens and their manager Michelle McCool are leaving empty handed


Batista is with Steve Romero now and he talks up himself leading Team SmackDown! to victory, before he is interrupted by Randy Orton. Orton tries to strike a deal with Big Dave that they team up for the match and eliminate everyone else so then it can just come down to those two and they can find out who the better man is. Batista smirks and shakes Orton's hand, while his other hand positioned behind his back, he has his middle and index fingers crossed which gets a pop from the crowd. Batista then chuckles to himself and taps Orton on the shoulder as he walks off

Booker T is with wife Sharmell making some last minute preperations also, with Sharmell re-assuring her husband he can win tonight's match and Booker T says it will be "Team Bookah!" going into Survivor Series after he wins tonight


In a good main event the five men go at it in a solid matchup which lasts over ten minutes before any major action takes place. JBL & Jericho have been at each other for the majority of the match and Batista's deal with Orton seems to be ready to begin as the two corner Booker T, but then ORTON TURNS ON BATISTA AND HE AND BOOKER T ELIMINATE BATISTA! Batista hits the floor hard after being outsmarted by Orton & Booker who pose together, Orton with his Destiny taunt and Booker T drops to his knee, and performs a Spin-A-Rooni to a pop from the crowd before getting up INTO AN RKO! Orton covers 1.....2.....3! BOOKER T IS ELIMINATED! Orton smirks, pleased with his work while he is roundly booed by the crowd. Jericho fights out of the corner on JBL with a series of harsh knife edge chops, before JBL stops him dead in his path with a knee to the gut. JBL rebounds off the ropes and goes for the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL but Jericho avoids it and trips JBL down, into the WALLS OF JERICHO! Jericho has the hold locked in and JBL desperately tries to fight the pain but looks ready to give in when Orton comes flying from the side of the screen and DRILLS JERICHO WITH AN RKO! Orton covers Y2J 1.....2.....3! JERICHO IS ELIMINATED! Orton immediately gets up and covers JBL thinking he'll have it won here 1.....2....NO! JBL kicks out! Orton stalks JBL, setting him up for an RKO and he goes for it but JBL shoves Orton away! Orton comes back and JBL meets him with a right hand and then another, before whipping Orton to the corner. JBL follows in but Orton slingshots back over JBL and rolls him up 1.....2....JBL ROLLS THROUGH 1.....2..AND TAKES A HANDFUL OF THE TIGHTS...3! ORTON IS ELIMINATED AND JBL IS THE SMACKDOWN! CAPTAIN!

The show ends with JBL jubilantly celebrating while Orton is on his knees on the outside knowing how close he came, and the others stand around all looking at their new Captain, with especially Jericho not looking happy at all that JBL has won the match


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sorry about not reviewing Raw this week, but with holidays etc, and the fact I had to work on my own show, I haven't had time to review anyone over the past couple of days. I did read through the show though, and the dedication to Benoit was absolutely fantastic, the highlight of course being the 10 bell salute, and the amazing main event. Also, the announcement of the 6 Pack Challange at Survivor Series makes me look forward even more to what is in my opinion one of the most impressive looking PPV cards in months.

On that note, my Smackdown Recap Comments!

Smackdown! Recap Review- ORRY

What a way to kick off the show with Heyman and Team Smackdown! in the ring, and by the sounds of things Heyman feels his team is all on the same page; which of course means utter chaos for the blue brand. The announcement of tonight's main event was awesome, and I have no idea who will walk away as the winner.

London/Nunzio match was the perfect way to kick off the show, and London looks to have the match won until Noble makes his presence felt, costing London the Championship. Just to be picky, wouldn't the referee have seen Noble turn the rollup over, thus causing London to win by DQ?

Team Kennedy promo was a great way to build the awesome 5 on 5 Survivor Series Match at the PPV, and Matt and Jeff vs. Regal and Finlay tonight will be nothing short of breathtaking. Interesting to note Hassan isn't too interested in being part of the team, and IMO, will be the one to cost Team Kennedy the match to Team Hardy at SS.

The announcement of the rightful contenders match next week was another brilliant booking move, and I predict the faces, they being AMW and London, will walk away the winners and move on to face the FBI trio at SS.

Henry returns to Smackdown! and squashes the shit out of Funaki. Well isn't that original....

I enjoyed the Angle/Lesnar confrontation, and this week, unlike weeks prior, it is Angle who comes out on top, and cleans Lesnar out of the ring. The match in two weeks time just continues to be built well, and what a match it should be!

The Jericho/JBL respective promos were great, and added hype to tonight's main event, and built the fact there is still obvious heat between JBL and Y2J. IMO both of these two have to be considered the favourites in tonight's main event, and with a bit of luck, good ole' Jericho will walk away as Captain.

Great match up between the Hardyz and Regal/Finlay, as both Matt and Kennedy's teams are at ringside for the contest. In what would no doubt be the MOTN for sure, the Hardyz eventually win by countout as Kennedy orders his men to walk away from the match. Awesome stuff, definately the highlight of the night so far, and you're damn right, it is because I'm a Matt Hardy mark

Another great segment, this time from Goldberg and the Undertaker, as the fued between the two men continues to heat up. The announcement of the Buried Alive Match at SS was great, and I expect Undertaker will walk away as the winner, causing Goldberg to vanish from your thread, as you announced you wanted to happen a few days ago. The lighting spot at the end, although done before, is always cool.

The parking lot/backstage segment involving Goldberg was also great, with it now apparent that Goldberg will be playing a 'scared shitless' role at SS. Paul Bearer's spot was nicely done.

Mexicools going over Idol/Stevens was the right decision, and hopefully this leads to a push for Crazy and Psicosis.

The Batista/Orton segment came across well, and the Batista crossing his fingers bit would have been awesome to see on TV. Again, as has been the case throughout the majority of this show, nicely done.

Booker T segment adds some final hype for tonight's main event. With the star studded lineup, lord knows whose walking away as Captain, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say Jericho.

Main event time and what an awesome match it turns out to be. Batista goes first, followed by Booker, then Y2J, all of whom are eliminated by Orton. In the end it comes down to Orton and JBL, with Layfield coming out on top thanks to a handful of tights. Great way to end the show.

Overall, this was an awesome recap, just awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish, well done bro.

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Smackdown Review

~ Nice way to kick of the show tonight with Team Smackdown making their presence felt. I think I said when I was reviewing Raw, but I really find this whole Show versus Show business at Survivor Series very exciting because it results in putting faces and heels on the same team, which is always interesting to watch. Good announcement from Paul Heyman tonight, for a huge Main Event of a five-man match for the Captaincy, which I think Randy Orton may win.

~ Good way to kick of Smackdown with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line, with Paul London looking like he has things in the bag against Nunzio, until Jaimie Noble gets involved and helps the little Italian to steal the win. Not sure what is stemming from this feud, but a Triple Threat for the title seems very likey at this point.

~ Of course, having a team comprising totally of heels is always great too, and Team Kennedy is a prime example of that. Much like their Intercontinental title equivalent of Team Striker on Raw, this is a nice team comprising of a group of mid-card heels, all with the potential to break out into a higher level, and all personal favourites of mine.

~ Excellent, even though it was recapped I loved this little backstage segment with Heyman, MNM, AMW, Noble and London next. Well, I guess I was pretty wrong about the Cruiserweight triple threat, but we have two potentially very tasty matches. First the Rightful Contenders match next week and then the winner takes all match at Survivor Series. Likely, since they are the face team, London and AMW will pick up the win next week and get the titles, since London/Noble seems a given for the future.

~ Damn, I honestly thought that I was the only one who actually liked Mark Henry as the monster heel he is, but it seems as though a lot of guys have been using him of late, or at least introducing him anyway. Hopefully you put him to good use as well, as he can really be effective. Funaki is pure fodder to Henry, it must be so horrible to be Funaki

~ Nice little segment to get the World Heavyweight Championship feud on the card tonight, with Angle and Lesnar exchanging words. The way you mentioned all of their battles in 2003 made it sound quite like an epic, HHH/HBK feud that has spanned years and years. It's certainly a nice feeling to give it, but I'm not sure it it's quite that epic ... yet I hope to God that Lesnar beats Angle for the title at Survivor Series.

~ A nice little clash of interviews from Jericho and JBL, showing why I really like the clash of heel/face in a team. This would actually be quite a snazzy thing to cut between.

~ A heck of a match up next between The Hardys and Finlay/Regal, which sounds like a pretty brutal and high flying affair, with even Finlay heading up to the top rope, looking to hit the Celtic Cross, but it is the faces who have the win coming, until Team Kennedy all get involved and decide to walk out. This is a nice little feud developing between these two teams, keeping the mid-card absolutely stacked, whilst not taking too much attention from the Main Event business in the process.

~ I too had thought that the feud between Undertaker and Goldberg was going to end at No Mercy with the Hell In A Cell, but since Goldberg won that match I guess that couldn't really happen. So instead we get Buried Alive at Survivor Series? Damn, this PPV is looking incredibly stacked now. I really hope that you will be writing it in full, since it would be a real shame not to. With this now being a Buried Alive match, I guess that means that the loser will be going away for a while or going away for good. I think that Goldberg will be the one leaving.

~ Really hyping this Goldberg/Undertaker feud even more, showing Goldberg's paranoia with him attacking a cardboard cut out, before Paul Bearer gives him some very ominous words. This will be very interesting.

~ Little bit of a way to show that there is some depth in your tag division, with the Mexicools and Teacher's Pets getting on the card, in a fillerish match as you said. They may get in the title scene soon with MNM, AMW and the FBI.

~ Yep, I still think Orton might get the win despite being owned in this backstage segment by Batista. Odds are that either Randy will eliminate Dave, or Dave will eliminate Randy. Some hype for the Book Man too, which kind of makes me hope that it will be 'Team Bookah!'.

~ Nice Main Event, with pretty much everyone double crossing one another, with Randy eliminatiing Batista (as I predicted. Yay!) and then Booker T too! Orton is on a roll in this match, as he also eliminates Chris Jericho, before JBL rolls him up and gets the win! JBL is Captain of Team SmackDown! Makes sense I guess, with JBL's status as the veteran. I can see some real tension developing from this now. Good match.

Overall, this was a recapped show so I can't go into much detail, but your spelling and grammar was all spot on, and your feuds are being well constructed, which is all leading towards a stacked Survivor Series
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks for the comments on SmackDown! so far.

I will be posting RAW & SD! together this week both as recaps towards the end of the week, with this being the holidays I have alot of stuff on this week and thus won't be able to produce even one full show in the time I will have left.

So look for it on Friday at the latest.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review

Classy, well done opening to the show. That’s all I really want to say on the situation, since I know many people have many different feelings on what happened. Should be one hell of a main event, though.

Hot opening segment, with some barbs being exchanged back and forth between Edge and The Rock. But once Edge cracks Rock over the head with the microphone and chair, it looks as of its going to be a mirror image of last week with John Cena, Triple H and Rob Van Dam making their presence felt until Kane causes some destruction. This time though, The Rock gains the upper hand, knocking the Big Red Machine from the ring. Foley comes out and we get our Survivor Series main event, six pack challenge for the title. Nice match for tonight as well, with Kane and RVD going at it in a No Holds Barred match.

Nice match up but it’s Striker whom strikes first blood for his team heading into Survivor Series in this captain versus captain match up, stealing a win over Styles. I expect the Intercontinental Champion to repay the favor next week.

Solid promo from Cade and Jindrak, with the two vanilla wrestlers finally showing some personality. I expect them to win their match up tonight with a little help from their buddies earlier.

Short comedic segment with Christian and Tomko. The Captain will definitely be named to Foley’s team but I seriously doubt that he’ll be the team captain.

Not a huge fan of either of these two teams but you’ve done a nice job with this feud and it seems to be culminating tonight in this lumberjack match. Decent match up. Cryme Tyme picks up the win!!! Unexpected result to tell you the truth as I thought the feud would continue into .

Another short promo, this one focusing on Matt Striker and his team. Doubt the miscommunication leads to anything, guessing it was just a way to add a little bit of build to the Survivor Series match.

Really violent match up between Rob Van Dam and Kane here, adding a bit of hype to the Survivor Series match up, with two of the lower card members of that match going at it. DDT through the wooden table and its Van Dam who picks up the victory. Kane sits up after the match and stays strong as we continue on the way to that match.

John Cena’s rap wasn’t half bad. Couple of decent lines in there as the Doctor of Thuganomics takes a couple of pot shots at each and every one of his Survivor Series opponents. He was overlooked a bit last week, so its nice to see him get exposure tonight.

The glorious wonder known as Mickie James and some other random, not as talented, not as attractive diva picks up the win over two other faceless divas.

Foley announces his team and Monty Brown is the first man named. Sting and Christian are also named, but as expected Captain Charisma isn’t named the captain. STONE COLD!! The tension between Christian and Austin is immediately felt and we could have ourselves a feud brewing here. WrestleMania? Austin goes through his usual stick until Christian takes it up a notch and sprays beer in Austin’s face. Bad move. Stunner … on Tomko. Not a great start for the chemistry of Team Raw. Good segment to set up the dynamic.

Great, fast paced main event and a fitting tribute to Chris Benoit. The team with the most active WWE superstars pick up the win. Would have been nice to see Dean Malenko pick up the win with a Sharpshooter but the victor is not what’s important in this match up. Great match.

Sorry for the lateness. This was a great show with the highlight of the night being Mick Foley’s announcement and the subsequent bantering of Austin and Christian. Good stuff.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Ok, well I'll just share some thoughts with you on Smackdown...

Hmmm, not that find of a mini-Battle Royal as I have never been entertained by them, except for the 20 mans and the Royal Rumble. Realistically, the match wouldn't go on for htat long considering only four people have to get dumped to the outside and that's why I'm not that fond of it.

Erm, Nunzio as champ is cool. I don't think you always need the London's, Guerrero's, and Noble's being the champion. It's always nice to see a Nunzio, Scotty, or Funaki have a short title run. So props to you on that one, and I see a non-title CW feud starting up soon, which is great too.

Interesting name for the six man match tonight and it's clear to me that we'll see AMW and London win. I don't like AMW being in WWE, as everybody seems to do it but you've had them for a while so, hopefully they'll be gone too. I doubt it but meh, I'm more of a realist than anybody else I believe.

Hmmm, the Angle/Lesnar segment seemed like any other to me, really. Just going over the history of them, plus it said WM 23 but really, it was WM 19 when they fought. Typo, I know. I'm not that fond of this feud, as I know they can wrestle but we've seen this a lot so I'm hoping you do something different with it, other than base it off their history.

Hmmm, Goldberg, ew. Yeah and I don't really like the Buried Alive Match but considering the fact that I think this might mean Goldberg leaves the company and your thread, I like it now!

You're one of the few people that use the "Green" Team in Stevens and James but I don't see them being nothing more than jobbers. I like the Mexicools, I liked all three of them as a matter of fact and I don't think Juvy is here but still, it's cool to see the Mexicools get the win.

Um, at first thought I thought this was going to be an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal but glad it wasn't. Orton eliminating three people in a row was too good to be true and I didn't think of him winning anyways in the first place. JBL as captain is interesting to say the least and I did feel a heel was going to win and if that didn't happen, it would have been Batista. But anyways, a huge match to end the night with, a surprising ending for me to say the least.

Overall, yeah it's been a while since I've been in this thread, so pardon me for that. I haven't read Smackdown really a lot in this thread so that might be why I'm not up to date with stuff, but either way, it was a good show, which had it's flaws but had it's positives too.
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