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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown Review

Great to see a ladder match open the show, but weird that it is 2 heel teams competing in it but anyways. A very unique ending to the match i must say with both teams grabbing the breifcase and it looks like we are going to have some sort of multi tag team match for No Mercy.

Great way to send a message to Steve Austin and foley with Heyman getting his goons to attack Hardcore Holly. Heyman threatens austin and Foley before saying he will appear on Raw.

Solid match here and big suprise with Goldberg coming back costing Taker the match which i'm not too keen on. The smackdown roster has enough talent and you don't really need someone like Goldberg back, but it continues off their feud from the summer and will be interesting to see where it goes.

Angle shows his fighting side and issues an open challenge which is a good way to get him onto the show, and it sets up a very good match later on tonight with whoever his opponent will be.

Good solid promo here hyping up a very possible future match between JBL and Jericho posiblly later on in the tourny.

Great quarter final lineup here, with Benoit and Finlay surely going to bring the goods. You made Benoit look very strong here kicking out after being hit with the shillelagh and Benoit gets the win after locking in the crossface. Wouldn't be suprised see him win this tourny and take on Kurt Angle knowing the great matches they could but don't think he will.

Looks like we are going to have some sort of fatal 4 way in the future after this promo, with Helms, Hassan and Kennedy all wanting to become the US Champion.

Cruserweight jobfest here making Nunzio look strong, not too keen with him as champ.

William Regal comes out and we have another strong technical contest here, but instead we pretty much get a Kurt Angle domination match, with you making Angle look very strong kicking out of the regal cutter and making Regal submit to Ankle lock.

Good JBL promo here running down the man he might possibly face for the championship Kurt Angle and also having enough time to hype his feud with Jericho. JBL was well in character.

A good well written main event here with Jericho and Lesner topping Batista and Lashley with Lesner rolling Batista up for the win, the roll up was a little unlike Lesner for the win and would of been more realistic with Jericho doing it but anyway good main event.

Overall it was a good show hyping up No Mercy nicely. 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Unforgiven Review
Good start with JR and King explaining the build up to the PPV. They were both in character so well done there. Great match to kick off Unforgiven with some brilliant spots, mid way I kept switching views with who I thought would win but AJ won in the end which I was happy with. Ha Ha that Barbeque promo was brilliant. Funny and inventive; each superstar was in character especially Striker and it was even better with the Ron Simmons bit; bravo on that. Another good match with two good tag teams; expected the Dudleyz to pick up the win so nice surprise there to see Jindrak/Cade pick up the win. I’ve always liked this team so I’m glad you’ve carried on using them. Good promo hyping the match; Coach was done perfectly and I like the idea of him managing Monty Brown. I like a bright future for Monty Brown after a very good win over Carlito; match was done very well. Good promo again with Holly and Heyman; love the ending and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has planned. Well this match certainly didn’t go as expected. Brilliant idea to see SmackDown superstars come out and I see a SmackDown versus Raw rivalry heating up. Good to see Rhyno pick up the win and it was a shock to see Austin back and lay everyone out. Brilliant promo with Christian; it served its purpose and Christian’s character was done perfectly. I’ve always found that writing triple threat matches can be really difficult but you did really well here and I liked the finish with Christian picking up the win. Some brilliant spots especially with RVD. Another good promo between the two legends; bit short but it was good. This was surprisingly a good match as when I saw what the match was I wasn’t sure but you did brilliantly and this is a great show which I have enjoyed reading; Shame that Kane didn’t win but after the sit up I doubt that this rivalry is over. Edge promo was the promo of the night because Maria’s start was hilarious and then Edge’s seriousness in the promo really added tension heading into their match. Damn! Was hoping for the Rock to pick up the win; shame they lost but I don’t think you can count them down and out just yet. Edge hitting the spear on Trish was a real evil move which is great for his character. However, I don’t think this is the end between both Lita/Trish and Edge/Rock. Okay I was wrong; this promo was match of the night; HBK and Vince were spot on and I see HBK with some doubt heading into this match. What a brilliant match; I was really hooked to this match. It was done so well and I am really looking forward to the aftermath of this match now that HBK lost. Overall a fantastic PPV which I award 9/10. you only lost one point with a couple of spelling mistakes.

Promo of the Night: Maria/Edge
Match of the Night: HHH/HBK

I'll post a review on Raw and SmackDown soon. I hope you'll return the favour of a review.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Review for Renegade’s Smackdown

Ladder match: Vito & Palumbo vs. MNM
Interesting to have a ladder match open the show, wouldn’t expect to see Vito & Palumbo thrive in a ladder match environment but let’s see what happens. Some decent, yet realistic spots in this match as you wouldn’t expect anything spectacular from any of these competitors in a ladder match. The aftermath was intriguing, though I’m curious to see if it will lead to a rematch or a triple threat tag team title match with AMW. I was expecting MNM to pick up the victory so I was honestly surprised by the outcome of the match.

Angle shows his passion for wrestling in this segment by requesting a match, despite Heyman trying to keep him rested until No Mercy. Well-written promo here, Angle appeared in character nicely.

Benoit vs. Finlay
Excellent matchup right here, either one of these guys would be quality choices to advance in the tournament. Nice counter to the Celtic Cross by Benoit, rolling him up for a near fall. I was very surprised when Benoit kicked out after he got hit in the leg by the shillelagh, certainly added suspense. Another terrific counter to the Celtic Cross by Benoit leads to the submission victory. Extremely well written match here and I liked the booking as Finlay got plenty of offense in, while Benoit overcome the shillelagh attack and persevered for a big victory. A Benoit vs. Angle World Title match at No Mercy would be fantastic, though I’m guessing Benoit won’t win the tournament.

Jericho drops the steroid line, very interesting. I like how you’re having him as a mix of a tweener and a face right now as I’m expecting a full fledged face turn extremely soon. Strong hints of a future JBL/Y2J feud later on in the segment, you wrote Jericho’s promo very in character. I wouldn’t be surprised to see JBL get involved in the tag match later on.

Heyman calls out Hardcore Holly, something I was hoping you would follow up on. He ends up not being able to get out a word as he gets jumped from behind. I like you established Heyman having a no tolerance policy for people that question him and don’t do as they’re ordered, illustrated by this beatdown.

Undertaker vs. JBL
I’m expecting JBL to go over here in cheap fashion. After the ref bump, Goldberg makes his shocking return and takes out Taker, enabling JBL to advance in the tournament, as expected. I thought JBL would win but Goldberg returning was completely unexpected. I’m curious to see how his feud with Taker will come to an end. Quality decision to have JBL advance, especially after Y2J’s earlier promo as I’m expecting the two to meet later on in this tournament.

Hints of a 4-way US title match are teased, I have to admit that I burst out laughing when Kennedy cut off Hassan by screaming out Mr. Kennedy! A four way would be very intriguing and I could see it developing potentially into a 4-way elimination match at No Mercy.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Nunzio
A simple, brief cruiserweight title defense for Nunzio here. Though I wonder if it could’ve been placed earlier in the show, I don’t disagree with the match order because with Angle still needing a match and the tag match in the main event, this provides some filler in between them and the earlier tournament matches. As expected, and rightfully so, Nunzio retains.

The earlier ladder match leads to a triple threat tag team title defense for AMW at No Mercy, the decision was expected but it should be interesting to see who leaves with the belts. I’ve expected it to be MNM but with them not winning the ladder match, it makes me wonder if my prediction will turn out to be wrong.

Kurt Angle vs. William Regal
Another terrific matchup here, great wrestling on this show with Benoit vs. Finlay earlier and now this. Regal puts up a stronger fight than expected, but in the end Angle wins in convincing fashion. I was a bit surprised to see no one come out and attack him or cut a promo against him, threatening that his title is in jeopardy, but considering the tournament is still in its early stages I don’t disagree with it.

After Jericho’s earlier promo, I was hoping you would give JBL a similar one. He was very in character throughout, I loved the part where he countered the fact that Angle is a wrestling machine with the fact that he is a wrestling goddd. Very well written and I’m expecting these two to either meet in the tournament or JBL to come out and screw him out of a victory against Lesnar next week.

Batista & Lashley vs. Jericho & Lesnar
Action packed main event featuring three monsters, eventually Y2J hits a springboard dropkick to Batista, leading to a roll up from Lesnar for the pinfall. I didn’t expect for this match to end in a roll up, though booking it that way prevents one of these guys from looking weak.

Overall a very entertaining show and I liked how you continued to develop future feuds. The tournament is moving along smoothly and I like your selections of the stars that advanced in this episode. I’m curious to see how the JBL/Y2J feud develops next week and who will advance in the tournament as I can’t wait to find out who will get a title shot against Angle at No Mercy.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

First off, thanks for all the reviews for last week's SmackDown! I will be returning as many as I can over the weekend, so bare with me for a few days. Here is this week's SmackDown!...

The Rose Garden
Portland; Oregon

*Opening Video*


Cole: Welcome everyone to the jam packed Rose Garden here in Portland, Oregon for Friday Night SmackDown!

Tazz: This place is going off Cole, and they've got good reason to do so!

Cole: They sure do partner! Tonight, the remaining two Quarter Final matches in the No Mercy tournament take place as Batista faces Bobby Lashley and Chris Jericho takes on Brock Lesnar!

Tazz: Huge, just huge!

Cole: But that's not all folks, apparently sometime tonight Goldberg will be in the ring to explain his actions in returning last week and Spearing the Undertaker out of his match with JBL, which resulted in Brashaw advancing at Taker's expense! What will Goldberg have to say for himself for his first official apperance in six weeks?

*Extreme* hits and the crowd erupts into a loud chorus of boos as Paul Heyman heads to the ring looking like a grinch, flanked by Randy Orton & Booker T, and also a bunch of security. Heyman takes a microphone and hops into the ring, waiting for the heat from the crowd to die down

Heyman: On Monday night, Mick Foley accused me of being alot of things.

Heyman pauses, as if swallowing the strength to say what's coming next

Heyman: I was called a conspiring, cheating, no good, cowardly son of a bitch!

Crowd pops

Heyman: That ungrateful, unfit halfwit had the nerve to say what he did, and I'll give Mick this. He's got balls. But that's it. I might be a conspirator, I might even consider cheating if it means getting the right result, but I am damn sure not a coward!


Heyman: Mick, when you called me a coward in front of national television, and a world wide audience, you made the biggest mistake of your life. Bigger than anything else you've done in your career. Because I can guarantee you one thing, Paul Heyman is not a coward! Mick, without me, you wouldn't be where you are today. I made you! I made you the "Hardcore Legend". Without my direction all those years ago, you'd be nothing today.

Boos from the crowd and a light *Bullshit* chant begins

Heyman: You think it is? All you fans don't believe me?

An emphatic *NO!* comes from the crowd

Heyman: Well who gives a crap about you anyways?

Loud heat

Heyman: Mick, listen up closely. In sixteen days, SmackDown!'s next PPV, No Mercy is set to take place, and right here, right now I am issuing a challenge to RAW. You send two superstars from RAW to No Mercy to take on Randy Orton and Booker T in a Tag Match!


Heyman: It can be any two. It could be Stone Cold, The Rock, Christian, Goldust, Trish Stratus, bloody Jerry Lawler or even yourself! Any two RAW superstars, against these two SmackDown! superstars. And I promise you Mick, that regardless of who you send, you will see why SmackDown! is the superior brand of Sports Entertainment, and why RAW is lagging far behind.

Heyman looks to leave the ring when *GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the crowd EXPLODES into a thunderous ovation, rocking the Rose Garden as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way out with the crowd going nuts again. Heyman doesn't seem too impressed, while Orton & Booker look to make the jump on Austin but Heyman tells them to hang back. Austin hops into the ring and salutes the fans on all four corners with a flip of the bird, before taking a mic

Austin: Well well well. Look what we got here. Paul Heyman.


Austin: Randy Orton


Austin: And Booker T!


Austin: Let me say this, it's one sorry sight for really sore eyes...

Crowd erupts and a huge *Austin* chant starts, while the three men glare at Austin who can't help but crack a wily smile

Austin: The puppets and the puppeteer!

Crowd pops

Austin: What, don't you let these guys speak? They are always by your side like two muted puppets.

Orton swipes Heymans mic and yells at Austin

Orton: Austin, I am no one's puppet. I am Randy Orton! The Legend Killer!

Austin: WHAT?


Orton: I am th-

Austin: WHAT?


Orton: The Le-

Austin: WHAT?


Orton: SHUTUP!

Huge heat from the fans as Heyman calms Orton down and takes the mic back from him

Heyman: Look Steve, I don't know why you're even here in the first place. You are a contracted superstar to RAW, and this is the big leagues, this is Friday Night SmackDown!

Cheap pop for the SmackDown! brand

Heyman: So unless you're here to accept the challenge at No Mercy, I suggest you leave the arena, before you are forced to.

Austin: You ever threaten Stone Cold Steve Austin again and I won't hesitate to open up a can of whoop ass on ya!

Crowd erupts

Austin: See Stone Cold was driving around the streets of Portland...

Austin is cut off by a HUGE cheap pop

Austin: And Stone Cold realised that SmackDown! was coming from the Rose Garden tonight, so Stone Cold pulled over for a moment to think things over.


Austin: Then after all that thinking, I was a bit parched, so I cracked open a beer.


Austin: Downed that sumbitch quick


Austin: Picked up another


Austin: Downed that one even quicker!


Austin: Then hopped out of the good old 4x4, walked across the parking lot, entered the front door to see your sad face on the tele, rambling on about Mick Foley.


Austin: So Stone Cold told the production team to hit his music


Austin: Because I was coming down here to do two things


Austin: Number one. Accept your challenge on behalf of Mick Foley and RAW


Austin: And number two. To give a present to ya from Mick Foley!

With that, Austin drops his mic and flips Heyman the bird before connecting with a Stunner on Heyman! The crowd goes wild, but immediately after this happens, Orton & Booker T jump Austin and begin to pound away on the Texas Rattlesnake to huge heat from the fans, despite the fact they are saving their own GM. Orton tells Booker to bring Austin up, and Booker does so, as Orton drills Austin with an RKO! Orton poses and Booker T looks ready to start a Spinarooni, when THE LIGHTS FLICKER OUT! The crowd isn't sure what to think but then the familiar tune of *RIDE THE LIGHTNING* hits and the crowd erupts as STING APPEARS ON STAGE, ARMED WITH HIS BASEBALL BAT! Orton & Booker look taken aback by Sting's appearance and Sting runs to the ring to help out his RAW comrade, as Orton & Booker scramble, pulling Heyman out with them. Sting stands in the ring with the security guards trying to restrain him, when Sting wails on them with the slugger! Sting drills all six of the security guards with the bat, cleaning the ring completely and helping Austin to his feet while on the ramp Heyman stands with Orton & Booker, with the SmackDown! trio glaring at the RAW duo who have invaded here tonight as we head to a commercial


Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! everyone, and Tazz, before the break RAW's Stone Cold Steve Austin appeared on behalf of Mick Foley to give Paul Heyman a present, which turned out to be a Stunner!

Tazz: That was a big move by Austin, who was then attacked by Randy Orton and Booker T, only for another RAW superstar in the name of Sting to appear, wielding his baseball bat in hand!

Cole: And luckily Sting was unable to use the bat on Heyman, Orton or Booker, although the poor security staff that were in the ring copped a hit each from Sting's bat!

Tazz: The tension has definately risen again in this Foley/RAW vs Heyman/SmackDown! war that seems to be brewing Cole!

*Millennium* hits and the crowd erupts with a very generous ovation for Y2J, who's face turn is continuing to gain him the support of the fans. Jericho seems pretty confident, considering his opposition and poses on the apron before getting into the ring

*Here Comes The Pain* and the crowd boos heavily as Brock Lesnar paces out on stage, back and forth, before bobbing up and down on the spot, and then heading to the ring. Lesnar leaps onto the apron as the pyro shoots off, and Lesnar gets into the ring, only for Jericho to jump him from the off and we are underway

Match 1
No Mercy Tournament Quarter Finals
Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar

Jericho tries multiple times to keep Lesnar down in the early going and almost puts him away with a Breakdown, but Lesnar escapes in time. Jericho works on Lesnar's left leg, trying to soften it up for the Walls of Jericho, and as Jericho goes to apply the submission, Lesnar uses his leg strength and sends Jericho out of the ring. Jericho tries to recover by coming at Lesnar, but he is wiped out by Brock's powerful clothesline. From this point, Lesnar really does pick apart Jericho, hitting multiple power moves but Y2J shows his resiliance by kicking out of a variety of potential match winners, including a Belly to Belly Suplex, Tiger Suplex and even gets his foot on the ropes after taking a Fire Thunder Driver! Lesnar is furious, but goes upstairs in a rare moment for the 295 pounder, and Lesnar leaps off looking for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS! NO ONE HOME! Jericho avoids contact and the crowd pops, realising his chance to get back into the match. Jericho lights up Lesnar with a flurry of chops, then rebounds off the ropes and connects with a Sprigboard Dropkick! Jericho covers 1.....2..Lesnar kicks out. Jericho now goes for the Lionsault, but Lesnar gets his knees up! Lesnar is now setting Jericho up for the end, and as Y2J gets up Lesnar lifts him onto his shoulders, looking for the F5! Jericho slips out the back! Jericho trips Lesnar down and slaps on the Walls! Lesnar is in pain, right in the center of the ring, while Jericho yells "Tap!" as Lesnar's hand looks mighty close to tapping the mat. Lesnar starts to crawl for the ropes and reaches out......GRABBING THEM! The crowd boos, not believeing Lesnar made it to the ropes. Jericho composes himself, and goes up to the top rope. Jericho balances himself and leaps off, ONLY FOR LESNAR TO CATCH HIM, POWER HIM UP AND DRILL HIM WITH AN F5! Lesnar covers Jericho sloppily 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 15:43 - Brock Lesnar
Advances to Semi Finals

Lesnar wins a hard fought match, being taken to the limit by Jericho tonight. Lesnar rolls out of the ring shaking off the effects of the Walls of Jericho and heads up the ramp while Jericho seems dissappointed in the ring as he comes to, knowing how close he was

Cole: And Brock Lesnar books his place in next week's Semi Finals, joining JBL and Chris Benoit!

Tazz: Jericho gave it all he had Cole, but Lesnar was able to pull off the win in the end, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Brock Lesnar win this tournament with the form he's in at the moment!

Cole: I'd have to agree partner, I don't think I've ever seen Lesnar as hungry for the World Title as he is now.

Backstage Steve Romero is standing by

Romero: I am here with the current WWE Tag Team Champions, America's Most Wanted!

Big pop for AMW as they step into view

Romero: What are your thoughts on facing both teams at No Mercy?

Storm: Well Steve, when people hear something like this announced, they instantly think that it's a big task to overcome two teams in one match, with your titles on the line, you may not even be involved in the deciding fall in the match. And they're right. Our backs are against the wall well and truly.

Harris: But we aren't going down without a fight. Ever since we took these titles off MNM at Summerslam, we have made it our promise to all of our fans to defend these under any conditions, against any opposition, and so help us if that means taking on two established tag teams at once, then we'll do it! America's Most Wanted are the force behind the SmackDown! tag division, and we'll show our full power at No Mercy when we retain these titles! MNM, FBI, you can bring all you have, but it still won't be enough. At No Mercy, school is in session!

Storm: Sorry 'bout your damn luck!

AMW walk off as we go to a commercial


We come back and *Live For The Moment* hits, and the crowd erupts as the US Champion, Matt Hardy makes his way out playing to the fans, getting a big response. Matt gets into the ring and awaits his opponent

*Firestorm* and it's Gregory Helms who walks to the ring to heat from the fans. Helms points to Hardy as if to say he wants a title match

Match 2
Non Title
Matt Hardy (US Champ) vs Gregory Helms

Entertaining match kept at a fast pace with two lively competitors going at it. Helms impresses and takes the fight to Hardy, showing his hunger for more. Helms tries to score an upset with a Shining Wizard attempt, but Hardy avoids it and scores with the Side Effect! Hardy gets going, hitting multiple knock downs on Helms, before going upstairs and leaping off connecting with the Leg Drop! Cover 1.....2..NO! Helms kicks out. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Fate, but Helms counters with a schoolboy 1.....2....NO! Hardy just escapes it! Helms now seems to be setting up Hardy for the Vertebreaker, but Hardy is a bit too heavy, so Helms attempts the Sugasmack, only for Hardy to catch it, trip Helms down and flip over, pinning him with a Jacknife pin 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 7:46 - Matt Hardy

The crowd pops as Hardy gets the win over a valiant Helms here tonight. Helms isn't happy at all however and kicks Hardy right in the groin! The crowd boos as Helms drills Hardy with the Crossface Halo! Helms now grabs the US Title in his hands, but the crowd pops as they see Mr. Kennedy rush to the ring. Kennedy and Helms trade blows with Kennedy winning out, clotheslining Helms out to the floor. Muhammad Hassan slides into the ring now and drills Kennedy with a Flatliner! Hassan takes the US Title and holds it up, while Daivari yells in farsi to the fans who boo Hassan loudly and the former US Champ spits down on the mat before exiting the ring, leaving Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy and Helms all down

Cole: Someone has to take some sort of control of the United States Title scene because at the moment, it's truly turned into a free for all zone on the show! Muhammad Hassan, Gregory Helms and Mr. Kennedy all making their intentions known to Matt Hardy last week, and this week, all getting involved in a brawl!

Tazz: The competition is coming thick and fast for Hardy Cole!

Cole: One can only hope that Muhammad Hassan doesn't win the US Title back, otherwise we may never hear the end of it!

We switch backstage now and see Kurt Angle outside the office of Paul Heyman. Angle bangs on the door and enters to see Heyman in his chair with an icepack over his neck, selling the Stunner he received earlier

Heyman: Is it that hard to wait for me to call you in?

Angle: Heyman, quit stepping around me! You aren't giving me any competition here on SmackDown! I won't even know my damn opponent for No Mercy until two days before the PPV! What is wrong with you? Do you want your brands Champion sitting on his behind every week, twiddling my thumbs, waiting for someone to win the No Mercy Tournament? This isn't right, I need competition! I live and breathe wrestling Heyman and you know it. Give me anyone. I don't care if it's a superstar, referee, security official, just give me an opponent!

Heyman: Kurt, now is really not the time to be demanding things. As you can see, I'm sore and really need to be alon-

Angle: Give the fans what they want to see! Their World Heavyweight Champion in action, here tonight!

Crowd pops as Heyman seems annoyed that Angle is continuing to hound him and finally gives in

Heyman: Fine, you want someone to wrestle? You got it. I'll organise an opponent for you. Goodbye Kurt.

Angle nods, getting his wish finally and exits the office, as Heyman begins to grin and picks up the phone

Cole: I don't know if Angle knows what he's gotten into here! Heyman obviously is arranging something for the worse of our World Champion!

Tazz: I've known Paul E for years Cole and I know when you see that grin, bad things happen.

We now are shown Goldberg pacing through the hallways, garnering GIANT heat from the fans

Cole: When we return, Goldberg will be in the ring to address us, what will he have to say?


Almost immediately as our picture returns *Drum March* begins and the crowd breaks out into a chorus of boos as Goldberg steps out on stage, standing in his pyro and then storming to the ring, setting his pyro off behind him. Goldberg looks intensely focused as he takes a microphone and gets into the ring

Goldberg: Last week, I took out the Undertaker again!

Huge heat for Goldberg, and then a loud *You Suck* chant begins

Goldberg: If I suck so much, why isn't your adored Undertaker in the next round of the Title Tournament? Because I took him out! Why am I the most unstoppable force in the entire world? Because I am just that damn great!

More heat for Goldberg

Goldberg: At Summerslam, the Undertaker got lucky! The referee was out for 75% of the match, and that's when Undertaker was able to get the upper hand!

More heat and then a *Bullshit* chant starts

Goldberg: No, it's not! You want to know what's bullshit? Everyone being scared and wetting their pants when Undertaker goes face to face with them! All the so called greats have done it! The Rock, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and the list goes on! They all quiver and shake when Undertaker makes his presence known! Well now I'm here and I refuse to be scared by the Undertaker or his stupid games! I'm sick and tired of people refering to him as the most dominant superstar in the WWE! It's a load of crap! Undertaker, you got lucky at Summerslam, but guess what Deadman? I'm back, and YOU'RE NEXT!

At this moment, THE LIGHTS GO OUT and *GONG* *GONG* *GONG* the crowd erupts into a huge pop as *Graveyard Symphony* begins to play and then a video of Goldberg returning last week and Spearing Undertaker is shown.

Goldberg looks on as the video changes, showing Goldberg Spearing multiple other superstars before it scrambles to a eerily, dark cemetary. We see a tombstone and zoom in on it to read "Bill Goldberg 1966 - 2006" before lightning strikes, shattering the tombstone! Goldberg is showing no fear in the ring as smoke begins to rise around him and another *GONG* hits as the video ends

Goldberg is looking around, as if thinking Taker is in the ring, but no one is in sight. The titantron now changes and the crowd goes wild as the screen reads

"No Mercy - Hell In A Cell"

Goldberg looks slightly taken aback, but quickly shakes it off, snarling and hopping out of the ring, heading backstage as we go to another commercial


We return and see Kurt Angle in the ring warming up, awaiting his opponent which has been selected by Paul Heyman. Angle looks focused as always

*Clown Music* begins to play, confusing Angle until DOINK THE CLOWN steps out on stage, getting a mixture of laughs from the fans for his appearance and yet some heat because Angle has been fed a bummer of an opponent. Doink takes his time, blowing up a balloon at ringside for a kid, and then sprays a woman in the face with his flower. Inside the ring, Angle looks repulsed at the sight of his "competition" for tonight. Doink gets into the ring and Angle stands there, eyes wide open, seething with Heyman

Match 3
Kurt Angle Open Challenge
Kurt Angle (WHC) vs Doink The Clown

Doink offers Kurt a handshake, and Kurt goes to accept, before Doink sprays him in the eye with the flower to light relief from the fans. Angle however, isn't impressed as he chases Doink out of the ring and around ringside, clubbing him from behind sending him to the floor. Angle wails on Doink with stomps before pulling him up and rolling him into the ring. Angle now takes total control of Doink, hitting his arsenal of signature moves including the German Suplex Trifecta and Belly to Belly Suplex. Angle brings Doink to his feet and plants him with an Angle Slam, before slapping on the Ankle Lock to Doink in the middle of the ring and Doink immediately taps out!
Winner @ 2:04 - Kurt Angle

Angle relinquishes the hold, not holding Doink responsible for Angle's hatred and the Olympic Gold Medalist grabs his WHC and heads up the ramp, not impressed with Heyman's choice of an opponent

Cole: Well Doink The Clown makes a return to the WWE, even if he was beaten by Kurt Angle, easily, it's always good to see Doink back in the ring!

Tazz: O boy Cole Kurt Angle is not a happy man! Kurt asked for competition, and he got far from it.

Cole: You can bet he'll let our GM Paul Heyman know about it too Tazz. Angle prides himself on competition, he lives to wrestle and for him to treated to a joke like that will not impress our Champion.

We now switch backstage to see Chris Jericho packing his stuff into a duffel bag in the locker room area, looking down after coming close to advancing in the No Mercy tournament. Jericho picks up his bag and exits the room, turning the hall and bumping into JBL! Jericho snickers at Bradshaw and goes to walk past him, but JBL moves in his way

Jericho: Excuse me assclown, your over-inflated ego is in my way!

Crowd erupts, and JBL frowns

JBL: That is not the way you talk to a Wresssstling....Gawddd!


Jericho: Listen to me jackass, I'm not in the mood for one of your boring anecdotes. So if you will, get the hell outta my way!

Jericho goes to walk past JBL again, only again for JBL to move in his way!

JBL: You listen to me sonny. Any more lip like that and I'll have to...

Jericho: Have to what? What? What are you going to do? You wanna fight? Coz I'll kick your ass!

Crowd erupts as Jericho intensifies

JBL: No. I cannot risk myself tonight by beating you senseless, and give an unfair advantage to my opponent next week by arriving with a pair of bloodied knuckles.

More heat

JBL: It's just like I said last week Chris. I'm better than you in every way, and this proves it. You couldn't go the extra yard, and I did. I'm into the Semi Finals, while you burned out in the Quarters. And come No Mercy, when I beat Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship, not only will I prove without a shadow of a doubt that I am a greater wrestler, but a greater Champion, than you could ever be. You'll be watching the victory celebrations on your monitor Chris. Champagne will fall from the heavens, and the crowd will chant my name "J...B...L" Can you hear them boy? "J...B...L", "J...B...L"

As Bradshaw tries to get the crowd to along with them, they add a *Sucks* after each "J...B...L"

Jericho: John, I think these people are trying to tell you something. Listen...

A loud *You Suck* chant begins, bringing a smile to Y2J's face, while JBL again frowns

Jericho: And next week, you'll back that statement up when you get your ass kicked by whoever you face!

Crowd pops and Jericho bumps past JBL who follows Jericho off screen with a glaring hatred building in his eyes for the Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah and we come back to ringside

*Fully Blooded* hits and Nunzio, the Cruiserweight Champion, heads to the ring for his upcoming title defence

*Money Maker* and Kid Kash makes his way out to a blandish pop from the fans. Kash plays to the crowd a bit before rolling into the ring and making his intentions for the CW title known to Nunzio

*Pitbull* plays and Jamie Noble, Kid Kash's former tag partner makes his way out to some heat from the fans. Noble looks hungry for an opportunity tonight, and gets right in both Kash and Nunzio's faces

*Turn It Up!* and the crowd gives a good pop as Scotty 2 Hotty dances out on stage. Scotty plays to the fans all the way down the aisle before getting into the ring, and we go to a break being told we'll be back for this Cruiserweight match shortly


Match 4
Cruiserweight Championship
Fatal 4 Way Match
Scotty 2 Hotty vs Kid Kash vs Jamie Noble vs Nunzio (c)

We rejoin the action with Nunzio working on Scotty in the middle of the ring. Nunzio tries to hit the Sicilian Slice to Scotty, but S2H reverses it by moving out of the way and Nunzio lands flat on his backside. Scotty fires up now on Nunzio, hitting a slew of right hands, before whipping Nunzio off the ropes and drilling him with a Sidekick! Scotty covers 1.....2....NO! Jamie Noble breaks things up, and starts laying into S2H which brings Kid Kash into the ring. Kash takes it to Noble and takes Noble down with a Hurricanrana. Kash now rebounds off the ropes and walks right into a right hand from Scotty! Scotty bulldogs Kash down, and now begins to bounce around looking to hit The Worm, only for Scotty to turn right into a knee to the face from Jamie Noble, who drills Scotty with the Slingblade! Noble looks to capitalize but Nunzio gets back to his feet and shoves Noble into referee Nick Patrick, who is taken out to the floor by the collision! The crowd gives heat as Nunzio's FBI team mates Chuck Palumbo and Vito rush down into the ring. Vito plows through Kash with a nasty Big Boot, while Palumbo grabs Noble and hits the 187 to him! Referee Nick Patrick notices this as he recovers, holding his head and rings the bell to heat from the fans
Winner @ 7:45 - No Contest
Nunzio Retains Cruiserweight Championship

The FBI trio stand tall in the ring to heat but soon the crowd erupts when they see America's Most Wanted sprint down the ramp and into the ring, causing the FBI to scatter out of the ring. AMW dare the FBI to come and get some but they want no part of the Tag Champs, as they back up the aisle to more heat from the fans. However, MNM step out from the curtain and begin walking towards them! The FBI are suddenly sandwiched on the ramp between the two teams, and Nunzio wisely jumps into the crowd moments before Palumbo & Vito are jumped by AMW & MNM much to the delight of the fans! AMW toss Palumbo into the ring and drill him with the Death Sentence, while MNM plant Vito with the Snapshot! Both teams stand above the downed FBI team, but from no where, MNM blindside AMW with stereo Superkicks, taking both Storm & Harris down! The crowd boos MNM as they look down at their befallen opponents at No Mercy in two weeks and can't help but crack a smile

Cole: A perfectly good Cruiserweight match ruined by the FBI! But atleast they were given a taste of their own medicine by America's Most Wanted and MNM, only for MNM to then lay out our WWE Tag Team Champions!

Tazz: This rivalry between the three top tag teams here on SmackDown! is getting hotter Cole, I can't wait for their match at No Mercy!

Cole: Neither can I Tazz.


Kurt Angle is now storming around backstage, seething after having to face Doink The Clown earlier. Angle finds Heyman's door and barges in, only to find Heyman is not in his office

Angle: Heyman! Where are you? I got something to say to you!

Angle looks around the office then leaves, slamming the door behind him and continuing to walk down the halls until he stops when he hears someone laughing at him. Angle turns around to see Brock Lesnar leaning against the wall!

Angle: Got a problem, bucko?

Lesnar: Kurt, calm down. Relax. You're obviously not a happy man at the moment, but do you think trying to intimidate the General Manager is going to help your cause? Because let's face it, if this is how angry you are after you beat Doink The Clown in a match, imagine how angry you're gonna be when I take your World Heavyweight Championship off you at No Mercy!

Angle: You ain't coming near this Lesnar!

Kurt taps the WHC strewn over his shoulder

Angle: You don't even deserve to be where you are! You were re-hired to this company because of Paul Heyman. You got this far in the tournament because of Paul Heyman giving you the easy draw, up until tonight!

Lesnar: Kurt, listen to yourself. You're a shell of your former self. You're no longer a credible Champion. You're no longer a Wrestling Machine. You're looking at the new Wrestling Machine. Me. And at No Mercy, you better be ready for me to beat you within an inch of your life and realise i'm no longer the "Next Big Thing"...I AM THE BIG THING!

Lesnar & Angle get right in each other's faces until Angle lets out a deep breath let in Lesnar's face, Lesnar just smirks and walks off, leaving Angle still fuming

We now see Batista walking the halls, getting a big cheer from the fans, and then the screen splits and we also get a view of Lashley warming up

Cole: Well folks don't go anywhere, because coming up after the break, it's our main event, the final Quarter Final match in the No Mercy tournament takes place as Batista meets Bobby Lashley!

Tazz: A powerhouse brawl that's gonna bring the house down Cole! It's rocketbuster time!


*The Real Deal* hits to a good pop as Bobby Lashley makes his way out. Lashley stops to set off his pyro before walking the ring with a smug look on his face despite his opposition, his good friend Batista

*I Walk Alone* blasts and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Batista heads out on stage. Batista pumps up the fans and then sets off his huge fireworks. Big Dave slaps a few hands at ringside before getting into the ring and standing face to face with Lashley

Match 5
Main Event
No Mercy Tournament Quarter Finals
Batista vs Lashley

Sheer power vs power match, with the immovable object vs the irresistable force factor coming into play as both men hit each other with everything they've got in a sluggish contest. The early goings both men tried to faze each other out but neither would budge in a test of strength. Batista went for a Spear into the corner, but Lashley avoided it and Batista smacked his left shoulder into the ringpost to a sickening thud. Lashley capitalised with a Running Powerslam, but Batista kicked out at 2! Lashley tried to assert himself in the match, but it wasn't long until Batista countered a Dominator attempt, drilling Lashley with a Leviathan Spinebuster! Both men take some time to recover after the roughness of this match. They trade blows, with neither man blinking for ages until finally Lashley wins out, trying to send Batista to the ropes only for Big Dave to counter it and lower his head, which he does too early and Lashley kicks up Batista, then bounces back off the ropes and connects with a Spear to Batista! Cover 1.....2....NO! Batista kicks out. Lashley tries to end the match, setting up for another Spear, but he rebounds off the ropes and comes back to the grip of Batista, who drills him with a second Spinebuster! Batista covers 1.....2....NO! Lashley gets a shoulder off the mat! Batista can't believe it, thinking he had it won. Batista gets up, shaking off his shoulder injury and then tugging at the ropes, firing the crowd up, ready for the Batista Bomb! Batista gives Lashley the thumbs down and pulls him in, then lifts him up looking for the Batista Bomb, but his shoulder gives way! Lashley drops athletically to his feet and hits a right hand to the face of Batista, who staggers back into the corner. Lashley rams a shoulder thrust into the midsection of Batista, before climbing up the buckle and unloading with punch after punch to Batista as the crowd count's along 1...2...3...4...5...6...BATISTA GRABS LASHLEY BY THE TRUNKS, WALKS HIM OUT AND MANAGES TO PLANT HIM WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! The crowd erupts as Batista clutches at his left shoulder, but drapes his right arm over the body of Lashley for the cover 1.....2.....3!
Winner @ 13:56 - Batista
Advances to the Semi Finals

The crowd goes wild as Batista manages to pull out a big win and go one step closer to getting his WHC back. Batista keeps a hold of his left shoulder as he has his right hand raised in victory by Charles Robinson, and the crowd eat it up, as we are shown the brackets for next week's Semi Finals

Chris Benoit vs JBL

Batista vs Brock Lesnar

Cole: Batista did it! What a brawl, and the right man wins it in the end Tazz!

Tazz: But he was pushed all the way Cole, all credit to Lashley but Batista was able to get it done in the end, and what about next week Cole? Benoit vs JBL and Batista vs Lesnar!

Cole: It'll be a major show next week folks, we hope you join us then! This is Michael Cole and Tazz, signing off from Portland!


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Last week's Smackdown! Review

Not a bad ladder match to start with, but weird seeing Palumbo and Vito in it. A unique ending, so possibly a Triple Threat Tag Match in the future?

Hmm, a nice promo from Angle, I hope we get a good opponent for him so we can see a good wrestling match.

Good match between the two veterans Benoit and Finlay, with some very nice twists and turns. Benoit is certainly the one who should be advancing and he does. Good stuff.

Good Jericho interview, kept in character for the most part. JBL vs. Jericho will be interesting and could create some dream promos.

Wow, brilliant Heyman promo and I love the feud that’s building between himself and Austin. Should be very interesting to see how it turns out on RAW!

Nice match between JBL and ‘Taker, and very good aftermath. I can only wonder how Goldberg will play the heel; hopefully you can pull it off.

Hmm, interesting four way promo about the US title, Kennedy and Hassan seemed in character but Hardy didn’t really seem particularly life like, and I guess you can’t really judge Helms’ character from that as he hasn’t really had much mic time.

An average CW match filler. Does it’s job.

Yep, as I expected a triangle match, should be good at Mo Mercy.

Yeah, a good contest here putting Angle over further. I hope we can see more from Regal soon, in a new gimmick or something...

Hmm…the tension between Jericho and JBL grows more-so. I can’t wait to see these two face off in a promo in the middle of the ring.

Good ME, but I couldn’t imagine Lesnar getting the roll up victory, seems a little odd…nevertheless, was a good match.

Overall 8.5/10

(I'll have this weeks review up soon.)

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Well thanks Frankie for the review, TBH it's such a slow time in BTB at the moment I wasn't expecting many reviews and didn't get them lol.

I'll be getting to all the reviews I need to return at times today.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Review for Renegade’s Smackdown

I like that you opened the show with Heyman, who of all things takes offense to when Foley called him a coward. Nice writing with Heyman saying that he was the one who made Foley in the first place and that he would be no one today if it wasn’t for him. Heyman challenges Raw to an inter-promotional tag match with any two of their stars against his representatives, Orton and Booker T. When the crowd kept cutting off Orton, I thought it was very humorous. Stone Cold’s segment was written perfectly in character and then he gives a Stunner to Heyman, excellent writing with Austin’s part. I was not expecting Sting to come out and save Austin but he did and proceeded to assault the security men with the baseball bat, not really an action usually taken by a face but it showed how he desperate he was to get his hands on Orton and Booker T. A team of Austin and Sting taking on Orton and Booker T would be very interesting, terrific opening segment here.

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar
I didn’t expect Lesnar to go for the Shooting Star Press on television, it certainly added a level of unpredictability to the match. Nice finish with Lesnar refusing to tap to the Walls and then catching Jericho in midair for the F5 and the victory to advance. I expected for Y2J and JBL to meet down the line in this tournament after the hints of a possible feud, but now I could see Y2J costing JBL his semifinal match.

Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms
Solid matchup here with numerous counters towards the end. Eventually, Hardy rolls him up for the victory and Helms is none too pleased with the outcome. He attacks Hardy after the match until Kennedy comes out and takes him out, followed by Hassan who takes him out. Chaotic atmosphere in the US title scene, I hope this leads to a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender rather than a fatal four way, but a four way elimination match would also be very intriguing.

Angle barges into Heyman’s office and demands a match as he’s tired of waiting until No Mercy. With how the segment ended, I’m expecting a real challenge for Angle later on.

Creative to have Goldberg as a heel. I liked your booking decision last week when he cost Taker his match in the tournament and a match at No Mercy seems inevitable. I loved how you illustrated the video package that aired on the Titantron, with the tombstone showing Goldberg’s name and years lived until lightning struck and shattered it. Typical Undertaker mind games, I liked how you developed this feud with this segment as Hell in a Cell is officially announced for No Mercy. Great decision as it now adds a lot of intrigue to the match, considering that a regular one on one between the two wouldn’t be a wrestling clinic to say the least. Now it can be an all out war and that was the right call.

Kurt Angle vs. Doink the Clown
I was honestly very shocked to see that Angle’s opponent was Doink, I expected it to be a monster sent out from Heyman in retaliation for Angle’s tone of voice and relentless attitude in the earlier segment. Angle dominates, as expected and as it should be, and makes Doink tap to the Ankle Lock. He immediately releases his grip after Doink taps, showing his babyface side despite his frustration with the lack of competition recently.

I’m glad you had Jericho and JBL interact with one another in this episode, with Jericho wanting a fight but JBL declining because he has to rest up for his semifinal match next week. I could definitely see Jericho interfering in next week’s match on JBL’s opponent’s behalf to cost JBL the win.

Cruiserweight title 4-way
The match ends in a no contest, I was hoping for Noble to win the belt but the decision makes sense. I like how you developed the tag team title feud at the conclusion of this match with AMW and MNM taking out the FBI and then MNM turning on AMW. I expected MNM to attack them but it was definitely the right booking decision.

Interesting to see Angle interacting with a participant in the tournament. Lesnar tells Angle that he will be taking the belt off of him and he says that Kurt is a mere shell of his former self. I’m curious to see if Lesnar will deliver on what he said and win the tournament, to earn the title shot against Angle.

Batista vs. Lashley
Power vs. power matchup right here, in the end Batista counters the ten punches in the corner with a Batista Bomb for the pinfall. With the brackets for next week, I’m expecting Jericho to interfere in the Benoit/JBL match to give Benoit the victory and Lesnar to defeat Batista, leading to a Benoit vs. Lesnar final.

Overall, an entertaining show once again as you continue to develop high quality feuds heading into No Mercy. The tournament is really heating up and you’re doing a very nice job of developing your mid card feuds as well.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Good opening promo from Heyman and Austin, and the war between Raw and Smackdown looks to be hotting up at the moment. Nice to see the challenge for the tag team match, and Booker and Orton against Sting and someone else should be a decent match. Austin stood out in this promo, and set up the feud nicely

Huge match between Jericho and Lesnar, and good for Lesnar to pick up the win here. Jericho may be hurt a little bit by the loss, as he was looking good to take the title, but I guess this allows him to go back into his feud with JBL a bit more

AMW cut a short and effective promo, keeping themselves looking a dominant tag team, although this segment did appear to be a little bit of a filler

Hardy gets the win over Helms, but Kennedy and Hassan then come down and get involved in the brawl. These 4 men are going for everything for the US title at the moment, and it should be a good fatal 4 way when it happens.

Angle gets a match for tonight, and he is turning a little bit heelish in his desperation to get a match. Good luck for the man who gets his ass kicked by Angle tonight as they will need it…. poor doink the clown

Goldberg promo was not one of the better points of the night, as it just didn’t sound like him at all. Hell in the Cell though… now that should be interesting, and will be a hell of a brawl between the two of them. Just need a lot of work on the mic from Goldberg, as tonight he was pretty poor

JBL vs. Jericho should be a good feud… but this promo just didn’t seem to work for me. Something seemed to be missing from him… maybe the fact it didn’t seem to be totally in character may have had something to do with it

Cruiserweight match turns into a platform for all the tag teams to brawl with each other. Nice way to showcase them, and I guess we will see a rematch of the cruisers next week

Big win for Batista over Lashley in the main event, although it wouldn’t have been the greatest match ever. Still, good win for him and he has a chance to win this tournament
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown Review

A very good promo to kick off the show continuing the Raw v Smackdown feud. Good heelish promo by Heyman only for him to be inturupted by Austin who like always was well in character accepting Heyman's challenge. Looks like Sting will be one of the two men to face Orton and Booker and i have a feeling that Austin could be his partner.

Huge match to kick off the wrestling side of Smackdown. And Lesner gets a huge victory advancing to the next round while i expect Jericho to continue off his feud with JBL.

Short promo here but gets to the point with AMW hyping up their tag team match at No Mercy. This promo was just basically to make sure that they get an apperance.

Pretty good match here with Hardy facing one of his rivals Gregory Helms and picks up a good victory gaining some momentum. Good aftermath with Muhammed Hassan getting the advantage over all his future opponents making him look very strong going into No Mercy.

Kurt Angle getting fed up of having no competition, so Heyman gives him his wish and puts him in a match expect it to be some sort of jobber to make Angle even more pissed.

Meh not keen on this promo whatsoever, Goldberg just didn't sound right whatsoever and he pretty much blowed it on the mic, but atleast you are making it realistic . Taker plays some more mindgames with Goldberg and we have HIAC at No Mercy. Hopefully taker wins and hopefully Goldberg disappears after the PPV because you have enough talent and don't need him whatsoever.

Serious competition for Kurt Angle here in Doink the Clown. But seriously Angle destroys poor Doink and makes him tap out.

Again this promo wasn't too great just didn't seem right and one or two of the lines felt forced. However it builds up the Jericho/JBL feud nicely and expect to see Jericho cost JBL his semi final next week.

Decent Cruserweight match here which just basically builds up the tag team feud some more with the FBI saving Nunzio only for AMW and MNM to come down.

Kurt Angle tries to find Paul Heyman but instead finds Brock Lesner who makes Kurt Angle fume even more.

Meh this match would completley stink but anyway you made it looks like a pretty decent match. Batista wins with the Batista Bomb and he takes on Lesner next week.

Overall another entertaining show, the tournament is looking very good and No Mercy is building up into a very good card. 85/100
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Dubbz4preisdent's Smackdown Review

After doing a breif read of everything that happened in the show, it looks like an extrememly solid event. Awsome main event with Lashley vs Batista. Interesting seeing Orton and Austin feuding. I love how you are working Goldberg as a heel. Awsome show. Looking forward to seeing Batista vs Lesnar next week.

Overall Rating: 9/10
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