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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Looked like a fantastic show. I should have a review up as soon as I can.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Great Way to open up Unforgiven with heat.

AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas: I enjoyed this match and AJ Styles had a great win 8/10

Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak: A great tag team match just a pity the Dudleys couldnt pull a win out 8/10

Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach: Great match here and i liked the way you finished it off with the pounce 9/10

No Mercy ad: A very good ad and i cant wait for no mercy

Rhyno vs Hardcore Holly: Great match here and i loved the fact that you had Smackdown superstars appear and then Steve Austin 10/10

Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin: Wasnt that much of an exciting match but still good 7.5/10

Kane vs John Cena: Good match here but i am no fan of cena but still good 8/10

The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita: I loved this match and i like the way you finished it with the spear and the Lita pin 10/10

Triple H vs Shawn Michaels: Great way to finish the match with both superstars out and making a great anticapation 10/10

Overall This was one on the best pay per views i have read and i look foward for more shows from you

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Well thanks for the 2 reviews that have come in so far, I look forward to more of the established bookers' reviews coming in soon hopefully.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade, I am not the one to not give a really detailed, post and all that, but expect my review sometime this week. I am giving you a very special review from me, I think you'll enjoy it bro, so expect it around sometime this week you'll have to bare with me though. I am 2 matches through so far...
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: Unforgiven - Review
I have noticed that you don’t write opening video packages. It’s not a problem, but I think it’s really very good to have one.

Match 1
WWE Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas ©

Good fast paced match to kick off the action. Match started off nicely, was in full flow, and nothing was going wrong in this match. However, at the middle of the match, when AJ got back his momentum, you seem to rush the match for a little bit of time. But then after some time, the match once again became full of entertainment, exciting, and a true wrestling contest between two of the best athletes in the world. Ending came out of nowhere, so that was a surprise, and I tell you that surprises are always good. AJ Styles becoming the NEW Intercontinental Champion also came out of nowhere, so this was also a big surprise. Oh, and yes, I predicted Haas to win, but he didn’t, and AJ became the NEW Intercontinental Champion, so that’s also a surprise to me – third one actually.
Rating: 08/10

Adam, this was definitely an awesome promo. I enjoyed this promo a lot, and it made me laugh, so that’s a plus for you. I can only describe this promo in only one word = Excellent.
Rating: 10/10

Match 2
World Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak ©

This match was decent, nothing special. ‘Nothing special’ because we’ve seen these type of matches many times. But yes, it was still decent nonetheless. I liked how you showcased Dudleys in this match-up who kept down Cade and Jindrak everytime and it looked to be that they’ll win the tag team championships, but I guess I was wrong. You also showcased the heels in this match very well, who try to cheat everytime, and eventually they steal a match against Dudleys. The match itself had a neat flow, 12 minutes is okay for a tag team match I guess. And, ya wanna know some fact? I predicted Dudleys to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions, so my second prediction was also wrong.
Rating: 7/10

Aftermath had a nice spot involving Dudleys, Cade & Jindrak, and the tables.

Hmmm, this was a good promo hyping the small rivalry between Carlito and Monty Brown. Coach seemed good in this promo to me, talking about his client, Monty Brown. I just didn’t like one thing and that’s length. It was short. By the way, Coach managing Monty Brown is innovative, and I like it.
Rating: 7/10

Match 3
Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Alright, this match seemed nice to me. I am glad that you made Coachman play his part on this match, which actually helped Monty to get a win over Carlito (Another prediction wrong – hatrick. Haha.) Length was short, but I guess you have to keep everything in timeslot and you’ve to make everything realistically good, so that’s why you went with 11:53 minute mark, and that’s okay with me. Carlito spitting apple chunks to Coach’s face is my favorite moment of this match. The match also had a decent flow to it, but nothing special and not like the first match though. But still, it was a good read for me.
Rating: 7/10

Okay, glad to see you hyping the No Mercy pay-per-view. It looked a nice promo to me, but once again; nothing special because we’ve seen promos like this many times. And first, I was thinking that I won’t give a rate for this promo because it ain’t for the ‘actual’ Unforgiven show, but then again I thought I’d rate it.
Rating: 8/10

This promo was really very interesting and I enjoyed it. Hardcore Holly and Paul Heyman looked good with the microphone, and the ending to this one was even more interesting. Good hype for the following match. Length was short though.
Rating: 8/10

Match 4 – Clockwork House Of Fun Interpromotional Match – Hardcore Title
Special Guest Referee: Mick Foley | Special Ring Enforcer: ???
Rhyno © vs Hardcore Holly

Dude, this was a match full of excitement. It was just awesome. I thoroughly enjoed this match. I think that the length of this match is perfect. Flow of this match seemed a bit off me but I really can’t blame you because these types of matches always not have a proper flow. Seeing bowling bowl getting used was nice, and the truck thing by Orton and Booker were also a nice touch. It was expected that SmackDown! Superstars would come down. But Austin’s appearance was a true shocker to me. It looked like Heyman and his crew cost Hardcore Holly. Great match, and a great finish. On a side a note, I’d like to tell you that finally my prediction on the FOURTH match was right, lol.
Rating: 8/10

Although Christian looked a bit off to me, the promo still seemed good to me. Length was okay, a little bit would’ve been better. Good hype to the triple threat match.
Rating: 8/10

Match 5
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin

This match was also full of excitement. All three participants definitely made this match better from the middle, and then to the finish. The start of the match wasn’t that much good, but still it was enjoyable. Length also looked okay. Flow got hurt, but at some points – not a major problem. I loved how you started the match though, with Christian outsmarting Shelton first, and then Shelton doing the same for revenge. However, after it, they started to show the real chemistry between them in the middle of the match by totally destroying RVD. Shelton once again outsmarting Christian was again, a nice touch. And the finish was also good, with the opportunistic Christian stealing a victory. I predicted RVD for this match, so I am now 4-1 in the predictions.
Rating: 8/10

Okay promo here. Good to see two of the future Hall of Famers meeting backstage face to face. And it’s damn good to see you hyping the tag team match, which will happen later on tonight.
Rating: 6/10

Match 6
Kane vs John Cena

I think that you must have written a promo with John Cena to give some hype to this match. Anyway, everything in this match looked great apart from the length and over usage of moves. Lots of moves were used more than one times, so that’s not a plus. And I also noticed that you rushed at this match. Apart from these three flaws, the match looked solid in my opinion. Kane and John Cena looked perfect in this match to me. Ending of the match also looked good with Cena cheating to get the victory over the Bid Red Machine. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll happen between these two on the next edition of Monday Night RAW. And yes, I’m now 4-2 in the predictions!
Rating: 7/10

Haha, great moment with Maria speaking there. Edge didn’t look alright to me in this promo. He just looked off. However, more hype to the tag team match is good for me.
Rating: 6/10

Match 7
Mixed Tag Match
The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita

It was a good match. But once again I noticed you rushing at things. I think that you should describe and explain everything. Like, wrestler’s movements, etc. Length and flow of this match looked perfect to me. Realism got hurt, but some times. Edge doing big moves to Trish didn’t look realistic to me, so that’s why I’m saying that realism got hurt. Apart from it, the match was solid and two of the best women’s wrestlers in the world made this match excellent in my opinion. Rock and Edge were good too, but not good like Lita and Trish. And yes, I’m loosing! – 5-2 in the predictions!
Rating: 8/10

It was a good promo, which had intensity into it. I enjoyed HBK and Vince in this promo. But I just hated Michaels saying ‘bastard’ because ya know he has turned a religious person. And ever since that time, he hasn’t said anything like that, so he was out of character at that time.
Rating: 8/10

Match 8 - WWE Championship - Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Good main event and a last man standing match to close the show. All of the spots in this match were sick, awesome, and I loved them. This match had perfect length. Realism looked okay to me. Vince McMahon getting his ass kicked was fun to read. I really love the new look of Shawn Michaels in your thread. It’s really something fresh. Flow of the match got hurt though. But it’s not your fault because actually it’s pretty hard to maintain the flow when you are writing this hardcore type of match. And I once again noticed you rushing in terms of explaining the wrestler’s movement and making the opponent’s powerful move look weak. Apart from these two flaws, the match was solid. Damn, I once again lost in predictions – 6-2!
Rating: 8/10

My New Grading System
80%-100% = A1
70%-80% = A
60%-70% = B
50%-60% = C
Under 50% = D

Overall Score
~ There were total of eight matches. So, for the matches, you get a total of 61/80 = 76.25% = A.
~ Total of eight promos. Maybe two or three more would’ve been better. For promos, you also get 61/80 = 76.25% = A.
~ And in total, you get 122/160 = 76.25% = A. – C.O.I.N.C.I.D.E.N.C.E. :d

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Unforgiven Review
First off let me just say this is the PPV of yours that I have reviewed so please excuse me if I make some errors. Anyway, onto the review...

Intercontinental Championship
Charlie Haas (c) vs. AJ Styles

Okay, this was the perfect way to kick off the PPV with an Intercontinental, but still gripping rivalry coming to a head. Leading into the match I had AJ Styles as the favourite following his previous loss at Summerslam. You built on that match here, increasing the pace of the moves to accurately represent the styles of the two competitors. Haas tended to apply submissions or extended grapples when AJ was gaining some momentum, so it served realistically to curb the pace. AJ had the best of the opening exchanges following some knife edge chops and your writing sounding like the crowd was really getting behind him. As expected in such a match, the heel Haas took control in the middle area, slowing the pace slightly, but the ending was just frentic, as AJ began to mount a comeback. The German Suplex reversal into the Pele Kick brought a smile to my face, and I was fairly certain that he was going to win it with the Spiral Tap. The roll through on the Vertical Exploder was a particularly humiliating defeat for Haas to suffer. Is there a worse way to lose a title then when you are seemingly in control? So, AJ picks up the win - yay! - and we have a new Intercontinental Champion. Though I can see Haas having at least one more shot at the belt, I expect AJ to hold it for a while now and for Haas to, possibly, ascend even further up the card. 9/10

The following promo featuring the New Age Outlaws and Matt Striker was very impressive. Firstly it is an inspired idea to play the two gimmicks off against one another: the teacher and the degenerates. A good old fashioned PPV comedy segment for sure that could be followed by some later segments down the line. The way Billy Gunn and Road Dogg kept switching the sign behind Striker's back was great, as was the appearance of Ron Simmons at the end to eject Striker.8/10

World Tag Team Championships
The Dudley Boyz vs. Cade & Jindrak (c)

The feud leading into this bout hasn't been the strongest but you pulled out a fairly entertaining contest here. In my opinion the Dudleys have always looked a little weak in standard tag team encounters, but you have recently injected them with a real fury and brutality that would definately get them over with the crowd. Bubba was especially vocal throughout the match, and he must have slapped Cade's chest about fifty times! That has to hurt! It was obviously a little slow paced to begin with but it picked up rapidly towards the end, as soon a Dvon managed to tag in Bubba after a lengthy beatdown from Cade and Jindrak. I wasn't really expecting any tables to be introduced, so from that perspective it wasn't a disappointment. In heel fashion of course Cade used the title belt to help get the win. There is nothing better than an old fashioned heel belt shot in my opinion. I was wrong with this outcome then, as I had anticipated new champs. However, Cade and Jindrak are playing their heel champions role very well at the moment - or rather you are writing them very well - so I look forward to their future.
Whoops, how could I miss that little revenge at the end? What would a Dudley match be without some table carnage? Great way to end the match, exactly what I wanted to see.7/10

I'll start by saying I applaud your pairing of Monty Brown and Coach, that is very original. This was a nice promo to hype their up and coming match against Carlito, with Coach obviously centre of attention as he praises his new client. Coach was in character here and I'm afraid I have to agree with the man: Monty's going to win. This promo was nicely slotted in between matches well here; it fitted.7/10

Monty Brown vs. Carlito
I really liked this match, Adam (hope I got your name right?), as the relationship between Coach and Monty Brown kind of reminded me of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar when they first came to the WWE. It was a straight up power versus speed encounter to begin with, with Monty doing such things as throwing CCC out of the turnbuckle and catching him in mid air from a Crossbody. Carlito's suicide dive sounded brutal when you wrote it, so he understandably could not make the pin fall following the Backcracker. Here followed a moment of highs and lows for me; firstlt, the low came when CCC actually had Monty beat. That kind of ruined Monty's image a little bit I felt, but I suppose it did work in setting up what came next. Coach getting apple in his face was a true gem and the blindside Pounce for the win was good too. I had though Monty would win this match and receive a push, but I had assumed that it would be a impressively clean victory.8/10

No Mercy was hyped well here, though it was just your everyday, standard PPV promo. That being said, I do tend to notice when these are done poorly, so you did a good job here. The Smackdown tournament should be interesting.7/10

Intriguing promo between Hardcore Holly and Paul Heyman next. There seems to be some friction between these two supposed allies that cannot bode well for the impending match. Heyman's phone call at the end has me thinking that neither Rhino or Hardcore Holly will be leaving as Champion tonight.7/10

Hardcore Championship
Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly

Wow! That was one hell of a match up! It was brutal to begin with, as Holly and Rhyno beat the holy hell out of each other. The lighter fluid in the eyes was a particularly nice touch, as what the sickening Rhyno Driver through the Steel Chair. Holly did seem to be slightly dominating the match until Rhyno nailed Foley by mistake. Foley always gets nailed doesn't he? Silly man. So, Heyman's plan was wonderfully revealed as Randy Orton and Booker T and their goons came out. This was a nice touch, as they all beat down Rhyno, and it adds a real sense if importance to the Hardcore Championship, with both GM's desperate to keep it on their show. Ol' Stone Cold shows up of course, which I really didn't expect. I think Austin is always late for these things though. It was excellent the way he 'let' Holly go... only for Bob to be Gored! Excellent! And we finish with a great beer bash too. I'll admit I picked Holly for the win here, so good call.9/10

Fairly entertaining Christian promo, as he does his arrogant routine and insults his opponents. I liked his digs at the entire roster at one point, as he insults AJ Styles, Rhyno, Triple H etc. all in one breath. This guy really will have no friends left soon.8/10

Triple Threat Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Christian w/Tomko

I didn't think you would improve on the Hardcore match but you proved me wrong straight away with a thrilling clash between three great superstars. The opening exchanges were very funny, with Christian double crossing Shelton and the Shelton double crossing Christian. It seems as though heels really cannot get along. They did double team RVD alot though, which was expected, as it made the only face involved look much stronger. You got in all of the trademark moves, such as my personal favourite, the spinning leg drop onto the barrier. Also, the old "Tomko ejection" was thrown in for good measure too. As the face it was only right that RVD had the match won, before Christian, though not technically cheating, still stole the victory. I saw this as a match of "who will be pushed first?" and it looks as though Christian will be the one receiving that honour.9/10

The Icons Stone Cold and Rock get some attention here, though I found the "Trish stretching" segment hilarious as well. I've seen this done before and I have never really liked the way Austin and Rock are so friendly with one another after having such an intense rivalry in the past.7/10

Kane vs. John Cena
This match reminded me of the John Cena of old. The heel from 2003 who we could all bear to like because he was enjoyable as a villain. In particular, this match reminded me of Cena versus Undertaker from Vengeance '03, which is a good compliment because that was a hell of a match. So was this though, as Cena was out powered in the early going by the stronger Kane, only for the opportunistic heel to jump at his opening and concentrate - a lot - on the injured arm of Kane. This is exactly the type of thing a young heel would do and it really boosts Cena's credibility having him seem so savvy and intelligence in the ring. I liked it when Kane sat up during the 5-Knuckle Shuffle, as the look on Cena's face would have been priceless. The ending was a good way to push the youngster, whilst at the same time ensure that the face is not beaten cleanly. The chain shot followed by an FU was a nice touch and, I feel, also ensures that this rivalry will persist.9/10

Good Edge promo next with a very funny moment from Maria believing Edge to be part of U2. Very nice. Overall, this served its purpose well, of hyping the Mixed Tag Team Match next, although at some points Edge's delivery was a little off and he became a tad generic. Not too much though.7/10

Edge & Lita vs. The Rock & Trish Stratus
This was a pretty nice match, or as nice as it could be anyway. I'm not a great fan of mixed tag matches but you seemed to handle this one pretty well. One thing, one thing I keep noticing is when you are writing a match you will say, for example, "Rock hits Edge with a DDT" and straight away go "and then Rock throws Edge into the corner". I think it is a pacing issue, whereby your style of delivery needs to be slowed down in order to maintain that element of realism. Otherwise you run the danger of it becoming very stop-start.
Anyway, the ending to the match was the right outcome in my opinion with the younger stars Edge and Lita picking up the win thanks to Edge spearing the woman. You are pushing the younger guys well in this thread, which is nice to see in a world dominated by Rock and Austin fanatics.6/10

Woah, that was certainly an intense promo from HBK and Vince there. Both men are really at loggerheads. Vince was perfect throughout, but HBK wavered at times when he became a little too aggressive I felt.7/10

WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Well, I guess you don't really need anyone to tell you that that was a brilliant Main Event, but I will anyway: Brilliant, buddy, just, brilliant! It had a hell of a lot of emotion going into the match with Shawn Michaels betraying his friend a selling his soul to Vince McMahon, as well as the extreme amount of tension between HBK and McMahon. It was, of course, a brutal match with lots of weapon usage. As always with writing with weapons, the flow of the delivery was slowed down. But then again, I have never seen a fast paced Last Man Standing match. The elbow through the table was extreme, but it was more interesting to see Vince coming down and assaulting the ref, and then getting assaulted himself by an extremely unpredictable HBK. Wow, Vince really did get his ass kicked in this match: Sweet Chin Music, a Sledgehammer to the skull and a Pedigree on Steel steps! Poor Vince, he wasn't even in the match. The way it ended was exciting, with Pedigree reverses into SCM, reversed into Pedigree, reversed into SCM, and finally reversed into devastating Pedigree onto a steel chair. The same applies to this match as I commented on in the Edge/Rock match but it wasn't as apparent. I actually had HBK down for the win I think, so you played me well there.10/10

For Matches You Scored - 67/80 = A
For Promos You Scored - 58/80 = B+

Overall - 125/160 = A

Very Well Done, Renegade!
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks alot Hataf and Legend for the reviews, they are greatly appreciated. You both are repped. Keep them coming guys.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Had a brief skim of the show and it looks fantastic man (the opener looks top notch!). I'll get a review up as soon as possible Adam, great stuff bro!

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Oh shit, I didn't even know Unforgiven was up. I'll get a review up eventually.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™ News & Notes

Unforgiven was viewed on the whole as a successful PPV, despite the fact that management was not happy with the Last Man Standing match, feeling that Triple H and Michaels should've both tried to have their opponent counted out more than they did in the match

It seems AJ Styles could be IC Champion for a good few months, due to the fact that he has become hugely over with the fans and is one of the best ring workers in the business

With HBK losing at Unforgiven against Triple H, he wrestled his last match as Vince McMahon terminated his contract. Apparently, this is just a work so Michaels can take time off to be with his family, and return in a few months

The official theme song for the upcoming SmackDown! PPV has been chosen. Fuel will be providing the sounds with their edgy, hard rock song "Getting Thru?" being selected as the PPV's theme music. This is the first time the WWE and Fuel have worked together and Fuel said it's "Great to be chosen"

The fallout from the SD! invasion during last night's Hardcore match is expected to be the kickstart to a full blown Inter Promotional feud to run up to Survivor Series where it is expected to culminate in a traditional Survivor Series Tag Match between the two brands

After the Survivor Series PPV, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be lessening his PPV appearances to keep some of the pain off his knees. Austin is still expected to appear on most weekly shows however

The draft lottery to take place later this year will officially begin the night following Survivor Series. It will run up until the week before Christmas, something new to the concept of the drafts in the past

SNME has been booked for a date in very early November, two weeks before the Survivor Series PPV. SNME will be airing from the American Airlines Arena in Miami; Florida

Tickets for No Mercy which will come live from the GM Place in Vancouver; Canada have all been snapped up. This is the first PPV of 2006 to take place in Canada, and expected to perhaps be the only PPV aired there this year

Survivor Series tickets went on sale moments ago and are already at a premium, with over 75% already sold. Survivor Series 2006 will come live on PPV from the Pepsi Center in Denver; Colarado

Vince McMahon being brutalised last night was a way to take him off TV and end his debacle with Triple H. Triple H will be finally looking forward to fresh challengers in the coming months with the whole McMahon issue seemigly behind him

Finally, the Headbangers have been released from their short term deal with the WWE. We wish Thrasher and Mosh all the best in their future endeavours.

PS: I will from now on be doing video packages at the beginning of PPV's. This will mark the first time I've done these since 2005 so forgive me if they aren't the best right away.

Well, thought I'd keep people updated with what's going down in the next few months. I am hoping to see some more reviews returned in for Unforgiven soon as there hasn't been many in the past week. I know times are a tad slow in BTB these days but I have dished out tons of reviews hoping to see them all returned just for the PPV.


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