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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks for the RAW reviews that have come in so far, hope to see a few more in the next couple of days, but here's some news...

Quote: News & Rumours

Raven Released
Following the retirements of Scott Hall & Big Show recently, Raven has become the latest man to part ways with the WWE as his contract expired and he will not be re signing with us. We wish Raven all the best in his futute endevours.

Draft Lottery Commencement
Recently the Draft Lottery was announced for a delayed return this year and finally it has been revealed that it will take place in the month following Survivor Series. The feeling is that it will involve 2 main eventers, a few mid carders and a tag team switching at the least, with more than one trade taking place per week. ANYONE in the WWE, Superstars, Divas, Officials and Commentators are eligible for drafting.

Tag Team Refurbishing
Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter, who debuted back in May under the Tag Team name The Johnnies have bee largely used as jobbers, but with the creative team feeling ready to call time on the New Age Outlaws and the Headbangers in the next few months, they are rumoured to be elevated into a solidified contender for the Tag titles.

The Tyme is Approaching
Cryme Tyme, aka JTG & Shad Gaspard are set to debut within the next two months possibly to get involved in Survivor Series someway.

Wrestlemania Info to be Announced at SS
The arena in which Wrestlemania 23 will take place in will be announced during the broadcast of the cross brand PPV Survivor Series in November. At the moment the creative team are tweaking things slightly, hinting towards possible WM matches to take place with some certain to start showing in the next couple of months. The feeling is this could be one of the biggest WM's ever.
Yeah I felt like posting this, SmackDown! will go up on Friday night.


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Alright, I read the News/Rumours, and they were fine. Raven released? Wow, thats a bit surprise there because I thought he was going to involve with the Hardcore Title sceen soon.And yeah, Draft Lottery seems good. Kinda unique that you are having them after Survivor Series. It seems good that you will change the rosters a bit. Parisi and Jeter? Hmm, let's see what these guys will do. Cryme Tyme's debut also seems good. Well, it's great that you are now spicing up every division.

And yah, I'll be reading/reviewing SmackDown!.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Ocean Center
Daytona; Florida

*Opening Video*


Cole & Tazz welcome everyone and run through the card, which includes two more No Mercy tournament matches that are Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy & JBL vs Jeff Hardy. They then explain the situation regarding the six man tag between MNM & Gregory Helms vs The FBI (Palumbo, Vito & Nunzio) in which is the FBI win, then Nunzio will become the new CW champ while Palumbo & Vito will take MNM's title shot at the tag belts. We are also informed of the big main event which pits Undertaker, Batista, Paul London & Kurt Angle against Booker T, Randy Orton, Finlay & Brock Lesnar, a match which includes men that have previously or are yet to compete in the No Mercy tournament and also the WHC Kurt Angle

Our first match ends up being the six man tag match. The Crowd don't really know who to cheer for as all six men are heels, but they seem to side with the FBI. Helms constantly shows off when he betters Nunzio in the ring, and this proves to be a hiccup as Nunzio counters a Northern Lights Suplex with a DDT! Nunzio tags in Chuck Palumbo who plows through Helms with a clothesline but he is then overrun by Nitro & Mercury, only for Vito to partially make the save and take Mercury away from the action. Palumbo goes for the Jungle Kick on Nitro, but Nitro ducks it and Palumbo staddles over the top rope. Nitro then nails Palumbo with a superkick of his own, and Helms covers 1...2...BROKEN UP! Nunzio saves the match somehow. Nitro comes at Nunzio, but the tiny Italian lowbridges Nitro out to the floor. Mercury then flattens Nunzio with a clothesline, but Palumbo & Vito nail the Arrivadeci to Mercury. Vito goes outside after Nitro while Helms has Palumbo and nails the Firestorm, but Nunzio has blind tagged in! Helms doesn't realise and Nunzio rolls Helms up from behind to steal the win!

The FBI head backstage looking pleased with themselves while MNM & Helms are distraught in the ring. Helms has finally lost the CW title and MNM have lost their rematch with AMW


As we come back Muhammad Hassan is backstage. He tells Steve Romero that seeing he lost his chance to aim for the World title, he's gonna make sure the same fate happens to another undeserving human being. Hassan walks off in a bad mood

Paul Heyman hits the ring to a positively negative reaction from the fans. Heyman says he's out here to discuss one thing and that is the Hardcore title match that was made by Mick Foley for Unforgiven. Heyman says while he's not here tonight, Holly will be there next weekend for Unforgiven in the match, but Heyman says he expects it to be called fairly and that if Foley doesn't do so, there will be "Hell to pay"


We come back and our match is JBL vs Jeff Hardy. JBL seems to show that he is back in business really putting a beating on Jeff who doesn't seem to have anything in reply. A big moment early in the match was a Last Call by JBL sending Hardy over the ropes. JBL looks to finish Jeff off with a CFH, but Hardy eavdes it and nails the Whisper in the Wind! Hardy starts to mount a comeback, scoring a couple of near falls after a Sitdown Jawbreaker and then an Inverted Twist of Fate. Hardy goes upstairs and nails a Swanton Bomb but JBL gets a foot on the ropes! Hardy thought he had it won and goes for the Twist of Fate, but JBL shoves Hardy into the ropes and connects with a Clothesline From Hell to advance into the next round!

We go backstage now and the FBI are celebrating in their locker room after their victory earlier tonight when Paul Heyman walks in and says that Nunzio has to defend his belt next week in a rematch against Helms, which spoils the party mood in the FBI

MNM are backstage and Melina still can't believe her boys accepted for their contendership to be put on the line. Nitro tells her to calm down, but Melina has none of it, and Mercury calms the storm saying that if we don't have a title shot anymore, we'll have to go out and make it known we want another one. MNM agree and walk off talking about their strategy as we cut back to ringside

Sylvain Grenier hits the ring and tries to sing the Quebecan anthem, saying it's been too long since he appeared on SD! Grenier gets about a line into it when Bobby Lashley hits the ring and beats Sylvain in an average match, Lashley is already in the next round of the No Mercy touranment and this was pretty much just used to give him something to do as he finishes Sylvain with a Dominator


Mr. Kennedy is backstage now and he says it's time for him to show everyone what he can do, which is why he's going to beat William Regal tonight and then next week he'll do what no one expects him to do and that is beat Brock Lesnar, because he is MR....KENNEDY!....KENNEDY!

Mr. Kennedy & Regal put on a pretty good matchup which nears the ten minute mark, both eager to get something from the match with Kennedy looking to gain momentum ahead of next week while Regal would like to get back into the winners books. Regal attempts to lock on the Regal Stretch but Kennedy escapes it, Regal also tries to bring the brass knux in but Kennedy slaps them out of his hand before taking Regal down with a standing dropkick. Kennedy tries to seal it with a Green Bay Driver (Fireman Carry into Meatpacker) but Regal pokes Kennedy in the eye and nails the Regal Cutter! Regal covers 1...2...KENNEDY KICKS OUT! The crowd pops and Regal is beside himself. Regal goes for the Power of the Punch, but Kennedy blocks it and loads Regal up and this time connects with the GBD for the win

Backstage now and Kurt Angle, Batista & Paul London are shown talking together ahead of their big main event match. They all talk about teaming with the Undertaker, before they say they're gonna give their opponents a few things to think about tonight. The three slap high fives with each other and walk away from view

Up next is Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho, which turns out to be an excellent contest between the two, as the US Champion Hardy looks awesome and in tune early on, taking Jericho all the way before Y2J battles back into the match, working on Matt's leg, trying to get the Walls of Jericho in, but Hardy shows great resiliance and never allows Jericho to get it locked in. Jericho nails a Flashback but Hardy kicks out of it. Y2J now goes for the Lionsault but Hardy rolls out of the way, before mounting a comeback in the match and scoring a near fall with the Side Effect. Hardy now leaps off the middle turnbuckle with the Leg Drop but Jericho kicks out again. Hardy seems to be setting up Jericho for the Twist of Fate, when MUHAMMAD HASSAN runs down the ramp, distracting Hardy. Matt dares Hassan to get some, but Hassan just stands by the ring and spits on the floor. Jericho uses this to his advantage and plants Matt with a Running Bulldog, before finally locking in the Walls of Jericho and Matt Hardy has no choice but to tap out!


Backstage and Brock Lesnar is rallying with Orton, Finlay & Booker backstage, the four seem to be in unison and walk out as a unit heading down the halls

Cole & Tazz discuss everything that has gone down so far in the No Mercy tournament and say this involves participants of previous and future weeks plus the champion Kurt Angle

Giant main event to end the show as all 8 men showcase themselves. Orton particullary seems hungry as does Booker due to their losses two weeks ago. Paul London is chosen as the sacrificial lamb by the heels and they work on him, with all four Lesnar, Orton, Finlay & Booker all getting time to work on him, but London shows great tenacity and resolve, refusing to stay down and eventually tags in, leapfrogging Booker T and tagging in Undertaker as the crowd goes wild. Taker cleans house, and Batista joins him, taking Finlay out to the floor. London then clears the ropes with a Flip onto Finlay, but also catches Batista bringing all three of them down. Taker goes for a Chokeslam to Booker, but Lesnar clubs Taker from behind and goes to work on the Phenom in the corner, but Kurt Angle grabs Lesnar and drills him with a German Suplex trifecta! Angle is then nailed with an RKO! Orton then is beheaded by a Big Boot from Taker. Undertaker now turns his attention back to Booker T, but Finlay uses the Shillelagh to Taker's back behind the ref's vision. Finlay is then creamed by Batista with a Spinebuster! Brock Lesnar has gotten to his feet and Undertaker stumbles to him and Lesnar tries to go for the F5, but London saves Taker with a Dropsault! Booker T pulls London to the outside and Taker looks for a Chokeslam to Lesnar, but Lesnar kicks Taker with a low blow and the ref calls for the bell to end a crazy match!

The show ends with Lesnar acting like he won the match as the faces stand tall in the ring looking out for each other while the heels are retreating up the ramp after a hellacious match

Cole & Tazz quickly mention to tune in next week for the remaining matches in the No Mercy tournament


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Review for Renegade’s Smackdown 8/09/06 episode

Opening match, six man tag MNM & Helms vs. FBI
I thought the stipulation you added to this match, having the cruiserweight title and #1 contender spot for the tag titles on the line, was very creative and it added to the intrigue of the match greatly. Solid tag team action throughout the match and a very surprising outcome, huge upset for FBI I wasn’t expecting that at all. Nicely done.

JBL vs. Jeff Hardy
Nice match here, a few cool spots including the last call to Hardy sending him over the ropes, that would’ve drew some holy sh** chants from the crowd. I agree with the decision to give JBL the victory here, solid match that served its purpose.

I was wondering if Helms would get a rematch in singles action and you answered that question fairly quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if you put the belt right back around Helms’ waist next week. I liked that you teased some dissension within MNM by having Melina be frustrated with Mercury and Nitro for making that decision without her. I’m still surprised you had them lose their #1 contender spot for the tag belts held by AMW, that was really a nice swerve. Mr. Kennedy against Brock Lesnar next week? Very intriguing matchup, I’ll be interested to see who comes out on top.

Kennedy vs. Regal
This is a very good matchup on paper, seemed like a good match and it is very interesting to see Kennedy as a face in your BTB. I think in real life he could get over huge as a face and it’s nice to see him as one in this. I expected him to come out victorious but nice job of adding some suspense by having him kick out of the Regal Cutter

Matt Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
Interesting that you had Hassan cost Hardy the victory, which was the start of a feud I wasn’t expecting. Sounded like a solid match between the two, plenty of near falls and a good amount of suspense until Hassan distracted Hardy.

Main event, 8-man tag match
Nice to see London in a main event matchup with the other big name wrestlers. I expected him to be the one to take the brute of the punishment for awhile, nice work mentioning the toughness he displayed by surviving it and tagging in Taker. Very entertaining sequence of high impact maneuvers by everyone involved, surprising to see London break up the F-5 with the dropsault, very nice. I didn’t like the finish as I would’ve liked to see a clean victory for someone but it was action packed while it lasted.

Overall a very solid show, I thoroughly enjoyed that throughout the show I was surprised multiple times by things I wasn’t expecting to happen, mainly MNM & Helms losing to FBI with all the stipulations involved. The 8-man tag main event was entertaining and it was nice to see London in the match with all the big names.

Any feedback on my BTB when/if you get a chance would be greatly appreciated
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

bAwLiN’s ReViEw

Part One – Match Ratings
Match One – MNM and Helms vs FBI
Good match, very exciting. I also liked the stipulation. Very surprising finish 9/10

Match Two – JBL vs Hardy

Very nice spots with these two. Sad that JBL had to go over, but I understood why. 8/10

Match Three – Kennedy vs Regal
Kennedy as a face? I didn’t this you could pull this off, but you have so far. Nice match, back and forth. Good read 9/10

Match Four – Matt hardy vs Jerico

Very odd finish. Weird feud coming up. Great Match to read as well. I loved this one. 9/10

Match Five – 8 man tag match

And eight man tag? That is awesome! It probably was hard to write. It was awesome to read, I thought it was awesome. Although, what is a dropsault? I didn’t get that part of the match. I also would’ve liked a clean finish, but whatevs 9/10

Overall match ratings: 44/50 OR 88/100 or a letter grade of B+

Part Two – Pros and Cons

Well written matches
Cool finishes for your matches
Logical booking

I don’t like the show layout

Part Three – Overall show review
Realism – great 10/10
Length – very easy to read, as its short 10/10
Flow- you kept everything going 10/10
Spelling – perfect 10/10
Booking – Very logical 10/10

Overall show review total: 50/50
Complete total: 50/50 + 44/50 = 94/100 or a total letter grade of an A

Match of the Night
: 8 man tag
Bathroom break match of the night: There wasn’t one

Would apprecieate a review back please and thank you
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

^ It is a recap you know, and not a full show like RAW is...


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Looks as if there is a big show planned with the announcements at the start of it, so looking forward to seeing this show, as it looks to be good

Bit of a shock in the opening match, with the FBI stealing it from MNM and Helms, and giving them a title shot and a title, but I cant see this feud being over yet. Interesting to see this push you have given the FBI, who look to be working well with it

Hassan looks to be setting up his next feud, so someone is going to get screwed tonight, while the hardcore title situation is going to come to a head soon, and I don’t see it going past Unforgiven

Jeff puts up a good effort, but JBL does enough to get the win as you would expect, and has to be considered a threat in the tournament. Good to see that Jeff looks reasonably strong from this match as well

Helms gets a rematch next week, and I guess MNM will get something of the sort as well, or perhaps the tag title match will become a triple threat. Good to see that the lower card divisions are getting quite a bit of airtime on the show tonight, which gives them some focus

Lashley squashes Sylvain, which is good for LAshley, and it just reminds us of what kind of threat that he is. Don’t see him winning the tournament, but it could make him as a name on the show

Kennedy gets a good win over Regal which he had to get ahead of his match with Brock next week, which puts him over well. Nice match here as well, which would have been a good watchable one to have

Jericho beats Matt, but only due to Hassan wanting to get some revenge on Matt. Good win for Jericho here, as he goes back towards the title, and it looks as if Hardy/Hassan isn’t over yet. Wasn’t expecting this feud to go on any further, but it will be interesting to see who it does carry on

8 man tag looked to be a crazy main event, but disappointed by the ending, as a low blow was a bit of a weak way to get the DQ. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make anyone look weak, and keeps you guessing as to who wins the tournament
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Nice match announcements to start it all off, telling us everything thats gonna happen, but an 8 and a 6 man tag in the same show, thats not very good. Helms LOSES the CW Championship, and to NUNZIO no less? I don't like that, it makes Helms look a bit weak. Your saving the MNM vs. AMW probably for a bigger PPV to have their rematch probably. Hassan will for sure cost Matt his spot leading to a rematch at No Mercy thats what I think, little Heyman promo in which will probably lead to one of the WM inter promotional feuds with them pitting guys against each other, or this will build up a match at Survivor Series like 'Team Foley vs. Team Heyman'.

Lashley dominants showing his strength, he'll have a good match at No Mercy, but probably won't be the challenger for the WWE Title and win the tourney probably not. Kennedy cuts a promo before his squash match. It was a win for Kennedy for sure that was why it was a squash, but I liked the small recap of it. Batista, London & Angle have a small talk I guess, Hardy faces Jericho in which was a nicely done recapped match, but I was completely right about what was going to happen. Hassan distracted Hardy costing him the match, and he taps out in the end which I don't like very much, but at least he was distracted beforehand to have a reason for the loss.

Little Lesnar pep talk, and we're onto the Main Event. Insane ME, with lots of good stuff in this recap, but a bad finish. Low blow to The Deadman, and we see Lesnar and the heels retreat, no one looks weak which is a good thing, but I don't like the low blow ending. Decent recap Renegade, it was enjoyable a bit, some misteps but it was all good for a SD recap. I am very much happy you split apart the 6 man tag and the 8 man tag at least, since they're on the same card. Action packed show, good job Renegade, and here's ya review.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks for the comments on SmackDown! so far. Hopefully a few more come in, here is the RAW preview. RAW will be going up on Tuesday night this week in a double post along with the SD! recap, and then also the final card for Unforgiven so predics can be made.

**The reason I'm doing this is because I'm going away with my g/f towards the end of the week and won't be back till the next week, so I don't want to fall too far behind the schedule I've been able to stick to so far.**

Monday Night RAW Preview for 09/11/06
Live from the Carver-Hawkeye Arena
Iowa City; Iowa

Just 6 days out from Unforgiven, RAW comes to you live from Iowa City for what is going to be a blockbuster show

The huge contract signing between Triple H & Shawn Michaels will take place. The Game is signing on for a WWE Title match as usual, meanwhile Michaels is doing the same, but if Michaels goes through with signing his contract, he will become the property of Vince McMahon. All week this has been highly publicised throughout the WWE and fansites with people asking the question "Will HBK turn his back on all he did to change his ways and sell himself to the devil?" Expect fireworks to fly in this massive RAW moment

Also Rob Van Dam will team with AJ Styles to take on the team of Christian & Tomko and also the re-teaming of Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, who in the past have been known as the World's Greatest Tag Team. With RVD/Christian/Shelton and also AJ/Haas involved in feuds with each other this crazy Triangle Tag Match could give a preview of what goes down this weekend at Unforgiven

Bubba Dudley is booked to face Lance Cade in singles action after Bubba's partner Dvon got a much needed victory over Cade's tag team partner Mark Jindrak last week. Will the Dudleyz make another statement to our tag champs, or will the young champions once again find a way to show why they are the top tag team on RAW currently?

Finally, in a tune up match before Sunday at Unforgiven, Rhyno will take on Goldust in a non title Hardcore match. The Man Beast is the odd's on favourite to beat Goldust, but can the Gold One use his experience to his advantage?

All this plus The Rock & Trish Stratus, Edge & Lita, John Cena, Kane, Monty Brown, Carlito, DX and our GM Mick Foley all on RAW this Monday night at 9/8pm on USA Network


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Mac’s SmackDown! Review

Strange booking in the first match, as the stipulations involved have seemingly come from out of nowhere. The FBI pick up the win, taking the Cruiserweight Title and the shot for the tag team titles. ::: I don’t have any clue what’s going on in the Heyman/Foley/Unforgiven segment. I guess I’ll have to go back and read the last SmackDown to figure out what’s happening. Sorry. ::: John Bradshaw Layfield defeats Jeff Hardy to advance in the tourney. Definitely made the right call here as Bradshaw is infinitely better than Hardy. ::: The rematch between Helms and Nunzio next week should be a good one, though Nunzio should definitely retain. ::: I hope that wasn’t tension between Nitro and Melina as they definitely need each other to be successful. ::: Lashley wins a squash, destroying Sylvan. ::: Kennedy picks up the win over Regal after a short segment earlier. The match between the two next week should be something to read and I hope Kennedy gets the win…win. ::: Jericho and Matt Hardy have a competitive match but Y2J picks up the victory after a Muhammad Hassan distraction. The Hardy-Hassan feud continues. ::: Mega main event. I like the realism of having London be the sacrificial lamb. Ending to the match was good for what it was, avoiding a clean finish and keeping everyone looking strong for next week. Nice recap, keeping things moving forward.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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