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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Thanks to all who reviewed, I have returned or will return when your next show is up, and I repped you ORRY coz you don't have a show. Here is the RAW preview

WWE RAW Preview for 04/9/06

Tonight RAW will emulate from the Hartford Civic Center for what should be a big RAW

Last week, one of the most shocking and surprising instances in sports entertainment history happened, when Vince McMahon defeated Triple H in a WWE Championship match after Shawn Michaels once again got involved and cost Triple H his match. There has been non stop talk about this event, and Vince McMahon has stated he will be in Hartford to explain what is happening with his WWE Title

And what can we expect from a surely emotional Triple H, and will Shawn Michaels explain what he did?

Also, Lita after beating Mickie James in a number one contender's match last week on RAW, will meet Trish Stratus, the Women's champion in a title match. After Lita's win, Edge Speared Mickie as payback for MJ dropkicking Edge. Edge will be in Lita's corner, will Lita take what she says has always been hers, or will the beloved Trish continue her great run after beating Mickie James on HEAT before Bad Blood?

After their altercation backstage, Carlito & Monty Brown will meet in singles action this week with Brown saying no one is going to treat him like a joke, and he'll teach Calito to fear the Pounce...PERIOD!

AJ Styles will be in action going one on one with Matt Striker. Striker will be making his first televised RAW appearance after recovering from a hampering groin injury, and is eager to make an impact. Can AJ gain some momentum ahead of his clash with Charlie Haas in their anticipated rematch at Unforgiven? Will Haas decide to involve himself like he always seems to do?

Finally, Dvon Dudley will take on Mark Jindrak in singles action also this week, with Bubba taking on Lance Cade the week following. Can the Dudleyz get back into form after being cheated out of a win last week in the chaotic 12 Man Tag Match? Or will our champions find another way to save their skins?

All this and more including John Cena, Kane & The Peep Show hosted by Christian with guest GM Mick Foley on RAW at 9/8pm on the USA Network


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Can't wait Renegade, I will review as soon as you get it up.I Can't wait to see what the decision about the WWE Title will be.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Raw Review

Opening Promo
Cena opens the show with a decent promo, running down the fans only to be interrupted by Kane. Kane isn’t coming over as the monster that he should be at the moment, especially after he got taken out so quickly, I think this hurt his credibility a little, but I expect him to recover next week. After the way Kane returned at Summerslam, making such an impact, one would expect Cena to have been a little more intimidated by the Big Red Machine. I thought this one could have been a touch longer, since it was the opener of a two hour show, but oh well, shit happens.

Lita v Mickie
Lita wins? Boo! Pretty stock standard Women’s match, Edge’s spear to Mickie at the end was the highlight, good booking on your behalf here as it establishes Edge further as a cunt.

Average promo from Cade and Murdoch, basically just hyping their feud with the Dudleys.

Good promo from Edge/Lita/Trish. Should be a good match next week, expecting Trish to retain after some sort of interference from Mickie, thus making a triple threat at Unforgiven.

12 Man Tag Match
Pretty good match here. I didn’t go in with high hopes, given the quality of the competitors. Surprised to see the heels picking up the win, as I expected the Dudleys to go over, coming out looking strong.

Another short promo from Carlito and Monty Brown this time. A feud between the two here may be on the cards, not too sure how good the match would be though, the promos, if you can master Brown’s character, should be pretty good.

This promo just seemed off to me. When it was just Christian it was going great guns, but as RVD and Shelton came out, it just seemed die off a bit. Their match at the PPV should be great, and one would have to think Christian will go over, but hopefully you can produce a better promo between the three before the match. Even if you just improve RVD’s part in the promos it will be better, no one expects much from Shelton as it is, so if you can capture RVD’s character you should be well on the way.

Rhyno v Raven
Another match between these two? This turned out to be pretty savage. The fire extinguisher spot was pretty cool and Hardcore Holly’s appearance was expected. Obviously they’re going to have a proper match now to settle this, which is good, because Rhyno needs something new to do.

Haas v Venis
Haas comes out looking strong, after defeating Val. The IC Title feud continues to be built up well, I’m really enjoying what you’re doing with Haas and AJ. No real shock with AJ coming out to make the save, but it gets him on TV and it furthers the feud.

3 Matches in a row? No promos?

Hunter v Vince
Wholy crap. Vince wins after SCM from HBK. Hunter beat the crap out of him for the entire match before HBK comes in. I would’ve been surprised if he hadn’t of made an appearance. Awesome ending to the show, I’ll be interested to see what happens with the title situation next week.

Good show mate, the matches were great, some of the promos seemed a little rushed, but nothing major at all. Well done.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE RAW Review:

Cena Opening Promo:

I’m glad Cena got over at Summerslam. You’re using John Cena perfectly in this thread and really making a great character out of him. The promo reads great, like it’s really Cena talking. A small feud with Kane seems like a good idea until you possibly get the heel Cena back in the title picture again. My only complaint was that the promo was short. It only came out to about a page in a half. Most opening promos take 10-25 minutes depending on the rest of the show. Let’s see what else you got here.

Match One:

Good opening match to get Lita over and get her a title shot. You had an excellent heel move by Edge to hit Mickie with a Spear.

Coach Interviewing:

Aside from some run on sentences that even Coachman wouldn’t say, we’re rolling smooth. You really seem to be pushing Cade & Jindrack which isn’t a bad idea at all.

Lita and Trish Segment:

Pretty good segment but just a time filler really. Lita verses Trish should be good. Just don’t turn Edge into Lita’s sidekick. Make Lita Edge’s sidekick.

Match Two:

Huge 12 man tag match we got here! It was pretty good action with the heel team taking the win. A Garrison, Cade & Dudley Boys feud seems to be in the works for Unforgiven.

Brown and Carlito Segment:

I don’t really know what to say. Are you going to start a feud over two guys bumping into each other in the hallways? I sure hope not.

Christian Promo:

Glad to see you’re using Christian as a cocky heel. Christian is complaining about not being used enough on RAW which sets up perfectly for someone to put him in his place. Sure enough, Van Dam comes out and argues. But what the hell are they arguing about? Calling each other dudes? And bloody as an adjective for Christian! He’s from North America. Benjamin also comes out now and gets involved. A three way feud leading up to a match at Unforgiven is inevitable. Mick Foley then comes out for two words? Dude, this promo isn’t going well.

Match Three:

Business is picking up with some hardcore action as Rhino defends his Hardcore Title against Raven. Hardcore Holly interrupts but winds up getting thrown out. Rhino eventually gets the win with a Gore.

Match Four:

Two matches in a row? Eh, you had commercials so it’s okay I guess. Haas picks up the win and gets some momentum for Unforgiven. There was a nice after match confrontation though.

Main Event:

Good thing you had the little talking segment before the match or it would be three in a row. The segment was good but really just D-X introductions. Why have three matches basically back to back? This show is really off tonight. You had a good match with the definite high being HBK’s interference but what the hell is going on? McMahon wins the WWE Championship? I wonder what he’s gonna do. Maybe vacate the belt and put it on the line at Unforgiven?

There where some highs and lows but I wasn’t really feeling your full power in this show man. 7/10
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Hartford Civic Center
Hartfod; Connecticut

We are shown a video of what went down at the end of last week's show with Triple H about to defeat Vince McMahon when Shawn Michaels showed up and hit Sweet Chin Music to HHH, then to McMahon, but McMahon fell back on an out cold Triple H and thus the referee counted the 3 count and Vince was awarded the WWE Title

*Opening Video*


JR: Folks we are live from the sold out Hartford Civic Center here in Connecticut for Monday Night RAW! And what a night we are install for! As you saw moments ago, Shawn Michaels once again made an impact by costing Triple H his WWE Championship match with Vince McMahon, and we have a new champion.

King: And what a champion he's going to be JR! Vince as the champion can only mean great things for RAW!

JR: You can't be serious?

King: I am JR, I truly believe it.

JR: Ugh. Anyways folks, I believe someone during the night will address the current situation as to that issue, but also on tonight's show Lita challenges Trish Stratus for the Women's Title after she beat Mickie James last week, albeit with a bit of help from her husband Edge. Also, after their confrontation last week Carlito & Monty Brown will meet in singles action, and the Peep Show returns with special guest Mick Foley! Christian has constantly been on Foley's case ever since Foley was introduced as GM, and tonight Foley has somethings to explain to the crowd regarding certain issues. We're in for a big night folks!

*No Chance* hits to HUGE heat as Vince McMahon walks out on stage with the WWE Title slung over his shoulder, Vince looks out into the sea of fans smiling as only Vince can. Test is by Vince's side, as are Cade & Jindrak. McMahon takes a mic and gets into the ring

Vince: Wow it sure does feel great to be Vince McMahon!

Crowd boos heavily

Vince: I mean can you imagine running a multi-billion dollar empire like the WWE, and at the same time being the champion of that very same company?

More heat and boos

Vince: How many of you people thought I could do it? Huh? Maybe a raise of hands would be in order?

Vince looks around the arena, only to get more loud heat and a defeaning *Asshole* chant

Vince: Ah. I made history! A new era on RAW begins tonight, the era of Vince McMahon! Sure it may've happened in the past, but this time I am in TOTAL control! I hold what makes you the top man in this business right here on my shoulder. You all must be thinking, when is he going to defend this title? Well there is one simple answer to that question, and that answer is NEVER!

Crowd boos again and a *You Suck* chant starts this time

Vince: I am not in the right condition to defend this prestigious title like a fighting champion can. I couldn't possibly keep up with the demands of being WWE Champion for too long before it became too much to take. So, you're all now wondering, what's going to happen to the WWE Title? Well here's what's happening.

*Sexy Boy* hits to more immense heat as Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring with a blank expression on his face. He gets a mic and gets into the ring

Vince: Shawn, I must say this is quite the surprise...

HBK: Ah cut the crap Vince. You and I both know why I'm here. I held up my end of the deal if I remember correctly, so it's time for you to hold your end of it up. Now.

Vince smiles and nods, then takes the WWE Title and holds it out for Michaels to take! The crowd is booing like crazy as HBK takes the belt, but VINCE PULLS IT AWAY! The crowd is surprised by this as is Michaels who looks at McMahon as if to say "What the..."

HBK: What are you doing?

Vince: Oh Shawn I'm sorry, I forgot to inform you that I, much like yourself can never be trusted in these kind of situations!

Crowd isn't sure what to make of this

Vince: Yes you did hold up your end of our deal, you made sure Triple H's reign as champion on this brand was over. And for that I applaud you. But, Shawn, because of all the crap you have given me during the past few months, one moment acting like my best friend, the next kicking me right on the jaw, like just last week infact, if I remember. And becausae our deal said I would award you a title shot, not the title belt. So with that, I have to ask you, how badly do you want this? Huh? How badly do you want to be WWE Champion again Shawn? After all these years for a guy like you to be without the top prize, it must churn and turn inside of you that you haven't held it since December 2002. How badly do you want it back?

HBK: Vince you know I want it, and I'll give you a taste of how badly I want it if you don't give me that damn title!

Vince: Now Shawn, come on, be serious. You take that road, my boys here kick your ass and dump you out of the building and you never see this belt again for as long as I have a breath left in my life. But Shawn, being the smart business man I am, I have devised an offer you may not be able to refuse...

Vince gets that evil grin starting to appear his face, while Michaels stands there, staring at him with a cold, almost blank stare still, but you can see the seething hatred in Shawn's eyes however

Vince: However, for this announcement, I need the former WWE Champion to make his presence known right now, so Triple H, I know you're here, so get your ass out here!

*The Game* hits to a tremendous pop as Triple H steps out on stage looking ready to explode with anger

Triple H: Shawn you sorry son of a bitch I promise you when I get my hands on you I'm gonna ring your scrawny little neck and break your brittle little back! And then Vince, I'm gonna take my sledgehammer and bust your head open like a fresh watermelon!

Crowd erupts as the intensity rises and Triple H starts to make his way down the ramp

Triple H: Last week Shawn you stole my livelihood, you took everything I work for in this business and you handed it on a silver lined platter to of all the people, this egotistical bastard?! And I won't rest until that title is back around my waist, where it belongs, and not in the possesion of some un-deserving, glory hogging old man...

Crowd pops again as Triple H points straight to Vince

Vince: Hunter, I wish we had the time to listen to one of your enthralling speeches, I really do, but to be frank, we don't, so SHADDUP!

Crowd boos Vince

Vince: Now this is what is going to happen. Next week, live on RAW, we're gonna have a contract signing for a match at Unforgiven which is next weekend. Hunter, you will sign a contract for a title rematch which you can unfortunately invoke, meanwhile Shawn, you will sign a contract to be in that match also but your contract will be a special one. Because if want your title opportunity as badly as you say you do, you're gonna have to SELL YOUR SOUL TO ME!

Crowd "Ooo's" in aw as Michaels' eyes burst wide open, looking shocked at what McMahon has stipulated

Vince: That's right Shawn, let's see just how much you want this title. Are you willing to go against all the stuff you've done as a religious man, just for one chance at the glory? Are you? You sign the contract, I own you. So therefore, if you win at Unforgiven you are the WWE Champion, but I own you and you will do what I want you to do, when I want you do to it. And Shawn, should you fail do live up to the contract's expectations, then as I will still own you, then I will rid RAW of you permanately by firing your ass on the spot!

Crowd is totally taken by this announcement, as they stand in near silence while Vince smiles at HBK, who doesn't look too impressed with what's happening, while Triple H is now on the steel steps, trying to sneak into the ring unnoticed

Vince: So Shawn, I can't have you make such a life altering decision right on the spot, which is why this will take place next week. Will you do it Shawn? Will you sell your soul to the so called devil of the WWE?

HBK: I...I...I'd like to show you a sign of my intentions Vince...

Michaels drops his mic and nails Vince with Sweet Chin Music! The crowd pops for that, but then Test, Jindrak & Cade attack Michaels, while Triple H stands on the steps, contemplating what to do, with some of the crowd urging him to actually help Shawn Michaels, and others telling him not to. HHH backs off the steps to surprisingly a mixed reaction, but then reaches under the ring and picks up the Sledgehammer! The crowd pops as HHH gets into the ring and drills Test in the stomach with the hammer, meanwhile Cade & Jindrak scramble to the outside and pull Test out, and HBK gets to his feet, and Triple H boots Michaels in the gut and goes for the Pedigree, but HBK quickly drops to his knees and scrambles out of the ring as Triple H is furious with Michaels in the ring, saying "I'm gonna get you" as Michaels backs up the ramp. Triple H now turns to Vince and picks up Vince and right in front of Cade, Jindrak & Test plants McMahon with a Pedigree! The Game now climbs the turnbuckle, looking at HBK with seething hatred

JR: My God there's carnage everywhere! But will he do it? Will Michaels sell his soul to the devil, in this case Vince McMahon? King, what have we just witnessed?

KIng: I dunno JR, but this is far from over like people thought it was after Summerslam, we could just be hitting the main point now!

JR: Folks we gotta head to a break, but when we return, Carlito takes on Monty Brown in singles action!


We come back and *Alpha Male* plays to moderate heat as Monty Brown heads to the ring looking extremely sour and ready for a fight

*I Spit in the Face* hits and the crowd gives a good pop as Carlito heads to the ring with Torrie by his side looking smug as always, bobbing an apple in his free hand

Match 1
Singles Match
Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown

Pretty good opening contest which the fans enjoy as Carlito takes it to Brown in the early stages and almost gets a win after a swinging neckbreaker, but soon Monty's power takes over and Carlito finds himself in trouble.
Brown works on Carlito with alot of high impact moves, taking all the sting out of Carlito and when he tries to battle back, his left hands have no venom in them and Brown quickly regains control with a thunderous powerslam and a chin lock.
Torrie begins pounding on the apron with the palms of her hands, as the crowd start to make some noise and get Carlito back into the match.
Carlito gets back to his feet and elbows out of the hold, only for Brown to send him to the ropes but Carlito leaps onto them and jumps off nailing a Springboard Flying Elbow Smash to Brown, taking him down! Carlito makes a cover 1...2...kickout by Brown.
Carlito attempts a suplex but Brown counters with a short arm clothesline, turning Carlito inside out. Brown now sets himself in the 3 Point Stance, readying himself for the Pounce, and charges at Carlito, but Carlito leapfrogs it and Brown crashes into the turnbuckle, and Carlito uses this and rolls Brown up for the win!
Winner @ 11:34 - Carlito

The crowd pops as Carlito rolls out of the ring grinning and Torrie leaps on him hugging him as Carlito backs up the ramp Brown is livid with the result in the ring

JR: Carlito picks up a big win over Monty Brown folks to kick off the match card tonight, Brown brought his power game, but in the end Carlito was too clever for the Alpha Male!

King: And he doesn't look too happy does he JR? Brown should've won and he knows it, Carlito was very lucky.

JR: Well maybe, but Carlito has tremendous ring presence and knew exactly what he was doing then King.

We are backstage now and see Trish warming up in the Women's locker room to a big pop from the crowd

JR: later tonight Trish Stratus will defend the Women's title against Lita folks, and it seems the champion is ready for the challenge!

King: Trish is always ready JR! So is Lita! Aw I love it when these two meet in the ring JR, puppies galore!

JR: Yes King we're very aware of your "admiration" for the Women's locker room...

We now switch to Todd Grisham, who is standing by with Charlie Haas

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the Intercontinental Champion, Charlie Haas!

Crowd boos as Haas steps into view

Grisham: Charlie, next weekend at Unforgiven you will put your Intercontintental Championship on the lien against AJ Styles...

Haas: Yeah? No duh Sherlock. Thank you for that insightful piece of information. The fact is this Todd, I am NOT putting my belt on the line, I was forced to because 19 other guys couldn't throw AJ's raggy ass over the top rope in that damn battle royal! Well AJ, you've got another chance against the greatest athlete to ever hold the Intercontinental title, and it's gonna go down like this pretty boy. I'm gonna make you tap like the little bitch you are to the Haas of Pain like I did to Val Venis like week.

Crowd boos

Haas: AJ, I'm sick of you talking yourself up to be this great performer. People only cheer you on because you'll risk your livelihood for some damn cheers. You're nothing when compared to a true great like me. And that's why at Unforgiven, I'll break you like the stick you are and you can go home empty handed, again, and I'll bask in all my glory, again. You say I was second best at Summerslam, need I remind you who came out still the champion Styles? Me! Get used to it, because that's how it's gonna go down next weekend.

Haas walks off as we go to a commercial


**"Rise Against - Roadside" plays to a video package tribute to Scott Hall, highlighting his early career in the indies and then in the WWE as Razor Ramon, then his match with Bret Hart for the title at the Rumble in 93, and Razor's eventual face turn and his show stealing Ladder matches with HBK at WMX and at Summerslam 95. It then shows Hall invading WCW with Kevin Nash and announcing they're taking over as the "Outsiders". It then shows the nWo growing and him turning on Nash, before his WWE return in 2002 and his match with Austin at Wrestlemania 18, then latter moments of his career in 2006 including his participation in the War Games match before the video ends with a shot of Hall draping his arms out as the golden pyro falls behind him inside the ring**

JR: A very nice tribute package to the recently retired Scott Hall there, the song provided by Rise Against.

King: It was called "Roadside" off their new album "The Sufferer & The Witness" JR, and it's in stores now!

JR: And we are set for the Women's title match folks, Trish Stratus versus Lita!

*Time to Rock & Roll* hits to a good pop as Trish makes her way out raising her Women's title high to a good reaction from the fans. Trish slaps some hands at ringside before rolling into the ring and warming up with some stretches, ready for her title defense

*It Just Feels Right* hits to big heat as Lita walks out on stage with Edge by her side. Lita mocks Trish which gets an unimpressed look from Trish in the ring. The two meet in the middle of the ring and Lita slaps Trish across the cheek, and Trish responds with a takedown on Lita and the bell is called for

Match 2
Women's Championship
Singles Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Lita w/Edge

Very good Women's contest as you'd expect from these two, with Trish staying ontop after her takedown on Lita. Lita reverses an Irish whip on Trish and goes for a headscissors but Trish holds onto the ropes and Lita crashes and burns to the mat, Trish quickly covers for a 2 count. Trish continues to stay ontop of Lita, as Lita goes for a clothesline but Trish uses her flexibility and bends over backwards ducking the move, only for Lita to see it and drop an elbow to Trish, who caves under the pressure and is almost beaten then and there. Lita stays in control thanks to Edge who trips Trish when she goes to the ropes and then Lita nails a dropkick to the face of Trish for a near fall. Lita goes for the Twist of Fate, but Trish pushes her to the ropes and nail a clothesline, as both women are down. Trish gets up and drills Lita with the Stratusfaction! Trish covers 1...2...COUNT STOPS! Edge is on the apron distracting the ref. The crowd boos, Trish gets up and nails a Chick Kick to Edge, knocking him off the apron! Lita however sneaks up behind Trish with a rollup 1...2...TRISH ROLLS THROUGH, COVERING LITA 1...2...3!
Winner @ 7:59 - Trish Stratus
Retains Women's Championship

The crowd erupts as Trish retains against the odds. Lita can't believe she was beaten and the ref hands Trish her title as she raises it to the fans looking happy with her victory

JR: Well thankfully Trish has retained her title and beaten that jezebell Lita! Edge tried to get involved but Trish's Chick Kick proved to be a good equaliser.

King: What a match JR, Lita was so unlucky, but I won't complain if Trish is the champion still!

Trish is still playing to the crowd when Lita attacks her from behind! The crowd boos as Lita clobbers Trish over and puts the boots to her, saying "How does it feel beauty queen?". Edge then tells Lita to stand back as he sets up Trish for a Spear! The crowd is booing heavily as Edge urges a dazed Trish to her feet and Edge is ready to uncoil for the Spear when...

*IF YA SMELL* hits and the crowd explodes into a thunderous ovation as The Rock charges to the ring with Edge's jaw dropping to the mat


Rock slides into the ring and Edge tries to attack him, but Rock blocks it and starts laying the smack on Edge, then finishing it off with the big right hand, sending Edge out to the floor!
The crowd is going nuts for The Rock after his absence last week due to Edge's attack on him two weeks ago as a booming *Rocky* chant begins as Lita shoves Rock from behind, trying to stand up to Rock, who turns around, looking at Lita frowning and shaking his head, as Lita backs away trying to bargain with The Rock. Trish has gotten back to her feet and Rock makes a dummy movement towards Lita, who flinches and turns around into a CHICK KICK! Lita is flattened by Trish's Chick Kick to a big pop and Edge pulls her out of the ring as Rock is thrown a mic

Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to Hartford!

Crowd erupts into a *Rocky* chant again

Rock: Edge, Lita. The Rock was at home last week watching you two trying to through your weight around backstage, scaring off other divas and trying to bully around Trish Stratus. And The Rock thought he needs to come back and whip your candy asses for that stunt you pulled on The Rock two weeks ago, bloodying The Rock in the center of the People's Ring like the cowardly, rudy poo sissy's you two really are!

Crowd goes wild as Rock moves towards the ropes, staring right at Edge

Rock: Edge, The Rock says why don't you drag your sorry ass to Unforgiven so The Rock can whip that candy ass all over the RCA Dome and then take out the trash...ho you call a girlfriend!

Crowd pops again


Rock drops the mic and climbs the turnbuckle to a huge ovation and stares at Edge & Lita while Trish stands and raises her Women's title to them also, as Edge & Lita who are on the stage glaring at Rock & Stratus back off as we go to another commercial break


As we return *Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a split reaction from the crowd as Christian heads to the ring ready to host the Peep Show, and Tomko is by his side as always

Christian: Ah, Hartford. I've got fond memories of this place...

Crowd pops

Christian & Tomko smile at each other then burst into laughter

Christian: Haha, I had you all there, I almost made that sound believable. Who I am kidding? I have no fond memories of this place, and neither does anyone else who visits this dump...

Crowd boos Christian

Christian: Now don't get me wrong, it beats places like Alabama. But in comparison to Canada, this place is, know...this place I guess. Canada is up here

Christian raises his hand up to his forehead

Christian: And Hartford is about here...

Christian drops his hand down to his waist as the crowd boos

Christian: But enough of talking about this town, let's get onto more pressing issues. The Peep Show is back and atleast that means all you people will get your dose of Vitamin C but once again, Mick Foley doesn't see it fit to give Captain Charisma a match on RAW. Three weeks in a row, and I gotta say Tomko, I think our esteemed GM just doesn't like me.

Crowd pops

Christian: And it just so happens that Mick Foley is the guest tonight on the Peep Show. Apparently he's going to make some "big announcements" regarding alot of different things going on around RAW at the moment, and I think I speak for all of you peeps that hopefully one of the things Foley touches on is the issue with Christian not being booked on the flagship show!

Crowd boos Christian again

Christian: I mean having to come out for the last two weeks and voice my displeasure on this topic and now this week hosting the greatest talk show wrestling has ever witnessed, unlike the Pits of Pipers crap, Carlito's Crauddy Cabana and the Lowlight Reel, still isn't good enough for me. I should have better, and God knows I deserve better than this. Having to do this kinda thing is not how Captain Charisma rolls, it is not what all the peeps in the audience pay their tickets for, not what the millions of peeps worldwide tune into see either. So, I guess seeing as this idiot at ringside is giving me the motion to get on with things before I expose this show for all it's flaws, and speaking of flaws, he's one of wrestling's biggest flaws ever, he is our General Manager of this show, my guest peeps...Mick Foley!

Crowd gives a standing ovation as *Erk-Crash* hits and Mick Foley comes out giving a thumbs up to the crowd who start a *Foley* chant as Mick gets into the ring

Foley: It sure does feel great to be back in Hartford!

Crowd erupts with the cheap pop

Foley: And Christian, when you combine it with that flattering introduction, well I mean it can leave a guy speechless...

Crowd pops

Christian: Whatever Foley, cut the blabber and get down to business. You have said you have some announcements to make here, so don't waist my time by droning on like you normally do and get to it.

The crowd boos Christian as Foley raises his eyebrows before speaking

Foley: OK then. First off, to answer Paul Heyman & Hardcore Holly's challenge for Rhino to take the Hardcore title to SmackDown! this week to defend it in a match. That will not happen.

Mixed reaction

Foley: There is no way I would send a champion from my show into enemy territory to defend his title by his lonesome, that would be completely unfair, and knowing Paul E he'd have something up his sleeve no doubt. So, instead I have talked to Rhino about this and he wants it to go down, so at Unforgiven, Rhino is issuing the challenge to SmackDown!'s Hardcore Holly to show up and fight for the title there, in a match to settle where the Hardcore title will reside. But, because as I said before I know Paul E all too well and I know he'll most likely have some sort of contingency plan, so therefore, the match will be a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match!

Crowd pops

Foley: So therefore, no interference will take place and the dispute can be settled inside the locked cage, and I will guest referee the matchup!

Crowd erupts into a *Foley* chant again

Foley: I promise to be completely impartial and call it right down the middle with no equivacations! Next, I'm pretty sure everyone is wondering what's happening with The Rock & Edge, and also Trish & Lita.

Foley pauses for a moment, as Christian has taken a seat on his inflated couch and is lying down, acting like he's listening when he already seems bored

Foley: Well I saw what Edge did to The Rock 14 days ago, I saw what has happened with Lita & Trish and I witnessed the events that unfolded before the break, so at Unforgiven Edge will team up with Lita to face The Rock & Trish Stratus in a Mixed Tag Match!

Crowd erupts again as Foley waits for the crowd to die down

Foley: Now there is still one more thing that needs to be settled...

Christian: Oh thank God Foley, I thought you'd never get to my apology!

Crowd boos as Christian leaps up smiling at Foley who shakes his head to a pop from the crowd

Christian: What? Why not?

Foley: I don't owe you an apology for not booking you in a match Christian. Hell I'd have to make apologies to half the locker room weekly if they were all this ill hearted about being left out. I suggest you get over it and focus on your match at Unforgiven with Rob Van Dam & Shelton Benjamin!

Christian looks shut out and stands there not lookin too happy as Foley goes on

Foley: As I was saying, there is one more thing I have to get to. That is John Cena...

Crowd boos loudly

Foley: And Kane...

Crowd erupts for Kane

Foley: They will meet at Unforgiven also.

Christian: Alright Mick that's enough. I can't listen to this anymore. Either you give me something to do tonight, or I'm gonna walk out right now!

Foley: Fine, goodbye.

Crowd pops as Foley shows Christian the ropes, and Christian thinks better of it, mouthing "Just kidding" and putting on a forced smile

Foley: OK Christian, you want a match?

Christian: I thought you'd never ask.

Foley: Tonight, seeing as we don't have a main event currently booked, I'll make it Christian teaming with his "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko and also John Cena, to take on Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin and Kane in a six man tag match!

Crowd erupts liking the announcement

Christian seems pleased with that and nods

Foley: That's all Hartford, have a nice day!

Crowd pops again as *Erk-Crash* hits and we go to a commercial with Foley heading up the ramp playing to the fans

JR: Some major announcements there by Mick Foley King, including a huge six man tag main event for tonight!

King: Well I may not be Foley's biggest fan but I gotta admit he came through with the goods there JR.

JR: Christian on the other hand has got to learn to shut his mouth and get on with his life, instead of whining about not being booked everyweek.


We come back and Carlito with Torrie by his side and is backstage with The Coach ready to be interviewed

Coach: Carlito, earlier tonight you defeated Monty Brown, and I gotta ask, what's next for you?

Carlito bobs his apple up and down and smirks

Carlito: Well Coach Carlito has a couple of things to attend to tonight, if you know what I mea...

BAM! Monty Brown charges in from no where and drills Carlito with a sickening POUNCE! Brown stands over Carlito panting heavily and grinning before Brown swipes the mic off Coach and drops to his knees in front of Carlito while Torrie attends to her man

Brown: Hey Carlito, you may not be able to hear me, but I'm sure Torrie can give you this message. I ain't no joke, but tonight you made me look like one. And at Unforgiven I want a rematch against you so I can kick your ass and show you why you should fear the POUNCE! PERIOD!

Brown drops the mic and walks off with Coach looking somewhat impressed and following Brown yelling "Wait Monty, wait!" while Torrie attends to Carlito and a doctor arrives on scene

JR: Good lord Carlito was just Pounced out of his boots by Monty Brown!

King: And for good reason, Carlito should know better than to piss off someone bigger than himself! I wish Torrie would hug me when I was hurt JR!

JR: I know you do King, Carlito may have severe concussion from that Pounce, he flew back into the wall it was nasty!

*I Am* hits to a huge pop as AJ Styles heads to the ring, flipping his hood up and extending his arms as the golden pyro falls behind him on the ramp. AJ rolls into the ring and taunts on the turnbuckle, awaiting his opponent

*Class Time* plays to mild heat as Matt Striker makes his way out looking smug and confident, making his first RAW appearance in a while

The two look ready for action when *World's Greatest* hits to heat and Charlie Haas makes his way out to big heel heat, and stands on the ramp watching Styles, who seems distracted by Haas' presence

Match 3
Singles Match
AJ Styles vs Matt Striker

Competetive match put on by two good workers with Haas constatly taunting Styles when AJ looks to have the match won, mocking the Phenomenal One.
AJ goes for the Styles Clash to Striker, but Striker counters with a sneaky inside cradle but Styles escapes it.
Styles then sends Striker out to the floor and leaps off the turnbuckle with a huge Crossbody! The crowd went nuts for the move but as the ref checked on Striker, Haas sent Styles into the steel steps. From there Striker took control, trying to soften up Styles for Haas by working on AJ's left arm. Striker attempted the Golden Rule, but AJ reversed it and nailed the Pele Kick!
AJ then drilled Matt Striker with the Starmaker, before going up top and flying off with the Spiral Tap onto Striker and made the cover for the win!
Winner @ 9:46 - AJ Styles

JR: AJ Styles, despite the distraction and interference from Charlie Haas has picked up a well deserved and hard fought victory over Matt Striker here tonight, and he looks very impressive rolling into Unforgiven King, will it be AJ's night in the RCA Dome?

King: No JR it won't because Charlie Haas is gonna make AJ tap out to the Haas of Pain and prove why he is the second best Intercontinental Champion of all time!

JR: I thought he said he was THE greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time King?

King: Don't be silly JR, he's second only to me Ross.

JR: O how modest of you...

We switch backstage to where RVD is warming up for his match later tonight, he gets a huge pop from the crowd. Van Dam gets up and there is a knock on the door

RVD: Come in.

The door opens and Kane walks in to an equally big pop

RVD: Hey dude. You ready to do this thing tonight?

Kane nods

RVD: What. Don't you talk anymore? What happened to that guy who I tagged with all those years ago?

Kane tilts his head slightly

RVD: You know the one that talked. I mean of course the one before he turned into some animal and attacked me. Come on dude I know you got it in you somewhere. You ready to smoke Cena's ass?

Kane nods again

RVD: Dude come on, loosen up. Atleast say something...

Kane: Tonight...I'm gonna illicit as much pain as possible in our match Rob, and I'm gonna...smoke...Cena's...ass...

Crowd pops as RVD nods

RVD: There you go. I knew you had it in you. Well dude if you don't mind I gotta prepare some more.

Kane tilts his head again, and RVD motions for Kane to leave, and Kane nods and walks out as RVD goes back to stretching

RVD: Weird...

RVD continues to stretch as we switch over to Maria who is standing by

Maria: Hi I'm Maria and I'm here with Shelton Benjamin.

Crowd boos Shelton when he steps into the picture

Maria: Tonight you team with Rob Van Dam and Kane in a six man tag to face Christian, Tomko and Jon Cena. I just want to know what it's like to feud with a Christian, do you go easy on him because he's a religious person?

Shelton looks at Maria as if to say "Huh" before speaking

Shelton: Huh? Whatever girl I think you need a catscan. I couldn't give a damn if Christian's a religious man or not, I don't care about anyone but me. I look out for myself. Which is why tonight Rob Van Dam better stay out of my way and not screw things up, because this match is just a preview of what you'll see at Unforgiven and that is Shelton Benjamin being victorious. I've had one crappy year, first off I lost my Intercontinental title to a guy I had no idea I would face, and then I couldn't get my rightful MITB contract away from RVD. And then I stole the spotlight at Summerslam, I put my body on the line for Eric Bischoff because he was so confident the team would succeed and he'd reward me with a title match, but because of that self obsessed joke Christian we lost when he gave me an Unprettier. Listen here RVD & Christian, and listen good. Shelton Benjamin is coming for you both at Unforgiven and there ain't gonna be no stoppin' me tonight, or then!

Shelton walks off as Maria acts all cheery and sends it back to ringside

JR: Shelton Benjamin with some harsh words there, and King I gotta admit it might just be Shelton's night to shine at Unforgiven much like he did at Summerslam.

King: Shelton can shine all he wants JR but shining isn't winning and that's why Christian is gonna win JR! Christian IS RAW!

JR: Thank you King for another typically un-informed statement.

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits to a good pop as the Dudley Boyz make their way out playing to the crowd

JR: But folks we're set for singles action here as Dvon Dudley takes on Mark Jindrak when we return!


We come back and see the Dudleyz in the ring as their music dies down and Dvon removes his shades as *Reflection of Perfection* hits to heel heat and Cade & Jindrak head to the ring looking cocky as ever, their tag titles draped over their shoulders, knowing so far they've had the upperhand in this feud after their win in the 12 man tag last week when Cade rolled up Dvon. Cade reminds Dvon of that which infuriates Dvon, who takes his fury to Jindrak with a huge clothesline to start the match

Match 4
Singles Match
Dvon w/Bubba vs Jindrak w/Cade

Match is kept short due to the rest of the show so far being a tad overtime and after a short spell trying to take the win Dvon can't get it done, much like Jindrak as he battles his way back into the match.
Jindrak nails that huge left handed hook shot of his, but Dvon gets a foot on the ropes to save it.
Jindrak tries to apply a sleeper hold on Dvon, but Dvon sends Jindrak to the ropes and meets him coming back with a Cyclone attack! Dvon fires up with multiple knock downs on Jindrak, before Jindrak boots Dvon in the midsection, haulting Dvon's momentum, and goes for the Reflection of Perfection, only to have Dvon slip out of it and drill Jindrak with a Flapjack Reverse DDT, otherwise known as the Saving Grace! Dvon covers for the win!
Winner @ 4:51 - Dvon Dudley

Dvon has his hand raised and Bubba joins him in the ring as the Dudleyz get one back on the tag champs, while Cade helps Jindrak out of the ring and the young lions take their titles up the ramp glaring back the Dudleyz who finally have hit some sort of blow back on the cocky champions

JR: A little bit of an evener in this feud as Dvon picks up a win over Mark Jindrak, can Bubba do the same next week and do in Lance Cade though?

King: Of course not, how Dvon won that match is beyond me, I think they call it a fluke these days JR!

JR: I think they call it a fair match actually King, the Dudleyz after suffering the deciding fall in that crazy 12 man tag match last week have hit back here, letting the champions know they want those belts back for a 20th tag title reign!

The camera cuts backstage to see The Rock packing up his things getting ready to leave, the crowd erupts into a huge pop when they see it's him. Rock zips up his bag and turns to leave, when Trish Stratus walks in to a good pop

Trish: Hey Rock.

Rock: Hey.

Trish: Have you heard about our match at Unforgiven.

Rock: The Rock has indeed.

There is a moment of silence between the two before Rock speaks

Rock: The Rock has a question for you Trish Stratus, and that is what are you doing in The Rock's locker room?

Trish: I just came by to say thank you for what you did earlier. I appreaciate it...

Trish moves closer to The Rock, as the crowd senses what is coming

Trish: Really appreaciate it.

Rock smiles and pulls Trish in even closer, as Trish lays a frencher on The Rock's lips! The crowd erupts into a *Rocky* chant and Trish finishes the kiss off and steps back smiling bashfully

Rock: Let The Rock just say that he appreaciates your gratitude. It's time for The Rock to leave Hartford, but The Rock will see you next week.

Trish: OK.

Trish walks out and Rock's gaze follows her out as Rock nods his head and cracks a wry smile

Rock: The best pie The Rock has ever had!

Crowd pops as Rock laughs to himself and walks out with a big grin on his face

King: Ahhhh! The Rock is one lucky man JR!

JR: It seems Trish Stratus might have a slight crush on The People's Champion!

King: Aw Trish why won't you ever do that to me?

JR: I'm sure you'll live King. It's not the end of the world.

King: JR you're talking like you're speaking from experience! Don't lie to me!

We now switch to Todd Grisham who is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is none other than the man that will take on Kane at Unforgiven, John Cena!

Crowd boos loudly as Cena steps into the picture

Grisham: John, earlier tonight we found out that you will indeed be facing Kane at Unforgiven, and are about to take part in tonight's main event, a six man tag which teams you with Christian and his "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko to take on Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin and Kane. Your thoughts?

Cena: My thoughts are this Toddy boy. Kane, you got yourself in something that didn't concern you. You chose to cross the line into my crosshair's, and now you're in them you can be damn sure you won't leave them until you're finished like Stone Cold Steve Austin is. Homie, you showed last week that you just can't match it with me. You're slower than a Trinity Uni graduate, and about as intimidating as the Hartford Wolf Pack.

Crowd boos Cena's insults on the town's culture

Cena: So Kane, you gonna throw down but you gonna head home empty handed, and I on the other hand I'll be going on a little trip to the top of the summit again and reclaim MY WWE TITLE! No more of this crap with Vinnie Mac, as far as our "deal" Vince you can take that and stick it where the sun don't shine old man, because John Cena ain't up for your stupid games and best believe me, dog, that there ain't nothing or no one in this business that can beat John Cena! And as for tonight, Kane it's gonna be a tiny preview of what's going down next weekend at Unforgiven. I'm gonna own you again, Word life!

Cena walks off to more huge heat as Grisham sends it back to ringside

JR: John Cena is a man on a mission to get back into the WWE Title picture, and King I gotta say it'd be hard to argue against it if he beats Kane adding to the scalp of Stone Cold Steve Austin a month ago, he'd be a top candidate in my view.

King: Of course he will be JR, it's John Cena! He should still and would be champion if not for a collection of superstars named Triple H, Steve Austin, Scott Hall & DX. And now one's retired, one's not been seen since Summerslam and the rest are most likely the next to get the Cena treatment!

JR: Well folks it's time for our big main event.

*My Time is Now* hits to HUGE heat as John Cena storms to the ring looking extremely focused on this match, seemingly ready to back up his words moments ago

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to pretty loud heat, drowning out the pops from certain patches of the capacity crowd as Christian & Tomko make their way to the ring. Christian points to a couple of peeps in the audience as he climbs the turnbuckle as Tomko & Cena shake hands, and then Cena & Christian do the same

*Slow Chemical* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Kane steps through the fireworks, tightening his right glove and walking with a purpose. Kane steps into the ring and the three opponents clear to the outside as Kane let's his pyro fly and we cut to a brief commercial with Kane standing in the ring, waiting for his partners


We come back and *Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits to some heat although surprisingly Shelton seems to have a few fans in Hartford tonight as he runs his mouth getting into the ring, pointing to Kane and saying "Don't screw this up like last time!" before he turns to Christian on the outside and points to him, as if to say "I'm coming for you"

*One of a Kind* hits after the pyro cracks around the titantron and RVD makes his way to the ring playing to the crowd as always and pointing to himself with his thumbs and the crowd go along *R-V-D*. Van Dam gets into the ring and immediately Shelton gets in his face, and the two so called partners begin to argue, before Kane steps in between the two and they cool off with RVD starting things off with Tomko

Main Event
Match 5
Six Man Tag Match
Rob Van Dam, Kane & Shelton Benjamin
Christian, John Cena & Tyson Tomko

Terrific contest to end the show with and the crowd is hot throughout the match as RVD is all over Tomko at the start. Tomko uses his power to get Van Dam under control, but when he tags in Christian RVD's quick feet get the better of Christian and RVD tags in Shelton. The two look at each other for a moment before deciding to team up and nail Christian with a Double Superkick! Shelton covers 1...2...broken up by Tomko.
Shelton works on Christian for a while before tagging in Kane who tosses Captain Charisma around like a rag doll, before he tags back in RVD. Van Dam goes for the Split Legged Moonsault, but Christian gets his knees up and tags in John Cena who goes to work on Van Dam as we go to a break.
We return and see Cena with a waistlock on RVD but Van Dam counters it with a Northern Lights Suplex pin for a 2 before Cena powers out, but as he turns back to get face to face with RVD, Van Dam turns it into a backslide pin for a near fall. RVD tries to tag out, but Cena stops him and tags in Tomko who uses his boot to choke RVD out. Tomko now sets RVD up for a Big Boot, but RVD ducks under it then nails the Stepover Whee Kick! RVD crawls to his corner and tags in Kane! The crowd erupts as Kane comes in and beheads Tomko with a clothesline, then meets Christian with a Big Boot and knocks Cena off the apron with a right hand. All six men now get involved with RVD tagging in from Kane as Kane goes outside after Cena, while the crowd pops as Shelton leaps over the ropes with a Plancha onto Christian!Kane and Cena are fighting out into the crowd while inside the ring Van Dam goes upstairs and soars off with a Five Star Frog Splash to Tomko! RVD gets up holding his ribs, and Shelton tags in, and pushes RVD out of the ring and covers Tomko for the 1...2...3!
Winners @ 14:36 - Rob Van Dam, Kane & Shelton Benjamin

The crowd boos Shelton's antics as he rolls to the outside with Mike Chioda raising his hand in the air as Shelton holds his side for a moment after the Plancha spot, looking pleased with his victory while RVD is on his knees looking at Shelton and shaking his head in disgust while Christian is in the ring by his "Problem Solver" telling Shelton to "Enjoy it while it lasts"

JR: What a match folks, but in the end RVD did all the hard work for the 3 count, and Shelton robbed the win!

King: I gotta hand it to Shelton JR, that was a brilliant move and a good way to get inside your opponents heads! Very impressed with him JR!

JR: What a night it's been here in Hartford folks, hope you can join us next week for the fall out of all that happened tonight and that huge contract signing between Triple H and Shawn Michaels! We gotta go folks, see you next week!


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: RAW – 04/9/06 - Review
~ Vince McMahon, the new WWE Champion, as expected, opens up the show with an awesome looking promo. Vince was great with the microphone, and the same goes for HBK, who is now really thirsty for the title. Triple H was just decent, I didn’t like him to be honest. I have always liked Triple H as a heel, but that’s another story on another day. The thing is that this promo was awesome, it had everything, and I can’t complain. And next week would be even more interesting with the contract signing. Also, the aftermath to this one wasn’t expected, so that was good. I expected HBK to just give his soul to Vince, but he didn’t, so that’s awesome. Good job.

~ Pretty much a good match to kick off the action. Hope that we don’t see a feud between Monty and Carlito ‘cause I’m feeling that it’ll be boring. But I’m not sure because I also feel that you could work well with it with your good skills. The concept of the finish of the match was good, with Monty going for the Pounce, but eating up the turnbuckle in end, and then Carlito rolling him up for the victory.

~ Okay, this interview was just decent, nothing special. Charlie Haas was average at best because he’s not really a best promo cutter. Also, I’d say that cut down your paragraphs into two or three, to make it look more good/organized.

~ Good way of showing tribute to Scott Hall.

~ Trish and Lita delivered a nice contest to entertain the fans wrestling wise. Chick Kick to Edge during the match, and then Trish getting that as an advantage to get a victory over Lita was special. And Rock’s comeback aftermath to save Trish from Lita and Edge was also a nice touch. So here we get the concept, a match between Edge and Rock at Unforgiven. Not a good way to build-up the feud, but I guess this was the only way. Anyway, I hope that the build-up to this one should be a good one, in few upcoming weeks.

~ Christian was really out of the character at some times, and I also think that the promo was dragged on. And cutting on paragraphs to make them two or three would look even better. Anyway, Foley’s announcements were good but all those matches announced in just one show ain’t that good. Looking forward to all of those matches because they are looking good. And specially towards Holly and Rhyno’s clash at Unforgiven, in what should be a good unique match-up. Oh, by the way, I think you should call it Rhyno, not Rhino since Rhyno is a WWE trademarked name, and he used Rhyno in the WWE too.

~ Another promo/interview? A match would have been okay. Eh, Monty wants a rematch, and I guess that match will be just like a filler on the card. Carlito will likely accept though. And the aftermath to the interview was kinda confusing with Coach running to catch-up on Monty.

~ Haas tries it all, but at the end, AJ picks up a nice victory, which he needed because he should get all the momentum heading into Unforgiven. And yeah, its seems good that you are building every possible feud in a good way.

~ Haha, this promo was really funny, and it made me laugh. Kane was weird, as always, and you made him look good. See, I already told ya, but I want to say again that you are building every feud in a nice way.

~ Also, now once again someone (Shelton Benjamin) cut a promo and talked everything in just one paragraph. Now this needs to be settled. I mean, cut it and make them two and three paragraphs, to look good? Good way to hype up the main-event, and also to hype up the triple threat match at Unforgiven. Shelton also seemed nice, can’t say he was in character though, but the wordings were decent.

~ Hmm, D-Von needed this victory to get his team back some momentum. Let’s see what happens next in this match. Also, this match was kept short, so that was good.

~ Haha, the little Rock and Trish’s prom was great. But I’m now starting to think that the number of the promos in the show far has gotten higer, much more higher.

~ Okay, so now I’m getting irritated because we have saw got too many promos, I think. I mean, its good that you are hyping the feuds nicely, but you are now over-hyping the feuds. Cena was good with the mic, is all what was positive about this promo. Oh, and also that his feud and the main-event got more hyped, but see, that’s over-hype.

~ Main-Event was by far the best match of the night, with the faces (or might I add tweener (Shelton, who got the pin)) getting up the victory over the solid heels. Overall, a great show, prolly one of your best ever, but I think that the number of promos were huge.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Kinda felt like the past McMahon/HHH segments in the early beginning but picked up towards the end. Michaels seems as if he has really the odds for him to win the title but I don't see him doing so if he doesn't align with McMahon.

Little bit of action to start the night off with and went kinda long to open the night. Carlito gets a win, nothing major coming from this as I don't see a feud developing but is Carlito feuding with anyone right now?

I didn't like the Haas interview even though I see you're trying to portray him as the cocky, confident champion. It's hard to picture Haas on the mic as he hardly ever talks so at least you're trying.

Lita and Trish, still shocked your letting these women fight it out for the title nowadays! With the Rock back I think we will get a intergender tag match next week as it seems pretty imminent to me.

Hmmm, Christian started the Peep Show off good but it pretty much seemed just an excuse to have Foley book matches and announcements for Unforgiven. If you wanted to to do that, Foley could have done this backstage from his office.

Short promo but meh, we get the point though length would have helped. I'm not too keen on a Brown/Carlito feud, two hopefully this doesn't last too long but let's see what we get dealt to us before I judge.

More buildup progressing towards Unforgiven and really nothing major at all. Hopefully you can produce another good match between both of them at Unforgiven as the SummerSlam one was good.

Ok promo, Kane's part was strange and different but I can imagine him hesititaning and heavily breathing before he says that so I liked this promo. RVD was really nothing special but this really was nothing more than a filler.

Shelton had the better promo tonight out of him and his former tag partner, Haas. Benjamin sounded better on the mic and he plays the cocky person better if you couldn't tell during this promo.

Dudley's needed a win tonight and D-Von took care of that for them. Something tells me The Dudley's are going to be the team to take the titles, it just seems like it compared to the NAO.

Short promo but the ending was funny, otherwise more could have been it. Promos still need some work as they aren't too long and not much is said or established, but otherwise they're seeming to get better.

I liked the Cena interview, probably the best of the night really as it showed his intensity he had when he used to be a heel back in 2003. But um, Cena did good and this promo showed you are improving.

Interesting booking as how Benjamin got onto the faces team I don't know. Guessing he is a tweener after the match description but I've always seen him as a heel. But um, Benjamin takes the win from RVD! Beautiful! Nice way to end the night off with this action packed main event here on Raw.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

hey Renegade, I didn't forget about the review and stuff. I am working on the Raw comments and I will add them in edited in later on, but I am finishing off something and I am really trying to finish it right now. I just finished it actually, and I will edit in my review either tomorrow afternoon, or late tonight I gotta get homework done though so I'll try to get it up soon bud.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Gade, I'm sorry I haven't reviewed your last three shows, I'm not setting it in stone, but hopefully I will be able to review sometime in the next three days.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Deadman_014's Raw Comments/Review

I am doing most reviews like this, so here's your review and regular reviews will be back once WM is up. The opening promo I thought was rather good, and towards the end it picked up steam being slightly newer and fresher, a nice start to the show HBK got away and Vince took a pedigree. I bet a lot if (when) this match takes place Vince is referee. Carlito beats Monty I don't care for Monty so meh. Ok interview from Haas, I will enjoy their rematch probably, it will be interesting to say the least.

Nice touch the retirement video, and Trish retaining was surprising, as I at least expected Lita to win here but its all good enjoyable. Rock's small comments were alright, but you should of probably added in a bit longer stuff, decent though. You stuffed way to many things into that one Christian Promo, Kane vs. Cena, Edge & Lita vs. Rock & Trish, Benjamin vs. RVD vs. Christian, and that Hardcore Title Match plus the main event announcement which should of been made earlier or in the preview was a bit much.

The promo was alright itself, Carlito and Brown thing doesn't work for me, and its the 5th match possibly to be added to Unforgiven in one night, which I ain't to found of. Styles wins over Striker in a squash with Haas interfering and he wins, continuation of this feud, but I don't think this feud would of continued if you didn't write such good matchs in this feud, it looks to be continuing from Bad Blood I think it was their first a bit long but looks good to go to a head at Unforgiven.

RVD & Kane promo was a bit weird but ok in the end with Kane being realistic a bit, and RVD was bad but wasn't a horrible promo. Benjamin's promo was decent, I liked it starting to show character out of him, which is good. Dudleys vs. The Tag Champs looks probable not sure if it is booked or not for Unforgiven, little win for Dvon was decent. Trish and Rock promo started to show a "romance" erupt, but I find them really pointless and stupid now a days in WWE because they're done horribly and always with Trish in them aka with Carlito/Trish, Trish/Jericho, etc. I enjoyed the promo and a good ending to the promo.

Cena's promo was good, it showed intensity, and it shows he is a big heel and he will probably contend for WWE Title after HBK vs. HHH ends. The Main Event was a good match to end the show, I thought it was interesting though with Benjamin moving RVD to take the victory in the ME was good and showed promise in the 3 way. Good show, has many issues with promos it looks like, but it will probably turn around next week. Good stuff Renegade, here's ya review i'll be reviewin SD as well.
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