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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Still working on the review, as I havent had a lot of time to get it done, but it may be up tomorrow if nothing comes up for me
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Length: 95 pages! I guess that is to be expected with a twelve match PPV. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: You are quite good in this department, not really having any problems; just the usual minor spelling and grammar errors. The only word you did not know how to spell, which I saw continuously was “phenomenal.” The spelling errors really augmented towards the end. 9/10

Sunday Night Heat was the usual. I know you put effort into it, but quite frankly, I do not care, I want to get on with the PPV. Scotty and Stone Cold was funny though.

No opening video is fine by me. They are very entertaining when done well, but not many people can do them well, so if an idea does not pop into your head, do not even try.

150 words per minute are fine with me. You do not have to conform to the norm of BTB, heck make 172.3449 per minute!

I usually check out theme songs, so I will give this a shot.

Your signs are funny …

Match 1; 2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match
Batista & Bobby Lashley vs Booker T, Finlay & Regal

Oh hooray! I have found a booker who realizes that crowd is a singular noun. I like the real tactics, very key to a match like this. The challenge in this match is differentiating between Lashley and Batista because they essentially have the same gimmick. I like the push up counter, too bad it did not work. How do you DDT a left arm? I was wondering when the shaleleigh was coming. Overall, a good job, but I cannot buy the team of Lashley and Batista, they are the same. I like Lashley, but Batista is gooey. You tried with him. My real complaint in this match is overuseage of moves, but that is what happens when you combine Batista and Lashley. Another problem is the not enough out of the ring heel antics. More Sharmell, shaleleigh, and little bastard! 6.5/10

Not too keen on the Matt Hardy promo because he looked like an idiot with Romero telling him the truth. It made him look like he was propagandizing.

Match 2: Hardcore Championship Match
Bar Room Brawl
Rhino vs Raven (c)

I have never read on of these, and I see why. I think the concept is stupid, but you made an entertaining match out of it. This is perfect for someone like Stone Cold. However, these two did pretty well with some nice spots like the piledriver through the table and the stuff with nuts and beer bottles. Raven sort of took too much punishment at the end, only to recoil a little bit back to Rhino, sort of making him look weak. It was still big, just not compared to previous moves. 7.5/10

24/7 rule! This was awesome in WIWA!

Goldberg and Undertaker is an interesting feud. Goldberg laying his hands on Heyman may turn out to be a bad move.

Match 3
United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c) w/Davairi

It is perfect that Muhammad Hassan has the USA Title, born and raised about one and a half hours north of me in Syracuse. I like the quick start from Hardy. I would think that Hassan would use the steel pole against Hardy, but whatever, it still works. I love the classic run around the ring, enter the ring, and get nailed, like Austin, Rock, and Mr. McMahon at Wrestlemania 17. More good heel stuff, but you made the crowd plural this time! J Thank you! Hassan actually yelling obscenities about America, that just makes him the mega heel. Hardy makes a nice little comeback. Oh my, he actually won with the comeback. I was sure Hassan would do something cheap to win. This makes for a great rivalry. I enjoyed this match, good job. Hmm … Jeff 8.5/10

Nice little pre match interview, hyping the champions and their confidence.

Match 4
World Tag Team Titles Match
New Age Outlaws vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

In the first match, you made the heels stand out well. In this match, you are making the faces stand out well. I really like Cade and Jindrak on the same team as it makes for a good and young tag team. You are showing them to be good wrestlers in this match, but that could also be an intimation that they will lose. Nevermind, complete change there after Cade broke up the count, and he got the win. I like the surprise because I thought this was for DX. 7/10

The fun continues with the 24/7 rule.

Match 5
Ken Kennedy vs Randy Orton

Now this is what I call an all star match! Why is not even on the last half of the card? I like Kennedy acting as a face. The funny thing about this whole situation is that Mr. Kennedy … Kennedy is four years older than Orton, yet Kennedy is being referred to as the youngster. They are also friends too. Anyway, they are both looking like the stars as they are with great wrestling moves from both of them. I like that you are keeping this match fast paced with all the pinfalls. It would be funny to hear a crowd chant Kennedy. After all that excitement, we see a great counter and the RKO!! Awesome match! A clean win for Randy was important here. 10/10

That segment with Booker and his court was kind of weak. It shows that nobody really cares though, which is a new twist. I hope it starts some kind of feud.

Match 6
Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

Once again, the distinction between heel and face is great as you are forming Haas into a spectacular heel. He is yelling and wrestling like a heel. Styles finally gets to show off his stuff too, and it is quite phenomenal. I cannot believe that Styles kicked out of the sit down powerbomb! WOW! What an exchange with the springboard pins, T Bone, and starmaker! Easily the best part of this PPV so far. No, aGAY ending to a good match! Just exacerbates Haas as a heel, but ruins a completely awesome match. Obviously, a rematch is in the future. Keep up this wrestling roll though, these past two matches have been spectacular. Haas stealing Styles’ move is okay, but I think that move is something that you do not want people stealing. 9/10

Oh no, not the Coach! He better not have it at the end of the night.

Carlito seems to be the new challenger for Haas now.

Match 7
WWE Tag Team Championships Match
America's Most Wanted vs MNM (c)

Third tag team match in seven matches so far is not really favorable, but it should be a decent match. You have spread them well with 1, 4, and 7. At times, this was really bland. The two death sentences were nicely done. MNM was shown to be quite strong in this match as it took two death sentences, and they were high flying. I am sure Melina is going to use being pushed off the apron to her advantage. 7.5/10

How the hell can someone win this match? The three biggest egos there are! I like Vince threatening HBK, but there is no way I can see him being fired.

Match 8
Singles Match; No Disqualifications
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs John Cena

Now we are getting to the top tier matches. This is definitely going to be a strike fest as both men rely heavily on punching. Austin climbing the turnbuckles is a strange sight. Five knuckle shuffle is early, so hopefully we do not see it in the routine five moves of doom. Superplex is nice, and it is sure to build Stone Cold up as someone who can survive anything. While it is always nice to have some actual wrestling in a NODQ match, I think you have had them wrestle too long, and it is overdue for some weapons. It never takes one stunner to finish a match, so I expect to see another one before this one is through. MAJOR F-U!!! Good to see Austin recover quickly, maybe a little too quickly though. Alright, going back to being the Doctor of Thuganomics! Cena and the chain! The Million Dollar Sleeper completely kills the atmosphere. When you have Austin kicking out and coming back, Austin should not apply the sleeper. If anyone, it should be Cena as the heel. F – U and STF – U could spell the end. The usual Stone Cold ending as he looks strong by not tapping, but by passing out from a loss of blood. I am impressed by the wrestling of the match, but you barely used the NODQ to either man’s advantage. 8/10

I would be highly surprised if the Phillips Arena had the capacity for 20,000, nonetheless, 60,000.

Nice face on face segment with the two best wrestlers.

Match 9
Undertaker vs Goldberg

Ha, Undertaker appears from behind! Undertaker asserts his dominance early on, and I really like that you used him flying over the ropes. Great spear by Goldberg though! Makes him look weak that Undertaker can just kick out and sit up! Even though I abhor Goldberg, having Undertaker sit up three times is too much. Having the referee being knocked out will make things interesting, and it certainly does as weapons come into play. Oh! Goldberg is completely demolished, leading to a draw! This leads me to believe there will be a sequel to this match. 7/10

Match 10
WWE Championship Match
Triple H (c) vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels mocking HHH throughout the whole match is awesome as it captures HBK’s heel character. This match has happened so much that I feel like I have seen it already, but there are some nice new spots. You have some moves that I do not know like Cannon Ball Buster Slam. Vince saving HBK is good, even though I am sure he would rather not, but it extenuates his feud with HHH. Random heels cannot get the job done, and here comes the rest of DX. I like how you incorporated Cade and Jindrak as it takes us back to the tag match from earlier. Bye Vince and bye HBK! HBK’s job is jeopardy now. 8.5/10

More drama with the hardcore title! When I saw driver, I knew someone was going to take it. This should involve a lot more comedy.

Match 11
World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4 Way Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Jericho vs Brock Lesnar

This is the third main event match of the night, so yeah, too many big star studded matches. The heel Lesnar getting beat upon is entertaining. Reminds me of Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Angle at Vengeance 2002. This is a suplex fest, much to my delight and much to what I expected. THREE MAN GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Definitely going to exacerbate Angle’s agitation that he could not win on either of the two. Ha ha, Lesnar will never connect with the shooting star press. Lionsault and swandive headbutt spot is nice, keeping this fatal four way going, and continuing the great spots in this match. Great moves being executed, but I like how they are being switched up from kick out to foot on the rope to break up by someone else. The ending of the match sort of snuck up on me, but Jericho was the right guy to tap. I forsee Benoit challenging Angle soon enough. This is one of the best matches you have written, obviously. Fatal four ways are all about spots, and this had a fair share of them, creatively done. 9.5/10

Good sentiment from Foley …

Match 12
Main Event
War Games Match
Team Foley vs Team Bischoff
The Rock, Mick Foley, Sting, RVD & Scott Hall
Edge, Christian, Shelton, Monty Brown & Chris Masters

Hall’s early dominance is justified by the heels having the two on one advantage after that, but Edge did not get anything in there. Is it only supposed to be one minute between entrances? Or two? I thought it was five, but I have only read one War Games match, so I would not know. Foley is in the match, so naturally, weapons have to be used. Dragon whip after Hall’s cockiness and spear is a great way to eliminate that waste. RVD going nuts has to happen as he is fresh in the match. Just for future references, Monty Brown sets up like a linebacker, I think. Hooray, here comes Barbie, which works well in this environment. Van Terminator is an awesome spot too! Rock comes in like a ball of fire, eliminating Masters, so each team has lost one, making it even. I was about to speculate what was going to happen with the tacks, but I think you rushed it too much with having Brown just axiomatically flip Foley onto them, not allowing for much build up. I cannot complement you enough for having Christian come out last for his team, it is such a Christian-esque move. I am very surprised that Foley is the second one on his team eliminated, I would have figured he would go last, but no one can survive the Unprettier on the thumbtacks. Now it is not going to be up to Foley to decide his fate. Whoopitee doo, the closest thing resembling a goat kicks Sting in the face. This should lead to some domination by the heels until Sting recovers. Edge really did not need the roll up to be eliminated because he has been in the match for the whole duration, so a finisher would have done just fine. Roll ups make sense for the newer entrants. Giving Monty an elimination is a good boost for him. Nice, the sharpshooters in stereo! Handcuffs? Not too fond of them here. Wow, Shelton one ups Sting with a rendition of his own move! Holy crap!! What a move by Shelton, who really is evincing his athleticism in this match! As it should, it comes down to the Rock, Foley’s best friend. What? Okay, Shelton hit Tomko with a chair, but Christian really never shows any affection for Tomko, he could careless for his existence, so he would not just give Benjamin an Unprettier for doing that. Arguing would have been better for me. It is down to Christian and The Rock, and this is going to decide the direction of Raw. Of course, Bischoff is going to have heel reinforcements when The Rock is about to win. What????????? Masked Kane makes an appearance to save The Rock and Foley! This is a huge shock. Kane in this thread is going to be very interesting now. Of course, Bischoff deserves that last Rock Bottom, and a great ending to a great match. 9.5/10

Entertainment: Your promos really lacked in everything, save for the hardcore segments. Most of the matches were awesome, but some were superfluous. There are about four matches here that are excellent. 8.5/10

Bottomline: 12 matches does not really seem to fit Summerslam now that I think about it. It suits Wrestlemania better. Summerslam actually could be fine with eight because it is maybe the least importance of the four big PPVs. It sort of made it dreadful to review, but thankfully, the last matches were great. Fatal four way, war games, and Orton vs. Kennedy were scintillating. This is my second favorite PPV of yours, right behind Survivor Series from WIWA, which was a really really long time ago.

On a side note, I found it funny that each match was alternating from Smackdown to Raw to Smackdown.

I do not know when you can return this review, but just remember to do so.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

SummerSlam Review

This is my first time reading a full show in this thread so I may be a bit ‘ignant’ of most of the storylines which are ongoing at this time. No opening video?? Alright.

Handicap Tag Team Match: Batista/Lashley vs. Booker/Finlay/Regal: Handicap match up to start the night off seems a bit out of place but we’ll see how it turns out. For some reason, I think Batista and Lashley will win this one (at least I think that’s what I predicted). Nice action to kick off the night but it’s definitely stale, considering the numerous matches involving these five men (especially Lashley and Finlay). Typical action throughout with the usual heel beat down. The match up finally picks up once Batista is tagged in. The Animal looks like a damn monster, kicking out of everything they throw at him, before hitting the Batista Bomb on Regal for the victory. Decent match to kick off the night. A little predictable and anti-climatic with Batista pinning the least over member of the opposing team. It keeps Booker and Finlay relatively strong while giving Batista and Lashley a nice win.

Decent promo by Matt Hardy here. Hardy will never be anything special (or even good for that matter) on the mic but he was used well here to build up his match with Hassan later on.

Hardcore Match:
Rhino vs. Raven: With Raven and Rhino going one on one, this garbage brawl has the chance to be above average but still nothing mind blowing. Lots of near falls early on in the contest, quite possibly due to you keeping this match short, considering the amount of matches on the show. I’ll be honest, this match up fails to keep my interest as it played out rather cartoon-ishly with bowls of nuts and mops, and other things of the sort being used. The Rhino-Driver spot through the table was a sick spot and a good way to end the match up, giving Rhino the win and the Hardcore Championship. Hardcore Holly comes in and basically steals the title, making the match up which just took place basically worthless. Since Holly is a SmackDown! superstar, I guess this was a semi-effective way to get the title onto the other show.

Short, simple but very effective segment with Goldberg and Heyman. Goldberg’s intensity came off very well and has me looking forward to his match up with The Undertaker.

United States Championship:
Matt Hardy vs. Muhammad Hassan: This match up could go either way as far as quality is concerned. Hardy is a good worker with the right opponent but I really don’t see him getting a good match out of Hassan who is a below average worker. But we’ll see how you write it. Match up gets off to a fast start with Hardy hitting the suicide dive to the outside!! Definitely liking this match up more than the hardcore brawl, as this match has a more conventional pace to it. Somewhat shocked to see Hardy kick out of Hassan’s finisher, the face plant DDT (not sure if it is in this thread). Just like Batista in the first match, Hardy looks strong here, kicking out of a lot of abuse from Hassan. Both Daivari and Jeff Hardy come down at different points, which leads to them going to the back. Nice finish to the match up, with Hardy trying different things but eventually managing to put Hassan away with The Twist of Fate, giving us a new United States Champion. Good match up, the strongest of the three so far.

Pretty ‘meh’ promo from Cade and Jindrak. Very generic but that’s to be expected given their personalities.

World Tag Team Championship:
Jindrak/Cade vs. NAO: I’m really dreading this match up. Tag team matches never entertain me and when the best worker in the match is Mark Jindrak, we could be in for a…como se dice…bad one. The New Age Outlaws dominate the majority of the contest, which would damage to credibility of the champs but there heels so its to be somewhat expected. This was surprisingly a decent contest, with a somewhat fast pace. MJ and Cade finally pick up the win through cheating. Probably a rematch on RAW or at the next pay per view.

Raven takes the title off of Holly. Getting sick of the 24/7 rule already…

Decent promo from Randy Orton. His feud with Kennedy seems like an intriguing one especially with KK as the face.

Singles Match:
Randy Orton vs. Ken Kennedy: I don’t know how these two men have been booked in your thread so far but I’m a huge Kennedy mark so I hope he picks up the victory. You really shouldn’t refer to Mr. Kennedy as the youngster in this match, considering the fact that he is at least three years older than Randy Orton. Decent action in this match up so far. Not a lot of high impact moves as a lot of the covers take place with roll ups and after shoulder blocks and things of the sort. Never seen Kennedy hit a tornado DDT but that’s a nice move to add to his arsenal… ARSENAL! Kennedy…Kennedy chants? Classic but I think I heard that somewhere before. Lots of pin falls as we head towards the finish of the match, bordering on too many. Orton picks up the clean victory after the RKO, Not a fan of faces losing cleanly, especially an up and coming star, but if it leads to a big push for Orton, its understandable. Good match.

Booker drops Finlay and Regal. I couldn’t see Finlay’s bad ass character taking that tongue-lashing from anybody so I hope he has a chance to get his heat back on SmackDown!.

Intercontinental Championship:
A.J. Styles vs. Charlie Haas: This one most definitely has the potential to steal the show. Styles is a phenomenal (no pun intended) athlete and Charlie Haas is a really talented worker so this match could turn into something special. I think the muffler stretch is simply a variation of The Brock Lock but I could be wrong. Nice use of moves in this match as both Haas and Styles are on point as far as move sets are concerned. This is positively the match up of the night as these guys are hitting all of their trademark spots, including a couple of spots I forgot they had. Haas recovers a little too quickly from the flipping plancha in my opinion, and it was probably a mistake to have him hit that big power bomb right after that high risk spot. The closing stretch was spectacular with a great series of moves, leading to the disqualification. The DQ finish hampers what was a great match but if it leads to more matches between the two, I’m all for it.

Coach is the Hardcore Champion?

That was a good promo from Carlito and Haas. It started off a bit corny with Carlito and Torrie but definitely picked up when Haas came into the fray. I’m definitely liking Haas’ character. Good job.

WWE Tag Team Championship:
AMW vs. MNM: Shocked to see yet another tag team match up on the card, as there seems to be a shit load of them tonight. Two talented tag teams with adequate workers in each team, so this should be a good match here. Decent action and realism throughout. Nice job putting in Melina’s ‘primal’ scream which did add a little something to the match up. I was afraid of a swerve job from the referee when the count stopped but it was Melina breaking up the cover. Using the Death Sentence twice was a bit of overkill but was an effective way to end the match up, giving us new champions, the second title change of the night.

Very interesting segment involving Michaels and McMahon. The use of the word ‘shit’ twice in consecutive segments was a bit much though. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down tonight in one of the main attractions of the PPV.

No Disqualifications:
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. John Cena: After reading the video package for this match, I am really excited to see this one. Seemed like a great build up to this match. I got a feeling Cena will pick up the win in a ‘passing of the torch’ moment but I’m holding out hope for a Rattlesnake victory. Stone Cold dominates the early portion of the match up, which is typical of the face/heel dynamic. Never seen Cena go for the cover after the Five Knuckle Shuffle but its an effective use of the move. Great match up here, with some high impact offense being delivered by both men. I knew the Stunner wouldn’t end it after SCSA took so long to go for the cover, Nice use of Austin’s finisher and the match continues. Sick spot with the FU to the outside though I don’t think Austin’s back could take a spot like that. Stone Cold recovers from that move WAY TOO fast and is already back on the attack. Million Dollar Dream spot was classic and a great spot but Cena quickly recovers and hit’s the FU and quickly goes into the STFU! Great ending to the match, reminiscent of the ending to WrestleMania 13.

Another effective segment hyping a match up tonight. I definitely expect to see some serious tension between Angle and Benoit as that’s what these types of segments always seem to lead to.

Singles Match:
Goldberg vs. The Undertaker: This should be a brutal and intense battle. Its had a decent build up but it probably should have been built up as a dream match up of sorts, considering the indestructible ‘auras’ that both guys give off. A lot of matches tonight seem to be getting off to fast starts and this match up is no different with Taker getting us started off with a huge right hand, taking Goldberg down. The spear through the barricade was a good spot though its been used many a time. Sambo suplex?? Damn I haven’t heard that one in a minute. Goldberg looks set to finish Taker off but he sits up, in typical Taker fashion. Taker hit’s a choke slam and then follows up with the Old School but Goldberg kicks out. Probably should’ve did those spots in reverse considering that the choke slam is considered the more powerful of the two moves. ANOTHER ref bump. Ugh. Still not quite sure what happened towards the end of the match up, but I do know that Goldberg is in all types of pain. The double count out finish protects both guys while keeping the feud alive for potential rematches. Great match even with the ref bumps and the bad finish.

WWE Championship: Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels: A little bit shocking to see the RAW Title match go on so early in the night. I guess you thought the SmackDown championship match and the War Games match deserved higher billing. Can’t really argue with you. Nice job utilizing the heel character of Michaels early by having him avoid taking on The Game head on. Pretty basic contest here, as the two superstars seem to be pacing themselves to wrestle a long match. Not quite sure what a Canon Ball Buster Slam is though I have heard of it. Good spot with HBK putting Triple H in the Figure Four Leg Lock as Michaels doesn’t use the spot often, therefore making the move a little more special when he pulls it out. Hunter finally reverses the hold but Michaels reaches the ropes. McMahon finally makes an appearance and costs Hunter the pin after hitting The Pedigree. Jindrak, Cade and Test all interfere but somehow Triple H manages to stay alive in the match. DX comes out. Brawl. SUPERKICK TO VINCE! Pedigree. Win. Good title match with the typical ‘Bag O Tricks’ ending. It’ll be interesting to see what happens between McMahon and HBK from here after the intentional Sweet Chin Music.

More shenanigans involving the Hardcore Championship which leads to Hardcore Holly winning the title. Much like in real life, this title has been devalued greatly due to the 24/7 rule or maybe its just me, as I never was a fan of the rule or the title.

World Heavyweight Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar: Ok you are going with the War Games match last, eh, doesn’t really hurt the prestige of the title but I would’ve preferred a title match last. Anticipating this match. Four spectacular workers all going at it. This match up should be something special. Everybody jumps Lesnar to get the match up kicked off after a bit of trash talking. Good action in the opening minutes of the match up, which climaxes in an awesome double German suplex. Nice counter by block, reversing the head scissors into a power bomb! Only seen that spot once before, I think it was Taker-Angle. Shocked to see Lesnar use the shooting star press. Don’t think he would use that type of move as a heel, though he is capable of pulling it off. Spectacular sequence going into the finish of the match up. From the F5, to Angle breaking up the pin fall in an unconventional fashion, to Jericho finally being put in AND tapping to the Ankle Lock, everything here flowed together perfectly. This was definitely the match of the night (at least so far) and Angle retains the World Heavyweight Championship. I expect Kurt’s next opponent to either be a pissed off Brock Lesnar or quite possibly, Randy Orton.

War Games: Team Foley vs. Team Bischoff: THE MAIN EVENT!! I remember reading a very similar storyline in Wolfy’s thread which eventually had a “War Games” match. If this one is as half as good as that one was, we should be in for something special. Scott Hall and Edge start us off. Similar styles between the two except… Edge still has his talent. Yeah, I went there. Beginning of the match up between these two starts rather run of the mill, with the face, Hall, pretty much dominating Edge in the opening. Didn’t know Scotty Hall did a choke slam. Ok, moving on…The Masterpiece is the next superstar to enter the match, giving Team Bischoff a 2 on 1 advantage with Edge and Masters against Hall. The two men basically dominate this contest which is good booking, allowing the audience to be excited for Hall’s knight in shining armor…CACTUS JACK!! Wonder why you didn’t use Jack’s theme song and decided to use Mick Foley’s. Anywho, with the odds evened up, the action gets a little better but not by much considering the workers in the ring. Shelton Benjamin makes his appearance and once again, gives Team Bischoff the advantage. Shelton looks pretty strong coming out and damn near decapitating Hall with my favorite move in wrestling, that sick kick he does. Edge finally hits Hall with The Spear and takes him out. I was about to say that Hall has been in for way too long but he is finally eliminated. Rob Van Dam is the next guy out for Team Foley. RVD comes out with guns a blazing, cleaning house of Team Bischoff, I assume because they are already worn out. Monty Brown is out next, representing Team Bischoff. The Alpha Male cleans house until… Oh shit, Foley grabs the damn barb wire bat!! A couple of really good spots in this portion of the match, including the Van Terminator by Van Dam onto Edge. The Rock comes out and cleans house, just like Van Dam earlier. Rock eliminates Masters after a Rock Bottom. Foley brings out the thumbtacks!! Uh oh, he’s going in ‘em. Monty Brown dumps him into the tacks, as suspected, taking himself out! The Captain is the final man on Bischoff’s team and Christian enters to a mixed reaction. After a bit of a break down in the action, CHRISTIAN HITS AN UNPRETTIER ONTO THE TACKS!! Marvelous spot and Christian eliminates Foley. My favorite thing of the night so far as I’m a huge CC mark. Sting is the final man to enter the match up, representing Team Foley. Sting gets taken down by Tomko but he eventually recovers to eliminate Edge with a roll up. Ugh. After such a run in this match, The Rated R Superstar deserved more than that. Monty Brown eliminated RVD. That’s a bit shocking to see but I’m glad to see The Alpha Male pick up such a big win in this type of atmosphere. The action is really picking up and its nice to see that The Rock and Sting are managing to hold there own in a three on two environment. Nice double Sharpshooter spot and Sting makes Brown tap, eliminating him from the match up! Christian pulls out the cuffs and proceeds to beat down Rocky, taking him out of the match up for a little bit. Spot of the night comes when Benjamin hits an Arabian Face Buster through the table, eliminating Sting from the match!! The handcuffs snap??? How the fuck does that happen?? Anyway, Rock goes back on the attack, trying to avoid going down to the two on one advantage. Some miscommunication leads to an Unprettier and an elimination. Nice way to add more edge to the Christian character, causing the elimination of Shelton Benjamin! The end is here as The Rock and Captain Charisma are the only two superstars left in the match up. Good action between the two as we head down the final stretch of the contest. Rocky gets ready to put it away after The People’s Elbow but a few flunkies attempt to win Bischoff the match. KANE IS BACK!!! He comes out with the old attire and cleans house! Rock hits CC with The Rock Bottom and picks up the win for Team Foley!! Good ending to a great match to end a good pay per view.

Overall: 8/10 A good PPV and definitely entices me to keep on reading the thread. The promos were really off throughout the night. That may have been to the superstars involved but anyway...the matches were really good though especially the last two. Keep up the good work.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade’s Summerslam review

Heat was surprisingly big but nonetheless it did it’s job of hyping up what should be a classic PPV!

No opening video? Too bad I always enjoy a nice opening video, but oh well, I guess this is no biggie…

Now onto the show with the first contest : The 2 on three handicap match! Good start of the match with surprisingly fast paced action shown from veterans like Regal and Finlay! I liked the bit where Batista has Regal on his shoulder for an eternity, before planting him with a powerslam, very realistic, showing off his Big-Man character. But now Finlay and Regal team up on Batista. Booker seems to relax and let his men do the dirty work for him . And now Booker comes in along with Lashley! A good brawl, with Booker eventually getting the better of it, but no pinfall so far! After yet again a good, sometimes vicious, brawl, Lashley tags in BATISTA! Batista survives the attacks from Booker, Regal AND Finlay and survives eventually with a huge Batista Bomb getting the victory!
The powerhouses get the victory in this surprisingly entertaining opening contest. Good job! 8/10

Short solid promo by Matt, with even a funny line about Davari. Hardy will not die, but I have a feeling he won’t win the title either!

Raven vs. Rhyno for the hardcore title! This should be good! HOLY SHIT what a vicious, brutal, nasty brawl! The whole bar is literally shed to pieces as the two men used every weapon they could grab to end the match! But it’s Raven who stands tall, even though he’s a bloody mess. Great match, great spots, great champion! 8.5/10

WOW, there is Hardcore Holly and he immediately wins the title from Raven! What a surprise, a Smackdown Superstar has the Hardcore Title, this could be interesting for the rest of the night!

Goldberg puts a lot of pressure on Bischoff, but he doesn’t say a word about the whereabouts of Taker and honestly, if they square off, I want Taker to kick that big oaf’s ass!!

And now the US title bout, should be very interesting! Matt Hardy surprisingly gets the most offence in the beginning of this contest. But now Hassan gets control of the bout and keeps control of it for a fair amount of time. But there is Jeff, now business is about to pick up! A side-effect, NO Hassan kicks out! A leg drop, NO Hassan kicks out. BUT HARDY GETS THE TITLE AFTER ALL! Wow shocking, to say the least! A little help from his brother? Perhaps, but a great effort by V1 nonetheless. Very good contest, maybe the best one so far! 8.5/10

Nice, intense promo by Cade and Jindrak here, with Cade getting most of the mic time, good choice . They look ready, but I have a feeling the New Age Outlaws will fool us all and get the win tonight!

And now onto the big Tag Title match! The Outlaws control the first bit of the match up, but now it seems as though the reflections of perfection get back into it, with Cade slowly getting control of the match-up. Good contest so far. Cade and Jindrak now fully control the match-up and Billy Gunn has no chance to come in and save his buddy, as the referee stops him! This has to be all over soon! And now a double DDT, Road Dogg is back in this one! And there is Billy Gunn, but Jindrak quickly stops the momentum, but doesn’t get a fall! The One and Only connects, this has to be over…BUT CADE BREAKS IT UP! Oh my I’m really into this match-up! And Cade uses the title to knock out Gunn and Jindrak covers with his feet on the ropes and gets the win! Oh my what a contest, I loved every minute of it! Great job and The Reflections of Perfection get their second consecutive win over the Outlaws, which has to settle their feud once and for all! 9/10

WOW, Raven has regained his title! Great little promo here, I didn’t expect Raven of all people to show up again and reclaim his title!

Small promo by Randy, maybe he could’ve gotten in a little more, nonetheless he was in character.

And now Kennedy/Orton, this should be a great contest! It seems as though Kennedy is the face in this one, could work, could fail, let’s find out! This is a prime example of a back and forth match, in which both men get an equal amount of offence in, I like that. But for some reason I’m not into this match like I was into the previous one, maybe it’s because Kennedy’s a face, I don’t know, but this match can’t entertain me, although being a decent contest. RKO! RKO! RKO from out of nowhere and Orton picks up the win, good choice of a winner!

Short promo, but it delivered, Booker is rid of the two men who failed to do their job.

Styles versus Haas now this should deliver, damn! A lot of fast paced action to begin with, as expected, I would love this match if were to happen in real life as both men can mat wrestle and fly high! And now it seems as though Haas is in full control. Holy Shit a VERTICAL EXPLODER 98! Long time since I saw that one, in fact if I recall correctly I never saw that one in WWE before! BUT STYLES KICKS OUT! And he kicks out again, and again! Now after a sit out powerbomb! Damn Styles is resilient! But finally Styles gets back into this with the pele kick! Holy crap this match just keeps going, great great, simply great! Starmaker and it’s not over yet! And the contest is still alive, even after the Haas of Pain! And then Haas hits a low-blow! Aww, man, I thought someone would go over cleanly here at Summerslam, but somehow I can understand your decision. AWESOME contest nonetheless and I prefer the winner over the loser Wow and Haas goes a little Bonanza after the match, not too bad 8.5/10

HAHAHAHAHA The Coach is the new Hardcore Champion! Out of all Raw superstars he has to be the one what a great little promo here.

Carlito will have his way with Torrie later tonight, I’m sure . Haas the greatest ever? Well he’s not far away from that standard but he ain’t the best .

To be honest I only skimmed through this contest as quite frankly I’m sick to death of seeing AMW in a WWE thread . Sorry if it sounds harsh but it’s how I feel .
Well, it wasn’t a bad match at all, but I liked the other Tag Title match better, but that’s personal of course. I liked the spot where Melina distracted the referee by showing a lot of skin LOL.
Ugh, AMW get the titles, I’m no fan, I never was and I never will be. Onto the next contest please

Great promo following here, promo of the night so far. Maybe it could’ve gone on for a bit longer, but it was fine the way it was. Good job.

Austin, Cena, no disqualifications, this should get real ugly .
Nothing brutal in the first part of the contest, which isn’t bad, but in my opinion, it can start picking up now .
Still no weapons but it’s fine because the contest is really picking up now. Stunner! Stunner! But Stone Cold can’t capitalize! Oh my god FU to the outside! That’s got to hurt! And now Cena is busted wide open, it’s the beginning of the end! By gawd, the steel chain straight to the skull…twice!
And now the FU followed by the STFU, deadly combination right here, well kayfabe wise anyway . Austin can’t go anywhere…and he is knocked out? AUSTIN LOSES VIA KO, wow I never EVER expected this! Cena goes over in a major and I mean MAJOR way, oh my god. It wasn’t all what I expected but in truth this was a very good, entertaining contest, but I still stand by my opinion that the RAW tag match was the best one so far.

Wow great sportsmanship and friendship being shown by these two all time greats! I hope it’ll be a wonderful contest .

Goldjerk I’m sorry, Goldberg, against Undertaker, come on Deadman annihilate him .
Wow Taker performs his signature leap over the ropes already in the first paragraph what a start! Goldberg rips apart a sign, you’ve been playing too much SVR07 lately , good spot though. Holy crap the two men have hardly been inside the ring and now Goldberg spears Taker through the barricade, talk about brutal! But Taker kicks out! Luckily .
And the deadman sits up, this is great! The contest just gets more brutal and brutal, and it’s really picking up, damn I love it! And Goldberg spears the referee, oh oh, this can’t be good. A chockeslam by Taker, but there’s no ref! Oh my god Goldberg hits Taker with the chair and the steps fall on top of Taker, injuring his ribs even more! How brutal can this contest get?! OH MY GOD GOLDBERG IS SENT THROUGH THE STAGE SET AND DOWN BELOW! Vicious, brutal, nasty, I can’t think of other words to this contest anymore. But the referee starts the count and Taker is too late to break it! AH MAN!
Didn’t like the finish to be honest, na-ah. I think a double KO would’ve been better but now Taker stands tall but hasn’t won the match. Nope, the finish isn’t my cup of tea. 9/10 (would’ve gotten 9.5, but I didn’t like the finish at all .

Nice video package for Unforgiven in between

For further usage, Michaels’ theme is “Sexy Boy” just so you’d know .
This has to be the first time since 96 Michaels gets THAT kind of heat! Wow, amazing!
HBK mocks Trips and has control over the match in the beginning, somehow Triple H has got to fight back now! But he isn’t able to fight back as HBK singles out the leg of the Game! Wow, the Game hardly gets offence in HBK even nails him with an early elbow drop! But HHH kicks out! And finally, finally HHH gets back into this as he counters the SCM. Holy crap, Michaels locks I the Figure Four, he tried it already, but now he locks it in, very original ! Triple H now turns over and puts pressure on HBK! And just in time HHH breaks the ten count, woo, lucky shot there! PEDIGREE PEDIGREE, he nails it, this is got to be over! BUT THE COUNT STOPS?! It’s Vinnie Mac, who else could pull a referee out of the ring and get away with it?! And he’s got some enforcers with him, tag team champions Cade and Jindrak and Test!
BREAK IT DOWN THERE IS DX, damn I’m fired up now, what a contest! The enforcers start brawling with DX as this contest is really a piece of art! AND HBK HITS MCMAHON WITH THE SCM!! And HHH ducks under the SCM and nails him with the Pedigree! 1…2…3!! HHH retains! What a match, what an outstanding contest! Magnificent match of the night (so far) without a doubt!

What a terrific promo again involving the Hardcore title! Coach avoids two attackers but the third one is too many and it’s the Taxi Driver, Hardcore Holly, who wins the title and speeds off just in time! Damn that shit has been good this show

Oh it’s a fourway match, oops I thought it was a triple threat .
All three men beat down on Lesnar, which was a pretty funny sight to see . The action is really fast paced in the beginning which I like, good showing so far. Ah, great spot there, with Angle Germanning Benoit who germans Jericho! And Lesnar is back in this with a powerbomb, go Brock! Damn four of my all time favorites packed in one match, hard to pick a winner here . AND LESNAR MISSES THE SSP, somehow this was bound to happen and it did! And Jericho comes in, takes out Angle and does the lionsault! Did he get it? No cause there is Benoit with the diving swandive headbutt! By gawd! Jericho is playing a good heel role here tonight, which I like. But now he’s stuck in the Sharpshooter! But there is Lesnar, with the F5! But the foot is on the rope, no champion yet! Crossface-Walls of Jericho combination, now THIS I LIKE . And he’s about to tap, but Angle kicks his hand away from the mat! Great spot here! And pin cover by Jericho, but Angle rolls through and has the ankle lock locked in which makes Jericho tap out! Aw man why did Jericho had to tap out no great match, loved every read of it! And Angle remains Champion and a good one he is! 9/10

Thumbs up for the sportsmanship, nice to see!

Foley shows he has a big heart and ambition, will they win however?

And now the War Games match, the most anticipated match of the evening!
Edge and Hall starting things off now, let’s see how this’ll go. Edge goes over huge as a heel spitting his gum in Hall’s face, great little spot. It’s Hall however, who gets the most offence in, in the first part of the match-up. Edge really needs a fresh entrant, he is being manhandled by Hall here, crushing his balls on the top rope! AUWCH! And there is Masters, just in time, I would say! And now the expected double team on Hall, which was desperately needed, imo, to put new life into this match-up! And finally the cage is being used to soften an opponent up! And it is Hall who is busted wide open! And now it’s Foley’s, or should I say Cactus Jack’s turn to join the war! And he starts with a flurry on Edge, even using his famous knee crusher, before grabbing Masters by the nuts () and scoring a near fall! Masters comes back however, nearly pinning Hall, but Foley breaks things up! It’s weird though you keep saying Foley, as he is clearly Cactus Jack in this one Oh well, no biggie. And there is Shelton, another Bischoff member ready to get some of the action! And Hall just won’t give up, he refuses to be covered for longer than two and a half seconds! And finally Edge puts Hall away with the spear, and about damn time too sorry, but I felt like enough was enough! It’s Rob Van Dam time now, and here he comes! He comes in with a flurry and nails Shelton with the split legged moonsault, but Shelton kicks out! RVD and Foley sort of even up the odds and get in a ton of offence. But Shelton manages to take out RVD (and himself!) with a great showing of athleticism! And there is Monty Brown to make it 4 to 2, let’s see what happens next! Brown comes in with a vengeance sort of speak, but his offensiveness doesn’t last long as Foley takes him out quite quickly! Foley and RVD work together again now and RVD goes cost to cost on Edge! GREAT SPOT! And here comes THE ROCK, now business is picking up! 3 on four now, the odds are fairly evened up now. And Masters is eliminated. He really did the job to Rock as he barely got any offence in, would’ve like more offence but oh well.
Oh boy, thumbtacks, who is going to get extreme acupuncture?! IT’S FOLEY HIMSELF! Haha, well deserved, I should say, he shouldn’t bring those weapons of mass destruction into the ring .
T-Bone from Shelton, RVD is sure to be eliminated…but Rocky breaks it up! Too bad, actually, he’s really making a name as ultra-face tonight! And now the three on one attack against Foley, leading up towards an Unprettier into the thumbtacks! OH MY GOD, styles would scream . And Foley is out of this one!
Hahaha, there is Sting, but he doesn’t even get a chance to get in the ring as he is met by a big boot from Tomko, loved this part! The faces get the advantage back however and Sting rolls up Edge for the three count! I would’ve loved Edge to stay in this for longer though, as he is a true WWE product and bound to become one of the best later in his career, but it’s your choice, after all. What? Rocky hits the Rock Bottom but Shelton survives? No, I don’t agree on that one, sorry, Rocky gets a fall via rock bottom, but not via people’s elbow! That’s not a good decision, should’ve been the other way around! And Brown eliminates RVD, on this elimination I have nothing to say, this was legit and realistic, goodbye to RVD.
Now you’ve got Rocky and Sting versus Shelton, Brown and Christian, it’s getting hard to pick a winner, but I’m guessing Rocky at this point. And now Tomko takes a steel chair into the ring, this could get interesting. But the Rock has it scouted! WOW a double Sharpshooter locked in, both Rocky and Sting trying to eliminate Benjamin and Brown. And it’s Brown who taps out! Good choice, now if only Edge was here in stead of Benji, the booking would’ve made perfect sense.
Oh dear god, how brutal, Christian takes out the Rock with the steel chair, after he handcuffed him to the ring post!
Ah, great spot by Benjamin here! A little out of nowhere but that’s our Benji .
AND SHELTON PERFORMS THE ARABIAN FACEBUSTER ON STING! GREAT SPOT! At least Christian isn’t the sole star in this one and Benji gets his moment to shine as well but it’s Christian however who covers Sting for the elimination!
Now the Rock is going wild on both of his opponents but of course, never count out the problem Solver, Tomko! Shelton now is miraculously healed and tries to hit Rocky with the chair, but he hits Tomko instead! And what the hell is this? Christian hits Benjamin with the unprettier! Wow, totally from out of nowhere! And Rocky eliminates Benji. I never saw this coming, and I think no-one would’ve suspected Christian to go out on his partner like that! And finally Tomko is taken out for good by Rocky as he is ready to go for the Rock Bottom! And he hits it, but can’t make the cover, as Bischoff calls in for some “hired goons”! 6guys? Really that many are necessary? Damn!

What, what is this? IT’S KANE THE BIG RED MACHINE IS BACK! Okay I didn’t really follow the thread, but looking at Bischoff’s reaction I would say Kane has a little unsolved business with Bischoff . Kane clears the ring with authority and the Rock hits Christian with the Rock Bottom for the victory!
I wasn’t into this contest at all to be honest, due to bad booking imo, but then Kane came out and it literally saved the match and possibly the entire show!

Closing comments : I loved this show, but 12 matches is just too many for a summerslam event. 10 would’ve been perfect, but 12 is too many. I thought the war games match was going to ruin your ppv as imo the booking was far from perfect, but Kane coming out really saved the match and the ppv. You get a thumbs up from me and I give this ppv allround:

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Well I just want to thank everyone for reviewing so far, I know a few more will come in soon but I want to keep up with sticking to a routine, so here's the news page, a RAW preview goes up within the next 24 hours and RAW will be up in about 48 hours. News & Notes

Summerslam Successful
The PPV buyrate for Summerslam hit the 500,000 mark and the feeling in the WWE is that it was a success on the whole despite one or two dissapointing matches

New Tag Team Addition
Shad Gaspard & JTG, better known as the tag team Cryme Tyme have been promoted up to the main roster on RAW after working shows in OVW recently. Apparently management thinks they are part of the future for the tag division, which is going to be re-modelled in the next few months

Draft Lottery Announced
After the big Survivor Series PPV, for the whole month of December, the Draft Lottery will occur to make up for the missing out of it during the regular June period. Vince McMahon has stated that all wrestlers, divas, referees and staff will be eligible for drafting. The exact format of how the draft will occur is unknown at this time.

Big Show Retires
The Big Show has called time on his career in the WWE by handing in his resignation, sighting the injuries he suffered at Backlash taking the bump off the stage combined with his worsening health issues have led to this decision. The WWE wishes him well in life after wrestling.

Orton/Kennedy Dissapointment; Future Feud Scrapped
After their dissapointing matchup at Summerslam which only just passed the 8 minute mark, the creative team has decided to scrap the Orton/Kennedy feud. Kennedy will most likely retain his tweener status in the mid card division while Randy Orton will be involved in a "major development" in the WWE in the coming months.

Unforgiven Theme Music Announced
Saliva will provide the official theme song for RAW's upcoming PPV Unforgiven with their song "No Hard Feelings" off their "Survival of the Sickest" album being chosen.
Velocity Results

Gregory Helms def. Scotty 2 Hotty (Non title)
Orlando Jordan/Mark Henry def. London/Kendrick & The FBI
Krystal def. Jillian
Psicosis def. Jamie Noble


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

I must be the only idiot then who thought Mr. Kennedy vs. Mr. Orton was a great match. Wow, I thought it was legitmately good, not because I mark all over for those two.

Obviously, great to see Cryme Tyme and what you can do with them. Lottery should be interesting as well.
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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Just to update my review Renegade, I'm on the fifth match. My review should be posted by Tuesday at the latest.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sorry it's a tad late and there was no preview, but I didn't feel motivated enough to write a preview for a pretty much spontanious show. Also, forgive the sloppy promos tonight, I haven't been feeling the best lately and just don't think they're as good as they could be. That being said, here is RAW..

Bryce Jordan Center
State College; Pennsylvania

We open with a lengthly highlight video of all the RAW matches from last night before going into the regular routine

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night RAW, live from the State College in Pennsylvania for what should be a huge show just 24 hours removed from the blockbuster of the summer, Summerslam! Last night was certaintely huge, and you can expect huge things to continue to happen tonight, right King?

King: Of course JR it wouldn't be a RAW show without huge things happening and after what happened last night, with Mick Foley keeping his job as GM while Eric Bischoff was fired, Triple H retaining his title despite the best efforts of Vince McMahon and the Corporation and Kane returning to save The Rock from a massacre in the final moments of the War Games matchup!

JR: Indeed that was one helluva night King, and tonight should be no different as Cade & Jindrak, who once again retained their tag titles with a win over the New Age Outlaws will defend their titles against "mystery" opponents booked by Mick Foley.

King: Should be interesting JR...

*Metalingus* hits and the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Edge steps out on stage looking very angry, with Lita by his side, also looking ticked off. Edge has a large bandaid across his forehead after the War Games match last night as he slides into the ring with a mic in hand

Edge: Once again, last night I was made a fool of. Last night I was made a laughing stock out of when I was rolled up in the War Games match and eliminated! I WAS ROLLED UP DAMMIT!

Crowd pops


Crowd boos Edge who looks ready to snap

Edge: I am sick of being the guy that has all the laughs cast upon him, I am tired of being screwed over by life. I give my damn life out in that ring for the chance that I may one day get back into a title shot, but every time, I get ruined! I am sick of this crap! All I want is respect, all I want is to go through my life without this kind of shit happening to me every time I step in the ring! Everyone's against me! Everyone!

Crowd boos Edge who spits his gum into the crowd, gaining more heat

Edge: I wan...

Crowd starts up a loud *Asshole* chant which cuts Edge off as he bites his lower lip, fuming with the hostile crowd and Lita takes the mic off Edge

Lita: You people need to show my husband some respect, which you can do by shutting up!

Crowd boos Lita and quickly a *Slut* chant begins and Lita gets annoyed, waving the chants away as Edge takes the mic again

Edge: You no good pieces of crap are like every other audience I've encountered, you're nothing but a bunch of fat, greasy slobs who couldn't get much better than a hog off the farm to spoon with at night and work some ungodly hours at some cruddy little job!

Crowd gives extreme heat

Edge: I've had it with this crap. I've had it with people making fun of me and my wife, my life and my matches! You are all going to take notice of me because I will be NO ONES LAUGHING STOCK!

Crowd boos Edge again who is getting really into his speech

Edge: Thi...

*IF YA SMELL* hits and the crowd goes wild with an electric ovation for The Great One as The Rock makes his way out to another terrific ovation, soaking up the noise from the crowd on the ramp. Inside the ring, Edge isn't too pleased with The Rock's intervention as Rock mounts the turnbuckle and soaks up the ovation again before hopping into the ring

Rock: Finally, The Rock has come back to Penn-syl-vaniaaa!

Crowd erupts with a loud *Rocky* chant starting as Rock paces back and forth with a bandage rapped around his head after last night

Rock: The Rock was ba...

Edge: Rock, this doesn't concern you! Get the hell out of here!

Rock: Did you just interrupt The Rock?

Edge: Ye...


Crowd erupts for Rock

Rock: You see The Rock was sitting backstage, watching you on his monitor, blabbering on about the same old crap you whine about everytime that microphone touches your lips. (High pitched voice) "I got screwed, I'm no joke, wa wa wa, wa wa!" (End voice) SHUT YOUR MOUTH JABRONI!

Crowd goes wild for The Rock again

Rock: You have just wasted over five minutes of the people's time tonight with your useless whining and blabbering which the people care as much about as they do that the cameraman over here is a raging hermaphrodite!

Crowd laughs

Rock turns to the camera man

Rock: Don't worry, your secrets safe with The Rock.

Edge: Rock talking about the same old things, you every week with your immature potty humour and your boring third person ramblings are just as bad!

Rock: The Rock gives a monkey's nutsack about your opinion! The Rock says know your role and shut your mouth before The Rock whips your candy ass all over the arena!

Lita again takes the mic from Edge

Lita: O look at you Rock, big man running down a man who's had it up to here with the stick his gets these days. You're a real tough guy Rock!

Rock pretends to look hurt by Lita's comments

Rock: Whoa! Look who it is, I almost didn't recognise you until you put something near your mouth...

Crowd explodes into laughter as Lita looks appauled by the insult

Rock: You're quick to jump off the balls tonight, which is kinda weird, considering it's normally the other way around with you...

Crowd erupts again and a *Whore* chant starts as Lita looks distraught with the abuse she's taking

Edge: Rock you better shut you mouth right now and get the hell out of my sight!

Rock: Or what Edge? What are you gonna do? You gonna screw me? Coz I don't swing that way...

Crowd pops

Edge: No, I'm not gonna do that Rock. But someone else is gonna do something about it.

Lita has snuck behind Rock and kicks him right in the groin! Rock drops to his knees as Edge clobbers Rock with the microphone over the head, then jumps onto The Rock and begins to batter the People's Champion with the mic, he then rips off the bandage from Rock's head and continues the assault, bloodying the Brahma Bull to a ton of boos as Lita joins in, stomping away at The Rock as Edge now gets up and crouches down in the corner, waiting for The Rock to get up

Rock gets up, completely dazed and is taken down by a Spear! Edge now stands tall with Lita by his side, smiling at the damage done to The Rock. The duo then exit the ring and walk up the ramp pleased with themselves and celebrate with a long kiss as The Rock is still down with blood pouring out of his forehead as we go to a commercial


JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, and just before the break we witnessed an unholy act as Edge destroyed The Rock with his microphone and then finished the job on a bloodied Rock with a Spear. I hope that no good SOB is proud of what he's done!

King: I'm pretty sure he was JR, Edge seemed extremely pleased with what he did, and although I'm a huge fan of Edge, I gotta admit he may have gone a little over the top!

JR: A little over the top? He brutalized The Rock with a microphone! And he had help from that jezebell Lita!

King: Well JR as they say sometimes, it happens.

We see that the ring is filled with superstars, ready for the battle royal to determine the new contender for the Intercontinental title as Maven, Val Venis, Johnny Parisi, Johnny Jeter, Goldust, Eugene, A-Train, Chris Masters, Monty Brown, Matt Striker, Rob Conway, Rene Dupree, Test, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn are all in the ring

*Ride the Lightning* hits and the crowd erupts as Sting makes his way out after the pyro explodes and the Scorpion light flickers on him on stage. Sting then slaps hands with some fans at ringside before getting into the ring

*I Spit in the Face* hits to a good pop from the fans as Carlito makes his way out with Torrie by his side. Torrie kisses Carlito good luck which brings a grin to Carlito as he gets into the ring

*I Am* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as AJ Styles makes his way to the ring, looking focused and forgoing his usual entrance antics, looking to get a rematch with Haas after he was robbed last night

*Slow Chemical* plays after the pyro's explode and Kane heads to the ring with the other 19 men taking notice of Kane

Everyone is set and waiting for the bell when

*World's Greatest* plays to heat and Charlie Haas heads to ringside, joining JR & King for commentary, as AJ glares at Haas

Match 1
20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal
Determines No. 1 Contender for IC Title
Kane vs AJ Styles vs Carlito vs Sting vs Billy Gunn vs Road Dogg vs X-Pac vs Raven vs Val Venis vs Goldust vs Eugene vs Test vs Chris Masters vs Monty Brown vs A-Train vs Johnny Parisi vs Johnny Jeter vs Matt Striker vs Rene Dupree vs Rob Conway

Order of elimination:

1. Johnny Jeter by Kane @ 0:04
2. Johnny Parisi by Kane @ 0:04
3. Eugene by Matt Striker @ 0:36
4. Rob Conway by AJ Styles @ 2:21
5. Goldust by Test @ 2:43
6. A-Train by Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac @ 3:16
7. Val Venis by Kane @ 5:02


8. Raven by Monty Brown @ 7:34
9. Rene Dupree by Kane @ 7:44
10. Test by Carlito @ 8:56
11. Kane by Chris Masters, Monty Brown & Matt Striker @ 11:59
12. Road Dogg by Chris Masters @ 12:12
13. X-Pac by Matt Striker @ 12:47
14. Billy Gunn by Sting & AJ Styles @ 13:34


15. Chris Masters by AJ Styles @ 14:51
16. Sting by Matt Striker & Monty Brown @ 15:26
17. Monty Brown by AJ Styles @ 16:34
18. Matt Striker by Carlito @ 16:55
19. Carlito by AJ Styles @ 19:21

Winner @ 19:21 - AJ Styles
Earns IC Title Shot at Unforgiven

The crowd erupts as AJ Styles, although hurting has his arm raised and he climbs the turnbuckle, pointing to Haas who is livid that of all people, he's gotta face AJ Styles again

JR: AJ Styles has done it! AJ Styles wins the battle royal, and has earnt himself a rematch with Charlie Haas at Unforgiven in 27 days!

King: I gotta hand it to the guy JR, I don't like him but AJ Styles has damn sure earnt that rematch!

Charlie Haas stands up and holds the IC title at Styles now and the two stare down as we go to a commercial


We return to RAW with a shot of the arena from the outside and then cut to Mick Foley's office, where Mick is kiciing back in his chair, taking an aspirin to hide the pain he's in after last night when Christian & Tomko walk in

Christian: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Foley is startled as Christian walks in and Foley drops his bottle of water over the floor

Christian: Look at this dropkick Tomko, not only has he NOT booked Captain Charisma, the biggest drawcard in the WWE tonight, but he's lowered his basement levelled standards to popping pills...

Tomko: It's sad.

Foley: What do you want Christian, as you can see I'm not in the mood for doing much.

Christian: I want you to tell me Mick Foley, why you have not booked the biggest superstar in the business in a match tonight. You could've booked me in that Intercontinental title battle royal earlier, I could've won it and beaten that bad tempered ruffian Charlie Haas without breaking a sweat at Unforgiven. You could've booked me and Tomko as the mystery opponents for Cade & Jindrak's titles tonight, you could've booked me in a match for the damn WWE Championship! But you have once again let the single greatest star alive today in Captain Charisma, sit out on the sidelines. You're depriving all my peeps of their regular dose of vitamin C! Well after last night, when I was the MVP of the War Games match, I was Mr. PPV!

A loud cough is heard from behind as Shelton Benjamin walks in and immedaitely goes face to face with Christian as the two argue about last night, with Tomko seperating the two from a fight and holding Christian back

Shelton: You were Mr. PPV? Christian you only got that far in the match because you for no reason decided to give me an Unprettier!

Christian: You hit Tomko here with a steel chair!

Shelton: It was an accident! Rock moved!

Christian: Sure, he just magically happened to move when the chair came crashing down onto Tomko's skull right? Right?

Shelton: Right! You cost us the match last night, you cost me my chance at a WWE title shot!

Christian: Aw come on, do you seriously think that you're WWE title material, Shelton you're barely a stocking filler and I'm the damn buldging present that you can't fit under the Christmas tree! You were like an old shopping cart last night Shelton, wobbly and all over the shop!

Crowd erupts for the insult as Shelton pretends to applaud Christian's comment

Shelton: You know damn well that you weren't Mr. PPV last night! You know that only one man can be Mr. PPV, and that is Sh...


Crowd erupts as RVD steps into the office

RVD: Dude, can you guys hear yourselves? We can hear you down in the locker room and it's getting annoying. Can't you see Mick has a headache and he's not in the right condition to listen to you two bicker like school girls! And by the way, there is only one Mr. PPV, one Mr. Monday Night, the Whole Damn Show is Rob-Van-Dam!

Crowd erupts as we hear an *R-V-D* chant start in the background

Christian: What? Rob, you can't be serious. You had your time to shine about 10 years ago, what have you done recently Rob? Have you won anything remotely respectable?

RVD: I'm Mr. Money in the Bank dude!

Shelton: That should be my damn briefcase and you know it. Just like last night I outclassed everyone in that War Games match and did I win? No I did not. I swear it's just everyone trying to keep a black man down!

All of a sudden RVD, Shelton, Christian and even Tomko start yelling between each other as Foley has had enough

Foley: Hey. Hey! HEY!

The four men stop bickering and turn to Foley

Foley: Right, I am not putting up with this tonight. So we're gonna have ourselves a match. It's going to be Rob Van Dam teaming up with Shelton Benjamin...

At the same time RVD & Shelton go "What?" not seeming pleased they've been teamed together

Foley: Taking on Christian and Tyson Tomko tonight! Now get out of my office, I need some peace and quiet!

The four men shuffle out with Shelton mumbling something under his breath as we go to a commercial with Foley rubbing his forehead and sighing loudly


*Reflection of Perfection* hits to pretty big heat as Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak head to the ring with a smug look on their faces after ending their rivalry with the Outlaws last night. The duo pose with their belts and hand them over to Chad Patton

*Real Men Wear Skirts* plays to a surpisingly HUGE ovation as Thrasher & Mosh, the Headbangers appear on stage! The crowd is lapping up the special appearnace by the former Tag Team Champions, while Cade & Jindrak are beside themselves in the ring, laughing and mocking the Headbangers

JR: I don't quite believe it! It's the Headbangers King! We haven't seen these two around for six years!

King: And what a normal six years it's been. These guys can't think that Cade & Jindrak will take them seriously in that attire! The Marylin Manson concert's down the road fellas.

Match 2
WWE Tag Team Titles
Headbangers (One Time Appearance) vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

The beginning of the match is filled with *Headbangers* chants and Thrasher & Mosh completely dominating the champions, who seem afraid of going near the skirts of either man.

During the break however after a crafty piece of deception from Cade, Mosh is suckered into a cheap shot by Jindrak and is isloated from his partner Thrasher.
After a few minutes of being beaten down, Mosh mounts a comeback, countering a side headlock from Jindrak into a back suplex.
A double tag is made, as the fresh man Thrasher is tagged in to a big cheer.

Thrasher cleans house on Cade, and then sends both Cade & Jindrak into the corner, and follows in with a Running Hip, squashing both men in the corner.
Thrasher seems to have Cade set up for the Stage Dive, but Jindrak shoves him off the ropes and Cade is there to roll up Thrasher while Jindrak lowbridges the in coming Mosh, who crashes out to the floor and once again C&J steal a victory to retain their titles!

Winners @ 6:34 - Cade & Jindrak
Retain WWE Tag Team Titles

The crowd boos as now Cade picks up Thrasher and nails him with the Sensational Slice!
Jindrak meanwhile on the outside clobbers Mosh with one of the tag titles and then gets a mic, chucking it into Lance Cade

Cade: There you have it! Once again, Cade & Jindrak come out on top! We're too good! We've beaten the New Age Outlaws, the Johnnies, La Resistance! We're too good and there's no one left to beat!

Cade drops the mic as he and Jindrak taunt the crowd who surprisingly pop big time, and we see why as through the crowd come the Dudley Boyz!

The Dudleyz slide into the ring and take Cade & Jindrak out to the floor with stereo clotheslines, sending the champions out to the floor to a pop from the crowd

The Dudleyz now play to the crowd as Cade & Jindrak tell them they're dead for that

JR: I think our ever cocky champions may have spoken too soon!

King: What the hell was that JR? The Dudleyz had no right to do that!

JR: They were just making themselves known to Cade & Jindrak that they're on notice and those titles might not be safe for much longer.

Backstage now and Scott Hall walks into Mick Foley's office with a gym bag over his left shoulder, getting a big pop from the crowd

Hall: Hey yo!

Foley goes to get from his chair, but Hall motions for him not to

Hall: Sit down Mick I ain't gonna be too long.

Hall places a sheet of paper down on Foley's desk, Foley takes a look at it and looks up at Scott Hall looking surprised

Foley: You're retiring?

Hall: Yup. There it is, ma resignation. After last night I realized, I can't keep up wit all da young guys around here anymore. I realized this ain't Dubya Cee Dubya and I ain't in great shape anymore. So, I'm hanging up da boots.

Foley: Well Scott, I hate to see you go, but if that's what you want then I can't hold it against you.

Hall: Hey chico you know it, the fans know and most importantly I know it, I'm too old for these youngsta's! So Da Bad Guy is outta here.

Hall holds out his hand and shakes hands with Foley, as he winces, showing the cut on his hnd he suffered in the War Games match and taps Foley on the head

Hall: Have fun runnin' this zoo ey?

Foley laughs as Hall leaves the office and Foley sits down, thinking of something

We switch to see Scott Hall heading down the hallway, saying his goodbyes to some of the staff, before running into Maven & Val Venis. He shakes hands with them before turning the corner to Carlito & Torrie, and saying goodbye to them both and continuing down the corridors, before he stops when he sees DX standing at the front door. Hall smiles as he slaps a high five with Billy & Road Dogg, then hugs X-Pac and the two go through some absurd looking handshake as Road Dogg & Billy look on, raising their eyebrows and looking at each other, weirded out to some extent. Hall then is about to leave when

???: HEY!

Hall turns around and we see Triple H making his way over. The two share a brief stare which the crowd eats up in the background, then the two shake hands and hug

Triple H: So you're going through with this hey?

Hall: It's time Hunter.

Triple H: And you're sure what you've got planned is right?

Hall: It's what I need to do H.

Hall has one last look at the DX quad and then heads out the front doors and walking off out of view

JR: Scott Hall has left the building!

King: For good! He just retired, just like that!

JR: He's had a great career folks and I think he was right to call time on his career, everything he said about not being able to keep up with the pace of things was evident last night. First the Big Show retires over night, and now Scott Hall retires! Two superstars in 24 hours King!

King: I can't say I'll miss either man, but it's never good to see someone go, unless of course it's Eric Bischoff!

JR: Too right partner. Too right.


*Are You Ready?* hits and the crowd erupts with a MAJOR reaction as DX step out on stage with Triple H at the front, holding up his WWE Title which he successfully defended last night at Summerslam. Triple H grabs a mic and the foursome get into the ring as the crowd chants *DX* loudly and Triple H waits for the crowd to calm down

Triple H: Wow, guys I seem to be having a feeling of Deja Vu! Yeah, it seems just like the night following Bad Blood. Once again Vince McMahon sent someone to do his dirty work, and once again they didn't get the job done. Instead, the only job that might need doing around here is a new chin job for Vinnie Mac after that Sweet Chin Music!

Crowd pops

Triple H: I mean I caught that on the replay this morning and all I can say is thank God Shawn didn't lay that one on me!

Crowd laughs

Triple H: But Pennsylvania, I have one question for you. And that is....are you ready?

Crowd pops

Triple H: No no no, State College Pennsylvania, I said ARE YOU READY?!?

Crowd erupts as Triple H climbs the turnbuckle, pumping the crowd up

Triple H: Then let's get ready to SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts again as Triple H hops down from the turnbuckle, but the mood quickly changes as *No Chance* hits to huge heat as Vince McMahon makes his way out with his Corporation henchman Test by his side. Vince looks extremely bitter

Triple H: Aw Vince, wadda matter? Wadda matter? Did Shane drop his silver spoon? Cade not perform in bed? No wait, I got it! I'm still the champion, right?

Crowd erupts

Vince: Hunter, you and I both know you're still the champion only because of one man and one man only, and that man is Shawn Michaels!

Mixed reaction for the mention of HBK

Vince: You come out here with your tired, old teenage potty humour almost everyweek and boast that you're the champ despite all I throw at you. All I want Hunter, is for you to lose dammit! WHY WON'T YOU LOSE?!? Was it that hard in the first place just to hand the title back into my possesion, so I could award it to whom I felt fit? Why did you have to become the biggest bane in my recent existence? WHY?

Triple H shrugs his shoulders, not knowing what Vince is going on about

Vince: Don't you dare disrespect me! I don't think you understand Hunter, I won't rest until you've been beaten!

Triple H: Vince I'm getting tired of your crap. All you do is get guys to fight your battles. Why don't you step up to the plate and take a shot at the title? Come on Vince, name a place and time! Anywhere, anytime, anyday!

Vince: You wanna piece of me?

Triple H: O no I think you heard wrong, I don't want a piece Vince, I want the whole damn pie!

Vince: Well you ain't gonna lay a finger on me!

Crowd boos Vince loudly


Crowd starts an *Asshole* chant towards Vince

Triple H: What was I thinking? How could I forget that you're a spineless bastard who couldn't take candy off a baby! You couldn't even beat me if I had one hand tied behind me back! All you are Vince, is a coward.

Vince: I'm not a coward!

Triple H: Then prove it Vince. Prove me wrong, prove everyone wrong.

Vince: You want me Hunter?

Triple H: Yeah, you and me next week! Whaddaya say about that?

Vince: I say.......YOU'RE ON!

Crowd goes wild for the announcement

Vince: But for tonight, you will be in action Hunter. You'll be going one on one, with Test!

Crowd pops

Triple H & DX stand in the ring as *No Chance* hits again and the Corporation back away with Vince staring a hole of hatred through Triple H

JR: Good God! Triple H vs Vince McMahon, next week live on Monday Night RAW!

King: I can't believe Vince went through on it JR! He's signed his own death warrant, The Game will tear him apart.

JR: I dunno King I've got a gut feeling that Vince has something set up for next week.

*My Time Is Now* hits and the crowd erupts into boos as John Cena makes his way out, heading to the ring with a "I Cut the Snakes Head Off" shirt on, an obvious insult and reference to him beating Stone Cold last night. Cena gets into the ring and looks set for action

JR: When we return folks, John Cena will be in action!


We come back and find Maven making his way down the ramp slapping a few hands at ringside

Match 3
Singles Match
Maven vs John Cena

After Maven's mini-push before Summerslam, he once again began well against John Cena, out doing him for a couple of minutes early on.
But Cena proves to be too good for Maven, taking complete control and showing the hunger he showed last night against Austin by pummeling Maven with all his signature moves including the Freestyle, 5 Knuckle Shuffle and then an FU to end it off in under 5 minutes

Winner @ 4:46 - John Cena

Cena stands above Maven, not looking to fussed with his victory and hops out of the ring grabbing a mic

Cena: I wish I could say that a victory over Maven meant something to me, but it doesn't. Not after last night. I made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, the "Toughest SOB in the WWE" fade into obscurity, I busted him open and made him bleed like an old bitch, and then I made him fade out. Yet, instead of being the talk of the town, I hear no one talking about it! instead I get to listen to crap about Mick Foley, The Rock, Christian, Triple H, Vince, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles and even the cameo role of Kane has more people talking than John Cena accomplishing one of the biggest feats of not only his career, but of any superstar who aims high in this business! And now, the following night, I'm booked against this?

Cena points down at Maven, shaking his head and getting edgy

Cena: I ain't feeling this at all. I want some answers. I want someone who can explain why this is happening to me to come out here now and explain this to me.

Cena waits but no one appears

Cena: No one's gonna give me answers? Fine. Then I'll just take a seat right here, in the middle of this ring and wait.

Cena grabs a chair and slides it into the ring, and follows in, setting the chair up and sitting down

JR: Well I can understand John Cena might be upset that he wasn't booked in the most competitve matchup of the night, but this is going beyond ridiculous in my opinion.

King: And who asked for your opinion JR? The guy should be doing somethung higher than beating Maven from pillar to post, he made one of the biggest names fade into unconsiousness last night, and now he's fighting small change!

JR: Well folks I'm being told we're going to an inpromptue commercial break, hopefully when we return we'll have some sort of result on this situation with John Cena.


We come back to see John Cena standing in the ring, getting heat from the fans and Maria down in the ring

JR: Well folks it just got worse during the break, let's show you what transpired during the commercial courtesy of Unlimited!

**WWE Unlimited Footage**

We see Maria coming out for the Kiss Cam segment, and when she gets into the ring, Cena asks her to give him a kiss. Maria is unsure at first, but then kisses Cena. She goes to continue her segment, but Cena pulls her back and gives her an FU! The crowd gives major heat to Cena as the footage ends
JR: John Cena crossed the line! He just assaulted a woman!

King: O come on JR I love Maria, but the girl is a few spanners short of a chrome tool kit in the logic department, she shouldn't have interrupted Cena's sit down strike!

JR: Yes King it's all her fault!

Cena: Is that enough for someone to come down here now?

Cena waits again, but still there is no response. A loud *Austin* chant begins, which Cena smirks at, before looking down at an out cold Maria, and Cena looks at the crowd with an devilish grin

Cena: Last chance, before I do something I won't be too proud of...

Still, nothing, and Cena drops down, locking the STFU on Maria! The crowd is booing like crazy as Cena pulls back, although Maria is still out from the FU earlier when all of a sudden *Slow Chemical* hits and the crowd comes alive as Kane makes his way out, jogging to the ring, and Cena sees this and tries to meet the Big Red Machine but Kane blocks it and goozles Cena, looking for a Chokeslam, only for Cena to kick Kane to the gut and scurry out of the ring to more heat as Kane stands in the ring, looking at Cena who is backing up the ramp

Cena: I didn't ask for you Kane, but now that you stuck your cindered nose into my problems, you're now one of them. Word life!

Cena drops the mic and does a "You Can't See Me" taunt towards Kane who tilts his head, looking down at Maria, then stepping out over the top rope

JR: Thank God for Kane! Maria's knight in shining armour happens to be the returning Kane, and what the hell has come over John Cena lately?

King: Ever since he got involved with Steve Austin he's been a different man JR, he's hungry and he wants to make himself known as the new "Toughest SOB" in the WWE.

JR: Well I dunno if assaulting hapless women like Maria makes you a genuine tough guy, but Cena certaintely has something worthwhile to do now, and that is what he said to Kane, taking care of a problem.

We go backstage now and Mick Foley is in his office watching on a monitor what just happened when Edge & Lita burst into the room, and Foley rolls his eyes before turning to them with a smile through gritted teeth

Foley: Ah Edge, what can I do for you?

Edge: Mick, I think it's clear that Trish Stratus is an undeserving Women's Champion!

Foley: Is that so?

Edge: Since she beat Mickie James for the title, what has she done with it? Nothing at all! Now I'm sure you're quite aware of Lita's ability, being the greatest Women's wrestler of all time...

Boos from the crowd

Foley: Look Edge is this going anywhere because after what you did to The Rock earlier tonight I've got the mind to have you kicked out of this building!

Edge: Don't bother, we're about to leave, all I'm saying is next week maybe Lita can have a match with Trish for the Womens Championship?

Foley: Haha! Lita has done nothing to just deserve a title match! But, just to get you out of my damn office, if Lita can beat Mickie James next week in a match, then she can face Trish for the Womens title!

Edge & Lita don't seem too pleased but don't argue, they just walk out as we go to a break


JR: Welcome back folks, and King it seems we're ready for tag team action!

King: This should be a great match JR!

*Ain't No Stoppin Me* hits to light heat as Shelton makes his way out looking focused, he slides into the ring and uses the ropes to warm himself up

*One of a Kind* hits and the crowd erupts with a big ovation as RVD heads to the ring playing to crowd. He gets into the ring and him and Shelton come face to face, both men having some words clearly not on the same wavelength as

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a split reaction, which is soon drowned out by heat as Christian & Tomko make their way out, with Tomko prep talking Christian, as Christian flips his hood back and points to a few peeps in the crowd

Match 4
Tag Team Match
RVD & Shelton vs Christian & Tomko

Very entertaining contest with RVD & Shelton not really on the same page although they do seem to be working well together for the most part, until Shelton makes a blind tag much to the annoyance of the fans, who Shelton blows off with a "Fuck Off" gesture. This lapse however allows Christian & Tomko to take control of Shelton for a couple of moments, trying to put him away.

Tomko goes for a Powerbomb on Shelton, but Shelton counters it with a hurricanrana as Tomko goes into the ropes, and Shelton nips up all of a sudden and nails Tomko with a High Angle Roundhouse Kick!
The crowd cheers Shelton's athleticism as both he and Tomko are down, and Tomko tags in Christian, but Shelton tags in RVD!
RVD comes in and goes all out on Christian with clotheslines, then nails a Split Legged Moonsault to him and covers for a near fall.
RVD then ducks a Big Boot attempt from Tomko and hits him with a Step Over Wheel Kick, and nails the Rolling Thunder to Tomko.

RVD now climbs the turnbuckle, getting ready for the 5 Star Frog Splash, but he looks across the ring to see Shelton also ontop of a turnbuckle. The two start arguing with each other for who's going to jump, and with this distraction, Christian bumps the ropes, causing both men to straddle the turnbuckle, but RVD falls out to the floor, and Christian rolls up Shelton for the win!

Winners @ 10:43 - Christian & Tomko

The crowd pops and boos as Christian pins Shelton for the win and he and Tomko head up the ramp celebrating while RVD looks at Shelton who is on his knees, frustrated that he lost the match. He and RVD share a stare of dissapointment

JR: A mix up between RVD & Shelton has just given Christian a big win here tonight!

King: Rest assured JR, I don't think this is the end of this little issue!

JR: Nor do I King.

We go backstage and see Rhino entering Mick Foley's office

Rhino: What's going on with the Hardcore title?

Foley: Look I had a phone call with the CEO Linda McMahon and she has confirmed that there is no rule that states that a SmackDown! superstar cannot hold the Hardcore title.

Rhino: But that's a RAW belt.

Foley: I know, but I'm not allowed to take it back. She's given me no power on this one.

Rhino: What are we gonna do?

Foley: Well I can't do anything, but...

Rhino: But what?

Foley: Well, maybe you can do something about it. Like, take it back the way you had it stolen from you. So maybe make an unannounced appearance this Friday night?

Rhino: O I like that.

Rhino nods his head and walks off smiling

JR: It seems SmackDown! may have a surprise guest this week.

King: Let's hope we get our title back JR, we don't want some thieves on the other show holding RAW gold!

JR: No we don't. Folks, coming up after the break it's main event time as the WWE Champion Triple H takes on Test, and IT'S NEXT!!!


We return and *This Is a Test* hits to heat as the Corporation's muscle makes his way out looking pissed off like always. He takes a DX sign from a fan at ringside and rips it in two before rolling into the ring

*The Game* hits and the crowd erupts with a booming reception as Triple H makes his way out and goes through his usual routine before rolling into the ring and posing with his WWE Title

Main Event
Match 5
Singles Match
Non Title
Triple H vs Test

Fair main event which Triple H feeds off the crowd in the early stages and works over Test before Test begins to take control of Triple H, going after the leg Shawn Michaels worked on last night.

It seems like HHH is mounting a comeback, when Test drills him with a Big Boot but The Game kicks out!
Test can't believe it and starts to argue with the referee, as Vince McMahon comes down the ramp with a steel chair in hand!
Vince slides the chair into the corner of the ring and then gets on the apron, yelling at Mike Chioda who tries to get Vince off the apron as Test goes for the steel chair, but Triple H picks it up first and hits Test across the skull with it, then throws the chair out of the ring and hits Vince with a right hand, knocking him off the apron before covering Test for the 1-2-3!

Winner @ 7:56 - Triple H

The crowd erupts as Triple H turns to McMahon who is on the ground holding his jaw after being hit by The Game, and Triple H climbs the turnbuckle raising his belt and pointing to Vince, telling him he's going down next week as we go off the air

JR: Triple H has picked up momentum heading into next week's match between himself and Vince McMahon! What a night it will be next week, good night everyone!


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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Renegade, sorry man. I'm ALMOST done with the SS review. Don't worry, I'll have it up by tomorrow.

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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

I'll drop a review of RAW soon enough, though you owe me one already.

for the week of September 28th


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