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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Strange promo to start the show with, but it is the standard promo that people seem to use when starting a new thread. Matches for the evening are announced, and then there are some big name returns. Main event for the evening will ve interesting, and I cant pick a winner at the moment

Good win for the Hardyz over MNM, and I guess they have to be the next contender for the tag titles

Angle comes across Kennedy, and it looks like we have a match for the evening set up. I guess Angle will win, but it will be a nice match

Booker T destroys the Boogieman in his match, and I guess this is your way of getting the Boogieman off television, and may be a nice way to start the push he could be getting

Nice to see the MIZ being used, and I can see him getting a nice midcard push, and the match next week will be good

Helms steals one over the Hooligans to retain his title, which is a good way to get him over a bit more. Nice match here, which did its job on the show

Good win for Birchill over Regal, and him as the new TV champion is good to see. The Miz attacks him after the match, hyping the match for next week, which could be a nice little feud

MNM/Bashams next week will be okay, and I guess it will allow MNM to get a win in over another tag team

Angle gets the win over Kennedy, in what was a pretty decent match. Angle gets over a bit more, while Kennedy gets exposed to the main event

Big win for Rey over Orton, and the match between Rey and JBL next week will be good, and I think we good see a new champion there. What is Orton going to do next week? Interesting to see I think

Good main event, until Kevin Nash turns up. Why the hell would you want to have Kevin Nash on the roster? Honestly, I don’t see a single redeeming quality of him, and I guess this will be leading to a match with scott hall down the line. Taker then comes out, and stakes his claim for the belt, and this situation is going to need some sorting out, with there being 6 contenders to the title, and im sure an elimination chamber will be used
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Sorry about the lateness of RAW this week, but I have been extremely busy and have had literally no time to write it.

It SHOULD be up tonight, if not then tomorrow at the latest. News
Purchase Rights; Signings; Etc.

Y2J resigns with RAW
Chris Jericho will wrap up his Fozzy tour commitments soon and has resigned a contract with the WWE. He will be on the RAW brand, his debut however is being kept close to WWE officials, no official date announced yet. many feel it may be at Bad Blood, in 7 weeks time

King of the Mountain Match rights
WWE have purchased the rights to the KOTM match, which was a TNA match. The name, King of the Mountain, however, may not be used. WWE will find a different name, the match is to be used on a RAW PPV soon

Big Show
Will be returning from his injuries in October, after several scans showed damage to his back and ribs were greater than first expected


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Here is the news for the Smackdown Brand, sorry Renegade™, I stole your idea. Smackdown News

Just announced in honor of the late great Eddie Guerrero. The 1st annual Eddie Guerrero Smackdown Tournament will be held. It will be a 16 man tournament with the winner of the tournament getting a gaint Eddie Guerrero Cup/Trophy. This tournament will start the Smackdown after Judgment Day and end at the Smackdown only PPV, The Great American Bash.

After a backstage fight last week after Smackdown went off the air, Teddy Long have announced that Ken Kennedy will face Bobby Lashley at Judgment Day. The fight all started when Ken Kennedy kept getting in the face of Lashley and trash talking him. Before Bobby Lashley could hurt him, Teddy Long interrupted and said they can settle it at Judgment Day.

After last week's mess, Teddy Long have promise that this week on Smackdown he will announce the main event of Judgment Day which is on PPV May 21.

That is it for this week's News Break, check back every Wednesday for news.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Miami; FL

We open the show with no pyro or video, we cut to the ring to see Vince McMahon standing in the middle of the ring, surrounded by Shane McMahon, John Cena, Edge, Chris Masters, Test, Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak, as the capacity crowd boos the hell out of them

Vince: Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.....

The crowd boos over Vince's speech, which infuriates the boss


The crowd boos again as Vince goes red, gritting his teeth in disgust and anger at the crowd

Vince: Now I am here to announce your new RAW GM, and I think I deserve a little respect.

The crowd begins an *Asshole* chant, as Vince looks at the mat and shakes his head

Vince: Please, you don't even know who he is yet, seriously.....

The crowd laughs lightly, but then more boos overshadow it

Vince: But before I get to that, you might be wondering why I have my "Corporation" as we have been labelled, out here, and the fact is I have 3 very good reasons why we are all here. One being Scott Hall....

Crowd erupts for Hall

Vince: Who, just like his hometown, is gutter trash.....

Crowd gives extreme boos

Vince: Another reason is my son of a bitch in law HHH!

Crowd cheers, nearly as loud as for the hometowner Hall

Vince: And Stone Cold Steve Austin.....

The crowd blows the roof off and starts a huge *Austin* chant which pisses Vince off, as Shane takes the mic and calms his father down, who looked ready to snap

Shane: You people need to close your mouths, my father is trying to address you about some pressing issues, and all you're doing is disrespecting him. Go ahead dad.

Vince takes the mic from Shane, looking calm again

Vince: Now that we've addressed those issues, I would like to get onto the main point of me being here. Your new General Manager. Now I realised that on.....

*I'm Back* hits to a reaction of shock from the fans as Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring, wearing a huge grin. He gets into the ring and hugs McMahon, who is stunned that Bischoff is out here

Bischoff: Thank you Vince! Thank you so much. Guess what? I'm back!

The crowd boos Bischoff, who stands there smiling

Bischoff: I always knew you'd make the right decision Vince, and bring back the man who made RAW what it is, over the last 3 years that I was in charge, I kept RAW as the top brand, over that other show on Thursday nights. An....

Vince: Eric, you interrupted me. You didn't even let me get out my final parts of the speech.

Bischoff looks worried, but then says for Vince to go ahead

Vince: As I was saying, one person just isn't right for this type of job. Remembering back to last time, you had quite a few people who did not like you Eric. So in the interest of fairness, I decided, that two co-GM's will work out alot better than one.

Bischoff: Wh....wha....what.....why?

Vince: Please welcome your co-GM, MICK FOLEY!

*Erk-Crash* and the crowd erupts as Mick Foley makes his way to the ring, slapping hands at ringside on his way, while Bischoff's jaw has dropped to the mat

Foley: Can I just say how great it is to be back in Miami!

Crowd erupts for the cheap pop, as Foley raises his thumb to the crowd, and the crowd begins chanting *Foley*

Bischoff: Vince, what are you doing? You seriously think that I'm going to share the GM spot with this fruitcake?

Vince: Yes I do, or I'll fire your ass again!

Crowd pops lightly

Vince: Now tonight, and over the course of the weeks leading up to Bad Blood, I will be assesing both of you and how you conduct yourselves as GM's, and at Bad Blood, I will announce the man who has impressed me the most, and that man, will the General Manager of RAW, undisputed. The loser goes home.

Bischoff: Well I'll show you what a real GM does, how to a book a match. Tonight, RVD and a partner of his choice will face Shelton Benjamin and a partner of his choice, and if Shelton and his partner are successful, then Shelton will face RVD at Bad Blood for the MITB contract. But if RVD and his partner are successful, then Shelton can NEVER challenge RVD for the MITB again!

Crowd gives little reaction, while Vince seems impressed

Vince: Well Eric I'm impressed, that's actually a very good idea. But Mick, do you have anything to add to tonight, let's not forget that Christian is already facing The Rock in the main event!

The crowd erupts with a *Rocky* chant

Foley: Well Vince, I couldn't help but notice what happened at the end of last weeks show, so tonight, it will be the WWE champion John Cena, Edge & Test.....

Crowd boos

Foley: Taking on Scott Hall, HHH & Steve Austin in a 6 man tag match!

Crowd erupts as Vince thinks about the choice, and then nods his head, while Cena, Edge & Test don't look too pleased in the background

Vince: You've got balls to make a match like that Mick, while I purely hate 3 of the men in that match, it's nonetheless a good match.

Mick Foley leaves to a huge pop, while Bischoff follows up the ramp, not agreeing with Vince's choice for 2 co-GM's

Vince: I hope you heard that you rebellious pricks! Wherever you are, you're going down tonight!

The crowd erupts, which surprises Vince, but then we see why, because Austin, HHH & Hall have jumped the barricade and now have gotten into the ring

Austin knocks down Cade, as Hall clotheslines Masters over the rope and HHH knocks down Jindrak with a right hand. The others bail out, and rejoin their colleagues on the ramp and retreat up, while Austin mounts the turnbuckle and raises his middle fingers towards them, and Hall & HHH lean over the ropes telling them to come for more, as we go to a break


*Ain't No Stopping Me No* hits to heat as Shelton Benjamin walks to the ring, now IC title free after losing to Charlie Haas last week, thanks to RVD. He gets a mic and gets into the ring

Styles: Well originally Shelton was scheduled to pick a mystery opponent to face RVD tonight, but Eric Bischoff changed that around earlier tonight, and now both men will pick tag team partners for this tag match.

Coach: Shutup Styles, my man Shelton's on the mic!

Shelton: Now before you come out here, remember our deal? You don't lay a hand on me, and we get this win, and I'll do what I can to get what you want. Understand me?

Before Shelton can say anymore, *Slow Chemical* plays to heat as Kane walks to the ring with a cold, menacing look on his face. He gets into the ring and stands right in front of Shelton, then lets the pyro fly, which scares Shelton, who backs off and warns Kane about their "deal"

*One Of A Kind* hits after the pyro explodes and the crowd goes wild, as RVD makes his way out on stage, holding up the MITB briefcase, which has been spraypainted over now with "RVD" tags all over it

RVD: My partner, back in his prime, and his old company's prime, could certainately be called Mr. Monday Night, of his company.....

*Ride the Lightning* hits, sending the crowd into a frenzy as the lights go out, and a white scorpion symbol starts flashing on the titantron, and then pyro shoots up from the ground, and out steps STING to an insane reaction from the fans. Sting shakes RVD's hand, then the two head to the ring with the crowd buzzing

Styles: I can't believe it, Sting is here!

King: What a night this is going to be Joey, this Miami crowd is in for a treat!

Match 1
RVD/Sting vs Shelton Benjamin/Kane

Brilliant match to kick the night off, the crowd going insane for both RVD & Sting whenever they are tagged in or they hit signature moves.
However, as we go to a break, RVD seems to damage his knee taking out Kane with a top rope martial arts kick from the apron to the outside, and Shelton takes advantage and lows assault to it as we go to a break.

When we return, Kane is destroying RVD in the ring, just pummeling him in the corner with right hands. RVD is gingerly staggering out on his left leg when Kane comes off the ropes and takes down RVD with a big boot.
Shelton wants in, but Kane refuses to tag him.
Kane covers and gets a 2 on RVD.
Kane sends RVD to the ropes and plants him with a powerslam. Kane again covers, and RVD kicks out after 2 this time.
Kane gets up and again ignores Shelton's request for a tag, as he rebounds off the ropes and goes to drop a leg to RVD, but Mr. Monday Night rolls over and Kane crashes to the canvas. Kane sits up almost immediately, and Shelton leans over the ropes and blind tags in, which pisses off Kane, and he goes for Shelton, but Shelton reminds Kane he can't touch him if he wants his "deal"

Kane goes out to the apron and Shelton turns to RVD, and is met with a stepover wheel kick! RVD makes the hot tag to Sting, and the crowd erupts.
Sting leaps into the ring and takes Shelton down with a clothesline, then runs and knocks Kane, who holds onto the ropes.

Sting waits as Shelton gets up in the corner, and Sting charges in with a Stinger's Splash! Shelton stumbles out, and Sting is about to hit the Deathdrop, but Kane boots him in the face, then drills him to the mat with a Chokeslam.
RVD makes a tag in and comes off the top rope, but Kane catches him and Chokeslams him down too. Shelton looks at Kane and then covers RVD, and picks up the win!

Winners @ 9:53 - Shelton Benjamin/Kane

Shelton celebrates on the outside, knowing he'll have his chance to face RVD in 6 weeks time at Bad Blood, while Kane stands in the ring demonically smiling

He reaches down and pulls Sting to his feet, and Chokeslams him again! Kane now pulls Sting to his feet again, and goozles him again! The ref is warning Kane no to do it, but Kane pushes the ref over and drills Sting to the mat with a third Chokeslam! The ref rolls outside and whispers something to Lillian, while Shelton is watching from the stage, wondering what is going on

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that Kane has been disqualified, and the decision has been reversed, thus your winners are Sting & Rob Van Dam!

The crowd cheers as Shelton falls to his knees on the ramp, almost at tears, while Kane just laughs at Shelton, the lets the pyro fly again, mouthing "Deal's off"

Kane now drags Sting to the outside, and CHOKESLAMS HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCER'S TABLE! The crowd boos but starts a *Holy Shit* chant, as Kane stands tall laughing as we go to a break


Styles: Welcome back to RAW everyone, if you are wondering why is announce table in pieces in front of us, this video might help. Take a look at this.

*Video of Kane Chokeslamming Sting through the announcer's table is shown, and Lillian announcing that the ref has reversed his decision, meaning it's credited as a win to RVD & Sting*

King: One thing's for sure, Kane is back to his old, twisted self. Sting has been taken to a medical facility, to be treated for rib injuries.

We go backstage and are in the presence of the GM's office, where Bischoff is sitting in his chair, still upset that he is sharing the role with Mick Foley, when Shelton storms in

Shelton: Bischoff, tell me you saw that! You saw me pin RVD for the 1-2-3. I won that damn match, and then that nutcase kane beat up Sting so much the decision was reversed!

Bischoff: So?

Shelton: So technically I got myself a match with RVD at Bad Blood!

Bischoff: But the decision was reversed.

Shelton: Come on Eric, I....

Shelton pauses and turns around, thinks for a moment then turns back to Bischoff

Shelton: I guess I could go and talk to Mick Foley about it, maybe he has the balls to do something.....

Shelton slowly starts walking out, when Bischoff grabs him on the shoulder

Bischoff: Don't bother going to Mick, you want your match, I'll book your match!

Shelton: Yes, so I get a match with RVD at Bad Blood with the MITB on the line?

Bischoff: Yes you do.

Shelton taps Eric on the shoulder and leave slooking happy, while Bischoff murmours something about Foley and picks up his phone as the camera fades out

Styles: I can't believe it, Bischoff just booked a match without consulting Mick Foley!

Coach: So what, all Foley would do is say no, and we wouldn't have a match at all. Get over it Styles.

King: That was smart by Shelton, he knew exactly what he was doing then, and he fooled Bischoff. Now we have a Bad Blood match made, 6 weeks before the PPV is on!

*Johnny Boyz* plays to no reaction as Jeter & Parisi run to the ring looking pumped up for this match

*Drop The Bombshells* hits after the pyro and the crowd erupts with a big pop as the Dudley Boyz make their way to the ring, playing to the crowd

Match 2
Tag Team Tournament
Dudley Boyz vs The Jonnies

Solid match, the Jonnies show us what they can do, impressing with a couple of nice tandem moves, as they isolate Dvon away from his brother Bubba.

Jeter tags in Parisi and the duo whip Dvon to the ropes, but they lower their heads early and Dvon stops, grabs them and slams their heads together. Both Jonnies stagger around, and Dvon rebounds off the ropes and takes both men down with a dual clothesline!
Bubba urges Dvon on, and Dvon makes the tag, and in comes Bubba.

Bubba nails a jab to Jeter, then clotheslines Parisi, and unloads his patterned jabbing combo and elbow smash to Jeter.
Bubba now sends Parisi to the ropes and catches him for a powerslam, but Jeter trips Bubba with Parisi falling ontop of him for a 2 count.
The Jonnies go for a double suplex on Bubba and nail it, but then Dvon comes and takes out Jeter with a cyclone shoulder block.
Parisi hits a right to Dvon then goes for another, but Dvon blocks it and whips him to the ropes, and is cleaned up by the 3D on his return! Jeter tries to get back to help his partner, but Dvon knocks him off the apron as Bubba picks up the 3 on Parisi!

Winners @ 9:31 - Dudley Boyz

The Dudleyz celebrate their win while the Jonnies back off up the ramp, defeatd and annoyed

Styles: The Dudleyz rolling into the next round, they'll face the winners of next weeks match between the New Age Outlaws and Cade/Jindrak!

Coach: I'm impressed with these young kids, the Jonnies. They can go far, if given the right push!

King: Unfortunately I'm going to agree with you Coach, they were impressive, but the Dudleyz were too good.

Backstage now and Bischoff is in the GM office when Mick Foley walks in to a big pop from the crowd

Foley: I heard you booked an RVD vs Shelton Benjamin match at Bad Blood.

Bischoff: Yeah, so what?

Foley: O nothing really, I mean all you did was leave me completely in the dark about the decision!

Bischoff: I'm sorry but you weren't around, so I went on instinct, you gotta admit though, it's sounds like a great match doesn't it? Huh? Doesn't it?

Foley: Well, it does. I just hope Mr. McMahon doesn't hear about you not being 50/50 with me and you get put in a rubbish truck and get fired.....

Bischoff: You wouldn't rat me out.

Foley: No I wouldn't.

Bischoff sighs in relief

Foley: Your nephew Eugene is, right now.

Crowd cheers as Bischoff leaps up and runs out the door yelling for Eugene, while Foley starts laughing in his office

Foley: Gullible.

Foley gives a thumbs up to the camera as it fades back to ringside

Coach: Wow that's funny.

Styles: Hahaha, it is. Did you see how quickly Bischoff got up and ran?

King: Looks like Foley's just getting his own back at Bischoff after he booked that match without Foley's knowledge earlier.

Coach: Foley's brain contains as much knowledge as a kindergartens math book!

Styles: Well folks as you know, 2 weeks ago at Backlash, Ric Flair hung up his boots after a long and illustrious career spanning 3 decades. Let's take alook back, at the legend, that is Ric Flair.....

*A 3 minute video package airs with Saliva's - Weight of the World playing in the background highlighting all the championship wins in Ric's career and all his major moments in the WWF & WCW*

The video ends and the crowd gives a resounding ovation and start a *Flair* chant with lots of *Woo's* floating around ringside also, as we come back to the ring and see that the Cabana is set up

*Spit In The Face* hits to a good pop as Carlito walks to the ring juggling an apple, smiling and grinning

Carlito: The Cabana, live in Miami, Florida!

The crowd erupts

Carlito: And I gotta say, das cool!

Crowd pops again, and starts a *Carlito* chant

Carlito: Once again, two weeks ago at Backlash, I outsmarted that shaven orangutang Chris Masters and got the win 1-2-3 over him. Now Chris Masters apparently has been going around calling my win a "fluke" and that is not cool.

Carlito pauses for a moment

Carlito: My win was about as flukey as Miami winning the South-east conference championship this season!

Crowd pops

Carlito: So Chris, you can ki....

*Masterpiece* hits to heat as Chris Masters storms to the ring looking sore and pissed off, mouthing off at Carlito, who is equally pissed that masters has shown up unexpectedly on his show

Masters: Hey Carlito I.....

Carlito: Hey man, you interrupt Carlito's show? Das not cool! Get your pill-popping ass backstage now.

Masters: Or what Carlito? What could you possibly threaten me with? Spit in my face? Go ahead.

Carlito: No I was thinking more of beating your slow, pint sized brain again, like at Backlash. Anyways, you aren't my guest tonight, get the hell out of here. And please welcome my official guest for the Cabana, Charlie Haas!

*World's Greatest* hits to a good ovation as Charlie Haas makes his way to the ring with the IC strap slung over his shoulder. He slaps a few high fives on his way to the ring

Masters: I don't think so, get out of here Haas, this is between me and Carlito.

Haas stands on the ring apron and drops to the outside again, and seems to be heading out when Carlito stops him

Carlito: Hey you get back here Haas, and get out of here Masters, I showed you at Backlash that you couldn't beat me, and that was cool!

Masters smirks, then sees Haas standing outside, and looks up, as if he has an idea

Masters: Tell you what, how about you put that IC title up against me Haas? Then I can leave this cruddy talk show, and take a nice championship home.

Carlito: I don't think so, if anyone should be facing for the IC title, it should be me. I beat you, you need to go to the back of the line.

Haas is still on the outside, while Carlito & Masters exchange some heated words in the ring, which cannot be heard by the audio

Haas: I was thinking about your little proposition Chris, and I thought, why don't you two face off right now, and I'll guest referee the match, and the winner can face me for the IC title?

Crowd pops, and Mick Foley shows up on stage to a huge pop

Foley: I couldn't help but overhear what's going on out here, and when Haas mentioned you two facing off for the contendership, I'll pull an Eric Bischoff and book the match, and that match is NEXT!

Foley leaves as Carlito & Masters stare down, and Haas stands on the outside, and we go to a commercial


Match 3
Carlito vs Chris Masters
Guest Referee: Charlie Haas

Haas has called it right down the line during the break, in which Carlito had a short spell in control, outwitting Masters.
But a small mistake by Carlito resulted in a Polish sledge to the face from Masters, who has been dominating since.
Masters currently has Carlito trapped in a chin lock.

The crowd gets behind Carlito and urges him to his feet, and Carlito sits down, with Masters jaw landing on Carlito's head with a jawbreaker!
Masters backs off holding his jaw, while Carlito gets back to his feet.
Carlito hits a left hand to Masters, then goes to whip him to the ropes, but Masters reverses it.
Carlito rebounds off the ropes and Masters goes for a clothesline, Carlito ducks it, then jumps up and drives Masters' back down onto his knees with the Cool Breaker.
Carlito pins Masters and Haas goes to make a pinfall, when he stops and sees that Monty Brown is at ringside.

Brown picks up Haas' IC title and looks at it smiling, then motions to Haas he wants the belt.
Carlito gets up and tells Haas to get his attention on the match, but Masters gets up and puts the Masterlock on a defenseless Carlito.
Carlito tries to free himself, but it is too much, and he eventually fades out and Haas has to call for the bell

Winner @ 8:56 - Chris Masters

The crowd boos as Masters rolls out of the ring smiling and Haas seems disappointed that he had to call that decision, but he turns to Carlito, and is met by a huge POUNCE from Monty Brown!

The crowd gives more heat as Brown stands over Haas, and holds up the IC title, then turns to Masters who is on the ramp and makes a motion that he wants the IC title too, while Masters stares back

Styles: Well Chris Masters has his chance next week to face Charlie Haas for the IC belt, but what is with Monty Brown, coming out here, I think Monty might want that belt too!

King: And I'm sure Carlito will feel robbed, he won't be happy with Masters, Haas or Brown for one reason or another.

Coach: Carlito cannot have any excuses, he had Masters, and he didn't put him away!

Styles: Monty Brown showed up and distracted Haas, which distracted Carlito!

Coach: Kiss ass....

Styles: That's rich coming from you.....

Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Christian!

Crowd boos as Christian walks into the picture smiling, and he slaps his chest then points to the camera, for his peeps

Grisham: Christian, in tonight's main event you are going one on one with Miami's own, The Rock, after you made the challenge last week after being humiliated by The Rock on the Peep Show.

Christian: I was humiliated? OK Todd, I think we all know why The Rock came back to the WWE. He humiliated himself with his shoddy so called "acting career". The Rock is only back here because he needs the cash, because all of his movies have been flunks at the box office, barely making the target income or falling short. I can tell you, I went to the movies when Doom came out and there was a big line, which shocked me. Then after asking around I found out it was the refund line, not ticket sales.

Crowd boos, as Christian smiles at his own joke. Christian then motions for a high five with Todd, who goes to slap it, and Christian moves his hand back and takes the mic off Grisham

Christian: Miami get ready to see your real People's Champ dispose of the People's Chump tonight, and that's how I roll! Canada in the house baby!

Christian walks off seemingly confident as the crowd gives heat and we return to ringside

Styles: Christian seems confident for tonight, and if he comes in with that attitude, The Rock will whip some candy ass, to quote the Great One.

Coach: Speaking of whippin' ass, did you guys see what kane did to Sting earlier?

King: Yes the remains of our commentary table are layed in front of us, after earlier tonight, Kane snapped again and Chokeslammed Sting through our table. Sting was taken to a local medical facility, no word on his condition as of yet.

*No Chance* hits to massive heat as John Cena, Edge & Test make their way to the ring, followed by Vince, Shane, Cade & Jindrak, getting more heat

Styles: This match is gonna be huge, but look at the support that McMahon is giving here, he's got his entire Corporation down here, apart from Chris Masters. Wonder where he is?

Coach: That's right coming up after the break, it's Austin, HHH & Scott Hall taking on Cena, Edge & Test!


We return and the Corporation is in the ring standing around

*Too Sweet* hits to a sizzling hometown reception for Scott Hall, who creeps out on stage and raises the Wolfpac symbol high to a huge pop. Hall then does his taunt on the stage as the pyro falls behind him, and he waits on the ramp

*The Game* plays to another major pop as HHH storms to the ring, for-going the usual water spray, and sharing an uneven stare with Hall, then the two finally shake hands and head to the ring

*Glass Shatters* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with a thunderous ovation for the Rattlesnake, who heads to the ring talking trash. Austin throws his vest into the crowd and joins his partners on the apron, then gets in the ring and mounts the turnbuckle, saluting the crowd. McMahon gets in Austins way, and Austin gives him the bird as he heads to the opposite corner

Match 4
6 Man Tag
Steve Austin/HHH/Scott Hall
John Cena/Edge/Test

The crowd is hot all match, the faces completely outdoing the Corporation in the early stages, but with the rest of the Corporation at ringside, eventually the numbers game catches up on the "Rebels"

As Hall goes for a Fallaway slam on Edge, Vince gets on the apron, and as the ref tells him to get off, Cade slides into the ring and chops out Hall's left leg, and Edge lands on Hall.
With this, Test is tagged in and he wipes out Hall with a big boot. Test makes a cover only to have HHH break it up.
Test mouths something at HHH, who gives him a crotch chop to a huge reaction from the fans.
As we go to the break, all hell has broken loose, with the Corporation trying to take out Hall on the outside, but Austin & HHH come over and spark a major brawl.

When we return, Cena is in control of Hall, working on the lower back.
Cena scoop slams Hall, then pumps up his shoes and rebounds off the ropes and goes to drop the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Hall moves and Cena hits the mat.
Cena rolls over and tags in Edge, who quickly drops an elbow to Hall who was reaching out to tag in his partners.
Edge now gives HHH a "Suck It" sign to huge boos, and HHH gets into the ring and goes for Edge, but the ref holds him back, while Test chokes Hall with the tag rope.
As Test is doing this, Edge puts the boots to Hall, who seems low on gas, being beaten for a solid 5 minutes now.
Edge now crouches in the corner, ready to uncoil for the Spear and charges in, but Hall moves, and Edge Spears Test off the apron to the outside!
The crowd erupts with a *Holy Shit* chant as Test & Edge crash into the barricade, and Hall begins to make his way over to his corner.
Cena gets in the ring and pulls Hall up for an FU, but Hall gets out the back, and takes Cena down with a reverse DDT. Hall now leaps and tags in STONE COLD!

The crowd explodes as Austin comes in and takes out Cena with a right hand, then Edge, then Cena again. Vince gets on the apron and is given a right, as is Jindrak.
Austin now sets up Edge for a Stunner, but Edge counters and goes for the Edgeacution, but HHH takes Edge down with a raised knee.
John Cena gets up, and HHH clotheslines him out to the floor, following him out.
Inside the ring, Lance Cade is sneaking up on Austin with Cena's WWE title. Cade swings it, but Austin ducks and Cade wipes out Edge! Austin then gives a Stunner to Cade! Austin makes a cover on Edge, and Test tries to break it up, but Scott Hall tackles him down, and Austin picks up the win!

Winners @ 13:47 - Steve Austin/HHH/Scott Hall

The crowd erupts as Austin climbs the buckle and downs a beer, then calls for some more and throws one each to HHH & Hall. They both seem skeptical of drinking it, but Austin promises them he won't give them a Stunner

The 3 eventually toast to a huge pop from the crowd and down the beers, while the Corporation again head up the ramp defeated, for the 2nd time in 2 weeks

Styles: What a match! Once again, the Corporation have been outdone by the "Rebels" just like last week!

King: Unbelievable, they were completely out numbered, but it didn't matter to them.

Coach: What was Cade thinking? Stupidity like that cannot be accepted in McMahon's plans!

Backstage now and we see Mick Foley watching on a monitor, liking how the match went down, and Eric Bischoff walks in looking exhausted and breathing heavily

Foley: Gee what's up with you Eric? It looks like you just ran a marathon.

Bischoff: I pretty much did, chasing Eugene before he got to Vince McMahon, and when I got there I was too late, and all he said was "I love my Uncle Eric!" and jumped up and down like an idiot.

Foley grins

Bischoff: You're hilarious Foley. I need a seat and a drink.

Foley wheels over his chair and lets Eric sit down, then grabs him a water bottle. Bischoff nods at Foley as if thanking him, then goes to pour the water on himself, but no water comes out

Bischoff: What the.....

Foley: O sorry I was thirsty watching that big 6 man tag, and I drank your water.

Bischoff: Huh.

Bischoff lays back in his chair as Foley gives a thumb up to the camera as the crowd laughs at Bischoff, as Foley exits the office

Foley: O Eric, have a nice day.

Crowd pops as Bischoff frowns at Foley and we go to ringside again

Styles: Well our co-GM's seem to be trying to pull the wool over each other's eyes tonight!

Coach: We could be in for a comedic 6 weeks.

Styles: Well coming up on the other side of this break, our main event, The Rock takes on Christian in a huge match!

King: I can't wait, and it's next!


We return and see Monty Brown leaving the arena, when Todd Grisham catches up to him for a word

Grisham: Monty, what do you have to say for your actions earlier tonight!

Brown: I'll tell you what Todd. Next week, Masters may have his shot at the IC title, but regardless, Monty Brown is gonna make an impact next week. Period.

Brown continues walking off as we come back to ringside

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to heat as Christian heads to the ring pumped up, searching for his peeps in the crowd, which gets more heat

*If Ya Smell* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with an electric ovation as The Rock heads to the ring to gigantic pops. Rock poses on the turnbuckle and stares at Christian

Match 5
Main Event
The Rock vs Christian

The Rock has the crowd in his hometown 110% behind him, everytime Christian connects with a move the boos flow in.
Rock started out well, before Christian took over, then The Rock came back as we were heading to the break, the two were brawling on the outside.

As we return, Christian has Rock in the corner, and he slaps the People's champ over the chest, then pounds on his chest and points to a peep in the crowd, but The Rock grabs Christian and throws him into the turnbuckle, and lays the Smack on Christian, finishing off the combo by planting him with a Samoan drop, which gets a 2 count.
The Rock now goes for a Rock Bottom, but Christian counters and rolls up Rock and uses the tights, but Rock just kicks out!

Christian stays on the offensive and places the boots to The Rock, then sets him up for the Unprettier, but Rock pushes Christian away and Christian knocks the ref over.
Christian comes back and Rock nails the Rock Bottom to a huge pop and hooks the leg, but the ref is out.
Rock goes over to the ref to his feet.
Rock helps the ref up then turns to get Christian and pulls off the elbow pad, ready to hit the People's Elbow, Rock goes off the ropes and drops it, but Christian moves! Christian now rolls up Rock with a mahistrol cradle, and has his feet all over the ropes as the ref counts 1-2-3!

Winner @ 16:34 - Christian

The crowd gives huge heat as Christian jumps for joy like he won the lottery, backing up the ramp smiling from ear to ear, while Rock is in shock in the ring, telling the ref about Christian's feet all over the ropes

Styles: I don't believe it! Christian stole a victory over The Rock in his hometown!

King: I can't either! This is huge Joey.

Coach: I can believe it! I had faith in Christian all along. What a superstar this guy is!

Styles: Good night from Miami everyone, what a shocker!

*OK that show was rushed, I had little time this week, and next week's RAW will have to be recapped, but after that I will more time to do full RAW's again. Sorry about the lateness and to RO24, really sorry about this*


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Opening segment was ok, nothing special and nothing special is to be expected whenever the new GM is announced. Foley comes in and Bischoff is in too making co-GM's. Hmm I see some dissension somewhere down the line between Foley and Bischoff.

Opening match seems ok and Benjamin and Kane get the win. Or so we though, reversed decision huh? Kane vs Sting feud seems coming to me and don't know what to think of it but anyways, should at least be a decent feud to be honest

Benjamin/RVD feud is heating up and already announced six weeks in advance? Hmm, don't normally do that unless for WM but whatever. Some dissension is already starting with Bischoff not wanting Foley to make the announcement at all

Tag Title Tournament time and the Jonnies, not sure what to think of this team. Anyways, was expecting Dudley's to get the win and I see a New Age Outlaws/Dudley's match coming as far as the second round is concerned for us as of right now

Wow! Another Bischoff segment. Hopefully this will be the last one because if not, it's overkill. Nothing special from here at all other than Foley telling Bischoff Eugene's telling on him. Don't really know what to think other than a filler promo

Cabana was nothing but would have prefered Carlito refering to himself a little bit more. Match was pretty good and Masters vs Haas next week sounds ok to me? Monty Brown? WTF? How many people are you going to be bringing in to WWE?

Christian interview was good, a segment I liked and was in character the whole time through. Christian vs The Rock tonight and not sure of what to think but could we see this down the road sometimes? If not, is tonight a one match deal?

Corporation vs Hall, Austin, and HHH was pretty good. Long fought out match with McMahon playing a role in it. However the faces pick the win up and get the advantage two weeks in a row, not really sure where this feud will go on from here though?

Main event was good and Christian beats Rock? Whoa! Was expecting a no contest or something of the like. Anyways, even though he cheated he still beat the Rock. Definently see another match coming off from here perhaps at Bad Blood
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

OK, it seems like randyorton24 will be running a day or two late with SD! also, to give some time for reviews for RAW to be up.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Not the greatest opening promo to be honest, but I suppose it got the corporation/rebels feud over a bit more, as well as reintroducing a bischoff/foley rivalry. Nice matches made for tonight, but to be honest, im surprised that a mcmahon isn’t the gm, as that would make more sense to make life hell for the rebels

Sting makes a debut on Raw, even though I haven’t got a clue where he is going to fit in on the roster, and to be honest, I don’t think he is needed. Looks like he is going to be involved in a feud with Kane though, after Kane goes psycho on him. Could be a decent feud, and glad to see that RVD/Shelton is carrying on a bit as well

Nice to see the match made at Bad Blood, and it looks as if Bischoff and Foley will be trying to one up each other this evening

Good win for the Dudleyz, and they move through the tag tournament, and have to be a threat to the belts

Didn’t like the Cabana to be honest, as it seemed to be a bit forced, with you not quite knowing how to set up the match between Masters and Carlito. Maybe would have been better to just have the match, without the promo beforehand. Haas as the referee works, and we could see a triple threat at some point, but the Monty Brown, gets involved, and costs Carlito the match, and then attacks Haas. Another guy makes an impact, but again, I don’t see why he is needed in the thread

Nice Christian promo, and this feud is looking good so far

The rebels pick up the win again over the corporation, who so far despite having the numbers, haven’t got in too many shots in on them. Expect the tables to turn in a few weeks though, as the numbers have to catch up with them at some point. A good match here, which would have been a good one to watch

Nice main event match, and Christian steals the win over the Rock, but there is no way that this feud is over yet. I see this going another couple of months at least, as there is so much you can do with it
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Here is my RAW Reveiw

Start of RAW- Nice to see Bischoff back and with Foley again as co GMS can be good and I am loving this.

Sting/RVD vs Shelton/Kane- What a match that was. I am guessing it is going to be Kane vs Sting at Bad Blood. Great Match!

Shelton/RVD should be great and I am guessing it will be a Ladder Match.

Dudley Boyz vs Johnnys- Ok, tag match but not really sure who Johnny Jeter is but ok and good for the Dudleys.

Cabana- Good seing Haas getting major tv time and I am seeing a triple threat for Bad Blood.

Carlito vs Masters- Ref Haas- Again, I could be wrong about the Triple Threat since we now have Monty Brown wanting the title. Great match but I think Haas might be in trouble if it is a four way at BB.

6 Man Tag- A great match and I thought The Corp would get the win by cheating or something but a great win for the Rebels.

It looks like next week's IC Title Match might end up in a DQ or No Contest because of Monty.

Christian vs Rock- I dont really know about this. It was a shocker that Christian got the win as I thought he would have go DQ but it was pretty good.

It was a ok show but way too much of the GMS. I know it was the first show with them but it was too much of Bischoff and Foley. It was still pretty good with it though. 79/100.

Also here is the Smackdown Preview.

WWE Smackdown Preview
May 4 2006

After last week's mess in the main event, Teddy Long have promise everyone that this week we will find out what the main event of Judgment Day is. Also, he have promise a huge Smackdown blockbuster main event. What will it be?

Last week the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM lost to The Hardy Boyz in a nontitle match. This week they will be in action in another nontitle match against the returning, Basahm Brothers.

Also the brand new Smackdown title, the TV Championship will be on the line when Paul Burchill defends against The Miz in his first match on Smackdown. Can Miz win the title in his first match?

Also the Icon returns when Hulk Hogan comes back to Smackdown this week. He will be facing Simon Dean. Also the Crusierweight Championship will be on the line when Gregory Helms defends against Jamie Noble and Funaki in a triple threat match. Also who can forget about the US Championship on the line when JBL defends against Rey Mysterio. All this and much more only on Smackdown on UPN.

Announced Matches

US Championship
JBL(C) vs Rey Mysterio

MNM vs The Basham Brothers

Hulk Hogan vs Simon Dean

TV Championship
Paul Burchill(C) vs The Miz

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Jamie Noble vs Funaki

Plus a blockbuster main event.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Thursday Night Smackdown
May 4 2006
From Dallas, Texas

Backstage we see Teddy Long.

Teddy Long: After last week's mess, I see there is no number 1 contender to face Kurt Angle for the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day. Well tonight, everyone will find out who Kurt Angle will be facing at Judgment Day because later on tonight, I am going to announce the main event. Now tonight's Smackdown maint event will be a 6 man tag team match, it will be Kevin Nash, Brock Lesner, and Bill Goldberg taking on Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, and the World's Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. Now Holla Holla Holla, players.

The Smackdown music and video plays follow by fireworks.

Longhorn hits and JBL dont come out in a limo. Instead he walks down to the ring and he holds up the US title. Booaka hits and Rey Mysterio pops up. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring with the fans chanting "Eddie".

US Championship
John Bradshaw Layfield(C) vs Rey Mysterio

Start- As soon as Rey Mysterio entred the ring, JBL clothesline him down. JBL starts kicking Rey Mysterio untill JBL picks Rey up. JBL swings Rey Mysterio into the ropes and he goes for a Clothesline From Hell but Mysterio ducks it. Mysterio then jumps on the 2nd rope and swingboard off it and hits JBL with a elbow to the head. Rey Mysterio gets up and starts kicking JBL in the back. Rey Mysterio runs to the ropes and drop kicks JBL in the face. Rey Mysterio makes the cover but only a 2.
Mid- Midway through, JBL is in control after he kicked Rey Mysterio between the legs. JBL whips Rey Mysterio into the corner. Rey Mysterio bounes off the corner and JBL connects with the Clothesline From Hell. JBL makes the cover, 1.....................................2................................Rey Mysterio gets his shoulder off the mat. JBL can't belive it. JBL picks Rey Mysterio up and he holds up the bull sign. He then picks Rey Mysterio up and drive him down to the mat.
Finish- JBL can't belive that Rey Mysterio is still alive in this match. JBL picks Rey Mysterio's body off the ground and he holds up his arm. JBL runs to the ropes and he goes for the 2nd Clothesline From Hell but Rey Mysterio ducks. JBL turns around and goes for a clothesline again but Rey Mysterio ducks that one. Rey Rey then dropkicks JBL into the 2nd rope. Rey Mysterio points to the sky and he bounces off the ropes. He then connects with the 619. JBL falls back into the ring. Rey Mysterio jumps to the top rope and connects with a flying leg drop. Rey Mysterio makes the cover, 1..............................................................2.................................... .....................Bradshaw just kicks out. The crowd is shocked as JBL just kicked out. Rey Mysterio slowly climb to the top rope. Rey Mysterio waits for JBL to stand up. Bradshaw stands to his feet and Rey Mysterio jumps on his shoulders. Rey Mysterio is trying for a hurricana but JBL caught him. JBL then drives Rey Mysterio hard to the mat with a powerbomb. JBL stands up and does his "Wrestling God" Taunt then he goes down to Rey to make the cover but Rey Mysterio quickly rolled him up, 1.................................................................2................................. ...........................3. Rey Mysterio just beated JBL.
Winner and new United States Champion, Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio quickly leave the arena with the US title while JBL is throwing a fit in the ring.

Backstage we see Booker T and Sharmell watching Rey Mysterio celebrate on TV.

Booker T: That is total bull crap.
Sharmell: Yeah that's right, Book that should be you wearing that US title.
Booker T: Damn right, last week I kicked the living hell out of The Boogeyman and how does Teddy repay me? By not putting me on tonight's show. I have had it with this crap. I have had it being screwed. Baby, I am going to go find Teddy Long and tell him that I am getting a US title shot against Rey Mysterio next week on Smackdown.
Sharmell: Yeah baby, you go tell him.

Booker T looks at Sharmell and they walk out of the locker room.


We are back on Smackdown and backstage we see MNM standing by with Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Guys, in just a few moments, you guys will face off against the returning Basham Brothers.
Melina: So what, Josh, we will beat the Bashams because they suck. We are the best WWE Tag Team Champions in the history of the WWE. Not only that will we beat every WWE Tag Team in this company because we are the best ever.

Just then Teddy Long walks over to Melina.

Teddy Long: Melina, I have to tell you something. Regardless if MNM win or lose tonight, they will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship at Judgment Day. It will be MNM taking on The Hardy Boys and The Basham Brothers. Now Holla Holla Holla.

Teddy Long walks off.

Melina: TEDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mexicools comes out riding their lawn mowers. They ride around the ring then enters. William Regal comes out next and enters the ring. We learned that at Judgment Day, it will be The Mexicools taking on William Regal and Finlay.

Super Crazy vs William Regal
Start- The crowd is chanting "Super Crazy". Super Crazy is looking at the crowd as William Regal attacks him from behind. William Regal starts kicking his head in the corner. William Regal grabs Crazy and pulls his hair and slams him down to the mat. William Regal waves at the crowd before dropping a knee to Crazy's head. William Regal makes the cover but only a 2.
Mid- Midway through, William Regal haves Crazy locked in a leglock but Crazy wont give up. William Regal keeps dropping elbows and knees to Crazy's leg but Super Crazy wont give up. William Regal says hell with it and he breaks the hold. He pulls Super Crazy up and plants him a float over suplex. William Regal haves the cover, 1............................................2...................................Crazy kicks out.
Finish- Super Crazy is fighting back. He whips William Regal into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. He picks William Regal up and puts him on his shoulders but as he swings Regal around, Regal's feet hits the ref in the head. The ref is out. Super Crazy then slams Regal down to the mat in a FU type move. William Regal sees that the ref is down but he goes to the top rope anyways. He then connects with a moonsault. He covers but no ref. Just then Finlay enters the ring and hits Super Crazy in the head with that stick of his. Super Crazy looks knocked out. Psicosis runs out but he also gets hit in the head with the stick. Finlay picks Psi up and toss him out of the ring. William Regal slowly crawls over and makes the cover. The ref starts moving, 1..........................................2...................................................3. William Regal wins the match.
Winner, William Regal

William Regal and Finlay walks up the ramp and we see that next week on Smackdown, it will be Finlay taking on Psicosis.


We are back on Smackdown, and Gregory Helms is inside the ring. He holds up the CW title and show it off. Funaki comes out next to little reaction. He enters the ring and wave at the crowd. Jamie Noble comes out and enters the ring. He points at Helms and tells him he is going to take that title.

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Funaki vs Jamie Noble

Start- All three men try to get the advantage on each other. Gregory Helms quickly rolls Funaki up but Noble breaks it up. Jamie Noble toss Helms to the outside. Jamie Noble grabs Funaki and plants him with a Tiger Bomb. Jamie Noble covers but Helms comes in and kicks him to break it. Gregory Helms picks Noble up and plants him with a brainbuster suplex. He floats over and makes the cover but only a 2.
Mid- Midway through, Helms is in control of this match by using cheating tactics but as he goes to suplex Jamie Noble, Noble slides out of it and quickly rolls Helms up but this time Funaki breaks it. Funaki plants Noble with a hard DDT. Funaki covers, 1..........................................2.........................................Helms spits in the face of Funaki to break it. Gregory Helms grabs Funaki and toss him out of the ring. Jamie Noble gets up and quickly rolls Helms up, 1..................................2...............................Gregory Helms kicks out.
Finish- Gregory Helms haves Funaki on the top rope. He gets up there and connects with a Hurricana onto Funaki. Gregory Helms makes the cover but he sees Jamie Noble on the apron. Greg breaks the count and he dropkicks Noble off the apron onto the barracade. Gregory Helms turns around and sees Funaki on his knees. Helms runs and connects with The Shinning Wizard. He gets the cover and retain the title.
Winner and still CW Champion, Gregory Helms

Gregory Helms holds up his title and grabs a mic.

Gregory Helms: I....I....I am sick of this crap. I am sick of facing nobodys. I am sick of it. You no what, I am far too good to be facing WWE Superstars. You know what, I will defend this title at Judgment Day against any wrestler that is not in the WWE. You can be from Mexico, Japan, China, Canada, Asia, or even Houston Texas, which by the way is better than this crap town of Dallas. So anyone outside of the WWE wanna challenge me for my CW title, then bring it at Judgment Day.

Gregory Helms drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Backstage we see Teddy Long open of his office door and Booker T and his wife are sitting down.

Teddy Long: Well Hello, Booker, what can I do for you?
Booker T: Teddy, I can tell you what you can do for me. I saw that you gave that runt, Rey Mysterio a title shot. Now Teddy, you better give me one. Afterall, I beat that ugly Boogey, I beat, no, I ended the Boogeyman last week.
Teddy Long: Well that's funny Booker T, I heard that The Boogeyman is coming back but no one knows when. It might be tonight, tomarrow, next week, next month, next year, in 40 years. No one knows but I tell you what I am going to do Player. I had someone else asking me for a title shot against Rey so this is what I am going to do. Next week right here on Smackdown, it will be Booker T taking on Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy and the winner will go to Judgment Day to face Rey Mysterio for the US Title. Now belivedat, playa.

Booker T looks a little pissed but then he smiles.

We see coming up next, the TV Championship will be on the line.


We are back on Smackdown and Paul Burchill comes out swinging from the rope. He is wearing the TV title and he enters the ring. The lights goes to hot pink and The Miz's music hits. The Miz dont come out instead he comes from the crowd and attacks Burchill from behind.

TV Championship
Paul Burchill(C) vs The Miz

Start- The Miz is kicking Burchill on the ground. He grabs Paul and picks him up. He whips him across the ring and plants a crossbody block. Miz gets the cover but not even a 2. Miz picks up Burchill and he goes for his C4 but Burchil elbows Miz in the head. Burchill runs to the ropes and clothesline Miz. Paul Burchill picks up Miz and swings him into the corner. Paul Burchill wins at him but Miz sticks up his boot and Burchill smacks it square on. Miz then climbs to the 2nd rope and waits for Burchill to turn around. Burchill turns around and Miz jumps off the 2nd rope with looks like to be a crossbody but Burchill catches him. Paul Burchill then slams Miz down to the mat and makes a quick cover, 1........................................2...............................Miz kicks out.
Mid- Midway, Miz is in controll kicking Burchil in the head. He then locks in a sleeper hold working on that neck. Paul Burchill is fading fast as the ref raises his arm and drops it, 1. He raises it again, 2. He does it again but Paul Burchill is still alive. Burchill gets to his knees and hits Miz in the gut. Burchill runs to the ropes but Miz grabs him and puts the sleeper back on him. Paul Burchill dont fall down instead he grabs Miz and does a backsuplex. Paul Burchill gets up and so does Miz. They trade fist in the middle of the ring. Both men runs to the ropes and haves the same idea as they each go for a crossbody but they hits each other in midair and both men are out.
Finish- Both men are still going at it. Miz is on the top rope. The Miz jumps but Burchill moves and Miz hits the ref with a sledge from the top. The Miz sees that the ref is out so he goes outside and grabs a chair. He brings it in the ring and he waits for Burchill to get up. Paul Burchill gets up and The Miz cracks him right in the head with the chair. The ref sees this and calls for the bell.
Winner by DQ and still TV Champion, Paul Burchill

The Miz does not like what the ref did so he chase the ref out of the ring. Paul Burchill gets back up and Miz swings the chair again and nails Burchill in the face. The Miz tells Burchill that the TV title is his. He picks Paul Burchill up and plants him with his own move, the C4. The Miz leaves the ring pissed that he got DQ.

We see coming up next, the Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan is in action.


We are back and Simon Dean is in the ring without the Gymini. American Hero hits and the icon Hulk Hogan comes out to a standing ovation. He enters the ring and does his taunts.

Hulk Hogan vs Simon Dean
Finish- There is not really a start and a middle as this is over quick. Hulk Hogan punches Dean in the face 5 times and then swings him into the ropes. He then kicks Dean on the head. Hulk Hogan then runs to the ropes and drops the big leg drop. Hulk Hogan gets the cover and the 3 to win the match.
Winner, Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan celebrates with his taunts and the crowd is going wild. Hulk Hogan turns around and he gets hit in the head with a chair by Randy Orton. Randy Orton brings the chair down again and again on the back of Hulk Hogan. Randy Orton pulls Hulk Hogan up and smash him in the head with the chair again and Hogan falls through the ropes to the outside. Randy Orton with a big smile on his face goes outside. He leans Hulk Hogan up against the turnpost. He grabs the chair and he swings against Hogan's head up against the turn post. Hulk Hogan might be hurt here. Randy Orton smiles before grabbing the mic and entering the ring.

Randy Orton: I told you all last week that I am sick and tired of not getting any respect around here. I also told you losers that I will make a point this week and what better way making a point then to add the most famous legend to my list? That's right, I just killed Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan joins my list of Legends I killed including, Mick Foley, HBK, Harley Race, Stone Cold, and now HULK HOGAN. You see Hulk, you should have not come back at all. You see, there is no room for you here anymore. Just face it, Hulkster, you are too old to wrestle. You should have just stayed you and take care of Brooke and Nick, and we can't forget about your hot wife, Linda. Hulk Hogan, you wont ever, and I mean ever, be here on Smackdown again. Now to you Rey Mysterio. I saw that you are the US Champion but I dont want the title. I want you next week in a nontitle match so I can kick your ass just like I did Hogan's here.

Randy Orton walks over to the ropes and sees that Hulk Hogan is bleeding and he is almost on his feet, with help.

Randy Orton: Oh, you want some more, Hogan? You want me to end it right here? Fine then.

Randy Orton drops the mic and he hits the two refs that was helping him. Randy Orton picks up the chair and cracks Hogan in the head again. He then slams the chair down to the skull of Hogan. Randy Orton smiles and leaves ringside with a evil grin on his face.


Backstage Josh Matthews is standing by with Rey Mysterio.

Josh Matthews: Rey, congrats on winning the US title here tonight but what about what Randy Orton did to the legend, Hulk Hogan?
Rey Mysterio: You know what, Josh, that man is sick. That man needs help. Randy Orton, who do you think you are trying to end the life of Hulk Hogan. He is one of the greatest wrestlers ever and for you to just disrespect him is uncall for. So to answer you Orton, ok, next week Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio. Randy, you are going to find out whats it is like to be hurting.

Rey Mysterio walks off and we can tell he is pissed off.

MNM comes out and the WWE Tag Team Champions make there way into the ring. The hold up the titles as The Basham Brothers come out. The Bashams gets a nice pop from the crowd.

MNM vs The Basham Brothers
Start- Johnny Nitro and Danny Basham starts the match off. They circle the ring before locking up. As they lock up, Joey Mercury enters the ring and knocks Danny down. Nitro gets out of the ring as Mercury is the one starting the match. Mercury kicks Danny B on the ground. Mercury grabs Danny and takes in Nitro. Johnny Nitro comes in and kicks Danny in the corner. He grabs Danny and does a snapmare. Nitro runs to the ropes and dropkicks th back of Danny. Nitro makes the cover but only a 2.
Mid- Midway, MNM is still beating the living hell out of Danny. Nitro is in and he sits Danny on the top rope. Johnny Nitro goes to the top rope and goes for a hurricana but Danny blocks it and he powerboms Nitro all the way from the top rope. The crowd is in shocked but Nitro gets a tag to Mercury who comes in and drops a elbow on Danny so he cant tag. Mercury pulls up Danny but Danny starts fighting back with some hard right hands. Danny runs to the ropes and he ducks a clothesline from Mercury. Danny comes back and both him and Mercury bump heads.
Finish- Each man tags in the partner. Nitro runs at Doug but Doug takes him down with a hiptoss. Mercury runs at Doug but he also gets a hiptoss. Nitro runs at him again but this time he gets a back body drop. Doug then clothelsine Mercury over the top rope to the floor. Danny then gets up and he jumps over the top rope to the floor and lands on Mercury. While Doug is watching this, Nitro attacks him from behind. Nitro picks up Doug for a suplex/brainbuster but Danny trips Nitro and Doug falls on top of him. Danny holds his foot and The Basham Brothers get there first win back.
Winner, The Basham Brothers

The Bashams celebrate going up the ramp while MNM are in the ring and can't belive it. Just then the Hardy Boyz run through the crowd and gets in the ring. Matt and Jeff grabs MNM and connects with a double Twist of Fate. Both Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy climbs to the top rope. Matt Hardy jumps first with a flying legdrop and he got Mercury. Jeff Hardy then jumps with the Swanton Bomb onto Nitro. The Hardy Boyz hug each other as the crowd is going nuts.

Backstage Josh Matthews is standing by with Bill Goldberg.

Josh Matthews: Bill Goldberg, later tonight you will be in a 6 man tag team match but also later tonight, Teddy Long is going to announce the main event for Judgment Day. Do you think you will face Kurt Angle for the World Title?
Bill Goldberg: Well Josh, if Teddy was a smart man then he would make me vs Kurt Angle for the World's Championship. If Teddy dont think I should have the spot in the main event of Judgment Day then I will show him tonight. I will show the GM that Goldberg is the next World Heavyweight Champion. Kurt Angle, YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!!


We are back on Smackdown and ready for the main event. Here Comes The Pain hits and Brock Lesner comes out to a mixed reaction. He walks down the ramp and jump on the apron as the fireworks shoot off. Brock enters the ring. Who's Next hits and Goldberg comes out through the smoke. He kicks the air as the pyro shoots off. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring staring at Lesner. The old NWO music hits and Kevin Nash comes out. Kevin Nash enters the ring and holds up his fist. Whatever hits and the Crippler, Chris Benoit comes out to a good pop. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring. The lights go out and fog fill up the arena. He slowly walks down the ramp and onto the stairs. He raises his hands and the lights come on. The World Heavyweight Champion comes out next to a huge pop. He walks halfway down the ramp and raise his arms up and the fireworks shoot off. He continue down the ramp and he enters the ring.

Brock Lesner, Kevin Nash, Goldberg vs Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Chris Benoit
Start- Lesner, Nash, and Goldberg almost got into it trying to figure which one to start the match. Brock Lesner and Chris Benoit are the ones to start the match. They circle the ring and lock up but Brock Lesner shoves Chris Benoit into the corner. He smiles at him then takes off running at Benoit but Chris moves and Brock Lesner hits the corner. Chris Benoit starts chopping the big man in the corner. Chris Benoit goes to whip Brock Lesner but Lesner reverse it and sends Chris Benoit into the corner with force. Chris Benoit falls to the mat holding his back. Brock Lesner walks over and starts kicking him. He then drops two elbows and makes a quick cover but Benoit kicks out at 2. Brock Lesner picks Chris Benoit up and locks in a bear hug. Brock Lesner haves it tight but Kurt Angle quickly enters the ring and knocks both Lesner and Benoit down. Goldberg reaches over and tags in Lesner. The ref gets Angle out of there while Goldberg backs Benoit into the corner. Goldberg starts doing shoulder blocks to Chris Benoit's ribs/back. Goldberg grabs Benoit and swings him into the corner across the ring. Goldberg runs at him but Chris Benoit ducks. Goldberg hits the corner chest first. Chris Benoit grabs Goldberg from behind and connects with a german suplex. He rolls through and connects with a 2nd one. He rolls through again and does a hat trick of german suplexes. Chris Benoit goes to the top rope and signals for his headbutt but Brock Lesner runs over and shoves Benoit off the ropes and Chris B hits the mat hard on his back.
Mid- At midway, Kevin Nash is working on Benoit's back. He picks Chris Benoit up and bodyslams him down to the mat. He runs to the ropes and does a legdrop to the back of Benoit. Kevin Nash covers but Kurt Angle comes in and breaks it. Kurt Angle wants in this match so bad. The ref gets Angle out of the ring and Nash tags in Lesner. Brock Lesner comes back in with a smile on his face as he stares down at the fallen, Chris Benoit. Brock Lesner goes to pick Benoit up but Chris Benoit climbs through the legs of Lesner and grabs him and connects with a hard german suplex. Chris Benoit then jumps and tags in the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle enters the ring as Brock Lesner tags in Goldberg. Goldberg trys to clothesline Angle ducks it and he takes Goldberg down with a german. Kevin Nash comes in and he hits Angle from behind. The Undertaker then comes in and stars hitting Nash.
Finish- Kevin Nash starts fighting back but Undertaker is still getting the better of him. Brock Lesner gets up and he nails a sledge Taker with a sledge. Brock Lesner gets the tag on Goldberg and Lesner goes kicking Angle on the ground. Goldberg runs over and he grabs Undertaker. Chris Benoit gets up and he runs and clothesline Goldberg and himself over the top to the outside. Kevin Nash grabs Undertaker but Undertaker grabs him by his neck and does a hard chokeslam to Nash. Kevin Nash rolls out of the ring. The Undertaker sees Goldberg and Benoit fighting out of the ring. He runs to the ropes and bounces off them and jumps over the other ropes right onto both Goldberg and Benoit. The crowd is chanting "Holy Shit". Brock Lesner picks Kurt Angle up and puts him on his shoulders. Brock Lesner goes for a F5 but Kurt Angle slides off the back of Lesner and he connects with the Angle Slam. Kurt Angle then locks in the Angle Lock. Brock Lesner screams in pain as he trys to reach the ropes. He can't reach so he is force to tap out. The ref calls for the bell.
Winners, Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle celebrates in the ring holding up the World Heavyweight Title. Teddy Long comes out to a good pop.

Teddy Long: Players, I am out here to announce the main event of Judgment Day. Now I thought long and hard about it and I came up with a match that everyone will like. Kurt Angle, you will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against, Chris Benoit, Brock Lesner, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, and The Undertaker in the 2nd ever, 6 man Hell in a Cell Match. Now players, there will also be a guest Ref for this match. Here he is right now, the former World's Champion, BATISTA!!!!!

The Animal Batista comes out to a awesome pop. He shakes hands with Teddy Long and he stares at the 6 men as Smackdown goes off the air.

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I'll try to get an review later.
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