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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Orry's Raw Review

Opening Promo:
Good promo to open the show with, setting the scene for the night to come. Triple H/Shane O should be very interesting, and I can't wait to see what kind of matches the other members of DX are forced to endure!

X Pac vs. A-Train and La Resistance: X Pac loses no credibility here, actually looking very good against the three on one numbers game. As predicted, the numbers pay out in the end.

Bischoff/Brown/Masters Segment: Great segment here, with the Biscff choosing Masters as the final man on his team. The two powerful brutes claim they will win the match for their team- that remains to be seen!

Cade/Jindrack Promo: Decent promo here, a good way to get the heel champs on the show.

Goldust vs. Johnny Jeter: Short pointless match, with the major story being told after the match, where Stone Cold attacks, causing the No Contest finish. The backstage attack was great, and it looks like Cena may be a little indimidated by Austin.

La Resistance vs. NAO: A little confusing as AMW was announced as the team that the NAO were set to face, only for La Resistance name to pop up? Anyway, a decent match here, with X Pac getting involved to cause the No Contest finish, the second of the night. The champs are looking good as well!

Austin/Cena Segment 2: Great segment here with the Ratlle Snake getting one up on Cena, destroying his car. Summerslam should be huge, I can't wait for the match!

Rhyno vs. Coach: WHOA, huge shock having Raven cost Rhyno the match. Damn, I can't wait to see how you use Coach as Champ, should be a blast

Christian Promo: Awesome promo man, a hillarious segment right here. You have Christian's character down to a tee dude! I hope he can back his words up!

Chris Masters vs. Scott Hall: Masters defeats Hall, and is looking good heading into Summerslam! How will Hall respond?

Main Event: MOTN without doubt. Awesome action, the interferance was probally a little overboard for my liking, but nether the less great match, with HBK turning on the McMahons! I can't wait to see what happens next week!

Overall: Very good show man, a great read. The interferance was probally used too much tonight, and I'm still a little confused about the AMW/ La Resistance thing. 8.5/10!

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Ok opening to the show but the McMahon's didn't seem as their normal, intense heel characters they are. Anyways, so Lethal Lottery sounds intresting and first draw happens to be a Handicap Match? How convincing this happens?

Intresting start to the show and D-X isn't getting off to a good start right now with X-Pac being drilled into the ground with the lose. Wonder what happens for the rest of D-X tonight and hopefully, it's more than an Handicap Match.

Didn't really like this next promo. Masters nor Bischoff seemed in character to me throughout the whole thing. Seemed very sloppy and not like a promo we'd see from them. All I got from it was Masters is supposed to be the fifth man on the War Games team.

Nothing much to comment on other for the tag match other than that it was ruined by Austin. Nothing special during the match but Austin and Cena really are hating each other. Big brawl there and I can't remember but aren't they facing each other at SS?

No DQ's for La' Resistance? La' Resistance already had a match and this really hurts the realism now. Also it said AMW but there was no AMW out there, we got La' Resistance again. X-Pac ends this one quickly and Cade/Jindrak continue their feud with NAO.

Cena again? Seems as if we've seen him already a few times tonight but anyways, it's set for SummerSlam. Ok segment but didn't really have what I expected. Old school Austin with the run over the car, seen that before so didn;t really like that.

Seen the Coach as Hardcore Champion before, as a matter of fact he just was in F-D's thread. Raven returns, I think there has been too many people being brought in from TNA and this just doesn't have that Raw feel you'd expect anymore.

Segment was good but some of the jokes were forced and repeated it hurting the interview. Christian did good like I said but the ending wasn't really what I wanted, it might have dragged on too long too. Guess we'll see if Edge and Christian can get along or not now.

Good to see Masters went over Hall. Masters and Hall's feud will hopefully be over soon because I can't really stand Hall. Nothing much can be done with him now as far really as I can think. Hopefully War Games ends up blowing the fued off.

Main event was good, HBK shows that he wants the WWE Championship come SummerSlam. Nice ending and now makes you wonder if HBK and the McMahon's can get along. Plus the big question, will HBK get the title shot since what he did.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Good opening promo and it looks like the McMahons are definatley going to push their power tonight after their announcment of the lethal lottery and what match X-Pac has got to go through.

X-Pac put on a good effort but the numbers game came against him and A-Train gets the victory for his team. Will be interesting to see what the other DX members have to go through tonight.

Decent segment here thought Masters was a little out of character, Masters should be a good addition to Team Bischoff.

Goldust v Jeter never really happens after Austin cleans house which is one type of ending to the match which i have never liked. Austin wants to tear Cena apart but he loses him.

La Resistance has already had a match, not very realistic for a team to have two matches on the same card. OK match X-Pac interferes to save NAO, but then Cade and Jindrak come out and continue their feud with the Outlaws by beating them down. Bit strange that one as it said AMW, but it was La Resistance who faced them.

Good segment here, felt like the good ol' days with Austin destroying Cena's car and then doing a Cena and not showing up. This feud has been built up very well.

Big shock here as Raven returns and costs Rhyno the match and Jonathen Friggin Coachman is the champion. He should make a very good champion

Great segment best so far of the night. Loved some of Christian's comments. Seems like a bit of tension between the members of Team Bischoff which is not good for Bischoff.

Good to see Masters get the win, as you need to push the younger guys and Hall is way past it.

HHH overcomes the odds thanks to HBK who hit both HHH and Shane with SCM, showing even though he hates HHH he still hates the McMahons.

Overall this was a good show but there was one or two realism problems like La Resistance having two matches in the same night. 80/100
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE RAW -- Houston; TX -– Comments
Well, it looks like that McMahons/DX feud is gonna continue. Shane vs. HHH inside a steel cage would be awesome but I still think that HHH would find a way to retain the title because he’s that damn good. Guest referee; Shawn Michaels? Oh my! Lethal Lottery? That was cool. A-Trian and La Reistance vs. X-Pac could be an okay match. A nice match in which heels take the victory in their bag. Shame on X-Pac. Interesting promo backstage from Monty, Eric, and Masters. Hyped the SummerSlam. Short promo. Just to tell you, promo was really really off for me. Okay, Cade and Jindrak here and they do a pretty short promo. Well, I wanted to see more from them. Anyways, a huge brawl by Austin and Cena. It was very exciting and interesting. I loved it man. This feud is beginning up amazingly. La Resistance vs. NAO?! La Resistance already had a match and this kills the realism of the show. No Contest, umm… good try from X-Pac but all the things messed up and the heels gain the upper-advantage over them. Very interesting promo from John Cena. Typical Austin was showed here and Austin vs. Cena at SummerSlam could be great. Wow, Coach becomes the Hardcore Championship. And I guess that it can be nice because he can provide some great promos. Also, Raven/Rhino’s feud is turning to be a good one. Christian’s promo was really good. However, it draged on and on, which I did not like. Looks like every team member from Bischoff’s team is not on the same page. Masters beat Hall. Great. Please end their feud soon. Match of the nihgt here. I really loved it and I think that the ending was superb. HBK turns on McMahons and shocks me. Maybe HBK is gonna join DX? Or something else? Oh my, I dunno and there are a lot of questions but I guess I’ll know them in few weeks.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Deadman_014's Raw Review

McMahons Opening Promo: I was really amused and enjoyed this as this was really good and very realistic segment as I could see this happening on TV but a little more Shane in this would of been good as Shane is in the match so he should of hyped it in a way truthfully instead of just said that was fair at the end thats one of my only problems with the promo. 8/10 good promo not great but its good should of used Shane more but it had perfect length good opening segment.

3-1 Handicap Opener: Pretty much a squash match I found pretty good A-Train squashes him at the end as expected good squash match to give them a little over on X-Pac DX not looking good as they start the show and I don't expect them to last the night without being completely beaten and battered. 7.5/10 length could be worked on a bit as Shane and Vince promo was much longer like x2 then this match so that you should work on but besides that good match man liking the show so far.

Bischoff/Brown/Masters Segment: Very interesting concept indeed having Bischoff fire his own guy if his team wins and Bischoff wins Raw which I see happening so this ain't good for Hall hehe. Truthfully I hope Foley wins as I loved Foley as GM and he would make another good commiss aka GM now hopefully he wins very interesting segment heat between team mates probably could and will start a feud and cost Bischoff the match but I don't see Bischoff leaving Raw and getting off that easy. 7.5/10 pretty decent segment not that good and not great but it was ok nothing special but interesting none the less.

Interview with Tag Champs: Short and Sweet down to the point decent not much to say since it was as short as my review for this segment is. 7/10 to short though short and sweet was a little to short and sweet for this segment good job tho keeping the show moving along well

Goldust vs Jeter: Decent idea for a match but this was just used to promote Austin in the end as it ended as a no contest pretty Austin like coming out stunnin em I find him amusing can't wait to see what happens after the match with Austin and Cena. 8/10 more interested in Austin and Cena then the match pretty sure thats what you were looking for another good job getting sick of saying that IT SUCKED lol jk

Cena/Austin Segment: I LOVED this was a really good segment I think this was much better then expected truefully this was VERY entertaining I found NO FLAWS anywhere in this it was a perfect job here man I loved this segment more then any other so far. 10/10 perfection man you were right on with the Austin comments and all that stuff it was really good and very entertaining I could see this happening only if I could see Cena as a heel which will never happen again probably lol

Tag Match: This was a very interesting match I find these way to short though even for a recap type of match idea. But I think that X-Pac coming in and interfering was good even though I don't understand why it was a no contest I don't understand that at all but thats to just keep New Age Outlaws keep there title shots. Aftermatch assault was pretty good and I saw a little futher Austin's comment this should be good, 8/10 another good segment in the show tho it could of been better keep up da good work bro.

Austin/Cena Segment 2: HAHAHAHHAHA dude I am LOVING THIS if they ever faced off in WWE like this If it went like this I wouldn't miss a minute of Raw ever in real life (like i do) GREAT JOB! 9.5/10 almost perfect a little few mistakes with a few things but GREAT JOB dude I am loving Cena vs Austin this is awesome.

Hardcore Title: Wow COACH hardcore Champ cause of Raven VERY interesting that shocked me very interesting. 9/10 for shock factor hehe wow Raven screwed Rhyno not much to say since it was like a paragraph long good tho.

Christian/Edge: This went on 2 long Christian was rambling on WAY to long it seemed very interesting segment and Edge then rambled and you had Bischoff in way to long I hated this segment sorry man. 5/10 not good mate this was by far the worst segment I didn't wanna see Christian ramble on about this crap and neither Edge your just fitting em in the show cause you don't have a plan for this show with them which is fine but I hated this segment not a good way to use em shoulda just had them have a 3 on 1 against hall.

Masters vs Hall: This I didn't like very much wasn't interested in this very interesting about Bischoff tho screwing Hall. This was a decent ending figured this would happen so 6.5/10 not good very ok segment not pretty ok or pretty decent or anything tho.

WWE Championship Main Event: Now this interested me very much I kinda skimmed threw this as I wanted to see the ending I was very interested in the ending as I saw all of the reviews. I saw HBK give HHH sweet chin music and then Shane that was pretty good then put HHH's arm over Shane's so I figure its gonna be DX (with HBK) vs Corporation *YAWN'S* More shitty feuds people shove down our throats that sucks well I think this might be decent. Hopefully this plays better and its good to see Shane not win or that would REALLY SUCK good ending but should of been some type of aftermath. 7.5/10 one of my least fav things of the night overall as some things don't seem very good but still decent match decent show good man.

Overall: 7.5/10 good job mate I think this was a good and the shows are going to be better when you get it all planned out so keep this shit up its really good I'll be reviewing soon return the review can't wait to see your thoughts on my shows gl mate

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Something that really bugs me about reading promos quite often is that people put HHH instead of Triple H. I dont mind reading HHH during a match, but when I'm reading speech, I prefer to read names etc in full, as it puts me off.

McMahons in charge then, and good explanation for it. Looks like it could be a screwy night for DX given the Handicap match to start things out.

And obviously, X-Pac was never going to stand a chance. A-Train and La Resistance make for an odd team, but as a one off, it worked for them.

Definately pulling for a Bischoff win now, if it means we get Scott Hall fired, and gone for good. Decent enough promo, building some hostility in the Bischoff camp already.

Austin is pissed!!! The Johnnies and the Freaks both get a taste of Austin, eating Stunners, before Stone Cold makes his intentions clear towards Cena, and the brawl backstage looked to be pretty intense. Cena gets away, leaving Austin frustrated once more.

Weird promo, as Shane picks out AMW, then Vince starts talking about La Resistance??

La Resistance pull double duty, which doesnt really make sense in terms of punishing DX. X-Pac causes a no contest, saving his team mates, but it's short lived, as C&J blast the Outlaws. Take it this feud is still brewing??

Austin is certainly pissed, knocking out a technician. The hunt for Cena goes on...

Classic Austin, killing Cenas car. Looks like it's on for Summer Slam between those two, and the intensity is certainly heating up, with Austin getting one over on Cena here.

Meh, I've seen Coach as Hardcore Champion before in FDs thread. Cant see what you'll do differently with Coach probably pulling it out of the bag somehow at every turn for a month or two.

Enjoyed the promo with Christian interviewing himself, but two things irked me slightly. The Kevin Nash hamstring joke that appears to come up every couple of weeks, and the hicks jibe, that Cena only used two segments ago. Bar that, it was another solid Christian promo, and Edges participation was pretty neat too, along with the refusal to shake hands with each other, adding the tension in the Bischoff camp.

Masters wins, Hall loses, I'm happy. If Hall ends up being the fifth man though, my interest in War Games will wane remarkably.

Triple H is definately facing major odds here, right off the bat with the pre match beat down. Shane nearly takes it in the first couple of seconds, but HHH hangs on. Throughout the match, Triple H is forced to battle the numbers game, and throughout, he manages to survive. Really strange finish, with Michaels nailing SCM on both HHH and Shane, giving Triple H the win.

Obviously, HHH and HBK arent together, or Michaels wouldnt have scored with SCM on The Game, so Michaels could well ride alone against the McMahons. Will take quite a bit of explaining next week, lol.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Review

Nice to see McMahon in chargeof RAW while Bischoff and Foley are preparing for the War Games. I like the idea of the Roulette thing for DX which should be great to see.

It looks like X-Pac is up first, and there is obviously no chance that he is going to get a win over these 3 guys. Nice to see that he atleast gets a little offense in, but in the end it is not enough.

Good Bischoff promo with Masters joining the War Games team of Bischoff. I like the tension that us building between team Bischoff. If they win Hall is fired huge!

Wow Austin is crazy right now, and he completley destroyes the Johnnies and Goldust. I like how he called him out, but when he didn't come down he chased after him and put him through a glass window! I'm really liking this feud with Cena running away trying to get away from Austin.

You kind of screwed up the names as you said Shane picked out AMW, but then he started to talk about LA Resistance that is ok.

Decent tag match with La Resistance. I'd rather have it be another tam rather then them as they already wrestled earlier in the show. X-Pac getting the No Contest in is nice, but Cade and Jindrack took him out instead.

Ha pretty funny to see Austin run into Cena's sport's car with his monster truck only pushing this feud even further. The match for SS is on!

Wow Coach is the Hardcore cham with the help of Raven. I like him so it is cool seeing him in this thread.

Great Christian promo which was deinately the promo of the night. Christian running down through everyone on both teams which shows alot of tension between Christian and everyone else. I like how Edge also gets into the promo which is good.

Decent win for Masters, I don't like either guy that much so I'm not really enjoying this feud right now. Hopefully this one can end pretty soon.

Great Main event which is definately the MOTN. Nice to see them beat down HHH before the match even starts getting Shane the advantage. I still can't see Shane with the title, and I doubt anyone else can either. Real big shock ending and I'm really confused what is going on now with HBK hitting the SCM on Chane. Definately can't wait to see his reasoning next week.

Overall this was a pretty good show 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

First off, thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far. There are still a couple of reviews that I need to return, which I will do ASAP on Tuesday, as I'm going away with my g/f for a few days

I also want to apologize for the shambles of RAW this week, with all that's happened recently with RO leaving, I had to re-work storylines that I didn't like, and one included sending AMW to SmackDown! thus, I forgot to remove their names off the RAW show, as I had written parts of it ages ago, and other parts just the other day. I thought I had fully edited it out, but obviously forgot one damn sentence

And Wolfy, please mate if you read this and I'm sure you will, can you change my thread name to WWE 2006 by Renegade™

So with this, I am going to leave the SmackDown! recap up, so comments or summaries are welcome, I'm not expecting full reviews, and never do, for recap shows, and hopefully you guys see why that last RAW was iffy. Next week's will be alot better, I promise, so here's the SD! recap.....

Firstar Center
Cincinnati; OH

*Opening Video*


The show kicks off with a video rundown of the PPV, showing all the happenings of the major PPV, and then we go to Cole & Tazz at ringside who talk us through including the big story that Undertaker's body could not be found amongst the wreck caused by Goldberg, who Cole badgers, saying that he has no right to do what he did to another human being

As things die down, Vince McMahon makes his way out to huge heat, obviously most fans have been kept well with the RAW storylines involving Vince, as *DX* cheers fill the arena before Vince can speak. Vince says that now that Teddy Long has been fired, the GM spot on SmackDown! is vacated until Saturday Night's Main Event in 8 days time where Vince will be there himself, to announce the new SD! GM, and to expect the unexpected. Just as Vince is about to leave, *Millennium* hits and Jericho makes his way out to heat. Jericho complains to Vince about the main event ending, saying that he made Benoit tap out, and therefore he should be the champion. Benoit then interrupts and claims his pinned Jericho for the 3 count, and thus he should be the World Heavyweight Champion. Then, Kurt Angle makes his way out, claiming that he's just too damn good, and will gladly defend the title against both men again tonight. The crowd erupts, but Vince declines the offer by Angle, saying that there is no way he can make that decision. Vince does however, book Jericho against Benoit in a Number 1 Contenders match for tonight's main event, with the winner to face Kurt Angle at Summerslam

After the break, MNM come out and brag about their glorious win against the Hardyz in the TLC match, then took on and beat Scotty 2 Hotty and Funaki with relevant ease, before once again getting on the mic and claiming that the tag division was below their standards now, that they were too good for anyone on SmackDown! when *Death Sentence* hit to a surprisingly big pop as RAW's America's Most Wanted stepped out on stage to a good reception. They said just before he was fired, Teddy Long made a deal to bring AMW over to SmackDown! and that they were here for MNM, who were shocked

Randy Orton is now backstage and he says that after his performance at the Bash, he is amazed that he isn't in the main event tonight, before Orton can go on, Ken Kennedy shows up to a good reaction from the crowd. Kennedy annows Orton with some smart insults and comebacks, claiming that after beating a man of Goldberg's character, he should be getting a title shot. Orton says Kennedy has a big mouth, but his skills in the ring can't back him up, Kennedy then challenges Orton to a match next week, which Orton gladfully accepts

Helms beats Paul London in a very exciting contest for the Cruiserweight title after hitting the Shining Wizard to London

Booker T is now seen happy after his big win, thanks to Goldberg with Regal & Finlay, over the Undertaker at the Bash. Booker, Finlay & Regal stop however, when Bobby Lashley shows up, and says that Booker can't win without any help from outside parties, whether it be Sharmell, or hired help. Booker then asks Lashley if he's busy next week, because he wants a piece of Lashley. Lashley says it's on, and Booker frowns at him as Lashley walks off

Goldberg now hits the ring to extreme heat. Goldberg claims that he did what he had to do to show everyone that he is Goldberg, he is unbeatable, he is still the force he was ten years ago, and that the Undertaker had never met anyone that could demolish him like that. Goldberg then says he's ready to relieve the moments, as a local jobber heads to the ring. Goldberg tears apart the kid in under a minute, and then Jackhammers him 3 times, leaving the young man decimated in the ring as he says "Where's Taker now?" with a sick look on his face. Goldberg now goes outside and grabs a steel chair and brings it into the ring, but before he can use it, the lights cut out to a huge pop from the crowd. A single blue light shines down on Goldberg, who looks around, looking for signs of the Undertaker. After a few moments, the lights come back on and the jobber is running away, Goldberg slams the chair to the mat, frustrated with the strange event that just took place, we cut to a break with Goldberg standing in the middle of the ring looking taken aback

Matt Hardy takes on Muhammad Hassan, and after Davairi tries to cheat for Hassan, Jeff Hardy evens up the scores taking out Davairi, and Hardy scores a win over Hassan with the Twist of Fate, making him the number one contender for the US title!

Benoit cuts a short promo, saying he'll take the match tonight, and he will win the WHC title again

Goldberg is now shown leaving the building in a big huff and puff attitude, but he stops when on the door he notices the Undertaker's signature logo. Goldberg looks at it breathing heavily for a few moments, then slowly grins and kicks the door down! Goldberg heads out as the camera fixates on the logo of Taker as we go to a break

In a big main event, Jericho & Benoit fight to a double count out, as their emotions get the better of them, and the two fight into the crowd as the ref counts them out, Vince appears on the titantron and says that he won't do anything further, and leave the title situation up to the new GM to sort out next weekend, as Benoit & Jericho continue to fight as the show goes off air


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

Opening Segment: I like this segment very much as Vince comes out and announces a new GM for Smackdown I pray its not Bischoff I hope it really is someone unexpected maybe Dusty Rhodes etc hell maybe Bret Hart who knows. I like how Jericho, Benoit, even Angle comes out and that is a huge match between them Jericho vs Benoit should be good wish it wasn't recapped. 8/10 good segment It made me want to read the show and review it asap

MNM match/promo: Match no detail should of at least had a little detail which isn't good but you had a lot of other promo part so its ok. AMW comes out wow didn't expect this feud I want to see it though as their match could and probably would be really good. 8/10 it was good for recapped a little I didn't like maybe you could of had AMW have a promo at that time instead I could see that happening instead of them just coming out.

Orton/Kennedy: This is a DREAM FEUD for me As I plan on doing this someway in my thread both men have feuded or are currently feuding my fav superstar Undertaker and so far Kennedy is doing very well with it. This interests me a LOT in next week hopefully it isn't recapped as I would love to see where this goes in a non recapped promo good luck mate with this it should be interesting, 9/10 I loved this great job with this mate not perfect but deserved 9/10 loving this mate.

Helms vs London: I guess this was ok no detail which isn't good as you should leave at least some detail on the match at least you left an ending. 6/10 should of at least had some detail but at least you told us the ending that earned ya a point.

Booker/Lashley: Yawn another Booker Lashley feud this will spark the 3rd one so far in the WWE this stinks. Booker never said his court wasnt aloud or sharmell so this should end with a dq finish good booking so far for Next week I am still VERY interested in next week. 7/10 not that creative with this but original which is sometimes best but not with midcarders usually still going great so far mate.

Goldberg promo/match: This was VERY interesting as I love Goldberg vs Undertaker I have tried this before hopefully you can do it better then I did. I loved the blue light thing and the jobber getting away you should of had Taker appear tho or something but its storyline building so its fine its not fast, 8/10 rating it was good not great very interesting as Next Week looks GREAT.

Hardy vs Hassan: This is cool I love Matt and he deserves a US title reign and at least a title shot good luck mate with this as it should be interesting to see the feud that erupts from this who Hardy's feuding this could be the US Champ could be Hassan who knows good segment. 8/10 all good segments are 8/10 but you need to make it somewhat great as I keep getting good or ok segments in your shows combined with Raw.

Goldberg segment: This was good but I would of had Goldberg to the garage and then see behind him a guy like Undertaker then turn around and realize its someone else then walk away and see another Undertaker thing and another then he runs to his car and leaves just a thought good. 8.5/10 it was pretty good nice job mate keep the show up I am loving this tho I cannot wait to see who's facing Angle.

Jericho vs Benoit: Very interesting this leaves SummerSlam wide open if you have a new idea for it is a good idea here and this keeps me so interested in next week as I am going to freaking love this Smackdown. Good to see the new GM will decide this not Vince as it would be gay if Vince did this is looking really good as I can see other people even coming into the picture now. 9/10 this was great as It leaves everything open and good for next week to interest everyone good job GREAT SHOW.

Overall: 8.2/10 not a great show but in between good and pretty good here and yeah I know you said you don't need a full review but I reviewed in full for ya now there's 2 for ya to give me soon can't wait to see my ratings good luck mate with this I am gonna be reviewing all shows.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Just a few comments I will leave on Raw. Very interesting the situation going on with HBK now, with him not helping Shane win the title, and SCM’ing him, which leaves me to believe that he is going to be a heel separate to the McMahons, and is out for himself totally, and wants the title above all things. Christian is still the main man in team Bischoff, and he is going to get his ass kicked by his teammates sooner or later, and it now looks like Masters has joined the team. Coach as the hardcore champion is going to be for comedy value I’m sure. The Cena/Austin feud is getting seriously hardcore at the moment, and there is going to be one hell of a fight at Summerslam

Vince to announce a new GM for Smackdown soon, and it will be interesting to see who he names, as there is a load of people he could go for. Jericho/Benoit tonight will be a great match, and could sort out the situation from GAB, although I can see a rematch happening at Summerslam

MNM vs. AMW looks to be a good feud, and is now going to be the main tag feud on Smackdown I feel. Good way to get them on S/down as well

Orton vs. Kennedy next week should be a good match, and will be a nice feud to have I think, and I can see this being a match at Summerslam

Helms keeps the title with a win over London, and he is going to have a long reign I feel, as there isn’t that many contenders about

Lashley and Booker are likely to get it on as well, and that will be a good feud, although maybe a little tired after seeing it so much in real life

Goldberg claims to have Killed Taker, but that is unlikely to have happened, and he will probably be back at either Summerslam, or maybe a bit further down the line. Going to be a hellacious match when it happens

Hardy gets the win over Hassan, and now is likely to get a US title shot. I can see this going to a tag match for the title now, with all 4 men involved, as I don’t see this being a 1 on 1 match, when the blow off occurs

Double countout in the main event probably means that they will both be the number 1 contender, leading to a great main event for Summerslam
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