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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Great results for the Bash mate, everythings really good. Once again I wish you the best of luck, I know you'll do fine!

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Great results for GAB, and good luck for you going solo.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Good set of results. Everything is looking fine and I think you are doing good without that moron, randyorton24. By the way, change your thread title? Randyorton24 isn't your partner anymore.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

^ Yeah I requsted it, but the mods haven't got round to it yet. I hope they do soon.

RO wasn't a moron, he was just lazy and un-informative.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Hey nice GAB results, I'll get a review up for your next RAW whenever it is up.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Yeah thanks for all the support this thread has recieved guys, I appreciate it.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

**It's a few days early, but I may not be around much tomorrow or Sunday so I figured I'd post it now**

Houston; TX

We don't open with an pyro or the video, instead we cut to an office with the camera fixated on a raffle wheel of sorts, the camera slowly pans to the side and we see Vince McMahon sitting on a chair behind his desk, with Shane at his side. The crowd gives heat when they see him

Vince: Tonight, my son Shane takes on HHH for the WWE championship, inside a steel cage match!

Crowd cheers

Vince: And that match will be guest refereed by Shawn Michaels!

Crowd gives extreme heat

Vince: And HHH will NOT leave RAW tonight as champion, I guarantee that! That's why I am barring DX from ringside! If Road Dogg, Billy Gunn or X-Pac has the idiocy to show up, I will fire their ass for good!

Crowd gives more heat

Vince: But don't worry DX, you'll be in action tonight....

Crowd isn't sure whether to cheer or boo

Vince: With a little, "Lethal Lottery"! A spin of the wheel over here to choose a stipulation, then a reach into this barrel for your opponents, and finally a reach from that barrel for which DX member will suffer.

Vince points out the barrels and smiles sadistically

Vince: And you people and wondering why can I do this, where are the GM's? Well, incase you haven't been tuning in lately, Bischoff has quit until this Summerslam match has been resolved and Mick Foley has taken the next month off to get ready for the biggest fight of his life, for his job, so in light of these events, myself and my son Shane will be running RAW until the night after Summerslam!

Crowd boos

Vince: Now Shane, let's make the first draw of the Lethal Lottery!

Shane spins the wheel, which lands on "Handicap Match". Vince smiles as Shane then pulls the name of X-Pac out of the barrel, then reaches into the other barrel, and pulls out his opponents, who are A-Train and La Resistance!

The crowd boos as Vince & Shane seem to like the drawing

Vince: It seems like first up, X-Pac will take on A-Train and La Resistance!

Shane: Sounds like a fair match to me.

The McMahons laugh as the opening video hits, and then the pyro explodes and we join the commentary team of JR & The King, with the Coach absent, getting ready for his Hardcore title match with Rhino tonight

JR: Welcome to Houston Texas for Monday Night RAW!

King: It's gonna be a huge night JR, look at the main event!

JR: HHH defends his WWE title in a Steel Cage match against Shane McMahon with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee! I smell a screw over, as Vince has barred DX from ringside!

King: I don't think this is going to be DX's night JR, as the Lethal Lottery from the McMahons has drawn X-Pac with a big hill to face.....

*X-Pac, This Sucks!* hits to a good pop as X-Pac heads to the ring looking worried, knowing his big task

*Runaway Train* plays to heat as A-Train runs to the ring with La Resistance in tow and the match gets underway

Match 1
1 vs 3 Handicap Match
X-Pac vs A-Train & La Resistance

X-Pac meets A-Train with a wheel kick, taking the big man down. Dupree runs at X-Pac next and X-Pac takes him down with an arm drag, then X-Pac ducks a clothesline from Conway, and hits him with a spinning heel kick.

X-Pac rebounds off the ropes now and hits A-Train with a flying elbow. X-Pac fires right hands at Dupree, backing him into the corner, then nails a kick combo, taking Dupree down into the bottom of the corner. X-Pac now turns and clotheslines Conway down, then runs back in at Dupree and hits the Bronco Buster!
X-Pac now climbs up top and waits for A-Train to get back up, and soars off with a corssbody, but A-Train catches him and plants him with a Powerslam! A-Train now pulls X-Pac back up and wraps his hands around the throat of X-Pac and squashes him with the Derailer!
Conway now distracts the referee, as Dupree grabs the French flag and cracks it over the head of X-Pac!
Conway then climbs up to the top, and leaps off with an elbow drop, drilling it into the heart of X-Pac!

A-Train now pulls X-Pac back up and scoops him onto his shoulders, then sits down with the Train Wreck, damaging X-Pacs back, who writhes around in pain as A-Train covers him for the win

Winners @ 4:45 - A-Train & La Resisitance

The crowd gives heat as La Resistance put the boots to X-Pac for a few moments while A-Train taunts the crowd. The trio then leave an out cold X-Pac in the center of the ring, blood trickling down his face from the flag shot

JR: X-Pac tried his hardest, but in the end, he was overrun and mauled in a 3 on 1 situation! It looks like the McMahons plans are off to a good start as far as punishing DX goes.

King: You gotta give X-Pac creidt for even showing up for that match. And he was doing well until the numbers got the better of him. He looks pretty sore too, and he was busted open by that shot with the flag across the head.

We go backstage now and see Chris Masters, who is preparing for his match later tonight against Scott Hall, when a shadow approaches him, out of view from the camera. Masters turns around

Masters: What do you want?

The camera spins around to see Eric Bischoff standing there with Monty Brown, who get huge heat from the crowd

Bischoff: Well Chris, I've noticed you're a fairly angry man, and you look like you could be ready for the big exsposure....

Masters: Go on....

Bischoff: Well, as you know my superior team is taking on Mick Foley's circus show clowns in a War Games match at Summerslam, which is a month away, and there is still one spot left on my team.

The Masterpiece thinks for a second

Masters: And let me guess? You want me to be your fifth man?

Bischoff: Yes I do.

Masters: Well, if I do this for you, I want a favour when I win this match for you in return.

Monty Brown looks skeptically at Masters following his comment and steps in

Brown: Excuse me? After you win it for the team? Is that what you just said?

Masters: Well yeah, who else is gonna do

Masters smirks at Brown who gets right in Masters face, the two muscle bound men lock eyes

Bischoff: Whoa! Easy Monty, back off. No one's doubting you...

Bischoff steps in between them and seperates them

Bischoff: But, you must want this result at Summerslam to get what you want.

Masters: I'll show you what I'm all about tonight Eric when I beat that sloppy old timer Scott Hall so bad he won't be moving right for a long time.

Bischoff: That's what I want to hear.

Masters: You know what I want when "your" team wins at Summerslam?

Bischoff: I can guess. A title shot?

Masters: That, and Scott Hall fired!

Crowd is surprised by the demand and boo heavily, Bischoff nods his head and shakes hands with the Masterpiece and turns and leaves, Monty Brown gives a look at Masters, as the two lock eyes again, and Bischoff reaches back and pulls Brown away and the two walk off as we go to a break


We come back to RAW with a shot of the arena which gets a pop from the crowd, we then go backstage and see Todd Grisham standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, the Tag Team champions, Lance Cade & Mark Jindrak!

Crowd boos as Cade & Jindrak step into the picture

Grisham: Guys, tonight your opponents in the near future in the New Age Outlaws will be involved in a "Lethal Lottery" matchup. How do you think they'll fare?

Cade: Well, I don't think, I know, that they'll have their asses handed to them.

Jindrak: And that'll prove why they shouldn't have contendership for these belts again. We'd take them on tonight if we had the chance.

Cade slaps Jindrak on the shoulder as if to tell him to shutup

The champs walk off as Grisham sends it to ringside

*Shattered Dreams* plays to a small pop as Goldust makes his way to the ring, Eugene by his side

*Johnny Boyz* plays to heat as Johnny Jeter heads to the ring with Parisi next to him, the duo mock Goldust & Eugene

Match 2
Goldust vs Johnny Jeter

Pretty bland match which sees Goldust start off well, then some cheating from the Johnnies allows Jeter to get in control, and he begins beating on Goldust.

Jeter hits a dropkick to Goldust who falls back into the corner and Jeter follows in with a clothesline. Jeter now taunts to heat when all of a sudden

*GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the crowd goes ballistic with a mammoth ovation as Stone Cold heads to the ring looking pissed off, bandage around his head from last weeks brutal confrontation with Cena.

Austin gets into the ring and the ref tells him to get out, Austin responds by dropping him with a Stunner! The bell is rung

No Contest @ 2:32

Austin now hits a right hand to Jeter, then one to Parisi who tries to help his partner. Jeter gets up and is met with a Stunner, then Austin boots Parisi to the ribs and drills him with a Stunner also!

Goldust gets back to his feet and Austin flips him the bird and throws him over the top rope to the floor, then heads out and gets a mic

Austin: Cena! Cena! Get out here boy, I got a massive can 'o whoop ass that needs to be opened all over ya!

Austin waits, circling inside the ring

Austin: Come on you little punk! I'll never back down from a fight in my life, let alone not have one accepted by a modern day Vanilla Ice! Get out here you little bitch!

Austin doesn't wait any longer, he hops out of the ring and runs up the ramp, through the curtains to the backstage area. Austin walks down the halls calling Cena's name, but can't find him anywhere. Austin then turns the corner and heads towards an open set of double doors and just as Austin gets to them, Cena comes from behind and jumps on Austin with a tackle, sending him crashing through the doors into the cafeteria area, as the crowd comes alive, ready for another brawl

The two men begind firing wild lefts and rights at each other, neither man getting an advantage, then Austin knees Cena in the ribs and throws him face first through a glass display cabinet!

Austin now grabs Cena's head and smothers it in the food, Cena flings an elbow back which catches Austin in the face, and Austin staggers backwards as Cena runs in with a tackle, taking him down through a plastic table and the two begin hitting each other with punches again, they both roll around trying to get control of each other. Austin starts to get the upper hand, and Cena drops a knee to the groin of Austin, then gets up, picks a chair up and throws it at Austin, who ducks as it hits the wall. Cena comes at Austin but is met with a boot to the gut, Austin goes for the Stunner, but Cena pushes Austin away, then runs off, yelling

Cena: Come get me Austin!

Austin turns around and follows him, as they run through the halls, then we lose sight of Cena who is too fast for Austin. A few moments later he bursts through a set of doors into the general locker room, and Cena is now where to be found. Austin looks around, he sees Maven, who asks him what's up, Austin makes a motion to get away, and Maven obliges, heading out of the room. Austin gets frustrated that he can't find Cena and tips the lockers over

Austin: Where are ya John? Huh? Come on, I thought you wanted to fight? You're a coward!

Austin kicks the wall and walks off clearly frustrated he lost Cena

JR: Good God, those two want to kill each other!

King: Cena seems to have once again gotten the better of the situation, getting away from the Rattlesnake and frustrating him again!

JR: You gotta wonder what's gonna happen when these two finally get it on, it'll be a brawl to bring the house down!

King: More like the whole arena!


We come back and find Vince McMahon standing by in his office again, with Shane and the "Lethal Lottery" wheel and the two barrels by his side again

Vince: Earlier tonight, you saw what this night is going to be like for DX. Pure, unadulterated hell! X-Pac was beaten by 3 men, and now it's time to find out the fate of the Outlaws! Shane, if you may....

Shane spins the wheel and it lands on "Vince's Choice" which gets a mixed reaction from the fans who don't know what it is. Vince smiles, as Shane reaches into the barrel and pulls out the team of La Resistance, again!

Vince: So the Outlaws will face La Resistance, who are pulling double duty tonight, and the stipulation is this. La Resistance cannot be disqualified, but the Outlaws can. They have to wrestle by the book. La Resistance can cheat, use weapons and not give a damn to get the win. And as an added incentive, if La Resistance beat the Outlaws, then they also take the Outlaws' contendership with them, and they become the new number one contenders!

Vince laughs with Shane as we come back to ringside

*O You Didn't Know* hits and the crowd erupts as Road Dogg & Billy Gunn head to the ring playing to the crowd, despite not looking in the best of moods. The duo give a few crotch chops, but forgoe their usual trash talking and get ready

*French Army* plays and La Resistance make their way out on stage. They taunt the fans to heat then get into the ring and the match begins

Match 3
La Resistance Cannot Be Disqualified
New Age Outlaws vs La Resistance

The two teams immediately go for it, with Road Dogg spilling out to the floor with Dupree, while Billy Gunn & Conway brawl inside the ring.
Gunn whips Conway to the ropes and catches him, powers him up with a Military Press and slams him down. Billy makes a quick cover and Conway kicks out at 2.

On the outside, Road Dogg tries to suplex Dupree, who counters and suplexes Road Dogg over the steel steps!
Dupree now reaches under the ring and pulls out a kendo stick, then gets into the ring.

Billy is teeing off on Conway in the corner, he then turns around to see Dupree coming at him with the cane, but Gunn jumps up and nails a dropkick to Dupree, who drops the stick. Gunn now sends Dupree to the ropes and meets him with a shoulder block. Billy now rebounds off the ropes looking to drop an elbow to Dupree, but Conway picks up the kendo stick and cracks Billy to the ribs with it! Gunn falls to his knees and Conway hits him over the back with it, snapping the stick in two!

Road Dogg is recovering on the outside, and he gets on the apron, only to have Dupree hang him over the ropes with a guillotine. Dogg falls onto the apron, and Dupree rolls RD into the ring. La Resistance bring Road Dogg up, hoist him in position and nail him with a double backdrop. Conway sees Billy Gunn getting back up, and connects with a superkick to the jaw of Gunn! Conway covers 1.....2.....BROKEN UP BY X-PAC!

X-Pac has jumped the barrier, and he breaks up the fall as the ref calls for the bell

No Contest

X-Pac meets Dupree coming in with a whip kick to the face, then begins to hammer on Conway, taking out some revenge and helping his DX buddies, when all of a sudden Cade & Jindrak head to the ring, with their tag belts in hand, they clock X-Pac with them at the same time to big heat

Cade & Jindrak now turn to the Outlaws who are both slowly getting up, they measure them up with the belts and nearly take their heads off with two savage shots to the head, as Billy & Road Dogg fall down, out cold

Cade & Jindrak stand there now, surveying the damage done, with X-Pac, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn all out in the ring, the champs raise their belts high to heat and taunt, showing that they have no fear of anyone, and they'll live up to their words

JR: It's a massacre! DX have been lead to the slaughter tonight, X-Pac tried to save his buddies and was beaten again, and the Outlaws didn't fair much better, getting hit with those tag belts!

King: Well it just goes to show, maybe The Coach was right when he said that these guys are the real deal, they're not afraid JR!

JR: Tonight can't get much worse for DX, who still have HHH to defend his WWE championship inside a steel cage against Shane McMahon with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee! And you just know he's been cohorting with the Corporation!

Backstage now and we see Steve Austin walking down the halls, still looking for Cena, he's not in a good mood either. A technician accidentally bumps into him, and Austin hits him with a right hand

Austin: Come on Cena! I thought you wanted a fight? Where are ya, you little rat bastard!

Austin keeps walking, but can't seem to find Cena anywhere


*My Time Is Now* all of a sudden hits at ringside as John Cena heads to the ring, looking over his shoulder constantly, checking to see if Austin has found out he's at ringside

Cena: Ay yo, cut the music!

Crowd boos as Cena rolls into the ring

Cena: Steve, you wanted a piece of me? Fine, I'm here, ready and willing to kick your ass! So now, back your trash talk up and bring it on!

Cena waits but Austin does not show up, Cena smiles

Cena: Come on Steve, I know you're still here. I just saw your drunk ass backstage, don't keep the people waiting man. Who here wants to see John Cena get it on with Stone Cold Steve Austin, right here in his home state of Texas?

Crowd erupts

Cena: Listen to that Austin! 30000 odd hillbillies, who are all somehow related to each other cheering for it...

Crowd gives Cena huge heat

Cena: If you need a better assurance, how about this?

Cena pulls something out of his pocket and unfolds it, it's a piece of paper

Cena: This is a contract for a match between you and me, one on one at Summerslam!

Crowd pops

Cena: Come on Austin, don't let me down, don't let your loyal fans down, come out here and sign the contract instead....

The titantron flickers on and we are shown a shot of the carpark. We see a blue and white flash sports car parked by itself, and Cena mouths "That's my car" looking worried

All of a sudden, we hear the screeches of tyres, and the camera spins around to show a 4x4 coming towards the car at full speed! The massive truck rams into the car, crushing it against the wall, and it continues to push the car, while Cena's jaw drops to the floor, in shock, as the 4x4 revs again and pushes the crushed car over the carpark railing and it drops to the road below, crushing itself even further

Cena is infuriated in the ring, and the truck's engine turns off, and the door opens and Stone Cold hops out to a huge pop from the crowd. Austin looks into the camera, smiling

Austin: Hey Johnny boy. I told I'd get your attention one way or the other. You made a big mistake blaming me for your loss at Bad Blood, an even bigger one assaulting me over the last few weeks, and you've just made the biggest mistake of your career, challening me to a match at Summerslam, because son it's on!

Crowd loves it

Austin: And I'll open up the biggest can of whoop ass this company has ever seen on you.

Cena: Forget waiting, I want you now!

Austin: O so now you want to fight? What about before?

Cena: Who cares about before? Let's go, right now.

Austin: Actually, I don't feel like it John, so I'll take a page out of your little book and catch you next week!

Austin hops back into his truck and starts the engine, while Cena looks ready to explode with rage in the ring

Cena: Austin, don't you dare leave!

Austin flips the bird at the camera and reverses away, then drives off leaving Cena fuming in the ring as we go to a break


We come back and see The Coach in the ring nervously awaiting Rhino in this Hardcore title match

*Freight Animal* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Rhino charges to the ring

Match 4
Hardcore Championship
Rhino (c) vs The Coach

Squash match, Rhino dominates Coach in a comedic spot of a match.

Rhino scoop slams Coach down, then picks him up and dumps him groin first over the ropes! Coach is left straddling them as Rhino grabs the trash can and blasts Coach over the head with it, sending him out to the floor.

Rhino follows Coach out and makes a cover 1.....2....BROKEN UP!

The crowd can't believe it as RAVEN breaks up the fall! Raven has a kendo stick with him and cracks Rhino across the face with it, then grabs Rhino by the head and drills him to the mats with the Evenflow DDT! The crowd boos as Coach puts an arm over Rhino for the win!

Winner @ 4:54 - The Coach
New Hardcore Champion

The crowd boos as Coach acts like he's won the lottery and runs off holding his head with one arm and the Hardcore title with the other. Raven taunts up in the crowd as Rhino glares at him, looking shocked that Raven has shown up

JR: Good lord! Raven has returned to the WWE, and has cost Rhino the Hardcore title, which now amazingly belongs to The Coach!

King: This is insane! Why is Raven back?

JR: Who knows, but you can bet Rhino is gonna want some answers!

Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: I am standing here with one of the men who in 4 weeks time, will enter the War Games match for Team Bischoff, this is Captain Charisma, Christian!

Crowd boos with a few tiny pops as Christian steps into view smiling

Grisham: Christian, you requested this time to get a few things off your chest?

Christian: I surely did. Now, hand me the mic.

Grisham: Pardon?

Christian: Are you deaf, hand it over Todd. The mic, hand-it-over.

Christian speaks slowly, as Grisham hands him the mic

Christian: Well, what are you waiting for?

Grisham: For you to finish so I can have my microphone back....

Crowd laughs as Christian frowns in a joking way, then makes a motion for Todd to leave, which he does, head hung low looking rejected

Christian: Now that idiocy has left the area, the real interview can begin. I will be interviewing, myself....

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, laughs are heard but are overcome by boos

Christian: Christian, in 4 weeks you will step into the War Games match to fight for Eric Bischoff's job, and your chance at a title shot, as promised by Eric, when YOU are succesful in pinning the remaining man, whether it be the pot hoggin' RVD, the freakshow Sting, the pile of Brahma bullcrap The Rock or the glorified stuntman Mick Foley or whatever other sideshow act Mick chooses as he fifth man. I just wanna get your opinions on the match, your team and your opposition...

Christian: Well it's quite simple really. My team is really just the guys who'll join in when needed, they'll bask in my large sunlight. Edge, Shelton, Monty & now it seems Chris, put together, are half the man I am. Let's face it, who's the draw out of us? Me. Who's the ladies man? Me. I pull chicks like Kevin Nash pulls hamstrings!

Crowd pops for the joke

Christian: Well obviously you are the star of the team Christian, but what about the opposing team, Mick Foley's team?

Christian: Jeez, where to start? Mick Foley? OK, the man was poorer than a dero's sock before wrestling became his job. And even when he got that, he sucked. He couldn't put on a single good match, and stunk up the arena's worse than the 30000 odd hicks in here tonight after a bath with the pigs...

Crowd gives heat

Christian: So realizing it was getting him no where, he started to do things that a crazy man would deem insane. He fell on barbed wire, lost part of his ear, got hit with things lit on fire, made more insane spots than any other hardcore wrestler, and all of a sudden, he's a god. He's a great wrestler, a legend. Well that's just alot of crap! Because everyone knows if Foley didnt' put his useless, overweight body on the line every match he had, he'd be remembered as well as a large pimple on a sweaty man's ass!

Crowd gives more heat and an *Asshole* chant starts

Christian: I see, compelling stuff there, really, you are quite the funny guy.

Christian: I know, I know, you're so modest...

Christian is enjoying this as he cracks a big grin

Christian: Then there's my team. How can I possibly trust any of them to back me up in this match? I mean we've got Edge, a man who's gonna be more distracted by which wrestler's wife he's gonna bone next and then blame them for "screwing" him out of a title shot. Then we've got Shelton Benjamin who, judging by the way he dresses these days, looks like he'd rather be the pimp in a 60's Miami crime movie....

Crowd is loving this as Christian rips into his "teammates"

Christian: And now I've found out we're also gonna have two roid ragin', braindead, clean shaven gorillas in Monty Brown & Chris Masters steering the ship, and I'm standing here like, what the hell? This isn't Team Bischoff, this is Team Christian, because it
looks like I'm the only serious guy on it.
So to Mick Foley, at Saturday Night's main Event, I am inviting you to appear on my talk show, The Peep Show. We'll see if you care enough to show up, or if you'll have the cowardice to hide until Summerslam.

Christian stops as he hears a clapping noise in the background, Christian loses his smile and looks sternly down the hall to see Edge standing there, mockingly clapping Christian's speech

Edge: That, that was Oscar winning material. You could get best stand up of the night, no doubt The Rock'll be impressed by your comical routine tonight. But guess what?

Christian: What, his wife turned you down?

Crowd laughs

Edge: Er, no. I'm not impressed. You've stood here for over five minutes yapping on about a whole lotta crap, interviewing yourself, and really, you have to ask yourself the question, who gives a damn?

Crowd is surprised at Edge, who gets closer to Christian

Edge: You talk the talk, no doubt about it, but as I know all too well you can't walk the walk to back it up. You're full of yourself. No wonder you have to have that hood on your top down, you can't fit it over your big head and your super sized ego!

Crowd erupts now, as Edge & Christian get right in each other's faces

Edge: Now, you're not gonna steal the show. You heard Bischoff the other week, you'll work for the team. You're gonna do your job, so we all get what we want after it.

Christian: If you insist, but you're just talking down the inevitable....

Edge: Yeah, we'll see about that...

The two men get right in each other's faces until Eric Bischoff shows up with Chris Masters

Bischoff: Hey come on guys! Just keep your ego's in check. Please, I know you may not want to, but you'll have to get along until I'm GM, then, you can have at each other immediately. But for now, chill out, head back to your locker rooms, and watch our last member of the team go out and beat Scott Hall down! Now, shake hands.....

Edge holds out his hand, gesturing Christian to shake it, and Christian extends his and Edge goes to shake it, but Christian pulls it away at the last moment

Christian: O! Too slow....

Christian walks off as the crowd laughs, and Edge shakes his head, sighs heavily and heads off in the other direction, while Bischoff rolls his eyes and heads off with Masters

JR: Things don't seem to be too tightknit on Team Bischoff at the moment. Everyone seems to think they are the "in" thing, and the rest are their sidekicks.

King: It's not a good sign, Bischoff will have to get this sorted out in the month ahead!

*Masterpiece* plays to heat as Chris Masters goes through his usual routine and makes his way to the ring looking confident, he flexes which impresses Bischoff who applauds his newest team member

*Too Sweet* hits and the crowd goes wild as Scott Hall creeps out on stage, pumps up the crowd to a huge pop as the pyro explodes and falls behind him, he then gets into the ring

Match 5
Scott Hall vs Chris Masters w/Eric Bischoff

Good match put on as Hall shows us he's still got it for 48, and Masters showing some in ring improvement with a wider move list.

Masters has worked on Hall's back for the most part, and goes for a backbreaker, but Hall fights out and hits a right hand to Masters, then rebounds off the ropes and takes Masters down with a thunderous clothesline!
Hall now whips Masters to the ropes and connects with a reverse elbow. Hall quickly drops a knee to the head of the Masterpiece, and covers for a 2.

Bischoff seems to be getting nervous on the outside as Hall pummels away on Masters in the corner with rights and lefts and kicks.
Hall tries for a suplex, but Masters reverses and goes for the Polish Sledge, but Hall catches it, and nails a DDT! Cover for another close fall, and now Hall makes a cut to the air, signalling for the end.
Hall brings Masters up and loads him up for the Outsider's Edge, but Bischoff grabs at Hall's leg, causing him to drop Masters. Hall turns around to yell at Bischoff and eats a Polish Sledge straight to the face, and Masters puts in the Masterlock, flinging Hall from side to side, and the ref checks Hall, who is out!

Winner @ 9:32 - Chris Masters

Crowd gives heat as Masters rolls out of the ring smiling cockily and Bischoff pats him on the back, they raise each other's hands up as Hall begins to come round

JR: Aw come on! Chris Masters just stole a victory from Scott Hall thanks to Eric Bischoff, he tripped up Hall! What a joke!

King: That's just not right, seriously, Masters wouldn't have won without Eric.

JR: I tell you what this kid better improve before the War Games match! If not, he'll get his ass handed to him!

Backstage now and we see Shawn Michaels putting on an a referee's shirt, the crowd gives him huge heat and *You Screwed Bret* chants start. HBK takes a look down at a DX shirt, and seems to be lost in a trance for a moment, looking at the shirt in a strange way, he then sniffs his nose and spits on the shirt, then turns and drops it into the bin

We now cut to HHH's locker room, where he is taping up, and he gets up, grabs his WWE title and takes a big breath before leaving

JR: The big title match is coming up soon folks, HHH defends his WWE title in a Steel Cage match against Shane McMahon, with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee!


We return to ringside and see the cage being lowered, while the crowd goes silent, eagerly anticipating the war that's about to take place before them

*Sexy Boy* hits and the crowd gives MAJOR heat as Shawn Michaels walks to the ring, no typical dance and firework display, HBK looks focused on something serious

*Here Comes The Money* plays and Shane O Mac dances out on stage, pumping himself up with his regular moves swinging his right hand around like a boxer, Shane gets into the cage and nods at HBK, who nods back

*The Game* hits and the crowd explodes with a booming reception for HHH, who steps out on stage, looking extremely focused, he douses himself in water, then sprays it out in the air, throws his bottle into the crowd and gets on the steps, glaring at Shane, then at Shawn

HHH is about to enter the cage area, when from no where, Test hits him with a big boot, taking him off the steps to the outside below. The crowd gives heat as Test pummels at HHH with right hands, while Cade & Jindrak rush down the ramp and join in on a beatdown on HHH. Test gets up and goes over to the timekeepers table, grabs the ringbell and tells Cade & Jindrak to get HHH up. They do, and hold him up as Test clocks him over the head with the bell, taking HHH to the mat and busting him wide open!

The Corporation trio now get HHH and place him in the cage, and HBK calls for the match to start, and Shane makes a cover on HHH

Match 6
Main Event
WWE Championship
Steel Cage Match
Guest Ref: Shawn Michaels
HHH (c) vs Shane McMahon

The fall is made 1.....2....kickout! The crowd pops, and Shane seems annoyed. He gets HHH up and hits him with a right hand, rocking him backwards.
Shane now rebounds off the ropes and takes HHH down with an elbow attack.
Shane makes a cover and HBK counts it 1.....2...kickout again.

Shane now quickly ascends the top rope, pointing down to Hunter, and leaps off driving an elbow to the chest of The Game, Shane gets up and covers HHH again 1.....2.....NO! HHH gets a shoulder up!
Shane can't believe it, as he stomps on HHH repeatedly, and talks smack to him, saying that the belt's coming home with him.
Shane now gets a fist and starts laying into the lasseration above HHH's head, causing more blood to flow out from the wound.
Shane brings HHH to his feet and throws him face first into the cage, then uses it to rub HHH's open wound against, grating his skin and making the blood seep out from the cut.
Shane tells Cade to grab something, and Cade runs over and picks up a steel chair, and throws it into the cage. Shane picks it up, and hits HHH over the head with it, as HHH falls back into the bottom corner in the turnbuckle.

Shane now gets the chair and places it in front of HHH, then runs to the opposite side of the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle. The crowd gets to their feet, knowing what's coming next, and Shane balances himself, then soars off across the ring, drilling the chair into HHH with a Van Terminator, going coast to coast! The crowd erupts for the spot as Shane rolls around holding his hip area, obviously hurting himself, he then drags HHH away from the corner and makes a cover, hooking both legs 1.....2.....NO! NO! NO! The crowd goes wild as HHH's shoulder comes off the mat! Shane is irate, HBK can't believe it either. Shane pulls HHH to his feet, and boots him to the ribs, then hooks the arms, looking to finish HHH off with his own Pedigree, but as Shane goes to jump, he is stopped by HHH, who elevates Shane over his back!

Shane hits the mat, and gets up into a right hand, taking him back down. HHH now whips Shane to the ropes and catches him coming in with a HH Spinebuster! HHH taunts, getting the crowd pumped up, sheerly running on adrenaline. HHH pulls Shane to his feet and sets him up for the Pedigree, when all of a sudden, HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music on The Game, and it connects right to the jaw! The crowd boos heavily, as HBK gives a crotch chop to him, then Shane gets up smiling, and HBK LEVELS SHANE WITH ONE TOO! The crowd pops, confused, as HBK smiles at Shane, while the Corporation members are pissed on the outside at Michaels, who puts HHH's arm over Shane's and counts 1......2......3!

Winner @ 6:34 - HHH
Retains WWE Championship

The crowd isn't sure what to think, as HBK counts the fall and HHH retains his title. Cade, Jindrak & Test are displeased on the outside

JR: Good lord what a match! HHH was bloodied and battered, but strangely, thanks to Shawn Michaels, has won the match. What's going on there?

King: What a hellacious match that was JR, HHH is bloodied and battered, yet still victorious, under the most strange circumstances!

JR: What a night it's been folks, we'll see you next week.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Skimmed through the show, it looked great man! I'll try to jook you up with a review as soon as I can.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade™ Raw

Length: Yeah, you have improved your match endings. 10/10

Spelling and Grammar: From anything that is actually discerning, no. 10/10

You really have taken a different take on the DX vs. McMahon feud. I am hoping that HBK turns on the McMahons, but that seems unlikely. This feud is likely to occupy the majority of the show.

Match 1
1 vs 3 Handicap Match
X-Pac vs A-Train & La Resistance

I am actually surprised that X Pac lasted almost five minutes against three other wrestlers. I would not have expected that from X Pac, maybe from Triple H. Pretty cool what you are doing to all of DX, not just the leader.

Oh, Bischoff has a tough decision to make, but I think he will do it because Hall is a face in the thread. Wargames … sweet!

I did not understand the last comment from Cade, but whatever, Image of the Future is a great tag team.

Match 2
Goldust vs Johnny Jeter

Oh, so they were just fodder for Stone Cold! I thought this was a real feud. Cena and Austin are two of the best brawlers and there they go. Brutal action, the match at Summeslam should be a streetfight.

La Resistance already had a match….

Match 3
AMW Cannot Be Disqualified
New Age Outlaws vs La Resistance

Where is AMW? You can only be disqualified if you are in the match. I am confused. So X Pac’s interference ends it, which is kind of bad because the last two matches have not had results. Image of the Future stands tall as heels.

Ha, Austin punches a technician.

Pretty sweet heel promo by John Cena, even though I was expecting some more disses other than the Texas one. Booker have some kind of car fetish, but I like it. Austin just decimates Cena’s car! Next week is going to be even better.

Match 4
Hardcore Championship
Rhino (c) vs The Coach

Raven comes to assistance of the Coach and helps him win! Big shock! Coach is going to be a comedic champion. I think Forever Delayed had Coach as the Hardcore Champion and managed to make a joke out of it.

Hilarious segment, your best of the night! Christian interviewing himself! You should do this every week. Oh no, not another hicks joke. The rest of it was funny. Christian is definitely going to have some problems with the rest of his team as he will go on thinking that he is primadonna. Ha, you are so modest. Again! His wife turned you down! Childish trick, funny!

Give me a second to compose myself, this is funnier than the DX segments from Monday’s Raw. I am voting in the awards just so I can vote this as promo of the month.

Match 5
Scott Hall vs Chris Masters w/Eric Bischoff

So it seems that Eric Bischoff is sticking on his word of having Hall fired. Laughing now, but I think that Hall will find some way to come back.

HBK throwing a DX shirt in the trash?

Match 6
Main Event
WWE Championship
Steel Cage Match
Guest Ref: Shawn Michaels
HHH (c) vs Shane McMahon

Some quick cheating as Image of the Future makes its second assault along with Test, which is kind of random, but it gives the guy a use.
HHH is at an even more disadvantage now. HHH is bleeding crazily, but I have the gut feeling he will come back. Gotta love the Van Terminator! I think it is called an AA spinebuster, named after Arn Anderson. Yes, I semi called it earlier! Sweet Chin Music to Shane and Triple H! Triple H wins! Reunion between HHH and HBK! Yipee!

Sure, your promos were funny, but your matches were not great. There was big time interference in five out of six matches, and the match there was not any interference in was three on one. 7/10

First off, I would like to have the AMW, Outlaws, and La Resistance situation explained. As I just mentioned, way too much interference, no way I should have to see Image of the Future three times in one show. It was overdone. I know it is needed to elevated feuds, but it reached a preposterous level. You know what you are doing with the feuds, but I hope you can find other ways to make them better other than interference. Maybe we can see more self interviews.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

^ I accidentally forgot to change AMW to la resistance when i was editing today, but it's fixed now. sorry.


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