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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Madison; WI

*Opening Video*

Instead of cutting to the arena for the pyro, we open with a video highlighting last week's promo between Foley & Bischoff, and then are shown the four men beating down on Foley, only for The Rock & Sting to make the save, and then Bischoff throwing down the challenge to Foley to change the stipulation for the losing team's GM to be fired


Styles: Welcome to the sold out Kohl Center in Madison, Winsconsin for what is going to be a huge night!

King: You said it Joey, huge is the word!

Coach: We're coming off the full betrayal of HHH by Shawn Michaels, and apparently, tonight Shawn will explain his actions and address the crowd.

Styles: And you can bet that HHH will want to have some of Michaels, so he'll have to keep constantly looking over his shoulders!

*World's Greatest* hits to a fair pop as Charlie Haas heads to the ring for his second match in the Open Challenge for the IC title

*Too Sweet* hits to a huge ovation from the crowd as Scott Hall creeps out on stage and does his taunt as the pyro explodes behind him. Hall then flicks his toothpick at the cameraman, and gets into the ring

Match 1
Intercontinental Championship
Scott Hall vs Charlie Haas (c)

Great contest to open the night to, with both men showing their talent, and Hall showing he can still go for a 48 year old.

Neither man really gets a period in control, and the crowd is torn between who to cheer for, although the cheers for Hall sound louder than those for Haas.
Haas goes for a German to Hall, who counters with a go behind and rolls up Haas for a 2 count.
Hall socks Haas with a right hand, then sends him to the ropes and nails a reverse elbow, and follows up with a fist drop to the face. Hall hooks the leg for a close count.
Hall pulls Haas up and goes for the Outsider's Edge, but Haas counters with a Hurricanrana!

The crowd pops the counter as Haas nails a dropkick to Hall, sending him out to the floor through the ropes.
As Haas is down inside the ring, Hall regains his footing and is wiped out with a chair shot, from CHRIS MASTERS!

The ref sees this and calls for the bell

Winner via DQ @ 10:45 - Scott Hall
However, STILL Intercontinental Champion - Charlie Haas

Masters hits Hall over the back with the chair while he's down, then pulls Hall up and slaps the Masterlock on, shaking Hall around for a while, then he throws him into the steel steps

Masters now picks up a mic

Masters: Hey Scott, you know what they say, PAYBACKS A BITCH!

Masters throws the mic down and heads out through the crowd as we go to a break


Styles: Welcome back everyone, if you've tuned in late chances are you didn't see what happened before the break, take a look at this....

*Video is shown of Masters interfering in the Hall/Haas match and blasting Hall with the chair, then putting the Masterlock on him*

Coach: It serves old chico right, if he hadn't provoked Masters last week this wouldn't of happened!

King: But remember it was 2 weeks ago that Masters provoked Hall.

Coach: So?

Styles: So Masters has no right to do what he did.

Backstage now and we see a limo pull up, and Eric Bischoff steps out to huge heat

Styles: There's that snake! Eric Bischoff quitting as GM of RAW until his team supposedly wins at Summerslam, I'm sure he's here and up to no good.

Coach: Mr. Bischoff is not a snake, just because you whine like a drowned squirrell!

King: Hey shutup you two, I'm getting sick of this.....

We now cut and see Mick Foley sitting down in his office, stitches across his forehead after the beating he took last week, when there is a knock at the door and Foley opens it to find RVD there

Foley: Hey Rob, what can I do for you?

RVD: Well Mick I saw what happened to you last week, and that's just not on. I don't want that ass-kisser back here running RAW, and I've still got a final score to settle with Shelton Benjamin, so if you have any spots open in your team, and I think you do, hows about giving me a chance. I won't let you down, Mick.

Foley contemplates the question for a moment

Foley: Sure you can be in my team, I could do with someone who knows all about the extreme environment factor, plus I know you very well from the days of ECW.

RVD: Sounds good to me.

Foley & RVD shake hands as the camera cuts back to ringside

*The Game* hits to a standing ovation from the fans as the WWE Champion heads to the ring with a pissed off look on his face, his title slung over his shoulder and sledgehammer in hand. HHH grabs a mic, throws his water bottle into the crowd and gets into the ring

HHH: So who saw what went down last week?

Crowd isn't sure how to respond, and a mixed reaction is the heard result

HHH: Because I damn sure felt it. And it hurt. My long time pal, Shawn Michaels, stabbed me in the back!

Crowd boos and a loud *HBK Sucks* chant starts

HHH: Actually, technically, he stabbed me in the jaw, but either way, Shawn here's your chance to give me your half assed explanation as to why, so get out here.

HHH waits, and there is no sign of Michaels, after a minute or so, HHH gets back on the mic

HHH: Come on Shawn, don't be afraid, I'm not gonna hurt you. O wait, just hold on a sec....

HHH turns around, facing away from the titantron

HHH: Does this entice you a bit more, sneaking up with my back turned? Huh?

Crowd *OOOO's* and a *HHH* chant starts

HHH: What else do I have to Shawn, must I also be pre-occupied with something else. Here, I'll pick my nose, I'll count to ten, I'll scratch my balls, I'll undo a turnbuckle pad, just get out here....

HHH waits, and still nothing happens

HHH: I guess his confidence just isn't there anymore, I mean I wouldn't have any left if I'd count the amount of times I've beaten his ass over the years!

Crowd pops

HHH: Come on Shawn, show yourself you coward!

Finally *Sexy Boy* hits to GIGANTIC heat as HBK steps out on stage with the same, cold, blank look he had at the end of last week, mic in hand

HHH: There you are. Finally mustered up the courage to come out here?

HBK stands there, staring deeply at H, but doesn't say a word

HHH: What's wrong Shawn? Don't wanna talk? That's right, you just stab people in the back, without an explanation. My bad man, I forgot.

HBK: Hunter, you're a sorry, sad excuse for a human being. You stand there, and you kiss up to the crowd with your childish insults to whomever opposes you, yet you forget that just a few years ago, infact, at the beginning of this year, it was you who was insulting these people, bragging about yourself non stop.

HHH: Times change Shawn. Looks like we swapped roles.

HBK: I don't think so. I could never be like you Hunter. Just looking at you right now, makes me cringe inside, because you as a person, revolt me. I could've never tried to be your "pal" again after all the times you stabbed me in the back. Isn't this a case of fair play?

HHH rubs his chin, sarcastically

HHH: Look Shawn, cut the crap. To be honest I don't give a damn. I want you, in this ring right now! Come on "Showstopper", show me if you've still got it.

HBK: I don't think so.

Crowd boos HBK

HHH: Why not Shawn, are you afraid of the past repeating itself again, IE, me kicking your ass?

Crowd cheers as HBK shakes his head

HBK: Do you take me for some sort of moron. Why in the hell, when you're in a mood like you're in, would I want to get into the ring with you, especially when you have that with you....

Michaels points to the sledgehammer

HHH: This? Fine.

HHH drops it to the outside

HHH: Now, let's do this.

HBK begins to walk down the aisle, then stops, smiles and gives HHH a crotch chop, then turns and begins heading for the exit to huge heat and jeers from the crowd

HHH: Where are you going?

HBK: Away from you. I'm not in the mood.

HHH: O OK, hold on a sec.

HHH turns his back to HBK

HHH: How about now, it'll just be like last week Shawn.

Crowd gives a loud *OOO* as HBK stares coldly at HHH, and thinks about it, then just turns and walks out


We return and see Cade & Jindrak in the ring, warming up for their tag match

*Hello Ladies* hits a light pop as Val Venis & Maven head to the ring, Val throws his towel into the crowd as Maven taunts on the apron, Cade & Jindrak laugh at them, and call them "Egghead Twins", and Maven shuts up Cade with a right hand and we are underway

Match 2
Non Title
Maven & Val Venis vs Cade & Jindrak

Good tag matchup, which is controlled by the champs, showing great chemistry and using their regular cheap tactics to keep themselves on top in the match.

A small revival begins from their opposition as Venis counters a Reflection Of Perfection attempt with a Bulldog faceplant!
Venis tags in Maven to a light pop, and Maven comes in taking Jindrak down with a clothesline, then hits a right hand to Cade, then another clothesline to Jindrak.
Maven backs Jindrak into the corner and tees off on him with right hands, then turns around and connects with a dropkick to Lance Cade.

However, Jindrak now grabs Maven from behind and plants him with the Reflection Of Perfection!
Val Venis gets back up, but Lance Cade boots him in the gut and nails the Swift Drive (Tiger Driver)

Mark Jindrak now makes an easy cover on Maven to win the match

Winners @ 5:29 - Cade & Jindrak

Cade & Jindrak get out of the ring looking happy with their win, and grab their titles and head to the back

Styles: Our champs get a solid victory here tonight, but they once again couldn't do it without a cheap move here and there.....

Coach: Aw get over it Styles, it's called dedication to the win, the will to win if you will, by any means necessary!

King: I would like to see them defend their titles once under a fair contest.

Backstage now we see Todd Grisham rushing to catch up with Cade & Jindrak

Grisham: Guys, can I have a quick word?

Cade: Well if you must. Go on.

Grisham: First off, congratulations on your victory. But are you at all worried about the fact that the New Age Outlaws have earnt themselves a title shot against you guys?

Jindrak: Are they still around? I thought after we made them look like the embarassments they are at Bad Blood I thought they would've gone into hiding forever.

Cade: Well you've got to admire their courage....

Jindrak: Or, is it stupidity?

Cade: Ah, true. Anyways, who gives a damn if they have a title shot against us? Anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyhow, we'll take on anyone, because we're going down as the greatest tag team in history!

Cade & Jindrak walk off

We are now in a medic room, and we see Scott Hall receiving stitches in his forehead after the assault earlier by Chris Masters, when Mick Foley walks in

Hall: Hey Mick.

Foley: Scott. I saw what happened to you earlier.

Hall: Yeah, about tha-

Hall stops talking as the medic stitching finishes

Hall: Ouch! Damn chico, that hurt.

Medic: Sorry.

Hall: Anyways, as I was saying, about that. Next week, I want Masters in a match, I'm gonna take that freshman to school!

Foley: Next week?

Hall: Yeah.

Foley: Alright, you've got it. Scott Hall vs Chris Masters next week on RAW.

Crowd cheers as Foley leaves and Hall gets up and follows as we come back to ringside

*Trainwreck* hits to heat as A-Train makes his way to the ring, as *Shave Your Back* chants begin

*Glass Shatters* blasts to an incredible ovation as Stone Cold heads to the ring looking pissed after last week. Austin salutes the crowd on all four buckles to huge pops

Match 3
Steve Austin vs A-Train

Austin batters his much bigger opponent with repeated right hands, and mudhole stomp combo's.

A-Train gets to his feet and is met with a Stunner!

Austin covers 1.....2....Austin raises A-Trains shoulder. Austin smiles and pulls A-Train up again, and hits him with another Stunner, to a huge pop. Austin now covers again 1.....2....Austin again raises A-Train off the mat.

The ref asks him what he's doing, and Austin gives a Stunner to the ref!

No Contest @ 4:32

A-Train struggles to his feet slowly and Austin goes to hit him with a third Stunner when

*My Time Is Now* hits to massive heat.

John Cena is making his way to the ring, swinging a steel chain. Austin is occupied with Cena and doesn't see that A-Train is sneaking up on him, and A-Train grabs Austin from behind, and Austin raises his leg into the groin of A-Train, who clutches at his groin area, and hops around into a third Stunner!

As this happens, Cena gets into the ring and takes a shot at Austin with the chain, nailing Austin on the back of the head! The crowd gives huge heat as Cena grabs Austin's head and starts laying into him with fists, covered by the steel chain. Before long, Austin is busted wide open, with the blood flowing from his face. Cena now waits for Austin to get to his feet, and Austin can barely see due to the blood, and Cena hoists him up for an FU, and slams him to the mat with a big FU!

Cena isn't done, as he drags Austin out to the floor, and gets him on his shoulders again, and then FU's Austin onto the floor! The crowd is booing the hell out of Cena, who rubs his hand through the blood on Austin's forehead, and wipes it across his chest, then taunts, raising the steel chain high as we go to a break with medics rushing to Austin's aid


Styles: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW everyone, during the break Austin ran away from his medics at ringside, thanks to Unlimited, here's what went down!

*The medics are attending to Austin, when all of a sudden, Austin pushes the aside and runs to the back*

King: I've got a feeling he wants John Cena!

Coach: The idiot should be receiving all the medical assesment he can get at this point, Cena beat all those damaged braincells even further away from his brain.

We now are taken backstage were John Cena is walking through the halls looking pleased with himself, he flips off the camera, mocking Austin, when he is tackled from behind and the crowd goes wild when they see Stone Cold unloading right hands on Cena!

Austin gets Cena by the head and throws him head first into the drink machine, and Cena's head breaks the plastic covering, with it all shattering on him. Austin now stomps a mudhole in Cena, and begins to fire rights and lefts at Cena, until security arrives to break them up, they drag Austin away, who looks like a ravaged dog wanting to maul his prey

Styles: Good God, Austin & Cena want to kill each other!

King: Austin gets some measure of revenge on Cena, and I can tell you, next week it's just gonna happen again!

Coach: I've never seen either man so hungry to fight before, I love it!

We now cut to the locker room of Vince McMahon, who gets a huge amount of heat from the fans when he appears, with Shane in tow

Vince: Listen Shane, next week, you and HHH will go one on one for the WWE Championship, with Shawn Michaels as the special guest ref....

Shane: Sounds good to me, but Dad, I haven't wrestled properly on a regular basis for years.

Vince: Don't worry about that son, you've got me by your side, the Corporation back here, and let's not forget the deal Shawn has with us, so I'm pretty sure you'll be able to capture the win.

Shane nods seemingly growing in confidence

Shane: I think it needs to be a big match.

Vince: You know what, you're right! Next week, HHH will defend his WWE title against Shane McMahon with Shawn Michaels as the guest referee, in a Steel Cage match!

Crowd pops, as Shane likes Vince's announcement

We come back to ringside as *Freight Animal* hits to a big pop from the crowd as Rhino heads to the ring, ready for another Hardcore title defence

*Shattered Dreams* plays to a light reaction as Goldust makes his way out with a golden trash can, with it's lid and a gold shovel also

Match 4
Hardcore Championship
Rhino (c) vs Goldust

Funny style brawl, as Goldusts antics throughout the match confuse and spook out Rhino to hilarious results.

Goldust takes Rhino down with a drop toe hold onto the golden trash can, then covers for a 2. Goldust now takes a deep breath right in front of Rhino, who hits him with a left hand, then suplexes him down. Rhino picks up a stop sign and whacks Goldust over the back with it, then over the head.
Rhino covers 1.....2...kickout.

Rhino goes to the corner and crouches down, ready for a GORE. Goldust gets to his feet and Rhino charges in, but Goldust avoids the contact and picks up the golden shovel, and raises it to the groin of Rhino! Goldust now cracks it over the back of the Man Beast, who staggers into the corner. Goldust places Rhino's legs behind the ropes, setting him up for the Golden Globes!

Goldust turns to the crowd and gets them on their feet, but as he does this, Rhino gets out and charges in, splitting Goldust in half on the turn around with a GORE! Rhino covers for an elementary 3 count to retain

Winner @ 6:34 - Rhino
Retains Hardcore Championship

Rhino holds his head and pats Goldust on the back, saying well done, and gets out of the ring, takes his title and celebrates with the crowd

Styles: Rhino is successful in his defence of the title!

King: Again, Rhino was pushed, but he was too powerful in the end.

Coach: Sometime soon, someone is gonna beat his stumpy little ass and take that belt off him. Rhino is a joke!

Coach drops his headset and grabs a mic

Coach: Hey Rhino you pudgy idiot, over here!

Rhino turns to see Coach standing on the announce table

Coach: Next week, why don't you put that title on the line against me, and we'll see if you're truly Hardcore!

Rhino smiles, biting his tongue, trying not to laugh and nods his head in acceptance

Styles: Another stupid move by the Coach everyone, get used to it, they seem to regulate more than John Cena wins around here!

We go to a break with Coach flexing his small muscles to Rhino, who laughs at him from the crowd


We are back, and the Cabana is set up, with Carlito standing in the middle of the ring with an apple and mic in his hands, as a *Carlito* chant begins

Carlito: Madison, Winsconsin....

Crowd erupts for the hometown mention

Carlito: Is cool!

Crowd erupts again, and another *Carlito* chant starts

Carlito: But not as cool as Carlito.

Scattered laughs, one or two boos

Carlito: Now last week wasn't the best Cabana in Carlito's recent memory. I was Stunnered by Stone Cold, and I lost control of my own show. But this week is different. This week is all about Carlito, and his chance, to accept Charlie Haas' open challenge next week.....

*I Am* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge ovation as AJ Styles heads to the ring in a blue hoody and jeans, with the crowd chanting *AJ* loudly

AJ: Did I just hear you correctly? You're answering the Open Challenge?

Carlito: Yeah, are you that deaf you had to come out here to hear it?

AJ: No, I heard you, bit you made a mistake. I am challenging Haas next week, not you.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple and thinks about what Styles said

Carlito: That's a good one AJ, but no I made no mistake. It's gonna be Carlito vs Charlie Haas, you don't fit into the equation at all my friend.

AJ: I'm not your friend Carlito. And if you don't step back and let me have my match first, I'll kick your ass!

Crowd erupts as AJ steps up to Carlito, who backs off a bit

Carlito: Hey easy there AJ, we can surely work something out....

*This Is A Test* hits to heat as Test makes his way to the ring with a mic in hand, with neither AJ or Carlito looking pleased that Test is here

Carlito: Whoa hey big man, get off my show. Stop wasting Carlito's time.

Test: Shutup.

Crowd boos Test, who blows them off with a rude gesture

Test: Let's face it, neither of you deserve a chance at the IC title, I do. So, simply put for you idiots, next week, I'm taking on Charlie Haas, and if either of you have a problem speak on it so I can stick this foot down your throat!

AJ: Listen here, just because you walk around with Vince McMahon's pole in your ass doesn't mean you get special treatment. You think you're intimidating, but you're not. You're a joke, hiding in Vince's multi-million dollar "Corporation".

Carlito laughs at this, and goes to take a bite of his apple, but Test kicks it out of his hand, frustrated

Carlito: Das not cool!

Carlito gets in Test's face now, as the 3 men look to come to blows, when *World's Greatest* hits and Charlie Haas steps out on stage with a mic

Haas: Guys, there's an easier way to settle this. In two weeks time it's Saturday Night's Main Event, so here's what's gonna happen. You 3 are gonna face off, and the winner can have an IC match against me at Summerslam! Hows about that?

Test: Sounds like a rip off to me.

AJ: That's fine with me.

Carlito: Whatever.

Haas: Good. I'll see who the real man out of you three is.

Haas heads to the back as we go to the commentary team

Styles: A big triple threat match made for Saturday Night's Main Event, a triple threat match with the winner facing Charlie Haas at Summerslam for the IC title!

King: It will be a huge match Joey! AJ Styles, Carlito & Test!

Coach: And we all know that Test will destroy them both and take the belt off Haas, for the good of the Corporation.


We come back and see Rene Dupre & Matt Striker in the ring with Rob Conway

*Break It Down* hits and the crowd goes wild as X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring, getting more big cheers from the crowd. The trio let the crotch chops fly with the pyro blasting off behind them

Match 5
D-Generation X
Rob Conway/Matt Striker/Rene Dupree

Pretty entertaining match, seeing the DX trio work well together, showing that they are truly back as a unit as they dominate the most part of this match.

A small period where they are on the back feet occurs as Conway overpowers X-Pac, and X-Pac is isolated for only a couple of minutes, before he catches a kick from Matt Striker and returns with a Spinning Heel kick, knocking Striker down.

X-Pac makes a hot tag to Billy Gunn to a big pop, and Billy comes in with a full head of steam, taking Striker down, then hitting clotheslines to Dupree, and then to Conway, then a back body drop on Striker.
Billy sets Striker up for the Fame Asser, but Conway smacks him on the jaw with a right hand to the face, but then Road Dogg comes off the middle rope with an axe handle to Conway, making him stumble around into an X-Factor from X-Pac!

Rene Dupree gets in and hits a right to Pac, then sends him to the ropes, but X-Pac slides under Dupree and Road Dogg loads him up and slams him with a Pump Handledrop, while Billy plants Striker with a Fame Asser, and Billy covers for the win!

Winners @ 10:11 - D-Generation X

The crowd goes wild again as the DX trio celebrate their win, and we go back to the commentary team

Styles: DX making an impact here, and the Outlaws sending a message to Cade & Jindrak that they are ready for that tag title shot!

Coach: I've got to admit, that was an impressive win from DX, but let's see if they can keep it up in the coming weeks.

King: It looks like they are better than ever, and that's not a good thing for the Corporation!

We now are shown a shot of Eric Bischoff walking down the halls with his team of Christian, Edge, Shelton Benjamin & Monty Brown behind him, getting major heat from the crowd

Styles: It looks like Bischoff's left it late to address everyone about the War Games match, and that's up next!


As we come back *I'm Back* hits to loud boos and jeers from the crowd as Eric Bischoff and his team head to the ring, Eric smiling and looking happier than he's looked in ages

Bischoff: Ah, this place brings back fond memories.

Crowd boos Bischoff

Bischoff: Oh, I didn't mean this arena, or this town for that matter, I meant this ring, because last week this ring was the place were Mick Foley received the treatment he deserved!

More heat, *Bischoff sucks* chants begin

Bischoff: No, I don't.

Now a loud *Yes You Do* chant starts

Bischoff: Whatever, I don't have to listen to you people. You're like that crap that sticks to my shoe when I step on the streets around here....

More heat

Bischoff: But onto issues that actually matter. Mick, last week you got what you had coming to you. And if you didn't have the help of The Rock & Sting, it would've been much worse. You're lucky. But now, I want you to come out here and accept my change to the War Games stipulation, if your team loses, you're fired! If mine loses, and the chances of that happening are very slim, then I'll never show up in the WWE again. I GUARANTEE that.

Bischoff pauses

Bischoff: Come on Mick, I've put it all on the line, and I want an answer now. I promise you, you won't be hurt....

Bischoff waits a few moments for Foley, when *If Ya Smell* hits to an electric ovation as The Rock steps out on stage, soaking up the huge ovation he's receiving, mic in hand

Bischoff: Rock, I don...

Rock: Shut your mouth jabroni!

Crowd erupts


The crowd goes wild with a huge *Rocky* chant

Rock: Eric Bischoff, last week you did something I didn't think you could even go as low as it was. You had a five on one beating handed out to Mick Foley, with your four lapdogs back there.

Edge: Wow, The Rock using toilet humour, that's new.

Rock: Excuse me? Did you just interrupt The Rock?

Edge: Ye....


Crowd erupts with laughter while Edge grits his teeth

Bischoff: Rock why are you even out here? I asked Mick Foley to come out, not you. Now get lost and tell Mick to get out here.

Rock: Don't ever talk to The Rock again, or I'll smack your lips right off your face!

Crowd pops

Rock: Now, The Rock is aware that Mick Foley is here tonight, but he doesn't feel like coming out after last week. So, while we wait to see if he changes his mind, The Rock has a song for you and your team....

Christian: Hell no Rock! Shutup, just shutup!

Crowd boos Christian

Christian: All you do is insult people, week in week out and it's getting annoying. Why don't for once, you get in here and back up your mouth with your fists?

Rock: O hey man, hows the nuts going? I know it's been a month and all, have they shrunken from the watermelon size yet? Or do they still hang lower than Eric Bischoff's on a winters night?

Crowd erupts

Rock: Eric Bischoff, you seem to want this GM role so bad. You had to attack and beat Foley down five on one, which is just pathetic.

Bischoff: Rock....

Rock: Right, I warned you. I'm gonna come down there and whip your ass!

Rock drops his mic and makes a motion towards the back, as Sting & RVD join him and the three men run to the ring, while Bischoff splits, and a brawl breaks out

*Wanted* hits to a crazy reaction and CACTUS JACK steps out from behind the curtains with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire in his hand! The crowd is going wild, as Foley runs to the ring, while Bischoff seems worried, and Foley gets into the ring, and Team Bischoff split to the outside, staying away from Foley and the barbed wire 2x4

Foley: Bischoff you son of a bitch! I warned you not to push me, but you did, and now, for one month, Cactus Jack is back! And you better believe I'll be in the War games match at Summerslam, and I'll make all of you pay for what you did to me last week. I still have a migraine, I have stitches in my forehead, my ribs are bruised. But at Summerslam, I'll illicit so much pain on you, you won't walk for a year! BANG BANG!

Cactus drops the mic and stands there grinning, while Bischoff and his team retreat up the ramp looking at Foley, wondering what they may have unleashed

Styles: Cactus Jack is back! Cactus Jack has returned!

Coach: O no this psycho's gonna wrestle at Summerslam, he'll kill these guys!

King: Foley has snapped, he's been pushed over the edge, and I don't think Bischoff and his team know what they've gotten themselves into!

Styles: What a night it's been, we'll see you next week for RAW!

Show ends with Cactus, Rock, Sting & RVD standing in the middle of the ring, staring down Christian, Edge, Shelton & Monty, while Bischoff looks shocked at what Foley has turned into


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Good way to open the show with a title match. I’m not a fan of Hall but I think he and Haas could have a good dynamic in the ring together and this seemed to be the case here. Masters attacks Hall with a chair and this one’s over with the DQ ending. I liked the post-match beat down too and Masters is looking really powerful coming out of this.

Awesome, RVD’s in the War Games Match! That will be great to see him do some high flying crazy ass moves in there. RVD seemed a little off in this promo though.

Really intense stuff between HHH and HBK. Hunter was desperate to go at it but Michaels had different ideas. Hopefully you keep this feud in similar fashion so as to keep it a great feud, as we’ve seen them square off so many times before that you risk being repetitive. This, however, is a perfect example of how to build this feud.

Haha, “egghead twins”. I can picture it right now!

Cade and Jindrak were always going to win this one and they did so convincingly. Nice way to put the champs over here.

The champs are ready for the NAO and I hope you add some gimmick to the rematch. Maybe the return of the Dumpster Match?

Hall vs. Masters next week. Should be a pretty good big man match. C’mon Chico!

I like how Austin kept breaking his own pin to beat on A-Train some more. The stunner to the rep was cool too and this segment got even better when Cena came out and beat down Austin with the steel chain. Nice way to end the segment with the F-U on the outside.

Man, Austin isn’t down and out yet and he gets a little redemption on Cena. I’m loving this feud between these guys.

Nice promo with Vince making the match for Shane vs. H, and HBK as the ref is bad enough, without the cage environment too. Vince and Shane seemed in character for this.

Good to see Rhino showcased on RAW and he gets a win over Goldust. Rhino is the right choice for now as Hardcore Champion.

Haha, Coach vs. Rhino next week. I think somebody’s going to help Coach to win that belt.

Really enjoyable Carlito’s Cabana segment and I could imagine Carlito sayine, “Yeah, are you that deaf you had to come out here to hear it? The triple threat at SNME should be off the hook and I hope Carlito advances to SummerSlam, but I’m picking Teat to win.

DX worked brilliantly together in their 6-man tag victory and it’s nice to see the NAO teaming with X-Pac every now and then.

Bischoff seemed to drag on a little when he came to the ring but the segment livened up with The Rock’s introduction and he laid into everyone tonight. Christian was out of character with his speech but everyone else fitted nicely into the segment and the entrance of Cactus Jack to end the show is a nice, memorable ending. The War Games Match will no doubt be a classic at SummerSlam.

Another top show here and I look forward to how the SummerSlam card shapes up over the next few weeks leading to the event.

Realism: No major problems with this area in this show. Maybe Austin recovered a little quick after the beating he took from Cena, but otherwise this was great.

Length: Seemed about the correct length for RAW. Perhaps it needed a couple more segments as most of the non-match segments were fairly short, but the ending segment was a lot longer so that made up for it.

Quality/Entertainment: I found that a very enjoyable read and it’s got me hyped for next week’s show so well done here.

Spelling/Grammar: A few words missed out here and there but nothing that I couldn’t identify what was supposed to be there. I didn’t like the use of “Hows about that” which popped up several times though/

Matches/Booking: I think you needed one or two important matches on this show as it was mostly just to put the wrestlers over, and none of them had the big match feel.

Total: 86/100
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Nice opening to the show, certainly sets the tone and always good to see a match starting off every now and then. Had a feeling Masters would be finding himself interfering. So, Masters and Hall could be feuding soon, hopefully not but it looks that way.

Nice addition to the team, RVD is always going to help a team out and in War Games, it's going to get extreme. So we've got three men right now, Rock and Sting plus RVD. Certainly an intresting combination but they have experience within them.

Liked this promo, you've certainly built up this feud well but maybe the amount of times things were repeated hurt it. I did though like HBK giving Hunter the crotch chop since D-X and all. Well guess we'll be hearing an official announced match soon.

Normal squash tag match, that's all I got from that and just to get the champions on the show. I'm guessing they'll have a match at SummerSlam soon against D-X to continue that feud. Hopefully we'll be seeing that as NAO won last week.

Good and I'm glad that we don't have to sit through Hall and Masters at SummerSlam, probably will see Hall in War Games anyways. Hall will probably be getting the win, if he indeed is going to War Games he needs it but if not, Masters does.

Austin dominated A-Train, shame to see it be A-Train as it ruins momentum for the big man, maybe a smaller opponent would have been better. Well, Cena and Austin seems to be heading towards a matchup at SummerSlam, hopefully Cena takes it.

Well, major announcement for next week, Steel Cage will be in use and it's for the WWE title. Have a feeling HBK will play a major role in the matchup considering he's referee and all. Maybe some more things will shed light on us next week.

Daily does of Hardcore action this week and as expected Rhino always finds a way to come out and retain that belt. Wow, Coach seems so cocky, have a feeling one person or another will be helping Coach defeat Rhino, otherwise why would this be a match?

Carlitos's Cabana was good up until the end and Styles didn't seem in character too me too much. Also there comments at the end like Carlito said "Whatever" couldn't really see that and I could see them saying a lot more than that.

Well, formula tag match there and why is Striker with La' Resistance? Maybe fill me in on that because it doesn't make much sense to me. D-X gets the win as expected and gives them momentum heading into their tag match coming at SummerSlam.

Last segment was ok, nothing too major other than the Rock running his mouth but Cactus Jack is back. The odds seem to be in the favor right now of Team Foley with the experience but Team Bischoff has the young guns, let's see what happens at SummerSlam.

Realism: Seemed realistic to me except for some comments throughout the show that hurt it. 8/10

Length: 12-13 matches and segments is always what I'm looking for and that's what you had. 10/10

Quality / Entertainment: Entertaning show throughout with some promos but the Cabana didn't seem right. Lack of a real main event could have hurt the score too. 7/10

Spelling / Grammar: Few typical errors here and there and everybody will have them, 8/10.

Matches / Booking: No true main event hurt this but matches were made for next week which is a positive. Though no real main event took place, it did let D-X shine. 8/10
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

I'm fairly sure this is the first time i've reviewed your show so this should be interesting. I'll try and pick up on your storylines as i go along too.

Raw Review

haas/hall - decent match action, had to laugh at that line "he can still cut it for a 48 year old". I think the finish was intelligent as when you mentioned the crowd torn between the two the ending to me wouldn't have been as much. Not a huge fan of haas as champion though as nowadays 90% of his wins are via roll-up, hope you can keep the IC title scene fresh.

RVD/Foley promo - in character, great team signing IMO too. not much else to say here.

Triple-H/ HBK promo - Some of the quotes here were humorous but when Hunter turned his back around for like the third time it became stale, and the crowd continuesly chanting "OOOO" kinda enforced that. I think Shawn should have given a bit more speaking-wise here and with Triple-H supposedly "furious" he was certainly too light-hearted.

tag match - venis and maven are a bit of an odd pairing, and these two going up against cade/jindrak isn't hugely appealing entertainment wise. some decent match action with an ok finish (a clean heel win, which are more rare nowadays) and when king said that the champs should fight fairly it confused me since cade/kindrak didn't cheat to win.

jindrak/cade interview - relatively straight to the point, neither guy has much of a personality though so in charater isn't a phrase i could use here.

foley/hall promo - should make a good match next week if it goes fairly. "Damn Chico" got a smile out of me.

A-train/Austin - Was suprised to see Austin get so much domination when A-train is the bigger and physically stronger of the two men. The finish was pretty funny but the aftermath made it more memorable. Cena's blood smear moment reminded me of Lesnar and Zach Gowen a few years back, so that was pretty cool.
A-Train, who clutches at his groin area, and hops around into a third Stunner!
Isnt this the fourth?

Austin attack - done well and the attack was very graphic, this fued is getting hotter.

vince promo - shawns in with the MacMahons then, next weeks match should be pretty good. I'm glad the stipulation was added as if it was a plain match then Hunters odds of winning would be alot smaller due to Shawn.

rhyno/goldust - good match with some nice action here, the aftermath made me laugh though, as it did to rhyno. Is Coach on crack? He'd make one funny champion though.

carlito's cabana - started off well with carlito definetly in character. AJ coming out was unexpected as i thought there would be an official guest tonight. Then Test comes out who i'm not a big fan of at all, now these three face off in like a mini fued before SummerSlam. Hmm when AJ came out i would have thought a triple threat match for the title would have been alot better but this one atleast will get more fued time.

6 man tag - i liked this match because it had alot of flowing action, good to see the outlaws pick up a win before their match with the champions.

bishoff promo - In character all round i think, everyone who spoke got their point across and i'm glad the rock came out first to back up foleys stance. Cactus Jacks emergence was slightly random i thought as there was no hints towards that side of him during the show like when he was with RVD or when he was with Hall, but the War Games match definetly looks in the favour of Foley right about now.

Realism: Seemed fairly realistic, Didnt like the lack of a main event though as 95% of Raws tend to end that way. 8/10

Length: Reasonable length, no real complaints here to be honest. 9/10

Quality / Entertainment: I'd say this was entertaining. Still not sure if this would be an episode i'd watch myself as tonights show kinda had all the titles besides hardcore get eclipsed. 7.5/10

Spelling / Grammar: No mistakes i could see. 10/10

Matches / Booking: I think the right guys won IMO, the lack of a main event once more brought the match result down though. 8/10
Overall: 85/100
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

A nice way to kick off the show with an IC Title Match. A good match even though in real life it would definatley be a stinker because of Hall. Interference by Masters costs Hall the match and forget this match, if Hall and Masters faced each other that would definatley be a stinker. Anyway it is still nice way to push Masters putting him in the ring with a legend.

Nice addition to team Foley there with RVD.

Very good promo here, it was a very intense promo. HBK/HHH feuds have been done to death in the WWE, but i am sure this is gonna be a good fued. Liked that HBK walked away from a fight with HHH, making us wait for a confrantation.

Nice victory here for Cade and Jindrak, the squash victory made them look good with such a convincing victory.

Thank god Hall v Masters is not on Summerslam, will be intresting to see who picks the victory in this match.

Basic squash match here with Stone Cold going Stunner's Galore, but that ends as Cena comes out and beats the holy hell out of Stone Cold. After the break Austin returns Cena's attack, i think he recovered too quickly from the attack however.

Nice match announcement there and it seems like HHH has a huge task to retain his title seeing his problems with the McMahon's and HBK, but i expect him to come out of the match still as champ.

Good victory for Rhyno despite the anitcs of Goldust. Rhyno v Coach should be interesting, i have a feeling someone will interfere to help out Coach because he wouldn't be that cocky if it was just him v Rhyno.

Decent Cabana here started off well but dropped at the end as some lines sounded out of character.

Good victory for DX sending Jindrak and Cade a message by beating Striker and Dupree. I hope that Jindrak and Cade beat NAO, as it would do them a whole lot of good beating a team like the NAO and the Outlaws are well past it.

Last segment was good but like KOP said nothing too major except for a traditional Rock promo and a beatdown at the end of it. Good to see Cactus Jack back, and i'm liking the build up for Summerslam.

Realism: Seemed mostly realistic to me, but there was one or two things like Steve Austin recovering that quickly from a bloody beatdown by Cena. 8/10

Length: Was the right length for a Raw show 10/10

Quality / Entertainment: An entertaining show but there wasn't really any main events which costs the rating on the quality side. 8/10

Spelling/Grammer: A few mistakes i noticed during the show but nothing serious. 9/10

Matches / Booking: No real main event and not really any strong good matches on the show. I liked the booking and i like how you are dealing with the Austin/Cena fueds and the buildup for the War Games. 8/10

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

My RAW Review

IC Title Match- I knew Chris Masters would come out and mess in this match. I thought that it would be a no contest but Hall getting the win? I dont know about that even though it is by dq but it was ok.

RVD on Mick Foley's team at Summerslam. That is great as I think RVD and Foley have the same hardcore style and are almost alike so it is only natural that Foley would pick someone like RVD.

HHH/HBK- I really liked that promo, it seems like HHH is the only man that knows HBK really well and the end was the best with The Game turning his back on Shawn and Shawn just watch him.

Cade/Jindrack vs Venis/Maven- Really a squash match to put over the champs.

Hall vs Masters next week is going to be pretty good, I am thinking a 2nd DQ because Masters will cheat and get caught or something.

Austin vs A-Train- At first I thought this was going to be a squash but when it was made a No Contest, that shocked me. Pretty good that John Cena got one up on Steve Austin. Or should I say, had the upper hand on Austin. The fight backstage was pretty cool. I am really loving this fued.

Shane O vs HHH next week in a cage is going to be good but we all know that Shane Mcmahon wont win the title.

Hardcore Championship- I guess a ok match but what the hell is Coach thinking? I am making a prediction that The Coach will become the new Hardcore Champion.

Cabana- It was a ok Cabana, but the match made for SNME is going to be a good one.

DX vs Conway/Dupree/Striker- A good match, again a squash with DX getting the win.

Main Promo- I am kinda shocked that Cactus Jack is back. It kinda reminds me of a RAW in 2000 I went to. It is the one with HHH pedigree Mick Foley through the annoncers table and after RAW went off, Mick Foley took off the Mankind's mask and said that Cactus Jack is back. It reminds me of that and it was great.

Realism: It was a very real RAW, kinda reminded me of RAW from the Attitude Era. 8/10.

Length: It was very long as a RAW should be. 9/10.

Quality/Entertainment: I was very entertain with the HHH/HBK and the Austin/Cena stuff. 10/10.

Spelling/Grammar: I did not really see any but a couple minor problems but not major stuff. 9/10.

Matches/Booking: I would give you a higher rating but some of the matches felt like they were squash matches and the Austin/A-Train ending was kinda weird. 7/10.

Total: 86/100 B+

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Starting form this show, I will be try to become a regular reviewer of your thread! So after school today, I will be sure to drop a review. Looked like an awsome show man!

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Thanks for all the reviews, they will all be returned and repped. ANymore are welcome, RO24 will post the SD! preview tomorrow.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

ORRY'S Raw Review

Charlie Hass vs. Scott Hall:
Great opening contest, with some awsome back and forth action! I love Hass as champ, and Masters interferance costs him the macth via DQ! A Masters/Hall feud is a given, let's hope you can pull it off!

RVD/Foley Segment: Both men were a little off character wise, but the announcement was huge! RVD is in the War Games- it just got that much more extreme!

HHH/HBK Promo: Brilliant promo, both men were in character! Just awsome man, with the Champ gaining the upper hand, insulting the crap out of HBK, only for Shawn to walk away. We've seen this feud before, but now that the roles are reveresed, it's that much more exciting!

Cade and Murdoch vs. Venis and Maven: Venis and Maven are an odd pairing, and the result was never in doubt as the champs demolished their opponents. What's next?

Stone Cold vs. A-Train: Austin embarresess A-Train, connecting with three brutal Stunners! Cena's after match attack was great, I'm digging this feud at the moemnt, the blow off match should be huge!

Shane/Vince Segment:
HHH/Shane O should be awsome, expecially with the cage stip, but there's know way in heel McMahon is winning the belt!

Rhyno vs. Goldust: Enjoyable match, with Rhyno picking up the obvious 1 2 3! The match with Coach next week should be interesting, I hope to God he doesn't win the belt! You never know though

Carlito's Cabana: Awsome segment man, very well written. All three men deserve a shot at Hass, I can't wait to see what goes down at SNME!

DX vs. Matt Striker, Rene Dupree and Rob Conway: Solid match, with the recently reformed trio picking up an impressive victory. I can see a feud with Cade and Murdoch in the future!

Final Promo: WHOA! Cactus Jack is back, and he looks crazier than ever! Huge news here, Sumerslam is shaping up to be classic!

Realism: No problems here man, nothing seemed to farfetched or impossible! 9/10

Length: Perfect man, awsome work! 10/10

Quality and Entertainment: Some of the squashes were a little bland at times, but there was some amazing stuuf here to, expecially the awsome promos! 8.5/10

Spelling and Grammer: A few minor mistakes as all people make, nothing too bad. 9/10

Matches and Booking: Besides the squashes, all the right people won, even if the match length was a little on the short side. 8/10

Overall: Awsome show man, I understand why you are renound as one of the best bookers around! Keep up the great work! 9/10!

Booking Credentials
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview

We have a huge show this week as we are only 2 days away from The Great American Bash. We have a huge 6 man tag team match as the main event this week when Kurt Angle teams with the men he will face at the GAB, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit to take on Mr. Kennedy, Booker T, and Finlay(who is making his return.)

We also have two titles on the line. Gregory Helms will defend his Crusierweight Championship against Tajiri and The Sandman will face Paul Burchill for the TV Championship.

We have a huge blockbuster match and it was made by Teddy Long after him and his guy, Kevin Nash attacked and layed The Hulkster down and out last week. It will be "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and "The Thing" Brock Lesner vs "The Animal" Batista, and "The Legend" Hulk Hogan.

Also Matt Hardy will face Joey Mercury and Teddy Long have banned Jeff Hardy and Johnny Nitro from the arena.

Plus, The Undertaker, Bill Goldberg, and more only on Smackdown on UPN. Only two shows remain on UPN so you better check them out.

Announced Matches

Kurt Angle/Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit vs Mr. Kennedy/Booker T/Finlay

Brock Lesner/Kevin Nash vs Batista/Hulk Hogan

Matt Hardy vs Joey Mercury

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Tajiri

Television Championship
Canes Match

The Sandman vs Paul Burchill(C)

Also Smackdown is going to be a recap because I am working hard on GAB.

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