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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Raw Review

DX - McMahon - Great segment good way to start the show 9/10
opening Tag match - Good opening to the show 7/10
Bishcoff - Yeah this was great i really like your promos and stuff like that 9/10
Ic match - It lacked the real factor to the match for me 6/10
Canbana - Good this is the best part of your writing 9/10
Hall/masters - entertaining 7/10
Hardcore title match - funny little match 8/10
Bischoff seg - Good war games should be huge - 9/10
WWE title match -- great ending otherwise pretty good - 8/10

Overall - Three title matches on one card isnt good espically single titles but none the less good job 82/100 good job
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Hey, I will have a review up later tonight as I am busy all day, just to let you know that I will review it tonight. I did not want you to think I was not going to review it.

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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

That's cool partner, get the review up whenever. Hopefully a few others come in tonight and tomorrow....


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE RAW - Daytona; FL

Vince McMahon comes out to do a promo. Basically he has come to hype his match with Triple H tonight, rite? McMahon names the town, and they should’ve cheered, because they always do. Vinnie & Shane Mac were interrupted too quickly though. Promo was alright to open up the show and it did hype the main event for us.

I like that you have put Johnny Parisi into the World Tag Team Title contenders because I liked this guy. WWE never paid attention to this guy though. It was an okay match and it was expected for the New Age Outlaws to win the match. Cade & Jindrak have to work hard because it’s not easy to beat the New Age Outlaws.

Promo would’ve been better; nothing was special here in this promo. It looks like Eric Bischoff has something planned something massive for Mick Foley tonight. However, I think that Mick Foley will be the one to get the best tonight. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling.

Glad to see Charlie Haas retaining the gold. I don’t think that Masters is a good opponent for him. If I was you, I would’ve given a strong heel opponent to Charlie Haas [not Masters because he really slows the match down, and he has only two things special in him: Masterlock & his entrance.]

Carlito should’ve spoken more before introducing Stone Cold Steve Austin. I wanted few more words from him. Stone Cold was okay and was in character, but again he would’ve spoken more. He wants John Cena, I think it was too early for Cena to come out. Carlito tells Cena to shut up; this was something you would’ve never done. Anyway, Stone Cold attacks on Carlito. It looks like you are involving Carlito in this feud, but let me just say to you that this feud is building up too badly.

Scot Hall & Masters Confrontation backstage was good. And I liked it. Glad to see Rhino retaining the gold with the gore. I am also glad that you have given some spot to Rene Dupree because I think that he has talent.

It was a good promo. So Bischoff introduces his team guys. Edge! I am shocked; Rated R Superstar can be good for Bischoff’s teams! Shelton! He’s a pure athlete and can be good for his team. Damn, everyone wants a shot to the gold. Looks like Bischoff’s team is not on a good role. Christian! Yeah, I am a huge peep! I knew it, I knew it. I knew that Bischoff’s team would attack on Foley, and now I assume someone from Foley’s team to come out and save him. Rock! Oh my god, amazing find for Foley’s team. Rock is getting beating now; it looks like some other guy from Foley’s team has to get in to save his partners. Sting! Oh my god! It shocked me! Good ending there.

Bischoff’s promo was alright. After that promo, I wanted to see a promo to hype up the main event, but there wasn’t any promo, which’s not good. It was a good main event, glad to see Triple H retaining the gold. During the match, someone attempts the super kick and Triple H tears the mask, and its Mark Jindrak!? What the hell is he doing. Oh my god, another huge surprise there. Sweet Chin Music and it was HBK! Amazing ending to the RAW, I liked it.

Overall – 82/100

It was an okay show. I liked this. 82 out of 100 are good score. Bad Blood is building up good for the main event, but every other feud except this are been building up badly, which you have to build it up strongly. Please post the dates of the shows also, It would be good for us readers to keep a track on 'em.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**



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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Strong opening promo with Vince and DX, which sets up the title match for this evening well. This feud looks as if it can go on for a bit longer, and I feel the mystery man may show up at some point this evening as well

Outlaws were the obvious favourites to win the tag match, and it looks as if they have a shot at winning the titles back now. Looks as if DX is being used a lot, and very well in this thread at the moment

Loved the Eric/Foley promo, and Brown provided a bit of comedy in there which is all he can really do. Some great lines from Foley, and it will be good to see who else is in both men’s teams

Haas picks up another win over Masters, and he is being put over as a big name in the mid card at the moment. I think he may have a lengthy title reign

Cabana started off slowly, but quickly picked up speed, and ended brilliantly with Austin throwing the apples at Cena. This feud has worked well so far, but has to end with a Cena win, as he needs a big win to put him back over at the top of the show

Hall vs. Masters next week then? Another way to further the DX/Corporation feud I think, and should be solid

Rhyno keeps the hardcore title in a filler match really, but still good to see him being used

Interesting team for Bischoff that has been announced, and it will be very interesting to see if all their ego’s can fit together, and know the main man of the team ends up being. Foley gets his ass kicked by the heels, but the Rock and Sting come and make the save, which is good to see, and they will surely be part of the team

HHH gets the win in the match, despite the masked man, but he turns out to be Jindrak. Good distraction, and then HBK can nail HHH, keeping the feud between them on. Looks like HHH/HBK at Summerslam for the title then?
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Opening to the show with D-X and McMahon's was ok, though didn't like the ending as it's too similar to what has been going on in real life between D-X and the McMahon's. Otherwise, seemed as a good way to go out and hype the show tonight.

Too predictable of a match there but there is always going to be one of those, guessing this is for SummerSlam? Can't really say it but it would certainly be great if it was held off until then. It would continue to give the D-X/Corporation feud some good buildup.

Decent segment, nothing too much other than the continous buildup to the War Games at SummerSlam. Otherwise, it just had Bischoff and Foley continuing their hatred for one another, at least Brown was thrown in there to make it seem a little better.

Like before, can't say too much about this as it seemed to be a short match as a recap. Haas gains the win and he had to of course if he was going to start an Open Challenge. I'm guessing you will redo the Benjamin/Haas feud in the next few weeks?

Carlito's Cabana time, haven't really read one of these as just about everyone has seemed to be stopping them recently including myself. Good little segment, strongest one to the night so far and the buildup to Austin and Cena continues.

Ugh, don't like Scott Hall. Even worse, you've got him feuding with the Masterpiece, that's a disaster in the waiting. Maybe you can do something with these two but it will be hard. Otherwise, didn't like the segment as it was too short and nothing to it.

Hardcore match time, second title match tonight and nothing too much to comment on other than it being a filler. Just out there to put over the champion Rhyno of course. Doubt he will be doing anything the time SummerSlam rolls around.

Um, didn't really like this segment at all. Being honest and none of them really sounded in character like they should be. Certainly Bischoff's comment about not hating me was off character and some of Edge's other comments were too, maybe this should have been done next week as this might be too early.

Main event didn't go to the liking of Vince but the ending was well set out, HHH vs HBK has been set for SummerSlam. No doubt in my mind about that and hopefully you can set it apart from mine which I mean the rivalry has been recently.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Cheers for the comments on my BTB Renegade, and I kinda lost where I was on this BTB but I'm hoping to get back on track with it in the coming days. I'm in the process of reviewing a few PPVs - HBIcon and FD/Kane01, but after they are done I will find my place on this and get up to speed with it, as this was an awesome BTB from two top bookers.
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Thanks MS, anymore reviews for RAW are welcome, forgive for the fairluy poor promos, I've been really busy so it was kinda rushed, but next week's will be much better, I promise.

RO24 will hopefully post an SD! preview in the next 24 hours.


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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Review!

The opening promo was decent, although DX seemed rather weak with some of HHH’s comebacks. Vince was in character. DX were in character but like I said, HHH was a little weak on the stick.

Nice opening tag match. NAO get the win which assures us that they most likely will be sticking with DX and Hunter. Good stuff.

A nice promo here from the GM and Bischoff. The Mystery Egg Hunt Line was funny and I’m looking forward to seeing who is on both teams later in the evening.

Decent IC Title match here, but I can’t help but think Masters came off a little weak with the quick finish. Haas/Masters feud coming up?

Nice Cabana Segment, Cena and Carlito were in character almost perfectly, whilst Austin was a little off, maybe a couple more of his catchphrases would have helped.

Very nice promo here, it was short but sweet, the best segment so far imo, it all just seemed to click; a little more conversing might have helped however.

A short but sweet match here between the Man Beast and Dupree. Served its purpose and put Rhino over.

I loved this promo between the two SummerSlam teams. The only criticism I can think of is the fact the some of the altercation between Bischoff’s team members seemed a little forced. Otherwise, it’s all good.

A good Main Event but a little more length may have helped a bit. A good finish and HBK does indeed turn on HHH. The obvious Title Match for Summerslam would be HBK/HHH although with their long history I don’t think a gimmick match would be that silly really, it’d probably enhance the feud.

It was good show but not you best work by any means Renegade, I’ll review SD! When it’s up. 8/10.

Oh, look out for my new BTB coming up soon- NWA:WCW: The New Age!

Add me on Xbox Live: ToxicPhoenix69
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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade, I can't post a raw review but i loved the show, although, I would have liked The Dudleys to win the tag match but whole well, and Bischoff searching for who Mick's pick are in his office with Monty was pretty funny.

WWE Smackdown Preview
A New Era?

We have a huge show this week on Smackdown as we are less than 2 weeks away from The Great American Bash and this week, we will finally found out what the main event will be for GAB as Chris Benoit will take on Chris Jericho and the winner will face Kurt Angle for the World's Heavyweight Championship at GAB. Also, Kurt Angle will be the guest Ref during this match.

Last week, Hulk Hogan challenge Teddy Long to a match. Well we have new info on the match. Vince Mcmahon did indeed make the match but if Teddy Long loses, he will be fired as General Manager of Smackdown and replace at a later date. But the big question is, who will Teddy Long pick to face Hulk Hogan at GAB?

Also, Brock Lesner and Batista will sign the dotted line when they sign their match contract for the GAB. What will happen when Lesnar and Batista in the same ring at the same time?

After last week when Bobby Lashley saved Jillian Hall from Randy Orton, Randy Orton challenge "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley to a match this week on Smackdown. Also the Crusierweight Champion, Gregory Helms will be in tag team action when he teams up with Jamie Noble to take on Ultimo Dragon and the number 1 contender, Tajiri.

All this and much more only on Smackdown.

Announced Matches
#1, Contendership for the World Championship
Ref- Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley

Gregory Helms/Jamie Noble vs Ultimo Dragon/Tajiri

Brock Lesnar/Batista Contract Signing for match at GAB

Also Teddy Long announces who will wrestle Hulk Hogan at GAB

(Also, the show will be up Tuesday Morning.)

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