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Learning to break kayfabe
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PWO - Profound Wrestling Organisation

This is my first BTB on here, so don't expect much.

BackStory: It was not long after WrestleMania 23 when WWE Raw rating began to drop. The internet fans as they call themeseleves were complaining of how boring and bland WWE TV had become. With Raw rating rapidly droping Vince McMahon went as far as clsing Smackdown and ECW (who's rating were very low) and making it just Raw. He cut many worthless Wrestlers, but also cut people who had the potential to be massive like Elijah Burke and John Morrison while he kept the likes of Mark Henry and The Great Kahli. Ratings steady'ed for a while but once again began to drop quickly. Vince was really geting worried, especially given TNA were geting praise form many people.

Vince was out of idea's when a man form Ireland named Eugene Bradley showed up on his doorstep. After being refused many times but without giving up Vince decided to listen to what Bradley had to say. He propesed many things to McMahon, (who was vey sceptical) realised that things coudn't get much worse, decided to hire Bradley, (who's idea's he was very fond of) as head creative writer. It took a couple of months and a lot of hard work but ratings began riseing again. WWE was geting a lot of praise once again.Many peopel had called Vice crazy for hiring Bradley, but now they praise his Vince's decision, and the man himself Eugene Bradley. Ratings were very high and pay per view sales were through the roof. Vince thank'ed Eugene greatly, as did Eugene thank Vince for giving him the opertunity.

It was heading up to the Royal Rumble, ratings were blooming and people expected a classic pay per view. After months of trying Eugene Bradley and Vince McMahon finally talked Brock Lesner into giving wrestling another go, he was set to return via wining the Rumble and go on to beat the champ Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 24. A few weeks prior to the event people like Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman said that Bradley should breakaway form the WWE and set up his own wrestling federation. Many people agreed with those claims, this angered Vince and casued him to change the build up to the Rumble, without consulting Bradley. Eugene didn't like that but pushed on with it. The night of the Rumble things were going great the crowd were loving the matches and the anticpation for the Rumble was great. Bradley who was really looking forward to seeing Lesner return in the Rumble was shocked when a medically uncleard John Cena was to return and at number 30 and win the Rumble. This caused Vince and Eugene to get into a heated argument which comulated with Bradley leaving the WWE that night. While Bradley was awaiting confirmation on a big money loan form the bank, WrestleMania 24 was a very dissapointing event, ther main event saw a repeat of the previous year in Shawn Michaels versus John Cena.

Ratings once again droped after WrestleMania, many people had lost faith in Vince McMahon and the WWE. The loan that Eugene Bardley was waiting for finally got approved. After talking to several wrestlers including the likes of Shawn Michaels, Mark Callawy, Kurt Angle and even Brok Lesner, Eugene Bradley decided to take the plunge and set up his own wrestling organisation, a Profound Wrestling Organisation.

PWO Staff:
Eugene Bradley
General Manager
Eric Bischoff
Jim Ross & John Bradshaw Layfield
Todd Grisham

TV Show:

Saturday | 9/8 PM CT | Spike TV
Theme Song - C'mon C'mon

Rostor: Face's - Red | Heel's - Blue | Tweener's - Orange
Aj Styles
Alex Shelley
Austin Aries
Brian Kendrick
Brock Lesnar
Chris Jericho
Chris Sabin
Christian Cage
Christopher Daniels
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Elijah Burke

Evan Bourne
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy

John Morrison
Ken Kennedy
Kurt Angle
The Miz

Montel Vontavious Porter
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Robert Roode
Rob Van Dam
Samoa Joe
Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin
Ted DiBiase

(The) Undertaker

Tag Teams/Stables
Beer Money INC - Robert Roode & James Storm
Edge and Christain Cage
Generation Next - Austin Aries, CM Punk & Christopher Daniels
Motor City Machine Guns - Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin
The Hooliganz - Brian Kendrick & Paul London
Two Of A Kind - Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam

PWO Champion
Brock Lesnar
Genesis Champion
Montel Vontavious Porter
Tag Team Championship's
Motor Coty Machine Guns
No Limits Champion
Austin Aries

Pay Per View's
Heat Wave | May 26th
HomeComing | June 28th
Retribution | July 26th
Complete Carnage | August 23rd
Extreme Elevations | September 27th
Chaos Theory | October 25th
Lethal Lamentations | November 22nd
Exodus | December 27th
Manic Mayhem | January 24th
Ignition | Febuary 14th
Born To Bleed | March 7th
Glory Road | April 4th

'Heat Wave' Pay Per View Result's
PWO Championship
Brock Lesnar def. The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels
6 Man Battle Royal
(**After the Undertaker and Jericho were simontaneously eliminated, Jericho hit a Code Breaker on Taker in anger**)

Genesis Championship
MVP def. Samoa Joe & Umaga
Triple Threat Match
(**Umaga and Samoa Joe expressed a lot of anger towards eachother in that match**

PWO Championship Number One Contender's Match
Aj Styles def. Christian Cage, Edge, Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio
Five Man Ladder Match.

No Limits Championhip
Austin Aries def. Evan Bourne, Cm Punk & Christpher Daniels
Fatal Four Way Match
(**It was basically a three on one handicap match, with Punk and Daniels allowing Aries to get the pin**)

Jay Lethal def. Elijah Burke

Tag Team Championship's
Motor City Machine Guns def. Beer Money INC & The Hooliganz
Tag Team Turmoil Match
Points Of Intrest:
HomeComing is PWO's WrestleMania, Heat Wave has an annual five man ladder match to determine the number one contnder for the PWO Championship at HomeComing. Born To Bleed is an all stipulation based PPV.
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Wheelman for James Ellsworth
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Re: PWO - Profound Wrestling Organisation

It's not the most realistic created thread and I don't like how the roster is WWE dominated, but there is potential here. Work hard, follow the rules and don't be afraid to ask for any help or advice. Best of luck~!
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Re: PWO - Profound Wrestling Organisation

Sounds like another great created fed. I'll be on the lookout, but just to let you know, try to trim down on the roster. Having a big roster and only one TV show can get to you. And, given how many main eventers you have in there, I hope you can even it out. Best wishes and best of luck...

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Re: PWO - Profound Wrestling Organisation

The name of this BTB probably would have been better if you didn't just steal it off a forum I've seen you lurking.

Anyway, you've got a p[retty strong roster going there, so hopefully you can use it well. Good luck.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: PWO - Profound Wrestling Organisation

PWI Insider

We can cofirm that Randy Orton will miss HomeComing due to an injury. When thrown over the top rope to the outside of the ring Orton seemed to fall awkwardly on his knee. Reports suggest that it isn't to serious but he will be out of action for little over a month.

As most of you would have saw Sunday Night, Brock Lesnar won the PWO Championship but also Aj Styles became the number one contender. We didn't think Styles would have a main event role in the company, but it looks like he'll be in the main event of PWO's biggest event.

PWO's will premiere Hazard this Saturday, no word on any matches yet but that should change over the course of the week.
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