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WWE: 2009, After The Draft

This will be done by me and Acegamer2410, it takes place right after the WWE Draft. We've scraped the Divas and such.


Smackdown- Friday

Raw Roster

Main Event
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
Jeff Hardy
Triple H

Upper Mid-Card
Cm Punk
John Bradshaw Layfield
Shelton Benjamin

Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Dh Smith
John Morrison
Mike Knox
Mr. Kennedy
Santino Marella
Shad Gaspard
Ted Dibiase Jr
William Regal
Evan Bourne

Smackdown Roster

Main Event
Chris Jericho
The Undertaker

Upper Mid-Card
Rey Mysterio


Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Jamie Noble
Kofi Kingston
Hurricane Helms
Jimmy Wang Yang
Kung Fu Naki
Matt Hardy
The Brian Kendrick
Zack Ryder

ECW Roster

Main Event
John Cena
The Big Show
Jack Swagger

Upper Mid-Card
Vladimir Kozlov

Mark Henry
Paul Burchill
Ricky Ortiz
The Miz
Tommy Dreamer
Tony Atlas
Tyson Kidd

Tag Teams/Stables
The Brian Kendrick + Ezekiel Jackson
Mizorrison (Miz+ Morrison)
The Legacy ( Orton + Smith + Rhodes + Dibiase)
The Colons (Carlito + Primo)
Kurt Hawkins + Zack Rhyder
Cryme Tyme (JTG + Shad)
Jesse + Festus


WWE Champion – Randy Orton
World Champion – Edge
ECW Champion – Jack Swagger
Intercontinental Champion – JBL
United States Champion – MVP
WWE World Tag Team Champions – John Morrison & The Miz

Wrestlemaina Results (Winners in Bold)
Randy Orton vs. Triple H
Edge vs. the Big Show vs. John Cena
The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michales
Money In The Bank- Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy
Mizorrison vs. Colons
JBL vs. Rey Mysterio
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

Four shows a week? What are you smoking? Just kidding. However, four shows are very hard to accomplish, even for the most expierienced bookers. It's a lot of work. Hope you can pull it off!

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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

How will you be doing this? Will one of you do RAW and Superstars and the other do Smackdown and ECW? What's the plan?
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

Superstars is coming in soon in real life, so yeah, wwe is already gonna have 4 shows. I'm doing Raw/ECW, acegamer is doing Smackdown/Superstars.
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

That's really tough to write 4 shows, even if it will be 2 shows each. But I am intruiged to see how it all comes out, so I'll be reading. Good luck guys, stick to this.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

It's going to be a lot of work, but I think that Mr. Slave and I will be able to pull it off. Thanks for all the support, and the first show should be up soon.
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft

Morrison should be upper-midcard me thinks Best of luck to you both.
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft


Raw Theme

The Show opens With Randy Orton's Theme "Voices hitting" as he enters the ring, with Legacy.

Randy Orton: Would ya' look at this.

*Crowd Boos

Randy Orton: This same exact time last year, I was standing here, right here, in this same exact spot, with my WWE Championship on My shoulders. And I still stand here, today, the very next year... with the MY Championship!

*More boos

Randy Orton: I did what I said I was going to do, I beat Triple H, I destroyed Triple H.

Orton holds his arm down, and looks at the crowd.

*Huge Boos

Orton: Shut up!... We are the future of this company, The Legacy is what the WWE Thrives on, The Legacy is what is going to take WWE all the way to the top!

*Shelton Benjamins Music hits*

Shelton Benjamin: No Randy, you're clueless. The Legacy isn't going to bring the WWE Anywhere, nor will it ever. I am the future of this company, I beat 7 other SuperStars in the Money In The Bank to earn my shot.

Randy Orton: You didn't earn anything until you've beaten me.

*Benjamin Enters The Ring

Shelton Benjamin: You won't have to worry about that, because im challenging you right here... right now!

*Orton drops his mic, as Dibiase, Rhodes, and Smith have looks of confusion on their faces.

Shelton Benjamin: This contract states that I can have my shot whenever I choose, so you have no say in it Orton.. it's time to rumble!

*Benjamin throws a fist at Ortons face, but is met with 6 fists from Dibiase, Rhodes, and Smith.. who than beat the hell out of him.

*Triple H's music hits, as he runs down to the ring.. and clears it of Legacy

*Vicki Guerrero walks down the ramp

Vicki Guerrero: Excuse Me! Shelton, I know that the contract states that you get your shot whever you want, but as General Manager of Raw.. im not allowing that tonight.


Vicki Guerrero: Instead, tonight will be a 3 way match for the WWE Title!

*Pop from the Crowd

Vicki Guerrero: That's right Orton, you will have to defend your titme agaisnt both Triple H, and Shelton Benjamin!

*Evil laugh, as Vicki goes back up the entrance.

*Orton yells at Legacy, as he makes his way back.


Match 1
William Regal vs. Cm Punk

Punk and Regal lock up, Regal gets Punk in a headlock, and Punk throws him to the ropes.. Regal comes back with a huge right fist, and knocks Punk down. Regal than stomps on Punks face, and drivs his knees into Punks face. Punk is than picked up by Regal, and nailed with a fisher-mans Suplex.

...1...2... Shoulder up! Punk gets up, and kicks Regal across the face. Regal falls back, and Punk drop kicks him. Regal gets out of the ring to catch his breath... and is met with a suicide dive from Punk!.... After about a 6 count, Punk rolls Regal back into the ring, who than headbutts Punk.

Punk is locked into a Boston Crab... and eventually makes it to the ropes. Regal recieves a Super kick from Punk, and a running knee-lift. Punk than does the Bull-Dog, and nails it. He waits for Regal to get up.. and Punk Nails him with the GTS!

Winner: Cm Punk

Backstage Dibiase and Rhodes are getting ready for their next match

*Commercial Break

Match 2
The Legacy (Cody Rhodes + Ted Dibiase Jr.) vs. Cryme Tyme (JTG + Shad)

Rhodes pokes Shad in the eyes, and swips his legs. He smashes his knee a couple of times, and tags in Dibiase. Dibaise works on the knee for a while. He picks up Shad, and throws a couple of Punches at him. Shad staggers to the apron, as Dibiase spears him. Shad is down, and Dibiase makes the cover ...1....2 ...2.9! Shad kicks out

Shad is pulled up by Dibiase, and Dibaise tags in Rhodes. Rhodes kicks Shad in the stomach, and nails a swinging neck-breaker. Rhodes hooks the legs...1....2.... Shoulder up! Shad gasts for air, as Rhodes knees him right in the face. Rhodes picks up Shad, and kicks him in the stomach.. he locks in the DDT, but is met with a back-body drop.

Shad staggers to tag in JTG, but is Rhodes holds onto his leg. Shad than throws a couple of Punches at Rhodes, but is met with a drop kick from Dibiase... JTG jumps in the ring to attack Dibiase, but the ref. holds him back.. Both men beat the hell out of Shad, as the ref. turns around. Rhodes tags in Dibiase, and Rhodes hits JTG off of the outside-ring. Tibiase hits The Million Dollar Dream on Shad.. and hooks the leg..1...2...3!
Winners: The Legacy


Backstage with JBL + Matt Striker

Matt Striker: John I gotta ask you, how does it feel to be coming off a fresh Victory from Mysterio for your Intercontinental Championship?

How do I feel? I feel great! I disapointed the fans, and kept my Gold. I got a 2 for 1 deal! Haha... it always comes out right when the buisness is done for me.

Matt Striker: Some fans might question it.. I mean.. Mysterio's win stolen, You had help from a masked a asiliant that none of us, still dont know who it might be.

JBL: Mysterio never had a chance of winning, let's face the facts here Striker.. when it comes to winning, you have to take all means necessary, and im a buisness man, and buisness men have the connections.

Matt Striker: Who was this man now..

JBL: I guess we'll have to find out..

*JBL laughs, as he leaves the camera view.

Match 3
JBL vs. Evan Bourne

JBL uses his strenght for the advantage, as he kicks Bourne in the face, right at the start of the match. JBL than picks up Bourne, and throws him out of the ring. He follows Bourne, and picks him up.. to throw him right into the steel ring post.

Bourne yells in Pain, as JBL rolls him back into the ring. JBL follos, and recives a drop kick, JBL falls on 2 knees, and Bourne jumps to the second rope.. he jumps with a flying DDT, and nails it. JBL is smashed, and rolls on his stomach, as Bourned does a standing moonsault.

...1....2... kick out. Bourne jumps to the top rope, and signals for the shoot star press.. JBL gets up on 2 knees, and pulls himself up. Bourne does a missil Drop- Kick, but JBL swept out of the way. JBL waits for Bourne to get up... and he nails the Close Line From Hell!...1....2....3!

Winner: JBL

After the match, JBL points at his head to motion to the crowd how smart he is. He gets his championship, and yells at the camera man.. "Soon enough.... "Soon Enough!"

*Commercial Break

Backstage in the Locker Room

Shawn Michaels: I know.. I know. I told you, than fans.. that I would defeat the Undertaker. "The Showstopper" himself, "Mr. Wrestlemania" would defeat the deadman. I gave it my all, I did what I needed to do, and when it was all said and done.. The Better man Won.

DH Smith: Shut your mouth Shawn.

Shawn Michaels turns around, and DH Smith gets in his face.

DH Smith: You're the past, im the future. Nobody cares about you anymore, so quit trying so hard to get everyone to like you. I am apart of THE best stable in the WWE today, and im not going to let some washed up no good talent try to take the spotlight from the future.

Shawn Michales: Ha Ha Ha Ha, you were joking right? You've got to be kidding me.. come on buddy, someone with the talent of a toddler could do more than what you could.

DH Smith: Wait.. wait... before you go anymore further, i'll end this with a simple (DH Smith slaps Shawn across the face)

Shawn Michaels grabs his cheek, as DH Smith walks down to the ring.

*Commercial Break

Match 4
DH Smith vs. Shawn Michaels

Smith recieves 4 chops from Michaels, who than does a scoop slam to Smith. Michaels goes to the second rope, and nails a huge leg drop. Smith is covered... 1.. kick out. Michaels pulls him up, and throws him to the ropes,.. Smith comes flying back, and spears Michaels

Smith picks up Michaels, and power-bombs him. Michaels is down hard, as Smith taunts the crowd. The Crowd boos, and Smith starts to smash Michaels, with his boot. Michaels is than pulled up, and nailed with a back body drop.

Smith starts to punch Michales in the face, and heads to the top rope. Smith than attempts a splash, but michaels rolled out of the way. Michaels than heads to the top ropes, and nails a huge big elbow. Michaels than waits for Smith to get up...

Smith gets up, and Michaels hits the super kick!.... But Smith ducked, and Smith than to the ropes, and came back with a huge spear!! He than pulls up a lifless Shawn Michales, and hits the running-power slam!...1....2...3!

Winner: DH Smith

Backstage with the rest of Legacy

Orton: Why.. why! Vicki Guerrero is pissing me off! I've Beaten Triple H, and Benjamin doesnt deserve a shot!

Cody Rhodes: Well he did win the Money In The Bank..

Orton: What!?!

Ted Dibiase: Look Randy, what Cody is trying to say.. is that we've got your back tonight, we won't let anyone else walk out with your WWE Championship.

*Commercial Break

Main Event
WWE Championship
Triple Threat
Randy Orton (C) vs. Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin

Orton leaves the ring, and is seen talking to Dibiase and Rhodes. Triple H and Benjamin lock up, Triple H gets Benjamin in front Headlock.. Benjamin does a back body drop, and than drop kicks Triple H. Triple H is down, and pulls himself up on the turnbuckle, to receive a big running splash from Benjamin.

Triple H grabs Benjamin, and nails a spine buster. He leaves the ring, and goes to get Orton. He is met with Dibiase and Rhodes, as Orton crawls back into the ring to finish off Benjamin. Triple H lays out Dibiase and Rhodes, and enters the ring.

Orton covers Benjamin...1.. Triple H breaks up the count. He grabs Orton by his hair, and slams fists into his face. Benjamin gets up, and Triple H throws Orton at him, Benjamin ducks the flying Orton, and super kicks him!... Orton staggers, and recieves a pedigree from Triple H!

Benjamin throws Triple H off of Orton, and covers Orton...1....2 Triple H breaks the count. Triple H kicks pulls Benjamin up, and hits the big knee on him. Benjamin falls down, as Triple H falls back to the ropes... and comes back with a huge knee-drop, and makes the cover...1...2... kick out!

Orton rolls out of the ring. Triple H picks up Benjamin, and throws him to the turnbuckle, and comes back with a huge close line, followed with a bulldog. Triple H than waits for Benjamin to get up..

Benjamin gets up.. and Triple H kicks Benjamin in the stomach, but Benjamin gets up out of it, and its a neckbreaker on Triple H. ...1....2 .... kick out! Benjamin stalks Triple H... Triple H gets up and...

Benjamin goes for the paydirt, but Triple H throws him to the other side of the ropes, as Benjamin comes back, Triple H kicks him in the stomach, and nails the Pedigree! He makes the cover...

1....2..... Oroton comes in the ring, and does a big boot to Triple H's face. He covers Benjamin...1....2...3!

Winner: Randy Orton!

Orton and Legacy flee the arena, as Benjmain pulls himself up. Triple H and Benjamin exhange glares at one another, and the 2 brawl. Security comes down to the ring, and tries to break it up. IT takes about 10 min. and they break it up.. Triple H is yelling at Benjamin, as Benjamin does the same.

*End Show.
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Re: WWE: 2009, After The Draft



*The Show Opens with a Video Package of Jack Swagger successfully retaining his ECW Championship at Wrestlemania. Swaggers music hits, as he makes his way down to the ring, carrying his ECW Championship on his shoulders.

Jack Swagger: I'm Jack Swaager. And incasse you haven't noticced yet, I'm the ECW Champion.


Jack Swagger: The besst ECW Champion.

*You Suck chants

Jack Swagger: I've made my mark here in the WWE, proving not only to all of you.. But to the entire WWE Locker room that I'm the besst.

*John Cenas music hits, as he makes his way down to thw ring*

John Cena: Jack SSwagger... Jack SSWAGGER!

*The Crowd laughs at Cenas impersanation of Swagger.

John Cena: You can't even pronounce your own name right, let alone the belt you're carrying around.. Yet you say that you're the best ECW Champion of all time.. And that you've made your mark?

Jack Swagger: You're damn right CCena! Who the hell do you tthink you are? I'm the champ, and its my time!

John Cena: Well champ, if here for one reason and one reason only, so let's just cut to the chase. I know what its like to be on top, I know what its like to be a World Champion, and I want my shot back to the top again.

Jack Swagger: You've got to be kidding me, right? You're done Cena, washed up, a nobody. Nobody cares about you anymore, so quit trying so hard.

*The Big Shows Music hits, as he enters the ring, shaking his head.

The Big Show: You 2 are both wrong. I am a former ECW Champion.. And the best one at that! You don't deserve the title Cena, I do. I've made my mark in every promotion/ brand I've been in, and this brand is no different.
John Cena: Than why don't we make it official.. The Big Show vs. John Cena in a number one contenders match, for the ECW Championship.

The Big Show: I like that.. But don't go crying to Teddy Long when I knock your face through the back of your head!

*Show leaves the ring, as Cena and Swagger exchange bad looks.


Match 1
Tyson Kidd vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer shoulder tackles Kidd as he enters the ring, than follows up with an elbow drop. Kidd sits up and recieves a running face-plant from Dreamer...1...2.. Kick out. Dreamer heads to the top rope, and is quickly followed by Kidd, who buzz-saw kicks him right across his face, and follows up with a super-plex.

Kidd hooks Dreamers leg..1..2.. Kick out. Kidd than runs and jumps onto the second rope, into a moonsault. He hooks Dreamers leg, than gets up, and shakes his head saying "I'm not done with you yet.." He pulls Dreamer up by his hair, and throws him to the ropes, to follow up with a huge spine-buster. He than jumps to the outside turnbucke, and follows up with a springboard Elbow Drop. He lays on Dreamers shoulders..1...2...3!
Winner: Tyson Kidd


*We come back to see an Kane backstage, its pitch Dark, except there is a red glow behind Kane

Kane: I know how it feels to be ECW Champion, I've done it before, and I'm back to do it again. Nobody, I mean nobody will stop me from accomplishing this task again.

*Kane pulls a mask out of a bag on the floor. He reveals it to be his old WWE Mask With hair attached to it.

Kane: The fire still burns..

Match 2
Vladimir Koslov vs. Finlay

Koslov kicks Finlay in the face, and throws him out of the ring. Koslov follows him out, as Hornswoggle tends to Finlay. Koslov goes over to Finlay, as he crawls.. Koslov than picks him up, and recieves an elbow to the chest. Koslov shakes it off, to receive another elbow to the chest.. And Finlay rolls Koslov into the ring. Finlay makes his way to the top ropes, and Koslov gets up.. Finlay is about to jump.. But Koslov jumps on the top rope, to force Finlay to lose his balance, and get tangled up on the top rope. Koslov than picks up Finlay with a Backpack- Chindrop, and nails it. He rubs his shoulder on Finlays face, as he makes the cover..1..2..2.8, kick out! Koslov gets up, and stomps on Finlays face.. Hornswoggle jumps into the ring, to his father. Koslov has an angry smirk on his face, and yells at Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle turns around, to receive a huge boot from Koslov, who than picks up Hornswoggle, and power-bombs him. Finlay (who is now up on 1 knee) sees Hornswoggle, and runs to him. Hornswoggle is out cold, as the ref., and Finlay are tending to him. Finlay turns around to yell get Koslov, and gets nailed with a big boot across the face. Koslov than hooks his leg...1..2...3!
Winner: Vladimir Koslov


*We come back to see Cena getting ready for his match next. Swagger bursts in the room.

Jack Swagger: You know what Cena? I'm sick of you. You can't just come here on ECW, and force your way into the main event without earning it. I have!

John Cena: I've already earned my spot. I'm not here to call the shots, I'm here to show myself. I'm here to make it clear who John Cena is on ECW, I'm here to take that title off of your shoulders.

*Swagger and Cena Stare off, as we cut to Commercial

Main Event
#1 Contenders Match For The ECW Title
The Big Show vs. John Cena

Show grabs Cena by his head, and Head-butts him. Cena shakes it off, and punches Show in the stomach a couple of times, than runs to the ropes, to receive a big boot from Show. Show than leg drops Cena, and makes the cover..1..2.. Kick out. Show than gets up, and elbow drops Cena, and continues this for about 3 times. He covers Cena...1...2.. Shoulder Up! Show gets up, and puts Cena on his back. He than steps on him, and yells at the crowd. Huge Boos, as Show picks up Cena. He throws Cena to the turnbuckle, and chops at his chest 4 times. Cena throws a couple of Punches at Shows face, but Show just shakes it off.. And tosses Cena across the ring. Cena gets up, and gets close-lined from Show. Cena is than kicked out of the ring. Cena gets up, as Show exits the ring. Cena throws a punch at Shows Face, but is met with a shove onto the announcers table. Cena is than forced up by Shows grasp, and Picked up with a choke-slap. Show slams Cena into the Announcers Table, as it breaks with him.


We are back live, and See Show pick up Cena, and roll him back into the ring. Show follows him in, and attempts to pin Cena. ...1...2.....thre.. Shoulder Up. The crowd start to chant Cenas name, as Show argues with the ref. Cena gets up, and kicks Show in the stomach. Show pushes Cena, and Cena comes back with a shoulder-tackle. It pushes Show, but doesn't knock him down.. So Cena gets up, and attempts another Shoulder Tackle. He nails it, and gets Show on the ground. Cena than heads to the top rope, and nails a huge leg drop...1...2... Kick out. Cena than does the "You can't see me.." And runs to the rope, to come back with the 5 knuckle-Shuffle. He nails it, and waits for Show to get up.. Show gets up, and Cena locks in the F-U, but Show Elbows Cena in the face a couple of times.. He than attempts a Big Right Fist, but Cena ducks, and drop-kicks Show. Show staggers back, and Cena runs over to lock in another F-U.. He locks it in, and nails it!....1....2.....thre.. kick out! Cena falls on his back, as Show makes his way back up.. Cena gets up, and recieves a huge right fist from Show!...1...2...3!
Winner: The Big Show

*The Big Show Puts His hand around his waist, saying he's going to be the next ECW Champion, as we cut off air..
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