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How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

~Bertrand Russell

The WarZone Wrestling Society – Rebuilding Pro Wrestling... From Scratch


How do you rebuild... what was destroyed?


Something that was once considered at the top of it's game?


Something that nobody thought could be destroyed?


How can you pick up the pieces... and start over?


How can you fix things when they are broken?


How do you begin anew?











On April 2nd, 2007, WWE was coming off the heels of an explosive Wrestlemania XXIII. However, their problems would only begin. To bring a new outlook on the promotion, they tried new ideas. They terminated the contracts of several legends, including Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson and Gene Okerlund. The government began an investigation behind the whole steroids theory. Benoit suffered a massive neck injury at Wrestlemania and was forced to retire from wrestling. Ric Flair was also facing health issues, but WWE wouldn't terminate his contract until Wrestlemania XXIV. MMA promotions such as UFC and IFL were continuing to grow in stature. Also, the WWE's competition, TNA. Vince McMahon was weighed down with so much pressure. He himself wasn't sure he could stand it.

And so, he created the WWE Talent Wellness policy. The policy stated that any wrestler whose under the influence of steroids or other performance enhancers will be suspended indefinitely. Before a house show, Vince held an emergency, random drug test on the entire roster! To the surprise of Vince, a lot of them failed the drug test! Vince suspended the superstars with no pay, and the company was fined by the government. After that, the budget was too low and they couldn't afford the paychecks for some superstars, as well as arenas they rented out. They were forced to cancel some of their house shows and live events and even release more superstars as a budget cut. Eventually, Vince decided that he couldn't take the pressure.

And so, with a heavy heart, he and his family stepped down from their positions at the company and put their shares on the market. There was a huge battle over the shares, t through the smoke... the shares were bought by... New Japan Pro Wrestling, Japan's largest wrestling promotion! The people were stunned! As it turns out, NJPW ends up naming Gene Okerlund & Tony Schiavone as the majority share holder. Tony had been working behind the camera for NJPW for some time now. Gene and Tony get together with Robert “Sgt. Slaughter” Remus, Virgil “Dusty Rhodes” Runnels, Jr., Martin “Arn Anderson” Lunde, Kevin Dunn and Vince Russo. Together, with NJPW's permission, they decide to scrap the whole WWE idea altogether and create a new pitch for the US's largest wrestling promotion. After coming up with some terrible ideas, they've made their decision.

And so, on a brisk Saturday morning, June 16th to be exact, the seven great minds in professional wrestling met at the meeting room in WWE headquarters to discuss the future of the business.

Gene Okerlund sits at the head of the meeting table. He stands up and clears his throat.

I would like to thank you all for coming today. Gentlemen, what takes place here in this meeting room will reshape professional wrestling as we know it. Today, we will-

Dusty: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Can we get on with this? I want to get some ideas I've been thinking up ever since I came to the WWE!

Sgt. Slaughter: Me too!

Arn Anderson: We all do!

Gene: Okay, okay. Patience, my friends. I know we've waited a long time for this opportunity, but without the patience to overcome, we could wind up back to square one. Now, what should we name this new business?

Sgt. Slaughter: The Slaughterhouse Wrestling Association!

Arn Anderson: The Four Horseman Wrestling Society!

Dusty: The Rainbow of Dreams Wrestling Federation!

Everyone stares at Dusty in confusion.

Kevin: How about something simple. Like the WarZone Wrestling Society!

Sgt. Slaughter: Yeah. I kinda like it!

Arn Anderson: Me too!

Tony: Yeah, that is a pretty good name.

Gene: Okay! The WarZone Wrestling Society it is! Sorry, Dusty.

Dusty sits back in his chair in disappointment.

Gene: Next order of business: which superstars stay and which will be released?

Arn stands up.

Arn Anderson: After reviewing the budget, and the roster, we've determined that the following superstars from WWE will remain on the roster: Edge, Undertaker, Kofi Kingston, Paul Burchill, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Chris Jericho, JBL, John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, Shelton Benjiman, Carlito & Randy Orton.

Gene: Is that it?

Arn Anderson: Actually, there's more. We have signed the following superstars to a WWS contract from independent promotion: Human Tornado, Chris Hero & David Flair. Also, we have signed several NJPW superstars to our US promotion: Shinjiro Otani, Tiger Mask IV & Koji Kanemoto, with the rest of their roster making occasional appearances.

Gene: Is that it?

Arn Anderson: Well... no. Finally, there's the superstars we signed from their TNA contracts: Samoa Joe, Ron Killings & Christian Cage… Oh! And our announce team will be Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross will stay on as our business advisor. Cause he’s all knowledgeable and… (a beat) that's it.

Gene: Good. That makes twenty-one. That'll do for now. Now, onto the matter of weekly TV shows and pay-per-views.

Slaughter clears his throat.

Sgt. Slaughter: After going through a list of crappy names, the weekly flagship show will be named Monday Night Shootout and we managed to stay with USA network for the next year. After reviewing through the list of ECW, WCW & WWE pay-per-views, here is our list of PPVs for each month:

August - SummerSlam (Staples Centre; Los Angeles, California)

September - Barely Legal (Air Canada Center; Toronto, Canada)

October - Halloween Havoc (World Arena; Colorado Springs, Colorado)

November - Survivor Series (HSBC Center; Buffalo, New York)

December - WinterWar (And the annual WarGames Match – Consecos Fieldhouse; Indianapolis, Indiana)

January - The Royal Rumble (Continental Airlines Arena; East Rutherford, New Jersey)

February - Last Man Standing (Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan)

March or April – Wrestlemania XXIV (Ben Hill Griffin Stadium; Gainsville, Florida)

May - Road To Redemption (HP Pavilion Center; San Jose, California)

June - High Stakes (MGM Grand Garden Arena; Las Vegas, Nevada)

July - The Great American Bash (Target Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Gene: Hold on, rewind. Did you say “Ben Hill Griffin Stadium?”

Sgt. Slaughter: Sure did.

Gene: Are you crazy? That stadium holds over 90,000 people! We can't afford that on the budget!

Arn Anderson: Geno, we took care of it. Just sit back, relax and leave everything to us. Wrestlemania will now be the flagship event for both us and the NJPW. Now, this new promotion will have three, and only three, titles for the time being: the World title, the Intercontinental title, the Tag Team title.

Vince Russo: And me, being head writer, I have decided to start four weeks before SummerSlam. So, unless there's anything else, everything's been taken care of.

Gene: Well... okay. Now, with all that said and done, there's still one thing left to decide: who will be the general manager of ShootOut?

Kevin: I was thinking you, Gene, as Chairman along with Tony running as CEO. On-screen, of course.

Gene: Of course. Off-screen, we’re all the board of directors.

Sgt. Slaughter: Yeah. And then me, Dusty and Arn would sign onto the roster as wrestlers.

Arn Anderson: Right. Butt that means we gotta get back in shape. Well, more so Dusty than you and me, Sarge.

A light laughter from everybody, even Dusty.

Dusty: Well, I suppose this means you're gonna have to start shaving, Arn. Cause you sho' can't win no beauty contests lookin' like a gorilla wearing glasses.

"Ohhhhh" went everybody except Arn, who just chuckled.

Arn: Hey, I'm not in this to win beauty contests. But I am in this to win some contests, you know what I mean?

The others exclaim in agreement and shake each other's hands.

Gene: Okay, with that being said, I think it's just about safe to say this meeting's adjured. And I would like to personally thank all of you for your support in helping me rebuild this business that everybody thought would go bankrupt in five years. Now, it's all in the hands of our fans (That means you nice folks reading this at home) to help support our new-found business. And before you know it, we'll be right back on top. And with that...

Everyone picks up a glass of wine sitting on the table.

Gene: To our new business, to our fans, and most importantly of all... to pro wrestling!

Everyone Else: TO PRO WRESTLING!!





And so... here is where this thread currently stands...

“Mean” Gene Okerlund: Chairman of the Board of Directors

Tony Schiavone: CEO

Eric Bischoff: Commissioner (Appointed on-screen authority for both shows)

Jim Ross: Senior Referee

Michael Cole and Al Snow: Broadcast announcer & Color commentator, respectively, for Shootout

Mike Adamle and Shane "The Franchise" Douglas: Broadcast announcer & Color commentator, respectively, for CombatZone

Tony Chimel: Ring Announcer

Todd Grisham & Joel “He’s young, he’s hung, he’s skilled with his tongue” Gertner: Backstage Interviewers

Christian: Current WWS World Heavyweight Champion
(won title at Summerslam in Triple Threat match w/Undertaker & Human Tornado)

Paul Burchill: Current WWS Intercontinental Champion
(won title at Barely Legal in Four Way Dance w/Kofi Kingston, Tiger Mask IV & David Flair)

The Hardyz: Current WWS Tag Team Champions
(won title at Barely Legal against Dusty Rhodes & Sgt. Slaughter)

Friday Night CombatZone
Time slot: Fridays from 9 pm to 10 pm on the Sleuth Channel (Premiering Nov. 2nd)

Joe Hennig
Reid Flair
Shelton Benjamin
Husky Harris
Tiger Mask IV
Ron Killings
Taylor Harris
John Hennigan
Human Tornado

Monday Night Shootout
Time slot: Mondays from 8 pm to 10 pm on the USA Network

Shinjiro Otani
Koji Kanemoto
Teddy Hart
DH Smith
Jack Evans
Jim Neidhart
TJ Wilson
Ted DiBiase Jr.
David Flair
Brett DiBiase
Afa Jr.
Cody Rhodes
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Mr. Kennedy
Kofi Kingston
Tiger Mask IV
Chris Hero
Paul Burchill
Randy Orton
Samoa Joe

Tag Team Division:

The Hardys --- Current Tag Team Champions

The High Rollers (Ted DiBiase Jr., Afa Jr., Cody Rhodes, Brett DiBiase, Joe Hennig, David Flair & Reid Flair)

The Hart Dynasty (DH Smith, Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, Jim Neidhart & TJ Wilson) w/Nattie Neidhart

The Ballerz Club (MVP & the Human Tornado)

Shinjiro Otani and Koji Kanemoto

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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

That was an awesome backstory! It is so unique & realistic! The roster seems to be okay, but at least it isn't too stacked that it's unrealistic. It's nice to see you have new PPV names because they're better than the current ones. I just wish you the best of luck on your newest project.

"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course is to tread lightly."
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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

Enjoyed the backstory their pal, everything is in-place for an interesting BTB. I'll be reading and reviewing! The best of luck I wish to you.
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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

This looks interesting, and the conversation was well written. The 'naming of the promotion' was kinda funny, what with all the guys naming if after their associations. All in all, an intriguing turn of events. Hope this pans out. Good luck.
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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

Thanks for the comments, everybody! I really appriciate it and will try to return them all as soon as I can. Just so you know, the first three episodes have been written and I'll probably post the first one on Saturday, to give you more time...

::!News From The Online World of Wrestling!::
~Coming off the heels of one of the biggest business transactions in pro wrestling history, OWW has all the fallout.

~Teddy Hart, T.J. Wilson, D.H. Smith and Mike Adamle have all signed on to the WWS roster. Adamle, a former sports announcer, will serve as color commentator on Shootout for a trial term.

~Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes, Arn Anderson, Kevin Dunn, Vince Russo, CEO Tony Schiavone, and chairman Gene Okerlund are already pleased with what will happen in their new promotion. "Our fans have supported WWE and WWF for so many years," said CEO Tony Schiavone. “We're confident they'll support us as we try to bring a new twist on sports entertainment." Vince Russo, formerly the head writer of TNA, already has some fresh ideas for the superstars. "I'm really gonna mix things up," said Russo. "You'll see."

~TNA president Jeff Jarrett wishes the best in the future for the company's new board of directors. "They know what they're doing," said Jarrett in a press conference yesterday. "They've been in this business longer than I have. However, wrestling has reached a new age and it will be interesting to see how these legends compete against TNA's new-fashioned style of wrestling."

~The management has reached a 1-year deal with USA network, with a 3-year option after that.

~Gainsville, Florida is already making plans and preparing for Wrestlemania XXIV in March 2008. "We're very excited," said Pegeen Abrahan, mayor of Gainsville. The University of Florida, the owner of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, is also making plans to help the community, and promote the event at the same time. They're making dates for some of the wrestlers to make appearances at the school to teach middle schoolers and high schoolers the importance of reading.

The Rebuilding Begins.... Official ShootOut preview from!
~This week, ShootOut makes it's debut at Madison Square Garden in New York City!~

~::What's The Big Idea?::~
~At the top of the show, Chairman Gene Okerlund and CEO Tony Schiavone will make an appearance and discuss their plans for the future, how the champions will be determined, etc.~

~::Tensions Run High::~~
~The wrestling promotion hasn't even gotten off the ground yet, and already, tension is running high. Some wrestlers have their own ideas of what the new promotion would stand for. Many of them being mid-carders. Word's going around that a group of second generation superstars are creating their own stable and plan to dominate the entire roster. What could these wrestlers have in store for each other as they fight their way towards the top.~

~::All This And Much More on the World Premiere of Monday Night ShootOut! Live! This Monday Night @ 87c, only on USA!::~

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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

Rebuilding Pro Wrestling... From Scratch presents...
~WWS - Monday Night ShootOut~
~Madison Square Garden; New York City~
~July 30th, 2007~


---Fade In--- empty warehouse...

Narrator: What are the ramifications of something that is destroyed?

...buildings and bridges that are being demolished...

Narrator: Something that is no more...

...flashing highlights of the old WWF days, including the first Wrestlemania. However, it's in black and white...

Narrator: Something that dies...

...highlights of news channels doing TV reports on the death of WWE...

Narrator: Something that many believe cannot be saved...

...the McMahon family leaving WWE Headquaters in their last public appearance...

---Fade To Black---

Narrator: Is it possible...

...highlights of the WWE wrestlers, weary and defeated after losing matches (and on steroids)...

Narrator: That perhaps, by some impossible chance...

...highlights of wrestlers, defeated, marching up the ramp...

There... Is... HOPE!

...flashing highlights of wrestler's entrances, as well the voice-over of the big press conference, where Geno and the others announce the new company...

Narrator: So who is to say what will happen tomorrow in professional wrestling?...

...highlights of old matches with Dusty Rhodes and Arn Anderson...

Narrator: In one second, things could look fine...

...Vince McMahon and his family triumphantly walking towards the ring...

Narrator: But in an instance... things could change...

...Vince McMahon sits back in a chair at a meeting after looking over at the recent downslide of the company's stocks...

Narrator: Which one of us is to say what will happen next in professional wrestling?...

...highlight of the opening pyro during Raw...

Narrator: In one minute, the future could look grim... wrestling fans give their negative reaction to the recent death of WWE...

Narrator: But in the next... things could change entirely... ....and a new era could be born. cheering as tickets went on sale for the first WWS show...

Narrator: So don't blink for a second. Because in one minute, wrestling's future could be doomed...

...highlights of news channels saying pro wrestling as we know it is dead...

Narrator: But in the next... a new society could be created!

...highlights of some channels giving positive feedback for Geno and the Gang keeping the business going...

Narrator: So welcome to a historic-making night... welcome to a ground-breaking evening... welcome to the WarZone Wrestling Society!!!

The WWS logo is shown....

---Fade To Black---


We fade into the huge sold out Madison Square Garden. The fans are ready for the show to get on the road. Suddenly, the arena lights go out and everything's pitch black. Seconds later, a countdown begins on the titantron: "10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0!" After that, Kanye West jumps on stage and performs "Stronger" from his album, Graduation. After he's done performing the official ShootOut theme song, the fans give him a tremendous ovation as he throws up "the Roc". A ton of pyro goes off and the show can officially begin. We head down to the announce table.

Michael Cole: We welcome you, ladies and gentlemen, to a historic-making night for pro wrestling fans everywhere. No more are the shattered remains of World Wrestling Entertainment. There is only the WarZone Wrestling Society! This is the World's Most Famous arena, Madison Square Garden, and this is the World Premiere episode of Monday Night ShootOut! Hello, everybody, and thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight! I'm Michael Cole, along side my esteemed colleagues from WWE, Taz and new pro wrestling announcer, Mike Adamle. And guys, are we in for a rockin' night!

Taz: Oh boy, you ain't kidding, Cole! Tonight, champions will be named, legends will be created and moments will happen! This is gonna be huge!

Mike Adamle: Oh, yes sir! This night is gonna be etched and cemented into the history books of pro wrestling. I simply cannot wait to get started!

Taz: Well, we don't have to wait, ya' yutz! Because the show's startin' right now! So let's get this wagon rollin', people!

The fans continue to cheer, but it eventually dies down. Just then, *Big Time* by Peter Gabriel strikes up. The fans instantly give out an astronomical pop. And through the curtain come WWS Chairman Gene Okerlund and CEO Tony Schiavone.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Chairman of the WWS, 'Mean' Gene Okerlund! Also, the CEO of the WWS, Tony Schiavone!

Michael Cole: And here come two of the several geniuses behind this new promotion! Gene Okerlund and Tony Schiavone!

Mike Adamle: Hopefully, these guys will help this business stay afloat.

Taz: Oh yeah! These guys know exactly what they're doing! I can't wait to hear what they have to say!

Gene and Tony step in and look out at the sold out crowd in NYC. The music dies down and the crowd begin a 'Thank you Geno!' and 'Thank You, Tony!' chant. The chant dies down after a long second.

Gene Okerlund: Welcome to the WarZone Wrestling Society!

Huge pop.

Tony Schiavone: Today will mark a momentous occasion for all of professional wrestling! No more are the days of Vince McMahon and his WWE!

Heat for Vince McMahon and WWE.

Gene Okerlund:
But today marks a new day! A new era! An era where wrestlers can give you fans exciting action without the use of steroids or performance-enhancers!

Tony Schiavone: However, we've decided to come up with a policy of our own. And we're not gonna sugar coat it by saying it's our 'Talent Wellness policy'. Introducing the WWS's 'Zero-Tolerance' policy! (Automatic Pop) Any wrestler caught using steroids or other performance-enhancing substances will have their contract terminated immediately!

Pop for the new policy.

Gene Okerlund: But, we've checked every superstar on our roster and they've got a clean bill of health. Onto the championships! The WWS will have three championships; The World Heavyweight title, the Intercontinental title and the tag team title! Tonight, we will begin an eight-man tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Tony Schiavone: Also tonight, we will have a battle royale to determine the first Intercontinental Champion!

Gene Okerlund: Finally, at SummerSlam, we will have a TLC match to determine the WWS's first Tag Team Champions!

Tony Schiavone: Now, unlike other certain wrestling promoters, we won't stay out here forever and take up anymore of your time. So, we thank you for listening and enjoy the rest of the night-

*My Time Is Now* strikes up again and the there's a major ovation. John Cena walks through the curtain and stands on the stage. The music cuts and an immediate "Cena!" chant strikes up. The chant eventually fades and Cena has a chance to speak.

John Cena: The champ is here!


John Cena: I just wanted to come out here and congratulate you and the other guys on putting this bad boy together. I have the utmost faith in you guys that you can pull it off and make it to the top of the industry...

Tony Schiavone: John, cut the bull. What do you want?

John Cena: ...and, might I also add, that you, Geno and Tony, along with the others, are gonna obtain a lot of success and wealth for even trying to pull this off.

Gene Okerlund: John, you're not one for kissing-up to executives. What do you want?

John Cena: What do I want? What do I want? (Calmly) I'll tell you what I want. I've been through nearly every single man on this roster. Back in WWE, I was the top dog. I beat the best, I sold out arenas and I wowed fans all across the nation. I am the man, the top of the food chain... the boss.

Mixed reaction as the fans sense a possible heel turn for Cena.

John Cena: I can do that for you, too. All I ask is two things.

Tony Schiavone: And what might that be?

John Cena: One: I want a six-figure contract with this company. And two: I want to instantly be inserted in the World Championship tournament finals.

Heat, as John Cena's heel turn is now smelled out clearly.

Gene Okerlund: One: since when in the hell does a superstar demand the boss to do anything, especially John Cena?


Tony Schiavone: And two: since when in the hell does John Cena feel he doesn't have to fight his way to a championship. Sounds to me like you're becoming a little spoiled, John. Is that it?

John Cena: Well, that's one way at looking at it. Here's another: I've been busting my ass off in WWE since 2002. I had to wait three years until I could get my title push. I refuse to wait that long in this new business. So, two options. A: you can give me my demands. Or B: I could take my business elsewhere.


Gene Okerlund: Hmm. That's a perplexing situation. Well, here's our two options. A: you take whatever the hell we pay you and you wrestle your way to the World title finals.

Tony Schiavone: Or B: you get the hell out of our ring and never see you again.

Mixed reaction, more pop than heat.

John Cena: You know what? I can see you guys are not really in a good mood right now, so I'm gonna leave my offer on the table. I'll give you until next week to decide your--

Gene Okerlund: Actually, John. We came up with another option. C:.... you fight somebody tonight... in a match.

Cena groans.

Gene Okerlund: I know you don't want to, but listen to the stipulation. You win, you get your demands. You lose and we'll see you over on the other side of the tracks.

John Cena: Fine. I've got no problem with that. So who's my opponent. Oh wait! Don't tell me! It's the Game, Triple H!


Tony Schiavone: Uh... no. You see, since Triple H was apart of the McMahon family, when they left, he left along with them.


John Cena: Okay, lemme guess. It's everybody's favorite talking mule, Mr. KEN-NE-DY!!

Tony Schiavone: Actually, Kennedy's gonna be apart of the Intercontinental title race.

John Cena: Fine. I give up. Who is my opponent?

Gene Okerlund: Oh, nobody special. Just a little somebody named Craig Williams. Otherwise known as....

Tony Schiavone: ...the Human Tornado!

*Pussy Got Ya' Hooked (Instrumentals)* by Three Six Mafia plays over the PA. The crowd give a small pop. Cena hangs his head as The Human Tornado comes through the curtain. He raises his fist to the crowd in victory.

Michael Cole: What a huge announcement from our Chairman, Gene Okerlund, and our CEO, Tony Schiavone!

Mike Adamle: You better believe it, Michael! Tonight, for the first time ever, John Cena versus the Human Tornado!

Taz: That's right, boys. If Cena wins, he gets six-figure contract and he gets pushed to the World Championship tournament finals. But if he loses, it's bye-bye Cena forever! What a way to kick off this momentous ocasion!

Geno and Tony leave while Cena looks on at an opponent he's not familiar with.

Backstage, a black stretch limo arrives in the parking lot. The limo halts and the door opens. Out from the car comes Ted DiBiase, Jr. to a good pop. But that's not all. Also from the car emerges David Flair, Afa Jr., & Cody Rhodes. All of them are wearing black suits and shades.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Boys, tonight the world will witness the future of this business. The world will witness the greatest thing to ever hit pro wrestling. Boys, tonight we're gonna flip the script. We're gonna turn this new-born business upside down and we're gonna give everybody a wild ride to remember. And by the end of the night, everybody will remember our names. Afa Anoai Jr.

Camera goes on Afa Jr.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Cody Rhodes...

Camera shifts to Cody Rhodes.

Ted DiBiase Jr: David Flair...

Camera shifts to David Flair.

Ted DiBiase Jr: And me, Ted DiBiase Jr. For we are more than just second generation superstars. We are more than just the sons of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. We are four great guys who are willing to bet big and win big. We are the ballers... the shot-throwers... and the super high rollers. Now let's go.

They start to leave when suddenly, D.H. Smith, Teddy Hart, T.J. Wilson and Nattie Neidhart confront them. There's a huge pop as Cody, Ted, Afa Jr. and David Flair take off their sun glasses.

Teddy Hart: You know something? You guys have a lot of guts. You show up here and expect that since youíre the sons of some of the greatest wrestlers in the business, everything should be handed to you. Well, ya' know what? We're from the Hart Family. And us Harts earn our keep. We don't try to weasel our way to the top because of our connections. So if you guys wanna make it to the top, you better be ready to go through us.

Ted DiBiase Jr: You know something? You Harts have a lot of guts, too. I like that. So listen, guys. Why don't you join us, huh? Get with the A team. We're gonna go places in this business. So what do ya say? The Next Generation Hart Foundation joins the High Rollers. How 'bout it?

D.H. chuckles.

D.H. Smith: No. Don't think so. See, because if you guys think you can live off your father's success, you must be crazy. We plan to make a name for ourselves apart from out family. So the answer is no. However... if you chumps wanna meet us in the ring sometime, we'd be more than happy. Because we're from the Hart Family. And the Hart Family is the best there was, the best there is... and the best there ever will be...

The Next Generation Hart Foundation walk away.

Ted DiBiase Jr: I don't think they fully understand, boys. Nobody turns down the High Rollers. Looks like we're gonna have to do things the hard way.

Cody Rhodes: Oh yes.

The four put their sun glasses back on.

Cody Rhodes:
The Hard Way.

They grin as the Hard Foundation continues to walk away.

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

Back in the ring, the first WWS Match is ready to get underway. The bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is the first match in the World Championship tournament, scheduled for one fall!

The crowd pop and await the first competitor. *I Walk Alone* hits to a big pop. A pumped up Batista comes through the curtain. He does his usual pyro and walks towards the ring.

Michael Cole: Batista, a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, looking to capture his fourth world title in the WWS. But to do that, he's gotta go through his mystery opponent to do it!

Mike Adamle: Personally, I think the animal can do it, but his mystery opponent's not going down without a battle.

Taz: Well, we don't know who it is yet. But all we know is this: this is gonna be one hell of a war!

Batista climbs into the squared circle and the music fades. After a long minute... *Crush U Up* hits! The crowd rise to their feet in excitement. Samoa Joe, sure enough, comes through the curtain with his towel.

Michael Cole: And here he comes! The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe! An independent wrestling legend who looks to make it to the big leagues and win a world title! Can he do it?

Mike Adamle: I don't know, Cole. I've seen Joe wrestle and he will eat his opponents alive. Batista, however, is the animal and he will not lie down for anybody. This is gonna be one heck of a match.

Taz: You're not kidding, Mikey! This is gonna be an excellent match to kick off this company!

Joe steps into the ring and the music fades. The two men meet in the center and stare a hole through each other. A huge "Joe!" chant strikes up as the music fades. The referee seperates them after a few seconds and the bell rings.

Match 1 - Batista v. Samoa Joe
Back and forth action between the two sluggers. They threw nearly everything they had against each other. Near the end, Samoa Joe is in control. He has the animal on top of a turnbuckle. Joe throws a couple of right hands at the animal before placing him in the Muscle Buster. He walks to the center with Batista on his shoulder. But right when he's about to hit the move, the animal begins wiggling his legs. Batista then miraculously gets back down to his feet in front of Joe! He lifts Joe up and hits a suplex! The two slowly get back up to their feet. Joe tries to kick Batista in the gut, but the animal catches his leg and throws it back down. Batista then lifts Joe up and connects with a spinebuster! Batista walks over to the ropes and shakes them, pumping up the crowd. He then does the thumbs-up, thumbs-down routine and stalks Joe for the finish. Joe slowly drags himself up. Batista kicks him in the mid-section and places him in position for the Batista bomb. But Joe counters by turning it into a jackknife pin! One! Two! Kick out! The two quickly get up and Batista swings a right hand. Samoa Joe ducks and quickly goes into the rear naked choke! He goes down and applies the body scissors! The referee notices Batista's face quickly turning red. After a few seconds, Batista is completely unconscious! The referee raises his hand three times, it drops every time!
Winner: Samoa Joe!!

As *Gonna Crush U Up* hits again, Joe continues to apply the hold on Batista! The referee counts to four and Joe breaks the hold. He gets up and celebrates. Joe then looks down and notices blood dripping from Batista's mouth. He grabs his towel and wipes the blood off the animal's mouth.

Michael Cole: Samoa Joe wins! Samoa Joe advances in the tournament! He wins the first WWS match and Batista has gone to sleep!

Taz: I don't believe it! Samoa Joe has done the impossible! The unthinkable! He has beaten the animal! This is huge! Who knows what else we're gonna see tonight!

Mike Adamle: So Samoa Joe's going off to the semi-finals of the World Championship tournament, while Batista hopefully recovers from this huge loss.

Samoa Joe backs up on the ramp. Batista's blood is on his towel as he raises it. The referee checks on Batista.

Backstage in the executive office, Geno and Tony are watching the match on TV.

Tony Schiavone: There ya' have it, Geno. Our first match. This company is officially underway.

Gene Okerlund: That's what I like to hear.

The two shake hands. Just then, in walks JBL.

JBL: How dare you!

Tony Schiavone: Ah yes! Mr. Layfield! What can we do for you?

JBL: What can you do for me? I'll tell you what you can do for me! How dare you have the world premiere of ShootOut, the world premiere show that will change the future of wrestling forever. And I, JBL, am not on the card! So here's what you can do for me: you can tell me who my opponent is for my World title tournament match! That's what you can do for me.

Gene Okerlund: Well, John, if you really want to know, we'd be more than happy to tell you. Your opponent for your World title tournament match next week is... right behind you.

JBL turns around only to be met by Christian Cage! The crowd give a mixed reaction as the two have a silent confrontation for a second. After the confrontation, JBL leaves. Christian watches him go, but then turns his attention to the two executives.

Tony Schiavone: What's up, Cage?

Christian Cage: Listen, I need you to hook me up with something. I wanna be in the tag team division.

Tony Schiavone: Really?

Christian Cage: Yeah. In addition to being in the Heavyweight league, I wanna compete for the tag team titles.

Gene Okerlund: Well, if you think you have the strength to fight in two divisions that can be arranged. Just give us some time, and we'll find you and Edge a worthy tag te--

Christian Cage: No, no. Not Edge. Just me and a partner of my choosing.

Tony Schiavone: Really? Well... uh... sure, Christian. If that's what you want.

Christian Cage: You damn straight it is.

Gene Okerlund: Well, consider it done. Later on tonight, you and your partner of your choosing will go up against... D.H. Smith and Teddy Hart!

Pop as Christian smiles.

Tony Schiavone: You win, you'll compete for the tag team titles.

Christian Cage: Perfect.

Cage leaves. Geno turns to Tony.

Gene Okerlund: Say, speaking of the Harts, did you hear about that confrontation earlier tonight with them and the High Rollers?

Tony Schiavone: Oh, I heard. And trust me, I think the situation just took care of itself.

Geno looks confused at Tony. But Schiavone just has a big grin from ear-to-ear.

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

~The WarZone Wrestling Society's first pay-per-view! Coming in four weeks...

Backstage, Kristal Marshall is set for the first interview.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time, Carlito.

Carlito walks up to Kristal, confident that he will win tonight's big match.

Kristal Marshall: Carlito, tonight, in your debut match, you will be in the battle royale for the Intercontinental Championship. Now, in your debut match on WWE Raw, you won the Intercontinental Championship. Do you think tonight will mark a repeat performance?

Carlito: "Does Carlito think Carlito's going to win the battle royale tonight?" Do the Yankees hate the Red Sox? Was Scarface the best film ever? (a beat) Did O.J. do it?

Small laughs.

Carlito: Never mind. Anyway, the answer is yes. Carlito's gonna walk into the building tonight and Carlito's gonna put to shame every single competitor that dares to get into Carlito's way. And that...

Carlito tosses up an apple in his hand.

Carlito: That's cool.

He takes a huge bite out of it. Suddenly, just as he was about to spit it out in Kristal's face, someone turns him around and looks him dead in the eye. It's Kofi Kingston.

Kofi Kingston: Ya' know somedin', Carlito? I wouldn't count ya' chickens before dey hatched. Because when I step into the ring... there might be some trouble...

Kofi snatches Carlito's apple from his hand.

Kofi Kingston: In your paradise.

Kofi takes a huge bite out of the other side of the apple.

Carlito: Hey! Nobody takes a bite out of Carlito's apple!

Suddenly, Kofi spits out the apple right in Carlito's face. The crowd goes "Ohhh!" as Kofi hands the apple back to Carlito and leaves. Carltio wipes the spit off his face and looks dead angry.

Back at the announce table...

Michael Cole: Huh. Seems to me like there might be some trouble in Carlito's paradise. Kofi just gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Taz: Yeah, but it's not cool to take a bite out of Carlito's apple, let alone spit the apple out in his face.

Mike Adamle: Well, when all the talk is said and done, can Carlito or Kofi pull it off to become the WWS's first Intercontinental Champion? We're gonna find out right now!

The entrants in this match come out in this order: Paul Burchill w/Katey Lea, Carlito, Matt Hardy, Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Kofi Kingston & David Flair w/The High Rollers.

Match 2 - Seven Man Battle Royale for the WWS Intercontinental Championship

Elimination #1 - Paul Burchill by Mr. Kennedy & David Flair

Elimination #2 - Matt Hardy by Umaga

Elimination #3 - Mr. Kennedy by Umaga

Elimination #4 - Carlito by Kofi Kingston

Elimination #5 - Kofi Kingston by (a re-entered) Cartlio

It came down to Umaga and David Flair. After about five or six minutes of battling, Umaga was in control near the end. He throws a few jabs at David. David is sent back to the ropes. Umaga raises his thumb and goes for the Samoan spike to send David over the top and out of the ring. David ducks the spike! Umaga turns around and David whips him off the ropes. Umaga comes off the ropes and David goes for a back body drop. Umaga somehow counters it into a DDT! The two lay on the ground for a second before dragging themselves back up to their feet. David swings a right hand, Umaga ducks it! Umaga runs up and hits a clothesline! David slowly gets up and Umaga goes for the spike again. David ducks it yet again. This time, he kicks Umaga in the mid-section and positions him for the Dice Roller. Umaga's stomach lands right on the ropes. The Samoan bulldozer teeter-totters on the top ropes while David gets up. Flair is given enough time to grab Umaga and toss him over the top and to the floor.

Elimination #6 - Umaga by David Flair

Winner: And the NEWWW WWS Intercontinental Champion, David Flair!!

*Iím Gonna Live Till I Die* by Frank Sinatra (The Official Theme Song of the High Rollers) strikes up. David begins celebrating his huge win. The referee hands him the WWS IC title belt. The rest of the High Rollers come running in and celebrate along with him.

Michael Cole: David Flair wins! David Flair is the WWSí first Intercontinental Champion!

Mike Adamle: He's following in the footsteps of his father. That's his first professional wrestling title. He's on his way. But what will this do to his new partnership with the rest of the High Rollers? Things could definitely change between them.

Taz: They just might. Naw! Iím just kidding. High Rollers all the way, baby!

Backstage, the Next Generation Hart Foundation is watching the match on TV.

David raises the WWS Intercontinental title belt as he backs up the ramp with his friends. The other six competitors lay on the outside of the ring.

Backstage, in the executive office, Geno and Tony are watching the match on TV as well. Suddenly, in walks Chris Jericho to a huge pop.

Chris Jericho: Hey guys.

Tony Schiavone: Hey, Y2J! Welcome to the WWS!

Chris Jericho: Thanks. As soon as I arrived me, they told me to come see you guys.

Gene Okerlund: Yeah. About that. You see, Chris, we thought we'd give you a heads up on your edition of the highlight reel tonight.

Chris Jericho: Sure. Good ahead.

Gene Okerlund: Well, your guest tonight is a great man who's done lots for the fields of professional wrestling. He's paved the way for many and he's done great things.

Tony Schiavone: But now, he's a shell of the former man. He's merely just an after thought.

Chris Jericho: Say no more. I think I know exactly who you're talking about. Hey, by the way, I was wondering if you could tell me my opponent for my World championship tournament match next week.

Tony Schiavone: Well, Chris, we like it when we surprise our wrestlers, and our fans.

Gene Okerlund: So we're afraid we can't tell you.

Chris Jericho: That's okay. He'll be no match for the sexy beast anyway.

Tony Schiavone: That's the spirit.

Jericho leaves.

Backstage, the Next Generation Hart Foundation is proudly marching towards the ring for their match.

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

Back in the ring, *Hitman* strikes up over the PA. And out comes the Next Gen Hart Foundation (D.H. Smith, Teddy Hart, T.J. Wilson and Nattie Neidhart) to a huge pop.

Michael Cole: And here they come! The Next Generation Hart Foundation! The second and third generation of the Hart Wrestling Family! D.H. Smith, Teddy Hart, T.J. Wilson and little Nattie!

Taz: I believe these guys are gonna make a serious impact.

Mike Adamle: And as of earlier tonight, the only thing standing in their way is the High Rollers, a stable consisting of second generation superstars. Earlier tonight, they had a confrontation with them and it ended with a little tension in-between the two stables.

The Hart family members clmb into the ring and pose for the crowd. The music dies down after a second. There's a brief pause. Then, *Just Close Your Eyes...* hits. Christian Cage comes walking through the curtain with a micraphone. The music fades as Christian stands on the stage.

Christian Cage: Now, in terms of my partner, I thought long and hard about this decision, but I decided to take the high road and choose someone to be my under-study. Someone who doesnít have as much class and charisma as me, but is still a pretty cool guy. So without further ado, lemme introduce to you to my partner.

Christian points to the entrance and awaits his partner. *I'm Comin'* hits. MVP comes through the curtain for his debut match. The Harts don't look all that intimidated. Christian and MVP shake hands and then race towards the ring for the match. They slide in and begin a brawl with Teddy Hart and D.H. Smith. Nattie and T.J. exit the ring, feeling the two can handle it.

Match 3 - Christian Cage & M.V.P. vs. D.H. Smith & Teddy Hart w/Nattie Neidhart & T.J. Wilson
Added Stipulation: Winners advance to the 3-team TLC match at Summerslam for the tag titles.
Christian and MVP came in with a game plan: keep their victims on their side of the ring. And that's exactly what they did to poor Teddy Hart. T.J. and Nattie rooted for them as much as they could, but to no avail. In any case, near the end, MVP and Cage are just about ready to wrap things up. MVP is tagged in and Christian sets Teddy nice and snug in the corner. MVP takes a few steps to the center of the ring and gestures at D.H. The son of Davey Boy Smith tries to enter the ring to take out Porter, but the ref stops him. Porter runs up and goes for a running big boot on Teddy. But Teddy dodges the attack and MVP gets hung up on the turnbuckle. Christian goes after Teddy as Teddy makes a break for D.H. The ref gets in Christian's face and tells him to leave. Teddy tags D.H. and Smith comes jumping into the ring. Christian leaves and D.H. knocks MVP down with a right hand. The ref gets in D.H.'s face and says he didn't see the tag, meaning D.H. has to leave. MVP gets up and Teddy sneaks up from behind Porter and nails a low blow! D.H. leaves the ring and Christian (who saw the low blow) tries to get back in. The ref tells Christian to stay in his corner. Teddy then rolls up MVP for a school boy. The ref notices this and makes the count;



--Porter kicks out at two and a half.

The two quickly get up. MVP swings a right, but Teddy ducks and crawls over towards his corner. MVP tries to stop him, but it's too late. D.H. is tagged in! D.H. comes charging in and knocks Porter down with a right hand. Porter gets up and D.H. repeats with another. Christian climbs up a turnbuckle and jumps off to senton D.H., but Harry catches him and connects with a sitout powerbomb! The fresh Smith pumps up the crowd and stalks MVP. MVP gets up and Smith connects with a brainbuster, followed by the pin:



--MVP kicks out! Smith stalks him for the finish. Porter takes a second, but finally gets up. D.H. scoops him up on one shoulder and finishes Porter off with the running powerslam. Smith makes one final cover, hoping this time will be a charm:




Winners: D.H. Smith & Teddy Hart

*Hitman* strikes up again to a huge pop. T.J. and Nattie enter the ring and celebrate with Teddy and D.H.

Michael Cole: The Next Generation Hart Foundation has just won it's first match here in the WWS!

Taz: And what a match it was! They're now eligable for the 3-team, TLC match at Summerslam for the tag team titles!

Mike Adamle: And, on top of that, they just beat Christian, a former World Champion, and MVP, a former United States Champion. It's only a matter of time before these guys start carrying some serious gold around here. That is, if the High Rollers don't get in their way.

Michael Cole: Oh, would you shut up on this High Rollers crap?

Taz: Hey, give him a break, Cole. He's got a thing for the High Rollers. So do I. But who cares? The Next Generation Hart Foundation just won their first match!

We catch the highlights of the ending. After that, we cut backstage, where the High Rollers are watching this in disgust on a TV set. Ted DiBiase Jr. grabs the TV and flings it into a wall! The TV breaks to pieces! Back in the ring, the Harts dedicate their match to the rest of their family.

Backstage, Batista is in the doctor's room. He's being checked up on and is bandaged up.

Doctor: Everything seems to be okay. You should be clear to compete next week.

Batista: Thanks, doc.

Batista jumps down off the bed and prepares to leave. When suddenly, he's met by Samoa Joe. The two have a confrontation and meet nose-to-nose.

Batista: What do you want?

Samoa Joe: Listen, I just wanted to say "good match."

Samoa Joe holds out his hand for Batista. Batista looks down at Joe's hand, then back up at him.

Batista: You know, when I signed up to this business, I didn't expect it to be a walk in the park. In fact, I didn't expect you to lose. However, I guess guys like you from the other side of the track don't have to play fair to win.

Samoa Joe: What are you talking about? I choked you out.

Batista: True. But what did you do afterwards? You held in the move. I don't know what kind of anger management issues youíre holding, but don't you ever take it out on me.

Samoa Joe: First of all, I've been busting my ass over there on TNA for years. And they only gave me a few title shots. I came to this business to capture a World title. You came to do what? Oh, that's right. Unleash your 'Roid rage and capture more World titles you really don't need.

Batista: Excuse me?

Samoa Joe: As far as I'm concerned, the era of the Animal is dead. And you know who murdered it?

Joe points to himself.

Batista: You know something, Joe? You really think you can kill whatever you please. But you can't kill something that won't stay down. That which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. You didn't kill me because an Animal never stays down. So, by that logic, I'm stronger because of this loss. So watch your back, Joe. Because paybacks a bitch. When? Where? That's my business...

Batista walks away. Joe watches Batista leave.

Backstage in the parking lot, a limo pulls up. Kristal Marshall is standing by.

Kristal Marshall: I'm here backstage, awaiting Chris Jericho's guest on the highlight reel. I'll be sure to keep you updated when he arrives. And I think this is him right now.

The limo driver opens the door and out comes Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter.

Kristal Marshall: Wow! Dusty Rhodes and Sargent Slaughter! What are you guys doing here?

Dusty Rhodes: Well, Kristal, we're here to oversee everything that's going on here tonight. Besides, we've got a match up next against the World's Greatest tag team! And we plan to put those young whipper-snappers in their place!

The crowd pops as the two legends head towards the ring.

~Human Tornado Video Package~
-In January, HT beats Joey Ryan to win his first PWG title.
-He lost the title to El Generico.
-The title was vacated, but HT eventually won it back,
-He surrendered the title and left PWG to join WWS.

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

The World Wrestling Grand Prix Tournament!
~A tournament featuring WWS, TNA, PWG, NJPW and other independent circuits from across the globe to determine the World's Greatest wrestling promotion... coming this October!~

A tribute video plays of people who paved the way for pro wrestling: Verne Gange, Gordon Solie, Eddie Guerrero and others. After the video package, the show is set to continue...

Back in the ring,
*American Dream* strikes up over the PA to a pop. Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter come through the curtain in wrestling gear. Dusty is in wrestling gear as he does his little shake n' bake dance on the stage. The two head towards the ring.

Michael Cole: Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes are about to head into the ring for their first WWS match. And they're gonna teach a lesson to two young, cocky punks who need an attitude adjustment.

Taz: Oh yes! It's always good to see professional wrestling legends put these young, arrogant whipper-snappers in place. This should be a butt-whoopin' to remember!

Mike Adamle: And I believe these guys have enough in them to take down anyone who comes their way.

Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter step into the ring as their music fades. They pose on a turnbuckle. *Pay the Price* hits to a modicum of heat. The World's Greatest Tag Team steps through the curtain, ready and set to go.

Michael Cole: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjiman. Two of the most cocky, arrogant superstars ever to step into the LSW ring. And Taz, as a legend, I know how up-setting this must be to you.

Taz: Are you kidding? You have no idea how irritating this is to me! To see this guys come out here and exclaim how great they are just makes me sick!

Mike Adamle: But you gotta hand it to them, they can wrestle in the ring. What's gonna happen when the old meets the new?

The two step into the ring and stare their opponents down. The bell rings and the match-up is ready to get underway.

Match 4 - The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team vs. Dusty Rhodes & Sgt. Slaughter
Added Stipulation: Winners advance to the 3-team TLC match at Summerslam for the tag titles.
The match was pretty slow for the most part. Shelton and Charlie double-teamed Sgt. Slaughter for most of it. Near the end, Shelton whips Slaughter hard into his corner. Shelton runs up for a turnbuckle clothesline, but Slaughter dodges out of the way! Shelton hits the turnbuckle and comes out dazed. Slaughter runs up and pounds him with a clothesline! Slaughter drops down to both knees from exhaustion. He crawls over and tags in Dusty Rhodes! Shelton desperately tries to reach out and tag in Charlie, but Dusty stops him! He grabs Shelton by the leg and drags him to the center. Dusty then drops down an elbow on Shelton's spine! He gets up and does it again. He drags Shelton up to his feet and hits a right hand. He follows with another right hand. Dusty then does his little dance and nails Shelton square on the skull with a bionic elbow. Charlie steps in and forearms Dusty from behind. This, in turn, causes Sgt. Slaughter to step in. He runs up and clobbers Charlie down with a right hand. Charlie scrambles over to the ropes and picks himself up. Sgt. Slaughter runs up to clothesline Charlie out of the ring. Charlie ducks and back body drops Slaughter over the top and out of the ring. Charlie, still in the ring, stalks Slaughter as the Sgt. gets up on the outside. Dusty Rhodes sneaks up on Charlie from behind. Just when Charlie is about to jump on the top rope and springboard cross-body Slaughter on the outside, Dusty grabs him from behind and hits a backdrop! Slaughter rolls back into the ring and tells Dusty he'll take care of Shelton. Shelton slowly gets up as he's being stalked by Slaughter. Once Shelton is up, Slaughter goes for the Cobra Clutch! He has the move well-locked in. He goes down and applies the body scissors. After a few seconds, Shelton is fast asleep. Sgt. Slaughter, whose not the legal man, releases the hold and Dusty pins Shelton:



Winners: Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes!

'American Dream' strikes up to a huge pop! Dusty gets up and embraces Sgt. Slaughter!

Michael Cole: Dusty Rhodes and Sgt. Slaughter have won! They have overcome the odds and beaten the World's Greatest tag team!

Taz: Big ups to Dusty and Slaughter! They handled their business in the ring tonight and now, they're going to SummerSlam!

Dusty and Sgt. Slaughter's hands are raised in the ring. Shelton and Charlie suffer in pain on the canvas.

Mike Adamle: Boy, I tell ya'! What a night of events this has been so far. And we still have our main event when John Cena, one of WWE's biggest stars, goes one-on-one against the Human Tornado. Let's take a quick look at John Cena's accomplishments in WWE!

~John Cena Video Package~
-Cena wins his first WWE title at Wrestlemania 21.
-Cena loses the title at New Year's Revolution '06 to Edge.
-Cena regains the title at the Royal Rumble.
-John loses the title to Rob Van Dam at One Night Stand.
-John regains the title at Unforgiven '06.
-He holds the title until WWE folds....

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

Wrestlers To Debut Next Week:
~The Undertaker
~Chris Jericho

Backstage, Kristal Marshall is standing by in the parking lot, awaiting Jericho's guest.

Kristal Marshall:
I'm still here, awaiting Chris Jericho's guest on the highlight reel tonight. Hopefully, he'll be here any minute. Wait a minute. I think I see a limo pulling up.

A huge stretch limo pulls up into the parking lot. The door opens and out comes several WWF legends! Including Jake "The Snake" Roberts, The Wild Samoans, even Bret Hart!

Kristal Marshall: What are you guys doing here?

Bret Hart: Well, Kristal, we're here to congratulate Geno and Tony on the success of their new business. Also, we're here to, uh... say hi to Jericho's guest on the highlight reel.

The others chuckle. The legends then leave.

Kristal Marshall:
Well, it seems to me, whoever this guest might be, he's gonna be a huge name. Somebody that effected everybody in this building. I'll keep you updated when he arrives. Cole, back to you.

We pan around the outside of the Garden.

Michael Cole:
Thanks, Kristal. Again, we thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight, ladies and gentlemen. This is the world premiere episode of Monday Night ShootOut. It's been an exicting evening thus far, but we've come to the huge main event. Earlier tonight, John Cena demanded that he be named the WWS World Champion and get a six figure contract. Geno and Tony said that if he wins this match against the Human Tornado, he'll get his demands. If not, he's fired!

Taz: Oh yeah, really is do or die right now for Cena. He wins, he advances to the WWS World Title finals and gets the six figure contract. He loses, we'll see his ass later!

*My Time Is Now* strikes up to big heat. John Cena comes through the curtain with a throwback jersey and a chain. He raises both fist to the crowd as he continues triumpanhtly marching down the ramp.

Michael Cole: He's a three-time WWE Champion who feels he doesn't have to bust his butt for the fans anymore. Can John Cena overcome an adversary he's never faced?

Taz: No, and I hope Cena gets his ass kicked! He's really become upstuck and uptight, as though he was too good for all of us.

Mike Adamle: Well, guys, I think Cena's given a lot to WWE. And in this new business, he feels he doesn't have to do that much work anymore.

Taz: Oh, so now you like Cena? Is that it?

Cena races into the ring and raises his fists again. As his music fades, Cena takes off the throwback and tosses it into the crowd. But the crowd tosses it right back to the ring! Shades of One Night Stand '06. Cena, not feeling like going through the same routine from ONS, takes the jersey and tosses it to the floor. He then paces around the ring, awaiting his opponent. *Pussy Got You Hooked (Instrumentals)* by Three Six Mafia strikes up. The Human Tornado comes through the curtain, in wrestling gear. The crowd gives him a small pop.

Michael Cole:
The Human Tornado surrendered the PWG World Title to come over here. Was that sacrifice worth it?

Taz: Sure. I guess he felt maybe he got everything he could from that promotion and he wants to find something more in this one.

Mike Adamle: The thing is Human Tornado probably knew this match was coming. So he prepared for it. Meanwhile, John Cena has no prior knowledge of Human Tornado.

Taz: That's true, Mikey. Meaning, Cena might be in big trouble!

The Human Tornado steps through the ropes and the two have a huge staredown battle. Instead of pulling them apart, the ref just stands and watches for a second. A huge "Let's Go Cena!" chant breaks out. Cena looks around, amazed that though he is heel now, the fans love him more than ever. Eventually, the bell sounds and the match gets underway.

Match #5 - Main Event - John Cena v. The Human Tornado
Added Stipulation: If Cena wins, he gets a six-figure contract and advances to the WWS World title finals. If he loses, he's fired!
All. Out. War. Anyway, at the near-end, Cena is in control. After coming back from a commercial break, he has the Human Tornado in a chinlock. A few people in the crowd try to clap on the Human Tornado, but he's slowly fading. The referee raises his arm once... it drops. The official does this a second time... it drops again. The referee does it a third and final time... but the HT keeps it up! The crowd pops a little. Cena groans in frustration and applies the hold even stronger. The HT starts to "feed off the crowd" and begins to pick himself up. Eventually, the HT gets up to his feet and elbows Cena in the gut a couple times. Having been freed, the HT runs off the ropes. But Cena grabs him and connects with a huge hip toss. John makes a cover:



--kick out!

The two men get up and Cena levels the HT with a clothesline. Human Tornado gets up again and Cena connects with a right hand. The HT gets up a third time and Irish whips Cena. But Cena comes off the ropes and hits a flying shoulder block. The HT gets up yet again and swings at Cena. But Cena ducks and hits the Freestyle powerbomb. John raises his hand to the crowd, who give him a mixed reaction. Cena then does his "U Can't See Me" taunt. John runs off the ropes and connects with the five-knuckle shuffle. The Doctor of Thuganomics then pumps up the crowd and prepares for the big finish. He stalks the HT in a low stance. The HT gets up and Cena lifts him up on his shoulders in the fireman's carry. The crowd knows the FU is coming! Suddenly, the HT wiggles his legs and begins spinning around. Suddenly, he counters into the tornado DDT! The crowd pops! The HT gets up and does a little pimp dance for the crowd. The NYC crowd pops. He then stalks Cena for the big finish. Cena gets up and the HT goes for the D.N.D. But Cena breaks out of it and lifts the HT up in the fireman's carry! Before the HT can counter, Cena hits the F-U! John turns the HT over and goes into the SFT-U!

The crowd is on it's feet as perhaps the end is near. The Human Tornado is actually inches away from the ropes. It's at his fingertips, but he just can't reach it. Cena looks like a possesed mad man as he applies the move with all his might. The HT is nearly there, but he's fading fast. The moment is here. Who will give in.... at the HT reaches the ropes! The ref counts to four and Cena breaks the hold in frustration. He gets up and stalks the HT, whose getting up using the ropes. Suddenly, TNA Champion Kurt Angle comes from the crowd and distracts the ref. Cena looks over at Angle and wonders why he's there. His wife, Karen, then slips the TNA world title belt to the HT. HT gets up and smacks Cena in the back of the head with the title belt. Cena goes down and the HT throws the title belt away. The HT picks up Cena and finishes him off with the D.N.D! The crowd is going wild! The HT makes a cover:




Winner: And advancing in the World Championship Tournament, the Human Tornado!

"Pussy Got Ya' Hooked (Intsrumentals)" hits to a huge pop! Kurt Angle, the TNA Champion, just screwed John Cena!

Michael Cole: I can't believe it! The Human Tornado has just won the WWS's first main event match! TNA Champion Kurt Angle just screwed John Cena out of this match! And now, as pre-match stipulation, not only will John Cena's demands not be met, but Cena's now fired from the WWS!

Mike Adamle: I'm just as shocked as you are, Michael. This is absolutely nuts! John Cena just lost and is now fired from the WWS! And the Human Tornado is moving onto the semi-finals, where he'll face Samoa Joe, the winner of tonight's first match.

Taz: But the real story is, guys, why the hell did Kurt Angle, from another business, come out here and screw John Cena out of this match?

Kurt and Karen climb into the ring and celebrate with the Human Tornado. John Cena, defeated, rolls out of the ring in defeat. Samoa Joe looks on from a locker room TV and nods his head.

Backstage, Chris Jericho is in an expensive suit and is on his way to the ring for the Highlight Reel.

Michael Cole:
Well, ladies and gentlemen, let's check in one more time with Kristal, who's backstage at the parking lot, where Chris Jericho's highlight reel guest should be arriving.

Backstage in the parking lot, Kristal checks her watch.

Kristal Marshall:
Well guys, it's getting late, and the show's almost over. And I just don't think this guest is coming. Wait a minute. I think I see--- yes, a limo is arriving!

A huge limo pulls up in the parking lot. It stops right in front of Kristal. The door opens and out comes.... ROWDY RODDY PIPER!

Kristal Marshall:
Rowdy Roddy Piper? You're the special guest.

Roddy Piper: No, I'm not. But if this Jericho kid's gonna do an interview segment, the master is here to make sure he does it right. Besides, if he only knew what was in store for him...

Piper chuckles and he walks past Kristal and heads for the ring. One final stretch limo then rides into the parking lot. The door opens and Kristal holds her heart in shock.

--------------------*Commercial Break*--------------------

In the ring, the Highlight reel is all set up. *Break The Walls Down* strikes up to a big pop. Chris Jericho does his usual entrance with the pyro and the lights.

Michael Cole:
Next week, Y2J, Chris Jericho, goes one-on-one with the Undertaker! But tonight, Jericho will introduce a very special guest on Raw.

Mike Adamle: And it could be anybody, Cole. Who knows? It could even be--

Taz: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't even go there. Don't even say his name. This is a new dawn and a new business. We are not even gonna mention that weasel's name here.

Jericho steps through the ring and grabs a mic. The music fades and a "Y2J" chant strikes up. After a while, the chant dies down.

Chris Jericho:
Welcome, everyone, to SHOOTOUT IS JERICHOOOOO!!

Thunderous pop.

Chris Jericho:
On behalf of everyone here and all the wrestlers in the locker room, we pray that you enjoyed the evening. However, there's one more piece of business left to take care of.

Huge mixed reaction.

Chris Jericho:
Jericho-holics, my guest tonight needs no introduction, but I'm gonna give him one anyway. He's known throughout the land as one of the most prominent wrestling promoters in the entire world. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter named him best booker three times, best promoter four times and best non-wrestler twice. He's on the Madison Square Garden walk of fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and on the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. He purchased WCW and ECW in 2001. He was one of the chief people involved in the Montreal Screwjob. He was the founder of the XFL, and the World Body-building Federation. He was the creator of the iconic event known as Wrestlemania. The 1999 Royal Rumble winner, and a former ECW and WWE Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the former Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Mr. Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

*No Chance In Hell* hits to huge heat. Sure enough, in a black suit with a black tie, comes Vince McMahon. He looks out at the crowd, who's showering him with massive heat. He does a slow, agonizing walk down the ramp.

Michael Cole: The former chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. And although he's a slimy pathetic worm, you gotta give him credit for what he's accomplished in this business.

Taz: Yeah, that's true. But, still, he's a slimy worm who went out the back door. Why should we thank him?

Mike Adamle: Be that as it may, Taz, if it wasn't for him, this great business would've never came together. We owe him a debt of gratitude.

Vince McMahon climbs into the ring un-easily and meets Jericho. Jericho holds out his hand to Vince, but Vince just glares at Jericho with pure hatred. The music fades and a "Vince sucks!" chant strikes up throughout the entire arena. The chant dies down after a few seconds.

Chris Jericho: Mr. McMahon--or, should I say, Vince! Yes, I called you Vince. You really can't do anything about it. Now, Vince, I would just like to ask you one question. After making so much money and buying out your father's business, after being one of the chief people involved in the 1980s wrestling boom, after the attitude era, after creating so many great things and helping wrestlers like us make it to where we are today.... why?

Vince has an expressionless look on his face.

Chris Jericho:
Why would you abandon us like a pathetic little worm. Why would you take the back door and crawl out like a slithering dog? Why would you run out on the company you created, the company that you could save. Face it, Vince. You didn't leave because of the pressure, you left because you fear competition!


Chris Jericho:
Yeah, it's true. Youíre not the man you use to be. It happened with WCW and ECW. Those guys were so brilliant. And deep down inside, you know they could've beat you. But you know what? They didn't. Because they didn't know any better. They didn't know what they were up against. With TNA, they knew you. And for that, they're gonna thrive. And you couldn't take it because they were making money! They are making money! And instead of going up against them, TNA and WWS are partners!

Bigger pop.

Chris Jericho:
We're teaming up and we're gonna rock the wrestling world! We're gonna turn this business upside down! We're gonna take on the globe by storm!

Thunderous pop.

Chris Jericho:
And, technically... we have you to thank for that. It's because of you, you brought us all together. So, on behalf of eveyone here, we'd like to thank you. And so, before we close out the show, I want everyone to come out and thank Mr. McMahon for all the years he gave us! Come on out, everybody!

*Stronger* by Kanye West plays as everybody from tonight's show comes out. The locker room is emptied. In fact, a few from TNA comes out as well. Several legends come out too. In fact, pretty much everybody Vince McMahon came in contact with came out. Bringing up the rear, of course, was Gene Okerlund and Tony Schiavone. Yup. Everybody came out.... except for one obvious person.

They all went into the ring and shook hands with Vince. They congratulated him on his retirement and the success he created for them. After everybody shakes Vince's hand, Gene and Tony step up. Tony shakes Vince's hand. Geno steps up to Vince and looks at him for a second. He then gives him a huge hug. The crowd goes is heart-felt, knowing that this is the last time they'll see Vince.

Chris Jericho: Let's hear it one more time for Vince McMahon.

Geno raises Vince's hand as the crowd gives him a small pop. And just when the show was about to close... *I Don't Do What You Tell Me* hits! A thunderous ovation (biggest pop of the night) for Stone Cold Steve Austin as he rides out to the arena... in a beer truck! He drives it down the walkway and parks it right in front of the ring. He gets out of the truck and stands on the roof of it. To a huge pop, he cranks out a few beer cans and guzzles them down. Everybody except Vince leaves the ring. Stone Cold pulls out a giant nozzle. And before you can say "Hell Yeah..."

He blasts the nozzle straight into the ring! Vince, whose now the sole person in the ring, is being guzzled down with loads of beer. The crowd pops as another huge beer bash has emerged. Vince is being sprayed down while the on-looking wrestlers watch from ringside. Pandemonium has struck. After a while, Stone Cold shuts off the nozzle. Vince is soaking wet and the crowd is loving it. Stone Cold steps into the ring and looks down at poor Vinnie Mac. He grabs a mic and stoops down to fallen Vince's level.

Stone Cold: Well, lookie what we got here. (What?) Looks like I kinda ruined your go-away party, Vince. (What?) So that kinda makes a party-crasher. (What?) Well, I suppose I owe you some kind of apology. (What?) Actually, (What?) I kinda don't. (What?) Because, technically, this is just my way of saying thanks for all those years. (What?) Thanks for all the laughs... (What?) the tears... (What?) the memories... (What?) and most importantly... the can of whoop-ass! (Pop) So, if you want me to give Vince one, final, ultimate send-off, gimme a hell yeah!

"HELL YEAH!" went the crowd. Stone Cold drops the mic and stalks Vince as he gets up. Vince gets up to his feet and looks at Austin.

Stone Cold (Without his mic): Well, Vince, for all those years, here's to ya.

Stone Cold flips him the double-middle fingers and finishes him off with the Stunner! Vince flips around and rolls out of the ring in shame. The crowd loves it!

Stone Cold (Picks up his mic):
Now let's have ourselves a beer bash!

Everybody jumps back into the ring and has a huge beer bash with Austin. *Stronger* strikes up in the background and the crowd is loving all of it.

Michael Cole: My God! What a way to send off this huge night for all of professional wrestling!

Taz: You got that right, baby! Big ups to Vince for all those years, but our time is now! The WWS is in full swing.

Mike Adamle: And who knows what memories, what surprises and what great moments the future has to offer for this business!

Michael Cole: Nobody knows, Mike, but all we know is this: it's gonna be one hell of a ride! We thank you for joining us on this historic night! On behalf of my colleagues, Taz and Mike Adamle, as well as our chairman, Gene Okerlund, and our CEO, Tony Schiavone, our entire board of directors, including Arn Anderson, Dusty Rhodes and Sargent Slaughter, and everyone else here at the WarZone Wrestling Society, this is Michael Cole saying good night from New York City!

The beer bash continues while Vince crawls out of sight, unnoticed. A huge "Thank You, Geno, Thank You, Tony!" chant strikes up as the celebration continued.

---For More Information on ShootOut, go online to now!---
---Copyright 2007. This has been a WarZone Wrestling Society production---

Next Week on ShootOut:
~Chris Jericho vs. The Undertaker
(World Championship Tournament Match)

~Human Tornado v. Samoa Joe(
World Championship Tournament Match: Semi-Finals!)

~The Hardys vs. The High Rollers
(The winning team gets the final spot in the Three-Team, TLC match at SummerSlam for the World Tag Team titles)

~JBL vs. Christian Cage
(World Championship Tournament Match)


~In four weeks...

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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

WWS Managment/John Cena: An interesting choice to make John Cena heel, but I wouldn't know how you would pull off such a quick heel turn. It was a good segment that set up the main event with Cena. Human Tornado was a surprise, but I think you'll do a good job of pushing him.

Dibiase/Rhodes/and more segment: An okay promo to form the Next Generation Hart Foundation, but it didn't really make a big enough impact for me.

Samoa Joe/Batista: A decent match here, meant to put Joe over Batista. I'm kinda peeved that you had Batista fall unconsicous to a body scizzors. Is he that weak?

JBL/Cage/Tony segment: A good way to set up another few matches.

Kristal/Carlito/Kofi backstage: It's a good start because you have some build for the IC Battle Royal up next. Nice interaction between Kofi and Carlito.

Battle Royal: I liked when I saw that Carlito came back and eliminated Kofi as that would ingite a fued. It was a surprise that David Flair was in the Final Two, yet be able to hang with Umaga and winning!

Jericho/WWS Management backstage: A lot of build for next week, considering this is another match we got for next week.

New Generation Hart Foundation/Christian & MVP:
I felt that the New Generation Hart Foundation were going to win because they needed it to establish themselves. But, I'm surprised they won clean, since they could have gotten more heat by winning via cheating. I wonder what you do with Christian & MVP since they lost.

Samoa Joe/Batista: Nice development here. This segment is a good sign to show that they will have a heated feud.

WGTT/High Rollers: I still would have liked WGTT to win, since I can't see Slaughter or Rhodes in a ladder match. Considering what they can do, it would have been entertaining. Decent match.

John Cena/Human Tornado: An interesting match here, since I've seen a bunch of Cena matches that I know which moves he would use, but Tornado made it work with his high flying ability. Angle screwing Cena was good, but if Cena's gone, they can't have a feud (unless Cena is reinstated) A big win for HT.

Overall, the matches were from decent to good, and the promos helped build next week nicely. But I would have liked to see more promos to help wrestlers re-build themselves, since its a new start. Other than that, it was a good debut show.

"If you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course is to tread lightly."
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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

Originally Posted by J-Coke View Post
Samoa Joe/Batista: A decent match here, meant to put Joe over Batista. I'm kinda peeved that you had Batista fall unconsicous to a body scizzors. Is he that weak?
No, but Joe's legs are pretty strong, and this match was a test of strength and will...

Originally Posted by J-Coke View Post
New Generation Hart Foundation/Christian & MVP:
I felt that the New Generation Hart Foundation were going to win because they needed it to establish themselves. But, I'm surprised they won clean, since they could have gotten more heat by winning via cheating. I wonder what you do with Christian & MVP since they lost.
The Next Gen Harts are technically faces. Christian was only using MVP to try and get in the spotlight, and I've got plans for MVP, as you'll soon see...

Originally Posted by J-Coke View Post
John Cena/Human Tornado: An interesting match here, since I've seen a bunch of Cena matches that I know which moves he would use, but Tornado made it work with his high flying ability. Angle screwing Cena was good, but if Cena's gone, they can't have a feud (unless Cena is reinstated) A big win for HT.
Cena Spoilers: Kurt Angle was the TNA Champion around this time. The iMPACT right before this show, he said he was gonna crash the party and make an impact on the WWS, so what better way then to get Cena fired. Cena will move over to TNA and will feud with Angle for the TNA Title. Then, come October for the wrestling grand prix, Cena will return for his revenge on the WWS...

Originally Posted by J-Coke View Post
Overall, the matches were from decent to good, and the promos helped build next week nicely. But I would have liked to see more promos to help wrestlers re-build themselves, since its a new start. Other than that, it was a good debut show.
Yeah, about that "re-build" wrestlers gimmick, I was gonna ride off of their old WWE/TNA gimmicks for the most part until I can think of something new. As for the unexperienced ones (Say, like the High Rollers and the yet-to-debut Chris Hero), they'll have gimmicks made up for them. Thanks a ton for the review, pally.

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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

My review

Don't know what to think about the opening promo as I think you relied too much on the WWE to make WWS look formidable. I would think they would want to stand on their own and not remind peopel of the WWE's failures and be their own identity. I also don't know about the first show ever being at MSG. Hell, WCW hardly never got there. Kayne West performing a little over the top my man.

I'm not a fan of a three man booth. Cut Adamle loose!

Don't understand having Gene and Tony in front of the cameras. I think this info could have been brought by the announcers. I don't like the mention of steroids on air that is something that should be done say on a website not television. I don't think people really care about steroids and wrestling or people wouldn't be watching on these years lol.

New business turning the biggest draw heel =failure. For them to being played out as wrestling geniuses this doesn't seem to be a good move. I laugh too at Tony Schiavone being a badass. Come on the Human Tornado! I like the Tornado myself but I think you should build him up a bit before putting him in with Cena. Also half the crowd wouldn't know who he is, they would think he is a jobber.

Not sure about David Flair, Didn't think much of him when he wrestled. I would rather see Reid Flair there instead. If you can bring in Tornado quickly you could do it with Reid too. I like the Harts as faces, so thats a good move.

Joe and Batista match is a good one. The match was good but didn't like Batista bleeding. It made him look weak. It seems that you are trying to make your own stars with Cena being punked out and Batista now losing. I better like it to progress instead of just sticking out the new guys out there fast.

Interesting turn with Christian dissing on Edge moreless. Seems like Cage will be a major force in this promotion and I like it.

Great promo with Carlito and Kofi, So far I like this the best. You gave Kofi some personality which is very good.

What the hell!! LOL. David Flair IC Champ. Powerbombing Umaga lol! You have a great imagination. This is one of the strangest events in any BTB I have ever read. I'm not sure though but I think David has won a title before maybe the WCW tag belts with Crowbar but I could be mistaken.

Jericho promo is interesting with us waiting for the Highlight Reel. Can't understand why they keep Jericho's opponent a secret next week when they let JBL know earlier.

The tag match is interesting as I was sure Chrisitian and MVP pick up the win. It doesn't look good for Cage's chances for the World Title if he loses this match. Another push of younger stars.

Another good promo with Joe and Batista. Didn't like the Steroids comments though. But it was very good none the less.

Dusty Rhodes and Slaughter picks up the win over the WGTT. A fantastic move. Dusty was my fave as a kid. They are my pick to win the tag titles.

Interesting scenario with Legends showing up in limos for the premiere. I like the move but I would have liked Bret showing up with his relatives earlier better.

Don't like the mentioning of PWG at all. Not many fans even know about the promotion so I think it really wouldn't make Tornado much more credible as Cena's opponent. Was wondering and ready to be flabbergasted with a Tornado victory but you did a great move with the unexpected Angle interference. That was a great move as you saved Cena's credibilty and got you a top notch feud in the meantime. But I don't know about a possible Cena/heel and Angle/face?? feud. Is this a TNA agreement with WWS. I was wondering at the beginning with Jarrett's comments but now I see this as a big surprise and maybe Jericho's guest being Jarrett?

I was hoping it wasn't Piper. It would have been a let down. My guess now is Vince.

I was right my second time. Very interesting and now makes sense with the before showing of Vince. So are they partnered up with the TNA? That was kind of lost in the segment but i think that is what I got from Jericho during the interview. Stone Cold coming out at the end is fitting as that was the perfect way to say goodbye to Vince.

A very good shows. Most of the problems I had while reading it made sense by the end. Not sure about David Flair though and you see to pushing younger, not well known stars maybe a little too soon. But you are a very good writer especially on promos as it seemed you warmed up and hit your stride about in the middle of the show. Good job
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Re: How To Rebuild Pro Wrestling... From Scratch

Right then. It's been a week since I posted the first episode, and I think its time to continue...

On behalf of everyone from the WWS, we would like to thank everyone who participated and supported us in the world premiere episode of Monday Night Shootout last week!


BREAKING NEWS: The Highlight is OVER!

~Until further notice, the WWS has decided to cancel Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel in order to make way for the illustrious return of Piper's Pit. How will Jericho take this and how will this effect him as he prepares to face the Undertaker with a spot in the World Championship tournament semi-finals on the line?

Charisma and Longhorns!
~Also, at the top of the show, JBL and Christian will square off to determine another semi-final spot in the World Championship Tournament. All this and much, much more on the next Monday Night Shootout!!

Shootout 2 will be posted next week, most likely on Monday...

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