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WWE: New Age

kid comet and I are going to be starting a BTB thread that starts after NWO. Originally the plan was to start after the Royal Rumble but plans have changed. Because of this my show (SD!) has a kind of different start then RAW and it also effects ECW.

So I'll be posting the first promo after Royal Rumble that effects the NWO card. Basically Christian returns on Smackdown! working with jeff against Edge and Matt

No Way Out

Main Event:
RAW Elimination Chamber
World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena retains the World Heavyweight Championship

Order Of Entry
1) Kofi Kingston 2) Mike Knox 3) John Cena 4)Kane 5) Rey Mysterio 6) Chris Jericho

Order Of Elimination
1) Mike Knox by Rey Mysterio
2)Kane by Kofi Kingston
3)Rey Mysterio by Chris Jericho
4)Chris Jericho by John Cena
5)Kofi Kingston by John Cena
W) John Cena

[SD! Elimination Chamber
WWE Championship

Jeff hardy wins the WWE Championship

Order of Entry:
1) Edge 2)HHH 3)Kozlov 4)Big Show 5)Jeff Hardy 6) Undertaker

Order of Elimination
1) Kozlov by HHH before Jeff Hardy entered
2) Big Show by Edge shortly after Jeff's enters and hits a Swanton Bomb
3)Edge by Jeff Hardy after Tombstone, Pedigree, and Swanton Bomb
4)Undertaker by HHH's pedigree
5)HHH by Jeff Hardy by a Twist of Fate
W) Jeff Hardy

When Edge is eliminated he leaves shocked and tries to argue for a second chance with no hope.

After Jeff Hardy wins he celebrates with Christian who comes out to celebrate a 2 for 2 win

"Breaking the Glass Ceiling"
Christian pulls off the win over Matt Hardy in his first WWE match

After the loss Matt Hardy requests from Vickie a rematch with Christian on Smackdown! and gets his request accepted

No Holds Barred
Randy Orton demolishes Shane McMahon

ECW Title
Jack Swagger successfully defended his ECW title against Finlay

"Freedom or Enslavement"
Shawn Michaels defeated John "Bradshaw" Layfield to regain his freedom

For the rosters RAW, SD!, and ECW are the same except that Chavo is still on ECW
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Re: WWE: New Age

This is a promo from the first Smackdown! after the Royal Rumble


Edge enters followed by his wife Vickie Guerrero to tons of heat for the final segment of the evening, The Cutting Edge. He takes his time walking to the ring absorbing attention holding with the WWE Title. Edge holds the ring ropes open for Vickie to enter and as she enters Edge gives her one of their patented long kiss. Now standing tall and in the center of the ring Edge holds his title in the air one last time with a mic in his and Vickie’s hands. The music dies down as Edge brings the mic to his lips.

Edge: At the Royal Rumble a so many wrongs were righted. So many injustices towards me, so many insults towards me, and so much suspicion towards your newly crowned WWE Champion. This all started back at the Survivor Series when I took Jeff’s spot in the Triple Threat match and won. I was blamed for attacking Jeff before the match and taking his place. Now everyone knows I won the WWE Championship that night fair and square beating Triple H and Kozlov all at once.

Edge pauses for the wave of boos and chants against him

JR: I believe Edge is forgetting the fact he jumped into that match after the Triple H and Kozlov were already worn out from their match with each other.

Tazz: Shhh! Edge isn’t done yet

Edge places the mic back to his lips.

Edge: Next at Armageddon I was unfairly stripped of my title by an undeserving opponent. The only way Jeff could win a world title is by having to allow two men to battle it out and take advantage of the situation.

Another wave of heat.

Edge: The fact is Jeff can’t beat me one on one. Never has, never will.

Chants for Jeff begin wanting an end to this speech

Tazz: He has a point JR. Jeff never beat Edge in singles competition to win the world title.

JR: Just because it was a Triple Threat doesn’t take away the fact Jeff beat Edge fairly

Vickie this time brings the mic to her lips

Vickie: This fact was further proven at the Royal Rumble when my husband and your now WWE Champion beat Jeff Hardy to win back the title.

Edge: Though I will admit that I did have a little bit of unnecessary aid however

JR: Unnecessary? He had Chavo and Jeff’s brother attacking Jeff!

Tazz: Calm down JR

Edge: Tonight on the Cutting Edge we are not only celebrating a win but we are celebrating justice and righteousness. We are celebrating that we have a true WWE Champion. We are celebrating that the best man won at the Rumble. But also we are here to introduce a new Smackdown! Superstar to the roster and ask him a question the WWE world has been asking about. Why Matt? Why?

“King of My World” (New Song for the heel character)

Matt Hardy enters wearing his street clothes to more heat then Edge. He walks to with the ring not showing off the usual a face entrance, instead ignoring all around him. Matt enters the ring and Vickie gives her mic to him. Accepting the mic he looks out to the audience about to talk, but is stopped by a huge uproar of boos and chants for Jeff. Finally once things quiet down Matt speaks.

Matt: Now I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’m not going to be cryptic about my feelings or why I did it. I won’t make you wonder each week, “Why Matt? Why?” I attacked my own flesh and blood at the Royal Rumble for once reason and one reason only, to prove that I am not the ‘Other Hardy’.


Matt: Ever since we debuted it’s always been Jeff as the star and me supporting him, even though I am more deserving then my brother. Before coming to the WWE I ran and wrestled a promotion I created called OMEGA, while Jeff only wrestled. I was the one who got us attention from the WWE. I was the one who got us rides from show to show to prove our worth to the WWE. If it wasn’t for Matt Hardy…there would be no Jeff Hardy.


Matt: Finally getting contracts from the WWE, Jeff and I became a tag team and won the tag titles proving to be one of the greatest teams to this day. Soon we would go our separate ways, Jeff on Raw and me on Smackdown. Jeff’s WWE career would come to an end there when he got into drugs. Soon he was fired for getting high, drunk, and not showing up for work. When Jeff decided to return, it was me who put his neck out on the line vowing Jeff was clean. If I didn’t do that then once again…there would be no Jeff Hardy.


Matt: I’ve done all the work so that my little brother could have a WWE career and he is the star while I would fade into the background to become the ‘Other Hardy’.

Chants for Jeff

Matt: Chant for him all you like. It doesn’t matter. He’s no better then me. Look at our records. I have been a tag team champion one more time then him with MVP. We’ve both been European Champions. We’ve both been Hardcore Champions. He won the Lightweight Title while I was the Cruiserweight Championship. Sure he won the Intercontinental Championship before I won the United States Championship. Sure he won the held the Intercontinental Championship more times then I won the United States Championship. But when I won the ECW Championship…for the first time I was finally ahead of Jeff.


Matt: I was finally ahead of Jeff. He never won a title of that calibre and I was happy. I was for once ‘The Hardy’. I was happy and proud of myself for once. Then my brother won a Slammy and was a nominee for ‘Superstar of the Year.’ I was the ECW Champion and I was nominated for nothing!


Matt: Then Jeff won the WWE Championship.

Cheers while Matt takes time to compose himself.

Matt: Jeff won the WWE Championship and surpassed me. I tried to be happy for him but then I found myself doing bad things towards him. Hit and Runs. Messing with the pyro. I, Matt Hardy, caused Jeff Hardy’s accidents.


JR: His own Flesh and Blood for God sake

Matt: Now here I am and you may be wondering, ‘Why at the Rumble? Why not sooner?’ Because I talked to Vickie and made a deal with her. I am not in the Elimination Chamber…I don’t need it…because I am officially as of Sunday Night, the number one contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania!

Matt: I have now done something Jeff won’t get the opportunity to do. I will be the first hardy to main event Wrestlemania! Not Jeff! Me!


Matt: And that Edge, Vickie, WWE, the world…that is why I betrayed my brother. To prove to you all and myself that I am better then him.


Matt looks to Edge and holds his hand out. Edge goes to shake hands with Matt but JEFF HARDY attacks Edge from behind. Matt tries to put up a defence but is still caught off guard with a punch from Jeff. With both men down, Vickie jumps on Jeff’s back but is thrown off. Unfortunately for Jeff, Edge and Matt get up and get the upper hand. Matt hits the Twist of Fate followed by a Spear from Edge when Jeff stands up!

With the former WWE Champion down, Edge exits the ring to grab two chairs. Entering the ring Matt and Edge prep up for a Conchairito and wait for Jeff to stand up. As Jeff comes to his feet the lights turn off. After a few seconds of darkness, orange lights surround the entrance way as a notable song begins to play.

“Just Close Your Eyes”

Christian comes walking out in his street clothes leaving Matt Hardy and Edge stunned.

JR: It’s Christian! Christian!

Tazz: How did he get here? Is he back?

JR: Don’t know but I sure hope so

Tazz: I just can’t get over it? Is it really Captain Charisma himself?

JR: If it is then this moment will be an instant classic!

Christian continues to walk to the ring as Matt and Edge stand stunned with Jeff on his hands and knees looking up shocked as well. Christian stands in the ring and looks out at the crowd and pats his chest following through with a salute.

The fans go insane.

Christian looks to the other side and does the same with a bigger reaction. Christian turns his head to matt and Edge still holding the chairs. Christian walks up to Edge and…shakes his hand.


The two men embrace with Matt and Vickie looking on in confusion. Christian looks over at Matt and offers his hand out to shake. Matt shakes Christian’s hand still looking suspicious. Christian looks over to Vickie and walks up to her and looks her in the eyes. The music cuts out as Christian grabs Vickie’s head and...plants a kiss on her! Vickie's arms flail as she fights the forced lip lock.

Mixed Reaction

Vickie pushes away and goes to slap Christian but Christian catches her hand. Christian turns around to see an irate Edge yelling at him about kissing his wife. Christian responds with pushing Vickie at Edge and kicking Matt in the midsection! With Matt bent over Christian clotheslines Edge after Vickie gets out of the way. Vickie jumps on Christian’s back but he simply turns around turning her flying feet into a weapon against Edge and Matt! Once both men fall, Christian tosses Vickie over his shoulder and pushes her out of the ring. The fight continues with Christian fighting back against both men eventually falling. Matt and Edge reset the Conchairito for Christian this time but before Matt can swing the chair; Jeff Hardy takes the chair out of his hand and nails him over the head. Edge changes targets to Jeff and swings, but Jeff ducks! Missing Jeff, Edge turns face to face with Christian who dropkicks the chair into his face. Matt and Edge stand up but end up receiving a Twist of Fate from Jeff and Unprettier from Christian respectively!

The fans go crazy cheering on Christian and Jeff Hardy

Vickie pulls Edge out of the ring while Matt rolls out. As both men walk up the entrance way with Vickie, Christian and Jeff Hardy look down at their foes as Christian’s music starts up again. Jeff and Christian end the show with their celebration.

The second Smackdown! featured:

Christian and Jeff working together in a promo when Matt came out to challenge Christian to a match at NWO. Jeff wanted to take on Jeff, but Christian said he'll deal with it. Jeff has the Elimination Chamber match. Christian said he would agree if he could get a WWE contract since he still didn't have one yet.

The third Smackdown featured:

Matt Hardy saying he guesses he won't face Christian at all since he wasn't good enough to get a contract with the WWE. Christian then comes out announcing next week he will sign two contracts. One for the WWE and another for his match with Matt at NWO

On the last Smackdown this is what happened:

Christian signed his WWE contract to make his return offical and then signed his NWO match with Matt Hardy next. While signing they talk back and forth admitting that with the WWE they always felt they had a glass ceiling over their heads. Watching everyone rise to the main event while they couldn't go any further. They also agreed this match between the two would allow the winner to break past the glass ceiling while the loser stays behind. After signing the contract, Matt Twist of Fated Christian and left him out cold as Jeff came to his aid.

Also there was a #1 US Title Battle Royal featuring:
The returning Umaga vs. the also returning DH Smith vs. R-Truth vs. Hurricane Helms vs. Carlito vs. Primo vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Ezeikel Jackson vs. Jimmy Wang vs. Kung Fu Naki vs. MVP vs. Curt Hawkins vs. Zack Ryder vs. Kazarny vs. Chavo vs. Festus vs. Jesse vs. Kazarny vs. Great Khali vs. Jimmy Wang Yang

1 Great Khali by a Samoa Drop from Umaga
2 and 3 Ryder and Hawkins by Carlito and Primo's team work
4 Primo by Umaga's closeline
5 Ezeikel Jackson by Umaga's closeline
6 Umaga by Dh Smith's Power Slam to the outside
7 Kazarny by DH Smith overpowering him
8 Helms by Kendrick ducking and pulling the ropes down while Helms was charging
9 Kung Fu Naki by MVP
10 Jimmy Wang Yang by MVP
11 MVP by DH Smith
12 DH Smith by Carlito, R-Truth, and Kendrick's team work
13 Brian Kendrick by Carlito and R-Truth's double drop kick
14 R-Truth by Carlito by a suplex from the edge of the ring
Winner Carlito

Smackdown! Preview:

Matt Hardy requested it from Vickie and he got it, Smackdown will host a huge rematch from No Way Out with "The Twisted" Hardy taking on Christian. Will the #1 WWE contender for Wrestlemania 25 be able to regain momentum leading up to the biggest match of his career or will the Instant Classic provide another win after just debuting 6 days ago.

Before No Way Out, one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Carlito won a chance to face Shelton Benjamin for his United States Championship. Can Carlito walk a double champion or will Shelton continue to provide wins when it truly counts?

Another big match announced as a result from last week's battle royal, we will see DH Smith face off against Umaga the man he eliminated last week. Power vs. Power, enough said.

Maryse will make her return to Smackdown in an interview with JR

All this and more coming to you this Friday on Smackdown!

First RAW and Smackdown coming soon
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Re: WWE: New Age

These posts could of been merged together man, your double posting!I'd advise you post a few notes in regards to what went down at NWO and also list out the rosters If you can.

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Re: WWE: New Age

After taking your advise, am i missing anything else?
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