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X-Power presents WWE Raw 2009

Before Survivor Series of 2008, ECW was closed due to ratings at a constant low and the worsening economy, and some of the superstars were sent to either Smackdown or Raw, while other were either fired, sent to FCW or in the case of some veterans, put backstage as road agents. Some other talents were also taken off the main roster, with Santino Marella being sent back to FCW to work on his ring skills, and Jim Duggan and Goldust both being given backstage roles in the company.


Build-Up to Survivor Series


World Title

Chris Jericho was the reigning World Heavyweight Champion after gaining the title at Unforgiven. He had claimed that there were no challengers left on Raw but then the injured John Cena appeared and said he still had him to beat, and that he would recover in time for Survivor Series. Cena then made a challenge which Jericho accepted and over the next few weeks words were exchanged to add heat to the impeding title match. General Managers Shane and Stephanie McMahon made the title match for Survivor Series which would also be Cenaís return match.

Intercontinental Title

On a week of Raw CM Punk beat William Regal for the Intercontinental title after weeks of pursuing being a Triple Crown champion. The next week he beat Regal in a rematch and to find a new challenger, the GMs of Raw decided that there would be a tournament to decide the number one contender that would begin immediately after Survivor Series.

Tag Team Titles

Led by Randy Orton in the faction of Legacy, the team of Priceless managed to win the titles off the team of Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston on an episode of Raw. They defended their titles successfully in a rematch on Raw thanks to help from Orton, and then also defended their titles against Pacific Pain, after they were kicked out from Legacy.

Womenís Title

Beth Phoenix had been the reigning Womenís champion since Summerslam and had been a dominant champion, taking down almost all comers. However, three challengers suddenly came out of nowhere from Phoenix. Melina returned from injury and beat Beth in a non title match, declaring her intentions to get towards to title. The week later, Mickie James revealed she never got a rematch from when she won the title and claimed her intentions of becoming champ once again. The next week, Bethís good friend Katie Lea Burchill spoke out and revealed she too was sick of not getting a title shot and made a challenge to Phoenix. Shane then made a fatal 4 way match Survivor Series but Stephanie overruled the decision, pushing the match back to Armageddon and revealing that instead Beth and Katie and Mickie and Melina would team together in a Smackdown vs. Raw 4 on 4 divas tag team match.

Legacy Troubles

The Legacy stable had been very dominant over Raw, with Randy Orton leading Cody, Ted, Sim and Manu through all opposition on Raw. Randy Orton was engaged in a feud with Batista and he frequently used Legacy to take an advantage and to beat Batista down. However, backstage, Manu and Sim listened in to a conversation between Orton and Priceless saying that they would kick out Pacific Pain. But before this plan could be carried out, Manu and Sim instead surprised Legacy in a 5 on 1 handicap match by siding with Batista and betraying the rest of Legacy before they could betray them. An all Raw Survivor Series match was made with Batista, Sim Snuka and Manu on one side and Orton, Ted and Cody on the other. Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston were added to Batistaís team and John Morrison and Elijah Burke to Ortonís to even out the numbers.

Nobodyís Employee

JBL and HBK were also involved in a feud that stemmed from JBL saying he had made a deal with HBK. Shawn retaliated by saying nothing was confirmed and he wouldnít be working for John, confirming his declination with a big Sweet Chin Music. JBL and HBK were placed on opposite sides of a big 5 on 5 interbrand Survivor Series match. Also in that match would be a mystery opponent on each team, with both of those unknown men set to debut on Raw after the PPV.

ECWís Last Original

Also on Raw, Jack Swagger engaged in a short feud with Tommy Dreamer, where they both desired a spot on Raw after ECW closed, but Shane ruled that only one would be allowed on. They had an I Quit match on an episode of Raw which Swagger won, allowing him a spot on Monday Night Raw.


WWE Title

As Edge returned just a few weeks before Survivor Series, he instantly came in and started going after the WWE Title. As Triple H held the championship till then it was announced that the match at Survivor Series would be made a Triple Threat with current champion Triple H, Number 1 Contender Jeff Hardy and former champion Edge. I the coming 3 weeks, each man faced challenges including The Great Khali (Jeff Hardy), Mark Henry (Triple H) and Shawn Michaels (Edge) who was on loan from Raw. At one point in Jeff Hardy's match, a promo before made tempers boil over as Triple H ran down to the ring and interfered giving Hardy the win via disqualification as he got beaten down with the sledge hammer as Edge watched on happily from the top of the stage.

United States Title

As they rehash there once large feud, Matt Hardy and Montel Vontavious Porter fight over the vacant United States Championship after the injury of Shelton Benjamin. The two men win each one of their matches in a tournament to win their spots in this match scheduled for Survivor Series as they go at it again. Over the weeks the two made their efforts to win the tournament and 2 weeks before Survivor Series, the two both took on Jesse and Festus and they won the match until MVP hits a hard shot to the back of the leg of Matt Hardy's legs, his formally injured leg.

Smackdown Answers Raw

On Raw it was announced that there would be a big 4 on 4 Divas match between Smackdown and Raw. Raw announced their four participants which would be Melina, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix and Katie Lea Burchill. Smackdown answered the challenge by announcing the Bella Twins, Maria and Michelle McCool for their team. On an episode of Smackdown, the Bellas beat Phoenix and Katie in a tag team match after Melina and Mickie interfered, adding fire to this interbrand battle.

Huge Match Confirmed

It was announced that at Survivor Series there would be a huge 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series match with participants from both Raw and Smackdown. Raw announced that HBK and a mystery opponent would be on one team, and JBL and another mystery opponent on the other. Smackdown had 6 spots to fill and they did so the next week. In HBKís team they placed the Undertaker, R-Truth, and Mr Kennedy and in JBLís team The Great Khali, Mark Henry and The Big Show were announced as participants, finally confirming this epic matchís actual participants.

Survivor Series

1- Randy Orton +Ted DiBiase +Cody Rhodes +John Morrison +Elijah Burke def. Batista +Manu +Sim Snuka +Rey Mysterio +Kofi Kingston via Randy Orton +John Morrison as sole survivors @ 16:01

2- Brie Bella +Nikki Bella +Maria +Michelle McCool def. Beth Phoenix +Katie Lea Burchill +Melina +Mickie James via Beth attacking her own team @ 8:35

3- MVP def. Matt Hardy via Drive By Kick to win the United States Championship @ 14:54

4- Shawn Michaels +Christian Cage +The Undertaker +R-Truth +Mr Kennedy def. JBL +Booker T +The Great Khali +Mark Henry +The Big Show via The Undertaker +Shawn Michaels as sole survivors @ 20:05

5- John Cena def. Chris Jericho via STFU to win the World Heavyweight Championship @ 18:17

6- Jeff Hardy def. Edge & Triple H via Swanton Bomb to Triple H to win the WWE Championship @ 23:45

Build-Up to Armageddon


World Title

After John Cena returned at Survivor Series and won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Jericho, Y2J wasnít about to give up that easily. He quickly demanded his rematch and Stephanie made a match between the two for Armageddon. As the feud intensified, Shane then added the stipulation that it would be a submission match. Cena and Jericho went at it until the PPV, with Chris claiming he would win back his title and send Cena back into injury.

Intercontinental Title

After CM Punk won the Intercontinental title on Raw, it was announced that the next challenger was to be found with an 8 man tournament on Raw, culminating at Armageddon. The tournament began with the debuting Shelton Benjamin beat Kofi Kingston. Rey Mysterio then beat the former champion William Regal by disqualification after he tried to cheat to win. Kazarian then beat Jack Swagger in a match that was also the rematch for the Hardcore title, and later that night John Morrison beat the recently turned face Dolph Ziggler. In the semi finals Mysterio beat Shelton and Morrison beat Kaz, setting up Rey Mysterio v John Morrison in the final at Armageddon.

Tag Team Titles

Priceless held onto the tag team championships throughout this time, feuding with Pacific Pain. They lost to the islanders in a non title match but successfully retained their title a week later. New challengers did not step up as they mostly remained by Ortonís side during this time.

Womenís Title

As already announced before Survivor Series, there would be a fatal 4 way match at Armageddon for the Womenís title. Beth Phoenix would have to defend against Melina, Mickie James and Katie Lea Burchill. Beth and Katie took on Melina and Mickie in a tag team match on Raw, but soon enough it erupted into a four woman brawl, proving there were no allies in each womanís quest for the gold.

Hardcore Revival

In a blockbuster announcement, the GMs of Raw said that they would be salvaging and reinstating the Hardcore championship on Raw. Jack Swagger immediately came out and claimed ownership of the title. His argument was that he was the last ECW Champion before the brand closed, and since ECW was the land of hardcore, it was only fair he would be awarded the title. Shane said yes, but then Stephanie ruled that he would have to defend his newly awarded belt right then. Kazarian came out making his debut and beat Swagger in a hardcore match, while Jack was still in street clothes. There was a rematch next week that was also a first round match in the Intercontinental Championship tournament, and Kaz retained and won that match as well.


Randy Orton and Batista continued their feud into Armageddon, with the Animal claiming that the Survivor Series matchís outcome would be different if it was just Orton v Tista one on one. Soon after, Shane made this very match and the dispute over who was really the best spawn of Evolution would be solved. Later, the stipulation was added that Priceless would be barred from ringside to prevent interference.


WWE Championship

After removing the championship from Triple H at Survivor Series, Jeff Hardy had a few big wins over Edge but a loss to Triple H seemed costly as that decided this match as the 2 go head to head once again to decide the new champion. Leading into the match the two still had some bad blood before the Survivor Series match as they had a good match against each other but with Edge in the mix, without him in the match, where will this end up and will the former champion reclaim his championship.

United States Championship

A rematch from Survivor Series as the two men go at it once again as they contend for MVP's US Championship. The first week after Survivor Series, Hardy won a Fatal Four Way including The Brian Kendrick, Evan Bourne and Finlay. These 3 men would prove to be the opponents for Matt Hardy in the coming weeks as he went on a 3 match losing streak as MVP continuously interfered. During this time, MVP feigned an injury and said that he could not compete until Armageddon.

Edge Gets Pissed..... Pissed!

Mr Kennedy returned earlier then was expected though as he returned, he stirred up some controversy as on the second week of Smackdown after he lost the Number 1 contenders match, he complained as the Green Bay loudmouth came out and opened his mouth. This did not go down well with Edge though as he was not happy with the level of disrespect he was given. Kennedy challenged Edge for Armageddon as he accepted, over the next few weeks; the two had promo battles with Edge getting riled up continuously.

THE Partners Collide

The two former partners sparked a little rivalry themselves as both came after each other. On the second week after Survivor Series, Paul London made his return going after Kendrick and his new personality as he and Ezekiel were attacking Finlay. This shocked Kendrick as he didn't know what to do, the next week the Irishman and London teamed to take down the team. The next week, London announced that Finlay was injured and that he challenged Kendrick to a match at Armageddon which he accepted.


1- The Brian Kendrick def. Paul London via Ezekiel Interference @ 9:18

2- Randy Orton def. Batista via RKO @ 18:31

3- MVP def. Matt Hardy via Roll up w/ Feet on Ropes to retain the United States Championship @ 16:25

4- John Morrison def. Rey Mysterio via Low Blow & Starship Pain to become the Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship @ 16:03

5- Mr Kennedy def. Edge via Roll up @ 17:54

6- Beth Phoenix def. Katie Lea Burchill & Melina & Mickie James via Glam Slam on Katie Lea Burchill to retain the Womenís Championship @ 12:21

7- Jeff Hardy def. Triple H via Twist of Fate to retain the WWE Championship @ 23:12

8- John Cena def. Chris Jericho via STFU to retain the World Heavyweight Championship in a Submission match @ 17:44

Build-Up to Royal Rumble


World Title

The week after Armageddon, Raw was left without a challenger for the title so Randy Orton stepped up and claimed the position as the Number One Contender, saying beating Batista made him good enough. Stephanie agreed but then Shane instead said that he would have to face one last person. Randy Orton beat the Intercontinental Champion CM Punk later in the night and earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Orton and Cena went at it over the next few weeks, with various heated promos.

Intercontinental Title

CM Punk finally had a challenger for his title in the winner of the Number One Contendership tournament, John Morrison. Morrison attacked Punk during his matches, including one against Randy Orton is Rawís main event. A match was made between the two for the Royal Rumble, and the week before the PPV, Morrison laid out Punk with his own belt and stood over the champion holding the title belt in his hands.

Hardcore Title

Kazarian faced an array of challengers week after week in Hardcore matches on Raw. He beat Jack Swagger for the third time, Mike Knox, and then Elijah Burke. However, on the week before the Royal Rumble, he was on his way to a match against Kane walking backstage, and a mystery man knocked him out, puzzling the entire WWE Universe.

Tag Team Titles

Priceless remained the tag team champions and they engaged in a short feud with Cryme Tyme, ultimately defending their titles in the end. They also remained protťgťs of Randy Orton in the Legacy stable, and accompanied him to his matches. The tag division also saw the team of William Regal and Paul Burchill form, calling themselves the English Entities and debuting with a win against Pacific Pain.

Womenís Title

Beth Phoenix was seeking a new challenger and so the two women not pinned at Armageddon, Melina and Mickie James, faced off in a contendership match. Melina won the match at the right to face Beth at the Rumble. Around this time, Phoenix caught the attention of a crazed fan called Rosa Mendez, who was later revealed to be a wrestler. She became Bethís manager and assistant, and Phoenix sent her on Raw to attack Melina before her matches, like a hired gun. Eventually Melina had enough and destroyed Rosa in the ring, while Beth simply watched. The next week Mendez got in Bethís face for not aiding her, but quickly calmed down and apologized.

Royal Rumble Match

After a series of qualifying matches and decisions on Raw, the following 15 people were announced for the Rumble: Batista, Booker T, Christian Cage, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, JBL, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, Mike Knox, Elijah Burke, Dolph Ziggler, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal


WWE Championship

After weeks of an intense rivalry stemming from the weeks before Survivor Series sees Triple H and Jeff Hardy go head to head once again in a No Disqualification match this time. The week of Armageddon saw the two face off again as they had a good match that thrilled fans as they went at it and it is sure to it once again here. With the weeks leading up, the two faced various opponents as well as Jeff Hardy being attacked by a mystery attacker as he was walking; everybody suspects Triple H but it may be somebody else.

Divas Championship

Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Michelle McCool, Maryse, Maria and Natalya all want shots at the Divaís title. These women of Smackdown go at it as a 6 women tag between these 6 women broke into an all out brawl as they all went after each other and this was how a match came about for the Rumble. It would be a 6 woman battle royale for the championship.

Royal Rumble Match

After a series of qualifying matches and decisions, the following 15 people were announced for the Rumble: Edge, Mr Kennedy, Paul London, The Brian Kendrick, Carlito, Primo, Matt Hardy, MVP, Gregory Helms, Ezekiel, R-Truth, Finlay, Undertaker, The Miz and The Big Show.

Royal Rumble

1- Melina def. Beth Phoenix via Roll up to win the Womenís Championship @ 10:55

2- John Morrison def. CM Punk via Exposed Turnbuckle & Springboard Roundhouse to win the Intercontinental Championship @ 14:12. After the match HBK came out to comfort Punk and accompany him back up the ramp.

3- Natalya def. Brie Bella & Nicole Bella & Maria & Michelle McCool & Maryse via last eliminating Maria to win the Divaís Championship in a Battle Royal match @ 8:45

4- John Cena def. Randy Orton via STFU to retain the World Heavyweight Championship @ 18:45

5- Jeff Hardy def. Triple H via Swanton Bomb through a table to retain the WWE Championship in a No Disqualification match @ 22:34

6- The Undertaker def. 29 other superstars via last eliminating Shawn Michaels to win the Royal Rumble match @ 64:22. Notable moments include Batista eliminating Booker T only for Booker to get back in the ring to eliminate Batista, and CM Punk coming to comfort HBK after his elimination.


Raw Roster


Booker T
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
Christian Cage
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Elijah Burke
Jack Swagger
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Cena
John Morrison
Kofi Kingston
Mike Knox
Paul Burchill
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Sim Snuka
Ted DiBiase
William Regal


Alicia Fox
Beth Phoenix
Candice Michelle
Jillian Hall
Katie Lea Burchill
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James
Rosa Mendez

Tag Teams

Cryme Tyme (JTG +Shad)
English Entities (William Regal +Paul Burchill)
Pacific Pain (Manu +Sim Snuka)
Priceless (Cody Rhodes +Ted DiBiase)
Redneck Rumblers (Jimmy Wang Yang +Shannon Moore)


Randy Orton +Cody Rhodes +Ted DiBiase
Shawn Michaels +CM Punk
Kane +Mike Knox
Rey Mysterio +Kofi Kingston
Katie Lea Burchill +William Regal +Paul Burchill
Alicia Fox +Jimmy Wang Yang +Shannon Moore
Layla +John Morrison
Kelly Kelly +Kazarian
Beth Phoenix +Rosa Mendez


General Manager- Shane McMahon
General Manager- Stephanie McMahon
Commentator- Michael Cole
Commentator- Jerry Lawler
Backstage Interviewer- Todd Grisham
Backstage Interviewer- Matt Striker
Ring Announcer- Lilian Garcia

Smackdown Roster


Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms
Jamie Noble
Jeff Hardy
Kung Fu Naki
Matt Hardy
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mr. Kennedy
Paul London
The Brian Kendrick
The Miz
Triple H
Zack Ryder


Brie Bella
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella

Tag Teams

The Colons (Carlito +Primo)
The Bella Twins (Brie Bella +Nikki Bella)
Curt Hawkins +Zack Ryder
Jesse +Festus
The Brian Kendrick +Ezekiel


General Manager- Vickie Guerrero
Commentator- Tazz
Commentator- Jim Ross
Ring Announcer- Justin Roberts
Backstage Interviewer- Todd Grisham


Raw Champions

World Heavyweight Championship

Current: John Cena
Won From: Chris Jericho
Time Won: Survivor Series 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Chris Jericho
Won From: CM Punk
Time Won: Unforgiven 2008
Lost To: John Cena
Lost On: Survivor Series 2008

Intercontinental Championship

Current: John Morrison
Won From: CM Punk
Time Won: Royal Rumble 2009
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: CM Punk
Won From: William Regal
Time Won: Cyber Sunday - Survivor Series 2008
Lost To: John Morrison
Lost On: Royal Rumble 2009

World Tag Team Championship

Current: Cody Rhodes +Ted DiBiase
Won From: Rey Mysterio +Kofi Kingston
Time Won: Cyber Sunday - Survivor Series 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:
Former: Rey Mysterio +Kofi Kingston

Won From: Cody Rhodes +Ted DiBiase
Time Won: No Mercy 2008
Lost To: Cody Rhodes +Ted DiBiase
Lost On: Cyber Sunday Ė Survivor Series 2008

Hardcore Championship

Current: Kazarian
Won From: Jack Swagger
Time Won: Survivor Series - Armageddon 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Jack Swagger
Won From: Vacant
Time Won: Survivor Series - Armageddon 2008
Lost To: Kazarian
Lost On: Survivor Series - Armageddon 2008

Womenís Championship

Current: Melina
Won From: Beth Phoenix
Time Won: Royal Rumble 2009
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Beth Phoenix
Won From: Mickie James
Time Won: Summerslam 2008
Lost To: Melina
Lost On: Royal Rumble 2009

Smackdown Champions

WWE Championship

Current: Jeff Hardy
Won From: Triple H
Time Won: Survivor Series 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Triple H
Won From: Randy Orton
Time Won: Backlash 2008
Lost To: Jeff Hardy
Lost On: Survivor Series 2008

United States Championship

Current: MVP
Won From: Vacant
Time Won: Survivor Series 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Shelton Benjamin
Won From: Matt Hardy
Time Won: Great American Bash 2008
Lost To: Vacated
Lost On:

WWE Tag Team Championship

Current: Carlito +Primo
Won From: Curt Hawkins +Zack Ryder
Time Won: Survivor Series Ė Armageddon 2008
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Curt Hawkins +Zack Ryder
Won From: Jesse +Festus
Time Won: Summerslam Ė Unforgiven 2008
Lost To: Carlito +Primo
Lost On: Survivor Series - Armageddon

Divaís Championship

Current: Natalya
Won From: Maria
Time Won: Royal Rumble 2009
Lost To:
Time Lost:

Former: Maria
Won From: Michelle McCool
Time Won: Cyber Sunday - Survivor Series 2008
Lost To: Natalya
Lost On: Royal Rumble


X-Power will be doing Raw and I will be doing Smackdown. I left the heels and faces up to you people. Enjoy(more then I did the formatting-_-)
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

This looks good. Nice results and rosters but I can't tell who were the sole survivors. Good luck with this.
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Set out really nicely. Good detail and I like the way you posted everything and how it leads into 2009. Good job so far.
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Raw Week 1 Preview

After the Royal Rumble where John Cena beat Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, Raw is left without a contender to its main title, due to Smackdownís Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble. Word from the Shane and Steph McMahon, the general managers of Raw, is that a new challenger will be decided tonight! Who will that person be? Make sure to watch Raw and find out!

Last night at the Royal Rumble, John Morrison beat CM Punk to win the Intercontinental Championship in traditional dirty fashion, removing the turnbuckle covering and smashing Punkís face into it. Tonight on Raw we will witness Punkís rematch and see him face Morrison for the second time. Will Morrison keep his title or will Punk get revenge?

Also tonight, we see Charlie Haas take on the monster Mike Knox. Haas recently stopped imitating other wrestlers, claiming he had to be himself to succeed. So far he has not had any success, being winless since this proclamation. Can he pull out the upset win against the bearded behemoth on Raw tonight?

We also have a new tag team here on Raw. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore are pairing together again after being a successful tandem on Smackdown last year, winning the titles on the blue brand. Can they be as successful on Raw? They have their first match against the English Entities, William Regal and Paul Burchill who are looking to get themselves recognized. Can the Redneck Rumblers debut and beat the dastardly Englishmen on will the Entities make a name and get the competition to fear them?

Tonight we will also witness Batista and Chris Jericho go one on one in a singles match. Both of these men were in the Royal Rumble last night. Batista got eliminated in a controversial fashion after he threw out Booker T only to have Booker climb back in the ring and eliminate Batista. Can Batista be luckier tonight, or will the brash, cocky Chris Jericho steal a win?

Last night, Melina beat Beth Phoenix to become the Womenís Champion after months of chasing the title. Beth is pissed and is looking to rebound tonight with a match against Alicia Fox. Does the young athletic Fox have any chance against the dominant Glamazon, or will she become yet another victim?

Before the Royal Rumble, Kazarian was backstage on his way to a match against Kane for his Hardcore championship and was knocked out by a mystery man. Kaz then could not go on to the Royal Rumble and his spot in the match had to be filled by somebody else. Well Kaz has recovered and he will be on Raw tonight addressing the situation. What will he have to see and will the attacker be revealed? Make sure to find out by watching Raw tonight!

Announced Matches

Mike Knox v Charlie Haas

English Entities v Redneck Rumblers

Batista v Chris Jericho

John Morrison v CM Punk

Beth Phoenix v Alicia Fox
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Mike Knox v Charlie Haas
English Entities v Redneck Rumblers
Batista v Chris Jericho
John Morrison v CM Punk
Beth Phoenix v Alicia Fox

Looks good.

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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Lots of detail here. Everything looks really nice. Best of luck with this.
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Lots of details. Love the backstory. RAW preview looks good. Looks like it is going to be a good show. I'll review RAW when its up. Good luck with this and hope the 1st show is great.

Officaly endorsed by Santafap 12/5/09 and .BD 12/6/09.
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Raw Week 1

Dark Match: Cody Rhodes def. Alex Shelley

ďLadies and gentleman welcome to Monday Night Raw!Ē

Stephanie McMahonís music rings as one of the General Managers of Raw walks down to the ring with a big smile on her face.

Steph- Welcome one and all, to a blockbuster edition of Monday Night Raw!

The fans cheer for the beginning of Raw.

Steph- My brother and I have had some talks backstage, and since a superstar from Raw did not win the Rumble, we are going to find our own way to get a challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 25. As the trend has grown over the past few years, there will be, once again, a match at No Way Out to decide the Number One Contender. This match is one of the most brutal ones ever created here in the WWE, and it will allow six men to fight for themselves in a demonic structure. I am talking about the one and only Elimination Chamber match!

The crowd goes wild as the prospect of another Elimination Chamber match.

Steph- Over the weeks leading up to No Way Out, there will be a series of qualifying matches and they begin tonight! Regarding the Intercontinental Championship rematch with John Morrison and CM Punk, it will now have an added stipulation. The winner of that match will qualify for the Elimination Chamber.

The crowd pops again.

Steph- I also have a huge announcement for the title situation on Raw and the next challenger to John Cenaís title. I have made it official. The Number One Contender to John Cenaís title is the man he faced last night at the Royal Rumble and the man he will now face again at No Way Out, Randy Orton!

The crowd throws out boos at the mention of Ortonís name.

Ortonís music plays to a chorus of boos and he walks down to the ring accompanied by Priceless, looking rather pleased.

Orton- Thank you Miss McMahon for being the voice of wisdom here on Raw. I can not commend you enough for giving me another shot at John Cenaís title after I was cheated out of my first one last night.

The crowd boos, knowing Orton lost fair and square.

Orton- Mark my words, this time will be my time, and at No Way Out, John Cena will fall victim to-

Shane McMahonís music cuts Orton off and the other General Manager on Raw skips out and makes his way to the ring.

The crowd pops for Shane who is interrupting Orton.

Shane- Iím sorry Randy. I must have missed the part of your match last night where you were cheated out of winning. And Iím sorry Stephanie, because I donít see how Randy deserves yet another shot at the title after losing his last one.

Orton- Excuse me? Shane, I know you love money, and what better way to make money than putting the most valuable and most talented person in your No Way Out title match?

Shane- Oh donít worry, thatís exactly what I have planned on doing. This is where he comes in.

Steph- Who?

HBKís music suddenly blares over the speakers to an ovation as Shawn walks down to the ring wearing a big grin.

Shane- Shawn Michaels!

The crowd goes absolutely wild at HBKís mention as they realise that he might get a title shot at No Way Out.

Shane- For you see, I couldnít help but think that the next person in line for a title shot would be the person in the Raw roster who lasted the longest in the Royal Rumble. And the Heart Break Kid was this very man.

Orton- Are you kidding me? You do know that in the Royal Rumble you reward the winner and nobody else. Shawn was a loser, just like 28 other men in that match.

Shane- Randy, you do know that I am the General Manager here on Raw and what I say is the final say?

Steph- Well Shane, sorry but youíre not the only General Manager on this show so your decision means nothing without my approval.

HBK- Hey guys, I think I have a solution. Mrs. Helmsley over here wants Randy Orton to face Cena.

Stephanie blushes while Shane laughs.

Orton- Which I will-

HBK- Shut up!

The crowd goes wild at Ortonís frustration.

HBK- As I was saying, Mrs. Helmsley over here wants Randy Orton to face Cena, and Mr Money over there wants me to face Cena. So, tonight I propose a match to make a fair decision. I say we have Randy Orton face Shawn Michaels in a Number One Contendership match. Winner faces John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out.

The crowd cheers for this decision and possible match.

Shane and Steph both look at each other and nod while Orton looks absolutely furious.

Shane and Steph then both open their mouths in unison.

Shane & Steph- Done!

The crowd pops knowing the match is confirmed.

Orton- You canít be serious.... you... erghh!

Orton motions to Priceless, who then suddenly lunge at HBK and begin to unload on him in a two on one attack as Shane and Steph bail up the ramp and the crowd boo fiercely. Orton watches from ringside as suddenly CM Punk comes running down to the ring to a huge pop and he takes Priceless down in the ring to aid HBK. Legacy reunite and retreat back up the ramp, as Punk aids HBK while being watched by Orton, who has an evil look on his face.


Beth Phoenix v Alicia Fox


The match begins with Beth Phoenix in a furious state, still seething over the loss of her Womenís Championship to Melina at last nightís Royal Rumble. Phoenixís frustration makes her jump straight into the match without thinking, and Fox manages to use her speed to momentarily gain the advantage over the Glamazon. Alicia uses some acrobatic moves to try and gain an upper hand over Beth, but the former Womenís Championís sheer aggression stops Fox in her path with a lariat. This move changes the tide of the match and afterwards Beth begins to dominate Fox, decimating her with power moves. She sets up for the Glam Slam, but Alicia escapes after a mule kick. Fox musters up a small comeback comprised mainly of kicks, but then Phoenix catches her mid air as she was going for a crossbody and lifts her onto her shoulders. Beth then plants Alicia to the mat with the Down in Flames before pinning her for the three count. After the match, Rosa Mendez runs into the ring and destroys Alicia, attacking her with boots before hitting a devastating Backflip Reverse DDT leaving Alicia down and out.

WINNER- Beth Phoenix by PINFALL in 3:22

Booker T is backstage with Todd Grisham for an interview, and the crowd throws out boos when they see Bookerís face.

Grisham- So Booker, you made it to the top five in the Royal Rumble match last night. What are your thoughts on that match?

Booker- I am sickened that I had to participate in a match with such scum. The king of Raw should not have to go through 29 other superstars to get a title shot, the king of Raw should be awarded a title shot. Booker T is outraged that a low life peasant such as Batista would eliminate him.

There is heat from the crowd as they do not support Booker making such comments about Batista.

Grisham- Is that why you illegally went back into the ring and eliminated him yourself.

Booker- Precisely, that commoner got what he deserved.

Grisham- You do know that that was against the rules?

Booker- Haha, Todd, you do realise that there are no rules in this world? The Raw kingdom is a dog eat dog world, and since that dog Batista decided to throw the king out of the ring, he got what was coming to him.

The crowd boos as they know Batista was unfairly eliminated, and Booker cheated.

Grisham- Is there anything you would like to say to Batista?

Booker- Batista, by no means am I done with you. My revenge is not fully executed and mark my words, I am coming for you. Youíd better watch yourself from now on, because when you have a king as your enemy, you have no chance of survival.

Booker drops the mic and walks off with a serious look on his face to heat from the crowd.


Intercontinental Championship & Elimination Chamber Qualifier
John Morrison v CM Punk


As both superstars stand in the ring before the match, Morrison taunts Punk with his newly won title and says something to him that makes him snap and unload on John with rights and lefts. Punk continues the furious offense and backs Morrison into the corner, where he grabs the ropes making Punk break the hold. Morrison smirks and walks back to Punk, only for CM to catch him with kick after kick to the midsection and sides, before landing a vicious roundhouse to the jaw that knocks Morrison off his feet and sends him cowering into the corner. John pulls himself up in the corner of the ring and as he catches his breath, Punk sets up for the double knee lift. He hits it, but when he goes for the subsequent bulldog, Morrison pushes him away and into the ropes. Punk turns around and Morrison dropkicks him in the knees before hitting the wounded Punk with an inverted neckbreaker for a two count.

Morrison puts Punk in a headlock and taunts him while applying the submission to add insult to injury. Eventually Punk fights out and hits a bulldog. Punk tries to lock in the Anaconda Vice but Morrison quickly gets to the ropes before major damage is done. Punk gets up but then Morrison trips him and sends him throat first into the ropes. John gets up and continues to work on Punkís neck, putting him back in the headlock before eventually continuing it into a spinning neckbreaker. Morrison then lies in waiting for Punk to get up and when he does, he goes for the Moonlight Drive but Punk grabs his arm and tries to twist him down into the Anaconda Vice, but once again Morrison lunges immediately for the top rope. He kicks Punk away and then goes for the Springboard Roundhouse but Punk ducks the boot and picks up Morrison at landing, putting him into GTS position. However, Morrison manages to nail some elbows to Punkís head and escape, before following it up with the Moonlight Drive for the 1, 2, 3.

WINNER- John Morrison by PINFALL in 8:42

Beth Phoenix is backstage being followed by Rosa Mendez. Beth looks frustrated and the crowd boos upon seeing her.

Beth- Why do you keep following me to my matches? Just leave me in peace!

Rosa- Please Beth, Iím your biggest fan.

Beth- I donít need your help, do you hear me?

Mixed reaction from the crowd at Bethís stubbornness.

Rosa- Come on Beth, I can help you, youíll never lose another match by my side.

Beth- I donít plan on losing any either way.

Rosa- Please just let me prove myself to you. Err... weíll tag together, how about that?

Beth- Iíve told you, I donít need your help.

Rosa- Just give me one chance. One chance and I wonít let you down!

Beth- Fine, you know what, Iíll think about it. But Rosa, we are definitely not tagging together.

Beth keeps walking but then runs into Stephanie McMahon.

Steph- Beth Iím sorry but things donít always happen the way you want. Rosa Mendez is the newest diva on the Raw roster and she will be given a chance. Next week Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendez will team together to face Melina and Kelly Kelly in a Womenís tag team match.

The crowd pops, excited about the announced match.

Beth looks livid as Rosa jumps for joy behind her.

Rosa- Trust me Beth, I wonít let you down.

Beth- You better not, otherwise...

Beth storms off while Rosa stays there with a huge grin on her face, looking ecstatic.


Chris Jericho is shown in an interview room with Matt Striker and the crowd boos seeing Y2J.

Striker- I am here with one of the most talented superstars on Raw, Chris Jericho. I understand you have a match tonight one on one with Batista.

Jericho- Yes I do, Matt, and I plan to walk away from that match a victor.

The crowd boos at this statement.

Striker- You seem confident Chris, I can almost feel the swagger emanating off you.

Jericho- I am confident Matt. So confident in fact that I donít need to result to petty insults and ego buffing to make people realise who the winner will be tonight. There will be no stakes regarding that match, but I know that if I win, I will slowly but surely move up the hierarchy here on Raw and that is-

Jericho is cut off as Shane McMahon suddenly walks into view to a pop from the crowd.

Shane- Jericho, youíre wrong.

Jericho- What?

Shane- Youíre wrong when you say that the match will have no stakes, because that is about to change. I have now made the decision Chris, that your match later on tonight against Batista will be a qualification match for the Number One Contendership match at No Way Out. Thatís right, the winner will be participating in the Elimination Chamber!

The crowd cheers again as a big stipulation is announced for Jericho and Batistaís match later tonight.

Jericho says nothing but smirks and looks rather pleased. Shane walks away to more cheers.

Striker- So do you have anything else to say to Batista?

Jericho indifferently shakes his head.

Striker- Do you have any comments to make to anyone else?

Jericho- As a matter of fact I do. Iíve been watching someone for the last few weeks on Raw. Now, Iím not mentioning any names but I know they will be watching my match tonight. And they are going to witness an instant classic.

Jericho arrogantly walks off and leaves Striker sitting there, looking intrigued.

William Regal +Paul Burchill v Jimmy Wang Yang +Shannon Moore

(Tag Team)

Yang and Regal begin in the ring and Jimmy takes an early advantage using his speed and agility to counter most of Paulís offense. Yang gets a nice crossbody in before tagging in Moore, who continues the quickness with kicks and a hurricanrana. However, the tide turns when Paul dodges a dropkick and boots the downed Moore. He then picks him up and nails a front facelock neckbreaker before tagging in Regal. Regal works over Moore and hits a knee drop before Irish whipping him into the corner and nailing him with a few left hands. Paul is again tagged in and he goes for a lariat in the corner but it is dodged, and Shannon nails a spinning hook kick to the back of his head. Both men then crawl for tags, and soon enough both Regal and Yang are in the match again. They trade blows but Regal is the superior brawler and he takes advantage with a few left hands. He then puts Jimmy in double underhook position and goes for the Butterfly Suplex but Yang reverses it into a crucifix pin mid move for a near fall. He then tags in Moore who goes to the top rope and hits a Supercanrana on Regal as Yang knocks Burchill off the apron. Shannon covers Regal and gets the win.

WINNERS- Jimmy Wang Yang +Shannon Moore by PINFALL in 5:57

After the match the Redneck Rumblers remain in the ring and get a microphone off some personnel.

Yang- Howdy yíall!

The fans let out a Ďhowdyí.

Moore- Weíre back on Raw and weíre ready to mow through our opposition like cows through a paddock.

Yang- We wanna head straight to the top, so weíre challenging the World Tag Team Champions. Hopefully they accept and we can have a dang old slobberknocker of a match.

The crowd cheers for this challenge, hoping Priceless accept and they get to see the match.

Moore- So Priceless, yíall better consider yourselves challenged!

Wang Yang and Moore walk backstage to cheers.


Kazarian is in the ring and has a solemn look on his face, although the crowd cheers for him anyway.

Kaz- You know, sometimes I wonder what happened to decency. Sometimes I wonder what happened to respect. Sometimes I wonder how people can do the things they do. You people know what Iím talking about. Two weeks ago on Raw I was knocked out from behind by somebody on this very show, and they cost me my spot in the Royal Rumble.

The crowd gives heat towards the attacker.

Kaz- Now, I know why they did this to me. Not only was that person a coward, but he was also jealous. He was jealous and tired of seeing me as a fighting champion each week on Raw. He was jealous because he saw me and then he looked at himself. He saw how I got my success through honour and fair winning, and how he became successful through cheating, disrespect and dirty tactics.

The crowd boos again at the person who took Kaz out.

Kaz- Now I know who this person is. This person is obviously a coward and a cheating piece of crap, but Iím going to let him get back a bit of his self esteem. I want the person that attacked me to come out here right now, and admit it themselves.

Kazarian waits patiently and the crowd begins to boo after nobody shows up after about twenty seconds or so.

Kaz- Fine. So be it. The son of a bitch who attacked me can go to hell! If by next week they donít tell the world what they did, then I am going to find them and make them!

The crowd cheers as Kazarianís music plays and Kaz walks back up the ramp and leaves, with a pissed off look on his face.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Chris Jericho v Batista


The bell rings and they lock up, with Batista forcing Jericho to his knees using his power. He knees Jericho in the gut and kicks him to the ground before pounding away at him with vicious blows using both fists. He waits for Jericho to get to his feet and then hits Jericho with a running shoulder block then a lariat when Chris gets back up. Batista then puts Jericho in position for the Batista Bomb but Jericho counters by grabbing Batistaís legs and pulling them up, sending him back first into the mat. He goes for the Walls of Jericho but Batista kicks him away. They both get up and Batista goes to grab Jericho but he takes a rake to the eyes an enzugiri. Following this, Jericho works on the back of Batista, hitting various modified backbreakers before locking in a camel clutch to stretch the spine of Batista. Batista struggles in the hold until he manages to turn over and grab Jerichoís legs, pulling them down and then putting Chris in a figure 4 leg lock. Jericho is worn down in the hold and almost taps but after near a minute of fighting, he gets to the ropes and it is broken.

Batista boots the downed Jericho and then picks him up, hitting a side powerslam. He dominates Jericho with some more power moves before eventually hitting a Spinebuster and giving Jericho the thumbs down. He goes for the Batista Bomb but Jericho runs forward and pushes Batista into the ropes. He gets out and goes to Irish whip Batista but gets whipped himself and then hit with a Spear on the rebound. Batista covers but only gets a two count. He picks Jericho up and throws him into the corner, before going for a lariat in the corner, only for Jericho to sidestep and hit the dazed Batista with a Codebreaker out of seemingly nowhere. Jericho covers, but Batista kicks out at the last second. Jericho lifts Batista to his feet and nails him with the breakdown. He picks Batista up and Irish whips him, bending down to do a back body drop. However, Batista sees this and grabs Jericho in the bent over position. He hoists Jericho up on his shoulders for the Batista Bomb but then Booker T runs down to the ring and gets up on the apron. While Batista is distracted, Jericho takes the opportunity to free his legs and pull Batistaís face down into an innovative Codebreaker. Jericho gets the three count as Booker laughs.

WINNER- Chris Jericho by PINFALL in 9:44


Shawn Michaels is backstage stretching in his locker room and the crowd in the ring pops as there is a knock on the door. HBK walks over and opens it showing CM Punk who receives some cheers from the crowd.

Punk- Iíve been meaning to talk to you for a while now.

HBK- Me too, Iíve been waiting to see you.

Punk- Well I wanted to talk to you, but I also wanted to thank you. Last night when I lost my title I felt empty, and Iím glad there was someone to support me through that.

HBK- Donít worry man, it was nothing. And can I thank you for returning the favor later on?

Punk- Yeah you can and you can also get used to my help. Shawn, ever since I started watching the WWE as a dreaming teenager, you were always my favorite. When I got into the wrestling business, I thought to myself how great it would be if I could meet my idol, the Heart Break Kid, Mr Wrestlemania, Shawn Michaels.

The crowd pops for both Punk and Shawn.

HBK- Thanks man, that means a lot.

Punk- And thatís not all Shawn. I want an opportunity to have something that most people would only dream of having. I want your guidance, I want you to teach me, and I want you to help me learn. Please Shawn, it would mean a lot to me.

The crowd cheers and chant HBKís name.

HBK- Sure Iíll do it, no problem.

The crowd pop even louder.

HBK- In fact, since Iíve seen you wrestling, Iíve always thought you had extreme potential and I even thought to myself how great it would be to work with you.

Punk- Really? Wow, thatís about the greatest thing anyoneís ever said to me, and itís coming from my idol.

HBK- So itís settled then. Iíll help you through your matches and teach you the best that I can.

Punk- Wow, this is definitely the best thing thatís-

Suddenly there is the sound of a door opening and the slamming shut and the camera cuts to show Randy Orton standing behind Punk and HBK, with a menacing look on his face, and the crowd pouring out heat.

Orton- Well Iím sorry to interrupt your little moment here, but your little heart to heart here is wasting valuable airtime on my show!

The crowd boos at the arrogance of Orton.

Orton- CM Punk, Itís great to see youíve finally fulfilled your fantasies but youíre also going to have to watch your mentor get pummeled to a pulp tonight.

The crowd throws out even more heat.

Orton- By me!

By now the crowd is booing the roof off the building.

Punk- Randy, donít you think youíre a little too up yourself? Iím surprised your ego can fit in your head, but then again thatís no surprise, knowing how thick it is.

Orton- Shut up! I donít care what you say because the bottom line is that I will crush your idol tonight right in front of your eyes. And you can have fun watching me because there ain't nothing you can do about it!

HBK- Orton, I donít understand. If youíre as good as you say you are then why do you have to try and tell me you are better? Surely your ego is massaged enough without having to make false claims to me that probably make you feel like a big man. Orton, nothing you can say will change anything about tonight. All I know is that I am going all out, and with my new student in my corner, you are not stopping me. So Orton, piss off before I beat the crap of you right here right now!

The crowd cheers, as Randy has been put in his place.

Orton is about to hit Shawn but then realises he is outnumbered and storms out of the room, slamming the door behind him.


Mike Knox v Charlie Haas


The bell rings and Charlie Haas is immediately on the defensive, as Knox rushes in with offense that resembles a raging bull. Charlie gets knocked around a bit before being backed into the corner. Knox then goes for a cornered big boot but Haas dodges and manages to roll Knox up for a near fall. Haas then tries to keep the big man off his feet with boots and an elbow drop, and he goes to cover Knox, only to be thrown off and land on the other side of the ring. Knox then gets up and almost takes Charlieís head off with a big boot. He then applies a modified cobra clutch before lifting Haas up and hitting him with a gutbuster. Knox continues the powerful offense before taunting the crowd as Charlie uses the ropes to feebly get up. Knox runs to clothesline him over the ropes but Haas moves and Knox bounces back in to the ring and takes a dropkick making him stagger. Charlie then goes for a lariat but Knox blocks it with a forearm before grabbing his head and nailing him with the Knox Out. Knox covers and it is over.

WINNER- Mike Knox by PINFALL in 3:59

After the match as Haas lies wounded in the ring, Shelton Benjaminís music plays and he stands on the ramp, shaking his head before letting out a big sigh.

Shelton- Charlie, what happened to you? You used to have pride; you used to have a will to win. But nowadays... itís just not there. Look at yourself Charlie. Youíre hopeless!

The crowd throws out boos at Sheltonís bullying.

Shelton- What have you done to yourself to end up like this?

Charlie- I... I...

Shelton- Look, you canít even stand up for yourself. Charlie, youíre a pathetic human being and you-

Charlie- I am not pathetic.

Cheers for Charlie standing up for himself.

Shelton- Well thatís what I like to see, some passion. Pity you wonít be able to back that up with some winning.

Charlie- I have pride, I have a will to win. I... will win.

Shelton- Prove it.

Charlie- I will prove it. Iíll prove it to you, prove it to the fans, and most of all prove it to me.

Shelton- Well put up or shut up Charlie. It pains me to see you as a sad shell of what you once were, but at the same time, itís hilarious to see you fail.

Charlie- Well you wonít be seeing it anymore! From now on, I am going to prove to everyone, I am as good as ever!

The crowd pops once again as they are behind Charlie Haas and they want him to succeed.

Shelton smiles and walks backstage as Charlie is left in the ring, rejuvenated by his proclamation.


Number One Contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton v Shawn Michaels


The bell rings and Orton stalks Shawn around the ring, before the two lock up. Shawn catches Orton with a punch and Randy retreats, before going back to stalking HBK around the ring. The lock up again and HBK catches Orton with a right hand and Irish whips him into the ropes, only for Orton to duck out of the ring when he reaches them. Orton circles the ring with Legacy by his side and HBK gets out as well. He walks over to Orton and goes to throw him into the ring but Orton pushes HBKís back into the apron. He then gets back into the ring, before distracting the referee while Priceless beat down HBK. It is two on one on the outside and then CM Punk runs down the ramp and makes Cody and Ted back off from Shawn. Orton then slid out, got Shawn and pushed him back first into the ring post, before rolling him into the ring and covering him for a two count. He picks Shawn up and nails him with an uppercut before hitting the inverted headlock backbreaker, focusing on HBKís back. He stomps on Shawnís back and then delivers a double knees drop right to the spine. Orton taunts Shawn before getting down on his fists in push up position, signaling that the RKO is near.

He waits for Shawn to get up and signals for the RKO but when he goes for it he gets pushed into the turnbuckle and then takes a flying crossbody from Shawn in the corner. HBK then climbs to the top rope and goes for the diving elbow, but Orton rolls out of the way and HBK hits only canvas. Randy then continues to work on Shawnís back and puts him in a chinlock, using his knee to stretch Michaelsí back. Punk cheers HBK on however and Shawn manages to get to his feet and escape. HBK hits Randy with some backhand chops before catching him with a Lou Thesz press, followed by an angry sequence of forearms and punches to the chest of Orton. HBK picks him up and hits an inverted atomic drop, before coming off the ropes with a flying shoulder block. Shawn then kips up off the ground and begins to tune up the band. Orton gets up and HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music but Orton ducks down and rolls out of the ring. He catches his breath but then Punk quickly rolls him back into the ring. Randy gets up angrily, but then turns around and walks right into a Sweet Chin Music. HBK covers and the referee counts to three. Priceless slide into the ring and go to attack Shawn but then Punk comes in and all three members of Legacy roll out of the ring and retreat up the ramp to close the show.

WINNER- Shawn Michaels by PINFALL in 11:30
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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Flipz’s Review:

1) Shelley jobbing in Dark Matches = epic fail. The man has far more ability and charisma than the default wrestler Cody Rhodes.

2) The idea behind the first segment was good, and I do like the Orton vs. HBK match as result, but it wasn’t written in the greatest way. I like the conflict between the McMahon’s but no one really seemed to be in character. It seism like you are creative and you’ve got things planned, but focus on your promo’s. Watch them on you tube, read other people’s promo’s.

3) The first match was okay, and nor surprise in the result. The Mendez attack afterwards seemed pretty brutal so it will be interesting to see where you go with that. Only tip is try and add more detail to your work and convey people’s emotions through match-writing, after all they can tell a real story if used well.

4) The Booker T interview started well but fell off towards the end. You seemed to have his character down reasonably well but some details were a little off, for example, him saying the kingdom is ‘dog eat dog’ doesn’t really fit in with the idea that everybody should listen to him as the King. It was good enough to get my interest though, let’s see how ‘Tista reacts.

5) A better match here. The extra detail was good although it seemed a touch rushed. Maybe add some less important moves in between big spots to help the match flow. Not surprised Morrison won seeing as he only won the title last night. Shame that Punk won’t be in the EC though.

6) Nice little promo here. I liked Beth saying she didn’t need any help, that made sense and fits in with her character. Not much else to say really apart from I’m looking forward to seeing how Mendez and Beth gel next week.

7) Not a bad promo, but nothing special. Too much McMahon tbh, I get that they’re at the GM’s but they don’t need to be involved in every feud. Jericho was cocky although you didn’t capture the spark he has, keep working on that, you’ll get it. Jericho and Christian is interesting, hoping to see how that all kicks off.

8) Wang Yang and Moore getting a push is fine by me, but they better not win the titles, keep the gold on Priceless. The match was okay, apart from what I said earlier - don’t make everything spot after spot, try to tell a story.

9) Best promo of the night so far, simple but effective, although cut back on the cursing, Kaz is a face after all and WWE is PG. Looking forward to finding out who attacked Kaz.

10) Decent match again, although all previous match writing advice still applies. No surprise that Booker got involved after his earlier promo. Looking forward to seeing where this all leads. Happy Jericho will be in the EC, because I’m far from a fan of The Animal’s work. Interesting we didn’t see or hear from Christian, hopefully we’ll get more on that next week.

11) Not bad, not great promo here. Punk and HBK felt far too much like they were going to break out into some man love. The result and the message were both pretty good though and having Punk and Shawn together is certainly a good thing. Orton was written well and his interaction with the new duo was nice. Although it wasn’t the best this promo did do it’s purpose - hype up the main event.

12) WTF!?> Why is this match so high up the card? Anywho, it was ok for a squash match. It was too short to really comment on which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it builds up Knox while preparing Haas for his next storyline. The promo afterwards was interesting, a WGTT reunion me thinks…

13) MOTN. I liked the ending with RKO trying to escape but getting SCM’d anyway. The finish was by far the best one I’ve read and was the first time a match’s conclusion seemed to flow and seemed like it would actually happen on T.V. Legacy trying to attack makes sense, as does Punk scaring them off. You’ve got my interest here, as I think this Punk & HBK vs. Legacy feud could get very interesting.
Overall, the show was average. Some parts were good, others bad. I like the ideas you’ve got going, but your actually writing could do with some work. Read some of the vet’s threads, and stick to this. Best of luck,

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Re: X-Power and GardsJr Present WWE 2009: Our Way

Well my partner GardsJr has done what he usually does an bailed on me with this BTB, and I have decided to continue it on my own on here as well. I'll continue to post Raw each week and have SD in quick results, so yeah. Kinda a bummer but I'm over it now tbh.

Smackdown Week 1

Promo: Undertaker on winning the Royal Rumble and about deciding who to send to hell at Wrestlemania 25.

Match: Natalya def. Michelle McCool in 6:11 to retain the Divaís Championship in McCoolís rematch.

Promo: In the ring, Vickie Guerrero announces that the next contender for the WWE title will be decided in a beat the clock tournament, tonight.

Match: Matt Hardy def. MVP in 12:33 in a beat the clock match to have the fastest time so far.

Promo: Undertaker talks to Vickie backstage, saying he wants in on the tournament, but Vickie orders him to face Triple H.

Match: Carlito +Primo def. Curt Hawkins +Zack Ryder in 6:11 in a non title match.

Promo: Backstage, Vickie talks to her husband Edge, and assures him that he will have an easy ticket.

Promo: In the ring, Chavo Guerrero says he is the best cruiserweight but Alex Shelley interrupts him in his debut, taking Chavo out and beating him down.

Match: Umaga def. R-Truth in 6:45 in a beat the clock match to have the fastest time so far.

Promo: In the ring, Mr Kennedy returns from injury and demands he gets a title shot. MVP says no but then Matt Hardy also comes out and says he deserves it as well. Vickie makes a triple threat match for No Way Out.

Match: Edge def. Kung Fu Naki in 0:12 in a beat the clock match after attacking him before the bell to have the fastest time so far.

Promo: Undertaker and HHH are shown talking to each other backstage, but they are not heard.

Promo: Backstage, Jamie Noble, Gregory Helms, Evan Bourne, Paul London and THE Brian Kendrick storm Guerreroís office saying they want something to fight for. Vickie says sheíll think of something.

Match: The Undertaker and Triple H went to a double countout at 0:12 in a beat the clock match after they both decided to get counted out at once to match Edge and to give them the equal fastest time so far.

Promo: Vickie says that Taker and HHH are both losers and that Edge is the winner of the tournament and is going to No Way Out. Taker and HHH bicker to end the show.
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