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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Smackdown Feedback

Starting the show with Shawn Michaels was a smart choice as I know your not the best with your promo’s but he is quite easy to write and it was proven here. You did this well and it was a nice solid promo where HBK mentioned his desire for Kurt Angle’s gold. I personally can’t see him getting a title shot straight away even if he is Shawn Michaels I think he should have to earn it. So yeah please don’t just give him a shot.

LOL @ The Irish wanker line, Nice opener to be honest each man knows how to wrestle well so should be entertaining. This was a great way to show your intentions of pushing Randy Orton, usually I don’t like when people dominate a match like this but I don’t know because with Orton and his sadistic side I just buy into it so I have to say this was well done. Be interesting to see if the Punt keeps Jericho out of action or if he wrestles next week like nothing is wrong with him. I suggest the first… make the Punt deadly.

British Empire ey? Sounds very good and I think it means that we will be seeing TJ and all them very soon. Anyway I am not a huge fan of their mic work so if this is the case Regal as the mouth piece is awesome. Oh its really just a common sense thing but the way you had Regal suck up to Paul Heyman was very in character also.

Well I don’t know your opinion on AMW but I know for a fact that you absolutely despise La Resistance therefore I never expected them to go over the tag champs and well… surprise, surprise they didn’t. I am not sure what the tag division is like on Smackdown but I am hoping that it is very hot as you have a nice set of tag champs.

CM Punk coming to Smackdown… hmm knowing you he will be US Champion by the end of the month.

More Randy Orton he is definitely the main man of this show tonight not that that’s a bad thing or anything. Poor Jericho can’t do shit.

Kennedy’s opening schtick on the microphone was quite dare I say it EPIC! I really enjoyed his pro longed speech and well for the character traits and shit it was very Kennedy. Loved the drug addict line tbh. Mr Kennedy too good for the drug addict tonight and I must say he seemed very dominant here. Now he just has to beat Matt Hardy and then bring along CM Punk.

Booker T interrupting Regal and Smith was quite random however I must say I love the special attention you are giving at this stage the English duo. Regal slapping Booker and nothing happening makes Booker seem like a fair bitch when usually he is all fired up as such. Don’t make your talent look like bitches PARA you could need them later.

Nice solid win for Paul London. Twelve minute recap the same size as the previous six minute one??? Hmm I know you haven’t got much time with work but I suggest taking that bit of extra time to make matches like these a little longer. Comes off perhaps a tad… dare I say it, slack

LOL @ Santino Marella. Nunzio should have taken him to school tbh. Marella is a great comedy act but I really hate his matches.

Goldberg short and sharp. Keeping him quiet is always for the better and that is why I don’t like him as a main event. Don’t keep him sniffing around the World Title for to long plz.

LOL @ Big Show facing Marella. Your making me lol a lot PARA and that is always a good sign it means I am enjoying your show. Keep it up please.

JBL was nice… very confident I hope he gets a title shot because as I said earlier I don’t want HBK or The Berg near the title yet.

The main event match up itself was nice and well Kurt Angle gets the win so we still have no clear cut contender however I dribbled over the aftermath to the match it was pretty bloody awesome. Goldberg was a freak and very hell I like it as for HBK well when he grabbed Angle I cringed then when he layed out Goldberg I popped. Niceness in the title picture at the moment.

Overall a solid start. You know what your doing and I must say your promo’s were very solid. Nothing exceptional but nothing at all wrong with them. Good start, keep going until you reach the ultimate Goal. Mania I know its what you want. <3

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

RAW Preview for 12/1/06
Georgetown University; Washington DC

With Edge now knowing his opponent for Armageddon, what will go down this Monday as The Rock, who won last week's battle royal to earn the title chance, and Edge will both surely have something to say about what's become of their paths to Armageddon. Rock survived being brutally attacked by John Cena, including being FU'd through the announce table and beating out Brock Lesnar, who had dominated the majority of the match, to claim the victory and earn his first single's title match in over 4 years. John Cena will of course be in the building, as will Brock Lesnar, with all these combustible elements in the same arena, fireworks should be expected to fly

Stone Cold Steve Austin was cheaply eliminated from the battle royal by Christian after Tomko provided a distraction, however Austin returned moments later to return the favour on Christian with a Stunner. Christian was then eliminated by eventual winner The Rock. What will both these men have to say this Monday as their tensions continue to boil?

Kane & Monty Brown have certainately not held back their hatred for each other lately, ever since Brown buried Kane's brother The Undertaker alive at Survivor Series. Last week, both men were simultaneously eliminated from the battle royal, only to continue their fight with each other. This week both men will be in singles action as Kane will take on "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters and Monty Brown will meet veteran Val Venis

Since returning from injury, Beth Phoenix has been dominant in the Women's division. After stamping her authority on the division, with few being able to muster a challenge to The Glamazon, she has the chance to get the title shot she desperately wants as she'll face off against Mickie James, Gail Kim & Victoria in a Fatal 4 Way Number One Contenders match. Can any of the other divas stop Beth's strong run, or is it going to continue?

Rhyno will be in action as he defends the Hardcore Championship against cocky youngster Lance Cade

All of this plus Triple H, Rob Van Dam and many more superstars and divas this Monday Night on RAW, live at 9/8pm central on the USA Network


Confirmed Matches

Hardcore Championship Match
Rhyno(c) vs Lance Cade

Kane vs Chris Masters

Val Venis vs Monty Brown

Fatal 4 Way; Number One Contenders Match
Mickie James vs Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix vs Victoria


RAW should go up within 48 hours, because with Para being an overworked (lazy, tbh) little man, he doesn't want me to post it TOO SOON!~

So yeah, look for it in the next few days.


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Edge vs Rock at Armageddon is going to OWN it will be interesting to see how you build up to it. John Cena and Lesnar being mentioned in the same paragraph, is that me looking into things to much or will there be some kind of tag match or something involving these four guys.

Christian vs Austin is my favorite thing happening at the moment. Keep up the greatness k?

If Monty Brown does not eventually go over Kane i will fkn riot so bad. BTW both men BETTER win their respective matches.

Fuck Beth Pheonix. Mickie James to get the win here.

I am quite the fan of Rhyno and i love him as Hardcore Champ, he better not job to his pretty boy poof that you seem determined on pushing.

Triple H and RVD shall be doing what??? Triple H equals year long promo, i know that much.

Show is looking good though Reney (Ren and Stimpy tbh) and props on not wasting any time gathering momentum.

Good luck my fellow PIMP!


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

You know, the only match on your card that even look somewhat attractive is the women's match, and that really says something. Two squashes and Rhyno = bleh. That means you better pull out some top-notch promos, young grasshopper.

I'll check back in when the shows up.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

The following production has been paid for and approved by the IC 2.0

Verizon Center
Georgetown University; Washington DC

*Opening Video*


JR: Hello and welcome folks to the sold out Verizon Center here in the nation's capital, Washington DC! As always I am joined by Jerry "The King" Lawler here at ringside, and King, it's gonna be a big night, because Edge knows who he'll be up against at Armageddon, and it's none other than The Brahma Bull, The Rock!

King: That's right JR, The Rock, despite the best efforts of John Cena to take him out of the Battle Royal and the incredible performance of Brock Lesnar, was able to come up with a huge victory last week and now he's got a chance to become an eight time WWE Champion, an unheard of achievement!

JR: And we've got some big matches tonight folks as Rhyno defends his Hardcore Championship against Lance Cade, Kane takes on "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters and in diva action Trish Stratus, Mickie James & Gail Kim will take on Beth Phoenix, Victoria & Melina. Beth Phoenix seems locked on becoming Women's Champion, and after the message she sent to Trish and Mickie last week, is her momentum going to continue tonight?

The duo are cut off by *METALINGUS* as the WWE Champion Edge makes his way out to some heavy heat from the fans. With his wife Lita by his side, the Rated R Superstar heads to the ring with a mic in hand. Edge goes to speak but the crowd's boo's get louder and drown out his attempts to say something. Edge tries to wait for the heat to stop but he soon realizes it won't and sprays back to the fans

Edge: You people, show your WWE Champion the God damn respect he deserves!

Massive heat for Edge, while Lita takes the mic from her husband

Lita: How dare you all sit on your fat asses and disrespect th-

Lita is cut off by a LOUD "Slut" chant, which visibly upsets her, and she gives Edge the mic back, who sprays back at the fans

Edge: My wife is no slut! All the men here act the tough guy, but when they look at that bush pig they're with, all they can really think of is wishing they could be with a woman as sexy as Lita. And all you women, you wish that you could look as good as Lita does, and not like a smacked horse!

Insane heat for that out burst from Edge followed up by a booming "Asshole" chant

Edge: I could spend all day pointing out the flaws of all you morons, but not a single one of you are worth that level of attention, especially from The Rated R Superstar!

More heat

Edge: But believe it or not, there is ONE person in this building tonight, that will be getting acknowledged by me, and that person is the man who won the chance to face me at Armageddon for the WWE Title, and that is The Rock!

MEGA pop for the mention of The Rock

Edge: Rock, congratulations, you've won a chance at my title. But that's all it is. A chance. Nothing more. Just because you beat a bunch of guys who can't hold a candle to me, which is a fact seeing as I'm the WWE Champion and none of them are, counts for nothing when you step into the ring with me.

Edge pauses as the crowd boos him again

Edge: Make no mistake about it Rock, I always had your number at Survivor Series. ALWAYS!

"Bullshit" chant begins

Edge: This is the Rated R Era you're in now Rock. This isn't the days when you were always at the top, hell, until Survivor Series, you hadn't been near the top in what, 4 years?

A smirk from Edge there

Edge: Since you left the scene all those years ago Rock, to make your movies and all that crap, I've climbed the ladder to super stardom. I'm now on top of RAW, on top of the WWE, and on top of the world. You may have been a great champion in your day Rock, but I intend on making sure I go down as the best, the VERY best.


Edge: At Armageddon Rock, you'll be the first in a long line of those who have tried to take what is rightfully mine from me, and fail to do so. You'll be the first stepping stone to the pinnacle of my reign. You'll be the second victim of the OFFICIAL Rated R Era, but don't let it dis-hearten you because you certainately won't be the last...


The crowd comes alive as The Rock makes his way out to the ring, getting a booming ovation from the fans. Rock has a mic in hand, and he soaks up the loud "Rocky" chants as his music dies out, before tilting backwards


Crowd goes nuts

Rock: A-


Rock takes a step back

Rock: Did you just interrupt The Rock?

Edge refuses to answer

Rock: Just who in the blue hell do you think you are?

Edge's eyes widen in fury that Rock asked that question

Edge: I'm the God damn WWE Ch-


Crowd erupts as Rock owns Edge, who isn't happy about it

Edge: How original Rock. All you do is come out here, week in, week out and talk your catchphrases, your one liners, your immature insults, getting a raise out of whoever you want. Well I'm sick of it all. I'm sick of having to listen to you run your mouth like you're some sort of comic God. You're nothing but an overpaid joke!

Ouch, Rock pretends he's hurt

Rock: You talk about The Rock running his mouth? You talk about The Rock being a joke? Well Mr. Rated R Superstar, let The Rock remind you, back at Unforgiven, The Rock whipped your monkey ass all over!

Crowd pops

Rock: Not to mention, Trish Stratus, to put it bluntly, smacked your bitch up!

OHNOZ!~ Crowd goes crazy for that one while Lita is beside herself

Rock: Go back even further, to Summerslam, the War Games match, The Rock whipped your candy ass again! All over that cage! And The Rock was going to make it three in a row at Survivor Series until you got a helping hand from John Cena, make no mistake about that you jabroni!


Rock: So from The Rock's perspective, the only joke around here, is you Edge and the dirty, bottom feeding, 2 dollar hooker by your side!

Another huge pop for that as Edge fumes at Rock

Edge: I da-


Huge pop and Edge is furious


ROCK SLAPS THE MIC OUT OF EDGE'S HAND! The crowd erupts for that as Edge runs his fingers through his hair and grits his teeth, Rock completely pissing him off

Rock: And as for this crap about The Rock having nothing more than just a chance at Armageddon, claiming that The Rock only beat a bunch of guys who can't hold a candle to you, The Rock has to ask, ARE YOU ON CRACK?

Big pop

Rock: The Rock beat all the jabroni's in his way last week, and next weekend at Armageddon, The Rock's gonna beat the biggest jabroni of them all, you!

Pop as Rock points to Edge


The crowd is a little surprised to see Lesnar come out here, as is Rock and Edge in the ring. Lesnar stops on the stage, mic in hand

Rock: If it isn't the Vanilla Gorilla, Brock Lesnar!

Pop for the insult as Lesnar smirks at Rock's joke

Lesnar: Crack all the jokes you want Rock, but we all know that it should be ME facing Edge at Armageddon, not you! You fluked it last week Rock, plain and simple. I dominated that match, I eliminated half of the damn ring by myself!


Lesnar: I eliminated Rob Van Dam, Sting, Kane, Monty Brown, Rhyno, Bubba Dudley, Maven & Goldust, all by myself!

More heat

Lesnar: Yet, because of sheer luck on your part Rock, I won't be getting what I truly deserve, and that's facing Edge for the WWE Championship at Armageddon!

Rock: That's a real touching story Brock. Too bad The Rock doesn't give a monkeys nut sack!

Crowd erupts

Rock: So tell your story walking...

Rock pauses as Lesnar goes to reply to that, but Rock beats him to it

Rock: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let The Rock finish. Better yet Brock Lesnar, why don't you take your story, get it published in hardback form, shine that book up nice and bright, turn it sideways, AND STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Booming pop as Lesnar frowns at Rock

Lesnar: I've got a better idea Rock, how about me and you tonight, and you put your title shot on the line!


Lesnar: So then not only can I take my rightful chance to wrestle for the title, but I can enjoy shutting you and that big mouth of yours up for good...


John Cena makes his way out to some loud heat from the fans here. Cena looks at Lesnar, then at Rock, then at Edge who is furious with how his air time is being taken away tonight. Cena too has a mic in hand

Cena: Yo, yo, yo! Make some noise Washington DC!

Major heat for Cena and a loud "You Suck" chant begins, which Cena shrugs off

Cena: Look at what we've got here. Y'all gettin' a little, edgy, fellas?

Cena looks all smug

Cena: First off Brock Lesnar, you almost won a battle royal. Big deal, the word there, is almost. That doesn't mean jack you big ape, so get in line.

Lesnar glares at Cena, who then turns to The Rock

Cena: Oh hey Rock, hows the ribs, still a little sore?

Cena laughs as Rock mocks Cena

Rock: (In a mocking voice) Oh ahahahah, John you're so funny (/mocking). The Rock's ribs could be better, however John, The Rock wants to know, hows your lips?

Pop from the crowd

Cena: Why do you care Rock, wanna pucker up?

Scattered laughs

Rock: No The Rock does not, but one more stupid question like that, and The Rock'll slap those lips right off your face!

Big pop

Cena: Don't kid yourself Rock, you can't hang with me, I've been all over you lately. You're nothing but a pretender with a big mouth.

Rock: Oh yeah John, you've been all over The Rock, big man. I mean, you must've felt so high on yourself, getting your pale ass handed to you at Survivor Series by a Rock Bottom.


Rock: You must've felt even better because it put you out of the match. And then last week, The Rock can only imagine how big you felt getting your candy ass sent flying over the top rope, courtesy of SmackDown! Airlines new frequent jabroni service!

Another pop

Rock: Not to mention the fact two weeks ago you interfered in the WWE Championship match, only to run away like a little girl when The Rock came for your ass, so you can shut your mouth before The Rock sticks a copy of your terrible rap CD down it!

Bigger pop as Cena takes his cap off and begins to walk to the ring

Cena: You wanna do this right now Rock? Huh? You want me to embarrass you right here in the nations capital?

Crowd goes nuts with anticipation


Heat for Edge as tensions really begin to mount between all involved...


Hits and the crowd gets to their feet to greet the General Manager, Mick Foley

Foley: Looks like we've got ourselves a big situation, right here, in Washington DC!

Marks for the cheap pop in typical Foley fashion, he salutes the fans with the thumbs up

Foley: Now all this arguing and bickering is gonna stop right here. Regardless of what has been said, The Rock is still the Number One Contender for the WWE Title and that isn't changing.


Foley: However Lesnar, you want a piece of The Rock tonight? Rock, you and Edge wanna fight? Then tonight in the main event, Edge, you'll team with John Cena and Brock Lesnar, and you three will face the team of The Rock, Rob Van Dam and...TRIPLE H!

Big pop from the crowd for that match, especially with Triple H's addition, being a bit of a surprise

Foley: And John Cena, you are on your last warning. One more incident like you've caused the last few weeks, and I will not hesitate to have you suffer the consequences!

Big pop

Foley: Oh and, have a nice day.

Foley's music hits again and we cut to a commercial with plenty of trash being talked between the team mates of Edge, Cena and Lesnar, and part of their opposition in The Rock

-Commercial Break-

We come back and Lance Cade is in the ring, ready for the upcoming match

*DEBONAIRE* hits and the crowd pops big as out comes Rhyno. The Man Beast pounds on his chest and raises his arms high, before sprinting to the ring to get things started

Match 1
Hardcore Championship Match
Rhyno(c) vs Lance Cade

After trading right hands in the opening stages, Cade hits a knee to Rhyno and tries to mount the offensive, only to cop a stiff shoulder block from Rhyno. It's not long before the weapons come into play as Rhyno goes to town on the brash youngster with a couple of road signs. Rhyno then brings the trash cans into play, but Cade ducks a shot from the lid, and then boots Rhyno in the gut, picks up the trash can and smacks Rhyno over the head with it. Cade then whips Rhyno to the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE TRASH CAN! Cover 1...2..NO! Rhyno kicks out.

Cade stays on top and it's his turn to bring a weapon into play, as he reaches under the ring and pulls out a Kendo Stick. Cade gets into the ring and cracks the stick over Rhyno's back, before dropping an elbow to the Man Beast and making another cover 1...2.kickout. Cade sets up a trash can and attempts to slam Rhyno onto it, but Rhyno slips out the back and takes Cade down with a Russian Leg Sweep! Rhyno now takes the trash can in hand and BELTS CADE OVER THE HEAD WITH IT! Cover 1...2...NO! Cade manages to get a shoulder up. The two continue to slug it out with the action spilling to the outside where Cade tries to Suplex Rhyno, but Rhyno blocks it and then SUPLEXES CADE ON THE RAMP WAY! Ouch. Another cover 1...2...NO! Cade again just escapes the pinfall. Rhyno brings Cade to his feet and slams his face into the security barricade, before whipping Cade towards the steel steps, but Cade counters, and SENDS RHYNO CRASHING INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Cade struggles across and makes a cover on Rhyno 1...2...NO! Rhyno kicks out.

Cade reaches under the ring and pulls out a wooden crate! Cade places the crate in the ring and rolls a groggy Rhyno in. Cade makes a motion that he's gonna finish Rhyno off, but the fans get to their feet as MARK JINDRAK SLIDES INTO THE RING! Cade turns to see what the crowd is making such a fuss of AND IS SMACKED WITH A LEFT HOOK FROM JINDRAK! Jindrak sends his former partner down, and then turns his attention to Rhyno. Jindrak brings Rhyno up and, trying to take advantage of the 24/7 ruling, goes for the MARK OF EXCELLENCE but Rhyno breaks free from Jindrak's grasp, kicks Jindrak in the gut and loads him up with a RHYNO DRIVER...RIGHT THROUGH THE WOODEN CRATE! Crowd marks like fuck for that spot and an "ECW" chant breaks out as Jindrak's head is driven through the wooden crate that was brought in by Cade moments earlier. In taking out Jindrak, Rhyno has taken his eye of Cade and Cade takes advantage, grabbing a trash can lid and BLASTING RHYNO WITH IT! The Man Beast goes down and Cade covers 1...2...NO! Rhyno gets a shoulder up. Cade slaps the mat in frustration, then picks up another trash can and lodges it in between the middle and top turnbuckles. Lance now brings Rhyno to his feet and Irish Whips Rhyno towards the can...but Rhyno reverses it... AND CADE GOES CRASHING BACK FIRST INTO THE TRASH CAN! Cade stumbles out, holding his back and is met by a GORE! Rhyno makes the cover 1...2...3!
Winner @ 9:35 - Rhyno
Retains Hardcore Championship

The crowd erupts as Rhyno retains his title here in a great showcase for the recently neglected Hardcore division. Rhyno is handed his title and he gingerly raises it high to the appreciative fans here

JR: Rhyno retains his title, in one hell of a match!

King: That was a brutal one JR, I can't believe Mark Jindrak stuck his nose in Cade's business, Lance Cade was looking like he was going to win that match!

JR: After all Cade has done to Jindrak in the past few weeks, revenge was more than on the menu for Jindrak tonight, as he tried to take the Hardcore title off Rhyno afterwards, but ultimately failed. This Rhyno is some formidable Champion.

King: That he is, I still can't get over that huge 6 Man Tag made for tonight's main event though JR. I mean, The Rock teaming with Rob Van Dam and Triple H to take on Edge, John Cena and Brock Lesnar? It's one of the biggest matches we've seen here on RAW.

JR: Without doubt King, it's gonna be a massive match.

We go backstage now and SHANE MCMAHON is standing by, to the shock of many in the audience, not expecting to see him in the building

Shane: You all must be wondering, just what the hell I am doing here tonight?

Shane pauses

Shane: You must all be wondering, why am I risking my wellbeing, with Triple H obviously in this very same building tonight?

Crowd boos Shane

Shane: And that is simply because, Triple H needs to hear this. Triple H needs to see this, from whatever monitor or television screen he's watching it from. Hunter, your words last week had me thinking, why should we wait for Armageddon? Maybe we can give the fans a much wanted preview...


Shane: But before you all get ahead of yourselves, this won't be any normal match. I'm not dumb enough to make that kind of mistake so close to the PPV itself. However Hunter, I want to give you a taste of what you can expect, come our Ambulance match. I want to make you realize that I am dead serious about beating you, I am dead serious about making you pay for what you've done to my father.


Shane: Which is why Triple H, I am challenging you to come to the ring, live on Monday Night RAW next week, and face me.

Big pop

Shane: However, as I said earlier, this won't be any normal match. I will give you a preview Hunter, let's say, 3 minutes in the ring with me. A little preview Hunter, 3 minutes.


Shane: Imagine it Hunter, you'll get the chance to try and take some much wanted anger out on me after all I've done to you, and I will likewise to you, after what you've done to my father. So how about it Hunter? I'll be hoping to hear an answer from you before the night's over.

Shane goes to walk off, but stops, and turns back to the camera

Shane: Oh and Hunter, don't be so stupid as to look around the building for me tonight, because I'm not gonna stick around. I'll be awaiting your answer from the safety of an undisclosed location, just so you don't get any ideas.

Shane smirks

Shane: As I said Hunter, the challenge is there, I'll be waiting for the answer...

Shane O Mac turns and walks off as we cut to a commercial

-Commercial Break-

We return and are shown an outside shot of the arena as our commentators welcome us back

JR: Welcome back folks and yes we are live from Washington DC, and King, it's been some night already!

King: The show kicked off in crazy fashion JR, and we've got a massive 6 Man Tag main event as a result of it.

JR: And we just saw Shane McMahon challenge Triple H to a 3 Minute match next week on RAW.

King: I don't think that was the wisest thing Shane could've done JR, I know he's eager for revenge, but Triple H could well beat him so badly in those few minutes, he may not make it to Armageddon!

JR: Knowing Shane like I've come to over the years, I'm sure he's got some ulterior plan in mind.

Match 2
Fatal 4 Way; Number One Contender's Match
Mickie James vs Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix vs Victoria

Well worked match between the four divas, each coming close on various falls to being crowned the number one contender for Trish Stratus' Women's Championship. In the end however, it's The Glamazon who scores the decisive fall, as Mickie scores a MICK KICK to Victoria, she is then done in with the GAIL FORCE (Over The Shoulder Belly To Back Driver) by Gail Kim, who then falls victim to Beth Phoenix's DOWN IN FLAMES. Beth makes the cover on Gail and picks up the victory and the opportunity to face Trish Stratus for the Women's Championship
Winner @ 6:58 - Beth Phoenix

Phoenix scores another big win and continues her roll since her injury return, and makes a motion that she's gonna soon be the champ, motioning it around her waist as the referee raises her hand

JR: This Beth Phoenix is on a roll, and now she's got the official match with Trish Stratus and her Women's Champion!

King: Trish's long reign could be over at this rate JR.

JR: I don't doubt that, Phoenix has been unstoppable since her return. But you can never count out Trish Stratus, she's a terrific champion and can always get it done, no matter the opposition.

We now go backstage where Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Monty Brown!

Heat as Brown and Coach come into view

Grisham: Monty, last week you issued the challenge to Kane to face you at Armageddon, have you got an answer yet?

Monty: No Todd, I haven't. Kane, I'm telling you now, to just man up and face me big man. I'm not scared of you and your big pyro displays, all this crap that you're the Big Red Machine, because I'm the ALPHA MALE!


Monty: I'll take you down to the Serengeti, and once you're there, there ain't no coming back. I'm gonna put you down there with your brother, The Undertaker, and leave you down there.

Monty passes the mic onto Coach

Coach: And as for tonight, Monty is about to go out there and continue to show everybody just who is the new force in this business. It doesn't matter who he's gonna face, because Monty Brown is gonna plow through them, and then at Armageddon, he's gonna plow through Kane.

Boos from the crowd

Coach: Kane, you and your usual antics can't work on Monty, this man cannot be staunched!

Brown takes the mic back

Monty: And Kane, watch closely what I do out there in that ring tonight, when I take another victim to the Serengeti, and teach another worthless soul to fear the POUNCEEEEEEEE!

Crowd boos again

Monty: And show everybody that Monty Brown...AIN'T NO JOKE!

Brown & Coach walk off as his music *ALPHA MALE* hits to heat and moments later out comes Brown, powering to the ring with Coach in his ear, getting his monster all ready to go. Brown takes his coat off and almost like a wild animal, prowls back and forth, awaiting his "prey"

*HELLO LADIES* plays to a light face reaction as the veteran Val Venis makes his way out to the ring, eyes widened at the prospect of facing Monty Brown. Val cautiously gets into the ring, and as soon as he does, Monty attacks him, beginning the match

Match 3
Squash Singles Match
Val Venis vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

To Val's credit he does manage to get some offense in, which is more than can be said for Monty's latest victim Goldust, who was given the beating of his life, however, Val cannot maintain his brief offensive period, and it's not long before Brown grounds him with the Alphalution slam! Monty brings Val up and drops him with a Full Circle! Cover 1...2..BROWN PULLS VAL OFF THE MAT! Monty grins evilly and brings Venis to his feet and whips him to the ropes, then springs off to the side and rebounds to the up coming Val with a POUNCE! Monty makes the elementary cover 1...2...3!
Winner @ 3:46 - Monty Brown

Brown is dominant once more and Coach applauds his man's performance as Monty raises his hands high to some fairly loud heat from the fans

JR: Like him or not, and I certainately don't, this Monty Brown is a force to be reckoned with folks!

King: How could you not like this man JR? He's a beast.

JR: Oh geez King I dunno, maybe it's because he buried The Undertaker alive just a few weeks ago?

King: Who cares JR, Undertaker's done and dusted, Monty Brown is gonna be the new force in the WWE for years to come, I'm predicting it!

JR: Ugh, one can only hope not.

-Commercial Break-

We come back live and the camera pans around the crowd


The crowd ERUPTS with a mixed reaction, easily leaning towards heat, although there are some very audible "Peeps" in the crowd tonight it seems as Christian and Tyson Tomko make their way to the ring, with Christian not in his regular chipper mood. Captain Charisma takes a mic from Lilian Garcia and gets into the ring

Christian: Sup Washington?

Mixed reaction

Christian: Where my Peeps at?

Another mixed reaction as Christian points out a few in the audience

Christian: Now all my Peeps, you all saw what happened last week to Captain Charisma in the Battle Royal. I was doing the usual, kicking ass and taking names, because that's just how I roll...


Christian: When a certain bald, loud mouthed, beer drinking redneck, having already been eliminated from the match by me, came back in and gave me the Stunner!

Big pop for that

Christian: Stone Cold, you should've learned not to mess with me after the way I put you down with ease two weeks ago. The way I bloodied you right in this very ring, the way I embarrassed the so called "Toughest SOB in the WWE".


Christian: Stone Cold Steve Austin attacked me, tried to go toe to toe with Captain Charisma, and couldn't cut the mustard!

Bigger heat

Christian: Austin, two weeks ago I showed how washed up, how past your time you were.


Christian: Austin, you used to be one of the baddest, most feared individuals in the WWE. You used to come out here, raise some hell, whip some ass, drink some bear, flip off people left and right, and you'd be cherished by the fans. But now, you're a shadow of your former self. You can't do it like you used to. And the fans that used to love you and your antics, the ones who sold out arenas and rocked them when your music hit, they now have a new idol. They have a new favourite, and you're looking right at him, me!

Scattered marks from the crowd, but overall, crowd chits on Christian for that

Christian: Now I come out here, I do the talking, I back it up with the walking, and give all my Peeps their much needed weekly dose of Vitamin C!


Christian: I've proven how much of a fraud you've become Austin. You still talk a big game, but when it comes down to the time to back it up, you can't hang with the best like you used to. You had to result to cheaply attacking me last week after I had eliminated you from the Battle Royal.

Crowd starts a "Bullshit" chant, as Christian seemingly forgets to mention he had Tomko's help to eliminate Austin in the first place

Christian: You're done Austin, you can't handle the competition anymore, you should have NEVER come back to this business. Since you came back in April, you've not exactly had such a good run. Let's go back and look at the facts. First off was Edge, and he beat you. Then it was John Cena, and he bloodied and choked you out. Then at Survivor Series, well, we all know how that went down, don't we?

Big heat as Christian smirks

Christian: Fact is Aus-


The crowd EXPLODES with a thunderous ovation as Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out on stage, mic in hand, glaring at Christian with those trademark cold, blue eyes

Austin: My God son, I don't ever recall seeing one person talk so much crap in my entire life!

Huge pop

Austin: I mean the fact that ya forgot to mention how ya pet goat there decided to come into the ring and get my attention, before ya creeped up and eliminated me ya sneaky little bastard, just shows how deluded you really are.

Pop as Tomko takes exception to Austin's goat reference

Austin: What's the matter ya big, dumb bastard?


Austin: Ya wanna try and attack me, twice, in one night? Huh? Well ya tried and UH-UH, ya failed. Ya look like ya wanna be like Stone Cold?


Austin: Ya wanna shave your head like Stone Cold?


Austin: Ya wanna act like Stone Cold?


Austin: Walk like Stone Cold?


Austin: Talk like Stone Cold?


Christian: Shut up Austin!

Austin: Christian ya creepy little bastard, don't make me open the biggest can of whoop ass Washington DC has ever seen all over ya!

Big pop as an "Austin" chant starts up

Austin: Two weeks ago, ya made the biggest mistake of your career when ya assaulted me and left me to bleed in the middle of the ring. And last week, you made another mistake trying to send that big thing with the beard after me, twice, during the battle royal!

Christian: I didn't make any mistakes Austin, I don't make mistakes.

Austin's eyes widen as if to say "O RLY?"

Austin: Believe me when I say ya did, because once ya cross me son, there's no coming back. Ya run ya damn mouth on how I should have never came back to this business, that I'm washed up, I'm past it.

Boos for that, crowd not agreeing with Christian's earlier assessment

Austin: I came back to this business because it's the most important thing to me in my life! It's my passion, it's what I do best and can't nobody stand here, especially a little smart assed son of a bitch like you, and tell me different!

Huge pop

Austin: There ain't never been anybody that can raise hell like me, there ain't never been anybody who can open up a can of whoop ass like I can, and there will never be anyone who can stand here and tell me when I'm past it, when I'm finished.


Christian: That's enough of your rambling Austin, my Peeps don't care about your life story!


Austin: I warned ya not to interrupt me again ya si-

Christian: Or what Austin? What are you gonna do? You gonna try and open a can of whoop ass on me?

Crowd pops, wanting to see it

Christian: The last time you tried that, I left you lying a broken heap!


Austin: Don't test me son, or so help me God I'll send you back to Canada quicker than you can say Mothercanucker!


Christian: That's it, I've had enough. It's about time someone shut you up for good Austin! That's why, right now, in this very ring, you're gonna get to go one on one with...TOMKO!

Crowd boos as TOMKO ATTACKS AUSTIN FROM BEHIND and it seems as if we've got ourselves an impromptu match

Match 4
Impromptu Singles Match
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Tyson Tomko w/Christian

The crowd is all over Tomko as he hammers away at Austin in the early stages after jumping him in this surprise contest. Tomko looks to end things with a BIG BOOT...BUT AUSTIN CATCHES IT! Tomko begs with Austin for mercy, and Austin takes a moment to mock him, before flipping him off with the bird and tripping him down to the mat, and stomping just above the belt line! The crowd pops as Austin rebounds off the ropes and drops the Fuck You elbow to Tomko. Stone Cold brings Tomko to his feet and sends him to the ropes, going for a Reverse Elbow, but Tomko ducks under it, rebounds off the opposite side of the ring and is met by a Lou Thesz Press by Austin! Stone Cold unloads with a barrage of right hands to Tomko to a huge pop. Austin now climbs the turnbuckle and comes off the middle rope with a Diving Elbow Drop! Cover 1...2..kickout. Austin is on fire now as he hits a series of right hands, backing Tomko into the corner, before he stomps a mudhole in Tyson and walks it dry. Austin then catches Tomko staggering out of the corner with a Whiplash Spinebuster! Cover 1...2..shoulder up! With Austin all over his Problem Solver, Christian attempts to sneak up on Austin, but Austin sees it coming and turns around, coming face to face with Christian! The crowd erupts as Christian tries to bargain Stone Cold off, as Tomko regains his footing out of Austin's view. Tomko gets to his feet and charges at Austin with a BIG BOOT...BUT AUSTIN HEARS IT COMING, DUCKS AND TOMKO PLOWS THROUGH CHRISTIAN! The crowd marks as Christian is sent tumbling out over the top rope to the floor and Tomko turns around into a STUNNER! Austin covers for the win!
Winner @ 5:37 - Stone Cold Steve Austin

The crowd erupts as Austin beats Tomko in emphatic fashion and sends a message loud and clear to Christian that he's far from done. Austin doesn't go through his usual post match celebrations however, as he calls for a mic

Austin: Christian, you just found out that I'm far from finished, and if you've got any balls to back up your big words, how about you see just what Stone Cold has in store for ya ass at Armageddon?

Crowd erupts

Christian: You're on Austin! I'm gonna show the whole world you're done!

Crowd erupts again as the match is made and Austin's music hits again as he calls for a few Steveweisers as we head to a commercial

-Commercial Break-

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, and we've just been told to make it official to everybody that at Armageddon, adding onto the huge Austin & Christian mstch made just a few moments ago, Rob Van Dam will go one on one with Brock Lesnar! What a huge match that will be King.

King: It's a massive match no doubt, and the perfect stage for Lesnar to propel himself to the top of RAW!

JR: Well RVD can never be written off and I think Lesnar is gonna be in for one hell of a match come Armageddon!

We go backstage now and are in the locker room of Triple H! The Game is taping up his hands as there is a knock on the down

Triple H: Yeah?

The door opens and in walks THE ROCK! The crowd goes wild and Triple H looks up, taking notice of his partner for later tonight. There is a momentarily stare down between the two former fierce rivals, before the ice is finally broken

Rock: The Rock isn't gonna beat around the bush, he knows you and him have a history, and one hell of a history at that.

Triple H nods

Rock: However, The Rock needs to know that for tonight, that you're gonna put that history behind you for the sake of getting the job done out there.

Triple H: You don't need to worry about it Rock, I could ask you the same thing, are you gonna put it behind you?

Rock: You bet your left nut The Rock will, because there are more important things to The Rock than something that happened, what, 6 years ago?

The two agree on tha

Rock: There is one other thing The Rock needs to know, and that is to borrow a phrase from your former group and ask, are you ready?

Massive pop

Triple H: (Slight tongue in cheek) You bet your right nut I'm ready.

Pop from the crowd as Trips looks all smug with that one, and the two share an un easy laugh, if only brief, still seemingly not 100% able to trust each other, yet

Rock: Three of the biggest jabroni's the world has ever seen, are gonna be opposite you, Rob Van Dam and The Rock tonight, and The Rock just needed to make sure you're head is in "The Game" as you say...

Triple H: You don't need to worry about it, my head's always in "The Game" and tonight is no different.

Rock: Just as long as The Rock knows you won't let it wonder to the thought of Shane McMahon...

Triple H: It won't be, when I get out to that ring, I'm always focused on the job in hand and tonight won't see that change.

Rock nods to Trips again

Rock: Then The Rock will see you out there later.

Triple H: Sure thing.

Rock & Trips share another somewhat awkward look at each other before The Rock leaves the room and Triple H goes back to taping up

JR: That was some moment right there folks, The Rock and Triple H, two of the biggest superstars in this business, and former bitter rivals, face to face backstage and tonight they'll be on the same team with Rob Van Dam as they team up to face Edge, John Cena and Brock Lesnar in what promises to be a slobberknocker of a main event!

King: I had goosebumps from that confrontation JR, despite how they got on, you have to feel there's still a little tension between the two still, even after all these years.

JR: I'm not gonna argue that at all King.


The crowd gives some average heel heat as Chris Masters makes his way to the ring, getting ready for the upcoming match


The crowd erupts as out comes Kane after the pyro explodes. Kane receives a generally loud pop as The Big Red Machine storms to the ring, and Chris Masters can't help but gulp at the fact he has to face a no doubt pissed off Kane

Match 5
Singles Match
Kane vs Chris Masters

It's a typical, sluggish big man match with Kane in rampant form early on, but to his credit, Chris Masters manages to get some offense in too and halt the Big Red Machine's momentum, grounding him with an impressive showing of strength by catching a running Kane with a Powerslam! Masters works over Kane, weakening him up for his patented MASTERLOCK and attempts to lock it on, but Kane blocks it, and in the end, Masters is able to plant Kane with a Full Nelson Slam! Cover 1...2..kickout.
Masters gets a little cocky and this leads to Kane hitting his stride with a Suplex block, countering it with a Suplex of his own to Masters. Kane then rocks Chris Masters with right hands and then scores with a Tilt-A-Whirl Sideslam as he catches Masters charging in at him, cover 1...2..kickout. Masters can't maintain any sort of offense on Kane and The Big Red Machine finishes the match, hitting him with a thunderous CHOKESLAM FROM HELL!
Winner @ 6:26 - Kane

The crowd pops as Kane gets a good win here and Kane goes to let his pyro fly as usual WHEN HE IS SUDDENLY LEVELLED BY A POUNCEEEEEEEEE!~

Monty Brown has snuck through the crowd and hit Kane hard. Brown generates some heavy heat for his actions and the Serengeti backs up the ramp grinning as Kane is down in the ring

JR: Kane was just floored by Monty Brown!

King: This man scares me JR, he just knocked Kane down with ease, and Kane is 320 pounds!

JR: It was a cheap shot though, I can't wait to see if Brown can sustain a fight with Kane when they're toe to toe at Armageddon, I have a feeling Brown is gonna feel the wrath of Kane there and then!

Brown raises his arms up on the stage to more heat when KANE SITS UP IN THE RING! The crowd pops for that and Monty's eyes widen, in a mix of shock and anger. Kane gets to his feet a little gingerly and stands in the ring, slowly shaking his head at Monty and then in trademark fashion, Kane runs his thumb across his throat, signalling Monty's impending end to another pop from the crowd while Monty shouts back at Kane "That's just a taste of what's to come!" and we cut backstage and we are in the office of Mick Foley when Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion, walks in

Shelton: This had better be good!

Foley seems a little taken aback by Shelton's attitude

Foley: Well Shelton, I don't think it is necessarily for you...

Shelton: Then why are you wasting my time?

Foley: Because Shelton, like it or not, and I know you're not the only one who doesn't, I RUN THIS SHOW!

Big pop

Foley: And after the great run of results he's had in the past few weeks, I am telling you right now, that at Armageddon, you'll be defending your Intercontinental Championship against AJ Styles!

Pop as Shelton's eyes widen

Shelton: But...

Foley: But nothing Shelton. He's pinned you twice, he beat your partner Charlie Haas last week, he's more than done enough to warrant his title shot.

Shelton looks like he wants to yell various expletives at Foley, but he eventually turns around to walk out when he bumps right into AJ STYLES! The crowd pops and Shelton glares at Styles, who can't help but smile back

Shelton: Get out of my way boy.

AJ: I just wanted to say good luck at Armageddon, Shelton.

AJ smirks and extends his hand to Shelton, knowing he's well and truly under Benji's skin, and Shelton doesn't say a word

AJ: Coz at this rate, you're gonna need it more than me...

Crowd pops and Benji bumps past Styles with a slightly worried look in his eyes, knowing how AJ has pinned him twice in the past 3 weeks

-Commercial Break-

Backstage now and we see Brock Lesnar walking through the halls, with the big main event only moments away when someone in the distance calls out to him


Lesnar turns in the direction of the voice which belongs to none other than JAMES E. CORNETTE! Sections of the crowd (the ones who aren't n00bs or kids) mark hard to see him back in the WWE, a huge shocker of an appearance tonight

Lesnar: Yeah, what do you want?

Cornette: Well, I've been watching you the last few weeks Brock, and you've shown some incredible progress with yourself, not just as a wrestler, but as an overall package, you're almost there.

Lesnar: What's your point?

Cornette: Surely Brock, you must know who I am?

Lesnar: You're Jim Cornette, I know that.

Cornette: Correct.

Wow, this convo's about as stimulating the disc. thread is atm ZING!~

Lesnar: Yeah, and?

Cornette: And Brock, I feel with me by your side, I can mould you into the very best in this business. Hell, forget this business, I am confident I can take you to the top of the world.

Lesnar seems to pay a little more attention to this

Cornette: I've done it with others in the past Brock, and I firmly believe with my guidance, you'll reach heights the others could only dream of reaching.

Lesnar thinks Cornette's proposal over

Cornette: How about it Brock? Do you want to be all you can be, and then some?

Lesnar: ...Sure.

Cornette can't hide his joy as he shakes Lesnar's hand

Cornette: Great! Brock, I can assure you, this is going to be the best decision you've made in your career.

Lesnar: Don't make me feel otherwise.

Cornette: Oh I won't, put your faith in me Brock. Now come on, you've got a big match coming up...

Cornette walks away with Lesnar


King: I'm in shock JR, truly unbelievable.

JR: That may be great news for Brock Lesnar, but for the rest of RAW, I'm not so sure.


The crowd pours heat on John Cena as he makes his way out. Cena taunts the fans as he heads to the ring with his usual confident swagger of sorts. He throws up the Word Life sign in the ring, and the crowd boos the fuck outta him again


The heat continues as out comes Lesnar with his new affiliate, Jim Cornette. Lesnar bobs up and down on the spot as usual while Cornette talks him up. Lesnar walks to the ring with purpose and hops onto the apron, as the pyro shoots up. Lesnar and Cena stare off for a moment until


Hits and the Rated R Superstar makes his way to the ring with his whore wife Lita by his side. Edge slides into the ring and raises his WWE Title high before sharing a frown with his partners tonight. The trio come close and begin to exchange words, with none of them really seeming to be able to get along too well


The crowd's mood changes as the pyro crashes around the titantron and "Mr. Monday Night" appears on stage to a big pop. RVD does his trademark thumb point taunt as his name is announced by Lilian Garcia and stops at the foot of the ring, awaiting his team mates arrivals


The crowd erupts with a huge ovation as Motorhead's popular track blares throughout the speakers and Triple H steps out on stage. He drops a bit of water onto his head and then takes a sip before spraying it up into the air. Triple H walks to the ring and nods to RVD as the duo enter the ring, and the heels clear to ringside, allowing Triple H to mount the turnbuckle and do his iconic pose


The building rocks with an incredible pop as The Rock comes out, soaking up The People's reception for their favourite superstar. Rock walks along the apron and mounts the turnbuckle, again soaking up the electric ovation he receives. Rock looks down to Triple H, and then to RVD, before joining them both in the ring

JR: We are just moments away from our huge main event folks, we'll be right back!

-Commercial Break-

Match 6
Main Event
6 Man Tag Match
The Rock, Triple H & Rob Van Dam
Edge, John Cena & Brock Lesnar w/Lita & Jim Cornette

Wild main event sees the action begin with all six men slugging it out, Rock with Edge, Triple H with Lesnar and Van Dam with Cena. After order is asserted by Mike Chioda, Triple H starts things off with Edge. The Game, taking the frustrations of the past few weeks out on Edge, begins the match on fire, chopping the hell out of Edge in the corner and then taking him down with a Hip Toss. Trips tags in RVD and holds Edge in an Abdominal Stretch position, exposing the gut of the Rated R Superstar, and RVD comes off the top rope with an Axe Handle Sledge to it. Van Dam takes it to Edge, before Edge blocks a kick from RVD and hits a DDT, allowing Cena the tag in. Cena cockily walks in, gives Rock a "You Can't See Me" taunt and then springs off the ropes, looking for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but RVD avoids it! Cena holds his hand and RVD nails him with a Gun Packet dropkick. Van Dam then tags back into Triple H who plows through Cena with a hard clothesline. Cover 1...2..NO! Trips goes to end the match with an early PEDIGREE, but Cena counters it and catapults The Game into the turnbuckle! Cena tags out to Lesnar who comes at The Game WHO TAGS IN THE ROCK! The crowd erupts as Rock comes in and goes punch for punch with Lesnar. Lesnar gets the upper hand by raising a knee to Rock's midsection and then takes Rocky down with a Belly To Belly Suplex! Cover 1...2..shoulder up.

The matches goes on and sees Rock get Lesnar with a Grecko-Roman Overhead Throw. Rock tags in RVD and Van Dam nails a Spinning Crescent Kick to Brock and covers 1...2..kickout. On the outside, Cornette encourages his new client to get back into it. After a while it's Van Dam who gets isolated by the heels after Lita pulls the top rope down as RVD, who had put Edge down with a Scoop Slam, attempted to hit the ropes. As Rock & Trips go to help their team mate, Chioda stops them, telling them to get back to their corner while Cena & Lesnar mug RVD on the outside out of the ref's view. They roll a battered RVD back into the ring and Edge begins to work over Van Dam's left leg, to limit his offense he produces with those deadly feet. After a series of tandem moves and quick tags, the heels have RVD thoroughly grounded and after Cena scores with the Protoplex, The Rock makes the save for Van Dam, stomping on Cena's head to a huge pop. Rock then mocks Cena's earlier taunt as he returns to his corner. Cena, in a rare brain explosion, takes his eye off RVD to trash talk with The Rock, while Edge & Lesnar yell at him to get back to the match. RVD regains his footing and spins Cena around, going for a kick, but Cena catches it...AND RVD NAILS THE STEP OVER WINDMILL KICK TO THE JAW OF CENA! The crowd pops and get behind Van Dam with an "RVD" chant, urging him to make the take to the outstretched hands of The Rock or Triple H. Cena is able to tag into Edge AND VAN DAM LEAPS ACROSS AND TAGS IN...THE ROCK!

The crowd explodes as Rock runs through Edge with a clothesline, and then another, then rocks Lesnar on the apron with a right hand. John Cena tries to sneak attack Rocky from behind but Rock sees him coming, blocks his shot and begins Layin' The Smackdown on Cena! Edge however hits a forearm to the back of The Rock, stopping him, which brings The Game into the match! Triple H levels Edge with a right hand and then sends him to the ropes and scores with a High Knee! Cena rakes the eyes of The Rock and then tackles Trips to the mat and begins pummeling at him with right hands. As this is going on, Brock Lesnar grabs The Rock and trips him down, then drags him out to the floor. Lesnar whips Rock into the barricade and the two begin to go at it. Cena meanwhile brings Hunter up and whips him to the ropes, but lowers his head too early and Triple H catches him with the Facebuster!

Edge grabs Triple H from behind however and attempts to hit the Edgeacution, but Triple H blocks it and counters with the AA Spinebuster! What follows sees Triple H get up and Cena CLOTHESLINES HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR, WITH REF MIKE CHIODA CAUGHT IN THE MESS! Triple H, Cena and Chioda all go crashing out to the floor. RVD is back to his feet and he goes towards Edge, who was playing possum, grabs Van Dam and pulls him out of the ring. Edge slides out after him and noticing Mike Chioda down and out, smiles sadistically and picks up a steel chair! Edge waits for Van Dam to get to his feet as Rock & Lesnar and Trips & Cena are fighting around the other side of the ring. RVD gets to his feet and Edge swings the chair...but RVD ducks it! Edge turns back around and Van Dam wrestles the chair from him THEN LAUNCHES IT AT EDGE...WHO DUCKS...AND THE CHAIR SMASHES LITA RIGHT IN THE FACE! The crowd breaks into a "Holy Shit" chant as Edge's darling woman gets creamed by the launched steel chair. Edge checks on Lita for a moment, then gets up and goes after RVD, KICKING HIM SQUARE IN THE GROIN! With the ref down, it's all legal folks as Edge picks up the chair that just nailed Lita and BENDS IT OVER RVD'S SKULL! Nasty shit. Edge doesn't stop there however as HE HITS VAN DAM AGAIN! And again! And again! This continues about 10-15 times, with Edge going crazy on Van Dam to massive heat from the fans. Edge then places the chair under a lifeless RVD and grabs another, the crowd knowing what's coming. Mike Chioda is finally coming to and does so just in time to witness Edge deliver A SICKENING CON-CHAIR-TO TO RVD! Chioda calls for the bell as the heat pours in on Edge
Winners @ 14:32 via DQ - The Rock, Triple H & Rob Van Dam

The match is stopped and The Rock sees what's happened as he gets away from Lesnar and breaks around to get Edge away from a bloodied and lifeless RVD. Edge grabs his WWE Title and carries Lita, who is out like a light, away as Rock & Triple H attend to their downed partner at ringside, while the heels all re group on the ramp, the camera focusing on Edge's possessive face


King: Oh come on JR he was overcome with emotion, he just witnessed Lita get hit in the face with a chair!

JR: I'm sure that damn jezzebelle will be just fine in a few days, nothing compared to what RVD could suffer.

King: I have to agree, Edge went a bit too far but still, it's not like he wasn't provoked.


Some medics rush down to attend to RVD and one even bothers stopping to check on Lita at Edge's request, while Rock & Triple H stand in the ring, staring down the heel's who back up the ramp

Fade To Black


I was feeling this one a bit more than last week, the improvement in the major promo's should hopefully show that (both depth and quality went up, imo). Enjoy, I will as always, do my best to return all feedback/comments/reviews. <3.


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Raw Feedback

Did i mention this already?

Edge starting the show was the right choice. Slut chants to Lita was a nice little extra touch. Edge was well written here I didn’t spot anything out of character or whatever, maybe one error in his dialogue but who really cares when I can do this…

Back to the promo…

Sorry but just let me say I LOL’d like a crazy guy at Trish Startus smacking Edge’s bitch up. Nice line only a true Aussie would come out with that. Rock was nice his usual insulting self this was nice, pure Rock however it wasn’t 03 thread Rock if you get my drift. Yes, I am living in the past but fuck you. I like it there.

I heart Brock Lesnar, I really do. If you gave him a title run I would probably rape you. He did go alright for himself in the Battle Royal last week didn’t he? Can we get a Lesnar/Edge heel vs heel match. I think just about everyone knows Edge is gonna’ win because Rock/Cena is on its way.

I've got a better idea Rock, how about me and you tonight, and you put your title shot on the line!

Simple yet effective. No reply from Rock was a tad weird, as much as I love the guy I bet he bitched out. I mean this is Brock Lesnar and as much as I don’t like his mic work, if you are going to keep his lines short and sharp such as this I will be happy.

Why do you care Rock, wanna pucker up?

This over Rocks reply. Cena pwned him tbh.

The rest was very entertaining as well and well yeah I just liked everything for the rest. Foley’s match making skills are awesome. Pretty hot promo, very good I mean this in the nicest way possible but I didn’t expect it to be this good.

Commercial break ey? Gives me time to do something…

I think I told you last week that I was a fan of Rhyno so I was happy to see him get the victory. Cade is to much of a pretty boy as I also told you last week. Jindrak should shit all over Cade but you seem deluded the way you put Cade over him last week. Either way keep both Cade and Jindrak away from the Hardcore Title k?

Shane McMahon…. Triple H… next week…. 3 Minutes. Seriously, this could be a pretty cheesy way to bring in the tag team 3 Minute Warning. But I guess at least they will come in high profile. I hope I am right now so I don’t look like a dick head.

Commercial. Hmmmm…

Womens Match. Not the biggest Phoenix fan I was hoping for a Mickie James win. I think you made the wrong decision however I have heard your not the biggest Mickie fan lol. Trish Stratus is womens champ though right? Because that is something that I don’t mind. Trish > Beth…

I told you last time I am lovin’ the Monty Brown and Coach partnership and they continue to be together. I would rather Coach do more talking as Brown really talks to much at the moment and Coach just looks like he is there for looks. I don’t like that. He was always going over Venis though…. Kane is next, seriously, I can not stress the importance of Brown going over Kane.

Commercial = Joke time

Christian and Austin promo was gold. This may seem short but I told you I am not summarizing and there was nothing to complain about so who gives a fuck about a long speech about how epic you are. Austin easily over Tomko, geez Christian’s touch putting his problem solver in a match like that. Armageddon is gonna’ be off the charts.

Okay commercial… LOL as hard as it is to believe I decided to forget bout’ our joke for once, as it seems so soon since the last commercial break.

Fuck it, I decided just to add some dots.

The Rock and Triple H and I love when bookers play on their history like this. Was done well and the fact that they were getting along makes for a nice touching moment.

Kane wins a squash match pretty much. POUUNNNCEEEE after the match lol that is epicness. Brown better win when they fight.

Benjamin and Styles could be match of the night~!~!~!


Jim Cornette… I know a fair bit bout’ the lad and well fuck Smackdown tbh, coz’ he is great but he is know Paul Heyman.

Awesome main event. Loved the mean streak of Edge coming out it got me very hyped. Makes me think he will win at Geddon’ leading to Rock/Cena. RVD… hope he is okay.

Overall a great show mate, best I have read in this thread so far it was wonderful. One last time for some personal enjoyment…

Good show… really good perhaps great. Maybe even epic. <3

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Before I start; of course I appreciated it

Oh, and before I forget; WrestleMania 24 > WrestleMania 15. 15 has to be in the top 5 WORST Manias imo for the sheer fact it had potential to be much better. Huge disappointment.

And onto the show; Edge’s wife Lita?? When did they get married?? Wasn’t their marriage scuppered by Kane back in the day?? Could be wrong, mind. Nitpicking imo.

Smacked Horse?? Stab at Candice by any chance?? Anyway, this promo was truly on the money. It’s beginning to look pretty clear to me that Edge is joining your pantheon of stars to write promos with; right up there with Austin, Christian and The Rock. Seamlessly transitioning from standing up for Lita, to running down the fans, to getting onto The Rock. Something most people tend to find difficulty with is transitioning from one subject to another in promo, but this was a terrific example for anyone to use.

Why such a long gap though from Rocks from line to his second

Glad you brought up the lack of originality from The Rock early doors, very much paint by numbers stuff as he entered. ‘Smacked your bitch up’ ROFL!! My hazy memory didn’t remember the Unforgiven meeting, so thanks for the refresh into the history, and gives us something to base the upcoming match on.

You certainly freshened up The Rock a little, with the mic slap (something I don’t recall him doing before, but I believe it suits him nicely). Interesting turn of events, as I fully expected a general Champion / Contender promo; but alas, Brock FUCKING Lesnar is here.

I got why Brock was out there, and he played his part well, ultimately nod adding a whole hell of a lot, but didn’t really get what reason Cena had for being out there. I would’ve thought that promos between him and The Rock would’ve been held off until nearer WrestleMania. Throwing them together at this point in a promo that should’ve solely focused on Edge and Rock could well cheapen or take the shine off their future confrontations. Assuming it’s a one off this week, it’ll be fine, but if they’re to collide every week from now to Mania, it’ll be tough to keep the feud fresh.

Big main event?? Check.

Surprised to see Cade get thrown into the Hardcore title picture, just a couple of weeks into what looked like the beginning of a strong push as a ‘serious’ wrestler, but then he gets thrown in with the Bingo Hall jobbers?? . Naw, I love Rhyno. Just seems a little unproductive for Cade to be battling out for the Hardcore Title. And ugh, at the continuation of Jindrak; not just in this feud- but in this thread. Job him out to Cade again, and let Cade loose. BOOK THAT MOFO.

Shane offering Triple H a three minute preview. What’s that I smell?? ‘Set up’, I hear you say. Three minutes seems a little random … or does it?? Three minutes … In an unrelated note; Umaga > Jamal.

Little surprised that Beth’s title shot is coming so soon; had her showdown with Trish nailed on for WrestleMania. What’s the ‘Down in Flames’ tho?? Sounds like a good name tbh.

YAY!!! Monty talks~!! And indeed, he aint no joke. Plenty of intensity shown through this promo. Beats the shit outta Kane hopefully, and sends him packing - FOR GOOD~!!

Nuh, you got this one right the first time. Typical squash, and Monty Brown plows through another victim; everybody’s favourite jobbah, Val Venis.

Why have you spelt Certainly wrong … twice . Maybe ‘Certaintely’ or however you put it is how you ass backward Aussies spell it. If not, go back to school, and stop throwing shrimp on the Barbie.

And now it’s Christian time. Not sure what to think of the news I read a week or so ago where you said Austins last opponent is expected to be Goldberg. It’s the Attitude era dream match (oh, look whose booking ) but with the recent Austin / Christian stuff, I cant help but think that this one should be getting the WM spotlight, and build for the future of the company; because this isn’t 1999 .

Christian fires home the truth to Austin, with a couple of delusional comments too, perfectly handled. GOAT BOY COMMENT~!! Golden. Decent back and forth jabbering between the two men, who just seem so well matched on the stick, with the cocky heel, and the badass face. Great stuff; and impromptu matches rule all.

Looks like those news and rumours weren’t just a bit of guff. Christian vs. Austin is on for Armageddon, and hopefully, Christian wins. But after all the losses he seems to have suffered since his comeback, a victory seems likely for Austin to send him onto the inevitable big money showdown with Big Bald Bill.

Masters = Pumped up jobbah. Kane disposes of him, but only to feel the POUNNNNNNNNNNCEEE-UH … period. I said it earlier; I’ll say it again, Brown to kill off Kane for good plz. BOO for Kane sitting up. Brown to finish the freak off at Armageddon.

Styles vs. Benjamin for the *CENSORED* title sounds hawt for Armageddon. Not a fan of SM Styles, but he’s pretty nifty at times. When he appeared behind Benjamin I was expecting something along the lines of the immortal Braden Walker ‘Knock Knock’. ‘Who’s there??’ ‘Braden Walker. And I’m gonna knock ya brains out’.

Umm, for me, jury is out on Lesnar & Cornette. Anytime I decide to hurt my eyes and watch TNA, he just seems out of place in this day and age (although that might be down to being given prunes and being told to turn them into lemons) but Naitch has made him work, so I’ll give it a while to sink in, then make my decision on this pairing. I love Cornette btw, just gonna take me a while to accept him with Lesnar. His re-introduction could’ve been better too tbh, bit meh for me.

Anyway, onto the big time main event; one we don’t see enough of on Raw nowadays, with big six man, eight man type tag matches. Liking that. Plenty of description in the match, and it looked to get a lot of time to build up, not being rushed. Hot tag and eventual ref bump makes me think the finish is coming .

Marked for the chair shot on Lita, especially as it was Edge that ducked the thing!! Great moment that I hope you use next week from Edge to complain about. Fucking sick finish from Edge, umm … TAKING OUT VAN DAM.

The DQ is a bit bleh, but makes sense, due to the numerous chair shots. Seems odd that the show closing angle is Edge taking out Van Dam. Not exactly selling the PPV in a few weeks time … BUT … most certainly laying the foundations for Edge’s next opponent … but with such a heinous act from Edge … will RVD even recover … before WrestleMania?? *In other words; WrestleMania feud??*

Next week; hard sell Edge vs. Rock plz; no interruptions. PPV main event, build it, and focus on it next week. The side issues can all wait for a week while the closest PPV takes centre stage.

Edge promo at the beginning made the show tbh, everything else fell into place nicely.

Great as always
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

RAW Feedback

Don't want this post edited, so I'll promise to be a good boy.

So, first promo was pretty solid. Edge, while not perfect, was quite good in his interraction with the crowd. I much prefer the crackwhore chant being directed at Lita, but whatever floats your boat. >_> Rocky was nice because you actually had some substance behind it. It gives me the absolute shits when he's just spouting off a bunch of catchphrases, almost needlessly. Mic man for Lesnar, plz. There's no actual personality behind the man. Anything he says just comes off as generic. Cena was actually rhe best of the lot, tbfh. Quite loved what you did with him. The smartass who acts like a badass is just lovely. The interraction between Rock and Cena was actually very good. You've made it clear that the two have been feuding up to when this thread started, so WM plz? kthnx. Foley was generic authoritah figure, but he did make a rather nice match to save this otherwise crap card (tbfh), so you get brownie points for that. Something big has to happen in the Main-Event though for Edge vs Rocky to gain some real steam.

@ Rhyno. What a complete and utter waste of space. Looked like you'd bowln Cade vs Jindrak off very quickly with a short match last week, though I guess you have other plans. Jindrak better ultimately go over in the end, as I've said before. I really don't like the Hardcore Title, btw. Future endeavour that jobber Rhyno and the belt with it.

Liked Shane's promo. Last week he seemed rather emotionless, though this week I think you pretty much nailed it. The two going at it next week in a brawl type thing (like with Orton/Shane) should be interesting. Seems a tad predictable that no one's going to get absolutely killed though, because they have a match at Armageddon.

Phoenix winning was predictable but fine. You've positioned her well for a go at the belt, so don't fuck it up now, pl0x.

Brown was meh. He had his on lines (mainly his signature ones), though he sounded maybe a bit too smart. "No Todd, I haven't" doesn't sound like him. He's usually full of energy and loud. That sounds much too bland/plain for the Alpha Male.

Venis > Brown. 'Nuff said.

Christian using the kicking ass and taking names line was absolute GOLD tbh. He was pretty much on for the whole promo. Austin was very good with the crowd, but I felt he rambled on for a bit much. I know Christian said it, but 'twas true, imo. Not liking you just having an impromptu match. A brawl seems more appropraite than an actual match, but whatever. You've been there before, I guess. Austin beating Tomko easily needed to happen (no matter how much I dislike Tomko being jobberfied) if you were going to go down that route. The feud seems to kind of hit a plateau at this point though. It needs some way to advance, though I really don't see where you can possibly go.

Very nice segement with The Rock and Triple Haitch. The little exchange of catchphrases was just lovely, and it had an overall nice feel to it.

@ Kane squash. Brown attacking him afterwards was expected since he's the one going after Kane. Didn't really like Kane sitting up after the Pounce. but I'm not too caring since I dislike both men. Have them luterally murder each other at Armageddon, plz.

AJ vs Shelton = buyrates. k, maybe not irl, but on this forum. Epic, epic match, and I like that you're having AJ actually have some character.

MTFO~! NO MORE SHIT PROMOS~! JAMES E CORNETTE~! Lesnar4champion. Manager with mic skills + mad wrestling skillz = champion, plz.

The hot tag to The Rock to get him in against Edge was . The rest of the match was a bit weird. Guess you're having Edge attempt to send a message to Rocky by having him snap on RVD (as well as maybe setting up a WrestleMania match ) Hopefully in the coming weeks you do a bit more for Edge vs Rocky, because at this point it's rather bland. Do something ep[ic, plz.

Reasonable showing from you, Reney, though it didn't seem like you were really hyping anything up too much. Things needs to get moving for Armageddon, because at this stage it's not looking like a particularly important event with the exception of Tripper vs Shane. Still, not bad considering you're just here to hold down a show for Para. <3

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Look what the cat dragged in?(or however the saying goes )

So yah, I'm here to drop a comment here and there concerning your latest installment of Raw.

First off, I wanna tell you that I'm not a big fan of bringing guys like Rocky or Austin back fulltime, but because you're sexeh reneh, I'll tolerate it and enjoy the show nonetheless.

Your first promo was very enjoyable. Four guys showing some of their best work, especially Cena, who I liked very much in this one. I also enjoyed how you gave some new material to Rocky, trying your best to not make this into another generic Rocky promo(that I will usually love thou ). Bit weird to throw random guys like RVD and Trips into the mix, but it makes for one star-studded main event.

You need to push Jindrak. Please. In exchange for sexytime? Anyways, Cade makes me yawn, but Rhino even more, so title to Jindrak next week or something plz.

Shane will no doubt have an ace up his sleeve next week. And rightfully so, because you can't have him look ultra weak going into Armageddon. However, ultimately, of course, Trips will go over. He needs that Wrestlemania Main Event badly.

You may find it weird sometimes that I seem to be skipping some things, but that's because quite frankly, I don't care enough to comment on it. So yah, in this case, I'm skipping this diva-business.

Monty Brown is the absolute sex. I love that guy. If he doesn't go over Kane I may have to consider never giving you comments ever again. That being said, I read that Goldust didn't get any offence in last week. That gets a huge thumbs down. Kane beating that muscle-dummy Masters gets a thumbs up, however. I guess it balances out.

Sexy, very sexy promo from Christian and Austin here. I "felt" it sort of speak, so you obviously did a good job. That impromptu match to set up the Armageddon-match wasn't necessary though. A more heated continuation of the promo(few slaps here and there perhaps) could've sufficed. I guess you needed some time filled.

Planting seeds for Rocky/Trips eh? Make it happen at Mania, big boy. <3

Jim Cornette back, eh? I've seen Natureboy do this succesfully, I expect the same from you. In my view, you're right in doing this, as Lesnar can always use a sleezy son of a bitch by his side, guiding him towards monstrous destruction.

So yeh, the main event was really good. Carnage was the order of the day, but four guys kinda got lost at the end, when you focused on RVD/Edge. Edge went totally mental, which gets a huge thumbs up from me. Edge looked relentless and strong going into his huge title match with Rocky a couple of weeks from now. RVD, however, god damn. After this, I can't ever see him having even the slightest chance to beat Brock at Armageddon so that ain't happening. Edge going over Rocky? It's a possibility, but with the planting of seeds as I alluded to earlier, I expect Rocky to go over and get into some sort of huge program with Trips.

Overall I enjoyed this show, I really did. One thing that annoyed me, though and I really have to tell you is how you whore out the "1,2...NO" line. Lil more variation is welcomed. Besides that, good to great show. Keep the sexiness coming.
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006


First off, I wanna tell you that I'm not a big fan of bringing guys like Rocky or Austin back fulltime, but because you're sexeh reneh, I'll tolerate it and enjoy the show nonetheless.
3 years ago when this was started, Rocks name was still on the official roster and Austin was lurking around a fair bit so I just went with it tbh. I understand people don't like seeing it but hey, I don't give a fuck about realism buffs.

Bit weird to throw random guys like RVD and Trips into the mix, but it makes for one star-studded main event.
RVD is feuding with Brock Lesnar (kinda) and well Trips needs to be on the show and has just come off a feud with Edge

Future endeavour that jobber Rhyno and the belt with it.
. Never.

What’s the ‘Down in Flames’ tho?? Sounds like a good name tbh.
rofl. That would be her finisher.

What’s that I smell??
My epicness, imo.

And onto the show; Edge’s wife Lita?? When did they get married?? Wasn’t their marriage scuppered by Kane back in the day?? Could be wrong, mind. Nitpicking imo.
I thought they were married, regardless of Kane's interruption.

Either way, who gives a shit

Smacked Horse?? Stab at Candice by any chance??
You're smarter than I give you credit for


Thanks for the comments guys, I'll get onto returning them whenever. Any more lovin' will be much appreciated.
Para is going well with SmackDown, I expect he'll update us in a few days.


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