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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Thanks for the reviews guys I will try to return them in the coming days, just to clarify a few things...

-Lol, you said it was Edge’s first title win in the run up to Raw, but now in the promo Edge is Champ “again”? Silly Reney.
That was my bad, he had a 3 week reign in Jan 06, I just forgot at the time because ya know, it was short.

~!, not “!~”. I will kill you if you fuck up my thing again.
I do it differently, because the last thing I would want is to be accused of copying the great promo king.

Now is the mask or no mask Kane?
Masked Kane ftw.

I think you’re mixing the Clash with his Spinal Tap.
Yeah I know, just got them mixed up . It's been fixed

Didn’t like the showdown with The Rock.
I was trying to keep within the time limit of a 2 hr show considering the last RAW I wrote went for close to 3 hrs, remember?

Well, straight into the main event. Run ins from Cena and The Rock early on??
I generally only recap parts of the match and most of what I write is the ending, which is when Cena & Rock came into it, near the end.

Hope that cleared some things up.

Any other reviews would be more than welcome.


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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Double post again, due to lack of comments from lazy bastards tbh...

Was gonna post a preview, but couldn't be assed, recap anyway


SmackDown! Recap
Bud Walton Arena
Fayetteville; Arkansas

Similar opening to that we saw on RAW as a video highlights package airs showing all of SmackDown!'s major talking points. We first are shown The F.B.I finally losing their Tag and Cruiserweight titles to the team of America's Most Wanted and Paul London. We then see Team Kennedy pull off a huge win against Team Hardy with Mr. Kennedy in impressive form, eliminating 3 men including scoring the decisive fall on the United States Champion himself Matt Hardy. We also see the injury's suffered by both Bobby Lashley and Jeff Hardy, souring the match somewhat. Next is the Inter Promotional match which sees Randy Orton pull off a huge victory, pinning 3 of RAW's top stars on the way to winning the match for SmackDown! and continuing his great run in recent months. Then it's Undertaker being assaulted and buried alive by RAW's Monty Brown, allowing Goldberg to score a massive victory. Finally we see highlights from another epic Angle/Lesnar encounter which finally ends with Kurt Angle making Lesnar tap to the Ankle Lock after 2 minutes in the hold, the longest anyone has withstood in the lethal hold

*Opening Video*


The show opens with Kurt Angle hitting the ring to a standing ovation from the fans. Angle takes his time to celebrate his win last night and the crowd show their appreciation for their champion with an *Angle* chant. Angle talks about how he's proven once again why he is the very best in this company. Angle gives Lesnar his props and says he put up a helluva match but when the Wrestling Machine slips into gear, nobody can match him. Angle then goes on to say he's feeling in the best shape of his career and it's down to a tremendous run with the World Title. Angle even goes as far as to thank the fans for their continued support of him this year, eluding to him now being a full blown face. As Angle then states he's ready for the next challenge out comes GOLDBERG to major heat. Goldberg gets right in Angle's face and only has a few choice words for the Olympic Gold medalist, telling Angle that Goldberg's not next for Angle, but Angle is next for Goldberg! Heat for that as Angle shows no fear of the psychotic monster standing across from him. Angle gets right back in Goldberg's face and tells him to name a time and place but is cut off by JBL! The self proclaimed Wrestling God says there is no way Kurt should be handing out World title shots to people just for getting in his face. JBL then talks about all his achievements and says if anyone deserves a title shot it's him, seeing as he was the longest reigning WWE champion in history. BOOKER T then makes his way out a good reaction from the fans and stakes his claim for a title opportunity by reminding us of his 5 time reign as the WCW champion. Just as tensions really begin to boil over, out comes General Manager Paul Heyman and says that NO ONE will just be made the number one contender for Kurt's title, they'll have to wait and see what Heyman has in store. Heyman does make a huge match for the main event however, stating that Kurt Angle and Booker T will take on Goldberg and JBL! All four men argue amongst themselves as we head to a commercial break

-Commercial Break-

In a rematch of sorts from last night, America's Most Wanted & Paul London team up again to take on The FBI trio of Nunzio, Palumbo & Stamboli in a 6 Man Tag matchup with both the WWE Tag and Cruiserweight titles on the line in a one fall to the finish matchup. Despite starting strongly, The FBI run out of steam and the faces pick up the win as AMW finish off Nunzio with the DEATH SENTENCE, confirming The FBI's fall from the top

After the match the titantron airs a video package of a certain popular superstar and it ends with SHAWN MICHAELS COMES TO SMACKDOWN! NEXT WEEK sending the crowd into a frenzy and a booming HBK chant breaks out as we go to commercials

-Commercial Break-

We come back and the commentary team hype up Shawn Michaels and his impending debut on SmackDown! next week and we are reminded that still to come tonight Chris Jericho will host the Highlight Reel with special guest Randy Orton

Backstage now and AMW are talking but then are interrupted by Paul Heyman who first off congratulates them on getting their straps back at Survivor Series and also retaining them tonight. AMW instantly realize Heyman has an ulterior motive to this discussion and Heyman reveals that they had better enjoy the fact they've beaten everyone that SmackDown! currently has to offer because next week they'll be taking on the latest acquisition to the Tag division on the show as they will defend their gold against the recently drafted team of LA RESISTANCE!~

To the ring and our second match of the night sees Rey Mysterio taking on Finlay. The two put on a solid display with Finlay working over Rey's left leg for the majority of the contest, keeping the high flyer grounded and thus severely limiting his offense. He also gets some help from Little Bastard to keep Rey on the back foot. Eventually after Rey gets back into the match, he scores the victory with the 619 and followed it up with a Slingshot Body Splash onto the Irishman for the win

Backstage now and Steve Romero is joined by Mr. Kennedy. Romero asks Kennedy first off what his reaction is to HBK coming to SmackDown! Kennedy says he's sick of all the crap he's hearing about Shawn Michaels coming to SmackDown!. Kennedy goes onto say he could care less about the big shot when he arrives as long as HBK knows that the spotlight doesn't shine on him here. Kennedy then says he'll show tonight in his match where the spotlight does shine, and that is on Mr. Kennedy...Ken-nah-day!

-Commercial Break-

Next up is the Highlight Reel with Randy Orton as Jericho's guest. Jericho starts off by congratulating Orton on winning the match for SmackDown! last night. Orton instead of being happy with last night, berates his team mates, saying they should all be on their hands and knees begging for Orton to forgive them for such a terrible performance last night. Orton goes onto say he carried the team the entire match, eliminating 60% of the opponents by himself.

He criticizes Batista for trying to return with a bad shoulder injury and then JBL for lacking conviction and ambition as the Team Captain, saying he was a bad choice for leader. Orton then tells Jericho he was useless and had Orton been Team Captain, Jericho would have never made his team. Y2J takes exception to this and warns Orton to stop being an ass clown. Orton brags about the calibre of the superstars he eliminated in Shawn Michaels, Christian & Steve Austin while he points out Jericho didn't eliminate anyone! Orton tells Jericho since he began to care about the fans again, he's lost his ruthlessness. Since he cared about what the "Jerichoholics" felt, he's gone soft. Orton tells Jericho the fans can only get you so far, they will never be what you need to get to the top. Jericho seems to be thinking Orton's words over. Randy warns Jericho that the fans can never get him back to the title, that they won't win anything for him. Jericho continues to be silent and think Orton's words over as the crowd shits on Orton for this tirade against them. Orton tells Jericho he's in the zone and he's going to the top without the fans, and he wants to know is Jericho going to join him. Y2J says he could do that which Orton smiles and nods to, or he could do this...AND TAKES ORTON DOWN AND SLAPS THE WALLS OF JERICHO ON HIM! The crowd erupts as Jericho locks on his patented submission hold and Orton begins to tap the mat, tapping the mat in pain. Y2J finally lets go of the hold as Orton writhes around the mat in pain and Jericho pounds on his chest and pumps the fans up as we go to a commercial break

-Commercial Break-

We return and find A-Train the ring, receiving the "Shave Your Back" chants he usually receives when he makes an appearance


The crowd comes alive out of shock more than anything else as THE BIG SHOW steps out on stage to a surprisingly good pop. The commentary team busts a nut as they can't believe the big man is back and he's on SmackDown! Big Show is all purpose in a train wreck (no pun intended) of a match with the A-Train, and despite facing a man who is easily over 350 pounds, The Big Show is far too good for the woolly mammoth and takes less than 5 minutes to put the A-Train down with a shattering SHOWSTOPPER! The Big Show is back!

Kristal now interviews the United States Champion Matt Hardy about his upcoming match with William Regal. Hardy gives a run of the mill promo by his standards and warns Regal that he'll not be beaten because he will not die!

A video hype package airs, and it's of the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk! The video basically summarizes Punk's life and career up to date and includes shots of him in action then it states coming soon to SmackDown! at the end

-Commercial Break-

Back live and Kurt Angle walks into the locker room where Booker T is. The two realize they have a history, but Angle says that tonight, they need to put that behind them. Booker tells Kurt he may forgive him for tonight, but he'll never forget what Kurt did to him and his wife last year and that he better recognise that. Angle says that's fair enough and promises Booker he's changed and if he can count on Booker, Booker can count on him. The two share an awkward handshake and Booker seems to think over Angle's words, before saying he can dig that

Next up Mr. Kennedy takes on Hardcore Holly. It's a solid match yet not too long, and Holly gets more offense than you'd think he would've in, eager to teach the loud mouth Kennedy a few lessons. In the end, Kennedy is too good and after countering an ALABAMASLAM hits Hardcore with the MIC CHECK for the win

We now receive an update on the condition of the injured superstars last night at Survivor Series. Batista is still expected to miss the first third of 2007, Jeff Hardy's hamstring wasn't torn like first feared and he could be back by the start of the new year while Bobby Lashley is still indefinitely out

-Commercial Break-

Matt Hardy is in action next as he takes on William Regal. The match is nothing more than a way to get the US Champion onto the show and he gives a strong showing, proving too good for Regal once he gets a roll on, countering the REGAL CUTTER into a Side Effect and then hitting the TWIST OF FATE for the victory

JBL is now backstage with Steve Romero. JBL boasts about how he's going to win the match tonight and go on to once again rule SmackDown! When asked what his feelings were about teaming with Goldberg, JBL said he has to do what he has to do and as long as Goldberg doesn't step "out of line" JBL won't have a problem. JBL says Goldberg is all brawn and no brains and that's why things are gonna go JBL's way tonight

-Commercial Break-

The big main event is a furiously contested one with all four men getting plenty of time in the ring and the two heels Goldberg & JBL struggle to get along in the early going, giving the team of Angle & Booker the chance to control the match. Finally as Goldberg is being worked over by Booker T, JBL cheap shots the Book Man and this leads to the duo taking turns beating down Booker, as if sending a message to Kurt Angle. Booker has firm fan support and battles back into things, scoring with the Book End. Goldberg is tagged in as is Angle to a huge pop and Angle takes it to Da Man, showing no fear of the beastly Goldberg. Goldberg uses his power game to get on top of Angle, and goes a Powerslam, but Angle counters it and hits Goldberg with the German Suplex Trifecta. JBL is back in the ring and goes to level Angle with the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL, BUT ANGLE DUCKS IT AND TAKES JBL DOWN INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd erupts however JBL isn't the legal man and Goldberg is crouched in the corner, setting up Angle. Goldberg charges in looking for the SPEAR, but Booker T saves Angle from it by just managing to hit Goldberg with a clothesline! Angle, stunned by just how close he came to being finished let's go of JBL in a moment of shock. Meanwhile Booker unloads a mix of right hands and chops to Goldberg before setting him up for the AXE KICK...BUT IS FLATTENED BY JBL WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Booker is wiped out and Bradshaw smirks when he is taken from behind by Angle and hit with an ANGLE SLAM! Angle turns around INTO A SPEAR FROM GOLDBERG! Heat as Goldberg taunts the fans, letting out his trademark animal like growl. Goldberg now points to the heavens and brings Angle to his feet. Goldberg lifts Kurt up with the JACKHAMMER...BUT ANGLE SLIPS OUT OF IT AND TAKES GOLDBERG DOWN INTO THE ANKLE LOCK! The crowd erupts as Goldberg is slapped into the unforgiving hold, however he ROLLS THROUGH THE MOVE, SENDING ANGLE ALMOST INTO THE REFEREE! Angle puts the brakes on just in time, and then turns back to Goldberg who tries to hit Angle with a Savate Kick to the chest, but Angle avoids it and GOLDBERG KICKS THE REF RIGHT IN THE CHEST! Goldberg shows no remorse for his actions as he and Angle begin to trade right hands as the bell is rung by the winded official

With the match ending in a no contest Goldberg is furious and shoves Angle away, turning to the referee in question. Goldberg grabs the poor ref around the neck, scoops him up on his shoulder and drives him to the mat with a thunderous Powerslam! Goldberg gains some massive heat for this but in taking his eye off Angle, he is punished as Angle comes up behind him and manages to hit him with the ANGLE SLAM! The crowd erupts as Angle is handed his WHC and he stands tall above the carnage in and around the ring as we fade out, the commentary team hard sell this main event and the HBK debut for next week's show




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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Love It, Bitch

-I would’ve loved that part of Goldberg saying he’s not next for Angle, Angle’s next for Goldberg. The simplicity and intensity of that line, that character… epic. If these two haven’t fought yet, I’d love to see you save it for Wrestlemania, tbh, as this is a feud that you – especially you – could book perfectly. So I’m quite glad to see JBL and Booker get involved, just because it prolongs Angle/Goldberg.

-HBK is coming to SD? Where has he been?

-Kennedy/HBK feud, eh? I can dig it, tbh. I see a lot of HBK in Kennedy. Not that HBK has his penis inside Kennedy’s ass, although after all, Shawn is a devout Jesus freak now, so that wouldn’t be so surprising, tbh. Anywho, I like this potential feud.

-Good stuff between Y2J and Orton. Orton makes great points in a ruthless, epic heel turning soft as a face. It’s simplistic booking, but effective, because it’s true and it works. I like the offer for them to join up (COULD’VE BEEN EPIC~!), and the subsequent Orton ass kicking, courtesy of Jericho. This, like the opening stuff, is wonderfully booked.

-Mer, I fear you are going to do Angle/Goldberg in the near future, and not hold it off. This makes me sad. I’d rather see Booker and/or JBL get a shot, and save Goldberg for the big show. Please? <3

-Overall, a solid booked SD – I like the Big Show coming in and kicking some ass, and the debut of HBK. Some great interaction between Angle and Goldberg, and I like the Y2J and Orton interaction too.

Sorry love, don’t expect top quality comments… it’s just a recap.

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

ohai. Guess I should probably review this show since I didn't review RAW. I would say I'm sorry for not reviewing, but I'm not, so to you.

Nice little opening vid recapping Survivor Series. Orton mega push ftw. Continue it and I'll review everything you put up.

Angle as a face is yuck, imo. Kickass heel plz. Anyway, idk too much on your current storylines and stuffs, but I don't really wanna see JBL challenge properly. SAince Armageddon should be next, I guess him challenging then is OK, since it's not a big show or anything. Goldberg vs Angle on Armageddon would seem to be a bit of a throwaway. Can't read too much into the promo because it's recapped (leaves it emotionless), but Goldberg's Angle's next for me, not I'm next for Anngle was noice.

FBI were on top? Your stocks must be running short. I keed. AMW and London > FBI though, tbh.

Michaels on SD will be sex. Michaels v Angle. Make it happen.

Yuck, La Resistance are awful. Exterminate them plz, because Sylvain Grenier is hopeless. Based on the fact that they're the only team left for AMW, they'll probably have a long feud.

Glad to see you using the Lil Bastard back when he was actually cool.

Ergh, no to the Kennedy push plz. He's wayyy overrated, so I really don't wanna see him against Michaels. Anle vs Michaels > kennedy vs Michaels.

I liked the Jericho/Orton Highlight Reel, though I would have rathered have seen security have to pull Jericho off Orton, rather than Jericho just letting Orton go. Being pulled off and not wanting to let go of young Rand E. would make Jericho seem much more ruthless and focussed, while of course still being a babyface. Oh and I would've marked for a Randy/Jericho alliance, but it now appears too late for that. >_>

Eww, Big Show. Couldn't he stay dead?

Matt's generic as fuck. Take the mic away from him, plz. CM Punk on the other hand is awesome. As soon as Punk debuts, take away all Matt's mic time and give it to Punk.

wewt, you did something WWE fails to do by addressing past storylines when teaming people up. Thank you for using common sense.

Kennedy vs Holly = meh. Wasn't that how he debute irl? Going backwards here. I'm happy to see Kennedy go backwards though.

I'm most definitely not going to shed tears on 'Tiatsa being out. Any chance you can just kill him altogether?

Matt with the genricwftgeneric character. He's boring as shit. Why US champ?

I liked this segment, as it kinda showed the contrast between the teams. The faces were on the same page earlier, while the heels aren't. Good work.

Ahh, the ehmphasis on the contrast continued in the start of this match. Good, show long storytelling there young grasshopper. MKost of the action here focusses around Angle and Goldberg, so it looks like that's the match you're giving away on Armageddon. =/ Angle standing tall is cool and stuffs as he looks dominant.

Ovcerall, it was aight Reney. idk too much about this thread's past and it was in recap, so at times there wasn't much to comment on. Still, a pretty good show in the run up to Armageddon (I think it's Armageddon). Continue the Orton push and I'll continue to love you.

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Like the video package opening the show, it really sets the tone for the rest of the show as it gets everybody updated on everything they missed. The results seemed good, and Orton comes out of this with a major push after eliminating 3 RAW guys in a row. Not to mention, Angle vs. Lesnar is always fabulous so there are no complaints there. Lesnar in the hold for two minutes!? That could have gotten a little boring to watch, but still it saves some of his face as he is a monster who wouldn't tap out.

Not surprised to see the World Champ make his way out for the first segment of the night. Thought that was a good decision as we might be able to establish the next number one contender already. Goldberg is out here and Angle vs. Goldberg would definitely be huge. Next out is JBL, and he makes a good point. And finally, Booker T makes his way out. Heyman comes out and settles this dispute by making a tag match. That was a good idea as you don't announce the #1 contender just yet, and it leaves everybody guessing, as well as booking a huge main event.

Well, just seeing as both AMW and London just won their gold, I can't see them dropping it back to the FBI right away. Not surprised to see them with, and nice to see it with the Death Sentence, match seemed decent enough. I also like the FBI push, as that is something different that not a lot of other guys do.

HBK on Smackdown! That may be something that may take a while to get used to, but the fact that it's Michaels should over shadow the fact. I think we all know what it is setting up too, Angle vs. HBK for the title at Mania, do it Renegade, do it.

Highlight Reel tonight with two guys that are great on the mic. Should be an interesting segment, looking forward to that.

Lol, this has to be the first time ever in a BTB, that La Resistance has been announced as an intimadating opponent. No offense to the guys, their just not over. Although, a little USA vs. France fued may not be all that bad, and the match itself should be solid.

Rey vs. Finlay, I've seen the contest dozens of times, so it's pretty much cemented into my head. These two always put great contests, so I can't here being any different. Finlay working on a body part, that his methodical self. Rey quickly fires up and beats Finlay, but with a splash, could have something else, but either way, nice match and I would like to see where Rey goes from here.

An HBK/Kennedy fued would own, I'll give you that. Now, I'm conflicted, just because I wanna see Angle and HBK go at it at WrestleMania. HBK and Kennedy at Mania would also be equally awesome, so I can't really say. Either way, good Kennedy promo, with the Ken...neddyyy!

Great stuff in the highlight reel right here. I could envision Orton saying it to Jericho in my head. Jericho ponders it over before attacking Orton, again very authentic, I could really see it happening. Y2J gets Orton in the Walls and it looks like we have the start of something here.

It's return hype galore tonight on Smackdown! as we get a package hyping the debut of CM Punk. Not to mention, the Big Show returns and he dominates A-Train, no surprise there. Interesting to see him win with the Showstopper though, nice to see his finishers varied.

Booker and Kurt are now on the same page it seems for the main event, which their going to have to be to take on two beasts in Goldberg & JBL. Nice to see a real life reference made, although that is something the WWE would never do, remind us of a storyline that is over 12 months ago.

Kennedy vs. Holly is a decent match-up as it gives Kennedy a win over someone with at least a shred of credibility left over. The idea of reversing the Alabama Slam into a Mic Check is nasty, and nice for Kennedy to get another win.

At least the injuries aren't too bad and no one will be missed severly as the Big Show has come back, and Michaels and Punk are arriving soon.

Matt and Regal would actually be a solid match up, and nice to see the title get some air time. Although, with your loaded roster, I don't know if Matt is the right guy to be holding it. Maybe when Punk comes in, we could have a nice fued for it.

Tremoundous Main Event, as there was a ton of reversals and a lot of close finishes. Only I didn't like was Goldberg mashing the hell out of the referee, as he wouldn't really do that, at least I don't think. Also, where were Booker and JBL at the end of the show, that would have been nice to know, but nonetheless great job. So it definitely looks like Goldberg is going to be Angle's next challenger.

Overall, it was pretty good for a recapped show. The undercard lacked severly, but it's alright as we had a great highlight reel and an awesome main event. Next week should be huge with the debut of HBK, I assume he'll be gunning for Kennedy? Either way, good show, and I'll be tuning in for RAW.

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Raw Feedback

Nice opening video package catching everyone up with the goings on and all that nice stuff. Just before I begin a bit of ass kissing I am quite excited to read as I loved the 2003 thread so lets see how you go ay?

Opening promo was okay to be honest it was nothing special yet nothing bad either. It was weird all superstars just seemed to have generic lines that anyone could say. Both Edge and Triple H did not seem like themselves in parts but then in bits they did. Would have liked Trips to have a little dig at Lita also. Mick Foley should have had a bit more to say then just that where was his cheap pop and all that… Good as main event made for tonight but of course Edge will retain.

Geez a lot happened here. Not necessarily in the opener but after the match. First off though I just wanted to mention that I don’t know how well you built them up in your old thread and all that but Cryme Tyme as tag team champions is not something I like. Anyway them beating Cade and Jindrak is something I like less. Cade turning on Jindrak was unexpected I personally would prefer it the other way around as I cant see Jindrak making it far as a face. MNM attacking Cryme Tyme as well and like I said a lot happened here and I hope if MNM get a title shot that they take care of Cryme Tyme.

Lance Cade interview now and well he was boring me. Glad Jindrak broke it up as Mark has done well to make this interview kind of entertaining. The brawling was good but what was even better was DAMN! Hopefully Ron Simmons doesn’t stick around for to long if its going to be a comedy act.

Monty Brown squashing Goldust is a good call… I love THE POUNCE~! After math Coach on the microphone was nice. Brown took out Taker geez big things I expect from him then. Kane coming out was nice and I guess we are going to see some kind of feud between these two. Brown should go over.

This Austin and Christian promo was probably the best thing you have produced so far with this show. Everything just clicked and went along nicely I have absolutely no complaints with this. Tomko letting Christian get the upper hand was nice as well and I will tell you now this could be EPIC!

Mickie James over Trish Stratus. It’s a shame you think other wise tbh. Hopefuly you can build a some what great feud between these two.

Nice MNM, also nice playing on Maria’s dumbness. I hope they get the tag straps.

Cena and Foley was nice… Cena heel is a great however was not a big fan of him in this promo. I don’t know why but there was just something I didn’t like. Anyway battle royal next week should be a good read and nice little Rock/Cena showdown there slowly setting up the inevitable.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas losing to Maven. Disgraceful tbh. Glad to see AJ Styles got the win though I am quite the fan of him. Push for Rhyno to okay?

Brock Lesnar interview was good and well glad to see he is a heel. His match with RVD went a nice time and I ma glad to see you didn’t just job RVD out, I would much rather see him be competitive and be a top star. Lesnar I guess had to make the impact on the new show though.

Nice main event seriously… Heaps of interference to build up some things but I guess that can be expected for the first few shows. Edge getting the win was to be expected no matter what happened with the people interfering. Battle royal next week should be great. Shane O announcing an Ambulance match and well I hope you make it good because this match can be dull if written incorrectly. I guess I will see how you go.

Overall a nice start nothing to spesh but nothing bad I cant wait to see whats next

I chose to review Raw because SD was recap I don’t have time to get a review up for that as I have my own shit to do. But I was impressed with your start.

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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Righty, recapped Smackdown time.

See my comments on Raw about the Survivor Series recap video. Not gonna waste time writing the same thing again .

Angle vs. Goldberg has certainly got the makings of an awesome feud. Goldberg as heel is my preference tbh, I think we’ve seen enough of him as face, and his personality can easily be carried over as a scary ass heel. One that people y’know, actually take seriously, and believe he could beat any of the top faces cleanly. The line with Goldberg switching Angles own quote to fit his own trademark was nicely done, and will serve as an awesome sound bite when I envisage the pre-match VP when this match finally happens.

JBL and Booker’s introductions here certainly leads me to think that you’re building the groundwork for the Angle / Goldberg program, and not going straight into it head first. If it’s the long, slow build for WM, I’m on board for that. I’m a mark for slow builds towards WM, and we’ve got a plethora of those kicking off since Survivor Series (see; Brown / Taker, Austin / Christian??, Rock / Cena).

FBI on the outs methinks. Been a long time since I viewed them as relevant (although my memory in this thread is shady tbh), not that they’re a lost cause, but given the fairly nonchalant victory for AMW & London, methinks the two sets are heading in separate directions in the card.

Star power just increased ten fold; HBK to Smackdown = ratings. If I’m thinking correctly, he was working heel / tweener on Raw in a feud with HHH / Vince, helping Vince but hating him at the same time. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

Silly Heyman, doesn’t realise his tag champs didn’t defend the titles tonight, they just won a six man tag match. Some GM. Wow, La Resistance. To quote Szumi, mer. Invent some new teams please.

By the numbers victory for Mysterio over everybody’s favourite Irishman. Nothing doing for either man it seems.

Could HBK be the man to take Mister Kennedy into the main events?? Methinks he could well be. I know you arent a big fan of Kennedy (tbh, I’m not a big fan either), considering the constant pleas of no Jesus push. One of two things to expect then; a proper main event push for Kennedy (where he’s built slowly and credibly) or mid card obscurity. I’m not a mind reader, so I’ll wait to see how the next couple of weeks of interaction with Michaels pans out before making my call on what his direction will be.

What match did Smackdown win last night?? Wasn’t overly excited by the Highlight Reel tbh, but I got a kick out of Orton using the percentages. Although I didn’t care much for the segment, it could certainly have legs if it works towards an Orton vs. Smackdown faces angle after the abuse he gave his team mates here. Surely they’ll not be pleased to hear him running them down??

Orton then going on and criticising Jericho for playing to his fans, pointing out that they don’t win him matches was a deft touch that I hope you explore for Jericho, as it would definitely have legs for Jericho to be conflicted over whether he should stay loyal to his fans, or dump them in his quest for glory. Those are the two directions I’d love to see this angle go, but it seems likely they’re going to be feuding each other for the time being. Having said that, even if they do, it doesn’t rule out both previous ideas being explored whilst mired in their feud.

Shave Your Back. AWESOME. Keep A-Train on the show, even if it is JUST for the chant please.

Not sure where Big Show will fit in on Smackdown. As with Raw, both shows appear to be top heavy, and the mid card guys are going to find it hard to get spotted. Hopefully he’s utilised as he should be, and not just brought in to fill the roster with another name.

Matt Hardy wont die. I bet one day he will. Just a hunch.

CM Punk coming to Smackdown. Beefy goodness.

Didn’t expect that. Two guys that actually remember what’s happened in the past between each other. Extremely glad that you’ve addressed the Kurt / Booker feud of ‘05, and didn’t just ignore it and have them team up like old friends. How often does the ‘E do sensible things like that?? … not too often. Kudos.

Kennedy with a quick win over Holly. Fine.

Survivor Series certainly found plenty of victims. Three big name injuries to account for, but none of which I’ll be missing terribly. Good way to keep the three guys out of the plans for WM.

Hardy didn’t die tonight. Like I said though, he’ll die one day

Lot’s of tension it seems between the two opposing teams; as in, the partners on both sides have tension. Makes things interesting for the main event. Has the audience tuning in to see who’ll turn on who … but I don’t see any turns in this one despite the lack of friendship on either side.

Crazy finishing sequence for the main event, with finishing moves and counters and reversals ahoy. Bullshit finish imo, with a weak DQ to say the least. That most likely signifies a fatal four way at Armageddon, as you’ll not give away the only real money feud you’ve got to offer atm over on Smackdown on a B-PPV. JBL & Booker though will only be props for Angle & Goldberg until the feud wraps up … at WrestleMania??

Not sure actually, are the brand exclusives still in tact?? If so, then I guess the fatal four way will culminate on SD in a few weeks. Question is, will you hold off on the only money feud on SD until WM, or proceed with it at the Rumble??

Decent show, you’re getting back into the groove. No real rust showing, bar the fact you’ve obviously forgotten Smackdown isn’t on Mondays, and that the GM doesn’t realise when his talent defends it’s titles .
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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Thanks to everybody for the comments. Will be returning in the next few days.

RAW preview to go up probably Sunday/Monday and RAW hopefully up by no later than next Weds.

I'll keep you all informed <3.


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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

Been 3 days imo

RAW Preview for 11/24/06

RAW will come to you live from the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans on what promises to be a blockbuster night

Last week's main event saw Edge retain his WWE Championship against the former champ Triple H thanks to an assist by Shane McMahon. This was the second time in 24 hours that Shane has cost Triple H the WWE Title. What will The Game have to say about Shane's challenge to meet him in an Ambulance Match at Armageddon and about the continual attacks he has suffered?

While the WWE Champion has been given the night off from action, he will learn who his next challenger will be as General Manager Mick Foley has confirmed that we will see a 25 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal take place on tonight's show. With a variety of RAW's biggest, best and brightest all gunning for the chance to face Edge at Armageddon, who is going to come out on top in this huge match? Already confirmed in the match are The Rock, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Monty Brown and Christian amongst others

Kane & Monty Brown were involved in a scuffle last week on RAW with Kane looking to exact revenge on Brown for burying his brother, The Undertaker, alive at Survivor Series. Altho Kane won their confrontation last week, what will go down with these two both slated to be entered in the Battle Royal?

With two victories over Shelton Benjamin, the "Phenomenal One" AJ Styles is edging closer and closer to a shot at Shelton's coverted Intercontinental Championship. Tonight AJ will take on Shelton's former partner and recent ally Charlie Haas in singles action. Is AJ's roll going to continue, or is Shelton planning to throw a spanner in the works?

Former partners Mark Jindrak and Lance Cade will meet in singles action to settle their differences. Cade turned on Jindrak, blaming him for too many mistakes and holding him back from being the break away star he should be. Will Cade be victorious or is Jindrak going to have his former friends numnber?

And finally after their debut on RAW last week since they moved from SmackDown!, MNM attacked the current World Tag Champs Cryme Tyme and made it known that they're coming right for their straps. The two teams will meet tonight in a non title match

All this plus much more on Monday Night RAW, 9/8pm central on the USA Network


Confirmed Matches

25 Man Battle Royal

AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas

Cryme Tyme vs MNM

Mark Jindrak vs Lance Cade


RAW should be up by Wednesday at this rate. Look for it. <3.


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Re: Renegade™ Presents: WWE 2006 - The Return Of Sexehness

'Ello sugarbuns.

Erm, hate the Battle Royal, tbh. It always seems like such a copout when done irl. Tell me you don't do it every second month like WWE used to do. Have Cena win, plz.

Cryme Tyme suck. Have MNM take their belts eventually plz.

Jindrak > cade. Have him fuck Cade up.

Altogether looks reasonably sexeh. I'll probably review, if I decide it's not a total waste of my time.

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