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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006


it's been a while, but myself and Para have been talking, and we decided to bring this one back with us both wanting to finally reach a WrestleMania the main motivation.

Like before, I will be doing RAW and Para will be doing SmackDown.

I will point out due to busy jobs we may have to recap shows but whatever, WE'RE BACK

Love us plz


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006


Gonna have to do some reading up in this thread but that's a formality. Good to see this back.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006



Good luck. Hope you fuckers stick with it.

u b da shit
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Who wheeled out these fossils?

This could be alright, I guess. Maybe. Probably not.

Nah, it'll be decent.

Welcome back.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

So, so, so happy to see this back.

With the juicy roster you guys have, this Mania could be one of the best PPV's this place has ever seen.

Hurry up and get there.

Oh and you both still suck though...

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

previews are gay and I hate them, but I guess I should do one...

WWE Monday Night RAW Preview for 12/18/06
Live from the Verizon Centre - Washington; DC

Just 24 hours removed from a huge Armageddon, the superstars of RAW roll into the nations capital for the final edition of RAW for 2006

The Rock won his first WWE Championship in over four years when he defeated Edge last night in an exciting main event. How will The Rock's first night as champion go, and what will former champ Edge have to say after only holding the gold for one month?

Triple H finally put his long running feud with the McMahon family to bed last night, beating Shane McMahon in a brutal Ambulance match. What next for The Game? Will he finally get back in the hunt for the WWE Championship that the McMahon's cost him earlier in the year?

Christian picked up a huge victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin last night, thanks in part to his Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko. Surely Christian will have something to say about this as will Stone Cold

MNM beat Cryme Tyme to become the new World Tag Team Champions last night, tonight there will be a rematch with JTG & Shad chomping at the bit to get the titles back

One man who won't be in attendance will be Rob Van Dam. RVD battled through injuries to a loss against Brock Lesnar at Armageddon and has been given the night of by medical officials, which surely will not impress Edge, whom RVD cost the WWE Championship last night

Trish Stratus managed to retain the Women's Championship against a dominant Beth Phoenix last night, and unfortunately due to a family emergency won't be on RAW tonight, Beth Phoenix will however, and she has something to say after last night's match

The draft lottery will conclude it's second chapter tonight and Thursday on SmackDown, which new superstars will RAW be acquiring tonight?

For all this and more including Monty Brown, Kane, AJ Styles, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas, tune in for RAW at 9/8pm central on FX


Confirmed Matches

Cryme Tyme vs MNM (c) - World Tag Team Championship Match

Monty Brown in action


I'll post RAW sometime over the weekend, I'll get a few more reviews for peeps up in the meantime, so hopefully that'll lead to some people actually reading RAW


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

RAW looks rather star-packed in a Renegadian/Attitude Era-esque kind of way. Looking forward to Rocky's reign. No disappointment plz.
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

WWE Monday Night RAW
Verizon Centre - Washington; DC

Opening Video

Before going live to the arena we're shown a highlights video of Armageddon last night, as Shelton Benjamin finally defeats AJ Styles using the ropes for leverage to retain his Intercontinental Championship, then Monty Brown over coming Kane in a physical match up, MNM beating Cryme Tyme to become the new World Tag Champs, Trish Stratus just managing to retain her Women's Championship against Beth Phoenix, Brock Lesnar beating a wounded Rob Van Dam, Christian beating Stone Cold with a little help from Tomko, Triple H finally putting his rivalry with the McMahon's away winning a brutal Ambulance Match against Shane McMahon and finally The Rock winning his first WWE Championship in over four years as he beats Edge in a classic encounter thanks to RVD nailing Edge with a Van Daminator


The camera pans around the arena as we're welcomed by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler

JR: Hello and welcome everyone to the final RAW of 2006! We're live from the sold out Verizon Centre here in Washington; DC and hot off the heels of Armageddon just twenty four hours ago where we witnessed some huge results King, and none bigger than the crowning of a new WWE Champion as The Rock defeated Edge to be-

King: I need to point out that The Rock defeated Edge only because Rob Van Dam screwed Edge! He attacked our former Champion and cost him the match JR! It's a travesty, just one month after finally winning the gold, Edge was robbed plain and simple!

JR: Well be that as it may King, The Rock is the new WWE Champion and I'm sure we'll be hearing from him tonight aswell as Edge who no doubt will have something to say about what The King has just talked about, the interference from RVD which no doubt gave The Rock the advantage. We also have some big news as the second part of the Draft Lottery will take place tonight, four superstars selected at random will be drafted to RAW King, and on Thursday unfortunately we will lose four to SmackDown in return.

King: I hope we get rid of that menace Rob Van Dam, JR!

JR: How can you say that King?

King: Actually you're right, I hope Edge gives him what he deserves and then we're rid of him!

JR: So much to look ahead to as the fallout from Armageddon begins and the road to the Royal Rumble in five weeks time begins!


The crowd comes unglued with a massive ovation as the new WWE Champion, The Rock, steps out on stage. Rocky soaks up the reception from the fans, pacing back and forth to both ends of the stage before heading to the ring, his new WWE title in hand. Rock climbs the turnbuckle and raises the belt high to another massive pop, before hopping down and receiving a mic from Lilian Garcia. As his music dies down, The Rock begins to speak

Rock: Wo-

The Rock can't go on as the crowd are still going nuts, drowning him out with a booming "ROCKY" chant as The Rock grins and nods his head in appreciation for the response from the fans

Rock: Wow...Thank you.

Crowd erupts

Rock: You know, The Rock's got alot to say tonight, but The Rock's gotta start by saying FINALLY...THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO WASHINGTON!

Mega cheap pop and another "Rocky" chant breaks out as The Rock paces around the ring and clears his throat briefly

Rock: And finally...finally...

Rock looks down at the WWE Championship in his hand

Rock: Finally, The Rock is the WWE Champion again!

You guessed it, another massive cheer

Rock: Now The Rock wants to take you all back to Madison Square Garden, March 14th, 2004 – WrestleMania Twenty. The Rock thought he had wrestled his last match...

Rocky pauses for a moment

Rock: The Rock had a problem, The Rock just wasn't "feeling it". After nearly seven years of hard work, late nights, early mornings, blood, sweat, tears, bruises, and laying the smacketh down week after week, night after night, The Rock was nearly running on empty.

Few boos from the crowd as Rock acknowledges the crowd to hear him out

Rock: After seven years, The Rock was almost burned out. The motivation, the aura, the passion you could say, just wasn't there. So The Rock made a tough call, The Rock left the WWE and went onto other things.

Boos for Rock's absence

Rock: The Rock loved it, the different experience, different environment, not going to bed exhausted and drained every night, not having to wake up every morning bruised black and blue. The Rock thought he had it all.

Another pause by The Rock as he shakes his head

Rock: But after a while, The Rock started to get this feeling. The Rock was missing something. The Rock was missing...his home...

Crowd pops

Rock: The Rock was missing the place that gave him the chance be become the man he was, The Rock was missing the thrill of Monday nights, The Rock was missing the loving eyes from Lilian Garcia

Crowd erupts into laughter as the camera shows Lilian laughing and blushing

Rock {grinning}: How ya doin' honey?

Garcia mouths "I'm fine" to Rocky

Rock: Damn right you fine mamacita!

More laughter

Rock: But seriously, most of all, the thing The Rock missed most of all, was the people!

HUGE pop and another "Rocky" chant breaks out

Rock: The Rock missed the MILLIONS...AND MILLIONS of The Rock's fans supporting him every week, through the good and the bad, and let The Rock tell you now there is nothing more in this business that The Rock appreciates more, than the people.

Crowd continues to make some noise

Rock: So when The Rock decided he couldnt stay away any longer, The Rock knew he had to come back to where it all began for him, The Rock knew he had a whole bunch of new jabroni's that needed to know their roles, and The Rock has been laying the smacketh down like never before! People asked The Rock, "how long do you plan on staying this time before Hollywood calls again?" "are you just back for the paycheck?" well let The Rock tell each and every one of you, that The Rock ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE!

Crowd erupts again

Rock: And now that The Rock is the WWE Champion, he's gonna go on and defend that baby against anyone brave enough to want to get The Rock's size 14 boot SHOVED STRAIGHT UP THEIR CANDY ASS!

Rocky removes his shades, getting serious

Rock: So Edge, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Christian...hell maybe even Stone Cold St-

Rock is cut off by a huge cheer for the mention of Austin

Rock: The Rock said maybe even Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Huge pop

Rock: But it doesn't really matter, you can try and go one on one with The Great One, but the end result is gonna see the jabroni beatin', pie eatin', trail blazin', eyebrow raisin' People's Champ whip that ass...

Rock tilts his head back




The arena explodes into jeers as none other than the "Rated R Superstar" and former WWE Champion, Edge makes his way out with Lita by his side, looking furious. The Rock stares a hole right through Edge for interrupting his trademark line


Heat as Edge's music dies off

Edge: If I have to listen to anymore of your crap Rock I think I'm gonna puke!

Huge heat as The Rock raises his eyebrow

Edge: You know, I know, all these idiots here in Washington; DC know (mega heat) and everyone around the world knows last night, once again, I WAS SCREWED!

Yep, saw it coming, more heat

Edge: I had you beaten Rock, I had you finished and then Rob Van Dam had to stick his nose in business that he didn't belong in and SCREW ME OUT OF MY DAMN TITLE!

Cheers for Van Dam as the crowd gets under Edge's skin and starts an "R-V-D" chant


Yeah Edge, that'll work, huge heat

Edge: So right now, I demand that justice be served, I demand I get my rematch for the WWE Title, right here tonight!

Crowd pops, wanting to see that match

Edge: So Mi-

Rock: WHOA WHOA WHOA! The Rock's heard enough already. Firstly, how dare you come out here and interrupt The Rock you little piece of monkey crap!


Rock: Who do you think you are?

Edge: I'M THE GO-


Edge gets got, again, and isn't impressed

Edge: Rock I do-


Crowd erupts

Rock {Whinging voice}: Oh my name's Edge and I'm a compulsive whinger and I was the champ and then I got screwed wah wah wah {/Whinging voice}. Well The Rock says that's a touching story Edge but The Rock has news for you, NOBODY GIVES A MONKEY'S NUTSACK!

The fans are eating this up as another "Rocky" chant breaks out

Rock: The Rock says you go on about how you got screwed, well The Rock says you should take comfort in the fact that you only got screwed by one man in this company last night because The Rock is damn sure that the slut next to you got screwed by more than that!

Crowd explodes as Lita looks upset and Edge loses his shit

Edge: Enough of your games Rock, enough of your petty childish insults, GIVE ME MY TITLE SHOT!

Rock: You want to go? Live, tonight in Washington; DC you want to go ONE ON ONE WITH THE GREAT ONE?

Edge nods furiously, refusing to fall for Rock's question trick again

Rock: Well The Rock says he'll have no problem lacing up his boots, walking down that aisle, stepping into the ring and WHIPPIN' YOUR CANDY ASS ONCE MORE!

Crowd erupts



Mick Foley comes out to a good reaction from the fans, mic in hand

Foley: Hang on a second there Rock. Did you just say you would put the WWE Title on the line tonight, right here in Washington; DC?

Cheap pop

Rock: Mick you bet your one un-mangled ear The Rock would.

Foley: Fine, then tonight, on the final RAW of 2006, in the final main event of the year, The Rock will defend the WWE Championship against Edge, and there will be NO OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE!

Mixed reaction but leaning more to cheers that the match is made

Foley: That means Edge, no Lita, and that also means no chance of Rob Van Dam "screwing" you out of the title again, and nobody else from appearing aswell. And to make sure that happens and all goes to plan, there will be a guest referee for this match and it will be... ME!

Big cheer for that, Edge doesn't seem happy but The Rock doesn't care

Foley: Have a nice day!

Foley heads to the back as Rock & Edge stare down

JR: OH MY GOD! What a main event we have tonight! The Rock will defend his newly won WWE Championship against Edge, and Mick Foley our General Manager will be the guest referee. King this is huge!

King: That sure is JR, I can't believe the nerve of The Rock to say what he did, but Edge will make everything right tonight and win back his title now that The Rock won't have any help!

JR: Well I don't know about that King but what a way to kick off RAW, and when we return from this commercial folks, we're gonna find out who the first Draftee to the RAW brand is. We'll be right back, don't go anywhere!


Back live and Lance Cadeis standing in the ring with a mic in hand. Cade says this draft is just a way of over shadowing and holding back certain guys in the back, and he feels he's one of them. Cade says he's issuing an open challenge to whoever the first draftee is to come out and face him one on one right now! Lance goes onto say whoever it ends up being is gonna wish they stayed on SmackDown by the time he gets through with them




The crowd erupts as BOOKER T heads out on stage, grinning from ear to ear and pointing out to fans in the crowd

JR: What a coup for RAW! The former five time WCW Champion, Booker T is the first man to be drafted to RAW from SmackDown!

King: What? This is huge for us JR, what a coup indeed. Booker T!

Booker heads to the ring and Lance Cade seems to somewhat regret his challenge now as The Book Man gets another great pop from the fans as he mounts the turnbuckle and plays to the crowd

Match 1
Singles Match

First RAW Draft Pick Booker T vs Lance Cade
Crowd is hot for Booker all match with a "Booker Tee" chant circulating around as The Book Man takes the cocky youngster Cade to school in the early going. Booker comes close after hitting a Spin Kick but Cade is able to kick out.
Cade attempts to use some underhanded tactics and get the upper hand on Booker with a rake to the eyes and even manages to hit an impressive Sitout Spinebuster Slam for a 2 count but The Book kicks out.
Cade goes up top looking for the DIVING ELBOW...but crashes and burns as Booker T moves out of the way! Booker then unloads on Cade with right hands and knife edge chops, and catches the youngster coming off the ropes with an emphatic BOOK END! Booker covers for the win and kicks off his return to RAW with a bang
Winner @ 5:21 – Booker T

Booker T shuts Cade up for now with an impressive win and gives the fans what they want, a SPINEROONI!~ as he celebrates a winning return to the red brand

JR: Booker T is back with a bang on RAW! Lance Cade whilst a brash and cocky youngster is no push over but Booker was just too good for Cade tonight.

King: You're right there JR, I'm no fan of Booker myself but I can admit that was impressive.

We cut backstage to see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas talking between themselves, with Shelton saying he finally beat AJ Styles last night and now he can put that ghost behind him when almost on cue, AJ STYLES walks into view! Benji's happiness seems to disappear as AJ approaches him and sarcastically congratulates Shelton on his win last night, saying he may have won but they both know he didn't do it fairly, which to AJ means that Shelton still can't beat Styles properly. Shelton seems a little dumbfounded and lost for words as AJ Styles says Shelton better enjoy his time with the IC title because he'll get another shot at it, and when he does, they both know AJ won't allow Shelton to get the unfair advantage again, and Styles will finally become the Intercontinental Champ. Styles walks off with a smirk having gotten in Shelton's head as Charlie Haas pats Benji on the back, trying to console his partner who looks annoyed and maybe a bit of self doubt is setting in after what AJ said?


Back live and we are backstage in the presence of Todd Grisham who is standing by with Monty Brown and The Coach! Grisham asks Coach what's next for Monty after his victory over Kane at Armageddon last night? Coach says Brown showed everyone these past few months that he is no joke, he buried The Undertaker alive at Survivor Series, and he beat "The Big Red Machine" last night. Coach says the next goal is the WWE Championship, and officially announces that Monty will be entering the Royal Rumble (shock horror right?) and will be winning that match, and going onto the main event at WrestleMania 23 at Invesco Field at Mile High to become the WWE Champion. Coach holds the mic to Monty Brown who says everyone on RAW is being put on notice to FEAR THE POUNCE, coz nothing's getting in his way and nobody can stop him from doing exactly just what The Coach said... PERIOD! Brown storms off after that short and sweet intense speach as Grisham sends it back to ringside

JR: Well strong words there from Monty Brown and his manager Jonathan Coachman, and it has to be said since he buried The Undertaker alive at Survivor Series, Monty Brown has been rampant, almost unstoppable.

King: Look at the man JR, he's a perfect physical specimen and it wouldn't shock me if he did infact win the Royal Rumble next month!


The crowd gives a decent pop as the former World Tag Champs, JTG and Shad aka Cryme Tyme make their way down to the ring, ready for their rematch after losing to MNM last night. The duo look more focused than usual, forgoing their antics and getting prepared


Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro, accompanied by Melina come out with their usual pre match routine of the red carpet and paparazzi taking shots of them with their newly won World Tag Team Championships. Melina does his spectacular ring entrance and then poses with her boys

Match 2
World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme vs MNM (c)
It's not that much of a match, and follows a similar theme to that of last night's match, MNM isolating the smaller JTG and working him over in tandem, like a well oiled machine. Eventually JTG makes the tag to Shad who comes in and over powers Nitro and Mercury with clotheslines, then a Big Boot to Mercury and a Powerslam to Nitro. Shad then gets distracted by Melina on the apron who plays with her skirt, raising it up slightly, showing off some delicious thigh, which distracts Shad for long enough for Mercury to mug him from behind. Nitro joins in but JTG evens things up, however in the ensuing chaos, JTG gets sent crashing into the steel steps, and Shad falls victim to the SNAPSHOT! Nitro covers for the elementary 1...2...3! MNM beat Cryme Tyme again!
Winners @ 6:34 – MNM
Retain World Tag Team Championships

Mercury & Nitro are joined by their ecstatic manager Melina who hands them their titles and the trio leave JTG & Shad to lick their wounds after a second loss in 24 hours

JR: Well they gave it what they could but Cryme Tyme couldn't recapture the Tag Titles and MNM looked extremely impressive here King.

King: You sound almost surprised Ross, they're clearly the superior team as they showed just then and deservedly so won the match. Oh and Melina, she makes my heart melt JR!

JR: She certainately has an impact that's for sure, for better or worse.

King: Definitely for the better JR, greatest entrance of all time!

Oh King you rascal you


We return from the break with an outside shot of the Verizon Centre as JR & King welcome us back

JR: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, there you see the Verizon Centre which has been sold out for weeks and the fans inside tonight have not been disappointed yet have they King?

King: Surely not JR, we've got The Rock vs Edge as our main event for the WWE Championship, we've seen Booker T drafted to RAW and still have three others to be revealed later tonight!


The crowd erupts to the familiar sound of Lemmy's raspy voice as "The Game" Triple H heads to the ring with a bandage over his forehead after his war last night with Shane McMahon in the Ambulance match. Hunter takes a moment to look into the crowd as he stands on the apron before doing his trademark pose, spraying water up into the air and getting into the ring

JR: Well this man has been through hell since WrestleMania and has finally, after months of the McMahon's doing everything they can to ruin his life, Triple H ended that involvement last night beating Shane McMahon in a brutal Ambulance match.

King: He has had it tough JR, I can't argue that, though some of it was through his own doing.

JR: Either way, "The Game" is free of the McMahon's and surely will have his sights set back on getting to the top of the mountain again.

Triple H begins by saying this year has been absolute hell for him, and that he's glad 2007 is almost here and he can leave the past twelve months in the past. Hunter says he's had to deal with betrayal, manipulation, flat out favouritism all against him and he's come through, still alive and kicking and strong as ever. Trips says now that he's gotten rid of the McMahon's he's only got one thing on his mind and that is reclaiming the WWE Championship! Trips says he's throwing his name into the hat and whoever our Champ is come the first week of '07, Triple H is ready to get back the WWE Title. The crowd cheers as Triple H says he doesn't care who wins tonight between The Rock and Edge, because he's beaten them both before and he'll do it again, because he is "The Cerebral Assassin", he is "The Game" and he is that damn good!


If anything it's more of a pop out of surprise for Christian before it degenerates into a mixed reaction as "Captain Charisma" steps out on stage with his "Problem Solver" Tyson Tomko by his side. Christian points to a group of "Peeps" in the audience before saying that if anyone should be throwing their name into the title mix, it should be none other than Christian. He points out he just scored pinfall victory over arguably the greatest superstar of all time last night in Steve Austin, whilst Triple H only beat some silver spoon fed, cruiserweight sized, rookie with no actual wrestling ability! Mixed reaction for that. Christian says he's been making an impact this year, he's climbed the ladder and he's showed that he deserves a chance to roll with the big dogs more than anyone else.
Trips claims that acting like a baby who throws their toys out of the pram when things don't go their way, talking alot of crap and costing Team RAW a victory at Survivor Series is hardly a resume to qualify for a title shot to a big pop from the fans. Christian asks Hunter to speak up as he can't hear him clearly over his massive shnoz! Triple H says instead of always running his mouth, why doesn't Christian come down here and then we'll see who's the better contender for a title match? Christian begins walking down to the ring with Tomko by his side and Triple H tells Christian to be a man and leave his pet goat tied up to the pole which infuriates Tomko, but Christian shakes his head saying "The Game" wanted him, he gets Tomko as they're a package deal. HHH prepares himself as tensions mount and it looks like we're gonna have a brawl when


The crowd jeers as "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar and his manager Jim Cornette make their way out. Triple H and Christian both turn up, looking to the stage. Cornette says these two are kidding themselves if they think either of them should be getting a chance at the title when Brock Lesnar has been in unstoppable form lately. Cornette points to the Battle Royal a few weeks back when Lesnar dominated the match and eliminated half the superstars in the match. He then brings up last night's victory over RVD, saying Lesnar beat Van Dam quicker than either Triple H or Christian could ever hope to do so. Cornette says if there's anyone who should be the next to challenge for the WWE Championship, it's none other than Brock Lesnar.
Christian sarcastically congratulates Lesnar on beating a half crippled RVD which gets a pop from the fans, telling Cornette it must have been so tough for his client to win that match when RVD couldn't move properly. Christian says both Triple H and Lesnar are clutching at straws and he puts forward the best arguement, having the most impressive win and year as a whole.
Triple H has had enough and tells Christian to stop stalling and come and back his big words up from earlier, and "Captain Charisma" says that Hunter isn't even in the game with a smile as TOMKO JUMPS TRIPLE H FROM BEHIND!

The crowd boos heavily as Christian slides in and joins Tomko in stomping away at Triple H. The two men back HHH into the corner and look to pick him apart but Trips fights back with right hands to both men, as Cornette tells Lesnar to "get in there and make a statement" and with that, Brock darts to the ring. Triple H clotheslines Tomko out of the ring and looks for a PEDIGREE...BUT COPS A CLOTHESLINE FROM BROCK LESNAR! The heat continues to pour in as Brock mounts Triple H and hammers away with right hands, but Christian grabs Brock from behind and PLANTS HIM WITH A FALLING REVERSE DDT! Christian then goes back to Triple H as the two duke it out with right hands, Triple H gains the advantage, but then Brock Lesnar tackles Hunter through the ropes out to the floor and



The Verizon Centre goes bananas with a thunderous ovation as STONE COLDsprints down to the ring and GOES RIGHT FOR CHRISTIAN! The crowd explodes as Austin and Christian duke it out with Austin getting the advantage and knocking Christian down. Tyson Tomko tries to jump Austin from behind like he did to Triple H earlier but Stone Cold has it scouted and BOOTS TOMKO IN THE GUT...STUNNER! Austin drops the "Problem Solver" and all hell is breaking loose as he and Christian brawl, as do Triple H and Lesnar

???: Alright, cut it out!

It's none other than our General Manager, Mick Foley, making his second appearance of the night as security and officials break up the four superstars to heat from the fans who were looking forward to a bit of chaos

Foley: I've heard and seen enough.

Foley strokes his beard for a moment then looks like a light bulb has lit up inside his mind

Foley: In two weeks, when RAW returns after the festive break, on the first RAW of 2007, we're going to find out the next man in line for a WWE Championship opportunity, and it will be Christian...

Mixed reaction and Christian think's he's got the shot just like that

Foley: VERSUS - Triple H (huge cheer) versus Brock Lesnar (heat) versus Stone Cold in a Fatal 4 Way Number One Contender's match!

Crowd erupts for that announcement and while none of the superstars look particulary thrilled it's Christian who's upset the most with Austin's inclusion, saying he lost last night

Foley: And until that match begins and the bell is rung, if any of you lay a finger on anyone else in the match, then you will be dropped from the match!

Foley leaves it at that and does his "Bang Bang" taunt to the fans as his music hits and we cut to a commercial with all four men reacting to the announcement


JR: We're back and folks if you missed it just before the break, all hell broke loose between Triple H, Christian, Brock Lesnar and Steve Austin and now we have ourselves a massive main event on the next edition of RAW, a Fatal 4 Way match with the winner the Number One Contender for the WWE Title!

King: Huge JR, just huge! What a match it's gonna be, although I don't think Stone Cold deserves to be in it, he lost to Christian last night after all.

JR: We all know he lost thanks to an assist from Tyson Tomko to Christian, without that it might have been a different story.

Match 3
Singles Match
Tommy Dreamer vs Monty Brown
w/The Coach
Poor veteran Tommy Dreamer has had some beatings down the years but this was one of the most brutal as Monty continues his dominant form and makes fairly short work of the ECW legend, going through the motions and hitting some power moves like the Alpha Bomb and the Circle Of Life before shrugging off a brief rally from Tommy D and flattening him with THE POUNCE!
Winner @ 3:57 – Monty Brown

Monty looks to further inflict damage but



KANE heads to the ring, quick as he can and whilst Brown looks ready to rumble with Kane again, The Coach advises against it and as Kane slides into the ring, Brown hops out to some boo's from the fans as Kane stands in the ring, staring back at Brown

JR: Well Monty Brown looked to make an example out of Tommy Dreamer, but thankfully Kane had other ideas.

King: Kane should've learned from last night not to get involved with Monty Brown, you can bet he lost a few chromosones in that beating.

JR: Folks I'm being told that Maria is standing by with the second RAW draft pick, so let's take it backstage and find out who we've got!

Maria is backstage with JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD! The crowd is a bit surprised but still jeers the loudmouth Texan as he's revealed as the second draftee to RAW tonight. Maria asks JBL how he feels about moving from SmackDown where he's been for over three years and JBL says he's happy to change as he wasn't getting the respect a "Wrestling God" deserved over on the blue brand by their General Manager, but he says Mick Foley will surely show him more courtesy over here on Monday Night's as he will assert himself as one of the all time greats. JBL keeps it short and sweet and walks off, promising that 2007 will be the year of J-B-L

JR: Wow, another big acquisition to the RAW roster, a former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield!

King: This is fantastic JR, not only a "Wrestling God" but also a successful businessman and just a classy human being, just what we needed.


We return to find Rhyno and Carlito in the ring

"I AM"

Brings the crowd to their feet with a good pop as "The Phenominal One" AJ Styles appears, flipping his hood up and extending his hands out to his side as the pyro falls down behind him. AJ joins his team mates in the ring and awaits his opponents


The duo of Matt Striker and Chris Masters make their way out, Striker has a mic in hand announces that he has been told their partner will be the third draft pick for RAW which gets the crowd buzzing a bit


Some heat can be heard as GREGORY HELMS appears on stage, revealed as the third draft pick. Helms taunts the fans and joins Striker and Masters in the ring for this match

Match 4
Six Man Tag Team Match
AJ Styles, Carlito
& Hardcore Champion Rhyno
Third Draft Pick Gregory Helms, Matt Striker & Chris Masters
In a match pretty much here to make AJ look good after his cheap loss to Shelton last night, and also get Carlito, Rhyno and now Helms some air time on a packed show, we're treated to an entertaining match with all six men having time to shine, the heels go to isolate Carlito and work him over, but Carlito mounts a comeback, scoring with a Handspring Back Elbow on Striker and tags in Rhyno!
Rhyno is rampant on the hot tag, running through Striker and Helms, then gets battered by Masters before AJ Styles makes the save with the PELE KICK to “The Masterpiece” taking him out. Carlito and Rhyno double team Striker and Rhyno nails the GORE, and just as AJ Styles looks to put Helms down with the STYLES CLASH...SHELTON BENJAMIN SNEAKS INTO THE RING AND NAILS AJ WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Helms quickly rolls Styles up with a Schoolboy as the ref was busy trying to restrain Rhyno and Carlito, therefore didn't see it, and makes the count 1...2...3!
Winners @ 7:14 – Gregory Helms, Matt Striker & Chris Masters

Helms celebrates a victorious debut on RAW as his partners recover and retreat up the ramp, as Rhyno attends to AJ and Carlito berates Chad Patton for not seeing the Shelton interference. Benjamin is up on the stage smirking as AJ Styles comes to, holding his head and wincing, as Benji holds his IC Title up high and yells at Styles “you'll never get this”

JR: Well much like Booker T earlier, Gregory Helms makes a winning start to life on RAW, but it has to be said, it only came about thanks to Shelton Benjamin once again making times hard for AJ Styles.

King: A wins a win JR, Helms won't care, and after what AJ said to Shelton earlier, disrespecting our Intercontinental Champ, he deserved that!

JR: Oh come on King!

Cut backstage and Beth Phoenix cuts a promo on Trish Stratus, saying last night Beth dominated the Women's Champion and but for a lucky break she had Trish beaten. Phoenix says there has never been a woman as dominant as her in this business. She then points out that apparently Trish Stratus couldn't make it tonight as she has “family commitments” but Beth points out that Trish isn't here tonight because she's scared. She knows her time as Women's Champ is coming to an end and she's hiding, trying to draw out the inevitable. Beth says Trish has to come and face the music soon enough, she can't make up excuses to not attend shows forever, and walks off as we fade to a commercial break


Todd Grisham interviews Rob Van Dam and we find out RVD was given tonight off to recover after the injuries he suffered from Edge and then the match with Lesnar last night hadn't allowed them to fully heal, but RVD promises he'll be back in action as soon as possible and he's gonna smoke Edge's ass once more

We then cut to see Edge watching on a monitor from his locker room, glaring at the screen in pure hatred, Lita attempts to calm her man down, reminding him he's got the WWE Title to worry about tonight. Edge says he knows and luckily there's no interference, he just hopes Foley does a better job than last time he refereed a match involving Edge, otherwise the “Rated R Superstar” might have to remind Mick what happened after (reminding us of the Foley/Edge feud that followed and that Hardcore match at Mania) and then after he's got his title back, he's gonna make RVD suffer for what he did last night

RAW & SmackDown Production
Live from the AT&T Centre
San Antonio; Texas

Back live at ringside and Lilian Garcia is standing in the ring

Lilian: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the fourth – AND FINAL – draft pick for RAW!

The crowd rises to their feet in anticipation, hardly a single person is left seated as everyone looks towards the titantron

JR: Who's it gonna be King?

King: I dunno JR, it's so hard to pick, it could be anyone!






King: AHH!

JR: It can't be!

King: Surely not JR, he's buried alive!


The familiar music of none other than THE UNDERTAKER begins to fill the Verizon Centre sending the crowd into a frenzy. It's literally defeaning inside the arena as we continue to await the arrival of “The Phenom” but he's nowhere to be seen

King: Where is he JR?

JR: I have no idea King, last we saw of The Undertaker he was attacked by Monty Brown at Survivor Series and buried alive by Brown and also Goldberg! Listen to this crowd King, I haven't heard a response like this in a while!

King: It's so loud I can hardly hear you, not like that's necessarily a bad thing.

We continue to await as the symphony dies off, but there is still no sign of The Undertaker here tonight, as the GONG hits one more time to a less enthusiastic pop, the fans disappointed and the lights come back on, and the ring is empty, no sign of the Deadman at all

JR: Well I don't quite know how to explain that folks, I guess RAW has drafted The Undertaker, but he's been buried alive! Regardless, we're just moments away from our huge main event, The Rock vs Edge for the WWE Championship, we'll be right back!


We return to ringside...



The crowd pops as Mick Foley, the General Manager, makes his way down to the ring dressed in a ref's shirt, ready to officiate this huge main event

JR: Well here we go folks, it's the final main event of 2006 on RAW, and it doesn't get any bigger than a WWE Championship match, The Rock defends against Edge, there will be no outside interference and Mick Foley will be the guest referee!

King: I can't wait to see Edge get his title back JR.

JR: I personally can't wait to see The Rock shut Edge up once and for all!



Edge storms straight down to the ring, forgoing his pyro routine on the ramp, looking extremely focused. Edge slides into the ring and glares at Foley, who points to the referee uniform as if to say “I'm in charge here” as Edge continues to stare a hole through him


For the second time tonight the music of The Rock hits and the crowd erupts. The Rock heads down to the ring, up the stairs, walks along the apron, climbs the turnbuckle and raises the WWE Championship up high, soaking up the huge ovation from the fans

Match 5
WWE Championship Match
Guest Referee: Mick Foley
The Rock (c) vs Edge

It's a fairly even start to the match with neither man really able to get the advantage as the two attempt to out wrestle each other, booming “Rocky” and “Edge Sucks” chants circulate around the arena, and then the fights spills out to the floor as Rock clotheslines Edge over the top. Rock gets his face slammed into the announce table, but moments later Edge crashes shoulder first into the steel steps! The Rock then playfully threatens Foley who tries to get the two back in the ring, but Mick is ignoring their friendship and calling it down the middle, which gets “The Brahma Bull” a little off guard, and Edge clubs him from behind then drops The Rock chest first over the barricade.
Edge stomps away at The Rock and this time Foley gets into Edge's face and tells him to take the match back into the ring, causing Edge to glare at Mick. Edge rolls The Rock back in and locks on DAT DREADED SLEEPER HOLD as we cut to a commercial

Back from the break we see during the commercials The Rock fought out of it, and caught Edge off the ropes with a Samoan Drop! Both men recover and trade blows, with Rocky getting the better of it and whips Edge to the ropes, kick to the gut on return, People's DDT! Cover 1...2..kickout!
The Rock goes for the SHARPSHOOTER...but Edge kicks The Rock back. Rock comes back for it again and EDGE REACHES UP AND PULLS ROCK INTO A SMALL PACKAGE 1...2..kickout! Close call as the match picks up, the two men get to their feet and Edge swings wildly at The Rock who ducks it and looks for the ROCK BOTTOM...Edge blocks it, elbows free then plants Rock with the EDGEACUTION! Edge hooks back both legs 1...2...NO! Rock just kicks out to the crowd's joy, as Edge slaps the mat. Edge now grabs The Rock by the legs and locks in the EDGEUCATOR! Edge has his submission move locked on, and The Rock is feeling it, but he doesn't give in and makes the ropes! Edge keeps the hold on despite Foley's count so Foley pulls Edge off the hold! Edge shoves Foley in frustration and Foley shoves Edge back to a pop from the fans, reminding Edge he's the referee! Edge looks ready to throw a punch at Mick who dares Edge to, but Edge thinks better of it and turns around INTO A SPINEBUSTER! The crowd goes wild, both men down, THE ROCK KIPS UP! Rocky signals for the People's Elbow, throws his elbow pad into the crowd, hits the ropes and DROPS THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Rock covers 1...2...NO! EDGE GETS A SHOULDER UP! Crowd thought Rock had it as he breathes heavily, also thinking he may have won it there. Rock stalks Edge now, readying for the Rock Bottom, and the “Rated R Superstar” gets to his feet, turns into Rock...ROCK BOTTOM...NO! Edge blocks it again, slips out the side, round the back and hits the Edge-O-Matic! Edge pulls back both legs for the cover 1...2...ROCK GETS A SHOULDER UP! The crowd erupts, Edge is livid, telling Foley that was three, but Mick only shows the two.

Edge now crouches down in the corner, waiting for The Rock to get up, and as he does, Edge charges in with the SPEAR...BUT ROCK MOVES AND EDGE NAILS FOLEY! Mick Foley cops the Spear, not at full force, but is down nontheless. Edge mouths “shit” and turns around INTO THE ROCK BOTTOM! Crowd erupts, Rock covers...BUT FOLEY IS OUT! The crowd boo's as The Rock notices that Mick Foley is out and then the heat gets louder as LITA is running down the aisle. Lita grabs the WWE Championship belt and slides into the ring with it and looks to wipe out The Rock...BUT ROCK HAS IT SCOUTED AND CATCHES LITA...ROCK BOTTOM TO LITA! The crowd erupts but Edge picks up the WWE Title and BLASTS ROCK OVER THE BACK WITH IT! Huge heat as Edge throws the belt out of the ring and revives Foley, who crawls over as Edge makes the cover 1...2...THE COUNT STOPS! FOLEY HAS SEEN LITA DOWN ON THE OUTSIDE! Edge is livid and demands Foley finish the count but Mick asks Edge what Lita is doing out there, Edge pretends he has no idea, but Foley isn't falling for it, demanding to know what's going on. Edge continues to say he didn't know she was here (dem lies) but still Mick refuses to believe. Edge covers Rock again but Mick refuses to count! Edge gets up and pulls at his hair, furious, then SNAPS AND LOOKS TO HIT FOLEY...BUT FOLEY BLOCKS IT AND LEVELS EDGE! The crowd explodes as Edge goes down, he gets back up AND THE ROCK PLANTS HIM WITH A ROCK BOTTOM! Rock falls on top of Edge 1...2...3! The Rock retains!
Winner @ 18:46 – The Rock
Retains WWE Championship

The crowd goes wild as The Rock wins and Edge is beaten again. Foley raises The Rock's hand and gives him the WWE Title then exits the ring

JR: He's done it! By God what a match but The Rock has retained, even with Lita's attempted interference!

King: Foley hit Edge JR! He can't do that, he's supposed to be an impartial referee!

JR: What about the Spear from Edge earlier? What about Edge trying to hit Foley first?

King: What an awful way to end the year JR, Edge is screwed again!

JR: What an ending to 2006 on Monday Night RAW folks! The Rock is the Champion heading into 2007, and if it's anything like the last twelve months, we're in for one hell of a ride! Until next year, I'm Jim Ross alongside Jerry “The King” Lawler, goodnight!

The Rock climbs the turnbuckle and raises the strap high as we

Fade to Black


Show's a bit all over the shop, some parts are 4 years old, others 2, others I wrote recently. Forgiveness plz as I get back into the swing of things, recaps may happen depending on time constraints but I will try and atleast get some segments done in full on the way to the Rumble. Will post a new rosters page after SmackDown goes up with the draft finished until after Mania.


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

So, welcome back

Besides the personal feelings about Rock (and Austin) being around full time at the tail end of 2006, let alone being the Champion, my main gripe of Rock being champion is the fact that Edge had only just won the thing. Becoming 11 time champion does as much for Rock as much as becoming 12 or 13 time champion has for Cena in the real world - nothing. It’s just another strike another five bar gate. I felt - and still feel - Edge needed the belt much more at this stage.

The promo itself was fine for what it was. Rock does Rock, and you do it well. Telling a long story about himself seems to be typical Rock fare nowadays, and at least you’ve addressed WHY he’s come back to the WWE. The hint at a possible match versus Austin is something I hope is only a tease; leave the memories alone …

While Rock was fine in what you wrote for him, the promo only ever started to gather a bit of momentum when Edge entered the scene. Angry Edge = Awesome Edge. It might be nice if you switched up Rocks character a little bit before he becomes stale, trotting out the same old stuff like the cry baby voice he did here. You write it well, no doubt … but he’s played the same schtick for more than half a decade at this point. I’m surprised you gave away the rematch right away, and I’d be curious if that was what you originally intended or if you decided to switch things up recently since bringing the thread back. Foley as referee rings alarm bells … Edge to get screwed over again by inept officiating??

Second draft? Interesting. Booker is alright I guess, but the Raw roster is already loaded, so I get the impression he’ll have to make do with the mid card.

Monty Brown will OWN the Rumble for a period. I can see him dumping 4-6 guys in quick order, before a GONG or indeed, maybe even an Undertaker appearance making his return after the no show later in this one. That match is obviously going down at Wrestle Mania

I am surprised his thing with Kane isn’t done yet. I assumed that was put to bed at Armageddon. Could be a big gimmick match down the road where Monty REALLY takes out Takers baby bro??

It was also here were the show started to get a bit clunky for me. Commentary being written out, but promos in recap just seemed … odd.

Two title rematches the night after a PPV?? I’d be feeling pretty short changed if I bought Armageddon at this point MNM are the best team you’ve got, so I’d be happy to see the belts kept on them for a good period. Cryme Tyme are a bit limited in many ways, so I expect that rivalry is put to bed from here. How long until the NAO show up to unseat MNM I wonder

Heel Christian is gold. I’m glad he’s being slotted into the main event bracket as a dick, and although it wasn’t written, his interaction with Triple H was tremendous reading. I’m sure I said I didn’t like the idea of Cornette as Lesnars mouthpiece - I just always associate Cornette as a cartoonish guy, and doesn’t seem the right fit for someone as legit badass as Brock. Only Heyman fits as a manager for Brock. Sort it out :heyman

The end of this segment was a bit of a mess, after Trips, Christian and Brock (through Cornette) made their case for a title shot, Austin got thrown into the contenders match mix just for showing up and dishing out a few stunners … even though he’s coming off a loss from last nights PPV?? Doesnt seem fair on the three other guys who all won. I think it’s Christians match to lose, and a few Christian/Rock promos should be great to read - mainly for Christians heel character mind, but it could be a fun feud. And it’d be fresh too.

In the end four pretty big names heading to Raw - really bolstering the roster, but that’s surely going to deplete Smackdown, which makes me wonder just who will end up going in the opposite direction on that show?? JBL and Gregory Helms are more solid additions to Raw, but surely JBL will end up lost in the shuffle of all these main event stars you have?? Edge, Lesnar, Christian and arguable Monty Brown ahead of him in the pecking order currently … although it looks like Helms will be getting a push off the back. He’s always been a popular guy for people to push around here, and a feud between him and Styles could really help re-establish the I.C Title as the workhorse belt … while all the glory hogs hang on to the top spots …

I kinda assumed that RVD would end up showing up during the main event to cost Edge, but he actually DID take the night off - lazy stoner.

Main Event was a great contest to read, but you just knew that Foley as referee would be a deciding factor. Him costing Edge is something else for Edge to moan about I guess, although I wonder if this is going to be the catalyst for an Edge/Foley angle on top of the obvious Edge/RVD issue. Surely, with the WM season approaching, it’ll be one of them for Edge, but I just wonder if this finish was the beginning of a longer build to Edge vs. Foley, whilst he wraps things up with RVD between now and March to stay busy??

Yeah, I wont lie, this was a bit all over the place at times with some recapped stuff, but some commentary, and Foleys stuff written out at the end of the recapped four man promo. I’d be concerned too that the roster seems STACKED - overly so - but I’ll wait to see who is shipped off to Smackdown, and of course, how you manage all the big names at your disposal. Seeing Rock and Austin as full time acts still at this stage takes me out of it a little bit from a believability stand point, but it’s your thread, it’d be a bit silly for me to dictate who you should or shouldn’t push - use who you want…

But where the fuck is Cody Rhodes??? #debutattherumble&maineventwrestlemania
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Reney’s Raw Feedback.

So. Haven’t done this in a while, but since I’m a nice bloke, I thought I’d better leave something.

As one would expect since we had a title change at the Pay Per View, Rocky opening the show is a sensible decision. You captured his character pretty well, but the content was nothing earth shattering. Like many around these parts, I find it hard to get into The Rock as a fulltime member of the roster in any thread, but I hope you can come up with something different for his character in order to make it stand out. Giving him the title is certainly bucking the trend of many around here, so hopefully this is the start of something you can build on with him.

The promo took off when Edge came out. As you know, I’m a fan of Edge, and enjoy his character immensely when written well, for mine, you definitely did that captured his character quite sufficiently. The interaction between Edge and Rocky was also good. It definitely got more out of Rock, in that his character had a lot more life in it and was as generic, despite the use of his trademark lines. Foley pulling the trigger on the rematch is obviously no surprise to me  but I look forward to seeing how the match plays out later.

Hate Cade. Hate Booker. Nothing match really, other than to announce Booker’s arrival and to give him a quick win to start on the show. Will be interesting to see just how you work him into the roster, because despite my dislike for Booker, he certainly has value and will bolster the midcard.

I am not a fan of Monty either, but I must say you made this enjoyable. You did a good job with him and certainly have plenty to build on here. He is in a good place and I expect him to continue to play a big role.

Not sure why MNM are defending the title tonight, but none the less, they’re on the show and they’re involved but it’s obviously a no brainer for Cryme Tyme to lose. It will be interesting to see what direction you do chose to go down with your tag division for the short term. The division is certainly the weakest component of both Raw and SmackDown, so you will certainly need to do some work in this area I think.

Interesting segment here, obviously there’s a few upper tier guys who are in contention at the moment and building towards the Fatal Fourway, this was good way to start. I hate Hunter, particularly as a face, I don’t have much to say about his opening dialogue for that reason. Christian’s arrival bought things to life, indeed. You wrote Captain Charisma beautifully, captured his character nicely and the way he and Hunter interacted was good. Certainly made Hunter a lot more enjoyable. I’m not sure how I feel about Lesnar and Cornette. I like it for the fact that it’s something different. It’s strange however, to see Lesnar without Heyman, but obviously Heyman isn’t an option for Lesnar, so hopefully you can make Cornette work. I think their partnership has potential, so I look forward to seeing it develop. I liked that once Lesnar arrived, Christian played more of a Tweener role, running down everyone. I think that’s the sort of role Christian plays best to be honest, so it was done well. Bedlam breaks loose and out comes Austin to give us the quartet, but the brawl doesn’t really ensue due to Foley’s arrival. Stone Cold getting the regulation stunner out on Tomko is obviously good to keep the fans happy, but I think the ending of this after Foley announced the Fatal Fourway just felt a bit empty, I guess? Like it was lacking something. It seemed strange that the segment ended and the four of them just stood around and “reacted” to the announcement… just my opinion though.

Monty beats Tommy. Fair enough. Nothing really to see here. Another no brainer. 3 of them now.

Kane arrives. Monty leaves. Fans get angry. Feud continues. Fair enough. Moving along.

Again, like Booker, where JBL fits in will be interesting, because he certainly has the potential to add value to both the mid card and the Main Event, so it will be intriguing to see the direction you take with him.

The 6 man tag was a nice addition to the card purely for the fact it wasn’t as predictable as the earlier 3 matches. As well as announcing the arrival of the next draftee, Gregory Helms, the main purpose of this match seems to me simply to get all 6 superstars on the show, as well as possibly highlight all the possibly contenders involved around the IC Title scene, as all of them, other than probably Striker, have potential to be involved down the track for that belt. Interesting result to finish. I think you made a good decision to be honest. Obviously the current issue between AJ and Shelton is progressed, whilst also giving the others an opportunity to shine at the same time. I think with the 6 guys involved in this match, plus Shelton as Champion, as well as the likes of Charlie Haas, Booker T and JBL, your IC Title division is actually quite exciting. Had not realised that till now.

Divas. Yep. Next.

See ya soon, RVD. No marks for having him be soft

Edge certainly has a lot on the agenda at the moment.

Hmm. Rumble. We need a poster/banner. APPLY WITHIN. <3

As I’ve already said, I actually liked the way you unveiled The Undertaker, despite the fact that we didn’t get to see him. It’s something different and builds intrigue as to when we might eventually get to see him. Good stuff.

Main Event time. Certainly an entertaining encounter. Pleased that you went into plenty of depth with it and gave both men time to shine, but needless to say, the match ended as a bit of a clusterfuck, so happy days for me because you know I love me a good clusterfuck finish. I kind of expected RVD to show up, and I’m pleased he didn’t because it’s more of a surprise that way. The finish you have opted for leaves endless possibilities for Edge here. You could argue he still has unfinished business with Rocky, as well as his issues with RVD and he could definitely build towards problems with Mick Foley again in the long run as pointed out earlier.

You weren’t wrong in that it was a bit all over the shop, but as we both know, the first few shows for both brands are like that and we need to get them out of the way to move forwards. Doesn’t help that this show has probably been in the production line for at least 4 years. That said, a solid return I think. Plenty to build from and you’ve set yourself a good platform. You have work to do with your Tag Teams but as I said, you have an embarrassment of riches with your IC Title, so it shall be interesting to see what direction you go here, plus the Fatal Fourway next week for the WWE Title opportunity, there are definitely some interesting times ahead. Onwards and upwards.

Good shit.

On a side note, I completely love the GIF in Wolfy's sig. It's immense. haha.

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