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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Pfft, can't even make up your mind. Silly boy.

Anyhoo, Natalya's definitely going to be a good edition to the women's division when you bring her up. Do the opposite to irl and make the women mean something.

Same goes for the tag division. Just lie and pretend that The Naturals have charisma.

Draft sounds good.

@ you taking the two big stars out after defending using them soooo much. Austin to job to Christian on the way out fo sho.

Rock vs Brock should definitely be good. There's probably going to be a screwy finish, but it still should be rather epic. Give it lots of time.

Edge's friend Tommy Dreamer? I believe you meant RVD. Anyway, this is nothing more than a squash.

Shane to pull something sneaky on Tripper. You can't have Trips completely own him six days out from their match in which he'll own him.

More stuff between Captain Charisma and Austin is ratings.

And finally, do something good with Cena. The last few weeks he seems to have taken a backseat. =/

Show looks pretty good Reney.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

The following presentation has been paid for and approved by the IC 2.0

Miami Arena
Miami; Florida

*Opening Video*


JR: Hello and welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are live from Miami, Florida and we are in store for a wild night King, if last week is anything to go by!

King: We sure are JR and what better place to be broadcasting from than the home of none other than The Rock!

JR: Speaking of The Rock, he is only six days away from his first WWE Championship contest in over 4 years against that sick, twisted, egotistical man that is our champ, Edge! And if you wanna know why I called Edge those words, you only need to take a look at this video from last week's main event folks...

*Video of Edge destroying RVD with a steel chair, after Lita was in-advertently smashed in the face with a chair by Van Dam airs*

JR: Edge is a disgrace to the WWE Championship and the RAW brand as a whole, what a horrible individual he is.

King: How many times does it need to be defended JR, he was provoked. It's Rob Van Dam's fault, he threw a chair in the face of Lita to begin with!

JR: It was a God damn accident King and you know it! We have word on RVD's condition folks and that is he will most definitely NOT be here tonight, that is confirmed. However, despite doctor's orders, Van Dam is adamant he will make it to Armageddon to face Brock Lesnar, and that folks is a brave man.

King: Brave? I'd call it stupid.

JR: Well tonight could be a long night for Edge folks as he will be in action against one of Rob Van Dam's closest friends from the old days of ECW in Tommy Dreamer! The match will be contested under ECW Rules and I have a feeling Edge is going to pay for what he did to Van Dam last week!

King: It's not bad enough we have the Hardcore Championship in the hands of an Extremely Crappy Wrestler but now we have to put up with one of their infamous matches here with one of their innovator's of violence against our very own WWE Champion! It's not right JR, it's not right!

JR: That's not all we've got tonight folks as we have a big ten man tag match which will see Kane, AJ Styles, Cryme Tyme and Mark Jindrak team up to face Monty Brown, Shelton Benjamin, MNM & Lance Cade. It's gonna be one helluva slobberknocker.

King: And let's not forget Shane's 3 minute challenge to Triple H JR!

JR: I'm still not buying into it King, knowing Shane, he's got a trick or two up his silver sleeves. And then there's our main event folks, Miami's own, The People's Champion, The Rock going one on one with Brock Lesnar! What a huge show we've got in store tonight.


INCREDIBLE heat pours onto the Rated R Superstar as he makes his way out here, dressed in street gear. Lita's absence is noted by JR & King, who inform us she's got a broken nose. Edge gets boo'd heavily as he gets into the ring and the crowd begins chanting for his Armageddon opponent, The Rock, as Edge holds his WWE Title up high

Edge: Last week, my beautiful wife Lita...

Edge is cut off by huge heat from the fans and a "Lita's a Slut" chant begins, infuriating Edge


Wow. Edge just owned all, which of course, generates a shitload more heat on him

Edge: My wife Lita was hit in the face, right in her beautiful face, with a steel chair!

Crowd pops

Edge: It broke her nose. She was left dis-figured!

Crowd begins a "Bullshit" chant after that

Edge: Rob Van Dam, you made the biggest mistake of your life last week and you paid the ultimate price.

Major heat, small "RVD" chant begins

Edge: I wasn't going to stop until I got an eye for an eye, you could call it.


Edge: And now tonight we've got Tommy Dreamer challenging me to an Extreme Rules match.


Edge: At first, I was absolutely disgusted that someone would actually want to stand up for what Rob Van Dam did to my Lita last week, I was furious.

More boos

Edge: But then I realized that much like RVD, Tommy Dreamer came from the home of woman bashing, ECW!


Edge: Only such a joke of a company could approve of hitting women, making people bleed profusely, nearly killing people on the show, could produce the kind of human beings that would support such actions!

More heat and the crowd grows tired of Edge's verbal tirade and begins a "We Want Rock" chant which Edge is clearly not happy with

Edge: You want The Rock huh?

MAJOR pop for that

Edge: Well who gives a damn what you slobs want!

Crowd shits on Edge for that

Edge: What I do to Tommy Dreamer tonight, is only just a preview of what I'm gonna do to your beloved "People's Champion" in six days time at Armageddon!

Loud heat

Edge: Rock, there has never been a clearer indication that RAW is truly in the Rated R Era than now. After tonight, Tommy Dreamer is gonna know it, Rob Van Dam, he already knows it, and then you'll know it when I Spear you down at Armageddon, that I don't stop for anybody. So Rock, I want you to pay very close attention here, because come Sunday, this will be you falling at my hands...


The crowd pops as out comes Tommy Dreamer, carrying a trash can full of weapons. Dreamer looks extremely focused to avenge his friend RVD here and also to make a splash being back on TV for the first time since Rhyno injured him (accidentally) over 4 months ago. Dreamer dumps his weapons into the ring and then raises arms high to the crowd

Match 1
ECW Rules
Tommy Dreamer vs Edge

Dreamer goes wild on Edge in the early stages, beating the fuck outta him with a barrage of right hands. Dreamer doesn't hold back, choking at Edge in the corner and continuing to pummel him with shots to head as the Rated R Superstar can only try and cover up. Dreamer then sends Edge to the ropes and scores with an elbow. Instead of bothering with a cover, Tommy D clotheslines Edge out of the ring! Dreamer follows him out as the crowd begins an "ECW" chant as Dreamer introduces Edge's face to the barricade. Dreamer now tugs at a security sign on the ringside fencing, pulling it off, and then blasts Edge across the face with it! Dreamer covers 1...2.kickout. Dreamer pulls Edge up and walks him up the ramp way, going for a Suplex, but Edge blocks it, and then is able to SUPLEX DREAMER ONTO THE RAMP! Dreamer writhes around, holding his back and Edge has finally halted the onslaught from Tommy D here.

Edge crawls back towards the ring but ignores the multitude of weapons already inside the ring, instead reaching underneath the apron for a moment and pulling out a Baking Sheet. Edge walks back over to Dreamer and brings the Innovator of Violence to his knees before blasting him with the sheet! Edge pulls Dreamer back to his knees and blasts him again! The crowd shits on Edge as he starts to take control, but he makes no attempt to cover Dreamer. Edge instead brings Dreamer up and brings him back to ringside, ramming Tommy back first into the ring apron! Edge follows up with a boot to the midsection, and then WHIPS DREAMER WITH INCREDIBLE VELOCITY INTO THE STEEL STEPS! A sickening crash occurs between Dreamer's knee's and the steps, and Tommy D goes flipping over them on impact. Edge grins as Dreamer holds his knees and rolls around in a huge amount of pain. Edge takes control for the next while, first choking Dreamer with a cable, and then levelling him with a chair shot to the back! Edge covers Dreamer 1...2..kickout! Edge attempts to hit the Edgeacution to Dreamer onto the chair, but Dreamer counters and BACK DROPS EDGE ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! Ouch.

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break and Edge is still the man, as we get shown him countering the TOMMYHAWK by slipping out the back and hitting the Edge-O-Matic for a near fall. Edge picks up a Trash Can and beats Dreamer with it over the head, before turning it upside down and sticking it over Tommy Dreamer! Edge now picks up a Kendo Stick and SMACKS IT INTO THE CAN! Edge does this again, and again as Dreamer drops to his knees. The Rated R Superstar rebounds off the ropes and scores with a kick to presumably the face of Dreamer as the can is taken off after that shot and Edge covers 1...2..NO! Edge stops the count! Crowd boos as Edge smiles and walks over to the corner, crouching down, readying Tommy D for a proper finish. Tommy slowly gets to his feet and Edge charges at him looking for a SPEAR...BUT DREAMER IS ABLE TO COUNTER IT AND DROP TOE HOLD EDGE INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! The crowd pops as Tommy D keeps himself alive in the match and grabs the Trash Can. Edge stumbles out of the corner and IS LEVELLED BY THE TRASH CAN, RIGHT ON THE FOREHEAD! Edge goes down and Dreamer covers 1...2..NO! Edge kicks out. Dreamer fires up with some clothesline knock downs on Edge and the crowd begins to get back into the match. Dreamer picks up a road sign and blasts Edge with it, then backs him to the corner and puts some knees to the gut of Edge.

Dreamer now goes to the outside and reaches under the ring, BRINGING OUT A TABLE! The crowd erupts as some serious weaponry comes into play. Dreamer slides the table into the ring and sets it up at an angle suiting a turnbuckle spot. Edge however comes at Dreamer with a right hand, and the two begin trading blows, Edge gets the better with a below the belt kick, rebounds off the ropes and DREAMER CATCHES HIM, UP ON THE SHOULDERS FOR THE DREAMER DRIVER...NO...COUNTERED BY EDGE...WHO HITS THE EDGEACUTION! Edge hooks the leg 1...2...NO! DREAMER GETS A SHOULDER UP! The crowd is stunned and Edge is too. Edge slaps the mat, but then sees the table and begins to grin evilly. Edge grabs the table and props it up against the turnbuckle in the corner and then brings Dreamer to his feet. Edge goes to Irish Whip Dreamer into the table...BUT DREAMER COUNTERS AND WHIPS EDGE INTO THE TABLE...BUT IT DOESNT BREAK! Edge staggers out and Dreamer charges in looking for a clothesline, but EDGE DUCKS UNDER IT, DREAMER TURNS AROUND AND EDGE CATCHES HIM WITH A SPEAR, TAKING DREAMER RIGHT THROUGH THE PROPPED UP TABLE! Crowd marks like fuck and an "ECW" breaks out as Edge covers 1...2...3!
Winner @ 8:45 - Edge

Edge's music hits as he wins a real fight here to open the show up. Edge stares down at Dreamer, almost with a look of disgust at the crippled ECW veteran. Edge goes outside, presumably to grab his WWE Title when he sees a (CONVENIENTLY!~) placed steel chair vacated next to the time keeper's table. Edge cracks that maniacal smile of his and takes the chair and then picks up the other one used earlier off the floor, and puts them both in the ring. Edge slides in and places one under the downed Dreamer, before picking the other one up, with the crowd completely shitting on him, knowing what's coming next. Edge raises the chair high, about to cream Dreamer with the CON-CHAIR-TO


The crowd EXPLODES with a thunderous ovation, rocking the arena as the hometown hero sprints to the ring. Edge attempts to level Rock with the chair, but Rock ducks it and then begins unloading on Edge with right hands, rocking the Rated R Superstar back as the crowd continues to go crazy. Rock finishes laying the SmackDown on Edge and hits him with a big right hand, sending him out to the floor. Rock paces back and forth in the ring as Edge glares at the Brahma Bull, furious The Rock has just owned him here. Rock asks for a mic and a worker slides one into the ring for him


Crowd goes insane and a deafening "Rocky" chant begins

Rock: And Edge, you come out and here and run your mouth, insulting the People? The Rock will never have any of it, but especially not in The Rock's home town, nuh-uh!


Rock: You stand out here and you talk about RVD and hitting women being wrong, and The Rock agrees, hitting women is wrong. But, coming from you, who then goes on to call the People hypocrites, that is just a bunch of monkey crap!

Big cheer

Rock: Because The Rock can remember you trying to get your COUGH TWO DOLLAR HOOKER COUGH of a wife the Women's Championship by Spearing the Women's champ Trish Stratus!

Pop for the insult on Lita, followed by heat for Edge's actions

Rock: And you might aswell take comfort in the fact that The Rock is pretty sure last week's chair shot wasn't the first time Lita has been blasted in the face by another guy!

OHNOZ! The crowd erupts for that one while Edge looks beside himself on the ramp and a booming "Rocky" chant breaks out across the arena

Rock: Whoa Edge, calm down there. The Rock understands that kind of thing is hard to swallow for you, but for Lita on the other hand, nothing's hard for her to swallow!

ROCK DOES IT AGAIN! Edge is seething as Rock can't help but crack a smile as the fans continue to chant his name

Rock: As for your Rated R Era and all that crap, talking about how The Rock's gonna find out all about it come Armageddon, well The Rock says you should be more concerned about the KY Jelly era that The Rock is gonna usher in!

Crowd erupts as Rock turns back the clock with this

Rock: Because it'll begin at Armageddon with The Rock lubing his size thirteen boot up real good, shining that sumbitch up real good, and STICKING IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Pop, another "Rocky" chant begins

Rock: Make no mistake about it Edge, The Rock has been out of the title picture for too long. The Rock wants to get back to the top. The WWE Title has the kind of lure to it that you can't stay away from, no matter what. And come this Sunday at Armageddon, The Brahma Bull is gonna hit the People's Ring, lay the SmackDown! on your candy ass, hit the People's Elbow, raise the People's Eyebrow, WHAM BAM! ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock is walking out of Armageddon the WWE Champion.

More cheers from the People

Rock: But that's in six days, because tonight The Rock will be shutting the Vanilla Gorilla up right here in Miami.

HUGE pop


The crowd erupts as Rock's music hits again and he climbs the turnbuckle, staring down with his opponent in six days time Edge, who is fuming at Rocky from the stage now. Rock watches Edge as he disappears behind the curtain and Rock continues to play to his home fans as we head to a commercial

-Commercial Break-

We return from the break and are shown a video hype package of RAW's latest tag team acquisition, The Naturals and their valet, the "Natural Beauty" Layla. A few highlights of Douglas & Stevens best moves are thrown into it and a little history lesson on them, before it focuses on their Natural gimmick and Layla's obvious sexiness[/hype]

We now go backstage and are in the presence of Trish Stratus! The crowd erupts for the Women's Champion as she is talking with Mickie James, Gail Kim and Torrie Wilson. Suddenly the mood changes as in walks Beth Phoenix. Phoenix exudes all the confidence in the world and Trish steps forward to confront her

Stratus: What do you want Beth?

Phoenix: I think it's pretty obvious what I want. I'm the number one contender, and I'm here to tell you Trish, that you have six precious days left to spend with that title, before I take it from you at Armageddon!

Slight pop for the match being announced, heat for Phoenix

Phoenix: I'm going to make you regret the day you brought me into this company. Because ever since then, there's only been one thing on my mind Trish, and that's the Women's Championship. While I was out injured, the only thing I could think about was taking that title off you. I saw Lita try, and she failed. I saw Jazz try, and she failed. Victoria, she failed too. Gail Kim? Couldn't do it. And then there's that bitch right there (points to Mickie James) the same person you brought me into this company to deal with, she couldn't do it either. And now you two are all cosy friends again, and it makes me sick. But that sickness is gonna be cured in just six days Trish, that's all you've got left of this glorified title run of yours.

Stratus: I fail to see how beating the very best this company has to offer, makes my run glorified.

Pop as Trish shows no fear of her bigger adversary, stepping closer to Beth

Stratus: You walk around here acting like a bully, and it's getting to the point where everyone is sick of it. I've beaten them all Beth, and who says you'll be any different?

Phoenix: I do. Your title run is glorified because you've NEVER beaten me Trish. I'm the complete package, and you're gonna find it out on Sunday when I leave you a battered mess and take your beloved title from you. You've got six days left Trish, I suggest you use them lightly!

Phoenix marches off and Trish shakes her head as we head back to ringside

JR: Well as if Armageddon couldn't get any bigger folks, we've now got Trish Stratus defending her Women's Championship against Beth Phoenix!

King: I'm worried for Trish JR, this Beth Phoenix is scary!

JR: She's a force to be reckoned with but Trish Stratus has been, arguably the best Women's Champion we've seen over her long run, and I'm sure she'll have something to say about it come Sunday!


The crowd comes alive as Triple H storms to the ring, for-going his usual pre match routine tonight, and he's all business it seems. Trips stands in the ring, awaiting his opponent


Shane O Mac comes out to a large amount of heat from the fans. Shane dances around on stage for a moment in trademark fashion before heading to the ring holding up three fingers to The Game, reminding him he's not got long to get his hands on Shane tonight. Shane gets into the ring and comes right up to Triple H! The two stand face to face and Shane, to his credit, shows no fear of Hunter

Match 2
Singles Match; 3 Minute Time Limit
Triple H vs Shane McMahon

Shane talks some trash to Hunter who only smiles back at Shane in reply, and Chad Patton rings the bell! The crowd erupts and then SHANE QUICKLY DARTS TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING! Heat for Shane's cowardly actions and Triple H glares at him. Shane dares Hunter to come after him, and Triple H does, chasing Shane around the ring! Shane slides into the ring and Triple H follows him in, only for Shane to quickly attack The Game with a flurry of lefts and rights. Triple H begins to fight out of it and Shane realizes this and AGAIN HOPS OUT OF THE RING! Trips gets to his feet, fuming at Shane and again goes after Shane O Mac, who leads Triple H on another lap around the ring! Shane again slides into the ring and Triple H follows him again, only for Shane to grab onto the ropes for dear life while Patton restrains The Game from getting to Shane. McMahon smirks at Hunter who realizes this was all just a joke to annoy him and Shane cautiously lets go of his grip of the ropes. Triple H comes for him again, but Shane DROPS TO THE MAT AND ROLLS TO THE OUTSIDE AGAIN! More heat and a "You Suck" chant begins. Shane bides some more time as Triple H furiously tells the ref to do something about it. After Patton explains he can't do anything Triple H's emotion gets the better of him and he again goes for Shane, who again runs away like a pussy. After a few laps of the ring, Shane slides back into the ring and this time shields himself in the corner with the referee! Triple H tries to get Patton out of the way but he ends up being restrained by Patton instead as the timer sounds, the match is over!
No Contest @ 3:00

The crowd boos as Shane has completely avoided Trips, who is irate. Shane grabs a mic and begins to walk up the ramp as Triple H stands in the ring, absolutely pissed off

Shane: Hey Hunter, guess what, you had your three minutes and now the time is up, and for's GAME OVER!

The crowd begin getting to their feet and FROM THE CROWD COME ROSEY & JAMAL! IT'S 3 MINUTE WARNING! The two huge men roll into the ring behind Triple H and flatten him with a Double Clothesline! The crowd boos as Rosey & Jamal beat on Triple H with right hands and stomps. Rosey then places Trips up in the corner as JAMAL STEAMS IN AND SQUASHES HIM WITH A BODY AVALANCHE! Triple H stumbles out, spaghetti legged into a HUGE SAMOAN DROP FROM ROSEY! Triple H is getting picked apart here and the crowd is booing loudly as 3 Minute Warning are back and doing all of Shane's dirty work. Shane McMahon sees Triple H downed and has the courage to get back in the ring finally. He tells his heavies something which sees Jamal going to the outside, reaching under the ring and pulling out a Trash Can! The crowd already know whats coming as Jamal chucks the can into the ring and Rosey drags a near lifeless Triple H up, squashing him with a Front Slam! Rosey now drags Triple H towards the corner and props him up against the bottom buckle. Jamal wedges the trash can in place between the middle and bottom ropes as Shane climbs the opposite corner. Shane balances himself as Jamal & Rosey taunt the crowd and SHANE LEAPS OFF...SCORING WITH THE COAST TO COAST...CRUSHING THE TRASH CAN INTO THE FACE OF THE GAME! The crowd breaks out into a "Holy Shit" chant as Triple H is completely out of it, and Shane is helped to his feet by 3MW as his music hits again


King: I can't believe it JR, they're back.

JR: That no good son of a bitch'll pay at Armageddon, mark my words!

King: That's if Triple H can even make it there!

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break and Todd Grisham is standing by

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Brock Lesnar!

Heat as Lesnar steps into the picture, with his new mouth piece Jim Cornette beside him

Grisham: Brock I wa-

Cornette: Ahem?

Grisham: Excuse me?

Cornette: Hand me the mic junior, nobody wants to hear your repetitive questions.

Grisham looks a little perplexed and hesitant to do so, but he takes one look at Lesnar and quickly hands Cornette the mic

Cornette: Now how dare you disrespect me like that. You don't even have the courtesy to introduce me? It's nice to see the WWE is still in the process of incompetent hiring.

Mixed response to that, some actually liking Cornette's ownage

Cornette: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the beginning of a new reign of dominance here in the WWE. Forget what you've been told by others, because frankly, it's a load of crap!

Lesnar smirks

Cornette: This man right here, "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar, will soon be the man. He'll be everything others wish they could. And it all begins tonight, right here in the main event against The Rock!

Crowd goes nuts for Rock's name, and a "Rocky" chant starts up

Cornette: Rock, you may have all these people behind you, but that's not gonna make any difference why you come up against the unstoppable force, the immovable object, call him what you want, the fact is Brock Lesnar is a flat out wreckin' machine, and tonight Rock, much like you were at Summerslam four years ago, you're gonna be left behind as Brock Lesnar destroys you!


Cornette: Right in front of your home town fans, your beloved "people" as you would say, Brock Lesnar is going to tear you limb from limb! No ridiculous amount of catchphrases are going to save you Rock.

More heat

Cornette: And after Brock Lesnar leaves you a crumpled heap in the middle of the ring Rock, he's going onto Armageddon in six days. And if Rob Van Dam is stupid enough to show up, he's gonna break him in half too!


Cornette: RVD, you are a brave man to actually want to face Brock Lesnar at Armageddon, but really, with the condition you're currently in, I would strong suggest you don't bother showing up! However, if you do, if your tiny little brain tries to comprehend facing Brock Lesnar and you do show up, then Brock will have no problem putting you back in the hospital!


Cornette: RAW isn't going to know what's hit them, the entire locker room better damn well take notice, because...

Cornette hands Lesnar the mic


Lesnar and Cornette walk off to a bunch of heat as Grisham stands back, respecting the voice of the Godly mic worker Cornette as we come back to ringside and *I AIN'T THE LADY TO MESS WITH* hits and out comes Victoria some boos from the fans

JR: Well folks some strong words there from Jim Cornette and Brock Lesnar, and it seems as if we're set for divas action now King?

King: My favourite part of the show JR, and I'd just like to point out to everybody that this section of the show is rated PG for PUPPIES GALORE!

Gotta <3 the King

JR: Oh will you behave?


The crowd pops big time as out comes the ever popular, ever sexy Trish Stratus. Trish holds her Women's title high and plays to the fans a bit at ringside

Match 3
Singles Match; Non Title
Trish Stratus vs Victoria

The two put on a good match, considering it's a women's one after all, with Trish all over Vickie at first, before Victoria uses her strength advantage to take control of Trish. Vickie keeps the Champion grounded for a few minutes, hitting some power moves including a Falling Powerbomb, before she attempts a Powerslam, which Trish counters with an Arm Drag! Crowd pops as Trish scores with a few knock downs and gets on a roll, scoring with a Flying Elbow Smash and then countering a Superplex attempt with the Stratusphere! Trish then avoids a wild clothesline with the MATRISH!~ Trish then takes Victoria and hits the STRATUSFACTION! Trish scores the winning fall and looks impressive heading into her title defense this Sunday
Winner @ 5:12 - Trish Stratus

Trish is handed her belt and the ref raises her hand to a pop from the crowd. Trish continues to celebrate with them until BETH PHOENIX walks out on the stage! Trish sees Beth and the two former friends lock eyes, with Phoenix motioning that she's gonna have the Women's title around her waist come next week. Trish raises the belt up high to her to another pop (MINDGAMES!~) as we cut to a promo video

WWE Royal Rumble
American Airlines Centre, Dallas; TX
Presented by RAW & SmackDown!

We are now backstage and in the locker room of AJ Styles! The crowd cheers as the "Phenomenal One" comes into view, lacing up ready for the big ten man tag match coming up soon. AJ comes to his feet however as in walks KANE! The crowd erupts for the Big Red Machine and AJ tries to break the ice with one of his partners

AJ: Hey man.

AJ extends his hand to Kane, who just nods back in reply to Styles. AJ seems lost for things to say already but manages to spurt out

AJ: You ready for later?

Kane nods again, and that's all. The crowd laughs in the background as AJ stands there looking at the masked man, not quite sure on how to follow that up when in comes CRYME TYME to a pop, the two rowdy tag champs make a bit of noise

JTG: Yo, yo, yo AJ Styles! Whadd'up man?

JTG and AJ shake hands and then Shad does likewise, before turning to Kane, who stands there, tilting his head slightly

Shad: Ey money what's crackin'? You ready to run wild tonight?

Shad makes the mistake AJ did earlier of trying to get a hand shake with Kane, who just stands there, silent. Shad & JTG seem a little surprised by Kane's lack of vocal contribution to the segment and at the same time say

Cryme Tyme: O...K...then...

Before awkwardly turning away from Kane and back to Styles as the final jigsaw of their team MARK JINDRAK walks in to a small pop

Jindrak: Hey guys what's up?

Shad: Nothin' dog.

JTG: We all just chillin', well we (points to himself, Shad and then AJ) are anyway...

Jindrak notices the exclusion of Kane in JTG's list, and turns to Kane

Jindrak: Hey ma-

Shad: Don't bother with it, he ain't sayin' nothin'

Jindrak: Ah, right.

AJ, Jindrak & Cryme Tyme all exit the room and Kane lumbers out after them, silent as a *insert generic tagline here*

JR: That huge match is coming up NEXT folks, don't go anywhere!

-Commercial Break-

Back from the break Lance Cade is in the ring, raring to go

*PAPARAZZI* hits and out comes MNM to decent heel heat. Melina talks to her boys as they walk down the ramp, and then produces her awesome ring entrance as Nitro & Mercury slide into the ring either side of her

*AIN'T NO STOPPIN' ME NO!* and out comes the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin to an average heel reaction. Shelton immediately taunts the fans with his IC title, and then gets in the ring, before acknowledging MNM and Cade

*ALPHA MALE* hits and the crowd boos loudly as Monty Brown powers to the ring with The Coach by his side. Brown looks extremely intense here, after sending a message to Kane last week with the Pounce

*REFLECTION OF PERFECTION* hits, bringing out the first of the face team in Mark Jindrak. Jindrak talks some trash at his former partner Lance Cade and awaits his team mates at the foot of the ramp

*BRINGIN' DA HOOD 2 U* plays and out come the World Tag Team Champions to a decent pop. JTG & Shad get their crunk on at the top of the stage while MNM look on in disgust inside the ring at their opponents in six days time for the titles. JTG & Shad slap high fives with the Jindrak at ringside before entering the ring as the heels slip out of the ring

*I AM* hits and the crowd explodes with a huge pop as the "Phenomenal One" steps out on stage and extends his arms as the pyro falls behind him. AJ flips his hood up and points out to the fans before heading to the ring to join his team

*SLOW CHEMICAL* hits as the pyro explodes and Kane comes out, tightening the glove on his right hand to a strong face reaction from the crowd. Kane looks all business and keeps his gaze on Monty Brown as he let's his pyro shoot up from the turnbuckles

Match 4
10 Man Tag Match
Kane, AJ Styles, Cryme Tyme & Mark Jindrak
Monty Brown, Shelton Benjamin, MNM & Lance Cade w/The Coach & Melina

Very entertaining match sees all hell break loose at the beginning as Kane pairs off with Monty, AJ with Shelton, Jindrak with Cade, Shad with Nitro and JTG with Mercury. Eventually referee Jack Doan restores order and AJ Styles kicks things off with Mercury. The opening period sees the faces dominate and a nifty team move between Jindrak & Shad which sees them drill Shelton with a DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER and follow it up with the nasty WISHBONE SPLIT! Jindrak gets in and works on Benji and then faces off with Monty Brown, who begins to over power MJ, who escapes Brown and tags in JTG. JTG looks to come off the top rope with a MISSILE DROPKICK...BUT MONTY DROPS THE SHOULDER INTO JTG'S MIDSECTION ON THE WAY DOWN! Monty covers JTG 1...2..NO! Kickout by JTG.

The heels take control like a pack of rabid wolves, picking apart JTG with some impressive team work. Nitro hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and then tags in Mercury who scores with a Vaulting Leg Drop from the apron, but JTG escapes the fall with a shoulder up at two.
Mercury whips JTG into the corner and then distracts Jack Doan as Monty chokes on JTG and Nitro & Cade get into the ring and put the boots to him. The crowd boos this and Kane gets into the ring to a big pop to help his buddy out, but this only causes the ref to keep him at bay as Mercury joins the assault. Cade is tagged in and the youngster's cockiness leads to a JTG fight back as Cade taunts Jindrak, JTG recovers and begins to unload with right hands. JTG goes to spring off the ropes, but Melina grabs at him, tripping him up, and JTG stumbles out into a Flapjack. Cover 1...2..shoulder up. The crowd boos Melina who acts like she never did a thing as Jack Doan remonstrates her and Cade stands above a beaten JTG, again talking trash to Jindrak, before turning back to JTG. Marky Mark however has had enough and gets into the ring, with the ref still warning Melina about her actions, spins Cade around and DECKS HIM WITH A HUGE LEFT HOOK! Cade goes out like a light to a pop from the fans and AJ & Shad begin pumping the crowd up on the apron, getting them behind JTG. JTG begins to stir and crawl towards the out stretched hands of Kane, AJ, Shad & Jindrak as Cade does likewise towards his own corner. Cade is able to tag in Nitro who dashes across the ring and grabs ahold of JTG's leg, not allowing him to make a tag. Nitro pulls JTG away from his corner BUT JTG IS ABLE TO SCORE WITH AN ENZIGURI! The crowd pops and begins making a bunch of noise, willing JTG on and as Nitro crawls back to his corner and tags in Benjamin, JTG LEAPS AND TAGS THE HAND OF...KANE!

The crowd erupts as Kane steps in and flattens Shelton with a clothesline. Shelton gets back up and goes down again. Lance Cade tries to get Kane but receives a Big Boot! Next is Mercury who charges at Kane but Kane sees him coming and elevates him up into the lights with a Hip Toss! Kane is then mobbed by Monty Brown & Nitro, soon being joined by Shelton as the trio attack the Big Red Machine, which brings in AJ, Shad & Jindrak as all hell breaks loose again! AJ comes speeding across and clotheslines Nitro and himself out to the floor as Shad tees off on Monty with a series of right hands. In the ensuing chaos, cue the traditional clusterfuck of big moves and finishers, starting with Kane loading up Nitro and drilling him with a CHOKESLAM FROM HELL! Nitro rolls to the outside as Cade tags in and impressively scores with a Lariat to Kane, taking him down. Cade taunts to the fans and turns into the G9 from a re-juvinated Cryme Tyme. JTG raises his arms in the air but is tripped down by Mercury and dragged to the outside, and Shad meanwhile turns around into a kick from Shelton Benjamin, but Shad catches it ONLY FOR SHELTON TO HIT THE DRAGON WHIP ON SHAD! The smack is heard throughout the entire building as Benji drops Shad but is then goozled by Kane and CHOKESLAMMED! Monty Brown slides into the ring and Kane doesn't see him and turns around as Brown goes for the POUNCE...BUT KANE SIDESTEPS IT AND SENDS MONTY FLYING OUT OF THE RING! The crowd erupts as we see AJ Styles mount the top rope and Kane tags out to the Phenomenal One, who soars off and hits the downed Benjamin with a SPIRAL TAP! The crowd erupts as AJ makes the cover and JTG holds back Mercury on the outside 1...2...3!
Winners @ 10:45 - Kane, AJ Styles, Cryme Tyme & Mark Jindrak

The faces pick up a big win with AJ Styles chalking up ANOTHER pinfall over Shelton Benjamin. Cryme Tyme and Mark Jindrak recover and join their partners in the ring as the faces play to the crowd, with Kane not taking his gaze off of Monty Brown, who he got the better of tonight, in a reverse from last week's attack

JR: What a massive match folks, and King can you believe that was AJ Styles' third pinfall victory over Shelton Benjamin in 4 weeks? Incredible!

King: I can't believe it JR, I can't.

JR: Well you better believe it because if it happens this Sunday, Shelton is gonna lose that coveted IC Title of his this time!

-Commercial Break-

We come back live and the Cabana is all set up in the ring with Carlito standing with a mic

Carlito: The Cabana is back baby, and back in Miami!

Huge reaction and a small "Carlito" chant breaks out

Carlito: And das...das cool!

Another pop as Carlito smiles

Carlito: And tonight is gonna be a big show. Perhaps the biggest ever Cabana. Because tonight, right here on The Cabana, I have two guests that will, in six days time, face each other at Armageddon!


Carlito: There's Christian...

Major heat but a few pops for Christian

Carlito: And Stone Cold Steve Austin!

HUGE pop

Carlito: So let's get into it. First, please welcome a man who has done it all in this business. He's a multiple WWE Champion, a multiple Royal Rumble winner, the 1996 King Of The Ring, and the Toughest Son Of a Bitch in the WWE, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!

The crowd erupts as *GLASS SHATTERS* rocks the arena and out comes Austin. The Rattlesnake salutes the fans on all four corners and then takes a mic off one of the cabana chairs set up. Stone Cold goes to speak but is cut off by a loud "Austin" chant

Carlito: Stone Cold Steve Austin on the Cabana, now das cool!


Austin: What did ya say son?

Carlito: I sa-

Austin: WHAT


Carlito: Wh-

Austin: WHAT


Carlito looks a little annoyed with Austin

Austin: Calm down there I wouldn't want to ruffle all of that hair!


Austin: Stone Cold heard you perfectly the first time, he was just havin' a lil joke with ya nappy head, that's all. If ya think it's "cool" that Stone Cold Steve Austin is on the Cabana, GIMME A HELL YEAH?


Carlito smirks at that, nodding in approval and picking up an apple from a basket. Carlito juggles the apple up and down in his hand for a moment

Austin: Whoa, hey son. You aren't thinkin' of spittin' that little sumbitch in Stone Cold's face are ya?

Carlito shakes his head and then offers Austin an apple

Austin: For me?

Carlito: Yeah man.

Austin laughs and shakes his head as Carlito looks a little upset

Austin: I appreciate the offering son but Stone Cold don't eat no damn apples. However, there is something I think we can both appreciate right here tonight in the sizzling heat of Miami...

Austin is temporarily cut off by a loud mark out for the mention of the home town

Austin: And that's a few ice cold Steveweisers!

Big pop

Austin: Can someone give me a damn beer?

Austin looks around as Carlito attempts to get this show back on track

Carlito: Steve don't you th-

Austin: WHAT?


Austin: Son, unless you're gonna finish that sentence off with a solution to the whereabouts of some beer, I don't wanna hear it, NUH-UH!

Austin then acts like he's suddenly had a bright idea

Austin: Ya know what, good ol' Stone Cold's got a case on ice out back, excuse me for a moment...


The crowd breaks out into a mixed reaction which turns to loud heat as out comes Captain Charisma, with a case of Steveweisers! Christian places the case down at the top of the ramp and pulls a mic out of his jumper top while Austin frowns at him. Tyson Tomko however, is auspiciously absent

Christian: Where my peeps at Miami?


Austin: Hey ya creepy lil bastard wh-

Christian: Oh hey Austin, where you looking for these?

Christian points to the case of Steveweisers he brought out here

Austin: Ya damn right.

Christian: Well I couldn't help but hear you were a little thirsty Austin, so I thought I'd save your old ass the long walk to the back!


Christian: Here, gimme a moment and I'll bring them down...

Christian picks the case up and begins walking to the ramp, when he then stops and a wide grin appears over his face. Christian then turns and chucks the case off the stage! Christian laughs as Austin looks less than impressed in the ring and Carlito mouths "Das not cool"

Christian: Oh whoops, I tripped Steve, I just tripped and they just fell.

Heat for Christian

Austin: That's real funny ya stupid little mothercanucker, I bet you had problems trying to find a way to piss me off so ya probably had to console with your man goat over that one.


Austin: Speaking of your wanna be Stone Cold, where is the big bastard? Don't tell me you left him tied up out the back because you didn't want me to embarrass the big lump two weeks in a row?

Christian smirks

Christian: No Austin, I didn't leave him tied up out the back. I left him out the back, to take care of something for me.

Austin: But if you're out here, and he's back there with the lubricant, how does that take care of all of your "little" (makes a motion with his thumb and index finger) problems?

Crowd erupts as Christian shakes his head, not caring for Austin's insults this week, for some reason

Christian: No Austin, Tomko's out back taking care of something that I don't think you'll be too happy with...

Christian trails off and stops to think for a moment

Christian: Better yet, instead of trying to tell you, why don't I just show you?

Christian points back to the titantron which scrambles from black and we see Tomko standing by

Christian: Tomko, would you like to tell us where you are?

Tomko: Why, I'm out the back here in the parking lot.

Christian: And why are you out there of all places?

Tomko: Well Christian, because out here amongst other prized possessions and such, we've got the notorious Rattlesnake 4x4!

The camera turns to the left of Tomko to reveal Austin's signature vehicle parked conveniently away from the rest of the cars while we see a shot of Austin, who's eyes widen in a mix of surprise and worry

Christian: Ah yes, the same one that pulled down the titantron here on RAW all those years ago. The same one that we've seen numerous superstars get a Stunner atop. The same one that you Austin, have driven to the ring throughout all these years. But enough of the history lesson, Tomko, show Stone Cold here what his favourite truck is about to resemble?

Tomko pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket, scrunches it up into a ball and tosses it on the mat, and stomps on it with the camera fixating on it for a moment. Austin is getting increasingly edgy about what's about to go down and his eyes are filling with anger as Tomko begins to head away down a ramp

Christian: Don't worry everybody, I'm sure he'll be back soon enough!

The crowd starts a "You Suck" chant while we hear an engine being revved hard and then the sound of tires screeching, and moments later A HUGE RIG COMES TEARING UP THE RAMP! THE RIG TURNS AND THEN ROLLS FORWARD, RAMMING RIGHT INTO THE BACK OF AUSTIN'S 4X4 AND CRUSHING IT INTO THE WALL! Inside the ring Austin is in momentary shock as Tomko backs the rig back up and hops out, and begins to point towards the spot where the truck was parked, which reveals the now crushed and damaged 4x4, looking like nothing more than a scrunched up box of scrap junk as the video feed cuts off

Austin: You're just begging for an ass whippin' ain't ya?

With that being said, Austin drops his mic and MAKES A BEELINE FOR CHRISTIAN! The crowd erupts as Christian turns and runs away behind the curtain with Austin in hot pursuit. We cut to a camera backstage which sees Christian darting down a hall with Austin in chase. Christian turns a corner and barges through a set of double doors, and Austin goes to follow BUT ONE OF THE DOORS IS SLAMMED SHUT RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF AUSTIN! The crowd boos as it's Tomko, and Austin has been well and truly set up here. Christian comes back into the picture and stands over a downed Austin, before picking him up and THROWING AUSTIN THROUGH A (CONVENIENTLY PLACED!~) GLASS WINDOW! The crowd boos loudly as Christian & Tomko lean through the opening and look down at Austin who is down and out amongst the shards of glass. Christian pounds on his chest getting huge heat and then leans over, whispering

Christian: See you on Sunday Austin...

Christian & Tomko walk off as a few officials and a doctor rush to the scene

JR: THAT NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH! Christian is gonna have hell to pay at Armageddon! What a disgusting human being he is.

King: He's a genius JR, a true genius.

JR: How can you say that King? Look what he and Tomko just did to Austin.

King: Serves Austin right for inciting Christian three weeks ago on RAW, and then challenging him to a match. Austin's out of his league JR!

JR: Bah he is not, and I know Stone Cold well enough folks, he'll be dishing out one hell of an ass kicking at Armageddon!

-Commercial Break-

JR: Welcome back folks we are just moments away from our huge main event, but first, that music you can hear playing? That's Breaking Benjamin's rock smash "Had Enough" which is the official Armageddon theme song, and King, speaking of Armageddon, it's going to be a HUGE event!

King: It sure is JR, and it doesn't get any bigger than the WWE Championship match! The Rock challenging Edge for the title, and what a match its gonna be.

JR: The war of words has been fierce but finally they will meet at Armageddon and we'll see who will come out the winner. Also folks, a match with plenty of feeling as Stone Cold Steve Austin takes on Christian. And this one is down right personal!

King: It got even more personal tonight JR, first Tomko destroyed Austin's truck and then Christian sent the Rattlesnake through a glass window.

JR: Christian may have got the upper hand tonight but you can bet that Austin will be more than ready to strike come Sunday. And speaking of ready to strike, I don't think that Triple H could be more ready to get his hands on Shane McMahon.

King: That's right, Shane cost Triple H his WWE Championship back at Survivor Series and cost him the title rematch twenty four hours later. And then tonight he brings back a team we haven't seen for years in 3 Minute Warning and orchestrates a savage beat down on The Game, more than softening him up for the Ambulance match!

JR: Well Shane's gonna need all the tricks of the trade he can work to survive this weekend I feel, because if the Cerebral Assassin has his way, Shane may need a hearse and not an ambulance.

King: And questions have to be asked over RVD's health JR, he's not here tonight after suffering a brutal beat down by Edge last week, but he's said he will be at Armageddon to face Brock Lesnar!

JR: Rob Van Dam suffered a severe concussion, a cracked rib and had multiple bruising across his back, but he's assured everybody that he will front up at Armageddon, and that is one brave man folks, considering the man he'll be up against. Let's not forget the Intercontinental Championship is on the line and AJ Styles, after now scoring three pinfall victories over the champ Shelton Benjamin in the past month, finally has the chance to do it with the strap on the line!

King: I'm a huge Shelton fan JR, you know that, but this AJ Styles has been impressive and I'm worried for Shelton. We've also got MNM taking on Cryme Tyme for the tag titles, and MNM have certainately made an impact since arriving from SmackDown!, wasting no time in establishing their challenge for the titles.

JR: No they haven't King and Cryme Tyme will need their A-game if they're to retain against one of the best teams we've seen so far this century. And announced tonight, Trish Stratus will defend her Women's Championship against the dominant force that is Beth Phoenix! Phoenix has been on a roll as of late, destroying everyone in her path, and she's told Trish that she's the next one.

King: I fear for Trish JR, I really do.

With the hype all but done for this Sunday, it's time for the main event


Hits as we get ready for our main event, out comes Brock Lesnar, Jim Cornette by his side. Lesnar bobs up and down on the stage as usual before walking to the ring with a purpose. Lesnar hops onto the apron and let's his pyro fly, before getting into the ring and again bobbing up and down with Cornette in his ear


For the second time tonight the crowd blows the roof off for their boy as The Rock makes his way to the ring, geared up and ready to go. Rocky soaks up the terrific ovation as he mounts the turnbuckle, and then looks down at Lesnar, the two locking eyes

Match 5
Main Event
Singles Match
The Rock vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette

Considering it's a TV match, it doesn't quite reach the heights it could, but nonetheless, considering it's a TV match, it owns most main events anyways. Rock starts off like a house on fire, all over The Next Big Thing and attempts the first cover of the match after catching Brock with an Overhead Belly To Belly Throw for a two count. Rock stays on the offensive and catches Brock with a Samoan Drop and gets another two count. Lesnar rolls out of the ring, escaping Rock's onslaught and catching a breath, but Rocky follows him out and introduces Lesnar's head to the announce table. Rock then goes to whip Lesnar, but Lesnar counters and WHIPS ROCK INTO THE RINGPOST! Ouch. Rocky's momentum is halted there and then. Brock begins to take control of Rock, hitting some signature moves including a Shoulderbreaker and then a Ribreaker, showcasing his power to keep the flow going between the two moves, but can only get a two count on Rocky.

Lesnar continues to have the better of the match, despite a brief Rock fight back with a series of right hands, Lesnar squashes Rock with a Belly To Back Suplex! Cover 1...2..kickout. Brock brings Rock back up and drives him into the corner, laying multiple shoulder thrusts into The Rock's midsection. Lesnar whips Rock across to the opposite turnbuckle and follows in, but Rock is able to get an elbow up! Rock begins to hammer away on Lesnar with right hands again and then sends Brock to the ropes, but Lesnar comes back and plows through Rock with a clothesline. Cover 1...2...kickout by Rock. Lesnar now, encouraged by Jim Cornette to finish Rock off, brings Rock to his feet and loads him up for an F5...BUT ROCK COUNTERS IT WITH THE PEOPLE'S DDT! The crowd erupts as Rock has bought some time to recover and get back in the match. Both men down and the crowd begins a booming "Rocky" chant, as he and Lesnar both struggle back to their feet. Lesnar goes to hit a right, but Rock blocks and unloads on Brock with right hands! Rock finishes it off with the big right hand, rocking Lesnar. Rock attempts an Irish whip which Lesnar counters but Rock comes flying back with a Flying Elbow Smash! ROCK IMMEDIATELY KIPS UP! The crowd goes wild as Rock catches the incoming Lesnar with a Spinebuster! Jim Cornette hops up on the apron, berating The Rock, who knocks Cornette off with a right hand!

Rock turns back to Lesnar and after the usual routine, HITS THE PEOPLE'S ELBOW! Rock covers 1...2...THE REF IS PULLED OUT OF THE RING...BY JOHN CENA! The crowd boos the shit outta Cena as Rock gets to his feet, telling Cena to "bring his monkey ass to the ring" as Cena gives Rocky the "You Can't See Me" treatment. As referee Mike Chioda tells Cena he's got to leave the ringside area, EDGE COMES THROUGH THE CROWD, SLIDES INTO THE RING AND ROCK TURNS RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! Ungodly heat as the Rated R Superstar levels his challenger for this Sunday. Edge exits the ring and Brock Lesnar comes to, sees The Rock out and makes the cover 1...2...3!
Winner @ 13:21 - Brock Lesnar

The crowd is furious their own has been screwed here by Edge and also Cena, as Edge slides back into the ring, yelling down at The Rock he'll never get the WWE Title off him while Cena looks all smug backing up the ramp, and Lesnar is congratulated on another strong performance by Cornette when suddenly


Plays and the crowd comes to their feet to greet Mick Foley, who has a mic in hand

Foley: That's it. I've had it! John Cena, last week I gave you a warning, and it was your final warning! You obviously haven't listened to me these past few weeks, when I've been as lenient as I can, so now you can suffer the consequences!


Foley: All you've tried to do is jeopardise The Rock's title match at Armageddon, and so in the interest of letting that match go ahead as planned without your un wanted involvement, I have no choice but to SUSPEND YOU UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

The crowd ERUPTS and Cena is shocked


Foley, despite being quite pissed off, is able to sneak the cheap pop in there and Cena is still quite literally shocked by the announcement and we end the show with Edge standing above The Rock, title in hand, grinning down at his fallen opponent

Fade To Black


Current Card for WWE Armageddon
Energy Solutions Arena
Salt Lake City; Utah
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin - "Had Enough"
Sponsored by Miller Chill

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs Edge (c)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon

Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette

Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs MNM w/Melina

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix


1. What match will open the PPV?
2. How many title changes will occur, if any?
3. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who?
4. Predict the match order


Predics plz, the winner will get some reward, most likely points/credits and whatnot. Armageddon will be extended recapish, as I simply won't write a full PPV unless it's a big four event. So yeah, as always I will do my best to return all RAW feedback/comments/reviews etc. <3.


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

This is gonna be my first review for your show, so bare with me if I say anything that may coincide with previous shows - this review is solely for the show above.

Edge Promo: You really captured the essence of Edge here, and the chants that the crowd make really bring me back. A great, energetic way to start the show.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Edge: Well written opener here, would be a great match to open imo. Some brilliant extreme spots - I could predict an Edge victory, and I wasn't disappointed. Ending was great.

Rock Promo: Great save here by Rock, and again you're great with promo work. Nothing else to add here.

Trish/Phoenix Segment: Some good realistic dialogue from both women here, a nice breather.

Triple H vs. Shane McMahon: Great move by having no physical contact in this match, makes me look forward to the Ambulance Match at Armageddon to see Triple H get his hands on Shane. 3MW was unexpected and brilliant too.

Cornette Promo: Cornette is great as Lesnar's manager, and some realistic dialogue here.

Trish vs. Victoria: A little short but it got it's point across, shows Trish's dominance as champion.

Backstage Segment: Um...

10 Man Tag: Some good solid action here, a nice length to the match too. Nice ending, and glad to see the faces come out on top here.

Carlito/Austin/Christian: I think this dragged on a little bit, and the dialogue wasn't that realistic, but it sets up Austin's Armageddon match nicely so I guess that balances things out.

Lesnar/Rock: Predicted a Lesnar victory after his hype from Cornette. The interferences were a little predictable but managed well. The final words from Foley were a great way to end the show, and I'm glad to see Lesnar get the victory, albeit a shady one.

A great show overall, you're a good writer and I'll continue to read your coming shows. Sorry it couldn't be more detailed, but I'm sure that as I read more of your stuff my reviews will be more fruitful. Looking forward to Armageddon, it has a great card. 8/10!

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Current Card for WWE Armageddon
Energy Solutions Arena
Salt Lake City; Utah
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin - "Had Enough"
Sponsored by Miller Chill

WWE Championship Match

The Rock vs Edge (c)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon

Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette

Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs MNM w/Melina

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Current Card for WWE Armageddon
Energy Solutions Arena
Salt Lake City; Utah
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin - "Had Enough"
Sponsored by Miller Chill

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs Edge (c)

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon

Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette

Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs MNM w/Melina

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix


1. What match will open the PPV?-Intercontinental Championship match
2. How many title changes will occur, if any?-0
3. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who?-No
4. Predict the match order-IC, Kane/Brown, Tag Team, RVD/Brock, Austin/Christian, Ambulance, Women's, WWE Title Match

Reney, PM me when the PPV goes up and I'll try to give a review/comments on the PPV.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006


So we start off with Edge? Good move, considering what happened to close RAW last week. "Lita's a slut?" Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the "Craaaaccckkkkk whoooorrree~!" chant myself, but whatever floats your boat. Overall, it wasn't the worst promo because it got the point across, though it didn't exactly seem like Edge. It seemed like a heel, sure, but it wasn't exactly Edge-like. Just a general/generic heel if you take out the Rated R Era bit. Wasn't too big on the hype up of the Spear from Edge. It's not like Orton, where he hypes up his big move (the RKO). I don't think it was really necessary at all.

I would've been a fan of Dreamer going right after Edge after he got in the ring, instead of raising his arms to the crowd. Really would've shown that revenge was on his mind, imo. Good match top open up with though, getting the crowd real excited with some nice spots. A back drop on the steel steps? Ouch.

Nice set up for the run-in from Rocky, especially since it's in Miami. The promo was pretty much on the whole way through, with the calls on Lita being pretty epic. Could've also said that violence against women is wrong, but Lita isn't really a woman. All in all though, very, very good work. Rocky is obviously who you capture the best with your promos.

@ Layla being paired with The Naturals. You decided to give a charismaless team a pointless valet. I'm sorry, but an epic ass doesn't equal charisma. >_>

Pretty good promo from the divas really, considering they don't have characters besides just being face or heel. Phoenix bvrining up the history between the two as well as Mickie was a nice touch for what was a solid promo to hype the match at Armageddon.

While I knew you wouldn't let Shane have the complete crap beaten out of him for three minutes, I was pretty surprised he didn't bring back up right from the beginning, as opposed to just running away. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that you brought 3MW back though for this (it really should have clicked when it was a three minute challenge), and the beatdown which followed. Really, I thought this was some damn fine booking. I'm all for 3MW being around as well because by this time Jamal was a star and Rosey was... well shithouse, but I like a dominant heel team. Good way for Shane to get the advantage (that will of course be reversed at Armageddon) going into Armageddon.

Cornette was the awesomeness he's meant to be. He was somewhat angry, abrupt, and overall just cut a very good promo, which of course Lesnar never could by himself. Brings about good hype for the main event, and I liked the referenece to Brock vs Rock the first. A little hype for the match against RVD this Sunday was needed, and it was given.

Good little win for Trish heading into her title defence, with more hype for Phoenix vs Stratus.

The lack of character from Jindrak's a cryme (ha, get it? The spelling? Oh, stfu) tbfh. Pointless segment I guess, though it did alert us to the ten man clusterfuck later in the show. Wasn't needed, though it was a bit of fun.

@ Cade not even getting an entrance. Very solid match really, with everyone getting a decent showing. AJ picking up another win over Benji is good, though it'll probably lead to Benji retaining at Armageddon. Only complaint with the match was that it could have been given maybe 2-3 more minutes, as I think the action you had may have lasted a little bit longer than you said it did.

@ Carltio being completely overshadowed. His little interraction with Austin at the beginning was nice, though once Captain Charisma came out, he was basically invisible/non-existant. Christian wasn't as good as he'd been the past few weeks in terms of character, though I still didn't mind him. I'm not too big on the idea of the car being crushed, because well, it's been done before, and I don't think it was required. It mader good use of Tomko, though. The beatdown to finish off with backstage gives Christian the real momentum here, though I think it's enough with the conveniently placed. >_>

Very good main event match to put on TV, though I thought the finish would involve a little more counter wrestling, I guess the run-ins prevented that and caused for a different story to be told. Glad Cena made an appearance here, because really, he needed to get his face on TV. I don't really like Rocky winning right before the PPV, however the method in which he went down (thanks to the guy he's wrestling on Sunday) I guess makes up for that. Not big on this suspension of Cena since he's one of your better promo guys, but if it advances storylines, it's okay.

Overall, I think this was the best show you've produced since you came back, Reney. The promos were of a higher quality, the match writing as more expanded and better, and there was a lot more hype for the upcoming PPV, which before this week seemed kinda missable. Definitely a step up here.

Current Card for WWE Armageddon
Energy Solutions Arena
Salt Lake City; Utah
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin - "Had Enough"
Sponsored by Miller Chill

8) WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs Edge (c)

Rocky doesn't seem like he needs the title.

5) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko

It looks like you've done everything you can with this feud now, so top if off with Christian winning.

6) Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon

Shane winning would be pointless.

7) Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette

Via roll-up. We'll get a Triple Threat @ the Rumble between these two and Edge for the belt.

2) Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Pfft, Kane sucks.

1) Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (c)

WWE booking is generally hype the shit out of the challenger, then have him lose. I'm guessing you'll do the same.

4) World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs MNM w/Melina

You have a hard on for your brothers.

3) Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix

As you had Beth say on RAW, Trish has done it all. Change now.


1. What match will open the PPV?

Benjamin vs Styles.

2. How many title changes will occur, if any?


3. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who?


4. Predict the match order

That's not a question.

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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Current Card for WWE Armageddon
Energy Solutions Arena
Salt Lake City; Utah
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin - "Had Enough"
Sponsored by Miller Chill

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs Edge (c)
Rock/Cena won't be needing the title. Edge will.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko
Austin's done. Release plz

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon
Best feud you've got right now. A Shane 'O Mac win keeps it going.

Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette
Doubt it'd hurt Brock much, but it'd help RVD a lot.

Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach
Uhm, yeah, Kane sucks, Monty OWNS, and 'Taker/Brown is coming up.

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Shelton Benjamin (c)
Unless you want to make Shelton look like a total jobber (which is possible) he needs to win the big one.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs MNM w/Melina

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs Beth Phoenix
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Armageddon Predictions

WWE Championship Match
The Rock vs
Edge (c)
- Edge only just won the title at Survivor Series, so it'd be a piss-poor decision for him to lose it so soon.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Christian w/Tomko - With Austin being thrown through a glass window on RAW, I'm not sure if he's even going to make it to Armageddon. Either way, I think Christian will go over in some screwy fashion in order to continue the feud. I could see this going all the way to WrestleMania.

Ambulance Match
Triple H vs Shane McMahon
- If this was real life WWE, I'm sure lots of people would have ultra-sarcastic "Spoiler: Triple H Wins" signs around. This one is a no-brainer really.

Rob Van Dam vs Brock Lesnar w/Jim Cornette - Lesnar is getting a push/can benefit more from a push, and with Cornette as his new manager, is sure to go over.

Kane vs Monty Brown w/The Coach - See Brock Lesnar.

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs
Shelton Benjamin (c)
- AJ has had pretty much all the momentum heading into Armageddon, so for Shelton to lose would make him seem kinda weak. Again, much like Christian, probably some sort of cheap win for Benjamin.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Cryme Tyme (c) vs
MNM w/Melina
- This is not a prediction; this is a demand. Get the fucking titles off Cryme Time then release the jobbers pronto.

Women's Championship Match
Trish Stratus (c) vs
Beth Phoenix
- Beth has more to gain from winning the title and asserting herself as the dominant Diva in WWE than Trish has retaining it.


1. What match will open the PPV?
Tag Team Championship match

2. How many title changes will occur, if any?
Two - the Tag Titles and the Women's Title

3. Will there be any surprise appearances? If so, who?
I don't think so. Although being the ATTITUDE ERA!~ mark that you are, I wouldn't be surprised to see some sort of Russo-style interference from someone purely for the "shock" factor.

4. Predict the match order
1- Tag Team Championship match
2- Kane/Brown
3- Intercontinental Championship match
4- Austin/Christian
5- Lesnar/RVD
6- Ambulance Match
7- Women's Championship
8- WWE Championship
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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Hi. Yeah, no preview. Too much effort. Keep a look out for Armageddon soon. Not sure what the go is with the Italics.

Thursday Night SmackDown
Blue Cross Arena; Rochester; New York.

SmackDown’s theme “Rise Up” and the opening video plays, showcasing superstars such as Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, Booker T, AMW, Rey Mysterio and finally Kurt Angle, holding up his World Heavyweight Championship.


The camera pans in and around the Blue Cross Arena, showcasing the jam-packed crowd, all on their feet cheering when the voice of Michael Cole cuts in.

Michael Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to a history making edition of Thursday Night SmackDown! What a huge show we’ve got on the cards this evening, Tazz!

Tazz: Damn skippy, Cole! We’ve got 6 MASSIVE matches scheduled tonight man! The WWE Tag Team Champions are in action, takin’ on The Basham Brothers in Non-Title action! We’ve got a Cruiserweight Triple Threat match featuring 3 scintillatingly fast superstars, you won’t be able to blink during that match!

Michael Cole: Plus, after William Regal’s interference last week with Harry Smith at his side, this week he will go one on one with the man he screwed in last week’s Main Event – Booker T! Don’t forget, Matt Hardy is defending his title for the second week in a row, taking on John “Bradshaw” Layfield!

Tazz: And that’s not all, in our Main Event tonight, we’ve got what some are calling the biggest “Non-Pay Per View” match, not only this year, but in SmackDown history... for the first time ever, Bill Goldberg goes one on one with Shawn Michaels!

Michael Cole: It’s set to be a huge night Tazz... but to (nervously) ... ahh... begin proceedings this evening, I’ve got the pleasure of conducting an in-ring interview with the man who punted Chris Jericho two weeks ago, Randy Orton.

With that said, Cole removes his headset and gets up and heads towards the ring while crowd suddenly erupts into enormous heat when...


The music of Randy Orton booms throughout the arena as the man himself slowly and intensely walks slowly down the aisle, dressed in a suit without a tie and his collar wide open, simply glaring at a very intimidated Michael Cole as he stands in the ring with a microphone in hand, looking like he’s about to shit himself. Orton doesn’t acknowledge the fans in the slightest, not even taunting them as he’s already generating a shitload of heat as he swaggers up the ring steps and climbs through the ropes and into the ring and begins to circle Michael Cole. The fans refuse to relent on their verbal tirade towards Orton though, as a massive chant of “Y2J... Y2J... Y2J” breaks out but it’s soon cut off as Orton finally shows some form of emotion towards the fans as he shakes his head, motioning that he’s not coming and then he gestures that he punted him in the head, bringing his leg up in a swinging motion, reminding them all of the punt and it’s ferocity as they erupt into even more heat.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen... please welcome, The Legend Killer, Randy Orton!

The fans erupt into immense heat and it grows even louder as Orton snatches the microphone off Cole.

Randy Orton: Michael Cole... DON’T... waste your breath, it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it, these people will NEVER give me the respect I deserve!

Massive heat.

Randy Orton: WHY?! Because I do things my OWN way! I don’t care what any of these morons here tonight think...

Randy gets cut off again by some immense heat as a “YOU SUCK” chant breaks out.

Randy Orton: (continuing) I don’t care what any of those so called “superstars” in the back think... and Michael Cole... I certainly don’t care what people like YOU... think.

Orton seethes in Cole’s direction causing the little bitch to back off and retrieve another microphone, before nervously approaching Orton again.

Michael Cole: Okay... Randy... that’s not why we’re here tonight, we’re here to talk about why you viciously punted Chris Jericho in the head 2 weeks ago, putting him out indefinitely.

Orton smirks as the crowd dumps more heat on him.

Randy Orton: Why? Michael Cole... I’ll tell you why, I punted Chris Jericho for one reason... and one... reason... only!

Orton pauses as the fans hatred for him takes over again.



Randy Orton: I punted Chris Jericho to try and kick some sense into him! I tried to make him understand that he doesn’t need the appreciation of these people to be a Champion.

Orton pauses as he cops more heat.

Randy Orton: I tried to make Jericho understand that he doesn’t need the appreciation of the fans to be the WORLD... HEAVYWEIGHT... CHAMPION!

Michael Cole: But Randy, why does...

Randy Orton: (Cutting Cole off) NO ONE... gave you permission to speak, shut your mouth, wait until I am finished!

Heat again.

Randy Orton: I want Chris to remember the high points of his career... when became the FIRST UNDISPUTED WWE CHAMPION... did he care about all these people then, Michael Cole?

Cole goes to answer, but Orton answers first.

Randy Orton: NO! He didn’t give a damn about ANY of these people... all he cared about was HIMSELF... and winning the WWE Championship! Now, 5 years later, we are expected to believe he is a changed man?

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: Jericho... you’re a fake. You’re lying to yourself, and while doing so, you’re bringing failure upon yourself! Your career is failing Jericho... it’s going nowhere... FAST! And it’s all because of these people... the sooner you stop pretending that they’re actually important to you... the sooner you’ll be competing for the World Heavyweight Championship again!

Orton pauses once more.

Randy Orton: Chris, what you need to understand however... is that I enjoyed punting you two weeks ago and Chris, don’t worry, if it means proving a point, as SOON as I get the chance... I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

The fans boo the fuck out of Orton again as Cole finally works up the balls to cut in.

Michael Cole: Okay, Randy... we must move on... over the past two weeks, plenty of superstars in the back have expressed their distain towards your actions... Booker T, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio are just a few names among others... how does it make you feel knowing that the majority of the locker room wants your head?

Randy Orton: Want my head? They WANT MY HEAD... well, Michael Cole, Booker T wanted my head and we all saw what happened to him last week...

Huge heat.

Randy Orton: Big Show should just keep his nose outta’ my business because if he wants to get involved in something that doesn’t concern him... he’s gonna get same treatment as Booker T last week! R... K... O!

“YOU SUCK” chants begin again as Orton sucks it up.

Randy Orton: Rey Mysterio might talk tough, but we all know he doesn’t have the GUTS to back up his words. HE could’ve prevented what happened to Chris Jericho two weeks ago... and did he? DID HE, COLE?! NO! HE JUST LAYED THERE... DOWN IN THE RING, LIKE THE GUTLESS COWARD THAT HE IS! When Rey Mysterio is actually known for winning a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP instead of just being a 5 foot tall, Mexican high-flyer that wears a stupid mask to keep the children happy... then I MIGHT actually respect him a little... until that time... Rey Mysterio can SHUT THE HELL...

Orton is cut off by chants of “619” as Michael Cole looks extremely pissed off following the bagging of his love buddy, Mysterio, with his head looking like it’s about to explode!


The fans pop as Cole grows a set.

Randy Orton: (Cutting him off again, very calmly this time) Cole... I’ve just about enough of your crap tonight.

Orton seethes at Cole again and breaths visibly deeply.

Michael Cole:Really... well it’s...

Cole is cut off again, this time however it’s courtesy of a DEVESTATING RKO FROM RANDY ORTON!!!! COLE DROPS IN A MESS ON THE CANVAS AS ORTON JUST STANDS OVER HIS FALLEN BODY! Randy goes to leave the ring slowly until...


An immense mixed reaction fills the arena as the music of the SmackDown General Manager, Paul Heyman blasts through the arena and the man himself struts out on stage in a suit with a baseball cap on.

Paul Heyman: Well, Well, Well! Mr Orton... it looks like I’m gonna need a new commentator for tonight!

The fans laugh because they really don’t give a fuck about Cole.

Paul Heyman: However, your actions need to be punished! I’ve been in the back, listening to what you’ve had to say, particularly about Rey Mysterio and The Big Show and since you’re so passionate about people backing up their words, I think it’s time YOU, Mr Orton, do some of the same...

Heyman pauses as Orton just stares at him.

Paul Heyman: I took particular interest in your thoughts about The Big Show, therefore I’m interested to see if you can back up the claim you made... SO! NEXT WEEK! RIGHT HERE ON SMACKDOWN! It will be... Randy Orton VERSUS THE BIG SHOW!

The fans pop as Heyman isn’t done.


The fans pop even louder as Orton glares a sadistic hole through Heyman.

Randy Orton: If that’s the best you got Heyman, then that’s fine, I know... that it will end up being a one on one match anyway, because Rey Mysterio, being the coward he is, will probably end up hiding under the ring anyway, leaving The Big Show to go it alone... against ME.

Orton smirks as the fans pour some more heat upon him.

Randy Orton: So, with Mysterio out of the way, I might just give you a little preview of what’s in store for the big talkin’ Big Show next week...

Orton drops the microphone and glances in Cole’s direction slowly before suddenly dashing across the ring and nailing the commentator with a devastating punt! The fans boo the fuck out of Orton as blood spits everywhere out of Cole’s mouth and he falls in a mess in the ring. Orton just laughs at the carnage and looks at Heyman, who actually looks shocked by what Orton’s just done. Orton leaves the ring and walks up the aisle as Heyman runs past him and into the ring to check on Cole, while Tazz does the same, climbing in under the bottom rope to be with Cole while EMT’s rush down the aisle.

We get one final shot of a sadistic looking Randy Orton as we go to commercial.


We return from commercial to find a glum looking Tazz, sitting by himself at ringside.

Tazz: Welcome back to SmackDown folks, obviously my partner, Michael Cole isn’t with me at this stage. Words can’t quite describe the events that occurred in the ring moments ago, let’s have a look at the scenes during the commercial break.

We get taken to footage of Tazz and Heyman in the ring, screaming for EMT’s to hurry up. They and some road agents slide into the ring and they quickly assess Cole’s condition before sliding him onto a back board and pulling him out of the ring and putting him on a stretcher.

Tazz: Our General Manager, Mr Paul Heyman is in the ring at the moment to address this horrendous situation.

Paul Heyman: (seriously) Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no need for me to remind you of what occurred in this ring only moments ago. I will however reiterate to you all that this sort of behaviour from contracted talent WILL NOT be tolerated on Thursday Night SmackDown.

Heyman pauses as the crowd applauds politely.

Paul Heyman: Since I have already booked Randy Orton in a match for next week, I would now like to add a stipulation to it.

The fans pop in anticipation.

Paul Heyman: If Randy Orton loses his Handicap Match with The Big Show and Rey Mysterio next week...

Heyman pauses again.

Paul Heyman: HE WILL BE FIRED!!

The fans erupt in appreciation.

Paul Heyman: Now, having sorted that, I still have another issue the needs to be sorted and that is the issue of a Play by Play commentator to sit over there (Points over towards Tazz) with my good friend, Tazz.

Pop for Tazz.

Paul Heyman: And it just so happens, that I had a friend backstage visiting me this evening and he has kindly agreed to fill in, in Michael Cole’s absence...

Heyman pauses.

Paul Heyman: Introducing, the interim SmackDown Play by Play Commentator... he is the voice of ECW... JOEY STYYYYYYYYYYYYLLLLLEEEESSSS!!!!


The ECW theme hits again and Joey Styles swaggers out in a suit. He quickly sprints down to the aisle and slides into the ring to a fairly solid pop from the fans. He shakes Heyman’s hand and quickly exits again, going to join Tazz at ringside.

Tazz: Well... ain’t this like old times! This is a prime example of something good comin’ outta’ somethin’ bad! Welcome to SmackDown, my old friend, Joey Styles!

Joey Styles: Tazz, thank you, pleasure to be here albeit not under the grandest of circumstances but I’ll try and make the best of a bad situation because as I’m lead to believe, we’ve got my favourite type of match up next... a Triple Threat match between three Cruiserweight stars!


A small amount of heat emits from the fans as the former Cruiserweight Champion, Nunzio makes his way out, as brash as ever, waving an Italian flag and in his traditional trunks with the Italian colours. Nunzio soaks up the crowds taunts as just laughs at them as he gets into the ring.

Joey Styles: This man’s career has certainly come along in leaps and bounds since his days back in ECW. This is a big chance for him tonight to push for a Cruiserweight Title opportunity to take on Paul London!


A small pop emerges from the fans as Brian Kendrick dashes out from behind the curtain and sprints down the aisle and slides into the ring. Kendrick quickly ascends the top rope and raises his arms to the crowd before backflipping down to the mat, coming face to face with Nunzio.

Tazz: Brian Kendrick is definitely gonna have the fans support on his side tonight, Joe!

Joey Styles: You’re not wrong... partner.

Tazz: Don’t call me that.

Styles giggles as the duo go all shooty on us.


With a scowl on his face, Jamie Noble swaggers out from backstage and straight down to the ring amidst a solid amount of heat from the fans. Noble ignores the fans as slides into the ring, apparently eager to start the match.

Match 1
Triple Threat Match
Brian Kendrick v Nunzio v Jamie Noble
The match was greeted with the presence of the Cruiserweight Champion, Paul London at ringside early in the match. Naturally London captured the attention of everyone in the match, particularly Jamie Noble.

Noble and Nunzio currently have control on Kendrick, with the two double teaming him with several tandem moves including a Double Reverse Elbow, a Double Clothesline and a Fisherman’s Suplex! Kendrick is then taken out of the equation when Noble nails a Big Back Body Drop and sends him flying down to the outside! Nunzio gloats down at Kendrick before going to “high five” Noble, but Jamie drills him with a kick to the gut and quickly hoists him up on his shoulders, before nailing the Double Knee Gutbuster!!! Noble glances down at London and proclaims; “That’ll be you soon!” to which he then drops down casually and goes for the cover! 1... 2... NO! KENDRICK BREAKS THE COUNT WITH A LOW DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF JAMIE NOBLE! Kendrick then nails Nunzio with a Standing Moonsault before following up with the cover! 1... 2... 3!

Winner: Brian Kendrick @ 7:43

**HEY YOU** hits again as Kendrick quickly raises to his feet and exits the ring. He celebrates at ringside, slapping hands with Paul London as he backs up the aisle with his friend and the Champion holds Kendrick’s arm up in the air as the winner, just as Noble begins to get back to his feet. Jamie just shakes his head, looking absolutely irate that he’s just been robbed of the victory by the fan favourite, Kendrick.

Joey Styles: Brian Kendrick steals a big win, Tazz! We’ve got some big news coming backstage too, Tazz, we just heard our General Manager moments ago, Paul Heyman add the stipulation to Randy Orton’s match next week where if he loses to Rey Mysterio and The Big Show, he will be fired. Given the fact that next week is the second instalment of the three part draft, even if Orton gets drafted to Raw next week, he will be forced to wrestle in this match with the same stipulation!

Tazz: Bad news for Randy Orton, but that’s next week. Tonight in our Main Event, we’ve got one of the biggest matches in SmackDown history! Bill Goldberg goes one on one with Shawn Michaels for the first time ever!

Joey Styles: This certainly isn’t a match without controversy surrounding it, let’s go back to the final moments of last weeks show...

Originally Posted by LAST WEEK ON SMACKDOWN


Yes, WWE goes all TNA as the camera heads backstage frenetically and it heads into a room, past a door with the name plate of “SHAWN MICHAELS”. As soon as the camera gets inside the room it finds a bloodied and battered Shawn Michaels on the floor. A gasp of shock emits from the fans as the camera zooms in on Shawn, blood slowly dripping from his mouth.

Michael Cole: What the hell is going on here?!

Officials and Road Agents rush into the room, coming to Michaels aid. Paul Heyman even makes his way in, looking concerned. After a close inspection of Michaels current state from Heyman, the GM addresses the room.

Paul Heyman: (Sighing) There’s any number of people that could’ve been the cause of this... someone get Bill Goldberg in my office. That’s probably a good place to start.

Michael Cole: Damn right Bill Goldberg would be a good place to start! Seems to me like he’s trying to get an early advantage ahead of the big match next week – until then, ladies and gentlemen, it’s goodnight, see you next week when Bill Goldberg is scheduled go one on one with Shawn Michaels, but given this heinous assault, that match up must now be in jeopardy!

SmackDown fades to black with Paul Heyman running his right hand through his hair, looking down at the motionless body of Shawn Michaels, while some agents scurry out the door behind him.

Joey Styles: In the past week, our General Manager, Paul Heyman has interrogated a number of SmackDown superstars including John “Bradshaw” Layfield, the man of the moment, Randy Orton, Shawn’s opponent tonight, Bill Goldberg and even the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle but has been unable to reach a conclusion as to whom this attack was at the hands of.

Tazz: I don’t we’re going to know who’s been the cause of this attack for some time. Later this evening, we’re going to hear from Shawn Michaels in the lead up to his match tonight and find out how this assault has affected his preparation for a dream match like this.


We return backstage to find JBL staring down a camera.

JBL: For the second time in two weeks, last week, a great injustice was served!

JBL pauses.

JBL: Two weeks ago I was screwed by Bill Goldberg and Shawn Michaels! Then, last week, I was screwed by a man that is supposed to be unbiased, our General Manager, Paul Heyman!

Heat from the fans.

JBL: Instead of granting me the shot at the World Heavyweight Championship I deserve... the shot I EARNED...

The fans boo Bradshaw again.

JBL: Paul Heyman grants me a shot at the United... States... Championship.

Bradshaw shakes his head.

JBL: He expects me to go one on one with a nobody like Matt Hardy! What a joke! I am however, going to make the best of a bad situation. Being granted a shot at the US Title might not be ideal, but after tonight when I’m done destroying Matt Hardy and taking his Championship, I WILL go on to become the World Heavyweight Champion as well, crowning ME... J... B... L the FIRST EVER dual United States/World Heavyweight Champion in SmackDown history!!!

The fans dump more heat on Bradshaw.

JBL: Tonight, Matt Hardy, you get to be a part of history! People will remember this night as a monumental evening in the history of Professional Wrestling. I will become the United States Champion tonight which will be the first step becoming the MOST DECORATED champion, in SmackDown history.

Bradshaw’s promo cuts off and we move back out to the ring to find The Basham Brothers standing in the ring, awaiting their opponents; America’s Most Wanted!


The WWE Tag Team Champions generate a decent pop from the fans as the duo swagger out to the top of the aisle with their cowboy hats on. Storm with his belt strapped around his waist and Harris with his d****d over his shoulder.

Match 2
Tag Team Match; Non Title Match
WWE Tag Team Champions; James Storm & Chris Harris v Doug & Danny Basham
In a snore fest, The Bashams use several underhand tactics but it’s not enough. With Storm and Doug Basham in the ring, the momentum eventually swings as Storm nails 3 or 4 consecutive power moves before tagging in Chris Harris. The duo both look for a double clothesline, but Basham slides underneath it, avoiding it, but unfortunately for him he turns into a SPINNING SPINEBUSTER!!! 1... 2... 3!! Danny rushed the ring to try and break the fall but he ate a superkick from James Storm for his troubles!

Winners: James Storm & Chris Harris @ 5:34

**GUILTY** the theme of the champions hits again as Harris rises from the cover as Storm collects both the belts from the referee. The champions hold their titles up high, with smiles on their faces, having disposed of The Bashams for the second week in a row.

Joey Styles: Surely this is the last time AMW will have to take on The Bashams for a while. You’d think they’d just give up.


We return to Thursday Night SmackDown and immediately head backstage again to find Steve Romero standing by with a couple of guests.

Steve Romero: Good evening everyone, my name’s Steve Romero. Please welcome my guests at this time; William Regal and Harry Smith!

Smith and Regal walk into shot to a surprisingly large amount of heat.

Steve Romero: Mr Regal, last week you cost Booker T victory in his match against Randy Orton. Why?

William Regal: To prove a bloody point, Romero! Booker T tried to give Harry an’ I some unwanted advice two weeks ago. He told us to make an impact, so that was what we did!


William Regal: Booker T deserved everything he got last week, what you people don’t realise is that he bought it on himself! He had no one to blame for what except himself!

More heat as Smith nods in the background.

William Regal: If Booker T hadn’t decided to offer his opinion when it wasn’t required in the first place then this wouldn’t be an issue and now tonight when we face off one on one, at the end of the match, when I pin ‘im in the middle of the ring... Harry and I will ‘ave put the whole SmackDown roster on notice that we are a force to be reckoned with and we cannot be taken lightly!

Regal brushes Romero away as he and Smith stroll off camera.

Joey Styles: Interesting words from William Regal there, Tazz. I’m not quite sure I understand his logic.


The arena explodes as the music of Booker T roars over the PA System. Booker makes his way out from behind the curtain, looking pissed to the max, still apparently not over last week. Booker slaps hands with a few of the fans on the way down to the ring, failing however to lose focus on the job at hand.

Joey Styles: Booker T has a shot at redemption tonight and it would take a brave man to bet against him!


A solid amount of heat pours through the arena as William Regal and his prot&#233;g&#233;, Harry Smith make their way out. With his trademark robe on, Regal makes his way down to the ring while Smith, also dressed to compete, makes his way down the aisle behind him. Regal steps into the ring and immediately looks to face off with Booker, but before he does, he ensures big Harry has his back. Booker’s face remains motionless as he stares deep into Regal’s eyes.

Match 3
Singles Match
Booker T v William Regal w/Harry Smith
Booker fights like a man possessed from the outset, clearly not worrying about any wrestling holds or technical prowess as he’s only concerned with beating the fuck out of William Regal. Unable to mount much offence, Regal can do nothing but try and cover up in a corner until Booker whips the Englishman across the ring and as he shoots back he gets drilled with THE 110TH STREET SLAM!!!!! Regal gets some big height as his head rattles back and crashes into the canvas! Refusing to go for the cover, Booker pulls Regal back up to his feet and immediately ducks under his right arm and plants him with a BOOK END!!! The fans pop as Booker really begins total domination but just as he’s about to go for the cover, Harry Smith jumps up on the apron! Booker charges towards him and just before he gets there Smith drops off again, causing The Book Man to bounce into the ropes and whiplash off, allowing Regal a little bit of extra time to recompose himself. With the fans cheering him on, Booker pulls Regal up to his feet and quickly drills him with a kick to the gut before bouncing off the ropes and coming back, looking for the SCISSORS KICK! BUT REGAL MOVES AND MANAGES TO GET A GRASP OF BOOKER, ATTEMPTING A GERMAN SUPLEX BUT BOOKER BLOCKS IT AND MANAGES TO GET HIMSELF FREE OF HIS OPPONENTS GRASPS! Booker quickly charges towards the ropes again and bounces back, nailing Regal with a rocking Clothesline! Regal falls to the mat hard as Harry Smith climbs up on the apron yet again! This time the referee makes his presence felt as he heads over towards Smith, presumably to tell him to fuck off. Booker turns his attention away from Regal momentarily, adding his input in support of the referee but when he turns back to his opponent, HE GETS DRILLED WITH A DEVESTATING SHOT FROM HIS BRASS KNUX!!!! The fans pour heat on Regal as Booker falls in a limp mess on the mat and Smith jumps down off the apron while Regal throws the Brass Knux out of the ring. The referee turns his attention back to the action just as Regal is bringing a wobbly Booker back to his feet with a handful of hair. Wasting no time, William Regal hooks Booker T’s leg and drills him with THE REGAL-PLEX!!! Complete with the bridge from Regal, the referee makes the count – 1... 2... 3!

Winner: William Regal @ 9:34

The fans erupt with heat as **BORN NAUGHTY** hits again and the English duo of William Regal and Harry Smith celebrate in the ring. Booker T remains motionless in the ring as Regal and Smith both ascend turnbuckles, celebrating, soaking in the crowds heat. After a few more moments, Regal and Smith finally exit the ring proudly and retreat back up the aisle just as Booker is starting to come back to his senses.

Joey Styles: Well, Booker T dominated the match Tazz for the most part but William Regal and Harry Smith have certainly had the last laugh tonight.

We head to commercial with one final shot of Regal and Smith, standing arms raised at the top of the aisle.


We return from commercial and once more find ourselves backstage this time, in the dressing room of Shawn Michaels with the man himself sitting on his lounge momentarily before standing up as the camera gets closer to him, showing a bandage on his head from the beating last week.

Shawn Michaels: (seriously) Last week, someone decided it’d be smart to jump good ol’ ‘aitch ‘bee ‘kay from behind in his very own dressin’ room.


Shawn Michaels: I dunno who it was but if you listen to tha’ people talkin’, it coulda’ been one of a dozen people... Kurt Angle, JBL, Randy Orton, Bill Goldberg... the list goes on and on! I dunno who it was at the moment and even though most signs might point towards Bill Goldberg, he’s innocent ‘till proven guilty but that doesn’t save him for tonight! It don’t matter whether it was him or not because whoever decided to attack me last week lit a fire inside me and awoke somethin' that’s been missin’...


Shawn Michaels: So tonight, Goldberg, get ready because you’re not just going one on one with Shawn Michaels. You’re takin’ on the SHOWSTOPPAH! THE HEADLINER! THE MAAAAAIINNNN EVENT! THE ICON! MISTER... WRESTLE-MANIA! When I’m done beatin’ you tonight, when you’re in the back contemplatin’ your loss you can thank the gutless coward that attacked me last week for bringin’ an all new emotion out in Shawn Michaels.

Michaels stares at the camera with a smirk as we head back out to the arena to Joey Styles and Tazz at ringside.

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Thursday Night SmackDown, strong words from Shawn Michaels there in the lead up to our Main Event tonight but now it’s time for our United States Championship match, with JBL going one on one with Matt Hardy.


Massive heat pours through the arena as the trademark white stretch limousine pulls out into the arena of John “Bradshaw” Layfield. JBL’s driver steps out of the car first and goes to open his bosses door. Bradshaw steps out of the limo, wielding a large American Flag. Layfield waves the flag proudly as he walks down by his limo but before proceeding to the ring, he climbs up onto the bonnet of the vehicle and continues to wave the flag, yelling “Tonight an American Hero is crowned!”. The fans continue to dump heat on JBL as he finally jumps down off the car, avoiding the horns and making his way down towards the ring.

Joey Styles: Certainly a very... patriotic, entrance from JBL.


The fans dismay soon turns to joy as the music of the United States Champion, Matt Hardy booms throughout the arena. Hardy emerges from the back with the belt strapped tightly around his waist and he quickly throws up the V1 symbol the fans, which they reciprocate happily. Hardy slaps hands with a few fans on the way down to the ring, before he slides in, under the bottom rope, coming face to face with Bradshaw, holding his title up in his face.

Match 4
Singles Match; United States Championship
Matt Hardy (c) v John “Bradshaw” Layfield
In a fairly solid back and forth match, JBL and Hardy put on a somewhat entertaining display with neither man being able to take the upper hand. Eventually Matt manages to take over thanks to him being a little bit quicker than JBL an being able to duck under a wayward right hand and respond with a swift kick to his right thigh. With JBL curled over, Hardy quickly bounces off the ropes and nails a running Bulldog! JBL lands face first on the mat but he’s quick to get back to his feet, albeit nursing a sore nose. Hardy is one step ahead though as he whips JBL off the ropes this time and as he bounces back, Matt goes for a Clothesline, but JBL ducks it! He continues on to the adjacent set of ropes and bounces back himself and charges towards Hardy AND ATTEMPTS THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! BUT MATT DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE SIDE EFFECT INSTEAD!!! The fans pop huge as Hardy brings JBL straight back up to his feet and drills him with a kick to the gut and follows up with a Twist of Fate to put him away clean as a whistle! 1... 2... 3!

Winner & STILL United States Champion: Matt Hardy @ 8:23

**LIVE FOR THE MOMENT** The fans erupt as Hardy’s music hits again and the referee hands him back his championship belt. Hardy holds his belt up proudly for the fans to see as JBL lay hopelessly on the mat, for all to see. Matt exits the ring, still holding his championship gold up high in the air.

Joey Styles: Certainly another convincing win for Matt Hardy tonight, this time over a legit Main Eventer in JBL!

The camera heads to the back to find The Big Show getting ready for his match up next when Rey Mysterio walks in.

Rey Mysterio: Show, I just wanted to wish you luck for your match tonight man and to let you know that if Randy Orton tries to pull anythin’ before out match next week, I got yo’ back.

Big Show laughs and smiles a little.

Big Show: Rey, champ, thanks, but I think I’ll be able to handle myself out there. We both know Randy won’t have the guts to show his face again ‘round here ‘till our match next week, so chill little buddy.

Rey just nods as Big Show pats him on the back and the camera fades out.

We then head to a video hype package, and it's of the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk! The video basically summarizes Punk's life and career up to date and includes shots of him in action then finally, it states that he’s coming to SmackDown, NEXT WEEK, from his home town of CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!


We return to find Steve Romero walking down a hall backstage, looking for an interview with Mr Kennedy.

Steve Romero: (rushed) Mr Kennedy... Mr Kennedy, following your loss to Matt Hardy last week, can I get your thoughts on his performance tonight as he successfully defended his championship against JBL?

Kennedy turns in shock at Romero.

Mr Kennedy: My thoughts?! Are you jokin’ me?! I didn’t even watch the damn match! I don’t care what Matt Hardy does! I don’t care who Matt Hardy beats! I mean... what’s JBL done lately anyway, except lose?!

Kennedy pauses.

Mr Kennedy: Seriously, the only time I take any notice of Matt Hardy is when I have to beat him out in that ring and Matt... you got DAMN... lucky, last week and I was actually down on myself a little for losing to you after our match, but then I realised that you’re a nobody, a nobody that has a little bit of luck who simply won’t be fortunate to have the same luck again! I will get a rematch Matt, and when I do, it will be the last time you wear that United States Championship gold because the next United States Champion is none other than... MISTEEEEERRRRRRRRRR KEEEENNNNNN-NAAAAAHHHHHH-DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!

Kennedy pauses a bit.


The fans dump more shit on Kennedy as the camera exits back out to the ring to find Santino Marella standing in there, looking like he’s about to shit himself when...


The fans leaps to their feat as the familiar music of The Big Show hits. The Giant makes his way out slowly, smiling and waving to the fans, looking as cool and calm as ever as he makes his way down to the ring.

Match 5
Singles Match
Big Show v Santino Marella
Santino immediately gets in Big Show’s face as soon as the bell rings, apparently refusing to be intimidated. Marella leads in with a right hand, but Big Show catches it with his massive grasp and squeezes the fuck out of his first, causing the Italian to scream like a little girl until Big Show releases the grasp but he doesn’t waste any time, as he goozles him before NAILING THE CHOKESLAM!!!

Winner: Big Show @ 00:49.

It’s all over in 49 seconds as **CRANK IT UP** hits again, but it doesn’t last long as Big Show requests a microphone from ringside.

Big Show: Cut the music!

The music cuts out as the fans chant “BIG SHOW... BIG SHOW”

Big Show: Randy Orton... I saw your preview earlier tonight of what you intend to do to me next week, well you’ll have to be fast because what I just did to this guy (points down at Santino), that’s exactly what I’m gonna do to you! I’m gonna squash you like a bug Orton... with or without, Rey Mysterio!

Tazz: If I were Randy Orton, I’d be a little bit concerned going into this match with Big Show and Rey Mysterio next week!

The fans pop for Big Show as he throws the microphone down and his music hits again with him exiting up the aisle as we head to a commercial.


We return from commercial to find Goldberg staring into a camera backstage, breathing deeply looking reaaaaaaaaaaally pissed. What a surprise.


Immense heat as Goldberg snorts down the camera.

Goldberg: (Calming down) Shawn... you are just a SPEED BUMP on my journey to become the World Heavyweight Champion!

More heat.


Fans pops.


More huge heat as Goldy’s naughty word gets beeped out.

Goldberg: You know I’ve number Kurt... you’re constantly tellin’ us all about how you’re the “MOST DECORATED SUPERSTAR IN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING HISTORY!”... but deep down, Kurt, YOU KNOW... that you will NEVER be what you say you are... UNTIL YOU DEFEAT ME!!

The camera exits Goldberg’s dressing room and heads straight into the dressing room of... KURT ANGLE! The fans pop huge as the champion is seen sitting on a chair, staring at a Television screen, presumably just having watched Goldberg’s promo. Absolutely steaming, Kurt gets to his feet and proclaims...

Kurt Angle: I’ll show him who the little bitch is.

Kurt bright red just glares at the TV before turning on his heel and storming out of the room as the camera heads back out to the arena.


Immense heat fills the arena as the music of Bill Goldberg begins to blast through the arena. Goldy storms out on to the stage, kicking and punching the air, setting off his pyro and roaring aggressively. Goldberg snorts and roars and makes all kinds of ridiculous noises on his way down to the ring. He leaps in over the top rope and pulls down on the ropes aggressively.

Joey Styles: Goldberg is certainly fired up tonight, Tazz.


The fans explode for one of their favourites, Shawn Michaels. Michaels steps out on to the stage and before too long, is down on his knees, saying a prayer and setting off his pyro in very impressive fashion. HBK bounces back up his feet and sets off energetically down the aisle, slapping hands with several of the fans along with way. Shawn walks up the ring steps and steps through the ropes and into the ring, performing his usual taunt, firing up the fans even more.


Match 6
Main Event
Singles Match
Shawn Michaels v Goldberg
To say the fans were hot for this one from the start would be a massive understatement. Two distinctive chants have be blurted out loudly throughout the duration of the match; “HBK... HBK... HBK... HBK... HBK” and “GOLDBERG SUCKS... GOLDBERG SUCKS... GOLDBERG SUCKS!” Big bad Bill managed to take control in the outset, using his superior strength and brawling ability to dominate Shawn in the opening stages. Eventually though, Shawn’s speed and agility proved to be a difference maker as The Berg whips off the ropes and Michaels comes flying back, catching Goldy off guard with a FLYING FOREARM FROM NO WHERE! HBK brings Goldberg up to his feet straight away and lights up his chest with two sizzling knife edge chops, generating some huge “WOO’s” from the crowd. Goldberg staggers backward as Michaels darts off the ropes and as he shoots back, Bill catches him off guard this time, driving him to the canvas with SNAP SCOOP POWERSLAM! Goldberg hammers away at the downed Michaels with some rattling right hands, intent on splitting open the wound on his forehead again. Eventually the referee steps in at the count of 4 and makes The Berg get off Michaels. Michaels slowly gets back to his feet, his head in his hands as Goldberg quickly attempts a Short Arm Clothesline! Michaels ducks it though, causing Goldy to lose his balance but as soon as he turns back to Michaels he charges at him again but Shawn catches him with an Inverted Atomic Drop!

Goldberg clutches at his balls in pain as Michaels then brings him down to the canvas with a SCOOP SLAM! The fans pop because they know what’s coming next! Michaels ascends the closest turnbuckle amidst a massive chant of “HBK... HBK... HBK”. After a few moments of soaking in the support of the fans, Michaels FLIES OFF LOOKING THE DIVING ELBOW DROP!!! BUT IT MISSES!!! GOLDBERG ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY TO HUGE HEAT! After a few seconds, Goldberg manages to get back to his vertical base, whilst Shawn does the same albeit a little slower. As soon as Shawn is up though, he’s met by the sight of BILL GOLDBERG CHARGING TOWARDS HIM, LOOKING FOR THE SPEAR! BUT SHAWN DIVES OUT OF THE WAY! Goldberg recomposes himself quickly as Shawn leaps straight back up as well but it’s right into A SUPERKICK FROM GOLDBERG! NO! MICHAELS BLOCKS IT WITH HIS HANDS AND THROWS GOLDBERGS FOOT AWAY!!! Goldberg loses his balance again with almost every single member of the crowd on their feet now, eating up this awesome display of counter-wrestling. ‘Da Man returns to a steady balance and turns towards Michaels again to find SWEET CHIN MUSIC COMING STRAIGHT FOR HIM!!!!! BUT IT MISSES AS WELL! GOLDY STROPS STRAIGHT TO THE CANVAS AND ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! The fans can’t believe it, Michaels can’t believe it and he immediately turns back to Goldberg but unfortunately for Shawn... HE TURNS INTO A DEVESTATING SPEAR FROM BILL GOLDBERG!!! The fans let out a collective groan as Goldberg rolls on top of Shawn, looking for the cover. 1...


The arena explodes again as Goldberg leaps off the fallen body of Shawn Michaels as the music of the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle blasts over the PA system! Angle storms down the aisle and breaks into a run, mouthing off at Goldberg as the referee attempts to hold back the angry bastard while Kurt slides into the ring. Angle heads straight towards Goldberg and lets fire with a verbal tirade! Neither man having thrown a punch yet, Kurt then yells... “YOU’RE ON, YA DUMB SON-OF-A-BITCH! ME AND YOU AT THE RUMBLE!” A small grin appears on the face of Goldberg, but just when he looks like he’s going to respond... SHAWN MICHAELS DRILLS HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! The fans go crazy again and Angle just laughs as Goldberg falls in a heap as his feet while Michaels drops down to his knees, rolls Goldberg on to his back and goes for the cover... 1... 2... 3! It’s over!

Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 14:30

**SEXY BOY** Michaels theme hits again as The Showstopper gets to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee. Angle simply steps out of the ring, picks up his title belt which he threw on the floor on his way out of the ring and begins to make his exit up the ring. Shawn doesn’t even look at Goldberg’s body again as he climbs the nearest turnbuckle and celebrates some more.

Joey Styles: What a match! What a win for Shawn Michaels!

Tazz: You’re not wrong, the match looked like it could’ve gone either way multiple times in the match and Goldberg looked like he had it won until KURT ANGLE made an appearance, accepting Goldberg’s challenge for the Royal Rumble, right in the middle of the match!

Joey Styles: Goldberg’s challenge to Kurt earlier tonight certainly came back to kick him in the head. Pardon the pun.

The camera then turns to Bill Goldberg, who is just beginning to sit up in the ring, albeit clutching at the back of his head, in immense pain. Goldberg turns his attention to Kurt Angle who is standing atop the aisle, holding his title high, laughing at Goldberg before yelling “THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE! YOU’VE NEVER STEPPED INTO THE RING WITH SOMEONE REMOTELY LIKE KURT ANGLE!!!!!”

Joey Styles: Strong words for The World Heavyweight Champion, that’s us done for this week. We’ll see you next week for the SmackDown Draft Show!

Tazz: I wonder who we’re gonna get, Joe?!

SmackDown fades to black with Kurt holding his title high proclaiming “I’M GONNA MAKE YOU TAP, BILL! OH IT’S TRUE... IT’S DAMN TRUE!”


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Re: Renegade™ & PARANoIR Present: WWE 2006

Wow. That was some opening segment. Orton may suck on the mic, but you cranked the intensity way up here and it delivered, quite a good promo. Orton then proceeding to RKO Cole was mark worthy. Handicap match sounds nasty, but I can't see Randy losing. Cole gets absolutely destroyed? Wasn't expecting that. Really puts Orton over as a ruthless ****

Joey Styles? It was obvious

London/Kendrick should be good when we get it. Although from the descriptions post match, Noble may have a say in it all. Solid way to kick off the match order tonight

The Berg vs HBK has ratings written all over it tbh

Another good JBL promo, who you've done well with lately. Shorter than the last few but still got it's point across and kept him in character. Can't see him beating Hardy tonight tho, just think Matt's got a good run as the US Champ coming, until CM Punk rises from obscurity

AMW own. Bashams, don't. Simple and effective booking, but AMW could do with a fresh angle

You love Regal it seems, and him going over Booker T tonight confirms he's gonna have to be taken seriously on this brand. It's been a decent mini fued and now it's time for other things I feel, unless Book wants a rematch for being cheapened out

HBK could well beat Berg tonight. You're doing well with him and his promo's, keep it up plz

@ Bradshaw losing cleanly. That's really gonna hurt his WHC chances. Hardy looks fucking strong from this which I like as he's one of the best mid/upper carders around bar a lack of charisma, and I can see a good run ahead of him as the US Champ. JBL however, makes me wonder what'll become of the Wrestling God, coz he just got jobbed

Filler stuff from Rey & Show ahead of next week, nothing more really

Kennedy was alright, a tad short but he seemed down pat and doesn't seem like he's finished with the US title chase yet

Show then squashing Santino was lol'able. We needed some Santi promo gold tonight tbh, and didn't get it. Ahwell. It's putting The Show over as the force we know he can be, but I still can't see Orton losing next week

THE BERG ON THE MIC. And it was in full this week? Wow. INTENSE stuff here from Da Man. Suited him and his character very well. In your face and loud and proud. Goldberg = ratings, fuck all the haters

Nice way to end the show, very good match seemed to live up to it's billing. Angle's appearance and all but confirmation of Angle/Berg at the Rumble was sweet. HBK scoring the win from nowhere was too, back of the head would hurt like hell

Another solid offering Para, you're getting into the groove, and something tells me you'll only get better with what's next


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