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Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play


World Wrestling Entertainment have come to terms on the release of the following talent. Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Hurricane Helms, JTG, and SHAD. The World Wrestling Entertainment wishes them well in all of their future endeavours.

World Wrestling Entertainment have come to terms on the release of Jeff Hardy and William Regal. The World Wrestling Entertainment wishes them well in all of their future endeavours.
This was the news that made former WCW owner and former WWE employee Eric Bischoff stand up and take notice. It had suddenly occurred to him that Vince and the WWE were getting rid of some great talent. Being the business man that Eric Bischoff is, he decided to use Vince's own wrong-doings to put things right again in the world of professional wrestling/sports entertainment.

In the cold and winter months of January and February 2008, Eric Bischoff gave himself the green light and went to work on turning an idea into an artefact. On paper, Ultimate Championship Wrestling couldn't fail. But everyone knows that what's on paper doesn't always turn out the way you hoped. The first thing for Eric Bischoff to do was explain this idea to a few important people. The first man he contacted was a personal friend of his who was in the entertainment business. This man was the owner of a record label, and had a good taste for current goings on. Bischoff explained the concept to him, but persuading him to invest all of his time and money into the (paper) idea was proving more difficult by the minute.

The proposal was rejected in the end, and Eric Bischoff was back to square one. Where could he find a financial backer, willing to invest money into a wrestling business? Then it hit him. Bischoff had an idea. In the next few weeks Eric Bischoff held talks with a man he knew from his World Championship Wrestling days. None other than Ted Turner. The business talks went on for days. Days then turned into weeks, and it wasn't long before weeks shifted into months. Going back to the drawing board looked likely, until Bischoff was walking out of the office door. Turner muttered the words 'it's a deal'

With Ted Turner as his financial backer, Eric Bischoff was thrilled. He had been wanting to get back into the wrestling world for years, ever since he was out of his World Wrestling Entertainment contract back in late 2006. Bischoff explained to Ted Turner that the idea was similar to that of TNA back in 2002. Weekly PPV events in order to attract a stable audience, while making a profit too. However, not liking the idea, Ted Turner got Eric Bischoff a one hour timeslot on TNT. The slot gave Bischoff one hour of television time every Saturday evening. Although not being quite as attractive as a prime time slot every Monday night, Bischoff accepted the deal, realising that this wasn't World Championship Wrestling, and would probably get it's ass kicked on the very first night by the WWE's Monday Night RAW if it were to broadcast on Monday nights.

With a financial backer, and a TV deal under his belt, Eric Bischoff contacted a few of the now 'unemployed' wrestlers that he wanted to feature in his company. Bischoff arranged various press conferences over the month of May in which media outlets flocked to hear the news in which Eric Bischoff would officially announce his company. Bischoff wasted little time in announcing the name. Ultimate Championship Wrestling. He also made it known to the world that he would be giving guys with potential, that other companies never noticed a chance to be in the limelight.

It wasn't long before Bischoff and UCW got acquainted with a few people, and had them put pen to paper. Those included former World Wrestling Entertainment superstars Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Finlay, Hurricane Helms, JTG and SHAD. He even managed to persuade the man that was fired from the WWE for failing the wellness policy, Jeff Hardy to sign a contract, making him exclusive to UCW. A few days later, Eric Bischoff was approached by William Regal, who wanted to get back into wrestling after also receiving strike number three of three. Bischoff, being the kind of man to give people a chance wasted no time in snapping up a deal. Increasing the roster in the process.

As the months passed by, Eric Bischoff was successful in signing a few more former WWE superstars. These included Bobby Lashley, Chris Masters, Elijah Burke, Kenny Dykstra, Marcus Cor Von, Snitsky, and former WWE Divas, Torrie Wilson and Ashley Massaro. It was certainly a unique brand of superstars, one that Eric Bischoff was proud of. This was his time to shine, whilst giving those under rated former WWE superstars a chance to shine. Even former ECW superstars were brought into the mix. The Sandman and Sabu were called up for short and sweet contracts which would see them stay with the company for six months. It was certainly an 'extreme' boost for the company (pun intended). Bischoff was rumoured to also be in talks with former ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer. He was supposedly angry at the way the WWE drove his character, so a fresh start in UCW certainly seemed like a feasible career path. However, it was never made known as to whether Tommy Dreamer signed or not.

With a roster still growing, Ultimate Championship Wrestling was good to go. Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner held a meeting with the various departments of the company. Ranging from advertisement, to creative. The Bisch had a strong squad of backstage workers. He had some great writers that were new to the wrestling scene. A handful of qualified referees. Production members, doctors and road agents. In fact Finlay was working as a road agent and an active wrestler.

The company continued to expand during the months of June and July in 2008, and Bischoff announced the date for the first televised show. It was to be taped on Saturday 2nd August, and broadcast on TNT on Saturday 9th August 2008. Advertisements started to circulate the media, and soon fans began to get excited for the debut episode of Bischoff's Ultimate Championship Wrestling.

It wasn't long before July was at it's end. On the final day of July, the UCW website was updated with information galore. Below you can see snippets of the various different pages. (NB: These will be updated when necessary)

Booker T
Carlito Cool
Chavo Guerrero
Rey Mysterio
Fit Finlay
Hurricane Helms
Jeff Hardy
William Regal
Bobby Lashley
Chris Masters
Elijah Burke
Sylvester Terkay
Kenny Dykstra
Marcus Cor Von
The Sandman
The Nature Boy Ric Flair (Injured after assault)
John Bradshaw Layfield
The Big Show

Ashley Massaro
Torrie Wilson

The Bluebloods: William Regal and Fit Finlay
Cryme Tyme: SHAD and JTG
The Extremists: Sabu and The Sandman

Eric Bischoff
Ted Turner

Josh Matthews
Dusty Rhodes
John Bradshaw Layfield

Mene Gene Okerlund

UCW Presents 'Show No Mercy' – Every Saturday evening on TNT

Things were ready. There was just a matter of hours to finalise the very first broadcast. Stages needed to be set up, production crews were needed in their hundreds to get the stage set, to get the sound unit working, to get the cameras into place. It was a stressful, but enjoyable job, knowing that in a matter of hours, Ultimate Championship Wrestling would be gracing TNT, and Vince McMahon would get a chance to check out what Bischoff had been working on for almost a year.

Sure, the World Wrestling Entertainment were still the top dogs in the business, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling were a close second. Yeah, Ring Of Honour and the other independent promotions were making a name for themselves. But this was Eric Bischoff's turn. One that he'd been anticipating for years. Now, it had finally come true. It wasn't World Championship Wrestling, but this was Ultimate Championship Wrestling. The beginning of the post modern era in sports entertainment. The place where the little boys play!

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Well this certainly looks good. I like the backstory with Eric and Turner and I also like that you had Hardy and Regal get dropped after a third wellness policy strike to each. One thing that I am curious about that I didnt see in there, is what titles will you have? Anyways The roster looks good, I hope you push Masters and Hardy because they are both awesome. Anyways, good luck with this and stick with it!

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Like this thread. Like the backround story and roster. Hope you add some more guys later on. Hope the 1st show is really good. Good Luck with this. I will be reading this thread.

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

When my eyes flashed across the thread title, I thought I read 'Ultimate Fighting Championship'. Would've been different I guess. Anyway, this looks good. The backstory is well-written - has a lot of detail. A saturday night time slot isn't ideal, but then again this is a BTB so it doesn't matter. The roster is talented, although small, and lacking in star power. I'd suggest one big name (former world champion) to join them. Also, Monty Brown is a better name for Cor Von

Good luck.
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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

I've been awaiting this for a while since I saw it in the advertisement thread and I must say everything looks up to scratch. The rosters are good, and the additions of guys like Mene Gene is pretty awesome. Everything looks good, though I'm kinda scratching my head at "Where The Little Boys Play"

Good luck! Jon.
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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Good luck KF, I hope it works.

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Good backstory, very creative and im sure you will add to the roster soon, as it is small at the moment. Good luck mate. I hope this one works for you
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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Good luck with this mate. Please don't use that font size for your shows. I tried to read the post a few times and gave up each time. I can't pinpoint what it is about it, but it just deters me.

I'm marking for a single title here. All the wrestlers could be argued on being on (more or less) the same level, so it looks like it could go that way. If not, one or two 'bigger' wrestlers can help this fed.

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Hate the font. It's near impossible to read.

As far as the actual BTB goes, it seems quite nice. Bischoff getting financial backing from Turner again is ehh. I would've preferred a different route, but whatever. It's your created BTB after all, and the Turner bit isn't really important.

The roster is alright, though I don't see anyone I really wanna see as champion. Either a heel Lashley or Jeff I guess are the best options.

Anyway, good luck KF, hopefully you can stick with it.

PS: Ken Doane > Kennedy Dykstra

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Re: Ultimate Championship Wrestling - Where The Little Boys Play

Hey, backstory is nice, the roster is a bit small but yeah i know it will expand. Doane > Dykstra is true

But lets think about the tag "Where the Little Boys Play" For a minute. I mean lets just think about it....really?
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