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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Rocker’s WAPW Hazard Review

Ahaa, the first thing I see is my banner that I made for you to use. Good to see it’s still being put to good effect, and it obviously puts me in a jubilant mood to start this, good for you in case this show isn’t spectacular, but tbh I expect it should be…

MVP Promo
After his big WAPW Title win at Battle Lines, the only sufficient way to start the show would have to be MVP cutting a promo. Great first line from the new Champ, some good cheap heat drawn from that on its own, I obviously don’t know what Daytona Beach is really like, but It doesn’t sound like it’s known for not being able to afford champagne… Anyways, nice that MVP doesn’t even blink to reiterate the odds that were stacked against him from the PPV, obviously he’s going to mention the big names that he beat, the biggest being Bill Goldberg. MVP tore into Mickey Rourke pretty well, enough to draw Rourke into the ring, but I’m glad that you didn’t humiliate MVP like Chris Jericho was by Mickey at WrestleMania. Christian Cage and Goldberg coming out was something I gave a thumbs-up to, I wanna see MVP vs. Goldberg or MVP vs. Christian at Full Throttle, fo’ sho’. I marked out for the big brawl to close this segment, and the faces driving Gen-Ex out of the ring. Great way to start the show, and I loved Matt Striker’s line when he said FX ‘sold out’. Just a commercial break, get over it.

Match 1
The opening promo got the show off to a good start, and this match is certainly continuing the momentum, with two high-fliers like Rey and Red going at it. Solid match, the spiral tap from Amazing Red on the outside of the ring would have been a must-see, and by the sounds of it wasn’t the only positive from this match. Good to see Rey get the win, and the two embracing after the match as expected with the two being faces, but it got very interesting when Alex Shelley took them both out afterwards. I don’t know how long you’re keeping this thing for with Shelley carrying around the X Division belt, but it’s pretty cool, and hopefully you can include it somehow in this Shelley/Rey feud. Ooh, I wonder what Bret Hart’s doing here, after Battle Lines?

Colt Cabana Interview
Normally I would criticise you for portraying a Superstar as being scared going into a match, but 1: It’s Abyss and 2: Colt Cabana’s someone I see fitting the bill perfectly. When he shouted ‘I DON’T KNOW!’ I immediately thought of the Lex Luger video I saw in YouTube when he was talking about Ron Killings and Superbrawl Saturday or whatever you call it. I don’t see why Cryme Tyme, sorry Street Inc came into this but I’m sure it’ll make sense eventually. At least becoming an ROH Fan has familiarised you with some of the guys from there, Cabana for example.

Alex Shelley Interview
Alex Shelley did what he had to do in this interview, he got over as a heel pretty well, when he said that it was a ‘new’ Alex Shelley I wasn’t sure as not much seems to be different thus far, but hopefully as you develop his character further in the coming weeks I’ll see where you’re coming from.

Match 2
It’s good that you’re pushing Ken Doane, and giving him a manager like Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts can only be beneficial to him. Matt Michaels is a good competitor who could do well in WAPW, but the only one winning this all along was Doane. The aftermath with Ken locking in the sharpshooter, especially as it was on Michaels with his connections to HBK was very creative, and I can see Doane turning on Roberts soon.

Aries & Strong Interview
Good that Austin Aries got the majority of the mic time, and he was great on the stick in this interview, although it was Shane Douglas doing the interview again so maybe use somebody different or space out the interviews? Apart from that, good segment, and this Gen-Ex/Team 3D feud is getting very good, so give it as much time and exposure as you can, imo.

Cage & Goldberg Interview
Another interview? God, that’s 4 interviews from the last 5 segments! I seriously recommend cutting down on these types of segments, you can just have them talking without an interviewer, Aries and Strong are two people who can do that well. Anyways, there’s obviously going to be a bit of tension between Christian and Goldberg as they both want the World Title, and Cage got over his ambitions well, as well as did Goldberg, I’m glad you gave him some mic time too btw. Mickey Rourke in an interview? It’s like TNA, bringing in the celebrities and using them like this. I hope he doesn’t get a run like David Arquette, no matter how big and what kind a movie Mickey starred in.Poor Colt…

Match 3
It’s good that you’ve expanded the Dudley family a bit more, with Eddie Kingston joining Bubba, Devon and Spike, but Aries and Strong were going to be the ones going over, provided that Team 3D wouldn’t interfere in the match. Bubba and Devon had to make an appearance at some point, and saving Spike was a good introduction, and it fires up the feud even more.

United Kingdom Promo
Short and sweet, McGuinness was good and his dialogue was fitting, especially when he used the ‘wanker’ word and said ‘bastards’ … I marked. Good promo, you spelt Sheamus’ name wrong twice, unless that’s officially how his name’s spelt in WAPW.

Match 4
After Colt got drunk earlier, that sealed his fate even though he had no chance before that anyway. Abyss was dominant in his win and Mr. Kennedy’s appearance added some interest to this, and Kennedy taking out Abyss made KK look good, I hope they have a match at Full Throttle tbh, that would be entertaining.

MVP Interview
Congratulations, that’s the 5th interview of the night! Cut down on them in the next episode, have something a little different. MVP calling Torrie a ‘blondie’ was funny, bit bland and easy to think of but still good. Should be a good main event.

Main Event
And now, the maaaaaiiiiinnnnnn eeeeevvvvveeeennntt! Elijah taking out Goldberg? Unrealistic to me, Bill could own Burke anyday tbh but it makes it interesting with Christian having to face Burke and MVP on his own. A clean victory for Burke and MVP is something I didn’t see coming, I thought CC would make a heroic comeback only for Burke and MVP to get themselves DQ’ed but oh well. More Rourke? You’ve gotta be doing something with him…

Overall, a good show, some interesting things happening but too many interviews I think. Speaking of interviewers, I think you should bring in … KYLE DURDEN. Keep it up, next week should be interesting, especially with the Hardocore Invitational, Sabu, Sandman, Raven and RVD making one-night appearances would be great. Good job.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Credit –

As people who tuned into Hazard on Wednesday night found out, former ROH and WWE star Colt Cabana is a part of the roster. Somehow news was not broke until soon after via WAPW’s website, but it has since been revealed that he was put pen to paper on a year-long contract.

Before being released by the WWE he was used on Smackdown as Scotty Goldman. At the time of his release he was hosting a weekly web show entitled ‘what’s crackin’ with Scotty Goldman’.

Credit –

As announced on Wednesday night Hazard next weeks show will feature a Hardcore Title Invitational Match’. It is believed that up to fifteen or twenty stars will take part in a gauntlet-like match to determine the first ever WAPW Hardcore Champion.

Names being thrown around are those of former ECW superstars, as well as wrestlers from the independent scene. Already confirmed are former Extreme Championship Wrestling stars Sabu, The Sandman and Balls Mahoney, as well as CZW workers Ruckus, Joker and Nick Gage.

WAPW’s official website are keeping viewers up to date with the latest combatants added to the match-up.

A rumour is floating around that Paul Heyman has approached both Terry Funk and Rob Van Dam, though it is far from certain.

WAPW Sign Six Talents

WAPW were holding contractual meetings yesterday with various workers, and have so far secured five to long-term deals.

Of the five are Reid Flair, Brett DiBiase, Drew Galloway, Tyler Black and Ryan Wilson.

Flair, the 21 year old son of the legendary ‘Nature Boy’ Ric, has signed a two year deal. He only made his professional debut in late December having spent 2008 being trained by Harley Race. It is believed WWE were set to secure Reid to a developmental deal with a view to being called up to the full-roster, but WAPW now have him contracted for the foreseeable future.

Brett DiBiase, also 21 and also a son of legendary superstar in Ted DiBiase, has penned a two year contract. Before hand he was a member of Florida Championship Wrestling and signed to WWE on developmental terms but is now contracted to WAPW.

Another star signed from FCW and WWE is Drew Galloway. Standing 6 ft 5 and from Scotland he had already made his WWE debut last year, winning on both Raw and Smackdown under the guidance of Dave Taylor. He was recently sent back to developmental, but is now a member of the roster with the World Alliance of Championship Wrestling.

In addition to the three, also joining is former OVW and TNA talent Ryan ‘Trytan’ Wilson has signed a year-long contract. Having debuted for TNA in 2004 and signing for WWE in 2005, he never made an appearance for the ‘E and was released last year. Standing 6 ft 11 he is an impressive specimen and will be the largest worker on WAPW’s roster.

Larry Sweeney, the wrestler turned manager who was recently released from ROH confirmed via MySpace that he’s now a member of WAPW. Nothing at all has been mentioned officially by WAPW.

Finally, WAPW have secured the talent of two ROH workers – Tyler Black and Kevin Steen. Black, 22, has inked a five year contract taking him up to 2014. Steen, currently one half of the ROH tag-team champions with El Generico, is rumoured to have signed on for three years and it is believed that he is set to debut some time this month on WAPW programming. Nothing has been said yet as to how ROH will deal with losing a champion, but it could be the case that WAPW may let him work a final date with the company to drop the strap.

WAPW Confirm New Television Program

WAPW and FX have released a statement confirming that starting Thursday 12th March they will begin airing a new television show entitled “Adrenaline”. Beginning at 8pm it will last one hour, thus preceeding TNA iMPACT!.

The format of the show is said to be along the lines of a Heat or Velocity style programme, which will feature the happenings of Wednesday’s Hazard, as well as two or more featured matches.

With the influx of young talent into WAPW’s roster it looks as if it’ll be used to showcase some of them, rather than assigning them to a developmental promotion. Pre-Hazard will be when the matches are filmed, says FX spokesperson and head of WAPW relations with FX, Graham Stevens.

Big Names Wanted For WAPW

WAPW’s African owner Michael Morton has revealed in a recent rare interview that he is looking to entice some more big-names to his company. Headed by Paul Heyman, Morton is the primary funder and has made billions in the car industry all across the world. Though new to the wrestling business he has embraced it with open arms, and an open chequebook. Here are some worthwhile quotes from the interview originally conducted by the Cape Town Times online.

“Myself and Mr. Paul were in agreement when this project came together that we would look for the most talented, young wrestlers from across the globe. So far we have assembled just that, with several big names from North America. Bill Goldberg is one of those, a former wrestling champion with World Wrestling Entertainment, and we want more of those big names that will attract more fans. We are talking with several names. One free-agent, a few contracted superstars. No names yet though (laughs).”

Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Bobby Lashley and Ric Flair are among those rumoured to be negotiating, or at least on WAPW’s radar.

“Mr. Paul is a stubborn man (laughs), but as an owner it is sometimes a good thing as he is intent on steering this company in the correct direction. He is very astute with my money and has engineered an extremely successful company. He is a man of honour and of great vision. His mind is like a great whirlpool of ideas. He is doing a wonderful job.”

“Right now Mr. Paul tells me that WAPW doesn’t need to tour across the world with house shows. However last week we proudly announced that we will be heading for the UK, Japan, India and Mexico next month to tape television, which will attract masses of numbers in terms of crowds. In Japan we are hoping to sell out the dome and possibly get 90,000 – which would be amazing. It is beneficial commercially as well as from a wrestling standpoint. Our wrestlers will be fighting people from each of those countries and performing in front of different people. It will be a memorable time for everybody involved.”

On the recent court-case which WWE is planning. “We are very upset with this, but we are a company of great transparency and honesty. We believe we have done nothing wrong in signing people from their company. They have contracts which can, legally, be bought out for a certain sum. Mr. Paul and I evaluated every possible legal angle which they could come at us from, and they simply cannot. I do not know Mr. Vincent personally but he appears to be a very courageous man. I would like to make peace with him as in the eyes of god I do not want to make enemies and act in an immoral way. I have worked in the car industry for the best part of twenty years and have made billions in an honest way. WWE cannot take us to court and win, because we did everything in an honest way. They can attempt to buy out our wrestlers contracts if they wish (laughs)”.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

World Alliance Professional Wrestling presentsHAZARD!
Wednesday 4th March 2009
Landon Arena, Topeka, Kansas


As the camera typically pans the packed out arena in Kansas we are welcomed to the show as always by the dynamic duo of Joey Styles and Matt Striker! Both men do their job to hype up the show, soon narrating an on-screen graphic and informing us of our huge main event of Christian Cage, Brother Ray & Brother Devon vs. MVP, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong!


We waste no time in getting things kicked off as the rather emotionless Nigel McGuiness and Shamus O’Shaunessey emerge from the tunnel to a pretty heelish reaction, along with the somewhat generic ‘USA’ chants. Nigel is wearing a blue robe with a Union Jack flag on the back of it, leading the team into the ring.


Their opponents from the eight-man tag-team match at Battle Lines Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas follow with their entrance, running to the ring and slapping hands on each side of the metallic ramp. After sliding into the ring they hop up onto the second ropes, before jumping down and preparing for the task in hand.

Match One – The United Kingdom vs. The Natural Franchise

A solid opener for Hazard was witnessed as two contrasting tag-teams met. The hard-hitting and submission-based duo of Shamus O’Shaunessey and Nigel McGuiness took on the tenacious and high-flying team of Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas.
The Natural Franchise had their moments in a fairly even bout, but the win rightfully went to The UK in the tenth minute. With Nigel McGuiness tagging in after some power moves from S.O.S, he soon ended the bout by turning Chase Stevens inside out with a typically ferocious lariat!

Winners @ 10.30 minutes – The United Kingdom

The aftermath didn’t pass without event, as The Briscoes made their way into the ring apparently to ‘console’ the losers of the match. Chase Stevens, the man who was pinned, was in a foul mood and was holding his jaw. When Jay Briscoe began patting him on the back, he must have taken it as patronizing and being sarcastic as he floored him with a wild right-hand! Andy Douglas and Mark Briscoe could only watch on in shock before restraining their opposite numbers. We go to a commercial break, as Chase Stevens is looking pissed, and Jay Briscoe likewise…


Hazard returns in the form of a video package. All the action, all the drama and all of the stars of WAPW will be taking part in the ‘Crossing Borders’ tour! The four episodes of Hazard following Full Throttle will air from four different countries – Mexico on the 25th March, England 1st April, Japan 8th & India 15th. WAPW – Crossing Borders!

Back in the live arena and Roderick Strong and Austin Aries join WAPW Champion MVP in the ring. The boos are already reigning in and we watch on as streams of security guards make their way down the aisle and surround the ring completely!

MVP – Kansas, America, and the rest of the viewing world what you are seeing is the champ’s personal security force. These knuckleheads that you see surrounding the ring protect me from not only the fat, ugly women of Kansas, and not only the jealous men of Kansas – but from the lockerroom full of classless, tasteless guys who are planning on crashing my party. See, last week, I brought the sunshine to Florida. Tonight, I bring the glitz and glamour of a champion to Kansas because let’s face it – you don’t have any of your own.

Queue the cheap heat.

MVP – Now enough of you people because quite frankly you all make the champ sick. Let’s move onto tonight, and tonight’s main-event. Mr Paul Heyman – the supposed genius and founder of WAPW – booked a six-man tag for tonight. He booked, “MVP, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong versus that chump Christian Cage and Team 3D. As confident as we are with beating the three of them, I have something to say to my good friend, Paul Heyman. Paul it didn’t bother me when at Battle Lines I had to go through three of your hand-picked opponents for me in order to win my title. It doesn’t bother me, Paul, it doesn’t. It also didn’t bother me when for that match, at Christian Cage’s wishes, you assigned your right-hand man and Christian’s friend Bret Hart as the special guest referee. I mean, what ever plan you three had, it didn’t work. So Paul, it doesn’t bother me – pal. Finally, for now, last week. You placed the champion, fresh off of his gruelling 3 on 1 handicap match at Battle Lines in a tag-team match with both Bill Goldberg and Christian Cage.

MVP grins.

MVP – Okay, granted Goldberg couldn’t show up due to unforeseen reasons and circumstances out of Gen Ex’s control, bu the intention was still there. Quite clearly Paul you are intent on abusing your power and screwing me out of my WAPW title, and any other match that I might participate in. Need I remind you that I’m the Franchise Player of WAPW? The biggest star of WAPW? How about this – the champion of WAPW? I didn’t think so, Paul. You, Christian, Bret and whoever else is in your coalition can continue coming up with plans to derail MVP – but with Gen Ex behind me, we won’t let you.

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong pat their leader on the back, smiling.

MVP – You make the rules, and we’ll break them, it’s that simple. So tonight in fro..


The crowd pop at the sound of Christian Cage's music and rise in unison at the sight of The Instant Classic. He emerges onto the rampway wearing a trademark grin, surveying the arena and ackowleding all of his 'peeps'. MVP in-ring however, along with Strong and Aries, does not look impressed at his unwanted appearance.

Christian – So I just found out that the CIA had John F Kennedy assasinated. Also, whilst I was in the back, I remembered how we never actually went to the moon.

The crowd seem puzzled, but sense that Christian has something up his sleeve.

Christian – Area 51? They just don't want you to know.

MVP – Look, Cage, cut the crap. What bring's you out here interuptin' the champ?

Christian –Well, champ, for that I do apoligise. I'm sorry for interrupting the second-coming of your title celebration because let's face it, last week's didn't exactly go to plan.

MVP looks furious.

Christian –My good buddy Mickey Rourke sends his regards.

Captain Charisma's words elicit laughs from the Kansas crowd.

MVP – Yeah, I'm sure he does. But he didn't have to balls to come see me in person though, did he?! And if I were you, I'd follow suit too and stay the hell away from me.

Christian –Ha. Ya' know, my original plan was to come out here and poke holes through your little theory on how me and Paul Heyman have a master-plan to over throw you as champion. It would have been nice, I even had a couple Gen Ex 'gay jokes' up my sleeve, but that time has since passed. So this leaves me in a situation where I'm in control, I'm the party-pooper once again. I gotta say, this party - it sucks. No balloons? No cake?

The crowd are really eating it up... pun.

Christian –I've got something though. In fact, we have something. Of course I'm talking about my bestest-friend in the whole wide world - Paul Heyman. He watched the lumber-jack match a couple of weeks ago, he watched the match at Battle Lines, and he watched the handicap match last week.

MVP – Hey, at Battle Lines - isn't that when I beat you for the title? A-and how about last week, where I pinned you right in the middle of the ring? There's a pattern emerging, every time we lock horns - I come out on-top. There's a reason for that, Christian, I'm the top dog - and I'm the champ.

Christian –Yeah, that's right, lately you've gotten the better of me. You are the WAPW champion, the holder of the most coveted belt in the industry. It's going to be nice, though, when I crash the party once again at Full Throttle when I take that WAPW title from you!!

Big pop.

Christian –See Montel, I didn't come out here for the hell of it, I came out here to pass on the message. At Full Throttle in under three weeks, Christian Cage challenges MVP for the title!

The champ looks irate in the ring, turning to Aries and Strong who (have to) share his view.

Christian –How's that for a party-present, huh? At Full Throttle it's going to be me taking the cake, and me gettting my hand raised as champ. W-what's up, champ, you don't seem to happy? Well it get's better. See, since you and your goons have a tendancy to interfere in one an others matches we've got a little plan in place to ensure that everything goes down in the right way. At Ful Throttle, not only will the ring be surrounded by inpartial security guards, but Paul Heyman has arranged for a special guest referee to be put in place.

MVP's blood pressure levels rise once more!

Christian –This man, not only is he a hall of famer (pop), not only is he a two time WCW champion, but he's a four time WWE champion also. What's wrong now champ, you look confused? You shouldn't be, because this man is the same man who referee'd the four way at Battle Lines! That's right, at Full Thottle MVP versus Christian for the title with BRET "THE HITMAN HART" as special guest referee!!

The crowd erupt, whilst in the ring Aries and Strong have to restrain a furious MVP.

Christian –So champ, I'll let you and your guests get back to your party, but fear not - later on tonight we'll see eachother again in the six-man tag. If ya don't know - ... ~ now ya know!

Christian looks very happy with himself as he walks back up the ramp to the cheering masses. MVP however is intent on getting to Cage, but the many security guards restrain him at Roderick and Austin's orders.


Hazard returns and we follow James Mitchell and his son Abyss walking backstage. After passing various doors and backstage trolls the two arrive at their lockerroom, which Mitchell leads Abyss into. After the door violently slams shut, Joey Styles begins talking and hyping up the next match - the Hardcore Invitational. Luckily the camera shot stays backstage, and we witness Mr Kennedy emerge from around the corner and he approaches their lockerroom door. Instead of going in, he instead reveals a padlock in the grasp of his right hand! He proceeds to place it on the door, eventually closing it. He turns to the camera and winks, holding up the keys. The live audience react well to Kennedy.

Still backstage, this time the camera shot is fixated on another lockerroom. JTG and Shad are joined by Sugar Daddy Lance and Rey Mysterio, all of which seem to be joking around. Suddenly, none other than Colt Cabana storms on through, holding his head with one hand and pointing at the two members of Street Inc. with the other.

Cabana – You two! You two right there!

JTG – Eh, what's crackin, homie?

Cabana– What's crackin? "WHAT'S CRACKIN"?

Lance – Ah man I loved that show!

Cabana leers at the Sugar Daddy Superstar, who along with Rey, take off.

Cabana– Let me ask you two joker's something, did ya' think it was funny last week? Getting me drunk and sending me out into my match with Abyss? Did ya? DID YA?!

JTG –Eh man, we sorry 'bout that. We just wanted to, ya know, get yo' fired up fo' yo' match.

Shad – Yeah, we real sorry about that man.

Cabana– Sorry isn't good enough fellas. Not only did I lose my match, my debut, not only did I get my ass kicked by Abyss - but I'VE STILL GOT A HEADACHE DAMNIT!

JTG – (surprised) You hungover?

Cabana – I don't know!! I only just remembered my damn name for crying out loud.

Shad –You sure you remember it?

Cabana – (in a sarcastic tone) Yes, Shad, I remember my own name. Scotty Goldman.

From out of the picture, Lance yells "Heyyyy!!"

Cabana – SHUT UP! Listen guys, you owe me. For giving me that crap last week and for humiliating me infront of millions of people, you both owe me something.

JTG –We can get the Suga' Daddy to hook you up with some of his girls?

Cabana – Girls? No, guys, I want something else.

Shad –(seemingly fearing an erotic favour) Like what?

Cabana – I don't know!? You guys are from the hood. You're 'keepin it real', right? Just, fix this.

Shad and JTG look at each other before breaking out into smiles. Both rise to their feet, Shad leaving the picture momentarily as JTG places his arm around Colt.

JTG – Aha, we got something to fix this homie, don't you worry.

Shad soon returns to the picture with a couple bottles of hard liquor.

Cabana – (looking sneaky and intrigued) This stuff will make it better, you say?

We return to the live arena where Howard Finkel stands in the middle of the ring. He announces the following contest – and it is for the Hardcore Championship! The Fink goes on to explain the match further, stating in the only way he could that two men will start, and every ninety seconds a new competitor will enter. Pin fall and submission are the two ways of elimination and the last man of the fifteen will be the champion!!


On that note the music of the first competitor hits, and Ruckus makes his way to the ring. An unknown quantity to most in attendance, the knowledgeable Matt Striker fills us in on his history, stating that he’s a seasoned veteran in the art of Hardcore grappling. No, really. Striker would proceed through the night to fill us in on each competitor.


The music that can be easily distinguished as that of Sabu – a true warrior in this environment! Sporting numerous battle-scars and a recently shaven head he enters the ring dressed in trademark baggy purple pants.

Match Two – Hardcore Title Invitational

Both of these men had two minutes of one on one competition to establish a pecking order in this contest, and they did their utmost to start off on top. It wasn’t long before Sabu began utlising the No Disqualification rules, nawing on the forehead of Ruckus and drawing a small quantity of blood.


It wasn’t until the entrance of Raven that the weaponry began to come into play, with the New Jersey native pushing a shopping cart full of goodies to ringside. He then proceeded to toss in a stop sign, kendo stick and a toaster. Taking down Ruckus by both legs he proceeded to pummel him with closed fists, but was later stopped by a toaster to the head (really). The match continued more or less as a brawl, with the two veterans working over the younger Ruckus. The toaster once again came into play towards the end of the ninety seconds when Raven clocked an un-suspecting Sabu. This is truly every man for himself.


The Necro Butcher is next to enter to fray, dressed bare-foot with three-quarter-length jeans and a black WAPW tank-top. He is greeted by the toaster courtesy of Raven, but retaliates without seemingly feeling a thing, nailing Raven with a headbutt! Ruckus would run at him but found himself elevated up and over the ropes onto the shopping cart!! The brawl would continue on the inside of the ring, though after Ruckus recovered he would slide a baking tray into the ring. With that weapon he tossed it at Sabu who caught it, before punching it into his head!!


More weapons are on their way as ‘The Lethal Weapon’ Steve Blackman makes his way down to the ring, armed with two kendo sticks. At the time of his entrance Raven was on the outside of the ring, groggy, and was then the victim of three kendo shots to the gut and back! The stiff shots were then followed up as Blackman clobbered him around the head, splitting one of the sticks in two! Down goes Raven, and Blackman now enters the ring. The melee continues with no pin-falls as of yet. Joey Styles reminds us that entrants will freeze for the duration of the three minute commercial break.

Striker – Unbelievable, FX, unbelievable...


Luckily for the viewers nobody was eliminated whilst the commercials aired. It’s time for the entrants to resume…


Where is he? Where is he?! The Sandman is in the crowd, amongst the 10,000 fans here in Kansas! After bashing a beer can against his scarred forehead, provoking a trickle of blood, he speeds up his entrance and makes his way over the barricade and into the ring. It is within the minute before the next entrance where the first elimination occurs, with Steve Blackman eliminated after an even-flow DDT onto the baking tray!


24 year old Drake Younger is next to enter the match-up, put-over by Matt Striker in the announce booth. Younger joins in immediately, taking to the top rope and nailing Raven with a missile dropkick! Sabu, the man who entered this match first, is eliminated after suffering a death valley driver from the top rope!!


Wearing red, black and white face-paint the next combatant is Joker. Your teacher fills us in on Joker, telling us that he is the tag-team partner of Ruckus. Regardless of alignments, Joker goes straight at Ruckus unloading with kicks and stiff right hand shots. Necro Butcher and Drake Younger have since taken the fight outside, and Drake goes for a ride in the shopping cart – with Butcher driving him into the steel barricade!!


X-Pac heat? No, surprisingly, a rather mixed response is emitted for Syxx Pac as he cockily strides towards the ring. Once in there he is immediately double teamed by Joker and Ruckus, eventually being choked with a kendo stick by Joker and being stomped away in the gut by Ruckus.


A song unrecognisable to some, but a man unmistakable – Terry Funk is in the building!! 64 years old and still kicking, the Funker slowly makes his way to the ring to a great reception. He and Sandman immediately begin working together on the outside, working over Necro Butcher. With Sandman holding Necro, Terry grabs a steel chair and wraps it around the head of him!! Following that – he nails his buddy for good measure!! The Sandman is thrown into the ring where he is nailed by a moonsault from Syxx Pac, and then eliminated. 7 soon turns to 6, as Ruckus and Joker superplex Drake Younger through a table, allowing Syxx Pac to swoop in for the cover. “Vulture” – Michael Cole.


Another former ECW star Balls Mahoney takes to the ring, running and clotheslining a groggy Necro Butcher. Those two brawl on the outside, whilst inside the ring Ruckus and Joker dish out the double-team punishment again, this time a concherto on Raven!! Syxx Pac picks the bones, scoring the pin-fall. This pisses the two angry black men out, as they perform the same move to him! Ruckus gets the pin. Mahoney and Butcher eventually enter the ring as the hardcore action continues!


Jamie Noble carries wraps chain around his hand as he walks towards the ring, putting it to good use as he immediately clocks Necro Butcher, and then Balls Mahoney. The fresh Noble attempts to use a more technical approach but is forced to brawl when Terry Funk attacks him from behind with the broken toaster. Noble makes quick work of Funk, downing him with a noble bomb! The wiley old veteran slides under the ropes and takes a break on the outside. Meanwhile, Ruckus and Joker clothesline Mahoney over the top rope, before elevating Necro up and over also. Noble and Joker brawl in the corner of the ring, but Joker goes airbourne taking out the two on the outside with a cross-body! Noble in-ring eliminates Ruckus with a noble bomb onto two aligned steel chairs!


WAPW newcomer Eddie Kingston is next, leaving two to enter afterwards. Kingston immediately gets involved with the three men outside the ring, trading punches. Terry Funk, the man who was outside the ring taking a rest now enters the ring with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire!! Noble comes towards him and is floored after a shot to the gut! Funk then proceeds to irish whip Jamie over the topes and onto the outside, taking out the four men in the process! What came next was unthinkable – TERRY FUNK – MOON-FUCKING-SAULT! How he manages to is a mystery, but he did, taking out all four men! The applause is mixed with ever-growing chants of ‘holy shit’.


No stranger to the extreme arts, Joey Mathews is next to enter the car-wreck. He paces down the ramp and immediately tosses Joker in under the ropes. He kneels down and retrieves a broom from under the ring, sliding it in and putting it to good use – crashing it around Joker’s head! 1-2-3! Necro Butcher suffers the same fate, one shot with the broom sends him to his knees, and a second finishes him off for the night. Eddie Kingston and Jamie Noble return to the ring exchanging stiff punches and chops. Mathews breaks it up, running in and dropkicking Noble into the corner. Eddie Kingston floors Joey with an elbow-smash, before charging at Noble in the corner and attempting a splash – NOBODY HOME! Jamie Noble puts the barbed-wire 2x4 to use, nailing Kingston across the head with it. 1,2,3.


The Sugar Daddy Superstar Lance Hoyt is the final entrant. His weapon of choice? A beer bottle, courtesy of Street Inc. I sense… The big man from Dallas wastes no time in using it, crashing it over the head of Joey Mathews in the ring, scoring an elimination. With just four men left, all but Terry Funk are in the ring. Lance is punching away at a floored Balls Mahoney, whilst Jamie Noble slides out of the ring to retrieve a table. Once the table comes into play it is most effective, with Noble propping it up against the corner. He and Lance work in tandem momentarily, as the big man irish whips Mahoney into and through the wood!! He falls backwards to the mat, and is covered by Lance for the three!

With just three left Noble and Hoyt fight it out in the ring. Terry Funk on the outside has just come too, and tosses the shopping cart up and over the ropes. He uses it immediately, running down Lance Hoyt and crushing him in the corner with it! With Funk pressing the cart up against the body of Hoyt, Noble walks up on the apron with a steel chair in hand and rattles Hoyt around the head! Funk capitalises as the big man flops forward to the mat, getting eliminated.

Funk. Noble. Noble. Funk. Two men remain, one will be the champion. The sixty four year old Terry Funk has always had the heart of a warrior and he proved it here in WAPW tonight, but he fell short in the end, receiving a hard noble bomb through a table. Noble then finally covered him for an epic title win!!

Winner @ 19.34 minutes – NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION – Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble drops to his knees in both exhaustion and celebration, getting his hand raised by the referee. Paul Heyman swiftly makes his way down the asile and into the ring, handing the WAPW Hardcore title belt to the winner. The crowd give a decent reception to the winner and appreciate the efforts of all the competitors. Funk and Heyman embrace in a hug, before Noble and the man he defeated shake hands in respect. As we cut from the live arena, Noble is grinning whilst walking up the ramp with the belt over his shoulder.



Hazard returns in the form of a video package. Kevin Steen is shown standing alone in a beat-up old gym, mastering kick-boxing, laying into a bag with both feet.

Voiceover –A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him…

Still in the gym, Steen lays into the decrepit punch-bag with his fists repeatedly.

Voiceover –It isn’t enough to succeed – other’s must fail…

Out of the gym, Steen is alone in a forest doing push-ups.

Voiceover – A warrior is comprised with stength, courage, and a willingness to risk it all for the cause…

He jogs through the scenic green-land.

Voiceover – For him – there is no prize for being runner up…

In a great feat of strength he hoists a log up onto his shoulder and performs squats.

Voiceover – No pride in second best. He will drive his body to the absolute limit. Failure – is unconciveable…

Sweating, he pauses, letting out a huge yell as the screen turns to an aerial shot looking down on the solitary figure amongst the trees.

Voiceover – Kevin Steen. – A new breed of athlete. Soon to WAPW.

The screen fades to black before displaying the text “Kevin Steen – two weeks”.

Back live and the camera follows Goldberg backstage. He is ticked off and is storming around apparently looking for someone. He is sporting a bandage around his head, after being beaten down last week. He passes many doors, one of which being that of Abyss and Mitchell. He pauses to listen to the banging on the door from the inside, yelling and general commotion which is taking place inside! He storms off to continue his search, passing Jack Evans who is trying to act cool with Torrie Wilson.

Evans – So baby, maybe later on you and I … ya know … maybe you could ride the Evans express? Wha’dya say?

Goldberg paces over to Jack and grabs him by the throat with both hands, pinning him up against the wall.

Goldberg – Where is he!?!

Evans is struggling to speak, almost choking, but manages to get words out in a rather pathetic way.

Evans – ...Wh-who?!

Goldberg – Haha, you know FULL WELL who I’m talking about, punk! Where’s your boy – BURKE!?

Evans – H-he’s p-robably in the lockerroom – (coughs/chokes) he’s getting ready for the tag match later on..

Goldberg digests what he is told, before tossing pulling Evans off of the wall and hurling him across into a vending machine!! Torrie is in shock and flees the scene, while Goldberg continues his search. Meanwhile, it's time for some more in-ring action!


The preliminary bell rings and that can only mean one thing – wrestling – what WAPW does best. The crowd pop for the Mexican masked man Mistico’s somewhat haunting theme song. He paces down the aisle slapping hands with all the fans to his right before hoping up onto the apron and flipping over into the ring.


Arguably an equally as exciting competitor is next to make the walk to the ring, Puma! The fellow masked man dressed in yellow pants with a black mask swiftly enters the ring, shaking hands with his opponent before this promising bout gets under way.

Match Three – Puma vs. Mistico

WAPW viewers were in for a treat tonight as two of the most exciting talents from across the globe locked up here on Hazard. Both masked men had the ability to wow the crowd and did so on occasion in this match.
A brainbuster looked to have brought a premature end to a fast-paced bought just 6 minutes in, but Mistico kicked out and thus ensured a chance of winning. Around the 9 minute mark the fate of Puma was sealed, going up top to his signature 450 splash, only to crash front-first into the knees of the Mexican! Clearly knocking the wind out of him. Upon both men getting to their feet Mistico runs at Puma at locking in his stunning finishing manoeuvre – La Mística – a spinning headscissors takedown twisted into a single arm DDT and from that into a Fujiwara armbar. Puma holds out for a few seconds but has no choice but to tap. A stunning move to end a fun match-up.

Winner @ 9.47 minutes – Mistico

The crowd applaud Mistico who celebrates jubilantly on the second rope with his arms raised vertically. After celebrating he kneels down to check on Puma, holding his arm after the submission move. This wasn’t Mistico’s wisest choice, as WAPW Cruiserweight Champion Teddy Hart makes a beeline for the ring, attacking Mistico with the belt from behind! As Puma gets to his feet, he is sent straight back down after a belt shot to the head! The fans boo the actions of Hart, arrogantly and over-exaggeratedly chewing gum. He then proceeds to spit the gum out in the direction of the crowd. We go to a commercial break with Hart holding his title belt high!


On return we immediately cut backstage where Team 3D – Ray and Devon are standing by, backed up by Spike and Cousin Eddie. Kingston is holding the back of his head, due to the fact that he was in action earlier.

Ray – Devon, how many years have we been tagging together in this business?

Devon – Geez, it’s gotta be around 13 years, Ray.

Ray – My brother Devon is right. We’ve been together for 13 years. 13 long years of blood, sweat – and titles. Austin Aries, Roderick Strong – how long have you been together? One year? Two years? And how many titles have you won together? Huh? That’s right, you boys ain’t won squat in this business, and as long as Team 3D are around – you never will. At Battle Lines we beat you in a tables match, a match which we not only innovated – but made famous. Now you wanna go around saying how ‘the only reason we won is because we picked the stipulation’? Well boys I don’t know what to do. I’m at a loss for words. We’ve beaten you on our terms, so to shut you up once and for all – why don’t we do things how you want to do them? See I spoke to Paul Heyman earlier this evening, and I said to him ‘Paul, what do we got to do to shut these yappy punks up once and for all’? Together, the only conclusion we came to was that we got to beat you so bad that you can wine no longer. Full Throttle, under three weeks now – Team 3D – Gen Ex – for the titles – you pick the stipulation. You got Cages, Hardcore matches, Inferno matches if you really want – it doesn’t matter what you pick, because at the end of the night we’ll be standing over you – again – as the WAPW tag-team champions.

Ray looks to his left, and to his right.

Ray - Gen Ex, what you see alongside my brother Devon is our family. Cousin Eddie, one of the toughest sons of bitches you’ll ever find. Straight from our home, New York. This man right next to him, Brother Spike. See family looks out for family, and this family has just found the great equalizer. No more, Gen Ex, can you cheat your way into winning matches. No longer is the numbers game in your favour. At Full Throttle, in our home-town, our family are gonna be there. You can bring all the college freshmen’s you want, but just remember – thou shall not mess with the Dudley family.

Devon – Haha. And boys, later on tonight in that six man tag, it’s just a small dose of what’s coming your way when we meet on pay-per-view! Ray, Spike, Eddie – I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell testify to that.

Devon pats his title belt which is over his shoulder, grinning. Ray leads the ‘family’ away as we head elsewhere…

We’re on location in the lockerroom and the camera briefly pans Colt Cabana and Street Inc. – doing shots! Cabana is clearly on his way to getting wasted, again, whilst JTG and Shad smoke away on their cigars.

Scott Hudson is joined in the interview area now by Rey Mysterio!

Hudson - Ladies and gentlemen I'm Scott Hudson and I'm joined right now by none other than Rey Mysterio! Rey, last week you and the Amazing Red were subjected to an unprovoked steel-chair atack by Alex Shelley. Your thoughts at this time?

Mysterio - Well. Scott, I've had a week to think about things. Ive been at home with my wife and my children, nursing a head wound, suffering from headaches every day. Time my have made me physically better, but mentally - I'm even more intent on getting my hands on that punk Alex Shelley. At first, this was about teaching a cocky-rookie some common respect. Now thouh, Scott, he's made it personal. By striking me, and my boy Red with a chair, you made this personal. Shelley it's a damn shame your not here tonight because when you are here, I will get my retribution.

Hudson - Well Rey can you give us some sort of update on the condition of your good friend, Red?

Mysterio - He'll be back. He's my familia, he's my ombre, Scott. He was a lil' beat up through-out the week but he'll be back soon, man.

Just as Rey is smiling, he is jumped by the apparetly absent ALEX SHELLEY!! From out of nowhere he emerges and ambushes him with a hard running forearm to the head, followed up by several harsh blows to the face, knocking Rey to his knees! Scott Hudson immediately calls for security, but they can't get there in time to spare Shelley laying in to his rival with hard punches on the floor! Rey attempts to fend them off from on his back but is overpowered and caught off guard completely. The beatdown culminates with Shelley wrapping his hands around the throat of Myserio and pulling on the bottom strap to the mask! Rey cannot do a thing about it as Alex then proceeds to slither his viper-like hands upwards, clasping the red fabric of the mask and PULLING in an upwards motion!

Hudson - (out of shot) Over here! Over here!

Scott Hudson directs the security to the vicinity of Shelley and Rey, but it's too late - Rey has been unmasked. Shelley maniacally stares at the 'crimson mask' whilst Rey turns on his front and covers his face with his hands. Security finally arrive, cordening off Rey, with Alex still in the picture. His eyes are still locked on the mask, feeling it tenderly with his hands. Soon enough Rey's fellow Mexican Mistico runs into shot, provoking Alex to exit! Mistico kneels down to tend to Rey, though still watching on in the direciton that Shelley went.



The live broadcast resumes and our last stop before the huge main-event is backstage. The incessant knocking on the door of Abyss and James Mitchell has been constant and seemingly endless for anyone who would walk past. However as we arrive on location we see a WAPW lower-being trying to cut off the lock from the door. The scrawny looking young man finally removes the lock, prompting the door to swing open and almost off its hinges! Out steps the masked Abyss, who lets out a roar and sets off in search of Kennedy seemingly. 'Father' James Mitchell follows suit, trying to keep up with his rampant son.

Styles - I would not want to cross paths with Abyss right now, ladies and gentlemen!

Striker -Really? I would want you to.

As Abyss continues to head off in one direction, from the other emerges MR. KENNEDY! The man who locked Abyss in his lockerroom for the night brings the fight to Abyss and jumps him from behind, clubbing him in the back with a lead pipe! This sends the big man flying forward and onto his knees.

Styles - More comotion in the back, cameras don't go anywhere - we've got a fight on out hands here, folks!

Kennedy takes advantage of this situation, attacking the backs of Abyss' knees with the pipe, striking them over and over again until he rolls onto his back! Kennedy then looms over Abyss, tosses the pipe to one side and begins pummeling away at the head of the big man, one right-hand after another! Soon enough, the already-awake security spread like wildfire, swooping in and sectioning off the prone body of Abyss! Kennedy is restrained, before leaving on his own terms with a big grin on his face!

Styles - Phew! All the action of tonight, all the drama of tonight - and we haven't even had our main-event!

Striker -Well I'll agree with ya' there, Joe, it's been another explosive night of WAPW Hazard - very aptly named I must say.

Commencing the hype stirred up by the two in the commentary booth, the preliminary bell sounds and Howard Finkel gears us up for our main-event of the evening!


Gen Ex’s techno Hip Hop beat blares through the HD System here in Kansas and on that note Austin Aries and Roderick Strong step out through the curtain and onto the long metallic runway. They scan the arena before continuing to the ring with a look of collective arrogance on their faces.


Accompinied by Elijah Burke and Jack Evans, the WAPW champion makes his way out. He wears a face of determination, unphased by the task at hand and the heated crowd response of which he receives. Evans and Elijah both jump up onto the apron, pushing the top rope up and the second rope down, allowing the champion to enter the ring.


The crowds’ spirits are lifted and more gold is on display! Team 3D march down the aisle and straight into the ring, causing their opponents to retreat to the other side of the ropes on the apron. Devon and Ray nip up onto the turnbuckles and hold their championships aloft, eliciting a good response.


The biggest live pop of the night so far and it’s for this man – Christian Cage! The fan favourite, the man who many believe will be the next WAPW champion surveys the Kansas arena with his hand on his forehead, slaps his chest, and then makes his way down to the ring adhering to his usual entrance routine.

Match Four – Christian Cage & Team 3D vs. MVP, Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

Two heated rivaliries reach near boiling point as they collide in six man tag-team action! Each star is anxious to get into the ring with their counterpart, and the bout begins with Brother Devon and MVP.

After repeatedly pausing and doing all he could to prevent starting the match, MVP slyly lured Devon into the corner and struck with a thumb to the eye before beginning his offence, knocking Devon down to his knees eventually and unloading with closed-fists to the side of the head! The course of the match would of course change as MVP’s over-confidence would let Devon back into things, leading to Ray getting the tag in. After the champions worked over the champion Dudley would mount the offence, trying to send a message to Aries and Strong on the outside. Time passed and MVP would find a way to get out of trouble, tagging in Austin Aries who immediately picked up where the WAPW champion left off. Aries would be relentless in his attacks for minutes, but the experienced Ray soon evened things up by countering an attempted running crossbody with a bubba cutter! Despite getting a two count, thing’s were back in Ray’s hands. The match would continue for another four minutes before going to a commercial break.

Near the end of this bout and we’re at the fourteen minute mark. Roderick Strong is tangling with Devon, in fact, he and his team has the upperhand. Devon has been isolated and subjected to stints of assault from all three members of Gen Ex, and is desperate for a tag. One man who hasn’t been involved as of yet is Christian Cage. You won’t believe what comes next, DEVON FIGHTS HIS WAY OUT OF THE DOMINATION BY A STROKE OF LUCK AND COMPLANCENY FROM HIS OPPOONENT – AND TAGS IN CHRISTIAN!! Anyways, the Instant Classic would take it to Roderick, then Austin who had entered the ring, knocking them both down before challenging MVP to get into the ring. MVP managed to distract Cage for long enough, as a reinvigorated Roderick Strong attacked him from behind. The following minute was in Strong’s favour, so much so that MVP has tagged in and attempted to pick the bones of Cage – like a vulture – a buzzard – vintage MVP! – Michael Cole.

Cage’s determination to get his hands on the champion would shine through as he fought through the pain barrier and dominated MVP in a fast paced affair! There is a sense of anticipation for something big, as the brawl breaks out in the ring! 3D and Aries/Strong would wildly throw punches at one an other in the ring, whilst Christian clotheslines MVP out of it! The referee has yet to ring the bell in a no contest, but it isn’t long before he is given no choice, as…

Winners @ 16.30 minutes – No Contest

Cage, Eddie Kingston and Spike Dudley fight with Evans, Burke and MVP on the outside, whilst in the ring it’s Devon, Bubba, Austin and Roderick. With 3D in control the youngsters take the easy way out, Aries raking the eyes of Ray in tandem with Strong delivering a wicked low blow to Devon! With both men on their knees, Gen Ex continue the assault. This is where thing’s get interesting, k.

The disillusioned crowd erupts into a singular, rapturous pop as BILL GOLDBERG PACES DOWN TO RINGSIDE! He looks furious, locking his eyes on whoever he sees. He slides under the ring and immediately knocks down Roderick Strong with a right-hand! Austin is next in line, falling prey to a side-kick to the head! He kicks both guys out under the ring, then grabbing the ropes and stomping his feet into the mat and letting out a ferocious roar! Ray in the opposite side of the ring gradually comes to and walks right into a SPEAR!!! Goldberg truly doesn’t care who he hurts, as long as it’s someone. Devon is next to suffer the fate, as Goldberg slams his foot into the sternum and then hoists him up for a JACKHAMMER! Slightly rushed, due to Devon’s weight, but a hard jackhammer into the canvas all the same!

Broken bodies lay inside the ring, and out. Christian Cage is chaperoned away by Eddie and Spike, whilst Evans and Elijah keep MVP out of trouble. Well, Evans anyway – as Goldberg locks his sight on Burke and points his finger straight at him he hops the barricade and gets the hell out of dodge! Goldberg asks for a microphone from one of those loveable ringside trolls, snatching it from their grasp. He isn’t content with just that as he orders that same troll to fetch him Burke’s North American Title belt which was discarded on the mat. After receiving both he d.r.a.p.e.s (Yeah, WTF) the title over his shoulder and clutches the stick in his fingerless-gloved hand. He looks intently at the belt on his shoulder, grinning. Turning his attentions to Burke in the crowd his grin turns to an enraged stare, pointing at the bandage on his forehead…

Goldberg – BURKE!! Haha, I'll give your punk-ass credit, last week on Hazard - ya' really did a number on me. Taking me out of my match, it was pretty smart. The good news was that I was impressed. But, punk, the bad news is that at Full Throttle … (long pauses)YOU’RE NEXT!

The champion, minus the belt, holds his head in shock in the crowd. The show goes off the air with Goldberg holding the title belt in his two hands, staring intently at it.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

another awsome show im really into this
the way u right mvp is brilliant
i like the fact your using jamie nobel properly and i like the fact hes champ
goldberg was awsome and i like the comedy with street inc and colt caban
good job agen

hello and welcome to the iwc take a seat and ill explane the rules
  1. john cena basshing is a must do this at all times
  2. randy orton and john morrison are your gods and should be worshiped
  3. the attitude era will allways be the best times ever
  4. every one should a heel with a bad ass attitude
  5. any one who pins any one is berrying them
  6. hhh has ruined every ones lives in some way
  7. hhh is only at the top because of his wife

Originally Posted by CradleShockSabin View Post
Its because no-one will the charismatic, pimptacular, hand clapping, foot tapping, pimp slapping, blinging attire, always on fire Pope that is D'Angelo Dinero!
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

I expected a UK win following their promo in last week’s show. I can see things are bubbling over to a boiling point between the Franchise and the Bricoes. This has PPV written all over it.

I like how MVP totally disrespects Kansas inability to win a championship. I also love how he pointed out that Gen. Ex will back him up as long as he’s champion and Paulie, Christian and Bret are trying to “screw” him. “So I just found out that the CIA had John F Kennedy assasinated.” Poor choice in Christian jokes. Anyway, I see this is setting up Cage/MVP at the next PPV. I never expected Bret Hart to be named guest referee AGAIN… but, this must be leading to some sort of feud between Bret and Porter… why else would you name him guest referee two PPVs in a row?

Kennedy up to some tricks, eh? Great thinking from the loudmouth from Green Bay.

“I only just remembered my damn name for crying out loud. Scotty Goldman.” Ha! That’s a hot one. And what’s this? Cryme Tyme’s gonna make Colt drink more liquor. I like where this one’s going.

“Unbelievable, FX, unbelievable..” Nope. Don’t think so. The Terry Funk moonsault was a very shocking twist, but I liked it. Didn’t think Noble would pull off the victory against Funk. I don’t think Noble is much of a Hardcore champion-material. Still, a great read and this will hopefully lead to a title match between the two.

I looked up Kevin Steen… pretty impressive stats. Looks like a great mid-carder in the workings.

Goldberg on a one-man-man-hunt for Burke, eh? Not bad. Could make an interesting PPV match, unless Bill loses.

The wikipedia links? Really? Not needed. Still, cheap shots from the champions are always good ways to sell feuds and rivalries. I hope Mistico gains some of the momentum next week.

Strong promo cut by the Dudleys. I expect a great main event to sell Full Throttle.

Colt’s drunk again. Ha, ha, ha… comic relief.

Unmasking Rey at a non-PPV event. Not cool, bro. Still, Mistico v. Shelley should make an entertaining match.

You’re adding a new show, are you? Sounds interesting. I’ll be on the lookout for that.

Mr. Kennedy taking it to Abyss. Cool. Kennedy uses his smarts to outwit the bigger man. Still, Abyss FTW, though. Not because I like him more, but because Kennedy only has so many tricks up his sleeve before they run out…

Great ending to the main event. I expected one side to win, but instead, you ended how you should’ve ended it: no contest. Yes! Goldberg owns! A great way to go out. And Burke and Goldberg was obviously expected, BTW. “After receiving both he d.r.a.p.e.s (Yeah, WTF) the title over his shoulder and clutches the stick in his fingerless-gloved hand.” WTF indeed. This forum has gone PG on us. Goldberg FTW plz.

All in all, another pretty good show. You have a lot of skill and you have my support. Can’t wait to see the next show.

Believe. Always.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Sorry for the lateness, had a PPV to review.

Hazard Feedback

Hmmm, starting off with a match ay? I think that is good for a created fed, as most created feds get off the ground with their intentions to have more action and less storylines. Anyway, a bit more detail would have been nice, especially if the match is ten minutes long. I felt ripped off. Good way to keep The United Kingdom strong while also perhaps beginning to plant the seeds for a Natural Franchise/Briscoe Brothers feud. Can’t really say anything else as you were clearly just laying down the foundations.

WAPW getting a tour, geez, your fed is getting popular pretty quickly.

MVP as champion, in my personal opinion I really like it, however in terms of a new created fed, not sure if he is the best option to be honest. Anyway seems like you have this whole heel MVP against everybody storyline going/beginning, and well, I personally don’t like it at this stage because Paul Heyman is a heel. Make Heyman a face and this storyline will become a whole lot more interesting. Promo was in character and all that shit though. Christian was nice with the mocking of MVP and all that, I really think Christian needs to be champ, you need a champion who is a terrific wrestler and who can carry the company on their shoulders, I am not sure if MVP is that guy. Once again, nice promo and I am getting off topic but I can’t help it.

Abyss is in the building. What has been up to lately? I can’t remember.

The whole Cabana situation seems interesting enough, don’t know what else I can say really since I don’t know what exactly happened between them. Once again I am loving your characterization, is Cabana possibly falling for the same thing again, if so that is really dumb. Just try not to make these guys to comedic, in a created fed you have got to try and stay away from that.

Geez, now I understand why your other match recap was so short, this one was just so damn long. Luckily though, you kept it entertaining which means I did not get bored and just skim through it. Out of all the participants in this match up, bar Terry Funk, Jamie Noble was the only one worthy of winning, imo. Seriously, he is the only guy who is worth investing in for a long time. Just incase I missed something, is the Hardcore title going to have the twenty four seven rule? Also, don’t make the title a joke how it did towards the end of its tenure in the ‘E, keep all your titles strong mate.

Kevin Steen? I don’t know much about him. I will have to do some research, just make sure you do something good with him, and he should be easy enough for me to get into.

Goldberg is at his best when he is angry and when all of his speech is short and sharp. This was great, by the way Torrie can do better then Evans, not that I care or anything.

Mistico > Puma hands down, pretty easy decision to make if you ask me. Teddy Hart attacking Mistico afterwards and I am sure these two are eventually going to have to have a blow off match. When this happens I say Mistico will get the win but don’t bury Hart.

Team 3D/Gen Ex equals gold. Nice promo here to.

Cabana getting wasted again. Comedy is a no no at this point of time in the thread, your fed is still being established, comedy is a WWE trait.

Alex Shelley unmasks Rey Mysterio, shit, that is a big thing in indy threads and over seas so I expect for it to be made a big deal in this thread. I expect Mysterio to be back with a vengeance, this could seriously be big, especially considering both men can go in the ring, make it happen boyo.

The Adrenaline? Is that going to be a normal weekly show, or is this going to be some kind of show like Sunday Night Heat or something.

Kennedy has had a great night tonight, him > Abyss. I like the monster type but I have never been able to buy into Abyss.

Beautiful main event, you gave everyone their time to shine and then you didn’t job anyone out ending the match in a no contest, for weekly shows I don’t mind no contests. This was terrific. Nice finish with Goldberg, again another nice short burst, keep ti that way k?

Overall, a more enjoyable show then the last one I read from you, you continue to impress me, keep up the good work. Just watch for a couple of errors in your shows, there was only like two or three I found, but don’t make it a common thing. Great work, buddy. <3

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Acknowledged by SCOTT STEINER
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Liked this very much. I just found this thread and it looks very creative. Very good main event. One of the best I've seen in a while. I will continue to read this one.

Originally Posted by John Mercer View Post
You are what is wrong with rants.
Originally Posted by TKOW View Post
This isn't exactly your "A-Game" is it?
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper is better than Hulk Hogan FTW!

Youtube Wrestling Megapost

Thank God Red's Back
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, Stoj. There were a couple points you (and others) raised so I'll just quickly rush through. I usually avoid posting these responses as I try to keep this tidy, but here we are.

- The Hardcore title won't be contested with the 24/7 rule. As fun as that was back in the day, I just think that it would be a bit cheap for me to copy that.

- WAPW Adrenaline will be, as you mentioned, a Heat style program. There will be 2-3 taped matches airing on each hour-long episode. The thinking is that if somebody watches Adrenaline, and then Impact, it might make take make an impression on them.

- Haha, yes it is a little early for touring, but the foreign countries do go nuts when a big promotion travels there. I'll post venues from each of the countries soon.

- Heyman isn't heel. Maybe you got lost somewhere, but he is certainly the babyface authority at this moment in time.

- Rey was unmasked, but he covered his face so the camera didn't get an actual shot of him. I'm actually going somewhere with this, and hopefully it'll unravel soon enough.

Sorry for the lack of detail and sense that the words made, but I'm kinda dieing with exhaustion. This show I actually wasn't too pleased with. I apologise for the lack of previews that I've posted, and reviews-returned for you kind people. I'd like to say I'm under pressure and stress with exams, but I'm not since I am not fussing over them. However I will use that as an excuse for my laziness. Please hang in there with this thread as there are going to be some changes soon and everything will hopefully pick up for the better.

Keep well everyone, Jon. xoxo
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Originally Posted by Power View Post
Thanks a lot for the feed back, Stoj. There were a couple points you (and others) raised so I'll just quickly rush through. I usually avoid posting these responses as I try to keep this tidy, but here we are.

- The Hardcore title won't be contested with the 24/7 rule. As fun as that was back in the day, I just think that it would be a bit cheap for me to copy that.

- Haha, yes it is a little early for touring, but the foreign countries do go nuts when a big promotion travels there. I'll post venues from each of the countries soon.

- Heyman isn't heel. Maybe you got lost somewhere, but he is certainly the babyface authority at this moment in time.

- Rey was unmasked, but he covered his face so the camera didn't get an actual shot of him. I'm actually going somewhere with this, and hopefully it'll unravel soon enough.

Sorry for the lack of detail and sense that the words made, but I'm kinda dieing with exhaustion. This show I actually wasn't too pleased with. I apologise for the lack of previews that I've posted, and reviews-returned for you kind people. I'd like to say I'm under pressure and stress with exams, but I'm not since I am not fussing over them. However I will use that as an excuse for my laziness. Please hang in there with this thread as there are going to be some changes soon and everything will hopefully pick up for the better.

Keep well everyone, Jon. xoxo
1. Fuck the others, everything is about me tbh.
2. Good. 24/7 was kind of a joke rule, titles being a joke equals no good.
3. K.
4. I mean to say its boring for Heyman to be a face, i want Heyman to be a heel.
5. Good.
6. Show was fine, don't apologize.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

OOC - Show is coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. Big changes are coming to this thread post-Full Throttle, everything will be shaken up and improved. Reviews that haven't been returned, I apologise, and will make it my priority to do so. I'm going to post a review of my own after FT, highlighting all that's happened in the 2 months to get everyone up to speed with it all.

WAPW News Round-Up (various sources)

WAPW are set to begin running ‘24/7’ preview shows in the coming months. Used primarily in Boxing the camera follows the two competitors in their preparation for the fight, serving the purpose of hyping up the event. According to insider sources WA are looking to go in a more competition-based direction, as WWE revert to a style of old-school wrestling. Apparently they are waiting for the right main-event feud to come along before implementing them, which could lead to a continuation of the MVP-Christian storyline.

Speaking of storyline continuations, Ken Kennedy and Abyss’ could be cut short prematurely after an injury re-occurrence for Kennedy. It is apparently a rotator-cuff which has been mildy injured, along with his troublesome shoulder. His tenure in WWE was haunted by injury in the latter stages and it is feared that it could be sas erious in WAPW. A prospective match between the two, however, is still in the works and could be used as a way to get Kennedy out for surgery.

There is talk among the WAPW camp of introducing a rankings system. Never used before in professional wrestling, it would be a more serious version of WWE’s ‘Power 25’. Paul Heyman recently said that he liked the idea, used in such sports as Tennis. Nothing was said about what the top-ranking would mean in terms of titles or trophies, but it could be something to look out for.

WAPW Hazard drew a rating of 3.8 this past Wednesday – its lowest to date. Still defeating Raw by a slight margin, their ratings have been continuously dropping after peaking in the early-5’s
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