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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Update On Rob Van Dam To WAPW

After debuting for WAPW at their first-ever pay-per-view event Battle Lines, the company have confirmed via their website that Rob Van Dam has not signed an official contract. An extract from the website reads that 'Rob was psyched to come in to the Alliance but at this point in his life wasn't sure of a full-time return'.

Van Dam originally left WWE in 2007 due to a family issue as his wife had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Rob, now 38, defeated WAPW's Jack Evans at the pay-per-view in just over ten minutes following a trademark five star frog splash.

WAPW Sign Two Talents To Contracts

WAPW have confirmed the signings of both Spike Dudley, and former ROH worker Eddie Kingston. Both are said to have signed short-term deals, after debuting last night at the pay-per-view Battle Lines. During the course of the Team 3D vs. Austin Aries & Roderick Strong title match, Dudley and Kingston made a run-in, evening the odds so to speak by ridding Elijah Burke and Jack Evans from ringside.

For anyone wondering which name Spike will be using, he confirmed via his MySpace page that he personally owns the legal rights to the Spike Dudley name, and it is likely that he will be using them.

Kingston is said to be set for a role as the 'cousin' of Ray, Devon and Spike in the continuation of the Gen Ex/Team 3D title feud.

News On Paul London's Injury

Paul London, after damaging his shoulder before WAPW Battle Lines, is said to be out for around a month. The injury was first reported with little infortmation, causing concern around the WAPW faithful (you know it), however we can confrim that the injury is not as bad as first feared and he could possibly be back in time for the next PPV, Full Throttle, though it is likely that even if he is ready to wrestle at FT, he would be saved for the television shows following.

There is talk amongst WAPW that London may be set for a role in a gothic faction, possibly involving new signing David 'Gangrel' Heath.

WAPW Cruiserweight Champion Injured?

There is fear in WAPW that Teddy Hart suffered a supected concussion during the course of his Cruiserweight Title defense (vs. Mistico) last Sunday at Battle Lines.

He appeared to fall and land awkwadly on his head, and was groggy for moments following, after a botched Hurricarana attempt.

Hart won the Cruiserweight Title belt on the premier edition of WAPW Hazard, pinning his scheduled Battle Lines opponent Paul London in the culmination of a six-man gauntlet match. London had to pull out at short notice due to a shoulder injury and was replaced by Mistico.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Your cruiserweights really need a turn of luck. DItch EWR for the good of the division if this is the cause of all these injuries, pl0x. Pretty soon you're gonna have no one left. =/

Sign RVD immediately, kthnx.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

I'm not using EWR, I just wanted to implement realism wherever I could.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

You don't know if RVD's gonna die from cancer, so you're waiting like the rest of us...

Gangrel and London are gonna form a stable.

And why would you have Teddy win the title just to take him out of the picutre?

Now tell us when the next show's gonna be posted!!

"Burn on, big river, burn on..."
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Edit: You didn't have to respond in the thread with this one liner as spam. You could have simply waited for a review to use this one liner that you posted.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

The second created-fed on WrestlingForum I've came across, the other being Alcoholic's, but again I'm impressed. Nice PPV recap, could have done with more details on backstage goings-on. Good use of the news. Nice job, keep going.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

World Alliance Professional Wrestling presentsHAZARD!
Wednesday 25th February 2009
Ocean Centre, Daytona Beach, Florida

We cut to the live arena where Howard Finkel stands to the left of a a white podium placed in the middle of the ring. He is dressed in typical suited attire with a bow-tie.

Finkel – Ladies and gentlemen please welcome your new WAPW Champion - MVP!

The Daytona fans don't give their champion the warmest of reactions, instead greeting him with a distinct round of boos. He emerges from the curtain dressed in an all-white suit and wearing a typically stylish pair of shades. The WAPW is slung over his shoulder proudly, until he grasps it with two hands and kisses it, maintaining his cocky grin all the while. He is backed up by Gen Ex, including new WAPW North American Champion - Elijah Burke, who is holding a bottle of champagne and a glass. They all applaud him to the ring before Evans and Strong hop onto the apron and lift up the ropes for him. He surveys his surroundings before taking his place on the podium and looking to heavens. It is then that confetti begins falling from the ceiling, dousing him with multi-colored paper as the fans stand somewhat annoyed. Gen Ex place themselves on each side of the ring, and the confetti ceases falling. MVP has the stick. He opens his mouth as if to speak, but instead turns to Elijah and motions for glass of champagne. Elijah obliges, firing the cork in the direction of the crowd before pouring a fizzy glass of goodness.

MVP – $500 champagne always tastes better when served with victory - not that any of you here would know.

The first cheap heat of the night.

MVP – I am proud to stand before you all as the new WAPW champion, and as WAPW's - MVP. Who else in the lockerroom could lead WAPW to the top of the wrestling world - but me? Who?!

MVP looks to the crowd and shrugs his shoulders.

MVP – That's right, nobody. Not Ken Kennedy.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

MVP – Definitely not Christian Cage.

Big pop for the Canadian, who MVP pinned to win the title.

MVP – And, not even Bill Goldberg.

A massive pop, mixed with a few 'oooh's' after MVP's bold statement.

MVP – See if any of those guys were fit to lead this company and this sport into the next generation, then they would have this glorious championship belt over their shoulder. But - they don't. I defeated not one, not two - but three of the top guys in the business all in one night. The odds were stacked against me, but eventually the bright light shone through and guided myself to my rightful position of champion.

The champion raises both hands, glass and belt in left and right respectively. The fans boo, as he stands high on the podium.

MVP – If that isn't cause for celebration then I don't know what is! Tonight here in Florida is a celebration of my young, yet glittering, career. Tonight is the night where in ten years people will look back at the history of wrestling, and the career of the greatest professional wrestler of all time, and they'll see this night as the 'inauguration' so to speak. Forget about the elections, forget about Obama, forget about the rest of the world because at Battle Lines a superstar grew into a champion and tonight - is my night!

He takes another slip from his champagne glass and smiles arrogantly.

MVP – Little thing's in WAPW have well and truly stopped, and now just watch - as big thing's start to pop!

The heat continues, all the while Gen Ex applaud their leader. The camera pans to the crowd where in the first row Mickey Rourke is seated. Joey Styles informs us that Rourke watched Battle Lines live on PPV and he's here to check out the WAPW action first-hand.

MVP – Unfortunately though (he steps down from his podium and makes his way to the ropes parralell to Rourke),unfortunately there are always those people in the world who are intent on stealing the spotlight. There are those who aren't welcome in my world. There are those who I won't let - into my world.

Mickey Rourke grins to himself, whilst the crowd begins a 'Mickey Rourke' chant.

MVP – Of course I'm talking about the man at ringside - the (air-quotes) 'star' of the movie 'The Wrestler' - Mickey Rourke.

There is a pause from MVP who listens to the chants for the actor. Gen Ex collectively shake their heads in disagreement, Evans somewhat humorously steps out onto the apron and attempts the 'Shh' the crowd with his finger on his lips.

MVP – It kills me to do this, to back-track and change the subject away from my glorious title win, but I have to address this. What I'm talking about is what I'm sure you internet smart-asses already think you know - and that is that "WAPW commissioner Paul Heyman is said to be 'in talks' with Mickey Rourke to sign him to a contract". Mickey, I'm going to cut the crap. Seeing as you're so intent on getting into WAPW - my company - then why don't you get into WAPW right now?! Why don’t you step into the ring, Mickey.

Rourke pauses, he looks to his advisors on each side of him and they both shake their head and try to persuaed him to stay. Rourke waves off MVP’s offer.

MVP – Ey’ come on man, this is a big opportunity. This is a big photo op’ – for you. You can go hom to Hollywood and tell ya’ kids about that one time that you stepped into the ring with the champ’. Come on Mickey.

One man on the left steps to his feet and shakes his head at MVP.

MVP – You’re a tough guy in the movies, Mick, why don’t you show how tough you are in real-life? Come on into the ring, Mick, step up.

Rourke mulls it over with his advisors as MVP waits in the ring gesturing for him to get into the ring. Rourke however is in no mood to avoid anything. He steps to his feet and locks his eyes on MVP, slowly hopping the barricade and makes his way around the ring to the steel steps.

Styles –I don't believe what I'm seeing here folks, Mickey Rourke is seconds away from stepping into the ring with WAPW's World Champion!!

He is now on the apron, backed up by his two advisors who are below him and trying to reason with him. Gen Ex are surrounding him in each corner and MVP is in the middle of the ring. He steps in, still hesitant, but waves to the cheering fans. He then moves towards MVP.

MVP – Welcome Mickey, welcome - and goodbye. You see Mickey, Mr. Hollywood, this is a world that not even you can handle. This is professional wrestling - this isn't Hollywood. This isn't the movies. This is my night, a celebration of all that I’ve achieved, and I’m not about to let you ruin it. So here you are, you're in the ring with the champ - here's your WAPW moment. You will look back at the end of your life and remember this as the time you stepped into the ring with the best that wrestling had to offer.

MVP removes his sunglasses and stares Mickey down. Rourke returns the favor, removing his, prompting a big pop from the crowd who are anxious to see what's going to happen!

MVP – So now Mickey, now you've crossed the border into wrestling - now – you’ve got two choices: you can leave, or I can get rid of you from my ring for good?! What’s it gonna be, Rourke?

The fans boo, as MVP points to the crowd and his empty seat. Seconds pass, and Rourke still hasn't moved. MVP squares up to Rourke and talks trash to him. Rourke shows no fear, standing up to him and looking unphased.

Just as thing's look to implode, CHRISTIAN CAGE emerges through the curtain and locks his sight on MVP and Gen Ex!! He proceeds to charge down to the ring and is immediately attacked by the four members of Gen Ex, all the while MVP watches on and Rourke is beckoned into the corner by his two associates.

The beat down continues and the numbers game is well and truly too much. That's until however GOLDBERG makes his way to the ring prompting a massive reaction!!! He gets into the thick of things, Evans exits the ring and brawls with him on the ramp. He finds himself on the wrong end of several hard right-hands. He is then tossed into the steps. Roderick Strong then climbs up onto the turnbuckle and launches himself at Golderg but is clocked with a hard punch to the head! Goldberg backs up and delivers a ferocious clothesline! With Burke and Evans out of the equation he enters the ring and is immediately double teamed by Aries and Burke. He is downed and the two of them and is grounded as they lay into him like 'vultures'.

Before long though the odds are even as TEAM 3D, the tag champions, make their way to the ring with steel chairs in hand!!! They are backed up by Spike Dudley and 'Cousin Eddie', the latter two attending to Evans and Strong at ringside. Burke and Aries are rocked with hard swipes to the head with the weapon, knocking them out of the ring. MVP by this time has smartly exited.

Styles – I think it's fair to say that MVP's party has been well and truly crashed!

Kingston, Spike, Team 3D, Cage and Goldberg all stand in the ring, leaning over the ropes facing the ramp, staring out Gen Ex. A challenge is layed out on a plate for them now the numbers game has changed!

Styles – Ladies and gentlemen Hazard will be back, we've gotta go to a commercial break!

Striker FX: you sold out...



The announce team re-introduce us to Hazard, taking us back to before the break and narrating how everything got so out of control!

Still with Styles and Striker, and Joey is told via his ear-piece that a main-event has been made - Elijah Burke and MVP vs. Christian Cage and Goldberg!


A clip from Battle Line airs, narrated by Joey Styles, of Rey Mysterio defeating Alex Shelley. It includes the hand-shake between the two of them, seemingly ending their heated rivalry.

Match One - Rey Mysterio vs. The Amazing Red

Fresh off of defeating Alex Shelley in an impressive bout at Battle Lines, the fans were in for a mouth-watering prospect as Rey Mysterio stepped into the ring with fan favourite The Amazing Red. Built out of mutual respect for one an other as performers, they shook hands and hugged before the opening bell sounded.

The match itself was the perfect way to kick off WAPW Hazard - on any given night either of these men could steal the show. Rey began ontop, forcing Red into the corner with his superior strength. However the foundations of this contest would be built on fast-paced and high-risk action and it wasn't long before the ten thousand fans in Florida found out. Red wowed the crowed with a spiral tap from the top rope out onto Rey outside of the ring, as well as hitting some of his other daring manouvres.
Though impressive and gutsy, the end came after the eleven solid minutes of exciting action when Rey, after getting back into the drivers seat, followed up a 619 with a west coast pop! Red held his neck upon impact and was down for the 3 count.

Winner @ 11.23 minutes - Rey Mysterio

A couple paramedics immediately came rushing down to ringside as a precautionary measure but as it turned out, Red wasn't seriously hurt. Rey helped his opponent up to his feet and the two embraced in a hug, prompting a great round of applause from the viewing audience.

Our commentary team inform us that we're heading to the backstage parking lot area where we're told something is happening...

... we're in the parking lot - and btw - BRET HART is in the building! The WAPW camera follows him as he walks out of the lot and into the lobby. Striker reminds us that Bret Hart's final appearance was supposed to be last night at Battle Lines as special guest referee - so why is he here in Florida!?!?!!!!!?!!

Back to ringside and Red has left the ring and is making a move up the ramp. Shockingly however he is attacked by the man emerging from the back - ALEX SHELLEY! Red wasn't expecting anything as he is knocked straight down with a shot with the title belt! Rey soon ran out of the ring and up the ramp but suffered the same fate. Both competitors were down holding their heads, and Shelley was on hand to talk trash to the fans whilst his foot was planted on Rey Mysterio's chest. Hazard goes to a commercial break as the bitter Shelley raises 'his' TNA X-Division Title high into the air.

Styles – That handshake, that supposed gesture of 'respect' after their match at Battle Lines - it must have meant nothing! Alex Shelley is one bitter young man!


WAPW returns to FX and we're greeted by the beautiful smile of Torrie Wilson, who is backstage with new-comer, Colt Cabana. Cabana is pacing back and forth looking nervous.

Torrie – Good evening wrestling fans I'm Torrie Wilson here on WAPW Hazard and I'm joined at this time by Colt Cabana, a man who later on tonight will step into the ring with 'The Monster' Abyss. Your thoughts on your match?

He stands still and wipes the visible sweat from his forehead. He then rubs his hand through his hair frantically and continues to figit whilst talking.

Cabana– W-well Torrie, tonight's a big night for Colt Cabana. I mean, tonight make my WAPW debut when I step into the ring with a monster as you said, and ... and yeah ... he's a monster. H-he, he's a damn monster. He's sick, he's twisted. He wears a mask, damnit! Torrie, ya' know what kind of people wear masks? Do ya? DO YA! Crazy people, Torrie, crazy people...

He begins to bite his nails as Torrie stands looking rather confused, yet amused.

Torrie – Well, how do you feel you can perform tonight against such a ferocious opponent?

He attempts to compose himself.

Cabana– I DON'T KNOW!!

Torrie takes a step back, startled. Colt continues an a comically scared tone of voice.

Cabana– I-I dont know Torrie, okay. I'm sorry, I'm a nervous wreck. I won't lie - I'm scared as hell. I'm scared of what he'll do to me. He hasn't won a match weeks, and he's going to do all he can to try and decapitate me, Torrie, he wants my blood on his hands!

He puts his hands on his hips and begins pacing up and down again, pausing however when JTG and SHAD - STREET INC. - enter the scene.

JTG–Ayyy what up homie? Eh? You ite' man?

Cabana– DO I LOOK ... "ITE" ... TO YOU!?!

Shad moves towards Colt and looms over him.

Cabana – Eh, you know what guys - I'm sorry. My bad fellas.

Shad retracts his steps.

JTG – Look, we ain't here to chat ite', we saw you on the monitor and we was thinking - maybe we can help you out in yo' little pre-dicker-men with Abyss tonight.

Cabana – H-h-how do you mean?

JTG – Aha, we got just the thing to help you out in yo' match, homie, just the thing.

Shad puts his hands around Colt and leads him out of the scene. JTG covers his mouth to contain the laughter as he follows his buddy and Colt out of the scene.

We're now on location in the parking lot again and Shane Douglas approaches Alex Shelley who is packing his bag into the trunk of his car.

Douglas – Alex Shelley earlier on tonight we witnessed you attack both Ama-

Shelley – Witnessed me attack Red and Rey - yeah, yeah Shane, I get it. I know what you wanna know - "why"? Why, Alex. Waa waa - how could you attack Rey and Red after their match - waaa waaaa. How could you attack Rey and betray his trust after you shook his hand at Battle Lines? Well waa waa - Alex Shelley does not give a crap. You people can wine, and bitch, and moan about the things I do and who I do them to, but at the end of the day it's no skin off my nose. It's like water off of my back - I don't care. One day soon I hope yo vultures realise that I don't care what you think. I'm a professional wrestler and the world we live in is a dog eat dog world. I watch my back, no one elses. Shane, you're an ex-pro - you of all people should know what I mean, yet you're still hovering around like a bad smell asking all these stupid little questions.

Douglas – Well Alex in all fairness, you did clock them both with a weapon..

Shelley – Oh give me a break Shane, I didn't have to use a weapon - but I did. Either way, I'm better than both of those guys on their best night and soon enough they well both find out.

Douglas – I hate to mention it, but Rey did kinda beat you last Sunday at Battle Lines.

Shelley pauses, pondering how he can respond.

Shelley – Strange thing's happen, Shane. I let my guard down for one night and he got lucky. Believe me, it's never going to happen again. This is a new Alex Shelley, more determined, more focused and more ruthless than ever before. This, Shano, is a turning point for me.

Shelley pie-faces the camera and then proceeds to enter his car.

The camera shot is fixated on the announcers booth where Joey Styles and Matt Striker are seated. They briefly remind us that Bret Hart earlier arrived here on Florida for reasons unknown, however it is now apparent that he has been in talks with commissioner Paul Heyman over the officiating at Battle Lines.

Match Two - 'Anti Saint' Ken Doane vs. Matt Michaels

Standing in the ring was The Anti Saint's manager, Jake Roberts. Roberts gets on the mic and introduces his protégé, stating that his debut is the dawn of a new era in professional wrestling. Standing 6 ft 4 and weighing in at 234 lbs - 'Anti Saint' Ken Doane.

Doane storms through the curtain dressed in black shorts (yellow striped on side of each leg), elbow pads, knee pads and boots. His hair is spiked and he wears a look of distain on his face. As he moves towards the ring he continues to trash talk the fans and just about everybody else, but his words are drowned out by his music (Sirens, fading into a heavy metal beat).

Michaels is next to make his way to the ring, getting next to no response despite looking fairly confident in his own abilities. As he stands outside the ring he is greeted by his opponent who slips out under the ropes and takes the fight straight to the Texan, firing away with right-hand punches. The brawl continues without the bell even sounding yet, as Doane tosses Michaels into the steel barricade by the hair! Doane begins to stomp away at his crouched opponent, before bitch-slapping him a couple times. This infuriates Michaels who retaliates by slapping him back, sending Doane backpeddling. The brawl continues with Michaels eventually tossing Doane into the ring. His advantage didn't last long though as the uber-agressive Anti Saint continued a tirade of offense. Michaels' attempt of a superkick was ducked and he was quickly taken out with a running elbow smash. The hard hitting offense from Doane continued until the end of the match, approximately four minutes since the opening bell, as a groggy Michaels received a kick to the gut followed immediately but a forward-jumping DDT!! The referee did his job counting a decisive three count.

Winner @ 4.21 minutes - 'Anti Saint' Ken Doane

The referee clearly saw the rage in Doane's eyes, cordoning off Michaels' pain-ridden body. The Snake soon entered the ring applauding his young star. He then tried to lure Doane out of the ring but he was not having any of it, as he continued the assault, first pushing the referee out of the way and then stomping away at his downed opponent. Roberts attempts to get Doane off of Michaels originally failed as he found his prospect locking Michaels in a sharpshooter! The sound of tapping only served to satisfy his hunger for inflicting pain as he pulled back viciously on his legs, letting out a yell of intensity. He finally let up as various striped-officially surrounded him and pleaded with him to stop. The Snake was eager to get Ken out of the ring before anybody got seriously injured.


WAPW returns and we're backstage in the interview area where Shane Douglas is standing between Roderick Strong and Austin Aries.

Douglas – Austin Aries and Roderick Strong last Sunday at Battle Lines the two of you lost your tables match for the WAPW tag-team titles to Team 3D. Tonight, you team up once again to fight their new allies - Spike Dudley and 'Cousin' Eddie. What are your thoughts?!

Aries – Our thoughts collectively Shane are pretty eratic. I mean, those four alligned themselves and concocted a master-plan in order to keep those tag-titles away from us. The sad thing is that it worked. Brother Ray - Brother Devon - you may have those tag-team titles around your waists ... well ... over your shoulders, but I hope when the two of you go to sleep at night the last thing that you remember and the first thing you think about when you wake up is that you wouldn't have been able to have those damn belts if it wasn't for Eddie and Spike. And lets face us, we've beaten you twice in regular tag-team matches and all you've done is cheated your way to a victory in a tables match. See, we both know, hell - the entire world knows that Team 3D can never 'out-wrestle' Gen Ex in a regular tag-team match. We made our names by breaking peoples bodies with our hands, whereas you made yours with barbed wire, tables, ladders and chairs. At the end of the day, 3D, you know that we're better than you. We're the past ... the present ... and the future of tag-team wrestling. We are - Gen Ex- soon to be WAPW tag-team champions!

Roderick grins, smashing his fist into his palm. Aries stares intently into the camera before continuing.

Aries –I don't know when, and I don't know where - but one thing's for sure - we're getting a rematch and we're taking the tag-team gold, and there's nothing that the two of you, Spike Dudley, Cousin Eddie, and Paul Heyman - can do about it!

Strong –Yeah and let's face it, Team 3D wouldn't have even had a third chance at us if it wasn't for 'pal' Heyman. Any semi-competent commissioner would know that they didn't deserve to be in the same ring as us. Oh and as for our opponents tonight, Spike and Eddie - we're going to teach you a lesson. We're going to make you rue the day that you screwed with Gen Ex.

Aries –Hahahaa!

We're now on location to the lockerroom area where Christian Cage, Mickey Rourke and Bill Goldberg are seated. Scott Hudson stands alongside them with a microphone in hand.

Hudson –Good evening I'm Scott Hudson and I'm privileged to be standing by with half of tonight’s blockbuster main-event; Bill Goldberg and Christian Cage – as well as Hollywood star Mickey Rourke. Christian I’ll start off with you, what are your thoughts from what went down at Battle Lines?

Cage –My thoughts? My thoughts Scotty are all revolving around one man and one title belt. I’d love to sit here tonight in the sunshine state of Florida..

Cheap pop.

Cage – .. look into the camera wearing a captain-charisma smile – but I can’t quite do it. It’s not fun and games for Christian Cage here. Instead all I can think about is that WAPW title and how it should be around my waist.

Goldberg perks up, giving Christian a steely look.

Cage –Bill, no disrespect intended, I mean we gotta tag-together tonight, but at Battle Lines it should have been me with my hand raised in victory, not MVP.

Goldberg smiles to himself, all the while believing that he should be the champion. Christian livens up slightly.

Cage –Now I’m an honest guy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t bring my A-game last Sunday, but in a months time it’s WAPW’s second PPV, Full Throttle, and MVP I know your watching this – you’re going to be defending that title against the number one contender. So with that in mind I’d like to go ahead and address not only the fans, not only Paul Heyman – the commissioner, but the entire roster. See I’m going to put down a marker for myself. I’m going to let it be known that I will do whatever it takes –

Glances to Goldberg on his right.

Cage –… to whoever I have too, in order to become WAPW champion!

The fans in the live audience cheer.

Cage –I know, Scotty, that there’s alotta’ talented guys in the back from all over the world, and I respect each and every one of them as athletes, but none of them – and I mean none of them – are Christian Cage.

Hudson –Well Bill Goldberg we’ve now heard the views and the ambition of Christian Cage, what are your thoughts on Battle Lines and tonight’s tag-team main-event?!

Goldberg raises his head and turns to the interviewer, still maintaining a look of focus and determination.

Goldberg –Hudson, myself and Christian don’t agree on too many things. Hell, our relationship is strictly business, but one thing we both see eye to eye on is one thing, and that’s that MVP doesn’t deserve that damn title! See, what happened at Battle Lines is ancient history now. I know that despite whatever the hell I say, it’s not gonna get me that WAPW title. Talk’s cheap, so now all I can do is concentrate on is destroying as many punk-asses as possible.

Brief pause as then fans pop.

Goldberg –… and making damn sure that when number one contenders spots are handed out – that I’m first in line! MVP, if you’re wondering who’s next –

He gets up from his seat and stares into the camera, before speaking in a hushed tone – though still maintaining the intensity in his voice.

Goldberg –… I’M NEXT!

He grins before looking to Cage, speaking and then exiting.

Goldberg –See you in the ring, Cage.

Hudson –Well finally Mickey Rourke. Mickey you’re a huge Hollywood star and one of the most talked-about men outside of the wrestling world – what bring’s you here to WAPW tonight?

Rourke – Ya’ know my memory ain’t to good these days but from as far back as I remember I’ve always been a little apprehensive of this business, so naturally when the part of Ricky ‘The Ram’ in ‘The Wrestler’ came about I learnt a lot about it. I met a lot of interesting people and one of those people was Paul Heyman. I got a call from him a month or so back before this company had even started up and he was anxious to get me over here, so after a month of calls and messages and invites I finally got myself together and got down here. I watched the show last Sunday and I was very impressed, now I’m here in Florida. I gotta say I wasn’t expecting to be involved in this way, ya know, I was more than happy just to sit back in the front row and take in everything - but what happens, happens.

The actor is smiling as Hudson asks him another question.

Hudson –There’s still an empty seat at ringside for the main-event, will you be watching from the crowd or will you be accompanying the man alongside you, Christian Cage and Bill Goldberg to their match?

Rourke –Haha, I think we both know the answer to that. If that punk MVP wants to finish what he started earlier, then I’ll be around. I’ll be watching from in front of the guard-rail this time!

Cage and Rourke both grin, before Hudson wraps this up.

Hudson –Scott Hudson with Mickey Rourke and Christian Cage – we’ll be back shortly – don’t go anywhere!


With the camera showing the cheering fans in the arena Joey Styles welcomes us back from the commercial break, hyping up the main-event some more.

Still being narrated by out broadcast team, the camera pans to the back where in the lockerroom surrounded by several of the babyface’s of the roster (JTG, Shad, Sugar Daddy Lance, Amazing Red and Puma) – a drunken Colt Cobana lays groaning on the floor surrounded by beer cans! The boys in the lockerroom joke around at Colt’s expense, as do the commentators. Shad and Lance grab Colt from each end and lift him up before placing him on a chair. They ask him if he’s ‘ite’, and he responds by falling sideways off of the chair!

Striker –Seems like Colt couldn’t handle his drink, Joe!!

Styles –Ha, and this doesn’t bode well for his match with Abyss! It’s bad enough having to face the monster, but even worse when you can’t stand up straight!

Striker –Well Joe there’s a little thing called Dutch Courage, but I think in this case it’s having more than an adverse effect on our man, Cabana.

The dynamic duo now take us back to Battle Lines just four days ago, showing a brief clip from the tag-team title match. Gen Ex try to interfere on Roderick and Austin’s behalf, but Spike Dudley and Cousin Eddie make a run-in and make sure that the match would end fairly. The video package ends with Roderick being 3D’d through a table, followed by the new champions celebrating with their, er, relatives.

They then show us what went down earlier, as they and Team 3D hit the ring and ended the beat down on Christian and Goldberg.

Match Three – Roderick Strong & Austin Aries vs. Cousin Eddie & Spike Dudley

It wasn’t hard to guess who Gen Ex would blame for not picking up the titles at Battle Lines – Eddie and Spike. Earlier blaming them of costing them the titles with their interference and distraction they were hell-bent on teaching them a lesson.
This match marked debuts for the newest members of the Dudley family, not just in WAPW but in wrestling as a whole. Their inexperience arguably cost them in the end as they fell to the well-oiled machine in Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. At the 9 minute mark with Eddie Kingston out of the ring, Strong had Spike were he wanted him and hit his finisher - a fireman's carry double knee gutbuster which he calls ‘Death By Roderick’. Thankfully Striker is up on his terminology.Instead of going for the pin he tags in Austin Aries, who hops to the top-rope and finishes him off with a 450 Splash!

Winners @ 9.01 minutes - Austin Aries & Roderick Strong

The post-match wasn’t without it’s eventfulness, as Aries and Strong attempted a beat-down on Spike in the ring, and eventually Eddie who dragged himself up and in, Team 3D hit the ring once again and chased off their rivals. Typically the exited up the ramp, as 3D motioned that they were right here and ready. (edit)



In the back, The UK stand alone in the interview area with a message for us. Nigel starts off in his typical Londoner’s accent.

McGuinness –You are lookin’ at Nigel McGuinness and S.O.S – Shamus O’Shaunessy. Individually, we’re two of the toughest bastards in this sport. Together, we’re the best damn tag-team in the world. We demonstrated just how tough we were last Sunday at Battle Lines when infront of the world we single handedly beat The Natural Franchise, and those hillbilly rednecks, Jay and Mark Briscoe. Those four little wankers made the mistake of getting in the UK’s way, and they paid the ultimate price that night. We now stand here as THE team to beat in WAPW, and all we need to underline it now is those tag-titles. So 3D, I want you both to know that myself and The Irish Curse – we’re watchin’ you. And that applies to all the other tag-teams in the lockerroom, we’re gunning for you all. This, boys, is our time, and we’re not about to give it up.

McGuinness & Shamus –When you rule Britania, you rule the world. We are – the United Kingdom.


Accompanied by his ‘father’, James Mitchell, Abyss strides out onto the entrance way and storms down to ringside. He is dressed in Orange Prison Clothes with ‘Parks’ and ‘1732’ below it. Mitchell gives him sadistic words of motivation, provoking an aggressive Abyss to yank out a handful of hair!


The energetic dance music plays through the HD System here in the Ocean Centre, and there is a 15 second pause before anyone emerges. Eventually Colt finally shows himself, staggering groggily down the ramp and rather humorously falling and rolling to ringside…

Match Four – Colt Cabana vs. Abyss

Abyss didn’t, or couldn’t, find the antics of his opponent funny, as he exited the ring and brought the fight straight to him. Hammering away with harsh blows, Cabana was helpless from the get-go. Unable to coordinate himself he was as dangerous as a punch-bag for The Monster. After being driven back-first into the apron he was eventually rolled into the ring. The drunken Cabana’s offense did not improve, being spending time whilst not being destroyed by Abyss to stumble about and swing wild punches – several of them actually connecting. In the end, a mere three minutes in, and Cabana walked straight into a Black Hole Slam.

Winner @ 3.04 minutes

Luckily for Colt he rolled out of the ring whilst writhing in pain, preventing him from being assaulted furthermore. As Abyss stands in the ring with Mitchell processing whatever thought he may be having, he is in for a nice surprise courtesy of the man he cost a title opportunity at Battle Lines – Keh-Neh-Deh. The Greenbay Native stands at the top of the ramp leering at Abyss from distance. He then begins to descend down the ramp and to the ring, maintaining his focus on Abyss. Mitchell is anxious to get Abyss away but the big man is having none of it.

Styles –Something tells me Kennedy isn’t out here to look for answers as to why Abyss attacked him – I think he’s out here for revenge!

With Cabana on all fours clutching his stomach, Kennedy uses him instead of the ring steps to get up onto the apron. After entering through the black ropes Kennedy stares down Abyss from the other side of the ring. As time passes both men make their way to each other, before the action explodes!! Kennedy fires away with punches to the head, gut and just about anywhere he can. Abyss retaliates by grabbing Kennedy by the throat and pushing him to the mat. After nipping up, he runs at Abyss and hits a flying forearm, sending him onto the ropes, before running at him and clotheslining the big man! There original clothesline wasn’t enough to send him over the ropes, so he backs up and delivers another – not failing this time! Kennedy receives a mic after calling for one.

Kennedy –Abyss! You and your little zoo-keeper better listen and listen damn good. You call yourself a monster, you act like you’re a bad-ass well you know what – two can play at that game. At Battle Lines, when you cost me my match – you crossed the line, and I’ll be damned if I let you get away with it. I don’t care how bad you are, Mr. Kennedy is that much badder!

The intensity from Kennedy garners a good crowd response.

Kennedy –Mitchell, you say that your Godzilla-son over there had been losing matches week after week is a slump – well I say you just plain SUCK! You can hide behind that mask for the rest of your life you ugly bitch, but you can’t hide from me! Next week on Hazard, I’ll find you. The week after that – I’ll find you. I will keep finding you, and keep kicking your fat ass until I get what I want, and that is the WAPW title! The title you cost me.

After composing himself, he hops up onto the turnbuckle and looks down at Abyss.

Kennedy –My name, is Misteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer – Kennneeeedddyyyy!!!



Backstage and making his walk down the hall-way, Torrie Wilson approaches MVP.

Torrie –MVP we’re just minutes away from tonight’s huge tag-team main-event… where’s Elijah Burke?

MVP –Blondie, don’t go asking the champ questions. Elijah is taking care of some thing’s quickly for me, but let’s focus on the match shall we? See the odds have been stacked against me from day one in WAPW. At Battle Lines, they put me against four men in order to get this glorious WAPW title belt.

Torrie –Four?

MVP rolls his eyes and seems annoyed by Torrie.

MVP –Yes, four. Kennedy, Christian, Goldberg – and Bret Hart! See, they were all put in place to keep me from winning the title, but in the end – my championship credentials shone through. Tonight they’ve got Mickey Rourke in their corner, and that’s fine – I’ll be more than happy to kick his ass once and for all. Now, if you don’t mind, Torrie, I’ve gotta match to go win.

MVP exits the camera shot.



Howard Finkel is in ring and announces the following tag-team main-event. Elijah Burke is the first man to emerge and enter the ring. He has his North American Title belt around his waist as he gets a pretty heated reception.


The champion is the next to make the walk down the aisle and into the ring. His WAPW is on his shoulder as he stands alongside his ally, awaiting their opponents.

30 seconds pass and no one’s music has hit. No Christian, yet, and no Goldberg. MVP and Burke are grinning, but there is a sense that they know what’s happening. The fans are confused, as are the commentators. Soon though the scene changes and the camera goes backstage – Bill Goldberg has been laid out! He is surrounded by E.M.T’s and is bleeding from the nose. Though conscious, he is visibly out of it.

*5-4-3-2-1- CHRISTIAN CAGE*

Regardless of whether he has a partner or not –Christian is here to fight. He makes the slow walk to the ring, rather cautiously, but still gives off his air of confidence. He hops up and into the ring and receives a great reaction.

Match Five – MVP & Elijah Burke vs. Christian Cage

MVP had earlier complained of how the odds were stacked against him tonight, though come match time he and his partner had a distinctive advantage. Would it be a decisive one, though? After promising to fight for another chance at the WAPW title, Christian was already determined to give this all he had. The fact that his partner was gone could only spur him on more so.

In the early going it was a focused Christian Cage who was in control, dominating Elijah Burke for the first five minutes before MVP got the tag in. The match then evened up a little, but eventually Cage got the lead again. However as the match wore on, naturally he tired. His opponents had the luxury of being able to tag in and out – whereas the Canadian was on his lonesome.
The end came after 16 minutes of action, with Christian (yah rly) and MVP the legal men. MVP had attempted the playmaker, but Cage wriggled out of it. After escaping the move Christian would back up onto the ropes for momentum, but MVP’s partner Elijah Burke got his knee up and drove it into the back of Cage! The playmaker was in no doubt as it was successfully hit, as was the three count.

Winner @ 16.32 minutes – MVP & Elijah Burke

After getting their hands raised in victory, MVP’s attention was focused on the man at ringside – Mickey Rourke. Once again daring him to get into the ring, Rourke was indecisive. The WAPW champion would then make a move towards the ropes and to the outside, but was talked out of it by Elijah Burke. The show goes off air with MVP and Mickey Rourke staring each other down.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Still not happy about this MVP situation. However, I do like how he gets cheap heat from the Obama thing. The Mickey Rourke confrontation is very interesting. Either you just used him to get MVP more heat, or you plan on taking him somewhere. Great to see the faces get involved and break up the party. This will probably end with some crazy tag team match later tonight.

Good to see Mysterio picking up the win. I see you're taking Red out of action for a minute. He should be back soon. Two or three weeks, me thinks.

Bret Hart isn't that much of a shock following the PPV. It's like the Mick Foley/TNA situation: you think he's gone, but he's really here to stay.

Shelley being a sore loser? Sure, I'll go for it. Just as long as his match with Red has a stipulation.

I like how Cabana said "do I look 'ite' to you?" Very funny segment. And I see Cryme Tyme has some sort of scheme up their sleeve. I'm thinking screwjob.

Not really a bad Shelley interview, but I didn't feel like he explained why he did it. All he basically said was he doesn't care who he hurts to get to the top.

Why would the Snake try to get Ken out of the ring? I thought Jake was heel. Wouldn't he want his client to inflict further pain on his opponent? I can see a rematch in the near future, though.

Gen Ex won't do anything. They're just talking blow. I don't really see them actually winning a match against 3D, no matter how entertaining it may get.

What the hell is Mickey Rourke doing getting more TV time? I thought he was only gonna make one guest appearance, and that's it.

It's not "I'm next," it's "you're next." Isn't it? Either way, good use of the catchphrase. I really can't see Rourke getting involved in the show again, even though that's what you basically told us.

Sooo... they gave Colt Cabana a drink? Well, that's textbook Cryme Tyme, I guess. I was shocked to see the Amazing Red make an appearance after getting a beatdown.

A heel win was expected following what happened. It's a great way to put them over and not give the faces too much attention.

Not really a bad segment to put over McGuinness and Shamus. Hope they get involved into some feud soon.

Squash match for Abyss, huh? Not bad. I like how Colt was the comic relief tonight. I can see him getting payback on Cryme Tyme. Kennedy/Abyss feud shouldn't be that bad, I suppose. Kennedy for the upset plz.

"Blonide?" What is this, the 50s? I don't think so. 16 minutes is way too long for an MVP main event. I expected the faces to pick up the victory, considering this is the PPV fallout. I don't know where you're taking this Rourke thing, but I hope it's entertaining.

All in all, great show. Can't wait for the next installment.

"Burn on, big river, burn on..."
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Edit: In the future use more common sense when posting, next time will be infraction.

hello and welcome to the iwc take a seat and ill explane the rules
  1. john cena basshing is a must do this at all times
  2. randy orton and john morrison are your gods and should be worshiped
  3. the attitude era will allways be the best times ever
  4. every one should a heel with a bad ass attitude
  5. any one who pins any one is berrying them
  6. hhh has ruined every ones lives in some way
  7. hhh is only at the top because of his wife

Originally Posted by CradleShockSabin View Post
Its because no-one will the charismatic, pimptacular, hand clapping, foot tapping, pimp slapping, blinging attire, always on fire Pope that is D'Angelo Dinero!

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!


MVP absolutely had to start things off here (unless you planned on closing the show with his promo), so good start there. MVP was pretty much on key, showcasing his arrogance and getting heat in any way possible. Things like the champagne for extra heat were also a nice touch. The Rourke thing was alright, though I don't approve his presence in this thread after his time-wasting @ WrestleMania. Honestly, I don't mind seeing him in here, but I hope you don't overdo it with him. Just sign him to a short-term contract. Cage and Goldberg running into to set up the main event was nice, though I don't know how you're going to go about using both of these men in the future. Both had more momentum heading into Battle Lines than MVP, so both deserve title matches. On the other hand, both also deserve to win over MVP, but then you'd have a short first reign. You're going to have to give MVP some more momentum over the next few weeks.

Nice way to start Hazard off with some fast paced action. Red and Rey are definitely two people who could get the crowd into the show with their high flying, so good choice. Rey had to go over here, because Red really hasn't had much build in WAPW. Wasn't even part of the PPV, while Rey ovciously was, so yeah.

Bret Hart in the building? Meh. Not too big on him still being involved in WAPW as I don't see there being many things that he can do.

Yush~! Shelley had to stay heel, because he's soooo much better that way. Good to see him going back on the handshake.

Colt Cabana was a little cheesy, but it was still aight from him. Best bit was definitely the "DO I LIKE ITE?" Plz don't use him as a jobber though. He has so much more potential than that. =/

Shelley was decent, though I don't think you exactly captured his arrogant side right. You stated that he was looking out for himself and all that good stuff, but I think he should just show maybe more disrespect to Douglas and others? Pushing the camera at the end was a step in the right direction, though I think there was just that extra bit of arrogance missing during the promo.

Doane owning is good, though I'm not too sure about Roberts wanting to restrain him. I understand you want to have Roberts harness Doane's anger, but it's after the match anyway. Meh, good to see Doane looks like getting pushed.

Eratic? Doesn't that mean inconsistant? I don't see why they would be thinking like that. Anyway, pretty good promo from Gen Ex. You've given them some nice, confident heel characters, and really, this feud has to continue because they should have the gold.

Christian Cage was pretty good. While he wasn't his arrogant self, I think you addressed everything with him very well, including why he wasn't his usual self, so good work on that part. I don't think Goldberg was quite as good. First of all he's much better when he's intense, and he really didn't sound that intense. Also, I wiuld've rathered if he turned it around on MVP instead of saying "I'm next!" Would have been better if he had gone more along with "MVP, you're wondering who's next for you, but really, YOU'RE NEXT for me." That gets what his catchphrase is all about in there, and it also sounds a lot more intense, imo. Rourke was fine, there's no real character there because he doesn't have one in the wrestling world. Generic, but fine.

Ugh, don't like the Cabana thing. Seriously.

Aries and Roddy beating Spike/Kingston was fine, though there were some things in this match a bit odd. First off, you said Spike and Kingston are inexperienced. Kingston's been wrestling for six-seven years and Spike way over a decade. I also wouldn't understand if you'd said they were inexperienced together, because they're family, remember? And while the beatdown and 3D run-in at the end was all well and good... why did 3D motion for the gold? >_>

Meh promo from Nigel. Just seemed like a way to get him on the show (though him being on the show is awesome >_>).

Ergh @ what you did with Cabana tonight. As for this Kennedy vs Abyss stuff, it seems odd. First off, it's heel vs heel. If you were going to have Abyss vs Kennedy so early in this BTB, I don't think you should have established Kennedy as such a heel. Secondly, the matches these two would put on would be God awful. >_>

@ blondie. Nice way to generate cheap heat.

I really don't like Elijah Burke taking Goldberg out before this match. Couldn't Goldberg beat the absolute crap through Burke if he tried something? Getting beaten up backstage does nothing for Goldberg's image. MVP going over (somewhat cleam) was interesting, though it seemed like a bit of a low enegry finish to Hazard. I don't know, but I probably would have liked to have seen something from Rourke, rather than just a face off.

Pretty good show coming off the back of Battle Lines. Some things I didn't like (the gross use of one 'Clasic' Colt Cabana), but it was still a solid show. You've got some build going already for Full Throttle which is good. The night could have benefited from maybe something from Teddy Hart (I know you had him as injured, so a promo would have sufficed), but it was still good.

Looking forward to the Hardcore Invitational next week.

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