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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Very much looking forward to Battle Lines. I've been a lurker of this thread since day one and enjoy your writing, so I thought I'd just make a brief post saying that I am really looking forward to the PPV.
Also, I agree with the above poster, Gangrel?! Ugh.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

This is a statement to clear things up for anybody viewing the thread and is wondering about the upcoming PPV, Battle Lines.. ahem.

There's been a fair few comments and general feedback that I've been getting telling me that Battle Lines should be a PPV where I basically should go and show everybody how competent I am at match-writing. Now, as much as I agree with that, and that this thread can't really be considered as a very good one without good PPV's to back it up, I really don't feel that I can write one up in full just yet.

In school, I always exceeded coursework word-limits considerably. With shows, I have to trim them down so that they are less of a task for people to read and review. With matches, I like to feel that they include a lot of detail and because of that fact they too are very long both to write and read. It is with that in mind that I will be informing you that WAPW Battle Lines will be posted in recap form. (Boo/Hiss) Remember, I have the thread as a whole in mind when I do this. It's a hobby for me even outside of the forum, so I wouldn't want to risk burning myself out completely with writing too much over too long a period of time.

I've been planning the next month and beyond of this BTB, and hopefully I will get back in the regular swing of weekly shows. The next 3-hour PPV, WAPW Wreckless Intent, could well be one which I post in-full which would obviously lead to a consistently full-PPV's being posted, which means more bang for your e-buck!

Maybe it's me, but I always struggle through reading PPV's and reviewing them, and am mostly intrested in the complexion of the match, the outcome, and the fall-out from it. I will look to include all three to as much a detailed extent as possible to keep people's wet :]

Take care everyone, your comments and stuffs are always very nice to read and they are very helpful.

Jonnerrz x
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

You know that I've been the main one telling you to write in full, because looking at your shows, I really am interested to see how good you are at it. I understand that writing in recap is probably best for you though, so I have no problem with it. As long as it helps the thread in the long-run, it is definitely the best thing to do.

Looking forward to Battle Lines, man. Good luck with it.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Paul London pulling out of his match with Teddy Hart is something that i usually wouldn't like, but i am fine with it this time. Insert Jamie Noble, please.

I don't like Gangrel.

I would prefer the PPV in full, but, hey man, its up to you in the end. As long as you churn out some greatness i am sure you will be fine.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Battle Lines in recap form? You flippin' pansy! Just kidding. Seriously, though, I feel you on that. Some of us have to ease up a little sometimes. Even in recap, though, I expect an awesome PPV.

And don't worry. You're not alone on that reading PPVs stuff. It's like they write a whole book and expect full reviews. My attention span isn't that long.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

What is a 'FULL' PPV anyway? You write as much as you need to, there should be no pressure to write 'FULL' when there really is no set standard for a full show anyhow (and plus, this is a hobby. Rules FTL). Good luck, because I do read (though reviewing is becoming less and less a priority, I'm afraid ) and I look forward to you producing future shows, because I believe you're pretty decent at where you stand.

Be The Booker - WCW 2000
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

WAPW presents Battle Lines
XL Center, Connecticut
Attendance – 14,846

A record WAPW crowd was on hand to witness Battle Lines, live at the XL Center in Connecticut. Eight matches on the card, four titles on the line - and a chance to make an everlasting impression in the annals of wrestling history. An immense and well-articulated pyro display imploded into action, temporarily drowning out the cheers of the ruckus crowd and the theme song – "Undead" by Hollywood Undead.

Match One - Jack Evans' open challenge.
The night kicked off in great fashion with Jack Evans hosting an open-challenge. Evans had put the challenge out just two weeks prior to Battle Lines to 'any Cruiserweight or high flyer in the world'. Last Wednesday on Hazard Paul Heyman stated that he knew whom his opponent would be - and that he was a former World Champion! Evans must have been obsessing over just who his opponents identity would be, but couldn’t have been expecting none other than Rob Van Dam! Heyman's history with Rob obviously played a part in acquiring the former champion, and Evans expression of surprise showed just how shocked he and the rest of the crowd were.
The match itself was back and forth at times, but eventually swayed to the side of RVD, winning comfortably after a trademark Five Star Frog Splash! RVD took his place at the top of the ramp, bowing for the applauding WAPW fans. Gen Ex made their way to the ring, serving the purpose of carrying away the distraught Jack Evans who was in the process of a temper tantrum.
Winner @ 10.23 mins - Rob Van Dam

Match Two - Abyss vs. Brent Albright
Booked after Brent Albright defeated the big man twice in two attempts on Hazard, a lot was riding on this match for both men. Abyss entered WAPW with a history of being a volatile, relentless monster under the guidance of James Mitchell. After acquiring his 'sons' services once more, this was their chance to make an impression and prove that the previous losses were part of a slump. After Abyss aligned himself with Mitchell and attacked Albright - he was gunning for revenge.
Throughout the course of the match the crowd witnessed flickers of just how destructive Abyss could be, but once again he fell short to the tenacity of Albright. Seemingly too intent on inflicting more pain and after hitting a black hole slam to Brent - Abyss ignored Mitchell's cries to go for the pin. Instead he waited for Albright to get to his feet and when he did, Abyss walked into the debilitating Crowbar!! Albright pulled cranked the large and dangerous arm of Abyss in a vertical motion relentlessly and had Abyss dead-square in the middle of the ring, and while Abyss gradually made it over to the ropes but was dragged straight back, given no choice but to tap-out!
After the bell had sounded Albright had his hand raised high before he wisely left the vicinity. In the ring, James Mitchell berated Abyss, clearly unhappy at his son losing. The big man however was in no mood for listening, as he shot up and loomed over Mitchell, every fan in attendance expecting him to attack his father. As it turned out, Abyss exited the scene in a fit of rage.
Winner @ 9.13 mins - Brent Albright

Match Three - The UK & French Connection vs. Natural Franchise & The Briscoes
Four tag-teams split into two alliances in this contest with each of the eight men looking to get a win for their respective team. The team-duo of The UK and La French Connection squared up to The Briscoe Brothers and Natural Franchise. For the duration of the fourteen minutes each alliance worked like well-oiled machines. The fairly even match however finished under unfortunate circumstances as Chase Stevens inadvertently hit team-mate Mark Briscoe with a wild-right hand, leading to Nigel McGuiness' lariat and the pin.
Following the math, Mark and Chase exchanged heated words, but the situation was mediated by their respective tag-partners.
Winner @ 12.30 mins - The UK & French Connection

Match Four - Teddy Hart (c) vs. Mistico - Cruiserweight Title Match
We were informed earlier on in the show that Paul London had to pull out of the match due to a shoulder injury. This prompted Cruiserweight Champion Teddy Hart to hit the ring with the intention to speak his mind. After telling the world that London pulled out of the match because of being scared to face Hart, he told the crowd that tonight wasn't going to be about his Uncle Bret - but rather it would be about the excellence of the future - Teddy Hart.
A more than capable replacement in Mistico emerged, taking the fight to Hart from the get-go. A match that was surely fun to watch was definitely painful to be involved in, with Teddy Hart miscalculating a frankensteiner from the top and in-turn landing awkwardly on his head. Mistico however sensed on opportunity, hitting a terrific 450 splash! Hart wisely slid out of the ring to recover. Mistico once again wowed the crowd, leaping to the top rope and executing a jumping hurricarana to Hart. As time passed the promise of a win ultimately faded and the Canadian used his cunning ways to pull it out of the bag. All it took to change the complexion of the match; and ultimately the title scene, was a wise drop toehold, leading Mistico to crash head-first into the unprotected turnbuckle. The masked man wasn’t expecting anything as he proceeded to back peddle straight into Teddy’s own ‘Hart Rate’ – a devastating belly to back suplex into a sitout powerbomb!
Winner @ 14.30 mins - Teddy Hart

Match Five - Team 3D vs. Roderick Strong & Austin Aries - Tag Team Title | Tables Match
Earlier in the night Team 3D told the world how it was their destiny to win their 21st tag-team title tonight at Battle Lines. Their words only added fuel to the already red-hot fire as these two teams contested for tag-team supremacy. For Team 3D it was a must-win match, having already lost twice to the duo. Another loss would surely have them surrender their crown as the best team in WAPW. This match was on their terms though and the stage was set for this simmering rivalry to hit boiling point.
One fall would end it - in other words, one man being put through a table would end the bout. Austin Aries came close to it being reverse 3D'd over a table, but luckily Roderick Strong was on hand to kick the table from out under him. As the match went on Team 3D really demonstrated why they have such a reputation for not just putting people through tables, but for working so well as a team. The end ultimately culminated with eight man at ringside - Gen Ex (Burke and Evans) first charging to ringside and taking advantage of the No DQ rules. As they went to beat down Ray and Devon, the crowd were in shock as they witnessed first Spike Dudley sprint to the ring and get into the thick of things - and then a man who Joey Styles identified as 'Eddie Kingston'! The two of them took Gen Ex out of the equation, allowing Team 3D to hit their signature double-team maneuver, the 3D, on Roderick Strong and through a table!
Team 3D were presented with their tag-team titles by Paul Heyman post-match to a great crowd response.
Winners @ 13.10 mins - Team 3D - New Tag Team Champions

Match Six - Alex Shelley vs. Rey Mysterio
In the weeks prior to this match Rey Mysterio had learnt first-hand just how cocky and egotistical Alex Shelley could be. On the inaugural edition of WAPW Hazard Alex Shelley succumbed to defeat at the hands of Rey Mysterio. After the match Alex refused a hand-shake and sulked his way to the back. The following week Shelley rejected Rey's offer of respect once more, and eventually cost Rey his place in the North American Title Tournament. This displayed the bitterness of Alex, who in-turn was screwed out of his tournament match. This short rivalry was built out of respect and Rey was on-hand to teach it to Alex.
The match began slowly, with Shelley reluctant to let the pace pick-up. He used his ring-wiliness to ground Rey for long-periods and slapping on a wide variety of submissions. Rey however would break out of them and use his past-paced style of offense whenever possible. The end came after a burst of momentum from Mysterio, hitting a tornado DDT and following it up with a wonderful West Coast Pop from the top of the turnbuckle for the win!
After the ending the emphasis was shifted to the two men in the ring, as Rey offered his hand to the youngster again out of respect. This time, Shelley accepted the offer and raising the hand of Mysterio garnering a positive reception from the crowd. A great end to a superb match-up.
Winner @ 15.53 mins - Rey Mysterio

Match Seven - Sugar Daddy Lance vs. Elijah Burke - North American Title Match
Earlier in the night when interviewed by Torrie Wilson, Lance stated his intentions in no uncertain terms. He told the world that after he defeated Elijah, he was promising a live-TV celebration that only the Sugar Daddy Superstar himself could give. Accompanied by his six girls, he went into battle with an extremely focused Elijah Burke.
The outcome could have been so much different for Sugar Daddy Lance. Towards the ten minte mark of the match he had Elijah Burke down after a hard powerbomb. Instead of going for a pin fall or directly continuing the offense, a rush of blood saw him climb to the top rope! The agile big man faced the crowd and lept backwards for a stunning moonsault, but came crashing down on the knees of his opponent!! The coming minutes then swayed to the advantage of Elijah Burke, who ultimately finished him off after two Elijah Expresses (running double knee strike in the corner). The first came after Lance was irish whipped front-first, and Burke came crashing in with knees to the back. He continued to work his opponent by then irish whipping him back-first into the opposite corner, coming at him with knees to the chest! A groggy Sugar Daddy Superstar then fell into wake of the Elijah Experience - a forward russian leg sweep! The result was a formality and WAPW now had a new North American Champion!
The women at ringside were dissapointed as it was Elijah Burke who has handed the North American Title belt by Paul Heyman, who then raised the hand of his champion. Gen Ex appeared at the top of the ramp, applauding their man. The fans though booing, respected the manner in which he won an entertaining bout.
Winner @ 13.50 mins - Elijah Burke - New North American Champion

Match Eight - MVP vs, Goldberg vs. Christian Cage vs. Mr Kennedy - WAPW Title Match
The most eagerly anticipated match-up in WAPW’s short-history was comprised of arguably the four biggest stars in the company and they all collided in the main-event of Battle Lines! A night of intense hype featuring words from each of the four competitors in the build up to the bout only added fuel to the already red-hot fire. Anticipation was at a fever pitch as this match would decide the first ever WAPW World Champion. Match-official Bret Hart recieved a tremendous reception as he made his way to the ring, dressed in a traditional black and white striped shirt. MVP, Kennedy, Christian, Goldberg. One after another they made their way to the ring slowly, soaking in the powerful receptions. Everybody knew that this was make or break, and the opportunity at hand was one that couldn’t be wasted. Any doubts about how the match would be officiated were about to be answered as all four geered up for the match of their lives.
The Hitman raised the title aloft, all four men glaring at it – they knew what they wanted. The bell rang, as Christian and Mr. Kennedy began the match. Both men were in search of early-domination but were unable to establish complete domination. It was with that that after the back-and-forth action and a couple of pin-falls, MVP was tagged in by Christian Cage. One-time allies faced off, with MVP continuing where Christian left off. Though entertaining and hard-hitting, the first major news of note came by way of shocking interference. As Christian and MVP duelled in the ring, roughly at the eleven minute mark, Kennedy was tagged in. As he stood in front of the apron having just entered the ring, long-behold, and to the disbelief of everybody in attendance, none other than a rampant Abyss hit the ring and attacked Kennedy! Bret Hart could only watch on as Abyss yanked him down through the ropes and tossed him into the steel barricade. Why, only he knows, but after continuously punching him in the side of the head he irish whipped him head-first into the steel barricade. MVP could barely believe his luck, as after Abyss rolled him into the ring, the Ballin’ Superstar gained a pin-fall, reluctantly counted by Hart– eliminating Kennedy!
The match progressed with still seemingly nothing between the three last competitors. Cage and Goldberg battled it out, respect was out the window for tonight, and neither were holding back. Earlier on in the night the ringside officials had to re-tie the protective padding to the turnbuckle. MVP however was intent on getting ahead, as he went around the ring on the apron one by one, ripping them from the steel. Eventually, Goldberg attempted a spear but rain straight into the hard, unforgiving corner! The groggy Christian stood in the opposite corner now and was tagged in by MVP without him knowing. He sprinted towards Goldberg, seizing an opportunity, and pummelled away at him. The offence soon turned to decisiveness as he downed the former World Champion with a Playmaker, driving him face-first into the mat. 1,2 – and 3 from the hand of Bret Hart! MVP opportunistically had eliminated Goldberg, the pre-match favourite.
Then there were two. Having eliminated the previous two combatants, Kennedy and Goldberg, somewhat fortunately, he had a task ahead of him in the form of Christian Cage. Back and forth, back and forth swung the complexion of the match. Twenty minutes had gone as Christian looked to have finally got the momentum he needed. After countering an attempted Playmaker, instead nailing MVP with an electric chair drop. Emotion was seeping from both men’s pores, and the ending of this match was sure to be high on just that. As Cage and MVP were down after a double clothesline (yes) Elijah Burke, Jack Evans, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries emerged from the tunnel, walking half-way down the ramp before being stopped by several WAPW security guards. Christians mind must have wondered, as MVP saw an opportunity. The fans sensed something major was going to happen, and it did. After hitting a playmaker on Cage, the end seemed inevitable. The Canadian however was not ready to give in as he somehow kicked out of MVP’s signature move. One wasn’t enough, so how about another. 1,2 – but the chance at the title was too much. Christian’s body was screaming out to quit, but his Canadian heart wasn’t. He managed to pull himself to his knees, but MVP knew just what was happening next as he picked the perfect time to execute a running drive-by kick to the skull. Lights out. Cage's Canadian campatriot and one-time mentor made the count - 1, 2 – 3.The fans were in awe, watching on as confetti fell from the rafters, drowning the new WAPW Champion in a river of glory. Gen Ex joined in the celebrations, eventually raising MVP up onto their shoulders as he kissed the title belt which Paul Heyman had handed to him from ringside. The show ultimately ended with that visual - WAPW'S MVP - WAPW'S World Champion!
Winner @ 21.42 mins - MVP - New WAPW Champion

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Just a few quick words for this quick PPV. First off, kick-ass banner. Second off, great way to start a PPV: with a huge win for the faces. I never saw RVD coming, but this could lead into a great rivalry.

I like how the heel doesn’t go for the pinfall when he easily has the match won. The aftermath was cool too. This will definitely lead into an Abyss/Mitchell feud, which should result in the split and Mitchell finding somebody else.

Chase vs. Mark, huh? Not a bad idea. I actually expected a clean match here, but I suppose this is better, as it’ll lead into a Franchise/Briscoes match.

After the 450, Mistico should’ve made a pinfall attempt and not allow Teddy to “slip out of the ring.” And “an unprotected turnbuckle?” Just out of curiosity, why can’t a heel get a clean victory? However, I was rooting for Teddy, so good call.

Didn’t I mark for a 3D win? Oh wait, yeah, I DID!! I never saw Spike coming back into the picture. Hopefully, this means he’ll drop the Eddie Kingston thing.

A tornado DDT followed by a west coast pop? That’s not exciting. And how is it that the face gets all this momentum, and then the victory? You’re saying it like he owned Shelley!

Elijah gets the victory, huh? Well, I don’t really see him in the secondary title picture, but if it keeps you warm at night…

I never expected Goldberg to be eliminated so early, and by MVP? I like how my man Christian is in the bottom two (even though I expected Christian v. Goldberg in the end) and… MVP GETS THE WIN!! WHAT THE FREAK’S UP WITH THAT?? HOW DOES A JOBBER PULL OFF THE UPSET AGAINST MY GUY?? BUT A CLEAN WIN ON TOP OF THAT!!

Overall, great PPV, man. Looked tops. Where are the backstage segments?

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

"Just a few quick words for this quick PPV. First off, kick-ass banner. Second off, great way to start a PPV: with a huge win for the faces. I never saw RVD coming, but this could lead into a great rivalry."

If you read the post-Battle Lines news which will be up shortly, you'll see the answer to whether RVD will start a programme with Jack Evans.

"Chase vs. Mark, huh? Not a bad idea. I actually expected a clean match here, but I suppose this is better, as itíll lead into a Franchise/Briscoes match."

It was actually Jay that he was having the confrontation with. I'm fairly new to them so I was a little confused, but watching ROH lately has helped me decifer them from one another. As for a potential fued, at BL there were no punches thrown only heated words. Words will never hurt anyone, Absolute... OR WILL THEY!!? ~

"After the 450, Mistico shouldíve made a pinfall attempt and not allow Teddy to ďslip out of the ring.Ē And ďan unprotected turnbuckle?Ē Just out of curiosity, why canít a heel get a clean victory? However, I was rooting for Teddy, so good call."

Yeah recaps are hard to get across what happened in certain instances. I saw Teddy using the turnbuckle as more of a 'smart' thing more than a heel thing. But whatever, these heels are nasty pieces of work.

"Didnít I mark for a 3D win? Oh wait, yeah, I DID!! I never saw Spike coming back into the picture. Hopefully, this means heíll drop the Eddie Kingston thing."

You mean, Brother Spike and Cousin Eddie, right? Temporary measures is how I'd refer to Spike. As said earlier, I'll cover it in the news round-up.

"A tornado DDT followed by a west coast pop? Thatís not exciting. And how is it that the face gets all this momentum, and then the victory? Youíre saying it like he owned Shelley!"

Rey and his experience taught the young Alex Shelley a lesson is how I saw it. Fairly even, but Rey got it when it mattered.

"Elijah gets the victory, huh? Well, I donít really see him in the secondary title picture, but if it keeps you warm at nightÖ"

Yes, yes it does. I love Elijah, and MVP, but that's another story.

"I never expected Goldberg to be eliminated so early, and by MVP? I like how my man Christian is in the bottom two (even though I expected Christian v. Goldberg in the end) andÖ MVP GETS THE WIN!! WHAT THE FREAKíS UP WITH THAT?? HOW DOES A JOBBER PULL OFF THE UPSET AGAINST MY GUY?? BUT A CLEAN WIN ON TOP OF THAT!!"

He's a crafty jobber, that's how damnit! As I was saying I rate MVP highly, and I just felt that a heel needed to win the title straight away. It's kinda easier to write like that, and by that I mean having a heel champ at the beginning of a thread. Gen Ex played a part, distractions mostly. Not to mention that naughty boy Abyss took out 1/4 of the competition in Kennedy.

"Overall, great PPV, man. Looked tops. Where are the backstage segments?"

In future I'll include them, but I tried to include what happened in earlier interviews to a certain degree. There was nothing to note backstage really.

Thanks a lot for the review my man, much appreciated and I've taken plenty on board!
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Battle Lines Feedback

ĎBout time you stopped slacking and got this bad boy up, tbfh.

Though it was so amazingly obvious that itíd be RVD making his comeback to face Evans, itís still awesome to see him back. Iím a huge fan of the guy so I hope to see you utilise him well. Itís a nice way to ease him back into things by having his return against Evans. He isnít lost in the shuffle now because you had him debut at a different time, which is definitely a good thing. Evans is a good stepping stone for RVD to start off with, as he has some credibility about him, but heís no main eventer whoís going to get damaged by the loss. Good way to start the show by getting the crowd into things.

Yuck, Abyss in a singles match with no weapons to mask how truly terrible he is. Though he has the size of a monster, another loss here has him looking like he is one of the worst, if not the worst wrestler you have on your roster. I know he has the size of a monster, but you have to book him as one to make him look like one. Sure, he hit his finisher here, but he has now lost three on the trot to Albright. I also know you wanna make Albright look good, but itís gone a bit too far now, imo. Iíd definitely be concentrating on strengthening Abyss back up over the next few months, because at this stage a win over him really doesnít mean that much, no matter how big he is.

Hopefully this match leads to a feud between The Briscoes and The Naturals like you indicated it may, because if not it really is worthless filler on the Pay Per View. Iím glad Nigel at least got the pin for the win here, so to that.

Paul London being replaced in the match sucks, and hopefully it is an angle, rather than an EWR injury that lasts an eternity. The good thing coming out of this was obviously Mistico now getting a slot on the Pay Per View, though it was always obvious he was no chance for the victory as he was really just a filler opponent for Hart. Still, good to see Hart getting some good momentum here with a promo before the match and a nice win. Youíre currently using him in a way which makes the Cruiserweight Title mean something, so keep at it and Iíll continue to be happy.

Yuck, Team 3D as champions? I honestly thought this angle was all about making Aries and Strong the team to beat in WAPW, so Iím definitely disappointed to see how this went down. Spike and Kingston running in to even the numbers out at least means that Team 3D didnít completely bury Gen Ex by beating four men all by themselves, though I still think Kingston is shit. I guess 3D could have a good run, but I generally find heel champions much more interesting, with faces definitely better chasing the belts.

Alex Shelley hasnít been treated too well in WAPW unfortunately. He hasnít won a match yet, and now you have him being respectful? Please rectify this on Hazard. Shelley is definitely better as an arrogant prick, and heís much funner to watch/read in that role, so get him back to it soon. Iím glad to see you gave these two a good amount of time, because they really could put on a great match. Interested to see where you put Rey now after this.

Burke as North American Champ is money and ratings. Hoyt really would have been an awful man to choose as champ, because he sucks, tbfh. Nice to see Burke going over strongly against Hoyt too, not having to cheat to beat him. This should indicate a good reign for Burke, which I definitely look forward to. Also good to see Gen Ex get some gold.

Ergh, not a fan of interference from Abyss in your big Main Event. The thing that irks me most about this is that he hasnít even been involved with any of these men stoyline-wise whatsoever. He had a match with Kennedy (I think it was him) on the last week before Battle Lines, but he still didnít look like starting a program with him. I understand Abyss snapped, but still, really? A man who hasnít won a match in WAPW just interfered in your biggest match to date. Goldberg not winning this match is a crime, forget not being in the last two. He has really been built up as your top star, like your main attraction. Heís the best thing youíve had going, so really, he needed the belt. He has looked so above everyone else coming into the Pay Per View that itís a crime that he isnít the champ. To have the other face last longer than him when he has been THE face is just something I donít get, tbfh. More interference leading to the end really damages the match, imo. While Iím a fan of MVP, he really doesnít seem like he should be champion, so Iím not big on this at all. Interference happening twice in the match too? A special guest referee is supposed to prevent that. He is supposed to control the match, so I really donít like the interference.

Overall, it wasnít a bad first Pay Per View, though I didnít like some decisions as Iíve already explained. Some backstage segments also wouldíve been good since you can develop things with them, but I guess you decided against it this time.

I look forward to seeing where you go from here.

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