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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Credit - ..................

According to data compiled by Nielson Media Research the inaugural edition of WAPW Hazard drew a 5.1 cable rating. This as expected tops WWE Raw by a considerable margin, but the question is how many people will tune into Hazard for a second time? FX alone had been promoting the show as their number one programme and their chief executive, Raymond Patelli Jr. stated that 'he expected a very high rating for the first show full of former fans'.

Credit - ..................

WAPW officials are said to be in talks with several ROH talents over a possible full-time switch. Among those are Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black and former ROH Champion Brian Danielson. Black is said to be the closest in terms of signing, with Danielson holding out for the time being. If they decide to sign then they will join a long list of former ROH competitors consisting of Nigel McGuiness, set to debut this week, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and more.

Credit -

The latest on WWE's lawsuit against WAPW is that Vince McMahon has sheduled a preliminary hearing with a judge to see if he has a case. It is expected that he will claim againt both WAPW officials and also the talent that defected for 'contractual negligence' and also 'breach of contract'. Compensation packages have already been paid to WWE by WAPW, but the authorities could also order more reperations and also sanctions against owner Michael Morton.

TNA are also said to be furious that Alex Shelley paraded their X-Division title belt, now vacated, on last weeks edition of Hazard. They too are set to go to court and this will surely add fuel to the fire.

Credit -

WAPW has reported on their official website,, that they will be offering their first ever pay-per-view "Battle Lines" for the price of just $12. It is expected that the PPV price afterwards will be around the $25 dollar mark, still cheaper than WWE or TNA's offering.

Credit -

WAPW have reportedly failed in their attempts to prize Raw superstar CM Punk away from WWE. It is believed that Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Jack Evans were all told to 'put in a good word' to him whilst Paul Heyman persued contract talks. However as it turned out, Punk is said to have 'politely declined' Heyman's offer as he is currently happy in WWE. Will the former World Heavyweight Champion be feeling as loyal in the coming months though, given his current ranking on the roster?
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The Whole F'n Show
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Interesting news there Power about WWE and TNA wanting to file a lawsuit against WAPW. I always love off screen storylines and this is shaping up to be pretty cool.

I'm looking forward to the second show and I shall be reading.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

I'm not a fan of realism, but come on, 5.1? That rating has not been seen for several years. WWE will have a job getting that in the next decade the way its going.

But bring in BRYAN FUCKING DANIELSON and all will be forgiven.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Originally Posted by Emperor DC View Post
I'm not a fan of realism, but come on, 5.1? That rating has not been seen for several years. WWE will have a job getting that in the next decade the way its going.

But bring in BRYAN FUCKING DANIELSON and all will be forgiven.
Yeah, I agree it's pretty out-there, but I think the point I failed to get across is the sheer length of advertisement aimed at disgruntled former fans. Think back to the ones that watched when ratings were 7's consistently. Anyways, season premieres are often high, as people check it out to see if they like it or not. In any event, the feedback was greatly appreciated, and rest assured I'm trying to find a good time to slot Brian into the mix. It could be after the first PPV.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

WAPW Hazard preview - 4th February 2009

For only the second time in its short history WAPW Hazard comes to you live on FX! This week’s edition emanates from the Target Centre in Minneapolis Minnesota, with a main-event that will surely prove to be epic.

On the inaugural episode the entire roster were eager to impress and looking to put down a marker for the rest of the roster. Christian Cage put it best stating that WAPW was all about “old friends, and new enemies”. Speaking of the Instant Classic, he was involved in a ground-breaking confrontation with MVP and Mr. Kennedy, which resulted with Bill Goldberg hitting the ring and coming to the aid of the Canadian! Paul Heyman had promised that a former WWE World champion and WCW champion would be unveiled – and the twelve thousand plus fans were not disappointed! How will this unfold?

This week’s edition would feature the second half of quarterfinal match-ups in the race for the North American Title! Last week we witnessed Rey Mysterio defeat an arrogant Alex Shelley, as well as Sugar Daddy Lance (Hoyt) pinning The Monster Abyss! Tomorrow night we will witness Elijah Burke step in the ring with Jamie Noble, and the Mexican star Mistico battle Maverick Matt Michaels! Following the match between Abyss and Lance, James Mitchell hit the ring and proposed to Abyss to return ‘home’ to Mitchell’s guidance. It all seemed too much to handle as the monster fled.

Team 3D will be in search of revenge after being cheated out of a win in the first ever WAPW match. Austin Aries and Roderick Strong were aided by allies Jack Evans and Elijah Burke. Ray and Devon swore that they would get even and prove to them why they are the most decorated tag-team in wrestling history. But will the youngsters be willing to step into the ring again?

The tag-team title scene looks promising. Team 3D, Aries & Strong – this week Jay and Mark Briscoe will look to leave their mark on WAPW, taking on the duo of Nigel McGuiness and Shamus O’Shaunessey. The latter call themselves ‘The United Kingdom’, will they be able to topple the Briscoe Brothers? The titles are vacant, remember, and every team will be looking to stake a claim for the title match at the PPV – Battle Lines.

The WAPW, North-American, and Tag-team titles may all be vacant - but last weeks main-event spot was occupied by a gauntlet match for the Cruiserweight Championship. Paul London and Jack Evans started the match off, and London somehow managed to outlast four more competitors before falling to an oportunistic Teddy Hart. The Champion won't be in action tonight, but anything can happen and will.

On the subject of Battle Lines, live from the New Haven Coliseum in Connecticut – you can catch it for the small sum of just $12 live! A three hour night which will definitely go down in history, with a price like that – you can be a part of history. Tickets are already on sale, just visit for more information.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

World Alliance Professional Wrestling presentsHAZARD!

Wednesday 4th February 2009
Target Centre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

A video package plays highlighting all the action from last week; beginning with Team 3D vs. Strong & Aries, eventually highlighting Goldberg making the save on Christian, Teddy Hart winning the Cruiserweight Title, and finishing the video with Paul Heyman bellowing the words “This – is WAPW!”

The official WAPW opening video airs. It begins with sirens blaring, and yellow lights flashing before the theme music kicks into gear – “Hell Yeah” by Rev Theory. The video consists of studio poses from stars such as Goldberg, Christian Cage, MVP, Teddy Hart, Abyss and Rey Mysterio. The video cuts off at 25 seconds, before the vocals kick in and to a deafening roar from the fans in attendance. The roars are drowned out by the tremendous pyro display. The camera then traditionally pans the arena showing the 12000 strong fans in the arena, all excited to be a part of WAPW Hazard!

Whilst the crowd is panned, Joey Styles and Matt Striker cut in, welcoming us to the show and hyping up tonight’s ‘blockbuster’ main-event – Goldberg and Christian Cage vs. MVP and Mr. Kennedy!

“Big Thing’s Poppin’!” Jack Evans, Elijah Burke, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong emerge from the tunnel to a remixed version of MVP’s hip-hop entrance theme. They make their way to the ring, Elijah being prepped for his singles match vs. Jamie Noble, but Evans gets on the mic.

Evans – Now before Elijah Burke progresses into the semi-finals of the North American title tournament, I, Jack Evans 'from the heavens', have something I’d like to get off of my chest. So Paul Heyman, I hope you’re sitting on your chubby ass in your office watching this, because this message is for you. Last week on Hazard you had the gall, the audacity, to put me as the first entrant in the Cruiserweight Title Gauntlet. To win the title, I would have had to pinned five guys, so you tell me how in the hell is that fair!? I’ll tell you Paul – it’s not – it was no fairer than a five on one, handicap match! So Paul, know this – I will not rest, I will not quit, I will do whatever I have to do in order to get a fair shot at that belt.

He attempts to continue, but is cut off by the sound of Jamie Noble’s music – a heavy guitar rhythm, transcending into a high octane beat with heavy drum sound. His face is a picture of determination as he makes his way down and into the ring, immediately squaring up to the four men. The referee rids Burke’s accomplices from the ring.

Match One

Elijah Burke vs. Jamie Noble
Not for the first time, a member of ‘MVP’s Assembly’ had plenty of back-up at ringside. This week it was Elijah Burke who had the numbers advantage over opponent Jamie Noble. Noble had started the bout off in the right spirit going straight on the offensive, taking down Burke and immediately unloading with stiff shots to the head. The tenacious Virginia-native was determined to get through into the semi-finals, getting an even amount of offense in on his opponent, but fell short just at the wrong time. As he attempted a Noble Bomb, his momentum was broken and he was countered, Burke slipping out of his grasp and hitting the Elijah Experience, an arm-wrench into a Russian leg sweep, from out of nowhere! 1, 2, 3!
Winner @ 6.12 mins – Elijah Burke

Elijah gets his hand raised by the referee before Aries, Strong and Evans join him in the ring to congratulate him whilst Noble exits under the ropes and begins walking to the back. As they celebrate in the ring, Team 3D make a beeline to the ring, causing Aries, Burke and Strong to exit. Joey Styles reminds us of how Team 3D were screwed out of winning last week. Jack Evans however wasn’t so lucky in getting away, and is cornered by Brother Devon. After firing away with right-hands, he is irish whipped off into the ropes and nailed with a 3D! They then proceed to stomp Evan’s out of the ring under the ropes where his pals help him to the back. Ray then points to

Ray – Austin Aries! Roderick Strong! Last week on Hazard you and your little buddy’s cost us, the most decorated tag-team in wrestling history, the first ever match in WAPW history. We swore to you in front of the world that we would get even with your punk-asses. So earlier on, me and my good friend Paul Heyman had a little talk, and he agreed that next week we would get another shot at the two of you. So boys, heed the warning, next week on Hazard you’re going to realise that screwing with Team 3D and thinking you’ve gotten away with it – is a death sentence!

Devon – Ha-ha – OH MY BROTHER – TESTIFY!! Boys, see ya’ next week.


A video package for the first ever PPV 'Battle Lines' briefly airs for approximately forty seconds. It shows clips from last week’s show, whilst Shane Douglas does the voice-over. There is a lot of emphasis on the fact that it's available on 22nd February for just $12! It ends with a visual note listing that there will be eight matches - a Tag Title match, Cruiserweight Title match, North American Title Match and the WAPW World Title is also up for grabs!

Back on Hazard and Joey Styles narrates whilst the camera is panning the arena. It pauses briefly on Brock Lesnar who is seated in the crowd with his wife, Rena. He gives a wave to the camera, which continues to pan, eventually stopping to show several of the Minnesota Vikings football players who are happy to be on camera!

The camera then fixates on Joey Styles and Matt Striker who inform us that they are getting word in their headsets that Paul Heyman has a big announcement to make. On that note the camera swiftly turns to the back where Paul Heyman is sitting in his office.

Heyman – Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Paul Heyman and you’re watching Hazard. Now as you should all know in just over three weeks time WAPW is proud to present to you all ‘Battle Lines’ live on PPV. A WAPW World Champion, a WAPW North-American Champion and WAPW Tag-Team Champions will all be crowned, as well as the Cruiserweight Title also being defended. But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I’d like to talk about is who will be appearing at Battle Lines. See it’s not official yet, but I have a rough idea of what the main-event for the World Title will be. What IS official is the identity of the special guest referee for whatever match that may be. To keep order in what will be such an important match, I’ve negotiated the services of a man for one night only, to serve as that referee. So, without further ado, the special guest referee for the WAPW Title match at Battle Lines is Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart!

Styles – Oh my god!!

Heyman – The only way to catch Bret live will be to order the pay-per-view, which is available for just $12. Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show.

Paul is grinning as the camera switches to the commentators once more. They look at each other in disbelief and briefly hype up the appearance of The Hitman at Battle Lines.

Backstage the camera follows Rey Mysterio walking down the hall-way in casual wear. On his travels he passes Sugar Daddy Lance who has a cigar in his mouth and a girl on each knee. He also stops to shake Paul London's hand and hug him. He then encounters Alex Shelley who is proudly displaying TNA's X-Division Title on his shoulder, for whom he slows down and offers his hand to in respect. Alex is chewing gum rather blatantly and turns his nose at Rey's offer.

Shelley – Ha. You got lucky last week Rey, very lucky.

Rey ignores Alex's jibes and continues walking towards the locker room. Eventually he ends up entering the locker room – though not in action tonight. Joey Styles and Matt Striker narrate and hype up the tag-team main-event with Goldberg and Christian taking on MVP and Kennedy.


The preliminary bell sounds, and the in-ring Howard Finkel announces the following contest - a tag-team match.

A theme similar to the English national anthem plays as Shamus O’Shaunessey and Nigel McGuiness emerge - The United Kingdom. They get a typical heel reaction as they arrogantly walk to the ring, both with a British flag in-hand.

The crowds spirits are soon lifted as The Briscoe Brothers. - Jay and Mark, hit the ring to a decent crowd reaction, especially from certain sections of indy followers. They both slide in under the ring and the match begins.

Match Two

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The United Kingdom
The first of two tag-team matches of the night pitted The Briscoes against the over-patriotic and arrogant 'United Kingdom'. You could be excused for suspecting that the Brits would go to any length to secure a win, but fortunately their plan backfired as Jay and Mark got the win. The end came after ten minutes of hard-hitting action - all four men were brawling in the ring, eventually Shamus was knocked down which allowed Jay Briscoe to get Nigel up on his shoulders in a torture rack, and then Mark (the legal man) to hit a leg-drop on McGuiness, sending him off of Jay's shoulders and into the mat! Jay pinned, whilst Mark speared the oncoming S.O.S who was looking to interrupt the pin.
Winner @ 10.02 mins – The Briscoe Brothers

As the winners celebrate a well-earned victory, Joey Styles humorously reminds us that 'crime doesn't always pay'. Jay and Mark have their hands raised by the referee and both hop up onto the turnbuckles and signal that they want gold around their waists to the fans. Despicably though, the losers attack them from behind, pulling them off of the turnbuckle and slamming them into the mat. Both have vile looks on their faces, and reach for their flags. They put on foot on the stomach of their respective opponent and proudly wave them aloft, garnering understandable heat.

Roderick Strong, Austin Aries, Elijah Burke and Jack Evans are all walking towards the parking lot where their big white stretch-limo is waiting for them. The driver is standing by it wearing a suit and a hat. He immediately opens the door, when Scott Hudson approaches with a mic in hand.

Hudson – Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, earlier this evening we all witnessed Team 3D hit the ring and confront the four of you. They’re clearly in search of a match with you, and gave Jack Evans the 3D! What are your thoughts at this time?

Aries – Well it’s pretty clear what their thoughts are. I mean after being in the business for so long, and then losing to two young men like us, it’s obviously hard to take. A bitter pill to swallow for the two of them. But the thing is, whether they like it or not – we were the better team on the night, we’re the better team now – and you can be damn sure that we’re going to be the better team in the future. Because Scott, we are the future of this business, the future generation is here. We are Gen-Ex. See what Team 3D obviously fail to realize is that change happens, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Strong – Austin’s right Scott, father time is dawning on those two pricks and whether they like it or not there’s nothing they can do about it. The future’s now – Gen X, is now!

As Austin, Roderick and Elijah get into the limo, Jack Evan’s suddenly sprints off. He’s spotted Paul Heyman! He calls his name several times before he finally catches up with him.

Heyman – Can I help you, Jack?

Evans – That’s irrelevant Paul, because you’re gonna help me either way. I’m not here to beg, I’m here to bargain with you. Plain and simple – you can understand this Paul – I want a fair shot at the Cruiserweight Title, next week on Hazard.

Heyman – You’re tenacious, I’ll give you that. You want a title match? Evans nods. Okay, you got an opportunity. Evans grins. Next week Jack Evans gets an chance at the belt. It’s going to be Jack Evans… versus Paul London.

Evans and Heyman go their separate ways. He looks smug at the match with London, but then it dawns on him…

Evans – Heyman! Heyman! Teddy Hart’s the champion, not Paul London! Heyman!?

Paul Heyman is now out of sight, and Jack Evans seems confused, but comes to the conclusion that Heyman made a simple mistake. Heyman really meant that it was a opportunity to face the champion.


Back from the third set of commercials, and the eerie yet powerful music of Abyss plays. He strides through the curtain and into the ring. The debuting Brent Albright then makes his way to the ring near emotionlessly to a mixed reaction.

Match Three

Abyss vs. Brent Albright
Most wrestlers on the roster would have been more than apprehensive when facing Abyss in the ring. 6 foot 5 and well over 300 lbs of destruction would be enough to scare off most – but not Brent Albright. His look of determination was a testament to the effort of which he put in – and it paid off. Once again, Abyss had been defeated, and his slump continued. All credit to Brent Albright who tenaciously and methodically wore down Abyss over the duration of the nine-minute bout and ultimately got the pin fall. The end came when Abyss was distracted by the sight of James Mitchell at the top of the ramp, which allowed Brent to hit an impressive half-nelson suplex for the pin!
Winner @ 9.19 mins – Brent Albright

The referee raises the hand of Brent Albright outside of the ring, as Abyss comes to his senses inside. Brent seems hurt too, holding his left shoulder. James Mitchell then begins his long walk down and into the ring wearing an all purple suit. He looks at Abyss who is on his knees, and shakes his head.

Mitchell – You know it’s funny. Last week I thought that you losing to Lance Rock was as low as you could stoop. I was wrong, clearly. It seems I underestimated just how long you could sink. Losing to… Brent Albright or whoever the hell he is, and slipping further down the pecking order here in WAPW. It’s sad. Sad for you, which in-turn is a sad reflection on me. I came to you last week to offer you a way out, a chance to rebuild yourself as a person and as a wrestler. And what did you do, you walked away. Well Abyss, you should think yourself lucky that I don’t give up that easily. I don’t quit that easily. I will not walk away from a chance to rekindle the monster that lives inside of you. I won’t pass up that opportunity to make you, under my guidance, the most destructive force in all of wrestling once again. Together, Abyss, we were unstoppable and we will be again. So, right here in Minnesota, I present myself to you and extend my hand once more.

Abyss gets to his feet and stands over James Mitchell, slowly beckoning him into a corner, before erratically fleeing to the back once more. Mitchell looks evilly at Abyss as he leaves, watching him walk up the ramp.


The camera returns from commercials and it is fixed solely on MVP, with Torrie Wilson alongside him.

Wilson – Wrestling fans I’m joined at this time by the man who calls himself the MVP of WAPW, la..

MVP – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. ‘The man who calls himself the MVP of WAPW?’ Give me a break Torrie. Do I need to remind you just who I am, and who you’re not? Listen I don’t know what it is that makes you doubt me, maybe it’s the water in Minnesota that makes people spew shit from out of their mouths, I don’ t know. But let me get this straight, I’m the MVP, I’m the V.IP, I’m whatever I want to be.

Wilson – Okay. Well tonight on Hazard in the main-event you will team with Mr. Kennedy to face off with Goldberg and Christian Cage. How do you rate your chances?

MVP – Hmm another dumb question. Torrie, MVP doesn’t rate his chances – he takes his chances, and tonight I will single-handedly defeat both Christian Cage and Goldberg. They wanna pair me with Kennedy? So annoying they had to name him twice. In any event, at the end of the night it’s gonna be me as the winner and come Battle Lines – I’m going to be the first ever WAPW Champion.

The screen switches from MVP to Christian Cage who is alongside Shane Douglas.

Douglas– Ladies and gentlemen I’m Shane Douglas alongside Christian Cage on Hazard and we’re eagerly anticipating tonight’s blockbuster main-event tag-team match featuring you and Goldberg vs the team of Mr Kennedy and MVP. How would you describe the relationship between yourself and ‘Da Man’ – Bill Goldberg?

Christian stands and soaks in the atmosphere, promoting Shane Douglas to physically put the mic to his lips.

Cage – Oh sorry, are we live? Huh – it’s been a while. So for the thousands of peeps in attendance here in Minnesota, and the millions watching at home around the world tonight is the night that Christian Cage makes his in-ring debut in WAPW. I’ve anticipated it for weeks and I aim to please, but most importantly win the match. Shane, my relationship with Bill Goldberg is pretty simple – it was born out of respect, and soon enough it’ll die out of respect. But tonight Shane, all that matters is that as a team – we get the job done. Nothing more, nothing less. MVP and Kennedy seem pretty confident in their abilities and so they should be, but what they need to know when their standing in front of us in that ring, what they need to ask themselves is this – “how many World Titles have Christian Cage and Goldberg won?” Then Shane what they need to ask themselves is “how many World Titles, have MVP and Kennedy won?” See I’ve been in the business longer than those two combined, and tonight we plan on showing them just how good we are. And after that Shane, after tonight, Christian Cage looks to Battle Lines – the first ever PPV in WAPW history. The PPV where The Instant Classic looks to write the latest and greatest chapter in his career – be it at the expense of Goldberg … or whoever stands in my way. If you don’t know – now you know.

Cage winks at Shane Douglas before exiting the scene.

James Mitchell walks out into the parking lot after failing once again in an attempt to lure Abyss back to the dark side. He is stopped by Paul Heyman.

Mitchell – Ahhh Paul, so nice to see you. How’ve you been?

Heyman – Look Jim, don’t bull-shit me, alright. You have no right just walking in on my show unannounced two weeks running, you hear me? No right.

Mitcell – Now Paul, let us not get hasty. After all we go way back, right? ECW days, remember?

Heyman – Yeah we do, and I do remember, but what you seem to be forgetting is that ECW is dead, Jim. All ties we had are gone. You don’t have a contract with WAPW so I’m going to spare you the embarrassment of having you physically removed from this arena and am going to ask you to leave and don’t come back unless I say otherwise. Is that understood?

Mitchell scowls at Heyman, before grinning. He says nothing, finally exiting after a spell of silence.


The energetic music of Matt Michaels plays. He emerges and makes his way to the ring, Matt Striker making reference to the fact that he’s the cousin of Shawn Michaels and that Mistico should watch out for his superkick. Mistico’s theme then hits to a good reception as he makes his way to the ring. The two shake hands before circling each other.

Match Four

Mistico vs. Matt Michaels
In the second North-American Title Qualifier of the night, the high-flyer from Mexico faced off with the debuting Matt Michaels. Last week Mistico was pinned in the Cruiserweight Gauntlet after impressing with his high-flying arsenal. Michaels was obviously looking to impress, but unfortunately Mistico got the better of him. The submission ending came after just over six minutes, as the Texan fell prey to a move named ‘La Mistica’ – a spinning head-scissors takedown, twisted into a single arm DDT – and topped off with a Fujiwara armbar!! Michaels had no choice but to tap to an outstanding move. A thoroughly deserved victory and Mistico will face Elijah Burke in the semi-finals.
Winner @ 6.21 mins – Mistico

Mistico celebrates in the ring and soaks in a great reception for his performance. After Styles and Striker go over the tournament brackets – Mysterio vs. Sugar Lance, Burke vs. Mistico – the camera goes to a split-screen, depicting both teams walking down the hall-way in preparation for their match. Kennedy is grinning whilst MVP looks serious and determined. Meanwhile, Christian and Goldberg also have their game-faces on.


Howard Finkel is in the ring and readies us for the main-event of the evening! Without doubt a blockbuster and the time has finally come!

Entering the ring individually, first the team of MVP and Kennedy, followed by Christian – and then Goldberg!!

Both teams are in their respective corners discussing tactics when it’s decided that Christian and Kennedy would start.

Match Five
Goldberg & Christian Cage vs. MVP & Mr. Kennedy
Without doubt a sensational way to start WAPW – possibly four of the biggest stars in professional wrestling all in one ring at the same time! Could they co-exist for the night? They would have no choice but to.
The match started off with Christian and Kennedy, two men who love to put on a show! A slow start was witnessed, neither getting the momentum needed to mount successive offense. Just as it seemed Cage was about to take control, MVP was tagged in.
The wily MVP took Christian by surprise and got the upper-hand early on, dominating for a considerable period, before falling into a reverse DDT. This allowed Goldberg to finally get the tag in, provoking MVP to tag a less than pleased Kennedy in.
A humorous display was witnessed with Kennedy trying to avoid contact with Goldberg at any cost – this involved running around the ring and baiting Goldberg into a clothesline from MVP.
The match seemed to be in Kennedy and MVP’s favor, with Goldberg on the back foot. This didn’t last long as Kennedy began to rest on his laurels and to play to the crowd. Goldberg sensed an opportunity and seized it, taking the on-running Kennedy and slamming him up – then DOWN into the mat with a gorrila press. MVP tried to break the momentum by entering the ring but was sent flying with a big-boot!
Goldberg failed in a pin attempt minutes later, and tagged in Christian. Somehow, MVP and Kennedy managed to isolate Christian and wore him down, using quick tags to get in as much offense as they could.
The end came after nearly seventeen minutes of hard-hitting action, Christian had just tagged in Goldberg who came in like a house on fire, spearing MVP and knocking Kennedy flying with a running shoulder tackle. Goldberg lifted Kennedy to his feet, and raised him up high – and then … JACKHAMMER!! Cover, but only a two count, as MVP broke up the pin. Christian took care of him, as Goldberg lay in wait for a spear. WHAM!! Kennedy cut in half!
As Goldberg went for a pin – Gen Ex hit the ring – Aries, Strong, Evans and Burke!! The referee called for the bell.
No Contest @ 16.45 mins

Styles and Striker reiterate that they thought Gen-Ex had left the building earlier in that limo! However they were in the ring and began assaulting both Kennedy and Goldberg. This allowed MVP to escape up the ramp. Goldberg was temporarily laid out – whilst Cage was on his back on the outside. Kennedy is clearly taken by surprise and is extremely groggy on the outside, holding his stomach after the immense spear. Gen Ex joins MVP on the ramp looking understandably smug, whilst Christian and Goldberg are in the ring staring them down with anger in their eyes.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Oops I completely missed the first show and now you've posted the second. Well I will have to get some feedback on the go, bit busy today with work etc, but be sure I will be back. Good work, bud.

Or is it?
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Credit -

As announced by WAPW promoter Paul Heyman on last nights edition of Wednesday Night Hazard, we can confirm that Bret Hart will indeed appear at their inaugural Pay-per-view event - Battle Lines.

While the details of his contract are yet to be disclosed, it is thought that the contract is a one month deal, with his last (and possibly only) appearance coming at the pay-per-view. Teddy Hart, nephew of The Hitman, and WAPW Cruiserweight Champion was said to be instrumental in getting him to sign, and it's rumoured that the title and push is down to that alone.

Hart will referee the main-event for the WAPW World Title, expected to feature from four superstars; Ken Kennedy, Christian Cage, MVP and Bill Goldberg. Whether or not his stay in the company will be extended post-PPV is anyones guess, but Bret could well be interested in appearing again.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

hai. This'll be a review of the first show, because I'm behind. If I have time I'll edit a review of the second show in here, though I'll probably get to it tomorrow.

The opening to this show was beautiful. It really was. The whole fading into the show to see Heyman as well as Heyman's empassioned speech showed the emotion of the promotion. You made everything in the promotion seem huge, from the cruiserweights to the announcers which does everything the world of good. You need to play up your strengths and showcase them, and I felt you did this perfectly. Awesome way to really introduce your promotion to the world.

Really diggin' the MVP segment. Things like him calling his locker room the 'VIP locker room' really show his arrogance and plays up to his character. Adding little things like that mean a lot. Loving MVP going for the title, because he is simply pure awesomeness in a can. Also liking his little entourage of Gen Next and Elijah Burke (they all pwn, tbh). Hopefully you use them as more than just jobbers like I suspect you will. =/

Not sure if there should have been a segment here, since you already have one team waiting in the ring for the start of the match, especially since you had an ad break before this segment. I know it's just minor, but I'm finding it hard to pick out stuff. I'm grasping at straws here. Nice little play on the past with you acknowledging the connection between Heyman and Douglas as well.

Kinda surprised Aries and Strong got the win here, especially over the experienced Team 3D. Seemed this was a way of establishing the stable, which I liked. Cheating to win is fine as it shows that they're all willing to cheat, establishing them as a pretty big heel stable. Good to see you actually giving Aries and Strong the time of day.

Awesome way to make Cage seem like a huge deal here. Makes him seem like a major, major part of your promotion and I heart it. Promo builds some suspense, I guess.

London seemed extremely generic here. Seems like you've got some plans for him, so plz make him more than just meh face #12. He needs a character to him. I hope you develop one for him.

Meh, don't like either of Abyss or Hoyt, so I don't really care about this result tooooo much. Would have to think that the big guy of your promotion should get a win on your first broadcast though, as he should be built up as big and tough, rather than being beaten to look weak in the eyes of the crowd.

Liked the Mitchell segment, mainly because Mitchell is awesomeness. He's the only thing that has ever made Abyss bearable, so I'd be happy to see them being paired up again. The re-pairing seems inevitable, so make it happen sooner rather than later, for the sake of Abyss being worthwhile. Liked Mitchell blaming everything on the mother, rather than him, btw.

This promo was the classic ZOMG WE HAS WON SO MANY TITLES WE IS EPIC YEAH US 3D thing. Perfect in terms of character I guess. Hopefully you just use 3D to put over the youngsters, because they really have nothing to gain.

Not too sure why you had Shelley wear the X belt up. It may have been to show off his arrogance, but I don't really see a point to that as I don't think it did anything, personally. Kinda disappointed to see Shelley lose to Mysterio, as he's far more epic, though I guess it's alright to build up his asshole/crybaby character.

Heyman gets bossed around, lol. Nice hype, again.

This segement went along very nicely. Liked the start with Kennedy, and I like how you've added something of your own to his promos as well. Mr Kennedy ... PERIOD was very, very good. Nice to see a fair bit of originality with this thread. Cage was again on key, and he had some very nice interraction with Kennedy. Kennedy pretending to be happy to be in the presence of Cage only to SWERVE~! and be an arrogant asshole was epic. I'm honoured to be graced by MVP again, btw. Anyway, the whole beatdown set up the debut of Goldberg rather well. Can't say I'm too happy it's Goldberg, because I find him rather shit, but whatever.

First off, really happy to see you using your cw's well. Featuring them in the main event of your first show shows that they're going to be a big part of your fed which I heart. London had his epic effort, which is cool since I like the guy. Like the booking of his matches starting off short, before he became more and more worn, meaning it took him longer to put away Red. Hart coming in and winning then demanding Heyman strap on the belt means you seem to have an arrogant top heel for the cw division, which is cool. Teddy's natrually a peick, so it works lol.

Overall, a very good first show. Your booking seems extremely sound and you write fantastic promos. I'm sure you'll be a big part of the section here very soon.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Thanks for the positive feedback, bitch..

The only issue that I can address is the persona, or lack there-of, for Paul London. It's an issue which I too share, and I'm finding it hard to do thing's with him. Nevertheless, I'm planning a slight adjustment to his attitude (haw) and hopefully it'll breath some life into him.

Just so it's known, the third show is basically finished off. This is the first time I've ever had shows all finished in advanced. I have a real good feeling about this project and if anything - I'm enjoying it a lot.

Credit - Pro Wrestling Scoops

The second rating for WAPW's Hazard is in. Early indications from data compiled by Nielson Media Research point towards the Wednesday night show drawing a 4.5 rating. This is down by .6 from the inaugual edition, and the talk in the back is that it is expected to drop again in following weeks.

The main-event drew the highest-rating of the night, with a little over five million tuning in to watch Goldberg team with Christian Cage against the team of MVP and Mr. (Ken) Kennedy.

Credit -

The following are extracted quotes from the weekly blog of editor, and WAPW board member, John Maynard.

"When you're a new company it's hard not to go out and buy the biggest names in wrestling. People have been putting names like Flair, Hogan, Angle, and The Rock into the mix - but we keep saying that we haven't approached anyone. It's our intention to bring in the best young talent and mix them with talented, house-hold names. We're doing a pretty decent job of that so-far I think it's fair to say."

"In some respects I can't blame them (WWE). What Vince sees as immoral - we see as an opportunity to expand our company. Besides, it was all legal - and Vince isn't exactly one to talk to us about morals. Needless to say, we're confident that in court we will be seen as the innocent party, which is how it should be. This isn't what we want to go into in such a public way, but they need to understand that it's the way it will be if they are to persue such extreme measures."

"Bret is Bret. He loves wrestling - and we are what wrestling should be. He sees that, and I think I'm right in saying that he likes what he sees. We're ecstatic to have him on-board, he's a true great. If the opportunity arises, and he wants to do business - then we would be interested. As long as we can find a way for him to help some of the young guys, and pass on some knowledge, it's all that matters".

"Ratings, ratings, ratings. Buys, buys, buys. In reality, it's how the business works and how the quality is based on. I think the 5.1 rating for the debut show was as expected. So many people tuning in after all the effort and hype we put in to advertise it - hopefully the viewers will stick to it. FX have been amazing. The time they put into it, the money. We're extremely grateful. We hope that the show repays it with consistent ratings and high quality shows. There's a lot of freedom on that network, a lot of boundaries that we can push and indeed cross in due time. Paul, after all, has a wonderful mind and I think we can all forsee some mayhem soon enough."

The blog in it's entirety can be viewed at the following -

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