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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Those ratings sure are interesting!! LOL. I'm glad I'm not the only looser who takes such an interest in the smaller
details. I like these sort of posts as they make the product seem more real.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Good to see you. <3

OMEGA IS AMAZING~! Up to the main roster, mega-push to the stars, plz. Seriously, if you do, you'll be like my God or something. idrc about Reid Flair, but Omega is the man.

Looks like you're going to bring Reid up to the main roster with Ric as his manager. Could be interesting, though you already have a pretty packed undercard.

What a surprise that you're winning the ratings.

If it's Trytan, I'll refuse to read anymore. This guy has no character and no talent. God, I remember watching him in TNA. I felt bad for Simon Diamond when he had to manage him.

PPV up soon plz. kthnxbai

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Thanks for the feedback on the notes, guys. Just to say that I'm working on Full Throttle and it will be up today if all goes to plan. I've lost the memory stick with all of the individual match notes and such on, so that is what's slowing me down. Anyways, expect thing's to pick up in this thread, now that school's out for the summer (and forever).
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

I'm lovin this thread man,

cant wait for the PPV

I'll get you a review when its up

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

WAPW presents Full Throttle
Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Mississipoi
Attendance – 9,500

Full Throttle marked the two-month anniversary of WAPW programming, and in a sold-out Mississippi Coast Coliseum 9,500 fans were on hand to witness it! Four of the WA’s five titles were on the line, with the main-event spot taken by the World title match, officiated by Bret Hart – and nobody could have predicted what would unfold!

Following the typically long pyrotechnics display FT’s theme song blared throughout the arena, ‘The Bleeding’ by Five Finger Death Punch. After pumping the crowd up Joey Styles and Matt Striker introduce the fans as per normal, dressed over-so elegantly with bow-tie suits – after all, it’s PPV time baby!

Match One – The Briscoes vs. The Natural Franchise.
Heading into Full Throttle it seemed like a match between Jay Briscoe and Chase Stevens was on the cards. After all, up until last Wednesday, Douglas and Mark were more interested in settling their partners’ differences calmly and without physical conflict. As fate had it though, Andy Douglas decided to get in on the action, low blowing Mark Briscoe from behind and making this a fully-fledged tag-team feud.
With tempers simmering in the build-up, both teams emerged looking calm and collected. After all, neither could afford to get too emotional and risk losing the match-up. The Briscoes were at their hard-hitting best, whilst Chase and Andy employed their fast-paced repertoire to considerable effect. In all this tag-team match was an exciting opener and the outcome came down simply to who was the better team on the night. With Mark and Chase brawling on the outside, it left Jay the perfect opportunity to quickly size up Andy Douglas for the double-underhook piledriver, known as the Jay Driller in a past-paced end to the bout!
Following the match-up both The Briscoes and The Natural Franchise took their place in the corners of the ring, Jay and Mark celebrating and motioning that they wanted gold, whilst Chase consoles and tends to Andy. The mood suddenly shifted to anticipation and expectation, as both Mark and Jay made their way over to their opponents. Andy, on his knees, slowly got up and looked tentatively into the eyes of both of them, fearing the worst. To their surprise, both Briscoes extend their hands in respect. Chase hobbled up and shook both mens hands, as did his partner. As Mark and Jay turned away to exit the ring however, they soon turn straight back around and hit simultaneous running single-legged dropkicks!! The Natural Franchise rolled out under the ropes as The Briscoes celebrate again, bearing huge, not-so-toothy grins (in Mark’s case).
Winners @ 8.30 mins – The Briscoes

Match Two – 'Anti Saint' Ken Doane vs. Brent Albright.
A short video package narrated by Joey Styles of last week was all the hype this match needed, after all, this bout was all about respect and finding out just who was the better man. After three huge wins over Abyss, Brent Albright had somewhat fallen off the radar, suffering a slight tendon injury in his bicep, and as a result was unseen up until last Wednesday's Hazard. Doane on the other hand has been in the thick of everything, displaying his obvious talent and potential, but also a vicious mean-streak and over-agressiveness of which cost him his match with Goldberg on Hazard. With manager Jake Roberts trying to straighten him out and get the best out of him, a match with someone as intense and agressive as Albright was probably just what the doctor ordered.
Both men started off this match exchanging blistering chops, a testement to what the rest of this match would be about. Fought at a slow, but hard-hitting pace, Albright would try to keep The Antisaint from building up his devestating momentum, and instead work on his own. As the contest progressed Jake Roberts would be yelling persistently, ordering Doane to change his style and to calm himself. After cornering the referee and berating him, The Snake hobbled up onto the apron and attempted in vain to calm his protoge down once again. This didn't turn out too well however, as Albright would spring up and dropkick Doane into his manager, sending him down onto the mat below! This allowed Albright to hit three german suplexes, one devestating one after another, before taking him down with the crowbar!! It was mere seconds before the Antisaint was forced to submit, with Albright roaring ferociously after and beating his chest.
As Doane came around in the ring, clutching at his clearly-injured arm, Shane Douglas approached the winner on the ramp, asking him for his thoughts, to which Albright exclaimed that "this is the start of Brent Albright's journey to the top", and that he'll "stop at nothing until he is recognised as the best in the entire world". After heading off following his brief but intense comments, the focus shifted to the ring where Jake Roberts would stare into the eyes of his young man. Similar to what went down backstage at Hazard, Roberts unloaded furiously, shouting and abusing Doane verbally. After Doane, though visibly shaking and trying to keep his anger in check, stayed calm, he is rocked with a HUGE slap to the face! This seemed to be the ignition to his fuse as he would proceed to deliver a stern kick to the gut and follow it up with the forward-jumping DDT on his manager!! Is this the end to their short relationship together?!
Winner @ 11.49 mins – Brent Albright

Following our second contest of the night the fans in attendance are treated to a four minute performance by Rev Theory! Howard Finkel introduces the very band responsible for 'Hell Yeah', them song of Hazard, come out to a good reception, all walking down towards the ring where a 'stage' has been constructed. Rich Luzzi - Vocals, Julien Jorgensen - Rhythm Guitar, Rikki Lixx - Lead Guitar, Matt McCloskey - Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals and Dave Agoglia - Drums all wave to the fans before readying themselves for the performance. Luzzi informs us that this song is called "Light It Up":

The band exits to good applause with smiles on their faces, as the ring crew promptly clear the area of amplifiers and the drum set. Whilst they do this a video package airs for the next match, detailing all three mens WAPW story so far - Puma, Teddy Hart & Mistico.

Match Three – Teddy Hart (c) vs. Mistico vs. Puma - Cruiserweight Title Match
WAPW's two month aniversary also serves as the two-month anniversary of Teddy Hart's Cruiserweight title reign. After winning a six-man gauntlet in the first-ever main-event of Hazard, he captured the gold, overcoming both of his Full Throttle opponents in the process, though techinically he only pinned a tired and beaten up Paul London. There is a lot of doubt and a lot to prove to the world that he realy does deserve to be champion. He claims to have the 'Hart' of a champion, will he show it? Mistico in his first two months has shown just why he is so highly-regarded across the world of pro-wrestling, though unsucessfull in some endavours, this match was a golden opportunity to grab the brass ring. Puma, like Mistico, has shown in his bouts that he is an exciting performer, but as of yet hasn't shown a winning mentality. Mainly due to bad luck and tough opponents, but a title match is surely one he couldn't waste.
The bout unsurprisingly started off with Mistico and Puma doubling up on the champion, taking him out of the fray before ultimately tangling with eachother. The exciting masked-men dazzled the fans in attendance and across the world, garnering a loud 'holy shit' chant upon a top rope tope` from Puma out onto Teddy Hart. Mistico would follow this up with an equally amazing asia moonsault onto the two of them!! The match would drag on and ultimately slow down. Towards the fifteen minute mark all three competitors are tiring. If any one of them looked like the winner at that moment, it was the Mexican Mistico. Would the outcome go in his favour? Sadly, no. With Hart and Puma exchanging punches next to the ropes, Mistico sensed opportunity, charing at the two of them, only to be sent up and over the ropes onto the protective matting below! This allowed Hart to take advantage, seeing Puma peer through the ropes to check on his buddy, and lifting him up from behind in a back-suplex position and then turning it into a hard-neck breaker!! After climbing the top rope and ordering the referee to leave Mistico and get back into the ring, he ended the bout with a typically perfect shooting-star-press!
Winner @ 15.14 mins – Teddy Hart (c)

Match Four – Mr. Kennedy vs. Abyss.
The next match on the Full Throttle card really was personal. The weeks leading up to this bout were of Mr. Kennedy's quest for redemption, after Abyss, distraight from losing to Brent Albright at Battle Lines, cost Kennedy his title match. Ever since the first-ever WAPW PPV the fans have witnessed a new dimension to Kennedy; a more focused and determined side to the usually jovial 'Special K'. His weapon of choice was mind-games, getting inside the head of his opponent on Hazard numerous times, and hoping that it would all pay off on PPV.
The match kicked off on the right note, as Kennedy met Abyss on the ramp and attacked from straight away, looking to exact any measure of revenge that he could. Before long the brawl became Abyss', as he tossed his opponent into the security railing, ring post, and then the steel-steps. From this point onwards Kennedy would favour his left shoulder in the match, giving the Monster even more means to target. The match was never going to be pretty; Kennedy's arsenal shortened even more due to injury, and the offense of both men came in short bursts, neither able to establish a run of dominance until the end. With Abyss firmly in control having dropped Kennedy with a gorrila press, the shoulder was giving K some serious grief. The end was a foregone conclusion, Abyss tossing Kennedy into the ropes and meeting him with a rather-awkard looking black-hole slam! 1,2,3...
As James Mitchell entered the ring to celebrate with his son, EMT's hurried down to ringside with a stretcher at the ready. Three enter the ring and surround Kennedy, examining his shoulder. Abyss is in no mood for compassion, as he picks one up by the back of the neck and tosses her across the ring, then booting the other two away and out of the ring. Abyss then kneels over Kennedy, beating him down with hammer-fists to the face, drawing blood eventually after a relentless assault. Nine security guards were the only means of stopping Kennedy from getting anihalated, cordening him off and allowing the shaken EMT's to do their job.
Winner @ 7.43 mins – Abyss

In a strange turn of events, a gothically-dressed Matt Michaels makes his way to the ring amidst the growing concern for Kennedy. He makes his way through the EMT's and squats over the injured wrestler who is layn back on the stretcher. The deranged Michaels leans down to the face of Kennedy and begins seemingly whispering in his ear, apparently warning once again of 'Azraels' arrival next week. After speaking to Kennedy he turns his attention to the medical staff, frantically trying to warn them, grabbing and shaking them. Soon though, he notices the two figures of David 'Gangrel' Heath and Paul London coming down towards him. They grab him by the hair simultaneously and escort him to the back, not saying a word. Michaels doesn't struggle...

Match Five – Alex Shelley vs. Rey Mysterio.
Last month at Battle Lines these two men went to war and stole the show. At Full Throttle, the feud has only intensified thanks to the actions of one Alex Shelley. After unmasking Rey on an edition of Hazard, Shelley has since paraded the mask as if it were his own - disrespecting Rey an his heritage constantly, and all the while dodging him at any cost. Their match on PPV would serve as the culmination of the last four weeks, and a chance for Rey to pick up his second win over Alex.
After emerging from the back wearing another Rey Mysterio mask, as well as his hand-written 'tatoos', Rey kept his calm. Shelley entered the ring and performed all of the Rey Mysterio mannerisms, taunting him. When the bell finally rang, Alex and Rey stand face to face. Shelley slowly guides his hands to his head and feigns pulling off the mask, but catches Mysterio off-guard with a kick to the gut. The match started out just how the youngster from Detroit had planned, and when it was all said and done - ended like it. Between beginning and end was sixteen minutes of excitement, possibly topping their first outing on PPV. The crowd were into this match and were eating up what both men had to offer in the ring. Shelley's technical prowess was matched by Rey's athleticism and sheer wiliness of which a near twenty year veteran should possess. Half-way through the fifteenth minute, Rey found himself with momentum behind him, taking Shelley down onto the ropes with a leg-sweep. As he geared up for the 619 though he was greeted by a harsh lowblow, one which the referee missed. As Rey dropped to his knees, Shelley sat up against the ropes and caught his breath. As he came around Rey's pal Mistico made his way down to ringside to keep an eye on things. Alex and Rey would trade forearms over in the far-side of the ring, but the momentum of Rey was broken up this time by an eye-rake! This prompted Mistico to hop up onto the apron in protest, but Shelley would use this to his advantage, irish whipping Mysterio towards him and sending him crashing into him! As Mistico fell to the floor, Rey wobbled groggily, completely open for Alex' side-diving roll-up. Shelley bent the legs of Rey vertically and placed all his weight onto him, trying to keep him down, and as the referee went down to count also propped both legs up onto the top rope for leverage! 1,2,3! It all happened so fast, and Shelley couldn't quite believe it, immediately exiting the ring from Mistico and making his way up onto the ramp, falling in delight and sitting there with 'his' TNA X-division title with his mouth wide open through tiredness. As Rey sat in the centre of the ring shaking his head, he was joined by Mistico who appeared to apologise. Rey patted him on the back and the two embraced in a hug. As Alex was standing at the top of the ramp he tapped himself on the side of the head, clearly proud of his brain-power.
Winner @ 16.06 mins – Alex Shelley

Match Six – Gen Ex (Aries/Strong) vs. Team 3D (c) - Tag Team Title | Ladder Match
Earlier in the night, following the second contest of the night, 'Cousin' Eddie Kingston was approached backstage by Jack Evans, Roderick Strong and Austin Aries. When asked 'what the hell those clowns wanted', Kingston was given a proposition - that if he helped Gen Ex to score the titles tonight, he'd be put in place as a member of Gen Ex and under the wing of MVP and courtesy of the champion, $30k in cash and a WAPW title shot at a later date. Kingston couldn't believe the gall that they had to ask him to turn on his own family, as he left the scene...
The build-up to this match has been on slow-boil. After a chaotic first month featuring the debuts of Spike Dudley and Eddie Kingston, both Team 3D and Gen Ex sought after the tag-team gold. Both sides are said to have been training intensively for this high-risk ladder match for the past two weeks, explaining why neither were seen on Hazard and not due to a negligent writer.
Favourites for this bout, despite TLC and Ladder experience, were the younger more athletic team of Gen Ex. The veterans knew they had an up-hill, or ladder, struggle to hold on to those WAPW tag team titles, that sit so pretty on their shoulders. 3D made a calm entrance to the ring, surveying the many ladders that were methodically placed around the ring. Gen Ex seemed to radiate confidence, not phased by the obstacles at all. The carnage that ensued was as expected, with the crowd popping BIG for the first glimpse of a ladder coming into play after all of four minutes. Several unique stunts were performed in the early-going and during the entirety of this championship contest, one of which including (towards the very end) a bubba bomb from the top rope on Austin Aries, ONTO Roderick Strong who was sandwiched between two ladders. This amongst others, resulted in great fan reaction. That particular stunt though a defining moment in the match, one way or the other. As Ray took Roderick Strong to the outside and brawled with him, Brother Devon placed a HUGE ladder in the centre of the ring and went about going for the titles once more, this time, with a little for effect. Outside the ring lets remember, that four tables are stacked next-to and on-top of eachother, with carnage just waiting around the corner. As Devon ascended ever-so slowly up the "ZOMG 20 FOOT LADDER!1!",who else but Cousin Eddie made his way down to the ring, stepping into the ring and seemingly watching guard and protecting his cousin from Gen Ex. As Devon placed a hand on the leather strap, he was stunned - watching on in complete horror as Eddie grabbed a hold of the ladder and proceeded to dump it and Devon out of the ring and THROUGH THE TABLES!!! The pause was as expected, Eddie watching on, seemingly bearing mixed-emotions and regret. As Ray entered the ring he was downed after a colossal punch-up with a SPINNING BACK-FIST!! This sent Ray down (and out), and allowed Kingston to place Aries onto his shoulders and climb the huge frame with him, edging him closer and closer, before finally he grabs the belts!
As The Ex level played through the speakers, it was music to the ears of all three men. Austin would perch himself on top of the ladder, seated, and raising the title belt high into the air. He and Roderick would go on to celebrate up on the ramp with their new associate seemingly, Eddie Kingston (looking remorseful,tbf). EMT's are seeing to Devon, as is Ray who looks concerned for his Brother. Jack Evans over-enthusiastically greets his comrades on the ramp, leaping into the arms of Kingston, who gives him an odd look before dropping him on his back.
Winner @ 15.46 mins – NEW TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS; Gen Ex

Match Seven – Goldberg vs. Elijah Burke (c) - North American Title
This feud began rather inadvertently, with Elijah Burke doing MVP's bidding by injuring Goldberg and making sure that he couldn't compete in a match. Four weeks later and Goldberg has finally got Burke where he wants him, after numerous close encounters. The title seemed almost secondary to the emotion, though 'Berg has made no bones about his intentions to take all that Burke has. Last week on Hazard was the final straw, as Paul Heyman made the title match official after Goldy' defeated both Sugar Daddy Lance and Ken Doane.
The focus in Goldberg’s eyes was evident, performing his trademark entrance of walking through his pyrotechnic display, all the while keeping his eyes locked on those of Elijah Burke. As Bergs stepped through the ropes he was attacked immediately by the champion, feeling the force of several clubs to the back. Eventually the former football player for Atlanta pushed his rival away, before charging at him with a spear from out of nowhere!! Burke immediately retreated, rolling out of the ring for a breather. The referee counted to 5 before Goldberg came out, seeing that Elijah didn’t make any real attempt to break the count. Burke soon lead Goldberg on a chase around the ring before sliding in and then getting the advantage. The positive start for Burke was promising but the explosiveness of Goldberg ensured that it couldn’t last long, countering a spell of domination in the sixth minute by lifting the on-running Elijah Burke up for a gorrila press! This gave ‘Da Man’ the opportunity he needed, grabbing momentum by the throat and not letting go! Eventually after a quick-burst of assault, he lined him up for another spear!! Burke flew half the way across the ring into the ropes, before being covered, but fortunately for him and his title he lifted his left foot up onto the ropes. This broke the momentum – but not for long – as Goldberg pointed to the rafters and lined up a jackhammer! After waiting and waiting for Burke to rise, he nailed him with a hard kick to the gut and lifted him up high, walking around the ring before slamming him down with authority! Still fairly close to the ropes at this time, Goldberg sits, regaining his breath and composure before going for the cover, but some how Burke manages to roll two feet to his right and out of the ring. What followed was the deciding point of this title bout. At only seven minutes Elijah would stay out of the ring and avoid breaking the ten-count, staying down until five before seeing Goldberg get up and leer at him, challenging him to get back in. After making his way around to the bottom of the ramp he and Goldberg traded words, Burke shaking his head whilst clasping his injured ribs. At the eight count, Goldberg just had to get and out and break it, taking one step through the ropes only to be clobbered by Elijah, sending him back in. The referee soon counted to ten, and thus, Elijah retained by a count out victory for Goldberg.
Gen Ex greeted and escorted their man out of the ring-zone, whilst Goldberg stood looking pissed. He grabbed the referee by the shirt and began yelling at him, questioning why he let the champ weasel out like that. The aggression of Goldberg was just too much, as he flipped, grabbing the puny referee and slamming him down into the mat with the jackhammer. As his music hit, somewhat encouraging him to exit the scene, he left, grabbing the ring-bell-hammer from next to the announcers and making a beeline for the back!
Winner @ 7.29 mins – Goldberg (via Count Out)

Main Event – MVP (c) vs. Christian Cage w/ Bret Hart As Referee- North American Title
The war of words and cheap shots came to ahead in the much-anticipated main-event of WAPW Full Throttle. Following an epic six-minute video package detailing both mens journeys to this match, of which culminated with the still-image of Christian and Bret Hart raising hands above the downed figure of MVP, the wait was over. The camera followed both men from the dressing room all the way down to the ring. Bret Hart first, dressed in black and pink wrestling pants with a black and white referee's shirt was escorted down to ringside by WAPW promoter Paul Heyman. It was then that Howard Finkel stood in the ring, and waited for the two competitors arrivals, not announcing them, rather in true championship match fashion, waiting for them to enter the ring. After the long entrances and theatrics, the bell sounded, and the action began.
To say that both men were a little apprehensive in starting was an understatement; it started slow, and overall was a methodical, careful match-up through out. Of the two, Christian would look to excite the crowd and get them involved whenever he could, but MVP would look to stop the momentum dead in his tracks. After just two minutes Christian countered a head-lock into an Unprettier position and the match looked to hit boiling point in the very early going, but MVP snuck out and took a breather in the corner. The match would obviously pick up as time passed, and it wasn't long before Christian had the momentum on his side in a serious way; at nine minutes, after winning a battle of punches with a kick to the gut and hitting an inplant DDT - but the champion kicked out at two. The match continued in similar fashion, Christian seemed the more likely of the two to gain a win but the champion would continue to defy the odds, seemingly winning over the respect of more and more people as the bout went on. Don't discount the champion though, as it could have all ended at the fourteen minute mark, countering a inplant DDT into a playmaker!! Both were tired, and it took a while to cover him, but he only scored a two. The conclusion of a highly tense match came near the seventeen minute mark; courtesy of a referee bump~!! Bret Hart found himself downed after MVP pushed Christian forward after he attempted an unprettier. With Hart down, Christian continued, hitting the patented unprettier! 1...2...3.....4....5 - oh fuck it, we need a ref!! Mickey Rourke, the man in Christian's corner watching from ringside took it upon himself to hop the barrier and slide into the ring. When he did he made the count 1...2...NO! MVP kicked out. Christian would crouch down to try and bring Hart around, and he does to an extent, bringing Hart to his knees. As Christian turns to face his opponent, CRASH!!

Styles - W-What the? What?!


Striker - What the hell is Mickey Rourke doing?!

As Cage turned around he walked straight into a boot to the crotch from his supposed buddy, Mickey Rourke, sending him to his knees in agony. Rourke follows it up with a harsh slap to the face, sending the challenger down onto his back. With Hart still groggy, pulling himself to his feet via the ropes, he looks Rourke in the eyes questioningly, not understanding why he just laid out Christian. Rourke grins, before helping MVP to his feet. The Hitman approached Rourke who hides behind the champion, who then tells Hart to follow the action. MVP raises Christian to his knees, before slinging his leg over the back of his neck and driving him into the mat with the playmaker! He goes for the cover ... ... ... Hart however stalls, refusing to count. This prompts the champion to swiftly get to his feet and yell at Bret telling him to count! Hart shakes his head and points to Rourke, before signalling for a DQ finish! He didn't want it to end in a pinfall loss for Cage, so instead the decision was of a DQ victory. MVP retained, but the fans were pissed, throwing garbage into the ring at MVP and Mickey Rourke. As the two scupper away and are escorted by Gen Ex, the show ends with Bret Hart consoling Christian, who is sitting in the middle of the ring with his head in his hands, and also MVP on the shoulders of Aries and Strong once more...
Winner @ 17.3o mins – Christian Cage (via Disqualification)
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!


~ The description at the beginning is kind of ominous, but intriguing. I was looking forward to the show before, but that adds a whole new level of excitement.

~ The opening tag team match sounded like a great one. The Naturals and The Briscoes are both talented teams, and a match between them would definitely be PPV quality. The way you described it, a match like this one would be a great opener. I also liked the false show of respect at the end.

~ Not much to say about the Albright/Doane match. It seemed like the emphasis here was more on the after-match, that being the elevation of Albright and the inevitable Doane/Roberts confrontation. I’m especially anxious to see where the Doane/Roberts situation goes. Perhaps this outburst was the kind of thing Jake was looking for the whole time? We’ll have to see…

~ The Cruiser match sounded off the charts. It looks like each man was used well, and Hart looked his opportunistic best in victory, while neither of his opponents were buried in the process. Good stuff.

~ To be honest, Abyss/Kennedy was kind of a letdown. I see that you’re trying to build Abyss up, and it was smart to bring Kennedy’s fragile nature into play, so he’s not completely buried with the loss. However, I still think the payoff to the feud was sort of lackluster compared to the build leading to it.

~ Now THIS is how you culminate your feuds! Shelley and Mysterio have had a great rivalry, and this match was no exception. Even though it wasn’t fully written, the summary still made it seem like something special. Shelley got the win, but not a clean win, which leaves the door wide open for this program to continue.

~ The ladder match sounded great. I really like how you gave us a couple spots and didn’t just say “it was a spotfest” as some online bookers probably would have done. Eddie turning on 3D is a big deal, and I’m anxious to see how it plays out.

~ All I can say about the Burke/Berg match is I hope you’re going somewhere with this.

~ Wow. A DQ and a countout back to back in your PPV main events? I’ve read enough reviews to know that this will not go over well. On a weekly TV show, this would have been perfectly fine, but on a PPV, where people would actually have to pay to watch, you don’t want to do things like this. I’m fine with the ref bump, I’m fine with the use of Mickey Rourke, but a DQ win for a PPV title match main event? Especially following a count out in your other title match main event? Not the best decision.

OVERALL: Started out pretty strong, but the ending brought it way down. I’m gonna start with the positives because I feel like I’ve harped on the negative enough. First off, from what I’ve seen so far, you’re a really creative booker. The feuds leading into this show were top-notch. I also loved how, even though the show was recapped, you still made the major matches feel important. Shelley/Mysterio and Gen EX/Team 3D stole the show because the goodness of what the match would have been came through in your recap. Christian/MVP also felt like a main event with the way you wrote it. However, the finishes to the two main events really brought things down. I know you probably have big plans on where to go from here, but just reviewing this show as this show….6/10

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Two Big Injuries From WAPW Full Throttle

We're hearing that both Rey Mysterio and Ken Kennedy suffered injuries during last nights WAPW Full Throttle in in-ring competition.

Kennedy, renound for being rather injury-prone, is said to have re-injured his shoulder. It was visible during the match as it happened so early on, and caused the bout with Abyss to be cut short. He tried to work through the pain barrier but his use of that arm was severely limited. No word on how long he will be out for as of yet, but it's rumoured that it's nothing too long-term, but it seems like the end of his feud with Abyss.

Mysterio, like Kennedy, has re-injured himself, this time his knee. During his match with Alex Shelley he fell awkardly and aggravated a long-standing injury. It isn't said to be too serious, but it is believed that he will be out of action until at least Uprising, the next PPV in the WAPW schedule. Mistico is tipped to take Rey's place in the programme with Alex, and they have apparently been building up to it anyway. Expect the feud to continue with a Mistco-Shelley match at Uprising.

News On Ken Doane And The Status Of Jake Roberts

After attacking his manager, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, last night at Full Throttle, some believe that Ken Doane's time under his wing has come to an abrupt end. However, it is said that the 'attack' was a spur of the moment thing on Doane's part and one of which that is used to get over his gimmick of a loose-cannon.

Intrestingly enough, both Paul Heyman and head-booker John Walters have Doane down for a potential 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin babyface in the future, though right now they are happy with how over he is as a heel, and are comparing him to Ken Shamrock.

Roberts is still struggling with alcoholism to this day, and there is growing concern in the back that they may have to cut him from Doane's programme before long if it continues. He has apparently shown up late at least once, and intoxicated on one occasion, which lead to his appearance on Hazard being bumped up the card whilst he sobered up. Doane though rcently said that he's enjoying working with him and the direction that his character is taking.

WAPW / Rev Theory Update

Following last nights live performance from rock-band Rev. Theory, WAPW officials have decided that from now on they will be holding a live performance every month at the PPV. This follows two Rev. Theory performances, the first being on the opening edition of Hazard. Names are already being tossed around as to who will perform next, and it is expected to be the artist(s) who lend WAPW the Uprising theme song. WAPW so far have demonstrated a trait for hard-rock bands, like WWE, and it wouldn't be surprising to see it continue.

WAPW / Brian Danielson News

After over two months of tentative negotiating between Brian Danielson and WA', it is thought that both parties are ready to get serious. Danielson originally looked set to continue with a comfortable indy schedule, but is apparently being offered big money by Paul Heyman's group.

The American Dragon is currently competing in Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla and various Japanese Promotions in the same way he has been for the entierty of his career. After interest from WWE and TNA in the past, WAPW's is said to be interesting him, with both their style and the guys in the lockerrom appealing to him.

WAPW owner Michael Morton is looking for big names from WWE and TNA to sign, but Heyman currently is concentrating on other talents, reportedly including Davey Richards of ROH.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

SIX OF THE BEST - Shocking Moments;

6) Terry F**cking Funk (Coming out of his latest retirement, he came oh-so close to winning the vacant WAPW Hardcore title, but fell short to a much, much younger Jamie Noble. Approaching 65 years of age, he shocked the entire world with an incredible moonsault from the top rope, taking out multiple others outside of the ring. A place in Hardcore-Hazard history is assured, for the Funker.)

5) Brent Albright's three-peat of wins over 'The Monster' Abyss (Once was impressive, twice more-so, but three? The underdog Brent Albright went into Battle Lines with two wins, yet was still the underdog for their contest. With a third win over the big man, he showed the world that he is indeed for real, doing the seemingly impossible and submitting him!)

4) RVD's One Night Stand (In the weeks heading into Battle Lines Jack Evans issued an open-challenge for a match to any wrestler across the world. Of thousands upon thousands of wrestlers, who would accept it, but superstar Rob Van Dam! Evans certainly did not expect an opponent of his stature, and ability, as the former WWECW champion confidently won the match. Paul Heyman's history with Rob made it easy to secure Rob's appearance on the show, and we hope to see a lot more of Rob down the line.)

3) Cousin Eddie Betrays His Brothers (The scent of money can be very powerful for any man, and it was no different for Eddie Kingston. At Full Throttle he showed his true colours, accepting $20k from MVP's pocket and a place in Gen Ex to boot! Just when Brother Devon looked set to regain the tag-team gold for Team 3D, standing on one of the top rungs of the ladder, he was pushed off and out of the ring through multiple tables! New tag-team champions were assured, as was a shocking twist to this feud.)

2) Mickey Rourke Turns On Christian Cage (The most recent shock to the WA', Hollywood's own Mickey Rourke was supposedly in the corner of the challenger, but a change of heart and an alligience with the champion ensured that Christian left without the title. With Christian set to finish the job, a swerve was in order, delivering a sucker-punch to the jaw, followed by a brutal boot to the crotch. A defining moment in WAPW's short history.)

1) A Slight Wardobe Malfunction (Just one week ago, and we doubt any of the WAPW viewers will ever forget it! Rated TV-14 for a reason, exposed breasts were certainly a shocking way to start the show, with the Sugar Daddy's 'angels' ripping the clothes off of one anothers back - literally! It got the world talking and proved that you never know what's gonna happen next on Hazard!)

Until Hazard is posted, I thought I'd keep myself focused and read through the previous eight shows. One thing lead to another, and I found myself writing this. I figure I'll do one of these for various categories, i.e 'Best Matches', 'Funniest Moments' etc.
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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Full Throttle Feedback

Well, I may have taken awhile, but Iím finally dropping by with a review.

First thing that I donít like is the absence of announcers actually hyping the event off, rather you just saying they do. Writing your Pay-Per-Views in recap is the opposite to what most people who use recap do, with them writing their weekly shows in recap, then the Pay-Per-Views in full. Iím not saying the matches have to be in full, but youíd probably be better off writing your Pay-Per-Views like your weekly shows , just with slightly longer matches.

I donít know about opening with this tag match. You yourself have said during Hazard that neither team is very over, while I think the opener should give the crowd some people they like to get behind. I think you wouldíve been better off with the cruiserweights personally. Besides that, thereís really nothing to comment on with this match, because all you really told us was that Jay won with the Jay-Driller. Seems a bit lazy that youíve only given us that much detail, to be honest. I donít like The Briscoes jumping The Natural Franchise after the match either, since theyíre the faces, and it makes them look like dickheads. Not a great start, to be honest.

Nice to see an explanation as to why Albright disappeared off the face of the planet. I kinda think youíre overdoing the injuries, as you seem to have at least one hitting your roster every week, which is a bit much imo. A dropkick from Albright? Not really his type of move as heís not a finesse type of guy. Albright picking up the win is fine, as it puts him back on the map, while youíve continued Doaneís character along alright. Not sure about the aftermath on Doaneís part, as separating him from Roberts at this point would do him more harm than good. Hopefully you donít go down the route of separating them.

This is the match that probably should have gone on first, as it is definitely the most exciting. While it seemed okay, there needed to be more action detailed (as there has needed to be in all of the matches so far), and you need to use spell check, because there were a lot of typos in this match that could have been corrected so easily. The ending to the match was pretty good though, and Iím glad to see you gave these guys some good time. The cruiserweights fell off the map in the past month a bit, so hopefully this signals a resurgence.

Havenít been a big fan of this feud between Kennedy and Abyss, however, Kenny going after Abyss aggressively right from the start was a good beginning. The match itself was short, and didnít seem really interesting tbh. If you run with Kennedy being actually injured (which I fear you will), youíll be once again taking away from your roster unnecessarily.

Good to see the build for the debuting gothic leader coming.

The fact that youíre telling us how good Shelley vs Rey was while not giving us any of the action throughout is a bit of a copout. Surely some counters and moves could have been detailed. Shelleyís sudden recover from being draped across the ropes kinda seems like there wasnít enough selling, and well, the referee just plain missing the low blow is a dodgy move. I think the name of the move you were looking for with the finish from Shelley was a crucifix. As for the Mistico/Mysterio error, hopefully this will lead to Rey vs Mistico down the line. If not, the finish was a bit pointless.

Having Gen Ex ask Kingston if he would sell out on 3D kinda ruins the swerve as it makes it expected, and well, I think itíd probably be better if they hadnít made the offer on camera. Nice excuse for you forgetting about them last week too. Nice to see you actually detailing some spots here, with the Bubba Bomb spot onto the sandwiched Roddy looking sick. Not sure on how well Eddie Kingston fits in with Gen Ex, however Iíll see how it goes.

Again, a feud that you know I havenít been too keen on, as it leaves a sour taste in the readerís mouth no matter what the outcome was ever going to be imo. Burke jumping his bigger opponent early was a smart idea, though a bit repetitive since Kennedy had just done that to Abyss. Goldberg hitting the Spear that looks deadly, only for Burke to be running around not long after is a bit off. Burke having to use cheap tactics to get momentum makes sense, but the lead-up to that really didnít. Burke dominated until the six minute mark? Thatís about five minutes of complete and utter dominance from Burke, which I donít like, especially since there no mention of a focus from Burke. If he was working over the leg of ĎBerg itíd be better, but with no focus, it just doesnít go along with the psychology of a Goldberg match. Burke being able to get his feet on the ropes twice in a row also makes Goldberg seem like a moron, if anything. After making the mistake once, youíd think Goldberg would be smart enough to move Burke away from the ropes. The finish was extremely screwy, which is unfortunate considering the last match also ended with a screwjob. This match was never really going to benefit anyone, so I donít really know wh you went with this feud.

I know itís a small thing, but the title of the main event said North American Title. Just makes me feel this was rushed. Saying both men started off apprehensively only to then say Christian went for the Unprettier just two minutes in (thus at the beginning) was a bit contradictory, though itís good to see you making the match exciting. Rourke jumping the barrier to make the count doesnít make any sense really, as he doesnít have any authority to do so. Seems much too similar to Sharmell making the count for Booker vs Joe last year at Victory Road. Rourke turning heel should be a big thing, but imo, it really isnít. Weíre already seen a heel turn and weíve already seen quite a few screwy finishes tonight. Another one happening here is making this seem much too TNA-esque.

Overall, this certainly wasnít your best work. I donít know, but all of the screwy finishes seemed like too much. You went way overboard with it, and it just made the event seem a bit crappy. I know you struggled writing this, but it also seemed just slapped together as well, with it not meaning as much as your weekly shows, which I disagree with since this is the culmination of all your weekly shows. Hopefully you can pick up after this event, though at the moment, things seem to have stalled.

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Re: Paul Heyman's World Alliance of Professional Wrestling!

Thank you for the feedback recieved for Ful Throttle. WAPW has been a long-term project of mine ever since January, and I'm happy I've got to eight TV-shows. I've had great fun concocting different storylines for everyone on the roster, from guys like MVP all the way down to Colt Cabana. I've probably thought too far ahead, which is hindering me in the short-term. It's really hard right now to just get down to writing, which is really annoying for me. By no means am I quitting, but I'm going to be evaluating things some more.

Thanks, Jon.
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