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Learning to break kayfabe
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WWE: In The Ripper and Mr. Slave's Hands

It's gonna be done by me and Ripper, all shows are in re-caps, and it takes place right after Mania. All the Wrestlemania results are the same, and I will be starting with ECW this week and skip Raw.

Smackdown Roster:
Big Show
The Great Khali
Chavo Guerrero
Matt Hardy
Curt Hawkins
Mark Henry
Shannon Moore
Jamie Noble
Rey Mysterio
Chuck Palumbo
Montel Vontavious Porter
Zack Ryder
The Undertaker
Jimmy Wang Yang

Tag Teams

The Edgeheads
Deuce & Domino
Wang Yang & Moore
Jesse and Festus

Raw Roster:

Paul Burchill
Lance Cade
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Jim Duggan
Charlie Haas
Hardcore Holly
Chris Jericho
Brian Kendrick
Mr. Kennedy
John "Bradshaw" Layfield
Paul London
Santino Marella
Robbie McAllister
Shawn Michaels
Trevor Murdoch
Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes
D.H. Smith
Super Crazy
Triple H
Val Venis
William Regal

Tag Teams

Holly and Rhodes
The Highlanders
Cryme Tyme
Paul London & Brian Kendrick
LC and TM

ECW Roster:

Shelton Benjamin
Big Daddy V
Elijah Burke
CM Punk
Colin Delaney
Tommy Dreamer
Kofi Kingston
Mike Knox
Balls Mahoney
The Miz
John Morrison
Stevie Richards
The Boogeyman
Kevin Thorn
Matt Striker

Tag Teams

Miz and Morrison
Dreamer and Delaney


WWE Champion: Triple H
Past Champions: None

Intercontinental Champion:Chris Jericho
Past Champions: None

World Tag Team Champions: Rhodes & Holly
Past Champions: None

World Heavyweight Champion: Undertaker
Past Champions: None

United States: Matt Hardy
Past Champions: None

WWE Tag Team Champions: Miz & Morrison
Past Champions: None

Cruiserweight Champion: Vacant
Past Champions: None

ECW Champion: Kane
Past Champions: None
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: In The Ripper and Mr. Slave's Hands


Mr. Money in The Bank wasn't a stranger to The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, so he made an open Challenge. The Golden Standard accepted the open challenge and promised Punk that he would defeat the former ECW Champion.

Cm Punk vs. Shelton Benjamin

Punk came out first the fans loved him. Second came Shelton Benjamin. The ref was about to ring the bell while Punk was standing there making a glare at the very athletic Shelton Benjamin. The ref rang the bell. Punk and Benjamin started to lock up, Benjamin broke out first and Irish Wipped Punk into the turnbuckle and started throwing huge right and left hands. Benjamin let Punk rest and picked him up by the tights and hit a thunderous T. Bone Suplex. Benjamin covered Punk 1...2... and a kickout by Punk. Benjamin picked Punk up in postion for another suplex but Punk broke out and drop kicked him in the face. Punk threw started driving knees into his back over and over. Finally he gave up and tried a GTS but Benjamin broke out of it and countered with a suplex of his own. Benjamin covered Punk 1...2... and a kickout by Punk. When Punk got up Benjamin tried a dropkick but it was reversed by Punk and Punk threw him on the ground, Punk got on the ground with Benjamin and locked in the Anaconda Vise Benjamin had nothing to do but tap out. About 6 seconds later Benjamin tapped out. Heres your winner Mr. Money in the bank CM Punk!

Commercial Break

Dreamer & Delaney vs. Knox & Burke

Dreamer made the open challenge and Knox & Burke accepted. Delaney started the match with Burke. Burke took advantage of the young star and took him to the limits. Burke made multiple tags to Mike Knox. Knox destroyed Delaney with multiple moves, spine buster, a big boot, neckbreaker. Delaney seemed to be out of it. Knox tagged in Burke and Burke went after Delaney. He picked him up and threw him on the top turnbuckle. Delaney kicked Burke in the face. Burke went flying as Delaney pulled himself up to tag in Dreamer. Dreamer got the tag and went after Burke. He threw some punches to Burkes face. Knox came came in and Dreamer threw him over his shoulders. Dreamer close lined Burke out of the ring and applied a neckbreaker to Knox. Dreamer than made a cover which resulted in a 2 count when Knox kicked out. Dreamer tagged in Delaney and he went to the top rope and jumped back with a huge moonsault and landed on Knox. He made the cover as Dreamer went after Burke who was about to make his way back into the ring. Winners: Tommy Dreamer & Colin Delaney

Delaney than got the mic and told the crowd on how happy he was that he won his match. He than thanked the crowd for being on his side for all of the weeks, and thanked his mentor Tommy Dreamer for believing in him when nobody else did. Delaney gave Dreamer a hug, and the two men went backstage.

Raw Rebound- Triple H get's beat down by Randy Orton this past Monday, what will happen with this feud? And Who will come out on top at Backlash? 2 weeks away...

Commercial Break

Kofi Kingston vs. Kevin Thorn

Kofi took control through most of the match. Kofi nails Thorn with a huge right boot across his face. Thorn fell down as Kofi went for his signature Splash. Thorn knew this was coming, and rolled out of the way forcing Kofi to splash into the mat. Thorn locked in a spinebuster and nailed it. He made a cover but Kofi kicked out at 2. Kofi attempted to pull himself up but was forced into a sleeper from Thorn. Thorn held this submissive manuever for at least a whole minute. Kofi was about to pass out when to took all of his energy and threw Thorn over his shoulders. Thorn got up to get locked in with a Samoa drop from Kofi. Kofi than went for his signature splash, he nailed it with perfection and waited for Thorn to get up. Thorn got up and met a Buzzsaw kick across his face. Kofi made the the cover in the middle of the ring and gfot the victory. Winner: Kofi Kingston

Backstage Kane was headed out to the ring to take on The Miz. Morrison and Miz met him and taunted him with remarks of how Kane can't carry ECW, and how he couldn't beat the WWE tag team champions. Kane answered them with a beat done, and a yes.

Commercial Break

Taking place on Raw, the night after Backlash

Kane vs. The Miz & John Morrison

First the Big Red Machine, Kane comes down the ramp in a very happy mood. Next came The Miz having a smile on his face as well. And the last man John Morrison. The ref rang the bell. Kane started this off with a uppercut to Morrison with Morrison falling into the turnbuckle and a huge right hand to The Miz. They both got up and tried a double clothesline but Kane reversed it with his boot going into Morrison's face but The Miz was able to get a clothesline on Kane. The Miz covered Kane 1... and a kickout by Kane. Kane got up and throwing huge rights and lefts to both of them and threw them both in the turnbuckle. Kane threw another huge right to both of them bouncing off the turnbuckle and Kane tried a chokeslam to both of them but they both did a double kick to the stomach and left it at there. They both picked him up in a suplex position but Kane reversed it and threw Morrison out of the ring and chokeslamed The Miz. Kane covered The Miz 1...2...3... Heres your winner The ECW Champion Kane.

After the match, Punks music hits.. he stares at the ECW champion, and holds his Money In The Bank Briefcase in the air.

WWE Championship
Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

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Re: WWE: In The Ripper and Mr. Slave's Hands

It would have helped of you mentioned what Wrestlemania it started from. Giving us the Wrestlemania results would have been a good idea too.

Also why did you start from ECW? Wrestlemania is on Sunday then it's RAW on Monday.

Oh and another thing, that Backlash banner is far too big. It stretches the page for miles. For me it does anyway.

Needs a bit of work. Good luck.
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Re: WWE: In The Ripper and Mr. Slave's Hands

What KF said, also, reading that sized font is kind of annoying..
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Re: WWE: In The Ripper and Mr. Slave's Hands

I'm not going to repeat too much, but you really do need to work on the layout and the presentation. I have to admit that if a show looks bad visually I'll tend not to bother reading. I'm sure a lot of people are the same. Also having ECW as your first show makes no sense. I've checked the word count and for a 1 hour show you need to double it. Anyway, good luck. I'm sure with all of this constructive criticism you are bound to improve.

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