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Learning to break kayfabe
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Dubbya C Dubbya: Where the Big Boys Play (1995)

Happy to be here. My name is Kyle. This is my first BTB, my roomy has been posting here and I've always wanted to try it. So here I am... I open up to criticism, I want to improve. Reviews will be returned.

Background: 1994, a year that saw WCW sign the biggest star in wrestling Hulk Hogan to a contract ended on a low, with Starrcade 1994 (the worst PPV in recent history). Eric Bischoff entered 1994 ready to debut his new Monday show at the first of the year. He had top draws like Sting, Hulk Hogan, Big Van Vader, the returning Ric Flair and Randy Savage to pull in viewers but needed to keep them.

Bischoff's game plan would be to continue to push the top talent while recruiting top indy talent and WWF talent to WCW. High flyers and technical masters who can put on 5 star wrestling matches with anyone. He would take the blank check given to him by Ted Turner and try to lure away WWF talent to his product. Bischoff was determined to dominate the wrestling world and 1995 would the year he reached that goal.

World Championship Wrestling
As of Jan. 1995

Roll Call of Champions
WCW World Heavyweight Champion:
Hulk Hogan
(Defeated Ric Flair @Bash of the Beach-July 17, 1994)

WCW World Tag Team Champions: Booker T.
(Defeated Stars N Stripes- December 8, 1994)

WCW United States Champion: Big Van Vader
(defeated Jim Duggan @Starrcade- December 27, 1994)

WCW World Television Champion: Johnny B. Badd
(defeated Lord Steven Regal @Fall Brawl- September 18, 1994)

Active Roster
Hulk Hogan- face
Randy "Macho Man" Savage- face
Big Van Vader- heel
Sting- face
Arn Anderson- heel
The Butcher- heel
Dustin Rhodes- face
Jim Duggan- face
Brian Knobbs- face
Jerry Saggs- face
"Flying" Brian Pillman- face
Johnny B. Badd- face
Marcus Alexander Bagwell- face
The Patriot- face
Meng- heel
Booker T.- heel
Stevie Ray- heel
Bunkhouse Buck- heel
Dick Slater- heel
Alex Wright- face
Jean-Paul Levesque- heel
Earl Bobby Eaton- heel
Lord Steven Regal- heel
Paul Orndorff-heel
Paul Roma- heel
Tim Horner- face
Brad Armstrong- face
Diamond Dallas Page- heel
Scott Armstrong- face
Steve Armstrong- face

Jimmy Hart- Manager of Hulk Hogan
Colonal Parker- Manager of Studs Stable
Harley Race- Manager of Vader
Sensational Sherri Martel- Manager of Harlem Heat

Eric Bishoff- WCW President, broadcast team
Tony Schiavone- broadcast team
Bobby "The Brain" Heenan- broadcast team
Larry Zbysko- broadcast team
Mean Gene Oakerland- interviewer

Ric Flair- kayfabe retired
Cactus Jack- kayfabe retired
Stunning Steve Austin- injured, set to return soon

Paul Wright
Frank Andersson
Joey Maggs

Tag Teams
Harlem Heat (Stevie Ray & Booker T.)
Lightning Express (Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner)
Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Saggs)
Pretty Wonderful (Paul Roma & Paul Orndorff)
Stars & Stripes (Patriot & Marcus Alexander Bagwell)
The BlueBloods (Steven Regal & Bobby Eaton)

Studs Stable
(Colonal Parker, Meng, Bunkhouse Buck, Dick Slater, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson)

Saturday Night- Main Show. Features the top guys in action. This is the place to catch Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Vader, Sting and others.

Worldwide- Secondary show, featuring the undercard and lowcard. Great place to catch new stars as they enter WCW.

List of PPV Events for 1995
WCW Superbrawl V 02/19/95 @The Baltimore Arena. Baltimore, MA
WCW Uncensored 1995 03/19/95 @The Tupelo Coliseum. Tupelo, MI
WCW Spring Stampede 1995 04/23/95 @Rosemont Horizon. Rosemont, IL
WCW Slamboree 1995 05/21/95 @Bayfront Arena. St. Petersburg, FL
WCW Great American Bash 1995 06/18/95 @Hara Arena. Dayton, OH
WCW Bash at the Beach 1995 07/16/95 @Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach, CA
Tokyo Showdown Air Date:08/06/95 (Taped on 08/05/95) @The Tokyo Dome. Tokyo, Japan
WCW Fall Brawl 1995 09/17/95 @The Asheville Civic Center. Asheville, NC
WCW Halloween Havoc 1995 10-29-95 @Joe Louis Arena. Detroit, MI
WCW World War 3 1995 11-26-95. @The Norfolk Scope. Norfolk, VA
WCW Starrcade 1995 12-27-95 @The Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Nashville, TN

Television Specials
Clash of the Champions XXX 01/25/95 @Caesars Palace. Las Vegas, NV on TBS
Clash of the Champions XXI 08/02/95 @Ocean Center. daytona Beach, FL. on TBS


WCW Starrcade 1994 Results
December 27, 1994 from the Nashville Municipal Auditorium. Nashville, TN

Big Van Vader w/Harley Race def. United States Champion Jim Duggan to win Title @12:06

Alex wright def. Jean-Paul Levesque @14:03

World Television Champion Johnny B. Badd def. Arn Anderson to retain the title. (Anderson replaced The Honky Tonk Man who had left WCW) @12:11

The Nasty Boys beat WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat by DQ. Harlem Heat retains @17:49

Mr. T beat Kevin Sullivan @3:50

Sting beat Avalanche by DQ @15:26

World Champion Hulk Hogan def. The Butcher to retain the Heavyweight Championship @12:07
WCW Releases several stars

As part of Eric Bischoff's shake up in WCW the following wrestlers were released from WCW.

Blacktop Bully (Barry Darsow)
Mark Starr
Big Bubba Rogers
Evad Sullivan

The following wreslters have been sent to WCW Power Pro, the new WCW developmental territory in conjunction with WCW Power Plant.

Frank Andersson
Joey Maggs

Bishoff is said to be scouting Indy and International regions for new talent and is talks with some former WCW and WWF talent about signing with WCW in the coming days.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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January 1995 (Week One Report)

reviews will be returned

Note: The first Worldwide of 1995 was a 1994 best of recap show

January 07, 1995
Taped from Center Stage Theater
Atlanta, GA

Hosted by Tony Schiavone & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

(We are at the announcing table where Bobby "The Brain" Heenan and Tony Schiavone welcome us to the show)

Tony Schiavone: Welcome to WCW Saturday Night, I'm Tony Schiavone and as always I'm joined by wrestling smartest man, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Heenan: Glad to see you've finally perked up and realized that Tony. Because its a long time coming.

Tony Schiavone: Just reading whats on the card Bobby. Folks what a night of professional wrestling we have for you tonight. The big main event is signed for tonight's show. United States Champion and number one contender Big Van Vader will defend his title against Sting!

Heenan: Vader has been on a roll as of late. He is gunning for Hogan. And Tony, I've been waiting a long time for this moment but it is finally here. We may, just may have found the man to end Hulkamania.

Jean-Paul Levesque vs. Brian Pillman

Lock up and back and forth chain wrestling start out this match. Pillman takes Levesque to school early on repeatadly taking him to the mat. Levesque reverses a whip-off-the-ropes and nails a knee lift taking Pillman off his feet. Pillman rolls out of a elbow drop and hits a high drop kick sending Levesque to the mat. The crowd is strongly behind Flyin Brian here.

Pillman crushes Levesque with a running senton, Levesque is thrown off his game. Vicious kicks from Pillman, Pillman hits a suplex and looks to end it and nails a diamond dust for a 2.9 count. Back up and Pillman works Levesque to the corner and attempts an Irish Whip/follow through. Levesque turns the momentum with a boot the gut on a incoming Pillman. Running knee lift from Levesque. Pillman whipped into the ropes and Levesque hits a massive backbreaker. Pin fall attempt but a kick out at 2 by Pillman. Both men to their feet and Pillman slides out of a body slam attempt by Levesque. Pillman springboards from the 2nd turnbuckle with flying back elbow. Pillman climbs the ropes as the crowd goes wild and hits a flying cross body. 1,2,3.

Winner by pin fall: "Flyin" Brian Pillman
Overall: 66%
Crowd Reaction: 59%
Match Quality: 74%

Backstage with the Studds Stable

(Colonel Parker is standing by with Mean Gene Oakerlund. With him is his tag team Southern Studds [Bunkhouse Buck & Dirty Dick Slater], The Enforcer Arn Anderson and his personal bodyguard Meng)

Mean Gene: I'm standing by with Colonel Parker and his Studds Stable. Up next after the commercial break, Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater are in action against Stars N Stripes. Whoever wins this match is in line for a Tag Team title match at a later date. What is the game plan from the Studds Stable?

Colonel Parker: You see 1995 is going to be a glorious, glorious year in the lives of the Studds Stables. Because it is a year of gold in our lives. I have cigars ready for everyone once we getwhat we have coming to us. You see The Southern Studds Mean Gene, are ready for the WCW World Tag Team Championship. I have the monster behind me, ready for action. Meng is a savage ready to whip those smiles off of those faces in WCW and bring wins to us. And Arn Anderson is ready. Arn Anderson is the best wrestler in WCW today. I could keep talking about that, but I think we'll let Arn answer those questions.

Mean Gene: What about it Arn Anderson, you have a World Television title match coming up at Clash of the Champions. What does 1995 mean for Arn Anderson.

Arn Anderson: Many people wonder why I'm with the Studds Stable. Because at this moment in WCW, there is no other force more capable than this. From Meng to The Southern Studds. And with Stunning Steve Austin making his way back to WCW. This truly is the year of the Studds. And Johnny B. Badd, you have done you job real well as of late. You've been doing well as a place holder. But the true champion is back. So at Clash of the Champions, you can fight and beg. But the outcome will be the same. DDT. 1.2.3.

Overall Rating: 72%

Commercial Break

Stars N Strips vs. Southern Studds w/ Colonel Parker

Marcus Alexander Bagwell hits a standing leg lariat on Bunkhouse Buck early on. Buck back up and Bagwell nails a high standing drop kick, for a 2 count. The announcer point out that Stars n Stripes are former WCW World Tag Team Champions, still looking for a rematch against Harlem Heat for those belts. Bunkhouse Buck strikes at Bagwell with some lefts and rights and some vicious chops in the corner. Buck lifts Bagwell up for a weak body slam and tags out to Slater. Slater in and nails Bagwell with a short arm clothesline. Body slam attempt but Bagwell slides out and makes a tag to the Patriot.

Patriot in and nails a boot to Slater's gut, then follows up with a vertical suplex. Back up Slater is launched off the ropes and Patriot follows through with a huge clothesline. Small USA chant in the crowd as Patriot gets a 2 count. Huge backbreaker by Patriot on Slater. Patriot holds it for a few seconds to lock in the pain but Slater refuses to submit and Patriot lets go. Tag out to Bagwell and he is in on fire. Bagwell with a snapmare and vicious kick to the back of Slater's head. Cover but Buck breaks up the count. Bagwell up and to go after Buck, but Slater spins him around and nails a kick to the gut to reverse the momentum. Tag out to Bunkhouse Buck. Running Clothesline on Bagwell. Bagwell lands near the ropes. Buck takes a cheap shot at Patriot which brings him in the ring, the referee turns to push the Patriot back into his corner giving the Studds a chance to make their move. Colonel Parker on the outside takes his lit cigar and puts it right in the face of Bagwell. Bagwell screams pulling himself up and stumbling back in the ring, where Bunkhouse Buck rolls him up. 1..2..3

Winners by Pin Fall: The Southern Studds

Overall Rating: 66%
Crowd Reaction: 68%
Match Quality: 62%

(The Studds celebrate up the aisle with Patriot checking on Bagwell in the ring. We get replays of what happened. EMTS and trainers down checking on Bagwell as we go to break.)

Commercial Break

In Ring w/Randy Savage

Mean Gene Oakerland: Please Welcome to the ring at this time, "Macho Man" Randy Savage!

(Savage makes his way to the ring to thunderous applause. He enters the ring doing his trademarked spin for the crowd.)

Mean Gene: Randy, welcome to WCW. We all saw you make your debut at Starrcade 1994 by saving Hulk Hogan, your friend from an attack by the 3 Faces of Fear. But now, the question begs...what does the future hold for Randy Savage in WCW.

Savage: OH YEAH! Macho Man Randy Savage is back at the level he needs to be and he has come to where the big boys play brother! WCW, you better be ready. OH YEAH! Cause the Macho Man is here and he is gunning for a fight, dig it. Hulk Hogan, you and Macho Man go way back but way Macho Man sees it, you have something I can get behind. The WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and the Macho Man is saying he wants a shot brother.

(As Macho Man is talking, US Champion Big Van Vader and Harley Race come to ringside. Harley Race has a microphone.)

Harley Race Randy Savage, you are out here talking about title shots, but you seem to have forgotten one thing. That the monster Vader is the number one contender.

Savage: You got a problem with me?

Vader: Savage! You are playing with fire! You are going to get burnt and burnt bad! Vader is going to be WCW World Champion again, and Hogan or you can't do anything but feel the PAIN!

Savage: Then lets do this thing brother. Come on!

(Through the crowd, Sid Vicious comes into the ring and attacks Savage from behind. Vader in the ring and cuts off a comeback from Savage and its two on one. Sid Vicious hits a powerbomb on Savage in the middle of the ring. Vader and Vicious stand tall as Harley Race turns to the camera.)

Race: The masters are back, you're next Hogan!

Tony Schiavone: Sid Vicious has returned to WCW and has attacked Randy Savage!

Overall Rating: 87%

Commercial Break

World Television Championship
Earl Robert Eaton w/Lord Steven Regal vs. Johnny B. Badd(c)

Tie up to start it out. Earl Robert with a side headlock, Badd fires him off intot he ropes and Eaton returns with a shoulder tackle. Body Slam and leg drop from Eaton, 2 count. Whip-off-the-ropes by Eaton and Badd hits a mule kick out of nowhere. Eaton back up and takes a headbutt from Badd, then Badd hits a bodyslam for a 2 count. Lifting DDT from Badd for another 2 count. Eaton powdersto the outside.

Badd follows and chops Eaton outside, whip into the guard rail. He rolls Eaton back in the ropes and Lord Steven Regal is right there trying to pull him back off the apron. Badd turns to kick Regal, giving Eaton a chance to take advantage of it and nails Badd. Eaton suplexes Badd from the outside into the ring. 2 count. Big clothesline from Eaton on Badd. 2 count. Hard elbow from Eaton to the side of Badd's head, a little stiff there. Badd tries an armwringer but Eaton counters with another stiff elbow to the side of the head. Badd is dazed. Badd recieves a tornado DDT from Eaton, 2 count. Eaton is up on the 2nd rope and tries a flying axe handle, but Badd launches a stiff right into Eaton's gut. A few left jabs and a right hook send Eaton down to the mat. Stiff kick to the back from Badd. The two go at it and grapple but Badd comes out on tope. Neckbreaker by Badd. Regal up on the apron and he takes a hard right from Badd. Badd turns and Eaton with a kick to the gut. Eaton tries an Irish whip but Badd reverses. Eaton feeds out and Badd hits Tutti Frutti. 1..2..3!

Winner by pin fall and Still WCW World Television Champion Johnny B. Badd
Overall Rating: 71%
Crowd Reaction: 67%
Match Quality: 76%

(Johnny B. Badd celebrates as Arn Anderson rushes the ring, Badd turns and Anderson plants Badd with a spinning spinebuster. Anderson grabs the TV title and holds it up above his head. Anderson bails, taking the belt with him.)

Commercial Break

Clash of the Champions XXX
Live on TBS January 25, 1995
from Caesars Palace Las Vegas NV
TBS @8pm

Paul Roma vs. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin starts things off with an armbar, Roma out and hits a kick to the gut. Roma hits the ropes and comes off and Rhodes hits a backdrop on Roma. Rhodes with a quick cover. 2 Count. Roma reverses an Irish whip and nails a clothesline in the corner. Roma chops and punches Rhodes in the corner very stiffly. Rhodes fires back but Roma is no selling the moves. Roma hits a poorly executed spinning neckbreaker. 2 count. Both men back up and Roma whips Rhodes off the ropes, Roma goes for a running clothesline but Rhodes ducks. Rhodes hits a spike slam. Roma stumbles back up and Rhodes hits a bulldog. 1.2.3.

Winner by Pin Fall: Dustin Rhodes
Overall Rating: 58%
Crowd Reaction: 59%
Match Quality: 57%

(Dustin Rhodes celebrates climbing the ring post as the crowd cheers.)

(We move to the announce booth where they replay Sid Vicious attacking Randy Savage.)

Tony Schiavone: Update on Randy Savage, he came to backstage and was in a rage. He had to be asked to leave the building by WCW officials. But what a surprise Harley Race has brought Sid Vicious back to WCW to join forces with Vader!

Heenan: Just another nail in the coffin of Hulkamania Tony. Hogan's title reign is all but done. Mark my words. The Masters of the Powerbomb are back and Hulkamania is in its twilight!

Tony Schiavone: More big news we can announce right now is that at Clash of the Champions not only will we see Arn Anderson and Johnny B. Badd for the WCW Television Championship but we will see the return of former WCW World Tag Team Champions The Steiner Brothers! Big news Brain. To get the current WCW World Tag Team Champions take on this news, lets go back to Mean Gene.

Interview w/Harlem Heat & Sensational Sherri

Mean Gene: Thanks Tony. Harlem Heat, the news is announced that The Steiner Brothers are returning to WCW at Clash of the Champions. Many are saying that your days as champions are near an end.

Booker T.: What! You have the guts to ask us a question like that? We are the baddest tag team on the planet earth today. All these suckas can try to take these titles away from us, but it just won't happen.

Stevie Ray: Nasty Boys, Stars N Stripes, the Redneck Brothers...none of them are in our league Gene. And you can add the Steiners to that list. Nothin but punks. Sherri will tell you.

Mean Gene: I know these guys are confident but The Steiners are multi-time World Tag Team Champions.

Sherri: Gene, Gene. Please. My boys aren't going to sweat The Steiner Brothers. Are you boys.

Booker T. Ain't nuthin but a thing.

(Harlem Heat exit as Mean Gene looks back to the camera)

Gene: A very sure Harlem Heat on Saturday Night.

Commercial Break

Main Event
United States Championship

Sting vs. Big Van Vader(c)
w/Harley Race

Lock up with Vader using his power to push Sting back in the corner. Clean break. Lock up attempt 2, same result this time Vader takes a shot at Sting. Sting charges Vader, who nails a scoop body slam. Sting up and he recieves a backbreaker from Vader. Vader then drops a standing elbow drop. 2 count. The two lock up and begin to grapple, which Sting fights out of. Sting fires a few shots to the side of Vader's head. Sting hits the ropes and nails a clothesline, Vader doesn't go down. Sting hits the ropes for a 2nd time and hits another clothesline. Vader still won't go down. Sting hits the ropes and this time nails a flying clothesline. Vader hit the ground hard. The crowd goes crazy. Sting on fire is up and goes for the scorpion death lock but Vader powers out.

Vader to his knees, Sting plants a few lefts and right. Vader to his feet and Sting on fire lifts the monster up for a body slam. Sting off the ropes and drops a knee, right out of Ric Flair's play book. 2 count. Sting with Vader in the corner and lays into Vader with some chops. Irish whip by Sting, Sting comes in with a stinger Splash. Vader stumbles out and Sting plants Vader with a one hand bulldog. 2 Count. Sting up and nails a Rude Awakining neckbreaker. 2 Count.

Vader powders to the outside to clear the cobwebs. Harley Race shouts instructions to him. Sting follows and lands a thunderous chop on Vader. Sting rolls Vader back in the ring and follows. Vader clotheslines Sting as he enters the ropes. Vader tosses Sting into the corner and goes to work. Vader with nasty lefts and rights. A vicious head butt. Eye rack. Vader with an upper cut. Vader goes for a huge right left and Sting blocks it. Sting fires back with chops and rights. Vader whips Sting off the ropes and tries a clothesline but Sting ducks. Spinning heel kick by Sting. Vader is down. Vader back up and takes a DDT from Sting.

Sting gets a two count.

Commercial Break

Back into the main event and Vader is now in control. A replay shows us that Vader hit a powerslam out of nowhere as Sting came off the ropes.

Vader whips Sting off the ropes, Sting ducks a clothesline but Turns and Vader hits a monster clothesline on Sting. Vader poses for the crowd before lifting Sting up for a Gorilla press, Sting slides out. Sting off the ropes and Vader telegraphs it, but Sting is over with a sunset flip. Vader drops down all of his weight on Sting crushing him. Vader up and drops and elbow. Cover. 2 Count. Sting looks hurt. Vader up, and drops two more elbows. Sting slowly gets to his feet as Vader puts Sting back in the corner. A few shots then an irish whip. Vader follows in with a huge splash of his own. Vader powerslams Sting before hitting the ropes and a big splash for a 1...2...2.9 count. Sting slolwy to his feet as Vader continues the assult. Sting reverses an Irish Whip. Sting nails a back elbow. Vader goes for a suplex, Sting slides out and hits a belly to back suplex. Sting to the top rope and comes off with a flying splash, 1..2..kickout. Vader up and Sting hits a standing drop kick.

Vader to the outside again. Sting follows. They trade punches and chops. Vader whips Sting into the post. He follows in with a splash but Sting moves. Vader hits hard. Sting rolls into the ring to break the 10 count. Vader back up and Sting nails a knee to Vader's gut and rolls him back in the ring. Sting hits another Stinger Splash and the place is going crazy.

Sting goes for the scorpion death lock and he locks it in on Vader. Suddenly Sid Vicious is up on the Apron. Sting up in his face pushing him off the apron. Sting turns and Vader hits a powerbomb out of nowhere. 1..2.3.

Winner by pin fall and still WCW US Champion: Vader
Overall Rating: 90%
Crowd Reaction: 93%
Match Quality: 84%

(Vader holds up the strap as Vicious enters the ring and puts the boots to Sting. Race tells Vicious to powerbomb him. Vicious sets it up but suddenly out of the back Jimmy Hart lead Hulk Hogan into the ring with chair in hand. Masters of the Powerbomb bail as Hogan checks on Sting. Hogan grabs a microphone.)

Hogan: Hold on a minute brother! Because this has gone on long enough. I've talked to the right people in the back, so get ready. Cause at Clash of the Champion, its a tag match. You two punks against Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan brother. Watcha gonna do?

(The place is going crazy as we go off air with The Masters of the Powerbomb being chased off by Sting and Hogan).

WCW Saturday Night
TV Rating: 2.06
Overall Rating: 74%

Worldwide (01/08/95)

Alex Wright def. Tim Horner

Alex Wright wins with impressive German Suplex, proving why he was voted "one to watch in 1995".
Overall Rating: 61%
Crowd Reaction: 49%
Match Quality: 74%

(Video hyping the Masters of the Powerbomb vs. The Mega Powers at Clash of the Champions is show next.)
overall rating: 84%

WCW World Tag Champions Harlem Heat def. The Armstrong Brothers (Scott & Steve) in Non-Title
Overall Rating: 58%
Crowd Raction: 56%
Match Quality: 61%

Masters of the Powerbomb

Harley Race brought Sid Vicious to the ring, where they tore into Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. Saying that 1995 is the year of the Powerbomb! Ended segment with a promise to break anyone's back who tried to stop them.
Overall Rating: 78%

Dustin Rhodes def. Diamond Dallas Page w/The Rhodes Elbow Drop
Overall Rating: 67%
Crowd Reaction: 66%
Match Quality: 68%

Nasty Boys def. The Blue Bloods
Overall Rating: 74%
Crowd Reaction: 69%
Match Quality: 80%

(After the match, Steven Regal and Bobby Eaton teased tension by arguing)

Savage Interview

Randy Savage cut a pre-taped promo calling out Sid Vicious for the next WCW Saturday Night broadcast.
Overall Rating: 93%

Arn Anderson def. Brian PillmanOverall Rating: 75
Crowd Reaction: 76%
Match Quality: 73%

(After the match Meng and Anderson went to work on Pillman prompting Johnny B. Badd to come in and make the save. Anderson grabbed the TV Title he stole on Saturday Night and exited quickly.)

WCW Worldwide
Overall Rating: 73%
TV Rating: 1.26
The Dirt Sheet

WCW Officials not Happy with Paul Roma
Word coming out of this weekend shows is WCW officials and Eric Bischoff is upset with Paul Roma's work. Roma, who has been outspoken about the way he is being used wrestled Dustin Rhodes in one of the featured bouts on Saturday Night's broadcast. No one backstage is happy with Roma's no selling of Rhodes moves and the near brawl that errupted in the match between the two men.

All the blame is being laid at Roma's feet and he is "on thin Ice" with WCW. Roma's long time tag team partner Paul Orndorff is fed up as well, not wanting to tag with him any longer.

TBS not happy as well?
While WCW Saturday Night is doing very well in the ratings, they are not happy with the sunday morning show, Worldwide. Getting crushed by WWF Superstars doesn't help.

Bischoff is working on the next broadcast tapped after the Saturday Night tapping this weekend. Word is he is going to bring in a few of the bigger draws to boost raitings.

More Signings?
Sid Vicious, the Steiner Brothers...who could be next. Word is a former WWF star is about to join up with WCW in the coming weeks. Who could it be? No one knows for sure but word is the signing is near perfection.

Other signing news. Word is Hulk Hogan has handpicked the first student of the Power Plant and WCW Power Pro system...a 7 foot 2 monster? More on this up and comer as it develops.

And the raids continue? Word is Bischoff is close to signing several current ECW stars to developmental deals in the near future. If signed they'll hone their skills in Power Pro before joining the main roster.

Hulk Hogan injured?
Rumor is Hulk Hogan, current WCW World Champion, injured his hand at his Florida home early this week. No word on the severity of the injury of if he'll have to miss ring time. More on this in the coming weeks.

If this is true it is a major blow to WCW, who had built the promotion the past year around Hogan and had planned for Hogan and Randy Savage to team against Vader and Sid Vicious at Clash of the Champions

projected card

Tag Team Action
Big Van Vader & Sid Vicious w/Harley Race vs. Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage w/Jimmy Hart

World Television Championship
Arn Anderson vs. Johnny B. Badd(c)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Dubbya C Dubbya: Where the Big Boys Play (1995)

c-class-superstar review time (love)

Hey man, I promised I’d be the first to review your show so here you go:

First off, the time period is a tuff one for me. I love WCW and the beginning of 1994 and the end of 95/early 96 (where it picked up again) was great I never cared for 1995 as a wrestling fan. Now as a fan of fun stupid shit…the Dungeon of Doom was the best.

Anyway your presentation is good. Saturday Night was a decent first show. Interesting to see how you handle Cactus Jack, Jean-Paul(Triple H.) and Steve Austin here. The first match is fun, Pillman as a baby bothers me. I like him as a heel mind you. Jean-Paul isn’t over so jobbing out seems right. Remember if you keep him down as a jobber, you may have hard time building him when you want to later.

Studds Stable…what a horrible name for a faction. This faction is strange but true to life. Never cared for Buck or Slater in WCW so…whatever. Anderson needs that TV strap. Do this one like IRL and put it on him at Clash of the Champions please. Meng, make him into a badass and we’ll be good.

Back with match time, Pre-Buff bagwell and the Patriot jobbing out to the Southern Studds. Very fun back and forth match here. Nice touch on the end with the cigar. Seems like something WCW would have used to build a feud in the early 90s. Stars n Strips are coming back for revenge I hope.

Macho Man in the ring. Dig it. Already teasing tension with Hogan? Too soon? Anyway Vader is out to huff and puff. I know you love Vader man. First holy shit moment of WCW 1995 is Vicious making a comeback. In real life, Ric Flair and Anderson would flip out. Vicious and Vader are back together . Masters of the Powerbomb!!!!

Oh shit. Robert Eaton as a blue blood I forgot. LOL. Okay. Johnny B. Badd during his cross dressing phase right? No? LOL. Nice match it turns out to be. Badd goes all strong style on Eaton. Maybe a gimmick change? Anyway Anderson is out and steals the belt. Nice touch going into their feud.

1997-1998 Clash logo in 1995...? Okay I know you were bitching about not finding retro Worldwide logos…but lol…never mind.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Paul Roma…not much to say. Rhodes picks up a win. Interesting if you keep Rhodes where he’ll go too.

Nice The Steiner Brothers are coming back to WCW. Harlem Heat are pissed off, angry black men. SO this feud will take the place of the horrible Nasty Boys/Harlem Heat marathon of 1995 right?

Fantastic Main Event. So/So show thus far but the main event delivered please do more matches like this. Vader vs. sting is great. Vicious out and Hogan to make save. Looks like Mega Powers vs. Masters of the Powerbombs at Clash….wait what about sting.?

Good first show. “Worldwide” was just results…so.

News and Rumors- Fire Roma…who needs him. TBS dropping Worldwide sucks. Fix it. Curt Hennig, the Giant and out of ECW who would I like to see (sabu, chris benoit, chris Jericho, eddie, dean) lets sign em now.

Hogan injured….well that sucks. Although I’m sure Hogan would have been jobbing to Vader by next week anyway.

All and all good show after a tough start. When this first popped up, even I your friend was thinking this doesn’t look good. But you turned it around. I hope the next show improves.
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Re: Dubbya C Dubbya: Where the Big Boys Play (1995)

WCW Saturday Night Review: I thought Brian Pillman v HHH(I will call him that to save myself typing out his actual name) was a good way to kick off the show and a good way to build Pillman up as a solid face. I realise you are using EWR and the match might not have gotten the best ratings in the game but it was a still a solid way to open the show, I know this match was kind of like a face squash but maybe HHH could have got a bit more offence in just to make him look like a bit more of a credible heel unless you plan on using him as a heel jobber.

The backstage promo with Studd's Stable was a pretty good why to hype up the upcoming match and the stable it self. I don't know a whole lot about WCW let alone WCW in this time period so it's hard for me to tell if all the wrestlers seemed in character well but it all looked and read ok so not much wrong with this segment. The tag match was pretty good tag team action but I thought the ending was a little weird although it did follow up on the promo quite well and solidified the team as one of the top heel teams in your game.

I really liked the Randy Savage segment, Savage seemed really in character and it was enjoyable to read so keep that up. This was also a good way to set up Savage's first feud by the looks of things which will be a good way to launch pad him into bigger things in WCW. It will be interesting to read what you do with him from here and how his character develops.

Earl Robert Eaton v Johnny B. Badd was a pretty decent match and I like to see a title match of some sorts within the first couple of shows in someones BTB to solidify the champion and his challengers so well done on this one. I do not know anything about the competitors though so I can't tell you if the moves used where realistic and whether or not you had the right person win ect.

I don't mind Dustin Rhodes and I am glad he got the victory in this match which I am guessing was just a way to get him a bit more over, not a lot to comment on with that one.

I liked the Harlem Heat interview as they seemed in character and what not but I thought maybe it could have been given a bit more time, I also thought this for the Savage promo but you seem to be focusing more on having a lot of matches which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Good work on this one.

The main event was an enjoyable match and was given good time which all main events should get.I noticed for your matches however that you are copy and pasting a lot of the matches from EWR which I think is a habit you shouldn't find yourself in as the movesets about from the finishers usually are just generic and not realistic to whoever is wrestling so maybe work on just using EWR as something to keep records ect but writing your own matches out instead of using snippets from EWR mixed with a bit of your own work.

I liked the way the main event panned out and it was good to see an appearance from Hogan at the end. Overall a pretty good show.
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Re: Dubbya C Dubbya: Where the Big Boys Play (1995)

WCW Pre-nWo... I will be reading this for sure. Hopefully there will be some good shit here!! So on with my review!

"Jean-Paul Levesque Vs. Brian Pillman" (Rating: 7/10)
I thought this was a perfect opening match. I don't think it was a total jobber match. JPL would go good with the Blue Bloods. Would be interesting to see him get a push with those guys as they are no non-sense and he would fit in well with them.

"Studds Stable Interview" (Rating: 5/10)
I was picturing Tony Schiavone doing the interview. Didn't feel like good ole' "Mean" Gene there. The interview could have gone a little longer too. The grammer was a little off aswell. Served it's purpose, but a little more work would have done wonders.

"Stars N Strips vs. Southern Studds" (Rating: 5/10)
In my opinion if you are gonna make commentary comments in a match use it to break the match in to paragraphs. In between the paragraphs is when you could have mentioned that Stars N' Stripes are looking to regain thier titles. Would have looked nicer to me. Also I am assuming this was a full match? If it was it was too short. A little more would go a long way here. Burning the face with a cigar is bold! Works well too, but if this is not used to cause a huge feud here then I would have saved it for later on.

"Randy Savage Interview" (Rating: 7/10)
I still feel Tony Schaivone in that interview. I don't know why. Maybe adding more Mean Gene mannerisims will help out more. It was a good promo otherwise. Maybe beating Savage up a little more would have gotten the point accorss better and having both men doing some damage would have pumped them up better. Savage Vs. Sid feud would be good. If it don't lead to that with the fact they didn't really punish him would leave this angle hanging and wantong more.

"Earl Robert Eaton vs. Johnny B. Badd" (Rating: 7/10)
Another jobber lenght match here. It had real good action, but should have been longer. My only gripe really. The flow of the moves and the outside interaction was spot on! Arn Anderson no matter who he was aligned with has more respect than to steal the title! I wouldn't have liked to see Arn do something like that as it toally kills his bad ass, no frills, strait up ass kicking personality.

"Paul Roma vs. Dustin Rhodes" (Rating: 0/10)
Yeah here is where I can totally see you copying and pasting results. Total no-no!!! Jobbing out Roma in a 1 minute match is one thing, but being lazy enough to not write out a 1 minute squash match does not help the credibility of the rest of your work. Dustin Rhodes on top of it... This would have been a good match to watch in RL.

"Harlem Heat Interview" (Rating: 2/10)
We all just found out about the Stieners coming back! How can many be saying that when the news is only 30 seconds old? Where is the question that Mean Gene asked? I don't see it. uggg... I thought the Stieners were the Redneck Brothers lol.... Don't that mean they were already added to the list? What did Sherri say again? The 1st sentence was spot on, but the rest. Also it's very hard to shut her up much less shutting Booker T up. This interview should have gone a lot longer. On the plus side I finally was able to see some Mean Gene there!

"Sting vs. Big Van Vader" (Rating: 5/10)
Damn, Can see more copy shit in there. Sting with a body slam? ok fair enough, but Sting with a belly to back suplex? No way! Hogan comes out to help Sting, but instead had Randy Savage as his partner even though Randy Savage was demanding a title shot? You should have had Hogan come out to save Savage in his interview changed the segments around to reflect the Champ coming out near the end of show and booked a different main event! Not good there.

"Overall Comments"

It was a good show. It started out great, but fell apart half way through. I don't get why you have one idea during a segment, but then it turns out completely off track and meaning something else which totally kills the previous spot and or wrestler. It's like watching an episode of the Simpson. The beginning of the show never has anything to do with the actual show it's self. Only it works there not in wrestling. I am not going to go back and re-read the opening matches to see if I can catch copy and paste like the last 2 matches. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and would hope to NEVER see it again!!! If you can't take the time to write it out yourself then we can't be bothered to take the time to read it.

I sure hope you continue this thing and take a little more time writing it! It has the chance to be something real good here! I will give it another show to see if it's original or not. Proof read for the few grammer mistakes and write your own work and I will be a fan for the whole duration!

(Overall Show Rating: 4.8/10)
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Re: Dubbya C Dubbya: Where the Big Boys Play (1995)

thank you for the reviews guys. I will put more into the match writing, although sacrifice Sting's belly to back was added by me. I saw him do it in a match with Vader in the early 90's.

Returns are on the way. Thanks for the comment because all I want to do is improve.
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