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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA: March to War

Hey guys this is my new BTB, something a bit more current after my 1999 fed didn't take off. I closed WCW rebound on 12/15/08. Hope this one works better, BTW after getting hooked to EWR I am using it as a template. Not saying I'm letting it book for me but I am using it to keep track of stuff.

TNA: March to War

Back Story: TNA has always been just a hair away from breaking through to a global presence. On paper TNA should be able to compete with the WWE. It has top name power from the Monday Night War era and legends like Kevin Nash, Sting and Scott Steiner. It has top X Division talent like Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and Kaz that can tear down the house any day of the week. It has home grown stars like Samoa Joe and AJ Styles who can put on 5 star matches and draw in money. And it has former big name WWE talent like Christian Cage, Kurt Angle and Booker T. who opted to leave the Fed for TNA.

But something was missing. Fans have grown tired of storylines that go no where. They are tired of a WWE-lit product they have seen in recent months. TNA president Dixie Carter has hired on a new writer and former ECW promoter Paul Heyman. Heyman is brought in to work alongside TNA writers Dutch Mantel, Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett to help revolutionize the product.

Heyman's first day would be at the next big TNA PPV, Hard Justice 2008.

TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe
TNA World Tag Team Champions: LAX
TNA World X-Division Champion: Petey Williams

Total Non-Stop Action Active Roster
AJ Styles
Alex Shelly
BG James

Booker T.
Brother Devon
Brother Rey

Chris Sabin
Consequences Creed
Curry Man
Eric Young

James Storm
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal
Jimmy Rave
Johnny Devine

Kevin Nash

Kip James
Kurt Angle
Lance Hoyt

Matt Morgan
Petey Williams
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shark Boy
Sonjay Dutt

Knockout Division
Angelina Love
Awesome Kong
Christy Hemme

Gail Kim
Jacqueline Moore
Karen Angle
Mickie Knuckles
Raisha Saeed
Rhaka Khan


So Cal Val
Taylor Wilde
Traci Brooks

Velvet Sky

Non-Wrestling Talent
Mike Tenay- play by play
Don West- color
Jeremy Borash- backstage interviewer
Lauren Brooke- backstage interviewer
Jim Cornette- TNA director
Hector Guerrero- manager LAX
Jeff Jarrett- staff
D'Lo Brown- staff
Glen Gilberti- staff
Simon Diamond- Staff
Paul Heyman- staff
Scott D'Amore- staff

TNA Television
TNA Impact! Thursdays on Spike TV 9pm-11pm

PPV Events

Jan. Genesis
Feb. Against All Odds
Mar. Destination X
Apr. Lockdown
May. Sacrifice
Jun. Slammiversary
Jul. Victory Road
Aug. Hard Justice
Sep. No Surrender
Oct. Bound for Glory
Nov. Turning Point
Dec. Final Resolution

Leading into Hard Justice 2008

At Victory Road 2008, TNA World Champion Samoa Joe retained his title against Booker T. by no contest. Joe snapped during the match attacking security, referees and Booker T. This caused Sting, who had remained on the sidelines to come to the ring to calm Joe down. Joe ignored Sting's pleas. This caused Sting to attack Joe with his baseball bat. Sting left Joe laying in the ring.

Booker T. took the chance and covered Joe for an unofficial pin fall (counted by his wife Sharmell). Booker T. would leave as World Champion (though not officially). On Impact!, Joe refused the return of his title and challenged Booker T. to a match at Hard Justice...Inside the Six Sides of Steel! for the World Title.

Meanwhile- the war between Kurt Angle and AJ Styles had heated up over Styles' friendship with Angle's estranged wife Karen Angle. At Slammiversary Styles pinned Angle in a standard wrestling match. At Victory Road, Style teamed with Rhino and Christian Cage against Team 3D and Angle. Angle would pin Styles during the match for the victory. A second singles encounter was booked for Hard Justice 2008- AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle in a last man standing match.

Christian Cage & Rhino would challenge Team 3D to a match to settle the score between the two teams at Hard Justice themselves in a New Jersy Street Fight.

Other Advertised Matches

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Robert Roode & James Storm w/Jackie Moore
LAX(c) w/Hector Guerrero & Salinas

Grudge Match
Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Also promoted was the unseen Sting, who would be in New Jersy for Hard Justice 2008. But on what side. While Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe's mentor and friend seemed to be friendly with Sting. The Icon had attacked Samoa Joe at Victory Road and left AJ Styles to be attacked by Kurt Angle on Impact! with out lifting a finger to help him. Sting said that questions would be answered in the coming weeks. What does this mean for the TNA roster?

Quick Results
Live on PPV August 10, 2009.
Soveriegn Bank Arena. Trenton, NJ

Note: I Only Tweeked a bit of the results. My first official BTB show will start at the next impact.

TNA World X-Division Championship
Petey Williams(c) w/Rhaka Khan def. Consiquences Creed

(Creed scores several near falls but thanks to the outside interference of Rhaka Khan, Creed falls victim to the Canadian Destroyer and the 1, 2, 3)

TNA Knockout Championship
Awesome Kong(c) w/Raisha Saeed def. Gail Kim

(After the match it becomes a 2 on one beatdown with Saeed and Kong doing a number on Kim. This leads to ODB coming to Kim's aid running off Kong with a chair.)

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Beer Money Inc. def. LAX(c)

(this turns into a brawl with Homicide and Hernandez on top of the action, it turns around when the chaos distracts the referee long enough for Roode to nail Homicide with the ring bell, allowing Storm to cover for the title win.)

Grudge Match
Jay Lethal def. Sonjay Dutt

(Lethal wins in convincing fashion to end their feud and celebrates with his woman So Cal Val in the ring afterwards)

New Jersey Street Fight
Christian Cage & Rhino def. Team 3D

(Weapons were everywhere. Shattered glass, trash cans. The turning point came when Rhino fought his way out of a 3D attempt through a table and gored Brother Devon. This left Brother Rey to eat an unprettier from Cage through the table. 1....2...3)

Last Man Standing
Kurt Angle def. AJ Styles

(The hatred between these two men spills all over the arena. Angle targets Style's Ankle trying make him pass out to the pain, but Styles fires back. Looking to put Angle away with a series of steel chair shots until Sting makes his way down the ramp. Styles and Sting come face to face. Styles tells Sting to get lost and turns his back. Reverse DDT from Sting. Angle is back up and locks on the Ankle lock while Sting watches from ringside. Styles is out for the 10 count. Angle walks past Sting who just stares at the fallen Styles)

Six Sides of Steel: TNA World Title
Samoa Joe(c) def. Booker T. w/Sharmell

(Joe wins with the muscle buster. After the match Sting is seen watching from up high in the Arena.)
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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA Impact! 08/14/08

Note (overall, crowd reaction, match quality)

Thursday Night. 08/14/08 @The Impact Zone. Orlando, FL

Impact! opens with highlights from Hard Justice 08 with Sting attacking AJ Styles and Kurt Angle picking up the win. Also we see Samoa Joe defeating Booker T. inside the Six Sides of Steel, with Sting watching from above.

To the Impact Zone where "I Am" plays and the fans are going crazy. AJ Styles, in street clothing comes to the ring microphone in hand and a very serious look on his face. Styles cuts right to the chase and calls out Sting. He wants Sting to face him in the ring like a man and not attack him from behind like he did at Hard Justice. After nothing Styles says he isn't leaving the ring until Sting comes out here. "Slay Me" plays and the Icon emerges from the back. The crowd is mixed, many in the crowd are booing him but more than that they are still cheering the man they have cheered most of their lives. Sting makes his way to the ring with a solemn look on his face, microphone in hand.

Sting doesn't move he just stares at AJ as he enters the ring. AJ paces a bit, pointing out he can't stop thinking to himself. Why did he turn his back on Sting at Hard Justice and allow the chance for Sting to attack him. Why did he give Sting that opportunity. Sting doesn't respond. AJ has the answer, because not in a million years did he think Sting would do that. Not the Sting he grew up watching and idolizing. Not the Sting he had come to know over the past couple of years. AJ asks Sting whats gotten into him. Sting is still motionless.

The crowd is starting to chant "Why Sting Why?". AJ gets right in Sting's face, AJ knows something for sure though about this new Sting. That he is a coward! This brings Sting out of it, he smiles and raises the microphone to his mouth. Sting points out that AJ and Joe have a lot in commin. They are both punks who have no respect for those who built the bridges they are so ready to burn. Sting points out that like Joe, AJ doesn't respect him. Doesn't respect the guys who caryied this business on their backs while they were still wet behind the ears. And AJ, he is a special kind of punk. He doesn't respect the vows of the sacred act of marriage.

AJ gets hot at this but Sting cuts him off. Sting points out that AJ took advantage of a rough situation between two people to move in on Kurt Angle's wife. This causes AJ to slap Sting across the face. Sting just perks up and looks AJ in the eyes pointing out that this is the kind of disrespect he has come to expect from him.

AJ nearly explodes with anger, telling Sting that he has a warped sense of black and white and wrong and right. AJ wants Sting to face him tonight in the ring. Sting smiles telling AJ that he'd love to teach him a lession tonight in respect. The main event is on and Sting exits the ring as AJ paces. Sting looks at AJ with a look of disapointment.

We Cut backstage to see Samoa Joe with title over his shoulder entering the locker room. Kevin Nash dressed in his gear watches monitor shaking his head. Joe asked if Nash is ready for action. Nash smiles and wants to make sure Joe's ready to go after Sunday. Joe says he's hungry for a fight. Nash- "good."

Commercial Break

Match #1
Tag Team Action
Motor City Machine Guns vs. Rock N Rave Infection
w/Christy Hemme

The Machine Guns are over with the crowd and open up on fire. Jimmy Rave starts out with Sabin as things slow down and Hoyt and Shelly got to their respective corners. Rave turns the momentum with a dropkick to Sabin's knee. 2 count on the pin. Sabin counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head, Rave up quickly inot a high dropkick from Chris Sabin. Flying reverse elbow from Sabin, 2 count. Tag to Alex Shelly, who hits a neckbreaker on Rave. Things slow down a bit as Rave powers out of a headlock and nails a german suplex. This allows Rave to tag out to Hoyt who enters with force. Rave scoops up Shelly as Hoyt hits the ropes and hits a flying heart attack clothesline on Shelly. Shelly stumbles into a corner and Hoyt hits a few elbows, irish whip and a big boot. hooks the leg. 1..2..Sabin makes the save. Hoyt hits a stump piledriver on Shelly. Hoyt tags in Rave who hits a knee from the 2nd rope for a TWO Count. Tiger suplex on Shelly by Rave. Shelly really needs a tag to Sabin here. Shelly whipped off Ropes by Rave who hits a spear and follows up with a scoop brainbuster for a 2.9999999 count. Rave goes for a suplex but Shelly slips out and nails a shinning wizard and both men are down. The crowd is going insane as Shelly makes his way to Sabin on the apron. Rave is up and Shelly tags in Rave. Legsweep out of Nowhere. Hoyt rushes the ring and Sabin hits a dropkick to the knee, this leave Shelly to run up Sabin's back and hit a spinning heel kick. Hoyt powders to the outside and Rave is alone with the Machine Guns. Christy Hemme on the outside tryng to get Hoyt back in the game. ASCS RUSH on Rave. 1...2...3!

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns ***1/4 (76, 67, 85)

Motor City Machine Guns celebrate by entering the crowd. Tenay and West hype that the Machine Guns could recieve a Tag Title shot in the future.

We cut backstage, where Booker T. and Sharmell are backstage with Jeremy Borash. Borash askes Booker about his match with Samoa Joe at Hard Justice. Booker T cuts him off. He demands Borash show him the proper respect. He says that Sting has a lot of valid points, that everyone around here is disrespecting him and that from where he comes from, if you disrespect someone you get taken care of. Samoa Joe continues to disrespect him, and because of that, he is going to be taken care of. Booker T. says that tonight, he along with Kurt Angle will teach Samoa Joe a lesson. And Joe should hold tight to that TNA World Championship because its just a matter of time before its around his waist. He ends it by asking Borash if he can dig that, SUCCCCKKKAAAA!

Commercial Break

We return from commercial and head into the Knockouts Locker room where ODB is chugging away at her flask, Roxxi shoots her a look. ODB- What? Roxxie points out they have a sixman tag match coming up and she'd love to walk away with a W tonight. ODB points out that she is a female Popeye and this be her spininch. Enter to them Taylor Wilde who looks nervous. ODB offers a sip, but Taylor just says no thank you.

We pan away to see the Prince Justice Brotherhood watching. Shark Boy and Super Eric are trying to talk Curry Man into getting up the courage to go over and talk to Taylor Wilde. Curry Man starts to walk over and turns back and passes the Brotherhood. Shark Boy just shakes his head as Super Eric points out the "obvious". That Curry Man's kryptonite may just be blondes.

Highlights of LAX vs. Beer Money Inc. at Hard Justice.
Match #2
James Storm
w/Robert Roode & Miss Jackie vs. Hernandez w/Salinas & Hector Guerrero

Starts off as a brawl right from the start, with Hernandez overpowering Storm easily. Body Slam from Hernandez, then a forearm to the face sends Storm down hard. Storm back up and turns into a flying shoulder tackle by Hernandez. Storm ducks a clothesline and hits a standing enzuigiri to turn the tid. Hammerlock on Hernandez and then follows up with a Swinging Noose (reverse Tornado DDT) fora 2 count. Stump piledriver for a 2 count on Hernandez. Sleeper hold on Hernandez but the big man powers out sending Storm into the corner. Storm stumbles out into a massive clothesline. Miss Jackie jumps up on the apron, but Salinas pulls her off and a catfight ensues. The two ladies brawl to the back as Hernandez likes what he sees. Storm attacks from behind, but Hernandez whips him off the ropes and hits a sick Spinebuster. 1...2...KICKOUT. Piledriver attempt but Storm backbody drops Hernandez out of it. Storm drops a knee to the face and then connects with a series of rights and lefts. Storm up and hits the ropes but Hernandez hits a running knee lift. Storm stumbles back up and Hernandez hits The Border Toss. Robert Roode up on apron but Hernandez knocks him off. Storm slowly to his feet. Hernandez with a spear. 1..2..3.

Winner: Hernandez by pinfall***1/4 (79,70,88)

Hernandez and Hector Guerrero celebrate as Robert Roode attacks from behind. Hernandez spins Roode around and hits a spinebuster. Roode and Storm powder to the outside as Hernandez stands tall in the ring.

Commercial Break

Match #3
Six Person Tag Team Match
The Beautiful People vs. Roxxi, ODB & Taylor Wilde

Angelina Love and Roxxi start out the match. Arm drag on Roxxi, she is back up and walks into a spinning heel kick. Tag to "Moose" Mickie Knuckles who connects with some back elbows and european upper cuts, causing Roxxi to stumble back into the ropes. Whip off the ropes and Knuckles hits a hard clothesline. Piledriver followed by a 1...2...Taylor Wilde makes save. Tag to Velvet Sky. Double team by whipping Roxxie into ropes and hitting a double back elbow. Sky chops away at Roxxi in the corner, Irish whip, reversed and Sky tries to get the boot up on a charging Roxxi. Roxxie grabs the leg and hits a wheel kick on Sky. Tag to Taylor Wilde, who enters the ring. Chops to Sky from Wilde. Enziguri. 1...2...2.9 kickout. Knee lift from Wilde for another 2 count. Bridge suplex for another 2 count. Sky up and is taken back down by a hip toss. Tag out to ODB who takes the ring like rife and takes down Sky with running clothesline. Angeline Love rushes the ring and it taken down by a back elbow. Mickie Knuckles rushes the ring and ODB goes for a shoulder tackle but Knuckles doesn’t move. Knuckles dares her to try it again, and for the 2nd time it doesn’t work. ODB goes for a third time as Taylor Wilde and Roxxi duck down behind Knuckles. ODB stops before reaching Knuckles and smiles she shoves Knuckles who falls back over Roxxi and Wilde Sky and Love back up and Roxxi and Wilde both hit drop kicks sending them to the outside. The referee is busy trying to restore order not to see Kip James enter the ring with a steel chair in hand. ODB turns and James slams the chair over her head. Sky slides back in and makes the cover. 1...2...3.

Winners: The Beautiful People. ** (52, 49, 55)

Kip James joins Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Mickie Knuckles on the ramp celebrating. In the ring Taylor Wilde and Roxxi attend to ODB while Mike Tenay says he can’t believe what Kip James just did.

We get an advertisement for our Next PPV.
Our first TNA PPV from Canada!

Commercial Break

We open up backstage with Jim Cornette who states that at No Surrender, TNA World Champion Samoa Joe will defend his championship against not one, not two but three men in a Four Ways to Glory Match. The three men will be picked by three seperate matches starting next week with Kevin Nash vs. Kurt Angle to determine the first spot.

Match #4
Tag Team Match
Booker T.
w/Sharmell & Kurt Angle vs. Kevin Nash & TNA World Champion Samoa Joe

Tensions are high as this match get underway. Kevin Nash starts things off against his opponent for next week Kurt Angle. Lock up with Nash using strength to push Angle into the corner. Nash smiles as he back ups. Angle ducks a lock up attempt and walks into a stiff lariat clothesline from Angle. Nash back up and recieves a butterfly suplex from Angle. Cover. 1..2..kick out. Nash is dazed and confused. Tag out to Booker T. who along with Angle whips Nash off the ropes and hit a double back body drop. Neckbreaker from Booker T. on Kevin Nash. Nash rolls out of a knee drop. Nash up and lands a few hard punches knocking Booker T. off his feet. Nash drops and elbow and covers. 1..2..kickout. Tag out to Joe. Joe in and hits a spinebuster on Joe. 2 Count. Flying shoulder tackle by Joe sends Booker to the mat. Booker blocks a punch and hits a backdrop on Joe. tag to Angle. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex. Joe tags out to Nash. Angle slams Nash down as he comes in. Joe back in and hits Booker T. with a chop, sending him off the apron and he hits the guard rail. Joe follows to the outside and nails with some headbutts. On the inside Angle hits a angle slam, for a 2 count. Nash up and hits a back elbow. He looks for a tag but Joe is on the outside. Angle is back up and hits a belly to back suplex and locks in the Ankle lock. Nash taps.

Winners: Kurt Angle & Booker T. by submission**** (75, 53, 97)

Joe returns to the ring as Angle bails to the outside. Booker T. and Kurt Angle celebrate up the ramp as Joe tends to Nash. Nash is upset asking why Joe wasn't there for the tag. Joe says he was taking care of Booker. We hear Nash yelling at Joe for letting his temper get in the way...AGAIN.

Backstage, So Cal Val is with 'Black Machismo' Jay Lethal as they are interviewed by Lauren Brooke. Val can't believe Sonjay turned out to be the way he was last night. She's just happy all of its in the past. Jay, doing his best macho man, talks about being X-Division Champion again. He says after taking Petey Williams out tonight, The title will be around his waist and his lady will be on his arm and things will be well within the world...DIg iT!

Commercial Break

Team 3D welcome us back from Commercial Break. Johnny Devine is with them as they address the camera. Brother Rey talks about getting their asses beaten at Hard Justice and being a big enough man to admit to that. He says Team 3D has taken their eye off the ball and starting tonight they are going to be rebaptized in violence. In Blood. Rey says that tonight they are going to take someone out, simply because they can. Devon...TESTIfy!

Match #5
TNA World X-Division Championship
"Black Machismo" Jay Lethal vs. Petey Williams(c)

Back and forth action, but things pic up rather quickly. flying elbow from Williams, followed by flying cross body from the top rope for a 2 count. Misses the clothesline and Jay Lethal strikes with a hard series of chops. Lethal with a flying neckbreaker, 2 Count. T-Bone Suplex from Lethal on Williams. Williams kicks out just before the 3 count. Williams counters a back body attempt with a stiff kick to the face. Jay Lethal fires back with a stiff elbow and hits the ropes and comes off as Williams hits a superkick. 2 Count. Spinning back kick from Williams as Lethal gets to his feet. 2 count. Suplex attempt and Williams holds on to show his strength but it backfires as Lethal drops out the back of Petey. enziguiri by Lethal. Back heel kick off the 2nd rope, Williams goes down. williams gets knocked to the ground. Lethal is climbing the turnbuckle Diving Elbow drop. Williams moves. Lethal up and Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere! 1.2.3.

Winner and Still TNA X-Division Champion: Petey Williams by pinfall**** (75,80,97)

Williams Celebrates his win as Big Poppa Pump makes his way down to ringside. Scott Steiner comes into the ring and begins kicking away at Lethal. Williams holds up the belt as Scott Steiner locks in the Steiner-Recliner. Williams holds the X-Division championship up to Lethal's face.

Suddenly Rhino appears running down the ramp and slides in the ring. Petey turns and is GORED!!! Scott Steiner is up and Rhino turns and the two begin to brawl. Steiner is knocked off his feet and powders to the outside. Rhino grabs the microphone. He begins saying that he is getting tired of seeing guys like Scott Steiner pushing around people. He tells Steiner if he want to push someone around, he should start with Rhino.

Scott attempts to get back in the ring but Petey Williams talks him out of it and they head back up the ramp.

Commercial Break

Backstage we see security running toward the locker room. The cameras arrive to see Johnny Devine holding a kendo stick keeping Security at bay while in the background we see Team 3D attacking Matt Morgan. Morgan is bleeding and Devon is using a cheese grater on his forehead. Brother Rey keeps shouting at Morgan to pay his dues. Ray batters away at Morgan as Devine takes a swing at security. From another door Abyss appear and chases off Team 3D. Abyss checks on Matt Morgan who is covered in blood.

We go the live arena, where Mike Tenay and Don West comment on what we just saw. Tenay says that Team 3D is on a blood lust and Matt Morgan seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Main Event
AJ Styles vs. Sting

The match starts off slow with Sting not using heel tactics to the suprise of Don West and Mike Tenay. Sting wrestles a straight up match. AJ turns it around and hits a stiff high kick to Sting's ribs. Sting reverses the Irish Whip and nails a Stinger Splash. He goes for a second but AJ moves and hits PELE out of nowhere. Sting powders to the outside and AJ follows and lays in a few chops on Sting. The referee is counting away as these two brawl on the outside. Sting turns the tide and slams AJ's head off the announce table before rolling him back in the ring to break the 10 count. Up on the stage Kurt Angle and Booker T. emerge watching the match.

Commercial Break

Back from our last commercial break and Angle and Booker T. continue to watch the match from the ramp. Inside the ring Styles leap frogs Sting and hits a hip toss. Sting back up and Styles hits an arm drag. Sting back up and he eats a drop kick. Styles is on fire in the ring. AJ whips Sting into the corner and hits a Stinger splash of his own. He goes for a 2nd but Sting pulls the ref in the way and the referee goes down. Slingshot senton by Styles and he makes the cover. But no referee.

Sting comes up witha right hand out of nowhere. Sting slams AJ down. Death Valley driver by Sting and makes the cover. The referee is up and dazed. 1........2.....kickout. Sting with a one handed bulldog. 2 Count. AJ counters a sleeper with a jaw breaker. Styles hits a spinning heel kick and calls for the Styles Clash.

This brings Kurt Angle and Booker T. rushing down the ramp toward the ring. Booker T. is up on the apron and AJ knocks him off. The referee goes to yell at Booker T. leaving Sting to whip AJ off the ropes. Angle is up on the other side with a chair and Styles runs right into the chair.. Styles staggers back Sting with a Scorpion Death Drop. 1..2..3.

Winner by pinfall: Sting***1/4 (85, 89, 80)

Booker T. and Kurt Angle enter the ring and begin to beat down on Styles. Sting is up and moves them out of the way. Sting grabs a microphone and tells Styles he hopes he has learned a lession from all this.

This brings out Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash who run off Sting, Angle and Booker T. with steel chairs. Joe checks on Styles as Nash yells for Angle to get back in the ring.

We fade on a old fashion stand off.

Motor City Machine Guns def. Rock N Rave Infection
Hernendez def. James Storm
The Beautiful People def. ODB, Roxxi & Taylor Wilde
Kurt Angle & Booker T. def. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash
X-Division Title: Petey Williams(c) def. Jay Lethal
Sting def. AJ Styles

Overall Raiting: 79%
TV Raiting:5.03

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Week Two Update

Oh the joys of EWR...


TNA Exodus

It is being reported that WWE has began a raid on TNA talent, leaving TNA scrambling to rebook this weeks edition of Impact! on Spike TV.

Earlier this week "Black Machismo" Jay Lethal and Christian Cage who were both competing under Open contract in TNA signed with the WWE, effective imediatly. These two jumping to WWE is a hard hit to TNA. Cage is a former World Champion who was about to embark in a feud with Booker T. in the coming months. Jay Lethal was set to capture the TNA X-Division Championship according to a few insiders at the next PPV.

Also exiting the company. Jim Cornette has quit the company taking with him Travis Tomko with him. The offices of TNA are said to be in a scramble to fix the upcoming edition of Impact! Which was set to tape later tonight. More on this story as it develops.
TNA Signs two former WWE stars

TNA is happy to announce it has picked up two very talented wrestlers from the recent WWE lay offs. Shad Gaspard had recently been competing in tag matches as a member of Cryme Tyme with partner JTG. He has signed a 1 year deal with TNA hoping to break away from his comic past and become a contender for the TNA World Title. Here is a picture and Video that Shad Gaspard has sent into TNA offices as a warning to anyone who gets in his way.

Also signing with the company is Matt Sydal (formally Evan Bourne on ECW) and his girlfriend Lizzy Valentine to TNA contracts. Sydal is a former standout on the Indy wrestling scene and spent some time with the company in 2003-2004 during our Weekly PPV days. Sydal is entering with a healthy reputation. Here is a video of some of his Indy highlights.

TNA Impact Preview

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles have been the target of the "new" Sting's attacks in recent weeks. With Sting forming an alliance with Kurt Angle and Booker T., the main event for this weeks Impact! has been signed as Samoa Joe will tag with AJ Styles to take on the team of Booker T. & Sting.

Also Jim Cornette in what has turned out to be his last act in TNA signed a match between Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash for Impact! with the winner entering the Four Ways to Glory match at No Surrender on PPV. Who will joing Samoa Joe in that match for the TNA World Championship? Find out as these two lock up on Impact! This Thursday night.

Also, shake ups are coming to TNA as President Dixie Carter has said a new authority will debut on Impact! to restore order and lead TNA into a new era. While the internet is a buzz with rumors of who it may be, there is only one way to be sure...tunning into Impact! This Thursday night for answers.

Confirmed Matches

Main Event: Tag Team Action
Samoa Joe & AJ Styles vs. Booker T. & Sting

Four Ways to Glory Qualifying Match
Kurt Angle vs. Kevin Nash
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Re: TNA: March to War

You've posted three times within 24 hours and even though all the posts are informative and interesting there is no reason why you could not of edited the original post to include all of this info. It's classed as spamming.

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Re: TNA: March to War

I am not one for spam. But I'm sure he won't spam in future when me and Sean are through with him.

I like to laugh.

Onto the BTB, half decent layout, I haven't actually, read to be honest. I for one will not be following because I have no interest in TNA or have watched it. But, well it's ya warning for spam before a mod does.

But it's alright so far. I might have a read later on or one of your further shows in the future and try to get it. Good luck.
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Re: TNA: March to War

IrishProdigy's Impact Review

Openning Segment: I liked the start altough it was very like the confrontation between the two of them in real life but it was stil good and set up a good main event.

Machine Guns v Rock n Rave : Was a decent match with some good action in it and the right team gettign the win in the end. Also nice work by Tenay and West mentioning that they might get a title shot.

Straight forward backstage with Booker T. And a pretty funny spot with Eric Young. lol

Storm v Hernandez: Good finish to the match, i love the border toss aswell but just two things, Storm in singles is a bit unusual and where is Homicide?

Knockouts Match: Not a fan of this division in real life but you seemed tod eal with this match ok, which is good, i just find it hard to read womens matches. Cant believe Kip hit ODB with a chair, but im glad he did lol. Nice poster for next ppv.

Tag Match: It could have been a bit longer because of the people involved but it was stil good enough, i think you amde the right choicein the winners but i cant imagine Nash taping out. Nash shouting at Joe was good work, i wonder were this is going lol.

X Division Match: Not much to say about the match, i think it was shorter then Hernandez v Strom which is probably the only fault but the winner was right and the aftermatch was exciting. Rhino and Steiner will be interesting.

Team 3D and Matt Morgan: I like backstage attacks so this was well done and the chese grater, you rebel lol!

Main Event: A very good match i tought and Angle and Booker getting involved weas also a plus. Wioll be interesting to see what you do with this situation.

Overall: I liked this, it was good for a first show and a nice start. Your matches are very consistant in size and you use the back alot. Well done.
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Impact! 08-23-08

(overall, crowd reaction, match quality)- note: playing around with format for 2nd show. I think that Impacts! will become like this with PPVs being written in full as if you were watching them.

TNA Impact! 08/23/08 Spike TV
From the Impact Zone. Orlando, FL

TNA 2 the Extreme

"Cold Open"

We open cold with Jeremy Borash standing in the middle of the ring. "Ladies and Gentlemen, as most of you are aware the Director of Authority Jim Cornette has left TNA." The crowd boos this, many of them having read the dirt sheets to learn of the TNA exodus of talent this past week. "With out further ado, please welcome the new TNA Director of Authority...Paul Heyman!"

(The crowd goes insane as Paul Heyman appears from the tunnel. He is wearing a suit and TNA ballcap. Mike Tenay and Don West channel Tony Schiavone and proclaim this to be the biggest acquisition in TNA history of course. Heyman heads to the ring as many smart marks in the front row bow to him. He enters the ring and shakes Borash's hand taking the microphone with the other. Borash exit the ring leaving Heyman alone in front of the screaming crowd.)

Heyman: "So this is the Impact Zone!"

(cheap pop)

Heyman: "I could open up this by saying something cheesy like, TNA JUST GOT TAKEN TO THE EXTREME!!!"

(cheap pop)

Heyman: "But I won't. Because that would be living in the past. The past is the past, but the future is TNA! I have been through the valley of the shadow of death, and it was called World Wrestling Entertainment. I have seen the promise land folks, and I saw the green grass wither and die. I was a madman kill something many wrestlers and myself poured our blood, sweat and tears...nay our souls...into, just because he didn't create it. I have seen billion dollar princesses and their boy toys run over deserving and talented wrestlers to keep a death grip on their spots...and it has made me sick."

(a small fuck you Vince chant breaks of coarse is bleeped out.)

Heyman: "Lets make no mistake about it, I am here to prepare an army. I am here to be your general and lead you into war! Total Non-Stop Action is not just a catchy name here folks. It is now our way of life. Cross the line. Our motto. In the locker room is the most diverse and hungry group of wrestlers on the planet, and now is their chance to grasp that brass ring."

(small TNA chant breaks out)

Heyman: "From top to bottom you have wrestler willing to put it all on the line to entertain you fans, to go beyond a and I quote "main event" style of wrestling that has water downed wrestling to a crawl. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You have icons and legends like Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash and Booker T. along with the best wrestlers in the world today like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, LAX, Robert Roode, James Storm and countless others. You have the X Division a revolutionary concept that put TNA on the map and I promise you I will restore the X Division to its rightful place, a centerpiece of TNA wrestling. You have guys hungry to make their mark on this business like the Motor City Machine Guns, Abyss, Eric Young and others who are just a second away from house hold notoriety. And you have the knockouts...more than just pretty faces...and trust me, they have those assets too...who can hang with the best of the best. No divas here folks. No TNA is a place that is destine to thrive in this business...and I am here to see to it that it does."


Heyman: "From this moment one, everyone has a clean slate with management. Everyone is on the same level in my eyes and has a shot at making it to the top. Starting tonight, TNA is moving to the next level. So strap in, because here we go. This is TOTAL NON-STOP ACTION! THIS IS TNA!"


Commercial Break

Match #1
Eight Man Tag
Scott Steiner, Petey Williams & Team 3D vs. Rhino, Matt Morgan, Abyss & Consequences Creed

Match summary:

Start out as a standard Eight Man tag. With all eight men making quick tags in and out. The heels dominate early on, with Team 3D and Steiner wearing down and cutting off Creed from his team mates. Tag to Williams as Williams takes the punishment right at Creed. Creed breaks free to make a hot tag to Matt Morgan. Morgan is on fire trying to tear Team 3D apart after what happened last week. Scott Steiner to the outside and grabs a chair which brings Rhino off the apron and those two brawl up the ramp. All hell breaks loose and the referee clearly looses control of the match.
End of Match:

The two legal men turn out to be Rhino and Scott Steiner in the middle of the ring. Matt Morgan and Abyss has taken Team 3D out of action on the outside as Rhino and Steiner wrestle toward the finish of the match. GORE out of nowhere and Rhino makes the cover. Save by Petey Williams but Creed is in and tosses Williams over the top rope and follows cutting him off from the match. Rhino is all alone with Steiner. Steiner ducks a clothesline and hits a short arm of his own. Steiner goes for the Steiner-Recliner but Rhino fights out of it, and whips Steiner off the ropes and GORE!!! 1..2..3.

Winners: Rhino, Abyss, Matt Morgan & Consequences Creed when Rhino pinned Steiner.
*** (73,70,77)

(Steiner to the outside where Rhaka Khan comforts him. He looks up at Rhino in a rage. Petey keeps him from re-entering the ring. The faces all celebrate in the ring. Team 3D looked pissed off at the top of the ramp as we cut backstage)

"The Way Things Are Here."

(Backstage Paul Heyman is walking toward his office when Kurt Angle appears all smiles.)

Angle: "Nice speech Paul. I see you have the cups of kool aid ready to go here in TNA."

Heyman: "Kurt, what a pleasent surprise. What can I do for you. Don't you have a match to get ready for?"

Angle: "I just wanted to welcome you to TNA myself. And I wanted to give you a little advice on how things work here. This isn't WWE Paul. Respect is all that matters around here. Guys like Joe and AJ, they don't respect anything. You need guys like me. Guys like me run things around here. So, just remember that when you have decisions to make. Just wanted to remind you who I am and that’s the best damn wrestler in the business today."

Heyman: "Glad to see you ego's shrank in our time apart Kurt. I don't doubt for a second that your maybe the best wrestler on the TNA roster..."

Angle: "Oh I am."

Heyman: "...but I have some work to do here. And if I'm not mistaken you have a match with Kevin Nash later. Good luck."

(Heyman enters his office. Angle just smiles)

Angle: "I don't need luck. I'm Kurt Angle."

Commercial Break

"Something to Prove"

(Back from break and we see Kevin Nash in his locker room tapping up his knee and ankle. Lauren Brooke enters to him.)

Lauren: "Kevin I just wanted to know if I could get a moment of you're time. I wanted to ask you about facing Kurt Angle tonight for a spot in the Four Ways to Glory match for the TNA World Championship at No Surrender. What is you're feelings going into this?"

Nash: "My feelings? I feel a couple of things. Number one, I feel anger. I am a bit pissed off that I tapped out to the ankle lock last week. I'm a bit pissed off that Joe was to concerned with this battle of respect thing between him and Sting to have my back. Another feeling is disappointment. I'm disappointed because no matter how many times I try to show Joe and AJ the right path, they keep disrespecting me. Sting has a point. I'm not going to get my pom-poms and join his cause but I see his point. Joe and AJ need to step back and get their heads on right. Another feeling, well that is hope. Hope is being thrown around a lot as of late. Count me on that band wagon. I have hope that I can prove everyone who is writing Kevin Nash off, saying I'm washed up. Tonight I step into the ring with one of the best wrestlers of all time. And if I can beat him, then I prove them wrong. I prove something to myself. I prove that I have a little juice left. And I beat Kurt Angle tonight. When I go to the Four Ways to Glory match, I will be ready to become champion again. Now I consider Joe a friend but if I have the chance...don't think I won't take it. So my feelings are just that...a cluster. Now, I know you wanna stand there and look at me all night but I have a big match to get ready for, so if you will."

(Lauren exits leaving Nash to return to getting ready.)

Tenay: Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle tonight!


(We cut to the ring where Taylor Wilde is warming up for a match. The crowd pops for her as she waves back. Suddenly from out of nowhere Mickie Knuckles slides into the ring and attacks her from behind.)

Tenay: What!?! Taylor Wilde was set for a one on one match with Velvet Sky but Mickie Knuckles is attacking before the bell.

(Velvet Sky, Kip James and Angelina Love make their way to the ring. Kip has a paper bag ready for the humiliation they plan to give Wilde. Angelina Love whips her off the ropes and nails a clothesline while Velvet Sky puts the boots to her.)

Don West: "The Beautiful People are so arrogant, they think they can do what ever they want when ever they want. I mean Kip James hit ODB over the skull with a steel chair last week and now they are turning their attack on Taylor Wilde."

(Kip James toys with Wilde as the Beautiful People egg him on. James acts like he is going to punch her when out of the back pours the Prince Justice Brotherhood. Curry Man, Shark Boy and Super Eric storm the ring and the Beautiful People bail.)

Tenay: The Prince Justice Brotherhood have saved the day!

(Curry Man checks on Taylor Wilde helping her to her feet while Shark Boy and Super Eric beg Kip James to return to the ring. Kip just flashes a cocky smile as the Beautiful People back peddle up the ramp.)

Don West: "Thank god the Prince Justice Brotherhood stopped what was happening. Who knew how far Kip James would have went."

(Taylor Wilde back on her feet hugs Curry Man as the crowd pops. She gives him a thank you kiss on the cheek and turns to yell at the Beautiful People. Curry Man is frozen then after a second faints in the middle of the ring. Shark Boy and Super Eric turn to see this. As Super Eric fans Curry Man, Shark Boy just shakes his head in disappointment.)

Tenay: "Curry Man seems to be overwhelmed Don."

Don West: "Can you blame him, Taylor Wilde is a beautiful woman."

"You Can Hate Me Now"

(fade to black where the chords of "You Can Hate Me Now" plays. Suddenly we see the back of a large black male. Rain falls on him. He turns and it is revealed to be Shad Gaspard. He roars at the camera.)

Gaspard (voice over): I was raised to fight, to take what I need.

(Gaspard flexes at the screen. We cut to see him jumping rope, working out. Then we cut to see him on the streets in front of a run down building staring into camera.)

Gaspard (voice over) I was raised by the streets and I fear no man. If you try to stop me, I will end you.

(Cut to Gaspard lifting weights.)

Gaspard (voice over): I am coming to take my place onto of the of TNA. And I will unleash my rage on anyone who tries to -Expletive- with me.

(lightning quick scenes of Gaspard working out in the TNA ring, cut with him smashing a punching bag and him back in the falling rain with a black background.)

Gaspard (voice over): My name is Shad Gaspard and I am the Head... -Expletive- ...In...Charged. I am coming.

Commercial Break

Match #2
TNA Knockout Championship
Roxxi vs. Awesome Kong(c)
w/Raisha Saeed

Match Summary:

Roxxi tries to take the fight right to Kong, but Kong prove to be too strong for her. Kong dominates Roxxie through out the match, with Roxxi picking up a few hope spots which Tenay and West oversell of coarse.

End of Match:

Roxxi is back on fire toward the end of the match hitting a series of drop kicks and a nasty enzugiri. Kong slides to the outside where Roxxi follows Kong, reverses a whip into the guard rail attempt and tosses Roxxi back in the ring. Back in the ring, Kong hits a massive clothesline followed by the sit-down power bomb for the 1..2..3.

Winner and Still TNA Knockout Champion: Awesome Kong
*1/2 (58,56,61)

(Raisha Saeed is in the ring now and lays the boots to Roxxi. Kong posses with the belt as Saeed keeps laying the boots in. This brings out ODB with chair and she takes out Saeed and nails Kong with a hard shot her self. Kong stumble back and ODB hits a Dirty Dozen, sending Kong to the outside and back up the ramp. ODB grabs the microphone.)

ODB: "That shot of to the head knocked a few cobwebs loose and I was sitting in the back and thinking. Kong you've beaten all the brodes in the back but you have never beaten ODB! You wanna fight, I want a fight. You are a bad woman, but I'm badder. And at No Surrender I want you to come prepared because I want a title shot and I'm ready for action! So lets do this, Kong!"

(Kong just nods as she and Saeed leave down the tunnel. ODB helps Roxxi up.)

"Promo from the Young Guns"

(Cut backstage where Samoa Joe emerges from his locker room with AJ Styles right behind him. Jeremy Borash is right there to greet them.)

Borash: "AJ, Joe. I was wondering if we could get your thoughts leading into the main event tonight when the two of you take on two men who each of you have had problems with as of late."

Joe: "JB, let me make this real clear. There as been so much talk about us not respecting those who came before us. My name is Samoa Joe, JB. I am a Samoa-American professional wrestler. Tradition. Respect. That runs in my veins. What Booker and Sting and Kurt all fail to see is their time is fading. Ours is rising. They need to get out some of those history books they seem to be happy to talk about as late and read up. Its a cycle. For the young guys to make their splash, a few of the old guys need to be knocked off. And I for one have no problem beating their asses."

Borash: "Well Sting had some very unkind things to say to you last week AJ..."

AJ: "Unkind? I'm getting real tired of everyone pointing their fingers at me saying I did things that everyone knows is untrue. So we won't go there. What I will say is this. Sting, Booker, Kurt. I want you to understand something simple. You can come after us all you want. You can beat me down all you want, but I will keep getting back up. I will hit you back harder than anything you can throw at me."

Borash: "Joe, at No Surrender you will face three men in the Four Ways to Glory match. Tonight we find out who the first of those men are when Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle meet one on one. Next week, Booker T. will face AJ Styles to determine the other man in the match. What are your thoughts on possible facing you mentor and friend in the match at No Surrender."

Joe: "I crave competition. I know Big Kev has a lot he wants to prove and I know AJ won't half ass it out there. Saying that. I would love it if they were in the match at No Surrender. But I may enjoy kicking the crap out Kurt Angle and Booker T. just a little more. Either way, I'll walk out champion. Same every time. Now if you will excuse us JB, we have a main event to get ready for."

(Joe and AJ walk off as JB turns back to the camera.)

Borash: Mike, Don.

(Mike Tenay and Don West are back, as we see a very determined Kevin Nash walking the hallways on one side of the screen and Kurt Angle on the other.)

Mike Tenay: "Well all the talk is over. Kevin Nash vs. Kurt Angle is next!"

Commercial Break

Match #3
For Spot in Four Ways to Glory Match @No Surrender
Kevin Nash vs. Kurt Angle

Match Summary

Nash wrestles like he has something to prove. Very intense, Angle seems thrown off by this side of Nash. Nash uses power to take Angle off his feet. Series of head butts and back elbows in the corner, Irish whip and Nash follows in with a knee to Angle's midsection. Nash turns on the fire with a side walk slam and places his foot on Angle's throat, choking him. Tenay keeps pointing out it has been eight years since Nash's last World Title reign almost to the day. The momentum turns as Angle pulls the rope down and sends a charging Nash to the outside. On the outside Angle attacks Nash's wrapped Ankle. Angle continues to work the ankle and applies the ankle lock a few times in the ring, but Nash breaks free with a rope break every time.

End of the Match:

Angle has Nash down, beaten to a pulp. He has targeted the Ankle and Nash can barely stand on his own weight. Angle is trying to insult Nash, play with him. He attempts a power bomb on Nash! Nash goes into his tights on the way up and punches Angle, Angle goes limp. 1..2..3!

Winner and Advancing to 4Ways to Glory: Kevin Nash
**3/4. (81,86,72)

(The replay clearly shows Nash pulling a pair of brass knuckles out. Nash rolls to the outside and returns them to high tights. On the inside Angle is coming two as Nash limps up the ramp celebrating.)

Tenay: "Kevin Nash has just cheated his way into the Main Event of No Surrender."

West: "Kevin Nash is just playing the same game that Kurt Angle has been playing for months."

(Nash is all smiles, pointing to his head, pointing out that his is smarter than Angle. Back on the inside Angle is throwing a fit in anger.)

Commercial Break

(We come back from break with Mike Tenay and Don West showing us the happenings between LAX and Beer Money Inc. over the past couple of weeks including Homicides recent injury at Hard Justice. They point out that Homicide isn't cleared to wrestle yet, but is back in the Impact Zone tonight. We see a replay of last weeks match with Hernandez and James Storm.)

Match #4
Robert Roode
w/James Storm & Jackie Moore vs. Hernandez w/Salinas & Hector Guerrero
Match Summary

Hernandez's strength is insane in this match, but Robert Roode uses some very nice wrestling coupled with dirty tactics to take Hernandez off his feet. After Roode scores a few near falls thanks to a cheap shot from Storm on the outside, Hernandez begins an on fire comeback, blocking Roode's punches and landing big rights of his own. They begin chain wrestling, each man countering the other's moves. Hernandez plants Roode with a DDT, and makes a cover. 2 count.
End of Match:

All hell breaks out as Salinas and Jackie Moore brawl in the middle of the ring. Hector Guerrero in and breaks them up, this allows James Storm to break a beer bottle over Hernandez's head. Hernandez stumbles into a Northern Lariat. 1..2..3.

Winner by Pin Fall: Robert Roode
*** (76,71,82)

(Storm and Roode double team Hernandez which brings Homicide to storm the ring. Homicide brawls with Roode, while Hernandez is back up and sends Storm to the outside. LAX stands tall in the ring, having driven off Beer Money Inc.)

(cut to black, we see various impages of TNA stars in action fade in and out, while a siren goes off. Shots of Abyss hitting the black hole slam, LAX celebrating a win, Sting pointing his bat, AJ and Angle brawling, Booker T posing as pyro goes off, a bloody Samoa Joe holding the TNA title over his head...suddenly a taped fist smashes the camera....)

Live on PPV

Commercial Break


(We are back from break backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns who are standing by with Lauren.)

Lauren: "I'm with the Motor City Machine Guns, in just a few moments Alex Shelly, you'll...

(Out of nowhere come Team 3D and Johnny Devine attacking the Motor City Machine Guns. Devine uses the kendo stick to take them out then moves back and lets Brother Rey and Devon go to work standing guard, much like last week.)

Tenay: "What the hell Don. Alex Shelly was being interviewd for his upcoming match, The Motor City Machine Guns did nothing to provoke this attack!

(Brother Devon and Brother Rey lay the boots to the MCMG. Devon whips Shelly into a stack of boxes and equipment crates. Shelly hits hard and is down. Meanwhile Brother Rey slams Sabin's head off the concrete. Brother Rey has busted Sabin open, he turns to the camera showing off his work.)

Brother Rey: Baptized in Blood.

(Rey whips his hand across Sabin's bloodied face then smears the blood across his own.)

Brother Rey: "There was once a time Team 3D was the most feared and violent tag teams in this business. We have lost our way, but no more. We have seen the light, and this will continue. Paul-E, this will continue until we get our TNA World Tag Team Championship back..."

(Ray and Devon take a few more shots then walk off. Devine smiles at the camera)

Devine: "Oh my brother...testify."

(We cut to the Impact Zone where Mike Tenay and Don West discuss what just happened.)

Tenay: "Team 3D are totally out of line here Don. Alex Shelly was about to have a singles match, when they attacked for no reason than just to prove a point."

West: "And that point is that they are ready for that tag team title match."

"The Trinity"

(Cut backstage where Kurt Angle is tearing apart his locker room. Enter to him Sting and Booker T.)

Sting: "Kurt! Calm down! Calm down!"

Angle: “Calm down? You want me to calm down? Did you not just see what happened? In fact where the hell have you guys been? I could have used a little back up!"

Sting: "Kurt, relax. We were talking to Heyman, working some stuff out. I'm sorry the way things went down out there."

Angle: "The only reason I joined up with you guys is because you said you had my back."

Booker T.: "Is that so?"

Sting: "You're here for the same reason Booker is here. Because we deserve to be here. You heard what Heyman said, in his eyes everyone is on the same level now. Does that sound right to you?"

Booker T.: "No. I worked to damn long to end up a curtain jerker. I know you feel the same way Kurt."

(Kurt continues to pace back and forth. Sting stops him by placing a hand on his chest.)

Sting: "Trust me Kurt. Lets take care of AJ and Joe tonight, next week we'll handle Nash. He'll get what he deserves, that I promise you."

(Angle nods. Sting smiles.)

Sting: "Now, lets get the job done."

(Sting and Booker T. turn and exit the locker room. Kurt waits for a second breathing slowly and follows.)

Tenay: "AJ Styles & Samoa Joe vs. Sting and Booker T...that's next!"

Commercial Break

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Sting & Booker T.
w/Sharmell vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

The Match:

Samoa Joe and Booker T. start out the match. Lock up with Joe powering Booker into the corner and there is a clean break, back out and the two circle each other. Lock up, Joe pushes Booker off into the ropes and Booker ducks a clothesline attempt and nails hard right hand. Booker hits the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle sending Joe the mat. Joe back up and Booker hits a spine buster for a quick 2 count. Booker puts the boots the Joe and works him to Booker/Sting's corner. Tag to Sting. Sting in and whips Joe off the ropes hits a flying clothesline on Joe. Cover. 1...2...kick out. Both men up and Sting fires with some lefts and right, knocking Joe into the ropes. Sting charges Joe but Joe back body drops Sting over the ropes to the outside floor. Joe hits the ropes and looks to suicide dive but is cut off by Booker T., this brings AJ into the ring and fires a few shots at Booker T. AJ whips Booker T at Joe who back body drops hi over the top rope next to Sting.

Both men are up on their feet on the outside just in time to see Joe hit a suicide dive on both men, the crowd goes nuts. Just as the three men make it to their feet, her comes AJ with a "hands-free" plancha. The place is going nuts as Referee Earl Hebner is trying to restore order. All four man up and Joe and AJ lay into Sting and Booker with some nasty chops.

Joe rolls Sting back into the ring and follows. On the outside Booker T. and AJ continue to brawl. Booker whips AJ into the guard rail, Earl Hebner on the outside forces both men back to their corners.

Back in the ring Joe whips Sting hard into the corner and charges. Sting moves and hits a few chops. Irish whip from Sting who comes in for a Stinger splash but Joe sidesteps and hits a enzugiri. Sting stumbles out and Joe hits a belly to back suplex for a 2 count.

Tenay: "Joe almost puts Sting away, but only a 2 count. We'll take our last commercial break and be right back for the conclusion of our main event!"

Commercial Break

Back from Break and Sting is in control (a replay shows Booker T. with a knee to Joe's back as he hit the ropes turned the tide). Sting chops Joe in the corner and tags in Booker T. Booker nails a few lefts and rights. Joe really needs the tag her. Whips Joe off the ropes and hits a side kick for a two count. AJ is pacing on the apron, wanting the tag. Booker T. hits a suplex, Joe back to his feet and gets a sudden burst of energy nailing a vicious clothesline that knocks Booker out of his boots. Both men are on the mat.

West: Joe in an act of desperation pulls that clothesline out of nowhere.

Booker T back up and so is Joe. Joe chops away at Booker T. Whip into the ropes, Booker T. feeds out and eats a snap slam. 1...2..kick out. Joe back up and whips Joe off the ropes. Booker T. reverses and hits knee to the mid-section. Booker T. goes for the Axe kick but Joe moves and nails Booker T. with a T-Bone Suplex! Joe gets the tag to AJ Styles.

Styles in and on fire. Styles chops away at Booker T., he takes a shot at Sting, sending him to the outside. AJ turns into a hard right from Booker T. Booker whips AJ off the ropes and hits a spinning heel kick on AJ. Booker motions to Sharmell who tosses something to Booker T. Booker up and in his hand is a gold chain, but AJ ducks a punch attempt and hits the pele!

Sting back in the ring and attacks AJ from behind, Joe is back in now. All four men are brawling. AJ clotheslines Sting to the outside and follows. Joe to the outside chopping away at Booker T, who has powdered to the outside. All four men brawl as Earl Hebner makes the count. 1..2..3...4..

Sting back body drops a charging AJ into the crowd, Booker T. is whipped into the ring steps by Joe. 6..7...8..9..10. The ref calls for the bell.

Double Count Out
(89, 90, 90)

(All four men continue to brawl with AJ being tossed back in the ring by Kurt Angle, who attacked him in the crowd. Angle and Sting back in the ring with AJ. Joe on the outside comes in to fight them off but Booker T. takes him out with the gold chain. Angle locks on the ankle lock and AJ is out.)

Tenay: "Angle refuses to release the hold!"

(Finally Angle lets go of it. The show fades on Sting, Angle and Booker T. raising each others arms up in front of the booing crowd).

Tenay: "This trinity has laid waist here on Impact!"


over all rating: 75%
rating: 5.09

TNA No Surrender Card

Four Ways to Glory- TNA World Championship
Kevin Nash vs. Winner of Booker T/AJ(next week) vs. Winner of Rhino/Scott Steiner(in two weeks) vs. Samoa Joe(c)
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Re: TNA: March to War

I haven't read the shows, but I will eventually because this isn't a WWE BTB for starters, you're using EWR, and I like the layout with recapped promos.

However, since you're using EWR, start signing guys to written contracts! That way you don't have a bunch of your talent swooped up.

To be fair though, I'm glad Christian is gone, especially since he's left IRL. And Jay Lethal... overrated. Him impersonating the Macho Man got old as shit, fast.

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Re: TNA: March to War

Told you I’d lay down a review of your show bro. Here it is.

Opening cold reminds me of old school WCW, and I like Heyman as Director of Authority. I think it was a given when you announced his signing. Cornette, Christian, Machismo and Tomko leaving TNA isn’t that big of a deal IMO. I know you freaked a bit at Cage cause you’re in love with him….just playing. But I think that with some of the stuff I know you have planned and some of the signings, you’re fine.

Heyman’s promo was decent. Some good shooting from Heyman. There were times he felt a bit out of character…but you know I’m not the best writer so…Like where you going with Heyman’s plans to give everyone a shot.

Eight man tag with Eight guys who are at each others throats as of late. I love Big Poppa Pump, I don’t care what the haters say. So I hope he kicks Rhino’s ass. Rhino/Steiner Feud could be good though. Abyss/Morgan tag team I have never been a fan of. I don’t care for Creed either, and you know that. But Overall good segment that furthered some of the midcard/low card storylines.

Backstage and Heyman gets a visit from Angle. Now I liked Angle here. The ego. So self assure. I know you have Booker T/Sting/Angle group going, but don’t do the MEM man. That’s all I’m asking, because the next promo makes me love Kevin Nash. People tend to forget how dangerous Nash can be. Very good promo from Nash, showing the fire still resides in the old tiger still.

Knockouts segment next. I too am not a fan of female wrestling period, so…But I love some Prince Justice Brotherhood. The Curry Man angle with Taylor Wilde provides some needed comedy but please just bring back Christopher Daniels ASAP. The Beautiful People are fun and Kip James and Mickie Knuckles involved makes them a legit threat to TNA knockout title. Too bad the champion is Awesome Kong and anyone she faces is dead.

Gaspard promo…nice. I remember watching OVW and loving Pre-Crime Time Gaspard man. I hope you push him hard. Could be a World Champion in the future.

Back from break and we have ANOTHER KNOCKOUT SEGMENT DAMN dude. Squash match for Kong and ODB out to set up a match at No Surrender…who cares. Sorry man, hate me some ODB. Could care less. If this was on TV bro I would be getting a beer.

Joe and AJ provide some insight going into their main event match. Very nice, gets to the point.

Up next we have Nash vs. Angle. AND HOLY SHIT you put Nash over? You did that just for me right? Thank you. Nash will be in the main event at No Surrender and Angle is pissed. Ballsy move pushing Nash over Angle man.

The LAX/Beer Money Inc. feud continues. Homicide makes his return since Hard justice. I hope you put the belts back on LAX personally. No Surrender should be interesting.

Damn Team 3D is scratching into that ECW style that made them cool. I guess if Heyman is booking TNA, that makes sense. They attacked Morgan last week and Motor City Machine Guns this week. I’m seeing a Triangle match between all three teams at No Surrender.

Are we calling them the Trinity? Sting takes charge as leader, Booker and Sting are trying to calm Angle down. I like this dynamic. Angle not as leader works for me. Nash better watch his back next week.

Main Event…excellent tag match. Continues the storylines. Double Count out keeps either group from getting a win over the other.

Like what your doing here man. I hope you have some more lined up for us soon. And quit laughing at me while I review your show.

(NOTE: we live together and the dude is actually watching Impact making fun of me.)
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Re: TNA: March to War

Originally Posted by TAFKA Szumi View Post
I haven't read the shows, but I will eventually because this isn't a WWE BTB for starters, you're using EWR, and I like the layout with recapped promos.

However, since you're using EWR, start signing guys to written contracts! That way you don't have a bunch of your talent swooped up.

To be fair though, I'm glad Christian is gone, especially since he's left IRL. And Jay Lethal... overrated. Him impersonating the Macho Man got old as shit, fast.
thnx I'm a huge fan of your show myself.

I just signed all the talent that I can (damn japan) to written contracts. It hit me out of no where I thought they were written contracts then I got mail saying Cage and Lethal were gone...I was like WTF!
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