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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Okay I will help you out. I know how much effort you put into this so here are my thoughts.

First off the length is great, presentation in terms of colors and everything is really good. Some grammar mistakes but no big deal as I am one to talk about grammar (lol)

Okay onto the show the opening video package was good but a little short the people you highlighted after the things you said were kind of wierd like " where rookies are saluted" why the hell did you show booker T. He ain't no rookie? Anyway like the banner the opening with the announcers is good. Everyone in character. Good job showing the recap of what happend, which was really cool can't wait for that triple threat match

The first match MVP and Booker T was a great choice to open the show. Great clash of styles. I like your format of writing the matches with the pin counts, good job. Great false finishes with the rope breaks good stuff to start off the show. The kennedy interference was meh for me as i would have liked to see a clean finish but whatever i now see a feud coming out of this.

Tag Title match was good and this is a good spot on the card for it. Great action between these four young athletes, you put some meaning into the tag titles with the effort these 4 put forth somehting wwe should do more. I agree with Priceless winning good match there.

Funny segment but i think they weren't really in character also does McMahon have IED? He seemed like it when he threw the keyboard.

This was the match i personally was looking forward to the most, I reviewed one of your sd's and this feud was great and the match lived up to it. Great action between these three future ( 1 already) hall of famers. But WTF was with that ending. Are you serious there is no dq and no countout in a triple threat. That is a real shitty ending. I understand you wanted some controversy but atleast have it make sense. Terrible ending

Shawn Michaels vs Edge- Great Match, i remember when they met at rr 05 when Edge was just getting pushed. Anyway this was a great match but with these two it should be. Great back and forth action both men seemed in character ( meaning their moveset) Another cheap ending come on. The first match had an interference, the 3rd a bs count out, now dq come on man that is just not good booking. That was a great match. Why not have HBK win and then have HHH interfere after the match

Onto the royal rumble i see you put effort into this and it payed off. Great job. The elmininations were great I think you forgot to elimintate some people but it is fine. Great to see Jericho back and win the rumble great ending with all the superstars all though once Jericho came out I knew he would win cause it would kill his momentum but that was a good match.

Good first ppv great effort. The thing was the matches and everything was good the only bad part was the booking and endings you got to think out thinks before especially the Triple Threat Fiasco. Good job hope this helped good luck
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Thank you for the review, I sent you some points for your effort. Now it will be 500,000 points for 1 review. Yes, you heard it correctly, if you leave a review for my Royal Rumble you will receive 500,000 points. I will be posting the tentative schedule soon. I shall also post a new updated roster and other important business also.

For what seems like the millionth time, I have yet again created new show banners

World Wrestling Entertainment Releases Talent

In recent news, Vincent McMahon has released WWE Superstar's Val Venis, Santino Marella, Jack Swagger and Chuck Pulumbo and wish them the best on future encounters. Also, WWE Superstars Finlay and JBL's contracts are about to end, so until they sign a new term they will not be in the ring competing (Which is also why Finlay didn't defend his title at The Royal Rumble, So Vince had to forge the US. Title match over on SD!
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Opening Package:

A: Very good description. Gives the readers a nice description about the past Rumble, and what to expect for this year

Us Title Match:

B+: Very nice opener. It seemed like Book would take the title right off of MVP. You almost made it like a mini squash, but it wasn't bad or anything. I think putting Book over in this match like you did will help Booking him in the future. The interference from Kennedy pretty much ended it, which means I'm expecting Booker/Ken or Book/Ken/MVP. I would loooove to see a title match between these three. Great opener!

Triple H promo did build a lil bit of suspence, like what would Vince do about it.

Tag Title Match:

B: I felt like this match was a bit short. Especially when Ted said that Priceless needed the win. That kinda told me that this match was gunna be big. Basically, a sold B because I thought it could've been longer, and not just brawling.

WHC Match

A+: Great match here. Very happy to see Flair wrestlin for the gold again. And, at that, against Big Show (c) and Taker! This movie definetley didn't lack in length like the tag title match. Between the teamwork between Taker and Big Show, to the countering other people's moves into their own, which I enjoyed. Flair seemed possesed at some points, but why not. He was against the odds. He wasn't in his prime, and he had to face Taker and Big Show with the added preasure of fighting for a title as well.

This match had some great brawling and all out fighting in this match. Excellent effort by Flair, Taker, and Big Show. The ending seemed to be the best part when all of the men knocked each other out. I'd like to see at least 2 of these guys go at it again.

WWE Title:

A+: I love it when the old timers have the gold. Like Rock, Austin, Taker, and HBK. Inthis case--HBK. Especially when a cocky young heel faces a respectuful, aged, face that still has it in 'em. Great match. Michaels even showed a submission or two. And it lasted a good long time too! When HBK went for SCM, I thought it would be another short ending. But a nice reversal by Edge into a Russian Leg Sweep. Good way to keep the match at a neutral to make up for the submission by HBK earlier.

Also (I lol'ed @ this) you said "Tune up the Van" which I got a chuckle out of. The spear right after that screamed defeat at first to me......but then I read on. AND MICHAELS KICKED OUT! WOW.....HE's STILL GOT IT! Uggghhhh.....THE GAME!! SH**......I wanted a clea n finish. I want Trips v HBK for the title in the near future tho...

Royal Rumble Match:

A+: Now I'm not gunna give an overview of this match entrant by entrant, but I'll give a review nevertheless. Good job eliminating JBL first, I never really liked him. (And BTW, why is he IC champ in real life??!! IDK....) Anywho, Angle catching Mysterio I raised my eyebrows at. I know he's strong, and Mysterio is like 170 soakin' wet, but still. I was watching this closley after Swagger entered, because I have an idea for you. Since Swagger and Kurt have that "American" decent about them. You know, Olympic HGold Medalist, All American American. They'd make a great heel tag in my opinion. Besides that, Matt Morgan, eh?

Not exactly a piture perfect debut for Matt, being that he got eliminated by Batista like 0:16 into his debut. I don't know if you were trying to put Tista over, or just to show how great, or lack thereof, Matt Morgan is. When Rey got Bombed, I thought he would be gone next. But, Kingston tried to sneak on Tista, and he joined Matt Morgan in the Over-Pushed line. No offense to u however. But then, like I expected, Rey got eliminated.

#16 rolled around.......and Val Venis arrived. Ok..... BUT THEN HE ELIMINATES KNOX....WITH A FRIGGIN' TOWEL! Crazy sh** man, I know, I know but that just blew my f'n mind! You typed it out right! Val Venis's TOWELLL got that elimination! Not even the guy with the towel! That was f'n funny man! Entertainment!

Shad eliminated Val.....AND MORRISON! Pretty sweet! Number 22 rolled around......and it came down to a hardcore game of rock...paper...scisorrs! Cade and Murdoch down to the wire.....Murdoch throws down scissors!! Cade uses Rock! CADE WINS! CADE WINS!! YESSS! Ok...I had my fun. He didn't have much fun to do as he got rid of that "Italion Stalion" Santino Marella.

I know I'm skipping Kane, but #25 on was big. SCSA! The Texas Rattlesnake! He probably didn't get a rather large pop. He probably got the roof to pop off its hinges....if the apprpriate pop was given. He really kicked Kane's a$$! Stunner, and a chair shot!

John Cena -- Superman! Definatley a gimmick I would at least think about for Cena, considering every 9 year old boy in the world knows him, and marks for him if they know what mark means. Next is the legend killer, RKO. And to his delight...Bobby Lashley entered @ 28. If looks could kill, Randy Orton would be bitin' the dust.

Entrant 29: The GAME!! Yess.....wait....NO! Umaga.....monkey crap! McMahon v Trips.....it's worked before! Book it! I'm tellin ya! Entrant thirty....HOLLLY SHIZZNET! CHRIS F'N JERICHO! WOW......SWEEEEET A FACE VERSION OF CHRIS JERICHO. I WOULD'VE MARKED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL IF STYLES PISSED HIMSELF! SCSA then eliminated Matt Hardy later.

SCSA and Kane eliminattions by each other. This thing between the two will be great. Something @ WM maybe? Then, the big eliminations start. Cena was eliminated by Lashley. But for his trouble he gets put in the WoJ! Orton then gets involved, gets rid of Orotn. I love all of the storylines you have for the future in just this match. Wait......CODEBREAKER!!! LASHLEY IS ELIMINATED..........JERICHO WINS!! Y2J WINS!!! WOW!!! What a RUmble!! Well, that's my review! LOVED RR BTW!

Originally Posted by itsmadness
i'd laugh if they had a "Extreme Rules" match at Extreme Rules
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

SPAM: Raw is done and dusted, there actually will be no preview, because I am waiting for reviews and there is no need since it is in recap. Thanks for the few reviews I have gotten, expecting one more, will leave this open for a while

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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Royal Rumble Review: To start off I thought the opening package was pretty well down but seemed maybe a little short considering it's the first PPV of the year and definitely one of the biggest, Still it was quite good and the concept of it was pretty good. The commentators opening was good, it went into enough detail for me to understand what was going on.

MVP v Booker T: Admittedly I am not a huge fan of Booker but this was pretty good way to open up the show with a match that started quickly and kept up a pretty good pace throughout. As I said I am not a Booker T fan so I preferred MVP getting the victory but it really could have gone anyway. Some of the spots in the match were a little confusing, maybe you need to work on your wording a little bit, that's the only problem I could find with this match.

The Wrestlemania promo was pretty imaginative, nice job thinking that one up.

Triple H seemed to find a way in a little too easily, maybe one or two more segments of him trying to get in would have worked better.

The Hooliganz v Priceless: I am a fan of tag team wrestling and I must say this was a pretty good match however the titles changing hands by roll up doesn't seem to give them much credibility. I would have preferred London and Kendrick pick up the victory but Priceless are the next big thing in the wrestling world so it makes sense that you want to push them.

The Vince promo was good, he seemed to be in character and it set up that Triple H will probably play a big part in this PPV.

Nice little number drawing promo, I guess Angle and Cena might get involved with each other during the Rumble. Don't know if I like the whole changing history with Kane winning the Rumble in 2005.

Big Show v Undertaker v Flair: I didn't like when Show was champion in real life so that kind of put me off this match a bit but Flair and Undertaker are both two of the best ever so they make up for it. This was a pretty good match but with three guys going at it, it got a little bit confusing at times. Interesting finish but I didn't think it was possible to be counted out in a triple threat so it was a bit unrealistic.

Shawn Michaels v Edge: This match seemed pretty short for the main event(discounting the rumble match) however it was pretty good for what it was. I am guessing after the way the match finished that Triple H and Shawn Michaels will continue to feud possibly resulting in a match at Wrestlemania would be my guess.

Teddy Long retiring the hardcore title was interesting but the match at No Way Out should be good. The CW belt coming back is a good move, it is a division everyone enjoys.

Royal Rumble Match: I skimmed through the Rumble match simply because of how long it is but there seemed to be plenty of good action there and it all seemed to be set out well and it was easy to read. I liked Chris Jericho winning, I think it would be pretty cool to see in real life, hopefully he goes on to put on a good match at Wrestlemania.

Overall: A good show with only a few minor mistakes/problems. It will be interesting to see where you go from here. Good Luck.
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