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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

You gotta post royal rumble dude

Who will Enter #1? Triple H

Who will Enter #30? Rob Van Dam

Who is the surprise entrant? Rob Van Dam

Who will have the shortest time in the Royal Rumble Match? Santino Marella

Will Triple H Interfere in the WWE Title Match? No He wins the rumble enough for him

Who will have the most eliminations? HHH

Triple H
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Flipz's Predictions (Winners in bold):

John Cena, Randy Orton, Lance Cade, Bobby Lashley, JBL, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Umaga, John Morrison, Santino Marella , Jack Swagger, Batista, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Mike Knox, Val Venis, Chavo, Carlito, Matt Morgan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shad, JTG, And 2 Unknown Entrants

‘Half Man, Half Amazin’ MVP vs. Booker T

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hooligans vs. Priceless

WWE Championship
‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge vs. ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championship
'Nature Boy'Ric Flair vs.'The Deadman' The Undertaker vs. 'The Largest Athlete in The World' The Big Show

BONUS Questions

Who will Enter #1? John Morrison

Who will Enter #30? Randy Orton

Who is the surprise entrant? Rob Van Dam

Who will have the shortest time in the Royal Rumble Match? Val Venis

Will Triple H Interfere in the WWE Title Match? Yes

Who will have the most eliminations? Kane
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

JuulDK’s BTB review

Hey… Since I’ve just “joined” this BTB I started by reading every single page so far written. So instead of reviewing every single show so far, I’m gonna make this little BTB review. I’m writing as I read.

At first I found it a bit strange and confusing that you’ve chose to start the BTB in 2007 and then using superstars that debuted later. If superstars like Ted DiBiase, Kofi Kingston and others who weren’t on the main roster in 2007 is in your thread now, then what about those who also were there in 2007?? Do they have their gimmick and status from back in 2007? Or are they using the once from the present? I also questioned your choices about titles and champions a bit, but lets see where it goes.


Big Show as World Champion could be good if done right… The first things I realized here was that you made some very small mistakes. Watch out for starting almost every word with capital letters. Makes it weird to read. And in Teddy’s announcement, he would always mention the best wrestlers last, and if Undertaker is in it he would ALWAYS mention him last. The opening match was okay, but I’m not sure that Chavo would ever kick out of the Playmaker unless it was some kind of a championship match in a feud. Not quite sure that having Mike Knox beating Foley is good, but it depends on where you’re taking Knox. I’ll be watching out for him. Eve vs. Layla was of course just a match to fill some space. The segment with Carlito, Angle, Kane and Taker was okay for the main event, but I think Carlito was a bit out of character. Cryme Tyme defeating Cade and Murdoch was good, but I really didn’t get the next segment. Why would Batista get in Austin’s face? Why would he threaten him? Isn’t Batista face? And why was Austin even there? The new World Heavyweight Champion Big Show defeating someone like Val Venis shouldn’t have been the second last match of the night. Venis of course jobbed. I looked forward to the Battle Royal, but I must be honest and say that I was disappointed. Someone like Flair outlasting guys like Batista, Booker, Khali and Angle wasn’t good. And to have the match ending with Flair subliming Taker over and knocking them both out was just too unrealistic for me. Flair shouldn’t be in the match… All in all it was an okay show for a beginner, but it lacked length, realism and not everyone was in character.

Regarding the news after SmackDown I’m looking forward to both Orton vs. Lashley and HBK vs. Edge vs. Triple H. But I don’t see the need for a face vs. face in Cena vs. Jeff…


In the news you said Orton vs. Lashley and HBK vs. Edge vs. Triple H, but you start the show by having King announcing HBK vs. Lashley vs. Triple H?? In the opening you really botched Estrada’s gimmick. Sadly you weren’t even close. I liked the fact that everyone started to interrupt, but one thing is that Vince would never change his mind and certainly not about Umaga. And another thing is that I didn’t understand anything about what Vince said in the end. Having Kingston go over Morrison is okay in my opinion. I liked that. And Morrison attacking Kingston afterwards was good. Hope this goes somewhere. Lashley vs. Orton?? So first it’s announced as Lashley vs. Orton, then it’s announced as HBK vs. Lashley vs. Triple H by King at the start of RAW, and now it’s back to being Orton vs. Lashley?? The match itself was as good as I hoped it would be, and Orton getting the win was good. But Lashley, being the face he is, wouldn’t attack Orton in the after match. He would challenge him again and get revenge. Scott Steiner hired is good. Hope he’ll get used good. Priceless beating London and Kendrick was good in my opinion. Matt and Morrison next week? I was kind of hoping for a Morrison/Kofi feud, but let’s see where it goes from here. Cena vs. Jeff was also a good match, thankfully. But the problem is that there’s many Cena-haters, and I think that’s why you chose Jeff as the winner. Don’t think Jeff would beat Cena. But I like Jeff so I’ll be watching him, and the handshake in the end was good. So Punk and Marella ended in a Double Count Out? Not good. Punk would beat Marella any time. And CM Punk doing a Shooting Star Press?? Out of character in my opinion. The Edge/Regal/Estrada segment was okay, but I don’t think Edge would ever get into the face of Umaga. Great main event, and although I don’t like Edge that much I actually liked that he won this one. Good ending.

The Grand Brand Draft sounds okay, but regarding the SmackDown preview I still don’t get why Stone Cold is suddenly back to being a regular wrestler…


I actually really liked the opening, but you ruined it all by having Undertaker unrealistically Chokeslamming both Flair and the 500-pound Big Show. No way! Not even Undertaker. I like Eve and Kelly going over Brooke and Layla, but not a good match to open the show. Flair vs. Undertaker would not be good in the present WWE, but lets see. Did Teddy just announce Big Show vs. Big Show next week?? :/ MVP again beating Chavo was okay, but if this is going to be a feud Chavo needs to get a win. I actually liked everything about Kennedy vs. Booker. Even the ending. MVP vs. Knox next week sounds okay after MVP has to victories over Chavo, and Knox put Foley in the hospital. Hoping for Knox actually. Kane vs. Stone Cold is a bit weird as I’ve said before, but you actually managed to make it good. Kane kicking out of the Stunner and Kane hitting the Chokeslam when the referee was down after a Stunner was good. Maybe I would’ve done it the other way around, but good. Shocked to see a Double DQ again. Maybe Teddy Long should make the Hardcore Tournament matches Hardcore matches?? The main event was okay, but I still don’t get the whole Flair-thing. Big Show coming out in the end and taking both out was realistic and good though. All in all you’re getting better.


Again I liked the opening, but Triple H started off WAY out off character, but it got better. Vince was indeed in character though. Good to see. London and Kendrick getting revenge this week beating Priceless was good, and of course it’ll be these two teams at the Royal Rumble for the tag titles. Looking forward to a good talented match. Matt defeating Morrison was kind of obvious in my opinion, but I was hoping for Kofi to be involved some way or how. Morrison losing two weeks in a row is not good for him. I don’t get the heat between Triple H and Shawn Michaels?? And the next match confused me as well. Wasn’t John Cena supposed to be in the Road to Royal Rumble? And didn’t Vince announce Triple H vs. Umaga earlier?? The match itself was okay, but it made Umaga look very weak. Triple H walking away was good for the storyline though. Kind of a funny promo between Regal, Santino and Punk. Kofi jobbing to JBL after actually beating Morrison is bad booking in my opinion. It makes Kofi’s win make no sense, and it makes Morrison look even weaker. Victoria beating Sunny was good. The main event sounded great, but I didn’t like the outcome. I really had my hopes up for Jeff. But face vs. face is not good at a Pay-Per View, so I knew either Orton or Edge would win. HBK vs. Edge sounds good. And Triple H attacking Edge was a good ending. Leaves a lot of questions open.


Okay opening, and even though Taker was more in his biker-character than in his dead man-character and even though Teddy would never interrupt Taker, I liked Teddy’s announcement. Trish beating Eve was obvious, but a shame because of the facts that Eve had two wins in the bag from the last two weeks , and they’re both face divas. MVP beating Knox was okay, but even though MVP looks to be on a role this makes Foley look weak. Austin vs. Kane again?? Hmm.. Okay then. Kane wasn’t in character and Austin would never step into a promo in a dark spot with Kane. That removes the mystery. Rey defeating Kennedy was good, and having Booker attacking Kennedy was also good. Big Show beating Flair was good but obvious, because Big Show wouldn’t have a second match later if he would’ve lost this one. The next segment left me thinking “what the h…??”. MVP defending his title against Booker who seems to just have started a feud with Kennedy? Let’s see where you take this. Austin beating Kane in a match that didn’t look nearly as good as last week was okay I guess. Kennedy talking about screwing Booker out of his title match is good for their beginning rivalry. The main event actually sounded awesome, and what an ending!! Big Show Chokeslammed over the edge of the stage on week before Royal Rumble!! Wow!


Okay opening once again, but I still don’t get the hate between HBK and Triple H. And Triple H would NEVER be on Edge’s side. He would make sure he was in the match some way some how, or that the match wouldn’t even take place. Edge usually talks more, but he was in character. Triple H vs. Umaga sounds good. London beating Rhodes was realistic and a good choice in my opinion. An okay in-character promo/interview by Morrison. He still seems confident. Marella beating Finlay must be a joke!! Don’t get it. Morrison beats JBL?? What?! First Morrison loses to Kofi. Then Kofi jobs to JBL and now Morrison beats JBL…? And even a clean victory? Not good. And they’re both heel, which makes it worse. Jeff out indefinitely makes me sad. I like him. Orton facing Punk tonight should be okay, but good that Lashley decided to be there. Good match… Orton getting the best of Punk was good, and Lashley taking out Orton was better. Good storyline-building. The main event was okay, but didn’t get why Cena got involved and hysterically easily FU’d Umaga once again. Triple H Pedigreeing Cena was okay. Now onto the Contract Signing. That was maybe the best I’ve ever seen you do so far in this BTB. Great and in-character for the most parts. Of course Triple H enters in the end, but I wasn’t expecting him to nail the Spinebuster on Mr. McMahon. Shawn running away was okay I guess, and of course Edge got a Pedigree. Good ending!


Opening announcements by Teddy Long was okay, but after getting defeating by Stone Cold I really don’t get why Kane is in this week’s main event. And then against Angle?? Well, it could be good I guess. Again, diva matches isn’t a good way to open a show. But all in all, Melina beating Kelly was obvious. MVP beating Palumbo going into the Royal Rumble was a good choice. I really didn’t get the Kennedy segment at all, so no comments. Batista once again losing isn’t good at all in my opinion. Makes him look week. Khali and Knox teaming against Rey and Batista, who’s former WWE Tag Team Champions… Rey and Batista should’ve gotten the win. Austin as Special Referee tonight is done before, but let’s see what happens. Kennedy beating Chavo even though Booker tried to distract him was good. Mike Knox competing for a second time and defeating Carlito wasn’t good. Not that he couldn’t beet Carlito, but you said earlier that Knox was isolated by Batista in the most of their tag match. He would be exhausted. Of course Angle got the win, but I was amazed that Kane kicked out after an Angle Slam and a steel chair shot. Undertaker getting involved wasn’t good as he’s involved in the World title picture. But all in all you’re improving and I’m looking forward to Royal Rumble.

JuulDK’s Royal Rumble Predictions

Royal Rumble match

John Cena, Randy Orton, Lance Cade, Bobby Lashley, JBL, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Umaga, John Morrison, Santino Marella , Jack Swagger, Batista, The Great Khali, Rey Mysterio, Scott Steiner, Kurt Angle, Kane, Mr. Kennedy, Mike Knox, Val Venis, Chavo, Carlito, Matt Morgan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shad, JTG, And 2 Unknown Entrants

United States Championship

MVP © vs. Booker T

WWE Tag Team Championships

The Hooligans © vs. Priceless

WWE Championship

Shawn Michaels © vs. Edge

World Heavyweight Championship

Big Show © vs. The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

Bonus Questions

Who will enter #1? Carlito

Who will enter #30? Umaga

Who is the surprise entrants? Rob Van Dam and Triple H

Who will have the shortest time in the Royal Rumble match? Val Venis

Will Triple H interfere in the WWE Championship match? No

Who will have the most eliminations? Bobby Lashley
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

The Show opens from black to the sound of a narrator’s voice

Narrator: The race begins…

We here the sounds of wheels spinning out on an apparent race track

Narrator: To the grandest stage of them all…

We see bright lights and flashes taken from the stands around an arena

Narrator: Where Legends become Gods

A clip of last years Royal Rumble match was shown of Triple H eliminating John Cena to go to Wrestle mania

Narrator: Where rookies are saluted

Clip of Booker T making his entrance

Narrator: Thirty Men will enter

Royal Rumble Logo is shown

Narrator: One will last stand victorious

Clip of Triple H, Booker T, Bobby Lashley and Umaga appear

Narrator: It is all to go to one stage

Triple H: Wrestlemania

Booker T: Wrestlema-

Jeff Hardy: Wrestle...Mania!

Narrator: Begins NOW!

WWE Royal Rumble

A Smack Down! And RAW production

January 25th 2007

AT&T Center- San Antonio, Texas

“Addicted” by Saving Able

The opening video plays, hyping the Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship involving Ric Flair, World Champion Big Show and the Undertaker. Also hyping all the matches, and more importantly the feud between Edge and Michaels


After the massive amounts of fireworks and Pyrotechnics, The camera flashes around the arena showing signs that fans have brought saying “I’m the surprise entrant” , “Edge listens to Sweet Chin Music” along with “Big Show will R..I...P” and many signs put together that say “WOOOOOOOOOOOO”! We then head over to the announce table where we are looking at The WWE’s Raw announce team, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Jerry Lawler:Ladies and Gentleman, the AT&T Center has been sold out for a long time pumping up the Royal Excitement. And as you know, you are watching The WWE Royal Rumble!

Jim Ross:Yes, and bah gawd do we have a RAW main even for you!

Video of Edge vs. Shawn Michaels is aired; obviously removing the video of the two Raw Commentators, But Jerry Lawler takes over from Jim Ross and talks while the video plays.

Jerry Lawler:Tonight it is going to be Edge challenging Shawn Michaels for the WWE Championship!

We now go back to the panel as Lawler looks at Jim Ross who takes over again

Jim Ross:Also tonight the WWE Tag Team Championships are on the line and now over to the Smack Down! Announce team, Michael Cole and Joey Styles.

Camera in spins pans over to Michael Cole and Joey Styles

Michael Cole:Thanks guys, and The WWE Universe has got to be wondering, Will The Big Show be here tonight to defend his title after the carnage we saw just 2 weeks ago? Take a look at this!

A clip plays showing Undertaker Choke-slamming The Big Show off of the stage, crashing to the cement floor, Also showing Teddy Long announcing that the big show wasn’t going to be at Smack Down Last week because of Him being thrown off the stage. It also shows The Big Shows 2 matches two weeks ago, Highlighting his busts & breakouts.

Joey Styles: Yes, and I’m Joey Styles alongside Michael Cole, and tonight just may be one of the most exciting Pay-Per-View events of the year!


Michael Cole: Yes, And Right Now the United States Championship will the line and you can bet that Booker T is a little paranoid that Mr. Kennedy is lurking around.

Joey Styles: You bet because Mr. Kennedy can get on you like a Stamp on a postcard.

Michael Cole: Your absolutely right, but MVP has been on a winning Roll, and he is not going to let me down tonight.


Styles: You are supposed to be on both wrestlers’ sides, you are an announcer for god sakes!

Cole: No, Don’t get me wrong, I am pulling for MVP just as much as Booker T.

Styles: Anyway….General Manager Teddy Long put these two into this match, so let’s see how this will turn out!

Booker T is now out of the ring now that MVP is here, while he is out of the ring he insures he is safe and he looks under the ring. Referee tells him to get in the ring so he can start the match, but as they argue, MVP RUNS AND HITS BOOKER T WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE! After the run-in before the match, the referee rings the bell.

United States Championship

Booker T vs. MVP©

And the first match of the WWE’s Royal rumble has begun! MVP after what he did moments ago runs to the outside chasing Booker T, not wasting any time. Booker T sees MVP and sprints around the ring and into it. Booker T stands tall as he is the only one in the ring. MVP quickly gets booted in the face by Booker T as Booker goes for the quick Cover!






MVP Sits up and shakes his head, His mouth wide open in pain as he squints down. Booker T gets up and runs over to MVP, Striking him in the back with his massive wrestling boot. MVP Moves his back into abnormal position, trying to kill the pain that Booker T has just inflicted on him. Booker T goes and bounces off of the ropes, Completely fast and quick, Runs over and dives to drive his shoulder into the chest of the Sitting MVP, Knocking him under the top rope, with barely enough momentum to fall to the floor. Booker T runs after MVP, who is now lying on the floor, out of breath with his eyes closed. Booker T lifts him up off of the ground, onto his feet, and...IRISH WHIPS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS! The referee is at a 3 count currently as Booker T swiftly rolls in and out of the ring, starting Referee Charles Robinson’s count back at 0.

Booker T was yet again trying to lift MVP up from the floor. But MVP countered by hitting Booker in the stomach. MVP then Set Booker T onto the ring, his torso and lower body in but his head and neck along with part of his shoulders out. MVP used the ropes to climb onto the apron as he ran across it and hit a leg drop on Booker T as Booker fell to the floor, Out like a light.

MVP then went under the rope to wait for Booker T to be disqualified. At 5 Booker started to sit up and was up at about 7, Starting to get back in the ring but MVP swiftly hit a baseball slide of his own, But it missed as Booker grabbed MVP by the torso of his wrestling attire and THREW HIM INTO THE STEEL RINPOST! The referee was now at 7 as Booker T rolled into the ring and out of the ring, breaking The Referees count yet again.

MVP was still lying on the ground squinting in pain, panting as Booker T raised his arms high into the air, showboating for the crowd. MVP then got to his knees as Referee was at a 6 count for a double disqualification, but MVP swiftly squirmed into the ring, Booker looking the other way and still showing off. Booker T then turned around and got into the ring frantically at the referees 9 count.

MVP and Booker T were in there respective corners signaled Booker to bring it on hence the hand gestures. MVP ran at Booker Screaming as Booker T scoop slammed MVP, countering his attack. Booker T went for the cover!





….Rolled Shoulder slightly….


Booker T, Now extremely angry that he cannot score a pin over the MVP of Smack down, Sits up on his needs and slams both of his open hands on the canvas in frustration. He looks over at MVP and Climbs on top of him, Socking him in the face, over and over and over and over while MVP tries to defend himself like he is in a real MMA cage fight, Trying to cover his battered face with his forearms.

Booker then eventually got off of the beaten champion, and stood in the corner, stalking The Champion for his finisher! MVP got onto his knees, Bent over in a crawl position, as Booker T bounces off of the ropes, ATTEMPTING THE SCISSOR KICK! MVP does a summersault foreword, dodging the Scissor Kick in mid flight, causing Booker T to smack his legs on the canvas!!! Booker T sat in pain as MVP continued his Summersault momentum, bouncing off the ropes and back towards Booker T! MVP collided into the Challenger with a grueling clothesline to the side of the head! MVP FOR THE COVER AND….







Booker T simmered down a notch staying calm this time, Cocky and arrogant. He stood up and went over MVP and slapped him across the back, face and neck in a charade of disrespect. Booker T then waited for MVP to get up as Booker T stalked MVP for the Scissor Kick once more. MVP was in the same position as last time, Booker T bounced off the ropes, and CONNECTED WITH SCISSOR KICK! Booker T for the cover!








Booker T still lays on the fallen MVP, Wondering why the referee stopped his count. The referee tapped Booker on the back and said: “foot on the rope! No pin fall!” Booker T exclaimed “WHAT!?!!?” as Charles Robinson pointed at MVP’s foot, still hung on the 1st rope. This is the moment in space where JR. comments on how MVP did that by ‘Natural Instinct’. Any way, Booker T stood up and backed the referee into the corner. He lifted him up by his shirt like your normal middle school bully and said “Nah le’s count ‘dis tang right” As Booker T released his grip and ran over to the drag MVP to the center of the ring and went for the pin, But Charles Robinson stood in the corner, holding his chest, seaming partially in pain! Booker T was trying to get him to go over to his aide of pursuit and he did, But Booker should have already had this one away.








Booker T looked EXTREMELY excruciatingly ticked off at Charles Robinson. MVP stated to get up, Unnoticed while Booker stood up and mouthed something not aloud on television that was blurred out, And Booker Put his arm around ROBINSON’S HEAD AND HIT HIM WITH THE BOOK END! JR goes “BAH GAWD!” over at the announce table. MVP still a little probed didn’t notice and sneaks up behind Booker T and Rolls him up! He holds him cleanly by the legs and there isn’t a count because of Charles Robinson’s Absence! MVP must have held him like that for at least 7 seconds! More than twice what he needed to take away this match!

MVP goes to try and get the referee while Booker T attempts to make his way to his feet, Tired and panting, Covered in his own sweat. Charles Robinson was knocked unconscious, since he wasn’t moving an inch! THEN OUT OF NOWHERE AT ALL, MR. KENNEDY CHARADES INTO THE RING AND HITS BOOKER T OVER THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR! MVP turns around and is hit with the same fate! This is where Jim Ross makes another comment; this time that there is no referee therefore no one is disqualified! Kennedy then goes and grabs a second steel chair! Why would Mr. Kennedy need two chairs you might ask, because he wanted to cause a con-chair-to! He set one of the two chairs under Booker T’s head as he Lifted the other one and SLAMMED IT OVER BOOKER T’S HEAD! MVP was now up and he turned at Mr. Kennedy and Kennedy hit him over the head with the chair again also. Kennedy then runs over to MVP and drags his arm over the chest of the battered Booker T.

And what a coincidence, Right at that very moment the Referee started to get up. He saw the two, broken combatants lying in the center of the ring and crawled over to them, NOW counting but it is an absolutely slow count...…

















Styles is sitting with no reaction, as he cares for both people, While MVP is lying in the ring, beaten and battered not moving an inch along with Booker T and The Referee.

Joey Styles: You never said any such thing Cole and I thought you were pulling for both superstars!

Michael Cole: I….eh….I..Eh was!

Styles Roles his eyes at Michael Coles Remark….

Michael Cole: Don’t roll your eyes at me you…

Michael Cole keeps arguing while Joey just looks at the camera

Joey Styles: Well then let’s head over to the Raw Announce team who will present the next match.

We first tune back into the action as MVP crawls backwards up the ramp, holding the gold on his shoulder as the camera fades out to black.


Video promo now plays, showing a side view of two women standing at an apparent art museum. They are looking into a Picture frame, but the picture is not shown.

First Woman: It’s beautiful!

Second Woman: It must have been designed by Picasso or Davinci!

The women are standing awkwardly now, Joyful and happy.

The camera Pans over, and shows what is in the picture frame: 2 WWE Wrestle mania 23 Tickets

First Woman: Wow! That’s Picture Perfect!

The woman Smash the glass and grab the tickets and run out the doors. People look in awkwardness as the glass broke.


We are now cut into the parking lot where Triple H is trying to enter the AT&T Center; first he tries to go in the back way, thinking that there will be no one to stop him. He looks up the 2 sets of stairs as he sees 2 Security guards standing next to the double doors.

Triple H rolls his shoulders, and heads up the first set of the stairs. Once he gets to the 3rd stair of the second set, The guards move over, Covering the doors, Crossing there arms and looking angry. Triple H looks with disappointment and frustration, as he starts walking down the stairs and around the arena.

He starts murmuring, but all of a sudden looks happy and pleased. The camera pans over to a door that had no one around it what so ever. So Triple H looks walked right back down the stairs, and he walks through the doors, the camera staying outside and the doors close, revealing the sign on the door that says “Arena Basement” on it.

And back into the arena, we are brought to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who are ready to commentate on there next match.

Jerry Lawler: Oh My God! Triple H has found his way into the AT&T Center here tonight!

Jim Ross: Yes and you know that Mr. McMahon has had to have been informed, But no one saw this but us, unless the chairman is watching backstage.

Jerry Lawler: Yes and later tonight, The WWE Championship will be on the line!


Jerry Lawler: Yes and what a highly anticipated evening we’ve had, and the WWE Championship will be on the line….NOW!!

Cody Rhodes and Ted Debiase, Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders, make there way to the ring to a lot of heat.

Jim Ross: Yes indeed, and what a match we saw from Smack down! Moments ago!


Jerry Lawler: Yes, and I can only hope that Jack Doan will sustain his place as referee in this tag team match!

Jim Ross: And that is right now!

Rhodes and Debiase hop into the ring and Debiase decides to start things off, along with Paul London, They both stand in there corners as there partners cheer them on.

World Tag Team Championship

The Hooliganz© vs. Priceless

Rhodes taps the ropes and says “We need this one Ted” as he taps him on the shoulder. Kendrik stretches on the outside, just waiting for the match to get underway. Debiase stands in triumph, holding his head high and London just lays low and stares across the ring at him. THE MATCH IS NOW UNDERWAY!

Debiase locks up with Paul London in the corner in an over head grapple and Debiase over powers Paul London into the corner where Kendrik lifts up his hands showing he is not going to ruin the matchup with a disqualification. Debiase then backs away as the referee could have disqualified him as he got to a four count. Debiase backs away but then charges back in with kicks of fury, nailing him in the torso dropping him to the canvas as he still powered his legs into one of the champions. He then backed out with his hands in the air and turned around and tagged in Rhodes. Rhodes came into the ring, and Kendrik received a tag from his partner, Paul London. And he was dying to enter the lopsided match up. Rhodes got in to each other face to face When London INSIDE CRADLED PAUL LONDON!






Rhodes gets up and charges after London who ducks underneath his clothes line and they both bounce of the ropes. London runs and hops into the air and hits Rhodes with a spinning heel kick. Rhodes is down as London runs over and tags his partner back into the match, keeping each other fresh. Kendrik immediately hops onto the top rope with ease, and Attempts a diving splash on Rhodes, which connects! As he hit the splash he grabbed the legs and rolled into a cover! But he over rolled it, sending Rhodes on top of him for the cover, completely changing the tables!





Then both of them get up and Rhodes Takes Kendrik into the corner, pulling his hair, and smashes it on the top turnbuckle. He doesn’t look the slightest bit battered though as Kendrik soon kicks him in the sternum, sending him on one knee. Kendrik bounces off the ropes and goes charges into A SCOOP SLAM BY RHODES!

Rhodes now a little fatigued looks over at his tag team partner in agony, as he and Kendrik are both laid out. Both men reach there knees and are trying to make the tag! Kendrik is about 3 feet from London! But Rhodes makes the tag and Debiase runs into the match up, and drags the almost tagging Kendrik into the center of the ring, and into a Leg Twist like submission by Debiase! He wrenches it in, Paul London is tapping the turnbuckle, and having the crowd start clapping in a chant like motion for there favorites in this one fall contest. Kendrik soon spins his body, and kicks Debiase off of him. He stands up and stumbles around a little bit before he runs at the sitting Ted Debiase Jr. and kicks him in the back, sending him to lay down. They are both now lying in the ring, just as before, and they soon both are crawling to there corner! DOUBLE HEATED TAG FROM KENDRIK AND DEBIASE! Paul London and Cody Rhodes are entered in the match as Rhodes clotheslines London at a fast pace, London gets up and is punched 3 times and clothes lined again, this time he doesn’t get up. Rhodes for the cover!






Kendrik bursts into the match and is almost Disqualified but Debiase comes in and clotheslines Kendrik over the top rope, and they both go over, leaving the two legal men in the ring! London gets up and grabs the head of Cody Rhodes and hits a Tornado DDT off of the turnbuckle! He goes for the cover while Debiase throws Kendrik into the ring post! There is no count because the referee was distracted by Kendrik and Debiase brawling outside the ring! London runs over to the referee and taps his shoulder and says come on, when Cody Rhodes rolls him up!








Jim Ross: Well there you have it! The NEW World Tag Champions, King!

Jerry Lawler: Yes, and that match was a very opportunistic match for team priceless, And they well deserved that win!

They stand in the ring as Kendrik is lying unconscious on the floor with London is holding his hair like a hand grenade, and Tag champs hold the belts high.

Jim Ross: Yes and up next, is the World Heavyweight Championship match between Ric Flair, The Undertaker and The Champion, The Big Show!

Backstage we see inside Mr. McMahon’s office who is sitting at his computer, looking angry as he types. He has 3 security guards standing on the wall behind him, protecting him…

Mr. McMahon: SON OF A….

Vince picks up his keyboard and throws it across the room and into a picture frame of him on the January 2007 Muscle and Fitness magazine, which has a picture him on it. The frame brakes and falls on to the keyboard, both broken. Mr. McMahon then stands up and walks in front of his security, angry and full of attitude.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H….Is in this building….RIGHT NOW!

Mixed reaction from the fans

Mr. McMahon: How could you leave a door unnoticed!?!?!!?!?

Guard: Um…

Mr. McMahon: Yeah, You ponder that before I decide to have you kiss my dairy air or relieved of duty!


Mr. McMahon: Well if he interrupts that match tonight that is on YOUR head and is YOUR Fault…AND YOU WILL…HAVE HELL TO PAY!!!

Vince takes his computer monitor and throws it across the room and it breaks down his door.

Next the is in a room, and the camera zooms out on Trish Stratus and Victoria standing by the Ball Tumbler accompanied by General Managers from RAW and SMACKDOWN, Teddy Long and William Regal, and the tumbler spins. All of sudden, outbursts John Cena, who appears in front of the tumbler, and is rubbing his hands together.

John Cena: Well...Well…Well!

Small cheap pop a Cena says his first words, and grabs a ball out of the tumbler

John Cena: Is this the winning number? Is this the winning outtake for Wrestle mania 23?

Cheap pop again as Trish rolls her shoulders, acknowledging that she isn’t sure. Cena holds the ball and won’t open it. All of a sudden a hand pops on the scene as the camera zooms out to show the forearm belongs to Kurt Angle, Who gets heat for just showing his face

Angle: No it isn’t, because if you really thought that you have a chance of winning the royal rumble, you knew you were going to have to go into me, didn’t you Cena?

Cena: Yeah, I did, But then I realized you are going to get eliminated before I even enter the match up you gold medal coward!

Cheap pop as Cena just makes fun of Angle

Angle: Is that right? Well, I’m going to draw my ball right now….and it will be #30.

Angle draws the ball and opens it, cocky and arrogant. The camera zooms in on to the ball, revealing he has drawn #1!

Cena: (Smiles) Yeah, #30 alrig-

Cena is interrupted by the walk in from none other than the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga!


Cena looks into the camera and says “What?” with out any voice, and looks at Umaga.

Cena: Hello to you too?

Angle is now off camera and now Cena is backing away, trying to be funny as we head off into black.

ROYAL RUMBLE RETURN: Kane returns at #30 from a torn ACL and wins The 2005 Royal Rumble to g to Wrestlemania 21

Now to the Smack down Announce Team….

Michael Cole: Well with that in mind, we now know who will enter #1 in to The Royal Rumble Match, Kurt Angle!

Joey Styles: Yes indeed, and up next is the WWE Championship match!


-Clips of Flair and Undertaker hitting the floor at the exact same time to make a 3 way at the Royal Rumble

-Clips of Ric Flair and Big Shows match two weeks ago highlights

-Undertaker Choke slams both of his Opponents in the ring

-Undertaker vs. Flair match highlights

-Undertaker slamming The Big Show off of Smack down’s Stage


Michael Cole: And here is the man who has been wrestling for longer than any other superstar tonight, Nature Boy Ric Flair!

Ric flair takes his strut down the isle with his robe as fans all over are holding up signs that say “WOOOOOOOOOOOO” spread out over the rows of people. He hops into the ring as we are about to start up the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship.

Joey Styles: This man has had a lot of time to prepare for this match up, especially after what had happened a while ago on Smack Down!

Michael Cole: You are absolutely right, I mean he lost to the Big Show after an elbow! That is how massive and destructive that the man is!


The announcers go silent as The Undertaker makes his aw inspiring entrance, and takes off his hat, and raises his hands to turn the lights back on, and he removes his jacket while staring into the eyes of Ric Flair.

Joey Styles: And there is the man who is 14-0 at Wrestle mania, the Undertaker!

Michael Cole: Yes and he has been on a path of destruction in recent weeks, choke slamming Big Show off of the stage and such.

Joey Styles: Yes and is possibly the favorite heading into this match!


Michael Cole: And here comes The Big Show!

Big Show hops into the ring, all ready to get the contest on as he relinquishes his belt over to the referee. The referee holds the belt high as the match gets about ready.

Joey Styles: Are you ready for a possible contender for Match Of The Year, Michael?

The match is now underway as the bell rings

Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair vs. The Big Show©

The undertaker gets things going right off of the bat by grappling with his co-contender for the World Championship, Hence allowing Big Show to slip outside the ring and relax. He signals to them that they can start the match as the Phenom and the Nature Boy release there arm grapple and they stare at each other and nod. They both dive out of the ring and go after the bigger man, who is now scrambling. ‘Taker and Flair are trying to eliminate him from this matchup: Physically. They both grab onto him and rip at his skin and ring attire with punches and kicks that wear him away mildly. The Big Show raises his arm, cutting off The Undertaker and He Throws Flair into the steel steps! Flair scrambles in pain as he is now isolated early in this highly anticipated match up. The Referee is at a 7 count when The Undertaker plants The Big Shows head in the floor with a Devastating and brain radiating DDT! Undertaker then swiftly enters the ring, completely decimating the Referees 8 count, Not getting anyone disqualified. He rolls out and takes the fallen Big Show by his head and slams him headfirst into the ring post! Undertaker then lifts Flair and throws him into the ring, and then he hops in as well, carrying the Big Show by the arm.

The Big Show immediately collapses in the middle of the ring, and Flair thumbs the Undertaker in the eye. Undertaker shuffled into the corner, holding his eye and grunting in a viscous pain. Undertaker then just completely knocks Flair down with a clothesline out of the blue. The Deadman then bounces off the ropes as Flair dives under him. He bounces off the ropes yet again and the now up and going Flair spikes Undertaker in the gut with a left hand, stopping the Undertaker and his momentum dead, and suplexes him, rattling The Undertakers spine. Flair then does his Nature Boy strut and runs over to the ropes and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps of attempting a diving splash but is caught by the world champion!

Big Show immediately cinches in the pain as he sends Flair into a bear hug! But the Undertaker reaches his feet and kicks the big show in the calf muscle, causing him to fall foreword while holding onto Flair! Flair holds on as he shoves the Big Show’s head and shoulder area into the rope, Sending Flair into the Undertaker who wraps his hand around his neck, looking to pull off a choke slam and end this early. But Flair knees Undertaker in the gut and Irish whips him into the corner. Big Show now runs at Flair who catches him in his feet with a drop toe hold, KNOCKING BIG SHOW INTO THE 2ND TURNBUCKLE! Flair turns around to Undertaker, but kicks him in the gut for the third time in the match, but gets out of it with an uppercut to the jaw! The Deadman then in anger attacked Flair with some punches, and grabbed him by the tights and threw him into the corner, and bashes his shoulder on the steel ring post! Undertaker then hustles over at Big Show, and kicks him in the skull with the sole of his shoe, trying to isolating him as he went for the cover on Ric Flair!






Flair soon reaches his feet and Runs after the Undertaker, and regains control of this World Championship match with some slaps across the upper body of The Undertaker, attaching his patented “WOOOO!” to the end of the beatings. Flair then connects with an arm drag takedown on the running Undertaker, and Flair struts yet again going “WOOOO!” He turns around to a hellacious chop to the head by The Big Show! Big Show covers! 1…2…Undertaker breaks it up as he dives and nails and elbow on his upper shoulder blade district. Undertaker then lifts Big Show up off of the canvas as they are both sweating profusely. They exchange right hands as Big Show eventually counters out and Irish Whips Undertaker over the top rope, crashing to the floor with a huge thud as he is almost a 400 pounder.

Flair and Big Show now stand Chest to face, as Big Show towers over the remaining contender. Flair dives at him and chops him in the chest with a diving jump, that sends the Big Show stumbling into the corner, where Flair climbs onto the turnbuckle and hands out 10 punches to the head of The Big Show. Flair gets off as Big Show is clueless and walks into the center of the ring as Flair hops off the top turnbuckle and hits a flying bulldog! The crowd pops as they’ve seen nothing like it before! Flair goes for the cover!






Flair now gets up and stomps on Big Show repeatedly as the Big Show crawls to the corner, making the referee stop Flairs attacks. Flair backs up to be hit with a back neck breaker by Undertaker! ‘Taker for the pinfall! 1…2..Kickout just before three! Flair then pretends hurt and grabs The Phenom by the Neck in a side headlock formation as he gets angry! He wrenches in the pain as everything seems to get harder for taker, who has hair all down his face, and sweat dripping down to the canvas. It is soon ended by Big Show who kicks Flair in the stomach! Undertaker is now laying down in pain that is left over from the sadistic submission from Ric Flair. Big Show Lifts Flair up over his head and launches him out of the ring, crashing to the floor like a rag doll.

Undertaker is up and Big Show turns around and Undertaker stairs into the eyes of The Big Man, as they go face to face, Staring off at each other. That is broke up with a fist to the face by Undertaker, which is redeemed for a reply by Big Show with a heavy left, Sending Undertaker backwards into the ropes which he holds onto. Big Show runs over to The Undertaker and Undertaker boots him in the face, Which sends him backwards a few steps, holding his jaw. Undertaker then ran over to him and nailed him in the face with a left, Sending Big Show to lean over and Undertaker grabbed the beast by his arm and twisted it around, winding it up. He then went ‘Old School’ and got onto the top turnbuckle, walked across the ropes, but Flair pulled his leg before he could jump! Undertaker fell to the outside and smashed his head on the ring apron, sending him into Flair who gave him many lefts, But Undertaker countered by scrunching his fist into the gut of The Nature Boy, and suplexing him up, And his legs were grasped by Big Show! Undertaker let go and Big Show launched Flair all the way over his head, causing him to crash his head on the canvas as Referee disabled his low count. Undertaker got into the ring, but before he could reach his feet inside, Big Show kicked him and then grasped him by the shoulder, putting him into a submission maneuver that could turn his arm num. He kept it locked in hard as Undertaker tried to Reach the ropes. As that happened, Ric Flair came over to Undertaker and grasped his hand, making certain that he wouldn’t tap. Undertaker then kicked Flair off and flipped around and tried to get Big Show into his prized but deadly submission: Hells Gate. He wrapped his foot around Shows torso but Flair kicked him head….But he didn’t release his grasp! Big Show soon picked Undertaker up and Slammed him to the mat with a hard velocity! Cover!






All three of the men were down and we get a start to a Referee 10 count now. Neither man moves until about 6 and Flair and Big Show make it to there feet first as Undertaker is still wooed out by the Slam tacked on him by the Big Show. Big Show first puts his hands up to Flair as Flair does also. Flair makes the first move by charging in after him, But Big Show catches him up with a clothesline! Big Show goes for the cover! 1….2…Undertaker crawls over and lifts Flairs shoulder off of the canvas and causes the Big Show to retaliate in anger by running over to Undertaker and trying to Give him a Fist but Undertaker ducks and LFTS UP THE BIG SHOW! SNAKE EYES ON THE BIG SHOW! He falls back and Undertaker Wraps his hand around the throat of The Big Show! Flair rolls in and grabs The Undertakers foot and yanks away at it! Undertaker let’s go of Big Shows huge neck and is rolled up by Flair!







Big Show then charges over and throws Flair over the top rope and he crashes to the floor. Undertaker gets up and Big Show wraps his arm around Undertakers neck! UNDERTAKER THE GRABS SHOW BY THE THROAT ALSO! DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! They are Both Down! Flair enters the ring and puts his hand over Big Shows chest!







After that doesn’t work for Flair, he hops onto The Undertaker for the pin fall. 1…2….KICKOUT! Flair jumps off a rustles his hair in disbelief that he couldn’t pin neither The Big Show nor The Undertaker. He turns around, still on his knees and Undertaker sits up, scaring the daylights out of Flair who jumps up like a stray cat seeing a dog. The Undertaker rushes over and grasps Flair by the throat and Choke slams him! Undertaker then signals to the crowd that he is going to finish off his opponent with a slide of the fist across his throat. He lifts Flair up off the mat but Flair doesn’t let The Undertaker get him easy as he slides to the outside. Undertaker wastes no time as he rolls out there also as the referee tries to get them back into the ring. Undertaker grabs Flair and throws him into the steel Ring post, And as he bounces back Undertaker throws him through the Steel Steps. Undertaker rolls into the ring and goes for the cover on Big Show but the referee keeps his eyes on Flair as he counts him out!

Michael Cole: WHAT IS THE CALL!?

One man has been counted out, and two were in the ring! What happens now? Referees talk things over and they declare that since the match is a draw between The Undertaker, and The Big Show, The Champion Retains!



Undertaker tries to argue with the referee but it is to no avail

Michael Cole: The Undertaker had the pin….and the referee just….UHHHH!

Big Show lays on the ground with the belt lying on his stomach, not moving and panting hard as we fade out to Backstage…

..where we see that Edge is sitting in the locker room, looking ready to compete in his WWE Championship match, Which is NEXT!




We Return to a load of replays from the last match, then sent to our RAW Commentators who will be sharing the broadcast of the next match.

Jim Ross: Hello ladies and Gentleman, and what a night it has been this evening!

Jerry Lawler: Yes, and with the three title defenses here tonight, One has changed hands.

Jim Ross: Yes and Up next is The WWE Championship Match!


-Clips of highlights from Lashley vs. Orton, Showing Orton advancing in the WWE Championship Tournament

-Clips of Cena vs. Hardy, Highlighting how Hardy advanced to the Triple Threat in the Tournament

-Clips showing How Edge beat both Shawn Michaels and Triple H to advance through the tournament.

-Highlights of Edge vs. Orton vs. Hardy, showing how Hardy was taken out and Edge won!

-Highlights of The Opening Promo of weeks ago and last week.

-Shows the Contract signing between them last week

Camera turns back to the announcers

Jerry Lawler: Well let’s get this thing on the road, huh king?

Short pause, followed by the entrance of Edge.


Edge comes out with his Jacket on, and lights off his Pyro as normal

Jim Ross: And Here Comes Edge, and what chances do you think he has

Jerry Lawler: Well, I have to take into account the athleticism of Edge, I say he has a good chance of winning this.

Edge hops into the ring as he awaits his opponent in a rivalry that has boiled here tonight

Jim Ross: How could you say that King? Shawn Michaels has proven himself time and time again, How can you possibly think that Edge….well….Has the Edge?

Jerry Lawler: I never said that, All I’m saying is that Edge has a fair shot of striking gold here tonight!

With out any further wait…


….Shawn Michaels enters to a rather large pop as Fans salute him across the building

Jim Ross: There is Shawn Michaels, Not wanting to keep the crowd waiting King!

Jerry Lawler: You are absolutely correct JR.

Michaels heads into the ring with his WWE Title, Smashing his Pyro off also as he hops into the ring. He flexes his muscles for the fans. Edge is outside the ring as he waits for Michaels to compete. Shawn Michaels hands in his Title as Edge slides into the ring. They square off in there corners, about ready for the match.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels defiantly has the heart to win this thing, I’ll tell you that

World Wrestling Entertainment Championship

Shawn Michaels© vs. Edge

This match started with a lot of Intensity as miles of Friction have grown Between These Two. These two have been ready to kill each other for weeks now. The intensity growing is being stacked on by The Crowd with an “HBK” Chant being proposed loud and strong. Edge looks around the ring in disgust as to them cheering for his opponent, Enemy, and Immortal Foe.

The match started with a long stare down, both men saying many, many different things to each other. The only words we caught off the lips of Edge were “I am The Rated R Superstar, and I am also tougher than you!” That was followed by HBK looking away from the Stare down, into the camera, looking at the people mouthing “Can you believe this guy?” Edge looked away The Other way, Embarrassed and Upset and He snarled, and Smacked the Heartbreak Kid Square across the face! Michaels stood with his head turned sideways his hair in his face because of the velocity of The Slap. Michaels quickly Sprung Up and Jumped onto the Challengers Upper Body, Causing him to timber to the mat as Michaels Stayed on top of him, Pounding away at his head Edge flipping and flapping, Trying to escape the Grasp of The WWE Champion To start The Match up.

Shawn Michaels soon stopped The Flying Fists as he stood up and started pounding his foot onto the Chest of the Challenger. Edge then caught one of Michaels Stomps and viscously twisted it into a Half Boston Crab submission maneuver. He had it wrenched in on The Champion! Michaels was Bouncing His hand up and Down on the mat, but not tapping as he kept replying to the referees words with a satisfying “No” while Edge was Screaming “C’mon Shawn” Michaels soon was screaming in agony as he flipped over and kicked Edge with both feet, Causing The Rated R Superstar to soar over onto his back. They Both Got up quick as Shawn Michaels ran after Edge and gave him a devastating Right Hand. Edge fell to the floor, Seeming to be knocked out. Michaels goes for the Cover!






Edge soon got up and Hit Michaels with a clothesline. He bounced off the ropes as Michaels dove under the champion, Edge bounced back off the other ropes and Hit Michaels with a Swinging Neck breaker! Michaels was laying on the floor, as Edge ran over to the corner, Rustling his hair, running his hands through it and yelling “Get Up” while waving his fingers in that kind of motion. Michaels got up and turned around to Edge running at him. Michaels then turned it into an Arm bar which had Edge Screaming In Pain. Edge soon Started Elbowing Shawn but that made him tighten his grasp on Edge’s Arm. Edge soon makes it to the ropes, Breaking Michaels Submission Maneuver. Edge Grasped the Ropes as the Referee counted up to 5 for The Champion to break the count. He stopped at four as Edge stuck to the Ropes as HBK walked over to his corner.

Edge had a look of shock as it seems The Heartbreak Kid has impressed him. Michaels Wipes his mouth of Sweat quickly as the Match Continues and we work our way to the Main Event.

Edge and Michaels raise their arms, ready to grapple each other, which is exactly what took place. They Locked Arms as Edge Drives Michaels into the Corner and Pushes up hard on his chin as The Referee Makes him break the count. Edge backs off cautiously holding up his arms as if innocent of anything. He then Charges into the Corner, Laying a Cross body on The Showstopper. Michaels just bounces off and keeps striding towards the center of The Ring When Edge Ran up from behind Nailing a Bulldog on the Champion! He rolls him up for the cover!







Edge was now getting angry as He Rustled his hair again, moving it out of his face. Michaels soon got up and Moved over To His Corner yet again as Edge impatiently ran after Michaels for The Spear when Michaels slid out of The Rated R Superstars way, Sending Him Under The top Turnbuckle, forging his shoulder into The Unforgiving Steel Ring post! He stayed there for a minute, But Then Soon He Got out and Michaels Grabbed his arm and twisted it over his shoulder and driving his shoulder into The Challenger’s own shoulder. Michaels then lifted The Challenger up and Suplexes Him to the canvas. He spun around; Pumping His Fists and Raising His arms out beside him as he climbed to the top rope and hit the coveted Elbow Drop! He then Got Really Pumped, Spinning Round and Round! He got into The Corner and Stomped his foot on the Ground, Tuning up the van for Sweet Chin Music! Edge got up, Turned around as Michaels Stuttered after Edge, Launched His Foot into the Air, Missing. His Leg Straightened out in The Air as Edge capitalizes by Leg Sweeping the Champion. Michaels fell to the canvas as Edge Stomped on Michaels Leg. Edge then went for the cover out of nowhere…




SHOULDER ROLLED by Shawn Michaels

Edge in inferior anger Lifts Michaels head off of the mat and slams it hard to the mat. He does it repeatedly until Michaels Throws Edge off of him. Michaels then gets up and Gives Edge an Inverted Atomic Drop. Edge turns around and Michaels gets ready to deliver the Super Kick but Edge drops to the mat and rolls out of The Ring, Standing on the Floor, Grabbing His Head. Michaels getting frustrated runs outside the Ring and Takes Edge and Throws him headfirst into the Barricade. Michaels then Runs into the ring, waiting For Edge to be disqualified. At a referees 8 Count, Edge makes his way into the Ring, Michaels runs over and Boots him in the skull after he is bent over from getting in the second rope surrounding the ring. Michaels then goes for the cover on Edge, Looking to put this away quickly.






Edge quickly sits up as Michaels goes after Edge and lifts him up, backhand slapping him across the chest, as the crowd goes “Woooooooo” in commemoration of Nature Boy Ric Flair. Michaels slaps Edge again and again, until he backs Edge into the corner. Michaels then climbs on the second turnbuckle and pounds away at the head of Edge. Edge grabs the foot of Shawn Michaels and he slams his head on the turnbuckle! He stumbles back to be chopped in the back of the leg with a diving smash by Edge. Michaels falls onto the mat as Edge runs over into the corner, and stalks Michaels for the spear! Michaels gets up and he hits an Inverted Atomic Drop on the Challenger. Michaels then runs around the ring as he has Edge on his knees. Michaels punches him a few times and climbs onto the turnbuckle. He dives and hits the Theatric Diving Elbow, getting lots of flashes from the cameras brought in by San Antonio. Michaels then runs to the corner and Tunes up the Van! Edge gets up and SPEARS SHAWN MICHAELS! COVER!




Shawn Michaels KICKS OUT!


Michaels lies in the ring a battered soul, As Edge asks the referee why that wasn’t a 3…Meanwhile, Out from under the ring comes TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H! HE HAS A STEEL CHAIR AND HE SWINGS FOR MICHAELS, BUT MICHAELS DUCKS AND IT IS SMASHED OVER THE HEAD OF EDGE, FORMING A DISQUALIFICATION!!!!


After the match, Triple H looked in shock as he just bashed Edge with the steel chair. He turns around and ducks under Michaels super kick and smashes Michaels over the head with a steel chair, this time, not missing his target! Triple H then drops the chair and signals that he is going to Pedigree Michaels onto the chair, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HE DOES! Triple H then hops out of the ring as Michaels is lying in a puddle of blood! All of a sudden, an arm sticks out from Under the Ring and grabs Triple H’s ankle and trips him and pulls him under the ring…..Edge and Shawn Michaels are now laid out, both battered, but one bloody.

Jim Ross: Bah Gawd!

Jerry Lawler: Yes and who do you think got Triple H, JR?

Jim Ross: I have no earthly Idea King, But they sure did put on a match.


A WWE Draft clip was played showing that just one week after Backlash, There will be a major shake up!


We then see General Manager of Smack Down, Theodore Long in the ring as we come back from the short intermission…

Theodore Long: Playa’s

Pause with a slight pop for the General Manager of SmackDown

Theodore Long: I’m here to talk to you….


Theodore Long: About the Hardcore Title

Pause with small heat as Mick Foley is out of action

Theodore Long: as you all know, Mick Foley has been injured by the actions of Mike Knox weeks ago

Heat for the mention of the happenings

Theodore Long: And when you think of the Hardcore Title…

Short Pause

Theodore Long: …It’ll bring back some memories.


Theodore Long: Some are Nightmares…And some are Dreams


Theodore Long: But all are haunting.


Theodore Long: And with all the pain and suffering that other human beings have been through…

No Reaction

Theodore Long: So I have decided….

Long Pause as Crowd Chants “TEDDY”

Theodore Long: To retire the Hardcore Title.

MASSIVE HEAT to the General Manager and his choice to abandon the belt from WWE.

Theodore Long: But I’m pleased to tell you….


Theodore Long: … at WWE’s next pay per view, No Way Out….

Pause with some pops as they know something will take place at WWE No Way Out

Theodore Long: We will have two participants….Of my choosing…..Compete in a Hardcore Match to decide the last Hardcore Championship.

Decent pop

Theodore Long: I am also reinstating the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after this match takes place!

Pop, General Manager Teddy Long Leaves the ring and leaves to his music as we head over to the Smack down Announce table who will be doing the Royal Rumble match


The Winner will receive a World Championship Title Shot at WWE’s 23rd annual Wrestlemania!

ENTRANT #1: Kurt Angle
The arena sits down in disrespect, singing the lines of angles song with "You suck" as they always do and did. Kurt Angle - Entering at the worst possible Entrant no. Kurt Angle seems extremely paranoid as he is drawn #1, but enters the ring with one objective: Winning.

Styles: Well here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist, Looking to win the opportunity for the gold!

Cole: Yes, and he has been given the worst position in the entire match to deal with. If he is going to go to WrestleMania for his first time ever, I'm sure he'd love to do it this way.

Styles: You’re absolutely Right Cole, and you have to remember, He is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in the entire business of the WWE!

Cole: You are correct, let’s see who his first opponent will be in this grueling match.

ENTRANT #2: John Bradshaw Layfield
Mounds of Heat is piled on the second entrant of the contest also, as everything has high expectations with the two Main Eventers starting things off for the 2007 Royal Rumble Match. JBL isn't too happy about being one of the first two inside the thirty man match that could go on for hours

Cole: Well here comes JBL, definitely one of the favorites to win the match, But not at #2.

Styles: Yes, and we all know that you would like a JBL victory tonight

Cole: Indeed I would, an old friend and broadcast partner.

Styles: Okay, Back to the match. If you look at these two you pick up that Angle is a Gold medalist in the Olympics and JBL is a self proclaimed Wrestling God who is also the longest reining United States Champion in WWE History! How does that sum this up Cole?

Cole: It serves it up very well to be Honest with you Joey, I mean you've seen both of these men in action in recent weeks, You’ve seen there potential.


the two men stand in their respective corners, Stretching there legs and prompting one another. They then meet in the middle of the squared circle, Angle wants to go for a test of strength but Bradshaw hesitates and looks away. He turns and Nails Angle in the side of the head, knocking him to the mat to open the match.

Angle starts crawling backwards as he looks surprised at how great the punch from Bradshaw was. JBL waits for him to get up as they lock arms in the center of the ring. Bradshaw then shifts the move into a side headlock, wrenching it in on the Gold Medalist. Angle eventually Countered by pushing Bradshaw out of it with his right arm, causing Layfield to bounce off the ropes. As he shot at angle he dove and nailed the gold Medalist in the stomach. The crowd had no reaction as they hated both of the chosen superstars; JBL bounced himself off the ropes as Angle dove under Bradshaw who hopped over him, Angle got up as JBL bounced of the other rope. Angle Ran toward the charging JBL and nailed him with a clothesline. Angle then tried to wrench the Ankle lock but Bradshaw Countered with a kick to the sternum, sending Angle into the Turnbuckle.

Angle regrouped in the corner as Bradshaw kept the attack going. He bombed into the corner stomping all over the Olympic Gold Medalist as the referees on the outside attempted to break it up. JBL then lifted Angle and started pounding away at him, sending his body to lie across the turnbuckle. He was awake but lifeless. JBL climbed to the second Rope and started to pound away more...



ENTRANT #3: Rey Mysterio
Rey waists no time, Not making his normal entrance where he butts heads with Fans with masks, He sprints down to the ring, Quickly to get into the match up.

Styles: Here comes some San Diego Fight for you!

Cole: Yes, Certainly looking to mess these two up and win this coveted contest here.

Rey enters while Bradshaw gets off of Angle and Runs after Mysterio, Mysterio ducks under Bradshaw and Runs over and Hops onto Kurt Angle, Angle Pushed Mysterio off and he Nailed Bradshaw as Mysterio and JBL crash to the mat with a thud. Angle then charges over and Picks up Bradshaw, And Irish Whipped him into the ropes sending him onto the apron. Angle tries to eliminate Layfield as Mysterio Chimed in to eliminate him also. They were now both pushing on JBL! JBL gave Angle a right hand sending him into the ring and pushed Rey Mysterio in the head causing him to loosen his grasp. Layfield then head butted Mysterio causing him to turn around while backing up and was hit With THE ANGLE SLAM! Bradshaw climbed in the ring, under the second rope and Got into a Fist fight with Angle, Mysterio still lying on the mat.

JBL and Kurt Angle exchanged and Traded punches, Angle Then got 3 Right hands in on Layfield, Knocking Him to the Ground! Angle Ran over and was drop toe held by JBL in to a Boston Crab Maneuver! Mysterio Got up soon and broke up the Submission, and was Grabbing Bradshaw and Irish whipping him into the corner. Angle was Holding His Ankle and Mysterio saw that and Capitalized on it by having a Boston crab leg lock of his own! Bradshaw Charged over and nailed Mysterio in the head as the next entrant was about to come in....



CM Punk Enters the Arena to a large pop as he pulls of His T-Shirt as he runs down the ramp and Into the Match.

Styles: Well here comes one of the new-breed wrestlers, and boy I have seen this man wrestle before, And I like his chances.

Cole: You’re right Joey, He as just a unique style to get the victory, He mainly loves to use his feet as weapons Styles!

JBL was up, Angle was in excruciating pain, Holding his ankle and Mysterio was trying pull himself up off the ropes while Punk entered the ring. CM Punk first went after Layfield as He clotheslines him into the Ropes, Sending Him Flipping onto the Apron. CM Punk was hit with a Left hand and then a right from JBL, Knocking His grip off of The Wrestling God as Angle Came and Hit CM Punk from Behind, Sending him flying into the ropes, knocking JBL Onto The Announce Table, Following by him falling off behind it, Eliminated.


Bradshaw was really looking bad, not moving at all after being eliminated. CM Punk turned around and was hit with the Angle slam as well! Mysterio soon ran after Angle and Hit him in the back, Causing him to crash into the ropes, in perfect Posture for the 619! Rey Bounced off the opposite rope, Ready for his finisher when Angle Slithered under the bottom Rope and out of the Ring, Not being eliminated. CM Punk Got up and Charged after Mysterio who hit Mysterio in the back, sending Him to bounce off of the ropes As Rey hopped into the air upside down and hit him flipped making Punk do a Front flip and Landing on The Canvas.

Angle Got in the ring and nailed Rey in the back, causing him to fly On top of CM Punk. Angle Screamed in Anger and stomped on Rey Mysterio who was lying On the Legs of the Straight Edge Superstar. Kurt Angle gets onto the Top Turnbuckle and Hops over nailing the currently Standing CM Punk. CM Punk was knocked to the mat, as Rey Mysterio got up and teamed with Punk going After Angle. They bounced off of the ropes and Nailed Angle with a double Clothesline. They Then cam over to him and gave him an elbow. Mysterio then turned on Punk and Hopped and Kicked him in the back of the head, knocking him to the Floor. Mysterio got onto the top rope and Jumped for the Frog Splash but was CAUGHT IN MID AIR BY ANGLE! Angle carried Him towards the ropes and tossed him onto the apron, And tried to push him off but Rey slithered under the rope, and into the ring as the buzzer ticked down to the next entrant...



*SWAGGER*ENTRANT #5: Jack Swagger
The All American-American walks out and raises his arms with a cocky smile. He then walks with his own swagger down to the Ring. He doesn't Hustle, He just walks down the ramp, not "cool" enough to run.

And here comes the All American-American Jack...Swagger!

Yes and he is sure bound for a victory, after al this is his first ever Royal Rumble, Let alone his first Pay Per View!

Swagger Stands on The apron and hops into the ring and nails CM Punk with a devastating clothesline, then moving on to Kurt Angle. He picked Kurt Angle off the ropes and Irish whipped him into the turnbuckle. Swagger ran after Angle and tried to dive and hit him with a spear type maneuver but that missed as Swagger went flying through the Ropes, into the steel Ring post. Rey Mysterio Ran after CM Punk and CM Punk hit a cross body. Angle Pulled Swagger off he ring post and Irish whipped him into the second rope, Followed by Swagger hitting The Gut Wrench Power Bomb on Angle. CM Punk got off of Mysterio as Mysterio nailed Punk with a handful of kicks to the hamstring, trying to take him down. Swagger saw that and since Angle was down, He ran after Mysterio and grabbed his kicks to him, and Rey hopped around but CM Punk nailed Rey with a clothesline.

CM Punk and Jack Swagger were the last ones standing! CM Punk and Swagger got into a grapple in the Center of the ring as Mysterio started to get to his feet. CM Punk Irish Whipped Swagger across The ring and over the ropes sending his feet off the apron. CM Punk turned around Thinking that Swagger had been eliminated but he wasn't, He pulled himself back up! CM Punk went after Rey Mysterio who was now on his feet. Swagger was leaning against the ropes, holding on To the Ropes starting to melt down more and more. CM Punk Jumped Onto Rey and started to pound away, pumping his arm up and down like a piston. Jack Swagger was now in the ring and He ran after CM Punk. Swagger hopped up and Slammed Punk and Mysterio to the ground.

Both Men were down as Swagger got onto the top rope, waiting for one to Rise. CM Punk arose and Swagger Jumped attempting a flying Clothesline but Punk flew up, Drop kicking Swagger right square in the jaw, He was sent to the ground as CM Punk turned around to attempt to hit Mysterio, But was soon Right-Handed By Kurt Angle who was Finally Up!

Kurt continued the onslaught as he hammered away at the head of the straightedge superstar, completely dominating him as Mysterio Went over to destroy Swagger when the buzzer ticked down to the next entry…




ENTRANT #6: Finlay

The Fighting Irishman wastes no time after making his entrance to become a part of this match. Finlay Hustle to the ring, Accompanied by his dangerous Shillelagh. He carried that all the way into the match up!

Styles: Here Comes The Fighting Irishman Finlay!

Cole: Yes and I hope to god that we don’t see that little disgrace Hornswoggle

Finlay Came into the match up with Shillelagh, Which was knocked out of his hand as he swung it by Kurt Angle who finally let off of CM Punk and started hammering Finlay with Clotheslines as he tried to counter out of them, Which he did once when he finally hit an arm drag into an Arm bar. Mysterio was attacking the likes of Jack Swagger. Jack Swagger was getting beat down with kicks to just about every place on his body. CM Punk sprinted after Swagger as Mysterio Kicked him Punk lifted Swagger up for the GTS but that failed as Mysterio Kicked Punk in the leg.

That allowed Swagger to fall on CM Punk’s torso, driving the wind out of his lungs.

Meanwhile, Finlay was making his mark on Kurt Angle as he tried to tap but it was to no avail because the only way to be eliminated was to be thrown over the top. Angle soon countered out of it by Rolling Finlay into a side Headlock. Meanwhile, CM Punk was Still Down but Rey and Swagger were still up and active. Rey Mysterio pulled off a sunset flip on Swagger, as Punk started to get up.

Finlay broke out of the side headlock and flopped around on the ground. He soon picked his Irish Weapon up and he hit Angle with his Shillelagh. Angle fell backwards, bouncing off the top rope and Finlay hit Him with the Celtic cross! Meanwhile, Punk and Mysterio were exchanging Kicks when Mysterio hopped up onto CM Punk and used his legs to send him to the outside apron, And Rey Mysterio was Hit from behind by Swagger, Sending him into the ropes, Nearly Eliminating CM Punk, But he kept his grip on the ropes as he tried to enter the ring by pulling himself all the way over the ropes in a back flip-Motion. While Punk was upside down in that Motion Jack Swagger came up to push him over, but CM Punk Put his legs around Swagger’s Head and Moved Them forwards, Sending Swagger out of the ring, flipping onto the floor.

ELIMINATION #2: Jack Swagger by CM Punk

CM Punk then quickly flipped himself back into the ring as swagger tried to cheat his way to eliminating Punk. Mysterio was now pushing CM Punk who had turned around and CM Punk suddenly caught one punch and spun Mysterio in a 360 and lifted him up and Hit a GTS ON MYSTERIO! CM Punk then turned around as Finlay had the Shillelagh, He lifted it up into the air and struck FINLAY WITH A GTS! Angle ran after Punk, attempting to stop the charade of CM Punk Finishers, But as you all guessed, he fell victim to a GTS ON ANGLE! CM Punk yells in astonishment that he has hit the Go to sleep on all the men in this match so far! Entrant #7 is ticking down…




ENTRANT #7: The Great Khali

The Great Khali makes his way to the ring accompanied by Ranjin Sing, Who apparently wanted to watch the match from ringside.


Cole:Here comes The Great Khali! He has been on a path of destruction the whole time he has been here in the WWE

The Great Khali entered the ring and CM Punk was still the only one standing. CM Punk looked around the ring for an escape route but it was no use, he had no where to go. CM Punk ran after The Great Khali and Tried to Clothesline him but Khali stood still and reached his hand out and pushed on CM Punks Head, Who couldn’t go anywhere still. It was a very funny scene. Now Finlay started to arise from the mat, along with Rey Mysterio. CM Punk ducked and grabbed Finlay’s Shillelagh and smashed it over The Great Khali’s Leg!

Meanwhile, Finlay was in the corner, up and Dazed along with Mysterio. Finlay was lifting Mysterio up and over in the Corner, but Rey of course was hanging onto the ropes, stretched across the Turnbuckle. He wouldn’t Budge as Kurt Angle staggered to reach his feat. Finlay kept trying as Rey Mysterio amazingly was still down on the turnbuckle and fatigued. Finlay kept the pressure on as Kurt Angle reached his feat. Kurt Angle charged over to Mysterio and attempted to eliminate him along with Finlay. Finlay and Angle PUSHED HIM OFF THE TURNBUCKLE…..BUT ONTO THE APRON! Mysterio was teetering….holding onto the bottom rope now! THEY STOMPED ON HIS FINGERS! Mysterio’s grasp was untied with the likes of Finlay and Kurt Angle stomping on the hands of The Biggest Little Man! Mysterio lifted his legs up! MYSTERIO KICKED ANGLE AND FINLAY….HE SLID UNDER THE ROPE…INTO THE RING….SAVING HIS LIFE IN THE MATCH!

CM Punk was in the grasps of the Giant’s hands, looking for a Khali Bomb! CM Punk kicked him in the gut and kept kicking. Khali got angry and Chopped Punk over the Head! He ran over to the others trying to Eliminate Each other as we get down to Entrant #8…




ENTRANT #8: Batista

Batista enters the arena to large pops and a standing ovation for The Animal. Batista runs down to the ring and slaps hands with the fans on one side of the walk ramp, not having time to go to the other one.

Cole:Yes and here comes The Animal!

Styles:Wow, Batista won’t be happy with this spot

Batista entered the ring and immediately ran over to CM Punk and Khali. Batista hit Cm Punk with a Double-A Spine buster; he then stood face to face with the Great Khali. Khali towered over Batista, and it wasn’t like Batista was a small guy, either. Batista soon took a step back and Hit Khali in the face multiple times with lefts and Rights, Taking Khali to the corner. Batista soon let up on the fists of fury. He then Kicked Khali before running over to the tired three other men; Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Finlay. Batista just charged over and slammed Kurt Angle in the back so hard that he went flying over the top rope. ANGLE WENT CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #3: Kurt Angle by Batista

Kurt Angle soon gets to his feet not hurt at all. He gets real ticked and stares at Batista who is staring right at him also, screaming at him. While he screams, Khali ran over to the man on a roll that is Batista, and Chops him in the back. Finlay soon turns around and smacks the falling animal right in the ribs with the Shillelagh, Knocking the Animal to the ground harder. CM Punk chased Finlay into the corner and Knees him in the face while climbing the turnbuckle, knocking the Irish weapon out of the ring. He then pulls him out and attempts a bulldog but Finlay Throws him fast into Mysterio who Dropkicked Punk in the face. CM Punk soon went teetering over about to fall, walking backwards into The Fighting Irishman Yet again. Finlay Clotheslines CM Punk in the back, knocking him over the top rope, but landing on the canvas. Finlay Charges after him, Trying o crash into him with a shoulder but CM Punk Jumps up and onto the top rope, springs out and over Finlay who bounces off the ropes only to be hit by Batista with a Spear! Finlay rolled to the corners and Khali came in from behind and Batista realized and HIT KHALI WITH A SPINEBUSTER! Batista Screams, and gets pumped by hit the ropes and stalking an opponent for a Batista Bomb.

CM Punk Ran after Batista who ducked and CM Punk went flying into the corner and shouldered the now standing Irishman, Finlay, and knocked him to the apron. Finlay was teetering on the edge of the ring, holding on with one hand. Batista ran over and Hit CM Punk who went soaring over the turnbuckle and hit his head on the top of the steel Ring post! Punk didn’t get up as Finlay was the one to light him up from the outside as Batista Drove his shoulder into Finlay who threw CM Punk up, but HE LANDED ON THE APRON! Batista was now getting angry as he ran after the Great Khali and speared him! Batista ran after CM Punk but Punk kicked him in the skull, sending him flying backwards, holding his Jaw which allowed Finlay and CM Punk to enter the ring once more. They pounded away at Batista as the clock tick-tocked…




ENTRANT #9: Kofi Kingston

Kofi Enters the arena, not seeming to down at being in the single digit slots for this contest. He goes to the ring with a “boosh, boosh” and slaps the hands of the fans on the right side of the Entrance Ramp, Letting them get some Jamaican Juice.

Cole:Well he comes than man that’s Jamaican Everyone Crazy so I have been told Joey.

Styles:Yes and he has just such an unorthodox way of wrestling, I’ve never seen anything like it!

Kingston got into the ring and he hit Batista with a Shoulder in the back while Punk and Finlay kept hammering away at him also. This knocked Batista in between Punk and Finlay. He has taken many blows already in this match up, and this didn’t help. Khali ran after Finlay and OWNED him by pushing him in the back with a clothesline, Sending Finlay toppling over the rope….but onto the apron…. But Batista got up and ran after him…He grabbed his head….And he speared Finlay off the Apron, Crashing to the ground.

ELIMINATION #4: Finlay by Batista

Batista turned around to be hit with possibly the hardest GTS BY CM PUNK! Kofi then got face to face with Punk as they were the only ones up as Khali battled Mysterio in the corner and Batista was still out. The Great Khali was hitting The Great Khali in the stomach, as The Great Khali had no reaction as Mysterio couldn’t possibly take him down. Khali Screamed as he Grabbed Mysterio by the neck and Lifted him up for the Khali Bomb! Mysterio got his Legs around the neck of Khali and Mysterio smashed his legs together as Khali let go and Mysterio flew forward causing The Great Khali to flip over the Top Rope and onto the floor.

ELIMINTAION #5: The Great Khali by Rey Mysterio

Mysterio turns around talking trash at Khali and CM Punk nailed Rey in the Gut with a slap as Kofi hit Punk with a Kick to the Right Calf muscle. Both Punk and Rey fall as Kofi Hopped onto Rey Mysterio and started pounding away as we headed for Entrant #10…




ENTRANT #10: Matt Morgan

Camera shows Matt Morgan making his first appearance in WWE History as he sprints down to the ring

Cole: And here comes the debuting Matt Morgan!

Styles: Yes and lets see what he is made of.

Batista now on his feet runs after Matt Morgan but Morgan ducks and Morgan hits a Clothesline on the back of the head on Batista. Morgan tries to lift Batista up over the turnbuckle as Rey Mysterio was Punching the daylights out of Kofi Kingston and CM Punk went over to Help Morgan eliminate Batista. Kofi Kingston caught one of Rey’s punches and turns Rey over into an arm bar! Batista is flipped over the top rope but lands on the apron and gives Morgan a mouthful of fist as he tries to force Batista to be exiled from the matchup. Batista reached over the ropes and Grabbed Punk by the hair and pulled him over the top rope and crashing to the cement.

ELIMINATION #6: CM Punk by Batista

Batista doesn’t smile or anything since he knows Morgan is still on him, so Morgan runs at him but Batista grab the top rope and use it in a swinging motion to catapult Morgan to the outside!

ELIMINATION #7: Matt Morgan by Batista

Batista then hops back into the ring, safe and secure and dashes over to Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston who are now the only competitors left. Batista ran over and delivered a spine buster on Mysterio, and Took Kingston and threw him headfirst into the steel ring post! Batista went over to Mysterio and planted him with a Batista Bomb and we head to the next entrant!





Masters enters the scene and gets an astonishing amount of boos from the stands for his Surprise entry and his enviable return to the WWE as he runs down the ramp to attack the 2 opponents in the ring.

Cole: The return of Chris Masters is upon us now Joey!

Styles: Yes and I am loving his com back already!

Masters gets in the ring and runs after Kofi Kingston who is now standing, and hits a devastating clothesline. Batista and masters get face to face and they are interrupted by Mysterio hitting Masters in the back, sending masters into Batista who falls to the mat and Masters gets strung up on the ropes in 619 Position! Mysterio bounces off the ropes and launches himself…INTO BATISTA WHO PUTS HIS HEAD BETWEEN HIS LEGS AND STRIKES A BATISTA BOMB! Kofi Kingston runs from behind and hits Masters with a spinning heel kick maneuver, knocking him down for good.

Kingston hops onto the top rope and gets ready for a huge leg drop when Batista hits him in the shin, knocking him off the turnbuckle and smashing his groin into the Turnbuckle as he falls to the floor.

ELIMINATION #8: Kofi Kingston by Batista

Batista turns around and is struck with a low blow by Chris Masters! Batista falls to the floor and Now Masters runs out of the ring, under the 2nd rope not being eliminated and GRABS A STEEL CHAIR! He hops back into the ring and swings it at Batista who is now standing after the absence of The Masterpiece, but Batista ducks and Batista kicks him in the stomach as he sees an opportunity for a Batista bomb -- But from behind Masters Mysterio grabs the chair and Batista shakes his head in discomfort trying to stop the Mexican warrior but it is no use as Rey Mysterio LIGHTS BATISTA UP BY SMASHING HIS SKULL WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!

Batista falls to the ground as Masters gets down on his knees and awaits the potential further Pain. Mysterio by now has the steel chair out of hand and he climbs to the top rope, setting his eyes out on Batista as he delivers some statements and then Jumps… BUT IS CAUGHT BY MASTERS! Masters takes Mysterio and tosses him out of the ring like a rag doll!

ELIMINATION #9: Rey Mysterio by Chris Masters

Masters turns around and looks at the fallen animal in a cocky sense as he has to face one on one with the almost lifeless, beaten human being that is Batista.

Masters runs over to Batista and hits him with multiple punches, battering the huge bull that is Batista. Masters stands up and showboats, shaking the ropes like the animal does, which drew volcanoes of heat. Masters gets ready to sink Batista as he awaits the standing point of him.

Batista stands and Masters kicks him in the gut and launches him under his legs. Masters makes the thumbs down signal and gets a scared look as Batista Backdrops him! Huge Pop as Batista gets back from that massive move, and we head to the next entrant.




ENTRANT #12: Carlito

Carlito makes his way out to the action from backstage as he brings along his apple, takes a bite and throws it on the ground and runs out to the ring

Cole: Carlito has pulled a decent draw here Joey; let’s see if he can capitalize

Carlito quickly hops in the ring as Batista stumbles over to him and Carlito delivers a sinister and dirty spin in the face of Batista as he hit him in the face with many particles of the white fruit that he had brought to the ring. Batista was now bent over trying to clear his eyes of the distraction used by Carlito, and Carlito kicks him in the chest, mailing Batista’s back a one way ticket to the canvas.

Carlito then picked up the chair and waited for Masters to reach his feet. Masters was still down from before Carlito even entered the match up when Batista nailed him with a backdrop. Once Masters reaches a standing vertical basis, Carlito swings the chair but Masters Ducks and puts the Master Lock on Carlito!

Batista soon gets up and grabs the steel chair and Smashes Carlito over the head, who is still in the submission predicament applied by Masters. Batista keeps smashing and smashing until Masters lets go and completely hurls Carlito head over heals as Batista runs over to masters and they exchange blows.

Masters with a left, Batista with a left, Masters with a right, Batista with a left that sends Masters staggering backwards a couple of steps, but smashes back with a clothesline that turns Batista inside out as he once again crashes to the mat. Masters then sets his Eyes on the chair and hustles over to grab it, Carlito is still just barely moving.

Masters calmly grabs the steel chair and lifts it over his head to hit Batista with it but is literally stabbed in the back as CARLITO HIT THE BACKSTABBER….Masters sent straight to the canvas as Batista is on his knees.

Carlito grabs the steel chair and runs after Batista and Batista delivers a Spine buster on the man that is Carlito, smashing him into the canvas, tangling his spine into pretzels. Batista soon runs over to the ropes and taunts his opponent as he stalks Carlito for the Batista Bomb. We then head to the next entree….




ENTRANT #13: John Morrison

Morrison swiftly runs down to the ring as he hits the old fashioned slow motion entrance before he sprints down.

Cole: Have you see the destruction that this man has done the last few weeks on Monday Nights?

Styles: Are you talking to me? If you are, I haven’t since we announce Smack Down.

Morrison enters the ring and Batista immediately KICKS CARLITO IN THE STOMACH—LIFTS HIM UP—PLANTS HIM WITH A BATISTA BOMB!

Batista immediately turns around and in rage stares at Morrison. Morrison looks at Batista and Charges after him and smashed him in the face with a DROP KICK – That sends Batista staggering backwards into the turnbuckle, where Morrison runs and tries to drive his shoulder into the animal but HE SLIDES OUT OF THE WAY – MORRISON BASHES HIS SHOULDER INTO THE STEEL RING POST!

Slight Batista chants are heard around San Antonio, Batista charges across the ring—AND NAILES THE MASTERPIECE WITH A SPEAR! The adrenaline keeps pouring on top of Chris Masters as he has been hit with two finishers in a sequence, indeed by two different people.

Batista then glides over to Morrison who gives him a forearm to the chin, standing Batista up straight and he goes for a punch but Morrison Ducks, and slides his heel into the calf of the animal, taking him down to his knees. Morrison bounces off the ropes and dashes after the woozy animal and knees him in the jaw, sending him onto his back for what seems like the billionth time in the match up.

Morrison then dashes over to Masters who is now standing and put’s his arm around the neck of Masters in a DDT position the hits the Corkscrew DDT and that is now the 3rd finisher in a row that he is faced here tonight in this match.

Carlito is now up and he is over in the corner trying to heal, not looking to get into an altercation yet as he wishes to reboot and increase his stamina and endurance by pacing himself.

So now we have a Resting Carlito, a Laid out Masters, a now vertically standing Batista and a Pumped up Morrison.

Batista still staggered toward Morrison and hit a clothesline and Morison got straight back up and ran and bounced off of the ropes, avoiding the other clothesline by Batista, and hit a drop toe hold on Batista, into a Boston crab submission.

Morrison kept it wrenched in! He kept it stuffed in the face of The Animal and was completely denominating him as Carlito rested and Masters was still laid out and we headed to the next entrant…




Entrant #14: Chavo Guererro

Chavo enters the arena to some heat as he swiftly runs down the ramp for a quick momentum as he slides into the ring with speed.

Cole:And here comes Chavo Guererro!

Styles:And think of the impact he has had on Friday nights!

Cole:What are you talking about Joey?

Cole and Styles keep arguing as Chavo gets in the ring runs at Chris Masters who is now up and Masters Grabs his arm pits and dramatically tosses him over the top rope and onto the floor!

ELIMINATION #10: Chavo Guererro by Chris Masters

The crowd actually gives some feed as they saw one of there least favorite superstars get in and out of the match in around 3 seconds!

Masters runs over to Morrison and grabs him by the neck and slams him to the mat by pushing him with impact. He then runs over to Batista and stalks him for the Master Lock! Carlito runs over to Morrison and starts whopping on him with punches, packing some brute force. Batista stands and Masters gets one arm into the lock but Batista lifts him over his back and slams him to the ground but he lands on his feet! Masters then takes Batista by the head and tosses him out of the ring and onto the apron. He then backs up and elbows him it the sternum, sending him to the outside gradually!

ELIMINATION #11: Batista by Chris Masters

Batista was out of it and mad about it! Batista tried to grab Masters Leg as he left but couldn’t eliminate his past opponent. As short as it seemed, we were down to 3 before the next entrant; Carlito, Masters and John Morrison. As quick as everything went it is time for the next entrant!




ENTRANT #15: Mike Knox

Monstrous Mike Knox makes his way to the ring and takes a lot of time to do so.

Cole: Well, Here comes The Bully here!

Mike Knox heads into the ring and Clotheslines John Morrison with huge impact and then Carlito enters the picture by hitting Knox in the back with very little effort. Mike Knox just turns around with comfort as Carlito gets a little nervous. Knox then jumps out into Carlito like a wild dog sending him backwards into Masters who flips his former partner over the top rope…But he lands on the apron! Masters and Mike Knox try and force him over the edge by pushing him, but Carlito slides under the bottom rope and back into the ring.

Mike Knox looks over his head at Masters and they get into a pushing battle which was interrupted with a kick to the head of Chris Masters by John Morrison. Masters fell right to the ground as Mike Knox kicked Morrison in the stomach and carried him over to the corner of the ring and slammed his head hard on the top of the turnbuckle. Knox lifted him up and walked over to the ropes, about to throw him over the top rope but Morison battled out after a series of elbows. Carlito got back at Knox with a long rein of punches to the back of the head which got Knox infuriated and turned around and hit a leg sweep out of nowhere which was an absolutely new move from Knox.

Morrison, still in the picture, ran after Knox and hit a diving kick to the back of the leg and he then dove with a chop block to the calf of the bully, knocking him to the canvas. Morrison walked backwards, mouthing off to the Monster that is Mike Knox, and he walked right into a Backstabber by Carlito! Masters then looks at Carlito from behind and gets him into the Master lock and we head to the next entrant!


ENTRANT #16: Val Venis

Val hails to the ring with speed as he makes an appearance with some thunder, while other super stars are glad that he is the one entering and not Kane or Umaga. Val takes off his towel but brigs it all the way up to the ring with him.

Styles: Here comes “The Ladies Man” Val Venis. What do you think of this superstar, Cole?

Styles: Well, I’m not sure, he is a cocky super star, but he will not let us down in this one. And I had an interview with him earlier, he said he is going to play it slow and stay out of the main picture. I certainly believe he will indeed do that.

Venis enters over the top rope and into the ring, towel in hand, and throws the towel on an approaching Mike Knox who was running at full velocity, and completely distracted him because it sent him flying over the top rope, as a result of not being able to see.

ELIMINATION #12: Mike Knox by Val Venis’s Towel

Val thought nothing of it as he ran after the fallen Morrison and tried to catapult him over the top rope, but he couldn’t lock his legs and Morrison grabbed his leg and took him down. Morrison then showed off for the crowd as he bedazzled his abs for all to see. He was then proceeding to attack Chris Masters, who had Carlito drenched in the Master lock! Masters then saw Morrison and Pushed his weekend opponent, Carlito, into the Guru of Greatness and he hit a neck breaker on Carlito!

Morrison got up and he ran after Masters attempting a Clothesline but Masters ducked and Morrison bounced off the ropes and dove into Masters with a cross body splash which took him down. Morrison then was hit in the back by Val Venis who attempted a flying spear type maneuver sent Morrison to the canvas hard. Val was then tripped up by Masters who pulled his leg and got him into a position of a sharpshooter and it connected as he synched it in!

Carlito then went over to John Morrison and he hit an elbow drop from the canvas. Carlito then got entirely high risk and got on to the top turnbuckle, attempting a highly impactful maneuver. He looked at Morrison looking to jump and hit him, but then pulled a fake and jumped off of the turnbuckle and smashed Masters in the face with his boot! This sent Masters out of his submission maneuver he had held on Val Venis, who crawled over to the corner and stayed there with out anyone trying to attack him.

Carlito then ran over to Chris Masters with pursuit as he started throwing punches like a mad man. It resulted in John Morrison coming over there and dumping Carlito off by his trunks, crashing him in to the turnbuckle (Not the same one that Venis was rested at). Morrison then started moving around Masters Body and stomping on each and every part of his body while we head to Entrant #17…




ENTRANT #17: Shad

Shad Gaspard makes his way to the ring and he does it with some speed as he can’t wait to enter this match up.

Styles: And here comes RAW talent at its finest!

Cole: Are we looking at the same person, Joey?

Shad got into the ring with a huge down fall as Morrison hit him with a Drop Kick, but that didn’t take him down. Morrison then threw various punches but only to be hit with a low blow from behind in Carlito! Jo Mo fell to the mat in pain as the announcers comment on how dirty Carlito is. Carlito then battles Shad, sending him off the ropes in a fight of the Biggest, which Shad dominated with a shoulder to Carlito, sending him down hard to the canvas, rattling the entire ring. Shad then bounces off the ropes again and attempts an elbow, but Carlito moves out of the way and Shad crashes to the canvas hard, shattering the normal humans elbow, but not his.

Now we have a Mowed Morrison, a Resting Val, a Hurt Shad, an Opportunistic Carlito and a just getting up Masters. Carlito then sprung backwards into Chris Masters with an Irish whip that denominated both competitors, because they both bounced off of the ropes and hit a double cross body. Val Venis went over to shad and tried to throw him over the top rope, but he landed on the apron. Val Venis and now John Morrison were trying to eliminate him as Masters and Carlito tried to reach there feet. Masters and Carlito showed no signs of getting up anytime soon and Shad stayed on the apron for the remaining time until the next entrant…





JTG sprints his way down to the ring at a rather fast pace, looking to get into the match.

Cole: And here comes the other half of Cryme Tyme in the young JTG

Styles: Yes and he may be a little bit on the smaller side, but a notch up on the bigger side.

Cole: Yes and you have to wonder what mindset he is in, I mean does he want to go and help his partner, or go and try to eliminate him?

JTG sprints under the rope right next to Shad, and runs across the ring fast as he has high intensions to put someone away, hopping over the fallen Carlito and Chris Masters, and hit the ropes of the area where his partner Shad was and Shad flipped Morrison and Venis over the top rope and onto the floor!

ELIMINATIONS #’s 13 & 14: Val Venis AND John Morrison by Shad

John Morrison looks mad as he stares into the eyes of Val Venis. Morrison slaps Venis across the face and then hits his twisted finisher on the poor man. Morrison then heads over and grabs a LADDER from under the ring! He then takes it to the head of Val…Again…Then Another! Val now isn’t looking too great because he was entirely unconscious from the shots of Morrison. Morrison runs and goes to grab a Mic, and brings it back to by Val.

John Morrison: If you think the beatings are through, then you aren’t going to be prepared for what will happen later…..

Morrison leaves by will, although he was also tried to be persuaded by the referees who called for medical attention for poor Val Venis. A stretcher arrives and Val Venis is carried out of the arena by medical staff and faculty.

Meanwhile, Shad enters the ring and looks at his tag team partner and they both do the handshake thing that all the gangsters do, and then they try and beat both Carlito and Chris Masters; who are now standing, To a bloody pulp as they charge after them in rage! Carlito and Masters duck and all 4 men bounce off of the ropes and charge after the opposing team and Masters hits a Clothesline on Shad and JTG hits a drop kick on Carlito, which leaves Masters and JTG standing!

Masters goes to try and attack JTG in the game of bullying and pushes poor little JTG out of the way and he retaliates by pushing Masters back. Masters looks into the crowd and looks cocky while he’s at it. Masters then goes for a quick running right hand but he is then over shot because JTG ducked under it and he bounced off of the ropes and was tripped up by Carlito! Carlito then pulled him into some converted version of an Indian death lock! Masters tries to get Shad up as we head to entrant #19!




ENTRANT #19: Mr. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy starts to walk down the ramp and he makes it to about the end of went he stops and looks astonished by what he has to compete with.

Cole: There is Mr. Kennedy, coming out to enter the…OH MY GOD!

As you heard from Michael Cole’s expression, something bad had happened, and yes, something bad did happen. Booker T came out of No where and hit Kennedy in the back of the head and started gaping him with punches and such, as referees tried to separate him. Booker T punched all of the 3 referees that tried to attend to Kennedy, and Booker just started the rain of punches all over again. Booker finally got off and ran over to the ladder that John Morrison had introduced moments ago, and Drilled Kennedy with it. Booker T kept saying “Don’t cost me mah title, Man!” Booker kept the beet down coming as other superstars just kept doing what they were doing. Booker T hit him with ladder after ladder to the head, not busting him open though, as though they were going pretty hard core. Booker T then lifted his head off the ground and carried him from the bottom of the ramp to the corner of the outside of the ring and continued to destroy his foe, mashing and bashing his skull in with the ladder. He then hit him in the head with some forearms as he then proceeded to CRASH his head into the steel ring post, CUTTNG HIM OPEN! Booker T then grabbed Kennedy…And threw him into the ring!

Booker T then said “Get Ehm” as Masters and Carlito went over to him and lifted him up and threw him over the ropes and setting him on the apron. They then bounced off the ropes and then Carlito hit a running leg sweep on his partner and Carlito ran over, and Smashed into the gut of Mr. Kennedy, Knocking him to the pavement below.

ELIMINATION #15: Mr. Kennedy by Carlito

Kennedy lie on the ground lifeless and he was unable to move, not even showing an effort to get up. Members of the medical team came to the ring to assist him.

Carlito then turned around to tend to his other opponents who were Shad & JTG. JTG went in on Carlito, along with Shad who followed up, ready to concave the throat of the man that is Carlito, and they didn’t fail as JTG and Shad ran and crashed into Carlito with a harsh clothesline, laying him out. Cryme Tyme was now applauded by the fans as they were the only two standing. When Shad turned to lift Carlito back up, JTG came up flying as he hit a bulldog ON HIS OWN PARTNER….Rupturing the arena with heat. This was a despicable act. JTG Lifted Shad onto his knees and he grabbed his mouth and started murmuring stuff to him and then slapped him across the face as we headed to the 20th Entrant!




ENTRANT #20: Santino Marella

Santino Marella makes his way to the ring, No one by his side, no one at his accompany, bringing in much heat from the fans.

Cole: Oh, Great and here comes the Italian Idiot, Santino Marella.

Styles:I don’t understand why you are so negative Cole; all you do is complain about all the superstars entering the match.

Santino enters this huge distortion of men, Ready to make a boom as he runs over to JTG and Shad. JTG and Marella worked to together to lift him up and throw him over the top rope and onto the apron. They both attempted to push him out but that didn’t work as they kept trying.

Meanwhile, Masters and Carlito were now toughing it out with the striking on each other, bashing each other with Fists. Masters won the battle by Irish whipping Carlito into the ropes and he bounced back and slid under a missing boot by the Masterpiece. Masters then turned around and attempted to attack the standing Carlito but he was first to the punch with a kick to the gut…and another…then another… and the planted Masters with a brutally devastating DDT! This kept him down as Carlito ran over to JTG and Marella.

Marella and JTG were interrupted by Carlito who threw them aside and tried to eliminate him himself. JTG and Marella took acceptation as the hit him with multiple punches and kicks, wearing him down and down. That in which, gave Shad the time to enter the ring under the bottom rope and slide into the corner.

JTG kept stomping and smashing as Marella let off and JTG looked at him and jumped up and hit him with a textbook standing dropkick. Marella fell to the mat and squirmed over to a corner, which was not the same as Shad. Masters also squirmed over into a corner as JTG kept punching Carlito, harder and harder as we head to the next entrant…




ENTRANT #21: Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner was extremely pumped up as he makes his first appearance in the WWE in what seemed like forever. He gets a mixed reaction as some are glad to see Big Papa Pump in action, but some people still hate on him.

Cole: And there is a standing ovation for the man that is Scott Steiner!

Styles: I have no idea what you are talking about Michael; it looks like the crowd absolutely hates this superstar!

Steiner makes his return with a clash as he runs over to JTG and hits him with a backdrop suplex which takes him out of the technical equation as he starts stomping on Carlito as hard as he can with kicks and stomps. He then he got him into a side head lock to stir him up!

JTG ran after his ‘partner’ and started to talk to him and trying to team up with him. Shad had a long and brief decision, while getting up. Shad took him up and they got up and in to the action as they broke up Scott Steiner’s submission maneuver as Shad Smashed his head down with his knee cap, as JTG went to work on Carlito as he started to elbow him several times, working his stomach. Shad then proceeded to run over to the turnbuckle and start to climb it. Shad then jumped off and bombed up Scott Steiner with an elbow. Shad then stood up and celebrated as he just took Scott Steiner almost out of this match.

Steiner was still laid out in the middle of the ring and JTG now locked in the camel clutch on Carlito, keeping him completely isolated. Masters then sprung out of the corner and nailed Shad in the back as he kept hammering away at him. He smashed his neck and shad fell to one knee. Masters then kicked him in the head which sent him down. Masters then ran over to Carlito and JTG and he Hit JTG in the face, standing him up, and he took him over to the corner and started to try to make JTG’s exit from the match for him. He slams JTG against the turnbuckle and let’s go and lifts him by his legs and tries to throw him overboard, but he holds on.

Scott Steiner now rolls to the side of the ring and heals along with Carlito and Shad, leaving JTG and Masters, and Santino was now making his way to his feet, being the only people left standing as we head to the next entrant….




ENTRANT #22: ???

Both members of the red neck wrecking crew enter the arena as WWE fans jeer in disappointment. But how are there two people out here? They set up to play rock paper scissors and they did. Cade won by using rock and Murdoch used Scissors. Cade sprinted down the ramp and hopped into the ring.

Cole: Well, What a game plan, play a child’s game to decide who will enter the match.

Styles: Yes, what a strategy it is Cole!

Cade enters the match fiercely as he immediately runs over to Santino and started to nail him with kicks and punches. Cade then took him over to the ropes and threw him over the top rope but he landed on the apron. Cade took him by the head and smashed his head on the steel ring post, knocking him to the floor!

ELIMINATION #16: Santino Marella by Lance Cade

Cade then hustled to the likes of JTG and Masters, and Cade hits JTG in the back, the grabs his neck from behind, and hits a backbreaker! He sacks Masters and he falls to the mat hard with impact. They both sit, laid out by Cade and then Cade hops onto the top turnbuckle, climbs up it, but before he can jump, the resourceful Scott Steiner came over and grasped his foot and pulled it, and Cade fell to SMASH HIS GROIN ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE…BUT FELL INTO THE RING, NOT ELIMINATED!

Cade laid in the middle of the ring, grabbing his grapefruits after Scott Steiner’s Crotch crumbling hit just moments ago. Masters then comes out of nowhere and nails Steiner in the back with a fist, taking him to a knee. Steiner then is hit with a boot of Masters to the head and gets knocked to the canvas. Masters then runs over and lifts him off of the ground and Irish whips him into the ropes, and attempts a fist, but STEINER DUCKS…AND HITS MASTERS WITH AN ELECTRIC CHAIR TYPE SUPLEX! Now everyone except Masters is up and waiting for the next entrance.




ENTRANT #23: Kane

Kane hails to the ring to his normal entrance, walking slow with a bit of a swagger. Only this time, he brought a STEEL CHAIR AND A GARBAGE CAN! He walks to the ring and tosses then in as he enters the match. He receives a mixed reaction, because he is entering some hardcore Weapons into the mach, but yet he is entering the mach.

Cole: I think that business has just picked up! Look at those weapons!

Styles: I would not want to be in this match right now, I mean just look at the brute strength of Kane!

Now everyone is up and staring at The Big Red Machine except for Masters, who is still down by the chair drop from Steiner. Kane charges in and hits Carlito with a devastating right, knocking him to the floor. He then scrambles over to Steiner and hits him with a Left, taking him down, Then hits a Double Clothesline on JTG and Shad who try and double team, and runs over to Cade who is now standing, and hits him over the head with a boot to the face! Carlito, being the first one down, is the first back up and runs in after Kane, ready to attack but Kane GRASPS HIM BY THE THROAT….AND HITS A CHOKESLAM! Then Steiner reaches his feet and Kane ALSO GRASPS HIS HAND AROUND HIS THRAOAT….AND DRIVES THE AIR OUT OF HIM WITH A SECOND CHOKESLAM! JTG and Shad both get up and Kane GRASPS THEM BY THEIR THROATS….BUT THAT IS BROKEN UP BY MASTERS!

Masters hits Kane in the back sending him foreword and all three of them start slamming on Kane, mugging him to the floor. This is broke up By Cade who comes in and hit JTG with a LOW BLOW! This draws Shads attention, and Cade hits him with an elbow that sends him stumbling backwards, and he settles down in the corner. Cade then focuses on Kane and attempts to hit a Clothesline on Kane, but he ducks. Kane then hits Cade, and since Cades shoulders were on the ropes, this takes him over. Cade holds onto the ropes and Kane tries to eliminate him. Carlito and Steiner are now on the side of the ring, healing also. Masters then charges into Steiner and hits him with a couple of Shots to the chest with his knee….




ENTRANT #24: Matt Hardy

Hardy makes a quick appearance that shake up the crowd with a pop. Matt Hardy quickly charges down to the ring as he is anxious to enter this match.

Cole: Here comes the apparent crowd favorite, at Hardy, and boy he has had some problems with John Morrison in recent weeks.

Styles: Yes but that was a long while ago actually, I believe that was around 3 to 4 weeks ago.

Matt Hardy enters the match quickly under the bottom rope and immediately runs over to the bigger man out of Cryme Tyme, Shad, and starts wailing on him with kicks. But meanwhile, JTG makes his way to the corner as he and Carlito are the only ones not in action right now with Kane and Cade scrambling to eliminate each other in one corner, Masters choking out Steiner in another corner, and now Matt Hardy stomping on Shad in another Corner!

Kane is about to be eliminated, but he finds a way out by elbowing the red neck in the head, allowing him to escape his clutches. Cade stumbled backwards and held his eye, that being where he was just hit with the train sized elbow of Kane. Kane then charges after Cade ands smashed him in the mouth with a monstrous uppercut! This sends Cade back a few steps and Kane then tackles him with a diving clothesline!

Meanwhile, Matt Hardy is now using the ropes for leverage to choke Shad with his boot. But shad makes it to his knees and is able to power out by lifting Hardy into the air and throwing him up. Hardy landed on the turnbuckle in perfect leaping position, and Shad looked up to see Matt Hardy hit a cross body on him, laying them both out.

Masters doesn’t let up on the choking, but now Kane enters the picture. HE GRABS THE STEEL CHAIR….AND SMASHES MASTERS IN THE BACK! Masters immediately falls to the ground and winces around the ring in pain, holding his back thoroughly as we head off to the next entrant….




ENTRANT #25: Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold viciously runs out to the ring, ready to attack Kane and slides into the ring, and gets a rather large pop from the fans.


Styles: What do you think Kane is thinking?

Cole: I don’t know Joey; I think he is ready to engage with The Rattlesnake after what happened two nights ago on SmackDown!

Now with Hardy and Shad both down, Masters practically broken in half, Steiner winded, JTG, Cade and Carlito to the side resting, and Kane awaiting the Texas Rattlesnake, Austin enters the ring. Kane and Austin charge after each other and Kane attempts to hit a grand slam with the steel chair, Austin ducks and Kane Misses. Austin turns to Kane and Hits THE STONE COLD STUNNER! The crowd pops to that fact and now Kane is down in the middle of the ring. Austin walks over to him and bends over, signaling a rather inappropriate hand gesture to the Big Red Machine, and out of no where at all, Kane reaches his hand up and grasped Stone Cold around his throat! Kane now stands up and lifts Austin up for a choke slam but Austin counters out by hitting a DDT on Kane!

Hardy and Shad are now on the side of the ring, and Steiner enters the action by hitting Stone Cold Steve Austin in the back…then another…then again…and this takes him to one knee and Steiner gets Austin into an arm bar nerve clutch maneuver! Meanwhile, Now Kane gets up and charges over to his Chair and grabs it. He then runs over to Steiner and hits him OVER THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL!

Steiner falls to the mat hard, releasing Austin. Austin slowly but surely turns around and Kane hits him in the FACE WITH THE CHAIR! Austin falls over, and Kane then goes wild by running over to Hardy and hitting his skull with the chair, then delivers again to Masters, then JTG then Shad, Then Carlito, Then Cade! Everyone is knocked down and beaten as Kane awaits his next opponent…or victim rather…




ENTRANT #26: John Cena

‘Superman’ John Cena makes his way to the ring to a huge pop from the fans as they await his entrance. Cena makes his way out to his normal entrance and he runs over to the ring and enters with a high impact here at the 2007 Royal Rumble.

Cole: And now here comes the doctor, John Cena!

Styles: Yes, and I think he is more of a threat to Kane than Stone Cold!

Cole: That’s impossible; Stone Cold Steve Austin is a future hall of famer and a Wrestling Legend. John Cena is just some wannabe rapper that salutes children across America for no reason at all.

John Cena slides into the ring and runs over to Kane, the only man standing, and Kane attempts to hit him with the chair, which was déjŕ vu to what he did to Steve Austin because he missed. John Cena went and bounced off of the ropes, and ran back into Kane who hit a boot to the face on Cena! Cena fell down and Kane kept walking foreword into the ropes taunting the fans. He turned around and Cena was standing up. Cena let out his charge voice and sprinted at Kane. He hit him in the face with a right fist, knocking the monster to the canvas below them.

Cena then bounced off the ropes and Kane ducks under Cena and Cena charges across the ring again and he bounced off of those ropes, and bounced back at Kane with a diving takedown! Cena just looked at Kane, but Kane sat up. Cena, not scrambling, bounced off of the ropes and dove over Kane, grabbing his neck in the process and slamming it to the mat with huge impact! Cena then stands up, the last and only man standing at the moment, and sticks his hand high in the air! The crowd new what was coming as John Cena bent over and signaled that Kane can’t see him. Cena then stood up straight and WAS SMASHED IN THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR BY STEVE AUSTIN!

Austin then lifted up the chair and smashed it on Kane in the back, and then did it 3 more times, making sure to keep him down. Austin then charges after Cena who is laid out across the ring as we head to the next entrant...




ENTRANT #27: Randy Orton

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and gets massive heat from the crowd while doing so. Orton quickly makes his appearance heard as he sprints rather quickly into this match!

Cole: Randy Orton is now entering, hoping to be exiting knowing he will go to Wrestle Mania, The winner.

Styles: Thank you captain Obvious!

Austin runs over to Cena and hits a rare baseball slide type maneuver, which sends Cena rolling to the side in pain as Orton enters the Match. Orton runs over to Stone Cold and hits him with a right hand….then another…then another. Austin then hits TLK with an upper cut…Then Orton with a forearm to the chin that sends Austin stumbling into the corner. Orton then climbs up to the second turnbuckle, Austin in front of him and is facing the fans. Orton then starts pounding on the legend that is Stone Cold Steve Austin. He hits around 7 punches and then Austin grabs him by the tights and lifts Orton onto the apron. Stone Cold tries to eliminate him, but Orton seems to be holding onto the ropes, and he then flipped Austin onto the apron also!

Meanwhile, Carlito now is exchanging punches with Cade in the corner. Carlito then turns over and smashes hit in the face with an uppercut that sends him into the middle of the ring. Then out of nowhere from behind, Masters gets him into the Master Lock!

Cena is now standing, but has a little bit of fatigue in him. He stumbles over to Austin and hits him in the head with a right, then Orton hits him with a right, the Cena hits Orton with a Right and Orton replies with the same thing to Cena. Cena stumbles backwards and is hit from behind by Matt Hardy and Matt Hardy hits THE TWIST OF FAIT ON CENA! Cena falls to the mat as we welcome our next entrant into the bout!




ENTRANT #28: Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring to a massive cheer as we await the Dominator’s entrance at this extremely good number he has drawn. Bobby Lashley sprints down to the ring fast as he is about ready to attempt to kill Randy Orton.

Cole: Things are not looking up for Randy Orton, because HERE COMES THE DOMINATOR!

Styles: Yes and will he attempt to eliminate the others first? That is what I am contemplating!

Lashley runs into the ring and he immediately goes to work on Orton. He charges after Orton and he grabs his skull and slams it to the ropes, and Orton FLINGS BACKWARDS…BUT STILL HOLDS ON! Orton then kicks Lashley in the stomach sending him into Masters, breaking the master lock and allowing stone cold to enter the ring, and off of the apron. Masters turns around and argues with Bobby Lashley, and Out of nowhere, Carlito hits the backstabber on Masters which sends him into Lashley who grasps him by the head and throws over the ropes and to the floor, eliminated!

ELIMINATION #17: Chris Masters by Bobby Lashley

Masters then gets into a verbal fight with Bobby Lashley and Stone Cold Steve Austin from behind LIFTS LASHLEY OVER HIS HEAD…BUT LASHLEY GRABS THE ROPES BY THE TURNBUCKLE. Austin holds the dominator high in the air and keeps trying to gain leverage and throw him over the ropes, but that is interrupted by Kane who Grabs Austin by the neck and gets him ready for a choke slam, and Austin is still holding Lashley, but he isn’t holding onto the ropes anymore! Kane bends down for maximum lifting ability and this knocks Lashley off and too the canvas. KANE LIFTS AUSTIN UP AND HITS HIS PATTENTED CHOKESLAM! But it was no ordinary Choke slam because it made two superstars weep, because Austin landed right on Lashley’s Stomach as we head to the next entrant!




ENTRANT #29: Triple H

Triple H enters the arena to a mixed reaction that was turning into a pop, because they knew Triple H would be entering the match!

Cole: Well it’s time to…Oh My God!

Out of absolutely no where, Vince McMahon comes out from under the ring with a sledge hammer and hits Triple H with it! He starts hammering away as Umaga comes out also, but he comes out from the back! Umaga continues he beat down on Triple H as he stomps on him, along with Vince, mugging him empty. Vince then gets a mic and smashes it over the head of the Game, knocking him down completely. Vince then has the liberty to say something

Mr. McMahon: And entering at #29, Umaga!

ENTRANT #29: Umaga

(The announcers are now speechless after what has just happened)

Umaga takes the hammer from Vince and charges into the ring with a lot of courage!

Now as we know the real 29th Entrant, Umaga makes a wild entrance as he runs over to Matt Hardy who is now up and smashes the sledge hammer over his head, and sends him over the top rope and to the hard cold floor below.

ELIMINATION #18: Matt Hardy by Umaga

Umaga then steams over to Carlito and lifts him off of the ground, by the throat and sets him on the turnbuckle. Umaga then hustles over to Shad and JTG who are right next to each other and Umaga CLOTHESLINES THEM OVER THE TOP ROPES…BUT THEY BOTH HANG ON TO THE ROPES! Meanwhile, Scott Steiner rushes over to Carlito who is perched on the top rope and starts hammering away at him, and eventually he climbs to the top and SUPERPLEXES HIM TO THE MAT…TAKING THEM BOTH OUT!

Umaga is now interrupted by Kane who hits him over the head with a right and then rushes over to get the sledgehammer and connects to the skull of Umaga. Umaga falls hard as Kane picks up the sledgehammer and looks at Shad and JTG. He then drops the sledge hammer and runs over to Shad and smashes him with a right, the opposite hand that he holds the sledgehammer with, now laying him out…but still on the apron! JTG connects on Kane with a couple kicks, and then steps into the ring and kicks Kane again which makes him drop the sledgehammer. JTG then grabs the hammer and rushes toward the ropes and after Kane and HE DUCKS…AND JTG CONNECTS WITH A HAMMER TO THE HEAD OF SHAD….AND HE FALLS TO THE FLOOR!


JTG drops the hammer and grabs his head in agony as to where he has just eliminated his partner! He turns around and Kane runs at him and connects with a Clothesline, sending JTG TO THE FLOOR….ELIMINTED!


We are down to the final 10 as JTG crashes to the floor and runs over to attend his tag team partner, But Shad gets angry and gets mad at his partner, barely conscious after the beaten brought on by JTG. Now we have everyone laid out Except for Kane, Umaga who reaches his feet along with Austin, Orton and Lashley. Orton runs after Umaga and hits him in the back, and Umaga turns around and Orton runs away by turning around and wobbling into a Lifting POSITION FOR BOBBY LASHLEY’S DOMINATOR…But Orton Counters out by Hitting a DDT on Lashley as we head to the FINAL ENTRANT!!!!!





Chris Jericho arrives to an extreme pop as he has returned after 3 years of being banished by Bischoff back in 2004. Jericho also sports a new hair cut that is shorter than it used to be back then. He hustles down to the ring at an awesome number, drawing #30.


Cole: IT…IT…IT…


Chris Jericho enters the ring to an odd expression from the other superstars as he crashes into Orton with an Elbow that puts him in the corner as he takes a while to rest. Jericho then rushes into Kane and hits a running drop kick to the head that sends Kane into the turnbuckle. Umaga then runs over and Clotheslines Kane, taking him down. Now Cena is up and Jericho runs over to Cena and he hits a Right, and Cena hits a right, and they exchange punches Until Umaga lunges at Jericho who ducks and hits Cena, which sends him over the top rope, and onto the apron. Umaga then hits Jericho with a right…then another…then a third…And then Irish whips Jericho into the Turnbuckle. Jericho bounces back and pushes him, making him completely returns to Jericho’s attention. Umaga charges and leaps at Jericho and he moves out of the way as Umaga smashes his head on the turnbuckle! Umaga bounces back in and out of no where, CODEBREAKER ON UMAGA BY JERICHO…and He stands him straight back up to Randy Orton and HE HITS AN RKO ON THE SAMOAN NIGHTMARE!

Umaga is planted and now Stone Cold Steve Austin enters against Randy Orton and hits him with a couple rights, and then lefts, and then rights, and then lefts eventually powering him into the corner, where Austin starts stomping away at his chest area, weakening The Legend Killer a lot in the process. Meanwhile, Lance Cade runs over to Lashley and attempts a Back breaker, but Lashley hits him in the gut and lifts him up for the dominator…but Cade squirms out and pushes Lashley into the ropes near him and LASHLEY LIFTS CADE UP FOR THE DOMINATOR….BUT SETS HIM DOWN OVER ON THE APRON! Lashley then keeps hitting blissful right hands weakening Cade. All of a Sudden, Umaga runs over with his last bit of strength and GRABS CADE BY THE NECK…AND HITS THE SAMOAN SPIKE…AND CADE FALLS TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #21: Lance Cade by Umaga

Lance Cade falls to the mat as he just got the Samoan finisher and Umaga turns around to Lashley lifting him over the top rope and onto the apron. Umaga then smashes him over the head with a right…then another which sends Lashley backwards…Into Carlito who attempted a backstabber but was caught by Lashley, and CONVERTED INTO A POSSITION FOR A DOMINATOR…BUT OUT OF NO WHERE, CENA KICKS LASHLEY! Lashley drops Cade and CENA LIFTS BOTH OF THEM UP FOR THE FU! He walks over to the ropes and flips Cade off of his back, and onto the floor!

ELIMINATION #22: Carlito by John Cena

Carlito looks angry as Cena carries Lashley over to the ropes and attempts to knock him off… BUT LASHLEY GRABS THE ROPES! Cena keeps trying to gain leverage as we head back to Orton and Austin who are Now exchanging rights and lefts when Austin takes Orton by the arm and Irish whips him into Scott Steiner and Orton delivers a big boot to the skull that takes out Steiner as he falls to the ropes, about to tip over. Orton then runs after Steiner AND HE LIFTS ORTON OVER THE ROPES…BUT ORTON LANDS…ON THE TURNBUCKLE? Orton then grabs Steiner by his short hair and hammers away with punches as he pulls him over to the Turnbuckle. All of a sudden Steiner hits a high low blow, Sending Orton into the ring!

Austin now runs over to Cena and Lashley who are still in the eliminating predicament and Austin grabs Cena’s leg and he flops over the ropes next to Lashley and they trade punches. Then flying out of no where comes Scott Steiner and tries to hit them both, but Lashley and Cena work together and grab Steiner’s arms and throw him over the top rope!

ELIMINATION #23: Scott Steiner by John Cena and Bobby Lashley

Cena and Lashley now enter the ring and they go straight to work on Jericho who is now in the middle of the ring. They go in and Lashley stays behind while Cena goes in and hit Jericho with a right, then a left, but then out of no where comes Randy Orton and hits a standing drop kick to Cena as Jericho stumbles into the ropes. Orton stands in the center of the ring as he rests, and then stampedes over t Jericho AND DELIVERS A VISCOUS CLOTHESLINE THAT SENDS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE….BUT HE HANGS ON! Jericho holds the ropes as Orton tries to lessen his grip. Lashley then stampedes in and throws Orton over the top rope…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON! Orton and Jericho are now on the apron! They are now exchanging kicks and elbows with some punches as Matt Hardy charges after Austin and Austin hits a Stunner, which sends Matt into the ropes….AND ONTO THE APRON AND FALLS TO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #24: Matt Hardy by Stone Cold Steve Austin

Just like that, we are at the last 6 remaining! The final Six are here!!! Everyone is standing in the ring with Orton and Jericho now in the center. Austin, Kane, Cena and Lashley are now left in the match up! They all stand in separate corners as Orton and Jericho both charge into different corners after a few seconds of everyone resting. Orton charges in after Kane and hits an elbow which sends Kane toward the center of the ring. Orton then taps Kane and gets his attention and ATTEMPTS AN RKO…AND IS CAUGHT BY KANE! Kane somehow tangles and mixes it up into TOMBESTONE POSSITION…BUT ORTON SQUIRMS OUT! Orton falls under the legs of Kane now on his knees. Orton then hit a low blow on Kane which send him to the mat!

Meanwhile, now Orton is resting in the corner holding his head. And back to the other corner, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho are tangled up by kicks as Jericho delivers one…then another...Then another. But out of no where, Stone Cold grabs another kick and spins Jericho around. Jericho faces the other way as Austin lift Jericho up from behind and SLAMS HIM TO THE MAT WITH A HUGE BACKDROP SUPLEX! Austin then makes the hand gesture at Jericho and looks up to be LIFTED INTO THE POSSITION FOR THE DOMINATOR…But Squirms out and attempts a stunner….But that is broken up by Umaga who Chop blocks Lashley! Austin then hustles over to Kane and Clotheslines him over the rope and onto the Apron…But he brought himself also! The out of no where, Jericho hits a dropkick on Austin and Kane boots him, knocking him off the canvas and to the floor, but Austin held the Kick and brought Kane to the floor with him!

ELIMINATIONS #25 and 26: Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kane by Themselves

Kane looks at Austin and chases after him and they start brawling. Kane grabs Austin by the hair and smashes him on a barricade by the ramp way. Then Austin falls on a knee as Kane drags him backstage and out of the picture.

We zoom back into the ring as Cena, Lashley, Orton and Jericho are all in separate corners as they are the final people left! The final four!! Orton is the man to start things off as he charges across the ring into Cena and hits a high knee and Cena falls to two knees. Orton then sees an opportunity as he backs up and is stalking to kick Cena in the skull just as he did to Jeff Hardy a few weeks ago on Raw! He gets ready and runs after Cena who stands and locks Orton’s toe and trips him up…and into the STFU! HE HAS IT LOCKED IN!

Lashley heads over to Jericho and hits a right…then a left…then a forearm sending Jericho back into the turnbuckle. But Jericho soon finds some will as he throws Lashley off and runs over and hits a Code Breaker on the dominator! Lashley falls but soon gets up to one knee and Jericho charges in and hits a shining wizard type kick! This laid Bobby Lashley out and Jericho saw that and ran over to the ropes and everyone new what was next…Spring board Moon salt on Bobby Lashley!

Back to Cena and Orton, Cena still has the STFU wrenched in on Orton when Orton grabs the ropes! The referees tell him no because it is a no disqualification match up, but out of No where, Jericho grabs the trash can that Kane had brought out earlier and smashes it over Cena’s head! Cena fell to the mat as Orton was now free from the traitorous Submission. Orton got up and Jericho looked at him as Orton started clapping. Jericho then looked at the garbage can, and then looked into the camera with a cocky smile and reached his hand out for a second to shake Orton’s who had his out and then JERICHO BLASTED HIM OVER THE HEAD WITH THE GARBAGE CAN…KNOCKING HIM THROUGH THE SECOND ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR!

Now Lashley yet again runs over to Jericho and hits him with a forearm and then an elbow…then a kick to the knee and pushes on his shoulders, but then gets him into an Irish Whip and WHIPS HIM INTO THE ROPES…AND JERICHO FLIES OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON..AND LASHLEY FLINGS HIMSELF AT JERICHO…AND CONNECTS WITH A SHOULDER…KNOCKING JERICHO’S FEET OFF OF THE APRON…BUT JERICHO STILL HOLDS ON! Now the camera pans over to John Cena who is now, Bloody beaten and bruised from the shots of Jericho with the Garbage Can. Orton is still knocked out of the ring, not moving an inch. Then Lashley runs over and gets the garbage can, allowing Jericho to make it back inside the ring.

Lashley grabs the garbage can and runs after Jericho, but Jericho kicks Lashley in the gut, causing him to drop the garbage can. Jericho grabs Lashley by the head and picks up the garbage can with the other and throws it out of the ring. Now Orton makes it to his feet and stumbles into the apron and rolls into the ring. Meanwhile Jericho takes Lashley over to the ropes and Jericho puts Lashley in a side headlock as Orton is now standing, along with John Cena who is barely up and running. Cena then stumbles over to Orton and Orton grabs him by the mouth and Cena with no life left in him falls to his knees. Orton the kicks him in the forehead with the bottom of one of his class a wrestling boots and Cena falls dead. Orton then grabs him and utters out a large “Your gone, Cena!” Orton grabs Cena by his short little hair and pulls him up and Orton then attempts an RKO, but Cena counters the devastating finishing maneuver…and throw Orton onto the ropes…crushing Orton’s jewels. Cena then walks over to the ropes and tries to push Orton out when out of no where Bobby Lashley charges in….catching Cena off balance…THROWS HIM OUT OF THE RING …AND ONTO THE FLOOR!

ELIMINATION #27: John Cena by Bobby Lashley

Cena collapses to the floor, bloody, bruised and tired as he rests up as he won’t be in any more action here this evening. Ad now we are down to the final 3! The last 3 remaining in 3 people who entered late in this match up with Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, and the surprise of Chris Jericho! Bobby Lashley runs across the apron (Him on the inside, Orton on the outside) AND HITS A CLOTHESLINE….KNOCKING ORTON OFF OF HIS FEET…BUT LANDS ON THE APRON! Lashley thinks that he has eliminated Orton, and turns around and runs after Jericho who is sitting against the turnbuckle a little winded. Lashley then tries to Kick Jericho, but Jericho reverses out by tripping up Lashley and he smashes his face on the turnbuckle! Jericho still holds his legs and brings Lashley to the center of the ring and grabs the other leg. Jericho then flips Lashley over and INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO! He wrenches it in!

Orton is now up and He charges into the ring and grabs Jericho by the hair and throws him backwards onto the head of Lashley. They are both down and incapacitated as Orton does his signature pose in the center of the ring. Then a few seconds later after a bad fan reaction to him, Orton heads to the ground and stalks either Jericho or Lashley for his RKO. Around 10 seconds or so later, Jericho makes it to his feet and Orton JUMPS UP INTO THE AIR...AND HITS JERICHO WITH THE RKO! Orton walks backwards and into Bobby Lashley who lifts TLK up AMD HITS A VISCOUS POWERSLAM! Now Orton is down as Lashley is the last one standing. Lashley then grabs Jericho who is dazed and out of it after the RKO and Lashley LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE DOMINATOR…AND JERICHO SQUIRMS OUT AND DDT’S LASHLEY!

Now both Jericho and Lashley are isolated as Orton gets up. Orton then runs to the corner and gets ready to hit the RKO…but Lashley gets on his knees and Orton then realizes what he truly wants…To Punt Lashley! Orton runs after Lashley and Lashley drops to the canvas and Orton swings and misses. Then while Orton’s foot is still up, LASHLEY SLASHES ORTON IN THE GNARDS!

Orton falls hard as Lashley turns around and looks at Jericho. They are now up and going as Orton is still down. Jericho then walks into Lashley and they go face to face. Jericho is the first to move by hitting a right…then a left from Lashley…then a right from Jericho…Then a left from Lashley, taking Jericho to the mat. Jericho springs up and bounces off of the ropes. He bounces back at Lashley who springboards up and over Jericho showing great athleticism. Jericho bounces off of that rope and charges after Lashley who ducks and Jericho DIVES OVER LASHLEY…OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT YET AGAIN HOLDS ON! Now Lashley starts to hit Jericho with WILD rights getting a bit frustrated. But now Orton is up and on the top turnbuckle. HE JUMPS OFF THE TURNBUCKLE ATT LASHLEY…AND LASHLEY GLIMPSES OVER AND CATCHES TLK…HE THEN CARRIES HIM OVER TO THE ROPES AND DUMPS HIM OVER….AND ORTON CRASHES TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

ELIMINATION #28: Randy Orton by Bobby Lashley

Orton falls to the floor and is a little winded and doesn’t move an inch. But now we are down to two as we see Jericho and Lashley square up in the center of the ring after an anticipated wait. The crowd goes wild as we are down to two! The Final Two! Jericho and Lashley get into an arm hold on each other as most wrestlers do at the start of there match. Lashley gets the best of Jericho by turning the Arm lock into a side headlock which he tweaks a couple times before Jericho elbowed out and Irish Whipped Lashley into the ropes and Jericho jumped up and attempted to hit the code breaker, but Lashley rejected him by throwing him down hard to the canvas.

Lashley then went after Jericho with some combat fighting antics by kicking and punching Jericho. Jericho then got out of the fighting from Lashley by connecting with a single punch to the face of the dominator. Jericho then climbed to the top rope and attempted to knock Lashley to the floor with a drop kick but Lashley moved out of the way and hit a straightened kick on Jericho, Sending them both down.

Now Lashley was the first to get up relatively to Jericho though who followed right after. Jericho again with his agility and quickness got to the punch first as he dove on to Lashley, but Lashley caught him in mid air and threw him over the tope rope, but Jericho hung on! Jericho then tried to hit Lashley while holding on the ropes and Lashley blasted him one to the face, as Jericho was sent backwards a little more, but soon regained position. Now Jericho sprung his legs over the top rope and clutched Lashley by the head in a leg scissors and brought Lashley over onto the apron with him. They both fought to the bone with rights and lefts and rights and lefts as they were both hanging from a thread. Lashley then hopped onto the top rope quickly and Jumped off, nailing Jericho with a kick but it wasn’t enough to take Jericho down as Jericho quickly shook it off and entered the ring.

Lashley took no wait as he charged after Jericho and hit a high knee and then ran over to the ropes and bounced off and steamed over to Jericho and Jericho was against the ropes. Jericho then took the ropes down sending Lashley to the outside…But he still holds on! Jericho then hits five or so rights, then lefts…and now we have Chris Jericho standing and he jumps and attempts the code breaker, but Lashley catches him. Jericho holds on and kicks Lashley in the face to squirm out and he is now lying in the ring as Lashley enters the ring with him.

Lashley is now a little tired but that is nothing compared to Jericho after the lots he has sustained in this match up. Jericho ran over to Lashley this time and Lashley slides under a boot and comes up and hits Jericho with a running clothesline. Jericho and Lashley are still in it while the dominator bounces off of the ropes and Jericho dives under him and Lashley bounces off of those ropes and runs after Jericho ho is up and Bobby Lashley hits Jericho with a boot, but Jericho stumbles over to the ropes. Bobby Lashley then runs over to the ropes ad JERICHO LIFTS HIM UP…AND OVER THE TOP ROPE…BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON! Jericho then hits him with several kicks and then out of no where JERICHO ATTEMPTS A CODE BREAKER…AND CONNECTS LASHLEYS FACE WITH THE ROPES…SENDING HIM TO THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ELIMINATION #29: Bobby Lashley by Chris Jericho


He has accomplished something that no man has done tonight: Outlast 29 men in a seemingly never ending match! Chris Jericho, the iatola of Rock and Rolla, the Code Breaker, Chris Jericho has WON the 2007 ROYAL RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The crowd bursts out a huge pop as the returning Chris Jericho has won the Royal Rumble! He storms around the ring in celebration as he has won! He climbs on the top turnbuckle to millions of Camera flashes as many people in attendance and around he world have just witnessed history!

Michael Cole: OH DEAR GOD! CHRIS JERICHO HAS WON IT! What a record breaking night we have just had this evening, having a Smack Down returning Superstar win the 2007 Royal Rumble!

Joey Styles: Yes and just look at all the athletics we saw shown by him tonight.

Michael Cole: I still can’t get over the fact that Jericho has won and is going to Wrestlemania!

Joey Styles: And look at all the pain that Bobby Lashley has gone through to get here!

Michael Cole: Lashley is a bull Joey, But Jericho is the winner, and that is all that counts in the WWE.

The camera pans back to Jericho who is now pointing at the WM23 Logo hanging high in the rafters, as Fireworks go off and confetti pours!

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentleman, Tonight was a record breaking night having 2 returning superstars and many weird happenings, Jericho winning surely shocked millions, and will leave many in approval. Congratulations to our 2007 RR winner: CHRIS JERICHO!


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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

EDIT: I will post the raw review soon, The royal Rumble was big fun to write, can't believe there arent any reviews yet. I will also post the Royal Rumble stats later also.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

You think it takes people two hours to review since a show has been posted, let alone a PPV of this size?

You're best off holding back on posting the Raw preview and leave some time for reviews to come in. Don't be in a hurry to carry on with the thread. It will take your readers a bit more time to catch up with the Rumble and review it if they wish to.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

I can not believe that I have not got any reviews. I spent 2 months on this, and I would like to have at least a comment, tbh.

My schedule
I want to be able to post the tentative schedule sometime along the path to WM, probably up to Backlash.

I would also be able to post the winners of the predictions and other stuff also. I am going to post what has been happening over the course of my BTB which will include RAW and SD! story lines, feuds and important moments.
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

calm down dude. lol. Rumble seems great to me so far, and I understand that it took you a while. I'm working on a review right now anyway.

Originally Posted by itsmadness
i'd laugh if they had a "Extreme Rules" match at Extreme Rules
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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Originally Posted by Backlash View Post
I can not believe that I have not got any reviews. I spent 2 months on this, and I would like to have at least a comment, tbh.
Maybe if people didn't have to go into every thread to see how you had a Rumble coming up, they would be more inclined to review. You're constantly bumping this thread for no reason other than to attempt to get it noticed. Stop begging for reviews and actually earn them, because at the moment, you don't deserve anything.

Beggers can't be choosers.

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Re: WWE 2007: The Good Ol' Days

Originally Posted by WWEECWTNAWCW View Post
calm down dude. lol. Rumble seems great to me so far, and I understand that it took you a while. I'm working on a review right now anyway.
Thank you for the review when it comes, and thank you for not spamming the thread like someone above me and below you.....

Originally Posted by brian kendrick's b View Post
Maybe if people didn't have to go into every thread to see how you had a Rumble coming up, they would be more inclined to review. You're constantly bumping this thread for no reason other than to attempt to get it noticed. Stop begging for reviews and actually earn them, because at the moment, you don't deserve anything.

Beggers can't be choosers.
GTFO puh-lease
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