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Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

A/N: My very first thread here at BTB. This should be a piece of cake. I mean... I am a phenomenal writer. Most likely the best here.
*A small, empty arena, The Madison House is a somber reflection of repose before a restless awakening. A woman stands in the middle of the "squared circle"...*

Vanessa King: The wrestling industry is an ugly, twisted business. The more of the seven sins you shove down people’s throats the further your ratings increase. More fans pay to see your local venues. More talents can then be added to your roster so, at the end of the day, morality… it's just bad for business. Now, it seems that women really have no place in the wrestling ring, unless they happen to be obligatory “eye candy” or someone's punching bag.

*The camera shows random images of female valets clapping and blowing kisses to their male clients.*

Vanessa King: This is 1978; the dawning of a new decade. Even now, the sports world still has not made peace with the issue. When was the last time you saw a righteous female champion? I brought it up with the big boys over at AWA and was answered with sneers and snickers. Why complain? I simply took my sass, my smarts, and my drive and left for Baton Rouge, Louisiana to start my own company. That’s “The American Dream”. This federation will illustrate that a woman can be a world-class champion. What’s the name of this federation? “International Women’s Wrestling” and like the name suggests, only female wrestlers are allowed to compete. On behalf of all of my colleagues, this is our story. Welcome to the IWW...

International Women’s Wrestling – Roster
The IWW Theme Music – Queen’s “We Will Rock You”

Kimberly Starr
"Dangerous" Danni Des Moines
The Cerulean Kid
Big Wicked Samoan w/ Mr. Valentine
(IWW Heavyweight Champion)

Alexandra Romanov
Shi "The Dragon Lady" Nguyen
Lilith Morgana
Nina Ramirez
Crow Blackbyrd
Captain Conquest

Kimberly Starr (Age 30 | 134 lbs | The United States of America | Heel): A former actress that fell into the wrestling world, Kimberly Starr hates being in the IWW. She’s forced to be there, however, after her agent gets her contractually bound to the company.
• Entrance Song – Bill Withers’ “Use Me”

“Dangerous” Danni Des Moines (Age 38 | 141 lbs | The United States of America | Face): An underground wrestler known for working in Japan, Danni Des Moines was the first acquisition to IWW by Vanessa King. Never getting her just desserts, Danni hopes to gain the respect she so richly deserves by winning the IWW Heavyweight Championship. It’s just that simple for her.
• Entrance Song – AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock”

The Cerulean Kid (Age 36 | 130 lbs | Mexico | Face): Transferred from the Mexican wrestling circuit, The Cerulean Kid has been drafted to the IWW Roster in hopes of becoming the first ever IWW Champion. Since the IWW is the first federation to take female wrestling skills seriously, The Cerulean Kid could take this opportunity to capture the IWW Heavyweight Championship and become the first female luchador to become a major champion.
• Entrance Song – Tito Puente’s “Oye Como Va”

Big Wicked Samoan (Age 41 | 203 lbs | The Isle of Samoa | Heel): With unintelligible speech, Big Wicked Samoan’s only desire is to pummel her opponents senseless. She has no desire for championships, only the thrill of the hunt and the affirmation of her brute, awe-inspiring strength.
• Entrance Song – The Sound of a Lion’s Roar

Alexandra Romanov (Age 38 | 169 lbs | Russia | Heel): The tallest wrestler on the current roster, Alexandra boasts a strong amateur Russian wrestling background and it is incorporated into her style in IWW. Along with her tendency to bend the rules, Alexandra may be the single biggest threat to anyone wishing to acquire the IWW Heavyweight Championship.
• Entrance Song – Alexander Alexandrov’s “Hymn of the Russian Federation”

Shi “The Dragon Lady” Nguyen (Age 35 | 134 lbs | China | Face): The martial arts expert of the IWW. Shi knows the best way to a title shot is through breathtaking action. Through the power of the fans, Shi wishes to grab the IWW Heavyweight Championship for herself.
• Entrance Song – Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting”

Lilith Morgana (Age 33 | 150 lbs | Hungary | Heel): Donned as a vampire, Lilith seeks pleasure in the form of sadism. Lilith is arguably the most controversial wrestler in the IWW in that, she frequently tries to seduce other wrestlers during a match and outside of a match.
• Entrance Song – LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade”

Nina Ramirez (Age 36 | 155 lbs | Costa Rica | Face): Not an official luchador, Nina learned a variant style from her grandmother. Because of this, Nina has no mask and is seen as an outcast by true luchadors. Nina Ramirez only wishes to learn the style of luchador in its entirety and winning the IWW Heavyweight Championship will give her the credibility to do so.
• Entrance Song – A Taste of Honey’s “Boogie Oogie Oogie”

Crow Blackbyrd (Age 38 | 148 lbs | Africa | Unaligned): An African Voodoo lady bent on causing chaos. The mere thought of order disgusts her and she does whatever it takes to keep things awry.
• Entrance Song – Pink Floyd’s “Time” OR Various Random Sound Effects

Captain Conquest (Age 35 | 152 lbs | England | Face): A wrestler under the guise of a female pirate, Captain Conquest enters the ring with her pet monkey, Oliver, and explodes on the opponent with unpredictable offense. With an affinity for “shiny things”, Captain Conquest longs to hoist the IWW Heavyweight Championship Belt over her head.
• Entrance Song – Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”

International Women’s Wrestling – Staff
Vanessa King [IWW Owner / Board of Directors (1 of 3)]
Sebastian Colt [IWW Spokesperson / Lt. Commissioner]
Reggie McNeely [IWW Play-by-Play Commentator]
Donovan Shaw [IWW Color Commentator]
Summer Johnson [IWW Field Commentator]
Greg Peters [IWW Referee / Ring Announcer]
Sloan Evans [IWW Referee / Ring Announcer]
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

International Women’s Wrestling: Preview
This Wednesday, join us for the first live taping of IWW at The Madison House in Baton Rouge, LA. Meet all of our 'rasslers in person!

Enjoy when we bring you excitement like no other…

The pompous braggart “Kimberly Starr” and the electric “Shi ‘The Dragon Lady’ Nguyen” will face-off in one-on-one action. Plus, the seasoned “'Dangerous' Danni Des Moines” will take on the tall Russian Roughneck “Alexandra Romanov” in the squared circle. And the main event of the night will be a doozy- -

…A 6-MAN ELIMINATION STYLE BATTLE ROYAL for the IWW Heavyweight Championship Title! Who has what it takes to be the first ever International Women's Wrestling Champion in history??

Also, Vanessa King, owner of International Women’s Wrestling, will make an appearance and deliver a very special announcement for the debut night of IWW!!

Don’t be the only one missing out on the action! Watch the IWW live show at The Madison House! Get yer tickets before they all sell out, y'all…
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

I'd wish you luck, but it seems you don't need it.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

A/N: Thanks for the vote of confidence! Now, before we start, here are some "hot terms". If you want to see a certain promo or match, just Type Ctrl + F and the "hot term"

Hot terms
Promos: Ctrl + F, then "Promo One", or "Promo Two"... so on and so forth.
Matches: Ctrl + F, then "Match One", or "Match Two"... so on and so forth.
Main Event: Ctrl + F, then "Final Match".
Quick Reseult: Ctrl + F, then "Quick Result".

...And that's it. Please, enjoy the feature presentation.


IWW @ “The Madison House”, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (January 3, 1978)

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise
Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day.
Mud on your face…
Big disgrace…
Kickin your can all over the place. (All yours!)

*Our camera pans the 827 seats of the arena as Queen’s “We Will Rock You” booms throughout. The large ring, which is directly on the arena floor, is shown in all of its’ bare splendor. A short several feet from the squared circle is the first row, full of fans shouting slogans and waving drinks to the air.*

Reggie McNeely: To all of you watching at home and everyone out here live at The Madison House, welcome to the IWW!
Donovan Shaw: That’s right. Showin’ y’all premium broadcastin’ circa, let’s say… fifteen minutes? I’m Donovan Shaw…
Reggie McNeely: --And I’m Reggie McNeely. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is… International Women’s Wrestling!

*The music stops and an official makes his way to the ring.*

Sloan Evans: Ladies and gentlemen. Please, settle down…

*The crowd clamors for a while. Gradually, everyone calms down to a respectable level.*

Sloan Evans: I am excited to be the very first face you see in the middle of this ring. I am one of the official referees for this federation, so you can spot me later on but right now… I want to introduce you to the face of International Women’s Wrestling. MS. VANESSA KING!!


*Queen’s “We Will Rock You” plays.*

Buddy you’re a boy make a big noise,
Playin in the street gonna be a big man some day.
Mud on your face…
Big disgrace…
Kickin your can all over the place. (All yours!)

We will,
We will rock you!
We will,
We will rock you!

Vanessa King, clad in a black business suit, struts her way down the runway and toward the ring. She thanks Sloan Evans, accepts the microphone from him and addresses the audience.

Vanessa King: Oy! I think I’m getting old.

*The crowd cheers.*

Vanessa King: Happy New Year; we finally made it to 1978! I am ec-static and you want to know why? You. You’re tired of seeing the same, monotonous wrestlers in the same, boring situations. It just so happens that “tedious” and “dry”, well… they’re not exactly my forte. Just this afternoon, I tried to have an egg salad with water on the side. But, this is Louisiana! So, I had to get me some crawfish stew, froglegs and some red rum pudding for dessert.

*The crowd roars. Vanessa King smiles as she waits for the crowd to settle down.*

Vanessa King: Alright. Alright. Let’s get down to business. Tonight is the debut night of IWW, International Women’s Wrestling! We not only have one, but two… two one-fall matches between some of the greatest female wrestlers that you’ve never seen. Kimberly Starr, the actress turned wrestler, will test her grit against the certified martial artist Shi Nguyen! If that wasn’t enough, “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines will go toe-to-toe against one of the most physically endowed specimens on the roster, Alexandra Romanov!

*The crowd stomps their feet and bangs on the seats in front of them.*

Vanessa King: No! No, it doesn’t stop there! Because we still have one more match. A 6-Man Elimination Style Battle Royale and before this night is over… we will crown the first ever IWW Heavyweight Champion! Now, there’s something else that I must address. Since I am the owner of this exciting new federation, I have to travel across the country in an effort to add more credibility to our franchise. So, I’ve appointed a Lieutenant Commissioner in my place to ensure that business is being run effectively, and that you enjoy the sport that we are offering to you. Please, let me present the new face of the IWW… Sebastian Colt!

*Queen’s “We Will Rock You” plays, once more.*

Sebastian Colt, a short, pudgy man dressed in an azure shirt and beige khakis makes his way to the ring and joins Vanessa. In his hands is the IWW Heavyweight Championship. Pink band. Gold embroidery. The initials “IWW” carved into its’ countenance. Sebastian grabs a microphone from ringside.

Sebastian Colt: Thank you, boss. I stand before you a humble man. Just like my colleagues here in the IWW, I break my back, day in and day out in order for this federation to thrive and succeed in a market dominated by male ‘rasslers! And here we are, finally in a arena, waiting! Waiting to please our overeager fans!

*The crowd whistles and cheers.*

Sebastian Colt (raising the IWW Championship in the air): This… is what it’s all about! This beautiful, gold-encrusted title will be awarded tonight! My people, I think we’ve heard enough talkin’ fer one night. Let’s get to it!

Vanessa King: Ladies and gentlemen, my friends… welcome to the IWW! Welcome to International Women’s Wrestling! Pure! Unadulterated! Women!

*The crowd screams. As Vanessa King and the Lt. Commissioner leave the ring, the camera cuts to the IWW Backstage Area.*


Summer Johnson: I’m Summer Johnson, IWW Interviewer, and we’ve just seen all of the commotion. A huge debut night for the IWW and look who I have here… Kimberly Starr! Kimberly, before you go out there for your match tonight, I just wanted to know your thoughts on how you feel about performing in the first ever IWW wrestling match.

Kimberly Starr: How I feel? How I feel?? I feel… disrespected. How can you have a main event without “The Kimberly Starr" being the first name on the marquee?? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that Kimberly Starr…

*The camera zooms to the wrestler’s face. Kimberly’s curly, brunette hair nearly washed over her eyes.*

Kimberly Starr: --Is a star! I am better than those ugly, bitter tramps in the locker room behind me. Hell, I’m better than you. I get signed to this pitiful company and how do they repay me? By giving me a match against some backwater Oriental. I HATE THE I-W-W! THAT’S… how I feel! Live fast. Die beautiful.

Summer Johnson: Um. Guys? Back to you?


*Bill Wither’s “Use Me” plays.*

…And I gotta spread the news.
If it feels this good bein’ used.
Well, you just keep on usin’ me…
Until you use me up.

Sloan Evans (the referee): The following is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from the United States, weighing in at 134 lbs… Kimberly Starr!

Kimberly Star tosses her long, bouncy hair as she walks down the runway to the ring; angrily pulling her arm away from any overeager fans. Donning black tights (with a yellow “star” imprinted on her right thigh), black boots and a black bra, the tanned wrestler enters the ring.

Reggie McNeely: Let’s take this opportunity to allow you fans to be more familiar with our wrestlers. Here’s Kimberly Starr’s movelist…

IWW Wrestler - Kimberly Starr
Crucifix Armbar
• Standing Figure-Four Armlock

• Hammerlock
• Head Scissors
• Shoulderbreaker
• Vertical Suplex
• European Uppercut
• Armbar Takedown (Single Arm DDT)

Reggie McNeely: You have to wonder, Don, if Kimberly Starr can actually back up her remarks from the Backstage Area just now.
Donovan Shaw: Well, if she can’t back up her remarks… she can certainly back up to this announcer’s table ‘cause she is hotter than a full-coated mule doin’ jump-and-jacks in the middle of Naw’leans, ooh-wee!
Reggie McNeely: Donovan Shaw, ladies and gentlemen… he’ll be here all week.

Sloan Evans (the referee): And her opponent, from China, also weighing in at 134 lbs… Shi “The Dur-agon Laaaady” Nguyen!

*Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting plays.*

Everybody was Kung Fu fightin’. (Hiyah!)
Those cats were fast as lightnin’. (Hooh!)
In fact, it was a little bit frightenin’. (Hiyah!)
But they fought with expert timin’. (Hooh!)

Shi “The Dragon Lady” Nguyen jumps up and down in her yellow qipao, high-fiving as many fans as possible as she runs to ring. Her short ponytail is swings as she profiles a high jump kick in the middle of the ring. The crowd cheers.

Donovan Shaw: This young lady is somebody you do not wanna underestimate. She ain’t anythang short of incredible. You’ll see what I mean later on.
Reggie McNeely: Fun fact; did you know that Shi Nguyen is completely mute? You didn’t? You probably didn’t know her moveset either, then. Here it is…

IWW Wrestler – Shi “The Dragon Lady” Nguyen
Enziguiri / Running Enziguiri
• Open-Handed Chop
• Leg Sweep
• Spinning Heel Kick
• Standing Moonsault
• Standing Dropkick
• Backflip Kick

Reggie McNeely: Alright, let’s get ready for this one, folks!

*The bell rings.*

Shi Nguyen bows to Referee Sloan Evans, and bows to her opponent, Kimberly Starr in respect. Kimberly Starr smiles with her hands on her hips, and then orders Shi Nguyen to get on her knees and worship. After Shi Nguyen shakes her head in confusion, Kimberly slaps her right in the face. After pointing and laughing, Shi Nguyen stiff kicks Kimberly Starr in the right leg, three times. Running to the ropes immediately after, Shi Nguyen strikes Kimberly Starr with a Spinning Heel Kick; crashing the two wrestlers to the mat below.

Reggie McNeely: And already “The Dragon Lady” is giving it to Kimberly Starr after that tasteless display of sportsmanship on Starr’s part!
Donovan Shaw: Hey! If Shi didn’t wanna get slapped, she shoulda just fell to her knees. Every man in this audience would’ve done anythang to trade places with her in that moment.

The two female wrestlers take a bump on the mat and Shi Nguyen strikes Kimberly Starr with another Spinning Heel Kick. After Shi Nguyen’s bump, she rushes over to Kimberly Starr but Kimberly desperately crawls toward the ropes and hugs them. Referee Sloan Evans gets between the two wrestlers and enforces his authority. Shi tries to slide past but Referee Sloan Evans won’t have any of it. Reluctantly, Shi turns around to walk away. With her back turned, Kimberly Starr runs and clubs the back of Shi Nguyen’s head with a forearm. Shi Nguyen falls to the mat.

*The crowd boos.*

Kimberly Starr stomps Shi Nguyen in the side of her ribs before rolling her over on her back. After two more stomps, Kimberly Starr delivers a falling elbow drop on Shi Nguyen’s midsection, and then bumps immediately. Kimberly Starr then delivers another falling elbow drop. Kimberly Starr pins Shi Nguyen.

Sloan Evans (referee): 1... 2- - 2!

Shi Nguyen kicks out and Kimberly Starr pounds the mat in anger. Before Shi Nguyen could stand to her feet, Kimberly Starr sprints and slams her knee against Shi Nguyen’s ribs, sending her to the mat. After standing her on her feet, Kimberly Starr locks in the Abdominal Stretch on Shi Nguyen. After seeing the anguish on Shi Nguyen’s face, Kimberly chuckles and torques the ribs with more pressure.

*The crowd starts to chant “Shi Nguyen! Shi Nguyen! Shi Nguyen! Shi Nguyen!”*

Kimberly Starr looks very concerned as Shi Nguyen begins to squirm out of the Abdominal Stretch. Both wrestlers shake from the exertion. Finally, Shi Nguyen strikes Kimberly Starr’s head with a forearm twice, and reverses the hold with an arm drag. After Kimberly’s bump from the mat, Shi Nguyen strikes her with a Jumping Calf Kick. After yet another bump, Shi Nguyen launches Kimberly Starr to the ropes with an Irish Whip then strikes her with a Leg Sweep. Favoring the back of her neck, Kimberly Starr tries to reach the ropes. Shi Nguyen stops her and pins Kimberly Starr.

Sloan Evans (referee): 1… 2…- - 2!

Kimberly Starr kicks out. As Shi Nguyen grabs Kimberly Starr by the ears, Kimberly slaps Shi’s hands away and delivers a Vertical Suplex. They both crash to the wrestling mat, gradually struggling to make it to their feet.

Sloan Evans (referee): 1… … 2… … 3… … 4… …

*The crowd stands to their feet, chanting for Shi Nguyen.*

Sloan Evans (referee): - -7… … 8…

Kimberly Starr makes it to her feet first and attempts to clothesline Shi Nguyen. Shi Nguyen ducks under the clothesline, they both turn around to face each other, and Shi Nguyen hits Kimberly Starr with an Enziguiri! After that strike to the back of her neck, Shi Nguyen knocks Kimberly Starr to the ring mat below.

Sloan Evans (referee): 1… 2… 3!

*The match bell rings and Referee Sloan Evans raises Shi Nguyen arm in the air in victory.*

Reggie McNeely: What a match! Great effort from Shi “The Dragon Lady” Nguyen and that effort is rewarded with a victory.
Donovan Shaw: Don’t take credit away from Kimberly Starr. She almost came away with a victory here tonight, you know?
Reggie McNeely: Well, we have a lot more tonight folks including a monster main event. A 6-Man Elimination Style Battle Royale! Let’s take you to Summer Johnson as she’s joined by our new boss, Sebastian Colt.


Summer Johnson: Thanks, guys. Summer Johnson here, joined by the new Lt. Commissioner of IWW Mr. Sebastian Colt. Mr. Colt, what are your plans for the future of IWW?

Sebastian Colt: Well, Summer… I’m fortunate in that these wrestlers happen to be very talented. This makes my job much easier and really… all I have to do is fit it all in one, entertaining package. Excuse me, but that’s all the time I have. I’m horridly busy.

Summer Johnson: Mr. Colt! Just a few more… Oh well. Guys, back to you again.


Referee: The following is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from the United States of America, weighing in at 141 pounds, “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines!

*AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock plays.*

In the beginning,
Back in nineteen fifty-five.
Man didn’t know about a rock ‘n’ roll show,
And all that jive.
The white man had the smoltz.
The black man had the blues.
No one knew what they was gonna do.
But Tchaikovsky had the news; he said…

Let there be sound.
There was sound.
Let there be light.
There was light.
Let there be drums.
There were drums.
Let there be guitar.
There was guitar.
Oh, let there be rock!

“Dangerous” Danni Des Moines bursts from the backstage area and shakes her short, red hair to the music. Donning blue jean shorts, black knee pads, black boots and a short black T-shirt, “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines takes her time getting to the ring as she cavorts with the fans.

Reggie McNeely: Two more debuts, ladies and gentlemen, the first is “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines…

IWW Wrestler - “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines
Knee Drop Bulldog
• Running Clothesline
• Crucifix Pin
• Sunset Flip
• Single Leg Crab
• European Uppercut

Donovan Shaw: This is a very tough-and-tumble, cutthroat kinda gal. But, I think she needs a touch of make-up, if ya ask me.
Reggie McNeely: A touch of make-up?
Donovan Shaw: Well, you know… the way a pregnant grizzly bear might “touch” a Canadian ranger.

*Alexander Alexandrov’s “Hymn of the Russian Federation plays.*

Referee: And her opponent… from the country of Russia, weighing in at 169 pounds, Alexandra Romanov!

Donning a red one-piece leotard and red boots, Alexandra Romanov slowly makes her way to the ring. Her chiseled double-chin held high, Alexandra Romanov stops just the ring to stare down her opponent. Finally, she enters raises both of her arms in the air.

Donovan Shaw: And let’s look at Alexandra’s impressive movelist!

IWW Wrestler – Alexandra Romanov
Belly-to-Belly Suplex
• Abdominal Stretch
• Waiting Vertical Suplex
• Big Boot
• Standing Knee Drop
• Forearm Club (to the back)
• Polish Hammer

Reggie McNeely: Let’s get this match under way.

*The bell rings.*

“Dangerous” Danni and Alexandra Romanov size up each other, circling the ring as they do so. Finally “Dangerous” Danni and Alexandra Romanov lock arms. After two seconds, Alexandra Romanov squirrels behind “Dangerous” Danni, hoists her in the air and slams her on her belly. As Alexandra Romanov jogs in place, “Dangerous” Danni takes a knee and measures her opponent.

Reggie McNeely: And just like that, you see the height advantage really working in Alexandra Romanov’s favor. I really can’t see how anyone could try to overpower her.

“Dangerous” Danni and Alexandra Romanov lock arms once more. After two seconds, Alexandra Romanov delivers an arm drag to “Dangerous” Danni. After the bump, Alexandra attempts a clothesline but “Dangerous” Danni ducks. After they both turn to face each other, “Dangerous” Danni strikes Alexandra’s face with a forearm two times. Then, “Dangerous” Danni runs to the ropes and when she returns Alexandra Romanov counters with a Polish Hammer, crashing “Dangerous” Danni to the mat below. Alexandra Romanov pins “Dangerous” Danni.

Referee: 1… … 2…- - 2!

Alexandra Romanov immediately stands “Dangerous” Danni to her feet and positions her in a Waiting Vertical Suplex. After standing for four seconds, Alexandra slams “Dangerous” Danni to the mat below. Taking her time to get to her feet, Alexandra Romanov runs to the ropes and stops in front of “Dangerous” Danni. Then, Alexandra strikes “Dangerous” Danni’s chest with a Standing Knee Drop. Alexandra Romanov pins “Dangerous” Danni.

Referee: 1… … 2… - - 2!

Alexandra Romanov grabs “Dangerous” Danni by the hair and stands her to her feet. The Referee shouts at Alexandra but to no avail. “Dangerous” Danni strikes Alexandra’s midsection with a forearm three times and runs to the ropes. Returning from those ropes, “Dangerous” Danni strikes Alexandra Romanov with a Running Clothesline and Alexandra takes a bump from the mat. Then, “Dangerous” Danni delivers a Standing Dropkick to Alexandra Romanov. “Dangerous” Danni pins Alexandra Romanov.

Referee: 1… … 2 - - 2!

“Dangerous” Danni Des Moines immediately mounts Alexandra Romanov and strikes her head with a forearm three times. The Referee breaks it up and separates the two wrestlers. As Alexandra struggles to get to her feet, “Dangerous” Danni runs off the ropes and attempts a Running Clothesline. But Alexandra Romanov, using the momentum, reverses with a Big Boot to “Dangerous” Danni’s nose. After “Dangerous” Danni crashes to the mat, Alexandra Romanov grabs her by the hair and delivers a Scoop Slam. Then, a Standing Knee Drop across “Dangerous” Danni’s chest. Alexandra poses to the crowd, clasping her hands together and raising them in the air.

*The crowd boos.*

Hoisting “Dangerous” Danni to her feet, Alexandra Romanov faces her and hugs her with clasped hands. Lifting her to attempt the Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Alexandra was forced to stop as “Dangerous” Danni delivers a Headbutt out of sheer desperation. She delivers another. Then another. Finally, Alexandra relinquishes “Dangerous” Danni. Immediately, “Dangerous” Danni kicks Alexandra Romanov in the sternum and delivers a DDT; crashing Alexandra to the mat below and turning her on her back.”Dangerous” Danni Des Moines pins Alexandra Romanov.

Referee: 1… … 2… … - - 2!

“Dangerous” Danni pounds her fist into the mat as she is denied the 3-count. She can’t believe it. Noticing Alexandra Romanov stumbling as she attempt to stand, “Dangerous” Danni pats her knee pad three times and measures her opponent. As soon as Alexandra turns around, “Dangerous” Danni kicks Alexandra in the midsection and grabs the back of her head. As Alexandra bends over, “Dangerous” Danni jumps and drives her knees to the back of her head and slams it to the wrestling mat below. The Knee Drop Bulldog was delivered! “Dangerous” Danni pins Alexandra Romanov.

Referee: 1… … 2… … 3!

*The match bell rings and the Referee raises “Dangerous” Danni’s hand in the air.*

Reggie McNeely: And she’s done it! She’s overcome the odds, ladies and gentlemen… what a match! This could be the beginning of a very bright future for this young lady.
Donovan Shaw: Pretty good “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines. Slap some lipstick on and maybe she could get some poster space on my wall.
Reggie McNeely: Could you be any more demeaning? You know what? Don’t answer that. Next is our main event! The ring is being prepared as we speak.
Donovan Shaw: Yeah, and as both “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines and Alexandra Romanov leave the ring, you see Sloan Evans, and two other referees, enter it. What a ring hog!
Reggie McNeely: There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your job! I just wish I knew that feeling. But, I’d have to wait until you leave that seat. Wait! Sloan Evans is about to speak.
Donovan Shaw: Oh yeah… let’s all encourage Sloan Evans.
Reggie McNeely: Would you hush!


Sloan Evans (the referee): The following is a Six-Man Elimination Style Battle Royale for the IWW… Heavyweight… Championship! You can only win via pinfall, submission, or count-out. Introducing first from Mexico, weighing in at 130 pounds… The Cerulean Kid!

*Tito Puentes’ “Oye Como Va” plays.*

Donning a light-blue leotard with matching luchador mask, and blue boots, The Cerulean Kid runs down the runway and hops over the top rope into the ring.

IWW Wrestler - The Cerulean Kid
Flying Elbow Drop
• Hurricanrana
• Running Forearm
• Flying Cross Body
• Head Scissors
• Sunset Flip
• Snapmare

Sloan Evans (the referee): - -And her opponent, from Transylvania, weighing 150 pounds… Lilith Morgana!

*LaBelle’s “Lady Marmalade” plays.*

With a short black dress and black boots, the pale, black-haired wrestler hisses and crawls her way to the ring.

IWW Wrestler - Lilith Morgana
Swinging Neckbreaker
• Knee Drop
• Running Clothesline
• Forearm Club
• Cobra Clutch
• Kiss / Spanking
• Piledriver

Sloan Evans (the referee): - -And her opponent, from England, weighing in at 152 pounds… accompanied by her pet monkey, Oliver… Captain Conquest!

*Antonio Lucio Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” plays.*

Donning black boots, black baggy pantaloons, a gold vest and a pirate hat, Captain Conquest runs straight to the ring with her monkey, Oliver, running beside her. Once they arrive to the ring, Captain Conquest leaves the care of Oliver in the hands of the timekeeper.

IWW Wrestler - Captain Conquest
Boston Crab
• Snap Suplex
• Backhand Chop
• Discus Clothesline
• One-Handed Bulldog
• Small Package
• Running Back Elbow
• Abdominal Stretch

Sloan Evans (the referee): - -And her opponent, from the dark continent of Africa… weighing in at 138 pounds, Crow Blackbyrd!

*Repeated sounds of pots and pans clanking together plays.*

The hooded figure makes her way to the ring. Once there, she removes her dark cloak and reveals herself. The bald-headed, dark-skinned wrestler dons a black, tattered skirt and a red bra. Tattoos are plastered all over her body.

IWW Wrestler - Crow Blackbyrd
Finisher Mimic
• Forearm Club
• Leg Scissors (Body)
• Running Kick to the Head
• Running Clothesline
• Asian Mist

Sloan Evans (the referee): - -And her opponent, from Costa Rica, weighing 155 pounds… Nina Ramirez!

*A Taste of Honey’s “Boogie Oogie Oogie” plays.*

Donning yellow tights and a matching bra, Nina Ramirez head to the ring. Her short black hair is fashioned into a ponytail.

IWW Wrestler - Nina Ramirez
Rolling Koppou Kick (rolling heel kick)
• Hurricanrana
• Standing Dropkick
• Running Cross Body
• Snapmare
• Small Package
• Victory Roll
• Sunset Flip

Sloan Evans (the referee): - -And the final opponent. From the Isle of Samoa, weighing in at… 203 pounds! Accompanied by Mr. Valentine, Big… Wicked… Samoan!

*A lion’s roar plays throughout the entrance.*

Seemingly raving mad, the portly wrestler is dragged by a leash by a short, unintimidating man. Big Wicked Samoan with large, frizzy hair; dons very short (tight), black underwear, a huge black bra and is barefoot. Rattling the barricades and chewing on the ring ropes, Big Wicked Samoan enters the ring as Mr. Valentine cautiously releases her from her leash.

IWW Wrestler - Big Wicked Samoan
Samoan Drop
• Bearhug

• Yakuza Kick
• Bite to the Forehead
• Standing Headbutt
• Landing Headbutt
• Shoulder Block
• Open-Handed Chop
• Turnbuckle Splash
• Big Splash Pin

Reggie McNeely: Ladies and gentlemen, once again, this is for the first ever IWW Heavyweight Championship! Who’s going to make history here, tonight? Let’s watch.

Referee Sloan Evans brings out the IWW Heavyweight Title Belt and shows it to everyone. Captain Conquest, seemingly mesmerized by the luster of the belt, slowly reaches for it. Big Wicked Samoan, now relinquished from her leash, runs across the ring and knocks Captain Conquest head against the second turnbuckle with a Shoulder Block. Captain Conquest’s lifeless body lies across the wrestling ring.

*Reluctantly, the match bell rings.*

Immediately after, Big Wicked Samoan grabs The Cerulean Kid’s arm and delivers a Lariat, crashing her to the mat as well. Big Wicked Samoan runs to the ropes and strikes The Cerulean Kid with a Landing Headbutt.

*A Referee checks Captain Conquest’s status. She can no longer compete and is carried away from the ring. The crowd boos heavily.*

In an effort to take advantage, Lilith Morgana strikes Big Wicked Samoan with a Clothesline. Big Wicked Samoan barely moves, then immediately strikes Lilith Morgana with a Two-Handed Throat Thrust which sends her to the ropes. When she returns, Big Wicked Samoan delivers the Samoan Drop and slams Lilith Morgana onto the wrestling mat below. Big Wicked Samoan pins.

Referee: 1… … 2… … 3!

*Big Wicked Samoan def. Lilith Morgana via pinfall.*

Crow Blackbyrd grabs The Cerulean Kid from the mat and delivers a Scoop Slam, slamming her to the mat. Crow Blackbyrd attempts a Standing Leg Drop, but The Cerulean Kid rolls out of the way. Favoring her lower back, Crow Blackbyrd stands to her feet. The Cerulean Kid runs to the ropes and dodges a Clothesline attempt from Big Wicked Samoan while doing so. On her return, she strikes Big Wicked Samoan with a Running Forearm, spins and strikes Crow Blackbyrd with a Spinning Heel Kick. Big Wicked Samoan only staggers after The Cerulean Kid’s Running Forearm.

Nina Ramirez, off of The Cerulean Kid’s momentum, delivers a Standing Dropkick to Big Wicked Samoan sending her to the ropes. Crow Blackbyrd grabs Nina Ramirez and tosses herself along with Nina Ramirez over the top rope.

Referee: 1… 2… 3… 4…

Nina Ramirez tries to re-enter the ring, but Crow Blackbyrd delivers a Forearm Club to the bridge of her back, twice. Then, Crow Blackbyrd locks in a Rear Headlock and backs away from the ring with Nina Ramirez. Nina Ramirez, in a moment of desperation, reverses the Rear Headlock with a Backdrop on the outside of the ring. With both Nina Ramirez and Crow Blackbyrd laying on the floor, the Referee continues his count.

Referee: 9… 10! That’s it! You two are eliminated.

*Crow Blackbyrd eliminated via count-out.*
*Nina Ramirez eliminated via count-out.*

The Cerulean Kid runs and strikes Big Wicked Samoan with as many forearm strikes as she can. The Cerulean Kid runs to the ropes and delivers a Cross Body to Big Wicked Samoan, but… Big Wicked Samoan counters with a Bearhug. With The Cerulean Kid hoisted in the air and her ribs being crushed above Big Wicked Samoan’s shoulder , the crowd begins to rally behind her. She struggles to stay alive; her arms trembling with exertion. But, alas, the pressure is too much and The Cerulean Kid is forced to tap out on Big Wicked Samoan’s shoulder.

*Big Wicked Samoan def. The Cerulean Kid via submission. Big Wicked Samoan is new IWW Heavyweight Champion!*

Sloan Evans (the referee): Okay! Okay! That’s it! Mr. Valentine… come get her!

As Mr. Valentine enters the ring, Big Wicked Samoan relinquishes her hold on The Cerulean Kid and slams her to the wrestling mat. A Referee tries to put Big Wicked Samoan’s arm in the air but receives only unintelligible hollers and a shove to the mat.

Sloan Evans grabs the IWW Heavyweight Championship Belt and gives it to Big Wicked Samoan. Mr. Valentine insists on grabbing the belt for himself. He then falls to his knee and presents the IWW Heavyweight Championship Belt to Big Wicked Samoan, in an obvious effort to appease the wrestler. Big Wicked Samoan grabs the IWW Heavyweight Championship Belt with eager hands and hoists it in the air, beating her chest with a free hand while doing so.

Reggie McNeely: Oh… my… goodness. What a force of nature, we’ve just seen here tonight. I fear for the future of the IWW Heavyweight Championship.
Donovan Shaw: For once, we’re on the same page, here. I mean, who the hell can beat her? She hadn’t even been knocked down. This is gonna be a very interesting year, indeed.
Reggie McNeely: Well, for Donovan Shaw, I’m Reggie McNeely and Big Bad Samoan has just been crowned our very first IWW Heavyweight Champion. May the good Lord have mercy… on our souls.


The camera zooms into the Backstage Area. “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines is seen watching the results of the main event through a television and looks concerned. Nevertheless, “Dangerous” Danni is ecstatic about her win over Alexandra Romanov and smiles her way out of arena.

”Dangerous” Danni Des Moines (bumping into Kimberly Starr): Oops! Sorry about that.

Kimberly Starr (holding an ice pack to the back of her neck): Hey! Watch where you’re going! Can’t you see I’m in pain, you oaf!

”Dangerous” Danni Des Moines: What! What did you say to me??

Sebastian Colt: Hey! Ladies… ladies. I sense a lotta hostility here. If there’s tension, then that’s great. I’m an expert at breaking tension… as well as breaking careers. Now, that can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing. You decide. So, is everythang cool?

Kimberly Starr (staring down Sebastian Colt in defiance): Yeah. Cool.

Kimberly Starr, still favoring the back of her neck, glares at “Dangerous” Danni Des Moines as she makes her exit.

”Dangerous” Danni Des Moines: Look. I know you’re the boss, and that’s great. But, I can take care of myself.

Sebastian Colt: I agree. I did see your match after all but, brace yourself for next week. I trust you saw our new IWW Heavyweight Champion. You betta be ready when your time comes, or you could end up missing in action.

“Dangerous” Danni Des Moines reflects on those thoughts as she stares down Sebastian Colt. After a couple of seconds, “Dangerous” Danni leaves The Madison House. Sebastian Colt just got here, but he already has an idea for next week match on IWW. All we can do is wait… and see what it is.

Quick Results
Shi “The Dragon Lady” Nguyen def. Kimberly Starr
“Dangerous” Danni Des Moines def. Alexandra Romanov
Big Wicked Samoan (IWW Heavyweight Champion) def. Captain Conquest, Lilith Morgana, Crow Blackbyrd, Nina Ramirez, and The Cerulean Kid for IWW Heavyweight Championship
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

I've just noticed what you've said in the very first line of this thread.

With that attitude son, you won't get anywhere. No wonder you've had no comments.
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

Originally Posted by Kanefan4E View Post
I've just noticed what you've said in the very first line of this thread.

With that attitude son, you won't get anywhere. No wonder you've had no comments.
Well... I was being very sincere. I do see how it can be taken out of context but I didn't mean that in a sarcastic tone. PARANoIR commented on my BTB when he didn't have to. So, I just gave my thanks.

This is going to be the biggest thread on here. My skills are unparalleled, really. You may not like me, but you can't deny that.
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

if i was you i would not be to cocky. Have a look at DDmac's BTB and i bet you you will shut your mouth then.
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

In regards to the opening line dude, respect is earned, not awarded. You may think you're the sh*t, but now you have to prove it and on here, that takes months. Your presentation and layout is messy and confusing, try and tidy it up for the next show. I can't remember a thread like this existing, but there was probably a few, I just can't think of one. You're obviously dedicated and you seem to be putting in a fair amount of effort, so good luck. Just remember to keep the ego under lock and key, it won't do you any favors on here :-)

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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
In regards to the opening line dude, respect is earned, not awarded. You may think you're the sh*t, but now you have to prove it and on here, that takes months. Your presentation and layout is messy and confusing, try and tidy it up for the next show. I can't remember a thread like this existing, but there was probably a few, I just can't think of one. You're obviously dedicated and you seem to be putting in a fair amount of effort, so good luck. Just remember to keep the ego under lock and key, it won't do you any favors on here :-)
What is this? I didn't do anything wrong here folks. Are you all saying that what I said cannot be construed as a compliment at all? Also, I'm an upstart. It's one of my endearing qualities, really.

If PARANoIR himself does feel offended by my compliment, I'll edit it to something else.
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Re: Exclusive Presents: International Women's Wrestling

Hey those are some pretty good stories there...
If you like female wrestling so much why don't you send in some posts to women wrestling?
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