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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

I have been following this thread for a bit now, can't wait for this PPV.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008


WWE “The world is watching” video airs.


Narrator: Tonight two mortal enemies return to the ring in their quest to be the best, in their quest to be world champion.

>>> We witness John Cena defeating CM Punk at Summer Slam last month and winning the world title. We watch as CM Punk turns heel and attacks Cena after the match.

Punk’s Voice: You couldn’t stand the fact I was number one.

Cena’s Voice: You couldn’t stand the competition.

>>> We’re then shown highlights of John Cena being attacked three weeks ago and Evan Bourne turning heel on Raw last week and aligning himself with CM Punk.

Narrator: Tonight the champion must overcome an ever mounting challenge if he wishes to remain the man, if he wishes to call himself world champion.

>>> Screen fades to black.


>>> A shot of Edge pacing around in the ring waiting to spear HHH.

>>> Umaga delivering the Samoan spike to HHH.

>>> HHH laid out on the canvas, motionless.

Narrator: Tonight a champion must face two formidable adversaries, both intent on leaving Unforgiven as the WWE champion.

>>> Highlights of HHH delivering a pedigree to both Umaga and Edge at different periods in time.

Narrator: Can The Game defeat a Rated R superstar and a Samoan Bulldozer? Or will the unthinkable happen and the WWE title become the property of a man with no remorse or reason?

>>> Screen goes all fuzzy and the picture begins to jump.


***Fade to Black***


>>> The camera moves along a highway, cars are swerving out of the way. It’s night, thunder roars through the air and lightning Rica shays off of the tarmac. The camera pans round to reveal Batista, who is towering above the ground, seemingly a hundred feet tall. He raises his right foot in the air and drives it into the highway, causing a huge crack to appear. Cars drive into the widening crevice as Batista roars and slaps his chest. The camera pans up into the air as a helicopter appears. Unforgiven is written across the side of the helicopter as it circles Batista.

Narrator: Tonight no man goes Unforgiven.

*Fade to Black*

[Arena Live]

>>> Pyro explodes in and around the Unforgiven set. The Unforgiven theme sounds rips through the jam packed Quick Loans Arena. The lights come up and the fans come to their feet. The camera pans around the arena and as usual focuses in on several signs being help up by eager fans. One sign, being help up by a little girl reads “I love Jeff Hardy.” Behind the young girl stands a group of Twenty something males, who have their shirts off. Each man has a letter drawn on their chest and collectively they spell out RATED-R.

[Raw announce table]

Cole: Welcome everybody to Unforgiven. We are coming to you live tonight from the Quick Loans Arena in Cleveland Ohio and what a night this promises to be.

King: You can say that again Michael Cole . These people are pumped up for Unforgiven.

Cole: As they should be King. Tonight on the Raw side of things we have three huge matches signed, non bigger than the World Heavyweight Title Match which will see the champion John Cena defend the gold against CM Punk.

King: After what happened Monday night on Raw you’ve got to suspect that Evan Bourne is going to be in the corner of the challenger here tonight at Unforgiven.

Cole: If that is the case, things aren’t looking good for the champion King! Also here tonight six of the biggest Superstars on Raw take to the ring in a bid to become number one contender.

King: Batista, Rey Mysterio, JBL, Kane, Chris Jericho and Mark Henry will all take to the ring at the same time, how amazing is that going to be?

Cole: It’s going to something else, that’s for sure. Also here tonight we will witness what is perhaps the most anticipated women’s championship match of the modern era when Beth Phoenix defends the gold against Gail Kim!

King: Michael I’m looking over at Jim Ross and Mick Foley and they’re getting restless, so let’s send it over to our broadcast colleagues.

[SmackDown announce table]

JR: That Michael Cole sure can talk.

Foley: (laughing) Do they know we only have three hours?

JR: With that said ladies and gentlemen we again welcome you to Unforgiven, I’m JR, Jim Ross and I’m sitting next to the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley. What a night this is set to be Mick.

Mick: Edge, Triple H and Umaga finally get it on in what is one of the most eagerly anticipated WWE title matches in recent memory.

JR: So much on the line for The Game in that one and If I were a betting man, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be putting any money on the cerebral assassin here tonight at Unforgiven!!!

Mick: Also here tonight MVP takes on Mr Kennedy in a match that many feel will steal the show.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen I’m getting word from the production team that we need to go backstage, I have no idea why!!!.


>>> The camera man in running through the backstage area and as a result the picture is jumping on the screen. The camera man pushes through a set of double doors and emerges into the parking lot. Security are everywhere. As the camera man walks further on into the parking lot we get a shot of a bloody Chris Jericho laid out on the hood of a black sedan.

Shawn M .voice. - I told you, you wouldn’t be champion you piece of crap, I told you…..

>>> Shawn walks into shot. He is being held back by three security guards. There is blood all over Shawn’s hands. Jericho is crawling across the hood of the car when Shawn breaks free and dives on him. Shawn begins to nail Jericho with rights and lefts to the face. Security rush toward them and attempt to drag Shawn Michaels off of Chris Jericho. The result of this is that both men rolls off the hood of the car and hit the concrete. Jericho now is on top of Shawn Michaels, but he is clearly out of it and can’t take advantage. Security guards grab onto Jericho, lifting him to his feet and off of Shawn Michaels. As the security guards try to hold Jericho up, Shawn gets to his feet and delivers a super kick o Jericho.

*Banging of doors*

*Hurried footsteps*

>>> More security guards come running into the parking lot and restrain Shawn Michaels. Shawn tries to fight them off, but the six of them take him to the ground.

Mans voice: Get Jericho out of here, (panicked) the medical bay now!

[Cut to Raw announce desk]

King: What the hell just happened?

Cole: From what I can tell, Shawn Michaels just beat the living hell out of Chris Jericho.

King: What does this mean for the six pack challenge here tonight Michael, are we still going to get that match now or not?

Cole: I have no idea King, but looking at Chris Jericho just then, it would appear that he is in no fit state to compete later on tonight. We will keep you posted as the night goes on folks but right now we are going to send it over to our SmackDown colleagues.

[MATCH #1] 6 Man Tag - The Hadyz & Shannon Moore VS Hawkins, Ryder & Chavo -


Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 668lbs, three members of La Familia, Chavo Guerrero, Hawkins and Ryder.

>>> Hawkins and Ryder are given huge amounts of heat as they slowly walk down the ramp with Chavo Guerrero following behind them. The fans try to get in their faces but the trio simply walk up the steel steps and in to the ring. They each get on a turnbuckle and ‘salute’ the crowd.


Chimel: Their opponents, at a combined weight of 713lbs, hailing from North Carolina, Shannon Moore, Matt and Jeff Hardy... they are TEEAAAMMMMMM EXTTRRREEEEMMMEEEEE!!!

>>> Matt, Jeff and Moore make their way to the ring, Matt and Jeff Hardy clap the hands of the fans and are making a good time out of it but Moore just has his eyes focused on the three in the ring. Moore rolls in to the ring first with Matt and Jeff Hardy quick accompany him in the ring as Matt and Jeff go to the corner, as does Hawkins and Ryder as Chavo Guerrero and Shannon Moore get us started off.

J.R: This is it, the final chapter in this epic story between two teams who just hate each other, this isn’t for titles folks, this is for blood shed, this is for all the battles in the past, this is for pride.

Foley: I can see Team Extreme out there, they look completely different, they seem more focused but then I see the unit that is La Familia and I can’t pick out a winner, I just can’t!

J.R: Well let’s get the first bout of Unforgiven under way.

*Bell rings*

Chavo Guerrero and Shannon Moore start things up by tying up in the middle of the ring; Chavo gets the upper hand and forces Shannon Moore in to the corner. Guerrero tries to suffocate Moore in the corner with his forearm but Moore sidesteps and hits a shoulder tackle sending Guerrero back up against the ropes but Guerrero responds with a massive clothesline! Guerrero takes the wise move of dragging Moore over to his corner and cutting the ring off from the Hardyz. Chavo tags in Hawkins to keep things fresh. Hawkins starts beating down on Moore, he lands a few kicks and cowardly stamps before ‘posing’ to the crowd who, in turn, shout abuse at one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Hawkins quickly goes for a cover,



Moore gets a hand up, fairly easily it has to be said. Hawkins picks Moore up literally by the scruff of his neck and throws him face first in to the turnbuckle. This garners a lot of groans from the fans. Hawkins then takes advantage by chop blocking the back of Moore’s leg. Moore cries out in agony, his leg just buckling under the impact of that heinous move. He slowly squirms away from Hawkins but the luminous shadow of Hawkins is soon behind him and grabs him by the shoulder which makes Moore’s skin sear with an intense pain. Moore grits his teeth and manages to hit an elbow on Hawkins which takes the wind out of him. Moore rises on to one leg this time and hits a European Uppercut. Moore stares straight at Hawkins and kicks him in the mid section, he takes a step back and kicks him in the chest, Moore looks to be going for the FourMooreIdable as he kicks Hawkins in the shoulder. Moore strides back and gets his body in position for the final kick in this series (similar to a Super Kick) Moore pulls the trigger... he doesn’t feel the impact, the adrenaline has gone. Hawkins ducked the move and the wind swept past him as the kick was unleashed but he had that scouted all the way. Moore senses he can’t last too much longer in this match and tries to outpace Hawkins and get to his own corner but Hawkins stops him in his tracks and grabs his leg. Hawkins grapevines the leg and drags Moore back in to the middle of the ring. Hawkins quickly gets to his feet and lifts Moore up, using his hair as leverage. Hawkins then manoeuvres his leg, pokes Moore in the eye and hits a Russian Leg Sweep. Moore is rolling around on the floor in absolute agony but Hawkins puts a stop to that by kneeing him in the back with brute force. He hooks the leg and goes for the cover,




Moore kicked out but Hawkins isn’t deterred, in fact he looks almost happy he kicked out, obviously wanting to prolong Moore’s pain further. Hawkins goes over to the Hardyz and talks trash to them but Matt Hardy isn’t listening and SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE! Jeff Hardy goes to calm Matt Hardy down but Matt is adamant to take revenge on Hawkins and climbs in to the ring but Jeff grabs his arm as he steps in to the ring and is levelled with a BIG BOOT! The referee gets over to sort out all of the commotion but on the other side of the ring Chavo Guerrero and Ryder step in to the ring and Chavo lines Moore up and punts him in the gut like a yob. Ryder and Guerrero scamper away and are convincing in their portrayal of two innocent men, conning the referee in the process. Hawkins tags in Ryder now and Ryder amateurishly runs in only to be caught full on by a boot. Moore manages to get to his feet and he hits a BULLDOG! The crowd are lapping it up but Moore collapses from pure exhaustion. Moore looks up as the Hardyz fade in and out of vision, he hears the voices of thousands in the arena as he breathes heavily. Moore leaps over to his corner like an Olympic sprinter out of the starting blocks and tags in JEFF HARDY! Jeff Hardy goes straight on the offense and picks Ryder up and Irish whips him in to the corner. Jeff Hardy then clears house by hitting a clothesline on Chavo Guerrero and dropkicking Hawkins off of the apron. Matt Hardy climbs in to the ring; smirking intensely. Jeff Hardy turns around to see... Matt Hardy, Jeff looks a little spooked by this but Matt tells Jeff to do something and he goes over and positions Ryder in the corner. Before the referee can stop it Jeff Hardy is down on his hands and knees and Matt Hardy jumps off of his brother’s back and hits a SPLASH ON RYDER in the corner! Hardy pulls Ryder to the floor and Jeff Hardy grapevines the leg,




Jeff Hardy rubs his head and picks Ryder up. Jeff kicks Ryder in the gut and grabs his head, TWIST OF FATE? NO! Ryder drops Jeff Hardy on his back. Ryder tags in Chavo Guerrero, who is still a little dazed from that blindside attack. Chavo picks up Jeff Hardy, who had been holding his back and makes that pain ten times worse by hitting a sickening BACKBREAKER to Jeff Hardy. Guerrero isn’t finished yet though; not by a long shot. Guerrero smirks and rubs his chin, he picks Jeff Hardy up by pulling at the roots of his hairs and he kicks Hardy in the gut and manages to put Jeff Hardy in place for the GORY SPECIAL! However, Jeff Hardy slips out of it and goes for a clothesline but Guerrero saw it coming and ducks it, he then kicks Jeff Hardy in the gut once again and hits a vertical suplex, he keeps a hold of Hardy and swivels his hips. It becomes apparent now; Guerrero is going for the Three Amigos. Jeff Hardy tries to battle out but Guerrero hits a second Amigo. The crowd are booing, not knowing what hypocrites they are as Guerrero completes the trifecta, hitting the THREE AMIGOS. Chavo bellows at the top of his lungs that he is the ‘Real Guerrero’ obviously this garners tremendous heat on Chavo but this intensifies as he climbs to the top rope and shouts ‘Viva La Raza’ This is becoming more of a mocking act than a tribute as he spreads his body out and leaps off of the top rope, the wind rushes through his (thinning) hair and it looks like he is about to meet his target but JEFF HARDY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY OF THE FROG SPLASH!!! Chavo Guerrero is left eating canvas, much to the behest of his teammates. Jeff Hardy hangs on to the ropes for dear life and takes a deep breath, he knows he escaped that by the skin of his teeth. Jeff Hardy looks up and decides to seize upon the opportunity by going for a cover...





Jeff Hardy flicks his hair back and gets back to the job in hand. Jeff grabs Chavo’s arm and uncharacteristically stamps on the third generation superstar’s hand. Chavo yelps out in pain and tries to reach over to his partner’s but the task seems unfeasible. Hardy picks Chavo up but he uses the old Guerrero instinct and pulls the referee in front of Chavo and hits Jeff Hardy with a LOW BLOW!!! Hardy crumples to the mat holding his crotch as the fans boo the act but Guerrero, being the seasoned veteran he is, wastes no time. Chavo slaps Jeff Hardy around the face and tells him to get up, Jeff has no time to answer as Chavo slams his face against the canvas. Chavo goes in for the kill but Jeff hits a boot to the face of Guerrero. Jeff Hardy gets up and Chavo Guerrero motions for him to come and get it. Jeff Hardy runs at Chavo, who easily sidesteps. Chavo then poses and acts like the cocky chickenshit he is but he didn’t realise Jeff Hardy actually was aiming for the turnbuckle and as soon as he turns around he gets a taste for WHISPER IN THE WIND!!!

Jeff Hardy has the momentum in his favour and he takes his shirt off and climbs to the top rope, he kisses his fingers but out of nowhere comes Hawkins who grabs the Rainbow Haired Warrior’s leg. Hawkins and Hardy battle with Jeff Hardy winning out by kicking Hawkins away. The referee goes outside to lecture Hawkins as Jeff Hardy goes for the SWANTON! NO!!! KNEES UP BY CHAVO GUERRERO! The already injured back just took one hell of a beating there but thankfully he manages to tag in to Shannon Moore who was right near Jeff Hardy’s landing. Shannon runs in and hits a baseball slide on Ryder, knocking him off and making him faceplant on the apron. The crowd ‘Ooh’ as Chavo if lifted up and is hit with a kick to the mid section, the chest and finally the shoulders... the fans know what is coming this time as Moore takes a step back and hits the SUPER KICK! Moore hooks the leg, there is no-one there to save Chavo this time... the referee comes in to the ring BUT NO! THE REFEREE ORDERS MOORE AWAY!!! The referee didn’t see the tag made and Jeff Hardy, who is in no fit state to wrestle climbs back in to the ring. He tags in Moore anyway who has just climbed back on to the apron and Moore quickly pounces for a cover...




CHAVO GETS A SHOULDER UP! Moore can’t believe it and for the first time in this match he begins to lose his temper and he tells the ref exactly what he thinks! Chavo shakes his head to combat the dizziness but he sees his opponent distracted and he takes the opportunity to take advantage, he rolls up his adversary using the tights... feet on the ropes!





Chavo walks away with his tail between his legs but steams back in when the referee’s back is turned towards Hawkins and Ryder with yet another punt to the mid section. Chavo seems to be weakening him down for the Frog Splash. Chavo picks up Moore but Moore cuts to the chase and goes for a SUPER KICK, CHAVO DUCKS! Chavo picks up Moore and is looking for the Electric Chair Drop but Moore counters in to a VICTORY ROLL... NO, CHAVO COUNTERS IT! A la Owen Hart Chavo reverses the Victory Roll in to his own pinning predicament




How did Moore kick out of that one? Chavo grabs Moore’s foot and tags in Hawkins. Hawkins takes over the reins and throws Moore in to the corner. Hawkins starts hitting him with lefts and rights before tagging in Ryder. Ryder climbs to the top turnbuckle whilst Hawkins gets Moore on his shoulders. NO!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Moore just stood on Hawkins’ shoulder and managed to hit a missile dropkick to Ryder, knocking him off of the turnbuckle and on to the mat melodramatically! Ryder tags in Chavo who looks to finish this but Moore hits Chavo right between the eyes with an elbow. Moore leaps over and manages, despite stumbling, to tag in Matt Hardy! Matt Hardy runs in and takes out Chavo and himself with a double clothesline. Matt Hardy looks to have come off the worse though with his head ricocheting off of the canvas. Chavo Guerrero scales the turnbuckle and wastes no time and he finally hits the FROG SPLASH!!! Guerrero holds his gut and keels over but manages to drag his limp body over to Matt Hardy and hook his leg...




MATT HARDY KICKED OUT! Chavo’s eyes bulge out of his head as he shakes his head at the referee telling him that it was three but he is having none of it. Whilst Chavo protests Matt Hardy has tagged in Jeff Hardy, Chavo finally sees this and tags in Hawkins. Hawkins and Jeff Hardy circle each other, with Jeff Hardy still holding his back in pain. Jeff Hardy catches Hawkins off guard and kicks him in the mid section... TWIST OF FATE? NO! Hawkins kicks Hardy in the stomach, EDGECUTION!!! Hawkins steals a move off of his old mentor and he looks set to duplicate another as he goes to the corner, he motions for Jeff Hardy to get up. Hardy holds his head and stands up, he is dazed and his vision is blurry but he can still see a figure changing at him and he dives out of the way. Hawkins goes straight in to the steel pole! He clutches his shoulder in agony as he backs away from Team Extreme’s corner but he is only met by Jeff Hardy who turns him around kicks him in the gut and hits him with a TWIST OF FATE!!! Hardy hooks the leg as the crowd chant along...




*Bell rings*

[Winners: Team Extreme via pinfall @ 11:09]

>>> Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore rush in to the ring to congratulate Jeff Hardy on his win as Chavo Guerrero exchanges bitter words with Ryder on the loss. Matt and Moore holds Jeff’s arm aloft and Matt looks at Jeff in displeasure but he still hugs his brother. Chavo rolls Hawkins out of the ring. Suddenly Chavo gets a steel chair from under the ring but Team Extreme, who are celebrating, are oblivious but out of the crowd come THE COLONS! They rush in and The Colons hit Hawkins and Ryder with clothesline but Chavo Guerrero still has the steel chair, he is stalking the trio but Shannon Moore spots it and SUPER KICK TO CHAVO GUERRERO! GUERRERO IS BUSTED OPEN BY HIS OWN STEEL CHAIR! The fans begin to cheer even more as Team Extreme make their way up the ramp, this chapter is finished, what will be next for the Hardyz after The Colons have now made it crystal clear that they want championship gold.

J.R: What an absolute epic! That match had everything and more Mick, what a way to start Unforgiven. Matt, Jeff and Shannon Moore have completed this chapter and I just wonder what lies ahead for them, World Title aspirations perhaps? Only time will tell.

Foley: It all had a happy ending and it looks like Hawkins and Ryder have more competition in the shape of The Colons on Friday Nights, Smackdown is sure to heat up in the coming weeks!


>>> Shane McMahon, looking quite panicked enters the medical bay. Chris Jericho is surrounded by people. Pat Patterson is there and he spots Shane. Patterson walks toward Shane.

Pat: There’s good news and there’s bad news. Which do you want first.

Shane: The bad news.

Pat: There is no way in hell he’s wrestling in that match tonight! He’s out of it!

Shane: (looking pissed off) Then what the hell is the good news?

Pat: (serious) He’s not dead.

Shane: Are you serious? What the hell happened anyway?

>>> A security guard over hears Shane and approaches him!

Security guard: Mr McMahon if I may. It appears as If both men arrived at the arena at the same time. We have looked at the video footage and it would appear as if Mr Jericho was attacked by Shawn Michaels on exiting his vehicle.

Shane: Thanks. (looks at Pat) So what the hell do I do now?

>>> Patterson just shrug his shoulders he has no answers.

King: Chris Jericho is out of the six pack challenge match up here tonight and Shane McMahon needs to find a replacement within the next hour or else….

Cole: Or else what King?

King: Or else there will be no match Michael!!!

*Fade to black*


Narrator: What if...

Man never landed on the moon…

John F. Kennedy was never shot…

The towers never fell...

Benjamin: What if...

Haas: One on One

Benjamin: First time ever...

Narrator: A partnership so fragile... falling to pieces, what if they were to face off? One on One, first time ever for the United States Championship.

Benjamin: Glory

Haas: Together

>>> Clips are shown of The World’s Greatest Tag Team’s glory days at WMXIX and clips of Team Angle.

Haas: My friend...

Benjamin: Worthless

Narrator: More than just a title... more than pride this is...

Benjamin: Everything

Haas: Everything I have ever lived for... this moment.

Benjamin: It ends now...

Haas: It doesn’t end until I say so

>>> Benjamin is shown attacking Haas one week before Summerslam on Haas’ return.Haas looks a broken man before coming back with a new and improved wrestling style.

Haas: I have done everything that is asked of me...

Benjamin: Classic in the making...

Haas: What if...

Benjamin: I win...

Haas: I win... I win for my brother, my family and everything I have ever believed in, he is not going to take it away from me.

Benjamin: I am going to take everything away from you... your time is up...

Narrator: What if... if.... if...

*Fade to Black*

[Arena Live]

[MATCH #2] - Charlie Haas VS Shelton Benjamin -

Jim Ross: This is it... it is time for the United States Championship match and I don’t think a match on the card is as personal as this. They have partnered together for five years but it all comes to a climax now when Shelton Benjamin goes one on one with Charlie Haas.

Foley: This has the potential to be a classic and it’s a toss-up as to who is going to win this, both men have looked strong in recent weeks but I tip Haas to take this one by the skin of his teeth. Let’s hand you over to Tony Chimel to introduce this bout...

Chimel: This match is for the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP and is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 250lbs and hailing from Dallas, Texas... CHHHAAARRRRLLIIIEEEE HAAAAASSSSSS!!!


>>> A massive pop for Charlie Haas who comes out in a hooded top and wrestling attire. He looks at the floor before taking his hood off while pyro goes off in the background. He confidently walks to the ring, not taking the time to interact with the fans as he remains focused on his goal of beating Shelton Benjamin. He gets in to the ring and waits patiently by the ropes for his adversary.

Chimel: Introducing, the United States Champion, weighing in at 249lbs and hailing from Orangeburg, South Carolina... ‘The Gold Standard’ SHEEELLLLLTOOONNNNNN BENNNNJAMMIINNNNNN!!!

>>> Benjamin makes his way down to the ring with his title belt, he smugly holds it up on the way in to the ring and he seems undeterred by Haas’ increasing focus on the title. He rolls in to the ring and kisses the title and lifting it up in the face of Charlie Haas who is still looking at it. The referee takes the belt and holds it in the air before giving it to the stagehand as he signals for the bell to be rung.

*Bell rings*

The match gets under way but neither man rushes in to any offense and they circle each other. The atmosphere is electric with the majority of fans chanting for Haas with a few fans chanting for Benjamin. Benjamin takes a step towards Charlie Haas and SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE. That wasn’t the wisest move by Shelton Benjamin as that looks to have lit a fire under Charlie Haas who manages to hit Benjamin and takes advantage by using the SIDE HEADLOCK TAKEDOWN! Benjamin quickly tries to counter by wrapping his legs around the neck of Haas as the referee spots Haas’ shoulders on the mat...




Nearly a very quick fall there but Haas BRIDGES and Benjamin has the same idea and they both revert to a standing position but Haas uses the elbow and collar tie up and he forces his knee in to Benjamin but Benjamin slips away and goes for a German Suplex but Haas hits an elbow and swivels around and puts Benjamin in a front facelock but Benjamin uses his power to take Haas over to the corner and Benjamin hits him with a shoulder block. Benjamin then hits a SPINNING TOE HOLD and goes straight on the offense by putting Charlie Haas in a front facelock, looking to take the air out of Haas. Haas valiantly tries to reach for the ropes but Benjamin has him in a decent position thus far as he looks to keep Haas grounded. Charlie Haas looks like he is going to fade here as the referee picks up his arm

He picks up Haas’ arm once again as Benjamin grits his teeth.


This match looks to be over as the referee picks up Haas’ arm and drops it...


By an absolute fraction Haas is still in this match. A frustrated Benjamin lets go of the hold but he looks to have done a lot of damage already as Haas has slumped to the floor, not moving. Benjamin stamps on the back of Haas and picks him up to his feet. Benjamin turns Haas around and applies the FULL NELSON! Haas isn’t even battling which makes the move harder to apply but Benjamin finally locks it in fully and he grips the neck of Haas but Haas suddenly manages to escape the grip and roll through, sending Benjamin flying forward by way of a hip toss. Benjamin gets to his feet again and just when it looks like Haas starts to get some momentum Benjamin grounds him with a huge CLOTHESLINE! Benjamin pulls down his straps to mimick Haas and his former mentor Angle as he lifts Haas to his feet. Haas is dazed but he still manages to attempt a kick which Benjamin easily catches but Haas goes for the enzuiguri but BENJAMIN DUCKS.

Haas is caught in a wheelbarrow-like state and Benjamin lifts him to his feet and he goes for the ANGLE SLAM but Haas counters it with an ARM DRAG which SENDS BENJAMIN OUT OF THE RING! The momentum just took Benjamin out of the ring but he manages to get to his feet but Haas finally gets his momentum going when he hits a baseball slide on Benjamin which sends Benjamin flying in to the barricade. Haas runs off of the ropes and manages to hit a PLANCHA over the ropes and on to Benjamin. The fans are chanting are wide variety of things as Haas holds his knee in agony and manages to hold on to the ropes and pull himself in the ring and back out again to break the count. He picks up Benjamin and can just about muster up enough energy to pull him in to the ring. Haas manages to get in to the ring himself but his leg buckles under the substantial pressure. Haas falls on Benjamin for the cover as this is his only solitude




Benjamin kicks out and Haas looks on the verge of ripping his hair out. Haas clambers on his hands and knees to the corner and uses the turnbuckle to hoist himself up. Benjamin gets to his feet, in a better condition than Haas. He sees Haas holding his knee in agony in the corner and steams in and hits a STINGER SPLASH! Benjamin goes for the EXPLODER SUPLEX, he hooks the arms but Haas rolls him up in a Small Package!




Benjamin just manages to kick out but he certainly didn’t come off the worse there as Haas is still limping around. Haas tries to pick Benjamin up but Benjamin kicks Haas right in the knee, sending him backwards. Benjamin then leaps out of the blocks and grabs the knee of Haas and takes him down. Benjamin tries to yank the knee out of it’s socket. Haas yelps out in pain and kicks Benjamin away with his other leg but Haas manages to get to his feet and he is far more stable now on his knee, maybe Benjamin unintentionally fixed Haas’ knee which only means bad news for Benjamin. Haas throws a few punches at Benjamin and then a knife edge chop to the chest of Benjamin. Haas then Irish whips Benjamin in to the corner and Haas runs in but Benjamin leaps up on to the turnbuckle and manages to quickly hit a SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB!

Benjamin grabs the arm of Haas and starts to knee the arm to great effect before applying the armba. Haas’ arm is contorted as Benjamin puts his arm underneath Haas’ arm and he pulls Haas in before kneeing him in the back. Benjamin picks up Haas and lets go of the armbar now and he hits a picture perfect dropkick to the chest of Haas. Haas begins to check all of body parts are still functional as he hits the floor, he holds his knee but he can hear the footsteps of Benjamin behind him, he goes for bring and swings and he hits Benjamin RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!. Benjamin is sent rattling in to the corner as Haas gets to his feet and hits a clothesline. Benjamin rebounds off and Haas uses his momentum to lift Benjamin up and hit a BACK SUPLEX! Haas quickly goes for the cover,




Benjamin gets a shoulder up but Haas goes straight on the offense as he tries to pick apart Benjamin. He paintbrushes Benjamin with his forearm and follows up on this with forearm strikes to the face, making BENJAMIN BLEED ABOVE HIS RIGHT EYE. Benjamin wipes the blood off of his face as it trickles down his cheek, his vision is slightly impaired by the claret but Benjamin uses this as a wake up call and he dodges Haas’ forearm and takes him down with a Lou Thesz Press and he rains down with punches on his former partner. The referee intervenes and Benjamin rolls away but soon enough picks up Haas and applies a wrist lock, perhaps wanting to beat Haas at his own game. Haas tries to escape but Benjamin puts Haas on his knees and forces his wrist back even further. Haas tries to roll Benjamin over but Haas’ wrist is still locked tightly in place. Haas again tries to battle out of it and Haas breathes a sigh of relief when Benjamin lets go of the wrist but he goes straight back to work when he applies a headlock and skids to the mat. Benjamin, who is on his knees, and manages to hit an impromptu side headlock takedown but the roles are reverses this time as Haas manages to apply a scissor lock on Benjamin who is forced to relinquish the hold. Benjamin uses the ropes to reach a vertical base. Haas, however, rolls him up...




Benjamin just manages to get out of that one as both men get to their feet at the same time. They lock up again in the middle of the ring but Benjamin takes advantage with a sly kick to the mid section and, out of absolutely nowhere, hits a DDT! Benjamin decides against going for a cover, however he gets to his feet and lifts Haas up and he applies the ABDOMINAL STRETCH! He keeps Haas in this move for a few seconds, Haas tries to resist but he simply can’t get out of the move. Benjamin senses the end now as he uses a standing wrist lock to immobilise Haas. He then throws Haas in to the corner and goes for a STINGER SPLASH but Haas sidesteps this but Benjamin goes for a SUPER KICK but NO!!! HAAS COUNTERS IN TO THE ANKLE LOCK!

Benjamin tries to scarper away as soon as Haas catches his ankle but it’s too little too late as Haas now appears to have applied the Ankle Lock. The crowd pop big time for the return of this move to Pay Per View and it shows how much Haas has learnt and how much he wants to emulate his old mentor. Benjamin reaches out valiantly for the ropes but all he can feel is the immense pressure being applied to his ankle. Benjamin manages to kick Haas away but Haas STILL HAS IT LOCKED IN! Benjamin tries to grab the ropes... he is so close this time but Benjamin is DRAGGED TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! The crowd are chanting tap in unison as it looks like Benjamin’s reign is about to come to an end but Benjamin tries to kick him off but Haas STILL HOLDS ON! HAAS GRAPEVINES THE LEG! Benjamin’s can’t escape now but just when it looks like Benjamin was about to tap Benjamin kicks Haas away. Haas rolls away in anger but he just waits for Benjamin to get to his feet. Benjamin stumbles to his feet like an oaf and Haas brings him back down to Earth with a swipe of the leg which sends Benjamin crashing down. Haas goes for a cover...




Haas rolls away in frustration now as he picks Benjamin up forcefully but out of nowhere the champion’s instinct gets kicked in to gear and he hits a Super Kick! Bear in mind that was with the leg that wasn’t hurt by the Ankle Lock but Benjamin can’t take advantage as he holds his ankle in pain and he can not even drag himself over to Haas for the cover. Benjamin hobbles up to his feet and picks up Haas, Haas swings but Benjamin ducks and Benjamin hits a weak kick with his left leg to the mid section of Haas but it was still effective. Benjamin swivels around Haas the best he can and he hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! He bridges it for a pin




Haas JUST manages to kick out of that. Benjamin lets go of Haas and attempts to scale the top rope, not the wisest move but Benjamin’s flamboyancy has gotten the better of him once again. Haas doesn’t see Benjamin has he faces away and Benjamin is looking for a flying axe handle as he leaps through the air but, in an amazing display of athleticism which was nearly botched, Haas catches Benjamin’s leg and grounds him. ANKLE LOCK!!! ANKLE LOCK!!! Benjamin, this time, is lucky as Haas has got the ankle lock applied to the other ankle and Benjamin rolls through and kicks Haas away and sending him, shoulder first, in to the steel pole! The fans grimace but Benjamin just smirks and goes straight on the offense. He turns Haas around and puts his good foot to the throat of Haas and forces his foot in to the neck of Haas. The referee intervenes and tells him to get off but Benjamin keeps stamping and kicking Haas, so much so that Haas slumps to the floor. The referee gets in between them now but Benjamin seems intent on causing a disqualification and walking out with his title tonight. The referee pushes Benjamin away but Benjamin pushes the referee back, he is walking a very fine line here but he has to deal with other things as Haas runs in to Benjamin who, in turn, bashes in to the referee, catching him with an elbow, KNOCKING THE REFEREE OUT!!!

The move was unintentional so it is unlikely he will be disqualified but Benjamin seizes the opportunity and runs straight outside of the ring and to the announcing both and gets a steel chair and folds it up but Haas is in hot pursuit. Benjamin swings the chair but Haas ducks and he hits the steel pole which sends the steel chair out of Benjamin’s hands. Haas hits a boot to the chest of Benjamin and grabs the steel chair. Haas stares a hole through Benjamin as Benjamin knows what is coming so Benjamin hightails it back in the ring and Haas throws the steel chair in to the ring and goes in to the ring but Benjamin steps on the steel chair so Haas hits Benjamin with a knife edge chop to send him flying backwards. Haas picks up the chair and swings at Benjamin, showing no regard for his safety but Benjamin ducks and Benjamin hits a DROPKICK TO THE FACE OF HAAS!

Haas’ plan for revenge backfired on him spectacularly there as Benjamin throws the steel chair out of the ring. Benjamin rubs the cut above his eye and begins to try and open up Haas with a series of closed fist punches which BUST HAAS OPEN! The crowd rain down with heat for the Gold Standard but he doesn’t care one bit. The referee has started stirring but Benjamin doesn’t take much notice and he ruthlessly throws Haas in to the corner, he kicks Haas in the ribs and throws his head in to the turnbuckle and he keeps doing it over and over again until Haas’ becomes a crimson mask. Benjamin Irish whips Haas in to the adjacent corner and steams in and hits a STINGER SPLASH. Benjamin looks to follow this up as quickly as he can and he hooks the arms of Haas and hits an EXPLODER SUPLEX! THIS ONE IS OVER SURELY!





(and don’t call me Shirley) HAAS MANAGES TO GET A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Benjamin thought he had won it for a moment there but his celebrations are short lived and he is mocked by the crowd because of it. Benjamin doesn’t quite believe it and he goes for the cover again...




Haas kicks out with a little more force this time; highlighting he still has some fight left and he has taken Benjamin to the limit here tonight. Benjamin gets to his feet and runs his fingers through his hair and starts kicking Haas viciously, and I mean viciously. Haas could have knocked out a few teeth there after that kick. Haas holds his mouth in pain but Benjamin just picks him up like a ragdoll and throws him across the ring, looking disgusted with himself. Benjamin then grabs the ankle of Haas and puts him in his own move, the ANKLE LOCK! Haas screams in pain but Haas’ pain proves short lived as Haas kicks Benjamin away, obviously not having the mastery over that move as Haas does. Benjamin picks Haas up and kicks him in the mid section and hooks his arm and lifts Haas in the air, he keeps him in the air for a few seconds before letting him crash down to earth with the delayed suplex. Benjamin stamps on the head of Haas now who is fading in and out of consciousness after each blow to the head.

The referee steps in to give Haas some breathing space but as soon as Haas crawls away from the ring Benjamin drags him by his legs back in to the ring and kicks him in the shoulder. Benjamin is notably becoming a lot more ruthless as the match wears on as he lets Haas stumble to his feet. Benjamin punches Haas but Haas hits a chop back, Benjamin hits another punch but Haas responds with a clothesline out of nowhere. Benjamin appears shaken by that but gets to his feet and looks at Haas and just smirks, he knows he has the upper hand now and he kicks Haas and goes for the PAYDIRT! Haas struggles out of it but Benjamin lifts Haas up, parades him around the ring before finally dropping him with the SAMOAN DROP! Benjamin hooks the leg for the cover,




Haas just manages to kick out Benjamin doesn’t look to pleased and he does to the ropes to collect his thoughts and plan the next wave of attack, the crowd are giving Benjamin abuse so Benjamin taunts to the crowd but Haas is crawling up behind him, his face bloodied and he grabs the bad ankle of Benjamin and takes him down, ANKLE LOCK!!! IT HAS TO BE OVER! There is nowhere for Benjamin to run, Benjamin’s title reign has to be over. Benjamin tries to scrape his nails across the canvas but Haas drags him back towards the middle. Haas goes down and GRAPEVINES THE LEG! It’s only a matter of time now as Benjamin tries to fight back but Haas turns Benjamin over and puts his legs in place and... YES HE HAS LOCKED IN THE HAAS OF PAIN!!!

Haas’ first individual title is only a matter of seconds away, he is going to break away from Benjamin’s shadow at last. The crowd are popping big time but Benjamin is going for broke now as he attempts to twist his legs... Haas’ body has nearly turned over but he TURNS IT BACK! The fans pop big time as Haas clenches his fists. Benjamin is being as resilient as he will ever be but surely it is only a matter of time until he succumbs to Haas’ finisher. Haas is beginning to look groggy now, he seems dizzy but he still keeps the hold locked in firmly but the blood loss is really getting to Haas, his body drops to the mat...




*Bell rings*

[Winner : Shelton Benjamin @ 15.25]

>>> What in the world just transpired... Haas seemed to have it one when he seems to have collapsed due to blood loss. The crowd are mystified as well as that looked too close of a decision to call. The referee whispers something to the timekeepers and Tony Chimel.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match and STILL...

>>> Chimel isn’t heard after that, the fans go crazy, fans are throwing items in to the ring, others are being carted off after trying to leap the barrier but the referee helps Benjamin to his feet and gives him his title but this feud surely isn’t over yet as Haas will feel hard done by but he put in a tremendous effort and after over 15 minutes he only lost because of the blood loss.

Jim Ross: You really have to feel sorry for Charlie Haas there, he did everything but everything just wasn’t enough and that dubious decision means Shelton Benjamin is still walking out of here the champion and Charlie Haas isn’t walking out of here. Period.

Foley:I’d like to commend both men for such a terrific bout but even I wanted Charlie Haas to win there after all he has been through but it just wasn’t to be but I know Charlie Haas and he isn’t one to let things lie and he will be back on the hunt on Smackdown.

J.R:Up next we have a feud that many fans have wanted to see for some time now, this feud has become more personal as the weeks wore on and I can’t see either man holding back in this match


>>> Chris Jericho destroying Shawn Michael’s at the Great American Bash.

Narrator: Mortal enemies….

>>> John Cena laid out by CM Punk at Summer Slam.

Narrator: Bitter rivals….

>>> Evan Bourne turning heel last Monday night on Raw, attacking John Cena.

Narrator: Arrogant upstarts….

>>> Mark Henry jumping Batista backstage at Raw three weeks ago.

Narrator: Men who want to be feared….

>>> Batista beating the hell out of Mark Henry at the Titan Tower gym.

Narrator: Men who seek revenge….

>>> Shot of Kane and Stephanie McMahon, flames running up the screen.

Narrator: On October fifth there will be No Mercy shown.

*Fade to Black*

[MATCH #3] - Women’s TM - Beth Phoenix VS Gail Kim -

*Beautiful People hits*

*Big pop*

>>> Gail Kim races out onto the stage, full of energy. She stands on the stage looking out at the crowd for a few moments and then starts to walk toward the ring. As Gail reaches the ringside area Mickie James comes racing down the ramp with a big smile etched across her face. Mickie taps Gail on the shoulder. Gail turns around and looks surprised to see Mickie, who spontaneously hugs her.

King: Gail Kim obviously wasn’t expecting Mickie James to come out here tonight.

Cole: I think Mickie has come out here to watch Gail’s back, after all we know Kelly Kelly is going to be in the corner of the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix during this match up.

>>> Gail climbs to the second rope and throws her hands in the air. Mickie watches on, jumping up and down wildly and applauding. Gail walks back to the centre of the ring and cracks an awkward smile as she watches on as Mickie James walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope and throw her arms in the air. Mickie receives a decent pop.

King: Somebody aught to tell Mickie James that she’s not a part of this match. Talk about trying to steal the spotlight! I told you Cole, women are always jealous of each another.

*Glamazon hits*

*Mixed reaction*

>>> Beth Phoenix walks out onto the stage, closely followed by Kelly Kelly. Beth stops and slowly hoists the women’s championship belt into the air. The crowd are very mixed, with the older men in the audience cheering loudly, where as the younger kids are giving Beth and Kelly heat as they enter the ring. The camera pans across the crowd and picks up on a poster being held up by a teenage boy. The poster reads “Kelly, Beth, can I be the meat in your sandwich?”

King: Kids today Michael Cole.

Cole: What about them?

King: Aren’t they great?

>>> Kelly Kelly and Mickie James exit the ring on opposite sides. Beth and Gail are staring a whole through each other as Lillian Garcia walks into the centre of ring. The WWE official has the women’s championship in his hands.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the WWE women’s championship.

*decent pop*

>>> The referee holds the championship belt high in the air.

Lillian: The challenger, hailing from the great city of Toronto Ontario Canada, Gail Kim.

*Big pop*

Lillian: The champion, hailing from Buffalo New York, The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix.

*mixed response*

>>> Lillian exit’s the ring and the referee hands the championship belt to the time keeper.

*Bell rings*

Beth and Gail are in opposite corners of the ring. Beth has a look of vicious intent etched across her face and she clenches her hands into shape of fists. Gail charges across the ring as Beth steps out of the corner. Beth stands firm as Gail collides with her and it’s Gail Kim who goes tumbling backwards across the canvas. A smiles now forms on Beth’s face as she walks toward Gail who is visibly shaken by the Glamazon’s power display. Kelly Kelly cheers Beth on. As Beth approaches Gail, Gail unloads with a right hand to the abdomen. Gail quickly gets to her feet. Beth swigs with a big right, Gail ducks and connects with a martial arts kick to ribs of Beth Phoenix. Gail hits the ropes and comes off with a Lou Thez press, but Beth is to strong and holds Gail up in the air before dropping her to the canvas. The back of Gail’s head bounces off the canvas as Beth starts to but the boots to the challenger, viciously stomping and kicking Gail in the head and upper body. Beth arrogantly places her right boot on top of Gail’s chest……….



Gail kicks out with ease. This does not seem to bother the reigning champion. Beth drops an elbow across the upper body of Gail Kim and gets back to her feet only to repeat the action. Beth leans over Gail’s upper body and shouts at the referee to make the count……….



Again Beth can only secure a one count. Beth grabs Gail by the hair and drags her to her feet. Gail, now pissed off, gallantly fight back, nailing Beth with a solid right to the face. Gail then starts to chop away at her adversary, delivering stinging back hand blows to the chest of the women’s champion Beth Phoenix. Gail backs Beth up against the ropes and continues with the chops. Beth’s chest is now bright red as a result of the vicious chops. Gail backs up and charges at Beth who drops her head and backdrops Gail up and over the top rope. Gail however hangs onto the top rope and lands on the ring apron. Beth turns and Gail surprises her with a right hand. Beth stumbles backwards before building up a head of steam and charging at Gail Kim who ducks under the top rope and drives her shoulder into the gut of the women’s champion. Gail latches onto the top rope and slingshots her body up and over, catching Beth with a straight kick to the right shoulder as she lands on her feet in the ring. Beth Phoenix however is still on her feet.

The crowd are now fully behind Gail. Mickie and Kelly Kelly look on from opposite sides of the ring. Kelly Kelly now appears to be worried. Mickie is poker faced, a distinct contrast to her earlier demeanour. Gail delivers a standing dropkick, but Beth remains vertical. Gail gets back up and hits another, but the women’s champion will not go down. Gail delivers a kick to the side of Beth’s head and the Glamazon goes down to one knee which gets a big reaction from the crowd. Gail points to the top turnbuckle before stepping to the outside and climbing all the way to the top. Beth is back up and Gail comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick which finally takes the Glamazon off of her feet. Gail makes the cover………..





The crowd lets out a sigh as Gail slams her hands on the mat. Gail gets back up and screams “come on” as Beth struggles to get back up. As Beth rises to her feet Gail charges and goes for the spear. The Glamazon sidesteps her and sends Gail shoulder first into the ring post. Gail stumbles out and Beth grabs her right arm and starts to tug on it, tearing at the injured shoulder. Gail screams out in pain and Beth continues to extend her arm, trying to rip the limb from it’s socket it would appear. Beth winds up the right arm of the challenger and delivers a short arm clothesline that knocks Gail down onto the canvas. Beth makes the cover……….





Beth locks in an arm bar, forcing Gail’s face into the canvas. Gail desperately attempts to reach the bottom rope with her left hand, but she’s at least one foot away from it. Beth is screaming at her to quit. Kelly Kelly who is on the outside facing Gail is also screaming at the challenger to give up. Gail however refuses to give up, to quit, to give in. The women’s championship is on the line and the crowd start to get involved for the first time in the match, cheering for Gail, willing her on, pleading with her to reach out and grab that bottom rope. Gail is fighting for it, inching closer and closer to the bottom rope. The referee watches intently. Gail continues to edge closer and closer to the bottom rope. Kelly Kelly spots the danger and pulls the bottom rope toward her, however the referee sees this and demands Beth break the hold because of it. Beth is confused as to what happened as she gets to her feet. Kelly is shouting at the referee. Gail struggles to her feet as Beth Phoenix now joins Kelly Kelly in verbally abusing the referee.

Mickie James walks around to the time keepers table and grabs the women’s championship belt. Mickie then returns to the ring apron and slides the title belt to Gail who is up to one knee. Gail looks confused and shouts at Mickie “no, that’s not want I want” Mickie looks mad as she watches Gail slide the championship belt back out of the ring. Gail is up and walks right into the Glamazon who unloads with heavy shots to Gail’s injured right shoulder. On the outside Kelly Kelly has spotted the women’s championship belt in the hands of Mickie James and storms around the outside of the ring to confront her. In the ring Beth scoops Gail up and delivers a backbreaker. Beth holds Gail across her knee and starts to apply even more pressure, contorting Gail’s body and spine. On the outside Kelly Kelly is demanding that Mickie James hand back the women’s title belt. Mickie refuses and Kelly attempts to snatch the belt out of Mickie’s hands. This angers Mickie James who nails Kelly square between eyes yes with the title belt.


Beth Phoenix sees this and drops Gail to the canvas. Beth looks mad as hell as she steps through the ropes and attacks Mickie James. Both Mickie and Beth are trading blows on the outside. Gail gets to her feet and is favouring her right shoulder and lower back as she climbs to the top turnbuckle. Gail dives off the top, taking out Beth Phoenix, but also her friend Mickie James in the process. Gail gets to her feet and rolls Beth back into the ring as the referee reaches a count of eight. Gail’s follows in behind the reigning champion and makes a cover…………….




Beth lifts her shoulder up off of the canvas just before the count of three. Gail slowly begins to get back to her feet, she is still favouring that injured right shoulder. Mickie, who had been knocked to the floor is back up and isn’t to happy. Gail delivers a leg drop, landing across the throat of the Glamazon and makes the cover………………..




Beth kicks out with force. Mickie James is up on the apron and the referee is asking her to get down. Mickie is looking at Gail and shouts “why did you do that, I’m trying to help you.” Gail is ignoring Mickie’s rant as she waits for Beth to get back up. As Beth reaches her feet Gail connects with A European upper cut that knocks Beth back into the ropes. Beth bounces off the ropes and comes off with momentum, driving her knee into the mid section of the challenger. Beth grabs Gail by her right arm and whips her across the ring and into the apposing ropes. Gail collides with Mickie James who is still on the apron. Mickie goes flying off the apron and hit’s the floor. Gail is looking down at Mickie on the floor with a look of concern. Beth delivers a stiff forearm to the injured lower back of the challenger. Beth grabs Gail from behind under both arms and hoists her up into the air. Gail manages to get free and grabs Beth around the neck and turns it into a modified bulldog, driving Beth‘s face into the canvas. Gail covers…………




The champion somehow kicks out before the three count. Gail can’t believe it. Gail slowly gets back up to her feet. Beth sits up and Gail hit’s the ropes and connects with a sit down dropkick to the face of the women’s champion. Gail makes another cover, this time hooking the leg…………….





What does Gail Kim have to do to put away the Glamazon? Kelly Kelly is up on the outside as is Mickie James who is slightly worse for wear. Mickie is leaning against the apron composing herself when Kelly grabs her from behind and rams her face first into the ring apron. Mickie’s face bounces off the apron. Kelly grabs Mickie by the hair and walks her to the steel steps where she rams Mickie face first into the top of the steps repeatedly. In the ring, Gail and Beth are trading blows with the bigger, stronger Beth Phoenix, the reigning champion getting the advantage. Beth send Gail to the ropes and as Gail comes off Beth scoops Gail up and attempts to hit the sidewalk slam. However Gail’s momentum allows her to lock her legs around the neck of the Beth Phoenix and Gail connects with a head scissors takedown . Beth is stunned but immediately gets back to her feet. Gail comes off the ropes with a cross body and covers………….




A quick two count. Both women again quickly get back to a vertical base. Gail has the upper hand, the champion is on the back foot as Gail connects with a series of upper body shots. Beth is leaning against the top rope. Gail delivers a forearm to the chest of Beth Phoenix and attempts to send her across the ring, but Beth puts on the breaks and catches Gail with a kick to the gut. Beth goes for the Glam slam and gets Gail up, but the resilient challenger goes up and over Beth shoulders and lands on her feet. Beth turns and Gail locks her arms around the champions waist and moves behind Beth Phoenix. Gail is attempting to hit the German suplex, but Beth is holding onto the top rope, preventing Gail from doing so. Kelly Kelly reaches into the ring and grabs Gail’s right ankle. Gail releases her grip on Beth for s split second allowing the Glamazon to catch Gail with an elbow to the face. Beth swings around and charges at Gail who delivers a spear out of nowhere. Gail covers,……………. this one is over…………….





The crowd are stunned. Gail doesn’t’t dwell on what might have been. She gets to her feet and steps to the outside and starts to climb to the top. Kelly Kelly jumps up on the apron, distracting Gail who kicks Kelly in the face and she goes flying off the apron. Gail continues to climb to the top, but the distraction has allowed Beth enough time to recover. Beth grabs Gail, who is on the top rope and carries her across the ring on her shoulder. Beth hoists Gail into the air, with Gail facing the Glamazon. Then in a showing of unbelievable strength. Beth flips Gail around in the air and connects with the Glam Slam. Beth covers………….




[WINNER : Beth Phoenix @ 10:00]

Lillian: The winner of this match and still WWE women’s champion, the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix.

*Glamazon hits*

*Mixed reaction*

>>> Kelly, Kelly who is noticeably in pain rolls under the bottom rope with the women’s championship belt in her hand. Kelly hands the title to Beth who raises the belt in the air. Gail has yet to move. Mickie James is sitting on the ring steps with her face buried in her hands. The camera zooms in and it appears as if Mickie is laughing!

King: What the heck. Mickie James must of forgot to take her pills tonight Michael.

Cole: Mickie seems a little off, I’ll give you that. What a match up this was, probably one of the hardest fought women’s championship match up’s I think we’ve ever seen here in the WWE.

King: An amazing match up between these two women and I don’t think it’s over Michael. This could of went either way and one could argue that if it wasn’t for the constant interfering on the part of Kelly Kelly we could of had a new women’s champion here tonight at Unforgiven.

Cole: Maybe, maybe not. The fact remains that Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon is still the women’s champion!

>>> Mickie heads backstage as Beth and Kelly Kelly continue to celebrate in the ring. Gail rolls under the bottom rope and is being helped backstage by two WWE officials.


>>> Shane McMahon is sitting behind his desk looking very serious indeed.

Shane: (looking into the camera) After the events that transpired at the start of the show, Chris Jericho will not be competing tonight in the six man number one contendership match.

>>> Loud cheer goes up in the arena.

Shane: At this moment in time I have yet to find a suitable replacement. In order to give me more time to do so, I have made a decision. Tonight’s world Title match between John Cena and CM Punk will go on before the six man number one contendership match. Both John Cena and CM Punk have been informed of this and have accepted it! If however I am unable to find a suitable replacement in time, the match up will have to be postponed. I apologise in advance if that does indeed happen. Thank you.

*boos from the arena*

*Fade to Black*


>>> Eve Torres knocks on the door, MVP bursts out with a brace of lovely ladies by his side, he smirks and then unleashes a shit-eating grin on the world.

Eve Torres: MVP... ahem, if you don’t mind, I would like to interview you quickly... it’s live.

MVP: Why didn’t you say so? Gimme that, ‘k ladies, I’ll meet you in five. So what d’ya wanna ask me? How I’m gonna beat that punk Kennedy? How I am going to crush his dreams here tonight? Because if it’s not... you are wasting my time, and you will regret wasting my time.

Eve: Well, how do you expect to combat Mister Kennedy tonight? It’s surely going to be a tough battle.

MVP: Whoa... whoa, MVP doesn’t do tough. He does ‘make the opponent look credible whilst MVP beats them’ yeah, he does that but only because I’m a nice guy. Look (takes off shades as his mood becomes more sombre) I have a message for Mister Kennedy, you may feed off of your little winning streak you’ve got going but I don’t care for statistics, they don’t mean anything when you step in to the ring to face me, the Ballin’ Superstar, the man who is going to beat you one two and three in the middle of that ring. Y’see the only statistic that is going to be important at the end of this night is the one next to my name and the big fat zero next to yours... Y’get me?

*Fade to Black*


Kennedy winning the U.S Title

MVP winning the U.S Title

Narrator: Parallel in more ways than one...




MVP: Greater than anyone... the greatest in this business.

Kennedy: I used to be cocky... arrogant but since my injury

Clips of Kennedy’s injury

Kennedy: I’m less cocky, less arrogant and just better

MVP: My injury last year made me better and stronger than before.

Kennedy: Parallel

MVP: Parallel

Narrator: Go head to head- first time ever.

Both: I WILL win...




Narrator: Who will win when the two brightest stars in the WWE clash?

*Fade to black*

[Arena live]

[MATCH #4] - Grudge Match - Mr Kennedy VS MVP

*I’m Comin hits*


>>> MVP emerges onto the Unforgiven stage. He runs through his regular posing routine as Pyro explodes behind him.

Chimel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and fifty two pounds, from Miami Florida, MVP.


MVP struts to the ring, throwing dirty look in the direction of the fans at the ringside and bad mouthing them to boot. MVP climbs the steps and enters the ring proclaiming to the jam packed arena that he is “the best”.

JR: MVP looks as confident as ever Mick.

Foley: MVP has always been his own biggest fan Jim Ross and I have no doubt in the fact that MVP thinks he is going to overcome the challenge of Mr Kennedy here tonight!

*Turn up the trouble hits*

*Big pop*

>>> Mr Kennedy emerges onto the Unforgiven stage with a big smile on his face. He looks around at the fans who are up on their feet cheering him. Kennedy then looks directly at MVP who pacing around in the ring, anticipating Mr Kennedy and the task at hand.

Foley: Listen to these people here in Cleveland Ohio, they love Mr Kennedy.

JR: Mr Kennedy has become a very popular athlete in recent weeks here in the WWE, but tonight is no popularity contest, these two men are going to wrestle and only one of them can walk out of Unforgiven the winner.

Chimel: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and forty three pounds, from Green Bay Wisconsin, Mr Kennedy.

*Roar from the crowd*

>>> Kennedy is in the ring and he has his sights set on MVP.

JR: This one is personal and there is a lot at stake. This isn’t just about bragging rights, oh no. The winner of this match could very well set themselves up for a run at the top of SmackDown.

*Bell rings*

MVP and Kennedy circle each other and MVP offers a hand, presumably to shake. Kennedy, being the reformed character he is shakes his hand but MVP kicks Kennedy in the gut to get this one started as the bell rings. The crowd boo MVP but he shouts at them, MVP lifts Kennedy up and quickly goes for the DRIVE BY KICK! OH MY GOD HE HITS IT!!! IS IT OVER ALREADY? MVP goes for the cover,




Kennedy kicks out but that was a close one and MVP, despite Kennedy not losing in two months, is in cruise control straight away in this match. MVP hits a closed fist to the face of Kennedy who is sent reeling backwards. MVP throws Kennedy in to the ropes but Kennedy uses his momentum to his a CLOTHESLINE! This match has started off with a bang and Kennedy doesn’t want the pace to let up as he follows up that move with an armbar on the floor. MVP yelps out in pain as MVP is grounded Kennedy gets to his feet and kicks MVP in the arm and yanks him up by his arm. Kennedy hooks the arm of MVP and hits the FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Kennedy goes for a quick cover,



MVP gets a shoulder up but Kennedy is again back on the offense and he grabs MVP by the head but The Ballin’ Superstar reverses by using a side headlock takedown to ground Kennedy. He manages to get in a few sly punches but the referee breaks up the hold. MVP and Kennedy both get to their feet and the fans (especially the smarks) applaud both men’s efforts in that frenetic opening. Kennedy and MVP grapple again with this time Kennedy getting the upper hand and forcing MVP in to the corner but MVP reverses and forces Kennedy in to the corner and he punches him in the gut. MVP scales the ropes and starts punching Kennedy in the head, 1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9 the fans don’t seem to be counting along but MVP certainly is as he raises his fingers to signal ten but this time wasting helps Kennedy more than MVP as Kennedy raises MVP up and hits a POWERBOMB! Kennedy dives down on MVP for the cover...




MVP gets a shoulder up but Kennedy must be thinking back to all the times when MVP made Kennedy bleed with his steel chain and he rolls to the outside of the ring. Fans pat Kennedy on the back as he gets MVP’s steel chain, placed conveniently on the announce table. Kennedy wraps the steel chain around his first but the referee comes straight out and puts a stop to things. The slippery MVP comes up behind Kennedy and SMASHES HIS FACE IN TO THE STEEL POLE!!! The fans boo MVP but MVP is quietly confident with the situation as he smashes Kennedy’s arm in to the steel pole this time. He then Irish whips Kennedy in to the apron, injuring his opponent’s back in the process. MVP then picks up Kennedy and throws him head first in to the barricade. MVP rolls Kennedy back in to the ring and goes straight for the pin after that relentless flurry...




Kennedy gets a shoulder up but he seems in immense pain as he shakes off his injuries. MVP seems to have his game plan well and truly sorted as he doesn’t give Kennedy a moment’s peace. MVP hits a leg drop on Kennedy and goes to pick him up straight away, Kennedy tries a valiant fightback and manages to elbow MVP in the face but MVP kicks Kennedy in the gut and throws him in to the turnbuckle. Kennedy tries to turn around in time but MVP is too quick and hits a clothesline to Kennedy. MVP follows up quickly with a DDT! MVP scales the top rope instead of going straight on the offense, a move which has proves so successful before. MVP dives off of the ropes and goes for a knee drop but Kennedy rolls out of the way just in time.

The crowd pop big time, especially as that seems to have injured MVP’s knee in the process. Kennedy spots this and kicks the knee of MVP before dragging him over to the turnbuckle. Kennedy rolls out of the ring and stares at MVP, he wants retribution and this is the perfect time for revenge on all the pain he has caused. MVP tries to scarper away but Kennedy grabs the leg of MVP and wraps his knee around the steel pole, he then wraps the other leg around the steel pole and grabs MVP’s leg and uses the steel pole for leverages and pulls back. MVP’s leg is being crushed under the pressure and he can’t get out of the move but he is thankfully saved by the referee’s five count but the damage may have already been done. Kennedy dives in to the ring and goes straight for the pin...




MVP kicks out but holds his knee in agony. Kennedy picks MVP up and kicks him in the gut and goes for the MIC CHECK but MVP gets out of the predicament and manages to kick Kennedy in the mid section and hit a NECKBREAKER! The crowd are in a state of shock now after Kennedy gained a lot of momentum from that previous passage. MVP picks Kennedy up but Kennedy retaliates with a shot of his own but MVP responds straight away with a right hand to the jaw of MVP but Kennedy gut checks MVP with a knee but MVP goes for the headbutt but Kennedy hits a European Uppercut which send MVP backwards but MVP steps forward and tries to gouge the eyes of Kennedy. Kennedy is gasping for air and flailing his arms about but MVP is still clenching but the referee finally gets Kennedy out of trouble but the damage may have been done. MVP then picks up Kennedy and puts him on his shoulders Kennedy tries to balance himself as MVP goes backwards which enables Kennedy to perch himself on the turnbuckle. Kennedy pushes MVP away and hits a FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE! Kennedy goes for the cover...




MVP gets a shoulder up but Kennedy goes on the offense once again, he wipes the sweat from his forehead and picks MVP and throws him head first in to the turnbuckle. He elbows MVP in the neck and picks him up and puts him on the turnbuckle. MVP levels Kennedy with a few shots to the head but Kennedy still makes his way up the turnbuckle. Kennedy then puts MVP on to his shoulders in to a fireman carry position. The fans know what is coming as Kennedy bellows out... Kennedy is going for the GREEN BAY PLUNGE! MVP slips out and stays on the turnbuckle and grabs the back of Kennedy, is MVP going to hit a GERMAN SUPLEX off of the ropes? Kennedy manages to get out of MVP’s hold and he hooks the arms of MVP and he manages to hit a SUPERPLEX! Kennedy crawls over to MVP’s broken body, holding his back as that move seemed to have taken his toll on him. Kennedy hooks the leg for the cover...




MVP manages to kick out just in time but Kennedy picks MVP up and throws him over the ropes but MVP grabs the ropes and stays on the apron. Kennedy goes for a clothesline but MVP pokes Kennedy in the eye and steps back in to the ring. MVP kicks Kennedy in the knees and puts his leg over Kennedy’s head as he looks for the PLAYMAKER but Kennedy uses his strength to lift MVP up and hit an ATOMIC DROP! The fans are firmly behind Kennedy as he picks up MVP. Kennedy throws MVP in to the ropes and he hits a drop toehold, sending MVP face first in to the canvas. Kennedy poses to the crowd as he picks up MVP but MVP again shows some fight but Kennedy overpowers MVP and he puts MVP in a wristlock, he contorts MVP’s wrist and then Irish whips him in to the turnbuckle. Kennedy steams in and goes for a spear but MVP sidesteps and Kennedy stops before he makes contact with the steel pole but MVP takes advantage with a roll up with some leverage on the tights...




MVP was a whisker away from a victory there and he knows it. MVP lets out a huge sigh and picks Kennedy up. MVP uses incredible athleticism and leaps up and grasps Kennedy’s throat with his neck. MVP has the POP AND STOP LOCK applied! Kennedy waves his arms about, looking for some form of safety but he is fading fast, Kennedy is down to one knee as the crowd try and will him on. Kennedy tries to keep his hand moving to make sure he doesn’t lose consciousness but MVP is shouting at Kennedy for him to pass out like a bitch. Kennedy is now down to two knees. The referee is checking for Kennedy’s shoulders on the floor and they drop, this one might end like the match prior...




Kennedy gets his shoulders up just in time but he is fading here and Kennedy’s vision is going blurry here, he can only see the outline of MVP as he is being choked out by the thighs of MVP. All of a sudden Kennedy gets a second wind and manages to force MVP’s thighs apart. Kennedy kicks MVP in the face and slowly crawls out of the ring. MVP follows Kennedy out but Kennedy can barely breath and he is trying to get away from MVP. Kennedy runs around the ring and catches MVP unawares with a sharp clothesline. Kennedy, still holding his throat, throws MVP in to the steel steps with one hand. Kennedy dismantles the steel steps, he grabs MVP and drags him over to the steps, he tucks MVP under his legs and he lifts MVP up, it looks like he is going to for the PILEDRIVER ON THE STEEL STEPS! The referee tries to argue against it but Kennedy just wants to hurt MVP. Plain and simply hurt him, Kennedy has suffered all the abuse and just wants MVP to feel the pain. Kennedy tries to shift his weight but MVP won’t play ball and just when it looks like MVP is about to be dropped on his head he hits a BACK DROP on Kennedy which sends him down to the cold, hard floor. Kennedy grimaces and holds his back as MVP just manages to roll in to the ring and back out to break the count. MVP throws Kennedy back in the ring as MVP taunts Kennedy but Kennedy gets to his feet whilst MVP’s back is turned and he walks straight in to a monstrous SPINEBUSTER! Kennedy falls down on him for the cover...




Kennedy really expected the win there and his face showed that as he looks in a state of shock and surprise. Kennedy suddenly gets a smile on his face as he looks at the leg of MVP, he hooks the leg of MVP and manages to lock in the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! MVP is firmly in the middle of the ring as Kennedy tightens his hold on MVP’s legs, trying to cut off circulation of the legs. MVP tries to go for the ropes but MVP is fighting hard to keep MVP in the middle of the ring. Kennedy has got this hold firmly locked in but MVP kicks and scratches his way to the ropes and he finally manages to get a grip on the ropes! The crowd boo the hell out of MVP but Kennedy still has the hold locked in tight but the referee finally gets him out of it. Kennedy argues with the referee as he is clearly getting frustrated here. Kennedy takes a breather in the corner as MVP gets to his feet but Kennedy turns around and sees MVP up and is shocked; he is frozen. MVP scoops Kennedy up and walks him over to the turnbuckle where he hangs him up in the Tree of Woe. MVP forces his boot in to the already injured throat and trachea of Kennedy. MVP then calmly struts away before steaming in and hitting a baseball slide on Kennedy which sees the resident from Green Bay’s neck snap back in a vicious manner, just as if Kennedy was involved in a car crash. MVP unhooks Kennedy and lets him drop slowly to the mat, MVP picks up a limp Kennedy and places him up against the ropes. MVP goes for the DRIVE BY KICK but Kennedy dodges it and MVP turns around and walks straight in to a MIC CHECK! Kennedy drops down and hooks the leg of MVP...




Kennedy doesn’t know what to do to put MVP away now, he has tried everything he can but the Ballin’ Superstar away. Kennedy, as determined as ever, forcibly picks up MVP and throws him in to the corner. Kennedy elbows MVP in the face but MVP retaliates with a few elbows of his own which sends Kennedy reeling. Kennedy looks up and he sees MVP running at him and looks up but he can’t stop the outcome as MVP hits the DRIVE BY KICK! This one absolutely has to be over for sure as MVP finally goes for the cover, hooking the leg...




Nobody can quite believe it but they sure are happy. The announcers are marking out like crazy as MVP gets in the referee’s face and tells him that was three but it clearly wasn’t and he is clearly clutching at straws. Both men have thrown everything at each other and it seems it will only take one final blow for this match to end. Once MVP has done moping like a baby he turns around and picks Kennedy up but Kennedy slaps MVP to try and put him off his game. MVP is taken aback by this move and Kennedy kicks MVP in the gut, he puts MVP firmly in place for the MIC CHECK but MVP slips out and hits the DRIVE BY KICK right to the face of Kennedy... surely it’s over as MVP hooks the leg




*Bell rings*

[Winner: MVP @ 12:10]

>>> MVP gets to his feet and raises his arm in celebration. The crowd are booing the hell of him and MVP makes an effort in getting the hell out of the ring before Kennedy gets to his feet, however, Kennedy is still on the floor, a broken man. MVP chuckles to himself as the camera zooms in on him as he walks backwards up the ramp.

J.R: What a fantastic contest, Mick. I am sure everyone at home was rooting for Kennedy but it wasn’t to be but even you must admit that MVP did a great job.

Foley: I think a great job is an understatement, he took Kennedy, a man who hasn’t lost in two months and pinned him one two three, he has already beaten The Big Show at Summerslam and the future is looking bright for this man, that’s for sure but I am just not sure as to where Kennedy goes from here, that loss must have hurt him big time. I know what it means to him to have won that match, I have lost in big match situations and I just hope he bounces back from it.


>>> CM Punk is sitting on a chair in his locker room with his face buried in the palm of his hands. The locker room door opens and Torrie Willson walks in, microphone in hand. Punk looks up at her. He doesn’t seem pleased to see her.

Torrie: CM Punk, we are just minutes away from the world heavyweight championship match. How are you feeling at this moment as you get set to take on John Cena?

>>> CM Punk stands up and just stares at Torrie for a number of seconds.

Punk: This is just another example of how the WWE undermines my talent and ability.

Torie: (puzzled) Sorry….

Punk: They send me the blonde Barbie doll. That’s just great. Let me ask you something Torrie, when have you ever prepared for a world title match?

Torrie: Well, never!

Punk: Exactly, so why the hell are you asking me how I’m feeling right now? It’s not like you can identify with me.

>>> Torrie looks away from Punk and notices something to the right of the number one contender. The camera shot moves in the direction of Torrie’s gaze. In the corner of the room, there are two suitcases. CM Punk turns around and looks over at the cases.

Punk:What can I say, I don’t travel light.

>>> A smirk spreads across Punk’s face as soon as the words leave his mouth.

Torrie: (cautious) So both of those cases are your’s?

Punk: (angry) You trying to suggest something Torrie, huh? Just say it, say what you’re thinking?

Torie: Well…….. Um……….. Well after last Monday on Raw, I just ………. Um…….. Figured maybe Evan Bourne was here?

>>> Boos from inside the arena at the mention of Bourne’s name.



Punk: (To Torrie) I think It’s time for you to go now, don’t you?

>>> Torrie hastily turns and exit’s the locker room, brushing past Evan Bourne as she goes.

Bourne: (smiling) It’s show time!!!

*Fade to Black*


>>> Shot of John Cena warming up in his locker room. The Locker room door opens and non other than Rey Mysterio walks in. This get’s a huge pop from the crowd.

Cena: Rey, what’s up?

Rey: Man I just wanted to come in here and wish you luck tonight and to tell you I got your back dude.

Cena: That mean’s a lot man, thank you.

Rey: I saw what happened Monday night, that stunt Bourne pulled, It was low and I just want you to know that If it comes down to a two on one situation out in the ring tonight, I’ll be happy to even the odds.

Cena: You got your own match up tonight man, you need to be thinking about those five other dudes. You want to be number one, right?

Rey: Hell yeah I do and It would be an honour to have the opportunity to challenge you for the world heavyweight title in the future.

Cena: Say It like it’s going to happen, not like it might happen. I know I’m walking out of here as the champion tonight, no matter what kind of crap Punk and Bourne try and Pull. Now you tell me, are you leaving Unforgiven tonight as the number one contender?

Rey: (smiling) You better believe I am.

Cena: Then the future is set in stone my friend. John Cena versus Rey Mysterio for the world heavyweight championship.

>>> The crowd pop for this.

Rey: Hell, I like the sound of that!

Cena: It does sound pretty great.

Rey: Ok man, I’m going to let you get ready and remember, I got your back.

>>> Cena smiles and nods at Rey, who turns and leaves the room.

*Fade to Black*


*History of Cena and CM Punk*

> Summer Slam. Cena versus Punk for the world title. After a gruelling twenty two minute match up Cena finally overcomes the champion and pins Punk in the ring for the world title. After the match, Punk seemingly burying the hatchet goes to hand Cena the world title belt, but at the last minute, he lays the new champion out in the centre of the ring.

> The next night on Raw. Cena comes to the ring and calls Punk a no good coward. Cena is furious and demands Punk come out and face him in the ring like a man. The former champion however is happy to vilify Cena from the back, addressing Cena and the WWE fans on the big screen. Eventually after heated words, Punk decides to head to the ring. The champion, John Cena waits anxiously in the ring as Punk’s music plays, but in a surprise move, CM punk comes through the crowd and attacks Cena from behind. Cena is laid out again!

> The next week on Raw, during a match up at the start of the programme, John Cena seeks revenge. In an uncharacteristic move, Cena comes from the crowd and nails Punk with the world title belt after his match. Punk is laid out in the centre of the ring. Later that night, as Cena prepared for a main event match up with Kane, somebody attacked him and left him a bloody mess. The question of course was, did CM Punk do it?

> Last Monday night. CM Punk declared to the wrestling world that he had nothing to do with Cena’s attack. Cena did not believe Punk. In fact he called him a lair and a coward and claimed attacking a man from behind was CM Punk’s style. Punk placed the finger of blame at Kane, who to insisted he did not attack John Cena the week before. A main event match up was signed by Shane McMahon pitting the team of Kane and CM Punk against John Cena and a partner of his choosing. Cena chose Evan Bourne who in turn repaid Cena by stabbing him in the back and aligning himself with CM Punk.

*Tonight John Cena must continue to overcome an ever mounting challenge if he is to walk out of Unforgiven the world heavyweight champion.*

[MATCH #5] - World TM - John Cena VS CM Punk -

*South of Heaven hits*

*Major heat*

>>> CM Punk slowly walks out onto the Unforgiven stage as the sold out crowd come to their feet, not to cheer for their once beloved hero, but to boo him. Punk ignores the fans, but the noise is deafening. As the challenger walks down the ramp, little kids at ringside can be heard shouting “you suck”.

King: Listen to these people Michael. Did you ever think the day would come when a capacity crowd would react so negatively to CM Punk?

Cole: Given CM Punk’s recent antics, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise King. CM Punk turned his back on all of these people at Summer Slam and has continued to blame the fans for all of his problems in recent weeks.

>>> CM Punk climbs the steel steps and enters the ring where Lillian Garcia and the referee are standing. Punk throws both of them a disparaging look before walking into the corner. Punk has his head down, perhaps in an attempt to block out the crowd noise. After about twenty seconds, CM Punk’s music cuts out and as it does he lifts his head up and turns around in the corner to face the entrance ramp.

*The time is now*

*Big pop*

>>> The crowd are overwhelmingly pro Cena, but there are some boos. The champion charges out onto the stage with a huge smile etched across his face. Cena throws his hands in the air.


>>> The champ removes the world title belt from around his waist and races to the left of the stage, hoisting the belt in the air. Cena then runs across the length of the stage to the far right where he once again raises the world title belt up into the air to a big cheer.

King: The champ is here Michael!!!

Cole: But will he be the champ by the end of this match? Speaking of being here, one has to wonder whether Evan Bourne will come out here tonight? People had speculated all day about the possibility of Evan Bourne being in the challenger, CM Punk’s corner here tonight at Unforgiven.

King: Who’s to say he won’t come out here Michael? I’m sure CM Punk and Evan Bourne have a game plan!

>>> Cena enters the ring, eyes locked on the challenger CM Punk, who looks as relaxed as could be, leaning against the top turnbuckle in the corner.

Cole: CM Punk sure looks confident right about now!

King: So he should be. John Cena is not at one hundred percent here tonight after that vicious attack he suffered a few weeks back on Raw.

>>> Lillian Garcia steps into the centre of the ring.

Lillian: The following contest, scheduled for one fall is for the world heavyweight championship!

*Big pop*

>>> The referee holds the world title belt high in the air for all to see.

Lillian: The challenger, hailing from Chicago Illinois, weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds …………………. CM Punk.

*Major heat*

Lillian: The champion, hailing from West Newbury Massachusetts, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds …………………….. John Cena.

>>> Cena throws his hands in the air and shouts out at the crowd, who shout back words of encouragement. Lillian Garcia exit’s the ring and the referee calls for the bell.


Both men circle the ring with CM Punk noticeably staying near the ropes. Cena looks intense and is weighs up his options. After a couple of seconds, Cena explodes, charging at the challenger who quickly drops to the canvas and rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. The crowd are unimpressed and let Punk know it, but he again appears to be totally ignoring them. Punk starts to walk around the ring, muttering something under his breath as he does this. Cena shouts at him to get his ass back in the ring. The referee has begun a ten count and has now reached the count of five. As the referee counts to six, Punk rolls under the bottom rope and slowly gets to his feet. Punk doesn’t appeared to be intimidated by the champion John Cena, so perhaps this is strategy.

Both men again begin to circle the ring. This time both men motion toward the other man and they lock up in the centre of the ring. The bigger and stronger John Cena overpowers the challenger CM Punk and locks his arm around the neck of Punk. With the headlock locked in, Punk is limited in what he can do. The challenger attempts to pull Cena’s hands apart, but he’s unable to do so. Punk starts to deliver elbows to the midsection of the champion, one after another until Cena eventually has to release the headlock. Punk immediately runs to the ropes and comes of with a spinning wheel kick to the skull of the champion, knocking Cena to the canvas. The crowd fall quite as Punk makes the cover …………………



Punk scrambles for position on the canvas and mounts Cena. Punk grabs Cena by the back of the head with his left hand and starts to nail Cena in the face with a succession of right hands. The referee steps in and admonishes Punk for his use of clenched fists. CM Punk makes another cover ………………..



This time the challenger can only secure a one count. CM Punk’s calm demeanour has vanished. He’s aggressive, over come by rage perhaps as he dives on top of Cena again, nailing the champion with more rights and lefts forcing Cena to cover up. The crowd are jeering Punk. The referee has begun a five count but CM Punk seems oblivious to this as he continues to nail Cena with everything he’s got. Again the referee, choosing not to disqualify the challenger steps in and forces Punk off of Cena. CM Punk gets back to his feet and is staring at the referee, furious at his actions. The crowd are booing, but more are stunned silent by the fact that CM Punk is dominating John Cena in the very early going here, something they did not expect to see.

The champion is out of it on the canvas as he begins to claw his way up off of the mat. Cena shakes his head, trying to shake off the effects of Punk’s brutal attack perhaps. As Cena reaches his knee’s, CM Punk pushes the referee to one side and delivers a martial arts kick to the side of the champions head. Cena slumps over and falls to his side. CM Punk grabs Cena by the ankles and pulls him into the centre of the ring and make yet another cover, this time Punk hooks the right leg of the champion ………………….



……………..NO…………BIG POP!!!

Cena get’s his right shoulder up off of the mat at the last minute. CM Punk however wisely continues to ground the champion by locking in the deadly Anaconda Vic. The crowd soon fall silent as the look on at their champion who is fading fast. Punk is firmly in control here and this one could be over in a matter of moments. The referee drops to the canvas and is looking into the eyes of Cena. Cena appears out of it, his eyes are glazed over. Punk shouts at the referee to check Cena’s arm. Moments later the referee grabs hold of John Cena’s right arm and raises it into the air and lets go……….

Cena’s arm drops like a dead weight to the canvas……….. 1.………………

The crowd come alive again, as they realise they need to will Cena on. The referee again lifts Cena’s right arm into the air and lets go………

Cena’s arm once again drops to the canvas………….. 2.………………….

Punk is smiling. The sold out crowd begin to stomp their feet on the arena floor and they scream at Cena to fight out of it. As the referee grabs onto John Cena’s arm for the third time, two women in the third row look away, unable to watch what is about to happen. The referee lifts Cena’s arm into the air and as he lets go as the capacity crowd take a deep breath…………

Cena’s arm plummets toward the canvas but at the very last moment, as his fingers tips dangle inches from the canvas, Cena summons the strength to keep his arm in the air. The crowd explode, willing Cena to fight back. Punk is shaking his head, desperately attempting to keep Cena grounded, but it appears as if the champion has found a new lease of life. Cena’s face is a picture of determination as he summons up all remaining energy. Cena is now up to one knee. Punk is on his feet, placing all him weight down across the champions body. it’s no use, Cena is up on his feet and delivers a succession of elbows to the stomach of the challenger. Punk breaks the hold. Cena suddenly hoists Punk up across his shoulders and sets him up for the FU!

The challenger however responds, nailing John Cena with an a right hand to the side of head. Punk wriggles free and drops to the canvas and lands on his feet. Cena turns and Punk kicks him in the gut. Cena is doubled over as Punk hit’s the ropes. As Punk comes off the ropes Cena stands up and connects with the Lou Thesz Press. Cena lets rip with a furious flurry of rights and lefts to the face of CM Punk who is trying to cover up on the canvas. Cena gets to his feet and shouts to the crowd for support. They’re up on their feet cheering the champion on. CM Punk struggles back up to a vertical base and walks into the champion who grabs Punk around the waist and delivers a high impact belly to belly suplex. Cena makes the cover ………………





CM Punk is laid out in the centre of the ring following the suplex as the champion John Cena gets to his feet. As Cena gets to his feet he notices he is standing at Punk’s head. He looks down at Punk and then looks up and out at the crowd with a big smile etched across his face. The crowd know what’s coming and pop big time. Cena hit’s the ropes. “YOU CAN’T SEE ME” ……….. FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!






CM Punk kicks out at two and a half. John Cena slowly gets back to his feet as the challenger begins to move on the canvas. Cena watches on as Punk get’s to his feet. As Punk reaches a vertical base Cena comes off the ropes behind him…….THROWBACK………….CENA COVERS………………..




CM Punk, showing his resilience, kicks out again much to the chagrin of the sold out crowd, who are mostly behind the champion John Cena.


Bourne is standing on the stage with a big smile etched across his face. He looks out at the crowd who are booing the hell out of him. Cena is up to his feet in the ring. CM Punk is still laid out on the canvas and is desperately trying to catch his breath. John Cena walks to the rope and looks out at Bourne who is beginning to walk to the ring. Cena is shouting at Bourne, telling him to “take his ass back up the ramp.” Evan Bourne is seemingly ignoring Cena’s advice and is now at ringside, standing in front of John Cena. As Cena and Bourne spar verbally, CM Punk crawls up behind the champion………..ROLL UP……….

Cena’s shoulders are pinned to the mat …………………1 ……………….


………………….NO…………….. CENA SURVIVES………

Cena quickly gets back up to his feet. CM punk catches Cena with a spinning backhand shot to the side of the head. Cena stumbles backwards across the ring. CM punk charges at the champion and attempts a clothesline. Cena ducks, Punk turns and Cena nails him with a forearm to the face and then another. CM Punk falls into the corner. Cena takes three steps back and then charges Punk. As Cena comes toward him, Punk hoists his body up onto the second turnbuckle. Cena hit’s the corner and Punk flips over him and rolls Cena up into a pinning position……………………




John Cena gets his right shoulder up off of the canvas at the last possible moment. CM Punk isn’t wasting anytime as is straight back up to his feet and on the offensive, connecting with martial arts kicks to the upper body of Cena who is on his knees on the canvas. Punk goes for another martial arts kick to the skull of John Cena, but it’s one kick to many as John Cena grabs onto the challengers foot. Cena get’s to his feet, Punk’s right boot in his grasp. CM Punk is hopping up and down on one foot as a smile stretches across the face of the champion. Cena spins the champion around and clotheslines him to the canvas. The challenger, CM Punk however is showing his will to win, immediately getting back up to his feet. Cena charges at CM Punk, attempting another clothesline. Punk ducks the attempts and Cena hit’s the ropes. Bourne grabs onto Cena’s right ankle and Cena goes down!!!

Evan Bourne is smiling on the outside and turns around to face the fans at ringside who begin to badmouth the rookie. CM Punk motions toward Cena who is back to his feet. Cena unloads with a right hand, the challenger is reeling as Cena connects with another and a another. CM punk is up against the ring ropes. Cena latches onto Punk’s right arm and whips him across the ring to the opposite ring ropes. As Punk hit’s the ropes, Evan Bourne jumps up onto the apron and latches onto Punk, stopping the momentum. Cena, who had dropped his head for the back body drop looks up and sees what’s happening. With a full head of steam, Cena runs at Punk , who drops to the canvas. Cena collides with Bourne who goes flying off the apron as a result. Bourn comes down on the security barrier. Cena is looking down at Bourne when the ever resourceful challenger CM Punk rolls him up into a pinning position………………



Cena kicks out with force and both men rise to their feet at the same time. Both men lock up, Punk locks his arm around Cena’s neck………………. SMALL PACKAGE……………… CENA IS TRAPPED!!!!!



………………NO…… NO …….. NO!!!

Cena looks to be angry and frustrated as he once again gets to his feet. CM Punk runs at the champion and with one hand Cena sends the challenger up and over the top rope. CM Punk hit’s the mat. Evan Bourne, who is a little worse for wear goes over and attempts to help CM Punk up. Cena has had enough! The champion steps to the outside and comes up behind the young rookie, Evan Bourne. Bourne turns around to face a furious John Cena. Cena nails Bourne with a huge right hand that knocks him to one knee. Cena drags Bourne up and proceeds to ram him face first into the security barrier. CM Punk has managed to crawl to the ring apron and is now latched onto it, pulling his body upward. CM Punk rolls under the bottom rope and back into the ring as John Cena continues to put the boots to Evan Bourne on the outside.

The referee is continuing to count.


Cena continues to pound on Bourne, unleashing the pent up frustration he has been holding inside since last Monday on Raw….


John Cena it seems is oblivious to the referee’s count as he picks Evan Bourne up off of the mat and whips him into the steel steps…………


CM Punk at last realizes the danger. He can not win back the world title via a count out. Cena looks down at Evan Bourne as CM punk climbs to the top rope.



The referee stops his count as CM Punk lands across the upper body of John Cena. Both men crash to the floor. Both men are slow to move. CM Punk is the first man up to his feet. John Cena soon after manages to get back to a vertical base. Punk swings wildly at Cena, who avoids the punch and knocks Punk back down to the floor with a big right hand. Cena notices the referee has begun another count and rolls under the bottom rope to break it up. Cena then attempts to step back out to the floor, but the referee intervenes and prevents him from doing so. CM Punk pulls himself up onto the ring apron. Cena walks toward him and hooks the challenger up. Cena attempts to suplex’s Punk back into the ring, put the tenacious challenger clings to the ropes, preventing Cena from doing so.

Cena releases his strangle hold on the challenger and as he does Punk strikes, hanging Cena on the top ropes. CM Punk delivers a shoulder to the midsection of the champion through the middle ropes. Cena drops to one knee. Punk, who is still standing on the aprons edge, positions John Cena’s head between his legs. Punk gathers his breath and flips up and over the top rope, landing behind the champion. Punk has hold of both of Cena’s legs and is trying desperately to rolls Cena over, but the champion has a hold of the middle rope. The referee is focused on Punk.


Bourne quickly discard the chair. The referee looks perplexed as Cena’s body crashes to the canvas. Punk, a huge smile on his face now, lays across the champion, covering him …………. Punk is going to steal this one ……..





The capacity crowd are goings nuts. Evan Bourne and CM Punk are staring at one another in disbelief. A let’s go Cena chant erupts much to the dismay of the challenger, who is slowly getting back to his feet. Cena has yet to move.



Rey charges around the outside of the ring, Evan Bourne spots Rey and turn, swinging a right hand in Rey’s direction. Rey ducks the attempted shot. Rey dives on Bourne, taking him to the mat. Rey starts to unload with right’s and lefts. The referee jumps to the outside of the ring in an attempt to separate the two men. Security run to the ringside area and attempts to restrain Rey Mysterio. The referee is shouting at the security to team to remove both Rey and Evan Bourne from ringside. Cena is starting to move in the ring. CM Punk seizes the moment and slides to the outside and grabs the world title belt. The referee is on the other side of the ring with the security team, oblivious to what is happening. CM Punk rolls back into the ring, world title belt in hand. Cena’s is laying across the top rope, trying to get himself together following that devastating chair shot just moments ago.

Cena turns around at the ropes and faces Punk who runs at the champion, world title belt in hand. Cena drops his head at the very last moment and sends CM Punk up into the air and over the top rope. Punk comes down on the security team, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio, taking them all out. It’s pure carnage on the outside. Cena is standing at the ropes, looking down at a mass of bodies, laid out on the mat. The referee has lost all control of this one and slides back into the ring. CM punk crawls across security guards and pulls himself back to his feet. Punk rolls under the bottom rope and Cena is ready. Cena drops and elbow across the upper back of the challenger and then, STFU!!!

Cena has it locked in, but CM Punk is next to the ropes. Punk latches onto the bottom rope and Cena has no choice but to break the hold. Cena gets to his feet and grabs onto CM punk’s ankles and attempts to drag Punk into the centre of the ring. CM punk known’s what will happen if he lets Cena do just that and has both arms locked around the bottom rope. Cena is tearing at Punk’s legs, the challengers body is raised above the canvas, but his strangle hold on the bottom rope is unrelenting. Suddenly the bottom rope snaps at the turnbuckle and Punk goes flying backward. Cena too falls back onto the canvas, overcome by the sudden momentum. The bottom rope now lays across CM Punk in the centre of the ring. Cena crawls over and takes the bottom rope and wraps it around the neck of the challenger….


The referee is screaming at Cena to release the choke. Punk’s face is now bright red, he is unable to get air. The referee begins a five count. On the count of four, Cena unwraps the ring rope from around CM punk’s neck and gets to his feet. The adrenaline is now rushing through the body of the champion as he shouts out at the crowd for support. They pop for this. CM Punk slams the palms of his hands down onto the canvas and tries to force his body upward. Cena is standing behind the challenger, just waiting for him to get back to his feet, waiting to finish off CM Punk. The crowd can sense the end is near and are already on their feet. CM Punk is up and turns and John Cena hoists Punk up across his shoulders….. FU…NO…

Finger to the eye. Cena drops Punk, who lands on his feet. Cena turns, GTS…..GTS…….. GTS!!!!




……………………NO!!! NO!! NO!!

Cena somehow get’s his right shoulder up off of the mat. Punk who is still laid across the upper body of the champion, but Cena has kept his right shoulder off of the mat.


Punk is screaming at Cena to give up, but the champion just will not quit. The referee is down on the canvas, face to face with the champion, asking him the question. Cena is trying to turn is body round so that his legs will be near the ropes. Punk continues to apply pressure. The fans are on their feet cheering for Cena. Several of the fans seem shell shocked, perhaps they though this one should have been over moments ago when Cena went for the FU. Cena is forcing CM Punk ever so slowly to move with him on the canvas. Cena is summing all of his strength to twist his body around…..


The bottom rope is no longer there, instead it is lying across the ring, after snapping from the turnbuckle moments ago. CM Punk has Cena’s view blocked. Cena is desperately trying to find the bottom rope, but it’s not there. Punk sinks in the anaconda vise. Cena can’t break the hold, he can’t reach the middle rope. Punk continues to apply the pressure as Cena begins to fade. Cena’s is lying in the middle of the ring, his legs stretches out to where the bottom rope should be…………

The referee grabs Cena’s right arm and raises it into the air. The referee lets go………..


The referee again reaches for Cena’s hand and lifts it high in the air and drops it once more………….


The crowd are cheering and shouting, they no the score. This can’t be over. The referee again grabs onto John Cena’s right arm and for the thirst time in a row he raises it into the air and lets go……………



*Bell rings*

*Major heat*

[WINNER and new World Heavyweight Champion - CM Punk @ 17:21]

Lillian Garcia: The winner of this match and new world heavyweight champion, CM Punk!

*Deafening boos*

*South of Heaven hits*

>>> John Cena has not move an inch. CM Punk is on his knee’s, visibly elated. The referee returns to the ring, world title belt in hand. Punk gets to his feet and snatches the title belt out of the referees hands, reminiscent of his actions at Summer Slam. Punk raises the title belt in the air.

*Unbelievable heat*

King: I’m in a state of shock Michael. I’m lost for words.

Cole: What a match up. However I for one have to question the role of Evan Bourne here tonight. It was Bourne’s chair shot and constant distractions that arguable changed the momentum of this match in the favour of the new champion, CM Punk.

King: If you ask me, CM Punk should go and congratulate the ring crew for their shoddy workmanship. That bottom rope just snapped like a twig, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Cole: If the bottom rope had remained in place, John Cena would perhaps of walked out of here the champion tonight at Unforgiven.

King: For years we’ve witnessed the bottom rope save numerous championship matches for WWE superstars, but tonight for the first time ever, the bottom rope cost the champion his gold. John Cena is no longer world champion!

Cole: The streak of bad luck that started on Raw the night after Summer Slam continues here tonight at Unforgiven for John Cena!!!


[MATCH #6] - 6 Man Number 1 Contendership Match - JBL VS Kane VS Mark Henry VS
Batista VS Rey Mysterio VS ??? -

*I walk alone hits*

*Huge roar*

>>> Batista charges out onto the stage to a huge ovation from the capacity crowd. Pyro explodes up through the stage floor as Batista punches the air.

Lillian: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds, from Washington D.C, The Animal, Batista.


>>> Batista climbs the steel steps and enters the ring. He walks into the corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle, throwing his hands in the air to a great reaction from the jam packed Quick Loans arena. Batista climbs down from the second rope and walks across the ring and stands in front of the ring ropes, looking up toward the entrance way.

*Longhorn hits*

*Major heat*

>>> A white limo emerges through a black curtain to the left of the Unforgiven set. The limo comes to a stop next to the entrance ramp. A driver steps out and walks to the back of the limo and opens the door. Moments later, JBL steps out.


>>> JBL looks around the arena, a look of displeasure on his face. The driver closes the limo door and returns to the drivers seat. JBL heads toward the ring.

Lillian: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ninety pounds, from New York City, JBL, John Bradshaw Layfield.


>>> JBL glares at Batista as he steps through the ring ropes. JBL walks to the centre of the ring and slowly raises both arms in the air. Batista watches on as the crowd boo JBL. JBL walks into the corner as his music cuts out.

*Some bodies gonna get it hits*


>>> The worlds strongest man, Mark Henry walks out into the arena, looking as big and nasty as ever. Henry doesn’t stop for any fanfare, instead he heads straight toward the ring ignoring the fans as he goes.

Lillian: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at three hundred and eighty pounds, from Silsbee Texas, the worlds strongest man, Mark Henry.


>>> Henry enters the ring and walks into the corner adjacent to JBL and opposite Batista. All three men are glancing at one another as they anticipate the next contestant. Henry’s music cuts out.

*Booyaka 619 hits*

*Massive roar*

>>> Rey Mysterio jumps up through the stage and lands on his feet. The crowd are going nuts as Rey runs to each side of the stage, setting of Pyro as he goes.

Lillian: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at one hundred and sixty five pounds, from San Diego California, Rey Mysterio.

*Huge pop*

>>> Rey slaps the outstretched hands of adoring fans as he heads to the ring. Rey slides under the bottom rope on the side of the ring where Batista is standing in the corner. Both men nod at the other, showing respect. Rey climbs to the second rope in the only corner left unoccupied. He throws his hands in the air, garnering a positive reaction from the Cleveland crowd.

King: We now know the four men who will sit and wait when this match begins. We also know who’s left to make their entrance, the question is Michael, who will Kane start this match off against?

Cole: The answer to that very question will be answered by Shane McMahon in a matter of moments.

*Man on fire hits*

*Surprisingly mixed reaction*

>>> Kane walks out onto the stage, expressionless. He calmly walks to the ring. As Kane is walking to the ring, he spots a man in the crowd wearing a late nineties Kane mask. Kane comes to stop and stares at the man for a couple of seconds, tilting his head from side to side as If he dosen’t understand that the man, an apparent Kane fan is wearing the mask as a show of support..

Lillian: Making his way to the ring, weighing in at three hundred pounds, the big red machine, Kane.

*Mixed reaction again*

>>> Lillian’s voice seemingly has brought Kane out of his trance as he turns away from the crowd and enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. Batista, Rey Mysterio, JBL and Mark Henry are all now outside the ring, standing in their respective corners on the apron. The lights come up.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, the general manager of Raw, Shane McMahon.


>>> Shane walks out onto the stage to no music. He looks serious and has a microphone in his hand.

Shane: This match up was my idea and in a bid to make it happen here tonight , to deliver what I have promised to you all, the WWE fans I have had to make a tough decision.

>>> Shane pauses, looking out at the crowd.

Shane: Some people may have a hard time understanding my decision, but at the end of the day, there was only one Raw superstar available for the match tonight and in order for this match to happen, I needed him, regardless of what did or did not happen earlier tonight!


>>> The fans anticipate Shane’s next words.

Shane: So without further delay, I introduce to you the sixth participant in the Raw six pack number one contender challenge, The heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

*massive pop*

>>> HBK comes running out onto the stage, he’s fired up and ready to go. The other five participants sell it, shaking their heads and looking concerned.

King: You have got to be kidding me, how is this fair Michael?

Cole: I’m a huge HBK fan, but even I’m surprised by Shane McMahon’s decision to put Shawn Michaels in this match up tonight.

King: Shawn Michael’s attacked Chris Jericho in the parking lot earlier tonight, took him out of this match and what does Shane McMahon do? He goes and rewards Shawn Michaels by putting him in this match.

Cole: We haven’t seen Shawn Michaels in the ring competing since the Great American bash back in July. Shawn Michaels could become the number one contender here tonight.

King: If that happens Chris Jericho may die of a stroke Michael!!!

>>> HBK is in the ring. Kane stands before him. The referee and Lillian Garcia stand between the two superstars as the other four participants, Batista, Rey Mysterio, JBL and Mark Henry look on from the outside.

Lillian: The rules of this match are as follows. Two men will start the match. At any time, another superstar can be tagged into the match. When this occurs, the superstar who tagged his fellow superstar into the match, must then exit the ring. A superstar can be eliminated via pinfall, submission, count out or disqualification. When a superstar is eliminated they must return to the locker room area. The last superstar remaining will be the winner of the match and thus the number one contender for the world heavyweight championship.


*bell rings*

Lillian quickly gets out of the ring. Shawn Michaels and Kane are starting this match off. Kane hasn’t moved since the bell rang. Shawn is jumping up and down, attempting to get the adrenaline flowing. Shawn runs his hands through his hair. Suddenly the big red machine comes to life and lunges at Shawn, who uses his quickness to duck and dodge. Shawn dances around Kane, connects with stinging jabs to the face and upper body that seemingly have no effect. Shawn kicks Kane in the shin and gouges at the eyes of the big red monster. Kane raises his hands to his face as Shawn hit’s the ropes and comes off with a flying forearm to the face of Kane. Kane goes stumbling backwards, but is still up on his feet. Shane again hit’s the ropes. As Shawn comes off with momentum, Kane takes one huge step forward and then delivers the big boot to the face of HBK. Shawn goes down. Kane drops to the canvas and makes the cover……….




Shawn lifts his left shoulder up off of the mat just in nick of time. Kane grabs onto Shawn’s hair and lifts his head up off of the canvas before he starts to unloads with solid right hands to face, one after another. The referee steps in to admonish Kane, who gets to his feet and begins to stalk the referee who appears to be intimidated. As Kane forces the referee into the corner, Mark Henry who is standing on the apron, tags himself into the match. The crowd boo Henry as he enters the ring. Kane and Henry go to face to face, neither man willing to back down. Shawn Michaels is back up to his feet. Shawn darts across the ring and dives onto the back of Mark Henry, locking in a modified sleeper hold. Henry attempts to shake Shawn off of him as he walks across the ring. Henry manages to wrap his huge arm around the neck of HBK before slamming him over his shoulder and onto the mat. Henry places his right boot on Shawn’s chest………



The crowd are booing Henry’s arrogant cover. Mark throws his hands into the air, antagonizing the already riled up Cleveland crowd. Mark stands over HBK for a moment before takeing three steps backward. Then Henry strides forward and goes for a big splash. Luckily for HBK he manages to sit up just in time. Mark Henry eats canvas. Shawn crawls blindly into one of the corners and reaches out his hand for a tag. Unfortunately for HBK, he has crawled into the wrong corner. JBL stands before Shawn, evil grin etched across his face. Shawn shouts “make the tag you bastard” to which JBL responds “screw you Michaels” before dropping off the apron to the floor. Mark Henry is up and walks up behind HBK and grabs him by the right boot. Shawn turns over onto his back and pulls both of his legs into his stomach. The momentum trips up the big man and Mark Henry goes face first into the second turnbuckle.

Shawn gets to his feet as JBL steps back onto the apron, Shawn turns around and nails JBL with a solid right hand sending the self made millionaire back down to the floor, this time with force. Shawn turns his attention to Mark Henry, who is now slumped down in the corner, facing Michael’s. Shawn applies his right boot to the throat of Henry and grabs onto the top rope, applying even more pressure. Mark grabs onto Michaels boot and uses his overwhelming and undeniable power to force Shawn’s boot off of his throat. Mark gets to his feet, still holding onto Michael’s boot. INSIGURI……………


Shawn get’s to his feet and begins to unload on Mark Henry with right’s and lefts. Henry is swaying to and fro but remains on his feet. Shawn backs up and appears to be setting up sweet chin music. Shawn goes for it…………… WAIT……………. NO …………..JBL ……………CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL…………..

Shawn is laid out on the canvas. JBL is standing over him. The referee is screaming at JBL to get out of the ring. Mark Henry is still fairly out of it as he leans back against the top rope. Henry eventually makes his way to the opposite side of the ring, some ten seconds later and makes the cover on HBK………..




Shawn Michael’s kicks out. JBL looks away in disgust. Mark Henry is again slow to get back to his feet. JBL shouts at Henry, asking for the tag. JBL stretches out his hand and Henry tags him in. The crowd are booing the holly hell out of the wrestling God JBL as he calmly steps into the ring. He is smiling as he looks down at Shawn Michaels, who has been in this match from the get go. JBL arrogantly walks into the centre of the ring and raises his hands into the air.



JBL turns around and looks furious. He charges at Shawn Michaels. Drop toe hold, JBL is hung up on the second rope. Shawn runs to the ropes and comes off with speed coming down across the back of JBL and hanging him up on the second rope. Shane then points to Rey Mysterio, which gets a great reaction from the crowd. JBL is still laid across the middle rope. Shawn walks into Rey’s corner and tags him in. Rey jumps up and over the rope to a huge pop and signals for 619. Rey hit’s the rope and runs towards JBL who moved out of the way at the last minutes. Rey swings through the ropes and lands on his feet in the ring. JBL dives across the ring and tags in Mark Henry. Henry doesn’t look best pleased. Mark steps into the ring and pushes JBL who as a result takes three steps backwards. Henry turns his attention to Rey and is walking toward him with evil intentions in mind when out of nowhere an agree JBL responds ………….


Amazing Mark Henry remain on his feet. Rey tags in Batista!


Batista gets to his feet. Rey Mysterio has climbed to the top rope. Batista walks into the corner and tags Rey who steps onto Batista’s shoulder. Batista takes two steps forward…………..


Rey covers……….




Mark Henry rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. Rey Mysterio is standing in the centre of the ring, waiting for someone to step up. JBL steps through the ropes. Rey runs at Bradshaw who swings at Rey. Rey drops to the canvas and baseball slides through JBL’s legs. Rey gets to his feet, hit’s the ropes. JBL turns as Rey comes right at him. JBL grabs onto Rey and hoists him into the air. Rey nails JBL with a right hand, wraps his legs around his neck and delivers a hurricanronna! Rey has JBL pinned to the mat…………




JBL kicks out and quickly gets back to his feet. JBL is quite literally red with anger. Rey delivers a kick to the right thigh of JBL. JBL is up against the ropes. Rey nails JBL with rights and lefts. JBL is doubled over. Rey locks his right arm around the head of JBL and runs up the ring ropes, using JBL for balance. Rey reaches the top rope………….. TORNADO DDT……………

JBL’s skulls is driven into the mat. Rey quickly makes the cover, hooking the right leg of the self made millionaire JBL………….




JBL lifts his left shoulder up off of the mat on the count of two and a half. JBL is disorientated on the mat and crawls toward the ropes. JBL reaches the ropes and begins to drag his body up off of the mat. Rey spots his opportunity and hit’s the opposite ropes……….619.………..NO……….

JBL grabs onto Rey with both arms as Rey swings in for the 619. JBL, with Rey clutched in his arms stand up and walks into the centre of the ring. JBL is setting Rey up for the throwaway slam. HBK steps into the ring……………. SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO JBL ……………..

Rey lands on top JBL……………….




Kane steps over the top rope. Rey turns and Kane grabs him around the throat and lifts him into the air for the choke slam. Rey swipes Kane’s arm away, breaking his grasp. Rey drops to the canvas and lands on his feet. Rey quickly runs to the ropes and comes off with a dropkick to the right knee of the big red machine. Kane drops to one knee, but quickly stands up again. Rey hit’s the ropes again. Before Rey can connect with another drop kick to Kane’s knee, the evil monster delivers a big boot to the face of Mysterio who hit’s the canvas hard. Kane covers…………….



……………….NO! REY KICKS OUT………………

Kane shows emotion for the first time in the match as he shouts at the referee in frustration, claiming that it was a slow count. Rey rolls under the bottom rope to the floor. Batista steps into the ring, seemingly ready to take on Kane, but the referee cuts The Animal off to a chorus of boos from the capacity crowd. The referee informs Batista that Rey never tagged him in, therefore Mysterio is still the legal man in the match. As the referee and Batista argue, Shawn Michaels drops off the apron and goes over to help Mysterio who is lying on the floor. As Shawn approaches Rey, Rey delivers an elbow to the face of HBK thinking perhaps it was Kane. Rey gets to his feet, his back to Michaels. Shawn grabs Rey’s right shoulder and swings him around and asks him why the hell he hit him. Kane is on the top rope!!!


The big red machine takes down both Mysterio and HBK. All three superstars are now laid out on the arena floor. Batista drops off of the apron to the floor and walks around the outside of the ring. Kane sits up and as he gets to his feet Batista nails him with a right hand. Rey and Shawn both begin to climb to their feet. Rey is the first up and he jumps up onto the apron. Shawn grabs Kane from behind and swings him around. Kane nails Michaels with a right as Batista delivers a forearm to the big red machine’s lower back. Rey has his back to the other superstars. He glances over his shoulder before hitting a springboard moon Sault, taking down Batista, Kane and Shawn Michaels!!!

The referee is watching on from inside the ring, knowing that there has to be a decisive winner here and choosing not to start a ten count. All four men begin to stir. HBK, Shawn Michaels is the first man to his feet and he rolls under the bottom rope. Shawn goes straight to the corner and begins to climb up to the top rope. When Michael’s reaches the top, he turns around and faces the ring. Rey Mysterio, Kane and Batista are all up to their feet on the outside………………. HBK………………. MOON SAULT FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!

All four men once again find themselves laid out on the floor of the arena. The capacity crowd are chanting “holly shit” There is electrify in the air. We are down to four and which one of these four gifted athletes will become the number one contender tonight at Unforgiven??? All four men begin to drag their battered and bruised bodies up off of the mat. Rey Mysterio and Kane are the legal men in the match. Rey rolls under the bottom rope. Kane climbs up onto the apron. Rey hit’s the apposing ropes and runs at Kane who steps over the top rope and catches Rey Mysterio with a reverse elbow to the jaw. Rey goes down. HBK has climbed the steps and walks across the apron. Kane, who has just stepped into the ring turns suddenly and grabs HBK by the throat and choke slams him over the top rope and into the ring. Batista rolls into the ring. Kane turns and Batista goes for the spear.

Kane sidesteps the Animal and sends Batista into the turnbuckle. Rey Mysterio has managed to get to his feet during all of this and is now up on the top turnbuckle. Kane turns around and Mysterio dives off of the top and land on Kane’s shoulders. Mysterio delivers a furious flurry and right and left jabs to the skull of the big red machine before attempting a hurricanronna. As Rey’s hands hit the mat, Kane using all of his power lifts Mysterio back up onto his shoulder. Rey is in trouble………………..


Kane covers and as he does Batista gets to his feet. The referee drops to the canvas. Batista is faces with a morel dilemma. Save his friend Rey, or let him be eliminated, after all, only one man can win!



…………… Batista kicks Kane in the head to a huge pop, but is he making a mistake. Kane gets to his feet and Batista unloads with right’s and lefts. The referee has lost total control of this match up. Batista sends Kane to the ropes, SPINE BUSTER……………………BATISTA COVERS ……………..



………………..NO!!! ………………….

Kane kicks out with force. Batista gets to his feet and turns around………..SWEET CHIN MUSIC………….

Batista falls backward, through the ropes and onto the floor. Kane sits up. Some of the crowd are booing HBK after that last move. Kane get’s to his feet and Shawn Michael’s without fear or hesitation goes after the big red machine. Shawn dives at Kane, throwing rights and lefts, giving it everything that he’s got in him. The big red machine is backed into the corner and Shawn continues to unleash shot after shot. HBK steps up onto the second turnbuckle and continues to deliver right hands to the face of Kane. The crowd are counting along with every shot Shawn is delivering. As Michaels delivers shot number seven Kane grabs onto Michaels and throws him over the top turnbuckle. Shawn’s back bounces off of the ring apron and he lands face down on the mat below. Kane shakes off the numerous shots and steps out of the corner. Rey Mysterio is ready and waiting a connects with a standing dropkick.

Kane stays on his feet and Rey delivers yet another but still Kane remains standing. Rey goes to the outside and climbs to the top rope. As Rey reaches the top, Kane grabs him by the throat. Rey appears to be in trouble. Kane attempts a choke slam from the top, but Mysterio swipes his hand away. Kane takes a step back. Rey hit’s a missile dropkick from the top rope and covers………………..




Kane kicks out. Rey wastes no time and immediately gets back to a vertical base. Kane sits up and Rey delivers a sit-down dropkick to the face of Kane. Mysterio covers again……………




Rey Mysterio again is eager to capitalise and gets to his feet promptly. Kane is slower to get to his feet this time and needs to grab onto the ropes for support. Rey hit’s the ropes, seeing his opportunity he once again tries to connect with 619. REY GOES FOR IT ………………. NO……………… KANE CATCHES REY MID AIR………… TOMBSTONE…………….





The crowd are stunned as Rey rolls out of the ring. It has been a night of surprises so far. Kane is standing tall in the ring. HBK is still on the floor, holding his back. He appears to be hurting after that nasty fall earlier in the match thanks to Kane. Batista stands at the end of the ramp way and looks up at Kane, who is standing in the centre of the ring. The crowd start to rumble. These two men are no strangers to one another. Summer Slam memories come flooding back as Batista slides under the bottom rope. Kane starts to put the boots to Batista, attempting to keep the Animal down on the canvas. Batista however fights his way back up, catching Kane with a shot to the midsection and then a devastating upper cut that has the big red machine reeling. Batista unloads with right hands, each shot causes Kane to take a step back. HBK is up on the outside and grabs Kane by the ankles, trips him up and drags him under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring.

Shawn unloads on Kane, but the big red machine notices Shawn is favouring his lower back and drives Michaels spine first into the ring apron. Michaels lets out of groan as Kane repeats the action. Batista steps out onto the apron and delivers a double axe-handle shot to the back of Kane that knocks the evil monster down onto one knee. Michaels is on his knee’s on the floor in obvious pain. Kane gets back up. Batista grabs him by the right arm and sends Kane into the ring the steps. The momentum takes Kane up and over the steps and he crashes into the security barrier. Batista, the Animal stalks his pray. Kane grabs onto the top of the security wall and hoists himself up onto his feet. Batista nails Kane with a forearm from behind, before swinging the big red machine around and clotheslining him up and over the security wall. Kane is now in the crowd. Batista follows Kane, jumping the barrier with ease. Batista picks up a steel chair and folds it up. As Batista does this, Kane recovers and drives the steel chair into the face of Batista with a big boot.

Kane grabs Batista around the back of the neck and throws him over the barrier. Kane then climbs up on top of the barrier. Kane waits patiently for Batista to get back to his feet. Kane dives off, presumably he is attempting a flying clothesline, but The Animal has is scouted and spears Kane mid air to the floor to a huge roar from the crowd. Both men are slow to get to their feet. Batista is up first and he rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. At the opposite side of the ring, Shawn Michaels also rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. Batista has his back to Michaels, anticipating Kane. Kane is up to his feet on the outside and he locks his eyes on Batista. Kane grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron. Batista has his eyes locked on Kane.

HBK comes up behind Batista and spins him around………… SUPERKICK OUT OF NOWHERE!!!
Kane steps over the top rope, Shawn attempts to hit another super kick, but Kane grabs his foot mid kick. Kane then locks his right hand around the throat of Michael’s………….. CHOKESLAM!!! Both HBK and Batista are out of it, Kane is standing tall in the middle of the ring!!!



The roar of Thunder echoes through the Quick Loans arena. An Undertaker chant goes up. The a single spotlight shines upon Kane who is standing at the ropes, watching on as the big screen comes to life. Writing begins to appear on the screen.

Good versus evil……….

For centuries the war has raged on……….

Brother versus brother………

Encompassing all that is right and all that is wrong in the world……….

Soon I will return………

Soon they will find me……….

Fear me not world, for I have been here before…….

I have come to save you………..

To rid you of evil……….

To rid you of my own flesh and blood,………


The lights comes back up. Batista and Shawn Michaels are on their feet. Kane turns around……… SWEET CHIN MUSIC……….. Kane stumble across the ring…………….. SPEAR ………… Batista covers and hooks Kane’s right leg…………….




We are down to two men. Batista and HBK stand at opposite sides of the ring. The crowd are on their feet in anticipation for the showdown. Two of Raw’s biggest superstars, who will be the number one contender? Michael’s is the first to make a move and runs at Batista who stands firm and takes Michaels down with a shoulder tackle. HBK tumbles backwards and quickly gets back up to his feet. Again he charges at the Animal. This time Batista moves and goes for a clothesline. HBK ducks the attempts, hit’s the ropes and comes off with a flying forearm to the forehead of Batista, taking the big man down. Both men rise to their feet. Shawn attempts to scoop Batista up for a slam, but his back gives out. Michaels is doubled over in agony. Batista seizes his opportunity and sets HBK up for the Batista bomb.

Batista lifts Michaels up onto his shoulders, however he is unable to keep HBK up there. Shawn unloads with rights and lefts. Batista drops to one knee and Michaels climbs off of his shoulders. HBK continues to unload with rights and lefts. HBK grabs Batista by the arm and attempts to Irish whip the animal into the corner. Batista puts on the breaks and prevents Michaels from doing so. HBK tries again. This time Batista pulls HBK toward him and levels him with a clothesline. Batista covers……………




Shawn gets his shoulder up off of the mat. Batista rolls off of Michaels and gets to his feet before backing into the corner. Batista lays in wait, motioning to Shawn to get back up to his feet. Michaels eventually does and the Animals explodes out of the corner. HBK sidesteps the big man. Batista reaches out both hands and grabs onto the top turnbuckle, stopping his own momentum. Batista turns and Michaels charges at him. Batista steps forward and drops his dead, back dropping HBK up and onto the top turnbuckle. HBK is sitting on top in no mans land, back to the ring. Batista follows in behind HBK and climbs to the second turnbuckle. Batista has Michaels hooked up and attempts backdrop from the top. Shawn However is higher than Batista and as they crash toward the ring, Shawn turns mid air and lands across the upper body of the Animal. Shawn covers………..



Batista powers out of the cover with conviction. Batista is still down on the canvas. Shawn Michaels is up to his feet and stomps on Batista skull. Shawn steps to the outside and climbs all the way up to the top rope. Shawn takes a deep breath and goes for the elbow. Batista moved out of the way, Michael’s slams into the canvas. Batista gets to his feet and hit’s the ropes. Big leg drop across the throat of Michaels. Batista covers………..





Now it’s Baristas turn to fly. The crowd come to their feet as the big man steps to the outside and begins to climb to the top. Shawn Michaels is on his back. Batista reaches the top turnbuckle as HBK starts to stir. Batista crouches down on the top, anticipating Shawn’s next move. HBK is up to his feet. Batista rises up to a vertical base, towering above Michaels. Michaels is seemingly out of it, but then, as he turns to face Batista he suddenly comes to life. Shawn runs into the corner, catching Batista by surprise. Shawn grabs onto Batista’s right ankle, causing the Animal to lose his balance and fall awkwardly on the top turnbuckle. Shawn climbs to the second rope and both men trade blows. Shawn deliver a right hand that causes the animal to fall to the right. Batista responds with a right of his own that stuns the showstopper. Batista pushes Michaels back. Shawn falls of the second ropes and rolls across the canvas.

Shawn Michael’s is holding is lower back, screaming in pain. The referee is concerned and goes to check on him. Batista again begins to pull himself up onto the top turnbuckle, The sold out crowd cheer on his efforts. The Animal will not give up.


The referee is over with Shawn Michaels. Henry climbs up onto the apron. Batista jumps down from the top ropes and nails Mark Henry with a right hand, sending him off the side of the apron. Shawn Michaels is up. Batista turns around, small package……………




Batista powers out. Both men rise to their feet. As they do, Mark Henry latches onto the Batista’s right boot. The distraction is all that Shawn Michaels needs. SWEET CHIN MUSIC………

For what must be the fifth time tonight Shawn Michael’s has laid out an adversary with the super kick. Michaels covers……………..


Batista puts his foot on bottom rope. Mark Henry reaches up and pushes it off before the referee can spot it………………




*Big pop*

[WINNER and number 1 contender - Shawn Michaels @21:08]

Lillian: The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall, the heartbreak kid Shawn Michaels.

King: I don’t believe this, Shawn Michaels wasn’t even supposed to be in this match and he wins it! Shawn Michael’s is the number one contender.

Cole: What is with that bottom rope or lack there of playing such a major role in the outcome of Raw’s match ups here tonight?

*Sexy boy hits*


>>> The referee helps an exhausted Shawn Michaels up to his feet and raises his hand in the air. Batista meanwhile rolls under the bottom rope and has his eyes firmly locked on Mark Henry who is quickly walking up the ramp.

King: Mark Henry better get the hell out of Cleveland and fast!

Cole: Mark Henry played a major role in the outcome of this match up. This match up would be still going if it had not been for Mark Henry removing Batista’s foot from the bottom rope!

>>> HBK is celebrating in the ring. A window appears in the top right-hand corner of the shot. It shows CM Punk watching on backstage, the world title belt around his waist and Evan Bourne standing by his side.

King: When will Shawn Michaels avail of his title opportunity?

Cole: Those answers and more will be revealed tomorrow night on Monday night RAW!!!


>>> Maria is with Triple H, who is in a King of Kings T-Shirt with a water bottle in his hand.

Maria: Later on you probably have the toughest match of your career against ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge and ‘The Samoan Bulldozer’ Umaga... how do you feel going in to this match with this ‘Pain’ guy saying he will do things...

Triple H: Maria, I don’t think you, nor anybody at home, can state the importance of this match. This isn’t just the toughest match of my career, this is the most important. I need to show I can still be the best, I can still be the Game and more importantly still have the WWE Championship around my waist when this night if over. It will be tough, it will be hard but I have been in these situations before and I have always come out on top, no matter what... and (breathes in) as for this so called ‘Pain’ he will not be interfering in MY match, if he as so much comes out on to the ramp it will be his ass that is going to get a beating, not anyone else. If you excuse me I do have to get ready for my match.

>>> As Triple H walks away you can clearly see the word ‘Pain’ on the wall behind him.


Narrator: Three men...

Clips of Triple H holding his title aloft

Narrator: Their destinies entwined... by pain.

> The word PAIN pops up and it shows all three men in pain, Umaga at Summerslam with Triple H and Edge battling The Undertaker, his face bloodied.

Narrator: Nothing can take away their accomplishments, they have battled everyone and everything to get here... loss, regret... pain. Their journeys will end here but only one man will walk out as the WWE Champion.

Edge: I’m not scared of pain, I feed off of it.

Triple H: Pain is a product of failure...

Estrada: Pain can not affect a monster.

J.R: These three are the best Smackdown has to offer, what will happen when they collide?

Foley: A WrestleMania worthy match, a match of epic proportions.

Narrator: There can only be one winner, a match no one wants to lose... the winner will be...

Triple H: The Game

Edge: The Rated R Superstar

Estrada: Umaga

Narrator: PAIN.

*Fade to Black*

[MATCH #7] - WWE TM - 3 WAY - HHH VS Edge VS Umaga -

JR: The time is upon us. The WWE Title is on the line next in our main Event match up. Who will leave Unforgiven the WWE champion. Will it be Triple H, The Game. Maybe the Rated R superstar will reclaim the strap or will Umaga become the man for the very first time?

Foley: I’ve been waiting weeks for this one, I can’t believe the time is finally upon us.

*Loud boos*

>>> La Familia are walking toward the ring. They are all dressed in their regular wrestling attire even though they are not competing in the upcoming Main Event match up.

Foley: The enforcers for tonight’s main event match up, La Familia. Not very popular with the fans here in Cleveland JR.

JR: This was not a very popular decision and still see no reason for La Familia to be involved in this upcoming WWE title match here tonight.

*Tribal Trouble hits*


>>> Umaga is lead out onto the stage by Armando Estrada like a wild animal. They head toward the ring and as they do little kids at ringside take a couple of steps back.

Chimel: Making his weigh to the ring, weighing in at three hundred and fifty pounds, from the Isle of Samoa, Umaga.


Foley: You heard right folks, three hundred and fifty pounds of pure monster!

JR: Umaga is a lot of peoples pick tonight with good reason. Umaga came so close last month at Summer Slam. Could tonight be Umaga’s night?

>>> Umaga is stomping around the ring.

*Mentalingus hits*

*Major Heat*

>>> Edge runs out onto the stage. His eyes are crazed. He throws his hands in the air and Pyro erupts behind him.

JR: The crazed one, Edge, looking to remain gold here tonight.

Foley: I fear that If Edge is unsuccessful here tonight It may very well send him over the edge, no pun intended.

>>> Edge enters the ring. Estrada is holding the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga back in the corner, trying to calm the monster. Edge is pacing around the ring when his music cuts out. The fans rise to their feet in anticipation.

*The Game hits”

*Huge Pop*

>>> The Cerebral assassin the Game, Triple H steps through the entrance to an almighty roar.

Foley: The WWE title belt is strapped around the waist of The Game now, but will it still be there after this match up. I’m going to make a bold prediction and say no!

Chimel: Making his way to the ring weighing in at two hundred and fifty five pounds, from Greenwich Connecticut, he is the reigning WWE Champion, he is The Game, Triple H.

*Huge Pop*

JR: The game looks as focused as I’ve seen him, he known’s what’s at stake here tonight at Unforgiven.

>>> Triple H walks along the edge of the ring and a spotlight falls on him. The game spews water into the air and proceeds to the enter the ring.

JR: All three WWE superstars are in the ring. The weeks of anticipation are over. The WWE title is on the line. We are live and we are here until we have a winner.

*Bell rings*

This is it, this is what it has all come down to, the three men stand in their respective corners before Edge nods at Triple H and they start talking. Edge clearly wants some help in taking out Umaga, Triple H and Edge walk over to Umaga as the crowd boo but they turn instantly as TRIPLE H CLOCKS EDGE WITH RIGHT HAND!!! Triple H stomps on Edge in the corner but Umaga comes in to play now and gets involved in a brawl with Triple H. Umaga and Hunter exchange rights and lefts before Umaga gets the advantage and hits a clothesline on Triple H. Umaga’s opponents are down now and he screams out and pokes out his thumb and lifts Triple H up but Edge gets to his feet and hits a dropkick to Umaga, which sends him back in to the ropes.

Triple H and Edge both have the same idea as they hit a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Umaga and out of the ring. Triple H looks over the ropes but he doesn’t realise Edge is right behind him, getting set up for the spear... TRIPLE H DIVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! Edge stops just before he comes in to contact with anything as Burchill tells Edge to deal with Umaga. Edge picks up Umaga and boots him in the chest and throws him back in the ring. Edge shouts at Triple H to finish the son of a bitch off but Triple H idly stands there, being oblivious to Edge’s demands. Edge gets in the ring, looking pissed off stating that they need to work together but Triple H is hesitant but he finally shakes his hand and picks up Umaga.

Triple H Irish whips Umaga in to the turnbuckle and Edge follows up with a clothesline. Edge sticks his boot to the throat of Umaga and as it’s a triple threat the referee can’t really stop him. Triple H forcefully throws Edge out of the way and starts hitting him with closed fists. Edge tells Triple H to get out of the way and they start pushing each other but they look at Umaga stirring and decide to go to work on Umaga. They grab him and Edge kicks him in the mid section and they both grab Umaga’s head... Edge and Triple H look at each other and plant Umaga with a sickening double DDT. Umaga is limp on the floor as Edge instinctively goes for the pin but Hunter drags him off and tells him to go outside of the ring.

Edge waits on the outside, surrounded by La Familia, as Triple H punches Umaga round the side of the head and then throws him out of the ring. Edge picks up the scraps and starts kicking Umaga whilst he is on the floor but Hawkins and Ryder try and stop this onslaught for unknown reasons but Triple H pushes them out of the way to a few laughs. This distraction, however, has given Umaga some time and as Triple H goes to grab Umaga the Samoan Bulldozer responds with a punch to the face. Triple H is taken aback and Edge feels just a little bit worse as his throat is clenched by Umaga’s gigantic hand. Umaga gets to his feet and lifts Edge up by his throat and puts him in a spinebuster position and RUNS HIM IN TO THE STEEL POLE!!!

The savagery of Umaga shows no signs of stopping but his momentum is suddenly cut short by a blow to the back of the head from Triple H. Triple H grabs Umaga and focuses on his arm. He grabs the arm and puts Umaga in an armbar before twisting his arm once again and hitting the steel pole with Umaga’s arm. Umaga holds his arm in pain but he is still standing and he tries to hit Triple H with a SAMOAN SPIKE but Triple H ducks and kicks Umaga in the gut and hooks his arms, PEDIGREE??? NO!!! BACK DROP ON TO THE FLOOR! Triple H writhes around in pain on the floor as Umaga tries to get on with the job in hand but Edge interferes once again and begins to attack Umaga but Umaga gets the upper hand as he lifts Edge up for the Samoan Drop but Edge slips away and hits the EDGE-O-MATIC! Edge cockily struts about and shakes his head from side to side and looks at the carnage that has just been caused, suddenly a spark goes through Edge’s head, he wants this match over as quickly as possible, especially with the impending ‘Pain’ that is coming.

Edge grabs a chair (as if they haven’t been used enough tonight) and another one and he throws them both in to the ring. Edge picks up Umaga who puts up quite a fight but Edge hits a low blow (whether that affected Umaga or not) and throws the savage in to the ring. Edge then waits for Umaga to get to his feet, Edge brushes his hair back and manically waits for Umaga to get to his feet, the Samoan Bulldozer finally gets to his feet but Triple H pushes Umaga out of the way and GETS HIT BY A SPEAR!!! Edge stomps around in frustration as he picks up a chair but he sees Umaga coming and BLASTS HIM WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Umaga is still standing, he is shaken but still standing, another STEEL CHAIR SHOT makes Umaga drops like a sack of potatoes as Edge cocks his head from side to side. He grabs one chair and places it under Umaga’s head, he lifts the other chair up above his head and he hits A SICKENING CON CHAIR TO!!! Umaga is out of it, Edge has this match won after five minutes!!!




UMAGA KICKS OUT?!?! The crowd are in absolute shock, half are cheering because they don’t want to see Edge win and the others are booing because they wanted Edge to win the match. Nevertheless Edge’s reaction is 100% anger, pure anger. He hits the turnbuckles, he headbutts them and he picks up the steel chair and BLASTS THE REFEREE WITH IT!!! Edge is not happy, his face turns even more sour when Umaga and Triple H BOTH get to their feet and look at Edge. Umaga may not understand basic English but he understands both he and The Game want to inflict as much pain on Edge as possible. They both begin to stalk him but Edge high tails it out of the ring and grabs the WWE Title belt from the desk, he pushes Chavo Guerrero in to Umaga, who pushes ‘The Real Guerrero’ aside. Edge goes up to the ramp but trips over. Triple tries to pick him up but Edge hits a sneaky LOW BLOW! Triple H crumples over and Edge tries to scurry away with the WWE Title but to no avail as Umaga grabs him by the hair. Umaga tries to throw Edge OFF OF THE RAMP but La Familia are there to grab Edge and stop him from going over, much to the crowd’s dismay. Edge breathes a huge sigh of relief but Umaga still grabs Edge and manages to push the WHOLE OF LA FAMILIA off of him, Umaga then takes Edge down to the ring area. Umaga slams Edge’s face in to the steel steps and just like that Umaga picks up the steel steps. Umaga lifts them and tries to slam them on Edge but EDGE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, possibly saving his life, almost certainly his career.

Edge scampers in the ring and that leaves Umaga to deal with Triple H who is coming down to the ring. Umaga tries to pick up the steel steps but Triple H stops him mid lift and grabs Umaga’s head and smashes his head on the steel steps, this only riles up Umaga but Triple H looks to have silenced Umaga with a slam in to the steel pole but Umaga gets right back up. Triple H, looking nervous this time, begins searching under the ring for a weapon, possibly his sledgehammer but Edge comes along and cowardly kicks Triple H in the ribs. Hunter keels over in pain, possibly suffering from internal bleeding as Umaga drags Edge kicking and screaming in to the ring. Umaga Irish whips Edge off of the ropes and is looking to follow up with a spinebuster but Edge hits a SPEAR!!! Edge hooks the leg for the cover...




UMAGA KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Edge is pulling his hair out at the sight of Umaga and he just doesn’t know how he is going to end this match but he knows he is going to have to do something serious. Edge, again, gets a brainwave and throws Umaga to the ropes and ties him up. Edge gets his steel chair and swings and shows no remorse for Umaga and hits him around the head with the steel chair... Umaga’s face has been BUSTED OPEN! Umaga can see his own blood dripping down his face and he tries to run at Edge but the ropes hold him back, Edge swings and hits Umaga again, Umaga is going limp this time... Edge turns around and sees no Hunter behind him, he breathes more easily now, the referee has finally gotten up and he begins to untangle Umaga but Edge wants this to be the final blow, the crescendo, if you will. Edge swings back and PUMMELS UMAGA WITH THE STEEL CHAIR... UMAGA IS OUT COLD!

The referee unties Umaga but he is limp and on the floor. Edge goes to the outside of the ring where Bam Neely is getting in Edge’s face, calling him a cowardly wimp but Edge turns around and hits NEELY WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! No one from La Familia reacts, they just stand there frozen, maybe Edge is their true leader after all? Will La Familia be thinking this in just ten minutes time when their world collapses around them? Somehow, I doubt it. Meanwhile Edge has dragged Umaga out of the ring and has placed him on to the announce table. Cole, King, J.R and Foley all high tail it out of there. Edge takes out the two monitors and hits an onrushing Triple H in the head with a monitor, Triple H just collapses to the floor. Edge gets the electrical wire and begins to strangle Umaga to death with it. Umaga is clearly fading here and the referee has to intervene and force the wire off of him, Edge tries to take it back but Paul Burchill steps in and Edge wisely backs off. Edge picks Triple H up as well and throws him on the announce table, his two opponents are down as he picks them up and puts them in place for a DOUBLE DDT! Edge just smirks and nods his head but suddenly life pops in to his two opponents and they lift him up in the air... Edge’s arms are flailing wildly but he can’t stop the inevitable... EDGE HAS JUST BEEN HIT WITH A SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE!!!


Holy Shit is the right expression as Triple H just manages to drag himself in to the ring and Umaga is following him behind closely. With just under ten minutes of this match complete all men are exhausted or, in Edge’s case, incapacitated. Umaga gets in to the ring and picks himself up, he goes nose to nose and this is what it all stemmed from, Triple H vs. Umaga, they are finally allowed to go one on one again now Edge is out of the equation. Triple H hits Umaga but Umaga hits him back and throws him in to the corner, Umaga steams in with an elbow but Triple H sidesteps it. Triple H then sweeps Umaga’s leg away Triple H is thinking of hitting him with a knee drop but he drags Umaga to just under the turnbuckle and Hunter scales the ropes, in a daring move, and lines himself up. He saluted the fans and then leaps through the air and hits a knee drop to the back of Umaga’s head! The crowd cheer in anticipation but that just incensed Umaga and UMAGA GETS RIGHT BACK UP ON HIS FEET! Hunter just stares at Umaga who has had some kind of adrenaline rush. Umaga kicks Hunter in the gut and smashes his knee in to the nose of Hunter and drags him back up to his feet, Umaga palms Hunter in the back and lifts him up for a powerbomb. Hunter is trying valiantly to find a way out of it, he is clawing, pinching and scratching valiantly but to no avail as UMAGA DROPS HIM ON HIS HEAD WITH A VICIOUS POWERBOMB!!! Umaga goes for the cover,




Triple H just manages to get a shoulder up... and I mean just! Umaga picks up Hunter once again and attempts to go for the SAMOAN SPIKE but Hunter catches the thumb of the Samoan Bulldozer! Triple H tries to force Umaga back and he manages to achieve the feat and he kicks Umaga in the gut... Triple H is going to hit the Pedigree but oh no... again Umaga is forcing Triple H’s arms apart and he gets out of the move and goes for the SAMOAN SPIKE but Triple H ducks and hits a DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER!!! Triple H roars before finally going for the cover...




Umaga gets a shoulder up. Triple H just doesn’t know what to do right now, he gets to his feet and he spots Edge down; he will be of no use to him at this crucial moment. He slides out of the ring and fumbles about under the apron but he finally unveils something, THE SLEDGEHAMMER! Triple H stares at it in a trance. He polishes it off and attempts to go in to the ring but Hawkins and Ryder try and grab it, they are hit with some cruel, unneeded blows, with the sledgehammer and Guerrero foolishly runs in and he shares the same fate. Four out of five of La Familia are down and out and Burchill won’t risk going one on one with Hunter, at least not yet, he just stands there with his arms crossed. Umaga has got up now but he is still dazed. Triple H goes in to the ring and swings back the hammer but Edge catches it, EDGE? WHERE DID HE COME FROM? Edge takes control of the sledgehammer and BLASTS IT AROUND THE FACE OF TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H IS OUT OF THIS CONTEST! Luckily for Triple H’s chances Umaga goes in to attack and knocks the sledgehammer off of Edge but Edge hits a big boot on Umaga but this doesn’t affect The Samoan Bulldozer who responds in turn with a huge clothesline. Umaga gets to the top of the turnbuckle and bellows out, he then leaps off of the ropes and hits a monstrous SPLASH to Edge who convulses and twitches in the ring. Umaga goes for the cover...




Despite Edge being thrown through a table and being landed on by a 300lbs+ competitor he still manages to kick out of that one and despite all the things that are said about Edge he is still a damn good wrestler. Umaga roars out, he picks up Triple H who now has a CRIMSON MASK and throws him back down to the floor, he then picks up the steel chair and hits Edge in the torso with it. Umaga drags Edge to his feet and he walks straight in to a CHAIR SHOT! EDGE HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN! The brutality in this match just highlights how much these people want to hurt each other but I don’t think Umaga is finished yet, he picks up the sledgehammer and brings Edge to his feet. Edge stumbled around but DODGES a wild swing from Umaga and bounces off of the ropes and hits a SPEAR!!! SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE!!! OH MY GOD THIS ONE IS OVER!!! Edge has the opportunity to drape an arm over Umaga for the certain win but he spots the sledgehammer, with a manic look in his eyes he picks it up and goes over to Umaga and begins to choke him out with the weapon! Umaga is flailing about but it looks like Edge is finally going to put this monster down. Edge is salivating like a rabid dog at seeing the destruction of Umaga, he has become an entirely new breed as he looks to go out in a blade of glory. The referee finally takes the sledgehammer off of Edge and throws it in the corner but it looks the damage has been done, Edge hooks the leg...




TRIPLE H BREAKS UP THE COUNT, WHERE DID HE COME FROM? Just minutes ago Triple H was hit with a sledgehammer and he suddenly, somehow, mustered up the energy to break up the pin and save his title, if only for a few minutes. Triple H uses the ropes and pulls himself to his feet but Edge just stares a hole through Triple H, his plan ruined. He plants some elbows in to a defeated Triple H and looks to put the icing on the cake as he kicks Hunter in the gut. He hooks Triple H’s arms up and looks to go for the PEDIGREE! He is going to end Triple H’s reign with a goddamn Pedigree, not like this! Just as Edge is about to pull the trigger Triple H fights his way out of it and hits a BACK DROP on Edge, guillotining him on the ropes. Triple H then kicks Edge in the gut and he hits quickfire PEDIGREE!!! Triple H collapses just as quickly as Edge after that move but he manages to slowly drag his body over and put an arm over Edge...




EDGE KICKS OUT! He still has some fight left in him it seems. Triple H holds his head in disbelief but he goes to the corner and calms himself down. Umaga is the next to get up and he goes over and kicks Triple H in the chest but just behind them Edge is stirring and is just about to get up. Umaga clocks Triple H around the head and it now become evident how much this match has taken a toll on these three men, all three are wearing the proverbial crimson masks and the moves are becoming generally slower. Umaga hits Hunter another time but the WWE Champion retaliates with a clubbing axe handle to the chest of Umaga which sends the Samoan Bulldozer reeling. Edge is now up to his feet but he wisely decides to stay out of the way. Umaga and Hunter are exchanging blows in the middle of the ring as Edge silently slips away, unbeknownst to the two in the ring. Edge goes over to the announcing area and collects the WWE Title which was taken back there. Edge grabs it but another hand is there; Paul Burchill’s... Edge swings back and accidentally catches Burchill with an elbow to the face. It seemed like an accident but Edge doesn’t care and he turns around and finishes the job by hitting him with the WWE Title.

All of the guest enforcers have either been carted away off camera or are down and out. We now have no legitimate protection from ‘Pain’ but that isn’t at the forefront of anyone’s mind as Edge steps in to the ring. Triple H and Umaga are still fighting, and fighting ugly. Triple hits a forearm to the face of Umaga. Umaga retaliates with a massive uppercut and now Edge takes his advantage by hitting Umaga with the WWE Title belt! Umaga is knocked backwards and he slams on to the canvas but Triple H doesn’t see it coming either and Hunter is smacked around the face viciously by the title that he currently holds but not for much longer if Edge has his way. Edge drops the WWE Title to the floor and picks Hunter up off of his feet. Edge talks smack to the WWE Champion before kicking him in the gut. Edge hooks the arms this time perfectly and manages to hit Hunter’s own move THE PEDIGREE! THE PEDIGREE ON TO THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! It can’t get any more embarrassing for Triple H, being hit with his own move, on his own title in a match for that title. Edge slumps to his feet, breathes in the air and covers Triple H... has his moment finally come???




UMAGA BREAKS IT UP! There was no way in hell of Triple H kicking out of that one so it was left to Umaga to make a miraculous recovery and stop Edge from winning the WWE Title. Edge is absolutely distraught, three or four times now he has been stopped from winning the title, he just can’t beat either man it seems. Triple H is dead and buried as it is and Umaga tosses him to one side but Edge has already gone out of the ring and got the steel chair and brought it back in. Edge beckons Umaga on and Umaga, being the delinquent, single minded person he is, rushes in head first but Edge smashes the chair over the head of Umaga. That chair has been completely wrecked now, it is bent in half. Edge still keeps it in the ring and places it on the floor, he brings Umaga over and tries to force him on to the chair but Umaga isn’t playing ball. Umaga, out of nowhere, hits the SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Umaga drops down on Edge for the cover...




Edge wasn’t going to go down that easily but that must have taken a considerable toll on his body. Umaga drags Edge to his feet but out of nowhere Edge kicks Umaga in the crotch and hits an EDGECUTION ON TO THE CHAIR! The crowd are in a frenzy and split completely down the middle now as it seems Triple H is out of it so Edge is the next best thing. Edge kicks Umaga and drags him back up; for the first time ever Umaga looks lifeless, out of it. Edge runs at him and puts him down with the SPEAR! Edge isn’t finished yet, not by a long shot... he is going to go out of the ring to set something up when Umaga GETS ON TO HIS FEET! Edge can’t believe it so he runs in and ends it all with a massive SPEAR!!! IT’S OVER!!! Edge lands a few inches away from Umaga’s body and he is just about to drape a hand over Umaga to win the WWE Championship when...





Paul Heyman: Pain nothing more than one word yet, it is going to mean a hell of a lot more for you, Edge. You will feel pain that is unimaginable, something so ferocious that people will be shocked by this incident, they will be scarred mentally. It is time for a change Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now like to introduce to you the man who is going to change this business, everything anyone has ever stood for in the WWE is a lie because this man will rip it all to Shreds. He is blazing a path to glory, he is not alone. This is the time when reality changes forever Edge... your time is up, your will pay for your sins, so will everyone else in this damn business, all the people that have prostituted this great business will leave in fear of this man. This is the PAIN, this is the END MISSION, he will stop anyone who gets in his way... this is BROCK LESNAR!!!


Edge stands there, frozen, he keeps whispering over and over ‘Not yet, not this way’ but Brock Lesnar meets someone in his way... PAUL BURCHILL! Are these two going to clash here tonight... NO! BURCHILL STEPS ASIDE!!! Where they in cahoots all along? Edge tries to run away but Lesnar hits him with a clothesline. Edge manages to instinctively grab the sledgehammer but LESNAR BREAKS THE SLEDGEHAMMER IN HALF!!! Lesnar tosses the weapon to one side and picks Edge up... on to his shoulders and F-5!!! The crowd are booing the hell out of Lesnar but he doesn’t stop his attack, he kicks Edge in the head and picks him up again... F-5!!! Lesnar turns around as soon as TRIPLE H gets to his feet. Hunter doesn’t quite know what to make of it but Brock Lesnar wastes little time walks past him, teasing the anouncter. The crowd boo Lesnar but Hunter has actually landed on top of Edge, the referee counts... this one is surely over... Lesnar turns away and walks up the ramp, his job for tonight finished... the referee counts.




*Bill Rings*

[Winner: and still WWE champion, Triple H @21.14]

>>> Brock Lesnar continues walking up the ramp whilst Heyman cackles in the distance. Lesnar raises his arms in the air as Triple H is handed the title but his face is still slumped in to the canvas . Heyman puts the microphone to his lips...

Heyman: Pain... is a terrible thing.

J.R: I can’t quite believe my eyes, Brock Lesnar has returned to the WWE, he has just attacked Edge, Edge looks in a bad way down there. I don’t know how to describe this night but Edge certainly felt pain tonight... after coming within seconds of winning the title he is cost it by a returning Brock Lesnar accompanied by Paul Heyman. The Smackdown landscape is changing Ladies and Gentlemen, will you be there to witness it???


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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Holy damn, guys. Just looked over the show, and it looks amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'll try and get you guys a review as soon as possible.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Hey guys, good job with the show, the effort you put in deserves some comments for sure. It’s going to be along the lines of the feedback I’m looking to give from now on, not commenting on little things for the sake of it.

First off, the women’s title match. This was going to be the tricky one from a booking standpoint, but I thought for sure that this would be the moment that Kelly & Beth’s relationship hit the skids with a turn by Kelly, or a mistake leading to one. With Gail just coming in, she was definitely rushed to the title shot, and losing would not have done her a lot of good. Cue Mickie James. The Kelly interference was obvious, but with Mickie’s promo on Raw, it was a possibility that she would. If Gail was going to lose, she had to be screwed out of it, and I don’t think she was all that much. If Mickie was going to enjoy seeing her lose, she should have either screwed her herself, or Kelly should have done more than just distracted her, because it still looks more like a clean win. If Gail had been screwed properly, she would have a legitimate claim for a rematch, where I don’t think she does here tbh.

I have to give it to you Sean, I never thought for a minute that Punk would get the title back in a million years. It just begs the question to be asked of why he even lost the title in the first place at Summerslam when he could have turned to get DQ’d and keep the title at the same time. It was a nice shock to see him win here, don’t get me wrong, but that was two title matches with more than one person running in. I really didn’t see the need for Rey to get involved to be honest, having Bourne at ringside was fine and expected, but to see Rey run down after seeing Mickie do it too when they both came down and had failed run ins, it defies the point of why they happened anyway, especially in Rey’s case when he already had a match. It looked like interference just for the hell of it when it wasn’t all that necessary taking the endings in to account. It was like Kane randomly helping JBL at Summerslam, and we never got an explanation for that. I’m happy to see Punk take the title though.

I’m a big fan of Michaels getting the number one contendership and in the fashion that it came about, showing some real desire in the process and going back to the Heartbreak Kid of old. With the way everything else had gone, it wasn’t a surprise to see Henry screw over Batista, and that was good booking to be fair, setting their feud up brilliantly, as horrible as it might look to me, it does give Batista one hell of a reason to come back at him. Michaels won’t be taking the title from Punk, as Jericho will definitely return to screw him over at No Mercy I guess. Also, the Kane/Undertaker video package came as no surprise, and it’s good to see that build up too.

The WWE Championship match was all about Lesnar, and the match as a whole was ruined from the start by the fact that the Lesnar debut was about as obvious as you could get. No one cared about the match, they only cared about seeing Lesnar and what he would do. It came as a lame duck too for me as the actual finish was just that, lame. There was no real suspense to it, and it was just easy. It doesn’t set up Lesnar/Triple H for the title like I think we all expect, but with the whole Gail Kim being rushed in to the title scene and falling too soon, I’d rather that wait. Seeing someone rushed to the title sucks just as bad as someone being brought back and losing their momentum in a title match.

The Smackdown side of things apart from that were pretty solid I think. The opening match went as it should with Team Extreme getting the revenge and win they need. Hopefully that can be written off now, but the aftermath wasn’t needed. They had the win, that was all that mattered. Don’t do too much Bradley, how many times do I need to tell you?

Shelton/Haas was one of the bright points of the night with a great match, and an ending that does a lot for Haas despite being defeated. He didn’t look like a loser in the manner that led to Shelton retaining, and you did a brilliant job of making both of them come out of this smelling like roses, something which I think was definitely lacking in the women’s title match when it was so desperately needed.

MVP went a long way with the win over Kennedy, and the Green Bay one kind of went the other. That’s the thing about pay-per-view, someone has to lose, and I think you chose the right winner at the end of the day.

Overall, a thoroughly good show to read, and I think Bradley deserves a lot of credit here to be honest. Sean has outshone him with the TV side of things, but I think Bradley’s pay-per-view experience came through here. Good effort boys.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

That's a great show, just some quick thoughts: I marked out for Punk winning, although the rope disseminating out of nowhere, while creative, also made no sense. When did it snap off the turnbuckle again? The #1 contender match was pretty obviously going to HBK, although it was still well written. When I saw Undertaker's gong, I wasn't very happy, because Kane/UT has been done to death. He would be much better served facing HHH or Umaga. Umaga/Edge/HHH was very fun to read, but like Nige said, it was obvious Lesnar was coming. I also had a problem with the amount of spots each man took. I understand that you have to suspend reality a little bit in this kind of match, but the entire thing was a spot fest, and all 3 of them should have been knocked out half way through.


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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Finally, finally, finally!! Lol, it’s about damn time, but the long will hopefully be worth it! Let’s get on with the review man:

Opening Intro: Great stuff man, you know how to build up…I didn’t understand Batista’s thing, but everything else was awesome. I laughed at what JR and Mick said about Cole’s ramblings, lolol. Good stuff.

HBK/Y2J segment: Damn, maybe I just don’t remember the last RAW…but why would HBK attack Jericho? I remember HBK coming back at the very end of the 3 hour RAW, but that’s all I remember.

Edit: I realizd it's because of the eye thing, but still, it's not something HBK would do, I didn't like it very much to be honest.

6 man tag team: GREAT match, man. Personally, I don’t read matches, so as a general statement: Feel free to recap matches, because I know that I don’t…I just look at the pin counts, and when the match is over, I read the last few statements, right before the match is over. Obviously I then continue reading, but I remember there was discussion a while back in this thread talking about if matches should be recapped, I think it should be recapped, because it’s way too much work for you guys, and I feel sorry considering I don’t read written out matches. I just find them way too long and way too boring. But again that’s just me. Great match though, lol. I liked the aftermath is the colon brothers, that was a nice touch.

Pat/Shane: I never got to tell you this, but I LOVE this, it’s freaking great. Even if you push things, I still just love these 2 guys together, comedic stuff. Good to have an update on Jericho.

Haas vs. Benjamin: Nice job on the preview. I predicted Benjamin to win, but didn’t expect it to happen in that manner. A tap out with a pinfall. It’s a good thing Benjamin won, and now their feud could continue, I like their feud, so I’ll definitely be watching. Great match, again didn’t read it but it seemed great.

No Mercy segment: Nice to see you’re doing what the WWE does, and promote the next ppv, I liked how Kane ended the segment lol

Women’s Title Match: Lolol “Can I be in your meat sandwich” lol awesome stuff. Anyways, people usually don’t like women in btb’s, but I feel a btb should have its own women’s division, and I’m glad RAW has a women’s division, but I feel the Sd! Division in a BTB is a bit pointless, but you know whatever. So yea, I like having a RAW women’s division be on btb’s. I predicted Beth to win and she did. Much like the U.S. title match, both Gail and Haas “returned” so they are new, I’m glad that neither won. But Mickie laughing, uh oh…I remember on Raw where Mickie called Gail a bitch, so the laughing continues whatever storyline you’re brewing.

Shane McMahon’s Segment: Eh, it’s hard to believe he couldn’t find somebody, I would’ve just let the loser of the WWE title match enter the 6 man match.

Kennedy/MVP: MVP’s promo was a nice little touch, I skimmed his promo a bit, it bored me but that’s no biggie. I did however enjoy the buildup to the match very much so. As far as the match, didn’t expect MVP to go over at all, nice shock. I could see this match on TV as a pure intense match, good job.

Punk/Torrie: NICE!! VERY NICE! The moment she mentioned Bourne he comes in and it fades, great…I especially liked the “I think it’s time for you to leave now.” As if saying she has seen too much already.

Rey/Cena: Typical promo these two would do, you got the characters good, so good job at that. Personally I don’t wanna see a REY vs. CENA feud, but that’s just me.

Punk/Cena: I skipped the buildup, didn’t think I needed a history lesson…we’re off to the match: WHAT?! Holy hell, as you have realized, with my reviews, I write the review as I read the show, so I have no clue what’s to come but WOW! I didn’t expect Cena to lose, much less because of the bottom rope. I silently gasped, I was stunned, great job, man, damn!

6 pack match: HBK as filler? Hmm, an obvious choice, I wonder if Jericho will come out and cost him the match…Maybe give Kane the victory?! Lol, kay let’s start the match: Henry eliminated…good. JBL eliminated…good. That’s right fucker, Kane just eliminated yo’ ass!! (I’m talking about Rey lol) FUCK!! It’s okay, that was incredible though, I’d LOVE to see a Kane/Taker feud…considering YOU’RE writing it…that’ll be true epicness!! Dude…you had to have Henry cost Batista the match, lame!! HBK won, good, Kane got into a sick storyline with Taker, but I don’t like Henry costing Batista the match. Obviously I didn’t want Batista to win, but I didn’t want it like that.

WWE Title Match: Good promo with HHH and good buildup. Now the match: WOW! Awesome to have Heyman with Lesnar. I did know it was Brock even though I said Christian, I just thought maybe you’d want to surprise us, lol, but I liked HHH winning and I liked Lesnar destroying Edge, but I don’t get it…why would the fans boo a heel Lesnar who attacked a heel Edge. But in any event it was a great ending to this match.

MOTN: 6 pack.
Show Rating: B-
Comments: Great job to both Bradley and SC2004, you guys did good stuff here, keep it up, guys! Oh and it was SOO worth the wait, lol.

PS: it was my first every review and I plan on sticking to this format, hope you don’t mind.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Sorry, dont have much time at the moment, this is the most i could do

Unforgiven Review

The whole Jericho being injured thing is a strange one, but we will see what happens, what i will say is it is good excitemant.

Womens Championship Match: This was the first tiem i ever got into a Diva match in a btb, i normally cant stand them. This match was probably better written then some of the ppv diva matches that have happened in real life, seriously. The action was nothing short of brilliant. The pin falls were at the right times and had the right amount. Beth's strenght was well described during the match when she wouldn't drop to the ground etc or when she caught Gail in the lou thez press. Gail's fighting ability was well worked also as she kicked out alot and hung in during the submission etc. The best spot of the match was the dive to the outside that knocked down Beth and Mickie. Now on to the oonly thing i found wrong with it, the actions of Mickie on the outside. Im not sure what you were trying to do but she came across as a heel. I liked how Gail said no to using the belt though. Kelly's interaction was ok. Overall it was a really good match with the right finish.

World Championship Match: This was another brilliant match. Punks heel action was well portrayed. During the match it was hard to make out who was going to win the match because it was back and forth all the way. The creativity was good, especially when Punk was trying to roll over Cena and Bourne hit him with the chair. I liked the way you had Mysterio come down then aswel and a brawl took place on the outside, it added to the championship feel about the match. I was shocked at the ending, i never knew you liked Cm Punk but i mthink you can do good things with him as a heel. Its sets up a good response to come from Cena. Overall, it was a good match and was worthy to be a title match.

6 Man Match: Again another good match, some of the battles in this match wre very well done. Rey Mysterio got a bit too much offence for my liking in the match and i tought Kane would have done better then Batista. The message that Kane recieved during the match was interesting and a good way to eliminate him because he isnt in the title picture because of this other storyline so he was never going to win. I liked when JBL wouldnt take the tag off Micheals. I tought it was very strange to have the Cena match before this one.

Overall: It was a very good event on both sides. The match quality and suprise were good stuff, the win of Punka nd the return of Lesnar are the highlights of the show for me, good job.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Unforgiven Feedback

Opening: The opening package was very good, got me pumped, and a nice intro from the comentators, too. The Shawn attack on Jericho was well done, brutal but not too brutal, and got across the hatred he has for Jericho. It also brings new anticipation for the No. 1 Contender's Match later on, now that we're seemingly short one man. Great way to kick things off, great stuff overall.

6-Man Tag: Good match to start the show, I like how you described and painted everything with your vocab, it made the moves seem more powerful than normal, but when it concerns a few weaker moves, it made it look a little gratuitous. Regardless, I liked this match, but the major thing I didn't was the lack of Matt Hardy. I can sense you going for a Hardy vs. Hardy feud in the future, which was hinted at a few times during the match, and it'd make sense to limit him a little, but still, as a big Matt fan, I wanted to see more of him wrestle. The most we got from him was a Poetry in Motion (and by the way, it's actually Matt on his hands and knees, and Jeff who runs and jumps off him), and a double clothesline with Chavo. Was good that he kicked out of the Frog Splash, kept him strong with that one. Still, the heels looked ruthless with all the cheating and advantages they had, and had a good chance of winning, but Jeff and Moore also looked very strong, Shannon in particular, because of all the damage he took. I don't know if I'm picturing the spot he had when he jumped off Hawkins' shoulder and missile dropkicked Ryder, because what I am picturing seems almost impossible. Fun match, good aftermath, too, but I also don't see the point in having Chavo bleed after the match, unless we'll be seeing him again later.

Shane/Pat Segment: So Jericho's now out of the No. 1 Contender's Match for sure? Bit of a bummer, but that's alright. I enjoyed Pat here with his good news, you've been doing a great job with him lately, and Shane also played his role of a concerned General Manager well, too. The thing I didn't really like was the commentators at the end, because it kind of seemed like they knew too much. How does King know Shane has an hour to find the replacement? And if he can't, that doesn't mean he'll have to cancel the match, because there's still five guys in it. Good segment, but the commentators didn't make it better.

US Title: Good video to hype things up, really made this midcard feud sound much more than that. However, the match itself was kind of a letdown. All the lock transitions didn't really work for me, as I couldn't picture what was going on very well. There was also kind of a mix-up of where the two were in the ring, because there were a few times where some things happened that should've happened at one spot in the ring, but didn't really. In part of the beginning, Benjamin takes Haas into the corner, and hits a shoulder block, then applies a spinning toe hold. How could that be with the ropes right there? The finish of the match was good and controversial, which allows the feud to continue, but it would've been a lot more effective if you played up Haas's bleeding, because it was only mentioned somewhat casually about three or four times. Still, both men looked very strong in his showing, and like I said, this feud's probably going to continue, which is good because no one lost a lot of steam here. Good job on that, but still not the best match.

No Mercy Video: Another good video, but this is all we get to separate matches? It'll do, I guess, but realistically, maybe not, as they have to help both guys to the back after the beating both took, and change the bloodied ring mat as well. Still, a good video, made me look forward to the next PPV, and we're still at Unforgiven.

Women's Title: Good intro, and with Mickie out here, we've got a new dynamic introduced into the mix. But that sign? Come on, Sean. As for the match, very engrossing. As you probably know, I'm a big fan of women's wrestling, and I was looking forward to this match, and you didn't disappoint. While the match started just a little shaky, with Beth looking too strong by absorbing most of the damaged dished out on her, things picked up very nicely. Mickie and Kelly both played their roles very well, acting as wildcards that could change things in an instant, and they really did. The wrestling was also very good, except the beginning, but besides from that, great stuff. I don't like Gail using a spear, since she uses it as a signature, and Edge uses it as a finish, and the finishing maneuvor was also a little iffy, and must've been extremely hard to do right, so I imagine it was a little sloppy. Aside from this, great match, and a great aftermath with Mickie laughing. This storyline is coming at us in two different directions, and I like both, so great job here, Sean.

Shane Address: Short and sweet, as Shane was very much in character, but I really don't like that the No. 1 Contender's Match for the World Title going after the World Title Match itself. It makes sense, and you're putting a lot of emphasis on the 6-man match, but again, why would it matter so much if one guy's out? Five guys is more than enough, so it's not like it's a singles match that absolutely depends on everyone being there for it to happen.

MVP Interview: Very cocky interview, great job. The dialogue I felt could've been better at times, but aside from that, classic MVP. You captured him here very well, so great job on that. Also did a good job in hyping up his match later on, and it's next? MVP's hanging with a bunch of girls like five minutes before his match? Definitely cocky, and maybe in more ways than one... The video for the match was also good, but I didn't like Kennedy's line of "Less cocky, less arrogant, just better." I get that his character's been humbled by injury, but it could've been worded better. Great job with the interview, Bradley.

MVP/Kennedy: This wasn't a bad match by any means, but my biggest complaint that it was a little hard to get into at the beginning. I just didn't like someone hitting their finisher right away, but it really went uphill from there. It had good storytelling and psychology, with false finishes aplenty. I liked the false finishes near the end, made things very exciting and unpredictable. Like I said, MVP hitting the Drive-By right at the start, I didn't really like that one, because it basically means that Kennedy would no-sell it for the whole match, and he did. This is a huge win for MVP, and I can see him heading to a main-event feud from here, or maybe even a rematch against Kennedy, who also looked good here (with the no-selling). Again, a little hard to get into, but very good match.

Punk Interview: This really just seemed like filler. I mean, it put over Punk as a jerk very well, but I didn't get what the suitcases had to do with anyone. Of course Bourne would be there, even if they aren't his. If anything, it was overdramatizing the Bourne situation, or it was just filler. I didn't get it.

Cena/Rey Segment: Now, I love the friendly, down-to-earth face/face banter, but this was too cheesy, and pretty much the reason people don't like Cena and Rey's characters. Too nice, and too cheesy. Good hype for the World Title Match, though, looking forward to that one. The history between Punk and Cena was also a good reminder, it had a lot of great moments and exciting overall build-up. A well-done feud, so I hope it doesn't end here, even with a No. 1 Contender being decided later on.

World Title: This kind of felt short, but aside from that, I liked it. It wasn't as good as the one from SummerSlam, but it was still good. While I personally don't like Cena falling to the Anaconda Vice, it was a very creative finish, with the ropes breaking and everything, preventing the rope break. This had a good story and psychology, and Cena looked very strong, kicking out of a chair shot and the GTS, and Punk also looked good, even with all the interference he got on his behalf. I really liked the spot where Cena throws Punk onto the security, Rey and Bourne, would've been cool to see. I do have to call into question you giving Cena the World Title if you were just going to give it back to Punk three weeks later. I know you don't like Cena, but I don't see why, and had this all been real, the IWC would explode, saying, "Vince loves Cena so he gave him that pointless title reign!" I'm sure it's not pointless, and it'll all make sense in the long run, but right now, I don't get it. I'm going to leave this one with a question mark, but still, good job.

6-Man No. 1 Contender's: HBK's Jericho's replacement? Can't complain, as in my opinion, Shawn Michaels is the greatest ever. But anyway, the match. A fun read, filled with a number of exciting spots, and I can't really complain about the outcome. Shawn Michaels vs. CM Punk is a dream match of mine, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. Everyone looked strong in the match, save maybe JBL, but I don't really care about him, so it's all good. Henry's role in the match was played well, needing several finishers to take him out, and his part in the end is very controversial, I like it. The message 'Taker sent to Kane was also great, so it's been 'Taker that's been behind all of that. The feud's been done almost to death, but this is a new twist on it, and I'm looking forward to it. Obviously, there's still some unresolved issues here with Jericho, so I don't know what's going to happen there, and even though Batista/Henry doesn't excite me much, it's got some steam behind it, so who knows how it could turn out? Fun match, not much to complain about, although you did refer to Shawn as "Shane" at one point.

Triple H Interview: Short and sweet. A good interview, intense, but I kind of felt that Triple H was selling himself a little short. Either way, it put a lot of importance on the upcoming title match, which should be great. Edge vs. Triple H alone is a good match, and even though I'm not a fan of Umaga, he's talented, so he's a nice addition, and then there's Mr. Pain to account for. This looks like it'll be messy, so I'm looking forward to it. A very good promo video, too, great hype, as well. Some good words, especially Triple H's "Pain is a product of failure," that's deep. Great job here, Bradley.

WWE Title Triple Threat: This match was absolutely brutal. No other word for it. Brutal. Everything these guys did to each other, it was awesome. I really have no complaints for this match. It was great. All three guys looked incredibly strong for kicking out of everything they did to each other, with steel chairs, sledgehammers, repeated finishers, and the title belt,. La Familia were essentially non-factors in the match, which is good, and "Pain," well, you made that pretty obvious with your sig, but in the end, a great redebut for Lesnar. I wasn't expecting Heyman, so that was a nice surprise, too, and I really liked his promo, too. I don't mind Hunter retaining, but in the end, a fantastic match. Great job, Bradley.

Overall: A great PPV, you guys, although Bradley put out the better stuff in the show. Nothing against your stuff, Sean, but Bradley upstaged you here. His stuff was just great all night, and I love what he did, too. Everything on his side revolved around pain, and that was the theme for all of his matches. In all of his matches, we saw someone (or in some cases, everyone) in absolute agony, and I believe the only match where someone didn't bleed was MVP/Kennedy. Just awesome job with that recurring theme, man. As for you Sean, you didn't disappoint either, but it's a little obvious you didn't enjoy writing too much from your matches, which suffered a little as a result. You gave us better matches at SummerSlam, but by no means were these bad, just not as good. Still, a very enjoyable PPV, things are looking up for both brands, so I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next. Awesome job, guys, especially Bradley. 8/10.
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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008


>>> So, It has been 8 days since Unforgiven was posted so I decided It was about time to post something about the show. There isn’t a whole lot to say, the feedback have been overwhelmingly positive which is great news for Bradley and I considering that it was only our second PPV thus far. Bradley’s match writing seems to have connected with readers and I’m happy to see him receive such well earned and greatly deserved praise. It’s at these PPV events that the true success of our partnership becomes apparent. I’m not a match writer, Bradley is so he carries these shows some what as I continue to learn. Some day in the future I hope I can improve enough so that I am on an equal footing. To all those people who went out of their way to review and comment on the show, I thank you. It was very much appreciated. We just hope people read these shows, everything else is a bonus.

>>> I spent a few days last week completely updating the opening post in this thread. The rosters have been updated as well as the BTB schedule. I’ve also went to the effort of posting the links to both PPV events as well as the seven Raw and seven SmackDown shows that have been posted in this thread so far. The rosters, schedule and links to upcoming shows will be posted and updated when needed. The main goal here was to help new readers catch up fast. In the coming week, after I have Raw posted, I tend to include a summary of the major goings on in this PPV for all to read and catch up. If you read several threads It’s very hard to keep track of what’s going on in each one, nobody knows this better than I do.

>>> Speaking of Raw… I’ve started writing the show. It’s quite a jam packed edition and promo laden, so It may take longer than usual to write and post. I’m off work this weekend and next. I haven’t much on, all is quite thankfully so Hopefully the show will be up in the next 10 days. The preview may be posted by Sunday, It all depends. I’m pretty excited about the show itself as some of the major angles start to kick up a gear. Also I think this show will make people aware of just how seriously I take reviews and the comments made in them. I’ve made some changes both in content and in appearance. The show will look a little different, but not a whole lot different.

… I’ll be posting BTB news and notes in the coming days, this was just a general update.

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Re: WWE - GET IT! - SUMMER 2008

Nice job on the first post changes and thanks for the update. Hopefully the good Unforgiven will give you even more confidence to go further. Also a sis aid in my review i think your match writting at Unforgiven was brilliant. Good luck with Raw, looking forward to the show.
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