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ECW: Back To The Top!

Hey guys, this is my first go at a BTB and I can't wait to get in to it. I have decided upon writing WWE's ECW, with my first show being the one after December to Dismember 07. I will be writing the ending to all my matches only.


2006, a memorable year for the WWE, headlined by the revival of Extreme Championship Wrestling as it's third brand. The revival marked the end of the poor buy rates and television ratings of the WWE. With superstars like Bobby Lashley, the Big Show, Rob Van Dam and Kurt Angle, and Paul Heyman at the helm, ECW was taking the world of Sports Entertainment by storm. But as we know, all good things must come to an end, and this was evident with ECW. In February of 2007, after an argument concerning ECW's only solo pay per view December to Dismember, Mr McMahon fired Paul Heyman from his position as head booker and general manager of ECW. Shortly after, Heyman quietly left the WWE to pursue other interests. With Heyman's departure, came an overwhelming drop in ratings, as well as a number of top superstars resignations. By November 2007, Mr McMahon and the WWE Board were on the verge of giving ECW the chop. However they decided to give the "The Land of Extreme" one last month to turn things around. They organised a talent exchange program between ECW and Smackdown, and before long December to Dismember had arrived.

December to Dismember Results

Kofi Kingston defeated Elijah Burke, Mike Knox and Nunzio after hitting all of his opponents with his signature Cool Runnings 540 Kick @ 20.27

The Hooliganz (Paul London and Brian Kendrick) defeated The Miz and John Morrison to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions @ 15.48
After the match The Miz went to check on Morrison, only to be pushed away. Morrison then got in the face of The Miz, blaming him for their loss. After slapping The Miz across the face, Morrison exited the ring and walked back up the entrance ramp, shaking his head. The Miz just stood there in disbelief while touching his face.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Stevie Richards in a 30 Minute Ironman Match @ 30.00
After a long and hard match, Shelton hit the T-Bone off the top rope in the last second to win 5-4. After the match, both competitors received a standing ovation for giving it their all in one of the most hard fought matches in professional wrestling history.

Big Daddy V and Mark Henry (w/Matt Striker) defeated Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney @ 14.33
In a pretty even contest, Colin Delaney turned out to be the difference. On numerous occasions Tommy Dreamer sacrified himself for his young friend, which ultimately caused Dreamer to spin right in to a World's Strongest Slam for the 1, 2, 3. After the match Striker ordered Henry and Big Daddy V to continue the assault on Dreamer. Colin Delaney, who was on the outside, couldn't bring himself to try and rescue his friend, so instead he cowardly ran back up the entrance ramp.

Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and Ashley defeated Layla, Lena Yada and Victoria after Kelly Kelly hit Lena Yada with a Hurricarana @ 11. 19

CM Punk defeated Chavo Guerrero after a GTS to retain the ECW Championship @ 25.51

Following the pay per view, Mr McMahon and the Board reviewed ECW's performance over the past month. It seemed there had been a vast improvement in the shows television ratings and attendances. It was enough to convince the WWE to keep ECW running, even to the extent of ending the talent exchange and giving ECW ten pay per views of its own per year. Up and coming talent like Elijah Burke, Kofi Kingston, Shelton Benjamin and The Miz, had ECW back in business. With that said it still wasn't at the level the WWE wanted it to be, there was a lot of work to be done.

With all that out of the way, here's all the shit I will be starting with;

Roster (heels in bold)
Balls Mahoney
Big Daddy V
CM Punk (ECW Champion)
Colin Delaney
Elijah Burke
John Morrison
Kevin Thorn
Kofi Kingston
Matt Striker
Mike Knox
Shelton Benjamin
Stevie Richards
The Boogeyman
The Miz
Tommy Dreamer
Kelly Kelly
Lena Yada

The Boogeyman- suffering from calf injury, out indefinetly.
Kevin Thorn- taking time off.
Balls Mahoney- on maternity leave.

Other Talent
Armando Estrada- General Manager
Tony Chimel- Ring Announcer
Joey Styles- Play by Play Commentator
Tazz- Color Commentator

Tag Teams
Big Daddy V and Mark Henry with Matt Striker.
The Miz and John Morrison

Pay Per Views
27 JAN- Royal Rumble
24 FEB- Guilty as Charged
24 MAR- Wrestlemania
22 APR- Living Dangerously
20 MAY- Barely legal
17 JUN- Wrestlepalooza
15 JUL- Hardcore Heaven
12 AUG- Heat Wave
9 SEP- Anarchy Rulz
7 OCT- Massacre on 34th Street
4 NOV- November to Remember
2 DEC- December to Dismember

So that's that, I will hopefully have a preview for my first show up in the next couple of days, remember that all comments and reviews will be returned ASAP. So yeah thanks, hope you keep on reading.

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Re: ECW: The Time Is Now!

Hey, looking forward to you first show.

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Re: ECW: The Time Is Now!

LOL oi nov go on msn and hopefully i get forgiven by doddsys mum cos i writ up an sorry card>

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

ECW 1/1/08 Preview

After Chavo Guerrero unsuccessfully challenged CM Punk for the ECW Championship this past Sunday at December to Dismember, it is anticipated that he will be removed from the title hunt, to make way for a new challenger. Expected to be at the top of this list is the self proclaimed "Gold Standard" of ECW, Shelton Benjamin. Since making the jump to "The Land of Extreme", Benjamin has been on quite a roll, yet to be defeated, he continued his winning ways with an impressive victory over returning veteran Stevie Richards at December to Dismember. General Manager Armando Estrada has promised an announcement regarding this issue, this Thursday on ECW.

This past Sunday at December to Dismember, ECW original Tommy Dreamer was left for dead by his somewhat cowardly friend Colin Delaney. After Delaney caused Dreamer and himself to lose a tag team match against "The Worlds Strongest Man" Mark Henry and Big Daddy V, Colin couldn't bring himself to help his mentor from a post match assault from the pair of giants. Will Dreamer forgive and forget, or will the new comer regret his actions?

After losing the WWE Tag Team Championships to the Hooliganz at December to Dismember, something seemed to snap inside John Morrison, not only did he blame his partner The Miz for their loss, but he also planted a slap square across his face. This Thursday the two will have to try and put their differences aside as they get their rematch for the titles. Will they be able to regain the WWE tag Team Championships, or will there ego's get the better of them?

Catch all this and more, live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on the Sci-Fi channel, this Tuesday at 9pm.

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

ECW's on Tuesday Nov

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

ECW 1/1/08
Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

The pyro goes off as the camera pans out across the crowd, who are screaming and holding up their signs.

Joey: Hello everybody and welcome to ECW, I'm Joey Styles here with my partner Tazz, and what a show we have for you tonight ladies and gentleman.

Tazz: No doubt Joey, tonight we will have a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles after The Miz and John Morrison lost them to those damn Hooliganz at December to Dismember.

Joey: And don't forget what went down after the match Tazz.

Tazz: A little disagreement, nothing more, i'm sure two highly intelligent superstars like Morrison and The Miz can work out their differences.

Joey: Whatever you say Tazz, moving on ECW General Manager Armando Estrada has promised us that he will make a huge announcement right here tonight.

Tazz: And I can't wait for that one, plus Kofi Kingston will be teaming up with Kelly Kelly to take on the duo of Lena Yada and Mike Knox, that's another one I can't wait for!

Armando Estrada's music hits to a few boos, as he makes his way down to the ring with a smug look on his face.

Tazz: And we kick things off here tonight with our great General Manager Armando Estradaaaa.

Armando: Now I suppose you are all wondering why I am out here tonight, well as I promised I have an announcement to make. You see, after CM Punk was successful in defending the ECW Championship against Chavo Guerrero this past Sunday (pop). I have decided its time to move on. Chavo Guerrero wasn't able to get the job done, so I have personally very carefully hand picked a new challenger. This man is smart, strong, and most importantly a winner, he is..........."The Gold Standard" of ECW, Shelton Benjamin!

"Ain't No Stoppin Me Now" hits as Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to ring with a big smile on his face to some heat. As he gets into the ring he bows down to Armando.

Joey: Wow Tazz, Shelton Benjamin has just been named number one contender for CM Punk's ECW Championship.

Tazz: And he deserves it too.

Shelton: Yeah you heard it, Shelton Benjamin, soon to be ECW Champion (heat), I have waited my whole life for this opportunity, and finally someone has recognised how gifted I am. Thank you so much Arman.... Or Should I say Sir Armando (heat).

Shelton looks in to the camera.

Shelton: So Punk, you better watch out, because "The Gold Standard" is coming after your title (heat).

"I'll Show You, You'll See" hits as Stevie Richards appears at the top of the stage to a huge pop.

Stevie: So this is how it's gonna be is it? Shelton Benjamin, a man who has been wrestling for ECW for just over a month, is gonna get a title shot. When I have been busting my ass for this company for over 20 years and still haven't been given my chance! Im sick of it Armando! So let me put it real simple, I either get a title shot, or I quit!

Armando: Stevie, Stevie, calm down, I agree that you are definetly deserving of a title shot, so here's what i'm gonna d...

Shelton: Whoa, whoa, whoa, who the hell do you think you are Stevie? Interupting the most talented wrestler on this show, No wait....the most talented wrestler in the World! (heat) So you see Stevie, it's too late, I have already been named number one contender, besides I beat you two days ago at December to Dismember (heat).

Stevie: Haha, exactly Shelton, you did beat me two days ago, so it should be pretty easy for you to do it again right? So how bout it, you, me, number one contenders match tonight (pop)?...Unless your chicken?

Shelton: Shelton Benjamin is not chicken! Your on Stevie (pop)!

Shelton whispers something in Armando's ear.

Armando: So it's settled then, in tonights main event it will Stevie Richards (pop) versus Shelton Benjamin (heat), with the winner going on to the Royal Rumble to challenge CM Punk for the ECW Championship..........and the loser............has to leave ECW forever (pop)!

Joey: Oh my god, did you hear that Tazz? The loser has to leace ECW!

Tazz: Of course I heard it, and I can't wait!

Joey: Anyway after the break, The Hooliganz defend their WWE tag Team Titles against the disfunctional duo of John Morrison and The Miz.


Joey: Time for some tag team action.

John Morrison's music hits to a mixed reaction as he appears at the top of the stage and does his signature pose with the wind blowing in his face before walking down to the ring.

Tazz: What an amazing entrance for one amazing superstar.

The Miz's Music plays to small heat as he walks down to the ring with a very serious look on his face, once he enters the ring he stands as far away from Morrison as possible.

The Hooliganz music plays to a small pop as the WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick sprint down the ramp and slide in to the ring.

The Hooliganz vs The Miz and John Morrison for the WWE Tag Team Championships

After a back and forth match, it was The Hooliganz who got the win after The Miz abandoned Morrison in the ring, this allowed The Hooliganz to hit the Get Well Soon on the "Shaman of Sexy."

Winners: The Hooliganz @ 12.45

From the top of the stage, The Miz points and laughs and John Morrison who struggles to his knees and looks and The Miz with an angry look on his face.

Tazz: Damn Miz, what the hell are you thinking.

Joey: If you ask me it serves Morrison right for what he did to The Miz in the first place.


Tommy Dreamer's music hits to a huge pop as he make his way down to the ring, with bandages around his head and stomach, and a black eye and broken nose.

Joey: Doesn't he look in a bad state.

Tazz: Come on Joey, he can handle it, he's Tommy Dreamer for cryin out loud!

Dreamer: Two days ago I was brutally assaulted at the hands of Big Daddy V and Mark Henry. As painful as it was, it was not the worst thing to happen to me that night. You see I had a friend who abandoned me after I had watched his back for so long, if it wasn't for me he probably wouldn't be able to walk. Yet he decided to leave me for dead. Roll the footage.

Tommy points at the titantron and a clip rolls showing Colin Delaney running away as Dreamer is assaulted by Henry and Daddy V (heat).

Dreamer: So Colin Delaney, get ya skinny ass out here cos I got somethin to say.

Colin Delaney's music hits to some heat as the youngster cautiously walks down to the ring.

Dreamer: Colin, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here right now, if it wasn't for me you might not even be alive!

Tazz: He's right you know.

Colin looks like he is about to cry.

Dreamer: And yet you leave me for dead, Colin, I've had it, I have enough to worry about with out having to watch over you, especially when you obviously dont give a damn about me!

Colin starts to wipe tears from his eyes.

Dreamer: I'm sorry Colin, but from now on, your on your own.

Tommy exits the ring and walks back up the ramp leaving Colin crying in the ring.

Joey: You can't help but feel sorry for the kid Tazz.

Tazz: It pain's me to say it, but that was a bit harsh.

Joey: Anyway moving on, up next mixed tag team action.


Kofi Kingston's music hits to a big pop as Kofi and Kelly Kelly make there way to the ring, hi fiving the fans all the way.

Mike Knox's music hits to huge heat as Mike and Lena Yada walk down to the ring.

Kofi Kingston and Kelly Kelly vs Mike Knox and Lena Yada

Kofi Kingston continued his unbeaten streak on ECW after Kelly Kelly speared Lena Yada out of the ring after she had tripped Kofi from outside. This left Kingston adn Knox alone in the ring and Kofi was able to gain the upper hand, eventually hitting Knox with a Cool Runnings for the 1, 2, 3.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Kelly Kelly @ 6.12

Joey: Wow Kofi and Kelly make quite a team.

Tazz: Right you are Joey.

Joey: After the break, the Main Event.

Shelton Benjamin is standing by backstage (heat).

Shelton: Tonight, I take the first step to stardom. Tonight I become the number one contender for the ECW Championship. Stevie Richards, you think you have what it takes to beat yours truly, Shelton Benjamin. Haha, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, your nothing more than a joke. Because once I end your career here tonight, I will go on to beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble and then go on to headline Wrestlemania. Because I am "The Gold Standard" of E..C..W (heat).

Joey: He's getting a bit ahead of himself don't you think Tazz?

Tazz: Not at all Joey, he deserves to be confident, hes "The Gold Standard" of ECW remember?

"I'll Show You, You'll See" hits as Stevie Richards runs down to the ring to a huge pop.

"Ain't No Stopping Me Now" hits to a mixed reaction as Shelton Benjamin struts down to the ring.

Stevie Richards vs Shelton Benjamin in a ECW Championship Number One Contender Match

After 20 minutes of highly entertaining and athletic wrestling, a man sitting in the front row wearing a black cloak and holding a steel pipe, jumped over the barrier and slid in to the ring. He then proceeded to strike Benjamin and Richards with his pipe, forcing the referee to stop the match.

Winner: No Contest @ 20.46

Joey: What the?!?!?

Tazz: Who the hell is that?

The intruder continued his attack by hitting Stevie with an X-Factor and Shelton with a Bronco Buster. However before he was able to do anymore damage, CM Punk came out to make the save (godly pop). The intruder was able to flee the ring just in time and escape through the crowd.

Joey: Thank god for CM Punk.

Just before going through the exitway, the intruder took off his cloak and revealed himself to be none other than X-Pac (huge mixed reaction)

Oh my god! Its X-Pac!

Joey: I didn't see that one comin, that's for sure!

X-Pac performed his signature crotch chop at CM Punk, who had a shocked look on his face.

Joey: Wow what a night it has been in "The Land of Extreme", and now the return of X-Pac to top it all off! Can't wait for next week's show.

Tazz: X-Pac is baaaaaaccckkkk

The show goes off the air with X-Pac running his hands around his waist signalling that he wants the ECW Championship.

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

Doddsy's Review

Nice opening segment, hypes up the main event. The loser leaves ECW stipulation is good, gets me excited about the match.

Good finish too the first match, Miz leaving Morrison and the Hooliganz get the win. I'm not sure what the get well soon is, so i'm not to clear on the win, wonder who will end up face, Morrison or Miz

Dreamer is too hurt in this next part, if he was that badly injured he wouldn't be able to wrestle for a few weeks. Otherwise it was ok, Colin Delaney should have said something and he shouldn't have cried, it makes him look too weak. Dreamer vs Delaney sometime in the next few weeks is what i got from this part.

This match helped keep Kofi's momentum building, maybe Knox vs Kofi next week??

This part was too short and there really isn't any point to it, no one was even there interviewing him.

Alright main event, don't think Richards and Benjamin would get 20 minutes, but whatever. Nice finish with the double DQ, oh and what a suprise, it's X-Pac. lol, knew he'd be in there. Only a matter of time till you get Christian and Sabu back too CM Punk vs X-Pac for the title at the Royal Rumble, i'm going for Punk.

Overall it was a pretty good first show. I'm not a big fan of recapped matches, try and write them in full next time or at least one in full, maybe the main event just so you can see what it's like
Rating: 7/10

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

Good work lol this is ur latest 1 right? BUt oi give it 5 days and u will be better then dodsy

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

Opening Promo - A good opening segment and good way to start the show. Good to see your using Shelton Benjamin the right way. Should be intresting too see who has to leave ecw for good.

Tag Team Title Match - Good result. Good to see the Hooliganz retaining. I can see a feud between Miz and Morrison coming from this match and that could be great.

Dreamer Promo - Colin Delaney crying in the ring, LOL. Good stuff. Intrested to see how this one goes. I am thinking Delaney will get a beating of Big Daddy V and Henry and Dreamer will make the save.

Tag match - Kofi and Kelly. Its different and it could be good, depends how you go with this. Good match and good to see Kofi Kingston picking up the win.

Shelton Promo - Good way to get Shelton into character. Ok promo, good way to lead to the match.

Main Event - Souded like a good match. Glad neither of them lost because ECW needs them. X-pac being the masked man was a big suprise. X-pac and CM Punk at the Rumble should be a hell of a match and i can see X-pac winning the title.

Overall - Pretty good first show. Could have been a bit longer but good for a first try. Keep up the good work.

Im selling wrestling dvds. If anyone is intrested PM and ill send you a list or visit my website

please note i can only send to the UK as thats were i live

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Re: ECW: Back To The Top!

DH6's ECW Feedback

Interesting that the show started off with Estrada. Not a fan of Estrada as GM, so hopefully that will change. Like Shelton as the next challenger, because he's the best pure athlete on the current ECW Roster, imo. Not realistic that he was just named the number one contender. Would've been better if he had to earn it. Still happy that the two fastest rising stars in ECW will battle it out for the title. Just read that Richards came out and challenged him to the number one contender's match. Now I'm happy, and good that the winner will face CM Punk at the Royal Rumble for the title.

I know that you might not have a lot of time on your hands, but I think it would've been much better if the match recap was longer than what you did. Just take an extra half an hour or so on your show to do longer recaps. Good for The Miz to abandon Morrison, as I sense an implosion between the two.

Liked how you're giving a good amount of mic time for ECW. Dreamer ditches Colin? Interesting that Dreamer is turning heel, but he needs to do something, so I guess it will be fine.

Liked how the divas are involved, and that it's not just a divas match, it's a Mixed Tag Team Match. Was hoping Knox and Lena would pick up the win in a dirty fashion, so that there could be a small rivalry between these two mixed teams over the next few weeks.

I think it would have been better to interview CM Punk, since he hasn't even been on the show yet and he is the ECW Champion. Benjamin is certainly getting a large push since you're giving him this much camera time.

An intruder comes and spoils the match after twenty minutes? That would suck, and the match should've only been fifteen minutes at the most, imo. Glad CM Punk got involved on the show, but didn't think he would help the people who were fighting to face him. The secret person is X-Pac?! That's pretty big, and could be a big addition to your roster.

Overall the show was pretty good for your first show. I felt that you fit in too many segments and matches combined for one hour, and it would have went over the time limit they're given for television. I can't wait to see who Punk has to defend against at the Royal Rumble, and it could possibly be a Fatal Four Way Match.
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