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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

In the words of Jimmie Walker... DY-NO-MITE~!

-Opening bit was a little bland, nothing special to it. However, I like the Hogan/RVD match for next week, and it’d be bad ass to see these two have a real feud, with Van Dam turning heel as well. Heel RVD = teh ratings. Also, “Walk” by Pantera should clearly be RVD’s theme music; have RVD go old school with the rocking ECW music. RVD could even use it as symbolism from turning into the real Rob Van Dam that was once the best wrestler in the world from the watered-down WWE version of Van Dam. That’d be money.

-It was so weird seeing Jillian Hall without the obnoxious singing gimmick. . Please keep her this way, lol. I like the write-up style for the match, and nice to see you firmly establish the Bashams as heels. Simple, smart, and effective booking.

-Was cool with the Carlito promo for the most part, only thing I didn’t like was the part about Carlito saying how the fans would be chanting his name afterwards. That just struck me as bleh. Carlito’s better off as the heel that doesn’t give a shit about the fans, me thinks. This promo was definitely better than the opening one, but still could improve a bit. That will happen over time though, me thinks. Just your second show with the BTB, so you still have to get a rhythm and feel for the characters and how they’ll be in GWE.

-Kidman does a sit-out choke bomb? I think you’re thinking of the BK Bomb, but that’s no choke bomb. That’s a modified sit-out slam; lifts the opponent from under their arm pits, not the throat. Albert’s rocking the choke bomb, who, by the way, you should totally bring in at some point. He’s the shit. Anywho, kudos for not letting Taylor hit the Worm. I fucking hate the Worm. It was queer in 2000, and it’s queer in 2007… er, 2008. Nice to see Kidman pick up the victory, as he is definitely better off with a win than Taylor. Nice match though, again.

-The mini-hype video served its purpose of hyping up Wight, although I don’t like the ending, TBH. “The Great is coming”? It just doesn’t sound right. The Great Wight is much better sounding, and flows better. Possibly take that into reference for the future. Just him saying The Great in the dialogue sounds silly.

-Rockin’ main event, and the action was rock solid. I like the psychology you had with the selling of Misterio’s leg and such. That was good stuff to read, and like I said, would’ve been a good match. I am definitely liking how you’re writing the matches, although the ending was a bit confusing. Isn’t the West Coast Pop the springboard off the top rope ‘rana? If he just was running off the ropes and in the ring and such, that’s not a WCP… that’s just a hurricanrana. It was a nice ending, and glad to see Rey get the win, as I definitely could’ve bought Carlito’s power bomb counter from the WCP attempt as the finish earlier. However, I’m not so sure I like a 17-minute main event on a 1-hour show. With two other matches in there, you were looking at about 30 minutes of wrestling overall, leaving only a little bit of time for all the promos, videos, commentary, etc. Seems like a little much, but I’m not too fussed about time layout and everything.

-Overall, a nice show. It was an easy read, and I didn’t really have any major qualms with the show, in general. So far, this is a BTB with shows that I have no problems reading through. A lot of the WWE BTBs here, I hate reading through. This is a nice, fresh piece of air, and I hope to see more in the future. The promos I hope to see improve over time, as they are quite bland at times, i.e. the opening promo. I’d suggest possibly not using Greg Gagne and Stallone on-screen as much, as they’re just going to be bland no matter what. There isn’t really a character that can be given to them. But again, a nice show, and I’m liking your match write-ups a lot. I’ll be reading in the future

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

First of all, i loved the debut show, it was a perfect set up for your federation, and well written out, congratz.

So onto this show, the opening was a good set up, well written again and it flowed nicely, Van Dam and Hogan looks good, and i loved the ending with Hulf "blowing the roof off" wooohoooo!. And i love your use of personalities here, with Stalone especially.

Nice match between the bashams and juvi and pscisios [/bad spelling], i enjoyed it, i love looking at how people book the Bashams and you look like you've nailed it with a strong heel gimmick and Jillian Hall too push it along, nicely done, and the match was ended well.

Lemme just point this out quick, nothing big but i thought you could change it.

Joey Styles: No! What is this? This is outrageous! Doug and Danny Basham steel the victory here!

Mike Bucci: Steal the victory? The referee counted the three, moron, they got the win fair and square!
Wrong the first time, right the second.

Good promo with Carlito, he was in character and some of it made me laugh, you wrote it very well and included lots of descriptions which was good, you explained everything well and set up the potential feud nicely.

Good 'filler' next, liked the action and a good push for Kidman who you hopefully push on, he is a great wrestler and a good feud would be great too see with him.

In the promo you did a good job putting The Great White over, well written promo and well formatted too, He sure is coming!

Joey Styles: I think we better keep an eye out for Paul Wight next week, Mike!

Mike Bucci: Keep an eye out? You’d have to be blind to miss that man. I mean, he’s seven feet tall and he’s about seven feet wide too!

Joey Styles: You just have to push it again, don’t you?! Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, don’t adjust your sets. When we come back, our huge main event, Carlito Colon one on one with Rey Mysterio Junior!

Mike Bucci: And what a match it’ll be, oh my god!
That really was funny, awesome stuff man, made me chuckle.

The main event was just great, really. Carlito won't have been too hurt by the loss and i can imagine he will have something too say next week, and Mysterio was expertly booked. Great finish with Mysterio coming back from a bad position, and you portrayed Carlito's cockyness aswell, awesome.

Overall it was a very good show, and your moving along nicely, i'll keep reading for sure, i love the way you write Bucci aswell, good job.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Originally Posted by PWHeadlines
GWE News and notes

Currently Dynamite, GWE's flagship show, does not have anyone in a role as General Manager or Commissioner. The original idea was for Scott Hall to fill this role, but apparently, that idea has been nixed. An important, related fact is that Eric Bischoff is said to be trying to buy his way into GWE, as he wants to help Hulk Hogan break the monopoly, created by Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Whether or not Bischoff will become one of the owners in the near future, is yet to be seen.

The second edition of Dynamite! did a 2.2 rating, which is down from the 2.4 debut rating. Insiders report however, that management is extremely happy with this rating, as it easily beats TNA Impact's second hour, which drew a 0.9 rating this week.

There is still some talent on the roster, yet to be seen on television. We're talking about Kid Kash, James Gibson and Super Crazy. However, word going around is that they might make an appearance very soon.

Speaking of talent, GWE is still acquiring wrestlers to their show. No contracts have been signed yet, but we do know that Hogan and Stallone have been in talks with Monty Brown as well as Giant Bernard and even Brock Lesnar. More on this in the near future.
Preview for the third show coming up somewhere this Friday or Saturday, with the actual show posted a day later. Thanks for both men who reviewed, that's always much appreciated.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Nice preview, Monty and Brock look like good addition, not sure on the other guy you mentioned, looking forward to you debuting Kash aswell, good stuff.

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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite! 02/14/2008 Preview!

The Bank of America Arena in Seatlle, Washington will play host to the third ever episode of GWE Dynamite this week, and what will happen in the most anticipated edition yet?

In the debut show of Dynamite, Hulk Hogan, the chairman of GWE, shocked the world when he won the battle royal and the GWE Global Championship in front of his hometown fans in Los Angeles. Last week, he was officially crowned as GWE Global Champion. But at the celebration, none other than Rob Van Dam came out and challenged Hogan to put his title on the line against The Whole Damn Show himself. Hogan, being the honourable competitor that he is, accepted the challenge and now this week, these two giants of sports entertainment will meet in what has to be one of the most anticipated match-ups in recent years! Who will walk out the winner and more importantly, who will walk out the champion?

Last week, The Basham brothers, along with Jillian Hall, made quite the impact, as they beat the Mexicools in dubious fashion. And they will compete again this week, this time against the team of Billy Kidman and Frankie Kazarian. Will the Bashams cheat their way to victory again, or will Kidman and Kazarian cause the upset?

Last week in the main event, Rey Mysterio Jr. beat Carlito Colon in a tremendous match! This week, they won't be battling again, but we will hear from Carlito! What will the cocky youngster have to say? And will he challenge Mysterio for a rematch?

Also, Paul "The Great" Wight will be in action this week. Who will he face and will he score the victory and make his presence immediately known?

And in action as well this week is Super Crazy, who will be making his crazy debut! Will the looney luchadore make an immediate impact?

Find out all this and much more, this Thursday, only on the ESPN network!
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alchoholic, this thread is increasing nicely. I am contemplating whether to read and review your next show, and I think the preview has pretty much made that desicion for me. Nice work as usual
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Alchoholic, I may review your last show or i may just wait for the next show to be posted, really up to you


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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

A well-written preview once again, Alcoholic, I will get a review up for the forthcoming show when it is posted.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

GWE Dynamite 02/14/2008 Bank of America Arena, Seattle, Washington

*An official Dynamite video package airs. It plays to “Welcome to the Jungle”, the official Dynamite theme song. We see images of the two previous Dynamites, highlighting the top superstars, including Hulk Hogan, Paul Wight, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio Jr., The Basham Brothers, Carlito, Sean Waltman, among others.*


We now go live to the Bank of America Arena which is completely filled with crazy GWE fans! The camera pans the arena before switching to ringside, where Mike Bucci and Joey Styles are present!

Joey Styles: Welcome, everybody, to Seattle, Washington, where everyone, myself included, is ready for another edition of GWE Dynamite! My name is still Joey Styles and still joining me at the announce table is Mike Bucci! What a night tonight will be, Mike, the GWE Global Championship is on the line!

Mike Bucci: Damn straight it’s on the line, Joey! You’ve got two of the biggest stars not only in GWE, but in wrestling all together, going at it tonight in our main event! This is a huge night, an epic night, it’s Dynamite, baby!

“You can run” hits the P.A. system as Billy Kidman, along with Torrie Wilson, comes out to a nice reaction from the fans. He salutes the fans, before going to the ring and awaiting his partner.

Joey Styles: But first off there’s an interesting tag team match coming up. Billy Kidman will team up with Frankie Kazarian to face the Basham Brothers who got a dubious victory last week against the Mexicools.

Mike Bucci: Oh, here we go again! It wasn’t dubious, it was well deserved. Now let’s call this match, shall we?!

“Look up, beat down” hits as Frankie Kazarian comes out to a pop from the fans. He sprints towards the ring and slides to the inside, before posing for the fans, who cheer rather loud.

“Bald and nasty” hits the P.A. system as the trio of Doug Basham, Danny Basham and Jillian Hall come out to a big amount of heat. Apparently, the fans haven’t forgotten about the despicable acts by these three from last week’s show. They get into the ring and seem to laugh at their opponents, as if they aren’t going to stand a chance. This gets them even more heat from the crowd.

Billy Kidman(w/Torrie Wilson) and Frankie Kazarian vs. The Basham Brothers(w/Jillian)

Summary: Kidman and Kazarian don’t have much experience in tagging with each other, and that showed, as the Basham brothers controlled most of the match-up. Danny was first up against Kidman. Danny surprised Kidman with a thumb to the eyes and it only got worse for Kidman from thereon out. Danny and Doug kept Kidman grounded for a good while, utilizing quick tags and the occasional dirty move. After a couple of minutes, Kidman finally outsmarted Doug Basham, when Doug went for a leg lariat, but Kidman caught him in mid-air with a spinning heel kick. The crowd popped as Kidman tagged in Kazarian. Kazarian immediately got to work with a series of consecutive belly-to-belly suplexes to Doug Basham. But when Kazarian went for a swinging reverse STO, but Doug Basham managed to jump out of it and nailed Kazarian with a huge clothesline. Danny came in and Doug and Danny nailed Kazarian with a double chokebomb, a move they call, double Brain Damage! But just as Danny wanted to go for the cover, an unknown man slides into the ring and lays out Danny Basham with a clothesline, causing the referee to call for the immediate disqualification!

Winners by DQ (4:42) The Basham Brothers!

Joey Styles:
What has happened? What just happened? Who is this guy and why did he attack Danny Basham?

Mike Bucci: It’s crystal clear to me, Joey! Billy Kidman and Kazarian hired this goon because they knew they didn’t stand a chance against the Bashams! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

The crowd doesn’t understand, but they cheer anyway, as Danny Basham is being assaulted by an unknown man, who looks like Kid Kash. The Kash look-a-like suddenly looks at the other side of the ring, where a second man enters. This man looks like James Gibson! The Kash look-a-like yells something to the Gibson look-a-like who then sits down on one knee. The other man then quickly performs a slingshot suplex, which sends Danny Basham landing straight onto the exposed knee of the Gibson look-a-like! The two men get up and look straight into the camera for a brief moment and it becomes clear that these two men are indeed Kid Kash and James Gibson! The two scatter out of the ring and disappear through the crowd, as Doug Basham and Jillian Hall come to Danny’s aid and we go to a commercial.


Joey Styles: Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, and what we just saw, could definitely be named confusing.

Mike Bucci: What’s so confusing? Kidman and Kazarian, those two no-good punks, hired these two men to take out the Bashams, because they couldn’t do it themselves! Despicable!

Joey Styles: Well we aren’t sure of that, now are we, Mike? What we are sure of, however, is this. Up next, we will hear from Carlito Colon, the man who lost in the Main Event last week, to Rey Mysterio.

We go to the back and see Carlito sitting in a comfortable chair, surrounded by palm trees and hammocks. It looks like Carlito’s Cabana all over again.

Carlito: “Carlito has a message for everyone watching at home and everyone that’s here tonight. I’m feeling a little frustrated. And when Carlito is frustrated, you better stay out of my way. But there’s one man who doesn’t have to stay out of my way. Rey Mysterio. You little son of a bitch. Last week, you gave me the most embarrassing loss of my career. You made me look like a fool in front of all those people. You humiliated me.”

*Crowd pops for Mysterio’s win*

Carlito: “But I’m not the man to mess with, Mysterio. Anyone who humbles me pays the price. You will pay the price, Rey. At first, I just wanted to win against you. I just wanted to show you who’s better. And don’t forget, just because you got a fluke win, doesn’t mean you’re better than me! Oh no, I’m still the better man, Rey, I’m way better than you!”


Carlito: “But now, I want more than just a win. I want more than to be the better man. I want more than pride and recognition. I want you, Rey. I want your life, I want your career, I want to end you. To put an end to the sherade that is Rey Mysterio Junior… I said it last week, Rey, and I’ll say it again. You are the past. You’re a has-been, living off only your name. Well, I am sick of that… And you know something. The way you won last week proved all of that once again. I was caught off guard. I wasn’t paying attention for a second and you took advantage…But now, Mysterio, I got a clear goal. I know what I want and I know what I have to do. This time, I won’t lose my focus, I won’t be caught off guard, I won’t fail.”

*Tremendous heat*

Carlito: “Rey, *Carlito gets up from his seat and gets his face into the camera* I am not going to challenge you. I am not going to ask you for a match. I am just going to wait for the opportunity. In the ring, in the back, inside your home, anywhere I see an opportunity, I will take it and I will end your career…Rey you’ve awoken something inside me. Another side of me that no one has ever seen. More vicious, more violent than anything you’ve ever seen from Carlito! And when you meet my darker me, Rey, you’ll know it’s over. So run, hide, try to fight, I don’t care, but one day, I will end your career.”

The crowd erupts into major heat as we go back to ringside.

Joey Styles:
Carlito means business, Mike, he says Rey has awoken a darker side of him.

Mike Bucci: Well Mysterio better run and hide, because I’m sure as hell wouldn’t want to meet a darker side of Carlito, ah ah, no sir!

Joey Styles: But more importantly right now I hear that Ken Doane will come to the ring next and address all of us. I wonder what he’ll have to say.

Mike Bucci: Doane is one of those to look out for in the future, Joey. He’s a rising star and I’m sure that here in GWE, he’ll grow out to be one of the biggest. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say!

“Roxanne(instrumental)” suddenly hits the P.A. system as Ken Doane, the cocky youngster steps out to a minor reaction from the crowd. He struts down to the ring, wearing a blue and white training outfit, acting like the arrogant male he is. He gets into the ring and demands a microphone.

Doane: “Don’t worry. You don’t need to get off your fat behinds just yet. You can wait for five more minutes. Now listen very carefully and try to pay attention. I know it’s hard for you Seattle dirtbags, but please, make an effort for me, will ya?”

*Major heat suddenly for Doane*

“There’s a reason I came out here tonight and it’s very simple. I am young, I am full of confidence and most importantly, I am full of talent! And I’m here to prove just that. In fact I’m inclined to believe I am the most talented wrestler on the entire roster! Yeah, that’s right, I am! So I’d like to issue an open challenge to any joke in the back that calls himself a wrestler. Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to look me in the eye and cross swords, bring it on! I’m waiting!”

The crowd is still showering Doane with heat when suddenly “Big” blares through the speakers and Paul “The Great” Wight comes out to a MASSIVE pop from the crowd! He pauses on the stage for a second and pans the arena, before a big smile appears on his face. The camera switches to the ring where we see Doane having a look of absolute shock on his face! It appears as though Doane wasn’t expecting Paul Wight to answer the open challenge.

Joey Styles: Oh my god! Look who’s here! None other than Paul the Great Wight has answered Doane’s open challenge! Can you believe it, Mike? Paul Wight is here!

Mike Bucci: I sure as hell can believe it! I’m as excited as you are, Joey, I must admit it. There’s only one problem I have, Joey, wait a second. *Mike stands up from his seat* RUN, KEN, RUN!

Ken Doane vs. Paul “The Great” Wight

Summary: Doane’s look of shock quickly turned into a focussed look as he approached Wight and started clubbing away at “The Great” with huge right hands! Doane kept firing away, but Wight didn’t move a muscle. Instead Wight got a sadistic little smile on his face, almost enjoying the ‘tickling’ by Doane. Doane seemingly got angry and ran into the ropes, but when he came running back, Wight clutched his hand around Doane’s neck, setting him up for the Showstopper! Doane quickly started clubbing Wight’s arm with rights and lefts, trying to get out. Doane kept wriggling and clubbing and finally got out. He kicked Wight in the gut and again ran in the ropes. But when he came back, Wight again wrapped his hand around Doane’s neck and didn’t hesitate this time. He hoisted Doane up in the air and nailed him with the Showstopper for the win!

Winner (2:10) Paul “The Great” Wight!

Joey Styles:
Well, ehm, I guess that shut Doane up, eh?

Mike Bucci: This is outrageous! Why in the hell would Paul Wight show up only to bring down this amazing rising star? Doane is the future of this business and Wight just takes him out without any valid reason! I hope to god Doane gets his revenge for this, because this is unbelievable!

Joey Styles: What the hell are you on, Mike? Wight answered the challenge and won, simple as that!

Mike Bucci: How in the h…

Joey Styles: Mike, shut up, will you? Wight defeated Doane fair and square, end of discussion!

Mike Bucci: You…

Joey Styles: END OF DISCUSSION, MIKE! Now ladies and gentlemen, don’t go anywhere as when we return Super Crazy will make his debut in a match with Matt Sydal!

Mike Bucci: I hate you, Joey.


As we return we see Steve Romero standing by!

Steve Romero: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I’m standing here with two men who shocked us all earlier this evening, Kid Kash and James Gibson.”

Kash and Gibson enter as the crowd gives a small pop.

Steve Romero: “Guys, what everyone wants to know, why did you interfere in the tag match earlier on?”

Kid Kash: “Well first of all, Steve Romero, we are indeed Kid Kash and James Gibson and we are The Invaders! And you can look up ‘to invade’, ‘invasion’, ‘invader’, you can look it all up in the dictionary and it would all mean this. We, James and I, we can pop up at any time, at any place, whenever we want! We can sneak up behind you, Steve Romero, and kick your ass, or we can slide into the ring during a match and beat the hell out of the Bashams! It’s our call, Steve Romero, and we’ll do whatever we want to!”

James Gibson: “That is correct, partner, and we did what we did earlier on, not because we had some score to settle with Danny Basham. Not because Doug Basham stole Jillian from me, because god help me, if I ever hook up with Jillian Hall, Kash can bash my head in, but we did it because we are The Invaders! We do whatever we want and we do it whenever we want! Kash and me, we stand for freedom and we stand for liberty and we want everyone in the back, in the locker room, in the entire world, to know that Kid Kash and myself will pop up when you least expect it.”

Kid Kash: “And that’s not all, Steve Romero. Yea, we know you’re still here. We are here because we want to show to each and every person that is involved in GWE that we, The Invaders, are the greatest tag team ever to grace the squared circle! Because we were watching the tag match from earlier, and truth be told, Steve Romero, that was nothing more than mediocrity, until we hit the ring of course! You fans don’t have to suffer through mediocrity! You fans deserve the cream of the crop, the best of the best, the…Invaders!”

James Gibson: “And don’t all of you forget, whenever we pop up, it is…INVASION TIME!”

Gibson and Kash high five, before they leave the backstage area and the crowd gives a small pop. It is clear that most of the fans don’t know whether or not this team is face or heel and should be cheered or booed. And now the camera cuts back to ringside, to the announce table.

Joey Styles: And welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, finally we got an explanation for Gibson and Kash’s actions from earlier on, and well, apparently, they did it because they wanted to, whatta you know?!

Mike Bucci: They haven’t been in one match and I already hate those guys. Why would they lay out Danny Basham like that? It’s despicable! They say they’re excellence, well, I say they prove that first!

Joey Styles: Well I’m sure they’ll be present next week and we’ll learn more about them. In any event, I am intrigued, Mike! But ladies and gentlemen right now it is time for one of those special moments.

Mike Bucci: Special moments? What are you talking about?

Joey Styles: I’m talking about a very special debut, a crazy debut even, or how about a SUPER CRAZY debut?

Mike Bucci:
Is it so hard for you to act normal, Joey? Yes, Super Crazy is debuting and yes he’s up against Matt Sydal and yes it’s next. God damn!

“Wake Up” hits the P.A. system as Matt Sydal comes out to a surprisingly big pop. Apparently, the fans haven’t forgotten about his great performance in the Battle Royale two weeks ago. Sydal enjoys the applause, as he steps into the ring and awaits his opponent.

“El Guerrero Nomad” hits and out dancing and jumping comes SUPER CRAZY to a big pop from the fans! They know who this crazy mofo is and they know what he can do. Super Crazy takes the cheers in, before sliding into the ring and summersaulting his way up on his feet.

Super Crazy vs. Matt Sydal

Summary: A fast-paced match up, characterized by lots of high-flying action and few moments of rest. Sydal was able to keep up with Crazy for the bigger part of the match, scoring with some high impact moves of his own, including a Hurricanrana, a springboard crossbody and even a huge diving leg lariat from the top turnbuckle! All this got Sydal over with the fans, but in fact, the fans were just excited by this great match-up. Throughout the match though, it was clear that Super Crazy was the dominant athlete in the ring. The finishing sequence came when Super Crazy hit a running dropkick, followed by a quick standing moonsault. Crazy fired up and ran into the ropes, leaped up on the second rope and went for the springboard moonsault, but Sydal ducked at the last minute. Crazy landed on his feet however, turned around and nailed a standing Sydal with a high impact DDT. Sydal rolled onto his back and Crazy, instead of going for the ropes, went for the corner, leaping up the bottom turnbuckle and nailing a moonsault. Crazy got up quickly and leaped up on the second turnbuckle to hit another moonsault. This still wasn’t enough for Super Crazy as he ran to the corner, jumped up on the top turnbuckle and nailed the third moonsault, completing the Trifecta, much to the delight of the fans! Crazy went for the cover and got the impressive victory!

Winner (6:59) Super Crazy!

Joey Styles: What a victory for the debuting Super Crazy!

Mike Bucci: It sure is, Joey, but even more important, what a great match! It’s safe to say that GWE is redefining wrestling, and we’re doing it every single week, Joey!

Joey Styles: We sure are and like you said, that showed through this match, but it will be shown once again later tonight, in our main event! Hulk Hogan versus Rob Van Dam!

Mike Bucci: And it’s for the Global Championship, Joey, oh my god!


As we return, we go back to ringside.

Joey Styles: And welcome back to Dynamite, folks, it is now time for our main event. A match for the ages for sure, as Rob Van Dam will challenge our chairman, Hulk Hogan for his GWE Global Championship!

Mike Bucci: I’m gonna go ahead and agree with you, Joey, this will indeed be one for the ages. Just think about it, WE ARE GONNA MAKE HISTORY TONIGHT, JOEY!

Joey Styles: But ladies and gentlemen, before we get this match underway, let’s take you back to last week and look how this match came along!


Rob Van Dam: “Hulk Hogan, dude, congratulations!”

Rob Van Dam: “Imagine, Hulk, if you and me were alone in the ring! We would blow the roof off, dude!”

Rob Van Dam: “So it’s very simple. I challenge you for a match next week, with the GWE Global Championship on the line!”

Hulk Hogan: “You know something, brother, I have wrestled the biggest stars and the greatest wrestlers in my career. But ever since you signed for GWE, I realized there was one star I still had to wrestle. And that’s you, brother!”

Hulk Hogan:
“Rob Van Dam, I accept your challenge! It will be you and me for the GWE Championship, next week at Dynamite! AND WHAT YA GONNA DO, BROTHER, WHEN HULK HOGAN RUNS WILD ON YOU!?”

“Walk” hits the P.A. system and out comes Rob Van Dam. The crowd goes insane, as the fan-favorite does his patented ‘R V D’ taunt, before stepping towards the ring.

Joey Styles: And look at the man coming down to the ring right now! He is one of the biggest stars we have here in GWE and one of the best wrestlers at the same time!

Mike Bucci: Not only in GWE, Joey, in the whole damn world! RVD will no doubt bring his A-game today against our chairman, and oh my god what a tremendous match they will have. I can’t wait for this! let’s do this!

“Real American” hits as the roof is blown off! Hulk Hogan, sporting his traditional red and yellow attire, takes in the tremendous ovation and steps towards the ring.

Joey Styles:
And there he is, ladies and gentlemen, our chairman, our champion, Hulk Hogan. He will defend his championship tonight, and one has to believe, Mike, he is gonna bring his absolute best!

Mike Bucci: He’ll have no other option, Joey! I mean, no disrespect to the boss, but he’s going up against one of the AB-SO-LUTE BEST! I have a feeling we might be crowning a new champion tonight!

GWE Global Championship: Hulk Hogan© vs. Rob Van Dam

Summary: Truth being told, this wasn’t a great match, this was decent at best, if you look at pure wrestling skill. But the electrified crowd sure made up for it, giving this match that extra dimension which made it a must-watch. Hulk Hogan controlled the beginning of the match-up, using his strength to his advantage. Every time RVD ran at Hogan, the Hulkster powerfully shoved him off. Hogan connected with several right hands, followed by a powerslam, but he only got a two count. Hogan Irish whipped RVD in the ropes, but when RVD came back, he gained control with a big clothesline. Rob Van Dam connected with a discus leg drop and was in full control. Van Dam was able to get the best out of Hogan, as he cornered the Hulkster and nailed him with a Rolling Thunder Flip, a high impact monkey flip! Rob Van Dam fired up, but suddenly, Hogan jumped up and looked right in the eyes of Van Dam, who was shocked to say the least. Hogan got in the face of Van Dam and did the YOU taunt, which got a big pop from the crowd. Rob Van Dam didn’t want to appear intimidated however, and did the R V D taunt, which also got a big pop from the fans! Hogan then tried to hit Van Dam with a right to the jaw, but Van Dam ducked and hit a legsweep, grounding Hogan. Van Dam went for the Rolling Thunder afterwards, but Hogan rolled out of the way, trying to get back into the match. Hogan actually wrestled his way back into this great bout hitting a vertical suplex to Van Dam, which only got a two count. Hulk Hogan got up and fired up, much to the pleasing of the fans. Van Dam got to a vertical base as Hogan nailed him with a clothesline. Hogan ran into the ropes and hit Van Dam with another clothesline. Van Dam got up much slower this time, only to be blasted off his feet again with a third clothesline by the immortal one.

Then we saw something we thought we’d never see. Hulk Hogan went to the corner, and pulled himself up on the second turnbuckle! He waited for RVD to get up and nailed him with a huge shoulder block! The fans went crazy as the Hulkster jumped up on his feet and took the cheers in. Hogan wanted to finish the match and started hulking up! RVD stumbled up as Hogan did another YOU taunt, before going for RVD’s head with huge right hands. He hit one, two, three big right hands, followed by a big right wind-up punch, that brought RVD down to the mat! RVD got back up rather quick, but only to be introduced to Hogan’s big boot! The Hulkster got all fired up as he stirred up the fans! He twisted his wrists and cupped his ear to a huge pop from the crowd, before running in the ropes and going for the atomic leg drop, but RVD rolled out of the way at the last second! The fans couldn’t believe their eyes as both men were down and out in the centre of the ring!

Rob Van Dam was the first to reach his feet, but Hogan followed soon thereafter. RVD immediately planted him with a DDT however, knocking Hogan out once again. RVD saw his opportunity and went for the Rolling Thunder and connected! Van Dam panned the ringside area and saw the fans going crazy, as he went up on to the top turnbuckle in his patented manner. He scouted Hogan and leaped up in the air for his Five Star Frog Splash, but at the last millisecond, Hulk Hogan rolled out of the way, sending RVD crashing and burning, face first, into the mat! The entire arena erupted, as both men were once again down and out in the middle of the ring! Hogan stumbled back up, only to fall on top of a fallen RVD to make the cover as the referee counted…


Winner (12:03) and still GWE Global Champion, HULK HOGAN!

Joey Styles: HE DID IT! HE DID IT, MY GOD! Hulk Hogan is still our Global Champion! Can you believe it, Mike?

Mike Bucci: We had a terrific main event last week, Joey, and we got another classic here tonight! This was a tremendous match and both men gave it their all. My money was on RVD, but the boss pulled through and he is still our champion and that’s wonderful, Joey!

Joey Styles: It sure is, Mike, cause these two men treated us to a fantastic match we will sure remember for a long time to come. Bottom line, Hulk Hogan beat Rob Van Dam, tonight and is still the GWE Global Champion. And with that, this episode of Dynamite comes to a close, ladies and gentlemen. For Mike Bucci, I’m Joey Styles, GOOD NIGHT!

“Real American” is playing, as we see Hulk Hogan celebrating inside the ring, his Global Championship on his shoulder. RVD is already out of the ring, looking at Hogan in a respectful way. Hogan looks back and applauds RVD for the terrific match. And with that image, GWE Dynamite comes to a close.
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Re: GWE: Global Wrestling Enterprise

Nice to see Kash and Gibson making an impact. The Invaders gimmick is interesting so I look forward to seeing how you use it.

Strong promo from Carlito but I kinda feel that it would take more than one loss for Carlito to build up this hate for Mysterio. Still, it was a good promo and enhancing Carlito's character is definitely a good thing. Should be a good feud.

Wight was always going to go over easily in his first match but I didn't like that it was against Doane as he's a good talent who I was hoping you would push. Now that I look at the roster I suppose he was the best option though.

Crazy/Sydal was a good match-up and that win could be a real momentum-builder for Crazy. At first I thought the triple moonsault finish was overkill but now I actually like it because he's SUPER and he's CRAZY!!

Excellent main event which kept the title on Hogan but didn't hurt RVD. My only problem with it was the finish. Don't think you'd see Van Dam get put away from the impact of missing the Frog Splash alone.

Overall it was a good show. You're still in the developmental stage of the promotion but things are moving along smoothly.

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